The Fox And The Grapes

I just wanted to say thank you, to all the lovely people – whether you are close to me or not – who commented on my last few blogs. It really means a lot to me to have people support me and to have true friends, no matter if they’re friends online. Many a time I’ve come across people who are rude, or hurtful, but my friends make up for all of their shit.

James told me to read one of Aesop’s fables the other day – The Fox And The Grapes.

I’m sure you all know what a fable is, but in the rare case that you don’t: a fable is a short story which imparts a moral.

In the fable The Fox And The Grapes, a fox, hunting for food, comes across a grape vine high up in the trees, loaded with huge, juicy grapes. /drool Obviously, he was hungry, and wanted some of the grapes, so he made an attempt to reach them.

When that failed, he continued trying his hardest, leaping and jumping and outstretching his paws to the vine. He continued to try, but he could not reach the grapes. The more he tried, the more tired he got.

“I bet those grapes are sour anyway; what a fool I am!”

The fox walked away, annoyed, and he did not get his grapes.

The moral? Some people scorn and despise the things they cannot have. I love how this fable depicts cognitive dissonance, which I recall learning in social psychology (sociopsychology). This story ties in with something that happened yesterday…

Yesterday I was logged into Lilian’s Facebook account. I don’t have an account so I was just going for a browse, seeing how she was going in Typing Maniac since someone beat her score, and just having a general nosey.

Then this update on her wall, by someone we both knew from high school, caught my eye, particularly because it wasn’t really an update at all but someone having a whinge.


Wow. Well. I was wondering why someone would be so upfront about something on Facebook – or pretty much, why. Well, since this person knows both of us, I realised that this person was probably referring to me and my previous blog, in which I had mentioned losing my faith in God and feeling that I don’t really believe as much as I did when I was a child.

It became more obvious to me that this person had read my blog – and gee – wow. Who the hell do they think they are, twisting my words like that.

Saying that I blamed God for things? Did I ever say I blamed God? Wow, this just goes back to my numerous rambles on how people need to learn to read.

Not only that, but this person had to post this on Facebook? They couldn’t, you know, leave me a comment calling me a “silly girl” and an “imbecile”?

Way to go. This is exactly what Becca was talking about, with “Don’t be a Twitch” – a “Twitter bitch”. Only this would be in the case of Facebook.

It makes me think of the fable because of the past. Why are they still hanging on and getting mad at me like they did before? Some discreet mention about me, most likely, in a status update of sorts, and furthermore, scorning me?

I don’t understand why people can’t just say shit to my face. If you have something to say, say it to my face. I might not have done that in the past, but that’s why I get stuck in so many fights – because I end up telling it like it is to people, right to them.

It takes courage to do that. This person… well, doesn’t have any.

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*shakes head* I don’t understand why people would post up hateful stuff like that. So wrong. Twisting other people’s word . . . ugh. Some people need to get a life.

And that’s an interesting fables and homg cognitive dissonance! . . . I studied that in Psychology classes :D I miss learning about psychology — though I can’t say I enjoy actually carrying out the research. X_X;;

If you like fables, you should check out Aesop and Son, these animated shorts that does parodies on fables. :D They are created by the same people who did Rocky and Bullwinkle. Then again Rocky and Bullwinkle are awesome! <3

WE LOVE WUGGS! ♥ ♥ ♥ Hehehe!

Yeah, true friends…are AWESOME. I’m so glad I have true friends [and so do you xD Haha]. I really hate the sort of people who will do something just to be spiteful. Really, what are they achieving, besides showing the general population how much more maturing they have to do. It’s just so juvenile. [I’m still mad at my Bebo hacker].

Aesop! He is awesome! His fables are SO cool xD I like the one about a wolf in sheeps’ clothing. How the stupid wolf put on this sheep costume to get food more easily and then he got mistaken for a sheep and killed. Hahaha! Moral of the story: Don’t be such a fake two-faced freak. Or you DIE! Hahahahaha! Oh god, what’s happened to me, I’ve gone sadistic xD

Hehehe that grape story. xD Hehehehehehehe! What a stupid fox. And even if he couldn’t reach the grapes. No need to call the grapes sour. Just move on and find another bunch of grapes. DUH! xD Such pride *shakes head* Overly proud fox =P

Awwww! How sweet! You were looking at how I was going in Typing Maniac =D Hahaha [Don’t worry, I’m coming first this month. I have yet to despair at my score being beaten, which it will no doubt be soon xD].

Awww =( I’m so sorry *hugs* That’s totally not fair to you to see something like that when you’re going through such a rough time =( Losing faith is something that’s a serious matter. No one deserves to see something so hurtful. I mean usually when someone’s going through a hard time, you’re supposed to give them support rather than bash. Especially when you don’t know about the WHOLE situation.

You’re right. In your blog, you didn’t mention that you were blaming God ANYWHERE. You were just saying that you were losing your faith. WHERE did you blame God for anything?

Yeah, I think that people should learn to say stuff to people’s faces rather than going behind their backs and saying such horrid things. It’s just so cowardly.


I hope you’re not confused now; I’m replying to your comment on my new blog! XD

It most definitely is immature. I mean, in doing something like that, you really are just showing people how juvenile you are!

I love fables in general; that wolf in sheep’s clothing sounds familiar to me now. Silly. That is a good moral though. ;) ;)

Well, I suppose something would be out to get your life if you were two-faced… I guess that isn’t really accurate to say you would actually die. :P

Haha it reflects you-know-who. He’s the damn fox. Scorning me. O_O

I hope you stay there for another month! And forever! Just so you know, don’t add my friend Vivien because she would beat you. She’s so fast it’s not funny.

Ugh, I did feel really shit. I mean, it’s such a stupid thing to say in an attempt to make someone feel bad or feel angry, especially in my situation. I’m not asking for pity or sympathy, but what a nerve. Particularly that person. *HUGS*

BARGHH. That is true. I mean, I didn’t even give away everything in my blog and to make it worse they actually read it wrong. It almost makes me pity them for being such a… /poo

Oh win, I have never used that emoticon in a comment reply. :D

LOL, I didn’t even mention anger or anything at God. I just said that I felt like I didn’t believe in him as much. Wow. As if that means I’m angry or blaming him for my life problems. 🙄

No courage! *nods* Sigh. I mean, sometimes it’s mean to be so blunt and rude, but to do something seemingly semi-privately on Facebook? Wow, what did you think, that I was never going to see it because I don’t have a Facebook, hence, you’re not wanting me to see it and therefore accounting yourself as a failure because you don’t want me to read it… see what I mean?

LOOL! Don’t worry, I’m not confused ^^

It’s ironic, huh? We’re the young ones, and yet we can find someone that totally owns our immaturity, and believe me, that is not meant in a nice way. Seriously, grow UP. ==

I agree =) Fables are AWESOME! I must find a book of fables and buy it!

Yeah, you wouldn’t actually die from being two-faced, especially since death is too good for you. SUFFER FIRST! Muahahahah! [Told you I’ve gone sadistic]

Yes! Foxes are quite sly anyways. See the connection? =P

Hahahaha! Alright, don’t worry. I will not add your friend, Vivien. Not because I don’t want her to beat me in Typing Maniac, but because I have no idea HOW to add her xD Even if I did know her last name, it still takes a bit of thinking to remember how to add people on facebook cos I’m such a noooob =P

Duh! What’s equally stupid is that person read your blog. If you don’t like someone. Usually you do not read their blogs. Otherwise it sends out a message that you’re small and petty and you have no life. And also, you’re a stalker. You weren’t asking for pity at ALL. Just some support. That’s what friends are supposed to do. Support each other!

Hmph…twisting the truth. How very lame…==…Manipulative freak. That person will get what they deserve sooner or later. I hope sooner.

Yeah, you know, I really don’t see the connection. What a very retarded imagination that person has. How does losing one’s faith directly correlate to being angry at that person. The two things are completely contradictory. If you lose your faith, it implies you don’t believe in something anymore. If you’re angry at that being…that means technically, you still believe in him. Obviously someone doesn’t THINK before they TALK. Meaning they shouldn’t talk…*rolls eyes*

I get what you mean. So fail. Really…Really, really fail…==…Doing something so stupid…*shakes head* does doing that make him feel more superior? As if he’s a decent moral guide anyways. His morals are retarded. Who is HE to preach at YOU.

Oh, totally ironic! I have to agree. I always thought we were kids, but when it comes to common sense and courtesy… wow. Some people are really quite… /poo

I’m sure we know a lot of the morals in real life without reading the fables. It would still be nice to own a book!

SLY! Hahaha. /bounce

She has the world’s most common last name. Nguyen. :P

I think you type in their email? If I’m right, let us hope that isn’t a sign that I somehow know more about how to add people on Facebook than you do!

Wooow. I agree. I read people’s blogs because I’m interested or because I’m curious about something. If I hated someone I think I would get the hell away from their blog. I would try to avoid them. Of course, there is room for curiosity, but such blatant comments made about it publicly on Facebook is a bit… “wow you are a freak dude”.

I hope sooner too. LOL at the virus though, and, just for the record, our computers were clean. (Y)

Oh, yes, you have a point. If you are angry at something you must believe the subject in question actually EXISTS. But in essence, they still clearly twisted my words. 🙄

LOL. I think we have talked about this 8626229671673 times before. NO MORALS. 🤮

Haha! That’s 2 replies with /poo You’re on a roll! But yeah, there are different types of immaturity. That person is definitely stupid-immature. We’re just slightly-exasperating-at-times-immature =)

Yeah! But the stories are so cool ^^ Even if we already know the morals. OMG, I SHOULD GET A MORAL BOOK FOR MY SECOND COUSINS! Hahaha! Christmas present DONE! xD

Hahaha, Nguyen isn’t as common as “Tran” apparently xD

David’s Viet too! But I don’t think his last name is very common @_@

LOL, yes you type their email! But usually I have to look for the search box where you type their email. It took me until THIS YEAR to realise that search box wasn’t a search engine but a find people on facebook box. How sad. xD And I wouldn’t be surprised if you DID know more about facebook than I did. Like I said, I’m a noob xD

Uh huh…if you read their blog…you usually keep it to yourself, not attempt in a round-about-way to tell the whole world that you’ve read this person’s blog and think you’re better than them. Cos that’s just really…pathetic.


Yes, they did. Word twisting is so Frontline. Except in that person’s case, so much less funnier. I mean if that person had a funniness rating, it’d be in negative numbers. Greedy, pretentious FREAK!


Yes, yes, I am on a roll indeed! Haha we are kid-at-heart-immature. But that isn’t really classified as “immature” in my opinion…

Oh, everyone needs to learn about morals and even better at a young age. :)

That just reminds me of Natalie Tran on YouTube. They’re still quite common names!

Woah. Well I just Google people’s names to find them on Facebook. That’s probably more sad, because the website is like a blank piece of shit to me. You can’t see anything, at all, without having an account and logging in. Way to go. 🙄

Haha well there are things that are to be assumed. I don’t know why you’d need to search for anything besides people though… :P

Very pathetic! I know there wasn’t a mention of me, but wow. *drips with sarcasm*

Hahaha fail! XD

Yeah, “manipulating the truth”. “Tantalising” and whatever other fancy words they threw in. There is absolutely no sense of humour there. I agree with the negative numbers. :P

Awww you broke the roll xD LOL.

Yeah, kid-at-heart-immature is totally allowed cos it’s not hurting anyone. That other kind of immature on the other hand. Now THAT’S the kind of immaturity that could land you into a seriously bad position. People will get offended. Wait till you offend someone twice your size and with better access to a legal team that can squash huge violence convictions. THEN that person will be sorry *snickers*

Yep. Maybe if that person learned about morals at a young age xD

NAT TRAN! Omg, Natalie Tran is AWESOME! Hahahahahaha. She’s HILARIOUS!! =D =D Must go on youtube and watch all the videos of hers that I’ve missed while being epic busy =P

Aww, don’t worry, it’s not much different WITH an account. I think you can see the person’s profile pictures, some of their friends and their name. Other than that, you have to be friends with the person ==. Stupid facebook.

Oh no, not for facebook, I thought it linked to Google or something. Like you know how on msn, there used to be a search button that linked to ninemsn or whatever. I thought there was this search thing on facebook that basically let you go to a search engine. Or maybe only let you look for people on your actual facebook. Not on ALL of facebook to add someone xD

So blatantly obvious it was about you. It was way too coincidental anyways. ==


Oh I did? Awww! I was too occupied with replying in a happy mood that I did not think of shit. /poo /poo

Well there you go. :P

Ugh, like down a hole. I hope. Well, size doesn’t matter (or does it?) but you could definitely get yourself in deep shit. Way to start a fight, geez.

Hahha, that was so not subtle hinting. I doubt they learned anything about morals. WOW. (I have been using that word a lot lately.)

I watched a few of her videos the other day. I don’t remember if they were new but they were ones I hadn’t watched. One about her being in an Enrique video that simply turned out to be some BS karaoke crap!

Oh. Oh. Because I can see a person’s picture, and their friends, if I don’t have an account. Boring anyway. XD

Ohhh. Well, most sites’ search functions are to somehow look within that site, or something of the sort. Don’t worry, there’s a Google search thing in the corner of your Firefox window. ;)

Haha… I might add:

If you’re reading this, sucker. Wow. You have no guts. 💀

LOL, alright you’re back on the roll ^^ *dance*

YEP! He’s totally digging his own hole right now. Let’s wait for him to fall down said hole =) We shall chuck a party ^^ [Hosted near the hole which shall be boarded up for safety reasons].

My bad 0=) Subtlety isn’t my forte =) But nevertheless HE SHOULD HAVE LEARNT! xD

Hehehehe! I showed you the one where she was ridiculing this racist guy, right? Where she corrected all his grammar? HILARIOUS! Awww…Her videos are so cool =)

OMG, so basically getting an account is useless unless you want to be friends with someone. Ha! Facebook fails. [Even though I have one. Since I have one. I can diss it more xD]

Hmmm, lol. Maybe I just have a retarded way of thinking. Only a freak like me would mistake that for a search engine. Haha!

“If you’re reading this, sucker. Wow. You have no guts. 💀 ” Seconded. =)

I’m on the roll, because I’m cool shit! (H) /poo

LOL, digging your own grave. That comes from a song too… Gravedigging by The Classic Crime. I think.

Haha well sometimes it’s hilarious when you’re very blatant about things and not subtle. *nods*

Oh, I haven’t seen that! But that would suit me and my grammar Nazi-ness. :D

Well, I think I’ll stay without a Facebook then. My online friends tell me the same, and that it’s nothing special. :P

Hahaha well, that’s what you call NOT user friendly! /bounce

(just going to leave this short non related blog comment before i leave a proper one)

i was going to comment when you’ve confirmed you’re okay again, i feel like im adding to your stress level, seeing as I’m like always commenting you, ha. <33

So now, to the proper comment..

I havn't heard of that fable but I really like the moral of it. =]

Wow. What a retarded bitch. Hah. LMFAO. I'm just LOLing at that, because it's so utterfly mother effing stupid. Say it to the face or don't say it at all, fucking nub. You'd think she'd been raised by animals or something.. (hehe, see what I done there. ;) )

That's like something that's happening to me. =.=

Except the story is utterly sad, so bare with me.

There is this youth club (name says it all, I'm sure you know what a youth club is <3) anyway, theres 3 youth clubs in my area, and there is the main town one and 2 out of town ones.

So, I joined one of the 'out of town' ones, even though i should be at the town one.

The town one wasn't on 2 years ago, so I assumed it wasn't opening again, and joined the 'out of town' one, before I knew the town one was having one.

And this year, all the 'towns people' (heh, i seem hypacritcal) are joining my youth club, which is annoying seeing as they've they're own perfectly good one.

So, I decided to tell the people joining that it's a bit slow that they're moving from the one they went to last year, and they had like, a massive shitfit.

They came up to me saying "why are you like having a major freak out?!!!!"

I just explained to them how retarded they're being.

Immature? I think so. GAH. It's so pathetic when I read over it. Id-ee-ots.


Thank you I’m glad you noticed. I guess as i write my book, my grammar and such gets better as i go.

What a mean spirit. You’re blogs should not be posted on face book, she is the silly girl.

I’ve never been a fan of face book, my space, twitter. Never got into all that. I think i opened a my space profile for the simple reason, i wanted to check out a friends personal page through hot mail. Something like that.
Never got around to doing much more then adding a photo of me with orange hair! /hehe

I had something like that happen to me a few days ago. This chick basically said I shouldn’t complain about babysitting if I am getting paid. If she actually read what the hell I wrote, she would have noticed that I wasn’t complaining but just telling what happened.. or something like that. People get on my nerves sometimes. /angry

I think that people who post crap like that on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc are just cowards themselves. She’s the real silly girl.

Heyyy!!! Sorry that I haven’t talked to you in FOREVER! How’s it going?

And thanks, homecoming was okay. We just went with a big group of friends but it was still fun :)

And ugh, I don’t get why people would post stuff like that on the internet where everyone can see it. It drives me crazy.

haha yeaa, I finally got the time to reply to comments! I try not to read them until I actually reply because then I get confused XD

yea it sucks! It doesnt seem that scary until you like actually see it, everywhere. Everything shutting down and people wandering around homeless. At like 4AM I saw like people going through my trash for like cans and bottles XP. that stuff is kinda freaky

haha yeaa, the teachers are sooo stupid, they barely know how to use the computers…how can they teach us about HTML? Oh gosh. XP

awwwww, I dont like church like that. My church is very like fun and like they talk about their lives and stuff. Its sad how you feel how God didnt help you D; and how that effects how you feel about God. I would feel the same way if I was in your situations D:
ohh cool! Lots of my friends are catholic, I’m not though, I’m Lutheran which is like another form but its like less strict and stuff XD

TWITCH. Hahah I’ve never heard that before! Thats a good one ! LOL

THE FOX AND THE GRAPES! i read that in school and we had to like take notes and stuff. I also had to draw a picture of one of the scenes. Mine was such a horrible picture LOL.

Oooo, love your layout=) ♥

..and that person should fix their words whoever said those things on fb. xd. :D You know, Facebook, everyone who’s your friend can see it.. 💥 yea…

Yeah, that story has a point.

I think you exactly the right perspective one that girl. Not a lot of courage.

I can see where she is coming from but I can really see where you are coming from. Sometimes God looks so real in people. You know the kind I’m talking about? The Holy Ghost is like all over them! And the scary thing to me is God can can seem just as unreal.

I don’t judge you for losing your faith. Sometimes it just happens.

Turns out the zero was because I inadvertently phrased a part of my summary almost exactly as it was stated in the article. :P (Incidentally, I learned the definition of “verbatim” that day.) Apparently the facts were mostly fine… but the redo is a paragraph longer than the previous one, so hopefully I included all the details that she wanted me to include. Should be better.

The song night was nice… I liked listening to all the different types of music. The guy sitting next to me, however, was sour that our group didn’t pick his Michael Jackson song and kept whining about how he didn’t like the genre of whatever was playing. IT WAS LAME, and he pissed me off because of that and other things. I shan’t continue, though, because I tend to do a good job of working myself up. :P


I prefer to have problems about me told to my face, as well (although it really doesn’t need to be blunt and rude), but I have a hard time doing it for other people. With a lot of people, I feel like they just wouldn’t be able to handle it. I only do it with a small number of people that I think won’t overreact and get all pissed.

I just think it’s awful to be blunt. I firmly believe in honesty without being too painfully blunt. :P

It bothered me a little — although I can’t do anything about it — that it counted as plagiarism. I was summarizing an article, and the article was attached. It just so happened that I phrased it the exact same way they phrased it. I know how to reference and cite and such, so this seemed almost unfair. I totally understand the teacher’s point of view, though.

I wonder the maximum number of points I can get on it now that I’ve turned in the redo.

So if it’s out of 30 points, would you say probably something like a 20, then? (66%… I think that’s like a D- or something.) She doesn’t do a pass/fail thing… ugh, I hate that unless it’s a test… it’s all scored.

But you can’t feel as super proud of yourself if you get just a “pass” as you would if you say you got like 90%+. I love knowing that I did extremely well. :D

Tskk.. some people have nothing better in life to do so they end up bitching about other people.

I agree with you Georgina, if someone has a problem with me, I’d rather have that person spit it out to me and not talking behind my back. That just shows what a coward that person really is.

I hope you’d be able to get over that sh*t soon, but judging from what I know about you, you’ve probably put that behind you already :)

Man, that girl is so /angry . /angry !
:) Heehee, if only they didn’t sound so immature and girly /bounce

I really like that fox and the grapes story, because the fox was stupid. Stupid as a fox. /bounce Once Keeks wanted to eat some little apples off the tree and she got so fed up with jumping after eating all the ones within reach, she tried to walk up a branch. She fell off while clawing at an apple but it was really cute /love

I have a new term; the Facebook Fag. I’ll call them..well, fags. HUMOF


“Girl”. Now you know it’s a guy… who just has serious issues. 💀

It is pretty immature though. Wow. I still can’t believe it. Two years and they’re being a fox. Treating something they used to “love” with such impertinent dislike.

Aww! Poor Keeks! But she still got some. She was a greedy one there because she wanted more. /hehe

Facebook Fag = FF.

Wow, I thought I had a bad time with stealers. It looks like you had it worse. :( I can understand why people steal from you, your works are absolutely great! I visit your website on on-and-off basis (though I never left a comment on your posts before) and I know you’ve put a lot of effort on it so it really isn’t fair to have people stealing things away from you. Hmm, maybe I should visit you more frequently. :D

Sometimes I thought I’m being mean for saying nasty things about these people but I really can’t think of anything else to say. I suppose I should just zip my mouth and wait for karma to do its work. ;)

Oh, yay! Assignment extensions always relieves us! :D

LOL, yes, that’s what I’ve been, uhm, trying to…tell you. XD Life isn’t only about the internet! XD

Yes, it’s the same with me, too. :) Sometimes, certain people don’t reply at all. That’s most annoying!

Oh, you really….think my layouts are good and all that? LOL, I never thought about it! But, thank you SO much, Georgie, you got me hooked up. :D I want to continue with my website now that you…encouraged me. :) THANK YOU! :D

Haha, that’s alright! I’m here for you, whenever you need me! :D

Yes, exactly! I never realised I’d learn so much from online friends like you!

Okay, tell me, which one of these two words have the correct spelling? – realised | realized

LOL, I was just not sure, you see, since Firefox always marks off realise with red underlines. :/


Haha, that reminds of the fables that I read when I was much younger…LOL. :D
LOL, yeah, what a stupid fox!

OH? That really is so rude. You never blamed God. And I’m sure you won’t? :)
Anyways, don’t mind such people….they’re always what they are, idiots. Don’t care about it too much! Because worrying about it won’t get you anywhere. LOL. I mean that in a good way, if you get what i mean!

LOL, Twitch! Yeah, exactly! Facebitch? XD

Haha! Yeah, karma indeed! Looks like the payback comes sooner than expected in this case. Lol.

I, too, thought that person was a girl. I mean, it is usually girls who do this kind of things. Haha. Well, now that his computer is hit by virus, that should keep him away from the net and from causing trouble for a while (unless he’s got another computer to use).

Aww, it’s okay for the comments. Had to get it out to you. :)

“Many a time I’ve come across people who are rude, or hurtful, but my friends make up for all of their shit.”


OMG. Aesop’s fables! I love his fables. ♥
Stupid fox though… I mean, that’s loserish, even if I don’t like grapes. They might have been the nicest grapes in the place.
I never knew foxes were quite that agile, hehe.

STUPID MORON WHO WROTE THAT COMMENT. (I won’t say they’re a bitch, lmao).
I didn’t notice you blamed God. You just said that you had lost faith in Him and that the prayers you said involving your family didn’t “work”.

I could rant for ages too about people learning to read… but that would make this comemnt 4823408332 words long. XD

A Twitch, eh?
Facebook sucks, period. At least Lilian’s can be used by you to check up on her and her Typing Manaic thing. XD

UGGGH. I know…. it’s so braver to say this shit to somone’s face, and it hurts less, ’cause you know they said it straight to you.

I hope they get a life and leave you alone, ’cause more people care about you then those who scorn you. ‘Kay?

AND I still have my pitchfork. Heh.

Wow. People should that there are some things you shouldn’t post on facebook. How dare that person say that about you? If I were you I would’ve corrected what this person said and posted back on their wall. Some people are so immature and should get off the internet. Obviously they don’t know what their talking about. I think he/she/it was being nosey.

I was playing Uno on facebook and this 14 y/o girl was trying to tell me off. I was like, first off, LEARN HOW TO SPELL. Second, don’t you supposed to be in school? Third, Who asked for your commentary? I hate people who try to put others down to make themselves look good. When the game was almost over, she was trying to friend everyone. We was like, NO. Go away you little pest.

If I was Lillian, I would e-stab the person (LOL) and delete the douche for talking about my friend like that.

Ugh, I so don’t understand people. Why do that when they know that you’re going to find out…and there was no reason to attack you. You didn’t do anything wrong except say how you feel. Not your fault they got their panties in a bunch!

I remember that fable. I also get told when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I hate hearing that :P :P

Sounds like you are feeling better. I’m glad! Those moments can be awful!

On a brighter note, I’m using one of your layouts again XD. I tried to code one myself but it’s such a headache and I was hmm…I like Georgina’s layouts…I’ll work with one of hers :D

Don’t know exactly what I’m going to use my blog for, but I’ll figure something out! You’ve been added as a favorite too ♥

Wow, what a mean person, and how lame! -___-
Blah, and you didn’t say you blamed God for those things !

Yeah, it was all pretty lame.
But thankfully, the rumors are almost all gone.
Except yesterday, my “friend”, asked me. Eh, whatever. It’s only one person. (:
Hmm, well I don’t thnk that person actually made up that rumor.
He’s not that kind of person, I think, and I know he doesn’t like me.

Oops, sorry. :P

Yeah, and we wouldn’t waste like 1-4 hours of our Sundays at church. I go to church every Sunday, too, and I don’t enjoy it that much, either. :|

Can I just say that wasn’t very nice of that person, and that’s the exact reason why I choose not to believe in the first place. I know that’s not the point of your blog, but that makes me the most angry. ‘Maybe you should pray every hour’ .. seriously. Ugh.

And respect your parents? What’s that got to do with anything. Respecting your parents doesn’t solve all ‘family problem’. I have tons of ‘family problems’, and only a small few actually involve my parents. My father and I don’t speak. Not because I don’t respect him, but because he’s a deadbeat. So their logic just doesn’t work for me.

As for your fable story. It’s so true. People do it all the time, and I think they do it for an ego boost. No, I know they do it for an ego boost, to make themselves feel better. It’s wrong and stupid, but it’s something almost everyone does.

I admit I get kind of annoyed as well, but I just ignore it. I do visit their site, but I don’t comment. I mean if it’s a hit they want, then so be it. If me visiting their site somehow impacts their life, then I’ll oblige.

Me being away from my site doesn’t always mean I’m busy. It has a lot to do with how I’m feeling. I still feel depressed a lot of the times. I don’t have any friends on the net, so I don’t feel that ‘connection’ and feel like ‘Why do I even bother with this’. I’m not saying that I’m not busy; because I am hella busy. Just when I do get some down time, I have to be in the right mood to do anything.

It sucks.

Oh course you do!! ♥ Your welcome!!

that is a lot! that’s like 1/5!! Gosh it takes me like 2 days to write 500 words cause I’m horrible with grammar, and all that stuff :P i see!! i also saw your edit on your previous blog! i was like WTFF! annnd now you explain it.. i think xD

yeah, unless you complain like everyday to everyone! it gets annoying omg i just noticed this amazing smiliey !! /type ahahah! it goes with what i said above ;D

thats good! i usually procrastinate :( and think i have a lot of time left when I really don’t!

ooh! i just noticed lmfaoo! it does sound weird “Christmas Even!” but evening does make sense!!

;o really? LOL i live in Canada though! so it’s like a North American thing teheh! i think some other countries celebrate it too… the USA has Thanksgiving in November though, so yah! :P

I know! I just had to finish making the smilies! but it’s up now :)

ooh, the weather is pretty messed up right now! blame global warming! :P the weather here is like up and down, one day its freezing cold then the next it feels like summer!

ahah, yeah! preeetty weird. Since I’m “young” dating people that are 2 years older than you is “weird” but when you’re like married or 40 or something its not much of a difference, even if its like 5 or 6!

ahah, yeah but I suck! I feel like a robot cause all my sentences in articles are like sooo tutorial like! i should stick to tutorials /ehh

leeft another one below cause im so stupid /bash

Heh, my lack of skill and especially PATIENCE are what keeps me from doing really nice layouts, I think. It’s too bad that I get bored of my layouts so quickly. :/

I will try to remember to post the layout when I next get on the home computer. …Er, well, I’ll at least transfer it to my USB so that I can upload it whenever I next get to the fast internet. :P

Oh, that’s another reason I don’t really like entering contests — the key to winning is to beg votes off of friends, like you said. I know that you have to advertise yourself to catch people’s attention in order to get votes, but I don’t like it when my friends feel like they have to vote for ME even if I’m not the best contestant. I guess that’s not enough to keep me from entering, though; it would be really nice to win something. :P

That sounds sweet. How close are you to being able to afford Hawaii?

wow im so stupid! my blog is like how people don’t read my blog and i totally forgot to comment about yours -.- im so stupid!! eeckk

LOL or they want things they can’t have… hmm weird /hmph lol

OMG i would be so embarrassed to write that on someones wall on facebook! cause people read it your walls and lurk it and all that! gosh, can’t believe she couldnt just say it to your/Lillian’s face ! or atleast inboxed it -.- people these days!

no way did you blame God! and some people aren’t even christian! wowww…

Wow, what a cunt. She’s seriously twisting your words, you’re right about that … And WTF’s with calling you ‘superstitious’ …? What does that have to do with anything you said in your previous entry whatsoever? Does the chick even understand the word’s definition …?

It’s funny that I have so many questions regarding a creature with such a little brain! :D Ahhh, don’t you worry about her at all — Although by this point you’ve probably gotten over her childishness! If not, just remember that she’s clearly a very stupid creature, and shouldn’t be taken seriously whatsoever. You are most certainly NOT silly or an imbecile. You’re one of the smartest people I know!

Oh my gosh. The person really had the nerve to do that? What a douche. Who the hell does he/she think he is?! *shakes fist*

Awww, thanks so much! ♥ Glad you like it! LOL. It took me like five times to get it right. :P Thanks again!

You’re welcome! *hugs* I totally understand.

Haha I am just like that unfortunately. I got it from my dad. You see, when I get in an argument with someone (like in my family or friends) I apologize right away. I can’t stand being in a fight. :P It can be a good and bad thing haha. XD

She said she hated you? Awwww. I am sure she was just trying to say: “I hate what you are doing.” Maybe like that… LOL. I could see where it could sound funny. :P I don’t think my mom exactly knows what I do. Ugghhh.

There was one like 2 week period where I got really, really addicted to the computer and I became isolated. I got out of that phase thing though now that school started and I see all my friends again. :)

Blah. D: You should make the work to your future host your BEST work. :)

Yeah haha. There is this girl in the hospital (she quit eating) and the girls who went to see her are her real friends. You see, she is really “popular” and she has like every person in the school as her friend and only 3 out of all those “friends” went to comfort her. I feel so bad for her though. D:

Oh I know! Like I most likely would not be friends with an 18 year old or like a 9 year old but online it’s so much different! :D

Thank you. I loved my layout at first but then i thought it kinda looks a lot like a default layout from or something. /faw With the glitter effect and bright purple.

I think i only passed my license becuase the guy i had was a sucker for a big smile and good eye contact. If it was any one else i may have failed, but i would have got it next time.

Exactly. :D

LOL, yes, that isn’t a crime, but people get bored if you actually apologize throughout the whole blog! LOL, I don’t you do, though. Ive only seen you apologizing like…once or twice?

Yeah, they should take a hiatus if they don’t have the time. :/

Yeah, I see…LOL, I’m learning from you. :D After all, they have a life, too. :P

Oh…nah, you still beat me at other skills! Who would have thought Georgie could manage 10 (or so) domains? (Sorry, I lost count of your domains!) And who would be as dedicated to his/her site as Georgie? No one? Yeah. /bounce

Thank you, Georgie! I knew that too…I thought Firefox supported both British and American spellings? It’s still the same in India, though. We use a mix of both, but mostly, it’s American spellings. :|

Oh, I didn’t know…thank you so much for infoming me, Georgie! Yeah, if I change that, the sidebar wouldn’t be aligned properly, with images on. 😢

Site Map? Is that possible…without WordPress? LOL, I guess I’ll just have to link everything myself. Never got a better job to do. /bash

Yes; I knew you’d probably realize that sometime. :D

LOL, yes, I call it sleeptalking! You see. James mumbles in his sleep? LOL, but my brother talks aloud. I don’t know why does that…it sometimes scares me. :P

Oh, LOL…yes, who would bother to look for sleepwalking theories? Not me, or Georgie. (H)

I’m doing fine. I am actually replying to your comment in my class (while a presentation is going on too!) XD hahaha! I am afraid I might not be able to do it later so I decided to do it now.

How are yourself? ;)

Oh, well that’s great! (: Yeah, it’s good to go on and ignore the past.

Well, yeah. She always says it in a “joke” way and I have no response. -__- Wow, one time my friends were making me go to the one guy that “I like” *cough* rumor *cough*. (I refused to go but they were pushing me up the stairs.) And then on AIM, the joking “friend” from before was like, “You were blushing!” Ptsh, okay. First of all, I never blush… My face doesn’t even get red easily. Only when it’s really hot as in I ran a mile or when my head is closer to the ground than my feet. :P

I like the idea of traveling, but I’m not sure if I ever could. :P

Are you still saving, then, to go to Hawaii? And are you going to go to other places (like Britain and America :3) afterward?

Sorry for the late reply but I was busy doing lots of things (well… mostly your contest). Dx But yay, got it out of the way now. ✌️

I’d respond to the last comment but considering the big gap of days, I doubt you’d even remember what we were talking about. :) So, NEW COMMENT.

I don’t know what happened but I hope everything is okay now. ):

For some reason, the first time I read “The Fox and the Hound”; oops. That does sound like an interesting story; did it come out of a book or did James find it elsewhere? That is true though but you have to think, why would you be happy anyways knowing you couldn’t get it in the first place? I’d probably be annoyed more than anything.

That’s pretty immature. Plus, how they felt the need to “cover” it up even though it was pretty obvious. Oh, well now I guess they can see their update plastered all over your blog. :P

I know what you mean; nobody “stands up” anymore. They just post things anonymous. Chickens. XD

That’s one of the main reasons I have a site. It’s great to meet people of different countries and talk to them and stuffs.

That was so rude of that person to write those things about you. Actually, rude doesn’t cover it at all but I cannot find any other word. It’s your life and you choose whether you want to believe in God or not. And you didn’t even BLAME god. You’re right, whatever someone wants to say, they should say it directly if they have the courage.

XD One day you’ll break out of the clicking smiley thing. I’m leaving WP ’til half term.

IKR? Sometimes I listen to a song and it’s like “fuck, what would I do without music?”
And yes, you definitely need some noise in your life. ^^ And music like RA and MCR are the way to go. :D

Hehe yeah, I convinced Chloe to blog about her tastes pretty soon, so we’ll see. :)

Kurt. ♥ We love you Kurt.

You mentioned that your brother had downloaded some Breaking Benjamin songs. ^^ I told you to steal them, remember? ;)
Hope you can download stuff soon.

INDEED. I can’t waiiitttt. Friday, then Paris, THEN TIME TO TALK TO GEORGIE. :D ✌️
Looks pretty good, savvy. /hehe /eee

Harhar, of course. ^^ I’m nicking my Dad’s camera, and we’re going UP the Eiffel Tower. I should get some nice stock photos, Paris is such a gorgeous place and my pages need updating… XD
Awh, you’re lucky to be in Australia? XD Weird that France is like, 17 hours behind you and for me it’s 1 hour ahead or something? And Indonesia and New Zealand are way closer to you?

At least the world isn’t flat. *nods*
Fin and Harvey, that sounds so cute! /eee /bounce
HELLLOOOEESSSS Heartdrops. :) Fluoresce is too much of a mouthful for a nickname, hehe. Fluey. :D
(Sounds kind of cute, lmao. And illish. O_O )

Aww, but Meladori doesn’t need to be updated quite as much because scribbles take a while to do and now you’re at uni you no doubt do less?
Either way, I think your domains are happy enough with you as an owner. :) /type

Well winter is coming up so I guess the weather is fitting… I hope it perks up over there though. Isn’t the world meant to be getting hotter, lmao?!

HAHA I know, that’s why I made a point by not calling them a bitch. :P
Oooh, way to go. I just need to come to Australia, grab Vicky along the way, and we’ll roll from there.
I’ll just need £1,400-ish pounds for the flight…
KARMA!! I love karma. Fail on their part, hehe. /oh (Y)

I do the shuffle thing a lot too. ^^ A lot of Nirvana has been coming up for me; I just listened to Drain You. /love
I used to listen to Fightstar, but then I got bored of them. XD I think my favourite was Paint Your Target.

Motor Ace? I might try them out. ^^


Yar, it was me who you told. :)
I barely skip school at all. No point, waste of effort and shit. Besides education is a privilidge (that’s so spelt wrong. Oops).

LMAO, thanks? XD I can’t believe you wrote that either.
I’ll just have to incoperate that into something dire and grim that happens in a hospital (basically the murderer is this doctor guy in A&E who is a pyromaniac even after he was burnt so badly one side of his body is ruined, yar. Fun).

Hehe, indeed. We’re doing webdesign in a few weeks in I.T – after half-term, maybe about 4 weeks time? We’re doing Photoshop and Flash at the moment. I still suck so badly at Photoshop though.
HAHAAAA. I should, shouldn’t I? I’ll draw it and scan it in or something. XD

I don’t remember the fable with the wolf in the sheep’s clothes. Sounds weird though, lmao.
LOL, someone thought they were from the cat family? FAIL.
Even I knew they were dogs, lmao. :P

She has an article on it?? Holy fuck, must read must read. /bash (Y)



LMAO. Hahaha, isn’t it weird.. they have to stand to pee.. Imagine if they didn’t wash their hands…


LOL, I love the youth club, they have awesome discos. ;)

I know, I was just telling people what they needed to hear for Christ sake, because everyones just too.. stupid to speak their mind FFS.

D; LMAO. He’s a girly man! Hahaha!

OMG. WHAT A FUCKINGBITCHYSHITHEADEDDOUCHETARD. Seriously. Maybe I should write another one – DON’T BE A FACEBITCH. |: Although it would pretty much be the same thing, but meh. I just don’t understand the blanked out bit.. was it too rude or did it mention names or something…

Urgh. She’s majorly pissed me off now. |:

Yeah Sure I’ve put up Diamond. Just let me know about Joyce whenever it’s up :) (I’ll check as well but I lose track of things and forget :P )

Naw. Sniffles suck :( I swear a packet of tissues might as well be glued to my head or something, I always need them!

Aw I know exactly what you mean. :( I used to go to church and be a rainbow and a Brownie and allsorts but now, now I just don’t know. I used to pray extremely often when my parents argued but they still split up, so did he help?

Well, it’s supposed to be a flashback kinda thing so it starts off in present tense, but you’re talking about an old man as though you’re watching him, not being him. then it’s a flashback
* * * (can’t forget the grammar! LOL)
then you are the man, but you’re remembering it so it’s past tense. This bit is what he’s remembering, so it happened however many years ago..This is where I kept messing up I kept saying “have” or “I’m” instead of “had” and “I was” |:
* * *
Then it goes back to the old man again and you’re watching him, not being him.

Geddit? LOL. I did actually upload a copy to oml because Cozza wanted to read it so I’ll link it to you if you like? just say :)

LOL! You eat it straight out of the packet. /hehe I only ever have it when we get Chinese takeaway so y’know.. and I’ve never had sushi. :(

Oh awesome! So you’re actually getting an iPhone. /jealous! You’re beyond lucky! Seriously.

Yeah public libraries are stress-heads when it comes to over due books D: This was just a school one and, tbh, I doubt they even knew who had it – we never bothered actually signing them in / out.

You’re telling me! A week later and I only actually caught up on my sleep last night! I slept from 9pm through to 10am! Longest ever I think.

SAME! aha. Me & my friends used to make a deal that we’d leave Christmas presents until after Christmas and get them in the sales because it’s easier. But the last few years we haven’t bothered. Damnit. :P

LOL You got it taken away! AHAHAHAHA. that’s funny :P We had the carboot full of alcohol & food though so I’m sure if we got stopped some of it would have got taken D:

IT’S SO COOL! I’ll upload a photo :P

It was seriously disgusting.

XD I’m checking my plugins in a sec. That thing is UGLY. I’m so glad you pointed it out! D:

yeah. I tried the head section, and it went up to eight errors, then the body section and it went down to two.. So I don’t know D: I’ll play about with it more when I make the new layout (Y)

Thanks for offering to help, I’ll play about with it first, but if I get completely stuck, I’ll come calling :P As long as you have time though!

Heyy girl :]] .

& wooww, disrespecttt. that person makes me wanna punch somebody because that’s just rude. you’re not an imbecile. i understand what you’re saying about the not really having faith in god anymore. i’m an atheist… when people ask me if i believe in god, i shrug my shoulders. never once in my life did i ever sit down and thought to myself about god and what i believed it. i just lived on without thinking anything religious… :3

lmao, the fox and grapes… i’m hungry for grapes now.. but i think ima get myself a bagel with creaaaaaammm,.. yum! ^^