The Ambiguity Of Play

I got a reply about the job I applied for. It wasn’t a 100% yes, but she said she would love to have me though she had to finalise things. Anyway, that’s that. I’ll get a full confirmation next week.

On joyful (or lesser?) notes, I have worked on my essay. I haven’t done any today – bollocks – but I should get it done by Tuesday, which is when it’s due. I must get it done. 🙄

I got an extension on my other assignment, to which I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. I can put in more work to this essay. But blast, I’m annoyed that I didn’t work on it today. /angry

I’ll be working hard on it tomorrow in the hopes I’ll finish tomorrow too. 😰

Wow, so where was I. Whinging. Since is now pretty much gone, that leaves me problems with my domain I can’t restore the database and to be honest, I’ve lost the motivation to write all my lovely little notes again. I might just change it to a rambling random blog or just start afresh. I have the layout coding; at least that’ll be a breeze.

It’s possible I’ll be going ahead with that recipes site and getting submissions from people. However, if you have an idea for what I can use a domain for, please tell me! I would really, really appreciate it, especially if I use your idea. It’s just… wow. I have so many domain names I want, but not enough uses.

And yes, I’ll eventually be opening subdomain hosting again.

I’m feeling a heck of a lot better with my life. :) In regards to my last blog and the rude comment that person made about me, I’ve pushed the thoughts of that vain idiot to the back of my mind. I won’t let them hurt me or bother me like that; karma will fire an arrow in their direction as the dawn is slow and their heart will drop as the world dreams less.

Did anyone catch the references to my domains in that sentence?,,, :D Oh, I’m good.

Today, my dad set out to buy some random tidbits. A few tomatoes, a bunch of mushrooms, one big red capsicum, one big green capsicum, a few handfuls of ham, some grated cheese…

We were making a pizza!

pizza in the making

Normally I don’t like pizza and certain kinds can be greasy and downright terrible. But it was fun making this pizza. We got to put whatever we wanted on it. As you can see, it looks packed! We had salami and pepperoni as well, and just drizzled it with sauce.

I guess when you get into making food like this, it becomes more fun and you want to do it more. (Piano Stairs is a video that tests this “Fun Theory”.)

The pizza base was actually very thick. It wasn’t the kind that was filled with air and plumped up. It was thick like pastry or actual bread. So we got very full easily.


It was a good thing, in a way. My brother usually eats almost a whole pizza, but this time he only had about three pieces. I was very full as well. :D

I got my Threadless tee in the mail yesterday (I chose this one). Dayna wanted me to take a photo of myself wearing it but I’ll do that next time because I totally forgot. :P

Heartdrops is officially one year old tomorrow. ♥️

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Oh yum, that pizza looks most 🤤
Very chees /bounce

Just push that idiot away /bash :3 he can’t cause trouble when he is far away :P

Grargh, save Woodnotes for a later idea :) don’t force a purpose on it now, or it might turn out to be not such a good idea later on for when you do have a better idea for it, you know /ho

(Y) happy birthday, heartdrops

Jamesy! ♥

I know we weren’t gonna have cheese after that terrible incident but I swear this one was low fat and all… I might have just recovered. Might. ;)

I remember the days when I tried to stay metres away at a time. 🙄 In church today I started thinking about violent things though; not good.

I sorted out half the database stuff… for the most part I can restore the posts and comments. 😰

♥ ♥

Happy early birthday Heartdrops!

And I’ll be crossing my fingers for you with the job. :D And that really sucks you can’t restore your database. Aughhhh. Couldn’t you have at least also used the WP export function? Or did you do that? Or did you just exported it from MySQL?

Anyway, that pizza looks absolutely delicious. I just ate now I’m getting hungry again, hahaha! ^^

And like James said, don’t try to force yourself to figure out Woodnotes’ purpose. Just take your time with it. :D

YES! Chances are GOOD! I’m so proud of you =) ♥ Hehehehehe! No, I’m really happy for you. I really hope it’s a definite yes, cos you deserve it. YOU’LL HAVE TO TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT =D


Hehehehe! At least you’ve made some progress =) At least you haven’t left it all to the last minute. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be able to finish by tomorrow ^^

Aww! Lucky! I wish someone would give me an extension on one of MY assignments. Even though I’ve already finished 2. But ECON141 is so hard…=(

It sucks about Woodnotes =( But you’ll always have the memories =) And it was cute while it was up ^^ Damn Ashpink server! HMPH! *angry face*. I’m sorry, I haven’t any ideas for you, but you’ll be the first to know if I think of one. Even if it is a very crappy idea xD


I’m glad your life is better. That’s totally right. That person is NOT WORTH YOUR TIME! AT ALL!

Ooooh! That sounds like so much fun ^^ Making a pizza. The last time I did that was in year 8. Aahhhhh those were the days. xD That pizza looks so yummy too. Aargh! Now I’m getting hungry xD But what an eventful day for you =P

I like your t-shirt! Hahaha. I want one too now! But I have too many shirts. And I’m looking for my Bumblebee shirt! =D


Haha I will! And I can VISIT YOU too. /bounce I’m still trying not to get my hopes up though. Anything could happen. D:

LOL, fail. You guessed I’d finish today but I didn’t. I got to 2002 words but it should be finished tomorrow. Well, it has to, as it’s due on Tuesday. I’m not going to leave it right until the last minute. Gosh. I’ll work on it tomorrow in my break and stuff – wow.

Then I have my other assignment. At least I have Tuesday night and all of Wednesday and if I really, really need – part of Thursday. Since I am not working and it’s due at 5pm.

I wouldn’t say my assignments are hard but they’re time consuming! Awww. *hugs*

Haha your list idea worked! And if I can’t sort the databases then I’ll turn it into a list site probably. :D

You noticed! Wooo. At least it was not a violent description; I thought I’d be way cheesy there with my domain references.

This was the first time I made a pizza. :O It was super fun though. /bounce

Haha I have a lot of shirts but I don’t hugely like all of them. It’s nice to have a new shirt every now and then. I’ll find you a Bumblebee shirt for Christmas for you! XD

Just because I’ll be able to find another few shirts I like so it’s cheaper. You should take me along shirt shopping!!

Wooooo *dances*


I’m glad you’ve moved on from that chick on FaceBook! I knew you’d bounce back, you’re so wise that way. /eee

Oh! And I have an idea for WoodNotes. Okay, now bare with me here if this idea is TOTALLY fuckin’ lame, but it’s something I’d do myself if I saw the chance … Make it an archive of photos taken of trees with notes carved into them. It probably wouldn’t get updated very often, unless there’s hundred of trees like this around your area, but that’s a bonus because then you can just relax with that one domain while you wait around to see a new tree carving!

Again, sorry if this idea isn’t your style, but I happen to love it. XD You could take close-up macro shots and then post a little blurb below each shot, like what you think ‘G. H. J.’ means, or who ‘Tilda and Evan’ are and why they love each other, or whatever. /hehe

Just an idea, no worries if you don’t like it/use it. :D

hey thats a really interesting idea! plus it totally fits ‘WoodNotes’ too! /love

PS: Happy early birthday, Heartdrops!

oh that looks like a yummy pizza! I love pizza though I can never eat more than 3 pieces at one time.

You’re working on the essay eh? Good good. I haven’t done mine. I haven’t even started working on it yet! And it’s due on Tuesday as well. Urghh.. I’ll just do it tomorrow. LOL.

I’m sorry to hear about Woodnotes. Hope you can find solution for the problem soon.

Haha, that is true. Wireless connection is really something that is hard to say no to. My Uni just installed a wireless connection all around the campus this semester. Everybody who owns a laptop see this is a chance not to be missed. :) You could see people surfing the Net during lectures while at the same time pretending they were doing the lecture notes. I am one of them, of course. XD

Hi Georgina, can I ask a BIG favor of you (kinda big). My computer isn’t letting me view anything that has to do with This includes my website, Liliana’s website, all of her hostees websites and my Fanupdate. When I type any of those in something says AOL can not display the webpage! I’m not sure if it’s just my computer or if it’s everyone’s and their is a problem. So, my favor is, can you please try to view my website. Since I can’t view my website, please don’t comment on their with the results, please e-mail me at . In that e-mail, please tell me if it let you view my website or not. This would help me out a lot. If this problem cannot be fixed then I will have to wait until your domain contest to see if I win anything. If I don’t and the problem is still occuring I may apply for your sub-domain hosting! YAY! So thanks a lot in advance.

haha, i wonder how they got their job ! LOL

Really? It really is interesting how like there are so many different religions yet a lot of them are soooo similar. Yet some a sooo different XD

LOL, You know what happens to me whenever I draw? I like think of it, and I am soo inspired to put it on paper, and it never turns out how I wanted it XDD

hahah it is, especially when you have like 30 girls and like 45 boys LOL

haha yea, that happens ALL the time. There just doesnt seem to be enough hours in the day LOL

aww thanks! My rib feels much better! And my knee doesnt hurt as much anymore :D

LOL! That sounds awesome! So you guys like dress up and go to school in it? that sounds soo cool!

heheh converse! Converse is universal LOL

here i go typing away another comment ;D /type

i knoow! just when i posted a blog about it! ahah :P

thank you! i wanted to make the navigation have a transparent background but i didn;t know how and you probably wouldn’t be able to see the text anyways /argh

yeah they are a bit big! ooh well! xD it took me ages to get the shape right! then eons more to get the curves! but the smiley part was easy, if that makes sense… D:

i know! because you can just belt it all out and know one will no…no one will start rumours or anything like that!

yeah! he bought me a drink at the convience store ahah (L) :P this one girl said that there was this girl who she think called her a bitch and everyone was all like ahhh and started screaming at the other girl, but it wasnt even true! :S

i dont know, all the other guys think hes “cool” lmfao, well the guys at my school! there haven’t been much stories about him though! i think one of them went out with him but he dumped her…but like a while back ;o not sure!

i’m not much of a fan of essays! especially if they’re big and mean a lot! LOL

:o that sucks! stupid global warming! well actually stupid people on earth who made global warming happen, like me :O

it was a he ? :O and i’d think guys would have more guts to go to your face! stupid stupid stupid! thats good! cause then there would be like this huge commotion with everyone getting involved ;S

yay! 100% yes would be better but that’s still good!! you’ll probably get the job!

another extension?? (Y) woot! has affected many sites! it sucks soo much :(

ahah your amazing ! ;D what a perfect sentence/paragraph or whatever teheh! “as the world dreams less” ahah!!

ooh PIZZA! i only like pepperoni, cheese, green peppers and mushrooms on mine :P! is that tomato sauce on top:O?

i hate pizza that is just air! they say its all like big but its all air and doesnt do anything at all! they just make you buy more! homemade pizza is always the best though!

OMG REALLY??? THATS COOL! happy early site birthdayy! teheh! i will spam your blog tomorrow (Y) ahah

i really enjoyed reading it.
LOOOOOOL. im feeling better now. YEY ME.! and i can see that you are too! yey you too!.
fake friends suck . spit. we got over that now. i had a word with her and confronted her and she said she was sorry and that she didn’t realise that i was hurt. so i told her she could go suck **** and then she asked me to forgive her etc… but i only have to put up with her for another 6 months.
and my sister: she goes into a strangling process where she’s all nice one moment and the next shes suffocating and controlling you, so i decided to keep my distance. but she still stalks me on facebook. O_o. and she thinks that someone has put some kind of magic on her. ¬¬”
communications sounds like fun. i might have to look that up (y)
i have three essays left to write GROAN. 2000 words each.
i have actually found that school work can help.
you’ll get the job. i have faith in you.

and your little pun thing was clever. i would never have though of that. no that im clever or anything anyway.
i love ALL pizzas except anchovies. ew.
i like talking to you so im adding you to my affies.
take care.

That pizza is tiny. I was going to put recipes on my site, just need to get all of the database uploaded somehow.

Strange. It’s about the same size as a lot of pizzas here.

In NY pizza is like 16″ across, maybe more.

LOL, that’s weird… I think that’s about how big this pizza was.

That pizza looks really good. I love making my own pizza, cause you can put as much stuff on it as you want. I’m mostaly a sausage and cheese person. The more of it the better. 🤤

I’m not good at the whole writing thing. If had to write and essay, there would most likely be a ton of mistakes.

I’m not sure what you should do with your domain, Lets see, you have a blog, a collective.. Maybe you can use it to host one of your fanlistings? Or more than one?

Happy early domain birthday! (H)

I accepted your friend request! XD. I knew who it was when I saw the music, I remembered you saying you like “Armour for Sleep”.

Ugh yes–rejection. I wish they’d at least call you back too. That way you know what you did wrong and need to correct. I also wish I was brave enough to ask that, but I’m a whimp haha.

Thanks! I’m glad I can make your day :D I like the layout and it’s helped me learn about CSS. Eventually, coding shouldn’t be a problem. And yeah, I don’t get that. Flash and Java should be OUTLAWED along with stupid Iframes. When I see sites still using them I want to scream and tell them iFrames are tres’ lame. /hehe

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s felt that way. I just don’t try to think about it much, but there are those days I get super depressed and want to give up. Those are bad, sucky days.

Thanks! I’ll be sure to check that book out. I think I’m going crazy waiting on stupid Wall*Mart to get the new copy of the latest VC Andrews book. I need something to read in between times haha.

Happy birthday Heartdrops!! I hope my blog lasts a year, I really do. I think if I just take it slowly, and blog every day till I get my footing it won’t be so hard. And yes, I caught that line hehe.

If you’ve e-mailed me already, I haven’t received it. I wish it would let my view my website, UGH!

I have sent you an email. I was sleeping when you made your comment. Please don’t expect me to be available all the time like that, thanks.

OOHLALA (: Happy early one year anniversary! :D
Awhh, hope you get all your assignments done on time and hope you get a good grade on it. :P
Oooh, the pizza looks delicious! And it must have been fun to make. I love making food. So fun! Especially baking goods such as muffins, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, bread, pastry, etc(: YUMMY. I think I enjoy making food better than eating it, lmao.

Yeah, so immature. -__- When I think about my past actions from like an year ago I go like, “I was so immature back then!” Ahha, well that’s life !

Well, I guess I would when I’m nervous. But yeah. I wasn’t “nervous” when they were pushing me up. Blegh.

lol, it would be amusing to see a little, wrinkly old lady pointing out all the sights she was excited at seeing for the first time in real life.

OMG, I just watched the piano stairs video yesterday! I thought that it was SO awesome. I already take the stairs, but I would run up and down them if we had piano stairs. XD The only problem is that it causes people to loiter and kids probably get quite annoying with it.

Your domain reference is so cheesy. XD

Happy B-day to HeartDrops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you sooo much for the comment :D It really meant a lot :) Yah but my dad freaks about everything, it’s quite annoying and it gets on my nerves non stop.
I want an iphone soo bad!!!! I am getting a job next year, since I’m turning 16 then. I don’t know where though and I want to get a job some where that pays good money, i was thinking maybe at a grocery store of some sort? I really have no idea. Oh well i wait for the time to come first.
I hate medicines and nothing will ever make me take them willingly. I only take them when its absolutely necessary like a bad case of cramps.
I haven’t talked to her in like a week or so lol. Her cell phone broke so no texting :(
Parents are lazy, they make it seem like it’s your responsibility to do everything for them.

I am positive that you will get the job :D Congrats on the Essay :)
I didn’t read your last blog:( but i am glad that your put the insults behind you :)
I caught the heartdrops one :D

Is that ketchup on the pizza?
Sweet t-shirt :)

Congratulations on maybe getting the job (Y)

When i went to UNI, i did my home work as soon as i got home. Maths, however i would NEVER do. I didn’t understand it. I loved doing the artsy stuff (H)

Enter one of my comps and if you WIN, i can set you up with a domain and web space with There not the best apparently but they are pretty great.

As for a good name, i have no idea what suits you. lol, that may be taken but its cute.

What about or something? Or choose some Nirvana titles and ad them together, I did that with Marilyn Manson songs.

wow, thats good. I know if i ever could not afford to keep my site (unlikely), i would go to you first for a sub domain 👏

That pizza looks so yummy, even beats Domino’s. 🤫

Happy one year web site anniversary. /rose
I hope my site is just as successful after one year.

Oh, so AP is gone already? I see. No wonder there seems to be quite a bit of discussion about it recently. Isn’t there any way to recover the database or something? It’s a pity if everything is lost.

Anyway, the pizza looks delicious. I usually have pizza without tomatoes. :P The photos are making me hungry. XD

Yep, I’ll be waiting for a photo of you posing in your new tee. It’s so pretty!

I forgot to ask in my last comment. Do you still use Mozilla Firefox? Does it take you a long time to see updates? Sometimes when i update my CSS, it takes hours to see the updates in Firefox, but in IE and others, it shows straight away. Just curious on you’re experience with this?

Oh yes, that’s so awesome you’re being considered for the job! It would be great for you if you got it :)

Oh, what happened to ash pink? It just sort of disappeared from the face of the internet?

Yay for the recipe site! It should be good! I might submit a few recipes when it opens. When do you plan on starting it? And do you have an idea for a name?

Haha awesome! You fitted them all into the same sentence. :) And it sounded poetic too!

Yum pizza! I’m surpised your brother didn’t eat the whole thing, it looks so tasty.

“Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Georgie and Heartdrops!
Happy birthday to you!”


That’s good you had a day off :) And you got an extension? You must have nice tutors.

Yeah, she’s got it off now and she’s back to her usual happy self. I’m so pleased she’s OK.

Haha, well you’re one step ahead of me by far! I’m too scared to even set foot in the driver’s seat after I accidentally made the car reverse down the driveway one morning and mum had to run after us to stop it! :P
You can get your learners at 15 in NZ and most of my class have it. Australia and NZ seem similar… with their laws and stuff… I dunno.

Well no one’s said anything much about it so far. But I think it’s this Sunday. And I can’t go ‘cos it’s my brother’s birthday! YES!!!!!!!!!! I’m secretly hoping everyone’s forgotten about it.

Yeah, you’re right. That’s like the fourth person I’ve known that’s done it and every time you think something’s up but no one ever did anything about it.

Sheepies! Programming computers at 16? He must be a genius or something!

Yeah you’re right. I’ll let my friend give me the shirt but all I’ll do is keep it in my closet for a few years probably. I’m just chicken like that haha!

Loads of people seem to want Iphones. Well, I can sort of buy you something… without really buying anything or having to mail anything…Maybe… mwa haha…. ???

Ahh, a neverending garbage can sounds awesome. XD I think it would be really great if they (whoever “they” are) could come up with something like that to get people to recycle more. :P

Wish you good luck in your full comfirmation of your job!I look forward to you opening subdomain hosting.And the sight of the pizza makes me drool!

If you want to save money and get just a writing blog,use Though you can’t customize it’s design,you can still post,edit,and comment like all normal blogs.

On a last note,Happy Birthday Heartdrops!

Thanks Dorine! I see you’re still fixing your site up; good luck. :)

You did tell me about I might use it; maybe for a random blog or something perhaps. :)

Good luck with finishing your assignments! I’m terrible when it comes to stuff like that (much worse than you, I assure you!) – I can never get moving on a project until the deadline is right in my face. I actually work better usually with that sort of pressure, except that it comes at the cost of my sanity, lol. :P

Hmm, I don’t really have any good ideas as to what other types of domains you could start. Are you into any sort of digital scrapbooking stuff? You’ve always come across to me as someone who’s very creative and would be good at that sort of thing – maybe a possibility? And I did notice the last two of your domain references, though not the first two. Clever! Hehe.

And lastly, your pizza looks positively scrumptious, I love making home-made pizzas too – I just never remember to plan ahead so that I have the ingredients! Oh, and your new t-shirt is awesome too. Hee hee!

Sorry! I just meant that if you already sent it, I hadn’t received it. The only reason I said that was because some people have problems e-mailing my account and I was just checking. Sorry! Thanks for the e-mail. Unfortunatly, I have to change hosts. Thanks so much again for the e-mail!!!!

Yay! I got accepted at, just for an update! I’m currently transfering files. I’ll let you know when it’s all done if you would like!

That’s alright. :) You just seemed in such a rush I was like, gee Ashley, I’m no robot! :P

Anyway, congrats on getting hosted again. Feel free to let me know when it’s up; take your time.

Yeah, just a gathering. I used to like them a lot when I was younger. I still like them a lot as all of my relatives are totally crazy. :D But not when they start making snide remarks about me. So like you all I do is sit in a corner and stare at the person who is talking or just stare into space. xD

My cousin’s husband is really great and funny. He really knows how to talk to someone. Like he asks me about what I am INTERESTED in, not just a thing. Like iPods, books and stuff.

Good luck with your job and essay! :)
I don’t have any idea about Woodnotes. I think you should keep it or later use until you get a good idea.

Hehe, I figured out all the domain names except /bounce

Making pizza must have been fun. That does looks tasty. 🤤

haha yeah! Is there any way you could give me the code to the paint splattering layout instead of downloading it. I still have not found out how to download layouts, my host has to do it and I was wondering if I could just copy and paste the code? Or could you tell me how to download it?

Um… you should be able to download layouts. It’s nothing to do with your host. You download the layout to your computer and view the code. Besides, there are instructions in the readme file…

I probably won’t end blogging everyday (Y) . I’m not that dedicated. /oh ooh, i’ve never seen that emoticon before! Tehe.

There is another Erika online, she used to own :)

My sister follows horoscopes like a religion. /bash haha, I just laugh. I used to, but it’s like.. ‘Think realistically’..

Freaky, just as my sister walked in i read the part of the comment you left me that says ‘happy birthday’ :P lol. She’s got good timing. ;)

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy the hover. /hehe

I’ll join you, (y) WOOOOO. :D

oh I forgot to say, “Happy birthday Heartdrops!” LOL.

And I wish+hope you’ll get the job. *hugs*

Haha yeah I’m not a huge fan of Facebook, either.

And you guys don’t have homecoming? That’s interesting…

Yeah Chicago gets TONS of good concerts and it’s good that it’s only 2 hours away from where I live but that causes problems when there’s a concert in Chicago on a school night. And aww I’m sorry :( Anberlin will come back to Australia.

Yeah I don’t listen to mainstream much either. I just noticed that Miley Cyrus was knocked out of the #1 spot on iTunes by Britney so that’s where I heard it :)

Yeah in America 1 out of 3 trailers they show on TV now is Jennifer’s Body lol.

And oooohhh I love making pizza. Our family rarely does it but it’s so fun :)

And happy birthday Heartdrops!!! :D

Oh NO! I just realized something. Can I still do the random domain contest even though my site is down? If you recall, it was up when it closed so does that mean I am STILL qualified? I promise I’ll link back right when my new site is up. I just remembered this and I hope I can still participate! Thanks!

haha yeah! Is there any way you could give me the code to the paint splattering layout instead of downloading it. I still have not found out how to download layouts, my host has to do it and I was wondering if I could just copy and paste the code? Or could you tell me how to download it?

Hehe, that pizza looks pretty epic. 🤤

Good luck with the job, the going looks good. :) And with your essay, too!
I can get so pissed off that I didn’t do something but it just wastes time you could be using working on it, yanoe?
Plus when you work on it annoyed because you didn’t do it when you were meant to, it often means you’re stressed and annoyed and fuck yeah I’ll shut up now.
*hugs* Hopefully you worked on it a bit today. :) Besides even the little goals are sometimes hard to meet.

Aw, you told me about on Twitter and the like. It sucks that AP has had all those problems, but I’m glad people managed to get backups. It was weird how Wendy just disappeared though.

I have no domain ideas at the moment but I’ll try and think of some, just for you. /type ♥


It would be so easy for me to do that, lmao. I only have one. XD But I’m glad that you’re feeling better now, it wasn’t worth too much thought or time.
Haha… bitchy girl… sorry, gotta LOL at that one. :P

I had pizza today at a birthday party, me and Em (friend of mine) put sooooo much stuff on it it was practically 10cm high. XD We had half of a mini pizza each though.
I sooo could never eat a full pizza. O_O

I prefer making homemade pizza or ones at Pizza Express, ’cause they’re fresh and just not as greasy/ oily.
YAAAAAAYS FOR THAT AWESOME T-SHIRT!! Hehe yeshms, we need a photo! :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEARTDROPS!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU. ♥ /type ✌️ /oh /eee

Yeah, I know. It gets old and even more low and pathetic then usual after a while. *sighs*
LOL, “trendily modified”.
I can see why people assume our stereotype but really, judging on it is pretty low. It’s like saying that all Americans are fat and wonder around with Burger Kings and whatever, when they don’t, or that all Aussies go around with cork hats and shorts and whatever.
Pretty dumb.

And yeah, makes me annoyed when they tell me I am wrong when actually technically I’m right because English is from ENGLAND, as we have talked about before. :)
OH I LOVE IT when people think you’re gonna close or cry to your mummy or whatever because they’re horrid. I like surprising people by showing them up for their immatureness.
That sounded so bitchy. Ooops.

My parents aren’t really rich enough to send me anyway, my aunt and stuff helps with the fees. T_T And it’s not like I hold anything against public schools or other private schools. Really.

Far far far out. ;)
Same. I like finding about other people…. and I’m not that stalkerish, yanoe? I’m just curious.. XD

Ahhhh, I see. That is the hard part.
I could send you the ones I have? XD Seeing as what I’ve heard from you, getting your brother out of his chair may be just a little bit tricky. Or maybe you could ask him to send you a few Breaking Benjamin songs?

Er… /um
I wish. I always start packing really late, which isn’t so clever, but yeah. I am sorting things out! Just not packing. XD
My friend Bethan is already packed. O_O

Consider it done. :D
SERIOUSLY? That is pretty weird. Well I’m pretty sure the Earth is round, soooo I won’t be participating on their website or anything. XD

Aww, finding time to draw must be hard though! I’m sure Meladori understands.
LMAO. Elvis, eh?

Skipping classes at uni is easier though because they don’t really check on you, do they?? Besides…. I stayed off ill anyway. Thanks Dad, I did actually kind of need that time. :)

GOOD ON YOU GEORGINA. Just because you can skip doesn’t mean you should. This girl at my old school bunked off all the time, she got terrible grades and it’s not worth it when you think of life ahead.

Haha, thanks. XD

Consider it kept. :)
HAHAAAA. Thanks for the luck. ;D
Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on using it for website or anything but you’ve got to learn to use it in Year 8.
Indeed you did. Trial and error is the best way to learn if you ask me. :)

HAHAAAAA. I like Lilian’s moral.
And wow, weird story.
But the wolf so did deserve it. (Y)


Why am I plugged? Lol I don’t get it! :S Domain contest…? :O

OH MY GOD I KNEW the majority would be a yes!! GO GIRL! <3

Do well on that assignment and take your time! ;) You know you can get a good mark if you do it well RAWRR misseh! (I'm just pulling your leg haha of course you know this shit! :P)

UGH. Ashpinks' getting really annoying FFS! :S I really hope Wendy gets her server back up! MY POOR DOMAIN!!!! :( THANK GOD I managed to save the articles. FFS!!!!!

Lmao rude comments about yourself get you stronger which usually happens to me too which is AWESOMEE!! Haha I love how you matched those with your domains! <3

PIZZA!!! It looks awfully good lmao. Although I did take one earlier on today! :O WOO!


*Hugss* yeah we're both so busy! =S Another week of school tomorrow UGHH!

Lmao yeaah. I wish I was still 5 haha. *Hugs* Thanks for understanding me! :)

I am well! Thanks. I hope you are as well. Let's chat sometime!! We haven't! :'(

Nevermind to the comment about the layout thing. I got that covered. Thanks anyway!

I think that different types of fun stairs would be necessary. If piano stairs were everywhere, they’d get to be too normal after a while. Although… there aren’t too many super-high-traffic places, you know?

I just remembered, I was taking your quiz about what personality you have, and I was very befuddled by the “zebra crossing” question. Do you actually have zebra crossings where you live?

Oh yum, that pizza looks divine! :D And happy birthday to Heartdrops :)Also, absolutely suckish that the host for one of your domains just up and disappeared :( I hate it when that happens to people, where are your other domains hosted? I’m kinda surprised that you don’t have them all at the same place, I wouldn’t be able to keep track of all those hosting plans!

Good idea!! I might have to do that next time I go to see a scary film.

Yeah, trophys are great, haha. I’ll have to see if I’ve still got them.

I know, I’d have loved to do it. I quite enjoyed it when I did the show at my school two years ago. We did Fame, and I got one of the main parts. One of the smaller main parts anyway, haha.

Aww, bless him. I’m not sure if anyone’s got grey hair in my class, so I don’t think they’re as old as that. The guy who sits next to me’s 35 though. So yeah, they’re quite a bit older.

I’ve finally done the RHPS entry!! I do have pictures, but I haven’t had time to put them in yet, so I might just put them on my Flickr sometime instead.

I would’ve done my homework, but I didn’t have all my books with me. Shame really.

I don’t like the PE teachers much either, but that’s probably due to the fact I didn’t really like PE. Hopefully they get better soon though.

Hope you get the job!! Sounds to me like you’ve pretty much got it anyway!!

Looks like you’re going to be busy with the essay and assignment. Good luck!! I bet you’re glad you got that extension, that usually happens to me, but after I’ve done it. I’ll stay up late-ish to get all the work done, just to be told that I have another week on it, haha.

I’ve read a couple of entries about Wow, that sucks. As for the recipe site, I can’t wait for that!! It’s about time I learnt to make something other than pasta.

Glad you’re feeling better. I don’t actually know what happened, but hope you’re okay. I need to catch up on your last few entries. Very clever fitting all your site names into that sentence, haha.

I wondered what capsicum were. We call them peppers (if I’ve got the right thing, haha). That pizza looks gorgeous. I tried to make my own pizza a few times but it never turned out that nice. All the cheese got stuck to the base, ’cause there wasn’t much sauce on it. Anyway, it looks great!!

Nice T-Shirt. It reminds me of this shop near where I live which sells loads of slogan T-Shirts.

*hugs back*

HAPPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY HEARTDROPS (: I can’t believe it’s only one year old.. you’ve added so much to it xD

I guess I missed the winners to the domain contest? I haven’t had a chance to check… O.o Who won?

And I just watched the video of the piano stairs… that’s so coooooool. ^^ I was like, what are they doing? Then I realized it was a piano and well yes. I would be easily amused and would just walk up and down those stairs all day. They should make those in people’s homes. I bet Americans would not be so obese anymore. Piano stairs.

That pizza looks yummy <3 Me gusta la pizza. (: I've never made my own though, I've always wanted to.

Regarding your domain… maybe turn it into a reviews site? Although I doubt you'd want to move all your reviews. But I mean, you DO have a lot of reviews ^^ Perhaps a site meant only for reviews? Just a thought.

And uhm, yes. I kind of want pizza now and now have the attention span of a 3 year old. O.o

Take cares,

OH YEA, now before I forget, which I forgot to do last time, is reply to your awesome little blog which I was thinking about what to say last time, but I forgot to write it ! STUPID ME
I’ll make it short and snappy XDD
The pizza looks really cool (: YUMMY!
Good luck with the job! Hope you get it :P
lmao that reference of your sites in that sentence was pretty cool! I only was able to find the reference for the fire the arrow one XD.

LOL, their technophobes (:

OMG, I HATE that like that happens ALL the time, and then I’m like GEEZ, I wish I had a lightbox to trace it with XP

hahah yea, but sometimes you just wish for the day to end already XD. Most days are good though :D

hahaha that would really be a tad weird… LOL, just like a random vampire looking person just like sits next to you XD. Its like…umm? o.O

goodluck on the job! hehehe.. ♥ oh my.. that pizza you made looks delicious.. yumm..makes me drool.. /eee

take care
xoxo, MIMING

Thanks! Yeah, it was the first time I made pizza at home. :)

oh my gash. I think that was the longest comment I have received XD

Ooh, yay! I hope you get the job because you’re awesome and if you don’t get the job then they don’t know what they’re losing! But I’m pretty sure you did get the job. Oh well – we shall wait and see.

Good luck with your essay! Do your work, young lady. Try not to get distracted as well. And I heard (on Twitter) that your uni wireless internet is dumb and won’t work or something. Well, I hope it works for you eventually.

Far out. I think that the AshPink issue is so crap. Apparently some hostees never even knew what happened because the owner of AP isn’t telling them or something. I hope that the hostees are doing well.

I think that you should continue writing your awesome notes again in Woodnotes. You might get…re-motivated? Well, yeah.

AWESOME! A recipe site ;). If it does happen then I’ll email all my relatives and tell them about it. My mum is in need of new recipes.

“I won’t let them hurt me or bother me like that; karma will fire an arrow in their direction as the dawn is slow and their heart will drop as the world dreams less.”

That was freaking awesome. Don’t worry about the freakhead anyway. It’s not worth it. Don’t grow worry lines because some idiot decided to be stupid.

WOAH. Epic pizza you have there. My advice – you need more cheese (sorry – even if you have high cholesterol XD). Cheese is the backbone of the pizza.Well, that’s what i think. I’m just a cheese lover. Sorry

I don’t think my mum would ever let us make our own pizza. But at bible study we made mini pizzas. It wasn’t part of the lesson but it was part of the dinner after. My mini pizza thing was just packed with cheese and bits of ham :) It looked so awesome at the end because the cheese was melted.

I know I’m a day late but happy birthday, Heartdrops!

NGAW. You even commented again to tell me about my layout. Thank you so much. I feel confident now for some reason. I’ve never tried dotted elements before XD. I was going to have dashed borders but it looked funny on my links.

My mum’s a freak ;). My dad doesn’t really care though. Once, I remember, when I was 7 he told me he needed to go to the pharmacy and he asked me if I wanted to come. I asked if I could just stay home alone and he let me.

If my mum ever found out about that she would probably shout at Dad XD

Dad did a lot of housework outside when we lived together. But Eric and Ed never learned – and now that Dad’s gone, no one will probably teach Ed and Eric to do more housework. My mum tries to but then my brothers end up making me wash the dishes or whatever. Sigh.

I’ve been watching random DVD’s that my mum bought on sale :D Some are surprisingly good – at around 2am this morning I watched “She’s The One”. It’s pretty interesting. I thought it would be lame but it’s freaking awesome.

NGAWWWW. Love is James. That’s so nice of you to say! LOL

I never really listened to what the priest had to say when I went to a Catholic church. I tried to listen but seriously – they need expression in their voices /hmph they’re just so…monotonous? I hate that word – it has too many O’s.

I respect other religions but I think putting your faith in someone is good because it…I don’t know…raises your spirituality. Okay, look. Say you prayed to someone. If you believe that your prayers will be answered then maybe life will brighten up. I started believing that my prayers will be answered and now I’m not so pessimistic :D

You don’t have to go to church to have a good spiritual life, anyway.

yeah! I am still alive :D. I really want to add visitor content but I’m not too sure :P

50 is heaps :) You have an excuse for returning comments late (but you never return them late!). I only get how many comments and it takes me a week XD

I ctrl+A and ctrl+c’d this five times to be sure! LOL.

Have a nice day!

Hey well; first off Happy Birthday to your domain even though it sounds weird saying that. But anywho, take your time on the other domain. There’s no rush into getting your domain back or up. Is there? As for your assignments, I think you should do those first than work on your domains. But that’s just me. I hope you get the job! You deserve some kind of job. Even if it is fast food and not really what you want. That’s pizza? That pizza looks totally different than what american’s eat. But it looks good and healthy. I’m never satisfied when I eat. I eat and eat and eat and never get full. Hence how much I weigh today plus my medications is the one that is actually me gain the weight. So yeah. I’m trying to lose it. But you know how that goes right? It’s rather hard.

How about a separate domain for you’re reviews?

You don’t like your icons ‘sorted’? Why? :P I think it’s much easier to find what you’re specifically looking for if it’s categorised etc, but I can also see why you don’t like it sorted. Is it maybe because you prefer just browsing through it all?

With over 200 icons, I just find it useful to have it more organised :P But I never would of guessed that people find icons sorted annoying. How interesting you are! (or is it me?) D:

500 Days of Summer is worthwhile to watch, however the ending is a little….unexpected I suppose. XD It’s different from the other romance movies, but I did find it had some light-hearted humour throughout most of the movie (according to my sense of humour anyway)

I remember the first time I watched The Notebook I think I cried for half the movie! I’m the emotional sort.

Good luck with the job! You’ll most likely get it seeing as she bothered to ring you.

Have fun finishing your essay :P Especially if it’s a really boring topic XD

The pizza looks quite yum :) My family would never bother making gourmet pizza…we just order it from pizza with for like $5.95 XD

:O Your t-shirt is quite funny!!
Happy birthday to heartdrops :)

Good luck with those essays and assignments..that reminds me I need to start mine /argh

My gosh you have so many domains, it’s crazy! Maybe you should set up a vLog site or something? I don’t know :P

Wow that pizza looks delicious ♥ so much better than those Pizza Hut ones covered in oil (Y) Good job!