Lip Gloss And Black

We have the winners of the domain competition in the graphics section. In first place was Jenny, in second place Kyana (who has been doing very well!) and in third place Kyle.

You can view their entries and also see the judges who helped out, on the original competition page.

I added brushes to the site. I’ve received good feedback about them. I have more to add, but there are four sets available for now. They were hand drawn by me and scanned onto my computer. Please let me know what you think of them. 🙂

Also, I have decided that I won’t do this “affiliate” thing at all anymore. I know I have not been accepting affiliates for a while, but now it’s for real. In my next layout I’m just going to have links on a page, and I’m going to add people on there who I talk to regularly. Because I know a lot of the people who comment on my blogs aren’t my “affiliates” but they are that awesome. ♥️

Alright, I need help. Bloody hell. I have part of a group assignment due tomorrow.

Key words: Group. Assignment. Tomorrow.

We haven’t done it. It might just be part of it… but seriously? We’ve done BS. Nothing. And why? Because my group members are not replying to my email. Less than 24 hours to do it. Like… 😡

Could they not have the courtesy to reply? I mean, I sent this email yesterday. Surely they must have read it? Or what, they were going on Facebook? Fucking hell. 😐

I don’t want to fail this assignment because they won’t do jack shit. I am about to go and do the whole lot right now, in fact. If I get it done now then maybe I’ll just not go to class. Bliss.

Now I thought this group would work well. We talked about the assignment when we got it. But no. It just has to come down to this. I’m just happy that my other groups are going okay. I am really angry about this one, though. I knew they should not have assigned the groups. FFS.

I was playing with iTunes earlier today. I realised I could have copied in better quality images for the album art. No wonder they look like crap on my iPod screen. Sheesh.

Anyway, go visit Fire The Arrow because James just blogged there! And he loves his comments, you know. 🙂 He also posted it on his other blog ( But rest assured he’ll probably be blogging more at FTA?

Just for the record. I wanted to say how awesome James and Lilian are. They are my best friends and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Sometimes I’ve thought about my friends and how I only have two close, or really great, friends. At times, I’ve felt sad about it. But you know what I realised? I don’t need to be sad. I might only have two friends, but they’re the bestest (please, just for once, let me use a word that doesn’t exist? ☺️ ) friends in life, the universe and everything. (Subtle Hitchhiker’s Guide reference there.)

I’ve never felt alone because they’re there for me all the time. So many friendships have come and gone, but hey, I couldn’t be happier. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have. It matters how they are to you. ♥️

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