Pretty Handsome Awkward

The first part of the domain competition is over; the winner will be announced soon. I need to collate the results from the other judges.

When I got into university, my name (along with the names of thousands of other high school students) was published in the newspaper along with the course I had been accepted into.

The annoying thing is, my parents took this to their advantage, and scrutinised the entire list of names, searching for people I knew, once knew, or once knew and had forgotten, seeing if they had been as smart as I was. Inherently they all got “better” courses. “Better” meaning that the course just happened to have a higher required mark. That didn’t tell me anything.

So from that ordeal, my parents found two people who were attending the same university as me, though not the same course. These two people happened to fall under the category of once knew.

And boy, they were real jerks.

Both had gone to my Catholic primary school which I had attended for five or so years. I hated them both, for teasing me and bullying me. Both of those boys.

Oddly enough, they were quite cute as children, but mean. They picked on me because of my height, my long hair, my name, the fact that I didn’t get pocket money, and they teased me and said I smelled like a cat.

I happened to see both of these boys at uni – just in passing. One of them passed me when I was sitting. I wanted to wave, but hesitated.

The other one, the Asian one who was always shorter than me – had changed so much. I passed him on the escalator. I could tell it was him, even if he looked different. He had a tryhard hairstyle – much like that of your average scene/emo kid – generally, long fringe and all. He’d grown taller, obviously, but I knew that despicably snarly, arrogant baby-face anywhere.

I didn’t wave at him.

I was pondering getting a Facebook account. But knowing that for so long I have not wanted one, and still thinking, I decided to look up the names of these boys I used to know.

I don’t think I’ll ever get a Facebook. I’m generally non-conformist. But I don’t want a Facebook because, first of all, it will eat up my time. And I don’t need it. I don’t need some social networking site to help me talk to my friends. I don’t even have many friends, and I’m not afraid of admitting it. I have few friends, but they’re the best friends in the world. I talk to them every day, I have their phone numbers, addresses, Twitter usernames, and I see them often. I don’t need Facebook to connect with my “old” friends. There’s a reason why they’re old. They’re not my friends anymore. What are they going to do – the same thing as Bebo and other social networking sites, trying to get as many friends as they can?

There’s a reason why I don’t want to know them anymore. There’s a reason why I don’t contact them.

When I found the Facebook page of the Asian boy, I could not have laughed harder at his profile picture. So, who’s the one with the long fringe now? Who’s the one with the crooked teeth? Who’s the one with their mouth gaping open in their profile picture looking like a drunk reveller, eyes big and wide? While you have a chicken suit on your head? :P

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It’s amazing how much people can change eh? And I don’t blame you for not wanting to wave at them. You have no reasons to. They weren’t your friends before, so good riddance! I’m actually in a really weird situation . . . people I didn’t like or people who treated me badly are the ones approaching me when we run into each other, and I am thinking WTF? STAY AWAY, LOL.

And Facebook is a time sucker. ~_~;; So addicting at times, so it’s a good thing you haven’t joined it!

Am I rolling? 😰 ! What does it mean /bash

Hahaha, the Caucasian one sort of looks like Mike, but I bet he’s dumber and more up himself. As well as being a closet homosexual. /um

D= The Asian sounds pretty /poo Point him out sometime /bounce I want to sees him 🤫 . I bet he’s like me, If I were angrier and fatter and had a mancrush on Edward Cullen and had spiky hair from the gel my mum bought me. ._. What a loser /pow

Hahah, I’ll never have a faceboox. Not that it’ll eat into my time; there’s just no time to eat /bash No point in getting a dog you can’t feed, eh /oh but I bet Facebook’d be a cat thing. Pretentious, lazy and spends too much time grooming itself


“Are we rolling?”

It’s from a Nirvana song; one of the live versions. I can’t remember which one. Please don’t make me look for it! I know I’m their biggest fan but it’s in one of their 300 or so songs… :)

LOL, the dude I showed you was the Asian one! :O :O

Agh, the Asian was a jerk; regardless – and both of them were, really.

I don’t even know what course he does! Well, you know his name. Now you’re going to look into the UTS system and find him. XD

Ngawwwww. ♥ Keeks is more important than… *cough* Ainsley and his lesbian… WO.

Maybe that’s why he wanted you to get one. To keep up on such crap.

Awww, how annoying! Your parents were uai stalking. HMPH! My parents did that too xD But they did the opposite to yours. They were trying to see who I beat… /um So embarrassing. My extended family also used that to find out which course I got. My cousin looked me up and worked out that I made it into Usyd from there xD But then I changed. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! xD

I hate it when parents make comparisons. They should just be happy that they have an awesome daughter who beat 80% + of the state and got into an awesome uni in the course she wanted…^^… 👏

OOOOH! ARROGANT PRICKS! /bash HMPH! At least they don’t live across the road from you =) My primary school bully lives across the road from me, except I’m not really intimidated by him anymore, because he can’t drive and he dropped out of school in year 10 without any idea of what he was going to do in the future. Usually when people drop out, they have SOME idea. *rolls eyes* He’s just a brainless idiot.

I’m sure you’re smarter than those 2 idiots guys =) Cos you’re WUGGS! How DARE they tease you cos of your height and what not. Hmph! They’re just immature! Hahaha. At least the Asian one seems to be paying for in now considering your description of his facebook photo xD THAT’S KARMA! WIN! =D

What a try-hard. LOL! xD

Facebook! Yes! DO NOT GET A FACEBOOK! People can annoy you with Facebook chat too! IT KILLS TIME! =O It’s terrible! I mean it’s good. But ANNOYING at the same time. If you don’t disable your notifications, it’s like…*epic spam*. *dies*…

It’s alright, you’re always free to borrow mine if you need it. Which I doubt you will. And I’ll let you know if something important comes up on facebook xD

Unless of course I find out last minute too like with the Talent Quest this year. ==

Yeah, people lose contact so easily when they don’t see each other everyday. No matter how close they seemed to be =( Lucky we talk every day ^^ Because we haven’t seen each other in SO LONG =(

Hahahaha! LOL. That’s pretty hilarious actually. You did well though. :D

Oh that’s true, some people might have changed. Too bad those two boys did not. /angry

It is annoying. I don’t like being compared. I guess what annoyed me more about that ordeal was that they continually kept trying to remember people they knew. At least they thought it was good that I got over 90 in senior science…!

Hahaha, that’s good. What a loser. D: Some people just get hit by karma. You show him! You can PARK! /bounce

Oh, I should show you his picture on Facebook, and if you can see his profile you can tell me all about his other chicken-suit photos. Really though, who puts a photo like that publicly as their profile picture? You know the deal with future employers seeing it.

Well, maybe McDonald’s will like him to be the new Ronald McDonald. “Suck my McNuggets, bitch!” :O

Like you said, I’ll just use yours. :D

Ugh, if it’s really that important (emergency), they would attempt to get through to you another way. Not everyone is dependent on Facebook, or so I’ve heard from everyone.

AWWW. ♥ /mwah

Heyy Georgina :]
Well it’s sad to hear those boys bullied you :/
I know a lot of people who went to elementary and middle school with me who I once greatly disliked, but I grew to like them and see them as friends. About half my class (2011) I knew since elementary. Everyone has changed so much and they changed for the better. They bullied you because they were young and immature, you don’t know them now, so maybe they’re different than how they use to be.

I know this girl who use to be like a nerd/geek and was always.. wearing hobo-ish clothes. Now, she looks like some popular asian, imo. She’s really pretty now too. I couldn’t believe it was her when I saw her facebook.

I have a facebook :D I had it since … my freshmen year, but at that time, I still liked Myspace. I still use both, actually. Facebook is a little better in my opinion because it’s much neater than myspace. I just started using FB again because I decided to join the social network once more.

My parents do the same thing with my sister. She got into university a few months ago.
I agree with you about Facebook. My friends keep on trying to make me create on but I never do. I think it’s useless and almost every Facebook user I know are addicted to Facebook. Internet/computer means Facebook for them. xD
Haha, he was wearing a chicken suit?? lol. Funny how people become totally different from what they were when they were younger.

Baha you took 23 minutes but your comment was probably longer then mine. :P I’m starting at 3:33pm xD

OMG, I always think I can get a review done within an hour but it seriously never works. I usually start at 11pm and want to get it done before midnight but it usually takes me like 1 hour and 30 minutes – 2 hours, bah. It’s so much easier to write a 1000+ word comment than it is reviewing.

That did sound rather geeky, but I’m sure I’ll be getting distracted as well haha. I want food but thought I’d just reply whilst I could be bothered. ;)

Frogs are cute… fake ones but real ones are icky.

For some reason not everyone races to get first comment at my site. My sites kind of gone down hill lately, I’ve lost a lot of visitors. Probably because I always close comments, heh.

I can’t say I’ve noticed if you have broad shoulders. xD It’s a good thing though, it makes you not look as skinny I guess. My shoulders are so skinny lmao. No there isn’t anything wrong with an hour glass figure, just everyone expects everyone to have it. Pear shaped? LOL. I have tiny hips. :( My mum does too though.

That’s because you’re a nice person and no one hates you lol. Have you ever had like loads of haters? I used to have LOADS on Piczo lmao.

LMFAO my head sure doesn’t look too big for my body hahaha. Rob says I have a pea head so he calls me that all the time. :@ He’s mean to me. :(

I know right, they should show more curvier women in magazines and stuff, to show girls there isn’t anything wrong with being curvy.

I’d easily believe you have high cholesterol, it’s nothing to do with your weight. o_O

Yeah high heels do my head in, they hurt my feet and I tend to fall over a lot. I like my flats. :P Or trainers. xD

LOL that’s so cool, I like weird names though so it’s hard to decide what names I actually want lmao! I want 2 boys and a girl. Dylan Robert, and either Leighton Michael, Parker Michael or Liam Michael. And I haven’t decided for a girl yet LOL, either Carly or Georgia. Knowing my luck I won’t even get a boy lmao.

My mum never worked when me and my sister were young either. She worked for a while whilst we were at high school but she was always home by the time we finished school. I want to be a stay at home mum, just because I’d have to have some weirdo looking after my kids lol.

Gah I know, I hate some parents that proper favour one of their kids other another, it’s wrong.

It does suck. :( I suppose it’s OK for your brother cause he’s still kind of young so he’s not immature of him to grass you up, but my sisters 18!!!! lmao.

Lmao what the hell? She blabbed to your brother? :S lol. I don’t think you should have to wait until after marriage for all that stuff, I don’t know why. I agree with waiting for the right person, and not doing it straight away and all that jazz but yeah.

Oh at least you got a reply from them! MMM PANCAKES!! I want pancakes now, I’ll get some after I finish writing this, heh.

I was expecting you to write a new blog lmao, I tend to try and reply before you blog cause I’m lazy LOL. I do it to everyone. o_O

Your friend is right. I mean, our comments do go on about lots of nonsense but it’s still related, some what to the post you commented on. I don’t think they will get shorter because I tend to go on and on and on….

I don’t think it’s BS to be honest. You own like 284574854 domains and keep them all updated. If you’re not dedicated then I don’t know what you are LOL. Everyone else seems to think you are, you got 69 votes in Most Dedicated Owner and the closest to you only had 11 votes. Maybe you should write a blog about it?

Yay for Break Your Little Heart!! I love Lost In Stereo the most from them, download itttt. :P

I’ve heard of Smashing Pumpkins but I need to download a few songs by them. :) I’ve never heard of Poets of the Fall!! Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll have to give them a listen. =D

Yeah I mean, I only tell people to validate their coding in reviews. I don’t go around saying “I like your layout but you need to validate your coding” or anything. It’s only mainly for browser compatibility issues.

Haha, I used to be really good in Primary school. I used to read a lot but now I don’t even go no where near a book. I used to do all my homework and everything haha. I never did any classes like piano or anything, I was in the school choir but when I had my tonsils out when I was 14… I couldn’t sing any more lol. :(

The link you gave me didn’t work but I know what you mean. xD I tend to write whatever I’m saying out loud.. it’s funny. :)

YAY! I really want a penguin as my favicon but I can’t make pixels LOL. You should make a tutorial. :P

So much for no one applying for reviews.. I’ve got 4 in my queue. I started yours the other night but I felt too ill to finish it. :( I’ll try and get it done today though.

:O You don’t like sports?! I used to get so pissed off with people at my school because they were proper brainy, got A’s in everything and they were amazing at sports. I never got an A… well, for my German exam I got an A in listening, reading and writing but a D for speaking so it averaged out as a B. :( I WANTED AN A!!!

Aww, you guys are so cute though. I’ll have to drag Rob to Australia and we should all go out haha.

Wow, you haven’t seen her since February?! That’s so long. :( I hope you guys see eachother soon!

Ugh, I hate it when you see people you knew from Primary school and you remember they were mean to you. I walked past my ex best friend from Primary school the other day, we used to fight all the time, I mean proper punch ups and she didn’t even recognize me. :| She’s my age and has 2 kids…

THAT DUDE IS A TWAT. Someone else told me about him as well. I think I need to leave him a comment.

I really could do with some of that cream, I have a huge bite on my face which is effecting my eye, it’s swollen and bruised. It looks like I’ve been in a fight with Mike Tyson. xD

Good luck to everyone who entered the writing contest. =D

Hardly any ones names get into the paper with their Uni courses here. You only get your name in the local paper if you got like 15 A’s in your exams, heh.

They teased and bullied you? :( That’s so wrong, people like that deserve to fall off the face of the earth seriously. What the hell is wrong with your name? :| That’s so pathetic. It sounds like they HAD to find things to tease you about because they had nothing else to say.

Facebook is overrated. I only use it to keep in touch with my brother who is fighting in Afghanistan and to play Bejewelled Blitz, heh. You don’t NEED one.

I barely have many friends either. Half the people on my facebook were people I just knew from school, we talked etc but we weren’t best friends. I only have 5 or 6 REAL friends… I have more good online friends than real friends.

Oh I love it when someone takes the piss out of you for something, then say 10 years later they have the things they took the piss out of you for. Ahh sweet karma.

They’re pricks, and I bet they would die to be your friend right now.

I finished at 4:09pm.. wow that took me freaking ages, I did stop to pee though and it is 1426 words. xD

My sister is ALWAYS on her Myspace or Facebook looking and talking to people we went to school with. From time to time, she’ll ask me if I remember someone one. I’m like “no, why would I WANT to remember anyone from school. Elementary or Higschool.. They weren’t very nice then, why would they be nice now?” /hmph It’s really annoying when she asks those questions.

I’m like you, I don’t have alot of friends, infact I only have one. But she is my best friend and I’ve known her since I was 8 yrs old. I’m 27 now. That’s alot of years. :) I’ve had friends when I was in school. I calls those my “in school friends”. The ones that you talk to while you’re in school cause they live to far away from you to visit. I don’t run into anyone that I went to school with. Thanks god! But that could have something to do with the fact that I don’t go anywhere /huh But whatever, I wouldn’t acknowledge them anyway.. and I’m sure the feeling is mutual..

You are right with your facebook arguments! We have something similar to facebook here in germany too and EVERYBODY has it exept me ;) I just dont want to have it because there are just so many people adding me and it says that they are my FRIENDS but they just ARENT!!! I hate that! I would just accept REAL friends.
I have Facebook, but only for staying in contact to all my foreign friends all over the world – its just easier than writing letters or emails all the time…

Yeah, the little boy in Love Acutally is sooo cute!! I love the scene when he watches Titanic with his stepdad and they are acting it :D Do you trust me? – Yes! – FOOOL!!! Thats so great!

Kisses ♥

My gosh. What freaks that they used to do that! =/ But RAWR. They’re still babish and you’ve grown up; with your friends and that boyfriend of yours! ^_^ What else could you possibly ask for? :D

My Gosh haha. Some people change but some just don’t do they? It’s quite weird, really!! Haha this blog kind of made me laugh.

Ooh Facebook. EVERYONE has Facebook apparently. I wouldn’t laugh if you were the only person who’s not using it! XD

It’s OK if you don’t want a Facebook. I mean even though it’s a trend and all it’s kinda bleh. They use it for their games too. XD And their music collaborations and all they have.

CHiCKEN SUIT?! OMFG SERIOUSLY? That’s just too embarrassing! XDD I wonder lmfao.

LMFAO. Five hour movie. Bleh. Yeah. 3 hour and 3 hour is good = 6. Extra hour for more scenes and all! :P WHICH IS GOOOD.

LMFAO. Well I like it because I just like the plot and that’s it. :S I mean i’m not craaaaaazy over edward cullen. He’s just a hot character lmfao thats all. U MENTIONED EDWARD CULLEN IN YOUR LIFE OMG. /hehe In your commeeeeeeents. I thought you didn’t know about him! 🤤 Kidding around haha. ♥ Seriously is weird though lol. /eee

WOW U DIDNT? Do so? Hmm? Im still gonna read the 3rd. :S

COOL. (:

Interesting how people either change or don’t change at all.
I saw your tweet on Twitter about waving to those guys; well, more or less not waving at them. It sucks when people pick on you. It’s immature, especially about height and the like.

LOL. That tryhard hairstyle sounds… different.
And haha Facebook. The guys on my bus spend hours talking about Farmville. INSANE. But OMG. WHAT A FREAKY DISPLAY PICTURE. What is with that guy? XD

“Once knew”. I have so many “once knew”s. *sigh* I am also like you on the friends front, I don’t have many but the ones I have are special. :3

OH IT DOES WORK. My dad and I know. We did it once, but we should do it again and record it or something. XD
My brother does something like that. He remembers all of these lines from old films and the like. We went to see HP 6 and my brother was quoting that on the first time, then he told me it was from the adverts. XD I was worried he had super powers or something. :P

Haha yearrrrrr, I love that ending too. XD
Titanic is sad because it’s true. ♥ Well apart from Jack and Rose of course.
Bleh. Don’t get me started either…

Snacks = chocolate bars or whateversss. :P
Same. People who do running for a hobby are like, superhuman maaannnn.
LOL my mum wishes I do my bed. But in the morning, yanoe, doing my bed is bleh. Besides my mum doesn’t do it anyways so all is good.

Awwwwwws. *huggle* At least you don’t have the inability to grow. The dwarf thing. *nods*

Thanks for your help on MSN last night BTW. :) And for putting up with stupid questions. ♥ *hugs*

LMAO really? Omg I never knew that. That explains so much and answers so many of my questions regarding why guys are so stupid. :)

Dats eh? That’s another interesting name. But ew, that sounds like a really sucky glue. I hate it when it’s dry and it curls up in little balls that stick to your fingers, it’s so frustrating. D: We have glue that does the same thing here.

WHOA your UHU glue actually smells nice? Our clue smells like shit. No, literally. D:

Yeah those were the good ol’ days.. lmao. I remember when we went to Austria, my dads aunt and uncle washed our clothes and even though they had a washer and dryer they hung the clothes outside to dry instead of using the dryer. xD I asked my aunt why she doesn’t use it and she said, “Cause I don’t know how and I ain’t gonna waste my time trying to figuring it out”. LMAO.

Books are a great way of keeping yourself occupied if you don’t have a computer. But I hate reading, unless it’s a super interesting book, so I probably wouldn’t survive too long with no computer. :P

Omg no internet for MONTHS? How ever did you survive? Lmao.

Jet boobs ftw…

OMG, I was like looking for a competition to enter for your domain comp and all the ones that I was interested or capable of having the slightest chance of winning in were all ones that didn’t allow domain owners. xD So I was like NGAW CRAP SHIT. Yar.

I would probably get so mad at my parents if they tried to do that and find people who I knew and all. xD I would say something like “UGH BUTT OUT” and then get in tons of trouble because of it.

ARGH shame on them for bullying you. :( They’re so mean! Haha, I think I’ll always admire you for being able to stay away from Facebook. I was sucked in many years ago, and I’ve never nor will I ever be able to escape now. xD How sad.

LMAO @ his facebook profile picture. Karma bitches, KARMA.

hiii sorry it’s been a long time since i commented I’ve been so busy with uni and moving in and everything lol
yeah i love the look of bodycon dresses too they just hate me though i LOVE this layout :)
i hate people like that you were right not to wanna be friends with them or wave at them. what jerks, at least you’ve grown up and they’re still babyish
Personally i love facebook but it does take up all your time so you’re best staying away lmao

That’s alright haha. I can’t seem to open your site now (WTF) so I’ll have to reply to your comment here. I hope all is going well with the move. On Kerry’s side, I hear that she’s been putting up with stupid bus drivers over there!

Thanks! I’m glad you like the layout. :P

LOL, that is a good point. They make me laugh. Vicky said they would be dying to be my friend now. HAHA.

Haha I’m glad I haven’t been sucked in yet. It’s hard holding back but I’ve had a good long think about it. :P

haha at your facebook decision, it is totally true it will definately eat up your time, i don’t think i can spend ten minutes without checking it, but it does come in handy when you want to organize huge events and get the word out there, its free marketing.

and im sorry you had to endure all that when you were a kid and having to have them go to the same university as you!! my ex boyfriend broke up with me junior year because he thought he needed to concentrate on his school studies so he could get into a great university. we go to the same school lol.

haha you never know when you’ll sneeze somewhere and will be in great need of a tissue LOL

ahhhh! I just got a letter in the mail about like a program that I got nominated for, and it gives me the chance to go to Australia for the summer. I was like :O hahaha, but its like sooo much money. But when I read it I was thinking of our little convo about Australia and America lmaoo. We dont usually go really far, that was like the farthest place I’ve ever been. It was for my sisters sweet 16 gift, instead of having a big party, she wanted to go to Japan ;D

haha cheese = ♥ for me and my sister LOL

haha yeaaa! I always have second thoughts about like jobs. I dont want to get a job that I’ll hate for the rest of my life, but theres always so many things to think about…

hahah I like Facebook because a lot of my friends dont have like twitter accounts and they live far away and I dont see them at school, so thats why I like facebook, for my scenario. And I use it to get photos from events that I were in. :D Its cool how your friends have like twitter accounts and stuff, sadly my friends dont know about those thingss XP

Arghhh! Parents can be so annoying sometimes, you tell them you don’t give a crap about something as stupid and insignificant as the classes your old school peers got accepted into yet they don’t care!

Pfffft what faggots, picking on the luvleh Georgina! THEY SAID YOU SMELLED LIKE A CAT? Well I think cats smell rather nice :) I bet they smelled like dogs, which are incredibly cute (as you said) just not incredibly hygienic, hence their horrible odors.

Ha, people change so much! It’s rather funny, especiallyt he way those boys have changed, kinda reminds me of my brother. The scene/emo wannabe hairstyle and such. They really don’t deserve your acknowledgment though.

I COMMEND YOUR EFFORTS GEORGINA! You haven’t got a facebook yet! *high5* Only person living in the universe who has access to the internet that hasn’t signed up for facebook, yeah what a world record :3

LOLOL omg, that’s even worse! The scene/emo kids on facebook/myspace. That asian kid is such a fail, :B Why even post pics on social networking sites if you’re that odd looking lmao!

Hehe! I’m not really a fan of laptops, but my little one I like pretty much because of how conventional it is! I prefer my old desktop anytime though n_n

;O I LOVE LILIAN NOW XD I love any fellow fans of anime/manga, as for you Georgina *turns nose upwards in posh manner* YOU SMELL LIKE CAT BECAUSE YOU DONT LOVE ANIME AND MANGA. Just kidding :)

Yeah true, well when you’re obsessed with anime and manga you don’t have enough money to spend on drugs. So i guess it kinda acts like an anti-drug baha.

ROFL DO NOT look it up Georgie! It’s pretty much just boy love, but it’s like a big (not fat, just tall and lean) guy with a small blonde boy, who’s about 12 years younger than him. Enough said? :P

LOL yeah, my brother and i have a hate fanclub for One Piece, but i was really interested in watching it. I agree, the opening song SUCKS BALLS. But the show itself isn’t as bad as I had previously theorized (but it’s no where near as good as naruto and bleach)

WOOPS D: I mean “bloody amazing” it was coz i was on that little laptop, which is a nasty to type on. But LOL anyway xD

ROFL! I’m the same! I’ll get high off something like coke zero, which has zero sugar too so it’s like D: WHAA! But *high5* to us druggies that have alternate sources for our enjoyment MUAHAHHA

Oo! You should watch Brokeback mountain! There’s only one sex scene, but you don’t see like anything.. You just hear UH UH UH and see some thrusting, but yeah nothing major haha. I for one, NEVER cry during movies. It made me cry though, I think this was brought on because the movie was genuinely sad and also because I had my period. LOL fail.

Yeah! God damn that! My internet provided gives us unlimited downloads, but really they just slow the net down so it’s an inconceivably slow pace. It becomes impossible to access like anything :( Plus because Darren and I both watch shit loads of anime, it just makes our internet access that slow stage. u_u

So true! You should watch Grease 2! I mean I liked it, it’s cute :3

LOL YUS Billy Madison is love! But most Adam Sandler movies are n_n he’s amazing.

Sorry if this comment is toooo long. Seriously, once I start it’s hard to stop ! MUAHAHA

OHH I FAIL! I just saw your extra comment then!

I hate bullies. Especially male bullies that pick on females but won’t dare step to another guy. I always had a cool trick for bullies. Simply laugh in their face like you don’t have a care in the world about what they think of you. It works like a charm and it still works for those dramarous people. I just made up a word. Lol. :P

I have a facebook but I never use it. I was thinking about deleting it. Most people on there just have every schoolmate they ever had as their friend. I have a theory about that. They just want to be nosy and see how other peoples lives are going. It’s almost like twitter. Some people update constantly. I can’t keep up. :x

I can’t view your website (it comes up blank for me) so I’m replying to your comment on my website :)

“Dramarous”! I guess I’ve never really stood up to bullies other than ignoring them, which they usually take as that I don’t care. I’ve found that if I snapped back, they say something smart-alec. 😳

Haha, I don’t mind Twitter because if I’m not up for reading someone’s tweets then I just don’t read them. I don’t really follow people to see what they’re doing, more so to keep in contact. Some people do follow other people and stalk them too, so I’ve seen someone doing. :S

woo, can’t wait until i see the entries from the winners of your challenges :)

I used to be a bully at school, well more like a two faced friend /bash but i would never be like that now. I was also bullied sometimes. I hated school.

Have you checked out the Labyrinth yet? (H)

I really dislike people who bully and tease others, and speaking from experience, its the worst when its a person whom you thought was your friend ends up doing just that. I had very unlucky days in primary school when it came to friendships!
Anyhow how, I’m going off topic here but I always feel like kicking arrogant jerks. The Asian one sounds so lame -_- I had no idea what tryhard hairstyle meant, had to look it up xD Not to be offensive to anyone or anything but it’ll be amazing if you were able to walk the streets normally here and survive with those kind of hairstyles/fashion.
I don’t like facebook too much because it feels too revealing? coming from a girl who blogs is such a contradiction but I just feel a lot more exposed there especially with the whole tagging and picture thing. My friend convinced me to join and its good for keeping in some contact with my classmates from highschool.
I only have a few people I consider my friends as well, and they’re the people I’ve shared my secrets with, I’m not too good with socializing. I don’t really like a big group of friends, I could never keep up and the friends I have now are the greatest, sweetest and my best friends. I almost went all mushy there describing my friends xD

Yeah lol. They are idiots. I repeated the same question over and over again but they wouldn’t get it. xD

Yeah..but today we saw that even though we don’t have a field, there’s a terrace which is huge. It’s still not fixed yet but our teachers are saying that it would be fixed soon and it would be better than our previous building.

That’s another reason why I don’t want Facebook. I don’t want my family and friends to be in the same place. My friends might say something that I don’t want my relatives to know. :P

It’s so funny when things like that happen. I got bullied alot in primary, so bad that in my last year i moved schools (best choice i’ve ever made). I have a myspace for my school friends, and a facebook mainly for my family but school friends tend to add me anyway. Sometimes i browse through myspace profiles and see people that used to bully me in primary school, it’s funny knowing that they’re the one’s that get bullied now. I have friends from their highschool and sometimes they tell me the gossip and whats going on. Even though it’s harsh, i always simply laugh when i hear that they’re getting bullied or if they have no friends. I guess they hurt me so bad when i was young i don’t know how to forgive and forget anymore. I look at their myspace profile pictures and i pick out their flaws, i guess it’s a way of getting through what happened? i dont know. I think i just do it because i can, and they’ll never know! (haha, sneaky me).

agree about the social networking thing. i dont like people who ‘collects friends’. but then again, its good for stalking people and being secretly busybody ((:

Hahaha I’m not one for stalking people – I guess there’s no one interesting on Facebook who I want to stalk. I follow a few celebrities on Twitter and that’s good enough for me. :)

Ugh, I used to have a Bebo, and people added me for no reason when I didn’t even know who they were. Glad I deleted my account now… :P

Twitter is way worse than Facebook. I only hang out with a few friends but my facebook says I have 602 friends. I went through my list of friends the other day & I actually know all of them (I don’t accept people I don’t know) but most of them are people I kind of knew in high school. It’s not about your friend count, that’s myspace. Facebook is a social networking site & it is honestly way more useful than Twitter. Plus, it’s so much easier for you to keep track of people or to get to know someone better. I think you should get one especially since you are at a University. It makes life easier, especially if you’re in a class with someone & you don’t know what their phone number is but know their full name somehow & can ask them for homework if you’re absent or something. or you could easily keep track of them after your class is over & you can easily keep in touch.

You might be surprised as to how many friends you’d find or how many friendships you may rekindle. :)

But it is funny how life works out. The asshole who picked on you turned out to be a real douche. How did you smell like a cat……?

T.T Asian parents are always comparing with others – I know how you feel.

and as for your primary school peers, I can understand why you didn’t bother greeting them, especially if they bullied you.

Social networking sites do appear to be a competition with ‘who has the most friends’, which really isn’t that difficult to get because you just add as many randoms as you can. To be honest, the only thing good about facebook is sharing photos with my friends, so I don’t have to email them all photos.

I’m always surprised at how much people change over time. I wonder myself sometimes about how much I’ve changed, and whether it’s for the better.

Parents enjoy comparing every little thing of their child with others. They just don’t realise, that, they have a wonderful daughter who secured 3rd rank in whole school. Hmph. Instead, they’re like, “See that girl who got 1st rank; how good she is at studies!”. Fuck, then I think you’d be happy if I secured the last rank? Yeah?
I’m partly studying hard for your sake, to make you proud; why don’t you both realise that, mom & dad?

Ow, bullies! How stupid bullies are.

LOL, i don’t think I’ll ever get a Facebook too. LOL, we’re too cool for Facebook! Bahaha. XD I agree with everything you stated about Facebook in your blog!

LOL @ that idiot of a bully’s profile picture!

Haha yeah! It’s kinda sad sometimes though, parents can be just soo competitive D: !

Rofl, yeah I love dogs too but gotta admit that they normally smell not so good due to their unhygienic nature. But meh, that’s natural eh.

Yeah, some people can pull off certain looks so well. As for the ones who can’t.. well they just fail epicly, why some people even bother really does make me curious.

LOL. Oh come now Georgie, even McDonalds have some standards as to who they want to be their chicken mascot, he just doesn’t make the cut XD

Good! I hope Lilian converts you into an anime and manga loving freak, I will bless the sacred power of the gods upon her to do so if that’s what it takes *evil snicker* MUAHAH.

ROFL! It made me emotional because when you have your period your hormones are raging so that affects your feelings and such hahaha D:
LOL ME TOO! Seriously if i watch any sex scenes I find myself epic lolling at them, honestly they’re so overdone it’s like they were created purely for the lulz.

*High5* to us long commenters haha. Personally I think it’s quite an admirable trait for someone to possess ^^

Me too. one in my offline knows about my site. My sisters know that I have a site but they are never interested in what I do.

I don’t know why, but I love seeing people I’ve once knew after a really long time. I dunno, I guess I like seeing things being developed really quickly. :P Poor you! Stupid kids bullying you when you were small. /hmph Rawr. If I were there I’d beat the crap outta – no..wait..I’d be way younger then. Oh well. :P
I also don’t see the point of having a FaceBook account. A couple of years back I made one just for the sake of having one, and because it was very trendy back then. Later I got bored of it and deactivated it. Not long after, I activated it again and started getting addicted to those flash games they have on FB. And just a couple of months ago I deactivated it again. This time I won’t go back to it. I really don’t see a point in doing so. I rarely ever uploaded images of myself, barely ever chatted with anyone on FB. I didn’t do much. It was existing for the sake of it.
Anyways, lol at your old friend’s userpic. I could just imagine how lame he’d look. :P

I have facebook, but it’s mainly cause I’m not a phone person, and I’m hardly online to chat with these people on MSN. I can go and leave a quick message on facebook, and they can reply when they get a chance, and same goes for me. It’s kind of convenient that you both don’t have to be sitting at the computer at the same time.

But then again, I can text my friends and even my family any time, and they’ll most likely respond.

You have a point, they’re old for a reason. I agree. I like chatting with my old friends, but only until the reason why we stopped being friends comes up again. And sometimes you just drift away for no reason, so it helps when you have a chance to catch up and decide for yourself if you want to be friends still. But all in all, there really isn’t much reason to go chasing the past when you don’t need to.

I don’t know whether I should laugh or be sad. Laugh because the Asian boy who is teasing you of having long hair now has a emo cut. I’m not a big fan of emo haircuts. It’s really a tryhard hairstyle.Sad because it reminded me of how my former classmates used to tease me of having curly afro-like hair and crooked teeth back then. Now that I have a tame straight hair and my teeth aren’t as crooked as before (thanks to braces), they can’t believe that I have many suitors now. Ha. In their face. :D ✌️ Kidding aside, people shouldn’t be teasing or bullying others.
I have a Facebook account. I use it to communicate with my relatives who lives in the States.

Lmao! I don’t like talking about anything dirty when my parents are around, but unfortunately sometimes i’m just stuck in the wrong kind of situations u_u coz i fail.

LOL pelvic thrusts ftw! You and your bro are cool, pelvic thrustin’ and all XD Have you ever been in a thrust chain? THEY FREAKING ROCK!

Lmao! Aw I do that with my siblings too (talking to them via msn) well more so my sister, but yeah we normally only converse if one of us needs something haha, i mean her room is only 3 metres away from mine.

I’m sure you and your bro get along great though! He kinda sounds like my bro (eating up all the internet downloads – i mean i do too, but my brother is far worse)

Yeah true, my dog is a lazy inside/outside dog so yeah D: hahaha. HE HAS NO SPOTTY DICK. Ignore that last statement.

LOL, douche sums him up perfectly eh! *ULTRAMEGACOMBOHIGH10*

Like I said, Lilian shall work her magic. You will become an otaku, YOU WILL.

Aww yeah! PMS fails. :( I remember making a layout once when I had my period and like i couldn’t get the right colour or something and I got soooo pissed off. I laughed at myself after though XD ohhh what PMS makes us do.

I’ve seen 300! Yeah that sex scene was so unnecessary! I mean laughing at sex scenes is awesome, but it’s REALLY awkward when you’re watching them in company with your family, especially your parents and BAM unexpected Spartan sex. Ha, that reminds me of one time when my bro, sis and I were watching Not Another Teen Movie and my Granny walked in and had the most hilarious expression upon her face, she was kinda confused as to what was happening. LOL.

Oh duh lol. Thanks for the link. XD That site is so bloody cool lmao. It amused me for a good 10 minutes I’d say.

Like I’d be able to see if you were on my site for a long time anyway, it was like 5 in the morning when you commented lmao, I was fast asleep. :P Wait… I was awake, I needed to pee LOL.

I planned to post it when you were in bed so you wouldn’t try and stay up to return it. :P

Ah man, that sucks. I just wrote a review… I tried to do it in an hour but again I failed.

LOL, I hate it when something like that happens when you have to be somewhere. I rememeber when I had my English exam and I was about to leave and my neighbour knocked and was like ‘YOUR SISTERS FERRETS ARE IN MY HOUSE’ and I was the only one home so I had to get them (I HATED THEM, THEY WERE SMELLY) and I just made my exam.. by 1 minute. I also nearly set the house on fire before my Geography exam. I was making toast and all of sudden something blew and the fire alarm, burglar alarm and all the lights and everything were going off…. apparently some douche bags lighter fell off the shelf into the toaster. :| I COULD HAVE DIED. I was late for that exam… I failed anyway baha.

Yeah I guess. I prefer returning comments to reviewing, but sometimes if I let the comments and reviews build up, I get so stressed out. :| It took me a good 10 minutes to find that dudes navigation you know.

We aren’t weird; we’re just cool. xD And I’m hungry again lmao. My mums cooking toad in the hole and I don’t like that. :(

YES FOR FROGS AND PENGUINS!!! I want to learn to pixel… I attempted a heart which I failed at.

Wow seriously? I fucking hate it when someone starts shit on YOUR site. Do it on your own fucking site, douche bag. Loads of people have disappeared from the web world. o_O

Wow, that’s pathetic. I mean, there’s no need to do it if that was the first time you’d got over inspired. I mean, you obviously didn’t mean to copy. Some people are so pathetic.


Oh there was a time in my FanUpdate days (hahaha)

I love how you laughed at that haha. Oh god, I can’t stand racist people, they are the worst. I mean, like Cristina said she didn’t’ like English accents cause it’s horrible, I found that racist. Racism is a big thing over here, especially in professional soccer.

PEA HEAD ISN’T CUTE LOL. Lmao Rob loves messing up my hair too, what is it with guys and messing up hair?!

Hehe, yeah I could do with a height boost. xD I like being short though, I don’t know why. There was this dude earlier and he was like 7ft!!! I felt so bloody short LOL.

One boy and one girl is good, but my mum said she wanted that and ended up have 3 girls and 1 boy lmao.

Yeah I know, my mum was a single mum for a year or two when my dad left and she HAD to work to put food on the table but it was so hard for her. :( We were like 11 and 9 as well, both at different schools so it was really hard for her to work and look after us as well.

Me and Rob were talking about God the other day, we were saying we don’t believe in anything, like we don’t believe he is real, and we don’t believe that he’s not real.. if that makes sense. I mean, if he was real he would have been paying attention to me when I prayed lmao. I don’t have a religion, I’m just C of E. But yeah, I don’t judge people on that, I mean, if you don’t want to do it until your married then I respect you for it. :) It just doesn’t bother me.. if that makes sense? lol.

I ramble too much….

I FORGOT TO HAVE PANCAKES!!!! I’ll have them tonight as a snack. XD I used to LOVE noodles, but I’ve gone off them. :S

LMAO, I remember you saying about how you won’t blog until you had a certain amount of comments lol, OCD much? :P I used to be like that, I used to get 100 per blog and wouldn’t blog until I did get that. I once got 195 comments on one blog. :| Good times… and I even returned them all like straight away LOL. I think I got lazy with comments when I found out Twitter existed…

Oh god I know, I used to do homework and such… until I got the internet lmao. It is addicting. Whenever I wake up, I turn my laptop on and say to myself ‘I’ll just check how many comments I have then lay in bed for a while’ and then 5 minutes later I find myself sitting at my desk, heh.

I saw your video when you sang and play guitar and thought you were really good! You should come over here and go on xFactor. xD

Yeah I guess it would be hard to explain, maybe you could do a video tutorial on it instead? :D

I think we did jinxed ourselves actually. I have 2 in the queue now, weeee.

LOL, yeah that was kind of what it was like in my school. It was kind of weird though, all of the ‘barbie’ type girls who had all the boys after them etc were actually quite dumb…

I know, it’s weird seeing people I used to know. Half of my old friends all have kids now, it’s kind of weird. If I did get pregnant now, I wouldn’t have an abortion. I don’t believe in them and I think it’s so wrong. I done a presentation on it at school and my god it made me feel sick.

Thankies. *hugs* My eyes a bit better today, my wisdom tooth just hurts like hell now lmao.

4pt font LOL. Jesus. My area just sucks, just sucks.

Wow, that’s so bloody rude!! I always say thanks to people who give me a life, even my mum LOL. I hate people who are just too damn lazy and then they don’t even appreciate it. :@

MSN doesn’t work for me though. :( It hates me and my laptop.

That’s cute though. This may sound weird but again it’s quality of quantity. I’d rather have 1 really good friend than have 249548 friends who are shitty. Rob’s my best friend. :D

Hahaha, good.

Yeah exactly. Everyone just expects everyone to have a facebook. My sister doesn’t have one either but when she did sign up once (she deleted it like straight away) she already had like 20 requests for friends…. It’s stupid. They should find other ways of contacting you.

Awww, I hope your nose stopped running. *hugs* Maybe it’s just hayfever or something? Isn’t it Spring over there?

LOL. Good luck with your reviews too. xD

Yeah maybe, but some of the people I’ve spoken to said her blogs aren’t as funny as they used to be. o_O

Hmm yeah maybe. I might try it as an experiment, but I doubt it would work because I’d see the comments I’d get tempted to return them lol.

I have to admit, I do get annoyed when I have loads of comments to return, but I still do it, no matter what. Even if it does take me days. Yeah, exactly what you do. It’s a nice way to keep in contact, meet new people and find new sites as well. Your blogs are awesome, hence why you get so many comments. XD

Yes, they should. I mean, how long does it take to comment on a blog? Not long, seriously.

EW TUNA FOR BREAKFAST? LOL. Tuna is bloody gross.

I didn’t time myself this time lmao, I think it took me about half an hour though. XD And it’s not as long as my last one either, weird. It’s only 1392 words… I SAY THAT LIKE IT’S NOT A LOT!

Yep, I agree, I also like my layout better than the previous one, brighter stuff always look better. :D
Yeah, it sucks too because I had been nagging on my dad to take us to that mall for days until we finally went, and in the end we didn’t even find the shop we went for. :P
Awww, *hugs back*. Yeh, I was scared as hell wandering by my own. Even though I’ve always wandered alone by myself when we go out, this time I really lost all hopes of finding my mom. /um
I should really try those games on MSN, I’ve always seen them but never had the time to try of them. XD

Ah, there’s nothing quite like looking on someone that used to be terrible to you like that and realizing that you’re so much better now. ;)

“There’s a reason why they’re old. They’re not my friends anymore” — that’s exactly why I hate pretty much every social networking site. Even if you join up only to talk to your close friends (like why I got a Facebook, since they all stopped going onto Myspace), nearly everybody that you once knew starts to request you. I’m scared to refuse them, because they might realize that they’ve been refused… although I suppose that if they’re requesting every person they’ve ever known like that, they probably wouldn’t notice. :P

Ahh, this is so weird… it’s 11:30 AM and I’m still in my pajamas and unshowered. XD Class doesn’t start for another two and a half hours… but I really should shower soon. It doesn’t even feel like I’ll be going to school today. XD

I’ve decided to not bring my laptop unless there’s something I absolutely must get done. It’s way too heavy. :P

Yeah I know. I guess what some people have done in the past; still they can’t be trusted or something. Oh well. I just usually can only imagine what it would be though.

Yes I do know that you don’t. Haha… Gamer girl. Thanks a lot! :P Yeah, of course! I know that! ;) It’s fake though. Fake name. No surname… Lol. Just to play some games. I’m gonna delete it anyways, soon.

LMFAO. Oh my God we discussed that in French too! Like if you get tagged and you apply for a job blah blah blah.. Most probably you’re screwed. BUT ROFLMFAO on the chicken mascot LOL!!!

Yeah IKR? I have the Twilight DVD it has over 2 hours of extras lol. And they are really fun to watch and all. :3

Tell me one good reason why I should be? :P LOLL. The damned vampire! xDD LOOOOOOOOOL. True, true. We should give him some respect because he doesn’t have any! ;)


Sometimes, I don’t like seeing old friends again because its awkward. Well, unless they’re really close close friends. But for some of them, I just smile and nod. Not even a wave. Sometimes, I avoid eye contact or let them say hi first. I don’t know. It’s either I’m too shy or just plainly avoiding them :P

I barely go to my Facebook account now. Not like how I used to. I use it as my connection to my other relatives who are on the other side of the world. Or if I can’t contact my friends any other way, I use Facebook. Because sometimes, I find them online there. So it comes in handy sometimes. But I hate it when people invite me to those games! GRRR.

Hey Georgina! I got a new domain :D

Oh wow, cause of your name? I loveee your name /love they were just jealous :P

facebook does eat up a lot of time! I hate people who just try to see how many friends they can get, it’s really annoying because sometimes people you don’t know add you and your like who the hell is this, then they say they were in your class in like Kindergarten… uhhm okay? :S

I don’t have like 300 friends or anything like that but I am close with many people, there really isn’t anything wrong with it. I think it’s just cause I play basketball… :P

lmfao a chicken suit??? oooh boy, that must of looked funny /hehe

I agree, those people were “once knew” people for a reason. Shocking how time changes people, eh? XD

Sorry this is a short dumb comment, I’m in class 😢

Aweh thanks! :D Congrats to you as well, you sure as hell deserved all the awards you got. You’re SUPER dedicated and your tutorials are the shizzz. Better than mine anyday, yo. (Lmao don’t ask about the random yo.. I do that a lot).

I appreciate it that you respect the rare “serious” blogs of mine. They aren’t very many, haha. I know what you mean about comments dropping. It doesn’t seem like that for this specific blog of mine for some reason :/, but otherwise my comments drop as well for ‘touchy subject’ blogs.

Whoa, what a coincidence. My parents fight was about a family friend as well. It’s always over such little and pointless things, I don’t understand it sometimes. The only reason why I got scared this time was because they had never, ever fought like this before, and now, after 2 whole days they still haven’t spoken a single word to eachother. It’s so .. weird.

I’ve definitely heard that a countless number of times “staying together for the kids” but in a way, that’s not really fair to them since they have to live with something that their constantly fighting with but on the other hand, it’s not fair to the child either cause they had no fault and they did nothing to deserve to broken up family. Gah, life is so UNFAIR. I guess I’ll just have to keep praying that my parents are going through a phase which will pass soon.

It would have been much worse if I got involved, so staying out of it was the one thing that I don’t regret. Yeah, it was their first time ever fighting so long and hard, that’s why it got me worried.

LOL yeah the sex process is helping my marks to keep going up since sex is quite interesting to learn about…. lmao.

Psssh, I’m way to lazy to get glue imported from somewhere. I just plug my nose and bear the smell, or buy a different brand that smells better. :P

Haha yeah my aunt is deff cool. (H)

That’s true. I guess it’s much easier to go without a computer when you don’t have a website, or you aren’t addicted to Twitter or MSN. :P But now, I’m addicted to all three of those things, so I have no chance.

Nah don’t be sorry. Tis all good. Let me know if you change the rules though, cause I’d be in that competion so fast, it would make your head spin.. lmao.

I hate it when people compare. It just pisses me off, haha. I am who I am, and I don’t like it when I’m being pretty much analyzed and then compared as either better or worse than someone. >:(

HAHA, yeah parents will always be proud/embarrassing/annoying. (:

I can’t imagine myself ever neglecting Facebook, cause it’s one of those things that you have to check daily, just like you would for Twitter or anything else. Well, at least, I check mine daily cause I’m always getting some notification or another.

LOL, dayum you’re a part of so many social networking sites that you’d forget about facebook?! :O I can see that happening actually, cause some sites are more addictive than others, and Twitter is definitely more addicting than Facebook.

Chicken mascot job FTW. That’s totally my future career. Right there.

Wow that seems like an annoying thing for your parents to do. I don’t know why Asian parents feel so freaking compelled to compare their kids to everyone else’s. JKDLFJSKFLSD don’t get me started on this. I won’t EVER stop.

Ahh doesn’t it feel good knowing that the ones who were mean to you back then are pretty much really lame now ? lol. I mean I do wish the best for all the people who teased me, but serves them right. This girl was SO mean to me and my friend back in 2nd grade. She was nice to everyone EXCEPT me and my friend. She moved. Later on in 7th grade, she tried contacting me like everything was always cool. She became an unsocial computer nerd ..not that anything is wrong with that, but at least she got a reality check.

LOL. I really want to see it again! :D

Yeah my parents always want me to go out a see a movie but I just don’t like unless I am dying to see the movie. If it’s a movie I may want to see but I can wait I will wait /eee

Oh it’s so good! You should really see it. It really made me laugh out loud especially when she sticks the tampon up her nose XD

Oh well thank you very much for the review!

Well I think I have said this before but it’s better to have a few good friends than a ton that you don’t talk to. I have a lot of school friends but only a few that I actually talk to or hang out with out of school :)

Haha you can say get a grip or chill or chill out :P

Yeah same here. I am probably going to donate since it feels like the right thing to do.

Aw! Those boys sound mean. Probably because they were immature at the time. I hope they are better now. LOL at the facebook picture chicken suit thing! Haha loser! 😏

Eww my parents are SO like that. >> And I hate it. They tried to do that for me, too, because we also have write-ups in the paper here for the people that get accepted from my highschool into different Universities and Colleges around. And it sucks. They can never just butt out of my life. Thank god I am almost 20.

So- do you think those two boys recognise you? That’s what I always wonder.. Haha, if they even know who I am when I see them. I know loads of people from even highschool that don’t awknowledge me, though I don’t to them, either.. So I just don’t know.. <3333

rent is definitely worth checking out :) tell me how you like (or, gasp, hate!) it if you do!

oh goodness, my parents also constantly compare me to my peers too so i know what you mean. i consider myself a bit above average (a point or two, heh) but if you hear my parents, you’d think i was horribly idiotic. whenever i bring up what i’m good at, they tend to bring up what i’m not quite good at and make it a bit worse, hah.

i hope this comment made sense .. i’m working on a paper and i’m veryyy distracted but wanted to return comments :(

My parents always compared me to people I went to school with. And always (always, always, always) wanted to know my exact ranking in my grade level (#33, thank you very much! Not that it accounts for much in university, haha).

And yeah, people can be really awful. But to be fair… You’re better than the type of person who will laugh at others for certain hair styles or clothing choices. Take the high road, and all that jazz :)

I asked you before, although I can’t remember when — how do you make your links different colors on hover in a pattern? I can think of ways to do it, but they sound… complicated… so I’m wondering how you did it. :P

Haha! OMG Georgie, please put “thrust chain” on your to do list before you get old and wrinkly. Seriously, you must do it! THEY’RE HILARIOUS, PLUS THEY ROCK XD

Woahh really? All of us kids bedrooms are situated at the back of the house, all near each other. Do you have a large house? ;D That’s awesome that you and your bro now get along, my bro and I normally fight over the stupidest things, like who’s theory for a particular anime/manga is right and such. Tsssk XD

LOL ! Ranting on MSN is the best mun! What are you making the layout for?

O.o your Mum sounds a bit strange lol, why doesn’t she let you or your bro just watch something? Like why must she change the channel. Bahah that’s so funny XD
My Dad is a cleaning freak and there’s nothing worse then when you’re watching TV and he starts hoovering the floor. GAH!#()&*$(

It’s better for me not letting my friends family know I have a website as it’s a place where I have my blog where I write everything I want.
I think my parents also know I have one but they are not interested as well.


no honestly i love when people can relate to my blogs & tell me stories, it really does delight me. it means they read it & understand what i’m saying. i love when people know what i’m talking about & can definitely talk about what i mentioned & tell their little stories. ultimate bonding. :) but yeah i was in that exact same position..but right now, i’ve finally discovered happiness again. i haven’t been happy in probably 2 years. that’s really sad & pathetic huh? i actually forgot what it felt like to be happy because i’ve been depressed for so long. but one day, i honestly woke up & happinesssss :)

I’m glad you found James. Even though you guys totally fought over that spinning girl (WHO SPINS BOTH WAYS DEPENDING ON HOW YOUR BRAIN WORKS AHAHAHA), he seems to make your heart smile with glee. :) Alll da best to the both of you.

I don’t trust people’s words anymore, you know? I feel that actions speak louder than words. Time heals all and unfolds the truth. Can’t say that you love someone forever if you stop caring about them in a month or two! hahaa but yeah…………people like your ex-bf are definitely not worthy of your time/affection/love/care/adoration/friendship. But James is! and me too mwuahahaa

Hey =]
Aww thanks heaps for the comment, it is a awesome layout, I wish I had the talent to make awesome layouts like Mel does
Yeah there’s exactly one month till my English exam and my last exam is on the 16th of November =[ So hopefully I do good. (Y)

Damn those boys, they need to get their ass kicked seriously. Teasing you because of your name, I think you have a lovely name

But its amazing how at one stage you could be best friends then 5 years later you see them again trying to be ‘cool’ being such a try hard and its absolutely funny.

I have facebook but its not the best but i know people who are so addicted to the games they have but other then the games, you aren’t really missing out on anything but its good for me to catch up with friends i have overseas or interstate.

Great blog :)

take care x

I nearly forgot about our bet! You only have 8ish more months to own 20 domains or you lose the bet (; LOL.

Eugh I know what you mean. Nothing is ever good enough. There’s only reasons to not be disappointed, not reasons to actually be proud. No but my grandmother will do this thing where she’ll talk about me like I’m not standing right there. She’ll tell my friends how they’re so much better than me… ? It’s hard to explain, but it’s like WOW way to make me want to hit an old lady. But I do love her dearly. I just wish she would actually take her bipolar medicine. Ahhhhh.

Thank you! I like the simplicity of the layout also. I think I’ll keep it for a while.

Really the images didn’t show up ? Awwe I want everyone to see my choices for everything. The images are saved on my own server. That’s weird.

Yeah I’m just gonna hold off on showing people the wedding site. The only people who have seen the wedding site already know about I literally read everything on all my pages last night to make sure even IF people from my offline life found out about the site, it wouldn’t be too awkward. Arghhhh.

How are you doing ? (:

Haha, yes, that’s so true. I have personally felt that sometimes too, though I never blurt it out. LOL.

Yeah, that someone can be anyone. /bash

Bullying by calling people names is, like, in the top 5 worst things for a teenager. Idiots, a.k.a bullies, just don’t realise that, unless another idiot calls them names. LOL. XD Someone has to stop these idiots.

Haha, yeah! And I fall into your category too, “not having Facebook is unique” :D

That would be hilarious, if his future employer sees his profile photo. *secretly prays to God that his future employer should see that photo* 🤤

Haha, yeah, his photo would be perfect for that! (H)

Thank you so much, Georgie! Haha, yes, weird.
I just looked at you light stock; they’re awesome! I’m sure I’d use them if you made them into icon textures! LOL< that would be so awesome! :D

LOL, it was just for revising that I got up early in the morning. Otherwise, I'm really not one to wake up early. Really. And sometimes, if I somehow wake up quite early, I finish my homework, like you. :) I just can't bring myself to study at late night; my mind keeps wandering. XD And I get sleepy, too.

Haha, good for you…and for me too. My wisdom tooth doesn't pain much now. :)

Yes, that's true. i have heard of such people. I hope they don't get me, LOL. And anyways, I really don't have much to be robbed. I'm a school girl, burglars. 👏

Aw poor you D: I hate it when I’m teased/bullied by some people!

For me, I kinda tend to miss some activities because I have an allergy (allergic to chlorine so I can’t swim) so I get made fun of because of that. ;(

Hahah chicken suit XD So how are these people like?

Haha yes. :)
LOL, yes, let’s hope everyone hopes so too! :D

You’re welcome, Georgie! :D No, I wouldn’t call icon textures useless….especially if you made your light one into icon textures! :D And yes, some people are lazy to resize, like me. :) And you made a brushset? (you tweeted about it (H) ) I’d love to see it! :D

I can’t do anything else other than sleep at late night. LOL. XD Yes, yes, I sometimes don’t mind waking up early if it’s for a good purpose. :D

You’re right; I’ll probably watch out for burglars! Thanks, LOL. :D

Seems like I used too many emoticons! /bash
:D XD 😳

I’m glad to hear that you don’t get bullied anymore :D
I think it’s bad that they don’t remember you, they should take some responsiblity (at least say sorry, hehe) about what they did when they were kids (even though they probably didn’t know what they were doing).

If I were you, and I felt comfortable about it, I would have confronted them by saying “Hey, are you xxx? Nice to meet you again. I’m Georgina, the one you’ve been bullying in school when we were kids.” Haha, he would have been so embarassed XD

I’m so evil.