Stay On The Ground

I didn’t blog in three days… I had quite a busy week, all in all. I’m feeling a lot better though. I’m not sick. A few things came up at home and I wasn’t in the mood to blog either, but here I am. 🙂

I managed to squeeze in a review yesterday, despite my internet being a right turd. Brandon (my brother – I just thought I’d refer to him by his name from now on) has been playing games at 2:00 in the morning and going nocturnal because the internet is faster in off peak time. 😧 He’s going back to school next week though. 😛

On Wednesday night I was struggling to get my assignment done. The databases on the university site were not working. It was so stressful. They wouldn’t load and the pages kept timing out.

I went on the uni discussion board, and I found that one of my classmates had the same problem. We were having a whinge through the discussion board about the databases. It was quite funny. We were up until 1am waiting for the things to load, though.

I can’t believe I practically left the assignment to the last minute. That was so stupid of me. But as I mentioned, things did come up at home. But I tried my best. 😞

The assignment was due at 5:00pm the next day so I did have time before and after class before I had to drop it in the assignment box. However, James and I were mucking around and then I decided to buy an iPod touch.

Well, I had planned to buy one anyway. Now, I did win an iPhone on the internet, but it was from the US, so I got the money in PayPal.

And that money is not enough to buy an iPhone here. The iPhones here are so expensive; nearing $1000. And that is only for the phone, no calls or internet fees included yet.

So in the end I decided to get an iPod touch. It was a suitable alternative, and I guess I can live with my chunky phone and camera along with it. No problems, eh? 🙂

While James and I were at the shops (he was insisting I zip up my bag and don’t kill the iPod or let it drop out), I went to the bank and dealt with some stuff. The guy asked me if I wanted a credit card too. Why not, I thought, just in case…

Very silly of me to do all this before an assignment was due.

I was struggling at 4:00 to finish things off. Only an hour, and I still had to print the damn thing. Ryan thankfully gave me his book to make some references. It helped, but by 4:40 I was still struggling. Far out. I just quickly finished the writing part in a huge rush… BAH! 😡

Antony saved my ass at the last minute because he had a stapler. I filled in the cover sheet and dropped the damn thing in the box.

I’m so relieved it’s over. I know I probably didn’t do well and I might have just passed, though. 😢

At least it’ll even out with my other assignments, I hope.

Here is a picture of my iPod touch:

iPod touch!

I’ve been having fun with the album art and the lyrics… I can’t wait to try the wireless on it when I go to university on Monday. 😄

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