Farewell And Goodnight

I find some people really bitter and lack respect towards anyone. Some people are so obnoxious about things when they do not even know what is going on; when they can’t even, you know, take things the right way. Things they read, see, hear, even hear about by word of mouth. Maybe if people properly understood the things they came across, they wouldn’t be so rude and insensitive about it and just go and literally tell the world, or say it out loud in public, just for the sake of something to say or just because they have an opinion. Sometimes they’re just secretly jealous, angry, or can’t let go of things. It’s like they find it nice to assume or say things about other people.
You know this thing about privacy and stuff? It’s like that. There are things better left unsaid, but even so, things you say can be found out by other people, be it nice, personal, secret, or just plain malicious.


This is hard for me to write. I don’t know why. It’s simple to say these things, and well, it’s kind of obvious and unexpected at the same time too.

I’ve fallen behind with the site. (Oh wow, Georgina, no shit, of course you have.)

And to be honest, a small part of me relaxes. My review queue is large and I still have comments to return. I know you all know me for getting things done quickly, getting them done fast. But I have a lot on my plate, and this time more than I have ever written about before.

I came to the point where I thought I should get a different blog to write about more private things. But some of you, keep me going. A lot of you, make me smile. You might not know that, or think about it. But when I’m down and I write a stupid moody blog, you still read it, and that means a lot to me.

Secretly, I complain about the comments I get. Sometimes I complain about returning them. But the truth is that deep down I love talking to you all through these little messages and I love reading your blogs. It entertains me. I find a friend in a lot of you people.

Sometimes I complain about the number of comments. I complain about the amount. A large amount annoys me.

At the same time a small amount annoys me. I’m so used to getting a lot of comments that sometimes I worry if I get so little. I don’t worry that people aren’t reading my blog, but it’s like I have obsessive compulsive disorder with my comments and that they have to be even and all the comments on all the blogs have to have the same or roughly similar amount of comments.

I’m just weird. I’m funny about many things. I’m terrible at telling stories. I am so snappy and angry sometimes. But still, you read my blogs. My heart goes out to you all.

Now, it’s a difficult time for me. Especially for those of you who read my last blog. It’s getting a bit hard. It’s nearing the end of the year, academically, and soon my first year of university will be over.

I registered Heartdrops a year ago. Just over a year ago, my site was full of suck and barely anyone visited it. Exactly a year ago, I was studying like mad for my HSC exams, but at the same time, I was determined to make this site and open it.

It was probably one of the best decisions I made in the past year.

I’ve come so far in many ways.

Right now I just wanted to send the message that I appreciate all these comments and compliments and friends. I’m stuffing my face with these two large assignments I have to do. And there are things to do on the site. I might not be able to get to the reviews for a week or so. I might be slow with returning comments. But even when I don’t return them, it amazes me how you still drop by. I’m just really stressed out now, but I’m not worn out. I still have all the strength in me.

I know I can do it. The next couple of weeks will be a bit tough while I pull myself together. And while I’m going through this tough time, I’ll try not to doubt that you’ll still support me.

But you will, right? :)

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Awww, Georgina! Of course you will have friends who will support you. :D We all understand how hectic things gets! And seriously, you are under no obligations to do all this if things are hassling you. If you’re busy with RL stuff, then that’s that.

And it’s amazing how much you’ve accomplished in a year. Your hard work and dedication shows, and I admire you for it.

Like I said, you have friends. I’ve read their comments and seen how they stood by you, so I don’t think you will lack support on whatever you choose to do!

Aww, thank you. :) Sometimes I feel that some people do hassle me, or that they expect something from me because I’ve been so consistent and up-to-date with things for a while. ♥

I don’t think you’ve fallen behind the site, Georgina. I think I’ve fallen behind mine (but I’m slowly catching up :D).
By the way, this blog was so awesome that I read ALL of it before writing here. I’m sure you know, that I rarely do that.

I’m glad that we make you smile :) Sometimes I think that I annoy you too much so it’s great to know that I could have made one of your days. After all, that’s what friends are for.

I couldn’t agree with you more.
I always seem to complain about returning comments – it’s the devil seated on my left shoulder.

This is the online life – you’ve got a friend in all of us Georgie so never worry! We’re here for you.

You’re not weird for being obsessive compulsive when it comes to comments – why do you think it takes me ages to write a new blog? Because I have to wait for the comments to go up to a certain amount. My range is around 10-17 :)

I think it’s just natural. Nature is freaky.

You’re not TERRIBLE at telling stories. If you’re so terrible, why do people read your blog? I think that if a blog is filled with…well like you said, snappiness, then it’s so much more emotional and interesting.

By the way, I never thought that this site sucked. I’ve been looking up to you since the day we became affiliates – did you know that?

I hope you do well with your two assignments. Wait scrap that. You will do well (Y), trust me.

Don’t be too stressed. You know what they say – you’re to blessed to be stressed. I really want to tell you to not worry about the reviews or comments but I don’t want to urge you to do something because I’m not your boss, LOL.

So, maybe the next few weeks will be tough but you still got all of us (all of us equals = your 1243467 affiliates, hostees and visitors LOL) and James and Lilian. I’ll give you all the support I can!

♥ Hugs ♥

I feel warm and fuzzy inside now.

Helloooooooooooo =)

It’s alright to fall behind on your site. I have no idea about sites because I’m really fail at all things internet related, but EVERYONE falls behind at stuff once in a while ^^ You’ll catch up. I HAVE FAITH IN YOU =D

HAHAHAHA, I am WELL aware of your obsessive compulsiveness regarding comments, but never fear! I am always here to comment chain with you xD It’s like our mini war against your blog statistics. It’s HILARIOUS. Only a pair of freaks like us would do something so ridiculous, but it’s quite fun nonetheless xD

Oh god! End of uni coming up =O *gasp*. WE MUST STUDY! WE MUST! MUST! MUST! xD And YOU must not stress too much! Meaning you’re allowed to fall behind in your site work =)

Wow, our first year of uni is almost over =O I’m so shocked it went by so fast. BUT WE’RE STILL BEST FRIENDS, SO IT’S TOTALLY AWESOME! =D [Not that I ever doubted we’d still be close! Cos if everyone else from highschool lost contact with me, I completely 100% believe we would still be really close =)]

Heartdrops is ONE YEAR OLD! *dances* So proud! =D Of course not many people visited your site when it was first up xD It was NEW! Hahaha. But you have LOTS of visitors now cos Heartdrops is AWESOME ^^

Awwww, I’m so sorry you’re so stressed =( But I hope you get everything back together REAL soon =)

Of course I’ll support you, silly xP

Helloooooo! :)

I probably will. After all, it’s just a bit of catching up and I guess, all in all, I will eventually catch up. XD

Haha a war against my blog statistics! Mind you, I could spam my own comments myself, but there’s no fun in that. It’s fun to do it together, I suppose. Bwahaha.

Oh, well too bad I have no tests. *cough* Okay, but seriously, I have to keep my mind fresh. I won’t let it rot. It’s better if I work on uni hard, and then leave the site for later. :)

AWWW! We are too! ♥ Well, I’ve pretty much lost contact with other people, or they just don’t talk to me. But I still have you! It’s hard to imagine us not being friends, anyway. :P

Yeah, it was WAY new. I only got 20 comments on that first blog and I was so excited because I thought it was a lot.

Yay! /heart

Heeeeeeeeey! =D

Don’t worry! There is no rush cos we have a HUGE holiday =) So you can catch up then all in your own time ^^

Yes! Your blog statistics are getting OWNED! Team Wuggs: 1 Blog statistics: 0 Hahahaha! It’s more fun with people xD

Lucky you! NO tests! T_T I’m so jealous! But yes! You mustn’t let your mind rot! Uni is priority. Even if Uni work is gay. [Meant in the meanest way possible @ Uni work xD]

Awww…Yeah, it’s really hard to imagine us not being friends. Cos that would really suck. Like I’ve always imagined a future where we’re still friends. If that doesn’t happen, it’ll be OUCH! We’re each others’ childrens’ GODMOTHERS! DAMNIT! xD

20 comments is like WAY more than I’ve EVER gotten on my blog xD

Yay! And I have no exams too – that’s just so much less stress. :D

LOL, I love how you use “blog statistics”. :P We’re defeating it alright. But we’re cheating, sort of. ;)

Haha not all uni work is bad, but sometimes you just do not want to work.

We will be friends when we grow up! It would be sucky to NOT be friends. Who would I have?! :O I mean, James is not a girl friend I can whine about periods with! XD

Good point. In this case my blog statistics pwn yours. 💥

Hahaha! You’ll be like…WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, while I will be dying from my exams and also my piano exam…Which is also around the same time. Yep! I AM SO DEAD! @_@ Oh wellz xD

LOL, I don’t know how else to describe them, so they’re blog statistics now ^^ We’re not cheating! We’re just…not playing fairly. But statistics are evil, so we don’t have to play fair =D Hehehehe!

Uni work is MOSTLY evil *nods* And I rarely want to do work. I want to spend my time reading and on msn xD But I must work. So I can get a good job later *nods solemnly*

HAHAHAHA! So true! Guy = run away from any sort of mention of periods. It’s HILARIOUS xD

I don’t blame them. If I were a guy, I’d run away too xD

WAAAAH! T_T Your blog statistics own mine *sniff* Oh well, that’s probably cos you have a site and I have a space xD

Awww! Well, hmm, who’s the one with the driver’s licence! LOL!

But you’ll be fine. You will at least pass. The flying colours might not be there, but you can work on that the next few weeks. :D

Haha alright. We’re playing fairly. ;) ;)

I need to read! :O I have to read The Messenger, because Markus Zusak needs me to honour him for much more than The Book Thief, even if that was the most amazing book in the world. I also need time to lie out in the sunshine and snooze off.

Well James doesn’t mind me talking about my periods. He said to tell them to go away.
Me: I can’t do that!
James: Say “pleaseeeee”.

He asked why I had to have them and I said “because otherwise I can’t get pregnant”.
“Can’t you not have them?”
“You only don’t have them when you’re really old or if you’re pregnant.”
“OH. WELL. Are you. READY?” 😏


Haha you should get a site… though a “space” is a site… that sucks. XD XD

Hahaha…look even though I have my license, it doesn’t mean I am a good driver. I swear you are probably better than me xD I just happened to take the test =P

Ahhhh NOOOOO! I must maintain my distinction average!!!!! =O LOL I’m very obsessed with my distinction average. It’s so narcissistic == I suck ==

Yep. We’re allowed to cheat if it’s statistics xD The RBA does xD It has this thing called “allowances for errors” or whatever which means “We couldn’t make our thing balance so we’re making up figures here and justifying it xD”

Hehe! You must read FINNIKIN OF THE ROCK! [Which has replaced Twilight as my favourite book, so it is EPIC. *nods*] and The Persimmon Tree xD Oooh, I should read the Messenger too. The Book Thief was ♥


But it’s funnier reading about tough guys reacting badly to periods in books xD Like Finnikin of the Rock. Finnikin was like “It’s alright, there’s nothing you can say that can scare me, RAWR I’m tough!” and then Evanjalin [the girl] was trying to explain something about blood flowing and during periods, the people in the city use that excuse to smuggle the girls out of the city into safety so evil people [the guards] can’t rape them [see you HAVE to read it book, cos it’s AWESOME! xD and SO funny] and then Finnikin’s like; “I think I hear something outside”. Which was like LOOOOOL! NOT SO TOUGH NOW! xD

I have enough trouble updating my space cos I’m so lazy, My site would fail xD

Hahah well, we’ll see. You and James failed the first time around; I’ll show you I’ll fail twice or thrice! XD

Hahha that is really good though. :) I am worried about my huge essay because it’s worth 50%. I have a credit average in most of my subjects. Usually it’s the core subjects that I do terrible in. :P

Ohooo… now that’s interesting, even if I didn’t quite get it, LOL. I’m glad I do not do maths.

Today I asked Ryan what 114 multiplied by 2 is, and he said it was the most normal question he’d received all day. :P

Haha EPIC. Twilight was smashed down by a better book! /bounce

Oh, oh it was like that “This is All” book and how they were in the lake… and she pulled out the tampon and he was in such shock, oh my gosh. That book was so good, and that bit was absolutely hilarious.

Hahha oh dear. A lot of guys in books start practically silent squirming when they hear about periods! Well. No one would want to rape someone when they have their period – gross!

LOL. We shall see. If you become interested in a site later I can set you up. XD

LOL, no you won’t! James probably shouldn’t have failed first time round, and I failed first time round cos I did something stupid, which I shouldn’t have. You’ll totally pass =) I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOU! =D

I’m only JUST scraping a distinction average *dies* Aww CREDIT is still an awesome average to have! =D If I weren’t so intent on graduating with first class honours in law, I’d be content with Credit xD Haha. Don’t worry. Core subjects are boring…really hard to study so it probably explains why you have trouble.

Urgh, why do they make it weigh so much? Retarded! Hmph! My uni does that too.

Haha, basically the Reserve Bank [I think] is just sticking these random numbers in there which they pass off as ‘statistical errors’ so it looks like their figures [like their income and expenditure] balance xD Haha. I think. I can’t remember anymore…@_@…Someone told me in Commerce in year 10..

LOL! Ryan must get a lot of weird questions. I’d need a calculator to do that =P So it’s not that you’re bad at maths, it’s just we’re used to more difficult maths so it’s hard for us to do easy maths now xD

Haha, it wasn’t smashed! It was just bumped down a position is all xD

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I REMEMBER THAT PART! Cordelia was CRAZY! I would NEVER, EVER do that xD Hahaha poor William must have been like O_o Oh dear xD LOOOOL!

The evil people in the book probably would’ve raped the girls period or not, but they parents said that when the girl gets her first period [the land is cursed, see] she contracts this blood curse, which kills them, and then they pretend their daughter is dead, but really, she’s been smuggled to safety. Smart, huh?

Hehehe…maybe I will become a site addict xD

Wow look how weird our comment chain is getting. I’m scared. LOL.

Well it all depends on the instructor person too. I think I would still do badly!

Haha I would like honours. It sounds too impressive. It would be nice to get a distinction! I guess core subjects are boring but obviously, they’re just as important. I can’t believe first year is nearly over!

We have to go back and visit Girra sometime; by the way. :P

Yeah, I don’t know why… it’s a huge essay. We only get three assessments a semester – so weird. @_@

Oh, that’s nasty, sticking in random numbers. And confusing. O_O

Yeah, I think he gets a lot of weird questions. His tall appearance makes him look like the knowledgeable type. :P

Hahahha it was a great book though! XD

Oooh, a blood curse. Now that’s interesting. *evil laugh* /hehe

Don’t become a domain addict like me! Unless you want to, that is. (Might make you become addicted to Twitter on the way…)

Hahaha! This comment box doesn’t even fit in your white section now. This is hilarious =P

You’ll be FINE, silly xD I had an awesome instructor [even though he told me to fudge my hours and then forced me to do so xD], but I still failed first time round =P

Yeah, it does ^^ You can get honours too! =D [Or you can share my degree! If I get honours. *crosses fingers* xD] Urgh…Core units are so tedious, but yes, you are correct, they are probably just as important…which sucks…=(


Yes, we MUST visit Girra. MUST! Haha xD

Yeah, that’s like me…For most of my subjects, there are only 3 assessments a semester and the final is always worth more than 50%. If we fail that we fail the course. T_T It’s probably like that with you too…xD

Hahaha, you must look SO SHORT next to Ryan. David is 8cm taller than me xD But one of my other friends, Phillip. God, he is definitely at least 15 cm taller than me. =P

Yeah it was. His other books are pretty good too, but not as good as This Is All. I’ve read another 3 of his books =) I think I found one quite boring though =S But I may be confusing it with another book cos I’ve read too many…@_@.

Hehehe! Finnikin of the Rock! I swear if the book were a person, I’d marry him xD

Don’t worry I have no idea how to set up paypal and all xD No chance of domain addiction cos you’re enough of an addict for both of us xD

I noticed that too! It’s shoving its way outside. My gosh. Imagine if we kept on doing this and went to your visualisation of one word or one letter per line.

Of course I could easily edit the styling so it just goes directly underneath but that’s no fun!

Well I don’t have an instructor! But my mum said I can always forge my hours anyway, in the long run, etc.

Oh wouldn’t that be fun sharing degrees! Again that reminds me of Romy and Michele. /love

MUST! Now that you can drive there… Muahahaha!

Ugh ours isn’t always the final one but there is always one that is worth 45 or 50 percent. I think it would be the same here… dude, you got me worrying. But I guess I should pass. I should just pass… pass… thoughts of passing…

I mean I had an assignment last semester, worth a lot, and I only got a pass. For my other two assignments I got two credits or a pass and a credit. It averaged to a pass. Ugh.

Weightings suck…

I DO. I LOOK SO SHORT. Even in heels. I have to… what’s the word? Crane my neck? Creak my neck? It’s 1am and I can’t find that word. @_@

I swear Ryan is nearly twice my height though, far out…

I haven’t read his other books but that set with This is All looks nice. :)

Hahaha well no! You can’t marry him! /snort He is not real!

Hahahha woooooo. 🤤

Keep smiling Georgina :). I love visiting your site and reading you blog, it’s always a good read, and you’ve done so well with this website. It’s amazing how you’ve kept it up since you had your HSC exams and now university. If you have done all this then you have no reason to doubt yourself now, you’ll pull through it all eventually. :)

Hey Girlie :)

Long time since I left you a comment on here.. but guess what, it’s still the same reason.. I just thought like commenting you again :)

I seriously enjoy talking to you via comments or tweets or what ever. You’re a cool and super nice girl :) And you totally rock! I really can’t imagine how you manage college and a website. You must be suuuuper busy and you still find the time to blog and return comments – even if you aren’t as fast as you might used to be. Who cares? You still care about every single one of us and do your best to return comments – when you wnat to.

I think you shouldn’t “force” yourself – take all the time you need. We totally understand :) School is important and so you should put some more time into it. It’s your education and your future :)

And, hell yes! We do support you :)

Swetlana! :) ♥

I know you’re still around. I saw you working on your new domain, you know…? ;) Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. I know about your stupid computer and all that – that’s such a burden.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m pretty late returning comments now – but it’s just – wow. I feel so loved and it’s making me so happy I might cry. I think you and everyone else are so amazing.

You’re right. It is my education and future, so I should try hard. :)

Haha, that’s okay! I’m sure you’d be able to do it soon, though! :) I guess, once we are into an assignment, we actually aim to finish it off right away! But this mind of ours, it gets distracted too much anyway…. (Wow, I think that’s a cool quote, or something! XD)

LOL, yes! That’s a bit of a disappointment, though! /hmph

Yeah, yeah…I’m just not good at writing stories/poems about domains and such! Though, maybe I could have tried it! :D You see, “Participating is more important than winning!” ;)

Haha, that’s okay! Thank you Georgie, by the way, for encouraging me, LOL! :D

Yeah…it just feels like that….I don’t know; yes, maybe, we are going to be living a better life in the future….it just feels good to look on the brighter side, LOL! :D

I know, right? I’ve fallen behind my site once in a while…but it’s all bound to happen! You see, only a few people have the ability to cope with such things & still get their work done! That’s that; I’m sure you’ll be on track soon. :)

Really, it’s your website; people know that you have a life besides your website! I guess some people are a bit impatient when it comes to website-related things; so they might be disappointed when they don’t receive a quick reply. I’ve felt it myself sometimes, I admit. 😳

“Some of you keep me going”? Maybe, I’m included in this “some”? LOL! XD No, just, sort of….joking! XD

Yes…life besides the internet is equally important too, maybe even more important. 🙄

It tickles me funny-ishly when I remember the first time I visited your website! I was totally in love with it….I know many people have told you this…but you know, I mean it! Or else…I can’t be remembering it and all! I didn’t imagine Heartdrops would come this far (I don’t mean this in a bad way, Georgie) to be one of the most popular sites…you’re my role model, Georgie! I swear! :D I sometimes wish I owned Heartdrops…you have made me so shameful! :(

Yes, we know you appreciate everything even if you didn’t blog about it! Your friendship with us, tells us so! :D

You will regain the strength and everything, I’m sure….after all, you’re one of those very few people who have a clear mind about things & are able to cope with many things? Yeah! XD

Yeah, we know you can do it, too! :D

What, you doubt US? And preferably, ME? You doubt that I, Priya, of all the people, would not support you????

LOL, you know it, you know it yourself! I WILL STILL SUPPORT YOU, GEORGIEEEEEE!!!! :D

After all, what are friends for, when they don’t help you when you most need them? Probably, we are your distant friends! We might not see each other, but still, we are friends…and one of the bast at that! :D


Hey girl, remember me from Lack of Colour? Just wanted to let you know that although I no longer have a site, i still RSS feed to your blog and read it as soon as you update. I’m a die hard fan!! Although I don’t comment enough doesn’t mean I’m not there. Imagine how many people read your blog and decide not to comment?

You’ve got an amazing life on here. And I look forward to the next installment.

Hey, I remember! What the heck happened and where did you go?! :O

A lot of people visit my site, but only about 10 percent of them comment. I guess you’re right though – a lot of them don’t comment, but they do read. :)

Thank you so much. :)

I’m gonna start by apologising for this comment having no real structure and barely making sense.

I know I haven’t commented you in a while but I have been reading every single one of your entries you’ve been posting.

I’m so proud of you and I really do envy you: even with all this going on you still manage to keep strong and you are still keeping up with HD. We all go through times where we simply cannot do it any more. Whether it be permanent or just temporarily, if you need a break then take one. Don’t force yourself to return comments, do your reviews etc when you have more important things to do. I lost count with how many domains you own ages ago, but I think you’re around 10 now? You’re so dedicated, even through these times but if you feel you’re forcing yourself to do this, then I think it really is time you took a break. This was supposed to be fun but with things going on in offline life, it loses its fun.

I feel I’m rambling now. If there is anything I can help you with in any way, just let me know ♥

Hehe. It’s not like I expect everyone to comment on my blog. I have a lot of visitors but I kind of notice that some don’t comment. It doesn’t bother me too much, I guess – some people don’t have much to say.

I have many domains… man, they drive me nuts sometimes. But I really do love how I’m going along with things. Thank you so much. ♥

I’m surprised you even have the energy to continue with you’re website. Even tho its a hobby maybe even a passion?

I’ll support you all the way :) I wish i has this many online friends.

One day every thing you do will pay off. You’re a smart and strong girl Georgina, remember that when you are feeling blue.

I think people will understand if you don’t reply to every comment all the time. Some websites to reply at all.
you’re true fans know you’re busy.

Take one day of ‘me time’. Choose maybe a Sunday if you don’t have to go to church. Tell you’re parents you need to relax and you won’t be doing any cleaning. Put you’re laptop away, including assignments. Put on a face mast and lye back watching you’re favourite movie. Then go see a good friend, maybe buy you’re self something nice. Just one day a fortnight to you’re self with no stress or worries.

Georgie. Aw.
I’m gonna write the next part in caps so it’s very very very clear:

I just want to leave you a comment and letcha know that I understand and that I am here any time you need a certain someone (some comfort that is, lmao).

It is true that you do things fast and quickly but we all know that you can’t keep it up forever. You’ve got to have breaks to be sane. You’ve got to put a little bit of time aside for yourself.
With your site so big and so popular, no one should demand you leap to your feet and dedicate yourself so much that your life is basically just computer-y.

Besides, at least you are kind and thoughtful enough to return those comments. Better late then never, right? You work so hard anyway, especially for something that is a hobby and not a chore.

If people demand their review NOW or a comment THE NEXT DAY they are seriously selfish and I will stab ’em with a pitchfork.
Soes, if anyone causes you trouble, hand ’em over. M’kay?

Maybe you should close reviews for a while. You know that I used to review a lot (well, I kind of slacked off towards the end lmao) but it is so stressful and time consuming. Even if it’s just a week or something, having no reviews is…. nice. Seriously.

Awwww. ♥ Getting comments on moody/ sad blogs is such a nice feeling. Like someone kind of cares about you.
I care about you in my own weird way. :) As a friend. A good friend of mine, actually.

I mean like, offline, things with my friends/ school is a mess. It’s like there are two sides.
With a certain Georgina Luhur, knowing she’s sitting/ sleeping/ eating (LOL) on the other side of the world is great.

Because that’s one friend I have. :)
I agree. At the moment as my site has just opened again I’m so paranoid that everyone has forgotten about me… it’s like I got 6 comments in a day. LMFAO.
But at the same time I really appreciate all those comments. And on my blog about going on a break it was so nice to have people wish me luck and say they’ll miss me…

I kind of did that because I was annoyed with my site. Thought that nobody really cared about it.
Man, that was stupid. I feel really guilty now…

You’re not terrible at telling stories! I wish I could make everyday things sound interesting.
And aw, I caught HD at the beginning. Except back then it was me who had the site full of suck. @_@

God, how I cringe at the thought of it…


Good luck with the site and your assigments, I’m sure things will settle down soon. Now I’m going to repeat what I said earlier: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RETURN THIS COMMENT.

After all, I’m kind of rambling.

And your strength won’t burn out. :) It’s better to burn out then fade away (thanks Kurt Cobain. I think that’s it from memory…)

Georgina, y’know, if you ever want a break or just time to yourself, feel free to take it.

And yes, you have the support of myself. I’ll be with you in spirit through the hard times, kay? :)

ILY and I WILL SUPPORT YOU. *waves flag*
If you ever need any help or just want to rant, gimme a call. (That sounds so cheesy).

Sorry for the shitty comment. I just had to get that out to you.
Luv ya. xxx

:love: Aww, Georgina. We do love you and we’re here for you because you’re here for us. And we read your blog because it entertains us! It’s what friendship is. :)

I’ll be thereeeeeee. (8)

Don’t worry, we ♥ you, you’ll never be without online friends. <33

That joke is just off tha heezay. It's not real, it's just a joke made up, so don't worry about it. :D

Cheese is sexy :D Haha. Especially toasted… beautiful.

I'm very proud of my HP smiley. XD

I know, girls have to do everything. I wish men had to give birth LOLOLOLOL.


I think most people will understand (unless you have some weird stalkers… ) Good luck with those two assignments. My professors love to give projects and tests due on the same date…

I have no doubt that people will continue to support you. You’re probably the most dedicated site owner I’ve ever come across.

And I, personally, don’t think you’ve fallen behind. You’ve been a lot more active than some owners are. :D

Aww, thank you so much. ♥ I really appreciate your comment. I know people expect things from me, so sometimes it’s hard and I don’t want to let people down because for so long I have been dedicated. I just have to make sure I tell people if I’m struggling or going to have a break and hopefully they understand. :)

Of course we will still support you! Sometimes life gets in the way of things and you have to do what is important, first. If all those comments are bothering you, let them sit for a while. They will still be there.

I hope you find time to relax, and enjoy some things while doing work. It sounds like your super-stressed right now. Remember to light a candle and take a warm bath, those things always help me :) ♥

Thank you so much!

It makes me realise how much I DON’T take a break. I’m always staring at a screen and it’s terrible. This week I took some time out to hang out with my boyfriend instead of wasting my fingers away typing. Little things make such a difference. ♥

AWW. thank you for your hug.
very much appreciated.
i have had a really sucky weekend.
my sister and i were arguing (she told me that i was the cause of all her problems and that i ruined all of her relationships and that i am a b**ch. she’s 21 and i am 15 ¬¬) , then i had some sort of fit. and stopped breathing because i juts got so angry and couldn’t do anything to let the anger out and all the strain went to my chest. and yeah…
then, on top of that, i have about 5 coursework’s to complete and an exam to do. O_o
i fell asleep, into a deep slumber, during my lesson today because i felt so stressed.
i love reading you’re blogs.
they’re real, not some polished and airbrushed half-truth.
lifes tough, unless you live in some benign existence.
i’m guessing hence the screamo?
you’re site is lovely enough just the way it is? am i kissing arse too much? i kid.
you have to make time for education too. and of course we’ll support you. what degree are you doing at uni?
take care, have a wonderful week, and get lots of rest. (i suppose that makes me a hypocrite, seeing as how i cant seem to sleep)

Of course we’ll all support you! if we don’t our sites would suck even more than they do now! LOL ;)

hmm, maybe I shouldn’t leave a long comment?? You always reply to your comments quick so maybe you should just let it go for like a day or two, then spend 1 day replying them all :D I dunno, LOL

I complain about getting a lot of comments but you get A LOT more! i guess I shouldn’t be the one complaining….

I hope you complete those assignments soon!! :) then you can relax! Or so I hope!

Oooh I was right, well kinda!! Thanks! Even? That sounds sooo weird! Evening makes more sense but eve sounds waay better than even :P

;o REALLY??? that sucks :( I love halloween! lol! I guess it is kinda hard if you don’t really experience it! I just finished my header! I may put it up soon or just wait a couple more days…maybe after thanksgiving? probably not that long though!

ahah yeah! m friends say that it’s stupid but whatever!! I hate wearing a costume because I get all sweaty even if it’s like freezing cold! 🤬

lol! he’s 15 ;) 2 years older than me! mwuahah. but he is short!! but still ♥ so many people hate him! LOL i’m not surprised! but whatever! I love the sooong! except I don’t really get the lyrics but I just love it, more than I love him /hehe

i know… they should try studying for a reeaallly important test then work and do chores at the same time -.-!

I think I might write an article on uniqueness ahahh! you should too if you have the time! (i’m guessing not :()

Well I should stop this fairly long comment so you can work on your assignment!! (Y) Good luck!!

If you’ve fallen behind on your site I must be a mile behind D:

Take your time – uni should be a priority to your website. :) I’m sure all your regular visitors will still continue to visit your website even if you ‘fall behind’

If the reviews are a little overwhelming I suppose you could always team up with someone to help you write the reviews? Just a suggestion :P

I hope you can manage to get your assignments done on time; at least at the last minute anyway. :D

I’ll visit your site no matter what. I love reading your blogs. You’re a WAY better blogger than I am. Take your time with the site. Like Tiffany said, “uni should be a priority to your website.” and that the tooth! <– 👏 tooth lol


I need to go and read that last blog entry, I think. It sounded unfamiliar.

I agree! It’s a really petty, mean thing to do. I mean seriously what did he hope to achieve? He’s, I mean, IT is worse than my Bebo hacker.

Why take the time to READ THE BLOG of someone you dislike for the sake of bashing them. Haven’t you got better things to do with your life? APPARENTLY NOT.

Seriously if you dislike someone, fine. Just don’t try to be malicious about it. DO you think you’re going to get far in life by doing so?

He’s a sad little freak. =(


Petty! Rawr! I love that word – petty.

It would be strange if this person was your Bebo hacker by any chance!

I wonder why. Why bother? Especially after – dude, seriously – two years? This person is really sad if they’re still watching my every move or trying to find ways of growling at me or finding things to say about me. 🙄

I don’t think this person is going to go very far. James and I were talking about it on the train. Wow. I mean, keep this up and you’re really going to get nowhere if you’re clinging onto relations of an incident which occurred years ago.


Hahah, ‘course we’re here. And me /frog

‘Cos the last thing you need when things get tough, is another thing on your plate /bash We’ll deal with this, we will 💥 /bounce so we can all look forward to a better yesterday. /rose

Seriously, I think this calls for a blog, it does. They clearly don’t have a clue to what goes on, but they just have to friggin half-conceal snide remarks because they consider themselves experts on everything. If he’s really so cool and collected, why would he drop a smelly one? /argh


Awwwweeee. ♥

Yeah, it was a real letdown. Way to ruin everything. The icing on the cake, you know? The cherry on top. 💥

Ugh, half-concealing. It’s really low, like Lilian said. It’s a lot to say back in terms of the Fox and the Grapes. It’s really so lame. And I’ll be writing one now. /pow 💀

i dont know about you, but i think your site is perfect just the way it is right now. if i’m not wrong, i believe writing in this site is a hobby for you right? i feel that academics should be your priority so concentrate on that. for now as long as you’re updating your blog, i think its more than enough for anyone. people shouldnt expect more from you. we’ll stick around (: i know i will.

having gone through 3 years of uni, i know how much it sucks. but, good luck for your exams! (gives you a big hug)

I’m pretty busy now after reading your post,so i’ll just leave a short comment.

I’ll still support you,Georgina.You rock my world!

Hehe, the person who was inside the bathroom peeked out and saw me. And asked me why I did that. I just said sorry and walked away. XD

Aww, don’t worry. It’s your life and you should not keep yourself trying to update this site along with your university. Everyone will support you, because just look at the number of your comments! People like visiting your site. I know that I do, and I like reading your blogs even though we’re not affiliates or anything. So take your time, and pull yourself together. And then you can come back to the site and update it and stuff. :)

I’ve been feeling so blah too! Oh my God. I totally know what you mean, Georgina! I’m actually going through some form of “blah” moment, I think. It’s just so… I don’t know. It confuses me. I get happy, but then again i don’t know if I actually have the right to be happy in that particular moment. It just confuses me so much that I hate it. I get so many insecurities going up and down my brain.

I also have quite some comments to return and I have not returned all of them. Though, seriously, our academic lives are obviously taking all of this toll. Like; look how fast I used to comment before! I barely have time now. This comment is being typed REALLY fast and I’m just dropping by plus to return your comment too! I have blogs to read and return comments. Life is just so frustrating when you start to grow up and realise what life really is all about. I wish I was 5. I would have all the free time in the world and not have to care or know about anything that is happening to this darned world.

And yes, that comment being finished with this blog of yours; it’s the same with church. It’s like similar to the topic. The priest just randomise and talk and all… But sometimes I just don’t get it. Should we still follow what the priest tells us? I mean I don’t have any circumstances into not believing him or chucking Catholicism out of my life, I’m just feeling really bleh these days. Believe me, Georgina. I really hope we sometime get to have, at least, a little chat again. Today is my father AND sister’s birthday too. I don’t know whether I should go out or not too. And with this in mind, where else should I go in my life? Farewell, and see you on whenever I’ll comment back when you do so! :)

Lots of love, Diamond xoxo

Take your time- put your life first, and the comment returning somewhere at the bottom end of the list. :) /mwah P.S You don’t have to return this comment. :D
P.P.S WOW A SMILEY OF A POOP. /poo [/offtopic]

Georgieeeee. :) ♥

Yeah… suckage. But a week on Friday it’ll be half-term!!!

But I won’t be able to talk to you until Tuesday (TECHNICALLY Wednesday) because I’m going to Paris for 4 days with my year.
But then we have… *counts*… 7 + um. FUCK. Add. Add.
7 + 5-ish = 12 days to talk. :D

Wuh. Poor Harvey. :(
Does Fin like Harvey? XD

And yes yes…. everyone will hopefully meet Harvey at some point. He’s used to putting up with silly angry people, no worries. :)
YESHMS. Indeed, I did understand. :D

Yeah… but parents make mistaks, especially when they think they are doing the best for you.

:) *HUGGLE* ♥

HAHAAAAA. Some angel I am lmao, yelling at you to your work. XD I’ll get Harvey and Heartdrops to help, Fluey (LMFAO) gets on very nicely with HD. :D AND she can talk. :)
Can your domains talk? ;)

IMAGINE IF THEY COULD ACTUALLY TALK. That would be such freaky shit. T_T

My brother can be sooooo selfish with everything. And he’s a lazy poop often too.
Sydney will be way cooler than where I live. It’s the park or the Green.

Hell no, over here the weather is shitty. I wish we had swapped though… mebbe. I hate cold-ness. D:

YAY FOR THE SP!! /love

Of course I don’t mind. :)

WTF. That’s so rude of Bearman. Especially as it’s so obvious.
I can stab him with a pitchfork if you want? Were you hinting…? 💥 ;)

And aw, don’t worry about it. He’s just an immature poo. /poo
And it’s not worth your time over him, ‘kay? Specially a stupid FB message thing. Everyone loves you for who you are and your blogs have a right to be moody sometimes, you can’t be happy 24/7. Hard work.

And ILY. :)

Awws. :) That’s so sweet. ♥
Well I would but I have Anberlin on and I haven’t listened to them in like, 2 weeks. O_O

YES. You are so right. I’ll change it in a minute then… I’m reaching the end of the album “Cities”.

Awws, thankees. :D That’s so sweet of you to return it, and THAT is why it’s okay to be a bit behind with the site, ’cause you care about your comments and visitors and keeping in touch.

If you won’t hug me, I’ll hug you. LMFAO.

Awwwwwws, you’d better get back to your work right afterwards though! (HAHAHAHAAAAA. Some “angel” coming through. BE PREPARED). ;) (Y)

But aw, that’s so nice of you to say so. :)
Talking to a friend is great. LIKE I AM TALKING TO YOU NOW.
I think it’s 5:19am there?? Well you’ll be up soon, when I’m in bed.

Maybe I could try skiving tomorrow.
At the same time, I can’t be bothered. School is school, man. Better go. Face the shit.
Besides, it is LAW. Yanoe?

(Well. THE law).

Glad you and James have seen more of each other. :D


Oh yes, fighting the turds at school. Well it was 11:15am so I was stuck in double English, fun fun fun!
You know, for my English homework I have to write a letter about a murderer? FROM THE MURDER’S POINT OF VIEW? And then I have to go into detail.
No freakin’ way. I mean sure I can deal with reading/ writing about murder but I don’t feel it’s appropriate (I know I spelt that wrong, eff) for people my age to do. Maybe GCSEs or something.

Because you have to plan out the murder and everything, and then explain how the murder felt…

Oh well. I’d better do it soon. :(
So at 11:15, I was daydreaming. THINKING. Ta-da. :)

Haha yeah I hadn’t realised how much there was to learn and that actually it wasn’t that hard to learn… weird. :P

And awhs, thank youssss. :D
I’ve been overusing smileys in general. /um

Right? :D

But it’s a pretty flag. *nods* I like waving it. :) It’s a J-G flag, ‘kay? Part Aussie, part Brit, part computer geek and part Grammar Nazi. PRETTY SWISH ‘N’ ROCKIN’. :)

That’s you. :D



:) (Y)

I fail. I put “the murder felt” and in cases I meant MURDERER and not MURDER.

BTW, how long is that comment? It looks pretty lengthy. /um

duhh!!! of course you still have a ton of support! You’re such a great person and have a lot of friends here and they care for you as much as you care for them! Take your time and do what you need to do, it’s important to prioritize. I’m kicking my butt in school and work and I don’t have as much time as I wish I did for my site. But even though I’m busy I know I still have some friends waiting for me everytime I find a bit of time to go on my site and write and return comments. I do have a lot less friends and comments than you do but I think if you take a few days, you’re going to come back and still have strong support. Good luck with everything :D

I get what you mean about people lacking respect and stuff.
Everyones needs their own privacy and people shouldn’t intrude or twist their words.

That’s OK if you’re behind. It’s your site and people wanting reviews and stuff will just need to wait. You can do whatever you like with your site and they just need patience.
I think it’s awesome you get so many comments, although it must take a while to reply to them all. It shows how much you’re loved :)

Just take your time with everything Georgie. The end of the year is always a busy time.

Of course we’ll still support you. Well at least I definately will! You’re awesome :) I’ve learned so much from you and not just about having a website.


Yeah. If you start young it’s definately and advantage. I wish I’d started ballet earlier, but I started at 10 and some people consider that too late.

Our dog’s gonna be OK! I’m so happy. Turns out it was just some really bad infection. She still has to wear that dreadful helmet thing though.

Haha! What age can you get your learners/ licence in Australia?

I’m gonna see if my friend’s brother will go with my brother seeing as they’re both going to that school next year. I’ll try and be strong. :) If not I’ll get a whole group of my mates to go with me.

I know! I hate it so bad. I have a really week stomach so I end up have like a week off school every month just for it.

Gosh that’s silly you have to pay extra money. A prize is supposed to be free.

You take care too :)

Aww Georgina! What a sweet blog. I absolutely love reading your blogs and the comments you send to me. They are so thought out. You have done a great job and seriously don’t lose faith in your work. I will always support you to the best of my ability! ♥

I know. Even is you are wrong, check it then respectfully say it back. Haha! EX! XD At least, all of my hostees and I made up but of course I had to apologize first but oh well haha.

Hmm, yeah maybe he was just cranky. He gets like that a lot when he doesn’t eat enough food. :P

Well my mom scared me because she was all like “That’s it! I hate this computer! You might be off of it forever!!” D: I freaked.

Oh yeah! I think you have told me that before. :P It was summer here and winter there haha.

Oh I know! D: I think they should at least send you an email asking formally that they are intrested in getting hosted and if you would maybe consider it. Then they should show you their work. That may get them a much better chance.

Oh wait…I haven’t been on the hostee page for a while but doesn’t it say that you don’t accept any more hostees? If so, and they ask that’s rude. >.<

Well I am sure it will all get better for you and again, I am here for you.

Ew yeah. Those people are so shallow. Real friends are ones that even if you don't have activities together you still make an effort to keep touch for a long time but again, there is really nothing wrong with having friends that are for like 2 years as long if you are not mean to others – er I think that was a run-on sentence. XD

I understand how you feel. Sometimes we just get so busy with our studies and real life that our time just isn’t enough. I’m still trying to strike a balance between school, work and my website.

Maybe you should rest a little while and then continue. I’m sure all of us will still be here waiting for your return. We are always here for support. I’m sure bad times will be over soon! :)