The Sound Of Settling

The winners haven’t yet been sorted out for the domain competition. It is over but some of the judges are quite busy at the moment so I’ve got to make sure they have their jobs done by the weekend, woo? 😄 After all I know you’re excited to see the winners.

Ahhh. I love my iPod touch. I haven’t given it a name, though. Don’t think I will. I named my laptop Fin, but I don’t really address him as Fin so much.

I downloaded a lot of apps. Free ones, mostly. I was getting a lot of recommendations for Tap Tap, and it’s great! It’s quite addicting, and I like the song on it – The Sound Of Settling by Death Cab For Cutie. 🙂

I got a lot of Twitter apps too (well, just three), because I found them that awesome.

I have a few other random games. I’m too lazy to tell you them all, but Gillian recommended the Monkey Shaker. It’s hilarious. All you have to do is shake the iPod as much as you can within a time interval. As Gillian mentioned, it looks a bit wrong/dirty if you are shaking it so hard and fast… 😅

I had trouble getting an iTunes account because it kept asking for a credit card. Jerk.

In the end I used Brandon’s (my brother!) iTunes card. He had it lying around so I added that in. The only paid app I downloaded – upon Brandon’s request because he said it was that amazing after hearing about it from a friend – was Ragdoll Masters.

I didn’t find it all that great in the beginning, but as I started to unlock levels it became very fun. You’re pretty much shooting ragdolls to a target, but the target can be among a great deal of obstacles. I love the look of the game though. Ah.

Not to be confused with the other Ragdoll Masters game for the PC (I think? James, help?) which lets you play as a ragdoll and beat up another ragdoll.

Anyway. I was quite addicted to it because I wanted to finish the entire game.

I finished this morning. 😄 I woke up and I just had to do the last level. It had been pissing me off! I don’t think I’ve ever finished a game before. 😛

Sorry I haven’t gotten around to comments lately. I have them all over the place. And this isn’t the most interesting blog either. I have been busy with some group work at university. It’s been going well though; yesterday Ryan, Nicole and I got quite a bit done. We’re working on a research survey. It focuses on university students between the 18-25 age range, but we’re looking at university students in New South Wales (it’s a state in Australia, hehe). Think you could help us out if you qualify? Shoot me an email. 😉

I got a review done though, and is back up after host and server and database problems. 😁

Ahhh so. I should be heading off to bed now; it’s 12am thereabouts. All in all, I’m going well – that’s really what this blog was about. 🙂

Questions to get the ball rolling as this isn’t an interesting blog:

  • Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
  • Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
  • Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
  • What time do you usually sleep?

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