Heavy Comfort

A lot of people ask me how I keep up with my many domains, along with work and university. I was going to write a bit about it in a blog post, but instead, I wrote an article on time management with my personal tips on keeping up with so much stuff.

There are a few other things I have updated, which I have included in the sidebar.

I finally managed to squeeze in some work today. Well, not really squeeze in, but stop procrastinating. I have to do this little assignment where I have to be an “information expert” for a client. We’re given a made-up scenario and we have to find information in relation to that scenario. It pretty much stinks, because we’re expected to find about 100 records, annotated. Hell.

I’ve got a start. One record is a good start, right? Along with part of the written report. :)

I’m going back to university on Tuesday. Stinks. I plan to get half, if not all, of this assignment done by then. Because then I have to work on my huge essay/journal article.

I was eating gummy bears earlier – how I love gummy bears! – after not having had them in a while. I really like my sugar fixes, and I find that lollies, sweets or candy do that a lot better than chocolate.

Chocolate is great, and I know some people prefer chocolate to lollies or the other way around. I prefer the lollies.

There was this one time I ate a whole block of chocolate. I don’t know what I was thinking, LOL. A challenge? I guess so. It was a time I was with my friend, walking to school sport. We had just enough money to buy a block of chocolate each, and in the terrible heat, we didn’t know what else to do with the chocolate except eat it, and no one seemed to want it either. Surprisingly, I didn’t get too sick.

Towards the end of high school last year, we had a few parties during class to celebrate… well, pretty much the end of high school. There was pizza, lollies, chocolate, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, chips, soft drinks, and the like.

Probably the last excuse to pig out before formal/prom, eh? ;)

This partying happened constantly for an entire week. I remember eating so much junk (oh I LOVED the chocolate eclairs; I wouldn’t stop eating them) that I felt very sick and James and Lilian had to constantly feed me water so I could flush all the sugar out of my system. That was terrible.

Some people have comfort foods, which they eat when they’re feeling stressed or down. I admit I do not have comfort foods, and I don’t even think about eating when I am down. A lot of people like ice cream – but I don’t.

I haven’t eaten ice cream for two years. A few years ago someone mentioned something vulgar relating me with a tub of ice cream (when I say vulgar I mean vulgar), and not only did it disgust me, but they hurt me by making that comment. This person also did other things to hurt me, including lying and being pushy.

Feels weird. I eat gelato, but that’s because it has sentimental value to me. James and I have it together a lot. /eee

I’m thinking of opening a recipes website where I display recipes and where people can submit their own. If you are interested and think it’s a great idea let me know; it may or may not go ahead. :)

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Hehehe! I love when I get my own tag =D

Man, even I am amazed at your ability to maintain 10 domains. I’m already dying with all my Uni work. Like literally dying. As in turning-into-a-zombie-dying. That’s not even the monster I want to turn into =( I want VAMPIRE! xD

EEEEEP! ONE HUNDRED! Dear GOD, that is EPIC. I’d find 20 and then curl up and cry. xD It sounds like a good start for such a huge assignment =D It’s alright! I’m sure you’ll get your assignment done =) *dance*

I can’t believe we’re going back to Uni on Tuesday T_T WHERE DID OUR HOLIDAY GOOOO?! Oh, right…it never existed…==…It was a “fake” holiday. Grr!

OMFG, you’re just like Serena. My other best friend. SHE LOVES gummy bears xD I swear, she’s addicted. I love gummy bears too cos they’re so cute ^^ But I love jelly beans more. Like COMPLETELY addicted to Jelly beans.

Hehehe, it depends with me. Sometimes I like chocolate better, sometimes I like lollies. Depends what I’m craving xD Most of the time it’s jelly beans though. Oh crap, I’m beginning to crave chocolate after reading your blog =P

HAHAHAHAHA…d/w I used to eat whole blocks of chocolate too…*embarrassed*. It’s a bad habit. I haven’t done that in a while though. MUST WATCH MY WEIGHT! And sugar levels.

Oh god. End of highschool. I do not even want to THINK about the amount of crap that I ate @_@ Like…urghhh…put on SO MUCH WEIGHT =O…

But oh well, we had to celebrate somehow. =) I never got any Krispy Kremes =( I haven’t even had Krispy Kremes xD I should, huh?

I totally remember you eating too many eclairs. Me and James thought you were hyperventilating. We made you breathe into a paper bag. HAHAHAHAHAHA =D


But that’s because no obnoxious arsehole decided to compare me to icecream. You’re right. He was a vulgar retard. HMPH! He was such an arrogant possessive blood-sucker [meant in an entirely non-vampiric way because he’s not cool enough to be a vampire. A parasite, maybe xD]…

GELATO! I LOVE GELATO TOO =D Gelato comes in green tea too..^^…*dance*…Hehehehehehe

Haha it’s because I mentioned you. /bounce

But true, like James said, my degree (I was about to say “domain” there) is a bit drab, and it doesn’t have as much work. :P

Yeah, but now that I think about it, I could probably get a good 50 or so, at least. I mean, when you do an assignment you get about ten sources of information, right? So for such a dense scenario, I guess it would work. Not looking forward to it though. LOL.

Fake holidays suck… :(

I know you love your jelly beans! 🤤 I like those Natural Confectionery Company sweets though. :)

We ate too much, haha. I’m sure it’s probably all evened out by now. Or at least I hope. ;)

I’ve had Krispy Kremes a few times. They seriously make you feel sick! :O They’re too sweet. If you get some, do not buy a whole box. I have one and I’m full already. @_@

LMAO I remember that paper bag thing. NOT GOOD.

A parasite.. ugh, he was still gross. 🤮

I haven’t had green tea ice cream or gelato. /um Better have some soon!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! TAG TAG TAG! ♥ Man, I get excited over the smallest things. BUT having my own tag is super cool =)

Hahaha, what are you talking about? You have TWO assignments atm, and you still do lots of site stuff xD HAHAHA “domain”. Yep, you’re addicted xD LOLOL!

Yep. Unless it’s a law assignment in which you just use your course notes, you use about 10. Haha…I had about 43 references in my law assignment though =) From all the sources they gave us. 50 should be okay. Hopefully you won’t have too much trouble. I mean, it sounds more tedious than hard xD


Ooooh. I LOVE natural confectionary snakes ♥ ♥ Especially the yellow ones, which is weird cos usually yellow is a yucky colour to eat. Cos it tastes yuck. I LOVE Allens snakes best though =)

Okay, maybe I won’t try Krispy Kremes xD

Hahaha…aww, it’s alright, you’re okay now…^^…And needless to say we will never eat so much sugar EVER again! *nods*


Green Tea Gelatoooo! YES YOU MUST HAVE SOME! =D

Haha but it is pretty exciting because it’s a whole tag. LOL.

I have two assignments which I haven’t DONE MUCH OF! D: It’s a shame that uni work is not as fun as… Twitter… or Facebook… or sites… or the internet… 🤤

Oh man… 43 references… I think I may die thinking about the quantity of things. *worries about not finding very good sources at all*

LOL, that might be why I’m not bothered to start properly. I’m having a huge ass whinge about the amount of work.

Hahaha I just thought of “artificial vacations” as opposed to “fake holidays”…

Yeah, yellow is usually gross! I love the orange ones though. And Allens snakes are better. I find that you can taste the natural-ness in the Natural Confectionery ones sometimes. XD

One is seriously enough… one Krispy Kreme. I had my first one (or HALF, technically, because I split one with Danny) in year eight. It was THAT filling and I was so disappointed because for so long everyone had been telling me how great they were.

Better than your ordinary doughnut but not something you can pig out on unless you’re Homer Simpson.

LOL, no no, he was an EVIL PARASITIC PIXELATED freak. /bounce

YES! It is a WHOLE, entire tag. I am so proud =) Hehehe WIN.

Hahahaa! Make sure you work tomorrow while I’m with my cute little second cousins =) Haha. So true. If uni were as fun as all this stuff, I’d get a distinction average without trying…xD I WISH!

Aw don’t worry, 43 references isn’t TOO bad. It’s just referencing them right which is a pain, because law has this specific way of referencing. SO PEDANTIC…==…IRRITATES ME TO DEATH!

Don’t worry, having a huge ass whinge about work is a GREAT way to start work…^^…It’s like my ritual xD Hahaha…whinge then work. See? It’s even ALLITERATION. Hehehehehe. It’s alright, you’ll get it done eventually =)

Ooooh…I like “Artificial vacations”. Sounds more…sophisticated. Hahahaha!

Hahaha, usually orange is my least favourite. I LOVE pink though. PINK AND RED! I love those flavours. And I have a soft spot for black xD Aniseed = ♥ Natural confectionery is totally healthier though xD

Awww, really? Okay, now I’m REALLY not sure if I want to try one. If they’re THAT disappointing…=( My cousin told me they’re good in Malaysia. DAMNIT! I SHOULD HAVE TRIED SOME WHEN I WENT BACK! x3!

AAARGH! HOMER SIMPSON! If I become like him, KILL ME! [And exorcise my ghost]


LOL OMG. Yeah. I actually got a credit in an assignment I got back. I got the result emailed to me. :O

When I looked at the criteria though, it was epic fail. I got a distinction grade in most of the criteria. But in two of them, I got an obvious FAIL. It was ticked in the “unsatisfactory/fail” box. They were for criteria relating to the theory. What suck. XD

OOH. We just have to follow the Harvard style… so common. :P

Whinge, whine, work! :P Yeah, I’m really turning into that… XD

I love pink and red! But I think the Natural Confectionery snakes have purple too? Or just purple. Oh well, they’re nice flavours/colours anyway. :D

HAHAH we won’t be as terrible as Homer, don’t worry! :)

PIXELATED/SILVERFUCK. Which is one of our chats on Tumblr somewhere. /bounce

Wharg *slosh* you ate so many lollies D:
You were stumbly and dizzy and really rather /bash Heehee, it was sort of cute *scrobble*

You don’t have comfort foods! /bounce Huhu. When I used to feel down, I’d make a cup of ginger tea (yeah, I know I’ve been talking about it a lot only recently, but I gave it a long break). The act of dicing the ginger and boiling the water; the act of doing was what made me feel relaxed, and less out of place with what was going on more so than the drinking of it.

We ought to get gelato sometime /love is there a flavour we haven’t tried? /hehe

I think the recipes site is a great idea; I’ll have a few to add to that :) and I bet you’ll have heaps /ehe


That was terrible hahaha.

Comfort food-making. :) I usually just have water or rest, and I’m good. Because you know, I’m terrible at making anything. /hehe

I think we haven’t tried too many of the fruity flavours. I find them really filling. I keep thinking of the fruity side of that massive gelato. It was like, woah. 💥

I like caramelised fig and tiramisu! ♥

You’ll have more recipes than me. /bounce

There’s nothing left to say! /um
/argh /argh /argh /argh /argh /argh /bounce


Prove it! /pow /pow /pow /pow /pow

OR, you make me breakfast tomorrow morning. 😏

The recipes website sounds like a good idea. Particularly for people like me that are having to learn to cook for themselves lol. You could do lots of different types such as budget, three course meals etc. Wow, you should definitely do it, although it might be hard to keep up with yet another site…. I guess if anyone can do it, you can. :D lol.
I read the new article. It’s good. The don’t stick to a timetable part was good. :D I can’t stick to timetables and everyone always tells me to. /argh

Sounds like you’ve got quite a bit to do. :( I’ve got my first assignment now. I can’t remember how many words it is but it’s quite a lot on Medieval and Liturgical theatre. :( Dammit!

I prefer chocolate to sweets. I’m actually munching on dark chocolate at the minute lol. I can’t eat too many sweets, they give me toothache. ha! I don’t eat chocolate very often but when I do I eat quite a lot. /hehe oops!
I don’t care. I like chocolate. At least I don’t eat junk food all the time. :D

Neither am I. Horror movies can just be too scary and gruesome, and I look a bit strange bringing pillows with me to the cinema. I think I’d much prefer a chick flick.

Yay! We rock with our attendance awards, lol. Now we just get little certificates, when in primary school I got this trophy sort of thing with my name on. And we got badges for being good as well. High schools should do that too.

I’ll have to watch it sometime. There’s quite a few movies I want to see at the moment. I’ll have to lend a lot of DVDs lol.

My friend was reading the hobbit, and then she began learning the language they speak in it or something. I’m not sure because I’ve never read it. Lol.

I’ll have to read that article on time management… when I have the time! Just felt like saying that. I have to get ready for college in a minute, so I might read it if I have time when I get back.

The assignment sounds very long. I haven’t had too much homework yet this year, but I still have quite a bit that I have to do. Good luck!

I prefer chocolate, but I’ve never really been one for chewy sweets. They’re nice occasionally but not too often. I’m sure I’ve eaten a whole chocolate block one time before as well.

I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate this week. And I’m off out for a meal on Friday as well, lol. The parties at the end of high school sound very food orientated!

The recipe idea sounds great!

oh, i’m not too worried over it now since it’s inevitable but thank you :) i’m a bit excited but still expecting something big to happen (like the hulk smashing my door open and saying happy birthday) though to be honest :p

comfort foods .. that’s the most commonly used term i have stored in my brain probably. i pig out like crazy and when i do, it’s usually on chocolate or ice cream. i love chocolate – how could you not! it’s my go-to for everything. i also love sour things but my tongue feels awkward afterwards.

your recipe site sounds ambitious and i’d love to contribute if you start one :) i actually love to bake and cook and do all sorts of messy things in the kitchen so i’d be happy to contribute if you want but most of my recipes are either very ghetto and randomly mushed together OR they’re just weird :p

I’m still so surprised you can keep up with all your stuff, even with all your chores and the like. Chyeah. Great articles though, they’re both really great. :D

Good luck with your assignment! *huggle* And awh, sucks that you have to go back to uni, but it’ll be fine. :) I’ll be with you in spirit. ;)
I love gummy bears! I love the clear ones. I don’t like the orange or yellow ones though. XD

I prefer chocolate but sugar is kind of… yanoe. Sugary? XD I find it more sickly.
Hahhha, you mentioned to me once that you ate a whle block of chocolate. XD

Haha, we didn’t have a party here but there wasn’t really any point to be honest. :P And aww. CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS. ZOMG. ♥ But haha yeah, they are pretty epic if you have too many. XD

Aw, I guess it wasn’t really worth having to have sugar flushed out of your system but at least Lilian and James were there. :)
I don’t have a comfort food either; I eat whatever is there LOL. I told you I ate when I was frustrated, didn’t I? XD

Man. Ice-cream… I don’t eat much but I had to eat some for homework once (no joke lol).

Recipe website. :D It sounds cool but make sure you have the time to cope with that too. :)

LOL. I would find it boring to be a chicken mascot person. XD
*high five*

Yerrr man. :D
Strange of the family friend dad person to say that. The Harry Potter films aren’t that great because as the books get bigger the films have to cut more out. I only watch them to see how they change, lol. But Daniel Ratcliffe is getting too old. /faw /oh

Very dedicated. Very fit. *nods*
LOL mine is the same. After all I am 13 tomorrow. ;)


but i love gummie bears. MELUHHGUMMIEBEARZZ.

I really need to read that article – I have so much to do now. XD

it's good to see you've stopped procrastinating. :) I have too, although, I keep putting off doing my Childcare project.. Hmm..

I hope you get the journal article thing done. WOWZERS. 100 recordy things? I'm such a n00b at this whole university thing. ^_^

Ice cream, I love ice cream. it is a comfort food. *cringe*

Lmao. Georgina, you seem to get so funny by the day! XD And wooo!! A new article! :3 i’ve read it already! XD I love it, really! =) I’m sure it’ll come very useful in the future! :P

I’m loving the FFS these days haha. It also seems so awkwardly funny to me too! O_o XD

Have fun at uni… Haha. School is sorta stressing me. Did you find year 11 hard? I’m finding it… HARDDD. :S I’m preparing for my public exams and all to get into uni. You know what I mean…

GUMMY BEARS… Ahhh. I’m feeling the sugary sweetness of this blog! ;DD Stop the naming of the sweets lol. /love

I like chocolate!! I haven’t been addicted to it as much these days, again, though. I’m not really sure why. Mood swings most probably… Again. Bleh.

:3 James and Lilian should have taught you that eating too much excessive sweets is bad! ;pp Sugary cravings once in a while is really good though.. You do desereve it. WE ALL DO.

A RECIPES WEBSITE. Well I don’t know I don’t cook and I don’t have any recipes lol. But if you think its good then I say go for it! ;DDDDD

Ah, that’s how I was thinking of doing it. I’m glad to know I didn’t fail in my logic. :D

Ha, just yesterday or so when I was moving some files around, I remembered when you took my “Which household pet should you get?” quiz and you got a cat! XD

I’m using one of your newest layouts. The paint splattered! It’s really amazing. If I win the random domain content I will start that domain with that layout. I think it looks amazing. I even have a great name picked out for my domain! Well I guess I shouldn’t get to excited yet. Thanks for the oppertunity at least!!!! :D

I was wondering how you fit it all in too. :)

You have very interesting assignments. :)

I totally prefer chocalte over what I call straight sugar (lollies and the like).
I could eat a whole bar but two would stretch it.
I would have a comfort food but I can’t afford it. :D

Thanks for not telling the vulgar fact about ice cream. I love it to much. :D

Yay for the article! I’m going to read it some time later, I think I’m also going to read the reason why I iframes, i know I do too, I never even used then them before…I think XD

OMG 100 records! That’s a lot, yeah one record is a start. Ewww good luck with going back to uni, that does stink. YUM gummy bears, these are so yummy! I prefer chocolate than lollie but I don’t eat chocolate that much, though I do like it more. Prom had some pizza XD you hate it, but at least you enjoyed all the other junk food /ehe . Well, you have to suffer XD you enjoyed for a while, that’s what matters 🙄 . You haven’t eaten ice cream in too years? I seriously suspect that you’re an alien XD :P
I think I do comfort eat, mostly ice cream and SKITTLES<3, yeah that candy is my whole life!

Great article! It was really interesting. I think I should show it to my brother who’s extremely lazy and complains a lot about never getting things done.
wow! Thats a lot of information to find. It sounds hard, what you have to do. But at least you’ve started on it :)

Gummy bears are yummy! I like lollies too but we don’t get them often ‘cos most of my family isn’t into all the sweet stuff and they think it’s a waste of money. Wowzers! One whole chocolate bar!
I could never stomach that mcuh. Yes, it’s amazing you weren’t sick. But did it taste nice? :P

You had a week’s worth of parties? That sounds like fun. I hope my class does something awesome like that when I leave in a few years.

Oh my gosh! Two years without icecream?! Though i don’t blame you for not having any if that person really did say disgusting stuff.

What’s gelato? Just wondering…

The recipe site is such a good idea! Already I’m thinking about the yummy stuff I might be able to make without hopefully burning! I hope it goes ahead. It must be cool having so many domains.

The guys who eat pizza and pies are like 16 and they have such bottomless pits they’d eat anything for breakfast!

Thanks so much :) It means a lot to me when you say nice stuff about my site :)

I’ll try and get the song done these holidays. It might not be any good ‘cos I’ve never written one before but I’ll try

Yeah you’re right. It would be awkward talking to people you haven’t talked to in ages. I probably won’t end up getting in contact with her though. She lives in Ireland now which is ages away!

I know! I hate exams. I always do well in them but I freak out before hand and they put so much pressure on you. You should so go back!!!! I mean they can’t really expect you to be heaps flexible after you’ve had a break, so you should be fine.
Your ballet teacher sounds really nice. I have three teachers and they’re all nice but the only problem is we can’t understand the Russian one because of her accent! :)

Haha yeah that would be great! I should ask him if he fancies dressing up in a tutu anytime soon :P I’m sucha lovely big sister.

I hope you feel better soon. You haven’t got some sort of flu or something have you? I’m much better now, still very tired though, but that’s how I felt a few days ago.

Hey there was this sandstorm that blew over Sydney sometime… I don’t know if you saw it or if you even live anywhere near there but I just wondered if you did what was it like? That was such a wierd question…

Haha all of my mates used to skip the dares too. Only the boys were brave enough to do them!

Yeah it’s not that long to go really. I don’t want to grow up far too fast though. My school does awesome formals though. Except you have to ask the principal for permission to take whoever it is you’re gonna take. Which is a bit awkward!

Gelato sounds yum! I might try some these holidays, rope my friends into coming with me too!

Haha :P

LOL, yes, I too like textures that are already cut. Cropping textures does take some time; and I’m too lazy for that. ;)

Yes, I make brushes out of scribbles too. though, they’re much too scribble-y.

Hahah! Thanks for that little bit of advice! XD

I’m halfway through your new article! It’s great, already. I never knew there were so many ways of managing time. It’s my favorite article of yours, so far. Hehe. :D

100? That’s crazy….but GOOD LUCK! :D

That sucks that you have to go back to Uni. Going back always sucks.

LOL, that’s funny! Eating a whole block of chocolate! :)

Ooh..parties. Definitely the perfect time to put on loads of weight!

I usually drink Tea when I’m sort of feeling down..

Not having eaten ice cream for 2 years? I couldn’t have.

Oh, that’s rude of that person…you must have ignored him/her completely.

Yay, recipes website! Go, go, go! :D

I shall read your article on time management. ;) though I manage time fine myself, but it’s interesting to find out how others do so.

I myself am a comfort eater at times…especially when I’m studying. It’s sort of weird because it acts as my motivation to keep me going. XD (Until I’ve finished the packet of chips etc)

I prefer gelato to icecream because it’s not as creamy, and I just like fruity flavours over all.

I think it’s an excellent idea to open up a recipe site. :) I love cooking (although not so great) and I’d love to read some simple homemade recipes.

Mmm. Comfort food. I can’t think of something that I eat when I feel depressed. I actually don’t feel like eating whenever I’m down. Lol but I like ice cream. I haven’t had ice cream in yonks! Tsk.

Time management. Hmn. I think I’m good at it. Or at least I like to think I am. I just have a lot of school work that I got to prioritize. Which is why I barely blog. Lol. I feel bad :p

Ohh a recipe site sounds soo cute or at least a place on the web for one sounds cute :) I try not to eat too many sweets but Dewey LOVES them so it’s hard for me to not eat them once in a while when they’re always around! I mostly like ices though – the creamy and the fruity ones. I’m going to group gelatos in the same category because I love them too :D

I don’t like getting sick from sweets :( I don’t eat like that anymore, that was more like when I was a little kid. I actually like the saltier snacks better but I don’t eat much more of those either.

Also you really did it! lol. I’ll have to read your time management article. I try to start something but I get sidetracked a lot by other things. I think that might be a problem for me! Good luck on your essay/journal and other school work, I have a lot of assignments due soon :( I should actually go finish some now!

It really gets annoying. I want to talk to them but I know they won’t listen. And the thing i really hate os that my sisters were not controlled SOO much when they were around my age.. I guess this is what I get for being the youngest. :P

I get amazed at how you keep up with 10 domains. But that article and the tips are great. :)
I love chocolates. ♥
I also do not have comfort food. But I love having food when I’m studying. :D
That was so rude of that person to say something about you.

Yes, I’m sure it will! :D

Yeah, the food at parties makes us want to eat them! At such times, I think most people won’t be able to control themselves, LOL! XD

Yeah, I guess my dreams are too far…but not too hard. Yes, yes, everything suddenly…dooms on me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to achieve everything I listed in my blog..and besides, I have other *secret* plans, too! LOL. :D

Yeah, I think I won’t be able to live on my own…but anyways, my parents’ house would be adjacent to mine!! How cool is that? XD

Yeah, I have lost of money saved already. All pocket-money, LOL! :D


Wowwww. /faw That was so well written! So logical, too! I’m definitely going to try and utilise these ideas into my everyday life!~ Thank you for writing it for us total bums. XD 👏

I like the recipe site idea, too, BTW! I always wanted to make one, myself, but not badly enough to go to all the trouble, LOL. @_@

Oh, and chocolate — Don’t mention chocolate near me! ;She sobs.; I can’t have chocolate at all anymore, as I somehow became ‘allergic’ to any and all caffiene. If I were to have a cup of coffee, for example, it would not be pretty. 😰

Thanks again for writing up that article! :D

oh thanks :)

i know that most of the time, whenever i ‘put up a new layout’, in actuality, i’m just changing the CSS and inserting a new header. i’ve gotten so much grief from visitors saying, “why don’t you try something else other than that?” but i really don’t care. i mean, yes, when i do have the time to and i do have the inspiration to, i WILL do some new, innovative, cool coding and put up a new layout as opposed to just a header but really, it’s my own site and it’s easy for me. if i had the time to, i would start from scratch but i don’t and this is the only way i can manage everything, so cut me some slack! /rant.

i’d love your weather right now! i’m so disoriented because it was suddenly eighty degrees a week ago and now it’s forty. ack. i can’t feel my fingers :(

i don’t like dark chocolate actually. i’ve had it a few times and it’s too bitter for me. i love everything to be excessively sweet, haha.

Eck, this blog was so hard to read. I was just throwing up, I don’t want to think about food :S So I won’t be commenting about that part of the blog, haha.

I really have no idea how you keep up with university & your many sites. I’m still in middle school, and I can’t even keep up with that and ONE site! And you have so many more affiliates than me :S. I need to go read that article you wrote. Hopefully it will save me!

I find it hilarious how it says that I wrote that comment at 1 AM. Oh, the time differences. It’s 11:08 AM October 1st in New York xD

I prefer white chocolate to regular chocolate, but I like gummy stuff too. Swedish fish and Sour Patch kids are always a favorite of mine.

LOL, it wasn’t a crazy article. *nods*

Yeah; we have a break in 2 weeks-ish from here. :) We also have loads of gummy bear flavours too; just the clear ones are my favourite. :)

UGH. I hate candy floss (what you call fairy floss). Let alone too much. *blegh*
LOL, I had a chocolate buttercream-based cake today… OMG. Lushness. XD

Well you did mention it once. :D So theres. :P
YEAH. I don’t like the cream in the middle of the eclairs much though. XD
LOL I shared out some chocolate today after we had the injections for cervical cancer, made me feel loadddddddddds better. :D The jabs weren’t so bad either, I have two more soon but I’d rather have three of those then have cancer.

LOL actually it was Art homework because we needed the box for our claywork. :)
I’d hate to be a chicken mascot, end of.
Yeah, they are splitting it into two! I agree man. It should just be a TV series. XD
LOL. Glomps?


I was listening to Teenagers soooo much today. XD I had it stuck in my head, heh.

Luv ya. :D

Whoops, I forgot to answer your last question. XD The layout is okay, I’ve got the styling sorted apart from the colours (I’m trying something more unique and I felt bad about using pink and green lol).

Thank you! :D

Definitely, :P i’m jealous right now, lol!

yeah, I hate having awkward conversations, i just want to like leave or sign off but I don’t want to be rude. and sometimes the conversation just ends and you have nothing to say, but then you have to leave like 5 minutes later; you don’t know if it would be weird to say bye or whatever since it was completely quiet.

i think i need to read your article! :) I’m horrible at managing my time! sometimes hours pass and i think it’s only been like 2 minutes. :S

I’m trying to write an article about comments since i’ve been getting a lot of stupid meaningless comments but it’s not going so well… I think it;s cause I have the boringest (what a new word :P) blog ever right now! :D

I love gummy bears too! yaay! lol, yeah! candies last longer that chocolate too cause they just like melt and then they’re gone!! candies you can like suck on them :P

ice creeamm! oh how i love ice cream :P! my comfort food is oddly ice cubes :) I love crunching on them (yeah it’s bad for my teeth whaatever) and love how they have like NO taste…well kinda!

I think you should open a recipe site!! OMG that would really cool! i would submit some of my recipes :) I have one that makes really good peanut butter cookies and it’s really easy to make, i’m like addicted to them LOL!

I’m not an amazing cook (I wish) but I’d probably try some of the recipes that seem to interest me! I love trying out new foods because I get tired of tastes easily – except for ice cubes, no taste :D So you should reeeaaallly make that website (Y)

hey, yeah i am better from the swine flu, i had it in june,
/hehe <== that smilie is totally awesome. hes my new best friend. (Y)
i read the last two paragraphs of your blog,
i ma tired and hungry so, i'll drop by again at another time :)
although, i do unintentionally do things like put my friends off eating certain foods for a temporary amount of time.
did it have anything to do with ice cream and a make-parts? that person sounds like a bit of an idiot.
WOW. you own ten domains!!!

hahaha, I always end up using all of my mom’s tissues LOL; I always seem to get runny noses a lot XD

hahah yeaaa. It just reminded me of you so I wanted to tell you :P

yes yes true! But I guess I dont want to be like the type of person who is always getting a new job. Hmmm, but I guess I still have time to decide XD

hahahah yes I guess it does ! LOL, oh thats awesome! I wish my friends were “techy” ahahah. My teachers are so not techy that its not even funny, its just plain stupid LOL.

:O I was always shocked how you managed so many domains! I now know the “Georgina” secret LOL. I probably still wouldn’t have time for multiple domains since my homework is a mystery, somedays I get LOADS, of homework, and balancing homework with sports takes up a lot of my time! hehe, I LOVE eating dinner while watching TV, its much more fun XP

Back in Uni, I only had to worry about getting my assignments done and score in exams and I spend only a few hours in Uni and then come home but you my dear are one bunny with energy to go to work as well! I wish I knew you back then and read your article when I was in Uni D:

I work 8 hours a day, 6 times a week. The only free time I have is Sunday and that is if my family doesn’t have anything on. Oh gahh D:

Working as a digital graphic designer/packaging designer/interior designer is pretty neat since I love doing graphics but I kinda work around the clock even after office hours. I feel like a workaholic. Haha

100 records?! That’s mad. But yayy for one! I concur, it’s a good start!

I used to love gummy bears and sour gums when I didn’t have braces D: Anything gummy will definitely jeopardise the strength of the wires and may break them. Also, it will stuck in between the brackets and will be pretty hard to brush it off. I can’t wait to get this thing off and eat anything I want D:

HAHA as much as I love chocolate my stomach could never handle a block of chocolate D: That is pretty amazing, instead of letting the chocolate melt you down them all in one go! (Y)

ZOMG CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS @_@ @_@ @_@ I don’t know whether you’ve ate it before, but I love Cadbury’s Chocolate Eclairs /eee /eee I used to bring it all the time to lectures and will not share cos it was too damn good! (I like to munch things when boring lecturers are talking in front lol)

That person is downright mean. I had a friend like that; she used to be one of my close friends up until when she lied to my best friend and made really mean remarks in public. I don’t see why someone would have the need to say something that will hurt others even though the victim didn’t do anything to that person. I think they’re just insecured about themselves that they turn to bullying other people.

I like Gelato as well because they have more awesome and unique flavours than ice cream /ehe /ehe I used to have Lecka Lecka a lot back in West Malaysia. They don’t have it here in the East D:

Oh yes please! I’m always finding nice recipes online but am not too sure about how good or bad it is. It would be really nice since the recipes are coming from people you know online. If you were to open one, I’d like to submit some of my personal favs :)

That article is fantastic! What a well thought out and helpful thing to provide to your readers! You’re so awesome!

I am a huge comfort food person, but since I’ve gone vegan thankfully I’ve chosen good comfort foods rather than bad. I’ve found so many new foods that I love that are really good for me. That’s such an awesome feeling. Oh, but I still love my ice cream… but I eat ice cream made with coconut milk instead now!! It’s delicious!

Sounds like a great website idea, Georgina! I love sweets too. It’s not good though since I get cavities all the time. :( But I prefer Jolly Ranchers & Starburst Hard Candies (I WISH THEY STILL MADE THEM..I DONT THINK THEY DO ANYMORE :( ) to chocolate although I have to be in the mood for chocolate too. I love chocolate though! It actually arouses the brain more than kissing does but…I’m pretty sure that intense kissing > chocolate. ;)

I love gelato! I never really eat ice cream when I’m sad either. When I’m depressed..I don’t eat anything really. I just don’t have the energy or feel like eating. Ice cream doesn’t even help but I loveeeee gelato zomg<333.

I actually think I've seen that message before…but I don't remember which blog it was from. Either way, whatever. I know a lot of people like when people share their stories & others don't. Whatever, I mean, it's their blog, I get it. I just love it when people share stories with me. I get to know them better versus "i agree with your blog". zomg good for you, what else do you think? how can you relate?


I don't think I have comfort food either. Honestly, when I'm sad, I just don't eat. That's what happens. Although what makes me feel better is a hug. :) That's my comfort! Good thing you have James for that. :D

zomg do my emoticons not work or something because they work when i drag & drop them into the box but they don't when other people do it! wth?!

Yeah..here also, boys get a lot of freedom that girls don’t. It really annoys me. /angry

You are so lucky you got to have food during exams. I usually get hungry when I’m taking an exam. Expecially if I have finished it early but am not allowed to get out of the hall before the time has ended. :P

Thanks for the review. :)

When you return this comment, you’ll see a comment above you that I wrote. Do you see smilies there or is it just me? Wth? how come they only work for me?!


THEY EXISTED & THEY WERE SO YUMMY..I’m so sad that they discontinued them. They were really my favorite, next to Jolly Ranchers. I love sour gummy worms too. Those are so yummy. I love most candy. Like the coca cola gummies or anything from godiva hahaa or .. zomg i loved cream savers. they were spelled creme savers though. i don’t think they sell that anymore either. those were effin’ amazing as well. siGH why do they have to discontinue so many great candies? i love swedish fish as well! gah!


ALL OF THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE..besides licorice, i really don’t like black licorice, shiz is gross. i gotta stop looking up candy, it’s making me crave for it. bad bad bad.

well anyway, glad to bring some lulz into your life! but it’s the truth. srsly.

Exactly. But I hate being “weaker”.
Yeah we are allowed to take water. But nothing else. Our final exams are usually 2 hours or more. Most people finish the exam within an hour but we are not allowed to get out before 2 hours. I hate waiting then, especially if I am not near any friend. And definitely we are not allowed to have any extra paper or something where I can doodle. xD

Yeah I’m saving. My mother said she will help me buy one. I would have asked my father to buy me one but I don’t really feel comfortable in asking anything from anyone. Even if it costs only a little and definitely not when it’s expensive.

Both of my parent’s mobile phones’ cameras are 5 megapixel. Unfortunately my mobile’s camera sucks.


I think they’ve just recently become really popular to tell you the truth. I first had them when I was in Switzerland when I was..I don’t know 12 or something. But 7 years later, a lot of people really like them & they’re becoming more popular & in demand I guess.

Starburst Hard Candy launched in 1999 so I was 9..& MAN THEY WERE EFFIN YUM YUM YUM it’s really too bad they discontinued them. If they ever decide to make them again, I’ll probably ship them out to you. Or if you don’t get swedish fish, i’ll send them over to you too. ahaha.

I like Twizzlers…does that count as licorice? I like Mike & Ike’s. They’re supposedly licorice, right? I don’t know, I used to hate red licorice but then I started liking them. But I like the fruity ones more than the regular ones.

I can’t believe James has never had Pez in his life. Come on, they’re so awesome & the Pez dispensers are so cute.

Hrm why do they only work for me when I drag them? You’re using FF & I’m using FF. What the heck? Sigh. I don’t know. I think I’m going to have to put titles on all of the smilies so that people know what to type in if they don’t work.

Ehh yeah I uploaded the header image. but it isn’t showing up in IE OR Firefox. The background is also not showing up. I don’t know why..I think I got the URLs wrong.

Looks like it’s time for me to find a new smiley plugin. :( The one I’m using is really old. haha damn it. alright whatever. how’d your essay go btw?

WHOOPS I didn’t mean to reply to your comment, I meant to reply to mine. My bad. My bad. Sorry!

I uploaded it more than twice but it still doesn’t show up. /ehh

The same thing happens to me as well. Nowadays I write very slowly in the exams, just to kill time. But still I finish it quickly. In our final and half-yearly exams all the classes are mixed up together in different rooms. Most of the buys in senior classes are total idiots. It is entertaining to hear their stupid silly stuff and also to watch them getting caught when they try to cheat. xD

Same here. I can accept gifts but I feel awkward asking for anything.

I should be sleeping right now but I’m going to quickly reply to your comment. haha ..umm yeah my smilies were originally CLICKable but for some reason they just don’t work with tiny mce comments. stupid piece of crap. i like the plugin because it lets commenters bold or italicize or add links & what not but now i’m getting super annoyed with the fact that it just doesn’t work with my effin smilies.

time for a new plugin. probably will use yours. thanks so much.

try a candy shop, they carry all kinds of candy so i’m sure they have it. they’re really popular these days. australia isn’t ignorant when it comes to candy! just because you guys are an island & far away from everything doesn’t mean you dont like to import some delicious goooods. if you don’t have them, i’ll definitely ship them to you. no joke! although i won’t over hype them or anything but you gotta experience all kinds of candy! haaha

i brush & floss & use mouthwash every frickin day so i don’t know how the hell cavities just appear. GRRR. i need to ask my aunt (she’s a dentist) to do something about them. they annoy me. :(


Mmmm. I’m a chocolate person. I like soft and chewy stuff — so lollies and hard candies are not really savoured by me. I just chomp on them . . . O_O;; But I do love me some chocolates! They are my comfort food. XD I eat too much of it sometimes . . . but I do go days or weeks without eating them at times, so it balances out.

And a recipe site would be interesting. I’d love to learn and put up recipes of some Korean food I enjoy, but the problem is . . . well, my mum. She cooks by not measuring anything LOL. She’s one of those “guesstimator-and-is-correct” cook, and that doesn’t bode well with my type of cook who needs step-by-step instructions! So I approve of your recipe site. it would be a neat project!