The Ambiguity Of Play

I got a reply about the job I applied for. It wasn’t a 100% yes, but she said she would love to have me though she had to finalise things. Anyway, that’s that. I’ll get a full confirmation next week.

On joyful (or lesser?) notes, I have worked on my essay. I haven’t done any today – bollocks – but I should get it done by Tuesday, which is when it’s due. I must get it done. 🙄

I got an extension on my other assignment, to which I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. I can put in more work to this essay. But blast, I’m annoyed that I didn’t work on it today. 😡

I’ll be working hard on it tomorrow in the hopes I’ll finish tomorrow too. 😰

Wow, so where was I. Whinging. Since is now pretty much gone, that leaves me problems with my domain I can’t restore the database and to be honest, I’ve lost the motivation to write all my lovely little notes again. I might just change it to a rambling random blog or just start afresh. I have the layout coding; at least that’ll be a breeze.

It’s possible I’ll be going ahead with that recipes site and getting submissions from people. However, if you have an idea for what I can use a domain for, please tell me! I would really, really appreciate it, especially if I use your idea. It’s just… wow. I have so many domain names I want, but not enough uses.

And yes, I’ll eventually be opening subdomain hosting again.

I’m feeling a heck of a lot better with my life. 🙂 In regards to my last blog and the rude comment that person made about me, I’ve pushed the thoughts of that vain idiot to the back of my mind. I won’t let them hurt me or bother me like that; karma will fire an arrow in their direction as the dawn is slow and their heart will drop as the world dreams less.

Did anyone catch the references to my domains in that sentence?,,, 😄 Oh, I’m good.

Today, my dad set out to buy some random tidbits. A few tomatoes, a bunch of mushrooms, one big red capsicum, one big green capsicum, a few handfuls of ham, some grated cheese…

We were making a pizza!

pizza in the making

Normally I don’t like pizza and certain kinds can be greasy and downright terrible. But it was fun making this pizza. We got to put whatever we wanted on it. As you can see, it looks packed! We had salami and pepperoni as well, and just drizzled it with sauce.

I guess when you get into making food like this, it becomes more fun and you want to do it more. (Piano Stairs is a video that tests this “Fun Theory”.)

The pizza base was actually very thick. It wasn’t the kind that was filled with air and plumped up. It was thick like pastry or actual bread. So we got very full easily.


It was a good thing, in a way. My brother usually eats almost a whole pizza, but this time he only had about three pieces. I was very full as well. 😄

I got my Threadless tee in the mail yesterday (I chose this one). Dayna wanted me to take a photo of myself wearing it but I’ll do that next time because I totally forgot. 😛

Heartdrops is officially one year old tomorrow. ♥️

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