Son Of A Gun

I felt sick today. I hate going into details, so this is going to be really sketchy because it’s something I don’t want to describe in detail.

Since I was a child, I was easily disgusted by things, and along with that, scared. Naturally, one would probably be disgusted by worms or dirty bugs and insects. But I wasn’t only disgusted; I was scared. I didn’t realise until a few years ago that I was very scared of many things. Things like worms, staples, large stacks of paper, shadows… And also concepts and things that could happen – dying, getting raped, losing a finger, breaking a leg, being kicked out of home, getting deaf, being in a house fire, getting my things blown away in a tornado – and even less frightening things like failing a test, forgetting to do homework, and things like being alone and getting lost. Perhaps the latter two are slightly frightening in an unfamiliar place, but they are the ones that scare me the most.

Along the lines of this, I felt sick for a number of reasons. My stomach seemed unadjusted to the two tubs of yoghurt I had had for breakfast. I was also upset about my assignment which I have due tomorrow. In turn it made me feel stressed, and hence, ill.

Something I remembered from the past made me feel sick as well. It was a bit on the disgusting side and also on the frightening side – just a biological process of sorts, really. I just happened to remember all those videos we watched in science class in high school, and coupled with something I recently thought about and saw… just a terrible combination.

I went to the bathroom and was really close to dumping the contents of my stomach into the toilet bowl. 🤮

Way to go, Georgina. It didn’t happen, but I took orange juice, just in case I had picked up a stomach bug or something.

I had to do a crapload of housework today, so I really haven’t gotten much done since this got in the way of my assignment too. I do hate to keep people waiting and I know I was taking a bit of a break from reviews but I have been doing bits and pieces. I have started your review Aileen; if you’re reading this. I will be able to get some things done on the weekend though.

I was vacuuming the dust off my desktop PC keyboard, and two of the keys were swallowed by the vacuum. Way to go. 🙄 I had to sift through all the dust in the bag to find them. It wasn’t that hard but it would have been easier with the cyclonic vacuum…

I would very much like to relax this weekend but I do have a group assignment to work on (hi Nicole! And Ryan, if you happened to stumble by…), so I might not be able to get much done as expected.

About the Turnitin program that I was to hand my essay in to – I didn’t do so bad! Apparently, 6% of my essay appeared similar to other sources. Half of them were students’ essays from 2006, which I had never even read or known of… so I guess there isn’t much to worry about. Ryan was nice enough to hand me his laptop to check. :) He got 8% (he says I’m always determined to beat him and I did this time, hahaha). My laptop kept getting rejected by the wireless. /hmph

I went to the orthodontist yesterday. He actually gave me a tip to clean my retainer (the gross build-up) with white vinegar. I soaked it in a cup of white vinegar today. I think it’s actually working because it looks a lot cleaner. :D No wonder they have so many cleaning tips mentioning white vinegar. (Y)

My internet is getting slower, which I do not want. It’s going to be almost impossible to do the assignment at this rate… I hope it gets faster. :(

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Nogm that’s so cute. Large stacks of paper! *hugs*! /eee

Heehee, poor Wuggs. But that must’ve been seriously terrible /bash I wonder how they managed to stay on Twitter that long anyway :O

Haha, that must have been nasty. Rummaging in a dust bag for two little plastic keys! 😰

D: youbettergetitdone :P


But I get freaked out. They might give me papercuts. Especially a large stack of fresh, pure white paper. 😳 And it’s eerie; it’s like walking into a library of incomplete books. 😰 *hugs*

LOL, it was kind of funny. It was a small hole because that’s how vacuum cleaner bags are. And I was digging in there with my fingers and trying to find the keys. Ickk. Because if that dust got out of the bag and into the air… 🤬

I did! :O And it’s all because of your. /type /rose

Haha your vacuum swallowed a couple of keyboard keys? How can that be?! That’s a very strong suck on that vacuum then :)

Yeah, I think I accidentally put it on the maximum. LOL

Aww I hate fears though they can bring you down even further /faw Urgh! Sorry about you feeling ill. I hate that ¬.¬ <3 Lol aww! I guess the keys were loose? Yeah we have cyclonic vacuum… that loves to suck my hair bobbles up.Lol, luckly it's easy enough to get them out.

Good luck with your assignment hope you get it done in time :3 <3

Awwwwww =( Sucks that you’re feeling sick =( But I’m glad you didn’t have to throw up. And that you’re not getting a weird stomach bug, because those suck

Urghhh….Worms! Oh, you’re like me! I get scared of a lot of those things too. In fact, a lot of things I’m scared of are pretty irrational xD

Getting lost is the most terrifying thing ever. I’m so scared that if I ever get lost, no one will ever find me, and I’m even more scared that no-one will bother to look [which is very irrational].

Being alone scares me too. Sometimes it’s peaceful to be alone, but most of the time it’s not. I think that being scared of being alone is sometimes a part of being scared of being lost. Because if I were lost with someone else, I wouldn’t feel as scared. If that makes sense. =S

I hope you feel better now =)

It sucks that you had to do housework when you have an assignment due the next day =O I would be SO pissed off, I’d do everything crappily @_@

Awww your vacuum must have been hungry to swallow your keyboard keys. I think you should yell at it next time xD How silly of it. But at least you got the keys back =)

Haha yep 6% isn’t bad! Yeah, that sounds like the stories I’ve been hearing about. Plagiarising from other students you’ve never heard of. Turnitin fails. Majorly =P

OMMG! I’m so trying that vinegar thing. My retainer looks so disgusting right now cos half of it is like…build up of that white crap. EW. Hopefully my retainer won’t taste too much like vinegar. xD

Finally returning your comment after so long! Aggh! It feels weird not to have blogged in three days. /bash

Haha I’m glad. I don’t feel sick anymore. That day was just weird and suckish.

No way! If you were lost, I would totally bother to look. I’d be worried, and scared myself. :O It sucks being alone and lost, though. I don’t think it’s irrational. It makes sense. You’ll be asking questions like ‘How will I get home?’, ‘Does anyone know I’m gone?’ and ‘Are there monsters out there?’ 😰

It’s nice to be alone at home though, or in the day in a park or something. Not in the dark or in an unfamiliar, quiet place.

I would like to get lost with people too. Hahah that sounds so evil.

Yes, I feel better! /eee

I hope the vinegar thing works; I practically SOAKED mine in there for hours. :P Someone else told me it didn’t work though… but I found that it helped a bit. I wish my orthodontist told me earlier.

Aw! I do hope you feel better. :( It’s not fun feeling sick! I hate it when I feel like I have to throw up. It is the worse feeling in the world at times.

. . . And your story about your vacuum sucking up those keys cracked me up. LOL. I’m picturing that in my head and it looks pretty hilarious. :)

Vinegar is actually really useful despite its smell and sometimes taste. I know I’ve been told that it’s great cleaning litterboxes with those . . . perfect for rabbits/cats owners. ^_^

You must be busy with your staycation! ;) (Because you still have the same blog up.) I hope you are well.

I’ve been busy the past few days so I haven’t even written a new blog, which is so unlike me.

I’m feeling much better though. I was so stressed out with my assignment the other day, and it’s good to have a break!

Oh, I was so shocked. I was not expecting my keys to be sucked up like that. I looked at the space where the keys were and my face was just like :O

Oh, I don’t mind the smell of vinegar so much, and the taste is okay if you’re just tossing it on a salad or something. :D

That’s really frustrating about your internet. My internet connection gets fucked up at times. It tells me that it’s connected but I can’t log on to anything. How pathetic.

Anyways, A lot of things scare me too but I try not to visualize myself in those situations. I might get a panic attack. Which could get really ugly. I actually know someone who biologically responds the same way as you. It can get nasty :/

Aw, Sorry to hear you feeling sickk :(

Gett well soon!

Aww I do help you feel better too Georgina! Actually, I’m sick too right now. I’m home sick today and was yesterday as well! I think it’s the flu. Hopefully not swine. But I have the exact same symptons so I can’t be sure. :( Felt like I haven’t been to school in forever since we had a 4-day weekend and I have been away from school yesterday and today.

Wow, 6 days without school (if my math is right) :p It’s horrible. I haven’t gotten to see my friends and teachers in forever as well. Only texting. Which isn’t the same!

I have a horrible cough and fevers on and off. Right when I think I’m feeling better, I have like a 102.2 fever! How upsetting! Luckily I haven’t had to 🤮 yet! I honestly hope I don’t need to with this cold.

I have 1 review pending too. I know how it feels. Sometimes I just feel like I really don’t want to do them and I ignore them for awhile. @_@ bad me! lol.

I got a new layout. So you can check it out if you want. I’m working on tweaking the font size. I know it’s a little small. I asked Liliana if she could fix it for me. Do you know the HTML code to make font larger? Thanks

Wow this is the first long comment I have made for awhile. Hope I get a long one back ;) haha

I hope you feel better soon. Being sick sucks. I don’t like bugs of any kind, so I can relate to you there. 6% isn’t bad at all…

I hated going to the orthodontist. I always knew I was going to leave in some sort of pain.

You are welcome *bear hug* :)
Yah we have our moments where we all have issues with the parental figures lol
I actually want to get a palm pre. Next year i get a job so it’s on my list.
It love it and it’s smaller but the iPhone is soo amazingly awesome, my sis has one so i play with hers all the time lol
That’s one of the main reason i want a job, I want to get that feeling that says “you did this by yourself, you worked for it and you have earned it”
its a nice feeling lol

I hate cramps, i wish boys experienced it too lol. that would be very very awkward lol
I have never made pizza my self but i will one day lol. Wow i have a huge to do list of things i want to do before my last day on earth.
He was always does that lol. I love my gym class because we basically do nothing at all. We don’t even have to change clothes because we do nothing.
The biggest exercise we do it going around the track field like 3 times. We all walk it lol. You can walk or you can choose to run. As long as you do it lol
If you had a portfolio i know it would be to die for lol. you got talents :D

you’re are scared of paper? haha lol, alright sorry i laughed that was very immature of me lol

Aww you soo need to a chance to just take a nap and then when you wake up the stress will be gone.
Aww your poor thing, did those videos have something to do with some health class?
i think white vinegar kills everything lol. it removed gum from my shirt :D

mine isn’t the internet its Google chrome being stupid.

Haha yeah the layout’s really awesome! I just made a few revisions to it to it give a speial touch :)

And yeah I’ve had a Flickr for maybe almost a year but I haven’t updated since July so I better get moving lol!

Yeah, same here. I don’t really see a good message to be sent to 8 year old girls in that show.

And yeah, that doesn’t help kids get over their arguments with their brothers and sister.

OMG I saw that episode! That was horrible! What message was supposed to be sent? “If you don’t get what you want you do it by yourself behind your parent’s back across the country?” Wtf??

Yeah I have to admit that there are some funny parts in the show but if I was a mother I wouldn’t want my kid to watch it.

OMG i’m scared of a lot of things too! especially spiders! i have arachnophobia 😳 lol! shadows at night creep my out completely!! eck. staples? :O whaaat? LOL well people in my class take staples and like staple you…i can’t explain it but yeah :P!

well i hope you feel better! and dont have like the flu or anything!

i’m behind in reviews i only have 3…LOL but still, i know your site is waaay more popular and you ahve way more reviews!i was gonna apply but i think i should still add more stuff and also not add any more to your already big load!

lol! i just remember that from hannah montana, ahah, i’m so cool :D

i hope so! he lives so close by but i barely have any time to talk to him! but he says hi whenever he sees me :D LOL, it’s a start right? by next week i’ll probably get bored of him! ahah, find someone new (Y)

oooh, well in the past few blogs i only have like 7 in each FAILURE! ahah, but i’ve been blogging a lot… i just have so much to say! ack. i need to shut up more often !

yeah, eck steak every day? No thanks! it would take me forever to work that off -.-! but my coach is making us have toons of practice even though my baketball season hasn’t even started yet! i guess i could use some fat LOL!

ahah, 10 weeks, i think i’ll be fine! ooh holidays! fun! but its okay! one of my friends kelsey will be designing a header and i’ll just be coding it (Y)! whoo! ;)

yeah! LOL i hope sooo…. that would be awkward…

words in general? LOL i guess so too cause i just ramble on when i type, but when i talk, not as much! again i need to shut up more often! duct tape anyone? :X

oh definitely! one person? uhm, i’d die! LOL. /heart

6% is good! especially if its other peoples essays, and not some famous site like wikipedia!

i’ve been losing the positive side of me…just been i horrible day i guess! :S oh well! i try, negativity always brings out the bad luck.

teheh, pretend im someone else AHAH! ;)

it cant! but how can it take videos and not pictures? i do not understand -.-! interneet! and it has tap tap! teheheh ;) i love apps on the itouch even though i dont have one! i steal my friends and just play it allll day!

reaaallly? well thats stupid -.- :P how about one person owning tons of sites? :O

You’re afraid of stacks of paper?! :o Woah. That’s the first time i’ve heard of a case like that. I’m deathly afraid of cockroaches. Some insects are okay I guess but the ones that scare me the most are cockroaches -_- The keyboards keys got sucked into the vacuum!? Good thing you were able to retrieve them :o I’d panic if that happened to me. Haha.

That vacuum has an amazing sucking ability! That’s super powerful.

I used to wear a retainer and it always looked so dirty. i wish I had known about that tip then…

Hey :)

You would probably be one of the few people I”d ask :) But only if I really can’t get any further :)

Oh wow.. Yeah lucky you I would say :) But I won it, so I guess I’ll have to live with it xD Though Kat gave me my current domain too, even if I won it from her. I have the full controll xD

Hehe, yeah :) You’re actually Gillian’s twin sister xD

Hehe, I think that result just proves how smart you are. If you wrote something similar to a book you haven’t even read xD Nah, 6% really isn’t bad :) You did a great job!

People will love them for sure :) Good luck on making new ones :)!

Oh wow.. that sounds really bad. I hope you are feeling better by now!

I haven’t really thought about my scares and stuff a lot, I just try to ignore them I guess. But everything along being alone and getting lost would have to be a fear of me too.

A lol of housework and an assignment? That totally sucks! Don’t your parents let you do less if you have to study/ an assignment?

Awww, lol! But at least you got them back. I haven’t ever thought about vacuuming my keyboard.. but it’s actually a good idea, I might do that some day when the bag is empty xD

Good luck on all the site work and also on the reviews! I hope you get at least some time to relax a little bit. You seem to be really stressed this past week. ♥

Yes, James is right, Pan’s Labyrinth is a good movie but creepy. It’s also quite graphic and upfront about war. Ominous throughout the entire movie as well thanks to the technique of lighting XD

Hmm I’ve never tried the almond milk tea at easyway…after your opinion on it I don’t think I’ll ever will. XD My favourite is the taro milk tea with pearls. Though I’m beginning to have a thing with the yaleto milk tea with aloe vera jelly. But the last time I had it, it was sweeter than the first. :(

My friend’s told me about 1L of tears and how they literally cried 1L of tears. There’s a series on it, and one of my friend’s said she cried in every episode. I will definitely watch it sometime.

Movies that have sex scenes every 5 minutes are SO annoying and irritating. You can tell that a bunch of horny men directed the film.

I think failing a test is a big phobia of mine….it’s only happened twice in my life (one quite frequent, and surprisingly I didn’t care, which contradicts myself in saying failing a test is a phobia -_-)

Oh yeah, those science videos just creep you out…I’ve watched a few on the reproductive system and will NEVER forget some of those disgusting themes. Love to save lives and become a doctor but can’t stand blood and human organs :S

Maybe you should avoid dairy while your sick? Maybe have some carbs like rice or bread. That seems to work better with me when I’m sick

I remember accidentally vaccuming my mother’s sock up the vacum :/ It was terrible because the bag was almost full.

Good luck with your group assignment! I hope you won’t get too stressed, especially if you’re sick :(

Oh my gosh I am so going to clean my retainer tomorrow!!!! I tried using toothpaste a few times but failed miserably…and my orthodontist is pretty pathetic -_-

Thanks for the tip, and get well soon! Don’t stress yourself out…

Yeah, it must be relieving to finally hand in the essay. I feel relieved everyday after finishing my homework, no matter how small it is. :D

I really hate people who TRY to have accents they don’t. I have a friend who lived in London when he was younger, and I compared his accent with that teacher’s one and there is a lot of difference. The teacher’s one sounded totally fake and my friend’s one sounds half-normal and half-English even though he lived in England since he was born.

My mother always sends me food from home because she thinks I might get food poison or something. Well, my stomach IS a bit too sensitive. xD
I’m not a very sporty person but we have sports classes so we have to play handball all the time.

I also feel scared of those kind of things sometimes. Digging through dust must have been supper annoying. I hope you feel well now. :)

AHH. I didn’t have a clue, for some reason it stroke as me being something religious.. 🤬

I hope it’s worth it. :)

Thanks :D I’m really happy with my result. :)

I know, you feel so accomplished when you ( 🤫 <– wow I just found that emoticon! LMAO. ) studied then it went all wrong. BITCHY.

I think she done it accidently, anyway.

Lmao. You've some random fears, I definatley agree with these;

"dying, getting raped"

Wow, they freak me out SO much.

You got sick over that? :O Aww. Don't dwell on your fears Bop. :D (Y)

HAH. We just had one of 'those' talks yesterday. It was soo fucking funny, I am too immature.

Lmao. My keys are all weird, I think I'll need to hover them slightly to get rid of the dirt under em. Ew.

:O You've a retainer? H5's. ;) I has train tracks, and now that I mention them, they are hurting.. :(

Awww, I’m sorry to hear about your upset stomach. See what happens when you get stressed out? That’s what happened to me a couple of times. But I never had my stomach in the bowl before. Anyways, you’ll be able to see full length pictures of me and my costume soonish. I promise! I’m really surprised that your paper looked like other students paper from way back when. That’s weird. But I’m glad you did fine on it. No worries about not watching the video. It’s ok. :).

Aha well so far, you write one of the longest. Holy macaroni… 1400 WORDS?! Impressive. XD Sounds more like a letter or essay rather than a comment. Well that’s good though; it shows that you care. :D

I don’t think I even have a favorite Disney movie? I do love Pixar though; it’s probably the only reason why I watch Disney anymore. Well no… I don’t know, I like “old school” Disney. Like, The Lion King, The Aristocats, The Jungle Book, etc. (:

They are pretty interesting. Turns out that I’ve been reading fables for awhile; I just couldn’t tell. xD I thought they were true stories or something.

That is true but still, I take crap pictures. xD I can barely take a picture of myself let alone of something else. I suppose everyone has a different style.

So… out of your whole essay, on 6% could be considered plagiarized? Well that’s just dumb. I don’t know if you said already but like, what was the essay even about? xD

Aha you should! I especially like the WordPress app; very helpful for updating/commenting other people on the go. (:

I know, right? I would hate it already considering it was arranged; I couldn’t imagine how mad I would be if I hated the guy as well (which, I probably would). Haha well I guess you’re just one of the lucky ones? Gaah, I know. Some girls at my school are already talking about marriage; I’m like, “really… really?!” and they’re barely with their first boyfriend. o.O I can tell them that their boyfriends probably don’t have the same intentions as them… Some do yes but 99.9% don’t. xD I made a mark to have at least one kid but no more than two; that’s my goal. Maybe one by birth and another adopted; that way it’s fair. (:

Now, in relation to YOUR blog, that is pretty interesting. I’m scared of a lot of things as well but, I never show my fear (not normally anyways); I would probably flinch or make a face but that’s usually it. Ugh… that sounds icky. I don’t think I even want to know what you were thinking about…

I know that you’re a busy person with college and all plus, you have a lot of sites to maintain. Dx So, I don’t mind if you don’t reply back for a few days. x) At least you have a reason. Other people… not so much. 😒

LOL that’s pretty random. I remember I vacuumed up a $20 bill on accident. Dx Luckily I realized otherwise I would have been in pretty big trouble… Aha, I’m surprised how useful white vinegar is! Not only is it tasty in some soups, it helps plants grow faster, it can clean stains when soaked and other nifty things. (:

Good luck with all your homework. ^.^

You’re like my boyfriend who’s scared of earthworms. But I got the worst, I’m scared of all insects I guess. Let’s say cockroach and butterfly? Oh well. Your vacuum must be really strong or your keys are weak enough to be easily blown by the vacuum. Good luck with your essay! I didn’t know you have a retainer.

Wow. You do fear lot of things. It is amazing that when you were young, you weren’t afraid of anything. You thought you could do anything and you felt you were invincible. But as we grow older, we learn that there are many dangerous things out there and now we’re even afraid of little things like worms (I hate/disgusted/afraid) of worms too.. Urghh..slimy, wiggling things..

Aww, I’m sorry you felt so sick on Wednesday! Similar things happen to me sometimes, as well, so don’t feel too badly about it. The body and mind work in strange and freaky ways. 😰

And oh man, that sucks about the keyboard keys, haha! /argh This is why I rarely vaccum my own keyboard anymore … Instead, I use a small, clean, dry paintbrush to swipe away the dust. It works really great!

White vinegar sounds like it’s rather magical. :O I’m going to have to test it for cleaning sometime … Ooh, and that could be another thing to add to a page I’m planning to make for my site — A page that lists loads of helpful/semi-secret cleaning tips. :D Think it’d be well received, or is it a lame-o idea …?

Oh, and no worries if you can’t return my comments straight away! I totally understand. :)

Ahaha that’s good. Hooray! :)

Haha I use the word cute describe everything. If it’s something interesting, funny, or just random I say “cute”. I have no idea why lol. But you’re right, “interesting” is probably a better word to describe it.

Haha it is very relaxing! I love the atmosphere there. It’s all just happy families and a nice forest-type area with gorgeous, plump, red apples. Haha it’s gorgeous. I still haven’t gone though. :(

I hang out with my boyfriend when I want to relax as well. We sometimes have a picnic in the park or just take a walk by the water. It’s so nice. :)

Sorry I meant to address your blog in my comment but I totally forgot! XD

I’m sorry about your stomach experience. :( That always happens to me at the most inconvenient times, I seriously feel your pain.

Ah! I can’t believe it sucked up two keys! That makes me nervous because I was vaccuming out my laptop keyboard yesterday. I tend to eat while I’m on the computer and little bits of food fall in between the keys and what not. I hate that! So I tried to vacuum it out but it didn’t really work. The whole time I was like “GOD I HOPE THE KEYS DON’T COME UP”. I’m forever going to be afraid to clean it out again now lol. Anyway, I hope you’re able to get the keys back on successfully.

Do you have wireless? Mine started to do that when I had wireless and then our wireless router broke. :( Sometimes the antenna isn’t up all the way or something, you could maybe check that? I’m not sure though, that was just ours. I now have to use an Ethernet cable which sucks because that means limited movement. :(

Large stacks of paper? That’s odd.

This totally goes along with what Gordon and I were talking about a couple nights ago. We think I might have a general anxiety disorder… when I worry about things, I worry EXCESSIVELY, and even when I know I’m over-the-top, I can’t help it. I started freaking out about the future and all sorts of things to go along with it (my gyno appointment was very painful–I’d gone earlier in the day– and I have yet ANOTHER bacterial infection. I cried during the exam), including that I’m worried about getting an annual pap smear starting at age 21 and weirdly thinking that it would be easier to die than deal with it. I was crying intensely, so I called him… and that was when we determined it. Since then, he’s had me write down times when I feel stressed and what it’s about. He’s going to compare it to a list of symptoms, I guess.

I wonder if you’re a similar case.

It scares me that I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next two. :/ I think it’s kind of lucky, in a roundabout way, that you’ve got it figured out. :/

What I really hate is that simply being DIABETIC makes me have to go to the gyno more often. Apparently the vagina has its own pH balance, and having fluctuating blood sugars makes it all messed up. So basically, until I can get my blood sugars under absolute, perfect control, I think I’ll be having a lot of bacterial infections. XP And having often HIGH blood sugars leads to yeast infections. I really can’t win. …I should probably stop thinking about it so I don’t cry. :P

Wow, you were scared of large stacks of paper? That is weird.
LOL at your two of your computer keys being swallowed by the vacuum. That must have been an interesting sight! I should try it! (or maybe not…) You didn’t have to worry about your essay as you did just fine! Only 6%? That’s great! I hope no-one got like 50%!
Oh and hopefully your feeling better!

OMG I can totally relate to the whole scared of everything subject. I get freaked out when it’s quiet when I’m home alone, I’m scared of corners, shadows in my house, and the freaky stuff that you said like getting raped, getting killed, losing my family, losing appendages or limbs (lolz)…

And ouchh…sorry to hear about the internet :( . I would die if my internet became slow.

And yeah, you do need a Yahoo! accout, but I’ve had a Yahoo! email for a while so it wasn’t a problem for me :) . Lol yeah, I haven’t uploaded a picture since July!!

Oh my gosh, I know! I was in Meijer ( a supermarket) the other day and I see these clothes with faded UK flags and everything and I walk over and I see in big letters above it it says MILEY CYRUS and I walked away lol. And yeah, they are making the most ridiculous things for Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. I honestly do not see what’s so great about her.

Yeah, I remember that episode! How immature can you be? Why can’t they just say “Here, take the good seat and just take a video for me?” Is it that hard?? Making something a comedy doesn’t mean making teenagers look stupid and immature!

Lol yeah I’d show my kids stuff like 1990s episodes of Tom and Jerry or something like that lol :) . Ohhhh ok I thought you were calling your kids ugly at first! I was just like “Well that’s a nice thing to say about your future child…..” lol ^-^

:D I actually installed Avast recently and that was a mistake. Not that Avast imploded on me but I forgot to uninstall the other anti-virus so both anti-viruses clashed into each other, resulting in system crash :(
I can’t believe I made that stupid mistake. /bash

I know English is difficult to master, it took me the whole of my high school life to get a B in English. Hahaha! But then again, I’m a slow learner. Other people may take less time to master the language. LOL.

I’m sorry you haven’t been having a good day. I can empathize about being scared and freaked out by a lot of things because I’m a bit like that too. I’m also scared of siamese bananas (two bananas in one skin) and double yolker eggs – at least your fears aren’t quite so obscure, lol!

Oh, and glad the Turnitin thing went ok and didn’t try to accuse you of plagiarism! Hope you get a good result for that assignment. :)

Thanks :P

Thats a relief. If I found out any bits of my work was plagiarised.. O_O

Oooh! Have fun on your touch :D Have you downloaded any apps on it yet? :P

Yeah I’m procrastinating too much as well and some of the stuff on my to do list is actually important…. 😰

Energy transformations as in this is a really bad example since i copied it from the assessment sheet 🙄 its like heat > kinetic > potential but luckily I got my friend to help me out so i’m all good (Y)

Oh I haven’t tested my site out on Firefox, I use chrome, mainly because I accidently opened those virus links on msn and my browser was firefox but I closed it. I downloaded chrome just in case :)


I guess since I was a child I was scared of some things, not disgusted. I was really scared of kidnappers and burglars and creepy people my family talked about in newspapers. I’m still a bit scared of those things today.

I hope you feel better! ^^

Good luck with getting everything done!

That vacuum seems pretty strong O_O we don’t use one anymore since we got rid of the carpet

Ugh I hate slow internet D: Its so annoying sometimes /snort

haha I KNOW, Thats what me and my friends were thinking! I’m sooo suprised guys actually like her…they love her..blondness LOL no offense to blondes, except for the snob ones

haha yea, I am trying not to download too many applications at a time. I dont want to waste my space, and then like delete it, and stuff, I want to try to keep it neat (: What size did you get?

awww I think I’m just like you. I get scared at everything. I’m scared of taking tests, I’m scared of ANY kind of bug you can think of, I’m scared of death, robbery, kiddnapping, and like just change! Truth be told, I’m scared of ladybugs…and CATERPILLARS ! Its crazy. My friend use to be scared of grass…LOL

Ooo, I hope you feel better (: At least you don’t have swine flu. A lot of my friends had it over the 4 day weekend. O.o

I had huge phobias like that too..I still do. There is one thing though that I never understood why people are freaked out by… clowns. What’s so scary about them?

Woot for I already knew that story. xD

It is a idk situation. xP Kuya and I… well I don’t know, I’m dropping the matter for awhile even if it is bugging me.

xDDD the suckkish thing about trying to talk over the phone way early in the morning: my signal sucks, his does too… we end up acciddentally hanging up on each other ever now and then..

When you told me our friendship is beautiful (the one with kuya), it made me smile. Everytime he’s mentioned… it just makes me smile. Is that allowed? Hahaha, I feel like I’m going out of the boundries. But really, our friendship is amazing, and just thinking about it… it’s really been the best thing that’s ever happened to me (:

Perhaps the crush will wear off, I never understood “crushes” and why are they called that anyway? xD

Yay for itouch (: How are you liking it so far?

LOL exactly! At least you don’t have to do any research when writing a comment; all you have to do is speak your mind and VOILA! A+. XD

Yeah a lot of movies nowadays are animated. Aha yep! Monsters Inc. is in fact, part of Pixar. ;D I can’t pick a favorite because I love all of the movies though, Toy Story was one of the first movies I seen. :D Yeah I know me too. The movies that Disney is releasing now are all wasted time and effort; they don’t even compare to what Walt Disney made up. D:

Sounds… confusing. xD

Haha really? Nice. What size did you get? :D Ohh yeah, I know I hate Itunes because of that too. If you want, you can use my account? The credit card has ceased operation anyways and there’s only $6 on there from a gift card. xD I trust you won’t spend it? :P I know I was pulling out my hair when I couldn’t use any gosh dang apps. =.=

I know, I don’t know how I would survive? I think it just depends how often I see them. If they’re hardly around, I guess it wouldn’t seem like you were even married to begin with? Then again, if they’re around ALL the bloody time; just shoot me (or bang my head with a wooden hammer; whatever works). /bash

I just think that there’s too many less fortunate kids out there; I know I can’t help them all but, if I can just help one, I’ll be satisfied. (: Aha well, Midterms just passed for me but, other than that, no not really? xD I know a lot of people have suddenly quit web-designing too. That is true.

LOL nice. I know my dog would always chew bones and leave them under my bed, whenever I vacuumed they mad an awful sound. o.O”

haha yess. OMG i hate this one asian kid in my school. He’s soo ANNOYING. He thinks he’s like cool because he gets like detention, and like talks back to the teacher and like he’s such a nerd, and like he is just SOOO MESSY

haha yea me too. I had a mp3 player before that ! A samsung T10 (: So cute little dancing doggys on the screen ! Ahhh I have 16! You probably listen to way more music then me though ! So 32 will be good for you :D

LMAO FOLLOW YOU? At my violin teachers house, they have like this time of the year where there are like SOO MANY Caterpillars on the ground, its like sooo nasty, I dont want to walk around because I constantly see like squished and alive caterpillars! I’m like gagging as we speak LOL
haha yeaa and like my friends mom was like when she was little, You want a lollipop? Well come over here ! And she would be like NO THERES GRASS LOL

Hmmm a black dress? I’ll have to see into that before halloween of course! heehee thanks for the idea. I’m glad you like the costume! Yeah I love the cape. It’s perfect. This guy on ebay where I got mine from handmakes all of them and has his own labels and everything. I’m actually thinking of maybe just maybe wearing my black pants, white shirt and black lace blouse underneath it. So who knows? But yeah stress will definately make you sick. It made me sick one time when I was stressin over passing the math profiency test in order to graduate and once we got home from dinner I felt like I had to vomit, so I went in the bathroom and tried it but nothing come up so I felt better after that. But still stress will definately make you sick. I hope you feel better.

I’m only going to just be 19 when I get my Associates in Arts. :/ I think I’m going to stay at Clark and do their Web Design and Development program, though. If I can get the financial aid… which I hopefully should, since I’ll be living at home, with no job because there won’t be any time, and my family is so poor. :/ The thing is, when filling out the national form for financial aid for college, you have to put how much money you have lying around, and I don’t want to lie about the $4,000 I’ll have leftover from this year. I don’t know whether I should spend some of it somehow (like I could possibly spend that much money) or not, because that much is actually ALMOST enough to cover three full-time quarters. Hmm.

I don’t know if I’ll go through the whole program, partly because I don’t think I want a career in it. I want to stay in it because 1) I like school, 2) I’m scared of the future, and 3) I can’t learn any of this myself online. Like, I think I’m going to register for Introduction to PHP next quarter, just because I seriously can’t teach myself it from the internet. :P

But I don’t know if I’ll have to retake classes I’ve already taken, or something like that. I’ve already taken HTML Fundamentals and Beginning Programming, which are two of the necessary classes, and I’m doubting that you can double-dip those into both the AA and the other one… so I dunno. I suppose that’s something to talk to the adviser about. XD

I know! I wonder if they could do x-rays or something instead. I suppose they would if they could, though. -_- Ugh, vaginal discomfort is really terrible.

Yeah, I do just take a bunch of pills, but what’s annoying is going and getting the painful checkup again… and again and again. :/

I always have some amount of discharge, so I always have to wear those thin pads. It’s kind of disgusting, in my opinion. XP

Yeah, I know what an ATM is… not that I know how to use one. :/ That’s what I would do, too, though; my first reaction when I’m stressed and/or scared is to call Gordon.

Me too! I worked hard to improve my English but it came with a cost. I tend to neglect my own native language. Though I am and will still be fluent in my vernal language but I have forgotten many of the words. :(