A Little Bit Of Resolve

New layout at EyeThief.com. I made it in literally ten minutes. Also, there is a new blog and the layout has been edited at FireTheArrow.com. I managed to put James’s posts on one side of the layout, and my posts on the other! :D

Ahoo. I love it when you shuffle through your music and find a song you loved years ago. The song I happened to stumble across was Resolve by Foo Fighters. I loved that song way back in 2006. It was released in late 2005, so it became the song that summed up my year.

No doubt there will be a song for the end of 2009, but I don’t think I’ll be able to pick out a song yet. :)

I started liking the Foo Fighters a lot more than I used to around that time, because I’d delved into their history, and into Nirvana’s history (we all know I’m deeply obsessed with Nirvana), and found that Dave Grohl, the lead singer of Foo Fighters, was the drummer in Nirvana.

It’s funny looking into how people change, particularly celebrities. Dave Grohl used to have very long hair; he looked very different. :P

Well, I used to have long hair too, now that I think of it. My hair was nearly down to my knees. I can’t imagine how I lived with it, but I lived with very long hair for about fourteen years before I cut it to waist-length. My hair isn’t bothering me now, but I can say that I prefer shorter hair to much longer hair.

I like having long hair with lots of layers cut, though, because it gives the illusion that the hair has more volume. I used to have very thin hair so it looked terrible when it was long. Additionally, having more layers is a very nice look, in my opinion. I’m not sure if it suits everyone, though.

Again, I didn’t do much work today. /angry I’m quite disappointed in myself. I know I have about two weeks for these two assignments, but I want at least one done by the time I go back to university on Tuesday. @_@

Now, I really only have three days to work my ass off. Three full days, minus church (urgh). I know I can get it done if I really work hard.

The main reason I haven’t been working on my assignments is because I’ve been feeling sick and annoyed. More sick. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat, which progressively got worse throughout the course of the day.

I still went to work but that was terrible because I was feeling a bit annoyed. My mood cleared up, but my throat didn’t. I was having honey lemon water, or just plain honey, all day.

I even went so far as to try a concoction of milk, salt, vinegar, lemon and pepper. It gave me some relief, but didn’t really make my throat feel better. I don’t have any throat medicine at home and I would seriously do anything to prevent my mum from giving me that Asian watermelon frost powder that tastes frigging disgusting. /wah

This morning I woke up and it was pretty bad. 😢 I’ve been having honey throughout the day but all in all, I feel like I’ve lost my appetite. I haven’t been eating much, and even though I ate a small pie for lunch, I felt very sick afterwards. :(

This evening I found out that I won an iPhone from WP Webhost. An iPhone! I’ve wanted one for a while, particularly because this is what my phone looks like (I know James gave it to me but it’s getting very old), and my mp3 player is shoddy, dodgy, and can only hold 1GB of music.

Anyway, I am supposed to get the money in PayPal because I’m not a US resident. Hmm. Well, I’m excited. :D

I have questions. I know they relate to the blog. But it would be nice if you commented on what I wrote and not just answered the questions to make your comment look decent. /pow

  • Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
  • Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
  • Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
  • How do you cure sore throats?
  • Is your phone better than mine?

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I really like your hair :) It’s soft and fluffy and you can run your fingers through it. It also smells like Wuggs /bounce

FFFUUUUUUUUUUU FIIIIIIIGGGHHTTTEEERRRRSSS. Don’t know much about them 😳 I really don’t /sweat

Hrargh you didn’t get any work done because of the result..and the iPhone [or a quarter of the money needed to buy one here D: ]! /bounce /bounce
Get some done /bash or it’ll be mighty gonx next week!

You really need to get more ginger, or garlic into you. Both would be awesome. I wouldn’t eat overly processed crap like pie for a while /argh
And buy some pears. Nashi, or the green/brown pears all work.

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
Never! /eee
* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
Only if they’ve been around for ages, or the ones I’ve liked for a long time. Like POTF
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
I like my hair short because it’s easier to manage and shorter to wash 😰
* How do you cure sore throats?
I crush a clove of garlic and swallow it with half a glass of milk. Do it three times a day, and I’m back to normal within half a week. Hohoho. Screw salt water.
* Is your phone better than mine?
For the meantime /love


Awww! ♥

Your hair smells like Wugg. /heart

Ugh, ugh. Tomorrow I really have to get cracking. I can’t believe I have only three days left of my terrible standards/goals I am attempting to achieve. :X

Waaa. But I felt bad because my mum wanted me to eat the pie. It had been in the freezer for ages. I actually wanted noodles. :(

I love nashi (Nazi!) pears. /bounce

I looked into POTF a bit. I always thought they looked very unlike their music, if you know what I mean. :P

I thought you told me to have salt water. /snort Or was that someone else? Internet? 😳

Ahaaaa I’m gonna get you back for your fancy schmancy eyepawd. (H)

Congrats on winning the iPhone! I’m an Apple hater, but I still think winning anything is a good thing. :D

And it sucks that your throat is hurting you a lot. As someone who frequently gets tonsillitis, I can empathise.

I personally like having long hair because I look better in it, but when I had short hair, I loved how it was so much easier to take care of! :D But as a long hair person, I prefer that, and I preferred it having layers because I think it’s easier to comb through . . . or so says the salonist? O_O;; Not sure if that’s true or not!

Felt like returning your comment here because I already commented on your blog… and I feel weird being the only commentator there. XD

I used to think Apple was so… pretentious. But I realised that I liked the Mac and really wanted an iPod, then, an iPhone.

I love shorter hair for that reason. My hair is currently just past shoulder length. Long hair was so hard to manage… ugh.

I don’t know if it’s easier to comb because to tell the truth, I don’t brush my hair often! /um

Oh wow, congrats on winning an iPhone! :D I really wanted one… but ah well, I’ll keep trying! :)

Gah! I hope you get better! :( I hate being sick! :P

I really love the new layouts by the way, and the way firethearrow is organised is so cute! :D

Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier! D: I’ve been busy with National Day and “Mooncake Day”. :)

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
(Don’t use it! :P)

*Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
Yep!~ ^w^ For example, the Beatles. :)

*Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
I like hair just below my armpits.. XD I don’t know why really. I just don’t like hair that’s so short that it irritates my neck, but I don’t like ultra-long hair that is hard to manage.

*How do you cure sore throats?
I usually just eat lozenges, drink loads of water, and keep away from any junk food. I eat really simply. :) I.e. rice, noodles, nothing oily or crispy.

*Is your phone better than mine?
Nuh-uh… 😢 Wow, aren’t you lucky that you got the iPhone! (Well, cash prize really.) I’m dying for a new phone… haha. :) Mine is way too old… :(

Hehehe, I think your Eyethief layout is very cute, and simple. Even if it only took literally 10 minutes, I still like it =) Hehe…And I think your layout in Fire The Arrow is AWESOME =) VERY unique xD Hahahaaha xD

YES! I love doing that too! Finding a song you thought you forgot about when you shuffle your music =D Hehe, except what’s annoying is when I shuffle my music sometimes I get annoying AMEB songs…It’s like… /angry *sigh* Oh well xD I only shuffle when I get sick of my current music playlist. I’m not sick of mine yet =D

Haha Resolve. I’m pretty sure I know how that goes, but I haven’t listened to it in a while =O I love The Pretender though =D

Urgh…song of 2009…TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! Hahaha, I’ll make a SONGLIST of 2009 =D Save me from getting a headache xD

I REMEMBER YOUR KNEE LENGTH HAIR! Hahahaha, I too wonder how you could live with that. I’d be forever getting my hair tangled EVERYWHERE. I’d get so frustrated, I’d probably cut it off one day on a whim, because I was so frustrated at it xD LOL

Yeah, layers are AWESOME. Except I get layers for a different reason xD I get layers cos my hair is too thick, and if I just cut it straight, it looks too..big =S For lack of better description. I need them to thin my hair out xD

Aww, don’t worry! THREE DAYS is still a fair bit of time to make a decent start, and yes, you were sick. So you’re excused from not doing work xD

Ew, that bitter watermelon frost stuff…@_@ It’s very disgusting tasting. Urgh…*shudder*. Pus globule pills ftw! Omg, I can’t believe I just typed that…=S

Awww, you don’t sound too good…=( I hope you feel HEAPS better tomorrow…^^ *hugs*

CONGRATS ON WINNING THE iphone =D I’m so happy for you [and extremely jealous although I just got a new phone recently xD Which happens to be a walkman phone =P]. I hope they send you your money SOON =)


– I have no idea what that IS xD LOL. Website noob here xD

– I obsess over bands [MUSE!] but not to the extent that I research their history and stuff =) NOT ENOUGH TIME! D=

– Hmm…It depends for me. I usually have this bad habit of being lazy to get hair cuts. Right now I prefer long hair, so I’m keeping mine long, but eventually I’ll get sick of my long hair and cut it short and then let it grow out again. xD I don’t usually mind, just as long as my hair is layered =)

– Sore throats. STREPSILS! I just keep taking strepsils and drinking lots of warm water. Strepsils are AWESOME. Although you can only take one every 2-3 hours, which sucks =(

– Haha…Probably. My phone is pretty cool. I hated it when I first got it, but now I’m like all…MY PHONE IS AWESOME! *dance* xD Your phone will be better than mine when you get an iphone =P

Hahaa I’m so glad I figured that out for Fire The Arrow. It looks sexy (as we already established).

LOL I used to get that too. Although now I use a different media player, so it can’t play the format of some of my songs. It’s a shame because I like some of those old songs but because of the format they can’t be played.

I have another player to play those, but it’s not the same… and I want the songs to “scrobble” to my Last.fm. XD

Hahha wooo! I listened to the Foo Fighters all day so I remember The Pretender too. :)

Yeah, my mum always braided it. I was actually amazed by how she did it until I learned to do it myself and in different ways and I was proud. I liked it braided though because it saved it from being a terrible tangly mess.

Haha that makes sense. Layers make your hair LOOK bigger, but they thin it out at the same time. I like how I thinned out the ends of my hair, because it makes it LOOK like there’s less hair, and it’s like it’s “secretly” long. ;)

Ewww it’s so gross, and I totally ranted about it to you. LOL, you typed it alright… I think I would definitely prefer the pus globules though. Watermelon frost is just… 🤮

Haha yeah, James thinks it’s a rip off because the iPhone is cheaper in America and even if the money is converted, it would still not be enough… /angry Well we shall see.

LOL, never mind. It was just one of my hosts (for Woodnotes.org). A lot of sites are down because of the temporary disabled server.

Hehee I can’t wait. I am sure your new phone is really impressive still, though. :)

Hahaha, yes, we have already established that your Fire the Arrow layout is sexy. Very sexy indeed xD

Awww…haha…Yeah Windows Media Player does that to me sometimes…=( It refuses to play some of my songs because of a format error which totally makes no sense because they’re totally mp3’s =S But…Porcelain Heart by Barlow Girl. I LOVE that song…And my WMP WON’T PLAY IT! It breaks my heart [like about forty million other things xD].

The Pretender! OMG, I haven’t tried playing that on guitar in AGES. xD I should just to see if I can still remember HOW.

Haha, I braid my hair when it’s long NOW because it gets in my way when I work. xD Still with hair THAT long, it must have still been pretty hard to braid. Braiding hair is fun…^^…Haha. I perfected my hair braiding skills in 3 Unit maths. Unbraiding and re-braiding my hair. Ahhh…xD

Yeah, I think that’s what layers are meant to do…make the top look like you have more volume and thin out the ends xD Because it’s usually the ends of my hair that need thinning. I mean who CARES if the top part is too thick xD The top part of your hair looks fine when it’s thick =P I should re-layer my hair. The hairdresser didn’t layer it enough last time =(

Omg…That’s kind of true. Stupid rip-off competition. Oh well. It’s better than nothing =) Hahaha…Damn US iphone being cheaper than Australia’s!

Hahaha I AM IN LOVE with my phone now. Even though I didn’t like it when I first got it xD

Yeah, that’s the error I get! Though it’s for files that aren’t mp3s. So it SORT OF makes sense.

That’s weird! I think I was listening to a different Barlow Girl song the other day though, and it worked.

Yeah, I remember you could play it. /bounce I think I have forgotten quite a few things on guitar.

I haven’t braided my hair in a while. :O I have one of those big clips just to hold it in a little bun, and that’s what I do when I shower.

I tried a braid from the side, and I was soooo proud. It’s a lot harder with layered hair though. That time I tried it, it was when I had barely any layers. It turned out a lot better. :P

Oh, but when I got my hair cut last time, I told the guy I wanted it really, really thinned out. Hmm actually, if you cut even more layers it makes it more like that. I’ve had “long” layers and “short” layers. The long layers aren’t much. But you should actually tell the hairdresser to thin out the ends. :D

Haha yeah. It is upsetting… damn Australia. :P

Hahaha, your error makes more sense than mine. HAHAHAHA, LOOOOL. I just found that funny =P Nevermind xD

Barlow Girl =D I like them…^^…Haven’t listened to them in a while =( It’s weird, Porcelain Heart doesn’t work on my phone either. It only works on my mp3…=S

Aww don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you can work out how to play whatever you forgot again. I probably can’t because I don’t have the tabs. If I do not have a tab, I have no hope xD

OHHHH…big clips xD I love big clips. I use them to hold up all my hair in whatever way possible when I’m in a rush [mostly when I have to rush to piano lessons xD] They’re so cool.The more hair they hold, the better. I love my big green clip cos it holds a LOT of hair =) Namely all my hair xD

Really? I thought that braiding worked better with layered hair cos then all the shorter layers don’t fall out of your plait. Like towards the end it does, but I started braiding my hair because when I just plaited it, all the shorter layers kept falling out…=S

I did tell my hairdresser to thin the ends. Well my mum did cos I can’t speak Cantonese well and the hair dresser was cantonese…=/ BUT HE DIDN’T DO IT PROPERLY! I WAS SO ANNOYED!

Hahaha! Yes, it does make more sense. LOL.

I know this is random but it’s soooo cold!

I haven’t listened to them in a while either; they came up randomly.

Oh, there are some songs that don’t work on my mp3 player… I do not know why either. :P

Yeah, I have to replace that string too but I can’t be bothered. I really was considering a new guitar but I keep thinking about the iPhone now… I guess I have odd priorities. I am so weird. Ugh.

My tabs are… buried in a folder somewhere. I just keep looking things up on the internet. :P

I have a lot of brown clips! Which you’ve seen. Most of them broke but I got new ones.

Oh! I think it’s worse, actually. I think it’s easier to have the parts fall out. Oh well, maybe it depends on the kind of hair or maybe you’re just pro! ;)

Haha oh dear. My hairdresser speaks English a bit, so lucky for me! I think he speaks Chinese but I don’t know if it’s Mandarin/Chinese… I forgot. :P

Yeah it is cold actually…=S I haven’t been this cold in a while, but I like this cold so much better than the heat =)

Haha, media players are so freaking temperamental…*angry face* Randomly deciding not to play certain songs…==

Hahaha…if you haven’t replaced your e-string by next year, I’ll get you an e-string for your birthday xD LOL. Haha, well it makes sense, I mean you already have a guitar and you have no iphone…so a normal person would want to get an iphone first xD LOL

Hehe, that’s smart. All my tabs are EVERYWHERE. I have PAPER everywhere. My room is so messy =(

Hehe I gave you a blue clip like my green clip from Malaysia last year…Or this year. I LOVE those clips. I have a purple one too…^^…

Aww, I don’t think I’m pro. It’s probably that my layers are longer than your layers. xD Hahaha [just not long enough to plait without braiding xD]

Hahahaha…At least he speaks english xD And you can tell him what you want! My mum has to tell my hairdresser. It’s embarrassing cos I’m already 18 and have to wait for my MUM before I get a haircut xD

I uploaded them to my server but they wouldn’t show up. I uploaded them to Photobucket and now they are showing up. I guess the images just wanted me to do more work. xD

I also don’t get enough time in English. Mainly for the essay-writing part. When I have ideas, I can write a lot but most of the time I can think of nothing to write in an essay. Bangla is worse for me also because of the essay and mostly, everything as Bangla is really very tough. :P

Our teachers are pretty close to us so we only get scolded and probably have our paper snatched away for an hour or so. But then they give it back, but as far as I can tell, no one gets the chance to cheat anyway even if they try their best. Because the teachers keep on shouting and even if they don’t get serious it does work.

Aww I hope you feel well. I really hate getting sore throats. But you can talk properly, right?
Wow. Congrats on getting the iPhone! :)

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server? I don’t use it.
*Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply? Yes. I start looking at any band’s history after the first time I have listened to their songs.
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair? Short, I think. Not REALLY short. My hair is currently a little longer than shoulder-length and it’s good for me. I have square layer and previously used to have bangs but it’s gone now. I agree with you about layer cuts.
* How do you cure sore throats? Well, I have hot water with a little salt in it. Doesn’t work much, though. It only clears the throat for a bit.
* Is your phone better than mine? Umm..maybe.

Ahhh, I also love digging out olddddd songs I’ve loved years ago. It’s always fun realizing how lame my music taste was, years back. In ’06, I was obsessed with Nelly Furtado, Kelly Clarkson, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, and Blue. I then started listening to Rihanna & Black Eyed Peas, when my friend introduced me to their music. Over the years I’ve changed my taste in my music and well, here we are. :P
Anyways, ohhhh myyy Goddd!! You have long hair! You’re so lucky! ♥ I had really long hair when I was much, much younger. But over the years, I started to really get annoyed of it, because at one point it started to fall a lot, and at another point it started to make me sweat so bad. xD
So I made the worst decision of my life and – chopped it all off. I still remember that day, I went to the hairdresser and I told the guy to cut to my shoulders, when it was maybe 5 times that size, and the guy was shocked, he kept asking me, only to make sure, if I really wanted to cut it that much. I was very convinced that I’ll love it short. And I did. Until today. =/ It stopped growing, or it just grows terribly slow. And it’s very thick. 😒 I just really want long hair now.
Just, whatever you do, don’t cut it too short, you’ll regret it afterwards. =(
Anyways, congrats on the iPhone! Wow, you have such luck with all those twitter contests. xD

Those layouts are cool. (H)

Awh, I hope your throat clears up – is there some kind of sucky sweets you can have to fix them? Here we have SOOOOOTHERSS :D
I don’t like honey, but it’s really good for your skin, so i just put it on my skin LOLOLOL. It tastes horrible, seriously! What do bees like about it so much?!

CONGRATS! Wow I cant believe you won an iPhone! HAHA :D My friends dad has one, and you can do these cool photo edits, and he took a picture from his window and added like a starship to it, (looked SO realistic) and he showed it to me, and I fell for it.
Me: WOWOWOWOW. ;O show scientist people!!!
Him & My best friend; LOLOL

I didn’t get it /bash

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
Indeeden I have not XD

* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
Yessum XD
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
Short. I used to have waist length, and I cut it to a ‘long bob’ and i so like the bob. it’s so much easier to control!

* How do you cure sore throats?
This yucky medicine my mom gives me ><
* Is your phone better than mine?
Why yes it is. LGKS360 – google it ;D

Aw hope you feel better soon. *hugs* Sounds pretty bad.
Congrats on winning that money! You should be able to get an iPhone anyway then. :D

Now for the questions:

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?

I’m not hosted by them. But it is bad if people are experiencing downtime.

* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?

Sometimes if it is a band I’m really interested in! haha

* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?

I have quite long hair now, its about just past my shoulders.

* How do you cure sore throats?

I drink lots of warm drinks and have throat lozenges.

* Is your phone better than mine?

Yeah! Samsung E900. :) hehe

Take care!


I love the new updates on your other sites! :D You’re really starting to get better second by second in web design lol.

I LOVE THE SHUFFLING OPTIONS TOO! :3 If you’re talking about the iPod ones too then WOO! XD

foo fighters! I don’t really like their songs. :S Heh I’m not really into that kinda tough rock. :P

Lmao. Celebrities generally start to change their look several times now. I mean, once I saw the HSM Ashley Tiz with brown hair and now she’s back to blonde again lol. My God. O_O I generally like to keep my hair the same style and all.

Oh my gosh. Get well soon! :( It sucks; it does. Believe me. I hope you feel better in the morning!

OHMYGOSH CONGRATS FOR WINNING AN IPOHNE! O_O YOU”RE SO DARNL UCKY BITCH! XD I’ve told you this before havent I? Which you can confirm… UR LUCKY!! :@ xDD

1. RAWRRR. I dont use AP. I use HD. :P
4. I use everything I find lol. I’m not really sure. I havent had one in a wihle now.
5. Yes. :P

I went to the dentist today. he happened to be my classmate’s father. D:

Lol. At least someone makes me feel appreciated. :)
Yeah, Vicky persuaded me too. She suggested I do a contest or something in November instead, I doubt I will though. I have no ideas at the moment for it. :|

Lol yeah, I need it. I can’t listen to music uhh. :(
Lol, hopefully yours won’t crash.
Yeah, true but thank god there wasn’t that much coursework on there or I would have screamed. D:

I love the new layout on Eye Thief, especially that font.

Oh wow, my hair’s about 60cm long now.
Lol. XD

Aww well done. I want that phone lol.

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
In what context?
I haven’t used that server, but sites that use that server are down for me.
* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
Not really.
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
It depends how I feel.
* How do you cure sore throats?
OMG I got a sore throat and it went in like two days.

– Lemon and honey. HOT.
– When showering, pour warm/hot water on your throat/neck
– Wear a scarf
– Eat hot foods/drink got drinks
– If you can, try and move around instead of staying in one place or you’ll go freezing cold and you’ll think you’ll die of hypothermia
– If you have an electric blanket in your bed, turn it on for around 45 minutes before you go to sleep and turn it off.
– Wear thick clothing
– Avoid opening windows/doors/etc
– Rub vapour rub on your feet, chest, beck/throat, nostrils and behind your ears.
– Try and have a hot/warm shower before you go sleep.

* Is your phone better than mine?

LOL yeah. I’m a bit self-conscious. I don’t like it when people hate me or when they’re mad at me! I don’t know why. But I don’t mind it if I hate them, but I wouldn’t be a bitch and be rude :P

I read it! it was great! i commented on it also (Y)

yeah, WAY MORE I know no one really cares about oooh advertising if they don’t have any money to spend :S

yeeup! and chocolate, gone in seconds! but i do like the taste of chocolate better! especially hershey’s cookies and cream ;D but they’re expensive and are gone in seconds :(

ooh! omg whenever I can’t sleep it’s always because I have an idea… which is weird AND annoying! I like the recipe idea, don’t get me wrong, but last night I came up with another idea of an advice site for things like layouts, colour schemes and other offline stuff! It could be called like “Sliced” or “sliced advice” or something waay more catchy LOL but I was wondering if you’d like to the advice website with me :D I know i’m like thee worst web-designer but still let me know! OOH and i found this amazing banana bread recipe (Y) :D

LMFAO, today they had like cheerios and sun flower seeds! :( eeck. LOL paper balls! those were probably harder to get out!

noo, they are dirty little boys and actually do want to help us get it out -.- but no girl at our school would actually let them xD

ahah!! i love rice /love but I wouldn’t like that down my shirt!

LOVE the new layout on eyetheif! and the editted one xDD

yeah! there are so many old songs that I used to love… but most of them are deleted off my Ipod :( or I got a new one… well I just did get a new one for the mark I got on my test LMFAO but yeeahh

LONG HAIR!! I love long hair, i’m trying to grow my hair! it’s currently a bit past my shoulders, I just want it 2 or 3 inches longer :)

lol, hair up to your knees?? That would be hard to dry! :P ever since I was little i’ve always wanted hair that long :) until a couple years back!

i love layers too! i always get layers when I cut my hair (Y) sometimes it doesn’t suit people but it usually looks really nice :)

Congratulations on winning an Iphone! I WANT ONE :D LOL my phone is old too!! :( getting a new one next year :D

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server? uhm, i’m not hosted with her
* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply? sometimes
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair? LONG but not toooo long
* How do you cure sore throats? i drink pure lemon and honey and add a bit off boiling water and not talk for a while!
* Is your phone better than mine? not by much!

I love hearing songs that I used to listen. It makes me feel nostalgic all of the sudden. I guess I just think about the past too much. :)

I used to have long hair. It was above my waist. Yeah, that’s long for me /hehe But I cut it shoulder length. And now, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I can’t imagine myself with longer hair anymore. I think I’ll look weird.

OMG You won an iPhone? That is so COOL. I wish I have an iPhone but not only is the phone expensive, the monthly billing is also expensive!

I know! Facebook is getting so crowded with all the games and other applications they have! It’s getting more boring. I usually play games on Yahoo but not as much now though.

Yeah, I’ve blocked like hundreds of people already, and many more are still following! Like once I block one, another one pops up! GRRR. I was thinking of making a new Twitter account.

OMG you won an IPhone *JELOUS* /angry Aww and i have a sour thought too!

Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
Long, well long for a boy ofc.
How do you cure sore throats?
I dont know please help me ><
Is your phone better than mine?
My phone is better than yours biatch ^^

Love Michael

Georgina in the house! 👏 That was random but I felt like saying it. 🤬

You and James are going to be together forever or at least a really long time. I’m rooting for you guys.

I always replay music that I used to love years ago. My friends and family be like, that song is so old. So what, I liked it for a reason and I still like it today. Some songs I will remember forever. They capture an emotion or a memory that is dear to my life.

Can you donate some hair to me? Lol. When I was a kid, my hair came down to my butt. When I turn 12, my mom said it’s time to start doing your own hair. It went downhill from there.

I hope your sore throat goes away soon. I hate being sick. The only fun part is drinking hot tea. I love tea. ♥ When I’m sick, I don’t try all those different techniques. They don’t really speed up the process for me. I get me some tea, some throat medicine, hit the sheets and hope for the best.

You are so lucky to win an iPhone. I’m super jealous right now. No, seriously I am. Lol.

1. Never used Ashpink. I don’t know what that is…
2. Yes I do. I even watch their videos over and over again on youtube. Lol. Super obessed is more like it!
3. The longer the better. It’s flowy, it blows in the wind and its SEXY!
4. Told you above. :)
5. I don’t own a cellphone. Any cellphone of yours is better.

Hey Georgina!

Sorry I haven’t commented in a while, I need an internet break/blog/web design break. I also decided to change names again (more about that in my bloggy) and I’m very happy with my new handle.

I hate long hair. I used to not, but since I started working and we had to pull it back I got used to wearing it into a ponytail. Only, I’m hair illiterate and don’t know how to style it. 😒

I love Foo Fighters. I think my favorite is “Learn to Fly” That video brings back some rather happy memories for me. I love it when they sneak the Coke into the coffee on the airplane 👏 So funny!

Congrats on winning the iPod! That’s so cool that you get one. I would love to have a regular iPod and not my iShuffle. I like it, but it doesn’t hold video and if I had a video one, I could download my tv shows into it haha.

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?

No, don’t use it.

* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
YES. Especially Aerosmith, as you know from my previous blog. I had to learn every little detail I could about the band to feel more connected to them.

* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
Meh…I’m iffy on short hair, but sometimes it’s easier to deal with. I like medium length hair.

* How do you cure sore throats?
Those throat longerz(sp? Mozilla doesn’t have it…) and sore throat spray

* Is your phone better than mine?
I has no phone :( And no, when I get it yours would be better. My mom’s is a crappy old flip phone that I’ll be getting, but she said I could upgrade it yay!

Heyyyyyyyy I’m back again lol. I was back before then i left and now I’m back again lol Wow i missed commenting lol
CONGRATS ON THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! or the money lol.
Aww sorry about your cold, you poor thing having to go through all that. The only thing i’ve been dealing with is stuffed nose and sneezing, soo annoying.

Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
No thank God.

Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
Oh Yes lol

Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
Both at times, at times i hate one and at times i hate the other one.

How do you cure sore throats?
My mom gives me a medicine that i dont bother to learn its name lol

Is your phone better than mine?
No offense but oh yes it is lol. But i like your s too :d

I didn’t know you were into fanlistings! How long have you been into them? I like the layout at your collective. Simple yet not too boring, nice job! (H)

Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server? Not me personally, but is that why audiorush.org doesn’t work?

Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply? Yes I sure do, No Doubt is the PURFECT example of that. ♥ /eee

Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair? I once had long hair past my waist too, I did enjoy it then, but if I had it now, I think I would grab the nearest pair of scissors and chop it off.

How do you cure sore throats? Usually with some cough drops or some Ny Quil, cherry flavor

Is your phone better than mine? I would say that it is… cause I don’t have one. I don’t need one and If I did, I don’t think I would get one cause they are really annoying to me…

Hellooo =] thanks for the comment, I’m actually on PSP and looking at tutorials I need to keep practicing my skills I think I’m ok at it but I know I can do better

I am so nervous for my exams, do you have any tips for me to relax with the end of year exams because I am freaking out here :P, but I’m studying really hard almost 3-4 1/2 hours a day.
I’ve actually wondered why they are different like VCE HSC etc cant they have VCE for Victorian students then NSWCE for New South Wales etc LOL. I’m just being weird :P

Well the facebook games are pretty good, but most of them you can play on your comp or msn so you aren” really missing out on anything really

I checked out eyethief.com – man i love that name i dont know why its an awesome name, the layout is great too, I cant believe that took you 10 mins that’s amazing

I remember that song by the Foo Fighters they were my favourite band around that time I loved the song The Pretender, I think they have a new song out or coming out, I might check out on the FOX FM’s website or something, I think they called 2day FM in Sydney, I think

Sucks about your assignments I hope you can get done by Tuesday
I hope you better real soon, being sick is such a pain especially when you have a lot of assignments due at school

OMG I cant beleive you won a iPhone im jealous :P

Question Time… =]
* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server? – No, I dont use it

* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply? – Yeah, I was obsessed with Greenday for 2 years then they took that long break and I got over them

* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair? – I like long and short but I’d prefer long hair not too long not like hear your butt or something lol
* How do you cure sore throats? – i use a bit of ice cream, hot lemon drink, vapa drops, ive also heard to take a glass of lukewarm water with salt its yuck, but it really helps i’ve been told
* Is your phone better than mine? – Um my phone is like better than yours haha nah my phone is a w200i walkman phone, its pretty cool but i would like a iphone

take care x

Our desks are also separated but people keep on asking each other. Our teachers are also always walking around.

I don’t like having VERY short hair. Medium-length is perfect for me. I used to have almost waist-length hair but everyone kept on nagging me get a good haircut and that was the first time i had bangs. I thought it wouldn’t look good on me but thankfully, it did.

Hi Georgina; I’m sorry I’m replying so late. I just wasn’t…sort of…inspired to. :/

I like the new layout at EyeThief; it’s really cute! :) And the new look of FireTheArrow…it’s very unique! :D

Haha, yes, old songs actually stick in your heart for a long time. You know, we have a saying here: Old is Gold. LOL. :D

I have very long hair too, for my age. It’s waist-length. I have curly hair, VERY curly hair. But, not like those curly-curls all over my head; my hair curves at the bottom and at some other places. LOL. I love it. Hehe! ✌️

I have lots of projects to do, too. They’re all due on Monday; and I haven’t started on even one. We’re all alike. :)

I like the new layout at Eye Thief :D
TEN MINUTES O_O. Woah – I wish I could do that

I think that there was a blog called Rin Wendy or something that had two separate blogs in two columns :D I think it’s awesome but for some reason I keep thinking that the first column is yours XD

I lost a lot of my old Cd’s so I don’t really shuffle through my old songs much any more.

But, yesterday on the bus, I heard a song and I thought ‘that sounds familiar’ and I realised that it was Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down. I really liked that song in 2004 0r 2005.

I think yesterday my friend said ‘What is WTF?’ and I said ‘What the Foo Fighters’ .

Don’t even ask my about my hair history – I think I’ve had everything – blunt fringe, side fringe, layered hair, thin hair, thick hair etc…

I’m getting a haircut soon and everyone keeps telling me to get it ‘Asian’. If you know about the stereotypical asian then you know what I mean – layered hair, side fringe etc. XD I told my brother about this and asked him if I should get it layered and ‘Asiany’ and he said ‘It’s alright to fit in Monica’. LOL

Good luck with your assessments. I only have one to do (and it’s not even compulsory) – the geography website.

I don’t really know how to cure a sore throat :S
Usually I gargle salt water but it doesn’t really help.

I suck on Strepsils too but they’re too addictive. Once I had two of them in one hour and I got a head ache XD

Congratulations, by the way.
I thought it was impossible to win things like an iPhone on the net.

Loving your nail polish by the way.

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server? No :S
* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply? I always search them up on Wikipedia!
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair? Err…medium? My hair is around 4 centimetres below my armpits I think.
* How do you cure sore throats? You don’t. You wait for them to go
* Is your phone better than mine?
My phone sucks. I think my phone and your phone are equal.

I love the new layout at eyetheif.com, it’s so simple but the colors are really nice they attract me. Oh, you tweeted about how geekishly proud about it, you should be heehee I’d never know how to do something like that /snort .

I know! I loved the song these words by Natasha Bedingfield since I was like 11 I think? I’m now 15, I heard it accidentally on my sister’s laptop I was like “omg I LOVE THAT SONG!” it just brings back the memories. Heehee I know you’re obsessed with Nirvana, personally I didn’t even know them before you mentioned them in your blogs, so I don’t know much about them. Yes, people change a lot. I have tall hair too but not to my knee, but I cut it slightly every month or so so it won’t reach my knee, but it’s still tall very had to comb and a bit too thick, and I hate to comb my hair because of it, it takes hours. Don’t be so harsh on yourself, you do work hard. CONGRATULATIONS! Heehee i want an iphone too, but I know I’m nt gonna win so I save myself the trouble XD .

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?I’m not hosted by them but I can say I’m pretty annoyed because most I site I want to access are hosted with ashpink.
* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply? Yup! Not bands but just singers.
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair? in the middle /eee
* How do you cure sore throats? No idea!
* Is your phone better than mine? Yeah it is, but hey you won an iphone XD


Oh. Well I noticed in some sense lol. Sorry. :/

Really? Well the few songs I heard on MTV were quite tough rock and all so I’m not into those songs though good to know. I might take a look on YouTube. :)

Yeah, same. REALLY. HAHA. The way you mentioned her name was really… Idk, cool. Like you’re into the star and all lol if you know what I mean. :P Lmfao. I want to change my hairstyle now thanks to you. :P It IS a hassle! D:

Welcome. Well, that really is too bad. I really do hope you feel better in the morning. Good night’s sleep is one of the best things!!

What do you mean exactly? Well if it’s 3 times expensive then I’m guessing it’s a good thing? I’m quite of confused haha. Sorry. 😢

Yeah you’re totally right! We DO follow time considering we “have to be there at 4pm” or “it’s at 2am” or something lol. So technically we are chasing. Go GG! ✌️

Yeah you’re right. Though some of them are just plain weird which is a flipping fact lmfao.

LMAO. Good-looking teachers FTW! XDDDD

I guess!! Really? Lmao, I don’t know why it amazes you. I’m really glad that you really think so, though. It means a lot to me! :)

Thanks for answering my questions! It’s alright. And I see that you’re listening to the song now too! xD Cool! :P

A very well produced layout for 10 minutes! You make me feel like the worse coder. :(

And yes! I love coming across old songs I used to love or obsess over, memorising every word. And the funny thing is, once I remember a song, I usually never forget the lyrics.

Yuck. I hate that watermelon thing…I haven’t had it since I was a child though. Rejected it after being forced to have it multiple times. XD

Congrats on winning an iphone!! Damn I want one too..my phone isn’t as old as yours, but it’s close enough!

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
Nope, I have a different host.
* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
I used it. I think we all go through that phrase.
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
It really depends on the person’s face shape, fashion style, etc. I usually prefer long hair though (mainly because I can never have it haha)
* How do you cure sore throats?
Goggle water+salt mixed together in your throat and then spit it out (the same way as you would use water when brushing your teeth) I find it more effective than honey. Also try to buy some sore throat lollies (I recommend strepsils) to relieve pain every now and then throughout the day.
* Is your phone better than mine?
That’s for you to decide :P I have the Motorolla V3 hot pink.

Hey! Love your website! It’s awesome!
And about the song thing…I do that all the time! Isn’t it like one of the most awesome feelings ? It’s like walking down memory lane sometimes. =]
Anyways, just wanted to say hi and that I love your site!

Hey thanks for the reply and answering my questions. Michael

Aw, I love the Foo Fighters. I remember that song… back in the day. :P

I prefer short hair, too. Right now it’s shoulder length for me but I can’t decide whether to grow it out or cut it short. Most people tell me I look better with short hair, but I’m just not sure. D: I can’t believe you had hair down to your knees… the longest I ever had it was down to my tailbone. o.o

I’m sorry about the sore throat. I haven’t had one in forever. =/ I think chamomile is supposed to help, though I don’t really understand why people suggest honey. If your sore throat is a bacterial infection that would probably make it worse…

How much does an iPhone service plan cost in Australia? In the U.S. it’s $92 a month, so even if I won the phone I’d never be able to afford the service plan. =/

My phone is better than your current phone. :P It’s an orange LG EnV. Its battery is becoming crappy though. I get to upgrade in December.

I love the Foo Fighters. I took a long hiatus from listening to them after 2005 when I broke up with my ex though. One of their songs was “Our Song” and the Foo Fighters became our band (and we had a bad breakup after dating over 4 years) so you can imagine that listening to them was quite painful. However, now I’ve come far and that’s all my past and I can listen to the Foo Fighters again without even thinking about any of it at all. I love them! And that’s a fantastic song. Sorry for rambling!!

Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
Never used it sorry!

Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
Once. It was Hanson! Ahhh don’t judge me!! :P

Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
Well, I had hair down to my waist for a few years. Now it’s up to about my shoulders. So I like both.

How do you cure sore throats?
Tea with honey, losenges, and ice.

Is your phone better than mine?
Haha no.

Yeah, it’s just awkward. And you try to be nice but they tend to send off “bad vibes” LOL. I knoow! Sometimes if they say one rude thing I’ll lash off at them and say all this random stuff. Then after they might say they were joking, that’s just BS.

Your welcome! I tried making a timetable once because my teacher was like “You have to! If you don’t you’ll fail!” Fail what? Time management class? I couldn’t follow it because I turned out I could finish my math in 15 minutes when it was supposed to take me 40 and then it took 1 hour to finish my art which was supposed to take 30 minutes… it clearly does not work for some people!

Yeeup! But some expensive chocolates aree soo small :( it just sucks /poo

Yeah, probably :S It would be like making 100 sites. That’s because your an amazing coder! LOL. that must be annoying :S But a advice site on offline life problems or maybe online drama, lol, would be nice to see around! Oh well :).

Yumm! Banana bread is my favourite! I don’t really like chocolate banana bread though, I’m sure why! :P

Oh gosh! All the guys in my class are that. You should see what their main display on their phone is 🙄

LOL! I can’t exactly get a job yet :/ So I depend on them!! But I do have some money from like birthdays and Christmas etc. and sometimes if I get a good grade they’ll say I have too much money and don’t need anything else!

EWW! I hate having long hair in the summer! I always end up tying it in a ponytail because then I get sweaty and it sticks to my neck which I do not enjoy :S I can imagine myself with my hair dragging along me like a wedding dress! LMFAO /hehe That’s good! I know this one girl who cut her hair for cancer and she regretted it because she didn’t like the “breeze” on her neck…

no camera?? :O Whenever I’m bored I take pictures of random things on my phone! So I have like 100 pictures of all these things! :P

yeah, my mom gets mad at me if I drink anything else when I have a soar throat! I think ginger ale is supposed to be good for it too… but I’m not sure!

lol your smilies still amuse me along with your affiliates 👏

I’ve never listened to that song before, Resolve. I’m going to play that song on Youtube. I bet the song is pretty good, eh?

I used to have a long hair too.. But it didn’t reached my knees, thankfully. Only reached my waist.Though I consider it long because I hardly see anyone here who has a longer hair than mine. But I cut them last month and now it’s only reaching my shoulders. ;) I see what you mean by prefer a shorter hair than a longer hair. I like shorter hair too because it feels much comfortable and it’s much easier to brush my hair. :P

Aww.. It’s okay. Take your time to finish that assignments. You’ve been pretty busy, alright. I hope your throat will cure in a short time! Honey is the best medicine to make all that sore in your throat go away. But it isn’t the best medicine for some people, though. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water considering your body really needs them. ;)

Oh my gosh, Georgina! Congratulations on winning an iPhone! You totally deserve it! I know I’ve congratulate you already on Twitter though. :P You’re so lucky to win such thing! Again, congrats! I hope you have fun with it. ;) Too bad you’re not in the US, or else you might actually get the phone itself.. :(

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
– Nope. Never been with Ashpink. I’m sorry for all the people who are hosted with them.

* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
– Mhmhmm.. I don’t think so. :P

* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
– Not too long and not too short. Prefer if they’re only 3 inches beneath my shoulders. XD

* How do you cure sore throats?
– Go to the doctor, get the medicine from them, drink a lot of mineral water and of course, honey!

* Is your phone better than mine?
– I’m not sure.. I don’t what features your phone supports.. But if your phone enables you to send text messages and call others, then I don’t see that much of a difference between your phone and mine. :)

I like those new layouts! Firethearrow is cute!! :D

Haha btw the U.S.’s timezone confuses me too. NY is 3 hours ahead of me & so is Hawaii…but it’s like below California so I don’t really know how that works out..& Colorado which is 2 states away from Nevada (VEGAS BABY) which is just one state away from California (colorado = 3 states away from california, sorry i’m being confusing) is one hour ahead of california. WEIRD? i know. utah is two states away from california & it is also 1 hour ahead. but australia has three different time zones too, doesn’t it? it’s a big effin island. ahaha.

but anyway, take a trip to your local candy shop & tell me if you find any swedish fish. if you don’t find any, i’ll send you some! no joke! i’ll also send you some mexican candy ahaha because it’s honestly really good but i don’t know if you’ll like it or not.

i have way too many songs that sum up my year. wait, i take that back, i have too many songs that sum up what i’m going through or what i went through.

CONGRATS ON WINNING AN IPHONE! that’s really awesome. haha i like the iphone, my dad has one but a lot of people play with my phone because it’s like an iphone but it has a keyboard & it works almost similarly like an iphone although it’s a google phone. honestly though, the software for my phone is amazing but i don’t think my phone is fast enough to actually process it..so that sucks but I STILL LOVE MY PHONE. i’m sure you’ll be happy with your phone. make sure you put a case on it..because if you drop it once, your phone will either break or something will slow down. haha.

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server? yes :(
* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply? HRM not really but i have looked up bands on wikipedia, i didn’t know that dave was in nirvana too so that’s pretty cool!
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair? i have long hair but not down to my waist..more like long enough to cover my boobs haahaha. but on you, i like your medium length hair. on me, i like long hair on my face more than medium length. my face is an oval so it’s a bit longer & i also kind of have chubby cheeks so short hair would make my face look really fat so the long hair balances it out. your face is smaller than mine so your medium length hair definitely fits well. i like long hair (not down to your knees, like my length long ahaha) but i love when people can pull off really short hair dos.
* How do you cure sore throats? OH YEAH THAT’S WHAT I WAS GONNA TELL YOU..drink tea. WARM HOT tea. and if you have the sniffles, stop sniffling & blow out your boogers. cough drops help, i know you don’t have those but just drink warm tea. add a little ginseng or ginger if you have any & it’ll make your throat feel soo much better. trust.
* Is your phone better than mine? yes :) i think you’ve seen my phone. if not…hold on lemme find the post.


:D :D

Hehe you managed to put your post on the another side, I remember you tweeted about it :P It looks cool. :)

Sometimes I forget about song that I used to love. Years ago I didn’t really know about music, but I remember a song that I used to love years ago is All I Have To Do Is Dream by Everly Brothers. My dad kept playing it (and the other songs by Everly Brothers) when we went around Java by car because we forgot to bring other cassettes /bash

I enjoy Foo Fighters’ songs, but I’m not a huge fan. Their songs are pretty cool though.

My hair used to be very long. Like, veryyyy longggg. I cut it a year ago, and my hair turned very very short like Dora the Explorer. But now my hair isn’t very short, but isn’t very long. :)

I’m sorry to hear about your sore throat. I hate sore throat and sometimes it hurts when we cough or eat something. Honey works for me too, but I usually don’t cure my sore throat and it will recover in two days (I’m too lazy… heh).

Congrats on winning the iPhone!

Ah, your phone looks like the phone I used to use before my mom bought the new one and decided that she didn’t like it so she gave it to me, haha.

You still get the cash though, that’s good!

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
I’ve never been with Ashpink, but I’ve never heard about downtime on Asphink server before the one that is currently happening.
* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
Yeah… Paramore, Garbage and The Cardigans. Also The Beatles of course. :P
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
Long hair. I look terrible with short hair, and I just don’t like short hair.
* How do you cure sore throats?
With honey and salt.
* Is your phone better than mine?
Nope, haha. My (current) phone isn’t really different from yours. So are my previous phones.

Oh yeah you told me that but I assumed you’d buy the iphone with it..? lulz shit that’s crazy. $800 is a lot of money. you could always buy a better phone with the money you’re given..or save it! hahaha shooot …they should’ve compensated you with the amount of money it costs to buy an iphone in australia.

if you really do want the iphone though, you could always send me the money & i’d buy it for you & ship it to you. i won’t charge you shipping fees. haha or i think you could order it online…? i don’t know. ahaha anywayyy

you had a mexican friend? whoa that’s a long way from mexico! haha i love mexican candyyyyyyy.

haha you don’t even know how many states australia has?!?! it’s okay, i’m sure most americans that are older than 25 can’t tell you how many states there are. they probably wouldn’t even be able to tell you why we have 13 stripes on our flag or why we have 50 stars. hahaha but kids in school learn that stuff, you know? so they’d know. that’s why we have that show “are you smarter than a 5th grader?” & i turn it off sometimes because the answers are so stupid that i lose hope for our future. ahaha. for example. a question was “name the symbol above the 9 in this visual.” they showed a square root over 9. the girl answered “a dividing sign?” OWOWOWOW. really?! a square root sign = dividing sign? -____-

i didnt realize i wrote warm hot tea hahaa i think i meant to say hot tea but i wrote warm too. but yes, SUPER HOT tea. dont burn your tongue. but something light & hot will do the trick. at least it’ll make your throat feel better. i think you might feel better if you have a mint too. ahhaha i love mints. :D

Haha, yes, old is gold! :D
Oh, thank you! Yes, I’ve heard that from many people as well. Just like someone with a brother wants a sister instead and someone with a sister wants a brother instead. It all gets past if you actually start liking whatever you already have, it’s good. :D

And ofcourse, medium and straight is beautiful. XD Ever heard of that story called ‘Bald is beautiful’? LOL, seems like that now. :D

Oh, thank you! I’m almost done with all of the projects; I only have to start one. It’s very easy though. :) So, I have nothing to worry about, now. :D

Oh, and i forgot to tell you, congratulations on the iPhone win! That’s so wonderful. :D I think I’d have to wait for an iPhone. :/

Awesome new layout on both your site Georgie :) You’re so good at editing things and making them look good!

I know what you mean about finding old songs you used to love! I’ve found heaps of awesome songs just by going through my friend’s mp3 player. He has a whole collection of songs that aren’t that popular or so now days but are still really good songs.
The foofighters are a pretty cool band though :)

wow! That would be awesome having hair as long as you used to! You could do so much with it!

Oh gosh that’s terrible you’re feeling sick. Maybe you’ve come down with a bug or something? I dunno.. Hopefully you feel better soon.

That’s awesome you won a new phone! You must be very lucky :)

Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server? I don’t go there often but yes.
Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply? Haha yup. I had an obsession with Tegan and Sara a while back, and with MCR. Hehe
Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair? Short hair.
How do you cure sore throats? I have honey and lemon drinks like you do and take painkillers which often don’t work.
Is your phone better than mine? Not really. Mine’s a flip top though but it doesn’t work all that well.


True. Oh gosh I hope I didn’t seem rude or anything… sorry if I did.

haha awesome. I wish I was there. I would’ve tried to take some pretty neat photos of it all :)

If they’re in your grade you still have to ask but he’s a bit mnore leniant. It depends on who the person is though.

Sorry, I can’t remember if I returned your comment or not so I’ll return it again. ;)

I love EyeThief’s new layout ♥ The pink is really cute :) & That is Genius how you’ve seperated the posts. I wish I could understand WP like that! D:

MMmhm. I love Foo Fighters. My friend only really got me into them about a year ago. Sure, I’d heard of them but I’d never actually listened to them. I don’t know why though. They’re genius!

Are you kidding? He used to be in Nirv? OMG I never knew that! :0 that has actually amazed me. /huh (That’s the closest to my face right now that I could find ;) )

Woah. Down to your knees? Jeez. And I thought my hair was long! (it’s about four inches below my shoulders) so.. Woah.

Good luck with the assignments D: Naw. I hope you feel better soon! :( A concoction of milk, salt, vinegar, lemon and pepper? What’s that? I guess it’s some kinda home-made medicine but it sounds kinda gross. D: MMmhmm. Watermelon. Tastyy 🤤

WOAH YOU WON AN IPHONE? HOLY SHIT! That’s amazing! I’m seriously jealous right now.

Oooh. Q’s.
* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
Sorry, I’m with RigRag. |:
* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
I have once or twice, but not recently.
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
Well, I call it long but considering you call knee-length long, I’ll say mine is short. :P
* How do you cure sore throats?
Soothers. <3
* Is your phone better than mine?
ehe. Well, it's broken – the camera light doesn't turn off and it runs my battery down within two days and flashes whenever I push a button. So, you decide :P

Thankyou :) I'm still not 100% on photography though – I've heard a lot of bad things about that course.

Eeep. I never thought of them using it for ads after! I do hope not!

Mmmhm. I'm still begging mum to buy meatballs. She says she will when she next goes to Ikea. :) They sell the tastiest meatballs.

Maybe they just put up every number possible? besides, no ones going to single out your number out of about a thousand. Hopefully.

I have never tried miso soup. What does it actually taste like? Mmmhm. NOODLES ARE SO TASTY. MMHMM. I WANT NOODLES.

naw I love children (and I mean that in a non perverted way :P ) So cute <3 Thanks :) I'll probably change it in half term week at Halloween.

True, true, I do. But it's so hard finding things to fit in an orange room! Seriously. Wow I love red. The outside of our house is a reddy brown colour but it's fading and looks crappy.

Yeah I do prefer libraries but I'm always scared I'll lose the book or return it late and get fined D:

I don't think it sucks balls. I would just prefer to have a free one I rely on ;) Like Avast!

I am extremely pale but when I get a tan (apparently) it makes me look more 'lively' or something. ;)

That’s okay, you didn’t haha. :)

Thank you! It was something like the get_author tag or something. Not hard if you “know” your WP includes I guess!

Oh, the Foo Fighters are great. They have acoustic songs as well so pretty much anything to suit your mood. As you said, genius!

Yeah, he was the drummer, no shit. :D

Haha mine’s about as long as yours is now. But yes, I did have very, very long hair.

Thank you! Bah, I feel better, but the assignments are going great. I will need that luck! /eee

It wasn’t bad tasting, just quite salty/sour – a bit like the taste of the salt/sugar they use to make sour worm lollies and stuff.

Thanks! Although the sucky thing is that the money I get for the iPhone is for America, and there, it’s a lot cheaper than here. So I only get part of it really, unless someone can ship me one… haha balls.

We have Soothers here too, but I don’t have any with me. Gah.

Oh, bad things? Eep. I hope it’s not going to affect anything hugely though. :)

Miso soup is Japanese and it’s got seaweed in it… it’s slightly salty and tastes nice. Well, that’s what I think. You can also have tofu in there as well. you can generally choose how you want it but the base of the soup is tofu/bean curd… hehe.

Aww, you worry about the colours! :P I wouldn’t mind mismatching things with my wall. It would look pretty quirky.

Oh, I once didn’t return a library book because it was closed when I went, but they never charged me. I kept the book. It was a good humourous one too.

Oh hahaha. Well, my brother had an antivirus that sucked. It kept blocking things he needed. /hmph

Haha I think a tan on me would look weird. Guess it’s just different. :)

It is pretty strict, but most of the teachers are really close to us. Sometimes they even hit some students with rulers or something, but the students take it jokingly. xD

My mother is always nagging me to get a haircut. One of the reasons is my hairfall but I now I can tell her to stop because my hairfall increased AFTER I got my last haircut. :D

Lol! Actually it was like about a year ago or something and the music video had like… red and white stripes while they were performing. I don’t know what the song was. My sister likes it. :S

LOL. What colour? :P I’d want to go for blonde lol. I wanna see how it looks AND feels. Haha. Is that how you spell blonde? Cuz it’s telling me it’s blond. :S It IS time-consuming. Hours. Bah.

Welcome. Yeah; the sun sets in very much earlier.

Oh right! They’re giving you the money. I thought they’re shipping an iPhone. Bah. So you still don’t have enough money for one or something? That just sucks. :| I knew it was too good to be true. u_u

Lmao, yeah. At least I’m not having trouble waking up for school like I used to! O_O When I have school I generally feel so tired lol and when I’m in the holidays it’s like whoa. xD

*Hugs* :)

i think i really really envy you now.
i have never won anything before. NEVER.
quite sad, i know.

* Have you suffered downtime on Ashpink’s server?
no, but my host’s server is ALWAYS down. i hae it, its so annoying, one minute your editting something, then your page wont load. O_o.
* Do you ever obsess over bands and look into their history deeply?
ALL THE TIME. i Wikipedia them. then i spew lots of band-y knowledge to my friends, but their lik ” ¬¬* ohkay. ”
* Do you (personally) like having long hair, or short hair?
i like both, in summer, shorter hair, in winter longer hair.
* How do you cure sore throats?
gargling salt mixed with warm water.
* Is your phone better than mine?
currently yes, when you get your iphone, no.