Dancing In The Moonlight

I haven’t yet emailed the winners of the drawing section of the domain competition, but I will after this. Here are the winners and their drawings:
First place: Jess: one of my flower photos
Second place: Kyana: my bracelet photo
Third place: Kelsey: combining a flower photo and the Sydney Opera House

The winners of the random drawing are Sarah and Katelyn.

I’ve just been so busy so this blog is going to be a bit all over the place and I haven’t had the chance to reply to a lot of emails, except those from my university friends regarding our assignments. We have our Social Networking Survey completed. It is open to university students in NSW, Australia, only, sorry. :( It needed to suit our research as much as possible!

Do you guys recall that I applied for another job? Well, I got that job. :D It took a while to get things sorted out but I start in two weeks from now. I will be working on my free weekdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will be pretty busy squeezing that in with my current job.

I am also thinking of going back to ballet. I was going to this week, but that didn’t happen because I was too busy. I might go back next week. The reason I am going back is to finish my final grade and then start my teaching year. I am entitled to teach after my final grade, but only under supervision of a fully qualified teacher. :)

I stopped ballet about two years ago because the HSC got in the way, along with school in general. I’m a bit freaked out at going back, but I have to go back soon, because the exams are at the end of the year.

I can’t believe how much I’ve missed ballet. It takes so much dedication, so much, that shortly before I quit, I thought I was quitting for good. I felt so touched when my teacher called me up, about a year later, and told me I should come back because I’ve gone so far. 😢

Anyway, this new job I received; it’s only going to be until February. I’ll be helping make an educational product through data entry and graphics design. I can’t wait. It does take an hour to get there though; that’s the only problem. /um

I don’t even remember what I was going to say next, but I feel excited, for some reason. /bounce

The end of the year is coming. It’s pretty nerve wracking. University does finish soon though. It’s kind of scary that my first year will be over and done with. I don’t know what I was thinking with my degree. I wanted to do another degree at the same time, but that is crazy.

I think I’ll stick with the one. I’ll only be 20 years old when I graduate. I don’t know if I should look for a job straight away, or keep studying…

Sometimes, the future seems so near.

I got a proper Gmail account for my name. About time; the last ones I had were nicknames like jhorjiiporjii and retrojazzmo. If you want, you can now email me at georgina.luhur (at) gmail.com. Preferably for important things – but I do check my other emails daily. :)

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Woohoo, first comment? Yay!
LOL, I just gave you a comment in your last blog! :)

Yay for finally getting a Gmail XD I <3 Gmail.

And I'm glad you're happy with the job! And you're only going to be 20 when you graduate!?! Dude, I'd continue onto a master if I were you, but sometimes getting some real work experience for a couple years would be nice and then go back to school. :)

Goshhhh reading this makes me realise that I really do miss school. O_O;; I really should look into doing a graduate programme or something.

I had old accounts ages ago but they were so cheesy. :P

Thank you! Yeah, I’m not too sure. The postgraduate degrees look intimidating at the moment and I can’t really see anything totally appealing. Who knows, a bachelor might be enough for me? 💀

I’m not there yet, but I already miss high school a little. :( You should look into it if you know what you might like to do. Like most things it’s a bid decision in life. 8D

Yay! Congrats to all the winners =)

You HAVE been rather busy of late =O And now you’re going to get busier, now that you have a new JOB! =O CONGRATULATIONS! /bounce I’m so happy for you =D ♥ [and also majorly proud]. But yeah, that is SO cool…^^…Although sucks about the 1 hour travelling. Hahaha! If you lived near me, you could catch a bus for only half an hour to forty minutes xD LOL…

YOU MUST VISIT ME! OR I MUST VISIT YOU! ^^ *dances* Hehehe…Good luck with the job ^^ It’s sounds pretty exciting anyways.

Omg…Ballet as WELL. Yep. You’re definitely going to be one busy, busy girl…^^…But yeah…Ballet is AWESOME. I wish I did ballet *sigh*. HAHAHA! YOU CAN TOTALLY TEACH MY CHILDREN WHEN I HAVE CHILDREN! Hehe…Don’t worry though, I think you’ll be fine once you go back and get used to it again ^^…

I did your networking survey! =D It was a really good survey. I’m still wondering who did your survey who does my course…=S Who is doing Applied Finance like me? =S Ughhhh…

Oh wellz, who cares, they did your survey ^^

I CAN’T BELIEVE THE YEAR IS ALMOST OVER FOR US! We’re almost second year uni students =O It’s scary! But to be honest, I’m looking forward to the break. I need one! *sniff*. I’m so tired!

Whoa…I’ll graduate when I’m 22 and people think THAT’s young. You’ll be younger than I will when you graduate. Hahaha. Woot! We’re young…^^…Maybe you should go travelling or do something fun for a while rather than just study or work straight after you degree. It could be your gap year…^^…

I want to travel ^^ But I think I’ll probably just get a job after I finish my degree =/

I agree! Some parts of the future DO seem so near…EEP. I mean I got summoned for JURY DUTY this year =O

But other parts are still thankfully far away ^^

I don’t know why but I was just reading your comment, right, and I was looking at the ^^ face you made, and I kept seeing that emoticon on MSN that floats. XD

Hahaha damn you! Yeah, my bus goes around to Epping and… I don’t know why it takes so long. For a drive, it only takes thirty minutes. :S Buses are full of suck.

I think most of the working will be in the holidays though, so I don’t know if I’ll get to see you. :O

I didn’t think the other groups made very nice surveys… but right now, I have 39 responses. Thirty nine. D: They have been coming in my inbox all day, since I sent out a mass email to everyone in my course.

And not only in my course, but in the entire Communications faculty (that are in first year and do the common subject Ideas In History, anyway).

OH great idea! I should teach your children and they’ll be such wonderful dancers! /eee

We all are… I am also looking forward to the break. The more I think about it, the more I realise I should be worrying right now. And I’m not, so that gives me all the more reason to worry…

Oh what fun! But I don’t want to go alone. O_O Who can I go with travelling? But when I think of it, I can get a nice stable job until I’m 25 and it’ll be good, maybe. 8D

Hahaha jury duty! I want to have a go, actually. Someone summon me. (That sounds like a Yu-Gi-Oh move or something…)

Oh thankyou. :) My site is a complete mess at the moment. I made the header and got tired, so ready for bed. Will finish tomoro. Ill also read you’re new blog tomoro. I have had a big day. Had to wait at Brisbane air port for 5 hours, came in from Gladstone QLD early. Long story, very tired x x x

Wow congrats to the winners! Thanks for the advice, yeah I’m really hoping that her mom is going so that I won’t have to drive. Oh speaking of driving, my window’s belt or whatever broke, my dad took it apart last night and found out that the wire has been chewed up so now I have no passenger side window. Ah well, I didn’t know you had taken ballet before. That’s awesome! I’ve always thought about it but I was to busy with girl scouts and plays and being in choir that I just never got around to it. Hmmm your first year is almost over? Wow where did the time fly? My dad wants me to think about before applying to mtsac for the spring year. I have this history of getting a class, not liking it, paying for it, and getting the books and than dropping it. But like my grandmother said if it’s meant to be it will fall in place. And right now, my BBFL and I are going to Disneyland so that’s gonna eat up a lot of money + insurance money that I have to pay like $37.50. Which isn’t bad mind you, but still. The Disneyland tickets I get from my bank are $65.00 instead of the original price so when my bbfl gets her check we’re heading down to my bank and what not. Yeah I agree burning and transferring all of the music can be a headache in the making. But in the end it’s really worth it. I guess for some people who has less than 32gb like me. Anyway, take care.

you’re welcome. ok, cool! haha. it’s ok.

:love: ♥ gmail. Mine is JessRocks783@gmail.com if you ever want/need it. Wow, it sounds like your life is slowly smoothing out…

Graduating at 20 would be wickedly cool. I wish I had never dropped out of High school, so I would be done with college right now. :( And you’re going to teach…that’s awesome. Not sure if I ever had the patience to be a teacher.

Congratulations to the winners. I completely got sidetracked working on perfecting my site and forgot about the contest, haha. Oh well maybe next year? XD

Ballet huh? I took ballet classes when I was twelve and loved it. I just wish my parents had the money to keep our lessons going. We got our flats and tights and had to stop :( I was disappointed. I think going back to take ballet lessons is a great idea, if you have the time!

Congratulations to the winners of the drawing, they were all great entries. ^^ If I was Kyana I’d be annoyed ’cause I’d’ve got 2nd place twice. So close to winning! XD

I knew you’d get that job. ;) /bounce Hope you have a good time with it, it seems to be pretty interesting. :)
Ahhh, you mentioned ballet in your comment. I think you should go back if you can, your teacher is right, you’ve come so far!!

Although school/ uni does have to come first. Sometimes that annoys the hell outta me but that’s how it’s gotta roll.
An hour eh? Like my bus journey every day. WE WILL SUFFER TOGETHER. But really an hour isn’t so long really, but for a journey it’s pretty crap. T_T

I told you it would finish soon. :P
Yeah. Thinking of the future in two or three years makes it seem like it’s just around the corner. Last year I was imagining being Year 8. Not as bad as I had imagined, LMAO.

I feel bad for not returning your comment straight away because I read your blog and everything, plus you left it at 1am in the morning. /wah /bash

Chores are so sucky, but we need to do them as to not incur the wrath of thy Godly Parents…

I think I’m back on track with comments. :) A few sites are still down from AP’s server problem, and there are one or two when I saw blogs that were 5000 words long and I thought “LATER” and then forgot. Bugger. :X

Your comments are cool though, I like returning yours. ^^
This lappytop is from 2002. XD Nowhere near as hip as Fin. ;D

Yeah… and I wasn’t on MSN this morning ‘cuz I was dragged to London. Oh well, wasn’t that bad really. Just TIRING.
I used to start diaries and be all like “I WILL STICK TO DOING THIS” but I never did. XD I didn’t really use notebooks much a few years ago; recently they’ve played a big part in my life. :)

Hey, that’s pretty clever stuff. :D And yeah, plans to change, rules to be broken…
Awwwwhs, I hope I’m a good energy channeller person?
LOL. (Y)

Speaking of bladders, my mum is so amazed that I haven’t gone to the loo all day. I didn’t even o in the morning. XD
Almost fainted? :O That’s pretty… epic. Your principal so should have just let you go to the toilet.

I see. XD I guess being stuck in a class with that knowledge is pretty crappy. Yar.
Your lecturer person does sound like an arrogant turd, wheeeee. ✌️ /poo

LOL, no one told me that at our primary school. There would be a small riot if people found out they didn’t have to do things. XD Ahhh, for the days of youth… ♥ /bounce (Y) :’)

Eventually = better late then never. I love it when you put new content up, people swarm over it like bees around a honeypot. XD It amuses me. :D

Awwhs, just so long as you know that skipping was wrong and that it doesn’t become a habit it should be okay. Ryan isn’t that cross is he?

Oh my God, Georgina, you’re going to be sooo crazy busy now — A new job and ballet on top of everything else you do?! Wow, it’s gonna be intense … But at the same time, I know you’ll be able to handle it. You’re the master of time management! :D

Oh, wow, I feel like I’m always talking about how busy you are and how amazing it is that you stay on top of everything. 😰 That’s seriously all I ever say, LMAO. I guess it’s because I’m in awe of you sometimes, haha. /eee

Oh! And if you could pass along cleaning tips from James — Or, if you’re too busy, have him send ’em to me directly — That’d be awesome! I realised I only have about five tips in my head at the moment, which doesn’t really make for a very helpful page, rotfl. /hmph

Yeah, I’ve always used this resolution so I wouldn’t even know what the other ones are like. xD

Lmao that’s true. Discussing is more interesting that just going to Google for the answer. Pieces of shit is RIGHT. I want to see these ballet shoe kind though. :)

I know right?! I’m in the process of returning 40 comments right now. And I’m so exhausted LOL. My fingers actually hurt from typing. It was pretty stupid of me to post a new blog cause I refresh the page and there’s 10 more comments so I’m like……… O_O K TRUE. Lmao.

Yeah validation is always nice I guess even though it’s not mandatory.

Omg I know. The avast siren SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Once I went to this site and this thing popped up with a loud as hell siren and it went ” A TROJAN HAS BEEN FOUND, DO NOT PANIC” and I was like OMG WTF, how can you not panic after hearing an alarm like that?! Lmao.

HAHA so is James any good at monkey shaker?

Well, idk about which one is more professional, but I guess she’s entitled to her opinion.

That’s also true. Old people always try to be cool, but I hate it. xD I like it when old people stick to being all “old” and “wise” lmao.

Congrats on getting the other job as well! Dayum , you’re going to be so busy, I still find it hard to imagine how you keep up with the site LOL. I’m telling you, YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN. YUS.

Aweh that’s so cute that you’re going to start ballet again! :) Best of luck with it.

That’d be insane to do two degrees at the same time. :O But just remember, you are superwoman.. no lie.. lmao. Anything is possible. xD

Although, I hope you can reach all your university goals.

It’s scary to think about your future. Well, at least I think so. :P But I’m sure everything will work out for the best.

Hey hey :)

Yeah, I used to start crying earlier back then too… now I barely cry anymore.. I guess I just hold it inside and then just the smallest thing has to happen to make me cry.. or I’ll just write it off my chest and everything is fine again..

I guess we just kinda “grow out” of some friends. Our interests change and of course some of us change too and then you just can’t be friends with some people anymore..

I still find it really hard to tell my friends my secrets. I guess I just don’t trust them yet. We haven’t been through a hard situation yet and I don’t find it easy to trust people in generall. And I do blame a “friend” for that.. she just totally disappointed me a few years ago and that effected me and the way I react to certain people a lot! Like, I find it really hard to tell them things because I am afraid that they will tell it to someone else and stuff like that.. I just try to protect myself so I don’t get hurt.

YEP! Totally agree! Sometimes it’s just better to have a handfull of friends that you can trust and relay on than having tons of friends that will betray you within a second. Glad you have two amazing friends in Lilian and James :)

Hehe, thanks for you lil motivation thingy :) ♥ I am actually already doing pretty good this semester – I even surprised myself xD I have an average of 9,45 points (15 is the most you can get) and last semester I had like 6 points or something.. but I guess I do better because of the pressure I have right now..

I actually don’t think that it’s a good thing. I rather deal with it before I fall asleep than in my dreams. At some point during the time that I didn’t have my computer I was lieing in my bed listening to music and somehow ended up thinking about the married man I talked about in some of my blogs and I just couldn’t fall asleep. So I got up, turned the light on and wrote it down in some kind of a poem. After that I wrote another one and then felt a little bit better. Then I could fall asleep too – so I think it’s kinda a relief, at least to me.

I wish my parents would be that nice too! They usually tend to show the embarrassing pictures.. which is the reason why I hide them xD I don’t want anyone to see them.. And we also don’T have any baby pictures of me and my 13 months younger sister because I guess my parents didn’t have a camera back then in Russia. We only have one were me and my sister are 2-4 years old – I love that picture <3

YEah they really are amazing! I should start to make them soon xD Considering the fact that my pre-exams are in February.. and I have to get good grades in them because they make most part of my 4th semester grade in those 4 classes..

Haha xD Our computer is on almost 24/7! If it's not me on it – it's either my sister or my lil brother.. he can only rest when we all fall asleep or are at school xD

OH hell yeah! I remember that letter.. I never knew you had such a dirty mind xD

Woah.. I just remembered how years ago my computer was sooooooo slow that I didn't even bother to put some good make-up on the sims and give them good looking clothes xD I am sooo glad that I can play on a normal speed now xD

You did ballet back then? Wow, I still learn new things about you :) I think it's a great idea that you want to go back, but won't it be too much stress? Like with two jobs, university and homework/assignments and stuff? I mean, you've already been really stressed sometimes..

Wow.. you already finish your first year soon? Didn't time just flew by? And I can't believe that you'll graduate with a college degree at the same age that I am now.. though I am not even close to a college degree.. I really look up to you on this! You are so dedicated and do your best and stuff, wow!

haha I got a proper e-mail account when I was a senior in high school..or wait, was I a junior? I don’t remember but I remembered creating a new account because it had to be proper & I was applying to colleges. Telling a university that your email is like bootyliciousssszz@gmail.com is just embarrassing you know? hahah that wasn’t my e-mail account, just made it up!! I promise!

But boy your future is coming in clear. I have tons of school left because I want to be a doctor so I’d have to go to an undergrad & then 4 years of medical school!! :| Lamez. But helping people out is a great feeling! So yeah.

But congrats on getting a job! Oh yeah & GO BACK TO BALLET!! FOR SURE. That’s a great hobby :) & it’s relaxing & fun. It will definitely de-stress you from all the stuff you’ve got going on in your life. :)

Yo, I’m so surprised that I’m like the 11th commenter. Normally you get 50+ comments before I get to your blogs! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent lately. Don’t hate meeee. :(

D; those drawings are really nice! Glad I didn’t enter because I would of lost so bad LOL.

I could always ask my brother to do the survey but chances are he would be bothered 😰 sorry! XD

Congrats on getting the job! I’m sure you’ll find a way to manage your busy life :P

As for completing your last year of ballet best of luck! If your going to teach you’ll have even more on your plate :P

Talk about the future being so near o.o Time goes by so fast :/

You could always get a job and go to uni at night or open university? Graduating at 20 is still pretty young so getting another degree would be fine xD

Huhu, busy busy Wuggs /bash Hope there’s still time for your other stuffs 😰 but you should be okay :P

Congratulations on the job though /bounce you’ll have monies and everything /eee maybe I should start looking elsewhere too D:

Ogm, you should get back into ballet if you miss it so much :) and when you graduate/if you’re unsure of what to do next, you can teach it too, or even before you graduate /love
So, how long is it until you can be a fully qualified teacher as well? /rose


I think there will; the job seems to start near the end of semester anyway, so I should have time for it. I should be stressing about university right now. Everyone seems to be, but I’m not. 😰

Dare you to apply at another Woolies! It’ll be gonx! /huh

I was so scared I wouldn’t go back, or that I’d end up going back a lot later when my bones were all brittle. :( After seeing the trailers for Mao’s Last Dancer, it made me feel kind of sad.

There’s hope… I still feel scared about going back. It’s like I keep putting it off because I’m scared I won’t be able to do it or that I might just suddenly bail out. /wah

I guess it depends on my time… basically, I should get the exam out of the way first. Then I can start teaching but it will probably happen over the course of a year. Apparently, for that teacher’s exam (later on), I have to demonstrate how I would teach a class. D:

Congrats on the new job! :) You you will be working two jobs now? The new one and the tutoring children? Wow! That is a lot to do! Can you handle it? But it’s great, since you get to make money! :)

I never knew you took ballet! That’s cool! I took ballet before, when I was younger in elementary school at the YMCA. I don’t know how long I have been learning, but I don’t think it was long. I guess it was fun! :) I have never done it in years…I always wanted to pick up something I’ve done when I was younger and master it, but it’s impossible.

Take care! ✌️ <– My favorite smiley!

I changed my layout title like you said. Now stop telling me what to do. Haha, joking.

If you ever have a survey for Australia wide, let me know. :)
There fun to answer. But i don’t go to UNI, and unfortunately due to not finishing high school, i may never go. I did go to UNI to get into UNI, lol. But i gave up. Maths was too hard.

I didn’t know you were a dancer. I was thinking of finishing my Tae kwon do. Almost got to a black belt.

Do you get anxious when you’re excited? Lol. I do, its annoying.

I think you should save up and travel Europe or any wear in the world, before you go into full time work or more study. Trust me, you wont know you’re self. Even tho you have been to, wear ever it was you went. Explore places you have never been to. Ask James to save up so you have a travel buddy.

I want to go back to Germany, and visit my Uncle in Holland. Then travel USA, Rome, Some places in Asia. In four weeks my friend, boyfriend and i, are going to Fiji.
I have to start getting my bikini body, ready.

The future is very near. I don’t know wear the time has gone. It seemed yesterday i was nineteen. Now i am almost 22. Make life stretch by filling in the years with fun. You’re only young and you have so much on you’re plate. Just don’t have kids for awhile. Hehe. It has ruined all my young friends life. Some are 18 – 21 and have two kids. They don’t have the freedom like i do, to grow.

I’m sure with you’re success you don’t have time for kids any way. I’m so jealous. In a way, i wish i had already started my Pathology career. But i like having time to explore my self before i settle in, the big world of employment. So for now, little part time jobs will do me.

Congratulations to all you’re challenge winners.

Hope i didn’t sound like you’re mum in my comment. My friends hate when i give them life advise. Haha. Just been there done that. Share my opinions.

Omg, you did ballet?! I did it too, for the shortest time. I was watching a ballet this arvo (while I was eating mi goreng) and my dad asked me why I didn’t continue. I wish I had tbh. Now I feel too old and not… supple. Sigh, it would’ve been great.

Back to my assessment, sigh.

Yay!! All hail Gmail! haha.

The reason why I still have the tagboard up is for the visitors to leave messages that are too short to to be sent via the contact form, or messages that are unrelated to the blog posts. The bad thing of course is that people tend to spam it or leave pointless.slash.inane messages.

It depends on what you call ‘child’. This slutty woman apparently, (according to a friend of mine) is a wife and mother with 3 kids. Hardly what I would call a good role model for the children. Tsskkk..

Wowee, you are going to be a teacher someday, eh? Me too. However, the prospect of me teaching Geography and History for the next 20 years suddenly seem to be a scary thing for me. 😰 /ehh

At first Ashra tried to bring us together. I tried but her attitude always pissed me off. So I started ignoring her.

I did tell Tasneem on Yahoo that I did not like that she had said those things about me. But she said that Neha had probably misunderstood her and that she had not said those. I knew she was lying but I didn’t want to fight with her so I said nothing else about that.

Congrats on the job! :) And good luck with ballet!
I’m really interested in ballet but I’ve never tried it. I used to have a Gmail account but I forgot even what it’s name was. XD

Thank you! Aha but I enjoyed looking through your archive! I can’t scribble though; I actually have to think about what I want to draw… ): Sometimes I can doodle randomly but, it never comes out the way I want. Like the drawing I have now it started off as a city (hence the amount of detail on the left side); it then became a “Yoshi”/Godzilla thing and the rest was history. ;)

Maybe but, I went through the comments? I couldn’t find anything particularly wrong… I’m going to look through it again this weekend though (hopefully I don’t screw up anything!).

Aha it’s fine, we all make mistakes. x) See, that’s why blogs are important! Without them, you’d be pretty much lost as far as updates go with a site.

Haha you were that bad? Our school is pretty bad too… I know there were a lot of drop outs last year. Our attendance isn’t too shabby; we just have a lot of school spirit that’s all. I honestly don’t know where the hell it came from but, somewhere along the line, it just randomly showed up. Did you have a mascot for your high school? /eee

LOL really? I actually didn’t see the guys shave their legs myself but, they came to school the next day with some shiny looking legs. o: I was pretty impressed. It’s kind of weird seeing a guy with shaved legs though… doesn’t make them seem “manly”.

Ohh yeah, sometimes I don’t even bother reading them if they’re long enough. If I’m replying back to a comment, I copy it than paste it into Microsoft Word THAT way I can indent them myself. I lose track so easily when I’m reading so, this little cheat helps me. :D

I know me too… I don’t follow a particularly style myself; I mostly shop everywhere and if I find a shirt or something I HAVE to have, I’ll spend like everything just for that one shirt. xD Not sure if you have this store in Australia but, I’m fond of Hot Topic and Pacsun; they usually have a lot of nice clothes at… a price. Totally worth it I think. Now that I think about it.. I’m asking for clothes this year for Christmas. xD

Wow, really? Funny, I thought you would get like, 1000 unique views or something. XD Typical of me to think of some outstanding number. I myself only get around 60 but, I think that’s good since I just opened about 3 weeks ago. :D

Ohh see unlike me, you’re organized. It doesn’t help since we have a dog so he can get some random things and drag them around everywhere. Such a hassle but, you have to love him anyways. I remember in elementary school when beads were the coolest thing ever; everyone wanted a bead necklace, bracelet, and keychain. xD Do you make that kind of stuff?

Aha weird… my iTouch is kind of picky as to what connection you try and connect to. Kind of annoying really. .-. It might be because I haven’t updated it since I got it. LOL

Oh yeah, I would do that but, sometimes important people contact me and get put into spam. Before I delete everything, I go through and make sure nothing important slipped through. Right now I have over 1000 messages in my inbox and I emptied the thing 3 days ago. =.=” I’m glad too though I wish more people from school would use it. ): Seriously, I know nobody that uses it.

Ahh, yeah I heard of Kings of Leon before they became mainstream though, I never personally listened to them. I did however look back on past albums once I heard their newest single and I was pretty impressed. There was a song I heard from them before… I think it was called Closer? Something like that but, I’ll definitely take a listen to The Bucket. (: Interesting song title might I add.

Bleh, I hate people like that. It’s like, they pretend they know them and everything but when you question them, they don’t know shizz. |: If you’re going to say that you loved the band since FOREVER ago, at least do some research and not look like an idiot when you don’t even know the lead singer’s name. LOL

What? Who else names their laptop? D: Oh yeah you should get it! There’s a free version that lets you text 15 free texts a day but, if you want the unlimited version, it costs… I think $5? It’s worth it though considering it’s unlimited texting and for a WHOLE year! D:

Aha… wow. To be honest, I’m surprised I even got third place. LOL Like I said before, I never win anything so now I can say I won 2 weeks advertising by Georgina! :D WHOO!

Oh congrats on getting the new job! Sheesh, I know you’re busy now, I can only imagine how hectic your schedule might be once you start working! Ballet sounds like fun! I wish I could dance though. X.X People look at ballet as easy but I once looked at some people while they were training; it’s actually a lot harder than it looks. :S

AN HOUR TO GET THERE? Wow… good luck with that. xP Is it once a week or every day? o.O

I always think about that and I would personally keep studying. Just in case your first degree doesn’t work out, at least you have a back up. Plus, I think you would gain some more experience, right?

Holly shizz was this ever so long.

hello Georgina,
thanks for taking the time to come by. first off, thank you so much for your heartwarming regards. it’s been really tough as days, months, years pass without him but we are holding on to each other as close as possible.

second, i miss dance in general. i danced studio (jazz, ballet, pointe, hip hop, lyrical, belly dancing,) i even did ballroom. and i was actually a part of the HS drill dance team during my HS years. I miss it soo soo soo much but i have too much on my plate at the moment. this made me jealous! hahaha but i’m glad to see you haven’t left it behind completely and that you’ve decided to pick up on it again. it is indeed a load of dedication put forth into it but so many positive load comes back in return.

& lastly, i just got a new part time job as well :) congrats with yours! don’t stress yourself out too much, now! i’m not sure how you’ll do with 2 jobs AND school AND going to ballet cus i can’t even handle school and a job as is. i’ve been jobless for a year now… and then trying to put in gym time is already that much more difficult. and not to mention, i have to come home clean, cook, wash all that motherly stuff even though i’m not even a mom yet. just a mom to my oldest brother and boyfriend whom i live with. haha but much respect with keeping up with all that!

hope you come around again & of course, i’ll do the same.

I had to go get me a gmail account for my resume about six months ago. Boring ol kristiramsey@gmail.com for me!

Goodness girl. A SECOND job? I don’t even have one :( I fail hah. Im in the process of getting one though.

You were into ballet? For some reason I can’t see it. I guess I associate Ballet with being really girly and you don’t scratch me as the really girly type. Georgina.. a woman of many wonders!

Being 20 when you graduate isn’t a bad thing. Maybe work part time and go back if you want? Or take a break if you want? You’re never too old for college so do what makes you happy.

Wow those entries deserved to wins :P lol.

WOOOOOOOOP CONGRATULATIONS :) Hope that job treats you well ;)

Oh, I’d LOVEEEE to do ballet! :) it seems so.. I don’t even know, but it seems so.. GAHH. What is that freaking word?! Lololol.

I used to do Irish dancing, ;) not as cool though. Definatley not as cool.

You’re going to be a ballet teacher?? Or a school teacher? Lmao either way it’s awesome. ^_^

Hehe, you’re probably excited because you’re talking about a new job you’ve gotten or the amazingness of ballet? :) I’m deep /bash

The future is so near =.=” i’m nearly finished my high school.. Well I’ve 2 years left, but still, the first 3 flewwwwwwww. I’ll be having my Junior Certificate soon enough. >.< Gah. I need to study!

"Sometimes, the future seems so near."

A M E N TO T H A T .

Mm, hopefully!
Oh wow, I just checked the prices of the iPod touches and iPhones in the US… in HKD that’s $1500-ish! But in HK, the iPhones are $5500!! Such a rip-off! D:

Congratulations on the other job! :D I knew you’d get it, with your skills and “pro-ness”!! XD

Ooh, a GMail huh? Cool. I used to go all-crazy with emails, but now I just stick to a few. :)

I didn’t think it was timewasting either, but according to both my parents I should be spending my days studying and making my bed and so on. *sigh* xD

Great Expectations isn’t all that great, imo, but maybe it’s just because we have to write an essay on it. If we didn’t then I might enjoy it more! :)

I think I’ll probably get braces now… most of the people who’ve had them or are wearing them now say it’s worth it and as they had mouth numbing injections and stuff it didn’t hurt all that much. And from your photos you look like you have nice teeth too!

I used to go to ballet, but I stopped when I was about 9 after going for maybe 4 years – I enjoyed it when I was younger but then I started to find it kind of boring. Since then I’ve tried stuff like tap, jazz, line… I would still be going to line dancing because it was more informal, but the two women who ran it had to close the class because not enough people were coming and the hall they rented was too expensive :(

Congrats to the people who won domains! The drawings were amazing.

Haha, thank you! :D

Oh, I see…I did inherit some bad habits from my parents, too..like my temper, though I only lose my temper when my brother irritates me. LOL. My dad’s temper is worse.

Haha, I find that I keep changing my handwriting in little ways…it’s sometimes italicized, and sometimes straight. XD

Yeah…but I get tired of seeing the same old layout again, that’s one of the reasons why I change layouts once a month or something! :)

No, LOL, Diwali’s over! Haha! No, don’t feel embarrassed, LOL, anyways, you’re not an Indian, to remember when Diwali starts and ends! :)

Yes, yes, I know…would shaking it like crazy do something to the iPod? No?

Yeah, sure! XD Server changes are boring, anyways…LOL. :D

Yes, but my dad doesn’t realize that I’m NOT too young to own an iPod. Go blame him.

Haha, yeah, I wake up at 9 AM on Sundays! Seems like heaven, doesn’t it? LOL. XD


Congrats on completing your survey! :D
Oh, wow, congrats on the job as well! You’re gonna be busier than ever, what with your 10 domains, Uni, your other job, this job and your household chores!! But I know that, nevertheless, you’ll still find time for your website!

You should go back to Ballet classes if you feel you’re good at it. :) Talents have to be realized at some point. XD Oh, it’s nice of your teacher to call you and tell you to come back! Wish I had such teachers.

Yay for your new Gmail address! :D

Georgie, I love your new brush sets! I was wondering where you got the leaves brush which you used on your new EyeThief layout; I now realized that it’s one of your own brushes! No wonder I couldn’t find any credit on the layout (or did I miss it?). LOL. :)

Mmm! Especially if that assignment is geography. I especially hate geography – so boring O_O

Yeah neither do I. It looks like it seriously screws you up.

Yeah I kind of get it xD I make up words if I don’t know what the actual word is. Just makes me sound slightly professional and stupid at the same time. Not too bad (Y)

Ugh, our geography teacher gave everyone a bad impression but I think I gave her one as well because I merely talked to people in class xD but she had a droney voice and bored our brains out.

LOL it’s ok :P Yeah, I don’t normally meet people from aus either :P Do you live like near the city-ish area? or do you live near a border? (god I hope that didn’t come out stalkerish!!)


Congratz to the winners! The drawings are really pretty ♥

Good luck with those assignments/projects; you sound seriously swamped D: You must take a break or you’ll become overly stressed out!

Congratz getting your new job! :D

Have fun at ballet! What grade were you?

Two degrees at a time? That’s pretty hectic! What degree are you doing now?

Those drawings are great. And congrats on getting the job! :D
Your gmail username made me laugh and I sprayed chewed up crumpet all over the screen. *wipes*
Thanks for the comment ;)

You are very very very cool. /bounce (Y)

I like the stripes too; I don’t usually work with stripes. ^^ I was thinking of editing the boxes in the sidebar a bit. I just put the stripes there ’cause I felt like experimenting a bit more with the sidebar. Oh well we’ll see what happens.

Awh thanks. :D I feel better when I try something different too. ^^
My desk in my room is a total tip but the laptop I use is in the end room. Basically the TV Room. XD So there’s a lot of stuff AROUND it but not much. :P

In fact, I just need to put the photos onto Tinypic. Oh hurrah. Fun fun fun.

Nah, nothing rude really. I kind of saw her and I was turning to walk away and magically vanish (hehe) but she noticed me, so I could hardly just walk away. LMAO.
It was pretty much just “hi”. And then we went on doing shopping. Well actually I was more or less tagging along with my sister but whatevs. :P

I do avoid people I don’t know well in shops too, but sometimes it’s hard. D: It would’ve been so easy in Topshop though (like I said, four fucking floors, dayum. Places to hide) but she saw me and I didn’t want to appear rude. @_@

LMAO, well we were a little bit lost. :P

I like looking at trends and fashion but yeah, I never really follow them.
Never heard of American Beauty, but it sounds like an interesting show. That must be hard, showing people that you are a good family yet not really being one…

Aw, I’m sure you can find something to do! Write poems like you do on the train? How will you be getting to your job?
Year 8 is still cooler then Year 7 though. :P

You’re not terrible! Reviews are stressful, time consuming and can be a total pain in the butt. You have loads of stuff to do and you do reviews really quickly anyway; some people leave sites for like 2 months. O_O
I was gonna apply for one at the end of this week but I don’t think I should. /um

You work waaay too hard anyway.
And haha. You’re not doing as badly as me. I have returned 4 comments in approximately six hours.

Pretty awful, right? XD

AWWWHHSSSS. I feel special. /eee (Y) /hehe

Long blogs! 😰 When returning comments I swear I die and groan out loud when I see a blog that’s sooooo long… I try and keep mine shortish.

IS IT. In my village a car passes by the window once every two hours, in London the streets are never empty. I love London because it’s so different to where I live. ^^

Haha. Gimme your unused notebooks then. XD
But you deserve the whole new-content-wowzers-yay thing. XD On Twitter when you announced your brushes, it was a prime example of the honeypot thing. ^^

In fact, I want to eat them. (Y) ♥

Arghghghghhhhh. ♥

Eurgh. Got to go now… into town. Fun. /hmph
And later a disco. Eeep. I can’t dance and haven’t been to one in… a year or so. LOL.

Take care! xx *huggles*

Oh those drawings are so great! I wish I had of joined, I love drawing…I’m not that good of a drawer though! xD

I used to do ballet when I was younger. Another thing I’m not so great at! I did all sorts of dance after that though, until I was about 9.

Good luck on doing ballet again! You must be really great at it if you’re going to be at a teaching stage, whether it’s supervised or not, it’s a great opportunity! :D

Ooh, I don’t have a Gmail account. I should get one because it’s only Gmail and Yahoo emails that aren’t blocked on my school server. :’)

Lol doesn’t it look adorable? And, yes. I was sucked in. I feel so bad for myself but at the same time it’s kind of cute. XD

Hahah I was OBSESSED with both of those games. It was really pathetic.

Tutorials for WordPress lol. If people never put up the tutorials I did my site would be dead lol. I lived by those things.

Lol aww. Our remote is really weird too. The worst is the remote I have for my own tv. The battery door on the back is gone so that batteries constantly fall out. ANNYOING. It’s mainly annoying at night when I wake up and my tv is still on but I can’t turn it off with the remote becuase the batteries fell out somewhere in my bed. Haha.

Haha it’s funny that you say that. I recently saw an ad on tv for a toothpaste holder that sticks to the wall. You put the tube of toothpaste inside it, stick it to the wall, and when you put your tooth brush up against the bottom piece it dispenses a small amount of toothpaste onto your brush. I still want it so badly lol.

Awww! I wish I had a dog so bad haha.

And bgbgfgf. Congrats on the job!

You are so right about ballet. I always wanted to try it but I never did. It looks so painful so I feel really bad for the people that do it. The point shoes must really hurt your feet I’m assuming?

But you should definitely go back into it. It is such a nice form of dance. I could watch it for hours and just admire how graceful it is.

Yay for your gmail account! I have so many email accounts I don’t know what to do with myself lol. XD

Yeah, for sure. When you have a conversation with someone, you should make sure that there’s a good balance of both of you sharing stories from your life and it isn’t just once sided because then it gets extremely boring and annoying.

LOL I definitely get what you mean about people leaving comments that are only about their lives. It makes me mad sometimes because literally, the first couple lines of their comment will be blog related and then they’ll write 3 paragraphs about their life. I’m just thinking, “WOW, I REALLY DON’T CARE”. First off it’s rude to just restate something that I mentioned in my blog to make it seem like the comment is related… something like “oh i agree” or “haha your blog is so funny and so true!” and then they move on. Wtf. Not cool.

Oh how could I forget Bearman. LOLOL. All I have to say is that is SOOOOOOO CREEPY. HOLY SHITSICLES. I would have been so scared to be in your shoes. D: Gahhh, he seems like the biggest creepy ever, hopefully he never sends you any love letters or PICTURES OF HIS DICK (AHHHHHH) ever again.

If he does, then I’d recommend calling the police.. lmao.

Don’t worry about not seeing my comment at first. xD I’m sure you’ll see this one cause I think it’s pretty long already. Unless your WP puts it in spam.. which it probs will. Ah well.

Ooh what resolution do you have on your PC?

I’ve never experienced the wrist cracking, after typing too much. For some reason it’s always my fingers that ache LOL. Or sometimes my finger tips feel like their going to explode cause they got so heated up from touching my laptop keys and usually, my laptop is super hot. Not very good. D:

I know eh. It’s frustrating to feel the joy of getting all the comments returned and then BAM *joy crushed* you have more to return. xD It’s a neverending cycle.

That’s true. Avast is a great antivirus software. I really should install it on my computer, FRIG. So lazy. But I’ll make myself do it today.

I’m sure James will get better with more practice, hahaha.

Yeah exactly. When it comes to teachers it’s a whole different story. Since the relationship you have with them is so different compared to the relationship you have with elders outside school life.

Stop denying that you’re superwoman. CAUSE Y’ARE. I’M TELLING YOU. Lmao.

I’m struggling to return comments right now as well.

You’re very welcome. :)

It’s always nice to believe in yourself. :) It’s very important too, cause it can prevent emo-ness. LOL. I haven’t heard that song, but I’ll Youtube it. :)

OMG I totally know what you mean. Ever since I started high-school (2 years ago) EVERYONE would ask me “So what are your plans for the future?” “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” “So, are you planning to go into the medical field? *raises eyebrows as if they’re hoping for a YES* ” GAWD IT MADE ME SO MAD. Cause I’d always say “Actually, I have no idea.” “Haha, I don’t know yet.” “Um, medical field isn’t exactly what I was going for….. *i see their disappointed face*” PSH. But NOW, that I’m, in grade 11. I hit like a revelation at the beginning of my grade 11 year. I’m almost SURE what I want t be now. But I’m not gonna tell you. :) MUAHA. Cause I’m gonna vlog about it soon.

The doctor dream is such a typical one, and that’s why I don’t have the same dream LOL. My parents always seem to be leaning towards that, but I know for a fact that I’m simply not intelligent enough to be a doctor. It’s not that my self-confidence is low, or that I’m not determined.. it’s just REALITY. I’m not that smart, and as hard as I work, my marks will only get so high. Plus, the career that I’ve decided on, many people say that it’s the next best thing if not BETTER than a career as a doctor. Plus, the education for it, is a million times easier.

I would totally love to be able to juggle more stuff and still do well in school. I tried working for two quarters during school and my grades slipped more than ever. Though, I do bad enough in school already. But I loved my job. I barely did anything and I loved copying papers when there needs to be copying done. Any who, good luck with juggling everything and I hope you have tons of fun starting your new job! Don’t stress yourself and give yourself a lot of rest when time comes!

Take care!

Aw Georgie, I’m not worth staying up until 1am for, trust me. /oh /um
No worries about the outburst. ♥ I could never stay up until 1am. XD

Don’t worry, I am keeping. ^^
We have wireless and cable Internet using this Livebox thing… sadly this is the cable version, which is why when I am ill and go to bed I can’t use the Internet on the laptop. Oh wells.

I’m just blogging with the photos actually. :D
We have a lot of shopping centres in certain towns but yeah – they’re not that big. XD

I’ll apply later. XD I don’t want to stress you out!!
I think I know that one person who writes reall really long blogs.
I’ll take pictures tomorrow or as soon as I find the time. :)

No, they’re just cute enough to use. ^^
I would prefer the formal/prom to a disco, but I should live…

lol i also use email accounts like those..but i an ‘easier’ email address and thats what i give to my teachers. heehee. :)

Thank you for letting me know about the text box it’s fixed now. Anyways, I know what you mean I’ve always liked Elvis’ music, especially the live version of can’t help falling in love. But I never heard of that “The Elvis Letter” until the other night. I wanted to cry so bad but I kept my tears aside. I listened to the song and I got chills each time I listen to it. You should download it it’s called “The Letter” by wayne newton or view the video if you haven’t already. Anyway, I wanted a clean and simple layout for my domain. My friend “That girl” inspired me to do it. I was able to download corel draw (Which I do not recommend it sucks big time!) and make a layout. So I did just that. I wanted to put my photoshop on the computer but the cd driver door won’t close all the way :(. So yeah I had to go with corel draw. suckage! Thanks for testing out my domain in firefox for me.

Hellooooooooooooooo :D

Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. But I guess sometimes a little crying section can do wonders.. or at least for me. I feel reliefed after it.

Hehe, you’re definitely lucky to have them both in your lifes :) But I guess it would be kind of weird if you couldn’t trust James when it comes to secrets because he is your boyfriend, I think that is one of the most important things in a relationship: Trust.

Hehe, yeah for sure! And I think somehow sky is my goal xD I want to try to get the best grades I can possibly get but that means that I have to start to study – like for real. And not my kind of studying..

Those feelings are the most weird feelings I ever had.. because they come and go like they want to.. but right now and also in the last couple of weeks – they have been gone xD Which is good. I can’t even imagine thinking of him as anything else as my cousins husband lately – which is good! I guess my heart finally realized what my brain already knew xD

Yeah poems are a pretty awesome thing :) Though I should put those I wrote about him out of the folder I take to school xD Because there is another poem I wrote about my dad that isn’t supposed to be read by anyone besides me. I just don’T want people to randomly look into that folder and find something that personal.

I think pictures that aren’t planned are the best ones :) Especially if you think back and you see them you have those special moments that you just had to take a picture of to always remember them.

Lucky you! I wish I had a laptop or computer on my own! That would be beyond awesome xD I wouldn’t have to share it with anyone and stuff like that..

I sometimes think that the shyer (is that even a word?!) a person is on the outside the dirtier she is on the inside xD A friend of me totally fits to this. Sometimes she says things you wouldn’t ever expect from her.. she even managed to surprise that biased teacher xD

Yeah if I think back – it was funny. But back then?! Damn was I pissed xD

Hehe, good that you learned that :) But maybe ballet would be good for you to ballance you out again. I think I read something like that up there and thought: Yep, true :)

It totally has! I mean it’s November in a couple of days and then it’s New Year again and 2009 is over. I think it’s kind off unbelievable!

You’re welcome :) *hugs back*

… I realized I never give you your first comment. Someone always beats me to it. One day, I want to. ^^

I love the title. XD Now I have the song stuck in my head.

And congrats with the job and the winners to the contest and good luck with the survey! The job sounds fun but now, you sound even MORE busier than before.

Aw, I remember, I first talked to you when I was on Smashed. Summerhugs. Funny how that works. That means I’ve pretty much known you since my site got started. (:

Everything went well by the way. It was officially amazing.

Music class? Well, there’s people from all over the school who join to show off their talents. Not just our music class… :D

It’s the baby fat. I wish I could lose mine.

Tweetie is a great app ^^ But I know that it’s pretty much similar to the free ones. Waste of money is what it is.

Orisanal is like this game site thing. It looks… Asian-i-fied. ^^ The graphics I mean. They look Asian. /hehe Look it up maybe. ^^

I like playing Mahjong. I have it on mine too. I don’t really like purple palace though. I liked it at first but eh. I wish I had that polar bear game on mine but you have to pay these days for it.

I slept at 1:30 last night… Talking to Kuya. If he hadn’t told me to shut up and sleep, I probably wouldn’t have slept.

Well, God… morals. Good morals are pretty much God’s law. People who hear the name God usually turn away but really, if you don’t do bad things.. you’re living up God’s laws. (:

I forget… why are we talking about Japanese food? But uhm, that’s funny. I LOVE Japanese food. Seaweed yum. And Curry isn’t just Japanese, that’s also Thai and Indian. ^^

Coloring a book. (: That sounds fun. I had a dream I was a spy yesterday and I caught this guy on Youtube and then we got stuck in an elevator together and then it went dark. And well, I can’t remember after that.

Hahaha, telemarketers. Their job sucks. Having to deal with people like us, who enjoy pranking them. ^^

Moment of truth: this will probably go to the spam box. :P I use too many emoticons

haha awww, did you buy any apps? or did you get the free ones?

hahaha thats good too! I tend to get more distracted when I’m like face to face with the person XDD

haha me too, especially when its really late and you’re like talking so loud because you’re in such a deep convosation XP

hahah OMG I had a teacher like that. She was a sub, and she said “Quite down” 87 times in a 40 minute period. PLUS her voice was squeaky XDDD. We were like Oh My GOD. GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE. lmao

Congrats on getting the job! Its hard to get a job now a days, I know my sister was like so happy just to get a job for a month before she left for college.

Ahaha thats so cool that you use to do ballet! i never did dance, but my 2 friends have been taking so many different dance classes for like 10 years. And they are only like 13 years old. They do like ballet, tap, jazz, this thing called starlets which is for like advanced dancers and a bunch of other types.

i think transformers 2 had more action than 1 but i havent watched the first one in a long time so i don’t really recall haha :)

i’ve been a fairy for probably half of my life (every halloween)! well, thats because i never come up with anything else. nothing creative at all !

oh a ragdoll is a good idea ! baggy clothes… crazy freaky makeup haha ! thankss, i’ll definietly keep that in mind.

you have 2 jobs?! busy busy busy. i have 0 jobs and no one will hire me … never had luck looking for a job ><

i still swim and play piano because i've been doing that for a longgggg time. reason why i don't want to quit because i'm close to my teachers ): i'd be real touched if my teacher called me back too! she remembers you ! some of my old teachers don't even remember me or don't like me anymore cause i quit haha.

ballet is so beautiful. i wish i took some ballet… maybe i'd be more taller or more graceful haha.

studying is always good (: im glad you don't find learning a pain in the butt… i personally want to get out of school asap. get a job. live life haha.

Wow. I’m always so amazed by your dedication and maturity. You’re going to be so busy! I’d explode into tears and anxiety with all the work you do. Seriously, be proud of yourself. :)

Gah. Big bucks. That would be so nice, but it so so so unlikely.

:( Insomnia is dreadful.

Ooh, ballet! :D I loveeeeeee ballet! Ahahh. I took it my freshman and sophomore years of high school… I miss it. :(

Yeah… My room’s clean… I can actually walk around in it without stepping on stuff. I’ll post a picture on my blog tomorrow or so? :]

I don’t understand why people discriminate others because they are x site instead of y or z site. It just doesn’t make any sense… It reminds me of racism, only it’s online… So I guess that is webcism? Haha. IDK. /pow

I’ve seen that strictest parents show. >:p But … what is Girl Guides?

Haha. For a while, Yahoo! was popular here, then it went to AIM. Now it’s all about Facebook, and I’m just like agghhhh. It’s kind of annoying when every adult you see is like “Yeah, I’ll Facebook it to everyone I know” about an event. Or, well, anything for that matter. It just makes the whole hype even moreee annoying.

About the laptop–Thanks! I’m saving up. (:

Hmm… I don’t have a job yet…I’m looking, but I don’t know where I want to work. :( Blahh. Not everyone is hiring, Chili’s application is literally 22 pages long, and I am only on page one’s first paragraph because whomever typed it out made (1)the text too small, (2)the print is smeared and (3)it’s just too long. Whyyyy would I apply for a job that I know I’m not fit for (waiting tables) that requires me to fill out and read 22 pages? Haha. Ughh. Congratulations to you, though. :}

Cool you do ballet? I always thought that was a beautiful talent.

And gmail rocks. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. /rose

Wow, I’m so surprised you can fit 2 jobs, university and a popular website into your busy schedual! That’s definetely something i couldn’t do, i don’t have enough self disipline to stick to projects like you do, but seriously, be proud of yourself because not many people can do what you do! And oh my gosh, you’re going to fit ballet in too, wow, are you sure you’re human? You’re like a superhero! lol :P.

Oh good, thanks. :)

Haha, glad to amuse. xD I was worried that the poops looked too silly with the layout, but I decided I think it’s fine. :P

Yeah they really should have. It was dumb because I offered like three days after school, but since one person (the other people didn’t even comment on if they were available) couldn’t mess with her schedule to make it work, they had to meet on Sunday. -_-

Wow, that was pretty stupid of your group to do… If they wanted to have a group meeting they should have planned it in advance! Even the night before would have been better.

Thank you! Haha, I don’t, but since the text I used is more gray, it’s not painful for me. I just hate it when the text is too bright and light (like white on black) because it hurts my eyes to read it.

Oh nice. :P That’s around what Felix and Jimmy were able to get in the car on the way to Indiana this summer. :P My high score is probably only around the high 60’s.

I have “Kim Possible II: Drakken’s Demise”. :P It’s actually a fun game! Did you like the show? I loved Shego. ^.^

You’re welcome. :) Thanks! I think it went alright after all.

Ahhh *reminds you to get Wurdle* again!

I often think before I sleep too, but it doesn’t tend to keep me awake, since I go to sleep late enough that I’m usually tired enough to fall right to sleep.

Oh, congratulations on getting that new job! It sounds like a lot of fun. :D It’s too bad that it’s only until February, but at least that’s still like four months! :D

Aww yay, you should totally go back to ballet. ^.^ It’s cool how you’ll be able to teach after you pass your last level! I hope you haven’t regressed so much that it takes a while to come back to you. :( Fingers crossed!

It kind of reminds me of how when I quit figure skating, I first made sure to finish testing through all my freestyle (solo skating; the type with jumps and spins) levels, so that if I ever wanted to try coaching I might be qualified enough to coach at some rinks. :) It meant I had to skate freestyle for one extra summer, but I think in the end it was worth it. Even though I don’t think I’ll ever go back to coaching, it feels good to know that I could because I passed my senior level. :)

Oh you’re soooo lucky that your first year of uni is already almost over. D: My exams aren’t until Mayyyyy. Good luck with the end of your year!


Well aren’t they supposed to be like that? I’ve never heard of a “neat” doodle; I always just assumed that they were supposed to be messy. xD Anyways, it just means that you’re creative. ;) I especially like how you mix in lyrics from a song in them too.

Ah, I looked there and I couldn’t find anything wrong?! See, it was a premade and most of the coding, I didn’t even understand. It wasn’t until I messed with it a little more… :S I am trying so, I think that’s the important thing. xD Anyways, it’s not that noticeable, is it? I mean, unless you choose to scroll up or something?

Yeah I noticed you just keep everyone on your sidebar. Mhm, I was trying to comment back on this one site and the majority of it was just for updates. o.O It’s nice to know that you care enough about your site but, you shouldn’t dedicate a whole blog about it.

Haha wow that’s weird. There’s a few high schools around here and I swear, none of them are lazy–they suck at sports but, never lazy! That seems kind of harsh… noting that in the yearbook and everything. Oh, wow I would HATE to flunk senior year. I mean, it’s your last year! Why would you fail it in the first place?

Okay Georgina… your high school SUCKED. That’s the truth. D: Not trying to be mean but, it really doesn’t sound like a high school to me? I thought high school was supposed to be “fun” and active? AND YOU DIDN’T HAVE A MASCOT? *gasp* Who cheered you on at basketball games and made a full of themselves? D: My school is lazy when it comes to posters; they put them up around election time but that’s about it. If you want to promote something, usually people say them over the announcements in the morning or afternoon.

Ohhh, but my friend came back from France this summer; she said that she seen some woman that didn’t shave their legs. Like, they would wear shorts and dresses and everything! It was summer and they didn’t shave… that just sounds disgusting to me. In the winter that’s different but come on, in the SUMMER? At least feel somewhat embarrassed.

Fancy! I wasn’t aware that Firefox had such a thing. ;) I’d get it but I dunno, at this point I’m feeling a little lazy. :)

Hmm.. that’s weird. Pacsun is pretty much like Hot Topic just not as “dark” and “mysterious”; it’s basically a skater’s store but, they sell a lot of really nice clothes.

Yeah cheap clothes can be pretty cool but, they’re cheap for a reason. I’d rather pay the price because you get good quality along with it. We also have a store like that here… it’s called Ross and they sell brand named clothes at a cheap price. It’s kind of cool but, everyone shops there so, it’s a little harder to actually find some nice looking clothes.

That’s still a lot though! I mean, Heartdrops has only been open for a year? xD You’ve obviously advanced a lot in that one year.

Whatever happened to originality? In a way, I like uniforms but I don’t because you can’t wear anything under or over it, can you? That doesn’t make you stand out a lot. ): That’s why I like the freedom to wear whatever. Seriously, you can usually see me wearing bright clothes or something. XD I like the look of people when they see me; makes me feel important somehow. WHOO! Georgina is a trend setter! :D

Haha I know right? The iTouch tends to get a lot of updates. ): I’m behind like, 20 or something. I should update it but ugh… updates from the iPod usually screw the whole thing.

Mhm, it’s pretty much the same thing everywhere. Oh I know right? I used to like the Black Eyed Peas before Fergie decided to go solo or whatever; their music was more “fun” I guess. Their new songs “Boom Boom Pow” and “I Gotta Feeling” just annoy me; they sound too mainstream. I know what you mean though, it’s too bad they couldn’t go back to their old style.

Oh no it’s not but, it DOES show that you know what the hell you’re talking about. XD I admit, I only know a few lead singer’s names but for the most part, I know the majority of the band’s songs. ;) I can remember song titles easier than names for some reason.

Bummer. I actually checked and, it’s only available in the US. ): “For the time being” it says. I’m sorry. Dx Look like you’re going to have to wait for awhile before you can get free texting. You? I’ve been slacking on music AND apps. Haha, returning comments and all of that is preoccupying all my time after school; I honestly don’t have much time for anything. I guess I should stop leaving all these novel length comments. :)

So you did a variety than? I was always scared to do ballet because I seen it can hurt your feet a lot. It does look like fun but yeah, you do have to have dedication which is something that I lack. I dunno why but, I’ve always wanted to try Swing; Jazz looks like a lot of fun too.

Oh wow, I was going to say if it was everyday…! That would really suck. At least it’s flexible and you get paid too right? Win-Win situation! :D

Wow, the winner’s photos are great! Congratulations to them for winning, they definately deserved it!

Yay, good on you for getting the job! You must be so happy. I hope you enjoy it.

Your ballet teacher will probably be pleased to see you back. :) That’s so cool you’ll be able to teach. What grade are you at and what style is it (like BBO or RAD)? Just wondering.

That’s good you’ve almost finished your degree.

You’re so young though Georgie! You can do so much with your life :)


I just started work on my song about you… I hope it turns out OK :)

Thanks so much. Haha yeah, I know it was such a challenge to keep quiet! My friends couldn’t believe that I managed to.

Ypu I learned heaps about Afghanistan, although it’s not the most delightful country in the world.

Hehe thanks :P

Yah I thought there would’ve been fireworks but that ending seems cool. Are you addicted to the games yet?

Yeah! Geography is like that D; we always have to copy stuff off the projector and we’re all like /pow

I would look stuff up but I’m just really lazy and I’m always busy or something 🙄

Oh I think I know that area…is it like near the blue mountains? /bounce

Oh gosh ! I hate it when people dump all the work on one person! Can you call your group or are they unresponsive? :/ It sucks doing the whole thing by yourself because they take credit and its unfair D: good luck!

Wow, that sounds like an achievement! Are you planning to get to teachers certificate?

Communications? sounds cool :D

Yay for the new job :) XD Good luck with it though, you sure are giving yourself a lot of work to do! I could never cope.

Wow that’s amazing that you’re continuing ballet! I can’t believe you’re up to your final grade! That’d be so cool teaching people ballet :D

Woah, do you only have one year at uni, or are you doing another year still? is it a two year course? I can’t believe it.. I remember when you were worrying about your HSC results :P

URGH an hour travelling. Yuck.

I have never used Gmail in my life but YAY YOU HAVE GMAIL XD

IT WASA BOY? LMFAO WHAT A DICKHEAD. HAHA that really is pathetic. LOL

facebook is more bitchy. Definately. Nearly every post is aimed at someone.

can you remind me who to advertise please because I’ve really lost track of it D:

Yeah we have to use asterisks for the flashback – that’s the only specific thing she told us to do. Apparently you get more marks because it’s more ‘technical’ or something. (I just nod and agree with whatever she says tbh)

I think I passed you the link.. http://www.onemoreline.net/x/visitor/stories/an-old-soldier-remembers incase I didn’t :P

Chicken? I thought sushi was raw fish?

Urgh parents always tell you to save your money then you find something you want to save up for, save for it then they don’t let you buy it because you’ve spent so long saving up your money only to “waste” it. It’s like, no. I’ve been saving FOR this. It’s not a waste. :|

Sleep is good. I slept most of yesterday. I have flu though (no, not the swine kind, thank God).


I really don’t know what it is, Whatever it was it’s gone now :P


Thanks so much! :) Purple is one of my favourite colours as well. I wanted a colour that will look soft and warm and bright and I chose this. The last one got too blinding for my eyes. :P

I forgave her already. She is always like that but still she is one of my best friends. So it’s no use holding a grudge like that.

I had a lot of email accounts mainly for my website. They were scattered all over MSN and Gmail and also Yahoo. I deactivated the ones’ passwords I remember but some of them are still open I think. :P

i’m surprised my flexibility’s still lurking around my body somewhere. i started working out just 6 months ago but prior to that, i haven’t stretched since i graduated, which was back in ’06. our bodies are different, i’m sure. if you really have passion for it, i’m sure getting back into it will be easier than you’re anticipating.

dance actually helped me with time management. so i’m pretty well with that. i noticed if i don’t organize myself, i lay low. meaning i become stagnant. which is worst off than losing yourself through your daily activities.

that’s one thing i won’t do – IRON! I cannot stand ironing. as soon as the dryer goes off, i take it out and hang them to beat the wrinkles from forming. it works pretty well ;) sad to say, when i was younger i was the brat the was left with no chores since i was the baby of the family and only girl. now i’m stuck doing everything.

oh, i read your “about me” page and i laughed at “i hate brushing my hair” i brush mine when i get out of the shower and that’s it. i wake up, run my fingers through my hair and done! if it’s crazy-fugly then i throw it up in a bun and go from there. lazyyyyy, that’s me 👏

Partially your fault. ;D

Yay! Feel relieved. :D Catching up on comments is way nicer. ♥
I couldn’t keep up with the amount of comments you get. /type

I’d be typing all day! /faw

Hehe. I blogged with some photos but I’ll keep on adding a few with the next few blogs. I’m too lazy to upload them all at once. /um
I’ll take some pictures of my amazingly wonderful (haha, I wish) village today. Just for you. (Y)

The biggest one near me is the one in London (‘cuz I live about an hour away from London). The one in the West End.
We might be on about the same person. I don’t want to say who I think it is though ’cause I don’t know whether they read your blogs. XD

I could DM you?

When I was 10 I loved discos, lmao. Now I find them tiring for several reasons noted in my blog. ;)

Have a nice end of the day? Lmao. ♥


Serious I been gagging for it since it came out. I have a google account just for th fact I wanna whore myself out on googlewave. I lurve it. I sat through the hour and a half presentation and decided I wanted it. Get it with your wave account. It’s wonderful from what I’ve seen.

And if somehow if you get a invite to use it, send me one…puhlease.