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The winner of the photography section of the domain competition is Tiffany! πŸ‘ You can see her entry below:

Tiffany's entry

In second place was Nicole and in third place was Kyana. You can view Nicole’s photo or Kyana’s photo. Congratulations to the winners! πŸ˜„

I’ve… what the hell. I’ve done my essay. 😰 I’m scared of submitting it to this “Turnitin” thing; basically a service that detects plagiarism. If parts of my essay are plagiarised, it will tell me and show me what’s wrong. And, there is no way of fixing it after that.

Now I haven’t plagiarised – I’m sure I haven’t, but it is a scary thought for my document to be looked at electronically. “Point of no return”, my friend Ryan called it. What if I accidentally copied a few lines just sloppily? It might be something minor, but what if… what if…

I am indeed scared, because this database will possibly tear my essay to shreds and tell me it’s not my own work. Now, I’ve carefully weeded through my essay to make sure I’ve cited and referenced properly. I’m scared to even be submitting it through there. It’s like shoving it through a paper shredder. 😧

Anyway, that aside, woo! It’s done. I have to finalise a few bits, but otherwise, wahoo.

Here’s a picture of me in the shirt I won from NameCheap. You can’t see my face, but hey, my arms aren’t that long that I can take a picture with my face in it too. πŸ˜›

from Namecheap!

I know I haven’t done much on the site lately. Blargh. I also hate showing people my to-do lists. You know me. But I have been working on a few brushes. Some people liked my scribbles over at Meladori so I decided to use my scribbling skills to make a few scribble-style brushes. I made a set – it took me a while to refine the shading and so on, but I managed. Hopefully, at least one set will be up by the weekend. I am excited to show you all. πŸ™‚

I know reviews are not being attended to but believe me, I will get them done. Nothing much else to say. I’m pretty busy this week and I have a bunch of fanlistings to make – all in all, a lot to do. I think I’ll leave some questions.

  • Have you ever won anything online?
  • I’m thinking of getting an iPod touch – thoughts?
  • Views on plagiarism?

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