Lip Gloss And Black

We have the winners of the domain competition in the graphics section. In first place was Jenny, in second place Kyana (who has been doing very well!) and in third place Kyle.

You can view their entries and also see the judges who helped out, on the original competition page.

I added brushes to the site. I’ve received good feedback about them. I have more to add, but there are four sets available for now. They were hand drawn by me and scanned onto my computer. Please let me know what you think of them. :)

Also, I have decided that I won’t do this “affiliate” thing at all anymore. I know I have not been accepting affiliates for a while, but now it’s for real. In my next layout I’m just going to have links on a page, and I’m going to add people on there who I talk to regularly. Because I know a lot of the people who comment on my blogs aren’t my “affiliates” but they are that awesome. ♥️

Alright, I need help. Bloody hell. I have part of a group assignment due tomorrow.

Key words: Group. Assignment. Tomorrow.

We haven’t done it. It might just be part of it… but seriously? We’ve done BS. Nothing. And why? Because my group members are not replying to my email. Less than 24 hours to do it. Like… /angry

Could they not have the courtesy to reply? I mean, I sent this email yesterday. Surely they must have read it? Or what, they were going on Facebook? Fucking hell. /hmph

I don’t want to fail this assignment because they won’t do jack shit. I am about to go and do the whole lot right now, in fact. If I get it done now then maybe I’ll just not go to class. Bliss.

Now I thought this group would work well. We talked about the assignment when we got it. But no. It just has to come down to this. I’m just happy that my other groups are going okay. I am really angry about this one, though. I knew they should not have assigned the groups. FFS.

I was playing with iTunes earlier today. I realised I could have copied in better quality images for the album art. No wonder they look like crap on my iPod screen. Sheesh.

Anyway, go visit Fire The Arrow because James just blogged there! And he loves his comments, you know. :) He also posted it on his other blog ( But rest assured he’ll probably be blogging more at FTA?

Just for the record. I wanted to say how awesome James and Lilian are. They are my best friends and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Sometimes I’ve thought about my friends and how I only have two close, or really great, friends. At times, I’ve felt sad about it. But you know what I realised? I don’t need to be sad. I might only have two friends, but they’re the bestest (please, just for once, let me use a word that doesn’t exist? /eee ) friends in life, the universe and everything. (Subtle Hitchhiker’s Guide reference there.)

I’ve never felt alone because they’re there for me all the time. So many friendships have come and gone, but hey, I couldn’t be happier. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have. It matters how they are to you. ♥️

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Yay! Congratulations to Jenny, Kyana and Kyle. LOL, You’re right. Kyana has been doing quite well in this competition xD.

Sorry for forgetting to vote in the graphics section until you told me /bash


I HAVE SEEN YOUR BRUSHES! =D They are very , very awesome and pretty…^^…And UNIQUE! =D I love the hearts one you used on your eyethief layout ^^

Hahaha…aww I’m totally going to miss those changing colour tab things, but oh wellz xD Your new layout ROCKS ^^ Hehehehe

Awww…what a GAY university group =( *pout* *pout* /angry

How really inconsiderate of them to do this to you. Hmph! If they are on facebook then /pow CHECKING EMAILS IS VERY IMPORTANT! *nods*…

If you get it done, DON’T WORRY! You may claim ALL credit. Or not bother doing any of the rest of the assignment. Make THEM do it all. If they will…which is probably not likely. So maybe if you end up doing the assignment all by yourself [which would be GAY], you can just complain about them to your tutor ^^ And you’ll get ALL the credit and they’ll fail. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY *dances*

It’s very mean of them to do this to you though. Hmph! Thank god the rest of your groups are alright =) I hate sucky groups *angry face x2*

I HAVE VISITED AND COMMENTED ON JAMES’ POST ON FIRE THE ARROW =) Win! Hahaha…I would comment on Mok too, but there’s no point, cos I’d just be repeating myself. *sigh* Unless of course you want me to xD HAHA In which case, I’ll copy and paste my comment. =P

AWWWWWWWWWWW! *HUGS* WE THINK YOU’RE THE AWESOMEST AND THE BESTEST TOO! [Yep…see what 4u English has taught me? I have the BEST grammar EVER *Sarcasm*. Oh well. “Bestest” is now officially a word. HMPH!]

I agree! A lot of people will float around you in life, but it’s the people that REALLY matter that will be around for you’re WHOLE life. With everything else, I guess you should just enjoy the time you have with them, and think back on the happy times. If they don’t want to keep in contact with you, there’s nothing you can do. I mean it’s sad and everything, but you’ll always have a few really awesome friends you’re always going to be close with. And I think that’s worth celebrating.

I’d rather have 2 really close friends than 200 fake friends anyways =)



Haha but I would not be terribly happy if I were her; she does well but doesn’t win! I think she was planning to buy her own domain anyway.

That’s alright! I was lazy with it myself haha.

Yep! Someone noticed the brushes I used on EyeThief and wondered who made them because I didn’t write credit. Mine! :P All mine!

Haha don’t tell anyone! ;) I am quite proud of the layout. XD I might introduce the coloured tabs back; who knows? Or I might have something more fancy in store. 8D

They were getting drunk! Ahhh… I already told you about her mistakenly adding the wrong person. LOL. Hahahaha. I think I’ll be laughing for a while now… check your emails though, people! 🙄

Well we’ve sorted out the jobs now… thank goodness. I am the editor. Shit. I have a problem and this is what I was typing to David. I kept typing “ediot” instead of “editor”. FML. XD

Wooooo! Nah, I think he’ll be fine with the one comment. :)

Haha “BESTEST”. /bounce

Me too! /rose (LOL it took me a while to find that emoticon in the emoticons.) ♥

I love you lots too! /mwah /mwah

HI WUGGS /bounce

It sucks how your group is a bunch of wangs. Humof. Just do your share; your teacher shouldn’t expect you to do more than that. Tell her she’s a wang /eee

Haha yes, I do love my comments. /um I’ll return them someday, I promise 😰 but don’t tell Georgie :P

Heehee, we love you too, we do *hugg*s /rose
You’rezocute /love



It’s Maureen, haha. She was telling us that being a communications student we must learn to cooperate and work with people. So we couldn’t change groups. I thought it wasn’t that bad but WHOA, no one did anything the whole week and didn’t get back to me! /poo

Yay! Return mine! ;)

I love you too. :) *hugggggggg* ♥ ♥

I don’t even understand how someone can spend so much time on Facebook. All I really do is go in, check messages, talk to a few people, check my farm and a few more stuff then get the hell out. And with twenty four hours left to do the assignment [I guess it would be different if you had most of it done previously] it’s pretty BS just leaving you hanging while they’re out partying/on Facebook/getting drunk/you name it.

Pfft, you’ve found out so much about the iTouch and have only had it for a little while. I’ve had mine for over a year and still don’t know how to add an internet thingy ma bob! Err .. router? Modem? Connection? What do you call it? D:

I love having amazing friends. ♥ I have one really good one, but you always have to explain things twice to her because she doesn’t always understand /pow
She also never catches sarcasm when it comes her way. 😰

Have a good day/night/evening/morning. I never understood timezones and I doubt I ever will. /angry

Thank you for your comment! ♥

I guess I don’t know because I don’t have Facebook. I would understand if you check stuff when you log on, but being on it 24/7… wow. I think they must play a lot of games and randomly chat with a lot of people. :S

Turns out one of the girls in my group was actually drunk; she had been out partying. 🙄

Haha yep! You can go to Settings in the iPod, and then go to Wi-Fi. You need a wireless modem to connect. I have a land-cable modem for my laptop at home so I can’t use internet on my iPod touch. But if there is a wireless network around it should ask you if you want to connect.

Aww at least she’s a great friend! :) I’m sure you tolerate her flaws because she’s probably awesome every other way.

Haha it was night when you left the comment. And now, be it night again. 8D

Congratulations to the winner of the contests!

I don’t have affiliates since I came back to the Internet in Dec 2008 although I used to do it back in 2006 if I’m not wrong. I prefer to do link exchanges now. Some people feel that affiliates have to be committed to visit their site and comment on every new post and some people become affiliates with you just because you are popular etc. This doesn’t seem to work well in my opinion. Superficial friendship are just not my thing. Like you, I prefer online friends who really care about me and not just visit my blog for the sake of commitment.

Good luck for your group assignments. I hate assignments. Thank god I don’t have much of them now. I’m sure you can handle it! :)

I’m happy for you knowing that you have some great friends and of course a fantastic boyfriend around you. It’s hard to come by true friends who support and stand by you no matter what happens. :)

Woooh! Congratulations to those who won and participated your awesome comp! ;) Your brushes look so cute! I might just grab your nature brushes. WIll credit of course. :P

You know what, almost half of my affiliates don’t keep in touch and some apply when they don’t even have a commenting system in their site. I keep telling myself that I’d only accept when they have means of communication with me but I keep accepting them. I think I’m too nice; I don’t want them disappointed when I reject their application. O_o I’m also lazy in updating the list. How I wish their’s an Affiliate List PHP script. Haha. It sounds so simple but there isn’t one, is there?

I know how you feel. Group work is okay with me as long as we are free to choose our own groupmates. I don’t want groupmates who don’t contribute to the project. They are annoying bugs that I could swat anytime. >_< But so far, I haven't encountered groupmates like that, but my friend did. Don't they have MSN or cellphones? There are people who don't check their e-mails often or too lazy to check. I'm an example of that one. /bash LOL.

If you have one person who's always there for you, then you are considered lucky, but you have 2, so you're luckier. ♥

I MISSED YOU TOO! I still visit your site though even when I was on hiatus. it's a shame I wasn't there on Heartdrop's 1st birthday. -.- I can't even reply to comments that's why I closed it temporarily. I already have a coded layout for the next layout but I still can't find ideas how to design the right sidebar. @.@

Aha exactly. I was always told that as well.

Haha that’s always good. I need to concentrate and be really, really in the mood to take photos. Usually I’ll be driving down the road and I’ll just be like I NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE RIGHT NOW. RIGHT THIS SECOND. Lolll.

AHAHA. Thank you, very well said. I LOVE black and white pictures but I think that the picture itself has to be really significant for the black and white to have an effect on it. So, usually what I do is take the pictures in color and then, if I feel like it works with the picture, I change it to black and white on psp. :D

Ahh! That would have irked me too! I would gone ape-shit@fd;kjb!

LOL. For some reason guys just like dangerous, harmful objects. Lol I have to go tell my boyfriend that he’s not alone now. He’s going to be thrilled lol.

Ahh I know! I truly feel like WordPress is my God. LOL.

Aww. I would never be able to be that dedicated to something. I don’t ever quit what I start, I simply just wont start it. I wish I had tried ballet though. I’ve always loved watching it. :)

Aww! Those brushes are adorable! I might use some at some point. Very cute! I drew a bunch a couple of weeks ago and I’ve still yet to scan them ahha.

I am so sorry about your group project. I would just get it all done and then email the professor and be like “I did everything, nobody would answer me emails”. Good luck though.

Haha awhile ago I added album artwork to my ENTIRE ITunes and I had SHITLOAD of music on there lol. And then I fried my hard drive on my old laptop and it was all gone. :(

Aww that is so cute about your friends! It doesn’t matter how many you have, just how amazing they truly are. <3 I'm happy for you!

Hehe, Kyana did do very well! It’s a shame she didn’t win a domain though… just the other entries got ahead of her, I think. :)
I liked judging! I felt special. ;D Although obviously I was a bit crappy at the end. I’m sorry I only ranked when you reminded me. *broken hearted*
/bash 💥 /wah /faw


Your brushes… they’re so cute! I’ve already informed you that I want to eat them. :D I love the third set and I can’t wait for more! ♥ /eee

Aw, I understand if I don’t make it onto that page. *nods*
I WILL STILL TALK TO YOU THOUGH. (Y) Gotta keep up the love. /type /bounce ♥

I noticed on Twitter you mentioned that they were now talking to you about your group assignment. *nods* Hope it’s all sorted out for tomorrow!
But I understand what you mean… group assignments suck when people don’t co-operate and they don’t help you. Meaning that then – yeah – you fail.

I love playing with iTunes! All the options and playlists and stuff. XD My iPod has (obviously) a smaller screen then yours so it’s easier for things to look better quality… I’m not sure what size album art needs to be on a touch. :/

I still think that it’s so cute that you guys share a blog! /eee ♥ /type /hehe

Awwwwww, ♥ I also used to think having three friends (back in primary school) was quite lonely but not when they are the most awesomest (my turn to use a word that doesn’t exist!) people I could need. ^^
Well, obviously things have moved around a bit but I will always have at least one true friend who I love and adore. She is just too cool. (Y)

Besides, when people stick with you through life you know you’ve found someone special. :)
Special like a mince pie! /bounce

Hehe yep. :D Everyone’s asking me why the USB was in the washing machine, lmao. I don’t know! XD

Hehe thanks. :D I thought the one of you at your plog was swish ‘n’ rockin’. :P
Whoaaa, I can imagine! Tissue… water… soap… clothes = shit. *nods*


Money… I always get so annoyed when I put money in, haha.
LOL, phones always get in there… somehow. ;)

Phones can be very creepy indeed. 💀

I knew about 5 people at the disco? Lmao.
Yeah, I like those dances because there are set moves. I prefer dances like that… otherwise it’s jumping up and down and whatever.
At least I can do that, hehee.

LOL, I guess it’s fun to randomly dance but heh, I am happy that we have all done it. Lmao.
Was nice of her to invite us. :D
(‘Cuz my brother went too).

Aww, don’t worry about it! *huggles* A review can wait. (Y)
If you have ever been there I would be so fucking surprised. Like, no one has heard of it. LMAO. XD

Made me LOL at the results… hehe. 😏

Take care! xx (Y)

Fifth comment! Woop. Lol.

Yeah, that’s just awful that nobody’s getting the work done and it’s all up to you…I’d be like, I was the only one who DID anything *glares at bums* and get the grade and let them suffer in silence.

I saw the brushes, they are very cute. I wonder if I can find a good use for them, I’m sure I can :D I’m just tired of coding at the moment, it’s driving me insane. XP

I know what you mean. To be honest, I have one real life friend I can count on and the rest are all acquaintances. With this friend we never fight, never get into stupid arguments or jealous of each other. It’s nice, I love her. I’m glad you have two someones who can be that for you!

Ooh, Georgina, I love the Adorable brush set! So cute ♥

Uuuugh, I hate when I’m in a group and they all end up like that! Admittedly, sometimes I end up procrastinating myself and not putting forth any effort, but I always try my best not to let that happen. Ugh. I hope they get in trouble for not helping out >[

I thought about that a few weeks ago and cried about not having friends. But I realize now that I have Royce and my two best friends, and they are more than enough :)

Oh, congrats to the domain winners! It’s always fun to win something. And congrats to you for being nice enough to do something like that!

I’m also not really doing the “affiliate” thing anymore. I mean, I quit just taking random people awhile ago. I only linked friends and people I liked to talk to. Just now, I put up a new layout and have my friends and a few blogs that I like to read up now. I think it’s more fun. (You’re on there :P)

Ah, I hate when groups don’t come together! I would end up doing it and telling my teacher that I wanted all the credit because no one else helped. That’d drive me insane.

I’m also the same way. I’d rather have one or two friends then a bunch. Having “bunches” of friends always seems to go the wrong way, lol.

group projects are my worst enemies. no joke. i am too bossy for that shit. haha i can’t and won’t stand it. i usually am left with all the work and i don’t mind it so long as i get a grade and get it over and done with. i hated it in high school. at least in college, there’s rarely any group work involved. i can even choose to do my classes on line.

i used to be social. i don’t know what happened. i’m not at all sad that i’ve lost the circle of friends i had back in hs. the people i considered “close” to me are long gone and i never once cried about it. i’ve apologized. for what reason? i don’ t know. i was too much of a push over i guess. now i’m too harsh. i can never be in between. to be honest, i don’t have close friends. i have my family, my boyfriend, and my babies (dogs) and i’m content and happy with just that.

the way i see it, we’ve got our whole lives to live with each other. once my brothers get married and leave me i’ll never have the chance to live with them anymore. they’ll have their own family. so i’m just really milking the time i get to spend with them. if things don’t work out between JD and i then shrugs* it’d be heartbreaking but life goes on.

when i read “FAR OUT” i thought of my cousin in AU. the first time i ever heard that term was from her.

stinky farts are the sign of comfort and love. farts can bind or break couples. lol kidding.

i’m sure your little brother will appreciate you as you get older. that’s coming from the baby and youngest of the family. right now it’s probably not in his head to be appreciate ANYONE for that matter but watch. it’ll gradually happen. and you’ll feel the worth of all the times you’ve spent on him.

haha, i too pirouette and chaine, chasse around my house. do a grand jete to door on our way out. haha my boyfriend always tells me to “calm down.”aww i miss it so much <3

OH My Gosh I need to focus on TSF more!! I haven’t replied comments in like 6 days. I am officially losing it lol

This year really did pass fast lol. Well they don’t rub it in my face much but it’s annoying being the only one with a crappy phone lol. My parents try to avoid buy expensive things too but i know that if i have money, i cannot avoid it. First thing i will buy is a brand new windows vista or apple computer. This computer is starting to get on my last nerves. Then a new phone and whatever is left, I’m getting clothes and whatever crap i see. I don’t know how to save money at all. Maybe if i get a pay check, i’ll save half and spend half of it. That’s better lol.

NO LOCKERS IN SCHOOL???????? Damn!! We have like 6 different textbooks, i think i would die or loose my book on purpose lol. When I grow up, I going into computer science so I see no reason for math or science. I know the basics of math. I don’t need to know about the History of the United States either because I could care less. It’s all in the past lol.

IPod touch is mostly for music right? If only we can call people with it lol. I love iPhone camera :D

Being random is the best :D. If you have great friends, they will totally love you for it :D I found the perfect smiley :D I wanted dark blue ones but this will do :)
I was so angry when I failed that test and someone else got better than me. Last year in the 9th grade, I was like the smartest kid in class and now I’ve met my match. Especially in geometry. My crush is smarter than me lol. I wouldn’t say smarter but we are kinda on the same level lol.

They don’t teach us about flu shots in class :( I would have known if i was taught but i wasn’t. I know now though lol.
I’m going to be the only girl in PJ’s lol

Congrats to the people who won :D If i won a domain it would be a waste because i dont even know what i would do with it lol.

I love your brushes :D Especially the first one :D Doodle brushes are always amazing lol
So you just drew them and scanned them? I’m gonna make dotted line brushes, i finally got the hang of it lol

That is a great idea for the affie thing, because some affies don’t even comment you or even talk with you. Some of them, their websites are dead.

Ugh i hate group projects, i feel like i’m the only one doing the work. It’s soo annoying because people always goof off and don’t put effort into it and then they expect and A? I always prefer working by myself.

I know what you mean. I only have friend that i am extremely close too. We know everything there is to know about each other. We’ve been friend for years now and i would not trade her for anything lol

Yay brushes (:

Sorry to hear about those people who are being down right lazy. That’s dumb. Group projects suck.. in my opinion. You always have to worry about the other people doing their job.

I completely agree. Quality over quantity is a rule that applies to friends. i don’t have many CLOSE friends. I do have a lot of friends but not all of them being CLOSE. My close ones make all the difference.

I’ll be sure to comment on James’ Blog. (: The thing is, one time I did… and I didn’t receive a comment back. That makes me a tad sad. Haha, but I’ll comment even if I don’t receive anything back. xD


One day I will… I failed again. I remember one time I almost did. xP

63 responses IS a lot (: Yay.

Haha, my site was a mess back then. It seems like so long ago when really it was just a few months ago. Technically that was when I just started in the world of domains and sub-domains. I had a freewebs… but well freewebs SUCKED :P

Yeah, I look at myself and myself before.. and I don’t know. I seem to look different everyday.

Mahjong.. is addicting. I love it when I win and the fireworks. Yeah xD

I stayed up.. til 2 AM last night… all I did was listen to Kuya sing and talk about I can’t remember. Really, I just love listening to his voice before I go to sleep. I shouldn’t tell him that though, that sounds way too … gushy for friendships. Haha, is it wrong to like to listen to your best friend’s voice before you sleep? … for three hours? HAHA. My parents will kill me… the phone bill is coming soon and they’ll probably see the weekend hours that I stay up talking to him. At least it’s only during the weekends. I would never do that during a school night.

Yeah, those against religion are those with super closed-minds. Really, religion is just a group of people’s beliefs… xD

I’m not into curry much either. But I haven’t tried many kinds so, that’s still an open topic.

Oh, that’s how we started talking about Japanese. I love Japanese as well. The people who take Japanese at my school get to go to Japan for 2 weeks. :P I want to go. But I take Spanish and I only get to go to Mexico for a week and two days. I don’t even know if I can go because it’s expensive AND it’s over spring break. I want to go so badly though. I wish I could Spanish… and go to Japan. xD Wouldn’t that be fun.

Elevators… I’m always scared the elevator will stop and then fall like in the rides at Disney World.

This one might go into spam. *closes eyes*

HAI~ my dears (: Aww lol! I hate that when they don’t reply to your emails it’s like ¬.¬ O_O D: /hmph

Your brushes are way cooler than mine :( I suck /hehe. Oh and the whole twitter thing has nothing to do with you (: I just got sick of it lol! I had people constantly adding me, yet they didn’t speak. So I just got pissed off with the whole thing and deleted it. Might mean I can get some site work done when I get home from work! (Y)

Yeah I mean it’s nice to know that you “agree” but sheesh can you not say something else. xD It’s pretty plain and boring if you just agree with everything in life. I prefer people who speak their mind and who aren’t afraid to say “bitch, i don’t agree with you. WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?” lmao.

OH thank goodness you never saw his dick. *wipes sweat off forehead* Phew. That would have been a life scarring experience. xD EW EW EW AT RESIZING PENIS.. LMFAO.

That’s good that you aren’t in contact with him anymore. It’d actually be interesting to see where he goes in life, cause as you said, talking about his dick length DEFF ain’t going to get him anywhere.

Whoa, I haven’t heard of that screen resolution before. :O Coolio.

That’s a good idea. You can Google anything these days, so why not Google that. :P I might jut get some good tips with a little luck haha.

You’re lucky that you’ve been able to catch up. I’m still struggling. I’m always struggling it’s so fail.. sigh. xD

OH SHIIIIIT. I forgot to download Avast AGAIN. Shit fuck crap. Thanks for your siren reminder though .. it’s much appreciated. xD Darnit, I don’t even have the time to download and install it now cause I left my homework to the last minute as usual and I have a test tomorrow. Fml.

I don’t think it was me who told you to change the Kurt Cobain thing to Superwoman. :P BUT, you should! Haha.

Depression definitely sucks major donkey balls.

Are you seriously excited to know what I want to be when I grow up? AHAHHAHA I think that’s hilarious. No one really gave a shit, lmfao. And PSH don’t you worry, it’s not a rubbish cleaner. Not even close. xD It’s like a million times nerdier than that.

Well it ain’t engineering and it doesn’t have much to do with computers (actually it might) but not really. DOCTORS ARE GOING DOWN. Other careers are climbing up real fast. :3

I was hoping to vlog this weekend, but I never got the time… again fail. Maybe I’ll vlog during the week, revealing my awesome career. HA, not even.

That is so true. I only have one bestfriend and to be honest, I on’y need one. I can only handle one.

I hate working in groups. Half the time the people that are in them don’t want to do anywork. Then they grade the work as a whole. it’s stupid. It’s like the teachers know most of the people won’t do any work..

Aw, I love those brushes, they’re so cute!

Thats a good idea with your affiliates since you have so many! I deleted about 10 when I moved so I only have 6 now, so making a new page isn’t the best idea right now. x_x I only kept the ones I actually talk to though!

What a bad group of people you have to work with! Eugh, I’m usually stuck with people that never do any work, so I just do it all my self so it actually gets done. It’s so annoying when no one helps out, though.

I tried to sort out my album artwork for the 3rd time last night but I was too distracted by the TV! XD I have so many to do that when I finally get round to it, it’s going to take ages. :|

I only have about 3 or 4 real friends right now, but I think it’s better like that. I can count the people I trust on one hand though, so thats a bonus because I know I’m not going to go round telling randomers different things.

I have 1 friend who finds John and Edward attractive so we were like, “Oooh we can share them!” haha. I know, like, I don’t vote for them but someone put on Tumblr that anyone who votes for them deserves to be shot! I think thats taking it a bit too far. :|

I think it’s okay for them to be moderated but I often forget about it so I took it off approve first xD but one comment did sneak into spam. x_x

My school blocks everything! Games, social networking sites and emails. Tumblr is the only thing not blocked, but I can access Twitter through that, so I must keep on the low!

yeah ill def. post pictures of what ill be for halloween :P
yeah damn economy… i want to find a job asap before i go to uni just for good reference and stuff. maybe im too young and thats why they wont hire me. bleh. haha! i don’t want to work for food either… sometimes if i’m too full on food, ill like puke when when i see it. NOT a good idea!

omg. i hate group assignments… unless you get the choice to choose your group (doubt that happens in uni, eh?). bad experiences with group assignments… i always end up being the bitchy leader that bitches at everyone and force them to do work. how else can we finish the project?! cause i aint doing all the work.

i have some real good friends, i think im lucky to have them. and youre lucky to have the bestest friends in the world (: its not how many friends you have that counts, its how good of a friends they are haha. forreals.

Cracked is one of my favorite sites, along with the LOL family (cats, dogs, celebs, failblog, etc.). :D

Ah, group assignments. I usually hate them for this very reason: I feel like the only way to get it done is to do all of it myself. However, I’m doing a group project right now, and it’s going very well! We’re meeting tonight to finish it… at this couple’s new apartment (ages 18 and 19, they’re both in my group). I’m so jealous, it burns. :(

Aw, your brushes look neat when they’re neon like that!

Anyway, probably because I only have two friends because I hardly talk to the rest of them and I think we don’t care about each other too much, I reallyyyy want to be friends with the girl of this couple. I’m such a freak, though… ever since, well, forever, when I got a new friend, I started getting all obsessive about them (in this case, looking at a ton of stuff on her Facebook because I find it fascinating), and I used to get super insecure. Even with my BFF of middle school, I would worry on the phone to her that she didn’t like me because I was just such a sucky person.

…Wow, that makes me sound depressed AND like a stalker! I promise I’m not usually like that. :P But I’ve really been wanting a girl total BFF… because I don’t have any girl friends in real life that I really talk to. Just two guys, one of which is my boyfriend. :P

How ironic… I hadn’t read the last part of your blog before I wrote that. It would be easier if I just had a girl friend. I don’t need a lot of friends–I don’t like crowds–but just one girl friend in real life… is that so much to ask? I think I may be a social failure.

But at least I don’t have tuberculosis! (I’m having some medical problems lately and had to have a TB test done, in case you hadn’t read.)

Awe! The brushes are cute <3

Ugh. Group Assignments. I effin hate them. Thankfully I rarely had any when I was in school but the work always seems to fall on ONE person. Sorry about that :( I hope it works out though.

Congratulations to all the winners <3

yay! Congrats to the winners. *applauds*

urgghhh. I hate doing group projects/assignments with people who simply can’t work in groups. Or worse, people who like to be in a group but let others do all the work /hmph

okay, going to check out your brushes now ;)

I hate it when people don’t do any work in groups or don’t assign you to do work. In my goverment class way back in highschool there was a group project we had to do. Three people I knew of knew each other really well; and they all knew me but did they care about me? No. I was always on them to do something because I didn’t want to fail the class because of them. It’s like when there’s a threesome class project they all 3 get together and I’m left out in the cold. Than when they need a fourth person (meaning me) they come to me. It sucked. But that was the way it was in highschool. As far as your brushes goes, they’re so cute! I love them. Are they available for photoshop 7? Yeah in America you definately NEED to have a dog on a leash if you take them out for walks. They can’t go out with out having one. I know for one dog he’ll just run away. I’m sorry about your animals and the bunny. :(. That’s always sad to lose a pet. But yeah,we have four furry friends of our own. 3 dogs 1 cat. I want another beta fish but my dad put his foot down and said no. I was like /wah . So yeah. The song is pretty sad. My dad has the cd (go figure) so whenever my laptop gets back, I’ll be downloading it onto my ipod. heehee.

What is your group assignment about? Good luck with getting it done, and if they never reply just smack ’em in class tomorrow! Take credit for everything if you have too, since they sound like they are being lazy.

32GB ipod touch? Nice! To take screen shots, you hold down the top power button and the home button at the same time, click them down in one click. And the screen will take a picture. :D very helpful.

Thank you!

The brushes are really great. I still haven’t transferred my brushes over to my new site. I am so lazy.

Thats so not fair that your group is acting up like that. If you end up doing the whole thing, make sure you get the credit for it. Don’t let them get any credit for something they did not do.

Friends can be the best. I only have two close friends my self. I wouldn’t ask for any one to replace them. And even tho they live in Perth, i am still lucky to have them.

I hope to make some friends here in Melbourne some time soon. I can’t wait to get a small job over Christmas, so i can mix and match with other people my age. Then i have a reason to use my many foundations and clothes i bought, when me and my new friends go out.

Lol George first off, google Loud ‘N Clear hearing aid. This commercial is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen and thought you’d enjoy it.

I’m loving the no affiliates program. I’m sure you’re a better person than me and actually like your affiliates, but I’ve had a couple “affiliates” that I don’t really like. So I got rid of the darn thing and am hoping to phase away contact with them. ahhhhhh.

I hate group projects because everybody sucks and my ideas are better. The end.

Lol that sounds so immature that’s really how I feel ! I’m always put into groups where people don’t care about quality. Lame.

Oh my I must head over to James’s blog !

I only have a few friends too. Friends are people you trust, spend a lot of time with, and whose company you enjoy being in. A lot of people have this view of friends confused with acquaintances. My only real friends are Harry, my little sister, and my friends Fran and Ryan (:

Congrats to the winners :)

I hate doing group work, it always ends up with one person doing the most work and the other people in the group sitting doing nothing. And then it’s worse when you come to be graded and even if you do get a high mark, everyone else takes credit for it too! sigh. Maybe you should just tell them that you’re not doing more work than your share, so then their marks will suffer too. It’s kind of rude not to even email back haha.

I’m about to go look at your new brushes, I bet they’ll look great :D

Oh yeah I’m so pedantic about my iTunes – I have to have album artwork for everything, even if it doesn’t come up automatically I just go to save the image on Google or something and upload it:) Even for stuff like live albums or acoustic versions, I make my own covers because it drives me crazy to have that little double quaver appear on my iPod!

Eh, they should. I won’t be able to go back until September 2010 though, so I think they might screw if I told them now. =/ My grades weren’t brilliant either and I should have done better. I was so shocked to even get 5 A-C grades and so were my parents. But I’m glad your parents are proud of you now. :D

Hehe yep. And I get £30 a week for studying, I know it’s not much but it’s better than nothing. :D

I saw your brushes, they’re awesome. :D I have a scanner but my step dad said it doesn’t work on Vista, but I think he was just lying because he couldn’t be bothered to sort it out lmao. Icon textures would be a great idea. :D

Hehe yeah I know, I love Pink Floyd too! I prefer Korns version of Another Brick In The Wall though, I don’t know why.

Gosh, that would annoy me too. There’s this one person on Twitter who gets on my nervous. They’re obsessed with MJ now, but before he died they used to take the piss out of him? And now they’re obsessed with another language.. it’s like get a life? Sorry but this person gets on my nervous so much lmao.

I tried sending the album but it wouldn’t upload, so I tried putting each ‘disk’ in a different .zip file and send them in two emails but that didn’t work. If you want, I can still do it but I’ll have to split them up further meaning you’ll have lots of emails? It’s up to you though! I would do it on MSN but MSN doesn’t work for me. /wah

I’d upload it to my site but I don’t think that would work haha.

You’re allowed to be lazy sometimes though, you deserve to be. xD

Haha, I love doing that to myself. I said I wouldn’t close comments and I did. But that’s because I can’t come on much at the weekend and I hate comments building up because I just get even more lazy. :(

Yeah, I just hate blogging unless I’ve returned all comments, I don’t know why.

LOL yeah it is huge! Lmfao, I always see small people driving massive cars, it’s like they can hardly see over the wheel! A girl I met when I worked at that temp job was 23 but shorter than me and when she was doing her driving lessons, she had to sit on a pillow haha.

Aww thanks! I’ve seen people using your smilies actually! And your premades. But what I can’t understand is, why people ALWAYS credit you even if they edit it, but they won’t do it for me? Am I too nice or something? Obviously it’s a good thing they credit you but it annoys me how people always credit others but I’m just ignored.

Yeah totally. But my class weren’t the best and none of them wanted to do shit. I had to do it all then we all failed and I’m like don’t blame me you douches.

Lmfao, yep. But no, I hate sushi haha. I hate it when people do that though. My step dad does it all the time. He gets home from work and he’s like ‘what did you do today? Nothing’ I’m like, shall I still answer?

LOL! I love that! “when you assume you are making an ASS out of U and ME” Hahaha, that’s jokes.

Congratulations to everyone who won something in the domain competition. :D

I love your brushes, like I’ve already said. But they are so adorable. I love the ‘previews’ you made, so cute!

I’m not really into the whole affiliate thing anymore either, that’s why I only have the 12 people I talk to the most. I hope I stay on your list, even if I am bad at commenting. o_O

I can’t believe they won’t reply to your email. Either they’re avoiding you or just haven’t checked their email. But who doesn’t check their email daily? /hmph

I hope they reply soon, or they have replied. I don’t want you to have to do it all on your own!

I love how you’ve set Fire The Arrow out! It looks so cool and I get amused by it… don’t ask why.

Awww! I wish I had a great friend like Lillian. Rob’s like my best friend but I wish I had something like you have Lillian! Wait, I have Carly. :D Even though we’ve never met, I still love her loads.

I only really have a few CLOSE friends too. I’d rather have that than a bunch of friends who aren’t reliable and just use me. I have better online friends than I do offline though. ♥

My geography notebook is the plainest and most retarded. :X

Ohmygosh! I live like 30mins from Parramatta. /oh

Ugh D; I hate it when that happens. I always send out emails (often spamming peoples inboxes…go me!) and they rarely reply :( But I can call them but I prefer to keep my credit unwasted :D

Wow thats tres cool! (Y)


Congratz to the winners! woo!

Your brushes are so cute!!! ♥

D: Group assignment?! Well we had something like that happen for our PE assignment but one person took charge and then it wasn’t much of a “group” assignment if you get what I mean 😒

iTunes is confusing. At the start I didn’t know what to do and I was like oh my gee what do i do?!

I have a lot of close friends but people closest to me is mostly my family and a group (like 3-5?) that are close because I click with those people best. :D The best thing about all of them is that they understand me and don’t take the friendship for granted so yeah ✌️

I only feel uncomfortable crying around some people. The only time I really felt uncomfortable about crying was when I cried in front of a guy. I don’t even remember why I cried – I guess it was because of something he said in generall and because I had bad experiences (the stuff I talked about in my last blog)..

Yeah I can’t imagine that too! I mean, if I can’t talk to him about everything than something is going wrong. Hehe, I totally can’t imagine you without James – even if I don’t know him. Ever since I talked to you he has been a part of you :) He seems to be an awesome guy! Lucky Georgie <3

Yep, definitely true! I guess I'll just get through it somehow.

I kinda tend to write things like that lately.. I don't know why though. I guess I found my "talent" or something. Actually this part of your comment made my eyes tear yesterday :) I thought it was such a cute comment! Thanks ♥ You are more than awesome yourself ♥

Hell yeah. It actually happens quite often and considerin gthe fact that my lil sister managed to break our nice lil camera, I don't have nothing to take pictures with anymore :(

I think my parents kind of had the plan to buy a laptop for me and my sister for christmas. That would be cool with me. Because right now we are using 1 computer with 4 people. That's definitely not enough. And my sister is at her boyfriend's most of the time anyways, so it would feel like it's "mine".

Yeah. Here in Germany we have this quote kind of thingy, that says: Silent waters are deep. Meaning that even if you might not expect someone shy and silent to be dirty/naughty or what ever, they most of the time are.

Hehe, yeah! I guess as soon as the winter is around the corner, everyone really realizes that another year is going to end..

I guess a little break would do wonders for you! And you'd totally deserve it :) Finishing the last weeks of uni without all that stree, would be awesome.

My nervousness about New Year usually start at the end of November, when the first bunch of family birthdays are over and Christmas is around the corner etc. Do you already have plans made for New Years Eve?

Erm.. they are state exams. Each state here in Germany gets their own guidelines on what to teach the students and so we all get different exams. Our teacher said, that we'll order a book for our German class where experts made some exams and the solutions for them for us to practise and stuff. They want to show us, what is expected and stuff.

I actually call him Maximlian most of the time.. I kinda like the long name xD But sometimes I just say Max too.. depending on my mood I guess xD

Yeah definitely! All those great people online take the time to read your blogs and try to help you and all that, it's just awesome ♥

Hehe, okay. I will stop – for your sake :D

Congratulations to all the winners of the domain competition! :)

Your brushes look really cute and awesome ♥ You did an amazing job!

I hope I will still be on that list :) But I recognized that too on my own blog. Some of the people that commented me regularly weren't affiliates but sometimes were more active than my affiliates.. it "weird"..

I guess the whole group situation changed a little bit – evne if they still haven't replied to your e-mail. But on Twitter you said you guys did some work during class and stuff, so I hope you'll get it done in time! If not – blame them! If they can't re-act to your e-mail but get drunk , then they should be at least able to get that damn assignment done. It's not just their grade – it's yours too!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

I totally agree, you really don't need a whole bunch of friends, because sometimes a hand ful of close friends is worth soo much more than a bunch of "friends".. Lucky us for having such friends in our lives :)

You do? I ALWAYS return them directly from my website…I should probably switch to your way, too, so I’ll get less tired of the layout! :D

Yeah! XD It’s been a good Diwali! Except, it wasn’t as grand as it was celebrated in the past years.

Oh damn, haha! I too think the iPod could be designed like that. XD

Yeah, it has become more of a necessity today! But! My. Parents. Just. Won’t. Listen.

Oh, woooooo!!! Waking up at such times is soooo relaxing. :D

Haha, I see. Guess what? I (sorry!) read your reply to Lillian…you mentioned “someone noticed them on my EyeThief layout…”, so that someone is ME? XD Well, I knew it coming! :]


Yay! The winners are finally announced. :D Yeah, Kyana has been doing well! Shows she badly wants a domain. :| But, Lady Luck hasn’t smiled on her yet! :) She still has won loads of advertising? That’s good! :)

LOL, you know what I think about your brushes! I was like, “OMG!” when I looked at them. XD

Ow, that’s bad! I’d be totally freaked out if I had to be in such a situation. The other group members need to give some attention the group assignments! GO REPORT THEM!!!!

Yeah, I agree. You may have only a few friends, but they’re the best you could ask for! Yay, BESTEST! :D

It’s really nice that you take in your few but true friends (LOL, notice the rhyme?) in that way! :D

Very true. :)

AWWWWWWWWS. ♥ My heart is no longer broken. :)

(8) ‘Cause when a heart breaks, no it don’t break even…

Hahaha yeah. I was gonna do more “OMG”s but I thought I’d make it easier for you by not doing so many. Hehehee.
Yeah… pieces of paper are so easy to lose, damage and just screw up. /um


Whoops. Sorrys for being silly. /um
I hadn’t realised how much you loved me. ;D Lmao. I mean ‘cuz you have loads of affiliates… but YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY I am on ze pageeee! ✌️ /eee

I luh you. 8D

Haha yeah I figured you were kidding. :P But yays! I’m on the page. /type
I’m happy now. XD

Well, glad your assignment has definitely picked up! :D
Alternatively, too many cooks spoil the broth!

I used to have this headteacher who was so boring and used to say phrases like that all the time. “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me” and something to do with milking a cow? XD

I used to count how many she said in assembly. She reached an amazing 23. O_O
Where do you get your album art from? I just get mine off Google. ‘Cuz my screen is… pretty much square, so it works. ^^

AWESOMEST AND BESTEST. New words. :D Put them on the Urban Dictionary? /faw (Y)

Mince pies are very special, ‘cuz Santa made them! XD
I can’t believe Christmas ads have been on TV since August. WHOOAA dude.
I always find it odd you guys celebrate it in summer. Our Christmas cards are all snowy and stuff, to match our weather. Heh.

Might not have been a good picture but it reflected my mood, hehehe.
And eew. That’s my brother’s job, to pick his nose in public. EURGGH.
I normally say I’m 14 when people ask how old we are. Just so I don’t look weird. :P

Earphones in the washing machine? D: 💥 /bash

NEVER. I suck at hosting, let alone a disco! :O XD

Wow, that’s awkward… haha.
“When”, eh? I don’t listen to much of Atreyu. XD

“Haha yep. I think the world should not be embarrassed to randomly dance. It would put everyone in a good mood if we all danced randomly without being ashamed.”

You Know You’re Right. ;D AMEN.

*hi5 back*
Take that, biatch. /bounce ;)


Ha. Oh well, you deserve to turn your nose up SOMETIMES (H) Or maybe all the time, it happens :P

I know what you mean. Vaccumming just makes the room feel so much better. My grandma is always like “WHY do you vaccum so much”. Uh, I just love it, lol. I do wish I had a deep cleaner though. I’ve spilled so much on this carpet and it’s quite old /bash lol.

True, a fresh start in my room and on my site always makes me feel good.

I can’t believe people would apply for affiliates JUST for hits. Like actually telling you. I mean I think it’d bad enough to “apply” anymore, I just don’t think it’s right. Maybe that’s just me, but I find it more as a friend type thing.

Ah, good! Hopefully your group gets back together instead of partying again, lol. I can’t believe that! At least some things got done though. Hopefully they don’t bail again.

Haha. I’m an idiot who watches horror movies at night and would be a scaredy-cat when it’s time to sleep. I was about to buy The Grudge 2 but my mom stopped me because just by looking at the picture, it freaked her out. :O I haven’t even watched The Ring because of her. Haha.

I’m still in Lesson 2, I guess, in Korean. XDD They say Japanese is harder to learn than Korean, but I don’t know myself since I haven’t tried learning Japanese.

English is a hard language, but I was lucky since almost everyone in school is speaking it since I was 6. We almost use it everyday during classes that I felt like it’s my native language, but of course, it’s not.

Oh really, there’s a script and/or WP plugin? I’ll try searching for those. :P Thanks for mentioning it!

Not being able to choose really sucks. I don’t like having very dependent groupmates and those who are hard-headed, thick-headed people. >,< But it's not much of a problem for me though. I know almost all of my classmates since we were together since our first year.

Haha. Well soon enough you can learn to make textures as I’m making tutorials. Aha yeah I did. I’m only adding the specail ones to that. I’m fed up of having random people follow me and ignore me lmao! I know right! Started work today as you know. Was okay. still don’t know why wage yet though :/ Urgh I rather have to work 8:30 to 1:30 or have half an hour lunch and work to 2. So i’ll probably be skipping lunch! I did today. /bash << how i feel right now with this blasted cough and cold i feel like darth vader /huh /ho /poo /pow 🤮 Haha. Sorry I'm nuts about your emoticons :3 Aww thanks! I'm still learning with brushes and emoticons though :/

Ninjas with fishnets would be great. I’m thinking of adding more to the accesories and outfit section, so basically adding more to everything. In the end I’ll have a mega long article, so people will no everything about being a ninja (but in a none-serious way).

Yeah it is. I wonder why it costs different amounts in different countries. A bit unfair really.

I love the winning entry for the graphics section. It’s so creative. I think you picked the right ones!

Sorry, I clicked ‘submit’ by accident.

Those brushes are really gorgeous, I love how you’ve layed them out on the page!

I don’t really do ‘affiliates’ anymore, ’cause I’d rather just link people who’s sites I like and who I talk to, not just people who want a link exchange. That’s why I got rid of my application page. Too many people were applying without reading the rules.

Hope the assignment goes alright! Your group sound pretty crappy to be honest, I wouldn’t want to work with them. At least one of you actually wants to do it though, go Georgina!

I have hardly any album art on my iPod. A lot of it’s the wrong picture anyway, I don’t have a clue why. Maybe I should organise my iPod better??

Ooh, I better go read it!

I only have a few close friends, but it’s probably better than having a thousand friends you hardly know. Aww, James and Lillian sound so sweet. Bless.

I hate the whole affiliate thing now… I really do. I’m only linking blogs I find interesting on Paris now, and on S-D… Well I don’t really care any more ._. people are moaning at me for taking their link down and I’m just like I’VE ALREADY TOLD YOU I’M NOT DOING THAT ANY MORE AND PLUS WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU SPOKE TO ME?!?! The little ignorant shits.

I don’t think it’s at all fair that they’ve left this down entirely to you, I hate it when people do that. If I were you, I’d just do your part and fuck them. Then at least you could use the excuse that you’re the only one that bothered.

Hahaha I don’t even bother with the album art on my iPod, I just stare at the default music thing. I don’t even use it to listen to music any more, my earphones keep breaking so I only use it for the apps :D

Yeah exactly. Although some people don’t even know how to make good conversation.. and that just sucks for them. xD

Y’know, tbh, I’ve never really known EXACTLY what Viagra does either. It’s weird. I haven’t really thought about it either.. but I know the perfect person to ask. Ryan. He’s bound to know LOL. I would have to agree, big penises scare me too. -Lmao anyone who just read that line, is probably thinking “Wow, some conversation they must be having”..

Anyways, woo make sure you to go to that reunion, and don’t forget to tell me about how it goes. xD Just make sure you take a bottle of pepper spray or something incase he tries anything funky. xD

LOL what’s Vicky’s resolution?

Yeah 30 comments IS a lot. Especially to return at one time, it’s craziness dude. Craziness. I pray for a co-owner sometimes lmao, one that is better than Ryan.. which can probably be anyone. xD But then again, I like having the site to myself too, cause it’s just like “IT’S MINE AND I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH IT. BACK OFF”. Lmfao.

Thankfully, I didn’t star thinking about Avast while writing my test because if I did, I probably would have failed.. but who am I kidding.. I probably failed anyways. Sigh.

Oh I see. GO JOYCE! Bahahaha.

LMAO do I really make this career sound “cool” ? Cause most people when they first hear what it is they think, “wow what a fucking nerd, who would want to do that?!” .. but it’s a stereotype cause the career isn’t what people THINK it is. A lot of people just judge it by the name.

And nope, it ain’t a games developer. xD

Not a fashion designer either. Funny that you mention that, cause when I ask people what they imagine me becoming they would say “Fashion Designer” and then I would tell them what I’m actually planning to go into and then this horrid / confused look would spread across their face LMAOO.

Ah, fuck my life. I didn’t see you had a new blog.. FAIL.

Anyways, you’ve added brushes! :O Woo, I’m definitely going to check them out, I love brushes cause I tend to make good use of them in my layouts.

Holy snap, that SUCKS so much that it’s due tomorrow and you guys haven’t done anything. D: I really hope they reply to those emails I would get so fucking annoyed.

Good thing your other groups aren’t as bad though.

Aweh that’s so cute about your friendship with James and Lilian. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have, as long as their good ones. (: Wow, for once, something that my accounting teacher told me actually makes sense. She kept telling me “I want quality not quantity” SAME GOES FOR FRIENDS. CHYEAH LIFE LESSON LEARNED BITCH.

I looooveee being random :D I hope so too, ugh i hate dreams that never end good :(
OMG we had a huge play fight on twitter on wet dreams :D
Thanks :D Hopefully i don’t fail and have to take it again like some people are because that would be embarrassing lol

Subs are really easy to trick lol. They will believe anything you say. We had this old dude so he was not something you had to go crazy over :P
Today the teacher told us that quiz was a take home quiz lol. So all that cheating was for nothing lol. But still though it was nice :D
OMG!!! YOU GUYS HAD LIKE FREE ANSWERS :D Did she realize it?

My phone is some push up phone and the texting is horrible because the keys are not that big lol But the camera is awesome and it has a radio and a workman in there so it’s all good :D Except i can’t find my cell phone cord so i plug it to my computer /bash

I saw the visitors section :D She did great on it <3 I especially love the articles :D

Mostly all we're learning about right now is biomes and organisms and food chains and webs and crap :P

I'm going to take a picture of my PJ costume when i have it on :D

I suck at drawing both on the computer and on paper lol

I hate groups because not everyone puts in the same effort. It's soo annoying lol

I don’t know if you got my comment because i don’t see, i think spammed you, i don’t but i hope you got because wordpress i’m duplicating comments.

Those brushes are AWESOME! I especially love the 3rd set (“Adorable”, I think it was called). Very cute. :)

Argh, that’s so annoying about your assignment. I had that problem many times back in high school, the other girls would just slack off and then I’d end up doing almost the whole thing myself. Though I didn’t really mind that much to be honest because if I did it all myself then at least I could do it the way I wanted and not have to argue with anyone over what approach to take. But uni assignments are usually much bigger, so I can definitely understand your frustration. :( Maybe you could send an email to your lecturer or something to let them know what the situation is? I don’t know if it will make them any more lenient, but it might still be worth a shot. :)

That’s so true too what you said about having just a couple of close friends – I think it’s much better to have just one or two good friends who you’re really close to than dozens that are little more than acquaintances. Quality over quantity, eh? :)

Go for it, have a links page. I would but I am too lazy tbh. I cut down my affiliates from ten to about six and I am happy with those. I like to class those people as friends/ I read a lot more blogs than I care to comment or link.

Sites aren’t about affiliations but about yourself. Caity at has shit loads of affiliations. I don’t know how she does it at all personal. She’s simply amazing I s’pose though?heh/

I hate group work for the exact matter what you just address. no one seems to take it seriously unlike me. You should just do your part and explain to your tutor everyone was was fucking about and not replying to email. And that you’d rather work alone that have group work. I would.

Good luck with it though.

OMGGG lmao i almost forgot about your other comment :S im so smart ! :P

thaanks! lool, i used a gradient instead of clicking all the little pixels on, ahah

Greenland, gosh, who ever came up with that name must of been stupid…but i think it was like a barbarian or whatever those people are (lmfaoo i know theres a different name..i just have bad memory LOL) named it in some other language or something and translated in english it meant Greenland.. i don’t know! :P i don’t pay attention in history class /oh

i sometimes do that and people are just ilke “what the heck did you just say?” lmfaoo

i knoow! and i thought french was hard… hmm, image that! LOL i don’t even know all my like verbs and stuff, well i do, but sometimes i get confused (Y) cause i’m just so smart like that again!

thank you (twicee! lol) yeeah, peer pressure, pressure that celebrities have, and pressure of being a busy a web-designer LOL typing away… /type

aand now the other comment that i almost forget :D LOL hmm, this comment shall be very long LOL

yeeah, that always happens to me, even in like real life! cause my life is the same practically everyday… how exciting.

ahah yeah! OMG my teacher has this amazing stapler LMFAOO, its like pink and cool…yeah, just thought you should know :P

really? i don’t like basements that aren’t like finished and are just cements…now that is creepy! i dont mind finished basements too much, but you never really know! :P

oh gosh, i cannot write 1 review all at once…i will like die! i get so bored of looking at the same layout LOL.

i tried the meta tags thing but they don’t seem to work for me…i think i do it wrong cause its also invalid XHTML for me as well LOL i’m a horrible coder :(

ooh, its an american/canadian or whatever show

yeees!!! aha, best 2 games after tap tap! the popping bubbles one is pretty pointless but for some reason entertains me! theres this one version where when you’re done popping the bubbles a picture of girls in bikini’s show up -.- guys in my class have that oh my gosh. :P

oh yes i do! i like steal my friends ipod everyday during lunch and just start playing the games rather than listen to the music :P!!

i love the brusheees! they’re soo cute and original and i like how they’re in like sketchy form :D, i tried drawing my own brushes once but my scanner was being a /poo and not working and scanned like half of the image so i was like whaat!

ahah, affiliatees! cause your just an amazing web owner :D i’m sure people will still link you though :)

i hate doing group projects with people who don’t work and slack off! they haven’t replied your email? call them and be like “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!” LOL :) i hate when you can’t pick your partners.. eck. well i hope your project gets done and your group members pull through!

theres nothing wrong with having only 2 supeeer close friends! i only have like 3 but i still hang out with random people when im bored LOL! cause mine areeen’t that amazing as yours :)

i will end this super long comment now! :D well cause i have to help my dad but yeah!! i think this is the longest comment i’ve ever written :P

god thats long LOL

LOL people always look at me funny. I’m such a freak bawhaha. :D

Lol I only say it’s my God because I had stuff like Fan Update and Cutenews for so long that ANYTHING is better than that.

Hehe I put them up, their link is in the little “Updates” section on my side bar if you want to see them. I couldn’t find the other set I made so I just made some new ones haha. I don’t know if like them though. :/

LOL. That’s good that you got the extension. See, things always work themselves out. With the help of people..sometimes lol. Shame on them for partying. I never do anything until I get all of my school work done. I can’t have fun thinking about the fact that it’s not done yet haha. It’s always in the back of my mind.

Haha I love Itunes <3

yeah i was looking at uni books? and they said they give out lots of job opportunities. i dont really want to wait till university though :P get some experience before i enter it !

teachers always say to me that in the work field, you can’t pick who you work with blahablhablh. i’m sure that to be hired, you’d have to be hardworking. in a group in school, people aren’t very motivated to do things D: ahhh, group projects suck.

Hey, i was looking at your header. I could not understand barley a word you wrote haha, let alone reading them properly. I got my boyfriend to translate it for me in normal talk haha. I said to him ‘hey, this a friends site, i bet you can’t understand this’. He did.

Congratulations to all the winners!

My block mates are sometimes like that, too. And it pisses me off that they know it is important but they keep on ignoring my emails. Gosh. They can be such a pain in the ass right?

Glad to know you got only 2 people whom you trusted very much. I think it’s not how many friends you have but how those friends value you as a friend. Heh. You can see a lot of `friends` words in my comment.

You made me feel much better… thank you. You’re right; it’s because nobody else was really somebody I wanted to be friends with.

Just because it meant so much… THANK YOU! :D ♥

Congrats to all the winners, took a look at the entries are they’re all lovely ;)

I also looked at your brushes and they’re quite adorable ;) So well done ;P

I think there is a WP plugin where you can have ‘top commenters’ I don’t know what it’s called though :S

Bleh. Group assignments are so annoying….I wish you got their mobile numbers though so you could pester them more. They really should be checking their email though because they should know that they have an assignment due soon o.o

You could have a million ‘friends’ and still only pick out a few close ones. So it really doesn’t matter ‘how many’ you have ;)

However you will make more in the future (though they may be distance) once you enter in the workforce.

Out of the 8 or 7 people I sit with at lunch I can really only see myself still being really good friends with 1 or 2 of them after high school. :)

Georgina, I’M BACK! /bounce
Yes, it’s true :L Do you remember me? Haha.

I’m smarter now and I don’t comment babyish like I used to.
Woow! Your website looks awesome since I last visited. The header is reeeally cool :D

I haven’t been working on my website actually, I have been on, rofl. It is actually quite cool :)

My website should be open, erm.. idk actually. But come and leave a comment (I am using your awesome layout) :D


Yeah, I guess you have to accept them. They are people I like hanging out with most..

Haha, the same thing happened to me. Currently I use four email address. One for my offline friends on MSN, another Yahoo for my offline friends as well. Then one on MSN for my website and another that’s just there. :P And I get confused with just these.

We won! :D Even the finals weren’t that exciting, but it’s still really awesome.

I heard that teacher has gone to UK to study. And now we have a new teacher. The senior girls call him NT=New Teacher. :D

Handball isn’t so popular here as well. Just in schools.

Congrats to the winners! :)
Your brushes are really awesome.

Having group members who do nothing is really annoying. DId they help later? Good thing your other groups are good.

I think you are really lucky. Most friends don’t stick with you all the time and you’ve got amazing friends who are always with you. They must be really special for you.

Haha, yeah I remember you telling me that. XD
I do trust dentists, but I just hate needles in my mouth. D: My sister’s friend’s sister’s friend’s brother’s sister wants to be a dentist. ;D

Yeah, me neither! And that gross jelly stuff they put on, eew. D:
And your mouth feels all weird and heavy too… but hell anaesthetic is needed. Totally. /faw 😰 /ehh

My dad also gives his food out too but just generally, if he is “disallowed” food he will become grumpy. *nods*

Our dads are quite different then. XD Mine is just joking but it’s still funny, haha.

I saw that contest, but hadn’t realise that she hadn’t given you awards. That’s so fucking unfair. :@

LMAO, I wanna do a contest like that now! D:

Yes, I admit that I pasted them… but it would’ve been boring writing it all out again, heh.
I found it easier to screw up notes and throw them. :D But yeah… notes… classes… memories… /eee ♥

And you are an awesome friend too! /bounce *huggles* (Y)
Other people, eh… I have several “other people”…. :/
Imagine if we hadn’t’ve met! :O Weird shit, awh. I don’t know how I would have managed without you. D:
Haha. Reminded me of a song then. :)

A god, eh? I thought I would’ve been better suited to a goddess… lmao.

*nods* I work well in three or fours. Other groups are too big and it gets messy…

She was very in to her sayings and stuff. 23 was declared the school record. :D
LOL, that explains a lot! I copy from the big image. :P

Oh man there are soooo Christmas ads and stuff over here, it’s stupid. There was one on in August, FFS. :| :O

Santa on a deckchair? XD

Tangly the Terrible… hehe your phrase just reminded me of Terryble Terry. 💥
We have this awesome new bus driver now, he’s all hippie and cool. XD

Okay okay okay, I’ll listen to some more Atreyu seeing as you were/ are listening to some Breaking Benjamin! (Y) x3
What songs do you like by them? :D

Give me some good Atreyu songs and I’ll check them out some more for you. :3

Take care! xx
(‘Cuz you know you’re right)…