My Poor Brain

Assignments, assignments. My final three assignments for the year are due soon, and they’re all group assignments. Thankfully my groups are full of nice people. πŸ™‚

I’m tired. I don’t know what I did, but I’m tired. I had a good weekend but I think, as usual, I didn’t get enough sleep.

It’s such a funny thing that you want to sleep at unexpected times. During class, I often feel like taking a nap. Or at work, I feel like taking a nap. When I’m at home, though, I feel like I’m stuck to the computer and I don’t go to bed, as much as I want to move.

The computer does that to me. Doesn’t it do that to you? It makes you want to stay there. I know a bunch of my online buddies are way too lazy to go to the bathroom when they’re sitting in front of the screen.

It might as well be an addiction, as much as I hate to admit it. No, I’m not addicted to Twitter; I’m trying to stop letting it distract me, or to at least stop getting “twitterhea”.

At university today, I had a rather interesting lecture. It was on the general social networking tools, blogs, and so on. So we looked a bit at Twitter and Technorati and the like.

The thing that annoyed me about my lecturer was that she continually kept asking, “Who here doesn’t know Twitter?”

It might have annoyed me because I know. But she was rambling on about hastags and such. She talks a lot about related subjects, obviously, but she’s so stuck up and arrogant. The way she talks, in a certain tone, makes her sound like she’s always trying to show that she knows more than us.

She’s always trying to prove herself, pretty much. The deal is that I know a lot about what she’s talking about. (Why did I do this course? 😐 ) I know about Web 2.0. I know about XML. I know about HTML. I know about RSS feeds. I actually DO know about tags and that I can tag blog posts and images. Like woah! I know that you can put metadata on an image. I’m not that stupid.

“Who remembers life before Google?”

The hell I do; but the rhetorical questions she asks; she answers too. “You probably can’t!”

No thanks, but I do remember life before Google. There were other lesser-known search engines.

“There isn’t just Facebook, you know?”

I hate that. I hate it. The way she talks is as if we all have Facebook and all we ever do is Facebook.

I don’t have Facebook. And I don’t mean to be stuck up myself but a lot of other people in my class seem to use it a lot and like it very much, and along with that, they aren’t all too familiar with things like RSS feeds or HTML (maybe just the basics).

But it annoys me how suddenly everyone assumes that every young rocking person who studies or has a stable job, has Facebook.

In regards to my lecturer, she should stop telling us she has LinkedIn and showing us how she logs into her account and showing us her photos with metadata…

Not all of us are stupid, and not all of us need to be bombarded with your knowledge that is presented to us as if we are from Mars.

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