The Sound Of Settling

The winners haven’t yet been sorted out for the domain competition. It is over but some of the judges are quite busy at the moment so I’ve got to make sure they have their jobs done by the weekend, woo? :D After all I know you’re excited to see the winners.

Ahhh. I love my iPod touch. I haven’t given it a name, though. Don’t think I will. I named my laptop Fin, but I don’t really address him as Fin so much.

I downloaded a lot of apps. Free ones, mostly. I was getting a lot of recommendations for Tap Tap, and it’s great! It’s quite addicting, and I like the song on it – The Sound Of Settling by Death Cab For Cutie. :)

I got a lot of Twitter apps too (well, just three), because I found them that awesome.

I have a few other random games. I’m too lazy to tell you them all, but Gillian recommended the Monkey Shaker. It’s hilarious. All you have to do is shake the iPod as much as you can within a time interval. As Gillian mentioned, it looks a bit wrong/dirty if you are shaking it so hard and fast… /hehe

I had trouble getting an iTunes account because it kept asking for a credit card. Jerk.

In the end I used Brandon’s (my brother!) iTunes card. He had it lying around so I added that in. The only paid app I downloaded – upon Brandon’s request because he said it was that amazing after hearing about it from a friend – was Ragdoll Masters.

I didn’t find it all that great in the beginning, but as I started to unlock levels it became very fun. You’re pretty much shooting ragdolls to a target, but the target can be among a great deal of obstacles. I love the look of the game though. Ah.

Not to be confused with the other Ragdoll Masters game for the PC (I think? James, help?) which lets you play as a ragdoll and beat up another ragdoll.

Anyway. I was quite addicted to it because I wanted to finish the entire game.

I finished this morning. :D I woke up and I just had to do the last level. It had been pissing me off! I don’t think I’ve ever finished a game before. :P

Sorry I haven’t gotten around to comments lately. I have them all over the place. And this isn’t the most interesting blog either. I have been busy with some group work at university. It’s been going well though; yesterday Ryan, Nicole and I got quite a bit done. We’re working on a research survey. It focuses on university students between the 18-25 age range, but we’re looking at university students in New South Wales (it’s a state in Australia, hehe). Think you could help us out if you qualify? Shoot me an email. ;)

I got a review done though, and is back up after host and server and database problems. /bounce

Ahhh so. I should be heading off to bed now; it’s 12am thereabouts. All in all, I’m going well – that’s really what this blog was about. :)

Questions to get the ball rolling as this isn’t an interesting blog:

  • Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
  • Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
  • Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
  • What time do you usually sleep?

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OOOH! I submitted my votes for the drawing section of your competition last week =) I’ll go do my part this weekend or earlier or whatever. Remind me…^^…Hehe I’m excited xD /bounce

Awwww….what if your ipod gets jealous cos your laptop has a name and your ipod doesn’t? Haha. Okay, I sincerely doubt that will happen, but yeah, whateverrrrr xD

I’m still in love with your laptop’s name xD Man, I sound like I’m in love with EVERYTHING these days. ==

YES! One of my friends let me play Tap Tap on his ipod touch, and I was SO CRAP AT IT, it wasn’t funny, but I still found it quite fun…^^…The Sound Of Settling is such an awesome song, though =) I LOVE Death Cab For Cutie. They’re one of my favourite bands. Omg, I’m over-using the word ‘Love’. I MUST STOP! ARGH! But yeah…really awesome band/song =)

Hahahaha! Monkey shaker. That sounds like a funny game.

Omg. Stupid itunes. My guitar teacher always complains about it xD

Oh THAT pc game. I think I know what you’re talking about. It’s pretty bloody for a ragdoll game xD Haha

OMG! YOU FINISHED A GAME =O Congratulations…^^..I’ve NEVER in my whole life, finished a game, cos I SUCK! xD

Yay for progress on your group assignment =D =D /dance! [Imagine the msn emoticon please xD]

I’LL TOTALLY HELP YOU! Except you’ve already told me that I’m being surveyed anyways xD Haha!

YAY for getting Woodnotes up again though =) You’re talented *nods*

Okay answer time.


– I like the tap tap game. I’m not really a game person…so I don’t really have a favourite game. I LOVE tetris though xD And also, typing maniac xD They’re sort of pc games =S


– I have retarded sleeping patterns. I sleep whenever, but usually majorly late xD My bad 0=)

Oh yay, you were first comment on this blog! :D

Haha, I’ll remind you tonight about the graphics part. :)

Probably won’t happen, but I honestly can’t think of a good name at the moment, that isn’t too long or hard to say. :S

I don’t know enough (well, by my standards) songs by Death Cab For Cutie to call them one of my favourites but all the songs I’ve heard by them are good, and I like them.

I still have trouble on the easy level, but I like the hard level for a change haha. Such a challenge! I’m always trying to get 100%.

LOL, it totally is. You’re just shaking the iPod as much as you can and it looks wrong… :O

Oh, it’s the one the guys all played on the computers at school. 🙄

Haha! *dance* I am imagining it alright. :P

Next time I see you, you can try the lightsaber thing! You can even pick a colour (pink? ;) ) and a picture for your person… hahaha.

Oh, I got Pacman on my iPod too. :D

Yeah, we have to regulate our sleeping patterns… fail… D:

Oooh, I was going to get an iPod touch, but I can’t afford one at the minute :( lol.
Eurgh, I’ve got loads of uni work at the minute and I’m falling behind with it so quickly. It seriously piles up on me so quickly I don’t even realise it’s there. /argh

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
– I have an orange nano and I’m getting a cheap imitation of an iPhone lol – does that count? :P
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
– No, I don’t play games.
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
– No, I’m not in Australia :(
* What time do you usually sleep?
– Whenever, sometimes I don’t, sometimes it’ll be from about 7pm – 2pm lol. I don’t have any kind of sleep pattern.

🤤 /love I get my sexy Itouch for christmas! LOL! (Y) 💥 << that is how my head feels right now Job centers suck /ehh but i start work monday XD

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
I have 2 – an iPod Nano 1st & second addiction 1st. in black 2nd in pink :D
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
No. But on my dad's LG he has snakes and ladders and i LOVE that game! aha
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
Nope sorry :(
* What time do you usually sleep?
9pm upwards lol!

Hey :)

Yeah he just manages to ruin my day like that.. though I am over it now. I’ll just try to do my best to get a better grade..if it doesn’t work – I’ll blame him. Because I will put a lot of effort into it!

Some of the people that got higher marks totally deserved them but some?! He must have been in a really good mood when he gave them..

Yep! The grading of a student really shouldn’t be because of a personal opinion. You don’t like me? Fine. But don’t let that decide on my grade.. stupid lil ass..

Haha xD Yeah I thought about just completely ignoring him and not answer if he asks or something.. but that would make him so mad.. and I guess he’d “pay it back” to me via my next oral grade.. so I decided to consider Jay’s advice and just try a little bit more and see what he does than.. if I still get a 0 or 1 point – I know it’s him and not me..

I could have tried to go back to sleep, but if I did I would’ve had a hard time waking up again xD So I guess it was better in the end..

Yeah I hope so.. though some of the texts we wrote were definitely more than just “normal” talk and stuff.. But it’s in the past and it’s good the way it is now!

Haha xD Yeah me neither! I have a kinda embarrassing picture of myself were I am 15 our so.. I am wearing normal clothes and on top of it a ring that lil kids use if they go to the pool to learn swimming or something xD It looks really embarrassing.. and when I turned 16 my oh so lovely sister put that picture on top of the cake.. Glad I found it before everyone else could see it xD I don’t mind taking goofy pictures – but not everyone has to see them xD

Hehe, I will! I bet there will be a couple of blog posts where I will be talking about my birthday in the next couple of days.. it’s getting closer and closer. Soon I’ll be old xD

That 6 hours test is to help us to prepare for the final exams which will be 6 hours too. It’s like a last practise before the big show or something like that xD Yeah I really should studying or of not studying then at least sum up the most important things and make learning cards and stuff..

Wow.. my mum gets mad easily too.. but usually not that fast. Our favorite phrase, when she calls us is – “wait a minute”. That minute can be 10-20 minutes long xD She hates it xD

An electro shock?! What?! That’s like crazy.. Hope you don’t get one.

Yep! Group work can really suck.. I had good and also some bad experiences with it so far…

Mine are kinda okay I guess.. Though sometimes I fall asleep while I watch TV or something.. I guess it’s because it’S the first week back to school after break and stuff.. but you really should try to take regular naps :) They’ll give you new energy and stuff :)

Haha xD I totally am like you.. I am like: Today I’ll go to bed early and be all fresh and super awake tomorrow. I end up in bed sometime after midnight and have to get up at 6am too xD We are bad ;)

Haha xD I would totally do that too – if we were allowed to have laptops on all the time.. those would be some amazing times xD

Haha, you must love your iPod touch a lot if you dedicate a whole blog to him :) You really should give him a name, I guess. That would be kinda cool. A friend’s car is named Susi – I think that’s soo cute xD

Bahaha xD That is sooo Gillian xD Dirty little girl.. but yeah. I guess it’s true. Isn’t it usually the boys that have those dirty minds? I remember sometime during year 9 or 10 we had to shake flashlights to make them work on class and all the boys went like: “Oh, yeah. I have experience with that” xD Yeah.. boys…

Yay for finishing that game on your iPod :) You did a great job :) And you’re so dedicated xD I never really complete a game when I start it.. I guess I am not such a game-playing person…

Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
Nope, I don’t.
Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
On my computer.. hm… Sims 2 – it’s actually the only game I have xD Like I just said – I am not a game-playing person.
Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
Yeah sure, if you tell me what I have to do for it :)
What time do you usually sleep?
Ermm.. sometime between 11pm and 1am I guess..

oo good luck with picking the rest of your winners for your domain competition! i was going to participate, but unfortunately i lack creativity so yar D:

me thinks georgie should name her ipod touch, do fin and your ipod touch get along? ooooo.

but seriously, i’m envious of you. i want an ipod touch/iphone, they’re really handy and a lot of fun (my mum has an iphone). haha wow sounds like you installed some interesting apps too! you should get this one (if you don’t have it already) i think it’s called “falling balls” or something stupid, but it’s hilarious! you have to tilt your ipod/iphone so the stick man dodges the flying balls.. if he gets hit SPLAT .. BLOOOOOOOOD D:

yay for your bro having an itunes card n___n ~ itunes can be so frustrating it’s like NGYAHSYGS

oh wow, sounds like you’re working on an interesting project at uni. oh man, if only you could survey western australians, i would offer my brother (he turns 18 in like a week). but then again, you probably wouldn’t get anything logical out of him. he’s a diiiickhead. good luck with it though :3

omg, yay for woodnotes being back up! :] stupid ashpink crap D: i wonder where poor lil wendy is eh?

aw thanks! i see that eyethief is doing great at the moment too ^^ fanlistings are just the funnest :D

ah yeah, it sounds very time consuming.. i’m hoping i have enough time to fully participate, because it’s a challenge i really want to overcome ! perhaps when you’re older and more settled down you’ll be able to participate in NaNoWriMo.

:o only 6% plagiarised? that’s awesome! considering you haven’t heard of any of the other documents your work supposedly has traces of. is 6% bad though?

yeah, so true LOL. yes those creepy elders impurating those young and innocent minds with their perverted stories. lmfao. like i’ve never had the “birds and the bees” talk with my parents, who does these days? though i used to believe that to give birth a mother had to have her head chopped off and the baby was extracted from the neck and then the head was sewn back on :| when i realised that was most likely impossible, i began to believe that mothers shat their babies out, like through their ass :| hahaha. i was a weird child, with even stranger beliefs.

LMAO i read that blog! that would of sucked lmfao.

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
the classic apps are pretty cool, like the tictactoe and dots etc XD
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
negativeeeee ;(
* What time do you usually sleep?
well it’s 2am now? i’m unsure of how to answer that XD

OMG i think i’m having deja vu -.- it feels like i’ve replied to this same comment like 5 times :O AHHH. I need to get my head straight S:

i knoow! i didnt even hear about these stupid rumours… well karma just got them back /bash BAM! LOL thaanks (:

rumors are normal they need to suck it up -.-. Well now everyone in our school just hates them and don’t talk to them or about them unless its about school and they haven’t been invited to any of the halloween parties LOL 👏 they get what they deserve..

:O that must of hurt! i almost got a staple in my eye once…. I would of been a pirate like this guy 💀 aaay matey! lol

sometimes I’m scared of the dark like in basements that are just completely freaky… but other than that I’m fine! I think it’s normal for people to be scared of the dark because they’re so used to the light, I don’t get why some people are ashamed of it! Everyone has fears!

ooh yeah. I hate when people change their layouts in the middle of a review. It’s just like re-writing over half of the review ! it angers me, lol

yay! thats good !

yeah, you can just go around and talk to everyone and give anyone hugs without the other person getting suspicious or mad or anything!

i know, but I like blogging :P this is like the only place where I can let everything out cause no one really knows me, i know it sounds stupid cause its the internet and well yeah. Everyone will eventually hear about it somehow… and WHOOT my site coems up on google LOL i need add those meta tags thingys :P

me either, although I love playing the sport basketball and running during it. I guess cause it’s fun and all and when you exercise you get bored. well for me…

ahah, yesterday i was watching suite life on deck (LOL) and London copied Abraham Lincolns speech LOL ;)

TAP TAP IS THE BEST GAME OF LIFE! as well as paper toss! and that game where you have to like pop the bubbles ahah, thats fun but pointless!

ITOUCHHH! (: good choice LOL! yeah don’t name it…. LOL omg that must look weird, tehe. ragdoll? haven’t heard of that :O guess cause i dont have an itouch lool!

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind? oui! LOL i told you before,… want to know again?? :D
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer? oui! (im in a french mood) uuhhhm, i dunno i like a lot of games :D
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey? nope
* What time do you usually sleep? 10-10:30 :D weekends…waaay later than that LOL

OMG I don’t know why but I can’t seem to open your site; I keep getting an error. I hope it’s temporary, blahhhh. :(

I think we’ve probably talked about the same thing a lot so you think you’ve returned my comment. XD

No problem!

Oh suck! They haven’t been invited to parties? Hahaha. Shame.

Owww, that staple in your eye would have hurt like hell. At least it didn’t happen haha.

We don’t have basements here. They’re quite rare. My house doesn’t have one. But I can imagine it would be freaky.

It is! You only write a few paragraphs about the layout but you spent your time writing it. Far out. :P I always try to do a review in one sitting but that isn’t always possible.

I love blogging as well. I have those meta tag things and they’re pretty accurate. You type in my name and search, and my site/s come up. I don’t mind though – I don’t really give too much away.

Exercise can get boring! I don’t really like basketball though.

LOL I haven’t heard of Suite Life on Deck…? :P

PAPER TOSS! I have that! I have it! LOL!

I also have the popping bubbles game; man you can read my mind! :P

You sure know about all these games without having an iPod touch though!

I sleep late pretty much every day… aaaah! D:

I have an ipod touch. I think its 16 GB. I love it, i store only movies on it.

I have not checked out any games yet for my ipod, but i love playing world of warcraft on PC.

No sorry. Im 21, but i don’t attend UNI at the moment. And i live in Victoria.

I sleep any time i feel tired. That could be 8am, 8pm, or in between.

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
iPod Nano.
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
Uhh I don’t know. :P
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
I dunn know. :P
* What time do you usually sleep?
Around 10:30-11pm.

Oooh! I am so jealous of you and your iPod touch. :P I want one so badly. The games are amazing!! One our 3 day school field trip (just last week) there were people in front of me with an iPod Touch and the games look so entertaining. XD

Hahah yeahhh. :) I normally dress up and go out that night with a group of friends. :D It’s actually a lot of fun. This year we are being superheros!!

Well I have internet on my phone but all I do is check Twitter on it and it’s really not all the great but at least it’s something. ;)

LOL. I don’t know why but when I am happy I talk super duper fast, especially on the phone. LOL. My friends say that… :P

Ahhhhh!! I loooove skiing!! It’s amazing! Once I threw up while skiing once though. :/

I knoww!!! I hate forgetting!! Like I always is the story of my life. >.<

Aww she commented you? LOL. She never commented me. The last time she commented me was in like May. XD I seriously have just had some fun and left her random comments! LMAO. I know! She really should tweet. (:

Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
-Yes, I own an iPod Nano. It’s silverish-whiteish… I don’t know what the generation is! o.o Haha.

Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
-I like Klondike Solitaire. It’s on my iPod and was whenever I first got it. So, I’m guessing it’s just built in?

Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
Nope. I’m a Texan from the United States. Sorry. o.o

What time do you usually sleep?
-Depends on how tired I am. /huh

Hmm… Cody has gotten worse since he began school–cussing, anger issues, attitude–My mom’s thinking of military school or boot camp. She can’t take it anymore. He’s all /pow 💥 /argh 🤬 /bash /angry to her, me, our five year old sister and our six year old brother. He just doesn’t care. My stepfather/Cody’s dad doesn’t know what to do. So… He does nothing.

Thank you!! I think it looks cute, but just that. Not good or anything.. o.o I made two robots minus the shading. I’m still working on the shading. I think I am going to use MS Paint for practicing/making them instead of PhotoFiltre, because it is a little difficult to color just one pixel in the program.

I love MyYearbook! I donate to charities with it. I don’t sign on much anymore, though, because they brought that “BlindDate” thing to it, and I get 100 messages a day. So I keep replying with “Sorry, I just did it for the L$ so that I can give to the charities…” They don’t seem to believe me. One guy did, though, and said that he did it for the same reason. He just thought it would be the principle of the thing to do.. If that made sense? Blahh. Getting off track.

I don’t use instant messaging programs much anymore. I need a new laptop first. Otherwise, this one will just freeze up on me and freak out all over again. :/

Ohh… I was just wondering. :] Mine did, but I still talked to a guy 3 years older than I… I’ll probably blog about that sometime in the near future or so. I don’t know yet. Haha.

HELLO GEORGINA. I’m back, as promised. xD Finally!

Ugh, I’m so sorry that I haven’t been doing my judging job so well. =/ I promise I’ll get it done by the weekend, like you asked! It’s true, I’ve been soooo busy. =/ I think I’m managing though now!

Heh, I have that Monkey Shaker application too! What’s your high score? Mine isn’t that great; it’s something under 77… it doesn’t even show up on the top three high scores that the game displays. :P Felix and Jimmy hold those scores on my iPod.

Haha, congratulations on finishing that game. :P The only game I can think of that I’ve ever finished is a Kim Possible game I have for Game Boy Advance. Oh wait, I also finished a Star Wars Episode III video game on my GBA, and like one kiddie game that I used to play when I went to help my mom at work in elementary school. :P

Congratulations on getting Woodnotes back up too!

Oh fun, group work. >.> I have a big group project due Friday, but as far as I know it’s pretty much done. :)

Aww, that blog wasn’t as boring as you think! I shall answer the questions anyway though.

Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
I own an iPod Touch. :)

Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
I love the game Wurdle on my iPod. It’s the only paid app I downloaded, and it was more than worth it. :D

Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
Nope. =/ I wish!

What time do you usually sleep?
Usually sometime between 10:30 and 11:30-12. I usually have my homework done before then, but I like to have some “me time” before I sleep, so I sacrifice a bit of sleep for that, and put up with being kind of tired the next day at school. It’s usually worth it. :D

Yay for all the Apps. I definitely LOVE tap tap. I don’t play it very much. I play Vampires.. or whatever its called. Haha, I just want to reach level 100 or something O.o

I use Tweetie for Twitter apps. But I had to pay for it.. because I hadn’t realized there were FREE ones out there. >.< Stupid me.

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
Itouch (:
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
Taptap. Ooo, on the computer. There's this white bunny game.. it's like on But you could look up white bunny game on google. And it's like you have to make the bunny hop on bells and it gets difficult as you go up. But it's SO ADDICTING. My friends and I used to play it at school all the time and tried to beat each other scores. But they blocked it this year O.o I wish they hadn't, I loved that game. Now, I'm stuck with stupid solitaire or minesweeper.
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
Sadly nopes, I'm not that old yet xP
* What time do you usually sleep?
11-12-1… around there. I SHOULD sleep early, and on good days I sleep 10-11. But I always find something that takes up my time and well yeah. Not good for me, I know.

Everyone knows MLK's I have a Dream. (: It's quite famous, it would be sad if someone hadn't heard of it at all.

On your comment about it being against the law to be racist…. I didn't mention this in the blog because it would be like rewriting the letter from Birmingham Jail and that would .. be long.But MLK was like… a just law would be one that abides by God's laws, moral laws. While unjust laws go against. In more depth, just laws uplift the human personality wheres unjust laws do not. And I completely agree with that. MLK knows how to put things into words, when I can't Haha. I'm not sure if it's against the law.. but there should be a law that says it's against the law to be racist.. because that uplifts human personaliy and abides by God's laws.

I dislike close-minded people in general. I completely agree with you, it's fine that you're not interested about my culture but to completely shun me based on the fact I'm Asian. Well, that's just awful.

I have no idea, there's still speculation about that, people are people wherever you go, as my teacher used to say.

Speaking of giants… and dreams. The other night.. I had this dream about giant spiders. I was just walking around with my mom and I kept screaming every five seconds because these giant spiders were making spider webs on the sides of me and were standing where I was about to step. Giant as in foot long.. which I think is abnormal for any spider.. I mean A FOOT. and they were HUGE. and I have this giant phobia for spiders.. so I was like.. HELP ME the entire time.

Ooo, yeah, do you not have screens on the phones in Australia? We upgraded a few years ago, because we don't like having to answer to telemarketers. Haha, instead, I answer them and am like HELLO? Oh, sorry you have the wrong number, bye. Haha. My cousin's friend likes to play tricks on telemarketers. Once, when one called, he pretended to be his mom.. but spoke in a deep voice. So he was like "Hello?" (deep voice) and the guy was like this is her? HER? hahaha. Wonderful.

Tasers. People could still… yeah, well I think being a police person is scary.

… I’m really sleepy right now so I’m just going to answer your questions. Sorry :(

1. Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
I have an iPod Nano, I believe it’s second gen. It’s the thick one, the first gen to show album covers AND to be in color, if I’m correct. The newer gens are much nicer, though, slimmer in form. Royce has one :D

2. Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
Not on my iPod, and on the computer… Neopets? Does that count? It nevers ends, though…

3. Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
Well, I’m 21 so I qualify in age, but I live in California, so I fail in location X3

4. What time do you usually sleep?
Eeeeeh… it depends. I usually drag it out to midnight but if I have school the next day, or work early, I try to get to bed earlier to get at least 7 hours of sleep.

The study sounds kind of cool. I’m excited for next semester when I get to do experiments on people. :)

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind? I have an iPod video from like 2006.
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer? I like solitaire. I’m basic like that.
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey? Wrong country.
* What time do you usually sleep? Usually around midnight to 6. Not as much as I’d like.

Huhu, I like the ipod too /bounce
Get the full zombie game /eee /eee /eee

Ooh, I can do the survey :P sounds pretty boring though 🤬 man your assignments are so much easier /bash /bash

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
ipod classic, it’s bigass /bounce
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
If there’s one game, it’s got to be Fable on PC. I don’t know why, but i love it so much. it’s so cheesy and unrealistic, but at the same time it immerses you very well
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
yeah /rose
* What time do you usually sleep?
Between 10:30 and midnight. It’s when I feel the need, the need for sleeg


Oh yeah, remind me! :D I’ll get it later. I’m a bit lazy now. I thought you wanted that other car game or whatever it was that was cool. :P

I bet you the survey wasn’t that boring. ;)

Your iPod is really fat. I didn’t expect that. /um /hehe

Reminds me of the days I played Diablo and Dungeon Siege. :P


Oh, CONGRATS, on getting the job. Have fun, earn lots of moneys, and work hard. xxx I hope you enjoy you’re time working there and it opens new doors for you.

Eeeek I know! I was just at the doctor’s office yesterday and they didn’t mention it. I had a regular flu shot a couple of weeks though which is good haha.

Hehe I love WordPress too. It still confuses me on a daily basis with something new but I’m getting there lol. I still love it despite its confusing nature. I hadn’t been on my site in awhile so WordPress needed an updgrade and so I went to do it last name. I messed something up and ended up deleting my entire WordPress folder, putting the new one in, and then replaced the wp-content folder with my old one lmao. Well, not the whole folder. Just the stuff I needed like my smilies, themes, plugins, etc.

It worked though lmao. It took a couple of hours hahaha.

OH MY GOD. My mom straight FLIPS out when she can’t find the remote. If it’s not on the arm of the couch she calls me out there and makes me look for it. Sometimes it is right next to her. Bitch. lmaoo.

Bahhh germs aha. I saw this special on TV again and I was like “TIME TO WASH EVERYTHING”. Hahah.

Haha aww that’s cute. I hate cats that have this really fluffy but messy and oddly-textured fur. I can’t stand touching them lol. My cats both have nice, smooth fur. I have no idea how I got to the subject of cat fur LMAO.

Hahah yours looks better than mine hahaa.
OKAY, I googled it. It is pekingese. You were right lol. I HAD no idea there was a g in there so I think in reality I’m pronouncing it wrong hhaha. I was wrong though. The dog I actually want is a Pomeranian. SO CUTE. Hehe and fluffly. I found a picture lol.


* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
i have a green iPod nano.

* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
the only game i’ve bought is called “Phase” which is kinda like Guitar Hero or something. i think it is my favorite on my iPod.

* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?

* What time do you usually sleep?
i usually go to sleep by 12:30am. except, last night i went to sleep a little later than 1am. not good. :P

I can’t remember if I’ve commented on this entry or not. :D

It sounds like your iPod Touch doesn’t leave your sight, lol. My friend is the same way with her phone. She freaks if she looses it, but she has the same apps you do. I like the flashlight one, it’s cool haha.

Yay for finishing a review! I’ll go check it out. And iTunes suck that they expect you to make an account, I mean WTF is that all about?

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
No. Is Poor :(

* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
The Sims, and Bubble Wrap on my friend’s phone
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
Probably not lol. I wouldn’t know where to start!
* What time do you usually sleep?
Around 1.30 am…I should go to bed about 12 but that’s too early and I’d get up at least 4 or 5 times a night. Sometimes I don’t go to bed until 3…yes, lazy me.

I love The Sound of Settling. I heard that it’s worth the $0.99 to buy Tap Tap 3. (:

Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
iTouch 2nd generation. It’s my baby.

Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
For the iTouch I enjoy Pocket God, Tap Tap, and Diner Dash. For the PC I like the Sims 3.

Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
Not in the least bit.

What time do you usually sleep?
11:00-12:00 then I get up at like 4:30.

You’ve got a database error on your site so I guess I’ll have to respond to your comment on my blog instead. :)

$0.99 doesn’t sound like much at all; I bought the ragdoll game for $2.00 or so so it should be worth it!

LOL, I hope you don’t mean 4:30am – that’s so little sleep. I thought I got little sleeping from 1am to 6am. :P

Hey you, sorry I’ve been on hiatus! And hadn’t returned your comment. I feel so bad. Anyway, my dad said I could use his computer just until my laptop returns back to me. Heehee. Yeah my laptop is from Dell and it sucks. My dad is finally realizing that Dell is a piece of crap. My dad’s friends’ laptop broke on him the day before yesterday. So yeah. I do own an ipod and I don’t have any games on it because there’s not enough memory on it to hold 300 songs and games as well. I wanted to put movies on there, but my friend said don’t because of the amount of space it’s going to take up. So I didn’t. I haven’t heard either of those games. Why did you get an itunes account when you have limewire? Is it because of the viruses? When I get my laptop back, I’m not downloading limewire anymore. So if I want japanese music or something like that I’ll just have to deal with it and what not. Besides I have over 100 cd’s that are american bands and soundtracks that can easily fill my ipod up. I have 99 songs on there already. I wanted to put more but by the time I was getting done, it was 10:00 p.m. and I needed my sleep. Oh and as far as my halloween costume goes, someone already ripped my idea off. I’m not dressing up anymore on halloween. I’ll carve a pumpkin and that’s it but other than that no more dressing up for me unless I’m going to a party (which is not likely to happen). Well; I think I better go this is the longest comment I’ve written so far. Haha.

I fail epically >_< thank you for keeping up my link!

One of my friends just got Tap Tap Revenge 3, it's pretty good :) wait, that might just be because I stole it to play the 6 No Doubt songs she bought to play on it :D :D

I have an iPod nano, but not a touch. I never really wanted to get one, I'm fine with my 8GB who I named Adrian ^_^

I usually go to sleep maybe between 10 and 11, but lately it's gotten a bit later, maybe because I'm never satisfied with my homework and I have to stay up as I'm such a perfectionist, haha! It's just after 10:30pm here now, and I just finished part of an English essay, so after this comment I think I'll quit, I'm kind of tired :)

o.O Somehow, I can’t believe you ever typing like that. LOL I can’t even find the time to find all the letters much less, even read it. My friend would do that though; she would go crazy with the I’s, L’s, and 0’s. xD I especially hate it when people just go on and on and on; they make a paragraph an entire sentence. INDENT PEOPLE.

Aha, I know it’s been awhile for me too actually… I remember when I was little I used to hate getting clothes; now I wish I get them more often. I usually get at least one thing I want; everything else (in my opinion) is pretty much junk. 😒 I wish I got money. :(

LOL nice. What are you daily unique visitors anyways?

Hey, it was an accident! xD Yeah, try digging that out… it was pretty easy to spot since it’s shiny but still weird. Hmm… well have you ever vacuumed up jewelry? On occasion I can vacuum up a pair of earrings and never even realize it.

Haha my high school has wireless internet too but, it’s blocked. >> I cracked the code one time but assholes changed the bloody password the next day. ): It doesn’t help that my iTouch doesn’t even want to connect to it.

Most of the presentations I’ve had have been below a minute. xD It’s kind of a relief but you still get nervous whenever you’re in front of the classroom (well, I do anyways). Too bad I’ll never get to find out. Dx I think colleges also have Homecoming dances but I dunno… they sound interesting but, they look kind of dumb.

LOL I hate when that happens! It’s like, you gotta go but you’re either too lazy or too comfortable to get up.

Aha, the only reason I remember some of the stuff I signed up for is because they keep spamming my Hotmail account. x) I can’t be bothered to manually go to the website to cancel it. Yeah, I don’t regret Twitter either though in the beginning, I originally thought it was kind of stupid (I think everyone did though)…

Ugh, I know. It’s the same with me and music; I mostly listen to “underground” music meaning, pretty much nobody listens to it. Well, once they start playing on the radio, everyone and their grandmother insists that they’ve been a fan for a long time. It’s like, the hell? Last week you didn’t even know them and now they’re the biggest thing since sliced bread? o.O

LOL why would you name your iTouch?! Though, I wouldn’t mind giving mine a name… Too bad I can’t think of one.

Most of my apps are just random thingamabobs; I don’t even play games on the thing. I like this one app that let’s you text (as long as you have Wi-Fi); it’s a relief for me since I don’t have a cell phone plus, it’s unlimited texting. ;)

Ragdoll Masters for the PC sounds… fun. I’d like to beat up another ragdoll. XD I’m not a university student so, can’t help you there. ):

1. Yesh; iTouch. :D
2. Uhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m just going to go with The Sims.
3. I doubt it because I’m still in high school and I’m only 17. xD
4. Hmm… good question. Usually around 10-ish on a school day and anywhere from 2-4AM on a weekend.

I’m so jealous of your iPod touch!!! It looks so nice. Lucky girl, you. 👏

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind? I own a Classic iPod from 2007. ;)
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer? I don’t have a favorite game… I actually don’t play games…
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey? I wish! I love surveys. :P
* What time do you usually sleep? Er, I try to turn my computer off by 9 pm* (I know early – but it gives me mind to slow down, do some meditation, and prepare myself for sleep) and be in my bedroom with the lights dimmed. I then read, do yoga, or just relax for a few hours and *try* to get my lights off by 12 am. It’s not uncommon for me to not get to sleep until 4 though. Insomnia, gotta love it right?

* On the nights that I’m getting a lot of writing done and feeling inspired, I’ll make an exception. Sometimes I’ll write until 2.

Anyhow, in response to your comment, thank you! I feel like a lot of people aren’t as understanding about my spastic blogging schedule. You’re very kind.

Not a fan of coffee?! What about mochas or blended coffee drinks? Ah. I guess it’s a good thing you don’t like it, it’s a deadly addiction. /bounce

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
Yep, iPod nano gen. 3! :P It’s really old and is going bonkers, honestly. You’re so lucky you have an iPod touch!! I don’t know how many times I’ve said that! XD It sounds so fun! :)

* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
Tap Tap is an awesome game! But I always have to snag my friend’s iPod touches in order to play… XD

* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
I definitely don’t qualify! D: I’m not 18 yet. ;]

* What time do you usually sleep?
I go to bed at 10:45 -ish but I think I sleep at around… 11:15?

I’m excited to see the winner’s works and all! /eee

Haha I don’t name my stuff, it just gets weird? I prefer to address things as the way they are, kind of like a phone not Josie LOL.

I so envy you LOL, I saw the picture of it on your last blog, it looked cool! If I ever get an ipod the second thing I’d do is twitter apps XD, how cool is it to tweet from your ipod huh? Kind of like anywhere and time (H) ! LOL sometimes I really get obsessed with games and spend hours on one game till my parents tell me to go to sleep, I mostly play on play station 2, I still lov the games, i don’t want to get psp, If I ever get it it will be just for songs and such, but not for games since well i like games on a big screen , to feel like I’m in it, did that just make sense? I’m glad you opened woodnotes /eee .

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind? No /wah
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?—-
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey? I’m not 18-25 nor am I in university, and I don’t live in Australia XD
* What time do you usually sleep? 1 or 2 am sometimes 10 pm

Can’t wait to see who won. I didn’t really enter much but it will still be cool to see who gets the domains.

That’s so cool you named your laptop. I named my brain once although that’s a little bit wierder than naming electrical devices. It would be cool if you named your ipod though.

Haha Monkey Shaker sounds great!

Good on you for finishing the game :) What happened at the end of it?

Nah, this is an interesting blog! They always are!

Yay for woodnotes!

Wow, you’re up late… sorta…

1. Nope, but they sound so cool!
2. I don’t really play games often… I’m far too busy for them. i probably should start to though so long as I don’t get addicted.
3. I’m not 18 yet :(
4. between 9-10pm. 8pm if I’m really tired but that usually doesn’t happen.


Yeah it was great fun :) Haha yup, I looked really wierd!

The nachos were great. I never knew my teacher was such a good cook!

That’s true. I won’t keep it. It seems like a waste of space.

I don’t have many quiet friends either. Maybe three at the most?

It’s OK for you to be addicted though ‘cos you’re so good at what you do and you’re doing a course with computers.

I know! I did pretty well :)

Yay Woodnotes is up and running again!

It’s good that people in your university are all mature and dedicated. Here, it feels like I’m back in high school again. *sigh*

Yeah, that girl was totally freaking eveybody out. She dressed like a slut and when she was delivering her presentation, everyone could tell that her contents were absolutely rubbish. We had no idea what she was talking about.

I’ve been busy with my own research as well. I only have 2 weeks to finish it and I’ve barely done anything yet. /bash

Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind? = sadly, no.

Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer? = I love playing Gamehouse’s Magic Vines. I don’t know why. Before that I was addicted to Super Pop & Drop. I almost reached Level 7,000 when the God-forsaken ‘Trial’ label popped up and I couldn’t play the game anymore. Urghhh!

Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey? = I don’t know. But it’s worth trying, eh?

What time do you usually sleep? = 1AM.

OK, now you’ve made me envious! /ho You got an Ipod touch and I don’t. I really want one too…

Anyway, can’t wait to see who one the contest.

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind? – Ipod, 30gb video. I like it. But I want an Ipod touch.. /bounce

* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer? – Don’t ahve any on my Ipod, but my favorite computer game is The Sims.

* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey? – No

* What time do you usually sleep? – I go to bed around 3:30 am- 4am. I HAVE to watch atleast one episode of Married With.. Children.

That was definitely a joke, considering we’re always joking around and fighting. But he acted really well and I fell for it.

I don’t know why boys of my age are always trying to defeat girls in every way. It’s so immature. But yeah, they are nice.

Hey, I think I might name my iPod! :D I don’t have an iTunes account. :( There’s no iTunes store in my country.
Good luck with your group project! :)

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind? iPod nano.
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer? On my iPod, I love Klondike. And on the computer,The SIms 3
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey? No
* What time do you usually sleep? I go to sleep around 11 but I read books/listen to music so I sleep around 1 or 2 am.

YOU JUST HAD TO TALK ABOUT YOUR IPOD TOUCH, eh? Haha. You make me feel sad :P
OMG, TAPTAPREVENGE is awesome! Everytime, a person starts taking their ipod touch out….. there’s always going to be a person who asks them if they can play games on it :P
$370 is counted as cheap for 32gb. I’m still waiting until it goes down to $50, which is like NEVER :P By then, there will probably be flying ipods which can talk to you ==”
Yeah, good old Tamagotchis. There were so annoying though! I remember sleeping and waking up numerous times because my tamagotchi kept going off. Yeah, i was sad when it died too. Heh.

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
No, too poor to afford it ;)
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer?
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
No, sorry. Underage .
* What time do you usually sleep?
uh, 9:30 – 10:00? because I get tired. So call me a sleepyhead if you wish :P

Yeah I know! We have a couple of pedestrian crossings nearby so I’m constantly reminded of that guy :P

We got an assignment first day back and it’s like, Thanks Miss. /angry

Well they were all sorted and happy the next day. It wasn’t anything like drugs and stuff :P We’re too young but we’re not stupid enough to take that kind of stuff I guess.

Yeah, I tend to make up a lot of words up, like unelastic /hmph

Ugh I hate it when two of your best friends are like not talking to each other. I guess you avoid them both so you aren’t “siding”.

LOL really? I don’t even play half the games I own. In fact, I don’t even use my apps except for tap tap haha.

Yeah! Group assignments can be bad and good :D

Haha! First impressions count for a lot don’t they? :P Especially with teachers xD

Oooh I can’t wait to see who won! Good luck to all the participants :P

Everyone has free apps :P When I heard about it, I was like, OMG they’re free? And I downloaded them 🙄

Haha iPod is highly addictive, I recommend you don’t spend /too/ much time with it :P

Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind? The oldest iPod but I love it too bits because its unique :P
Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer? SIMS 3 omgsh! I love that game haha but its probably the only computer game I own.
Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey? No..I’m way too young but I do live in NSW :P
What time do you usually sleep? 10:30-11PM yeah, I should sleep earlier D;

XD LOL! My daddy is buying me my iTouch it’s my christmas present from him (H) (Y) /ho don’t know what else i’m getting but i’m not really to bothered , probably just clothes from my mommy :D. Haha! yep I still occassionally call my folks mommy and daddy 😳. Aww thankyou. :D Well it’s 8:30am to 1:30pm with half an hour lunch or I could just skip lunch ;) lol 👏 So it’s great for a first time job :P. Thankyou! and just maybe it might mean I won’t have to worry about having another domain after a year, as I’d like to be able to keep problematique and renew it after a year.

Yay congrats on your IPOD touch! I have one too :) I really like the TweetDeck twitter application. Also I love Tap Tap and I love Death Cab for Cutie (One of my favorite bands!) so I was so excited that they had a song in the game :) I also have a WordPress app, but I feel limited while using it, I have a Mahjong game, (I get the free games too!), iheartradio, Scramble, Twisty Lite, Toobz-Free, Mr. Aah Lite… These are just some of my favorites! lol.

Also I’m sorry but I think I just don’t qualify for your project, but good luck on it! It’s sounds fun.

It’s also 8:19 on a Friday morning but I am completely tired because I didn’t go to bed last night until 1:23am :( But I usually feel happy going to bed around 10:00pm. Also, good luck on sorting out the contest winners :) I’m sure a lot of people are excited for that!

Nah. :D I’m generally impatient, LOL. XD

Yeah, I’m sure. I’m one of those people, haha! :)
Yes, I understand; we celebrate Diwali for almost a week, that’s all. :D

Oh! I think he’s back to his normal state again; but his snappiness irks me however. :|

Yes, totally crazy! And I realize it was stupid of me to think of people craving assignments! /bash

Oh, seems like you’re really in love with your iPod touch! I’m glad, LOL. :D

Monkey Shaker? Sounds fun! :D

Oh, you finished the game? That’s cool, really cool. I’ve never finished any game….I’m too 💥. ✌️

Yay! Woodnotes! I guess the moving around and restoring process with the files would have felt like hell. /oh

1. Nah. They say I’m too young to own an iPod/iTouch. Hmph. :X
2. No…I don’t play much games on my PC.
3. No! I’m underage, LOL!
4. 10 PM – 7AM! Sounds like heaven?

Yay, winners will be announced! I already gave in my rankings and such and I’m sorry for replying late! I haven’t really been on in a while. I was on the computer yesterday but I was being distracted by heaps of friends *cough*Xiao, Katherine, Lianne, Josh and Viet *cough*. I couldn’t even look at what was on my browser for a single second.

Fin the laptop :) I’ve always wondered why the song (*Fin) is spelled like that. I wonder why it isn’t just Fin. I need to research.
As for your iPod’s name…hmmm…maybe you could choose something from another song (I don’t know…Audrey or Christa, perhaps?) I don’t think it suits, though.

LOL. I seriously suck at Tap Tap. I’m good for about 5 seconds and then I get crazy and tap anywhere /bash But it is a pretty awesome app! Most of my friends have it.

Twitter on iPod Touch. Awesome. Which app do you use most?

I think I remember Gillian’s blog about her recommended apps! Is it seriously that amusing? If it is, I’ll tell all my friends!

So many apps! Shooting ragdolls sounds addicting. Maybe I should consider that app if I ever get an iPod touch. My friend has this app where you have to throw paper into an office bin – I can’t believe that I actually enjoyed it. I forgot what it was called though.

I know how you feel.
I don’t like having my comments everywhere. Some in this blog and some in that. I’m glad I finally got to return your comment!

Good luck with your uni work! Nobody online now (on MSN) is even above 16. I was planning to try to promote your survey thing. I failed though. Sorry! I hope it gets done soon.

Yay! WN is back :)

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind? iPod nano. I forgot which generation but I know that it’s orange and it’s got 8gb space.

* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer? Well, I only have the default games on my iPod and they bore me. I used to play heaps of online games before though: like Maple Story, Runescape, Ragnarok, Rose, Warcraft and other stuff.

* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey? I’m 12 D: For question 7a, I’d probably tick most of the boxes (or all).

* What time do you usually sleep? It depends. I sleep late on Fridays, Saturdays and sometimes Sundays – usually around 11pm-3am. Every other day I try to sleep before 11.

You think you replied late? It took me a week, I think!

Yeah. I’ll be all grown up next year – eww. That means socializing – with the other gender XD. Actually, I dislike socializing with anyone. It’s fun and all but I’m too lazy. It’s okay if your social life is online though. Then you don’t have to worry about much.

I lost count of the movies I watched.There were heaps of good ones but I can’t even remember their names because there were too many. Tonight (or tomorning if that makes any sense) I will watch the Nutty Professor series.

Sexy Bitch.
Stuff whoever wrote that song. I wonder why so many people like that. And in class, people were listening to that new Guy Sebastian song. His old songs were alright but I just don’t understand his new one. I forgot what it’s called again – Like it like that or something.

Take care! I’m so damn sleepy but I want to return more comments!

* Do you own an iPod/iPhone and what kind?
Nope. I used to own the iPod 80 GB classic but then I sold it. Haha.
* Have you a favourite game on your iPod/iPhone, or on the computer? —
* Would you possibly qualify for my group’s survey?
Nope, sorry, since i’m from the Philippines :)
* What time do you usually sleep?
Depends. Lately i’ve been sleeping around 1 or 2 am. -_- Messed up body clock!

The only reason why I would love to own an iPod touch is coz of the cool apps that are available for it. I’m not a huge fan of touch screens but seeing the interesting apps they have to offer, it makes me want to buy my own, too! Haha. But nooo I have to start saving already : Ack.