Blue Skies Bring Tears

The winner of the writing section of the domain competition is Lish.

She was very closely followed by Diamond and Joyce. There were nine judges and points were given to each contestant depending on their rank (best to worst) as determined by each individual judge.

I will email the winners tomorrow. First place wins a .info domain with hosting and second and third place win forms of advertising offered by Becca and I.

The new caption competition is also up.

I’m sorry I’m so out of it today. For starters, I’m not in the greatest of moods – yet again. :(

My sore throat is feeling better. Thank you to those who wished me well. I’ve got a bit of a stomachache now though; I think I had a rather large dinner.

It was daylight savings today, so the clocks were moved forward by an hour. Not very good. I didn’t get enough sleep last night, and the loss of time due to daylight savings was something I adjusted to quickly, but that I definitely did not like.

Sigh. So I attempted to do my assignment again. I did not get very far. I wrote about 200 more words in my report and moved along with my search for records, but then I got distracted by Photoshop. I’m angry at myself. /angry

I did get awarded a credit in one of my assignments (the result was sent by email). I was a bit disappointed because I had actually failed (or completed unsatisfactorily) two parts of the assignment and they “pulled my grade down”. I looked like I did so well in the other parts though. Oh well, at least I know where to improve. :)

I’m feeling terrible right now. I had to go to church today. I don’t like going to church, because, to be honest, I am losing my faith. As a child, I really, honestly, truly believed in God. And since I was ten years old, I was saying prayers every night, praying that God would pull my family back together.

It never happened. Almost a decade later, I’ve given up. For eight years I’ve been saying the same prayer. The exact same prayer. I have not had a better relationship with my parents. I have not been guided through these tough years of depression and of pain.

I’ve lost touch. In my heart and in my head I will always respect people’s opinions on religion, but this, this is how I feel right now.

I feel broken-hearted in this way. I’ve went through this, and now I’ve found myself, but knowing I’ve done it alone, and only I know myself better than anyone.

My parents made me go out to buy dinner today just so they could save money by me using an extra coupon. I was pissed off because I had already changed into my pyjamas and had to head out again. I then ate too much and now I feel sick.

My assignments are due in over a week but I want to do them before I go back to university. I’m tired of being told by parents what to do. Part of it is that I’m eighteen and I should be given some sort of lenience. Part of it, is that this is how it’s been for so long.

I’ve found myself, alone. But as I journey on, I want to take people with me, so I, and they, won’t be alone.

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Ooh. Are you going to be putting up the winning writing entry? (Y)

I can’t wait to see who’s won the rest of them. xD

Awh, well at least your throat is getting better, stomach pains are easiest to get rid of. Just.. go to the toilet. Ha!

We havn’t done the whole ‘daylight savings’ thing yet. Well at least I don’t think we have?

Photoshop is distracting I must say, so don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s so magical. /mwah hahaha.

Eugh, I hate when parents go all parental. It’s so freaking.. GAH. I will not get started on that particular rant.

OMG. Did I get first comment? :’) ♥

Hrrrng, I know how you feel. :(
It’s so wierd how I used to sit in church wondering how I could never fit in. I guess religion is just not whan I’m after, not what I need. It could do beautiful things, but looking at it today I’d say it’s far past that.

That chicken thing was friggin stupid. Your brother should have gone. It’s like they just give you a hard time because they can /bash

You’ll get your assignments done /bounce you’ll see :P
‘cos you’re magical /love


Ahhhhh I LOVE YOU. ♥ It’s the 5th today. :)

I sit in church and immediately, my mind just goes everywhere. It’s like at school, you have all these classes, then in Tuesday sport you’re sitting there going… “hmm”. /oh

I thought my religion was, well, decent. Good. I mean, I really thought it was something I could believe in and something interesting I could say about myself.

I feel like the only thing I feel somewhat strongly about that is even remotely related to my religion is the whole no-sex-before-marriage thing. 💀

Baaahhhh. He was watching the stupid television and just because he wouldn’t move his ass, I had to go off.

Really? I hope I do. /heart /love

Hey. I know you don’t reply to my comment replies. But well, I was going to type a new blog but I wanted to slowly sift through the comments, including the ones I haven’t returned… yeah.

I love you. ♥ *hugs*

Congratulations to Lish =)

And Congratulations on your Credit =) *so proud* =D *dance* Hehehe…It’s alright, credit is still good. You won’t fail next time…^^…

I’m glad your sore throat is better, although I’m sorry about your stomach ache. I hope it gets better soon =) Hehe.

Zomg! Daylight savings is the stupidest idea EVER, It is EVIL. I haven’t adjusted yet. This morning I woke up SERIOUSLY EARLY because of it…/angry

It is EVIL! Luckily you adjusted to it =) Even if you’re annoyed at it still. Effing Day light savings. Stupid crappy thing!

Awww =( *hugs* for losing your faith =( It’s okay, maybe you’ll find it again. Maybe God is testing your faith =S Or maybe he IS trying to help you but your family are resisting! *grr*. Sorry, I have no idea what I’m saying because I’m not religious. =S But I hope you get through this losing-of-faith thing =) I’m here for you to talk to if you want =)

I’m sorry you had to go through it alone though =( *HUGS*

Aww, that’s really annoying. Making you go out to buy dinner. =( Grrr at your brother for not going! HMPH! /angry It’s annoying to have to change, especially when you’ve just warmed into your clothing [if that makes sense xD].

I hope you manage with your assignments okay! ♥

Thank you! I hope I won’t fail… I’ve scraped past with passes quite a few times!

Bah, that time of the month. Major suckage!

Yeah, I’m annoyed because I think, creepily, it’s made things a whole lot shitter. Just everything in general. It screws up time, but it screws up everything else. Honestly. Ugh.

Well, look at the time now. It’s nearly 11pm, but in my head I’m thinking, geez, it’s early, still 10pm, who cares? D:

Ouch, what if they are resisting? For all this time, that would have been suck. I am starting not to believe anymore. There are miracles, but there is also a lot in the world going wrong. Whatever and wherever they said about God being powerful – looks like mother nature is winning the war.


Yeah… it was very annoying. My brother was just watching television and he hadn’t changed. /angry

Bah, I stopped my assignment just then… I was getting too tired. I’ve done some though, and I feel that if I can get into good concentration mode, I can so do it. Too bad I didn’t finish today, and what suck. :(

I have a week though, like you said. :) I have that other thing to do, but you know me, deep down, I look forward to getting it all done and breathing a sigh of relief after. :)

Awww. I’m sorry you feel unhappy X_X. And it sucks that you have so much faith only to have it not be . . . well returned to you, I guess?

And man . . . if your parents saw you in your pyjamas, why did they make you go? I would have asked you to go the next day . . . ugh. I hate how parents think they can do that so us sometimes. Drives me nuts.

. . . Luckily, I’ve sort of started rebel against that, so my parents don’t do stuff like that, hehehe. :D

I hope you feel better! <3

Just entered the caption competition :).

Glad your sore throat is better :) I was sick earlier this week with a stomach bug :(

Is it only daylight savings for you in Australia or everyone? lol If it was for America too i didn’t know :P.

Uh I have soo much homework to do that’s due tomorrow D:. I procrastinate too much :(.

Aww, I used to pray every night but it turned into praying just when i needed it. So I’m not sure if it works or not, it works sometimes, or its just a coincidence. But i still strongly believe in God.

Have a good week :).

hi i love ur site.I hope we become gd friends.

Thanks. But no. I don’t think we can “become good friends” if you have been so rude as to comment on my blog without even reading it. I wrote that blog for people to read, as you would too. I appreciate your comment but I wholly do not appreciate how rude it is, especially on a blog which was very emotional to me. To me you have gone right ahead and completely ignored my blog. The least you could have done is read my blog, even just one paragraph, and actually left a comment on it.

I’d too appreciate it if you apologised instead of just deleting my comment on your site.

Congrats to Lish. :)

I know this will sound so freaking lame but I am one hell of a lot sorry for this amazingly late reply… fuck yeah stuff’s been hectic offline.
I’ll just stop giving excuses. /oh

Glad your throat is better. ♥ I also have a stomachache, weirdly enough… and my brother has his party this afternoon and I’ll be having 10 rowdy boys rampaging my room. Hell, yar.

I suck at adjusting to time when the clocks change. I think they move forward for us pretty soon too… I’m not sure, but it takes a week for me to get settled.

200 words is better then the measly sentance I wrote for my R.S report. *hugs* And awh, I’m angry at myself all the time when I’m distracted. Like right now I’m so freaking determined to return all the comments I haven’t got around to doing. No questions… so we’ll see how that works out. (yn) 💥

I suck at assignments, pretty much; any ones. Haha. I’m just too lazy… but if I get into it I end up trying to make it amazingly good (note ‘trying’).

Awww! I don’t go to church every weekend, but I hope you feel better soon. ♥ I used to also believe in God. When I was 5 I used to imagine that I was really popular, cool, whatever (I know it’s amazingly shallow… but I was young, lmao). I like to think there is someone up there, be it God or someone or something else… but the little faith I had two years ago has kind of… faded away.

It’s hard when you believe in something and yet it doesn’t “work”, if you like. I said a prayer for not eight years or almost a decade but for three years and it hasn’t worked either. I gave up way before you did. /um

My parents don’t ask me to do much in the evening because there isn’t much to do, but that was annoying of your parents to do that. Shouldn’t they ask your brother to do some things? It’s like you have to do everything.

Hope you’re much better soon. ♥

Eurgh, I just started replying to one of your older comments. FAIL. :X
Seven weeks! Sounds like so much but it’s not that much, considering. Uni will be over soon, no worries. :) *hugs*

The red ones just remind me of the vitamin pills my dad forces me to have. LOL. But yeah, gummy bears are nice. And plain is okay for me. XD

There’s still some of the cake left. XD If you want it? ;)
I don’t like cream y’see, or whipped cream. But somehow whipped cream in eclairs is… okay. XD
Same. I’d rather have injections/ jabs, and when you do have them you have to think of the big picture without them. I’m happy I’m having the jabs, loads of people (over half) in my year aren’t having them for numerous reasons. One is because a girl died after having the jab, but it was proven that she didn’t die because of the jab, it just triggered something.

IKR? I was so not expecting to be told to eat all that ice-cream. Anyway my family helped.
OMG. You shoul dhave flown one over. I could have done with an ice-cream box without eating all that ice cream. 🤮 I eat so much shit at the moment. O________O

Hehe I remember that! But on my birthday I had school the next day which equals bus which equals getting up early, so you know. After 12am isn’t a great idea…? XD

Not on WordPress yet. ;) But I’m working on it, then you can click. LOL.
I just re-did the layout. XD It’s grey, blue and pink-purple.

I re-opened, so you can see for yourself, hehe. ;)

Congratulation to the winners! (: I’ll check out the caption contest and see if I can come up with something (I probably won’t).

Aw, I really don’t know how I feel about God and all that. I used to go to church, and I still do every now and then. I think part of it is that no one really knows for sure, but I suppose that’s really what religions are all about – believing.

Your parents really should give you a bit more freedom. After all, you’re pretty much an adult now. (:

omg you scared me by saying it was daylight savings time! i was like WAIT, when is it? am i missing something? but then i realized you are from austrailia. ahha oops.

i know how you feel about religion, i mean for me i know there is something out there but thats as far as i go. i used to believe a lot but i guess as you grow older and the things you experience wears you down, it happens. im sorry to hear that you are like that with your parents. somethings things just happen and dosen’t make sense. but i do believe everything happens for a reason, just sometimes you never know what that reason is.

Congrats to Lish! :O I’m glad that I actually made it that close… I’m guessing I was second? RAWRR. Man, that was close. Well I’ll test my luck on the next ones! <

I'm so sorry you're feeling so bleh and having those feelings on church and God and all. I've been totally feeling the same way too, but part of me doesn't want to. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I really know what you mean, believe me. Like my mum is going to church today and I told her I don't wanna come. I'm finding the priest to be doing nothing except ramble. There's only one I like and there's one I don't like because he just talks and I'm basically snoozing off. No wonder sometimes people lose faith. /angry

I think, personally, that your parents are being a little bit of some tough tards. I'm sorry, but wtf? If I were you, I'd seriously not go buy dinner. We either all at least go together or someone else comes with me, but NOT by myself and ESPECIALLY when I have just switched into my jammies. That's plain evil. What do they learn from church if so? I think you should go seek some priest and confess. MAYBE, just maybe, you'll feel better.

I like the last part. Even though we're so distant from eachother, we're so close sometimes. So I guess this is why you sounded so grumpy when I chatted with you for a few minutes on MSN? ;)

I've never had blonde lol. I would like to have violet!! :O

My gosh. Money and currencies and all are really just fucks lol. And yeah I know what you mean! It is sucky. Everything tends to be sucky sometimes!! What world are we living in after all?! :( *hugs*

Congrats to Lish! :O I’m glad that I actually made it that close… I’m guessing I was second? RAWRR. Man, that was close. Well I’ll test my luck on the next ones! <3

I'm glad you're feeling better though it's not good to have stomach aches. I've had one, sorta, a few moments ago and now it's gone, thank God.

GRR LOL. I also get really pissed off when I get sidetracked by the PC or photoshop or something. I tend to not study and all because of it! I must try my best in not continuing to do so, though!

I'm so sorry you're feeling so bleh and having those feelings on church and God and all. I've been totally feeling the same way too, but part of me doesn't want to. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I really know what you mean, believe me. Like my mum is going to church today and I told her I don't wanna come. I'm finding the priest to be doing nothing except ramble. There's only one I like and there's one I don't like because he just talks and I'm basically snoozing off. No wonder sometimes people lose faith. /angry

I think, personally, that your parents are being a little bit of some tough tards. I'm sorry, but wtf? If I were you, I'd seriously not go buy dinner. We either all at least go together or someone else comes with me, but NOT by myself and ESPECIALLY when I have just switched into my jammies. That's plain evil. What do they learn from church if so? I think you should go seek some priest and confess. MAYBE, just maybe, you'll feel better.

I like the last part. Even though we're so distant from eachother, we're so close sometimes. So I guess this is why you sounded so grumpy when I chatted with you for a few minutes on MSN? ;)

I've never had blonde lol. I would like to have violet!! :O

My gosh. Money and currencies and all are really just fucks lol. And yeah I know what you mean! It is sucky. Everything tends to be sucky sometimes!! What world are we living in after all?! :( *hugs*

hahahaha ;P

awwww! Glad your feeling better now ! I hate when that happens, then I’m like “omg I better not be getting sick!” XD

hahaah yeaaa; Especially now a days with the whole like economy crap in the US XD.

LOL. Ugh I hate how my computer teachers has to go step by step with everything, its like ah this is soo easy! We’re learning how to make a website this year in computers using Adobe Dreamweaver. I’m like pshaaa, this stuff is so easy! I’ll like die in the class, cause I’m gonna have to go so slowly!

haha yeaa. I try to do some during lunch at school so I have a tad less at home.

Awww, I went to church today XD, if you don’t mind me asking but what religion are you? :P

Congratulations, Lish!
I am going to try and come up with a witty caption for this contest. *ponders*

I am sorry you feel you are losing your faith. That is such a horrible feeling, I know. I have gone through it in my life but thankfully I found it again when I wasn’t even looking. It helped that I cantor (sing) at my Church so I went to the Mass anyway and got paid for it so eventually I just realized that my faith was back again. It just sort of happened. I hope you find yours too, but even if you don’t as long as you are happy then I believe that’s all that matters.

Congrats on your credit! :D

I am very sorry that you have lost your faith. I wish I could but I don’t normally go to church except for Christmas and Easter. I do pray as often as I can though. Maybe God can’t do anything. Maybe this is what he had planned for you. Just keep praying and I am sure you will get through this.


Oh I have had that before. Sometimes the movie isn’t bad but sometimes there are some super boring and slow scenes and I get so bored.

I think that you get a lot farther in life if you make real friends. When your popular (in my school) you don’t even have to make the friends yourself you just sort of come together because you are snobbish “popular”. If you are normal then you build friend making skills or whatever. :)

LOL. It’s funny when people say “Chillax” XD

Yeah really. We learned that you have to be careful on what pictures you post in the internet because it can affect your future.

Congrats Lish :P

Do you want me to advertise the runners up now, or once all of the competitions are over?

Aw. Hope your stomache ache gets better! At least your throats okay now!

That sucks about your assignment, but like you say – you know how to improve now!

I’m not really any religion. I’m not going to say I’m an athiest.. I don’t NOT believe in God. I just don’t know. I’m a nothing-ist. ;) I guess when you pray every single night and nothing happens for that long, you do lose faith. It’s sad, but it’s not as though you didn’t try.

urgh that’s annoying that your parents are like that. :| Mine are the same, but I’m only fifteen so y’know. :|

Good luck with the assignments!

Oh good. I was worrying I had already returned it!

Oh I see. I think I saw a tutorial about that on Gillians site actually.. I think.. I’m not sure. LOL That made absolutely no sense whatsoever! :P

Yeah I love them <3 I'm still shocked that it's the same guy though. I really can't get over that! :O

Urgh, Assignments are effort! I have to write a short-story about an old soldior who has a flashback to the war..etc. I got an A on it but I want to improve it again anyways. so I have a week to do it. I just had so many typo's in it and I kept changing the tense I'm writing in from past to present. I did type it up in about five minutes at the end of an ICT lesson though..

OOoh. That doesn't sound so bad.. I love sour worms <3 MMHMM THAT SOUP SOUNDS DELICIOUS! 🤤 I love seaweed so I want to try that now! :P

Urgh that kinda sucks! Maybe you could ask someone to ship you one, but is there anyone in USA that you actually trust with the money who could do it for you? Actually, Rachel could I suppose? LOL or you could get another really nice phone?

Well, my room is orange, yellow with a bit of pink.. so I guess those three colours fit well.. but nearly everything I see that's nice is blue or green.. the two colours that WOULDN'T fit in. Typically.

That was pretty lucky then! I still have a book in my box somewhere that a never returned to the library at my primary school. and that was five years ago!

Yay i was missed :P
$800 for a phone?????????? How many people have that phone then?
Wow here its just $200 thank God. I’m going to buy it one day though, i don’t know when but i will :D
I hate medicine. My mom always says “it’s sweet” i’m like “it’s medicine, its disgusting”
i completely hate it a lot.
It’s good to be back, i miss all this, blogging and comment people and just people on the computer for no reason lol
I have the highest score in the contest so far, i have 11 and i need to get 100. Damn it’s a long distance lol.
It’s okay :D
I don’t think anyone has a chance of winning anytime soon because she needs to add more task. The ones that are there are something that once you’ve done it, you can’t do it again. So it’s really hard to win.
She is not worth me going crazy over because i lost a friend, so i lost one friend, she wasn’t even my best friend. My school i don’t have a best friend. I only have one bff. She goes to a different school than me, so it’s hard to see each other because we live sooo far away. We still text and talk on the phone all the time.
Here all it does is rain, get cold, get warm. Stupid weather lol
I got the Domain for nessadaily :D I’m going to blog about it once I’m done with the comment replying.

Aww i hope your stomach feel better :) Daylights savings having started here yet, i cannot wait till it starts because i get one more hour of sleep lol. I think it comes in January.
I believe in God but I haven’t been in church in forever. My parents don’t go either. But i do believe in God.
My parents are the laziest people you will ever ever meet. Soo fucking annoying. Aint parent’s supposed to take care of their kids? not the other way around?

Congrats to the people who won those domain comps! :D And omg, I really hope I win the caption win.. LOL, my entry was so lame.

Glad to hear that you sore throat is feeling better. :) Omg, I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. It’s so stupid, and it always makes me feel like I’m dead cause of the lack of sleep. Psh, I hate adjusting my schedule even if it is just for an hour ahead or back.

You aren’t the only one who always gets distracted when you try to write report, I ALWAYS get distracted by one thing or another its so annoying. Sorry to hear that you didn’t do so well on some parts, but hey, as you said, you now know where to improve.

Wow, this really is a touchy subject. I feel like I’m in the same position as you, because I’ve been losing touch with my faith as well. It’s so sad. :'( I’m FORCED to go to church every sunday, plus I do community service there, but even though I go to church I don’t feel like I strongly believe in what I’m “supposed to” believe in. So I get how you feel. Although, I don’t think I cared whatsoever about my faith when I was younger, unlike you. I just used to live life however I wanted but then when I reached grade 7 I think my faith was strongest at that point and now it’s just like “meeeh” not too strong but not too weak either. Just in the middle.

A lot of people question why their faith never came to help them in their times of need or depression, and I guess I have no answer for that either. But they always say “God works in mysterious ways.”

I guess it’s your choice whether or not to believe it. I know it must be hard to stick by your faith after you’ve been pretty much begging it to help you for 8 years and it never came. To be honest, whenever I pray for something it usually ends up getting better, whether it maybe a difficult situation or something else, from my experiences it’s always gotten better. I’m really sorry that it hasn’t been the same for you.

At the end of the day, I don’t think you should give up on it. Even though God hasn’t answered your prayers yet, maybe he will someday, maybe he’s waiting for the right time, maybe he’s waiting until you’ve realized something or discovered something that will make everything better. Who knows, as I said, God really does work in mysterious ways and i sure hope that he comes through to you. :3

You’re never alone, Georgina. :) You’ll always have friends or family by your side, even though you may not want to have your family by your side 100% of the time. I sure as hell don’t LOL. Parents can be waaay too clingy and protective, I get what you mean.

Just hang in there. I hope that things start to brighten up for you! :(

MACHO LOVE, Gillian.
(I don’t know why I ended this comment like a letter).

Hey Gillian! Finally replying to your comment because I had shitloads of uni work to do. I still do. :(

Your caption was pretty good! I’ve received more entries which I don’t think are that good, but there are some I think are quite good like yours.

An hour is actually a lot to me! 😢 I think daylight savings is silly. Once in the year, you gain an hour, and then later on in the year, you lose one. /angry

I am actually supposed to be working on a report now… balls… I am obviously getting distracted. I hope I do well in this one though. /bash

I’m forced too! :O Honestly. My parents force my brother and I so much. My brother is only 13 but he’s as stubborn as hell; one time he had to be literally dragged out the door. It’s not fair because sometimes my mum doesn’t go to church because she’s “too tired”. I don’t enjoy church. I feel that it is boring and the priest is wasting my time… oh by the way, this is the priest who I mentioned a while ago who had the same last name as you. 💀

I think as I grew up in high school I started learning about other things, even just other beliefs and theories like the big bang and scientific things about the world. I believed them too. I just felt like, “oh yeah, they’re right. That makes sense”. In opening my horizons by learning about other beliefs and things, it made me look at my own religion from a different perspective and actually SEE how I had been living with it for such a long time. I looked at it all, and then I realised I was always saying the same prayer and that I felt like there was no God.

God is mysterious… wherever he is.

I have prayed a lot but yeah, it doesn’t seem to get better. I think that it has hit me quite hard because I was so dependent on the help until I came to this realisation. Maybe I’ll come to “forgive God” and come back. Who knows.

LOL. Clingy parents. I haven’t heard that one, but definitely overprotective. They worry too much, sometimes.

Macho love. ♥

Oh by the way. Random note. Argh. Kind of bad news, and you might have heard it. But Vicky talked to the support where Wendy bought Ashpink from, and they said they’re going to crush the data and by policy, they can’t give us backups, and basically, Wendy has three days to pay.

It’s making me angry because I have a few hostees there on the reseller Wendy gave me. She seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. And I’m sure people like you, also hosted with her, are angry. :(

Aweh hope you can finish all that uni work. :( I have been crazy busy as well.

Thanks! :D Glad you liked my caption.

Believe me, an hour is A LOOOOT to me as well. I can do so much in 15 minutes, an extra hour is like a gift lmfao. But it sucks when an hour is taken away. >:(

Ew to the report. I hate writing those. Thankfully I won’t be writing too many of them this semester because I have english next semester. But who knows, one will probably pop up. -.- Best of luck finishing yours.

Whoa, your brother does sound really stubborn. Being dragged to the door?! Dayum. Yeah I remember once when I was sick, but I wasn’t like “so sick” but I said I was just so I didn’t have to go to church. That was when I was really young.. I feel so bad about it now though. D:

My mom is probably the most religious one in my fam so she’d be the last one to come up with the “i’m too tired” excuse.

I have to agree with you. I think church is insanely boring as well. But luckily for myself, I do community service there meaning that I’m not sitting in one spot for an hour straight but instead I’m actually setting up a craft or attending to kids or doing SOMETHING. Which is nice.

I totally get what you mean. When you start discovering/learning/understanding all these scientific theories and other beliefs it naturally makes you curious about your own and can definitely lead to a conclusion that “your belief doesn’t make much sense” and that results in people losing their faith.

But then again, the very definition of “faith” is to “believe blindly” without having any kind of scientific proof.

Y’know it was so weird. I was listening to my ipod today on the bus ride home from school and this song came on called “You Found Me” by the Fray. I don’t know if you’ve heard it but if you haven’t then DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY listen to it BECAUSE it described EXACTLY how you felt in this blog. And when I was listening to it, I realized that it freakishly related to this blog and I was like having an epic moment LMAO. I kinda dazed out and then my friend was like “GILLIAN, GILLIAN?! ARE YOU ALIVE?” And I was like “no, i’m dead, yet i can still talk and have my eyes open you fucking idiot”. But anyways, LISTEN TO IT AND PAY REAL GOOD ATTENTION TO THE WORDS. It’ll make you feel better, well, hopefully. :D

I totally freaked over the bad news. :( That makes me so upset. I never thought it was that serious, I just thought that she would pay and everything would be fine but clearly I’m wrong. Frig, WHERE HAS SHE GONE TOO? I am pretty frustrated cause that’s just not fair for her to dissapear and leave us without any backups, no updates on the situation or anything of the sort. What the hay. :( Ruined my day dude. D:


LMFAO i know it’s annoying! but sometimes i do it to my close friends cause it is a bit amusing /hehe

eck, chores! my dad makes me do everything when he knows I have a big test the next day! then he’s like “you should of studied before” i did -.- partiees! i’d muuch rather go to a party then follow a stupid time table! :P

hehe, my dad does that but he wont let me eat much of it :D and yes there is chocolate banana bread! eeck, i hate it! you should try it though cause it seems like every other normal person likes it /eee except me but then again im not that normal?

yeah! LOL

ooh the domain competition results!! lmfao mine was horrible! Congratulations to those people! 👏

good thing your soar throat is good erm better (Y) :P stomaches suck :( hope that goes away soon!

i hate daylight savings time! except when it goes back an hour cause then you get mroe sleep (Y)

sucks about your assignment! :( i hope you finish it soon AND get a good mark on it! :D

Oh, I wish I knew you were having a writing contest, I would have entered. xD Oh, well. I guess I can always find other opportunities.

Sorry about the sore throat; seem the changing of temperatures is effecting everyone lately. Hopefully you get better soon though. (:

o: IT IS? Haha why did I fail to notice that?! Nobody bothered to tell me about daylight savings… 😰 I thought it was in December or something. Wow, I was WAY off. xD Well that’s nice to know, thank you for telling me. Yeah, an hour loss is going to effect you for awhile; I didn’t even notice. XD

Ah, the joy of getting distracted. I’m good for doing that daily. I’m sure you’ll raise that grade up pretty fast though. (:

I know what you mean… to be honest, I don’t think I ever had faith? I could just never see myself worshiping a “book” because that’s basically all you’re doing. My dad is disappointed with me and blames our generation. Dx Not my fault there isn’t enough evidence. You either show me proof or don’t talk to me at all about it.

Is it me or, are a lot of people complaining about their parents lately? /hehe Eh, I have room to talk. Glad I can’t drive yet or anything otherwise I’d be asked to go everywhere. O_O

Hope you do well and don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll all turn out better in the end. (: Good luck. <3

OOH! Congrats to those winners! (: I think I’ll join the other categories of the contest. But for the random drawing, if you just enter any category are you automatically put into the drawing ? (=

Awhh, I hate having sore throats! I have to keep sucking on “candies” or medicine that’ll help my throat. :D

Ackk, I’m sorry about you losing your faith! I think I’m losing my faith — actually, I really don’t think I have 100% faith in God. Well, I think I do know he’s there and creating miracles. I wish someone would actually prove that God is real, or not. Then everyone’s lives would be so much better. ): So I do go to church everyday and I do hope to keep my faith with me at least until I finish college or university.

): Your parents should really let you do what you want! But hopefully, they’ll let you free once you get married and all. :P

My mom is always forcing me to do everything. And forcing me NOT to do things that I don’t want to do.

Hehe yeah they are lazy. The boys of my class did close the door, though. But only because it is their classroom. xD

LOL, today after school someone was inside the bathroom. I didn’t know that and i turned off all the lights. That was pretty embarrassing. Looks like this bathroom is a disaster for us. :D

My mother is also good at cooking, but she is never the kind of person who experiments with different foods and comes up with tasty stuff. I have an aunt like that and she always has some new kind of food. 🤤

Aww, I hope your relationship with your parents get better. I’m a Muslim and I always have belief in my religion. But I guess it’s different for you.

Anyways, congratulations to the competition winners! :)

Isn’t it funny, how when you’re a kid you’ll believe anything and everything. I don’t think it’s cause we’re foolish, I think it’s cause our minds are open. We’re willing to accept that anything can be real.

That’s what I loved about being a kid, and what I miss. The ability to believe in anything and people don’t make fun of you for it. You’re allowed to have that silly thought.

I used to go church when I was a kid. Though I don’t think I ever really believed. It was just something my sister and I did. I went for years, until my mother started working a lot and stopped taking us. I don’t remember when it was when I decided that there was something abnormal about there being a guy in the sky that talks to everyone. I really don’t.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. And sorry that you are feeling so down. I know exactly how you feel (I’m feeling the same really. I cried for hours today as well). Hopefully things start to look up for you. =)

My faith has changed since I was a child as well. I still believe in God, I just don’t think everything is as glossy as everyone tries to make it. They always tell you if you pray for something it will happen, but the way I see it is God has his own plan and thats just the way it is.

I’ve been sick and had a sore throat myself. It sucks.

Parents, they have a hard time letting go of all their authority. They get the “I’m your mother/father do as I say” stuck in their head. Wish I had some advice about what to do.

Well we’re women, we have no choice but to go through that time /angry

Glad you like the theme and the smilies.. I love the Harry Potter smilie. I’m so sad hahahahaha. /bash

You should protect your updates if you’ve spammy followers! You get to choose then!

Harry potter is just sexy ^_^

I got first comment. I’m so proud. :’)

Aw, it’s okay! *hugs* ♥ That’s so sweet of you to drop by before going to bed… and even if you thought you were leaving a shitty comment.


And indeed, I am very alive. Too alive, maybe.
My dad is yelling at me… fuck. Man so the Internet won’t work for him, go tke it out on something other than ME thank you. *sigh* /hmph

Haha I don’t whine. I just came to loathe it.

Your comment is fine, no typos or whatever. But if you feel that way then by all means you are forgiven. :)
And don’t be angry for writing the comment, I really appreciate the fact you’ve taken the time out of your day to write it. ♥ I needed a Georgie comment, even if it was “shit”.

AWWWW. I wanted to go on MSN soooooo badly at the weekend but it kept on crashing everytime I signed in. @_@ Stupid bitch better work this weekend.


I kind of believe in God and at the same time I’ve just given up. It’s nice to have a little faith and at the same time it’s not so good because you feel more distant then ever. :(

Your brother should realise how stressed you seem over this. The occasional favour shouldn’t hurt him.

Aw, poor Georgie. *hugs* I hope things get better soon and that I can help in any way possible whilst I sit here in dreary old England. I would love to go out and about too but here there’s nowhere to GO. And I need more rain, not stupid wind, before I’ll go outside for a proper “me-time” for reflection and the like.

I know this is random, but my cousin is better. I’m so relieved.

I’m not really feeling anything either. It’s like, I’m bored of the same routine at home…. it gets old. I need something new.

I’m trying to lose myself in the music I’m currently playing, but it’s not really working. It’s just kind of making me feel… worse. :/
I mean, the lyrics. “Why is it so hard to find someone who cares about you? When it’s easy enough to find someone who looks down on you?”

It is serious and scary. Cancer or something?
Sleeeeeppp…. man I could fall asleep right now… and it’s only 19:07.

Thank yous. :) I’m glad you like the colours, I hadn’t realised how they looked together. XD And I’ll try that. :)

Loves yous toos. ♥
Hope to talk to you properly soon. :)


OMG! I’m totally, totally happy that I won! Congrats to Diamond and Joyce as well, it’s all in good mood. :)

Nevertheless, about your faith. This is just my personal opinion, but maybe you’ll see a point in it?–I think that prayers are heard, but maybe God or whoever the hell is up there isn’t up there to babysit us. Guide us, at times, yes, but babysit us?

I think it’s good to keep faith–even loosely–even if it’s only to comfort yourself in the fact that there’s something else to strive for.


Thanks :) I hope you feel all better!

Yeah I think it’s sometime around now-ish or around the season lol, I was scared I forgot to set it back :O.

Aww your assignments are probably longer then mine anyhow, my math kills me :(.

I really wish you don’t loose your faith anymore- God makes all things happen for a reason, unfortunate and fortunate things happen- maybe soon or later in your life something amazing will happen :).

Ha ha yeah :P Q-bert is a very old game… That arcade is so amazing because it has tons of old games the owner saves and restores.

I should do scribbles everyday but I don’t want to get sick of making them lol xD

Have a good day :).

australia. O_O you live down under, i would never have actually guessed. i always assume people with websites are american… i’m probably stereotyping.
you are lucky, but then again you are hosting all of these competitions.(Y)
you’re parents make me laugh. i don’t think i have ever used coupons for anything. i have had the most depressing weekend i think ever.
but ill not bore you with the details.
hope you’re sore throats okay/getting better :)
ben jorgensen? (im not going to lie, ive never heard of him so i googled), but im not surprised, you like the edgy type, i can tell from your foo-fighters and nirvana. god. i went through a phase where i used to love screammy music.
i ended up with a lot of ear-wax.

Congratulations to Lish who won the writing competition. ;)

I’m glad that your sore throat has been a little bit better but that sucks about getting a stomachache :( . I’m glad you took my advice; drink a lot of water. Get well soon! :)

I’m sorry to hear about what happened between you and your parents. Don’t worry, sooner or later, you and them will get much closer. Just keep trying. No need to give up. :)
At least you still have your friends to back you up. ♥

Awww… I’m sure your parents will give you a little bit more freedom later.. Maybe they don’t consider 18 year old teenagers old? Though I do. It’s probably because they don’t want you to wear out after you’ve worked too hard on things. Imagine this: University, work and website. How can you not get tired? :O I can really tell they’ll be a lot less stricter soon! ;)

Now, replying to your previous comment (I’m really slow at this, gaah).

I know right, partners can be really annoying when they only expect their other partner to do the work. Totally unfair. Being credited inappropriately. I told the teacher and she said I don’t need to worry about a single thing. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. /bash

You’re right about that; hair is much better shorter because it’s easier to take care of – less hassle! It’s totally uncomfortable when I have hair in my eyes sometimes and sometimes in my mouth, if you know what I mean. :P

Oh yeah, I heard that people who don’t live in the US get cash instead too. But you can still buy and iPhone without adding some of your money too. You have an option to buy the iPhone online from . I browsed around the site and the iPhone price is $199 – exactly the same amount of money that you received, no? Plus, it’s free shipping, as far as I know that is.. :P

Lol yeah, just over a month now. Hopefully yeah, if I can find some donators or something. I’ll see.

Lol yeah I saw, I think I downloaded it before. :)

Lol, I haven’t cut my hair in like 2 years. o.O
I haven’t measured it, well maybe once or twice but I can pretty much estimate it. XD

Lol no problem, that’s pretty much what I did when I got a cold and it most of it went within 2 days. *RECORD FOR ME* =D

Woo, it’s great your feeling better now. :)

Uh oh I hate when Daylight Savings come. The one in the UK comes in 3 weeks or so, one hour back. Woohoo.

That sucks, I’m kind of losing faith too. My mum complains that I don’t come to my place of worship every week but she’s like – You should only come if your doing it for yourself yet she complains when I don’t come. :@ So confused.


Yay :) I’m glad you’re throat is better!

ugh. I didn’t even know it was daylight savings. So I slept an hour later than usual and I was pissed at myself for not knowing. Someone reminded me on Twitter a week before I think.

Congratulations on that grade :)
Woah. Weird. Well yeah, you learn from your mistakes :D

Losing your faith hey? Well. I lost my faith at a young age. I always believed in God but I hated Catholic church. My mum always forced me to go so I guess that if going to church becomes a habit (like, for example, you feel as if you HAVE to go but you don’t really want to) then I guess you fall out of faith. :S

So yeah. I converted to a different sort of Christianity. Mum was pissed at me for doing that but I feel spiritually alive now. I just need to devote more of my time to God.

LOL. My mum made me say Our Father like…every night when I was younger. I used to think “doesn’t god ever get bored of me saying the same thing every time?”. Maybe you should try writing your own prayer if you don’t think anything is helping.

Don’t worry – I’m sure your parents will stop bugging you. Can’t you just pretend that you have homework or something?

I’ve lived with only my mum for like three years and she makes me do so many things than dad never asked me to do. Now I feel like I’m stuck in a bird cage – desperately trying to get out.

I hope you do well with your assessments.

I wish you were online, by the way.

Oh well – if ‘Asian’ hair suits me I guess I should try it. But WTF am I going to say to the hairdresser – “Can I please have an Asian do” LOL.

FAR OUT. I almost closed this tab T_T Kill me, please (yeah that’s right – I said KMP instead of PKM).

ugh. Floods everywhere!

Today I watched Raise Your Voice. No offense but I don’t think that Hilary Duff has a good voice. : It was funny to watch anyways.

Yeah. I need to fix up my issues before I die. That is my goal now, I think. To die a good person. I don’t really buy all that 2012 stuff, by the way.

I want to eat Oporto. Sigh. I’m hungry.

I might also put up a new layout soon :D

Have a pleasant day!

I hate daylight savings. In Perth it doesn’t get dark until 10pm. Here in Melbourne about 6ish. What about Syd?

When i was a kid, i didn’t even know who God was. As i got older, after my late father passed, i became an atheist. Now i think i am opened minded.

One day i was walking around town, wearing a Marilyn Manson T-shirt, and a religious wacko, came up to me and said Marilyn Manson is going to take me to hell with him. After that i thought, well if someone can insult a stranger in the city then she must be really crazy about God. And i decided not to be so judgmental.

Don’t hate God, his not there to smite you. If in fact, he is there. Hate the government.

Hmmm, im 22 this year and i still get told what to do.

Good luck with you’re assignments :)

I’m glad you’re pronouncing my name as “Teh-Ra”. _<;;

. . . And effing crud. My comment got cut off. X_X;; Basically, I just wrote about how I didn’t understand DST because Korea doesn’t use it. I read somewhere that Korean officials want to implement it and I am thinking, “Please don’t!”

My friend mentioned that DST was useful during WWII-era, but not so much now, proclaiming it obsolete.

. . . And I hope my comment doesn’t get cut off again. O_O;;

Yes, true! :D
Oh, really? She must have been…a good actor, as well..going bald just for the sake of a movie is…you know what. :D

Oh, thank you! I finished all my projects on Sunday, so yeah, but thanks though, Geogie! :D

Oh! Only a gift card? I though they’d be sending you a real iPhone! But…it’s okay! I guess paying some extra money isn’t too still don’t have to pay the major part! Haha, I look on the brighter side…LOL. :D


Congrats to Lish! I wanted to enter the writing section, but never got around to it. I always forgot. But I guess it’s okay…I don’t think I’d have won, though! Low self-esteem? LOL. Maybe, you could post her (Lish’s) entry on your next blog? :)

Glad to know your throat’s feeling better. I know, I’m saying the same as the others, nah? :/

Yes, I know how you feel….I hate how God has other plans for us when we want something…I guess it’s like that! You don’t always get what you desire! 🤬

I’m feeling sort of…sorry for you. I’ve felt the same as you; praying and praying & not actually getting what I wish. It’s like being….betrayed. i don’t know. :|

But, do cheer up! :D You don’t know what surprise might be awaiting you in the future! :)

Oh, sorry, I meant “Georgie”! /bash