Son Of A Gun

I felt sick today. I hate going into details, so this is going to be really sketchy because it’s something I don’t want to describe in detail.

Since I was a child, I was easily disgusted by things, and along with that, scared. Naturally, one would probably be disgusted by worms or dirty bugs and insects. But I wasn’t only disgusted; I was scared. I didn’t realise until a few years ago that I was very scared of many things. Things like worms, staples, large stacks of paper, shadows… And also concepts and things that could happen – dying, getting raped, losing a finger, breaking a leg, being kicked out of home, getting deaf, being in a house fire, getting my things blown away in a tornado – and even less frightening things like failing a test, forgetting to do homework, and things like being alone and getting lost. Perhaps the latter two are slightly frightening in an unfamiliar place, but they are the ones that scare me the most.

Along the lines of this, I felt sick for a number of reasons. My stomach seemed unadjusted to the two tubs of yoghurt I had had for breakfast. I was also upset about my assignment which I have due tomorrow. In turn it made me feel stressed, and hence, ill.

Something I remembered from the past made me feel sick as well. It was a bit on the disgusting side and also on the frightening side – just a biological process of sorts, really. I just happened to remember all those videos we watched in science class in high school, and coupled with something I recently thought about and saw… just a terrible combination.

I went to the bathroom and was really close to dumping the contents of my stomach into the toilet bowl. 😷

Way to go, Georgina. It didn’t happen, but I took orange juice, just in case I had picked up a stomach bug or something.

I had to do a crapload of housework today, so I really haven’t gotten much done since this got in the way of my assignment too. I do hate to keep people waiting and I know I was taking a bit of a break from reviews but I have been doing bits and pieces. I have started your review Aileen; if you’re reading this. I will be able to get some things done on the weekend though.

I was vacuuming the dust off my desktop PC keyboard, and two of the keys were swallowed by the vacuum. Way to go. πŸ™„ I had to sift through all the dust in the bag to find them. It wasn’t that hard but it would have been easier with the cyclonic vacuum…

I would very much like to relax this weekend but I do have a group assignment to work on (hi Nicole! And Ryan, if you happened to stumble by…), so I might not be able to get much done as expected.

About the Turnitin program that I was to hand my essay in to – I didn’t do so bad! Apparently, 6% of my essay appeared similar to other sources. Half of them were students’ essays from 2006, which I had never even read or known of… so I guess there isn’t much to worry about. Ryan was nice enough to hand me his laptop to check. πŸ™‚ He got 8% (he says I’m always determined to beat him and I did this time, hahaha). My laptop kept getting rejected by the wireless. 😐

I went to the orthodontist yesterday. He actually gave me a tip to clean my retainer (the gross build-up) with white vinegar. I soaked it in a cup of white vinegar today. I think it’s actually working because it looks a lot cleaner. πŸ˜„ No wonder they have so many cleaning tips mentioning white vinegar. πŸ‘

My internet is getting slower, which I do not want. It’s going to be almost impossible to do the assignment at this rate… I hope it gets faster. 😞

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