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The winner of the photography section of the domain competition is Tiffany! /clap You can see her entry below:

Tiffany's entry

In second place was Nicole and in third place was Kyana. You can view Nicole’s photo or Kyana’s photo. Congratulations to the winners! :D

I’ve… what the hell. I’ve done my essay. 😰 I’m scared of submitting it to this “Turnitin” thing; basically a service that detects plagiarism. If parts of my essay are plagiarised, it will tell me and show me what’s wrong. And, there is no way of fixing it after that.

Now I haven’t plagiarised – I’m sure I haven’t, but it is a scary thought for my document to be looked at electronically. “Point of no return”, my friend Ryan called it. What if I accidentally copied a few lines just sloppily? It might be something minor, but what if… what if…

I am indeed scared, because this database will possibly tear my essay to shreds and tell me it’s not my own work. Now, I’ve carefully weeded through my essay to make sure I’ve cited and referenced properly. I’m scared to even be submitting it through there. It’s like shoving it through a paper shredder. :O

Anyway, that aside, woo! It’s done. I have to finalise a few bits, but otherwise, wahoo.

Here’s a picture of me in the shirt I won from NameCheap. You can’t see my face, but hey, my arms aren’t that long that I can take a picture with my face in it too. :P

from Namecheap!

I know I haven’t done much on the site lately. Blargh. I also hate showing people my to-do lists. You know me. But I have been working on a few brushes. Some people liked my scribbles over at Meladori so I decided to use my scribbling skills to make a few scribble-style brushes. I made a set – it took me a while to refine the shading and so on, but I managed. Hopefully, at least one set will be up by the weekend. I am excited to show you all. :)

I know reviews are not being attended to but believe me, I will get them done. Nothing much else to say. I’m pretty busy this week and I have a bunch of fanlistings to make – all in all, a lot to do. I think I’ll leave some questions.

  • Have you ever won anything online?
  • I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
  • Views on plagiarism?

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YAY! Congratulations to the photography winners =D They were really good photos =)

Yes! Turnitin. I haven’t had to use it yet, but it is only a matter of time. D= My friends have used it though. A few of them are doing arts/law and some are in second year, so once in a while I hear stories of how Turnitin detected these minor plagiarism misdemeanors from random people they’ve never heard of EVER before [let alone looked up] who wrote something back in like…1960-whatever. But they laugh at them….

And they told me that the markers didn’t really penalise them for the really minor, stupid counts. And even when they did, it was only like…one mark. So stupid.

I’m not even sure how turnitin works, but yeah, you shouldn’t worry =) It’ll be fine. If you’ve checked properly and referenced properly, I’m sure it’ll be okay =)

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My internet is capped, so I can’t see the picture cos it won’t load T_T. But I’ve seen the shirt =D And it looks cool. And I know what you look like. So I can put two and two together =D Hehehehehe!

Oooooh! Scribble brushes…=D Interesting xD Hahaha…I don’t use brushes, and I only have a vague idea of what they are, but I’M STILL EXCITED =D Cos your scribbles are cool.

Six fanlistings are DEFINITELY going to be keeping YOU busy xD

Okay answers:

– No, I haven’t! LOL. I don’t enter anything online, cos I mostly can’t be stuffed working out how, am too scared. Or am just THAT lazy that I generally cannot be stuffed, fullstop. xD

– OOOOH! ipod touches are so cool. One of my friend’s showed me theirs xD. It has cool games on it. =P There’s this archery game where you have to try and shoot each other with the arrows. OOH REMINDS ME OF FIRE THE ARROW! HAHAHAHA! Yeah, they’re cool =) But the screen is easily susceptible to finger prints =/ which is a downside…=/

– Plagiarism is bad. BUT UNI’S CAN BE SO PICKY SOMETIMES! [I’m still annoyed at having to majorly reference for law, even though I don’t have to use turnitin yet]. God, cut us poor uni students some SLACK. I reckon it should be okay to copy a sentence or two [if they’re really short], because those are hard to reword. Obviously copying out a whole chunk of text directly is bad though xD

Wooo! Here I am finally returning your comment.

First time using Turnitin. It was a thing to worry about actually. I got 6% and similarly I apparently “plagiarised” from some other students’ work from 2006. Wow. 🙄

Well, at least it wasn’t a huge amount. If so, I would have lost a lot of marks. My friend was also telling me about how they don’t have permission to keep our paper and compare it like that with other people’s in some sort of archive. I think that’s why I got similarities with other people’s papers from years ago.

Hahhaa I’m nearly capped now. And I have my assignment today so I can just imagine the terror I’ll be in.

Oh, damn you, I’ll get James to give you Photoshop so you can have fun with my awesome brushes. :P

Ah, I can do fanlistings quick. They give you a month to do them all too, so I can wait a week or two; they’re not much priority, I guess.

Oh, what suck. I think it was the iPhone that had a better screen. But my laptop endures fingerprint marks regularly. XD

Haha but even copying a sentence is balls. I guess you can reword it a bit though, or directly quote it. I remember Mr Henretty telling me not to stack my entire essay with quotes. But at uni, this girl who has a friend in a higher year, said that her friend just wrote BS like that, full of quotes, not much of her own work, and always got distinctions. D:

I know you haven’t returned my comment on your previous blog yet and I should probably wait until you have returned it so then I can return it (does that make any sense?) but I felt like commenting anyways.

Congratulations to Tiffany! It is a really nice image.

I just googled that Turnitin thing. Woah. Freaky crap.
You shouldn’t be afraid if you haven’t done anything wrong though. I don’t know everything about you but I definitely know that you wouldn’t even think about plagiarism.

Don’t worry too much. I hope you’ve referenced everything but you can’t change it now – it’s done. Be glad that it’s over.

Ooh love the shirt! And the necklace :)

You did post your to do list on Woodnotes, though. If only you could post there.

OH MY GOSH! YAYAYAY. You’re turning some into brushes! Well I’ll tell you something – I will definitely find a use for those brushes.

Cool, Fanlistings! Looking forward to that.

* Have you ever won anything online? Well, I’ve won domains from NameCheap :) Speaking of domains, should I purchase any for the winners of your contest?
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts? Yeah, why not. I think you should get a iPod classic because it has more space, I think. But I’m not too sure. An iPod touch would be fun to play with XD
* Views on plagiarism? I would never plagiarise. Even if I had to I wouldn’t. I would simply submit a paper in late and lose marks. It’s better than getting 0.

I don’t really have anything to say about plagiarism. I think it’s stupid – you won’t learn from it.

ahaha my teacher tells us about a program we have here. How like it reads the lines and like goes through pieces of literature to make sure you didnt plagiarize. Its kind of scary to think about XD

Oh gosh! Tiffany’s photograph is amazing!

Have you ever won anything online?
Hmm nope XD
I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
I recently got one for my birthday and I love it, its not the new 3rd generation so I’m not sure how nice the 3rd gen. is, but I know that the 2nd is really good, but the back scratches really easily, so I would suggest getting a case for it.
Views on plagiarism?
I hate it, but its a very scary thing to worry about!

Oh Tiffany’s photograph is lovely. :) That picture is definitely a winner.

That’s a cute shirt you’re wearing! *steals it*

And don’t worry about the plagiarism thing. I think as long as you know for sure you wrote things in your own words and cited everything properly, that’s all it matters. When I wrote essays for English classes, my professor never gave me hell about it LOL. As long as it doesn’t look too perfect and too “academicy” most professors will not really check for it. Now if it sounds like someone with a phD wrote it . . . then yeah.

With that said, though, don’t worry. I do take plagiarism seriously. For me, it’s a form of cheating, and I hate cheating. Honestly, how hard is it to rewrite a thought into your own words or cite it? I don’t understand those who plagiarise, and especially those who plagiarise and expect to get away with it.

I’m guna come steal your t-shirt! even though it would never fit! lol! Haha! I love my new layout yep but I wouldn’t of been able to do it without your premade ;D so thankyou again! /love /rose
Haha, my grammars okay I think. But sometimes it’s just like 0.0 oops! But I write before I think. Strange huh!?

* Have you ever won anything online?
Nope </3
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
I'm getting one for christmas ;D my brother has the iPhone but it's a lot of money just to have the phone in it so i might aswell just have the iTouch which my daddys buying me :D (H)
* Views on plagiarism?
Ahk! That happens a lot! I myself hate it as I've had it done to me.

Congrats to the winners! :)
And congrats on getting your essay done! ;)
As long as you know you haven’t plagiarized anything, I don’t think you should be scared.
The shirt looks cute.

* Have you ever won anything online? No
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts? I don’t really currently know anyone who uses it so I don’t know much about it.
* Views on plagiarism?
It’s baaaaaad. :D Seriously, it’s scary.

That picture is so beautiful c:

Love site name. It’s so beautiful! /love

* Have you ever won anything online?
I don’t think so. Maybe some Piczo layout contest haha ?
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
* Views on plagiarism?

oh, I somehow managed to press enter. Sorry!

* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
I’d love one. I have one of those normal boring ones. It has tree games and music. Ipod Touch have so much awesome stuff in it. haha. Love stealing my friends awesome Ipods and play games /ect.

* Views on plagiarism?
I don’t know. I don’t usually plagerise, but sometimes theres some sentences I can’t put into my own word. But I would never plagerise a whole text. I like that they can check if people have done it, because there is so many people I know that just copies from wikipedia or other places, and get’s A’s (6’s).

take care.

0; That first photography picture is beautiful!!
Congrats to all the winners!

Ackk, I hate submitting work onto a site to see if it’s plagiarized or if it gets graded online. D: Like last year, we wrote stuff on the computer about a certain topic. Then we’d submit it first to this site — I forgot the name –. Then it would give the score. It’d also tell you how your organization, development, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc is. [: But yeah. Then after looking over those parts you edit your writing to get it a better score. After fixing it, you send that final draft onto the website again and it grades it. :/ But the grading is based on other writing pieces that were similar. So yeah.

Awhh, that shirt’s so cute! (:
0; How’d you win a shirt, though? xD

Ahah, mkaay. My mom used to make homemade pizza for us but I didn’t really like it … So I don’t think she does it anymore. x] Maybe I’ll ask her again since I’m now more used to vegetables. ;D

:P I WISH I was able to take my laptop upstairs. Ughh, like two days ago I sneakingly took it upstairs before I slept. And then for some weird reason that night, my mom came upstairs to see me using he laptop. -__- She took it to her own room and yeah. My mom got strict about using the laptop now, ughh.

Awhh, yeah. D: Yeah, she said she probably would but all those cmments on her blog made her guilty. *laughs evily*. :/ Well, I hope she comes back soon cause I miss her. :'(

* Have you ever won anything online?
– Blegh, no. :/ Anyways, if it got mailed to me, my parents would question me. Then I would end up tell them about my site. It’d get complicated and they’d probably make me not have a site anymore. So I’m good without winning anything online. xD
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
– GET IT! :D Ahah. (; It’s awesometastic. And plus, you could pretty much call people using Skype — I think. And you could text people using free texting apps. Or you could pay for the texting apps so you have unlimited, free texts. xD
* Views on plagiarism?
– Eh, I don’t like people who plagiarize. :P

———- I think this comment’s gonna be extremely long… :|
Ahha, maybe not. XD

I knoow! I was also going to write about piczo and all that stuff but then i didn’t feel like it! LOL i’m going to save that for another blog (Y)

ahha! he didn’t have any money cause he spent it all on Arizona iced tea :( he did apologize though :) well i guess it was kinda a fair! BUT STILL, has he no heart? :(

yees! LOL one of her friends is one of kevin’s friends… confusing :O but i still think she doesn’t approve of my crush LOL sounds like a parent :S

ahah, at least you tried, but if it’s bigger you can see it better (Y) ! it took me like an hour to make the outline then 20 minutes to do the curvey parts :S it was agoony! wow i actually used a “smart” word! ahah, it’s smart for me XD

LMFAOO well she can be a bit bossy… ;o i want to but i dont want to be like some creepy stalker ;D me too! if he’s not i’m wasting my time, eckk. i don’t have a lot to waste! i’m getting older by the second ;P

yes they do!! OMG :P

really? first time? :O LOL puffy crust! i like crust with cheese inside them! it taste amaaazing ♥

awwh thats a cute picture :O! LMFAOO waay better then mine ;) aah hah! the hearrt is so like “perfect” (:

at least your done your essay! what do you mean theres no way of fixing it? does it like i dont know lmfaoo. plagiarism, this one kid in my class in like grade 5 copied an entire wikipedia page ahah! it was soo funny though!

POINT OF NO RETURN tanananan. scary! don’t be negative! stay positive! my mom always tells me that, teheh.

awwwh cute shirt ♥ I LIKE YOUR NECKLACE :D

can’t wait to see the brushes :P

* Have you ever won anything online? nope, i suck at competitions (Y) ahah and i don’t have much luck! even if i entered my own competition i would lose ahah!
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts? ooh I LOVE THE GAME TAP TAP!! :D well if you want one get one! i have the newest Ipod nano, the video one! whoo its soo much fun, but it cant take pictures which is pretttty stupid!
* Views on plagiarism? AHHH! people who plagiarize on purpose are stupid people who literally have no brains so they have to copy other people (Y)

Wheee! Congrats to Tiffany for winning the competition. Yay! The photo is certainly cute. A heart among a bunch of flowers XD

You? Plagiarised? Woah, I wouldn’t have expected that. But then again, it is soooo easy to fall into that trap. I do that half of the time too. At this hour I am still typing up my essay, and it’s not even half done yet. And I think I am plagiarising a few lines… *sighs*

I too have a desktop computer that has been covered with not just dust, but with other things like books and domestic stuff. It has been like that for years now. Nobody uses it anymore since I can’t remember when. We don’t even know if it is still working! :X

Receiving emails is fun but half the time they were spams. I know the system would delete them automatically after a few days but I hate seeing them so I always end up clearing the spam box myself. Hahaha!

Have you ever won anything online? = I don’t think I have… 😢

I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts? = go get it girl, I know you want it.

Views on plagiarism? = downright bad. I couldn’t remember how many times listening to my lecturers’ reminders on this issue. I never actually thought anybody could commit plagiarism to such an extent that it was OBVIOUS that the work was totally fake. Well I was wrong, a couple of months ago, my Geography lecturer told us that a girl had copy-and-pasted texts from various online articles and put it on her paper. The girl didn’t even bother to at least paraphrase the texts or add in her own thoughts into the paper. So the work was 100% not hers (the only effort she made was she re-arranged the order of the paragraphs). What a lazy bi***.

Yeah, I don’t know why I keep using so much pink; until about last month, it was never one of my favorite colors. :P I don’t think I will ever actually use that layout; should I turn it into a premade or just scrap it?

LOL. I’ve never thought of them as “zebra” crossings before. Now I’m going to think that every time I see a crosswalk. XD

Maybe there’s something about guys that doesn’t allow them to keep a straight face. For the awesome ones, anyway. ;)

That’s crazy! Nobody’s ever (in real life) known what I was talking about when I said “house socks.” And you do! Woah!

* Have you ever won anything online?
No. :(
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
Uhm… go for it? I’ve never used one, and I’d feel like I was joining the “cool kid” cult if I got one. :P
* Views on plagiarism?
lol, I did an online quiz yesterday about plagiarism for my English class. Without even reading any of the material before taking the quiz, I got 97.5%. ;)

I think that that service sounds terrifying. Do you HAVE to turn it in there?

Yay for finishing the essay! You go. :D Lol, I still have to start re-studying for getting my driver’s license…and I dun wanna :( But I know I need to learn how to drive so… blah.

And, take it one step at a time. You’ll get your reviews done. I can’t wait to see the brush set! I’m always scoping sites for wicked looking brush sets. If I had the patience, I would make some…but they would suck. XD

I love that shirt! It’s awesome, lol. And the pic is good, despite no head. I also like your necklace, it’s cute. Where’d you get it?

* Have you ever won anything online?
No…but I got a CD from an artist by knowing her people online, if that counts?

* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
OOOH WANT. I like those so much better, it’d be like an iPhone Touch, right? if I’m thinking of the right thing.

* Views on plagiarism?
People take stuff too extreme. I mean if you cite someone in an essay and leave proper credit so that the whole world knows you didn’t write it, I think that’s fine. But copying someone’s words and re-arranging them to your own needs is a NO NO.

Congrats to the photography winners (:

I have to turn things into turnitin.com too. xP First time I used it I was like.. what if I get caught for something? I mean sometimes I reword things slightly to get my point across..and what about the quotes and blah blah. O.o I don’t know, it’s a weird site idea. but still, I guess it’s useful.

I like the t-shirt by the way 👏

* Have you ever won anything online?
Uhmm do domains count? xP

* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
Uhmmm, I have one.. but it was a gift from someone and I really wasn’t expecting it. But they are amazing. It’s my portable way of using the web. ^^

* Views on plagiarism?
Es mal. (It’s bad). And Turnitin.com is really just a way to prevent it. I had an encounter with a copier once.. she copied off my Spanish Test so I finished fast with my back turned to her and then flipped it over.. xD Take that copier!

heyyy sorry it’s been forever lol, congrats on winning the tshirt it’s so cute i really like it
george and her broke up so it’s all good :) lol yeah i have an airer here but it takes like 3 days to dry :( bad times
OMG we had this lecture on plagiarism today with role play it was so sad we’re like…chyeah we know it’s bad
aww don’t be worried i’m sure it wont find anything especially if you’ve referenced it all :)

* Have you ever won anything online? no :(
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts? get one, i LOVE mine
* Views on plagiarism?
plagiarism is bad and stuff idk i’m tired LOL

Hahahaha, it’s the point of no return O_O O_O O_O
Blarg, the shurt is cute :O :O it suits communication /bash students /rose *frog*
but the skulls are very cute /love

* Have you ever won anything online?
I won my phone online /bounce and it was so :P
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
Get one today hrrrrrrrrng /bash
* Views on plagiarism?
Turn it in /ho /um you have to anyway D: /love


LOL, I don’t remember you typing that when I was watching you – the bit about the communications students. Ah, I am such a wordy person. ♥

Ugh, at least you get your phone. I “won” an iPhone. Balls. You’ve sort of won domains too.

I suddenly remembered that NameCheap question about peanuts or something, and you wrote “food poisoning” and we all got mad because other people wrote “you die” or something like that, and you didn’t win. :(

Until that time that you beat me and said, “EAT THAT, WUGGS”. D: 👏

Eeek, I can understand being worried about that Turnitin program. Even though you haven’t plagiarised, there’s always that worry you’ll get busted for something you haven’t done, right? It’s like how I panic whenever I see a security camera in a store (while obviously not shoplifting) or when they’re checking tickets on public transport (even though I have one). But that could just be me and my paranoia, lol.

Lmao @ your new t-shirt! I saw the preview in your last entry but it’s still funny, hehe.

As for your questions…
* Have you ever won anything online?
_Not so long ago I won a voucher that entitled me to a free beanie baby thing. I used it to get a chihuahua that looks like Paris Hilton’s dog, hahaha.
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
_Go for it! Anything that utilises those iPod apps is awesome IMO. In fact that’s why I got an iPhone rather than any other phone that would have been better except it didn’t support apps, lol.
* Views on plagiarism?
_I’m too tired to make a serious statement about that right now, so just let me quote one of my favourite sayings on the topic: “To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal ideas from many is research.” This has been circulating bulletin boards and office doors at the university my mum lectures at for about 12 years, lol.

Haha yeah all I have is 2 websites and a Flickr account.

Haha yeah there was this huge concert for Kenny Chesney (some weird country singing dude) and some of my friends managed to get tickets but it was on a Tuesday so on Wednesday they all come to school and they looked awful lol.

Haha noooo I am not a fan of Miley either. If I could choose for her whether to live or die….I would choose die lol ^-^

Yeah the plot is kind of weird but the movie was hilarious!!

Haha the first time I made pizza was in April after coming back from Italy. We missed the pizza so much we tried to recreate it :)

Hey Georgie :)

Thanks, and it feels sooo good to be back again! I really missed the whole blogging and commenting thing a lot! Yeah.. I just wanted to open xD

I hope so too! I went through it before already, but then lost the link, bla bla. I really hope I will get something decent up.. if not I know who to ask for some help ;)

I will miss it too! It was my first domain and my little baby. I wish I knew what will happen to it. But it’s Wendy’s, so.. I guess I’ll never really know it.

I think I was even gone for a whole day and didn’t tweet at all.. I was playing sims – nonstop xD I even have a lil Georgina, Vicky, Gillian and who not xD

Oh wow.. but at least that damn essay is done. Was it the one about Immanuel Kant? Or was that another one? I think I would be scared to hell if we’d have to do it this way.. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything is just perfectly fine :) When do you get the result?

That t-shirt is kinda cool, I wanna have one too xD Lol about your short arms xD

OH cool, brushes by you? Can’t wait to see them :)

1. I won 2 domains online :)
2. I think you should get one. I always wanted to have one, but mum thinks it’s too much money for a mp3-player.

Oh, congratulations everybody :)

I don’t think i have ever won any thing on lone :( Not that i can remember. I think i came third place in a layout challenge. The prize was a pretty gift the host made.

iPod touch – very good :) I use mine to watch movies.

I thought plagiarism, was copying? So i guess its stealing rite?

Sheesh Georgina, you leave the longest comments in the history of comments. LOL I think you should get awards for that. xD I shall make mine even longer! ;D

Yeah, you do seem like a pretty busy person; I’m surprised you get the amount of stuff you do done! For some reason, I was thinking the form didn’t go through so I was tempted to hit submit twice. x)

I haven’t seen the Fox and the Hound in FOREVER! It is definitely one of my favorite movies though. Aww… yeah, I cried too. ): It’s probably one of the only Disney movies that actually DID make me cry. Though, I don’t remember how old I was when I seen it… Probably 7 or 8? Somewhere around there.

Ah, I see. Fables are kind of interesting though; for the most part, they don’t teach me anything that I already don’t know. xD Would Greek Mythology be considered a fable? I don’t know why but I always think they do. All I know is, if I was the fox, I would have grabbed a ladder or something. At least ask for someone taller for assistance? Like… a giraffe. xD Maybe that’s the lesson… “ask others for help” or I don’t know LOL. I’m talking Gibberish.

I can honestly say that, I am more terrified than anything. I learned to block it out because, the more scared you are of something, the more “real” it becomes to you; it’s been working for the most part. Not many people really know about the house’s history so when I tell people, they never want to come over. LOL Too bad, it would make a very good scary story at a slumber party. x)

The entries you got for the photography section are really nice! I’m pretty jealous I can’t hold a camera like that. x)

I’ve heard of those machines and to be honest, they sound very frightening but, I mean won’t they just skip over one or two sentences? If everything else is good, can they really blame you? That would be pretty stupid if they did. Plus, you’re a really good writer! I highly doubt you would make a mistake anyways. Still, hope you get it all settled. (:

I love your scribbles! They’re far more imaginative than what I can come up with; I can’t just doodle something down… I actually have to well, think. Dx I look forward to seeing the brushes if you come out with them.

1. Sadly, no. I’m not the best when it comes to luck. x) I’d like to win at least once in my lifetime anyways.
2. I’d get it! It’s definitely worth the money now since it’s far more cheaper then when I got mine (I don’t know how much it is in Australia though); only downfall is if you have rather large fingers… I highly doubt you do though. xD
3. People shouldn’t be credited for other people’s work. It’s simply fowl play.

Phew… took 10 minutes to type. .-. I apologize though, I think you’ve received longer. LOL

I would not worry a *thing* about Turnitin, honestly. My school uses it too, and the thing is, you get your *best* draft of your paper, paste it into the program with your course ID and once it comes back with the verdict, you EDIT all that crap that they say is copied (within reason, because a phrase like “and then that” does not count and no one, in their sane mind, will say that you plagiarized it). What they really want to see is that a) there’s no glaring copied parts and that b) you’ve changed what the website told you was copied.

Anyways, awesome tee, I heart it greatly. And awesome job to *all* those three photographers for their entries, they all look awesome :D

… I just realized that I totally use the word “awesome” too much. Ugh, must dig out the thesaurus!

wow that is scary, the turnitin thing. I guess if you’re postive you haven’t plagarised you have no need to worry :).

Have you ever won anything online?
Well i go on ebay alot. When i was young i bought a Nintendo DS (one of the very very old ones), this year i bought hair extensions and i bidded and won a dress off their too :).

I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
They’re really cool. My sister has one and so does an old friend of mine. You can add some really cool games onto it that you can’t have with a regular Ipod nano or shuffle. I was going to get one, but because they’re so big and Ipods are banned at my school, it would be very hard to hide!

Views on plagiarism?
It’s a hard subject. I mean you could write something all by yourself and it could still be out there written by someone else and you’d never know.

Congrats on gettin your essay done. I would be scared to submit my work through that “Turnitin” thing” too. But I’m sure you don’t have anything to worry about. :) Great shirt by the way. :)

Have you ever won anything online? – No, I never win anything 😢

I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts? – I seen them on tv and online and I think they are great. If I had 200 some dollars I would totally buy one.

Views on plagiarism? – don’t have any.. /sweat

Sorry for a terrible late reply but etter late than never!
Congrats to the photography winners! Their entries were amazing!
Oh yes, my church leader told me about the plagiarism thing. Apparently people get kicked out of uni because of plagiarism. So I sort of know how your feeling. Don’t worry about your essay. I bet its fantastic and if you definately know you haven’t plagiarised then everything should be fine. Although, sometimes on websites and they tell you the info but you can’t change it into your own words because that is how you would write it, and hat happens often which is annoying.
What was your essay about?
I love your t-shirt you received. :D

* Have you ever won anything online?
Sadly know. Unless you mean graphic competitions and you get an online award. If you count that then yes. I don’t often paticipate in online comps that need your personal info in case they are fake and they come and stalk your house……. :P
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
I wanted one. I still want one but I’m waiting until it’s cheap :P By the looks of it, it’s pretty good, but if you want something that fits into your pocket, I advise you not to choose that, unless all your clothes have super large pockets :P Otherwise, it’s cool.
* Views on plagiarism?
Copying someone else is bad (obviously :P) but sometimes you can write something and it just happens to be the same or similar to what someone wrote without knowing.

Wow! Congrats to the photography winners of your comp, the entries sure do look quite amazing :3 I r jeluzzz, seriously. My photography skills fail.

Oh wow, I’ve never heard of this Turnitin service, it suonds evil. Especially if you’re doing a factual report, like honestly. Facts are facts, sure you word them yourself but still.
What do you mean though when you say “And, there is no way of fixing it after that.” if it does spot plagiarism? So you can’t fix it? Gyahh I’m confused (little brain here – can not process large extracts of information) XD.

I’m sure that the turnitin thingo will love your essay, in terms of NOTHING will be plagiarized. But it does indeed sound like quite the scary service.

Your Threadless tee that you won from NameCheap is freaking awesome :3 WOOOO :)

Oh man, I’m sure no one minds if you don’t update for a little while, I mean you’re known for your awesome updates XD You deserve a break too! But in saying that, I can’t wait to see your scribble brushes, I bet they’ll look amazing :)

Oh wow, your house does sound bloody huge! *Envies* My house isn’t tiny, but I’d prefer it larger, more spacious.

ROFL ikr! I can’t even remember how I found out about sex and shit, i just did. You know.. like seriously i think it’s in everyone’s mind and they just casually unlock it, how about you? I really can’t recall a certain moment where I suddenly had extensive knowledge of sex LOL.

LOL i can’t believe you remembered that LOLOL. Good times. Though yes, My Dad is quite the clean freak. Bloody weirdo. He needs to learn to stop hoovering -.-‘

* Have you ever won anything online?
Yeah lmao, I’ve won two comps from Girlfriend *fail* 3 or more Comps from Habbo and 1 comp from student edge XD
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
They’re bloody expensive!
* Views on plagiarism?
I wish it didn’t even exist, i hate thieves and generally people how copy. How can people be so unoriginal, it leaves me pondering eh.

I mostly used to like them because they are all so crazy. They always say the weirdest stuff. xD

Good luck with your other assignment! :)

I really want to try making pizza.

It’s good that you feel confident. Yeah I feel really irritated especially when they show off more to other people.

Haha; 12 domains? You should be too busy with 12 domains! Some are under works, right? When is RubyTears opening? LOL. :D

Yeah, I think Firefox has a download for each language…or that’s what I read when I downloaded it. Haha. XD

Yeah, I should probably do that…does sound good, though. It isn’t too much hardwork, you know, putting your whole navigation int your footer! XD I know I sound lazy. :P

Well, yeah, but it’s still natural! Haha! Sleepwalking is probably not a crime. XD


Congrats to Tiffany! Her entry looks so beautiful. :D Congrats to the runner-ups, as well! XD (I only hope the winner and the runner-ups read this! :P)

Oh, a service that detects plagiarism?
LOL, you probably shouldn’t worry about it if you’ve done the essay well. You checked it, anyways. :D

Ooh, the shirt looks awesome! :D I think it suits you, though the photo doesn’t show your face! :P

Scribble brushes! I always loved your scribbles at Meladori! So, ofcourse, I’m looking forward to your brush set! Yeah, brushes take a long time to make, esp. with the process I followed! :|

Haha, yeah, I’ve been a bit impatient with my review, I admit! But, take your time! :D

1. I have won domains from NameCheap…. 🙄

2. iPod touch is cool! You should probably get what you like. :)

3. I don’t know…plagiarism is, well, ugly.

Well,I think today is Heartdrops’ birthday?I cannot remember everything cause the exams are coming and studying is always so stressful to me!

If today is Heartdrops’ birthday,i’ll say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEARTDROPS!” again.Well,Tiffany’s entry was pretty nice.I do admire her because I do not have a gift in any of the different types of drawing(eg.Computer Graphics,Animals,Scribble,Doodles,etc.).Ah,I don’t really love scribbles,but your scribbles were obviously very nice.

By the way,can you try to make the comments have comment pages?It’s quite irritating when i have to scroll down(i’ve lazy hands XD).Thanks eh.

Have you ever won anything online? – Nonono.I’m too young for that.
I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts? – I don’t really have any ideas.If you think it’s worth it,get it.
Views on plagiarism? – Oopsy.I learnt that word before but i forgotten the meaning.I will check it next time.

Good night,

Aww :( My boyfriend used to have to use that same exact program and he used to get freaked out when he had to do it. I always get nervous when I think I might have accidentally plagiarized. Whenever my teachers would pass back papers/essays I would be sitting on pins lol. I know I didn’t do anything wrong but I’m like “WHAT IF I ACCIDENTALLY DID?!?!?”.

So I feel your pain haha. :/

Congratulations to the winners of the contest! Hmmm, I’m sure you’ll do fine on the “turninit” thing. I don’t think you plagerized anything. But that’s just me. Anyway, I’ve never won anything online, and an ipod nano is great. If you have an ebay.com account, you can get one for real cheap. Like I got mine. I don’t really have any views on plagerism it’s been done and said so many times I just can’t keep up with it. So I don’t think you did anything wrong! We’ll just have to wait and see. And as far as your scribblie domain brushes goes I can’t wait to see them. Good luck on your to do list. I know it can be hard. But we all have those.

Yay Magical Surprise is actually back up and running. You can reply on there now. I’m so excited! I thought that site was history!!!!

Ooh wow, awesome. I will comment there now…! I thought it was gone too, wow. :P

WOW. Those pictures are amazing. Uh-May-Zing.

I don’t know what plagiarism is. FAIL.

Lmao. I love that t-shirt like so much! :D My dad always says that to me! :)

Lmao, thanks :D I’m going to blog now. :D

* Have you ever won anything online?
Never. Ever. Nope.
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
Do, it’ll be AWESOME XD
* Views on plagiarism?
… :S lmao. I’m so slow.

Congrats to Tiffany! I always really liked her entry. :)

Holy fuck, that Turnitin thing does sound pretty… crazy. D: I’m sure you’ll be fine though; if you’ve weeded through it and the like, there should be no problems. :)

I would hate those things too though. I happen to hate paper shredders anyway. XD

HEHEEEEE. New shirt! ^^ That’s so cool.

And I’m excited to see your brushes. :D I’m sure they’ll be awesome; I love your scribbles too. ♥
Good luck with the site and other work, and remember about breaks and the shit. (Y)

* Have you ever won anything online?
Nope. XD Well not an item; I’ve won awards and advertising and domains. But that’s it. XD

* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
Sounds pretty cool. :D I don’t have a Touch but they are pretty nifty and have awesome games. /faw

* Views on plagiarism?
Sucks ass. The end.

I was scared shitless too, but it’s epic and some time you should go. :)

And yes, exactly. :) Reviews do clog up your brain. O_O You deserve to have a break from them, they are so time consuming and making avatars is nice in contrast. ^^

Thank you! I was really nervous about avatars ’cause my graphic skills just suck. :P
Yep, you must. Wait ’til I’ve gone there and come back first though. XD

YESSSSSSSSSS. YOU FINISHED YOUR ESSAY!!!!! (Y) /eee *hugs* ♥ /type

Really? I hadn’t realised she had bought domains for people, but they need AP back! What about her other site? Tiramisyu.com?
Ohhhs. It’s still up.

Any at all? Prepare for pretty wild ones then, lmao. ;D

Hahaha yeah it was a pretty awesome pizza, bloody tasty though. ♥ And haha my brother sounds like yours. Quite a bit. (Y)
I couldn’t imagine you in a cork hat, let alone owning one. /oh

Too true. Your essay work has been done. :D

Ugh. Screw judgemental people. Far out. :(
Point made. Next week? XD There will be a time when your brother is… “moveable”? /hehe

Very true. I don’t need much to survive either. :P


Oh same here, at my school they’re so strict about skipping. D: But I see why they do do that, the whole 70% thing. Missing 30% is quite a lot, judging on the work you have to do and all.


Mistakes teach ya all you need to know, just so long as you can accept them. *nods*

I almost believed him, haha. And yes, he must have.

I love Matilda, it’s such a great movie. I can’t really remember the toilet paper part though, so I’ll have to watch it again and look out for that.

It was just one of the main parts that say a bit less than the other ones. I don’t really know much about Fame though, just the musical. Apparently the film’s completely different. I really don’t understand how that works.

Yeah, a lot of people seem to study in different countries to where they’re from. Probably just for a change of scenery.

Haha, that sounds funny (but really annoying at the same time!!). I don’t think any of the PE teachers at my school were that strict. Poor Georgina. At least you don’t have to do it anymore.

Stupid Bearman. Glad you’re feeling better now though.

Those photographs are gorgeous!! I’d have so failed if I entered that contest. I love the one you chose as the first prize winner. It’s so pretty.

Glad you’ve finished the essay. I’m sure you won’t have copied anything by accident, but surely you can adjust it if you find out you have. If not, double check to make sure. I bet you’re worrying over nothing.

That T-Shirt is really nice. NameCheap seem to be doing a lot of giveaways recently.

I like your scribbles. It’s amazing that you’ve done so many!!

* Have you ever won anything online?
Don’t think so.
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
I’ve heard that they’re the funnest iPod you can get. They look pretty cool.
* Views on plagiarism?
If it’s accidental that’s alright. If not then I don’t agree with it.


Hey, thanks to you I spent my hard-earned money on some Threadless tees! Why you! D< heehee XD

1. Have you ever won anything online?
No… how sad :(

2. I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
My brother has one, it seems pretty cool. Games and stuff.

3. Views on plagiarism?
I don't understand why some people do that… like what is the point? Get off your lazy ass and do your own work, douche!

Hi there, I was browsing POP and came across your site XD

That picture up there is beautiful! Congrats to all of the winners ♥

I saw Namecheap giving away some shirts. You’re lucky to be a winner!

I’ve been neglecting my site too. It’s kinda hard. My school gives 3 hours of homework a night, and if you miss 3 assignments, you get an F averaged in with your final grade 😰

* Have you ever won anything online?
Well, I won a domain from Kya! But I haven’t really won much besides that. I got a reward from a contest once. /eee

* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
I have an iPod touch. I’ve had it for about 4 months. After two months, I simply dropped it, and the screen shatters. It’s really easy to break. And it’s really expensive to repair it. O_O It’s a good iPod, but it’s really fragile.

* Views on plagiarism?
Uhm…to me, plagiarism isn’t that big of a deal, as long as you give credit. I don’t plagiarize much, but if I do, I try to re word it just a little bit.

I still have to scan the picture of me and Tom.. I will someday xD I just don’t feel like getting up to do so at the moment.. and I don’t want to look at it at the moment either. xP

Yeah, well last year when I went with “Nickname,” I actually LIKED the slow dances although I pretended not to. Hahaha, my friend, Katie and I were both pushing each other to slow dance with our partners at Tolo and well, dancing with Nickname wasn’t so bad because we were really close friends back then so we just listened to the music and talked while dancing ish. Hahaha, it was nice. But I wouldn’t ask him again. I had a teensy tiny thing for Nickname before but it’s long worn off, now we’re just okay friends ^^

Yeah, awkward conversations… Ick. I don’t know how I managed to talk to noodles. Really, it wasn’t awkward I managed to let him talk without getting mad or anything and I didn’t find it awkward or the need to run at that moment. But I was kind of hyper. I think I just need some sugar before I am forced into any kind of conversation like that.

I think I’m officially claiming to myself that I do have deeper feelings for him. It’s just something I feel ashamed of? If that’s the right word. Perhaps its because I wish that for once… I could have a close guy friend and NOT end up liking him? >.< I think there's something wrong with me.

Haha, Kuya loves my grandpa. xD Because he said that. I was like.. why would you love my grandpa? And he was like.. because he's funny. I DID explain to my grandpa we're friends…but he's getting old and getting to the point that he has no idea what I'm saying.

6% what? xD When we turn something into Turnitin.. we don't get anything back because our teachers don't tell us if they see anything or not. O.o They just say TURN IT IN to TURNITIN.COM xP

Oooo, es mal (: I love teaching people spanish. Wait, what do you mean by Woodnotes being stuffed?

And yeah the iPhones are MAJORLY expensive. One reason why I didn't want one. I didn't really want an iTouch either but I got one and I love it.. even though I do like the fact my old iPod held more songs.. xD But the iTouch is awesomeee. It has apps (Twitter, FML, Games, etc). Some you have to pay for, some you don't. You can put a decent amount of songs on it. ^^ As long as you don't overload it with videos and stuff. I happen to have Twilight on mine.. which takes up like a quarter of the memory on it. Hahahaha, but it's like my on the go movie. ^^

Pizza es bien. (:

Well, if you can't think of anything to do with the domain.. maybe you could give it up for adoption? Just another thought.

Take Cares,

Hi Georgina,

This isn’t meant to be a lengthy comment (I’m doing an assignment at the moment), but I saw your latest Twitter:

“Fail. I was vacuuming my keyboard and it swallowed two keys”

LOL it made me laugh. How unlucky. I hope you can fish them out. /eee

Thank you so much for the Photography domain contest. I thought I’d just give it a whirl, and woo I came second. The winner and other runner up’s photos were great too! ^__^

See you in class tomorrow,

you’re welcome ! & yea it is more fun to make it. That happens to me a lot, like I’d cook but I wouldnt eat it XD I’m weird LOL

you’re welcome again (:

hahaha yeaa, or sometimes they just can’t seem to get the old ways out and the new ways in LOL

LOL veryyy, unless you are like this group of snobs at my school, one of them goes to school in a tutu so that everyone notices her, we’re like wowwwwww LOL

hahah you’re welcome :P

aww thats good! I hate that feeling that you get when you like hand in stuff, especially if I know I did bad ! Then I feel like this horrible gut feeling ! And 6% thats great! Its not like you really did copy anything !

LOL thats cool! I got mine from the mall, and it was like $12 for the screen protector and a case, which I think is good since the ones that apple has charges like 30 just for a case, not with a screen protector!

true true (:
That’s why I freak out! LOL, I wonder like since I rephrase something, that it would be too similar! Its especially hard when you have like a fact or something that is really hard to change, but I guess if you cite it its okay (:

Thanks again Georgina and also to the other judges :)

The other entries really adorable ;) Wish I had a plant in my backyard in the shape of a heart. :P

I’m sure your essay will process through fine, but I know that feeling because not long ago one of the teacher’s who marked our grade’s assignment say something like ‘over half the grade plagiarised’ and a lot of people had detentions, and their parents got contacted etc.

I was really worried if I unconsciously forgot or lazily didn’t put in quotations. I was fine though ;)

The t-shirt is quite cute ;)

Can’t wait to see your brushes :) I’m unfortunately terrible at making them XD

* Have you ever won anything online?
Yes (as you would know XD)
* I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
I thought you won an iPhone not long ago? Doesn’t an iPhone hold the same functions plus it being a mobile phone?
If so, I would recommend it because the games/applications are quite entertaining and some useful. There are free applications, however some do cost a bit (I know some good applications that can cost $5). If you’re willing to pay for applications (maybe browse through them first and see the ones your interested in and see how much they cost). However small money like this may not be a barrier for you, but it is one for me (call me cheap XD)

* Views on plagiarism?
A big no no. Using quotations and references aren’t that difficult, and teachers set assignments to learn something (maybe) important, not to learn how to master in copying and pasting.
I think that’s why a lot of my teachers are setting ‘in class assessments’ so it ensures that we have learnt something it also makes it more difficult to plagiarise

Ahhh, what I meant about editing is that after turning it into Turnitin.com, unless your TA/prof says otherwise, they (TA/prof) expect you to look at the result and then edit your working copy of the essay to reflect that you’ve acknowledge the parts that were suggested for change by the program, that way when they look at your paper and the online thing, they’ll see that you’ve made a conscious effort to change it.

…What a concept! XD I’ve never really thought of one of my layouts as ‘failing’ before… like, either it fails so early on because of bad graphics that I don’t even consider it started, or I spend a long time finding a solution and then implementing it. That’s a wonderful idea for premade layouts, though. XD Although if they fail for you… why do they work for premades? Is it like with mine, where maybe all your content doesn’t fit right?

Haha, the first thing I thought of when I read how they have a good sense of humor… yesterday, my friend Phil and I were talking about… when his now-ex (for three years) girlfriend had left him a pair of [regular] underwear, and when I asked him what he was supposed to do with it at the time, he made a joke about putting it on his head. I was like, “…Gordon’s done that.” XD

Yeah, exactly! How socks are just too big and fluffy to fit into shoes. Or if they do fit, they make your feet weirdly sweaty and uncomfortable… at least for me. Maybe the combination of thick socks and shoes is too much heat or something. :P

Well, that makes me relieved. I was all worried that it would turn up all sorts of connections to things you’d never seen, so it looked like you’d plagiarized (not you; by this point, I was putting myself in your place). I even mentioned it to my English professor, and she pointed out that no professor is going to grade on some result from the Internet alone.

Wow! What beautiful photos! That’s awesome they won :) They definately deserve it, especially Tiffany.

Oh gosh I hope your essay doesn’t get all torn up. That would be terrible. It’s so good you got it finished though. Just wondering, what’s plagarism?

haha awesome shirt :)

Your scribbles are really cool. I wish I could draw/ sribble like you can :)

Have you ever won anything online? Nope but I’ve won stuff off TV
I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts? Awesome! Great idea. They’re so cool! :)
Views on plagiarism? What is it?…


Gosh that’s a bit odd… I wonder where she got to…

That’s awesome. I get what you mean. Yuo’re pretty busy as it is.

Wow, that’s pretty good for a first time :)

Haha cardboard box cars! :P Great idea, but you’re right about how long it would take. Eeek, that must’ve been a little scary for you!

Thanks so much .:) I’m so pleased I’m doing well.

Haha maybe :P Of course I’m not gonna mail you an actual present!

Haha, wow a cucumber!? :O Great idea!

Hahaha! Serves that copier right. 👏 “Click here”, that’s a damn big giveaway alright.
Usually teachers/lecturers can detect if a student has copied and pasted a piece of work by simply looking at the style of the writing. Obviously it is kinda fishy when a student who is usually poor in grammar/spelling could suddenly produce an amazingly good piece of paper. Nobody can improve that fast. Even I take years to harness that ability.

A few nights ago my laptop was now infected with a virus and is seriously disabled. I had to send it in for repair. *sigh* I seriously wish I could just buy a new one. But my pocket is pretty empty right now so I have to make do with the current one. *more sighs* 😢

haha it’s okay I have money in the bank but it’s saved for when I want to start driving, for my passport & for a holiday for when I finally get a job! /bash /argh (Y) (H) /type Haha yeah I make to many typos sometimes, especially when I’m tierd 😴 I look and feel like a zombie.

Yeah, my brother has the iPhone he brought it, £300 and something 0.0 I can’t afford that though :(. I have my digital camera & my dad’s canon digital e300 that I use when i want to take proffesionalish photographs, otherwise I use mobiley ♥

Wow.. this is one long comment nevermind ;D /hehe well at least your premade enabled me to learn and use wordpress without getting all confused XD

hope your essay doesn’t get shredded :] . i’m sure it’s fabulous ^^

Have you ever won anything online?
yes, i have. only one contest because that was like the only contest i entered. [won 2nd place]

I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
go ahead ! but i think it’s overrated.

Views on plagiarism?
ehh, it’s bad, but then if u give credit, it doesn’t hurt.

Thanks. ^^;

Me and my friend have made a homemade pizza, it was WAY nicer than the pizza hut ones ^^

Oh I stopped for a year because of studying for tests haha.

Those are pretty photographs ♥

Oh that machine sounds terrifying D; I don’t plagiarise like ever. & Congratz on finishing the essay (Y)

Can’t wait to see the scribble brushes, I bet there gonna be awesome 👏

Have you ever won anything online? Nope. I don’t really apply for competitions like those…mainly because I’m lazy and also I’m not much of a sucker for those things (surprisingly)

I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts? I own an iPod touch and its pretty cool but there’s also other models that are cooler like the newest nano. I think you should get something different because a lot of people have touches now so if you wanna stand out get the video camera nano or something (H)

Views on plagiarism? I care heaps if people plagiarise my work because like, its yours and people shouldn’t copy I guess so yeah. I think it generally shouldn’t be done.

Tiffany deserved to win. Her picture is pretty cool. Like something that would get featured on FLICKR or something.

Congrats for your win on nameschaep. The T-shirt is cool.

I have never won anything online personally. I don’t consider it a loss or anything though! I-pod touch? That;s so weird, I was thinking about getting a i-phone. I like my phone so I might just get the touch. i am not so keen on touch phones.

In Sheff uni they have those machines too. Telling you about if it’s plagiarised or not. One time in my media class in college this girl copy and pasted her whole essay of line and got caught. My teacher weren’t impressed with her at all.

I messed my link up. Shit, my bad.