Stay On The Ground

I didn’t blog in three days… I had quite a busy week, all in all. I’m feeling a lot better though. I’m not sick. A few things came up at home and I wasn’t in the mood to blog either, but here I am. :)

I managed to squeeze in a review yesterday, despite my internet being a right turd. Brandon (my brother – I just thought I’d refer to him by his name from now on) has been playing games at 2:00 in the morning and going nocturnal because the internet is faster in off peak time. :O He’s going back to school next week though. :P

On Wednesday night I was struggling to get my assignment done. The databases on the university site were not working. It was so stressful. They wouldn’t load and the pages kept timing out.

I went on the uni discussion board, and I found that one of my classmates had the same problem. We were having a whinge through the discussion board about the databases. It was quite funny. We were up until 1am waiting for the things to load, though.

I can’t believe I practically left the assignment to the last minute. That was so stupid of me. But as I mentioned, things did come up at home. But I tried my best. :(

The assignment was due at 5:00pm the next day so I did have time before and after class before I had to drop it in the assignment box. However, James and I were mucking around and then I decided to buy an iPod touch.

Well, I had planned to buy one anyway. Now, I did win an iPhone on the internet, but it was from the US, so I got the money in PayPal.

And that money is not enough to buy an iPhone here. The iPhones here are so expensive; nearing $1000. And that is only for the phone, no calls or internet fees included yet.

So in the end I decided to get an iPod touch. It was a suitable alternative, and I guess I can live with my chunky phone and camera along with it. No problems, eh? :)

While James and I were at the shops (he was insisting I zip up my bag and don’t kill the iPod or let it drop out), I went to the bank and dealt with some stuff. The guy asked me if I wanted a credit card too. Why not, I thought, just in case…

Very silly of me to do all this before an assignment was due.

I was struggling at 4:00 to finish things off. Only an hour, and I still had to print the damn thing. Ryan thankfully gave me his book to make some references. It helped, but by 4:40 I was still struggling. Far out. I just quickly finished the writing part in a huge rush… BAH! /angry

Antony saved my ass at the last minute because he had a stapler. I filled in the cover sheet and dropped the damn thing in the box.

I’m so relieved it’s over. I know I probably didn’t do well and I might have just passed, though. 😢

At least it’ll even out with my other assignments, I hope.

Here is a picture of my iPod touch:

iPod touch!

I’ve been having fun with the album art and the lyrics… I can’t wait to try the wireless on it when I go to university on Monday. :D

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Hahahahha, that was so cute
You were all D: and 😰 and /argh and /bash /bash
Ahh, it was most /poo . Good thing Antony was there (H) he saved your Wuggsbum /eee

And I’m the greatest. Hrrrng

The iPod looks very slick /bounce
Can’t wait to hold it in my greasy, germy hands! /um


It was terrifying! And you were all hrrng and wanted to go home. XD

But you saved me too! :P Bahaha. /pow

Hahaha. /um That would be my fault for making you think that way. Me and my alcohol. /snort

Brandon already made it gross and I had to clean it. 😳

Yike. You’ve certainly had a busy week! At least it looked productive, though!

And god, bank issues drive me nuts. I remember trying to get my first credit card a couple of years ago. My bank drove me nuts by telling me that I’m supposed to be making at least $1500 USD a month to qualify for a CC, and I was like WTF? Why?! Luckily, though, they let me have it in the end. Whoo! Now that I have one, I realise just how convenient (and dangerous LOL) it is. :)

Don’t worry about procrastinating . . . we all do it, and we all say we won’t do it again, but we still do it. I think procrastination is a skill everyone has regardless LOL. I think we like to live off that panic and drive we get for doing things at the last minute . . .

I’m glad you’re feeling better, though, despite all those technology problems.

wow very very busy day. Atleast you got it all done! The Ipod Touch looks really cool, i love playing with them. My friend had a car racing game on it, and to steer you actually have to tilt the whole thing, it’s so cool. :D

I can’t even learn it from the books. I’m too impatient; I read the whole thing in one sitting and then am annoyed that I don’t know how to do any of it. XD And I hate not being able to have my questions answered nearly immediately by a teacher. :P

Oh, but having a job would make me eligible for LESS financial aid, you see? ;) Yes, I definitely don’t want to lie about it. Bleh.

Nearly $1,000?! That’s crazy! Why didn’t you just get send the iPhone…?

That sucks. I don’t know about the actual use of the phone… but do you guys have different plugs than in the US, or is that just Europe?

I don’t think I’ll actually need more money than I’ll be getting next year… but I guess it’s nice to be able to have some extra as backup, just in case. :/ Hmm, even if I don’t money from the government, I can still apply for the college’s scholarships. Those hardly take into account your financial situation.

Yeah, well… I wish I could teach myself. :(

Hey Georgina, before I properly read this blog and reply to your comment, I was wondering if you went to Vibeke’s site (justframeless) and comented on this blog?:
Just wondering :D

URGH OH MY GOSH G!!! I just came to post this quick comment to say I’m still alive! XDD It’s Saturday; quite early here and well… I’m struggling as HELL to keep my site, my friendship with my online friends SAFE. UGHH. :@ I have so much to do. But I’m glad to know that you’re still keeping up with track though I’ve seen from your tweets too and all that you’ve been going through quite some trauma lately.

I love that iPod touch! I think I’m going to get a new iPod Nano from the 5th genration! =) It’s good that you upgraded your phone so you can probably update your sites from there, hmm? =P XOXO

Wow!That iPod touch sure looks good!

‘And that money is not enough to buy an iPhone here. The iPhones here are so expensive; nearing $1000. And that is only for the phone, no calls or internet fees included yet.’

Whoa.It really is expensive.I could never afford it without my parents’ help.Oh gosh!No calls or internet fees included?That’s not gonna be really cheap.

Your brother is so lucky.Starting to play at 2.00AM in the morning?I’ve no school next week but i still have exams round the corner!How unlucky I am!

Wish you good luck in your assignments,get a star!

Good day,

Heyyyy! =D Hahahaha…3 days between blogs is NOTHING xD At least you make an effort =P. When I’m busy [like I was last week] I leave my blog untouched for like…more than a week. And then I write the longest, most long-winded blog EVER. My bad :D

Awwwww [btw, LOL @ James’ comment with all the emoticons xD], poor you =( That must have been the most hectic afternoon EVER. But it was very nice of Ryan to lend you his book and at least you got it done. Lol, yay for Antony having a stapler and thereby ‘saving your ass’. Haha I just realised you spell “ass” different from me. I spell it ‘arse’ =S

*sigh* The uni databases were to blame too. They’re so lame. University of TECHNOLOGY? <– misnomer much? xD Okay, I'm sure your uni databases are better than my uni databases though xD


Don't worry, there's always the final [or in your case the final assessment or whatever xD]

YAY! YOU HAVE AN IPOD TOUCH! xD LOL, with the cool as lightsaber function *still jealous*. That is seriously the ONLY reason I want an iphone now =P. But yeah…That is epically cool. Urgh. EVERYTHING is expensive in Australia. I can't believe Australian iphones are more expensive than American iphones. Maybe cos we have to import it. I don't know =S

Ooooh credit card. Haha…Make sure you pay it off on time otherwise @_@ epic interest! =O. [And don't yell at commonwealth bank if they call you up xD Cos it might be my mother xD]

I should get one just in case, but my mum said that if I want one, she'll just make me a secondary user on her card. Which means whenever I use my credit card, the bill will go to her =PP WAY COOL ^^ [Not that I'd spend it on anything particularly crazy xD]

URGH! I hate capped internet =( I get SO angry when mine gets capped [because it's always my brother's fault and when we're capped it's extremely hard for me to do my uni work /angry ]. So slooow. LOL, we take fast internet for granted.

LOL @ Brandon's nocturnal sleeping habits. I hope he hasn't stuffed his circadium rhythms ^^

It’s comment reply time! :D

Ahahah it is definitely something, on the online world at least. :P It’s a long time. *nods*

I try to avoid writing long blogs though; that’s why I like to blog often. And no one likes scrolling through too many comments!

Hahahaha! “Ass” really means donkey. IDK, but “arse” seems a bit weird. XD

Oh, yeah, technology… where are our hologram lectures? I think the databases are good, but them being down? Woah.

Yep! I can make the lightsaber different colours too. I only realised that today.

It might be because of the imports. But I was always used to things being expensive in America. Might just be everything in general – money issues suck.

Yeah, totally! Eighteen percent interest! I don’t plan on using it very much though. :) Oh, that would be cool getting a call from your mum! :D

LOL, she sure trusts you with that. My mum would not let me use her credit card with great fears. XP

But it’s a just-in-case thing; not for tiny purchases; like woah.

We do take internet for granted… I hate admitting it though. James told me to imagine what it would be like if the internet was down for a week. I said I didn’t mind because it would be down for everyone and we would all be in the same position.

I hope not either; but I managed to wake him up this morning. Success. @_@

It WAS awkward. One of the reasons I liked the first teacher better.

Sports is compulsory till the end of school. It’s fun but also really tiring. And I hate it especially when the boys of my class start teasing the girls for being weak in sports. /angry

It would have been totally /poo if the dust had spread.

You at least handed in the essay. No matter how late and you passed at least.
Wow. The iPhones are really expensive there. Yay for the iPod touch! :)

Ooh, that’s one awesome iPod touch Georgina! A belated congratulations for winning the money. Seeing that photo makes me wish I already had one. Am probs buying myself an iPod touch if I get good grades sometime during the school year, only heaven knows when exactly. ;)

I for one totally despise cramming :D At my school though we do it a lot as we’re often left with no choice; it’s either cram or scram, submit nothing at all and YOU’RE DEAD. Might as well submit a crappy paper than get a zero, least that increases your chances of getting a better end score. Am glad you managed to finish your assignment though; most of the time I manage to pull it off amidst all the stress and torture, other times I simply lose it and end up turning in nothing at all. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be able to make up excuses, though that doesn’t happen all the time (besides, teachers are appalled by that sort of behavior, so I try not to do it too often). It’s good that you’ve got friends who are willing to help you; perhaps that’s how it really is like in university? It’s true, sometimes you’ll have to learn how to depend on others when in need, however I don’t think this possible here at science high where everyone basically acts on his own; he fends for himself and in terms of his grades, he makes them and lets no one else dictate what he gets. He also reserves the right to deny others whatever help they are in need of; which is the sad part of life amongst supposed, er, geniuses (would hate to call em that though, we’re all in training here).

I wish you the best with your score; hope you get a good one :D Do inform us with how this turns out. I bet you’ll get a decent mark. C’mon, you’re Georgina! :D Lol.

And with this I end my comment; I see you’ve been quite stressed lately and so have I. :D Parents are calling me down now though, so I gotta go. I really gotta eat with them every once in a while :)

Hehe, glad you liked it :) Seems like everyone loves Jensen Ackles xD All the girls that commented so far had a thing for that man xD Jared is cute for sure! I sooo loved him on Gilmore Girls xD He was the perfect first boyfriend ever seen on a tv-show.. at least I think so xD

I actually didn’t plan on using any links and stuff, but then decided I can’t just talk and talk and not show what I mean, so I used them xD Hell yeah, Alexander looks really ugly with long hair..

Hehe, I would love to meet one of my top 4 too.. I think I’d be like “Erm.. ermm” and then run away xD

Yeah he really did die a long while ago.. wasn’t it like in the late 1990’s or something?

Yeah.. I think I’ll send Wendy and e-mail and ask what is gonna happen to faketragedy.. maybe she re-acts.. I mean she did re-act to Gillians e-mail and changed the nameservers and stuff.. so.. I guess I’ll see

I usually have to do some housework everyday too, like one week I have to clean the kitchen everyday and then the next week the rest of the house and me and my sister switch after a week so that everyone is doing something. But if I am like really busy with studying I make my lil sister do my part..

I am really glad you are feeling better again, I bet you were happy that the week was over and you had a weekend! You totally deserved it :) I hope everything is somewhat okay again at home *hugs*

Oh wow.. that totalyl sounds like a whole lot of stress.. I guess I would’ve been dead by now.. But leaving that assignment was probably really not a good thing, but you had your reasons. I guess you won’t do it the next time.. and I bet you’ll even it out with your other assignments :)

An iPhone for nearly 1000 $? That’s like wow.. I think we have to pay around 300-500 € over here, but I am not sure. But hey, you got an iPod touch with internet which is great too :) I’d love to have that :) I bet you’ll have a lot of fun with it :)

Ohhhh that’s one pretty awesome iPod! I have the very first iPod ever created and it’s MASSIVE lol. But I do have an iPhone and I just use the iPod on there now.

Oh my gosh, why are your iPhones so expensive?? Here they’re only about $300! Daaaang lol.

And oh my gosh that whole assignment thing sounds like what I would do. We had this huge state project that was worth 350 points and we had over 3 months to work on it. I waited until the very last 2 weeks to start on it and when I gave the oral report it was a disaster! Lol but I had lots of extra credit which managed to bring me up to an A-

Haha I really want an iPod Touch. I have enough money to buy it myself from babysitting and stuff but I sort of want to ask for it for Christmas. :)

Yeah it is weird though. I guess I apologize more to friends then faceless hostees. :| Oh well…we are probably never going to talk again so whatever.

Yeah I guess you have more freedom to as you get older but yet more responsibility. :) I think my mom knows I really enjoy what I do and she respects that but she wants me to be out with friends, you know?

I sort of like the learning. I really enjoy lunch with friends though. I just talk, talk and talk! XD I really enjoy it lol.

The truth is I think the people who are real or whatever are ones who talk to people other than their friends in a NICE tone. :)

Oh!! I know!!! I don’t feel that I should judge but you know, all ages have different ages. We are only really four years apart so it’s better than 8 to 18! D: Although most of the people I talk to online are around my age. :)

I am glad you got your assignment in at the last minute! :D Oh and sorry I took soooo long to return your comment. I went on a school trip for 3 days and then I kind of forgot about the comment because it was on my last blog. XD

Hahaha, I used to say that ALL the time. Except I would be like “Sweet dealllllll” constantly haha.

Aww, that’s so cute! I hope you guys go! :) Take pictures haha.

LOL mine was on maximum too haha. Now I want to vacuum the keyboard SO bad but I’m scared hahaha. My ex tried to do it to his laptop and sucked up like half of it. But I think his laptop was old haha. It was hilarious watching him try to put it back together though LOL.

I am the Queen of eating at my laptop lol. I did it when I used my desktop computer too. I never use it anymore but when I did I had the nastiest keyboard anyone had ever seen. My friends would come over and be like “I AM NOT TYPING ON THAT”. Hahaha it was pretty bad.

Haha I feel your pain with the limited movement. Yeahh, I know what you mean about the cable connected internet. It’s so frustrating sometimes. I just want to get up and go sit in the kitchen or something but I can’t because I’m limited the space around me because of the wire lol. :(

And the Ipod touch is so cute. I want one! :) I almost got an I Phone because here they’re very cheap but with them you have to buy a data plan (which is the phone calls, text messaging, internet, etc) and that’s the expensive part so nobody ever gets it lol.

I feel your pain about the assignments. :( I’ve been waiting until the last minute for all of my papers. Yesterday I woke up and realized I had class at 12 and still had a paper to finish so I had to rush like crazy to finish it. The professor ended up giving us until Tuesday to work on them more. I wanted to kiss her LOL.

Sorry for not commenting in a few days! ♥ I’ve been busy setting up a fan site and it’s now finally complete. I coded the heck out of it yesterday and it actually looks decent. My head hurts, haha.

That iPod Touch looks amazing. I want one. So shiny and pretty…and 🤤 🤤 🤤

Awww. I’m sure you still passed, you worked pretty hard on it, sounds like to me. Maybe it’s just nerves and jitters. Do you stress out a lot before tests? Test anxiety is horrible…it’s what I have.

Uck at your brother hogging the good net. That would get so annoying. Why is the net limited where you live?

Ooo at least you turned it in (: Yay for the itouch it looks good (: I’ve already messed mine up a lot. as in the back. Because I still haven’t gotten a case for it. Oo so that’s why you were talking about an iphone a lot the other day. You won one (:

Who’s Ryan? A school mate? You’ve mentioned him a few times in your blogs. ^^


Eh, I thought clowns were cool. xD White faces… Idk I’ve only met like two. Both of whom just smiled the entire time which is rather creepy but…. Hm. No matter.

Well, if I used land connected.. eh my parents might look at the phone in their room and be like.. it’s in use? Oooo. >.<

Crushes do fail. xD Today, Kuya thought I had said Crushed… when I had said Crashed. Because I had been talking about me feeling like I was having an energy crash.. and then he brought up crush and yeah. Why do those words have to be so similar? haha.

Yeah, I love being able to turn the itouch and then the albums turn and well that's just cool. ^^

That's weird… FF won't. Strange strange strange strange.

Oh boy, cramming an assignment is never fun, but at least in the end you got it done! I was really bad at doing my things last minute during school, but my problem was I wouldn’t work hard like you to do them. I’d be like UGH or use it as an excuse to miss school that day and then not do them, lol.

Where did you win and iPhone at? The iPod Touch was probably the best to get anyways. I used to have one and I loved it!

GEORGINA! HAI. :) Well, my site is back up. It was actually up 4 days ago. I just never found the time to comment all my affies and let them know that I’m back, but I made myself do it now.

Great to hear that you aren’t sick and seem to be keeping up with things. Y’know I’m always going to admire of how you keep up with your site and uni. Shit man. Haha.

That sucks that the databases were down. I pretty much always leave my assignments to the last minute lmao, so I’m pretty sure that you’re habits are better than mine. I cant help but procrastinate. D:

YAY for buying an itouch. They really are awesome. My parents were going to get me and iphone too, but then they say the monthly payments for the phone feature and there were like HELL NO you can survive with your shitty phone (with built in camera) and an itouch. SO I was like k cool. :P

Omg it sounds like an intense race against time to get that darn assignment in. D: I’m glad that you finally got it done though. Congrats. :) I hope you did well on it.

Time flies. Especially when you’re busy and stressed. Which is pretty much all the time now, for me. It sucks. D: Wow was it seriously the first time that you hadn’t blogged for 3 days? Cause I’ve done it several times before where I don’t blog for about a week, LOL FAIL. And the current blog was posted 4 days ago, but I’m going to post another one tomorrow so yeah. :)

Thanks! :D I’m so glad to be back. It was so weird not having my site for so long, cause I’d go on the computer and I’d have nothing to do except go on MSN LOL. Usually, I’d return comments and check email and all that jazz. I luh your layout too, so it’s all good. (:

OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I was working on a new layout yesterday and it’s SO FAIL, it’s unbelievable. I bet yours isn’t as bad.

HAHA yeah we were extremely bored on MSN. That was so embarrassing dude. I was being more idiotic than usual on webcam.

Yeah the first thing I did after putting up the new WP was install that database backup plugin LOL.

Dayum, I’m always scared to make all my pages WP pages, cause if something goes haywire during an upgrade or something I’d be screwed. Plus, I tend to get way too lazy to backup things before upgrading cause the upgrade link is just so tempting to just CLICK, y’know? Fail.

That is a great topic. :D Very interesting, and there’s tons to talk about too, so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

Yeah the itouch is a great alternative. Affordable too. And it has pretty much all the iphone features as well.

LOL YUSSSSS I LOVE MONKEY SHAKER. Best app ever. Whats your score so far? I bet it isn’t better than mine.. muahahaah.

Yeah hopefully the teacher won’t be able to tell that you rushed it at the end. My teacher usually never notice. :D

A 1,000 dollars for an Iphone! That’s way expensive! I don’t think they even cost that much here in the states. wow..

I hate it when the internet runs slow. Sometimes mine does that, or it’s the computer. Drives me nuts. /angry

Aha, exactly! If only it were that simple. Though, if it was like that, I think a lot of people would probably prefer writing in “text” format; I don’t think that would be fair to everyone else that actually writes in proper English. 😒

It is hard to pick a favorite, isn’t it?! There’s so many good movies to go back on… Aha, PETER PAN! :D 101 Dalmatians was one of my favorite movies. Oh, and Oliver and Company; I loved that soundtrack. Dunno if you ever heard it but, I used to sing “Why should I Worry” in the shower; I was a nut as a kid. LOL

Well… you can steal kind of relive that “magic” if you go to Disney World or Disney Land; they kept most of the original elements of Walt Disney. I’m not going to lie, that place really does make you feel like a kid again aha.

WHAT?!@#$ Dayum… I only have the 8GB one. LOL How much did it cost? Haha alright well if it doesn’t work out well, you’re free to use my Itunes account. (:

SO many people are on hiatus’s and it sucks because I just opened my site. xD I was browsing sites today and found about 10 ones right off the bat there were on hiatus “until further notice”. You know what that means…

I’m always scared that I’m vacuuming up something important… like change. LOL Luckily they are just bones but the noise gets so irritating sometimes…

I hate when that happens… right now I’m stealing the neighbors internet because ours is being a total douche. XD Ah, my step-dad is the same way. He can stay up until 4 in the morning playing video games even though he has to wake up at 6 to go to work. I have no idea how he does it…

Well, at least you did eventually finish the assignment, right? WHOA! I would so not pay $1000 for a bloody phone. Especially considering that the IPhones are so cheap now (well, here anyways); they really aren’t worth the money at all. Haha the wireless part probably is the most coolest thing about the ITouch. xD

Oh I say that you use your parents credit card account xD I used my mums :X

Don’t worry I bet there’s heaps of people scared of the dark. I’m even worried at 6PM when I’m coming home from school (extracurriculars) so I’m basically running home yet the sun hasn’t even set. Yeah when we’re small we’re usually naive and don’t know about these things. But after watching lots of those crime tv shows, I guess I developed my fears from there. /argh

Thats good :D

Dialup?!? :O woah! we have broadband but it is capped easily, mainly by me, mainly since we only have 2GBs


Slow internet…the terror D: It took me all night to download a single video. 😰

I bet you did well in your assignment (Y) I rush a lot of my art and tech ones (we handed our tech in on 9PM friday via email) and the feeling you get when you hand it in just feels great ^_^

Oh my gosh :P Try not to get too distracted by your ipod in class! Especially since you have wireless :P Me and my friends used to play on my ipod because of the apps and my ipod almost got confiscated xD

Yeah, my brother plays games all the time! Car races and WWE! 🤬

Ow, that must have been annoying! The databases stop working just when you want to get your assignment done! Asdfgh. :/

That does seem expensive! Wow, iPod touch? That’s cool! Yeah, I think that would be a good alternative. :)

Haha, thank god people like Ryan and Anotony exist! LOL. :D I know how you’d have felt…last minute tensions! XD

Wow, your iPod screen looks beautiful! Haha, how about setting one of your flower stock photos as your iPod wallpaper? (or whatever you call it?) LOL. Look at how creative my brain is. XD

It hit the inside, but it was not that serious. Yeah they gave it back, and then ran out from the class and I couldn’t shout at them anymore. :D

If friends weren’t crazy, it wouldn’t have been fun at all. SO craziness IS good, even if my friends annoy the heck out of me. XD
It worked better than I hoped. I never knew I was such a good blackmailer. :P

We mostly play handball. But sometimes the boys tell the coach they want to play cricket and we have to play with them as well. But at least we don’t really play matches. We just practise. I would SO embarrass myself if we really play with the rules. /sweat

I already know where I’m going to get a job at, all have to is wait 11 months, then i’ll be 16 lol
Everyone in my family (except mom and dad and me) has an iPhone, it’s soo frustrating because I want one!
Phone bills are not pretty lol. But everyone has a job…but me.
I just want money lol, I hate being broke :(
I will totally make my own pizza one day and it will be delicious :D
I dont even have a gym locker lol. We just being nothing to class and sit on the bleachers or do some stuff. Fridays we do nothing. Other days we have to do something to earn a grade. Nothing hard though :D
I had health class and we had to see some videos like Herpes on some parts of human body that i do not want to mention. It was disgusting. I used firefox once but i didnt like it too much because in safari, the text font is like bolded and it makes everything looks pretty. I use Safari and Google Chrome. I love all three of them mostly because of their spellchecks. IE is a tragedy.

I heard about your internet on twitter yesterday lol. I seriously hate slow internet. I yell at my computer because of it sometimes :D Thank God it’s not in public 😰
YOU GOT AN iPod TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am incredibly jealous right now i soo want one. Wow the thing i will buy when i get a job…i swear money is a waste on me /hehe
Aww it looks soo amazing :D Do it have stuff like an iPhone does? Like does it have games and other applications?
Ohh now that you have an iPod Touch, i would like to welcome you to: SAFARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 haha lol

Wow $1000.00? That’s crazy! But than I guess things are more expensive where you live then they are in the states? Anyways, the new ipod touch looks awesome.I just have an mp3 player that looks like an ipod. But it’s all good. I’m glad you were able to turn in your assignment even though things did come up and were bothering you i.e. internet databases slowing down and what not. That must’ve been hell and nerve wrecking? It would me. I’d be screaming at the computer to go faster. Lol. My laptop is on the brink once again. Due to a virus. I think from limewire. Anyway, I literally have to beat the thing to pieces before the dell logo comes on. Yeah go me. Anyways, I’m glad that you’re not stressed out or sick. That’s always a plus! At least you got both of your assignments in. So yay! And a credit card to boot! WOWIE. I had a credit card and it’s a long story but they’ve turned me into the collecting agency for a long time and they aint getting a dime of my money why? because I told them to take the insurance and everything they had on it off but did they? Nope they took half of it off and left the insurance on it. So when you got sick and couldn’t work anymore they would pay it, now are they? Nope. Am I sick? Yup. Can I work? Nope. So they’re getting ignored by my family and me. lol. Anyways, I think this is the longest comment I’ve ever written. Sorry if it’s bounced around a bit.

yea, those are the type of people that thinks he’s a “stud” LOL. As my italian teacher says, he’s gonna make us gag from his stupid, perverted jokes xD. He tries hitting on everyone, and since none of us are stupid, everyone thinks he’s messed up :P

haha yea, the only bad thing about the iPod is that, if you use the apps for a long time, the battery goes quite fast. /hmph

ahhh i’m getting the chills just thinking about them creepy crawlers LOL

haha yess, she’s grown out of that phase thankfully XDDD.

lmao yes it is pretty strange, yet interesting how the world works XD!

ohhhhh, thats pretty cool! I would guess that electric heating is better then oil heating right?

yup! We talk to her like everyday, my mom always wants to talk to her, but who can blame her? We also video chat with her, which my mom loves XD

lmaoo, last year, the school one was ugly, but this year my friends mom knows I guess a company that can make them, and she like picks the design, so they came out pretty well!

Us lonely people! hah, when I’m alone I end up calling my other friend, who hates being alone too, and we talk on the phone for HOURS haha. It certainly does suck ! @_@

haha oh yess I do think too much. When I go to sleep, I think too much about like the future and I freak myself out. Then I worry and I can never seem to fall asleep XDD

ahh iPods seem really expensive in Australia ! Its cool that you won some money though! It must’ve helped a bit! My gosh you win a lot of things LOL.

I’d be going crazy if my Internet was slow, so don’t worry about it. I always have a spazz attack at my computer when it’s slow as hell hehe.

Yeah it’s like you’re in a habit of blogging. :O Like it’s become a part of schedule. Something you would do without even thinking about doing it. LOL. I don’t think I’ve gotten that much into blogging but maybe someday.

Gah yeah that’s another thing that I just don’t get. How the hell do you keep up with that review queue?! I swear you’re like superwoman lmao.

LOL that would suck with no Internet for a week. That’s true though, you don’t get as frustrated if everyone is going through the same thing as you.. cause it seems more fair. :P

Yeah afterall, what makes the Internet as great as it is are the awesome sites on it. :D

LMAO. Yeah fail layout = premade. I can just imagine you thinking “Wow this layout really sucks……………. which means I should offer it to my poor and clueless visitors MUAHAH” Lmao. Nice.

That’s true. Life would be very boring without idiots. :) This is why most of my friends are idiots.

The plugin is the shizz!

I know eh? They update WordPress quite often. It’s a pain to backup every darn time.

Lmfao whoa, a sore arm from Monkey Shaker?! Dayum, this means that you are well on your way to improvement in your monkey shaker skills. xD Keep working hard Georgina! WORK FOR IT.

*hugs* :(

LOL nice. I tend to get sick or feel sick if I do too much movement in the mornings. Hence why I just come online or lay in bed. I work better at night, I don’t know why. I hardly ever work on my site during the day; I get lazy.

I know it’s a great opportunity but seriously, I’d rather have a social life and keep my boyfriend than be knackered 24/7. Oh congratulations! :D I actually didn’t know you got a yes, because I’m a dick and haven’t commented you in ages, I’m sorry. :( Wow, an hour and half by train? You have a lot more determination than I do. LOL, I hate when there’s no where to park (obviously not from my own experiences, but when I’m with my mum). I thought you could drive? Lmao.

Your mum probably annoys you a lot more than mine does; so you win there. But I know she’s just looking out for me but it annoys me when people keep going on and on at me. I said no to the job, and it’s too late to change my mind now and I may regret it in the future but at the moment, I’m content with my decision.

I remember you doing that paid blogging before; what exactly do you have to do? Woah, $300?! That’s quite a lot of money just for blogging haha. Yeah, I might do something online, I’ll have a think. :)

You don’t suck at giving suggestions, I appreciate all the suggestions you gave me. :)

Funnily enough, this job was with my auntie haha. She phoned me on Friday but she totally understood my decision. I do have a HUGE family with a lot of young kids but half of them don’t work and probably couldn’t afford to pay me to babysit lol.

I WANNA COME TO AUSTRALIA!!! I actually would if I could.

Haha thanks. :D I’m glad you like it. :) I was going to leave grey smilies cause I felt lazy but I didn’t wanna use grey at all haha. You reviewed the OhPanic layout that was like my current one, heh.

I haven’t even worked on my visitor section, boo. 10 reviews? Dude, good luck to you LOL. I have 5, I should really do some…

Glad you’re feeling better. You shouldn’t force yourself to blog; just take as much time off as you want. I’m sure everybody would understand. :) I haven’t blogged in 4 days, my bad.

Haha your brother is cool. Rob’s the same, he tends to play xbox live at night because that’s when everyones online so he goes to bed at like 4-5am and wakes up at 3-4pm in the afternoon, baha. Oh shame that he goes back to school next week, muwhaha.

That must have been so frustrating that the uni’s database was down. Lol @ you and your classmate moaning about it till 1am. XD

Lmao, I like how you just randomly bought an iPod touch lmao. I think it’s kind of stupid how they sent you the money instead of an iTouch. Especially since iTouch’s are so expensive in Australia.

I’m glad you managed to get your assignment in on time even though it was such a stress to get it done. I must admit, I was quite worried about you last week, you seemed so stressed and like you needed break from everything.

Your iPod touch is very smexy. :) I want one, please? :)

Cool, I have an iPod touch too! :D HOLY FUDGEEE! $1000 JUST for the phone?! The iPhone’s like 200-400 USD here. O_O Good decision, not getting th eiPhone. :P

I think you saw my tweet, but in you you didn’t, I’m just letting you know that you were the 32nd commenter and won a plug! :D

LOL. That’s exactly what I would have done, except I probably wouldn’t have waited as long to do it. I probably would have procrastinated until the day before it was due, and stay up really late trying to get it all done. Teehee. /hehe :3

Hey Allie! You don’t have comments up so I’ll just return your comment on my blog hehe. :)

Yeah, it’s damn expensive here. I know the iPhone is a lot cheaper there! Sucks! But the iPod touch is great and I love it so far.

Yeah, I did see your tweet. I think I replied. I think? :P Go me! XD

Oh, I hate staying up late. I always – well, most of the time – try to get things done before it’s due, and early too, but lately I’ve just been all bleh. D:

A black ninja bikini, that would be hilarious!

Oh yeah, I never thought about that. We shall have to see whether I end up giving them bling or not. Pimp My Ninja would be hilarious.

Oh, I remember now.

Lol. He seriously rapped about her. Better hope the teacher doesn’t find it…

Glad that none of your assignment was accidently plagiarised. That would’ve been pretty annoying. I bet you were relieved.

Glad you got your assignment in in time. Even if you had to cram. It’s annoying when that happens. Especially the fact it wasn’t working. Good luck on your grade!

Your iPod touch looks great! Wow, iPhones are expensive, I don’t know what that is in pounds, but sounds expensive anyway. Lol.

Hello :3
I haven’t blogged in a week. Luckily I posted today.

My older brother’s been hooked on the game Runescape lately. He hasn’t played that since year six. And he’s seventeen now. Sigh. He’s been downloading too many songs too. Freaking hell. I feel your pain. Slow internet sucks.

Your uni seems to have a lot of issues with technical stuff (wireless internet and databases). It sucks especially when you’re last minuting something and it’s the only source you have D:

Ergh. iPhones are so expensive. Maybe you could get James to somehow connect your iPod Touch to your Mobile Phone so it’s like an iPhone. nahh…not possible. But yeah, you’re right. An iPod Touch is a suitable alternative!

A credit card :D Awesome. Take care of it. I heard freaky things about identity fraud and stuff.

I think you may have done well.
I’ve last minuted most of my assessments and once I received full marks. When you have less time to do things you motivate yourself more. Well, that’s what I think.

Ooh :) Nice picture.
And I read your tweet about the wireless internet not working on your iPod touch. I’m sure there is a way to fix it.

I used to call things gay but I realised that it didn’t make a lot of sense. For some reason I only get pissed when someone calls my playlist gay. If it’s anything else, I ignore it. Strange, right?

I know D: It’s ‘gay’ just because it isn’t the number one song on Video Hits (I don’t watch that any more. I never wake up in time).

Yeah. I feel like I’ve been bitchslapped when someone calls my music gay. Deep down that’s what I feel XD

LOL. That Sexy Bitch song, I have to admit, is quite funny. I have to laugh at everyone who has that song as their ringtone!

I’ve never heard that Mercury Summer song. Might try to listen to it though.

I’ll try to make this comment a bit shorter so you go through less trouble when you reply to it.

Dotted borders dodged your text? That’s what happened to my navigation links but then I put border:0; so it wouldn’t show. Well, I think that’s how it works.

I think that’s how mums and dads are. Mums tend to be overprotective and sometimes it seems like that dads just don’t care.

I returned this comment a whole week later than I should have. Yikes.

6% plagiarism? Meh, that’s good. That won’t do any damage, I think.

Awesome. I like the fish bone :D It’s unique.
I had this watch that I never took off. But I stopped wearing it a few months ago because I had a weird tan line on my arm.

Yep. I can get the .infos :)

I am so paranoid about space. /ehh
LOL Well, have fun with your iPod Touch. Don’t get too many games XD

I lovee reading your blogs. >:p Ahah. Anyway, I hate when the school’s stuff is down. :| I needed a form in May for graduation, and I could not access it. So, I feel your pain/frustration/etc.

hello, sorry this isn’t really about this blog, i’m just letting you know that for the random domain contest, the heartdorks link is on my WWW page.

Haha yeah I was. :) Yay! Thanks! x)

LOL. Thank you! I know it doesn’t look too great but you know I thought it was a good idea and those were the only good Halloween brushes I could find. I didn’t really want to put up a whole layout because it would take me a while and Halloween is in two weeks.

Yeah so if I end up not getting it I can always buy it myself. :) It’s nice because it has so much more than a regular iPod. :D

LMAO. It’s what my mom calls all people on the internet. She is like “Why waste your time talking to faceless people online?” XD

Oh I know! On the phone when someone says something disappointing to me my voice completely drops and is so monotone. :P

LOL. XD It’s just so strange but I guess in blogs normally everyone can relate to it in some way.

We were in the end of the line too! So we got our food and had like the rest of the time to eat (3 minutes) but we didn’t even know we had that little time so we were just talking and they blew the friggin whistle. :o

Haha I know. D: We sat there forever and everyone was miserable and especially because the keys didn’t work. :|

Haha yeah the bright side is (if he meant it) that he is abstinent until marriage. :P Yeah she freaked out. She was like: “Er okay bye.” and came to us and freaked. :P

Ugh. I forgot to bring my camera so no I didn’t get any. :( My friend got some though but the dolphin looks like a little dot. -.-

Samee! She said she was going to be on Twitter daily but she gets on more like monthly. According to her Twitter she hasn’t tweeted in like 20 days. Wahh! How busy can she be? :(

Ooh, an iPod Touch (or, an ITouch as my friend and I called it before we were like WHAT ARE WE SAYING XD)? What a smart choice! Hehe… And I’m not biased at all, just because I have one too. :)

I like your picture when you turn it on. Mine is a picture of my cat. :D

Do you know all the tricks about using an iPod touch yet? There’s some cool ones that are really helpful, like taking screenshots with it. If only they’d put on a camera.

How many GBs is your iPod Touch?

Haha, I think everyone who’s commented on my latest blog has actually ANSWERED the happy question. Well except one, who only talked about my long blogs. xP

Good idea. ^^ I should clean it, but for some reason, the back got scratched (I’ve never dropped it…) So it’s weird.

Ooo, you just started mentioning him (Ryan). Did you just meet him?

xDD I’m not scared of clowns… even though I did have this dream where this clown was trying to kiill me and everyone in my family. But at the end, we captured the clown and unmasked him. xD Like in Scooby Doo. But we kept removing masks.. because we kept realizing how unlikely the people we were unmasking would do such a thing.. So I woke up, and never found out who it was. xP

I can use my phone and the internet… I meant that my parents can tell when I’m using it… by looking at the screen of the phone xP

I like album art. ^^

Comments make me happy too ^^ And dancing in the moonlight, it makes me want to dance in the moonlight Haha.

Eh, I understand my blog is long. But I see your point. But I’m use to it. I write a lot, some people just don’t like it :/ Makes me sad, but it’s okay. I wrote what I wanted, they said what they thought. xP

I do that… “I’ll read your blog later” but I try and remember to. ^^ Because sometimes, I really am in a rush.

Yeah, I leave long comments. (: I enjoy long comments. I like long ….reads. xD

Social psychology.. sounds something fun. I want to study it a bit. ^^

Yeah, if I miss 3 assignments I’ll be doomed. I hate homework. /bash

AN IPHONES $1000? Where I live, it’s around 200. An iPod’s like the same thing.

My iPod’s like worthless because of the huge crack. It still works, but the crack just annoys me. I still use it though. It simply dropped in my front hallway – here’s a pic of the damage.

Oh wow, that was a lot all before an assignment was due? Atleast your teacher doesn’t give you an F is you miss 4 /angry

lol, just read your Twitter about being RickRolled. I LOVE BEING RICKROLLED! :D I love his song… bahaha. I think it’s just toooo funny! I got RickRolled in the Dollar Tree (er… store where everything is $1 and terrible quality XD) a few months ago, and it was awesome.

I don’t know what I’m going to write about if the scholarship prompt is the same this year as it was last year (which I’m sure of)… it was about what your plans were, as far as your career path and such. I wrote about web stuff (I think I’ve told you this before)… and got a scholarship dedicated to a very strict English teacher. o_O So… what am I supposed to say? I mean, really, it would be almost exactly the same… meh.

At least I have a while to figure it out. I don’t think the scholarship application is due until at least February.

Bah, don’t you just hate it when the internet’s crapping out? Bad enough when you’re just wanting to blog or play on Facebook or whatever, but if you need it to do real work for uni and what-not…argh! Stress. :( Glad you still managed to hand in your assignment on time though. :)

The iPod touch looks very spiffy! My brother got one just before I got my iPhone and I was so jealous! Haha. We’ve always had a bit of sibling rivalry though. :P I see you got the wireless access working already though (saw your tweet from Echofon, lol). Yay!

Oh, and don’t you just love how easy it is to get a credit card these days? XD I’ve gotten two in the past year and a half and already been offered a limit increase on the first, even though my income is seriously pathetic. No wonder so many more people are in debt these days!

Oh my, an iPod touch? Lucky!! D: I’ve always wanted one! :P My iPod is screwing up right now; it won’t respond to anything! *sigh* :(

Eugh, the internet’s dying on me as well. It’s annoying the poop out of me! -_-” My school database is the same as well, except everyone in middle school rushed onto the discussion boards to whinge and BAM! The system screwed up. Muhaha.

Ack, homework! D: That reminds me, I still have so much to do! :( I’m always left to rush through my essays… it’s a wonder how I even get average grades on them! xD

Hello :D
Wow, your brother was playing games at 2am? If my parents found out, they would get so mad. Like really mad. Besides, I probably would have been asleep by then :P
At least you finished your assignment. Something is better than nothing. Although, next time, use your time wisely :P
I’m so jealous of you for getting an Ipod Touch! How much did you buy it for and how many gb? :D
No problem about the comment on Vibeke’s site. I was just browsing and I thought you wouldn’t be the type of person to bother to type a mean comment.
Thankyou for the ideas, I finished my toy timeline. I forgot about things like tamagotchis, which were popular.

I hate how my internet is on and off peak as well!! But it’s convenient in a way that I’m not a person that is able to sleep in often…not at all really. 😰

Aww, sucks that your uni server was down until like 1am. I hope it’s not down often…
Look on the bright side, at least you know that you shouldn’t do things last minute in case your uni server’s down XD

Eh, don’t be too concerned with your ‘chunky camera’. I heard the camera on the iPhone is only 3MP…so not that brilliant. A lot of phones now are around 5MP, and if you’re willing to pay out 8MP!

Have fun with your iTouch! Wireless internet, oh the joy of free net access! XD

Whoops. Forgot to mention that my retainers are about 3 years old now. They don’t look that bad for it’s age XD

My retainers have the metal wiring (not sure if you have the ones that are completely plastic and fit around all your teeth, my top retainers just look like clear braces almost)

So when I soaked my retainers in vinegar it wasn’t for long because my dad and brother was complaining how the vinegar, being acid would rust the metal. :(

But my retainers are wet often and it’s never had a tint of rust..ever!

I am crazy as well. :P Without craziness, life isn’t fun. :D

The blackmailing is as good as ever. I used it today as well and it worked just as well. xD Although, one of my other friends blackmailed me a bit as well. Not exactly blackmailing, but just threatening me that he would tell everyone that another friend had once proposed me (which was just a prank on me, actually). The guy who had proposed me held the other friend’s mouth with his hand and I kept on kicking him until he dropped the subject. xD

I was scared that they would tease us even when we were practising, but turns out they were pretty helpful. Well, some of them were. The others said nothing but did laugh a little at the way I held my bat.

Yay. I have a feeling a few people are going to call me stupid but meh, whatever lol.

Yeah, it does take me a lot to get into an artist as well. I mean, I like bands like Korn, The Script etc, but I don’t LOVE them. I only like a few songs by them. xD You must listen to BB. :P They are amazing.

Oh I know what you mean. I HATE it when for example someone says ‘OMFG I LOVE BREAKING BENJAMIN, THEY’RE THE BEST’ etc, and I ask what are their favourite songs etc, and they only like one or two songs. :| Just because you like one or two songs by a band doesn’t mean you LOVE them and can be obsessed. But yeah, it annoys me when people say they like BB when I know so much more about them and have all of their albums and they only like one song.

I have the Stadium Arcadium album. =D I can email it to you if you like? :)

Yeah I’m pretty much the same with Muse. I do LOVE their new song Uprising; it’s so bloody addictive. :|

I used to be proper obsessed with Maroon 5 haha. I do love their stuff but I don’t know, I go off them now and again. Same with Kaiser Chiefs.

The Energizer bunny?! LOL. James is so cool.

Yeah, I can understand you not having time but you update more than me and do more reviews than me amongst everything else… and I do nothing. I’m so lazy.

LOL, I don’t really have a social life either anymore lmao. I see Rob and a few friends now and again but I hardly go out anymore because I can’t afford to haha. Well, it’s a good enough yes. XD I hope you do get it for definite though!

Yeah, I think people are getting annoyed that I close comments all the time; but I’d be on Maintenance Mode all the time otherwise. I’m going to try and keep them open for longer though.

Oh that sucks. Yeah, just take your time with driving; it’s nothing to rush into. I want to drive so bad though, but it’s so expensive. :(

Oh wow, really? That sounds quite good actually. I might have to give it a go. :D I give up with those review sites that you could earn money from, so fake.

Haha I want to come over; just to meet you! When we get a bit of money and what not, we all have to meet up one day. Like our little circle from Twitter haha.

Lol I like making smilies, I don’t know why. I like making them in lots of colours cause I remember before I could make them, I tried to find ones to match my layout and I never could. :(

I’m going to try and open it tonight, but I want to re-do all of my free layouts which may take a long time. =/

That’s OK to leave the queue, I mean uni work is more important and I’m sure people understand. I need to do mine but I feel so lazy haha.

Same here. I mean, I don’t get as many comments as you or as many as I used to but they are pretty lengthy so when I go to blog, I’m like MEEEH comments. That’s why I hardly blog lmao. I wish I didn’t feel guilty at least I could blog THEN return comments.

Yeah I guess, but it’s done now so you don’t need to worry about it and I’m sure you’ll get a pass!

Awww, I’m glad things have cleared up but I hope nothing comes up. You better do that assignment before you leave it to the last minute. :P

WOO. =D I have no money to get one haha, otherwise I would. XD

Hm… yeah, those are good points. But the thing is, I want to see her improve and advance from Blogger layouts to actual layouts she created herself. I don’t want to be too hard on her since she’s only 8. ^^” I guess it comes from experience with my sister.

I agree that she has too many subdomains, but she insisted that this one would be used for a fansite of some sort.

OMG, yeah, that’s what I wanted to say! If she’s so damned experienced, why is she still using your premades!? I’m just worried that if I say something seemingly harsh she might take it the wrong way and create drama. Then I’ll have to worm my way out of it. D: And to be honest, I’ve had enough drama the past week (camp drama).

Good for you! ^w^ I guess I should count myself lucky I even HAD an iPod. :D My parents waited until my 12th birthday to give it to me. I think it was because I kept complaining about “getting older” and “nearing the teens” before my 12th. xD It didn’t work when I turned 13, maybe it’s because I had already accepted that sad truth that I was going to be a teenager, so I shut up about it.

Hahaha, thinking about it now, I got a bag for my 13th birthday. That was it! xD What a sad comparison to an iPod and a digital watch the year before! xD

Awesome! :D My internet seems to be working a slight bit faster now too. Maybe it was just something that happened yesterday? :S

I should get back to my essay now… D: Good luck to you too!