Swing Life Away

I have about twenty tabs open in Firefox, more than half of which are YouTube videos. I’m not really one to browse YouTube, but I felt an urge to watch the final scene of Dirty Dancing. It makes me smile, but also makes me sad because of Patrick Swayze’s recent death. :(

Dirty Dancing is definitely a movie that I love, and that’s saying something, because I don’t watch a lot of movies often. I do have my favourites though.

I’m generally into romantic movies or romantic comedies but I also like some action and sci-fi. James showed me this cool scene from Evil Dead 2… I watched it about ten times. I think I found myself pretty amused. :D

I was watching Love Actually yesterday and it was funny watching Hugh Grant dance. Okay, I’ll shut it with all the YouTube plugs. Knowing very well that YouTube gets addicting.

My favourite movies include, but are obviously not limited to, The Notebook, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Back To The Future, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and 10 Things I Hate About You.

I really enjoyed 10 Things I Hate About You. For a while it was one of my favourite movies, so much so that I watched it over and over every time I felt like watching a movie.

Like songs that were overplayed on the radio, I overplayed the movie. I watched it too many times, to the point that I got a little sick of it and remembered many quotes from the movie.

Of course, this wasn’t as bad as Terminator 2, yet another of my favourite movies. My brother and I watched it so many times we remembered the entire script – no joke. I guess now I can’t really remember it, but back then we would snap all of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s remarks (including the famous “I’ll be back”, but admittedly, was better teamed with a lot of his other lines in the movie).

The thing I like about that movie and what makes it different from other sequels is that it doesn’t suck. Most sequels trail on from the previous movie as some crummy attempt to bring back the awesome lead character in some way. A lot of movies are better without the sequels. Terminator 2 is an exception because of the fact that the Terminator changes to good rather than evil, and this creates an entirely different plot (I have to say, the third movie bored me out a bit).

Similarly, Home Alone 2 (Lost in New York) kept me laughing as much as the first movie. It might not be everyone’s kind of movie but keeping the same general plot was something that I liked. I guess they overdid it with however many movies they have now – four? Five?

Many movies have rare, lesser-known sequels. Such as Grease and Bring it On. There are sequels for those? :O

Well, needless to say, most great movies don’t need a lame sequel to keep them going. Some go for the full trilogy or further, because it’s needed – Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, for instance.

Others just seem to flow on naturally, say, Back To The Future. :)

Regardless, movies vary in their genre and in how they are presented. We all like different things. Some of us may actually like the corny sequels that come around. Some of us are better off sticking with the “first” movie. Some of us just prefer movies on their own. /eee

  • What’s your favourite movie and why?
  • What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
  • What is your opinion on movie sequels?

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Youtube is very addicting. I just watched the “Hugh Grant Dance” and nearly died of laughter. Now that is a good scene! :D
Probably a film that I know all the quotes from would be Disney’s Lilo and Stitch. I suppose that is one of my favourite films.

I like too many films to just pick out one, but I have to say I loved how epic War of the Worlds was.

A memorable scene would be when the tripod comes out of the ground and starts zapping everyone and all the music kicks in.

I don’t mind film sequels, like you said, some films need sequels because the story is that long. I don’t Grease should have had a sequel, that film did well enough to stand on its own! :)

Oh and yeah Chris is going to the same uni as me, so I’m pretty pleased about that! I don’t think I’d be able to handle a long distance relationship. /um


GROOVY. /frog

Terminator 2 had to be the best Terminator movie ever. 3 was quite overdone, and 4 didn’t have much in the way of original ideas. Come on, the dude came out of the floor! How awesome’s that! /bounce
I think there were 4 Home Alone movies D: After the first 2, I guess they just went downhill from also running low on ideas. Maybe they should have had..you know. more competent criminals once in a while? 😳

* What’s your favourite movie and why?
A Better Tomorrow 2. It’s one of those movies I can just skip to anywhere and watch it to the end. It’s funny, violent, serious and emotional at the same time, and it’s really well done. Even better than its original (H)
Either that, or Princess Mononoke.

* What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
Day Watch; it’s about a subtle war between vampires and their..light-sided rivals. One of them has a son who’s a vampire, and crashes his birthday party which is full of vampires. And he’s singing and headbanging to some crazy Russian electro-pop while covered in blood from fighting his way in. It’s so crazy :D I’m still trying to find the song.

* What is your opinion on movie sequels?
It depends if there’s still a story to be made from it. I mean, I’d hate them to make another Lord of the Rings, because it’s all done. A sequel would be stupid, but maybe a prequel would be nice :P


I opened your site to return your comment instead of opening the comment. /um

GROOVY. /bounce

Hahaha I haven’t even seen the fourth movie. Didn’t you say it didn’t have Schwarzenegger in it? :P

LMAO. The criminals were all dumb. The only thing they changed was having four of them.

Princess Mononoke. :) I have music from there. I think. We have such varying movie taste. @_@

Told you about the prequel for Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. It was pretty lamely done, a bit like one of those cheesy underground high school American movies. :O

I think they should make a movie out of the Hobbit then, unless I’m totally behind and they have already. :S

SWING LIFE AWAY! =D I love that song! It’s the most awesomest Rise Against song with totally awesome lyrics =D

Anyways, I LOVE THAT DIRTY DANCING SCENE TOO! =) It makes me wish I could dance. And as I ranted to you I start hypothetically 🤤 over Johnny Castle. [I CAN’T HELP IT!] xD

But yeah, it does make me kind of sad now that Patrick Swayze passed away =( Damnit! Before I was sad because of Ghost. Now I’m sad because of Ghost AND Dirty Dancing =(


That scene that James showed you was HILARIOUS xD His facial expression was so…constipated-looking and serious and then he goes “Groovy”. Made me literally LOL. =P

OMG, OMG, OMG! Hugh Grant’s Dancing. Like LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! He totally got caught! It would have been even funnier had his face gone all red xD. I am never going to think of that song in the same way ever again =P In a good way.

Hehe, I’m the same as you. I LOVE romantic comedies. Not so much romance. Just some romance movies. But romantic comedies are awesome. They make me laugh SO HARD xD

Action movies are pretty cool too…^^…Like STAR WARS!

LOL, my list of favourite movies: The Sound Of Music, The Matrix, Pride and Prejudice [the 1999 version, except its a mini series, not a movie xD But shhhh!], The Notebook, Billy Eliot.

I think I’m missing some but oh well xD OH! The Power Rangers Movie! xD ♥

Hahaha! Ten Things! It’s so funny…^^…Especially Kat! =D I want to watch it again now. I didn’t watch it nearly enough =P

“I like my Sketchers, but I LOVE my Prada backpack”. I love the end when Bianca bashes that retard up…^^…And when Patrick dances across the bleachers =P

Hehehehe! Terminator 2! I haven’t ever watched the first one. I must do so one day xD But Terminator 2 was good =) “I’ll be back”. I actually didn’t mind Terminator 3 =P. But I thought they were over-compensating by adding in more humor. It was funny, but you could tell they were overloading the humor for a reason xD

I was supposed to watch Terminator 4 [Christian Bale! BATMAN! 🤤 ] but I forgot to watch it. Or never got around to it. One of the two. But I heard it was pretty bad.

Sequels eventually get crapper…==…Like with the Matrix. The sequels were good, but not great. Like the Matrix xD The Matrix was like ZOMG awesome =D

HEHE…Those sequels no-one knows about. Like SPEED! Speed has a sequel, and I didn’t even KNOW! =P The Fox and the Hound has a sequel too =O

Haha. Yeah, they totally killed the Home Alone Franchise. *sigh*. Macauley Culkin! =D He was such a funny kid xD I’ve probably misspelt his name, but oh well xD Sorry!

Oohh! Questions to answer:

– Hmm…It used to be the Matrix, but now I think it’s a tie between The Sound Of Music and Billy Eliot. I swear, my favourite movie changes every year xD

– The Sound Of Music: The one where Maria sings “My Favourite Things” when there’s a storm and all the children run to her bedroom xD Or maybe the “I am sixteen going on seventeen” scene. Aww man! Too hard to choose!

Billy Eliot: The end, when grown up Billy jumps out onto the stage. It’s like: whoooooa!

– Movie sequels…=S I guess some can be pretty good. Like they seem to be better if they plan a series of movies beforehand like with LOTR [because that one was necessary] or Transformers. Because then they make an effort with the storyline. A lot of sequels are disappointing though. And they’re probably worse when they make a movie, realise it’s made heaps of money and then decide to make another one in a rush. xD I’ll give the sequels a chance though =)

I love it too! :D

Hahha I can’t help it either. I kept watching it again today. I need to stop watching it; it’s like my new form of procrastination.

I thought it was cool! The dude wasn’t bad looking either… 🙄 Groovy.

I think I’m going to be thinking of that scene every time I listen to the song too, haha. I like his character in the movie.

Oh yeah, Star Wars… Which I have unfortunately lost a bit of interest in, and keep typing incorrectly (Start Wards, anyone?). :O

Mini series! That reminds me of 1 Litre of Tears. So sad! 😢

OH yeah. I love when Patrick dances and sings. Best part. And that song will ring in my head with association with that scene too…!

In Terminator 3, I remember the part with the beef jerky or something in the car, and that was about it. It wasn’t terribly interesting.

Christian Bale was great in Batman! Eh, not sure about the new Terminator though. I think James said it was crap?

Ewwww Matrix Reloaded. GROSS. 🤮 /um For certain reasons.

Yeah, Speed has a sequel but it’s so lame. “Cruise Control”. Boring. I loved the first movie so much though. :D

Billy Elliot! /bounce I love the soundtrack in that movie. T-Rex and his Town Called Malice. :)

YES. I love the end of Billy Elliot and his leap on stage. ♥

Some sequels are better than others… I tend to listen to the press and other people’s opinions before I check it out, haha. @_@

ooh im one of the first to comment, yay! i love reading your blogs, they are so interesting and origonal. ok, sorry that wasnt really related to the blog post 😰
sorry im only doing the questions, they cover what i was going to say :)
1. Ok my favourite movie is Marley and Me. It really touches me, especially the small speech about dogs at the end – i love the way he explains how a waterlogged stick is better than money, cars, and how if you give a dog your heart, they will give you theirs back. aww i love it, it was on sky movies yesterday and i watche dit all teh way even though i was talking to a good friend on MSN. I just love all the cheesy australian jokes about things Marley does in his early life :P

2. The most memorable scene, again i take my mind back to Marley and Me. It is, as I said the last part of the movie that makes every one cry. Its the way he remembers all of Marleys life, /wah

3. hmm. some sequals are kind of cheesy yeah, but as you say. Some are too long. I am waiting for the Golden Compass one to come out. But im glad Marley and Me wont be having one for what ive heard.

I have to watch Dirty Dancing and Love Actually one of these days. And Home Alone 1 and 2. . . . My friend was devastated when she found out I haven’t seen Home Alone 1 or 2. Then again, it shouldn’t be surprising since I’m the one who watched ET in 2003, and Back to the Future trilogy in 2006ish. Yes, I’m very late with my movies.

My favourite movie? I have a lot! But I like movies like The Shawshank Redemption because it make me think and the twist is just so unexpected! I like movies like The Dead Poets Society because I’m an English major. /nerd! Basically any movies rated 10 are on my favourites! http://www.imdb.com/mymovies/list?l=5509650

Generally, I dislike movie sequels because 99% of the time it sucks. And I feel like it’s the movie makers way of trying to con more money from us, and I dislike that idea. However, some needs to be made into sequels, like LotR, but those sequels like the Disney sequels? They need to die.

This reminds me, I need to watch more movies. /argh

What’s your favourite movie and why?
Anything with Anne Hathaway. For some reason, I am absolutely obsessed with her movies. I guess it has something to do with her being a good actress, duh.

What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
When someone dies? lol.

What is your opinion on movie sequels?
Depends on the movie. If the first one wasn’t any good, then the second one will probably stink too.

Haha yeah I know what you mean! :)

Yeah! Same! Give me science. GOSH. Just not darned physics. Fuck it lol. OMG LOL. Relative! XD The relativity theory rofl. Yes I do haha.

Yes. Graphic design is indeed artistic. I love that much more than coding though. Rawr. SOMETIMES i like to code. SOMETIMES. Depends on my mood. I get a lot of mood swings lol.

Really? That’s great that you did! Yeah I know. I am though. I think I’ve worked really well on it.

MOVIES BLOG! :D I’m going through an insanely-movie feeling right now. It’s been like this for the past days lol. YouTube IS addicting yes. I like to go on it most of the time. Gosh those are a lot of plugs haha. When you mentioned the Patrick one and tweeted it before on Twitter; I watched it! XD

I never knew you like the type of chick flicks and all. /bounce Girls are girls rofl. ✌️

Terminator! I’ve watched all of them. My dad and myself; we love to stay on the sofa and watch those lol. I have one of the DVDs actually. It’s right near me! /pow

Yeah seriously some movies are just pushed out too much. Though I don’t mind especially when it’s from a series of books like Harry Potter. I mean indeed they ARE long. I just wish they are more focused on the happenings of the books rather then the mixes of the producers ideas and the few ideas from the book that are actually on the movie. Bleh.

Here are my answers :)

1. This is a very hard question. Though I’m craving for New Moon right now; the second film to Twilight.

2. Not really sure. How about… The Proposal? The fairly-new movie from Ryan Reynolds. The bit at the end.

3. I don’t mind them as long as the story is really set out all. Unless there’s A LOT AND A LOT of repetition then I probably won’t like it. The occasional repeat is OK.

Excuse me for my long comments that I’ve been giving about lately. I’ve written a lot of long comments these days. Pays off for what it’s worth; I won’t be here at all on Monday. I’ll be blogging tomorrow… So yeah.

you have an incredibly impressive affiliates list O_o. i’ve seen grease two, it was bad. i’m sorry, but it was bad, i watched it up to the bit where they sang the err, puberty(?) song. then i ogt bored. you’re really into nineties-noughties movies ain’t you? i used to love the terminator, when i was like 6 and it came out. he turns into the squidy stuff that terrified the sh** out of me.

* What’s your favorite movie and why? Juno. i love her. she is awesome, the character is so uber cool and confident. and Michael Cera, he is SOOOO unbelievably lovable “i think your beautiful”. ♥ /faw
* What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
in pride and prejudice, when they’re both out at the back of the mansion and then there’s all this tense friction.
* What is your opinion on movie sequels? they’re all right, but if the directors change then people are expecting something and getting something else that they probably dont like. like with the frst harry potter and the third harry potter.

take care.

I dont like many of the movies you mentioned :P Im a fan of LOTR though, and Love Actually was really quite hilarious. I dont really watch movies anymore, I shifted towards being more media-free almost 2 years ago now and am more real-life oriented I guess you could say, I just dont bother with tv/movies/magazines/radio type stuff. When I was younger my favorite movie for the longest time was A Walk To Remember, and yeah I watched it so many times I could remember all the lines as well! I was 13 when I first saw it :P I was with a friend a couple weeks ago and she had the tv on. The movie came on, and we watched a bit of it, and everything seemed sooo cheesy haha. I guess Im too old to even appreciate that stuff now eh.

Then you’re lucky you live in Australia instead of Indonesia. There are many disadvantages in Bangladesh. Like the power failures, and, for computer users: internet speed.
Our download rate is mostly around 15kb/s. My sister has this friend who lives in the UK. They get in a fight about almost everything. When that friend was in Bangladesh, my sister used to tease him about his download rate but now that he is in the UK, he told us that his download rate is around 600kb/s. We both feel like crying for that.

YouTube videos are very addicting indeed. Another disadvantage: slow buffering. xD
I agree with you about the movies. I don’t watch a lot of movies. Most of the movies I watch are English, but I also watch Bangadeshi and Indian movies as well.
* What’s your favourite movie and why? : Home alone. I really like the plot and it’s really funny.
* What’s a memorable scene from a movie? Currently, I can’t think of any as it’s been quite a while since I watched a good movie.
* What is your opinion on movie sequels? I agree with you. Some of them are very interesting, but some are just boring.

Yeah I’m sure Ken will get over it soon though. He’s not one to just give up.

Whoa, that’s pretty cool that you were inspired by a book. Which one? Yeah, they make it really obvious that they’ve copied.

LMAO, you have glue called UHU? We definitely don’t have it here. How do people pronounce it? I bet they sound like cavemen .. lmao.

That’s true. A lot of people use Wiki, the problem with the whole regulation service is that they can’t possibly catch every mistake, cause there’s so many people editing simultaneously. What I always do, is get info form Wiki and then get it verified by seeing if the same info is on another site. That’s a sure shot way of making sure that you aren’t getting bullshitted. xD

Yeah the whole “big tub” to wash dishes seems so old school, lmao. My mom always “old is gold”. And I still can’t figure out exactly what it means, but whatever.

Aw thanks, and I love your blog as well. :3

Omg I looove Dirty Dancing. I’ve been watching a lot of clips on youtube lately as well. You aren’t the only one. And yes, Youtube can be really addicting sometimes. D:

HOLY POO, I love all the movies you mentioned. Home Alone is like one of my favorite movie series ever. It was just so damn hilarious. And the terminator series wasn’t as much of a fav for me, but it was still enjoyable. 10 things I hate about you = AWESOME. I remember that movie, and I’m in the mood to watch it again now. :D

One of my guy friends invited me to see Iron Man when it came out. And I thought I would hate it since it was a guy type of film. But its definitely one of my favorite movies. IT WAS SO COOL, the effects and everything.

You’re right, movies that are trilogy’s are usually the most successful, the Harry Potter ones especially.

I think I’ve already answered your first question so for the second one: The most memorable moment of Iron Man was when he tried on these jet boots or something and they went WACKO and he was like flying everywhere. LMAO.

As for movie sequels, they’re great. It’s rare that I don’t enjoy them because I’m always curious as to what happens after the first film is done.
Especially if it has an interesting and unfinished plot. :D

Really? So now you don’t like coding as much as before? But it’s cool that you mentioned that! I never knew! (H)

We do, we do. True. XD

I watch videos on YT allllllllllll the time. I’m even following a Pokemon tutorial as you know! XD Mine never gets slow It’s unlimited! ;DD

I never heard of that film! :| It’s so long, too. (The name). Really? Aww, how sweet! :) Twins indeed haha. 👏

AWESOME. I never knew you were so into it! 8D You’ll pop up when I happen to be watching one! :D

No, I don’t hate it when it’s adapted from a book. Just the fact that they don’t fucking make it match like the book as much! :| YEAH IKR? Like what happened with Twilight. Like the part where Bella fainted in Biology. If you’re happening to watch/read; *ZIPS MOUTH*. /hehe

You didn’t? Asdfgh. DO SO THEN!! /angry (Y)

Really, she did? TELL HER THAT DIAMOND SAYS IT FUCKING RULES THE ENTIRE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. Ooooooooooooooooooook. Went overboard there. I just really love it; so touching. I even love the guy, Ryan! ♥ 😳

I never watched Groundhog Day, actually. Lmao. I think once someone mentioned it around here though. Might watch it sometimes. Sorry if I seem so clueless! D:

:) Alright! Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! /eee

IT DOES! /bounce Expect a blog tomorrow. Most probably later on in the day since I think I’m going out in the morning; like 8 AM! It’s SUNDAY TOMORROW. FFS.

So, I totally thought that I replied to your comment from ealier this week. Apparently, I didn’t. :( I’m lame. Lame. Lame.

I love movies. I really, really love movies. Though like you, it takes a lot for me to adore a film. I have a very specific taste. Like, Dirty Dancing… No matter how much I wanted to love the movie, I just couldn’t. I’m just not a fan of it.

My ultimate favorite movies are probably White Oleander (absolutely beautiful & based off one of my favorite novels), Donnie Darko (a mind turner), Darjeeling Limited (something about it makes me smile), Fight Club (no explanation needed), and Harry Potter (duh). I could watch any of those movies again and again. /hehe

Yes, Youtube is VERY addicting! The Final Dance is by far the best part in the movie. Dancing with the Stars, did a little remake of it which was really cute. It was an in memory of Patrick Swayze. I don’t normally watch Dancing with the Stars but my mom just turned it on and I watched this part.

I’ve never seen Love Actually, but watching Hugh Grant dance was pretty amusing! and Yes they did over do the Home Alone thing. The first was good and the second was okay but after that they went too far. Well… I did enjoy the most recent. It’s when they make it into a Scrooge, with the past, present and future. That really pulled everything together. It also, in my opinion makes it almost impossible to make another Home Alone.

My favorite movie is Polar express.
I don’t really have any opinions on sequels.

1. The Fast and the Furious because Paul Walker is in it and it’s so actiony and dramatic
2. When Brian tells Mia he’s a cop
3. Sometimes their good, sometimes bad. It depends on the type of movie. Disney classics- kill all those sequals! XD

I have seen The Fast and the Furious but I can’t remember much of it. I know my friend watched it because she loved Paul Walker, though.

Not many people seem to like Disney sequels!

ahaha yeaaa. I’m ususlly not that good at keeping them especially lately; blahh XD

hahaha yeaaa for some reason i always think that the type of shirt is threadless but there are different like companies XD IDK but yea..threadless is awesome :D

LOLL. I haven’t wet my bed in…who knows how longgg. But I do remember throwing up… XDDD. I was like 6 and I was sick XD

What’s your favourite movie and why?
Uhh I have noo idea what so ever XP
What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
Hmm in this movie If Only, the guy explains how his life was so influenced by his girlfriend and how he didnt learn to truly love until that night since he knew that his girlfriend was going to die ): But in the end, he sacrificed his life for her :D
What is your opinion on movie sequels?
Hmm most suck but the only one that I thought was good was Toy Story :D

I’ll post one. I bought a dress today, and I’ve decided to go with that and perhaps wear the black one for tolo. ^^

Hahaha, I yell at him all the time (: But only because we love each other and don’t care. ^^

I hate narrow-minded people. BE OPEN MINDED FOR GOODNESS SAKES PEOPLE. O.o

Ooo that’s FFS. ^^ Now I know.

Yay instant noodles! I can only cook.. processed foods. Homecooked..nope.

Yeah, I loved it when my mom said that “He does sound creepy.” Hahahahaha.
I love all those movies for the most part. I remember that I tried to watch HitchHiker’s guide to the galaxy but it seemed really long.. I don’t remember finishing it.

I LOVED Benjamin Button. Fabulous movie, made me cry.

* What’s your favourite movie and why?
LORD OF THE RINGS (: I love the Trilogy, I read the books after and loved those even more. But the movies really captured the books. I also loved the Notebook. (: I have a lot, I just can’t remember them at the moment.

* What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
I’m always bad at this because I forget everything. I love a lot of movies. O.o So well, mind draws a blank. I can never say the answer to these kind of questions straight up.

* What is your opinion on movie sequels?
Sequels usually suck. Period. Every now and then the sequel is better than the first but usually no.

* What’s your favourite movie and why?
– Well, my favorite movie is High School Musical series. It’s my favorite because I can relate on some songs and I love musical shows. My second and third favorite are Twilight and HP Series. And I also enjoy watching Camp Rock.

* What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
– I actually memorized the whole script like yours especially in Twilight. I can watch even the sound is mute. Everything seems memorable in each movie especially when you can relate to them.

* What is your opinion on movie sequels?
– Movie sequels are great. You know, there are some movies that need more parts and such and also how the story goes.

LMAO Hugh Grant dance! Awesomeness.

Grooveh. /cool

I love YouTube. I watch Anberlin stuff on it. Stephen Christian vlogs. /love

Terminator 2 was a cool movie. :) My brother is a fan of Schwarzenegger.

* What’s your favourite movie and why?
Transformers! It was so cool.
* What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
Can’t think of any. D:
* What is your opinion on movie sequels?
They are awesome because it’s like watching the movie again… BUT DIFFERENT!

Haha I will go into your house now. Expect your fridge to be open because I want cookies…

You have a sombrero. ‘Nuff said.

Okay, you count! :D In high school, we’ll start to have more stable relationships. Next year. :0
I’m in year six and everyone’s moving around and hanging out with different people, no REAL friends there.

It’s pretty still here!

The baby down the road would want to hug someone’s hips, or neck. As long as they are not really on the ground.

Lee is the best nickname I have!

Haha he came to the concert and he was sitting down for most of the time because his ears hurt. And even if he did stay home to watch the chickens, he’d just go on my computer and ruin my stuff again. Who knows, he’s a good drawer, and he has been telling me that he has drawn a picture of YOU’KNOW’WHO’FROM’ANBERLIN kissing the screen. D:
And he has a Tumblr account so… I’ll have to be nice to him.

~ What’s your favourite movie and why?
Ooh, that’ll be hard. I like comedies… but I think the one movie that really left an impression was Inkheart. Ahaha… I watched it quite a while ago, but it won’t get out of my head!

~ What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
Hm… I watched this Anglo-Chinese movie, which I think was called Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li; and the most memorable scene had to be the scene where young Chun-Li’s father gets taken away. It’s most memorable because the girl that plays Chun-Li at 10 years old is my classmate XD /hehe So… yeah!

~ What is your opinion on movie sequels?
Unless they are actually good and have a great plot that leads on from the previous movie, I don’t think there really is a point. Like Terminator. Ahaha. From the third movie onward, I felt the need to skip watching and go online to find something else to entertain myself. /hehe

I’ve always wanted to try Pho! :D But it isn’t too easy to find in Hong Kong. Or rather, where I actually know how to go in Hong Kong. /hehe

Yeah. You could say that. School’s always the priority. ;] Until the holidays, that is! :D

Aghh! I know right? I swear I have a gazillion extra-curricular activites but yet I do as much homework as people who go home and spend their time lazing around playing video games. It’s not fair the those that have other things to do outside of school. :(

Haha, yeah. Wireless really annoys me… :P We have Wi-Fi at school, but only in the library. We’re allowed to borrow laptops from the library, but we’re not allowed to take them anywhere else in school. Which… is a little frustrating because the library isn’t actually that comfortable! XD

Bahaha; my sister’s computer used to be my old computer… I’ve used it so much, and it’s been rebooted around 4-5 times! /bounce

Mhm! I wish. But apparently he’s got to graduate from psychology if he wants to coach any higher levels. Haha. And I thought I was already in a high-levelled class. :P

Wahaha. We’re friends again now :)
I finally talked to him yesterday. hahaha.

It’s so funny that we both like HSM. I watched HSM3 in the second day it was released in the cinema, :)

I cant watch scary movies. Its triggers my night terrors. I’m a freak /bash

I love Vampire movies and other fantasy types.
I cant watch movies from you tube. The image quality annoys me. I always buy my movies from iTunes.

I think my all time favourite movie would be THE LABYRINTH. Its fun to watch if you can handle old and daggy. 🙄 Its a fantasy and kind of romantic in a way, and the songs are catchy.

i cant really think of a memorable seen.

Sequels have to be good, other wise they can ruin a great movie. Some are so bad, they are not even herd of, for instance. Did you know there was a Jungle book 2?

LMAO, uh, the video… did you drop that?
It’s Anberlin singing a rap song!! And they’ve altered their voice to make it sound like mine. Haha joking, squeakier. Not that they have squeaky voices, no way.

He sang other people’s songs, and it was alright!
The Script was cool, though. The coolest bit is when the Irish flag got caught on (I think his name is Danny) the lead singer’s face. The Irish flag had ‘SYDNEY’ on it!

It is! Chocolate has the power to heal me. XD

You watch people sleep. O_O I should try that. ;D

I know. OoO So damn awesome!

Yep. “Stop lubricating on the human!” that’s a memorable scene from the Transformers movie, yay me!


I’ll steal your milk! Unless you have chocolate milk, ’cause I’ll take that too.

I can’t wait to go to high school. I’m old enough to attend but my parents made me go to school at five years old. D:

I like Georgie, AND YOU.

Ooh you wanna see it! I want to see it too. BWAHAHAHA.
If Anberlin ever comes back, I WILL GO TO THEIR CONCERT NO MATTER WHAT. And I’ll make my brother WATCH them dance around and do their little headbangs and all. He’d cry.
Now, I’ll just search for that image he claims existent.

Yeah, @duxraptor is his Twitter. I know all his account details MUAHAHA.

I know her details too. I logged in and let you follow her. ;) On the holidays, she’ll be more active.

What’s your favourite movie and why? – I guess Benny and Joon would have to be my favorite movie. But that’s just of Johnny Depp’s movies. I like the movie cause I love Johnny Depp, but I also love the relationship between Sam (Johnny Depp) and Joon (Mary Stuart Masterson)

What’s a memorable scene from a movie? – I don’t, there’s too many :)

What is your opinion on movie sequels? – Some are good, some suck and some shouldn’t have been made. (Y)

Dirty Dancing is another one of my favorite movies. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner” All time favorite line EVER! /bounce

It was so sad hearing that he passed away :(

I can’t relate to a lot of the post because I don’t really watch movies. I think I’ve only seen Dirty Dancing once, and I don’t really remember it…. I liked 10 Things I Hate About You, though. :) Oh… and the Bring it On sequels (yes, plural!) are SO sucky! They don’t even have the same characters, but from reading the summaries on the back of the videos, they look like EXACTLY the same plot.

I carried my laptop to school on Friday and felt like I was going to break my back. My shoulders were in agony, and from all the weight, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The laptop wasn’t even in my backpack, but in its case and slung across my body, and it was awful. X(

I watched it for more than 10 times and I’m still watching it now. It’s so cute. /love
Did you drop that?

I do know his name, that’s why I said Danneh. XD

He couldn’t sleep because he was nervous about sleeping on camera, then!

“We don’t have chocolate milk, sorry.” LMAO sounds like you’re serving me. X) I’m STEALING, so CRY.

Lucky lucky lucky you. I said that a million times, right? Count!

OMG I FOUND IT!! It was in his drawings folder, haha! OMG haha I love it!
OH MY GOD I hope he doesn’t know that I have it.

Dial up sucks. We use broadband but still it’s so slow. I get really impatient when I watch YouTube videos as it takes around 20 minutes to buffer only a 5 minute video. O_O

Home alone is awesome. But I like watching different types of movies as well.

Oh man, I love your new domain collective. GEORGIE.NU it’s freaking awesome, aswell as your combined blog with james. That’s so sweeeet ♥ :D

I seriously love this layout of yours! It’s blood amazing, Georgie what can’t you do girl! WOOOOO I R JELUZ

LOLOL no one was pissed, they were just high? hahaha faiiiil. But that’s good that you’re not a drinker! Some people just go overboard. I mean in the newspaper today their was this article about how 17 year old western australian girls are outdrinking the male population. That’s so shameful. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOOOO!

haha exactly :3 some people just fail epicly at life. ROFL yeah, i think that the majority of the male population forgot to evolve with the rest of us. They’re still.. what do you call it erm.. NEANDERTHALS D:

Aw dirty dancing ! Everyone loves that movie aye, I’ve never watched it though. I’ve been planning to.. just haven’t got around to it.. Though I watched Brokeback Mountain the other week XD it seriously made me cry ;[

I’m like you eh, i dont often like browsing youtube. espesh coz it eats all my downloads, but when i do i look up so much funny shit :3 haha

Love Actually is awesome! I’ve seen the notebook and 10 things i hate about you. I love them both too, but not to the extent that they’re in my faves.

I WANNA WATCH TERMINATOR! well all the terminator movies, you always tend to hear people quoting lines from them. I feel s excluded :( i willwillwill watch it .. some day. But yah I completely agree with you, a load of movies have insignificant sequels. I actually dont mind Grease 2, I guess it’s just frowned upon because i think it would be impossible to ever produce a sequel thats better then Grease.

Ha talking bout movies, right now i’m watching Dont Mess With The Zohan :D I love Adam Sandler. Jim Carrey and Tom Felton are my faves though ;D

Ah i cbf answering your questions, im on this little laptop which is hard to type on, so i apologize if you find a looooad of typos and missing punctuation.

ZOMG. YouTube man. I’m not one to browse YouTube either, but the other day my dad showed me all these videos. Kind of funny, we used to type in “coke and mentos” so much. XD

I don’t watch movies much at all either, and I also have my favourites. :)
OMG. Ten things I hate about you. I love that film. It makes me laugh all the time. :D

LOL. You guys remembered the whole script?! Haha. Hilarious. XD

Oooh I know what you mean about sequels. Sometimes it can go on for so long with some new plan or something and it gets old. The books by Malorie Blackman, Noughts and Crosses through to Double Cross, are all different but link together nicely. I’m not bored of them. :P

HEY, that was on the TV the other day. :D Is that the one when the little boy called Kevin went to New York (duh) and stayed in this fancy-pancy hotel?

Oooh Back to the Future was on TV the other night too. O_O

* What’s your favourite movie and why?
Er. Well I don’t have a favourite but I like the film the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. It’s so sad though. :(

* What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
Titanic (surprise!). Jack going down into the water. :( I thought that Rose would’ve pulled him onto the wood and then swim off, not just drop him. XD

* What is your opinion on movie sequels?
Well, it’s like you say. Some are okay and others go on too long (*cough, cough, Twilight*).

HAHA. I understand completely about your rice. ;)
I don’t have much snacks at all. Yanoe?
Aw. *huggles* I’m sure you’ll get the job, they seemed really impressed. :D
LOL I couldn’t train for running. I’m not very good at it.

I put everything on my floor. Which is pretty bad, compared to under the bed. It’s useful often to put stuff under the bed.
It’s weird that they’re so scared. In Year 7 I didn’t really care about the Year 8s. XD
Yeah… but those privelages all end on my birthday. :D /hehe

LOL, funny that girl knew my name. :/

THAT GIRL WAS SOOOOOO NOT SMALLER THAN ME. XD I am 5″6 and she was like 5″7. :P

I’m not a fan of dancing movies. I sort of find them boring! Although Honey is a bit more than tolerable. XD

I loved watching Love Actually! I like the way they edited the film, and how all the sub-plots weren’t over the top, so people can maybe relate to it in a sense.

10 Things I Hate About You is definitely one of the modern classics even though the story line predictable and a little cliched it was produced so well.

* What’s your favourite movie and why?
Pride and Prejudice!! (2005/Keira Knightley version) and also To Kill a Mocking Bird

* What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
For Pride and Prejudice, I think the part were Mr. Bingley proposes to Jane – ”I’ve been an unmitigated comprehensive ass”
and in Kill a Mocking Bird, I love the scene where Jem and Scout are having a conversation before sleeping (me and my friend always quote this part because it’s unintentionally funny) where Scout asks Jem questions like ”Did you love mama” and he would reply saying ”Uh-huh” or ”Yeah” in that Alabama accent. XD

* What is your opinion on movie sequels?
When they begin to drag on/go around in circles, or have a crappy plot, all so they can produce another movie and earn more money, it gets pathetic and annoying.
I probably only like Harry Potter as a series because I like the novel, even though it goes around in circles with ”Voldemort’s going to kill me” in every novel. But needless to say, still very entertaining. ;)

I’ve always forgotten to use footnotes but I figured I’d try to incorporate them in somehow! Also I think you should totally consider a postgrad degree there! It’s not something you have to do but it sounds like a good option :D

Aww I love almost all the movies you’ve mentioned! And I love ‘Dirty Dancing’ – the part where he says, “Nobody leaves Baby in the corner.” And I am so sad that he passed :( I have also never seen Evil Dead 2, and I love Hugh Grant in that movie with Drew Barrymore, it will come to me……..’Music and Lyrics’! I thought that was a cute movie :D And I think everybody did the, “I’ll be back” thing :D

There’s one movie that I always replay and never get sick off, although I don’t have a reason why I do so with this particular movie lol, it’s ‘The Wedding Singer’ with Adam Sandler. I guess it’s just a funny movie lol.

Other movies I love, besides most of the ones you already talked about (!) include ‘Donnie Darko’, ‘The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, ‘Stand By Me’…. lol I just realized I could keep naming movies! Oh and I have to throw one Disney movie in there! I love ‘Lady and the Tramp’!!!

Oh and I didn’t care about the ‘Grease’ sequel either, I would take the first one anyday :D

Oh yeah you should check out the Labyrinth. It has a young David Bowie in it who kind of looks Hot. He is the Goblin king. Jennifer Connolly is also in it, a young girl who has to search through a huge labyrinth in just 13 hours to rescue her baby brother from the goblin kind. /hehe
I have seen it over 100 times. I think its older then both you and i, but i have it on DVD.

Whats an MP3 player? Does that play radio?
I think i have herd of them.

I think that is a good idea. Not to take much money with me when shopping, and leave my cards at home too :P

OMG! I love The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as well as Home Alone 1 and 2. (Two was getting on my nerves. The mother in the series annoys the hell out of me.)

I never watched Dirty Dancing-oh, wait, I take it back. There was somebody playing it on TV a few nights ago, I think I saw a few clips. /ho

What’s your favourite movie and why?–Taken. It was just…there. I liked how he didn’t narrate the movie–the main character, that is–because everything was so clear. The actors and stunts were great as well as the plot.

What’s a memorable scene from a movie?–from Push, the scene where Cassie was telling Nick that she was afraid to die, and the scene before that, when she was listening to Nick be beaten and trying to tell the lead bad guy–a Pusher–that she would change her future.

What is your opinion on movie sequels?–IF they are planned, they’re fine. Because Pirates of the Caribbean was PLANNED to be a trilogy, the last two didn’t epicly suck. Otherwise I hate them, they always ruin the first movie.

LOL IKR? It’s actually catchy. I feel so pathetic admitting that I actually like it, but it’s the truth. D:

Lmfao yeah Ryan is a late bloomer. Well, according to what he said, he is. Same with me, I can’t recall me ever liking all the Disney stars. They just seem so fake and like “bad followers”. By bad followers I mean they try to copy what the big stars do, but they fail at it.

GAAAH, I remember Hilary Duff. I used to hate her (lmao) but I remember that I liked a couple of her songs.

Ryan would be happy to know that you gave him the benefit of the doubt after his embarrassing confession .. lmao.

Ooooh, that book, just by looking at the title, sounds pretty crazy indeed. Lmao. (:

YOU SHOULD TAKE A PIC! I’m sure that your pic of UHU glue will be better than those Google pictures lmao. (Ngaw, now I feel bad. Cause today is Google’s 11th birthday, and I just offended it).

Exactly, cross-referencing is a very smart option to use. :]

What the hay is a mangol machine? O_O I’ve never heard of these old school ways of doing things hehe. Sounds interesting though. It would be cool to try and live a day “the old school way”. And see how things turn out. xD (But that would mean that I couldn’t go on my laptop for a whole day, and that’s like.. worse than listening to a Miley Cyrus song. D: Shit.)


Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of people say that the second transformers is “shit”, I didn’t think it was bad enough to be called “shit” it was pretty okay, in my opinion. Not as good as the other movies fo’sho though.

Psh HELL YEAH Harry Potter is successful. I feel like such an “outcast” cause usually all the Harry Potter fans have seen all the movies and read all the books, but I’ve only read the first 3 books, then I got bored of reading and stopped. Lol fail. So I guess I can’t call myself a “true HP fan”.

LMFAO JET BOOBS. Nice. That put a rather disturbing image in my head which I hope I never picture again. D:

You really should watch Iron Man. It’s the shizz.

Lmao yeah that’s so true. Founded out like Ryan, bahahaha.

Yeah I’ve heard that before, but still I think I got my period in Grade 7 so I would think that a guy would get into puberty by Grade 8? (Why do I not feel awkward talking about this?) Lmao.

LOL it’s the truth. Miley along with the other Disney stars, just seem to be trying too hard.

Yeah, I actually really liked all the movie that Hilary Duff was in. I think she did a better job at acting than singing.

Really?! :O Have you read the whole series? (of the book)

Hmm, BOSTIK and UHU? Well, that’s a tough choice.. LMAO. Why do glues over there have the most hilarious names? xD Here our glues are just called, “White glue”. FAIL. I think I’d still choose the UHU one though, cause the cavemanny thing is just epic.

WHOA, I remember seeing that mangle machine at quite a few museums. (LOL). We saw on in Austria as well, when we were going through this tour of a castle. :3

Yeah there’s always a lot of worked involved to get these old school gadgets to work. :P

Same with me. It’s quite pathetic, but I can’t go a day without a computer either. Unless I’m on vacation and I’m like busy literally every minute and then super tired when I get home. So I LITERALLY don’t even have time to think about going on the computer.

Yeah you should watch it. :) I didn’t think it was too bad, but everyone has different opinions I guess.

LMFAO I know eh? To be a 100% dedicated HP fan you have to, at some point in your life, dress up as one of the characters. PSH, like that’ll ever happen.

I’d rather not be a HP fan at all. xD

Lmfao sorry for getting that image of jet boobs into your head too. xD

Hi Georgina! We haven’t talked in forever it seems. I entered the Random Domain contest I think! All we have to do is meet the requirements right? There is no form to fill out? I have linked you and your fanlisting is on the sidebar under credits. I’m just not sure if there is a form to fill out. I have read all the rules and it doesn’t say anything about is so I’m not sure!

hahaha ohhh thatss cool! Yay for being frugal :D LOL

LOL. When some people get old, they have to wear a diaper…weird! My mom said how she can tell when a elder is wearing them because she can smell it D:
EWW. She’s like, it smells like pee XD

AWWWW. I never got that! But I know how where I live there was a recall on like a bunch of foods cause they believed that it gave you salmonella

LMAOOO. I just was flipping through the channels and was like, Hmm looks like an interesting movie, I’ll just watch it XP. It was amazing!

hahahaha, I’ve seen them both but I dont remember which is which, XD.

Hey you, hope you had a great weekend :P

OMG, you are so true! I hate it if they make too many films out of just one story. I just watched Final Destination 4 and its just EXACTLY the same movie as the other 3 ones before… They people just get killed differently.
OOOhhhh, I LOVE love actually – its one of my favs! Which plot do you like the most? I always cry when the guy stands in front of Keira Knightley knowing that he can never have her… its so sad.
The notebook is also one of my favorites – as you know I just watched it with my boyfriend – he was so annoying :P He just wasnt interested… Yeah, but watching Gladiotor is ANY better?!! Nooo…
I liked Dirty Dancing when I was around 13… now its just boring…

We have this wonderful german comedian, Mario Barth, who has talked about women and movies – you can check it on youtube also (because you like youtube that much ;) )

Have Fun, I love it!!! :P

Kisses Kristin

Oh. Okay. Hard to believe these days heh?

YeAH TOTALLY. IKR? Ooh. That seriously sucks. Especially when you use the internet so much. It’s like your life lol.

I see! Well, like the final Harry Potter and Twilight book; they’re making it into 2 films. Which is GOOD! They’re big so yah. I wish they did the same for a couple of others so it would be in much detail! :@

Alright. I actually watched it just because I want to. I personally don’t like it when someone hates something just because it’s gotten so insanely popular and all. (I’m not referring to you of course! I’m sure you don’t HATE it. Or do you? /hehe) But yeah you’re right. You didn’t read the last one so?


Lmao. True. In any case, there are fuckloads of movies!!!

Thanks a lot! I hope you did too! ^_^

SCHOOL IN A COUPLE OF HOURSSS. 10 PM right now though lol… Still a bit early. Just returning a few comments due to the lack of time today. So i might blog tomorrow…. I hope i dont get a LOTT of comments.

Haha I always have too many tabs opened, I seriously have to quit that habit it makes my computer so slow. 🤬

Oh, I’ve recently became addicted to youtube, I don’t make videos just watch them. I’m really sad about all those deaths, some really big numbers, R.I.P Patrick Swayze. I guess I don’t watch movies a lot, just some show like Supernatural, 90210 and that’s about it. Really, nothing interesting comes on TV, which is rather disappointing. I have quite a lot of favorite meaningful and not meaningful /ho movies, somehow I forget to memorize the name of these movies /oh but i still remeber the movies themselves. I do watch home alone a lot, since I was a kid /hehe it never got old, you know? I like romantic comedies too, even if some movies mean nothing at least they will lift your mood a bit /eee

Yeah, I didn’t like that either. The weird thing is Doc Martin is meant to be comedy, but it’s about a doctor so I guess they have to do stuff like that sometimes. Kind of like Scrubs. I’m pretty squeamish though, so I have to hide behind a pillow or something, haha.

I used to get 100% attendance a lot when I was younger. I always used to have to go up in assembly at the end of the year to collect an award. I think lots of kids like school more when they’re younger though. That’s why getting the chicken pox annoyed me.

I don’t think I’ve ever got 100% attendance in high school. And I won’t get it for this college year now, haha.

At least you only had to miss two days of school with it. Better than missing the whole week, Georgina!!

I think I thought the tim of rice was just too boring. It only took two minutes to make it.

Wow, the violin you made sounds great!! Much better than my shaker, haha.

Yeah, but it was still quite strange. They walked all the way up my stairs and just started looking through the window.

Sounds like a big change for him for prom. I think people who wore glasses just kept their glasses on for my prom, lol.

My school’s looks really neat and smart now. I’m kinda glad I don’t have to wear it.

My family do that too. My mum gives all of my old clothes to the charity shop.

I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing. I only ever watched the bit where the did the ‘Time of my life’ dance, ’cause my Dad used to play that part when I was younger. I guess the rest of the movie was inappropriate or something. I wouldn’t know though ’cause I’ve never seen it, haha.

It’s sad that Patrick Swayze died (though it’s sad when most people die). I think the only movie I’ve ever seen him in is ‘Ghost’, which is a really amazing movie. Such a sad ending to it though. Aww.

That scene from Evil Dead 2 is pretty strange. I don’t know, I just wasn’t expecting that. For a second I thought he was gonna cut his arm off with the chain saw, so I looked away for a bit. I guess the title just sounded scary.

I remember watching Love Actually a while ago. It’s a lovely film. Hugh Grant dancing is so hilarious. I just had to watch it again.

I quite like watching Youtube videos that people recommend, as long as I’m not too busy. I once did a blog entry based entirely on Youtube videos. I bet that it annoyed a lot of people. Youtube is quite addicting.

I haven’t seen the Notebook, but have heard that it’s an amazing movie. And Back To THe Future and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are great.

Terminator 3’s good, but I haven’t seen the first too. I thought he’d always been good when I watched it, haha. I’d really like to see the other two sometime. There’s 5 Terminator Movies now I think.

Home Alone movies are just brilliant. So funny. It annoyed me when they kept changing the kid though. Got confusing.

I’ve seen Grease 2!! My Dad told me about it so I watched it, ’cause I thought it would follow on from the first. It doesn’t really, it’s just the same school and Frenchie’s in it. I don’t think the songs are as good either; not as well-known.

As for Bring It On, I’m not sure that I’ve even seen the first one, so the second one probably wouldn’t be known by me anyway. Haha.

Harry Potter’s a great series. I could never get into Lord of the Rings though. It went on too long and I was only young. I just remember people talking about this ring and walking around for a bit. Haha.

Yeah, you’re right, people are all different when it comes to movies. I sometimes like the sequel better than the first, lol.

* What’s your favourite movie and why?
I can’t decide, so I feel like doing 4 with explanations:

Crash – It just really amazed me. I think it was the first ever movie I’d seen that wasn’t in the slightest bit girly/chick flickish/childrens. I just really loved the story, and the way everyone’s lives collided. And the ending made me cry.

50 First Dates – The fact it was just really romantic and hilarious. And it was another one to make me cry.

Sweeney Todd – Because Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are amazing!! And the songs are brilliant.

Moulin Rouge – Another one where I really love the songs (and Ewan McGregor’s voice). Such a beautiful (and weird at points) story as well.

I could probably go on with a lot more of my favourite movies, but this comment is already turning into an essay so I won’t. Haha.

* What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
The ending scene of 50 First Dates, where she begins to actually remember who he is when she wakes up the next morning. And ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ acoustic version is playing in the background whilst they sit on the boat…. aww!!

* What is your opinion on movie sequels?
Some are great, and some really shouldn’t be done…. ever. They just spoil the story sometimes.

This comment is pretty long. Lol.

I feel like you just added that part about just answering the questions. I don’t remember that being there. xD

Tolo is another dance. Except the girls ask the guys rather than the boys ask the girls (:

I can make… rice (: But that doesn’t count.. right? Isn’t that technically processed… kind of?

Yay muffins. I can cook eggs. scrambled (: But that’s not much. xD And those are processed too. I think..

Uhmm, it seemed like 4 hours. I THINK that was Hitchhikers. Because they kept repeating this one part.. or something. I can’t remember. I want to watch it again one day. All the way through. Because I distinctly remember it going on so long that we stopped watching it.

Yes, Benjamin Button made me cry. O.o

Lord of the Rings IS long. Haha, I once had a marathon of that .. for an entire day (there was commercials). But I was snowed in and well, no school and I was chilling at my cousin’s. So I watched LOTR since there was a marathon and Orlando Bloom as an elf. ^^ I loved Legolas. And they did do a good job. I think they’re making the Hobbit into a movie. I’d love to see that. And I DID love that book also. My teacher had us read it in 7th… or 8th grade. I think it was 7th. We had to memorize the first paragraph.

“In a hole in the ground lived a hobbit. Not a nasty dirty wet hole filled with the ends of worms or an oozy smell… Then something” I can’t remember it anymore. But I remember the first sentence (: My teacher adored that book and so did I. He said Tolkein wrote the best way to start a book with the Hobbit that’s why we were supposed to memorize it. ^^ I’ll remember one day.

GEORGINIE!! I missed you so much. I’ve been checking you site and reading your blogs but I never comments. 😳 I’m like a loner /wah Thanks for not deleting me off affiliates :D I’m a bad bad affiliate. WOW! You remember the whole script from Terminator 2? O_O I can never remember any scripts at all xD Gah I lost inspiration in stolen rain :(

Oh me too, I really don’t watch movies in cinema. In my 13 years on existence, I think I only watched 8 times in the cinema.


Oh! I love the movie 10 Things I Hate About You! I’ve only seen it once but it’s so good! ✌️ I’m not one to really go to the movies to see it. I like it more when you are home and watch it.

* What’s your favourite movie and why?
Err. Right now She’s the Man. Uhh because I like love Amanda Bynes.
* What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
I have no idea. 🙄
* What is your opinion on movie sequels?
They are never as good as the original. Well only a few are. :P

Oh yeah XD Haha I am so nervous for the review but I hope it will help me. :D

Ohh mind are so embarrassing but I thought I would post them anyways.

I am hyper around friends and family but not like some friends. Like the friends that I haven’t known for at least 2 years I am normal around haha.

LOL. I wish I had done better… :P

Haha if I was serious all the time I would explode I think. There are times to be serious and times to have fun!

Yeah,our basement is all fixed up. We just need to put the carpet back in and clean up a bit. :) It’s not too bad. Nope nothing was really ruined at all :D

For some reason, this reminded me of Eragon. Everyone loved the first book, everyone loved the movie. Then Eldest came out and people hated it, so now they’re just going to leave the cycle hanging at the first movie’s end. Which sucks, because Brisingr was so good and fans won’t get to see it!

1. Them Harry Potter movies. Why? HARRY POTTER YO!
2. Hm… probably in the 6th Harry Potter movie, when Hermione was upset over Ron getting into a relationship with Lavender. Her heartbreak was palpable as she cried in Harry’s arms. I started crying too.
3. They have to be done right if they’re to be done at all, otherwise it’ll blow and people will be pissed they wasted their money.

What’s your favourite movie and why? Empire Records, it is pure genious.
What’s a memorable scene from a movie? Hackers, the scene where Zero found out who Burn was.
What is your opinion on movie sequels? If they are good then keep them coming, but if they are like Xmen 3 or Daddy Day Camp, they shouldn’t even think about it.

LOL Daddy Day Camp. Terrible. I haven’t seen X-Men 3 though, nor have I heard of Empire Records or Hackers. :P

Ahh. I feel bad for them. Its like being a baby all over again ):

LOLLL. It would be worse if they didnt realize i D:

hahah yeaaa, my cousin went to China and how like there was no toliet paper when she went LOL
I was like :O
ahh. Have you ever gone to America?

LOL yeaa! It sooo reminded me of that book/movie! I was like wondering “Hmm I wonder if Georgina has ever heard of the Curious Case of Benjamin Button” LOL

AWWWW. Guess next time you go you’ll just have to bring some yourself ;D AHHH when I went to Japan, they had the water sprays and like i was in the bathroom trying it and I started screaming becasue it like felt SOOO weird. I was like IM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. lmao

Awww! You should soo come! I wanna go to Australia! I told my parents that i wanted to go there! My friend went there and her older sister went to Alaska! Her sister was only like 14 though!

Hahaha yeaaa. Also like I’m the one in the family that gets sick the most. I have like asthma and allergies and stuff.

Well like we did the same exact essay last year, and like they dont have the best information to base the essay on, since we can only use this one site for the information. Its like one page of info.

Aww high cholesterol. My sister has like a SMIDGE. Barely anything, its just mainly cause she loves cheese LOL

Ahhh webdesigner! I was gonna choose that for my career, but then I thought that my dad would be like “WHAT THE HECK” if I put webmaster. He’s into like the doctor jobs XD.

Ohhh thats awesome !:D

For some weird and unknown reasons, I actually dreamt about your mother making Es Campur a few nights ago. She was brunette with shoulder length hair and was wearing white shirt and bermudas. D: D: I think it was my craving for ABC (stands for ais batu kacang) which is the similar thing as Es Campur. Lol.

When I am on Heartdrops.org leaving comments for you, I’d always have two tabs open, one for your blog post and the other for the comment field so I can comment for each event accordingly. I find it easier since I don’t have to scroll back up hehe.

Sad to say, I haven’t really watched Dirty Dancing. I’ve seen it on HBO but I flipped to another channel D: But that was years ago and you saying that you love the movie makes me wanna watch it. I hope it will come out again on HBO!

10 Things I Hate About You is an old movie but again I had that VCD back then and have watched it more than 5 times but not to the extend of remembering quotes and all haha. I’d really like to watch it again but I don’t know where on Earth is the VCD D: They’ve a TV series about this movie as well so do check it out if you have time. Season 1 have just started this year.

Home Alone is definitely one of my fav all-time movie. I think they’ve like, 4 sequels? But the last one wasn’t McCaulay Culkin anymore but the boy was equally adorable lol.

Bring It On! Remember the original one? The one with Kirsten Dunst? I actually practised the short cheers and performed them in class with my fellow comrades HAHAAHA I feel embarrassed now D: D:

1. What’s your favourite movie and why?
CASPER. 4 words. Devon Sawa was sex. LOLL LOLLL LOLL yeah but seriously, I’ve always loved the movie because of Devon Sawa.

2. What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
When Casper turned into Devon Sawa *melts*

3. What is your opinion on movie sequels?
I’d prefer it when the sequels become more and more interesting instead of a waste of time waiting for months to find that the continuation sucks ass. Also, if they changed the original characters then it wouldn’t be that nice to watch anymore :(

If you found out that there’s a Mac OS X from Malaysia that’s been here TOO long, it’s me haha. I had the tabs open when I went out for lunch, came back and wrote you a comment :P

You don’t think it’s cute? D: Something is wrong with you. /ho

Yes, but I was RIGHT! That’s all that matters. ;D

LMAO why would he do that? O_O That would make it worse. Tell him about CHAMOMILE!

I know you don’t, but that’s not my problem is it? ;)

Oh you want to see it, do you? ;D
After I smooch it.
You’ll have to ask my brother for it, I don’t want to just send out his ‘precious art’ to the world without him knowing. No way. I’m not that mean.
You try to convince him, aye? /bounce <– didn't use that emote in ages.
But he'll post it on Tumblr one day… maybe.

oh my god i love Patrick Swaze. It was so sad to hear of his death, my favourite was definetely dirty dancing, classic!

What’s your favourite movie and why?
I love The Lion King because i think the story line is really nice. I’m a sucker for old disney movies, it’s always the “good triumphs over evil” one’s i love. Ofcourse when your five and watching them you obviously don’t understand what the story is really about, I’m 15 and now that i know what’s going on, it speaks to me and i cry more than ever when simba’s dad dies!

What’s a memorable scene from a movie?
Hmmmmmmm. that’s a hard question. I really love the scene in Twilight when Edward and Bella are in the tree’s. I dunno, it’s such a happy scene and it’s always the one i skip to when watching it.

What is your opinion on movie sequels?
They can either be career suicide, or make millions. Like if you have a great movie that went well, i’d say leave it at that and move on. But i guess people think that if the first one sold well, the next will be just as good – it doesn’t always work obviously!