My Poor Brain

Assignments, assignments. My final three assignments for the year are due soon, and they’re all group assignments. Thankfully my groups are full of nice people. :)

I’m tired. I don’t know what I did, but I’m tired. I had a good weekend but I think, as usual, I didn’t get enough sleep.

It’s such a funny thing that you want to sleep at unexpected times. During class, I often feel like taking a nap. Or at work, I feel like taking a nap. When I’m at home, though, I feel like I’m stuck to the computer and I don’t go to bed, as much as I want to move.

The computer does that to me. Doesn’t it do that to you? It makes you want to stay there. I know a bunch of my online buddies are way too lazy to go to the bathroom when they’re sitting in front of the screen.

It might as well be an addiction, as much as I hate to admit it. No, I’m not addicted to Twitter; I’m trying to stop letting it distract me, or to at least stop getting “twitterhea”.

At university today, I had a rather interesting lecture. It was on the general social networking tools, blogs, and so on. So we looked a bit at Twitter and Technorati and the like.

The thing that annoyed me about my lecturer was that she continually kept asking, “Who here doesn’t know Twitter?”

It might have annoyed me because I know. But she was rambling on about hastags and such. She talks a lot about related subjects, obviously, but she’s so stuck up and arrogant. The way she talks, in a certain tone, makes her sound like she’s always trying to show that she knows more than us.

She’s always trying to prove herself, pretty much. The deal is that I know a lot about what she’s talking about. (Why did I do this course? /hmph ) I know about Web 2.0. I know about XML. I know about HTML. I know about RSS feeds. I actually DO know about tags and that I can tag blog posts and images. Like woah! I know that you can put metadata on an image. I’m not that stupid.

“Who remembers life before Google?”

The hell I do; but the rhetorical questions she asks; she answers too. “You probably can’t!”

No thanks, but I do remember life before Google. There were other lesser-known search engines.

“There isn’t just Facebook, you know?”

I hate that. I hate it. The way she talks is as if we all have Facebook and all we ever do is Facebook.

I don’t have Facebook. And I don’t mean to be stuck up myself but a lot of other people in my class seem to use it a lot and like it very much, and along with that, they aren’t all too familiar with things like RSS feeds or HTML (maybe just the basics).

But it annoys me how suddenly everyone assumes that every young rocking person who studies or has a stable job, has Facebook.

In regards to my lecturer, she should stop telling us she has LinkedIn and showing us how she logs into her account and showing us her photos with metadata…

Not all of us are stupid, and not all of us need to be bombarded with your knowledge that is presented to us as if we are from Mars.

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But Wuggs is from Mars! /um
Haha, but that’d be cute. Red, dusty Wuggs. :P
Quite huhu, might I say. /eee

Man, those lectures sure suck /bash yeah, you should do another course /bounce but it may be very intense and 😰 age. But she probably has to grind it all into you just in case there’s a guy who just crawled out of a non-digital cave… like Ezio. I like his name; it sounds like a sci-fi character, as well as that of a caveman. But don’t tell him I said that D:


I’m not from Mars! And Mars isn’t full of dust. /eee

Ezio didn’t crawl out of a cave, LOL! It might be because my friend and I are total geeks and know pretty much everything. I learn quite a few things in my course, but wow. It’s a bit crazy that I happen to know a lot of the stuff. D:

EEEEEP! Group assignments. I just finished one =) I only HAD one, LOL. But at least you have nice groups ^^ I would HATE to be stuck in a group where nobody did ANYTHING. It would be like tear-out-your-hair-in-frustration-stressful. It’s totally a little less stressful to get the whole assignment done in the end if you’re with a good group though =) I had an AWESOME group.

But omg, your final assessments! =O

YES! I get that…ALL THE TIME. At 8-something, I lay my head down on my book cos I’m SO tired, and then at 1.30 in the morning when I try to go to sleep, I’m wide awake. It’s actually quite annoying =S

Hahaha…I think classes make EVERYONE sleepy at times simply because they’re classes and it’s like…student-nature to want to use class time to catch up on sleep xD Lectures always make me sleepy though. Especially if the lecturer speaks in a monotone, or you really can’t understand them xD

Yep. Yep. Computer = major sleep-depriver. Like yesterday I was planning to sleep early but then I got distracted, and then I felt bad so I decided to try to finish one more law reading, and then someone asked me for help with accounting, so I was up really late and I had to come online to send a screen shot *grumbles*

But sometimes I’m like: Okay, I’m going to finish this by 11 and go to sleep. And then Tumblr or Facebook or whatever distracts me, and it’s fail. ==

LOL! Cannot count the number of times I’ve shifted seating positions at the computer/laptop rather than just get up and go pee xD

Ooohhh…=/ An arrogant lecturer. Yeah, it’s pretty wrong of her to assume that EVERYONE who is young and a student would have a facebook. It’s not necessarily true. Facebook isn’t exactly user friendly, so some people might not know how to use it.

Argh! I hate when people use arrogant tones. I mean, okay, they know their stuff and they’re trying to share it with you. Doesn’t mean that they have to be so stuck up about it. One day they’re going to find that there is someone else out there who knows more. Not so arrogant now, huh xP!

Omg “who doesn’t know about twitter?” Excuse me, but if I had a dollar for everyone whom I had to explain what twitter was to, I wouldn’t be rich, but I’d still have a substantial amount of money…=/ It’s relatively new.

There is definitely a difference between “teaching” and ‘treating people like complete idiots”.

Haha, hey your lecturer reminds me of this guy in my law tute who when he talks, always does it in this arrogant know-it-all, “I-am-wasting-my-time-and-effort-lowering-myself-to-your-level-to-explain-this” tone. It drives me MAD. We all had to analyse and article, and his analysis was basically him saying the article was ‘worthless’ and dissing it. I learnt NOTHING. HMPH!

I still have to read your blog! *cough* /um

I will after this. :)

I’m going quite well with one of the group assignments. The others aren’t really up to date… but we tend to get a lot of group assignments. All the people in my group seem to be hardworking and very nice, though.

It is annoying! I feel like I’m alive at night. I do love getting up early but my brain really starts ticking at night. I think I ought to totally change my sleeping patterns and wake up super early instead. Man, we suck!

I don’t mind lectures. I actually prefer them to tutorials. Tutorials are so boring and sometimes things are so slow. 🙄 But I find it hard to pay attention, even though I say I’d rather have two hour lectures. XD

LOL, coming online to send a screenshot.

I just came up with an idea for you which I should have told you earlier. You should go to and upload the screenshot there, then just give the person the URL. It’s simple and easy to use and you don’t need an account (it’s optional)!

Tumblr is starting to distract me. Well, it always has, hahaha. I didn’t go on a lot when I was capped though.

Facebook is terrible!! We were actually learning about user centered (“centred” is Australian but I’m so used to writing “centered”, far out) design… well, Facebook isn’t user friendly. Why didn’t people mention that?

LOL, she might find out someone who knows more. Nicole, in one of my classes, is actually ahead of us because she didn’t do this subject last semester or something. But she was saying that one of my lecturers/tutors actually needed to look up XHTML because she didn’t know. Wow. Now I feel superior. LOL.

Twitter was founded in 2006… a lot of people don’t know about it, but no need to ham it into our/my brain/s. XD

Woah, woah; that is like the bad review I got. So what if you know all this stuff – way to rant! And you’re not learning/teaching anything. /hmph

LOL, you read my blog =D YAY xD *dance* Damn…you need a dancing emoticon xD Haha

Oh…good, good =) I remember last semester with my Stat group, we always left assignments to the last minute, and one of our team members never did anything…except write up the assignment. Well at least she was nice ^^ It could be worse. One of my friends, she was in a group where this guy in her group was so lazy, he didn’t even want to turn up to uni. He just scanned his signature and sent her a picture and told her to forge it. Like, wtf?

YEP! We suck! Actually we don’t suck. Our sleeping patterns do. WE MUST CHANGE! This holiday…you and me… SLEEPING PATTERN FIXING TIME! Haha…Although even if I do manage to sleep early, my brain will probably STILL not function in the morning…I’m just…NOT a morning person. At all xD

Omg…tutorials ARE boring @_@ Well most of them are anyways… Actually depends on what tutorial xD Sometimes I WANT to pay attention cos no matter how monotonous the tutor, if I don’t pay attention I just won’t understand the concept. Law tutes = boring xD Haha. One of my tutes is like a mini lecture! But its okay cos the tutor is pretty good. Even if she is…scaring…

Awww! COOL! Okay, I shall remember that next time. Except usually I’m really lazy so it’s easier for me to come online…It depends how many people are on who I know will irritate me to death. Or potentially irritate me to death xD

YEAH. Same. Tumblr takes too long when I’m capped. But it’s awesome for when you want to obsess with something randomly. Like I just tumblred so many disney pictures cos Disney = ♥ Great. I’m falling in love with fictional princes *sigh* ==.

Okay, not really xD

HAHAHAHA! YOU KNOW XHTML BETTER THAN ONE OF YOUR TUTORS OR LECTURERS! You rock ^^ Hopefully it was the arrogant one ^^ LOL

Haha…yeah totally. Twitter only became more famous this year or last year though…=S Didn’t it. Or maybe cos you suddenly told me about it, I notice when people mention it a lot more now xD

UH HUH! Exactly! If you know something. Don’t be arrogant about it. Cos chances are you don’t know a lot of other stuff. And that stuff is probably stuff that matters more than what you know ^^

Yeah, I totally did! I use the /bounce emoticon for that, I guess. But I need the dance emoticon like I had with those black smilies…

Other group assignments I’ve had have gone pretty well. We were pretty organised and things went well too. I don’t know why, but now it’s hectic because my last three assignments are all group ones.

WOW, scanned his signature? That is the epitome of laziness. What a jerk.

Oh, holidays are so soon! I’m freaked out. Freaked. Out.

I want to understand tutorials sometimes as well. I have never had a monotonous tutor, but I’ve had ones who are so arrogant (such as the one mentioned in my blog, and one last semester), that it just turns me off and I don’t want to listen. Some are very friendly and interesting though.

Haha well if it’s a life/death situation… upload to Tinypic! Wow, sounds like a great life lesson LOL.

Oh, I just randomly look up what I’m obsessed with at the present moment. I think I have suddenly got an obsession with James Iha (from the Smashing Pumpkins).

Aww it wasn’t the arrogant one. It was the one I thought was evil but she is actually nice. A bit too nice sometimes, but also a bit evil sometimes.

Haha TWITTER! The world is a-TWITTER! /bounce

Hint hint. Bearman. 🤮

OMFG, I just accidentally deleted the comment reply I half typed. *sigh* I fail at life. Oh wellz, I’ll type it again xD

Haha! That kinda does count as dancing…cos it’s bouncing…and bouncing is kind of like dancing…so yeah xD But it’s cute ^^ I’m going to use it now: /bounce

I’m guessing it’s hectic cos you suddenly have 3 group assignments at the same time =P. I can’t imaging having that many at once…@_@. God, imagine if all three of your groups were crap. That would totally SUCK!

YEP! Imagine being bothered to scan your signature and send it, but not being bothered to come to uni…==…so lame. I think she made him come in the end though xD Cos she can be quite feisty xD But she’s is also very awesome…^^ As long as you’re not on her bad side xD


Yeah…nice tutors are awesome…^^…My stat tutor was terrible last semester cos he always spoke too softly…==…I fell asleep practically EVERY tute! My accounting tutor is pretty friendly =) So’s my Law tutor. Just he speaks too quietly sometimes and his topic is boring. Its not his fault though xD


Awww at least you can look stuff up. I’m obsessed with Finnikin of the Rock, and all I can do about it is upload a picture of it onto tumblr and read the book over and over again. Cos there’s very little on the internet about it *sniff*. At least there’s lots of Disney pictures for me to look at and Tumblr. Like the cartoons. And I watched a bit of Mulan 2 today while exercising xD

Hahaha…that’s like Ms Turk! Reminds me so much of Ms Turk! xD

LOL! YEP! Exactly who I was thinking of. Bearman xD

No way! You could have pressed Ctrl+Z?

It happens to me a lot. Sometimes the internet stuffs up and I lose my comment. I am always sure to highlight the whole lot and copy it before commenting. :P

Yay! /bounce James likes the emoticon too.

It would suck! Last semester I had a dodgy group. I hated it. And I honestly didn’t give much to the group because we were so disorganised. Not my fault they had the ideas and their ideas failed. :(

Well I can understand that because you might live far, but wow. This is kind of important. I would do it, because I would probably find myself occupied over there anyway. I mean, if it’s not important, it’s okay. I guess I can understand about time and money, but scanning it and all that and offering that idea was stupid.

Yeah, our first year! And my course is only three years which is even scarier. Unless I do honours and all that…

Oh, get him a better microphone! We use microphones here. :)

Oooh yay! Well, I played on my iPod a bit today. Thank goodness I finished the game or I would be addicted. Sheesh.

Ms Turk was scary at first but she was so nice! :)

We think alike! And he’s so arrogant it’s not funny…

I have no idea WHAT I did == *sigh* My laptop hates me =( Which sucks cos I still love my laptop xD Yeah, I do that when I’m capped. Cos that’s when my internet stuffs up most. Sometimes I still forget to though == *sigh*

I thought James would like that emoticon cos it’s like his frog one. The on that bounces xD

Omgg…I think I remember you complaining about them asking you to come to uni like 45 minutes after they sms’d you…=S Was that the group? Cos that’s way inconsiderate! Hmph! At least you don’t have to be in that group anymore…^^

Yeah…if he lived far…but my friend also lived quite far from uni…so if SHE could get to uni, then HE should be able to as well. I mean…scanning your signature is like saying “I’m not even going to bother to make an effort” which is just…gay. Luckily with the stat assignments, they have this thing where you can write how much out of 100% a group member contributed to the assignment, and they scale you according to that. He got a low percentage, I’ll bet xD

Omg…That IS scary! 2 more years D=! Well 4 for me, but OMFG, four years is STILL scary!

Haha! That’s the thing…he WAS using a microphone. And we STILL couldn’t hear him! My friend used to say “He speaks more to the FLOOR than he does to US” cos he seriously didn’t know how to project his voice. He looked down when speaking xD

LOL, you are so addicted to your ipod xD But it IS pretty cool xD

Yeah, she was nice…^^ I miss her =( *sniff* She was a REALLY good teacher too! =O

YEP! Twins ftw! He IS, he IS…He’s like…disgustingly, puke-inducingly arrogant…HMPH!

Lame! :( Mine did that a lot when I was capped too. Usually Ctrl+Z will undo it… :P

Yeah, he loves the frog one. He keeps doing it in public too. Just suddenly stops in his tracks and bends his knees and waves his arms. My gosh! D:

That’s them! Forty five minutes! Hello; I’m not superwoman. Wow.

It sent out a pretty snobby, selfish message. I mean, you’re in a group. You have to cooperate sometimes.

Oh, I hate those; I worry someone will write something bad about me. I have to do that for one of my assignments. I hope everyone is nice to me. I have the role of production manager or something. Basically I don’t have to do much until the end, but it’s a “techy” job and our group decided I would do that. Ahh I have to write an abstract for my article and send it to Nick soon; remind me, LOL!

Ah, it’s scary and I’ll be out in the big world soon unless I choose another course to do. Stable jobs should be okay though..! Hopefully. :)

Poor lecturer must be shy! :O

Puke-inducing! I REMEMBER THAT!

Hahaha…It probably won’t work for me…because technology hates me…*sniff* It’s alright. It’s not like I am totally in love with technology anyways xD


*GASP* THEM! Hmph! How terrible. It’s called “consideration”. Obviously they do not have any! *angry face*. I hate it when people are like that. I mean okay, you have to give adequate notice. That’s being POLITE. They’re so rude! *angry face*

EXACTLY! If you’re in a group, you have to make an effort to HELP that group, especially when they tell you on time what you are going to be doing and all that. Lazy arse!

Awwww =( It’s okay! I’m sure everyone will be nice to you…^^ Or I’ll /pow them! RAWR! Haha…it’s alright, if you do your part, I’m sure they’ll be nice to you. Ours was quite simple. We just had to write a percentage in a box of how much each person contributed xD

Ooooh! Production manager! =O That sounds very fancy and important indeed xD Very cool. Haha you’re good at that tech-y stuff ^^

LOL! YOU MUST WRITE YOUR ABSTRACT! Hopefully I remember to remind you xD I’m terrible at remembering things these days. I almost forgot to bring my license while driving today D=

It’s okay! I’m sure you will be AWESOME! in the big, bad world, cos you’re the indestructible WUGGS! xD I don’t even know what I’m going to do with my future yet…==…

Definitely stable job though. xD MUST GET ONE!

Aww it was a tutor. And he was shy…but sometimes it’s frustrating to not be able to hear what he’s saying ==

Hahaha! YEP! Bearman = puke-inducing xD

Oh the comment box is out of the content again haha.

I love technology! Maybe it makes up for the love you don’t have. ;)

Ahhh, I should film it next time and show you! :P

Well, I don’t want to be too mean or nice. But they weren’t organised alright. :P I actually haven’t seen them much at uni anyway. Phew for that. It was awkward because I seemed to be the odd one out too.

It does sound important but I think it might possibly have the least work. Possibly. Maybe because I’m pretty good at it so I’m confident? At least I’m not editor and I don’t have to read everyone’s essays. That would have been a nice job too though!

A percentage would be hard to calculate, in my opinion. XD I think we had a ranking of 1-5?

I hate abstracts… hopefully he won’t mind if it’s not that professional or something. I hate writing those!

Mine is always in my wallet. Sometimes I worry that I forget my wallet. Once when we were in a lab, this guy was checking for our ID. You never know when you need it, haha.

Oh I’m not too sure either… don’t think about it! Too much stress with the work now!

LOL, he needs a microphone alright!

HAHAHA! IT IS! LOL, IT’S SO FUNNY! I have no idea why I find that so funny xD Why do we find a distorted comment box so hilarious? =PP

Cos you’re GOOD with technology, whereas as a general rule, technology HATES me =( *sigh*. I try to be nice to it…xD. Oh wellz.

Nah, I think I just love too many things =D Well, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! [woot for the Beatles].

YES! YOU SHOULD! Alternatively just make him do his little frog dance the next time I see you two ^^. Haha!

Awww…I know what you mean. That was like me with my stat group, cos they were second years and I was a first year. And I was a law student, but they were both like…sociology students or something. They both had this sociology subject in common. =S Something like that. Haha…disorganised people…==…Fail. It’s good you don’t see them that often though =)

Hmmm…maybe you have the least work from YOUR perspective, but if any of your other group members were doing your job, maybe they’d feel like they had the most work =) Haha, you must allocate jobs according to your strengths. Oh god. That’s a microeconomic principle! D= I fail at life.

Haha…we just wrote “equal’ for all.

Aww, I’m sure they’ll be nice and give you 5 ^^ I’m also sure he won’t mind something that’s not that professional. With your abstract thing. xD

Yeah, mine is usually in my wallet, but I was going to piano lessons, so I really didn’t want to take my whole wallet. But I forgot to take my license OUT of my wallet…==…*sigh*…

Correction: he needs a LOUDER microphone. Francesca has him as a tutor for stat this semester xD Poor thing

Don’t get confused – this is from the old blog! XD

You don’t have to reply though… :P

LOL, technology is a must, and it’s a part of our lives. I’m sure it will cooperate with you soon. :D

Perhaps it’s because you’re a neat freak and that is why we find a distorted comment box so hilarious. It’s out of the ordinary, haha.

Ugh, well, that was bad luck. I only know Nicole who’s kind of a second year student. I would understand they have busy timetables, but in a group project you have to compromise and all that.

OH a microeconomic principle… How very interesting. Probably true though – I do not have strengths in editing as I do with technology. Maybe that is what they are secretly teaching in my communications degree.

Haha I sent it off; it’s bollocks but it summarises my essay, which is the most important thing I guess. D:

He’s the editor… so he has to do a lot of work I guess. :O

LOL, I’m sure you can get him a better microphone or turn up the volume. :P

Ehh… your lecturer sounds like a downright uptight sort of annoying person. UGH; just reading about her makes me sick. :P What she does makes her sound like a wannabe of typical teenagers. And above-27-y/o’s trying to be teenagers make themselves look pretty bad.

Yeah, I find her a little annoying personally as well. LOL, fanlisting for herself? Would she stoop that low? xD I think she’s just a little TOO tough though, she needs to soften up and take criticism sometimes.

Just for CDs? D: I’m not even allowed to go to HMV for CDs, LOL! I just borrow from my friends… :P

Aw, well I suppose we should be happy we even got any presents. :)

Ahaha sure! Goodnight! :D

I feel exactly like that. During school I am trying my best to keep my eyes open and stop yawning but at home all I do is sit on the computer. :P

That lecturer must have been really annoying. I hate people who think they know so much better than others. And it’s also irritating that she thought that all students use Facebook.

I know what you’re talking about. My friends have no idea about RSS and HTML and stuff but they have all got Facebook. Some of them just got their own laptop/PC a few months ago and they recently got Facebook accounts and they act as if they’re so smart and know so much about computers and stuff. /snort

And they think that I regret not having a Facebook account, which I don’t regret at all.
And I cannot tell them anything about how much I know, because I don’t want them to know about my website. /hmph

I know exactly what you mean about the sleep thing! I think when you’re doing something that’s boring and/or not particularly mentally stimulating, your brain is more inclined to realize you’re actually tired because it’s not subconsciously trying to stay awake to finish whatever it is you’re working on/watching/reading etc online. Actually I have no idea if that’s true or not, I kinda just made that up, hehe. But it’s a theory at least. ;)

Ugh, that lecturer you mentioned sounds seriously irritating. Lecturers (or even high school teachers) like that always grate my nerves too. It actually comes across as a bit pathetic, doesn’t it? To think that they’re so insecure that they have to act so smug and condescending to try to convince the rest of the world of their brilliance. I think they must feel threatened by their students, especially the brighter ones. I’d actually feel sorry for them if their attitude didn’t piss me off so much, hehehe.

Hey :)

I am not 100 % sure if it really was a texan restaurant though xD We were trying to figure it out and it kinda seemed like it.. the waitress were wearing those cowboy hats and shoes and stuff.. you really should look out for one :)

Hehe, yeah they are pretty awesome most of the time.. but only if they don’t make me get out of bed after 5 hours of sleep just to tell me that I have wait 2 more hours before they pick me up :(

Yeah it was pretty awesome :) And today I saw them all again because school started again.. sucks being back after two weeks of break xD

Hehe, but you just ate the carots, she ate everything xD Yeah, it’s awesome :)

I didn’t really feel guilty because back then she was dating that other guy and he texted me first.. I didn’t even know who the hell he was first.. he somehow got my icq-number and started talking to me and stuff.. but I stopped texting him after a while because he kept talking about Stephanie and stuff.. I guess he still loved her and so everything just turned out the way it was supposed too :) But I did feel awkward for sure!

I actually don’t really like taking photos xD But if I drink something I usually always end up on some photos with my friends xD Sometimes in silly poses but most of the time we try to take decent ones xD

I really hope so! I just told them today not to go anywhere on the 20th November because I will celebrate my birthday then – I hope it’s gonna be a good time!

Hehe, glad you enjoyed the last blog post :)

Oh wow.. it’s already 15 years?! That’s a freaking lot..

Yeah, I guess I’ll e-mail her that upcoming weekend.. I should get some things done for school and stuff.. I need to get my lazy butt up and start to actually study xD Because I have 6-hour-test in February that will cover up this semester + the two from year 12.. oh boy..

My sister only does them if my mum makes her.. or if Natali is staying at her boyfriend’s.. that’s when our lil sister has to take over her part and stuff..

*hugs back* Glad you’re feeling better now :) It’s always hard not to make them mad.. when it comes to my mum just a single sentence can be enough and she’ll yell at all of us for at least an hour or so..

I really hope so :) I guess the stress makes you kinda sick and stuff! Our teacher always tell us to plan things more and bla bla.. but do they know how many distractions are out there?! I guess not..

Hahahahaha xD I bet he is paying $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ xD So there is no reason to be jealous – I think an iPod touch is almost as great as an iPhone :)

Yay, lucky you for being in groups with just nice people :D That will make working a lot easier I guess :) At least that’s how I feel when it comes to group works with people I like!

Awww, sucks that you are soo tired.. I am actually really surprised that I am kinda awake and not tired considering the fact that it was the first day at school after two weeks today.. Maybe you should take an hour off and just take a nap? That can do wonders – believe me. I have my experiences with that xD

Haha, computers can be sooo mean! I totally understand how you feel.. I wanted to go to bed early yesterday so I won’t be tired and stuff.. well I ended up going to bed at 1am! Yeah.. mission failed xD The computer is at least as addictive as Twitter!

Honestly – that teacher sucks! I mean can’t she just talk to you like normal people?! There is no need to show off what she knows.. you’re in that course to learn it – or most of you guys.. that’s just how much teacher can suck..

You should make it obvious to her that you already know what the hell she is talking about.. maybe she’ll get down from her high horse than.. if she sees that it’s not that special that she knows things like that. I don’t know..

Yeah, it was. :(
And you’re very welcome. :]

I noticed in your blog that you hate how everyone expects young people to have Facebook/etc. I have Facebook, Twitter, MyYearbook and MySpace. now has their own social networking clique, but I don’t like it. Before it was a site that I could count on for everything I needed, but now it’s like she just wants money. With the {free} membership, I can’t message/comment anyone. It’s as if I must pay to do anything. So I don’t really use it. As for MySpace, practically every resource site I come across requires those who wish to be affiliates to have a MySpace and add them on MySpace. I don’t like to tie MySpace in with whether or not people may affiliate with me–it isn’t fair. :( And I hardly use MyYearbook anymore. MySpace gets boring every once in a while–the new 4.0 is going to be awesome, though! :]–and Facebook? I have phases with them. I’m not so addicted to the social networking stuff, but my friends are on there, and that is how I stay in touch.

:/ Has anyone ever lectured you on how to be “safe” online, to not meet other people from the internet, etc.?

Thanks. (: I don’t give it to them right after they’ve requested, either! I wait like, a month or two! That way, it really IS a surprise. :D

Ooh, that was long. Sorry. :( I’m one of those long commenters, but I try my best to make them short.

Computers make me never want to leave, it’s like an addiction XD

Your lecturer sounds very annoying. I hate people who try to prove themselves that the know EVERYTHING in the world.

FINALLY. SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T HAVE FACEBOOK. I don’t have one either, and I’m okay with it. I’m like, the only one in my grade who doesn’t have one, and I’m fine without it. I’m obsessed enough with the computer /hehe

I’m so sorry that you’re feeling tired! Exhaustion is such a pain in the ass. Maybe it’s thank to stress? My solution: COFFEE! 👏

That’s a bummer that you find your professor so annoying. I mean, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m sure she would get on my nerves, too, but perhaps just try to look at her positives, rather then her flaws. She’s trying her best, most likely. And honestly MOST students do have a Facebook – so while you might find it irritating, her lecture may connect with a good portion of the class.

LOL yeaa, especially when they are like serious about it, its like not funny. Its only funny if you just like are joking around. haha yea, especially since he believes that every girl wants to go out with him, when half the people can’t stand him XD; He’s so desperate for attention

lmaoo! Music lasts long at least ! I seriously thought that at the rate I was going that I was gonna kill my battery within the first month XD. It’s been good though (:

haha yea, well I dont know, probably. Most people have their oil tanks in the basement and we have to get like inspections every so often. safety first !

lmao yea I hate when it freezes, or lags. Its just annoying, but its fun to like study with a friend via video chat XDD

haha awwww that’s like what happened with our 5th grade yearbook theme. They had like a construction one and everyone picked that one ! It was just the boys….XD They should have picked the more neutral one that I thought would have been much more appropriate.

ahhaha thats cool! My sister use to talk to her boyfriend for like hours, she was really loud so she shut her door and she would be laughing hysterically for like hours XD

ahhhhh then I guess I never have a good sleep! XD, I always end up thinking about something, uncontrollably! I cant seem to clear my mind D:

No offense but your teacher seems to be…strange XDD But dont worry, my teachers are the same way. Well my social studies teacher is…shes weird LOL. She has an annoying voice to add to it!

Yay! So glad that you like the theme. :) Psh that screen resolution is the best haha.

Yeah, people here call them crocs and clogs but the more commonly used term in my school at least, is clogs. They’re incredibly ugly. D:

Ooh I never knew that they came in a ballet shoe type of style. It does sound pretty by the way you described it.. way prettier than the ugly ass rubber pieces of shit with holes drilled into them. Aka CLOGS.

Yeah I remember this one time where I blogged everyday, I had so much happening in my life at that point LOL, but it only lasted a week I think. Those people who blog continuously everyday for weeks are amazing.

Lmao. Yeah I have a couple layouts that I’ve been meaning to turn into premades for so damn long now. Although, first, I have to validate some of the premades, and I’ve been a shit as lazy fuck to actually complete that task as well.

Thats great that your antivirus updates everyday. I used to have a program called “Avast Antivirus” (maybe yours is the same one) that updates everyday. But then one day it pretty much.. disappeared off my computer.. fail. And ever since then, once again (story of my life) I WAS TOO LAZY. Lmao.

Haha hope your arm feels better soon, so that you can reach your full monkey shaker ability. xD

OMG I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to move away from the computer even though you’re dead tired. :P That might explain why I’m always falling asleep and getting yelled at/scared shitless by my teacher in my first period accounting class.

Kudos to you for being able to avoid the Twitter addiction. I was sucked in much too long ago. :P

I always get annoyed when people make inaccurate assumptions or judgements or jump to conclusions about something. So I can understand why you got frustrated when she implied that everyone who’s young with a job has Facebook. Lol, bullshit. -.-

I would actually think that the most successful people DON’T have facebook because they don’t get distracted and therefore focus on the truly important things in life instead of “who wrote a bitchy comment on your profile picture” or “who spammed your wall with swear words”.

Your teacher would have gotten on my nerves FO’SHO. I probably would have ended up yelling out something like “K WE AIN’T ALIENS WE HAVE FUNCTIONING BRAINS” and then gotten in big doodoo cause of it. (:

LOL I know, right? Way back when, I used to Capitalize Every Word; I Didn’t Really Think About How Much Time It Wasted. X.X Then my friend would substitute every letter for a number and I was like, the hell? I guess you’re a pre-teen for a reason… though, looking back, I have no idea what the hell was going through my mind.

Yeah, I even begged my mom to get a dalmatian. XD Sadly… I failed. Oh, you should! (: Or go to the Hong Kong one or the other one in Paris. :D I don’t know what the difference is but going to Disney World in another country sounds exciting!

Ohh, that’s not bad considering the amount of space you got. I remember my mom paid over $400 for mine and that was just last Christmas! Aha nice. (: I wish I had ITunes cards just lying around. XD

Well I hope I’m not going anywhere. X.X I know things pop up but for the most part, I hope to stay put. :D I’ve never seen you on a hiatus so I think you’re good too. x) Ooooh, I once did that! Since I have allergies I was sneezing all over the place. LOL I somehow vacuumed up the keys to the house. o.O Good thing I noticed otherwise I would’ve been locked out the next day…

I have two people that live close by but, the connection kind of lags. I can’t complain though since it’s free. LOL Gah, I wouldn’t be surprised! But, he just comes home and plays even more games. o.O It’s like an endless cycle… it’s like, “GUY do something productive with your time!”

Thank you! Aha, believe me that means a lot. (: Especially since I’m an amateur. Dx I might just keep it up till Friday because no doubt in my mind that I’ve going to finish this by Thursday. X.X I have three tests to study for… O_O The flood did help! I ended up presenting today and it our presentation was surprisingly done in 30 seconds flat. XD I was happy because I hate standing in front of the room.

NO HOMECOMING? Well, Homecoming is kind of stupid anyways that’s why I’m not going. LOL You don’t have any dances in high school?! That’s kind of weird though…

I so know what you mean! I passed out last night at 9 and I woke up pretty energized. Usually though I feel cranky and tired throughout the day, then when I get on the computer I’m like wide awake? I have no idea why either. LOL I know somebody that gets too lazy to go to the bathroom *cough* Vicky *cough*. x)

Wow… you sound like you should be teaching the class! That is true though. I can admit, I sign up for a lot of things but, I never really go back to them. The only thing I truly stuck with is Twitter because you can socialize more with everything else. I remember some friends forced me to get a Myspace; after I got it, it was like, “Why are people even into this? It’s so boring!” It’s like, they’re “into” it because everyone else is. So dumb. /hmph

I always feel addicted to the computer.. I don’t like admiting it but it’s trueeeee. It’s a big place.. a computer.. that has internet connection of course.. A computer without internet.. well that’s just boring.

Oo that’s what you meant on Twitter. ^^ I was like, what’s this about someone assuming everyone has a facebook? You sound so high-tech with all your knowings… I don’t know. All rap sounds the same.. icky and icky.

Beatles, I love them. ^^ They were the first ones to go on my first ipod <3

A pond.. with huge bouncy balls? HAHAHAHAHAHA. That's so random. ^^ Were you alone?

Uhmm, maybe I explained badly. See, our phones have screens, you know like cell phones but well it's the house phone.. and well I don't know how to explain but it allows caller ID and on that screen you can tell when the phones of the house are being used.. It's not connected to the internet or whatever. It's the phoneline at home. But I mean the phones at our house, you can tell when one is being used. xPPP

Ooo, field of crime. I've always thought about that.. police woman? Then I'm like no... I don't want to get shot.. or have to stare criminals in the eyes...

I was upset.. I had a cruddy day yesterday, but I guess today made up for it (: He gave me a hug, and I laughed at him because this girl.. well perhaps I'll mention it in another blog xDDDDDDD Today was just a wonderful day <3

Aha! That’s a great idea! (The keyboard thing). I never thought of that lol.

Oh GAWD. I never want to know how many germs are on my keyboard, I’d just sit there and cry for hours. My biggest peeve is when I see TV specials about the germs in your bed. EWW. I wash my blankets and pillow cases ALL THE TIME haha because germs just gross me out so bad lol.

Haha I want six cats. Is that creepy? LOL. But seriously, I love them so much. They’re so cuddly. Usually my cat stays away from me…and my boyfriend lol. Lately she’s been stuck to us. It’s cute sometimes but other times it’s annoying. She kind of like gets on my arms and sits on the keyboard. Hahah.

I LOVE scavenger hunts. I actually found a rose or something on your site haha. But that was all I found and I was too lazy to look for the whole pack. Good idea though haha. I love those games haha.

Haha it’s 11:45 and the paper is due tomorrow and guess what? I JUST finished working on it lmfao. I’m such a procrastinator. It’s bad haha.

Hehe I love dogs too. I want a piquenese and I have NO IDEA how to spell that and it’s not coming up on my list of offered words so I give up lol.

I find that Twitter is more for people who do web design, and have sites. While facebook is for everyone else. The two should never be compared. (Facebook and web design I mean, nor should Twitter and web design). Twitter sucks, as does Facebook. But I use both. Then I get extremely disappointed and want to delete both.

Anyway, I’m just rambling here. Sorry haha. I’m in a weird mood right now.

Your teacher sounds annoying and I’d probably become very angry very quickly. The basics should have been thought in the first month, then moved on to actual work. And facebook and twitter should definitely not be mentioned at all.

Poor you having so many assignments. After this year, how many years of uni do you have left? Or is it your last year?

Haha, I’m just like you. Wanting to take naps in class and in ballet and such. At times I really should be focussing.

Sometimes I think I’m addicted to the computer but I only spend an hour or two (or three if there’s lots I need to do) on it every day or two and compared to how much time my brother sits infront of the TV screen, it’s very little.
It’s OK to be addicted to some things though. I think…

Your course sounds really easy for you. You already know so much about computers!

I don’t have a facebook either. I don’t see the point of it.

You teacher sounds a little immature. She doesn’t need to prove herself to you guys, she’s there to help you all.

Aaah, now I get what you mean! Thanks :)

haha! :P So… Georgie, what do you like? Jokes… Jokes!

Yeah I know. It was rather annoying. I mean, didn’t she have better things to do?

Godo idea. My school takes in the phones at the beginning of each class and the kids get them back at breaks but that doesn’t work because some people don’t hand up their phones anyway.

I got 86% which is great! Not the top in my class but oh well… The top person got 92% and he was the sort of person you wouldn’t expect to get that good grades.

that’s awesome! 100 pages is heaps! Best of luck with it!

haha go James! He sounds really funny!

Lol thats good! Have heaps of fun downloading the apps (Y) I spent ages looking for apps I would use but I don’t even use any of them :D

Yeah I like how daylight savings makes it darker later…so it’s a smidgen safer but I’m still creeped out. xD

Lucky you…high school is so strict T_T


Have fun with those assignments :P

Yeah! I know, I’m really addicted to the computer. I feel sleepy doing other activities but when I’m on my laptop, I’m up pretty late. Its a really bad habit. /bash

Oh my gosh, I hate those teachers that are all like, “do you know this, do know that” and its pretty pathetic because we’re all like, yep, we do. And it gets really annoying. Well I have facebook, but I’m not obsessed with it. I just go on every few days. But I don’t have Twitter but I honestly don’t care xD

But I think in the end, its more her loss because if her attitude annoys people, then thats her problem and its not like she’ll have many fans after that so heh

A picture of you and James? That’s sweet, even though it’s natural for you to do so, isn’t it? :)

Thank you! I left you a comment on the review. (Not sure whether you received my reply to your email…)

Oh, yes! A lot of tutorials did confuse me; you know, people explain things differently! But, I got it all down alright! LOL, you’re credited twice on my Credits page, did you notice that while you reviewed my site? Haha, for your tutorials and for other small tidbits. :D

Yes, that’s what we say! Happy Diwali! (LOL, even though you probably don’t celebrate it!)

Yes, that’s absolutely amazing! Haha, Diwali is one festival that [I think] every Indian looks forward to. It’s such an awesome festival! Haha, perhaps I’m exaggerating! But, never mind. ;)

Yeah, he’s probably stressed out lately with all his work. It’s okay with me now….but I wouldn’t like to be hated and shouted at when it’s the time for my birthday! 😢

I guess it’ll just pass on. Thank you so much for your support, Georgie! :)

Oh, thank you! XD


Assignments? I sometimes hate to hear that word. Compared with a big load of homework, I guess it’s a little bit okay. But….I still don’t crave assignments (nor any one else does, I know.. /bash) ROFL. ;)

Yeah, I feel like sleeping at odd times. I’s mostly LOVE to take a nap during History lessons! It’d feel SO good. My eyelids keep dropping during History classes, however much hard I try. XD

Haha, I think you blog too many times about not wanting to have Facebook! (I mean that in a good way!)

ROFL! From Mars? XD

You’d be amaze how stupid people are out there, though. XD I’m sorry you’re not enjoying the professor’s lecture style — though I think she is just trying to explain stuff so she does her job LOL Or claims she is anyway :)

And yes, computer is a very addicting thing. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I cannot live without going on the computer at least ONCE a day. If I’m away from mine for twelve+ hours, I’ll start fidgeting and start looking for a nearest Internet cafe.

Man. Life before Google. I remember when Yahoo was actually the bomb back then. I recall when Netscape Navigator was the thing before IE became popular. Holy crap I feel old. O_O Internet technology sure has changed over the years!

Woah, sounds like she really gets on your nerves. But it sounds like I’d feel the same way about most of that stuff. I remember life before Google, it’s not like were under age 10. I remember life before I had high speed internet, or dial-up, or even a computer lol. And I do have a Facebook, but you can’t just agree that everyone has one. Same with my job, when we ring people up, we ask if they want to get coupons sent to their email and not everyone has an email either. We are in this high speed, high tech digital world that has so many trends but that doesn’t mean that everyone follows them.

HAHAHAHA! ahhh. you just have to love teachers sometimes. i mean in the opposite sense of the word. im confusing myself.
i just meant that, they have little annoying things they do that provoke us, but then give us something to complain about. i think your teacher is just really old, and probably spends her day on Facebook.
my teachers all say the “stop going on facebook” thing too. i have a facebook but i am not addicted to it. everyone else in my class seems to be, but after i read an article about some lady who neglected her kids to spend 10 hours a day on facebook, i was totally put off it. it’s not that great anyway.
GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR ASSIGNMENTS.! :) i finished mine. :) so happy. (Y) that thumb looks about as un-enthusiastic as i feel. you ARE so lucky you dont have to do art homework …. Zzz.
it’s funny you should mention sleep….
i had two letters sent home to my parents about not taking care of their children properly because i fell asleep in class. i couldnt help it. they shouldnt be blaming my parents, it’s my school work load thats knocking me out.
your course sounds fun, if i decide against becoming a doctor, i am definitely becoming a computer geek dude thingy-bob. ? ? ?
anyways take care sweetheart.

Hi Georgina! First, I would just like to say/ask if it is too late for the Random Domain giveaway contest. I received Viven’s e-mail just today and put up the Heartdork’s link. I am hoping I can still participate in that giveaway. Thanks a lot. Sorry this is short. I just want to get this comment to you quicky. Thanks so much again! Oh and new layout ;)

Bite your tongue and hold it in. There is gonna be a time when you’ll need her because you won’t understand something and it you totally pwn her now she’ll hate you and be a right bitch to you when you need her. It ain’t worth it Georgie.

I totally understand where you’re coming from. being patronised and having to face someone’s boastfulness is amazing annoying. I feel for you.

Yeah hopefully. :)

Yeah, I really like Another Brick In The Wall and Shoots And Ladders by Korn, though Shoots And Ladders kind of freaks me out a bit…

UGH. I totally hate that. I don’t even like Sex On Fire, so I’m not going to pretend but seriously, people need to realise that just because they like one song doesn’t mean they LOVE the band.

Well, no I’m not the biggest fan, but I’m a bigger fan than those fakes.

I’ve shoved the album into a zip, there’s two folders but just give me an email address to send it to and I will. XD The zip is 178 MB though…

Yeah Time Is Running Out is awesome. You should give Uprising a listen, it’s so catchy. XD

Haha yeah I have like 5 songs by them. I used to have all of their albums and my best friend bought me their music DVD. XD Kaiser Chiefs are cool. I only like one song by Arctic Monkeys. /oh

Yes I am lazy. I’ve done quite well today though. I’ve returned about 15 comments, which is amazing for me. :) I’m trying to get back into school though, I need something to keep me occupied. Yeah I hate that people expect shit from you, no one should be expected of anything.

It does cost way too much these days.

That’s changed my prospective of closing comments… I never really thought people would WANT to say something so bad. I’ve left mine open and yours is the last comment to return so I’m doing well! I hope I can keep it up…

Yeah I want my step dad to teach me to drive but my mum wants me to get lessons. Plus my step dad has a Volkswagen Sharan Can you imagine me driving that huge thing?! Ooo, you better ruin it!

They do take a long time to make, but I have a lot of time to spare hahaha. Aww, candy shaped ones? :D That’s cute, I need to be a bit more creative with mine. Though, a lot of people like my round ones. o_O

I’ve opened the visitor, and re-doing my free layouts as I go.

Haha you do have a lot of domains to update. :P I swear you’re a domain addict haha.

Lmao, you THINK. :P I hated group assignments, I ended up doing all the work.

LOL, that would be like amazing. =D Rob always buys me a birthday card and a St. Patricks day card hahah, bless him.

That’s good that your group is full of nice people. :D Makes it easier I guess! Good luck with them!

You should just sleep all day one day, just to catch up with all the sleep you’ve missed out on!

I’m the same, I always want to fall asleep in the most inconvenient of places but when I’m at home, I’d rather be on my laptop. XD

I think I’m included in the group of people who can’t be bothered to go the bathroom haha. It’s right next to my bedroom too… now that is lazy.

I can’t stand arrogant people. I had a few teachers like that at my old school.

One thing that seriously annoys me is when people answer their own questions, especially rhetorical questions. I seriously hate it and I don’t know why…

I would be pretty pissed at her too, especially as she assumed because you’re young that you have Facebook and all that crap. I hate it when people make assumptions.

Oh, that’s good! I remember the wpwebhost thing going on, that’s cool that you won! I tried a few times, but I gave up. Maybe I should have kept trying, haha. Do you like the iPod Touch? It does pretty much EVERYTHING the iPhone does except call people, lol.

Haha. I feel the same way! It’s not like it matters whose in the header anyways, as long as it’s cute! I just know mine looks horribly put together, but oh well, lol. Thank you though!

Oh my! I couldn’t imagine living on mattresses and stuff on the floor! It’s hard and I have my own room! Lol.

I’m following you on Twitter now (:

Wow, I think I’d rather have my final three assignments be by myself instead of group assignment. I guess in the end with a group it might be easier, but some people get stuck in those horrible groups! Good luck on those!

I’m guilty of being addicted to the computer :(

Wow, I would hate to have a lecturer like that. That’d be annoying. You take that class, I’m guessing, to LEARN things, not be told you’re stupid, lol. Good luck with her!

I hate teachers who talk down to others. They are supposed to be helping you learn, not making you feel stupid.

Groups projects where not my thing when I was in school. I may not have known what the hell I was doing, but I preferred doing it by myself.

Ah, Georgie, Georgie, I know what you mean. When I’m in class, work, or elsewhere, I’m like, “Nap. I want a nap.” But when I’m home, in front of my computer or playing on my new used Gameboy Advance SP, I get so lazy. I hold my pee until I can’t anymore, your friends probably know the feeling XD

Man, that teacher sounds like a lame jerk. There was a guy in my web design class a few years back kind of like that. It was basic HTML and stuff, but I took it to reinforce my current knowledge, which isn’t too great anyways. Anyways, for our first project we had to come up with a website of our own and present it to the class, using what we’d been taught. Evidently, he was like me, self-taught… but was utterly colorblind. And a show-off; he went and used all these effects we hadn’t been taught and was like, “Yeah, I did this, and this…” such a show-off.

He got his comeuppance when the teacher informed him that green text on a blue background is not the way to go XD

I understand about the computer thing. I have been SO exhausted ALL day. It’s almost 2am..what am I doing? Procrastinating getting off the computer. I’ve been that person that also won’t get up and go pee. Shame shame.. I’ve been like this since I was about 13 though, hah.

I also understand what you’re going through in class. I remember taking some courses, mainly in HS, where the teacher talked to everyone as if they knew absolutely nothing about computers. It was a basic keyboarding class.. yeah.. uber lame.. and the teacher actually asked me for help multiple times, but would talk down to the class? Stupid. Thankfully, I haven’t been in college/school since Facebook has gotten really popular, so I don’t have to listen to all that BS.

Try to get some rest =(

Good luck with those group assignments. *hugs* I think I mentioned that I sucked at group assignments?
Ah yeah, I remember talking about how you had to get the right people in your group. *nods*

Aws, I’m one-hour ahead timewise. Screw French timezone thing.
Ahahaaaa yeah, sometimes you’re sitting in front of the screen and your bladder is saying hello.. and it’s like, “fuck you bloody thing, I can’t be asked to move”.

Twitterhea? I definitely don’t have that. XD But I might just be a little bit addicted to the box… /um


Maybe one day lectures will interest me, lmao.

Gee. I hate it when people try and make out they know everything when actually, they don’t really. I mean you’re right; you know loads of HTML, XHTML and everything.
And the fact she acts so smart and superior. WTF is with that, FFS? /hmph

Answering a rhetorical question is pretty stupid. It’s not meant to be answered. @_@

OH GOD, yes. When people think Facebook is the answer to everything and that everyone has one… oh my. I could go on FOREVER.

My deputy head, head of drama and freaking SCHOOL NURSE has Facebook. That doesn’t mean I want one, eh.
If you were from Mars you might not be able to communicate well with her.
I wonder how that would have turned out.

I’m sorry I didn’t get round to returning this comment before I went away. :( But I understand if some of it doesn’t make much sense. XD

Forcing someone to study would be pretty damned harsh and cruel. You can’t force someone to study… you know, maybe to get the books out but not to read it or take anything in.
Abuse is awful. People who abuse are bloody insane.
And yeah, a CD could just be bought with your own money. FFS.

LOL, yeah it was probably a bit OTT but I couldn’t think of anything else. :P

I don’t have a great great relationship with my parents and I haven’t been slapped on the butt for several years (LMAO) but I can get along with them and understand when they are being reasonable.

Sad thing is, you’re right. :( People do tend to only care about themselves nowadays.

Oh good. ^^ Glad your essay was fine. :D

The sad thing is that your site will always have to come AFTER school or uni… so I guess that’s the sucky part. I’m trying to get back into it and work on my break to get it going again.

*sighs* I just sure as hell hope that Wendy comes back, people need her.
LOL, my brother would scare your brother off. :P

LMAO, I have a sombero too! XD Imagine me in that. ;D

YAY. :) You didn’t skip! *huggles* (Y)

Aws, your break will come up soon!
WE HAVE TOYS R US HERE! And they have it in France too. :P

There are clear phoneboxes in towns and stuff but you can still see them around. ;)
I so do not have the guts to wear that shirt. And I never would.

Dark chocolate, ZOMG. I love the stuff. ♥

Hope to hear from you soon; I missed you whilst I was away. D:

Least I’m back now though. :)

It was actually a bet. The boy who had proposed me had a bet with another friend who thought that I will say yes. But I said no, even though he kept on pleading me to say yes. That was really annoying. Every time I would talk to him, he would go back to that topic and tell me to say yes. O_O

They are always immature like that. I was actually shocked, the boys who had helped us were the ones most likely to laugh as they are always joking around. The ones who had laughed at us are usually a bit more mature but they don’t miss any chance to make themselves look better than us.

Hey hows the weather in Syd?

Good luck on you’re assignments :)
You’re not alone. I used to fall asleep in UNI, i tried so hard not to, but some classes are boring.

I have no time to comment every thing, i just missed you’re blogs. Needed something good to read xxx

I know I’m a computer-addict and I admit is as much. My mom find it irritating because I spend more time staring at the computer screen than doing the house chores.

Erghh.. I have Facebook but only because my boyfriend insisted that I should have one so that he doesn’t feel ‘lonely’ there. Why on earth he signed up for that social networking site in the first place I have no idea.

Meh, I hate those kind of lecturers. Unfortunately those are the ones that we get a lot. Yet I could understand why they’re like that. In my case, the university where I study in, the students are pretty childish given their age. They act like high school children (especially the guys). So the lecturers (most of them being foreigners) find these kind of attitude very irritating. So they start to make nasty remarks and pour out countless sarcasms, in the hope this would shake and wake the students. Too bad the students simply see this as an insult to their intelligence(?). They could not understand the good intention beneath the nasty outlook. Tskk..

Ugh, I HATED teachers like that… Actually, just people like that in general.