Pain Inside A Spiral Notebook

James doesn’t really like Breaking Benjamin but Vicky and Jorja have recommended them to me and so far I find their music good. I admit none of it blows my head off as of yet, but I haven’t listened to all their songs. I like Firefly and Forget It – they have stood out to me the most so far. :)

I have a habit of thinking of other bands when I hear a new one. Breaking Benjamin sound like a combination of Live, Pearl Jam and 30 Seconds To Mars. So I quite like them so far – wouldn’t call myself a fanatic though. I nicked the blog title from Forget It.

I went on Lilian’s Facebook account for a random nosey and ended up playing Typing Maniac and getting addicted.

I also happened to call her Facebook status update a “tweet”. Oops. XD

Well, seeing as I don’t have a Facebook and won’t be getting one, I’ll resort to the apps on my iPod or something… /bounce

Yesterday my group managed to get together and do the assignment. Hopefully I can trust that they already sent it in online before this afternoon. But we were given time in class to work on it. I’m surprised how many hands really do make light work.

I didn’t have a nice time at work yesterday either. I felt quite tired and my eyes were drooping. Some of the kids were being rather rude and impatient. I think I was just stressed out over the assignments and lack of sleep. I had slept at 2am, partially because I was trying to get something done on the assignment.

My pen ran out and I wasn’t in the greatest of moods to ask my boss for another one. This boy had been getting the same question wrong because it was so obviously grammatically incorrect (and you know how I am about bad grammar). I went to my boss and told her he continued to get it wrong.

She didn’t seem too pleased – maybe because I seemed annoyed.

I was just sitting at my desk with only a black pen and a green pen – no red – and I was just seeing all the work pile up in the box, along with the homework I had to mark. I felt terrible and I could feel my eyes welling up, and I just sat there and buried my face in my hands.

I started to cry. I felt stressed out and tired. I felt bad because I couldn’t get all this work done. It’s funny how I still push myself even just to finish stacks of work at work. /wah

We have a few autistic children at the centre. One of them is a boy named Corey*. He is quite loud and makes a lot of mistakes but he’s a wonderful bright child. I remember giving him a test once and he was holding my hand. I was warned that the autistic children would be a bit affectionate in that way and not to get too close.

As I was burying my face in my hands with my elbows in the desk, feeling my tears coming out but trying to be ever so silent, I heard a small gasp from my left.

A small voice uttered, “What’s wrong?”

There was so much worry in the voice, but I would have recognised Corey’s voice anywhere. I could feel him rubbing and patting my back. It was so touching that I just cried harder. I’m feeling better now… but that really touched me.

*name changed

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Good; headless Wuggs won’t be much fun! 😰
But there’s the rest of Wuggs. :X :P /love

Haha, your boss is an ass. /bounce
Ngaweee, Corey sounds very cute :) people may say he’s ‘sick’ and all, but he’s probably nicer than them anyway /ho

*floog*! /eee

LOL. It was a figure of speech. :P

Shhhhh. She is not an ass. She’s actually really good at maths though. She studied it hardcore. And she’s studying something now – something like psychology. /huh

He is a bit of a nuisance but he’s such a nice boy. :)

Awww. Corey’s action melted me T____T; Kids can be such a pain, but at times they are so much better than adults! Your story and amongst other reasons are why I don’t mind working with kids.

I’m glad you let your stress out, though. Sometimes bottling up all your stress and frustrations hurt you more than ever. *hugs*

Oh, so many people have told me to listen to Breaking Benjamin because they’re really good, but I keep forgetting to. OOPS. I must do so some time xD They must be pretty good if you like them…^^…

OOOPS! Hahahaha! I’m so sorry! I got you addicted to Typing Maniac xD Hahahaha! Yeah, it’s quite an annoyingly addictive game [even with the terrible music]. Like I told you on msn, if I could play properly on this tiny laptop, I’d be playing non-stop and I’d never ever get any work done. *sigh* Yep! Lucky you do NOT have a facebook =P

Lol @ calling my status updates tweets xD I rarely update my status since I got a Twitter xD

Yay! You got some group assignment work done ^^ It’s alright. If your group failed to email it in, you can /bash and /pow them and RAWRRRRRRR! =) Haha

Awwww, you sound like you were highly, highly stressed and annoyed at work =( *hugs*…


Poor Georgie. You push yourself way too hard =( And your work sounds gay anyways.

But that kid was really sweet ^^ So cute too…^^…

He must be a really affectionate type of kid. Haha. That’s like one of those stories you hear on GMH ^^

I wish there were more kids like him around. Autism or no autism =)

Haha, well James tells me they’re crap. But my online friends love them!

Lucky you aren’t as good on the laptop. Hahaha. :P I type pretty fast on my laptop too but it isn’t a good idea to get addicted when you have work to do. Maybe when I get super bored I shall log into your account and play. :)

I noticed! Your wall is quite empty. The last one you made was about my survey. :P

I think you can import tweets into Facebook though.

Yeah, and we exchanged numbers too, so they’ll be in for a real pow if they don’t cooperate. /pow

*HUGS*! I wish there were nice kids around too. Some of them are quite rude. When you come across a nice kid, you can really tell the difference.

Breaking Benjimen are cool. (H) Diary of Jane is my favourtie. It’s unreal!

You should get Facebook, or at least do Farmville on Lilians. It’s so freaking addictive. XD

Aw. :’) That’s so sweet. Autistic children are actually sometimes really bright. It’s so annoying, I wish I could’ve been that smart when I was younger.

Aw, Corey sounds like such a sweetheart. Who cares if you were told not to get too close, if he’s so sweet like that you can be friends :) Heh. /wave

Isn’t Breaking Benjamin a metal rock band? My friend gave me a link to listen to it and it was really noisy, no offense. I’m not sure what song was that though. But I admit, I like their lyrics. :)

LOL at Facebook! I haven’t actually tried Typing Maniac but my classmates were playing it and kept talking who has the best score and whatnot. Hahaha.

Awww, the last part really touched me. Autistic children are really special in a way, though many people would laugh over them. -.- They’re also obedient, compassionate and can memorize well.

I have a cousin who is partially autistic, and I find it sickening when I found out her father raped her. Fuck, I wanna punch him right in the face and make him spend the rest of his life in prison. He was in luck though because we held a case against him and my cousin couldn’t remember what date he did it,(probably due to the terror he brought her) which is one of the major reasons why we didn’t win. -.- I never want to see his fucking ugly face again. EVER.

Don’t push yourself too hard. I’m not as dedicated as you so if I’d feel the burden is too heavy for me, I’d quit work, but I’d miss Corey somehow. XD *hugs* Hope you feel better now.

I’ve changed some things in the sidebar. I guess it was the ‘Senyth’ section that made it quite messy.

I didn’t know there’s a book for that. I read a novel called The Perfume. It wasn’t as scary but I still got scared. :O It’s like I don’t want to continue reading it but I can’t put it down since I badly want to know what’s going to happen next. XD

AWW. ^_^ thats so sweet.
it reminds me of my little cousin who tries to make me feel better whenever she sees me crying. aybe its a child’s natural reflex.
you must be feeling really stressed out.
crying is a weekly think for me now.
sometimes i wake up with a bloated headand a blotchy face because i have been crying.
¬¬ i get really annoyed at myself.
dotn worry about the work load, scientist have proved that timetabling is the best way to help stress.
:) take lots of care,
and listen to happy songs :P ;)

Aww, now that’s just so sweet! :) It would be nice to know someone like Corey. :D

Typing Maniac! :D I love it! A lot of my friends are addicted to it as well! I don’t know if they have an app for that on the iTunes store, but hey, they should make one similar!

Sometimes you just have to let the tears out though. Through camp there was a lot of drama, and through all the 4 days I held all my sadness and anger in. On the 5th day, I couldn’t stand it any more, and it all just came out. It’s better letting it out than bundling it all in, I guess. ;]

I haven’t heard the songs by Breaking Benjamin before, I’m too caught up with artists like Marie Digby! XD ♥ I might listen to them sometime. Just for fun. :D

I have an autistic cousin. His name is Myles. He says the funniest things. He went up to my cousin Jenelle one day and said “hey Steff”. Jenelle replied, “I’m not Steff”.

Myles said “ok, how old are you? Steff is 21”. Haha, he has the most amazing memory. I remember how he asked my age at least eight months ago. I hardly see him.

He is not so good with names tho. He is always calling me Kathrine. But he remembers the smallest things.

I hope you feel better. I would give you a hug if i was in Sydney, and not a stranger. Cheer up. Take a day off. Ask for an extension on a piece of work, and leave your website alone for just a day. We will all understand if you go one time with not commenting back, or being late with it. I have said before. You are an amazing web host, and all your hard work here, work and UNI, will 100% pay off.

And its okay to have a cry, i do it all the time. Makes me tired tho. But it is usually a load off and i feel better after. I guess crying is better then keeping in the stress and anger.

♥ ♥ ♥

I’ve never actually listened to Breaking Benjamin. I have a very long list of bands I need to listen to and they’re on there now. :)

Yay for getting the assignment done! [:

I hope you’re okay now! I hate the feeling after a night with no sleep and then you’re constantly on the go for the next day. :(

Aw, Corey sounds so sweet! :)

It seems to be that, if you don’t have the exact same opinion as that LittleJames, you are clearly in the wrong.

I’m a bit of a neat freak and everything has to be perfect. I’m constantly redoing the artwork every time I add a bunch of new songs! :3

If they did block Tumblr I think I’d actually have to do work in maths D: haha.

Awww. I’m sorry that you feel that stressed out! ♥ At least Cory was there to make you feel better. Kids are something, they seem to know things like that.

I’ve heard of Breaking Benjamin but I don’t know if it’s my style of music. Sometimes certain bands are too “soft” and I get bored listening to them lol.

Glad you got your project done! I was wondering if those people were going to be skeezy and just leave you to do it all, glad to see that’s NOT the case.

Facebook is becoming boring to me. I keep it bc of some contacts I need to stay in touch with for my other fan sites, but other than that I’m hardly on it. I’m on twitter now lol. Oh, applications!

Awws, sorry to hear that. I think you should’ve taken a day off of school since you felt so stressed! I mean, you are a college student and you would be stressed to the point that you felt this way. You should’ve taken a day off to relax and de-stress yourself for the time and return the next day for work. Or is it not possible to take a day off? I took a day off when I felt stressed and it helped me out so much! It made me feel better. And if I did go to work, I think I will be in a very pissy-mood. Just relax. Take a day off…

Take care!

Hahaa I love it when you notice people like bands you haven’t heard before, then you listen …and you’re hooked! It’s great to listen to new things once in a while (:

Aww, I’m really sorry to hear you had a bad day. It sucks when you feel that nothing’s going right and you just need to cry it out. That’s so cute of that boy! It’s amazing how someone just patting you can be so meaningful. Hopefully you feel better soon!

Aw I hope you feel better soon. It sounds pretty stressful at the moment for you.

That boy was so sweet, reminds me of my little brother. He is autistic and would probably react in the same way as that boy. It brings a tear to my eye! :)

Take care and don’t over work yourself!


Oh holy poo. O_O You left some LONG ASS comment. Lmfao. xD Yeah no wonder it went in my spam box HAHA. :) Anyways, this comment is going to be a big kahuna as well. >:)

LOL, so glad that you enjoyed the article. Thanks for commenting on it as well. Your series of “LOLs” made the horizontal scrollbar appear, but it doesn’t matter, the poor horizontal scrollbar rarely gets a job and thanks to you, it now does. Lmao fail.

Yeah Hilary’s touching up was just plain wrong and sad and disturbing.

Yeah you’re right about giving them a chance, but haven’t some of them already been given tons of chances?! Maybe not the baby sluts like Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff or Vanessa Hudgens.. but Britney Spears has been doing this repetitive thing with her life which goes something like “have sex, have sex, have sex”… yah. That pretty much covers it. And Lindsey Lohan.. she went to rehab to try and get her life back on track, but she looks as emo as she did before.

The point about Miley’s dad having bad parenting skills could be true, but on the other hand, there’s the money factor. Miley along with her family is pulling in the cash like there’s no tomorrow so judging by what some people will do for money these days, her dad might not even care that she’s been such a whore cause she’s fucking rich.

Idk, there’s two sides to every story, I guess.

Yeah thankfully, this time I noticed right away that you had a new blog hehe so the last half of this comment will be related. xD

OMG I totally remember youtubing viagra ads like SO LONG AGO on youtube. I was with my friends as well, and we were all laughing so hard cause they were extremely cheesy.

That is really creepy to read through other people’s comments. xD It should be called “blog stalking” muahaha.

Whoa, her screen resolution IS unusual. >:O That’s pretty awesome though. Now I want to try out that screen resolution hehehe. I’m cool.

That’s great that he’s coming to the reunion as well. :) Yeah, one of the first things that I would teach my kids is karate. The other stuff, like basic math and english skills can wait…

Yeah there’s just something special about having your own site to yourself. Sure, a co-owner would make the “work” less.. but if you think about it, the point of having your own website in the first place is to “work” on it. Lmao. Plus, things would get ugly if you don’t like something that your co-owner did. xD

Oh FUCK NO. I failed my test so badly today, you don’t even understand. There was like 5 minutes left of class and I had one page, double sided, completely blank. EPIC FAIL. I hate math. It makes me want to cry.

I bet when you finally find out what I want to be you’re going to be like “WTF? I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS? WHAT A FUCKING RIP-OFF”. Lmao. It’s not that exciting so don’t get your hopes too high. xD

Whoa are you serious? The grade is high n uni to be a fashion designer?! >:O Oh shit, then I can’t imagine how high it would be for what I want to get into. *cries*

AW THANKS, I LUH YOU TOO. :) And I luh your brushes as well! Haha.

Great to hear that you guys got it done. Phew. Huge relief eh?

So true. Quality pwns quantity FO LIFE. (H)

LOLS BALLS, you read the blog twice? TRUE. xD
Condoms never fail to be amusing .. :)

If I were to be a bitch for Halloween, I wouldn’t need to dress up at all.. lmao.. that’s what Ryan said.. RUDE BITCH.

There’s no one that I know ofyet who’s dressing up as a slut, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple DOZEN showed up dressed as sluts.. lmao.

Thanks, glad you like the mac and cheese idea, shit, I still haven’t found the costume ANYWHERE and Halloween is this Saturday. Fml.

BUT OMG. The pool noodles suggestion is epic. That’s probs what I’ll try to do if I don’t find the costume anywhere.

Now that I think about it, the condom one is probs more embarrassing than the plug point.. BUT, the condom would only be more embarrassing if people actually realized that you were a condom. Cause the costume can be mistaken for a lot of other things like a “plastic bag monster” or “how to commit suicide model” .. yknow? :P

LMAO. So wait, did Bearman actually come in as a condom? :O Cause I would have laughed so hard. Gah.

I haven’t listened to any Breaking Benjamin songs, but I feel like I should cause a lot of people are saying that they’re good, so I shall take your word for it!

HAHAH, dayum, so that proves how easily someone can get addicted to a facebook game. xD That’s hilarious how you called it a tweet, -COUGH TWITTER ADDICT -COUGH. Hehe just kidding. :) Unless you are a twitter addict. >:O

Anywayssss, sorry to hear that you were so pooped out at work. I hate it when pretty much your whole day gets mucked up because of lack of sleep or stress. -.- Ugh. Dayum, 2AM ?! I can only stay up that late on a weekday if I haven’t gotten my homework done, orrr, I’m high on candy. :)

NGAW, makes me sad to hear that you cried. :( But crying is a great stress reliever. It feels good to just “let it out” when things get too hard to handle.

That was sweet of Corey to comfort you. Glad that you’re feeling better now! :)

^ The comment before mine (Gillian – in case someone else comments before I get the chance to hit send) wrote a novel… Cripes.

Anyways, I like Breaking Benjamin! One of my best friends got me one of their cds for Singles Awareness Day once :)

And that’s really sweet on Corey’s part. I think children are a lot more perspective than adults sometimes, they’re more willing to offer comfort without thinking that it might be awkward.

Hellooooo :)

Hehe, wow! That’s quite long already, considering the fact that you’re still young :)! I seriously can’t understand people don’t complain about how long they’ve been dating the same guy. I mean, I would be happy if I would’ve been dating a guy for years. If you start complaining or complain all the time – something is going wrong! I mean, we all go through a hard time in a relationship (not just in love relationships) and we all complain sometimes, but it shouldn’t be something you do 24/7.

And I totally agree! It’s the moments that should mean the most. Even if you’ve been in a relationship for just 6 months – that doesn’t mean that the relationship wasn’t good because it ended so quick – what you experienced is something you will remember for the rest of your life. Nobody can take that away from you.

Aww, thank you :) Maybe I should get back into the whole writing thing again. I think I really improved my skills since I “published” my last story on the internet. I would’ve never even thought things like I wrote in my last couple of blogs. I guess the age is what makes the difference – or at least to me xD

Hehe, yeah she can be really silly! I am probably getting a new mobile phone soon so I’ll make sure that it has a good camera and then I’ll just use it for the time until I can get a real camera. I really wanna take pictures and stuff. Seeing all those pictures around the internet makes me wanna try out something and stuff like that.

It’s not like we need it, but we just love to use the computer in generall. My two youngest siblings love to play sims 2 right now, so they want their time to play and stuff.. I’ll just keep hoping that I get a laptop for christmas xD

Oh wow, so you’ll be pretty stressed again this week right? Remember to make sure that you take some short breaks in between. Don’t let the work make you sick or something. Even if it’s just like 10-20 minutes where you relax and do something you totally love :)

Yeah me too :) I’ll either spend New Years eve and home with my parents and some relatives or go to Olga’s and celebrate with her and her husband + some other people. I’ll see :) I can’t wait for the fireworks; I ♥ them!

I would actually prefer exams where the schools decides on what you have to study and stuff. Because those state exams kind off suck.. at least that’s what I think right now. Maybe I’ll change my mind after I wrote them..

Yeah Miley definitely set some bad examples in the past.. but at least she is covering most parts (or the important parts) of her body now.. not like on that magazine cover she did, where she only had some kind of cover thingy around her body.. that was completely unappropriated! And I really can’t understand why her dad allowed that.. I mean, they both were at that photoshoot! Me as a parent, I would’ve told that photographer something!

That is definitely true. But I guess a lot of young people admire her as Hannah Montana. I mean, I guess most of them would love to have that life and be famous and bla bla.. but most of them (just like me) probably don’t know how that business really works and what happens “backstage”..

Thanks, glad you liked that post and the way I expressed myself :)

Hehe, seems like Vicky’s “mission” was completely here xD Or at least to some point. We’ve talked about how she is recommenting Breaking Benjamin to her friends :) I listened to some of their songs, but aren’t really my type of music – I am more the type of girl that listens to all those songs that are somewhere on the charts – but I think I’ve already said that earlier on a comment a while ago.

Glad you finished that project – and hopefully they send it in! If not.. kill them xD

Awww. I am really sorry that you had such a bad day at work yesterday. I guess sometimes just everything goes wrong and then even the smallest things can make you cry – though I think your crying was due to all the stress you had lately. You don’t even get the chance to relax really.

Your boss seems to be kinda harsh. I mean, it’s not your fault that he keeps doing it wrong. And I really wouldn’t have wanted to ask her for a new pen in that situation either..

Corey sounds like a really sweet guy! It’s soo sweet how much he cares about you and that he realized that something was wrong with you and that he tried to make you feel better.

Glad you’re feeling better after that though *hugs*

I know I said I’d be paying for chibiholic soon, but to tell the truth, I haven’t done it. Haha, the hosting company even had to send me a text message asking if I want to renew the account. I told them I’d do it today. The thing is, not that I want to keep on delaying the payment but the university’s timetable is crazy and I can’t find the time to sneak out to go pay the bill. *sigh*

Aww, Corey seems to be a wonderful child! Sometimes it is amazing what these autistic children can do. It makes your heart goes to them even more.

I’m sorry to hear you had a bad day at work. Things can get pretty nasty when you have too much of them. I’m sure you’ll be able to handle and sort them out soon. Take care!

Yay, thanks. :) That’s what I thought too.

Sheesh, there is no way you’d be able to find a single person at my school who goes even a whole day without checking their email. Well, maybe freshmen. :P

Argh, THREE group projects? That must be tortuuuure. One is bad enough!

Oh, you were working on a new layout? Is this something you might use? ^.^

Yep, Wurdle is a paid app. I think it costs about $2.99 USD, but it is well worth it. I was reluctant to buy it at first, but I finally bought it when I was bored one day, and I don’t think I ever go a day without playing it, actually. >.<

Usually I’m on the computer ’til I’m dead tired as well, but this week I’ve been trying to sleep a little earlier at night. I managed to go to sleep at 9:30pm on Sunday night, but I didn’t go to bed until a bit after 11 last night. -_- I think I’m going to try to go to sleep by 9:30 tonight again, and soon it’ll be my 4.5 day weekend with lots of sleep!!! :D

Oh that’s good. How long are your holidays/which months do they cover?

Yes you should definitely be proud if you pass the last grade in ballet, since you will have gone really far! I danced ballet for about eleven years, but I didn’t do it at a formal studio, so we didn’t have levels and stuff the way you do. Though I started out doing ballet because I liked it, in the end I only did it to help with skating. I was in the highest class they had at the rink though. :)

Haha, speaking of school years being different… Whenever we take a practice IB exam at school and it says it is from the November testing session, it reminds me of you because the IB exams are in November in Australia, whereas here they are in May. :P

Argh, I hope so! So far it feelings like 2009 has gone by really quickly, but the school year has just been dragging foreverrrr.

Yeah this year for me isn’t a full school year either. :) I get out April 23rd, which is two months earlier than I would normally get out. That’s eight months of school… and then we have external exams in May, and then graduation on May 27th! :D

Hm, to be honest, I’ve only ever heard one song by Breaking Benjamin. It is a song called Breath. It’s alright, but not the greatest. I think I’ll try to remember to look up Firefly some other time. ^.^ I’m too lazy right now.

Phew, I’m glad your group managed to actually DO the assignment! Hopefully they sent it on time, and all will be well. :)

Awww, I’m soooo sorry that you didn’t have the greatest day at work. T_T I hope letting yourself cry about it helped to get it out of your system, though. Sometimes it helps with me, anyway. =/

Wow, Corey’s response is truly inspiring. <3 It must be amazing to think how much you must have touched his life for him to become so attached to you, and then for him to return the favor is just wonderful. It sounds sooo cheesy, but… you know? xP

Even though it’s completely different, it kind of reminds me of how this little boy manages to make my day. He’s three years old… maybe four now actually; I’m not sure. Anyway, he has never been in a class that I’ve worked in, but he visited the class I worked in last year once or twice. When he came to this big group babysitting program I was helping to run a month or so ago, he called me by name. :) It was soooo sweet that he remembered my name, even though he had only seen me a couple times. My favorite student from last year who I saw every week doesn’t even remember me at all. >.> This three-year-old just makes my day. He even drew a picture of me on the dinosaur he was decorating the other day at this other program I help with! ♥ What a cutie.

Anyways, I hope you are able to relax and feel much less stressed. Get some sleep, and don’t pressure yourself so much! :)

working with kids seems very tough. i have thought of doing some volunteer work with kids, but i always change my mind. kids can be so sweet, but i can never get past the ones that are just plain evil /pow

Dear Corey,

You’re my favorite little kid, ever. Thanks for being so nice to Georgina. You probably didn’t think twice about it, but YOU made her feel better and brightened up her day. Way to go!

Joyce from America

Wow, you call biscuits crackers? … then what do you call crackers? LOL Biscuits? xD I think it’s kind of weird how some words here mean the opposite in other countries. Interesting nonetheless.

Haha gravy can be pretty good with a few things. Of course it’s always going to be amazing with mashed potatoes! D: It’s really good with white rice too. Just try eating a biscuit with the mashed potatoes; that’s pretty good too.

Nope. It’s something that you can easily make at home! :D Sometimes you can buy them frozen like this: but, they taste better when they’re homemade. McDonald’s has something similar; they call them McMuffin’s though.

Haha I’m sorry; I just made myself hungry right now. :X

Of course donating clothing is a good thing but, it’s nice to wash them first. Yeah, I give them away if they don’t fit either. I check to make sure that they still have good quality otherwise, I just normally toss it. Some people around here get lazy; I think it would be nice to at least wash the clothes? Goodwill doesn’t do that; they just sell the clothes.

Yeah but there’s a difference from buying something cheap and with bad quality; you can never really tell the difference until you take it home. LOL well that’s a nice way to prepare. I sometimes buy clothes out of season too; they’re cheaper and you can get ready for the upcoming season. Like in the summer, I was already shopping for winter clothes. xD

Haha I like your brushes! See, those “doodles” are pretty awesome! (: You should make more of those.

Drawings are nicer though; doodles are more for brushes I think. Drawings can be for whatever else you want. xD I usually just watch cartoons to get inspiration (yeah, I have to get inspiration for a doodle LOL). Maybe you’ll draw another one when you’re bored in class or something.

Yeah, I’m not that far up yet. xD Still getting used to everything else WordPress has to offer. Yeah, I figured. Well, I’m glad I fixed the problem. Dx Whatever that problem was. LOL Seriously, I don’t even know what I did. I think it was a plugin? I thought they act up with the layouts settings.

Haha I wish our yearbook could be like that. Ours is so… uptight. The teacher in charge of it is so “old fashioned”; we couldn’t have anything we though was funny because it would always be insulting to her. Hopefully this year will be different though. They probably just waited last minute; I know I tend to do that a lot. I can’t do that this year though. Dx

Well, at least it was fun. I honestly think that’s all that matters. Everyone views their days in high school differently. Whoa, that is so weird! I heard that though, if you don’t shave them, they don’t grow back as fast. If you think about it, that would make sense though. Still, I’m going to keep shaving them. xD Since I’ve shaved them for so long, they’re probably going to look thick anyways.

Oh yeah. We have something called “The Berlington Coat Factory”; it’s pretty much the same thing. It’s up to 70% off regular retail prices. Seriously, you can get Coach purses there for CHEAP! D:

In your case though, I think the change was good? xD How did you learn so much about WordPress anyways? I remember you were on Fanupdate; I couldn’t believe you learned so fast. o.O

Yeah, that’s another downfall. ITunes updates can be REALLY big files; it really sucks. I mean, I still have 3GB left but, those are important! xD

Yeah, I was online. That was probably one of the randomest conversations I’ve ever seen. xD It’s true though; everyone is trying to be something they’re not nowadays. I think they’re trying to develop a new style but obviously, it just fails.

Haha I think that would just be more expensive because you have to pay for the plain ticket to get here. Dx It probably isn’t worth it. It’s iTunes; they usually keep things US exclusive only before taking it to other countries. You might get it within a few months.

LOL it isn’t so stupid when it works! xD Which app did you download? There’s two texting apps.

OHH we should do that! D: Though, I talk really fast so I doubt you’ll even understand what the hell I’m saying haha. Audio comments would probably be so much faster though. Yeah, it is true, you tend to have a lot to say in these things.

I’ve been listening to Breaking Benjamin for a few years now; they’re a great band but, they’re not the greatest. I tend to do that too; it’s not my fault that most bands kind of sound the same. xD Seriously, the vocalist always sounds the same.

Haha I wouldn’t be nosing around on people’s Facebook’s; you might just get addicted one day. xD

Oh, wow they finally answered? FINALLY! I know I would have been pissed if they ignored me another day. At least you managed to get some of it done. (:

Ugh, I hate kids. That’s why I choose to not work with any of them. Aww, sounds like you had a pretty stressful days. I know those feelings; sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball and cry off somewhere. At least you had someone to comfort you; Corey seems like a really nice kid. Too bad there aren’t enough of them nowadays.

Hey you, I’m glad that we’re in the same boat. I hate it when people treat you like sh*t, and then need your help when it’s group time. When I was in highschool it was like that for me (not that you didn’t already know this), and well; they assigned everyone something and me nothing and they told me I was doing something. I was keeping them “in line” and telling them to stop fooling around. Cause all they wanted to do was sit and talk that’s not what class is all about is sitting and talking. I’m sorry you cried at work. It must’ve been a relief to get it out. I was so moved by your story how Corey sensed there was something wrong and asked it. Autistic children really do need special attention. Anyway, take care, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Breaking Benjamin… I just saw Firefly.. and I’m guessing that’s the song I’ve been hearing on the radio but I might be wrong. That song is actually catchy… if it’s the right one. xP I might be thinking of another one.

Aww, I’m so sorry you were tired. I felt exactly like that yesterday. I kept crying and crying and crying. And then… well I don’t know. Kuya eventually cheered me up. But the sweet little kid, Corey. Aw. I love little kids. ♥ And Corey is exceptionally awesome. :)


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that’s because you aren’t my mother who freaks out that because I’m on the internet someone will take me away… I’m as careful as .. I want to be. HAHA, not like I post nude pictures of myself or my address. I’m not stupid like that.

My parents know enough about computers.. they would figure it out O.o That’s why I’m like eh, but whatever. I don’t really care as long as they don’t fuss too much about it.. but they probably would.

Well for some kids, the parents don’t let the kids decide. I’m glad my parents are allowing me to choose though. I just hate how they favor certain careers versus others. But of course some are reasonable, like a garbage girl… versus a banker. Yeah, even I would choose banker.. no offense to those who are garbage people..

Yeah, and usually when working individually I have complete control over everything (:

Haha, oh that’s why. Well, I was like.. :( when I didn’t receive a comment from James. Ack, which reminds me, I forgot to comment. :/ I’ll comment.. tomorrow or a day when I’m less tired. It’s taking me forever to return yours, from switching to talking to Kuya and typing this up. xP

I have come a long way from smashed.summerhugs. I remember that Taylor Lautner layout.. yeahhhh, no. no no no. Color pallet was weird. HAHA.

Freewebs, never got mad at me for not posting ads. xP But maybe that’s because I didn’t get many hits anyways.

Yes, definitely the sense of security. (onto kuya). When he’s not there.. I feel completely useless or well empty. And that’s because I got in a fight with him… one where I actually ignored him because he made me so angry. And I ignored him for an entire day and well, we ended up talking everything out that night. I mean, we were just…. being completely. I don’t know. But I loved how we were able to make up and now I love him more than I did before.. as a friend of course. HAHAHA

Weekends are made for talking. HAHAHAHAHAAH my parents think otherwise. The phonebill.. not looking forward to it. :/

Yeah, the Spanish trip is during Spring Break. During which, we’ve already arranged to go to California. again. But with my auntie. ^^

Ehhh, that elevator ride… yeah it’s fun but I always freak out before I get on it…. I hate the anticipation. :/

I wouldn’t even mind deleting half of my “friends” on Facebook. But they’d notice. :P

Awwww! That boy sounds so sweet. ♥

Ah, I can’t really relate about music. I was very tired today too, though, and nearly fell asleep during Humanities. :P

Sigh… must go finish my homework. Too bad; I was quite enjoying playing World of Warcraft (Gordon installed it on my computer by transferring it from his rather than having me download it, so it hardly took any time, I guess–I wasn’t there–and I share his account). But it’s nearly 10:30 and I’ve got an analysis of the credibility of a certain article to write, and an introductory paragraph and some other paragraph. I’m really only barely over halfway done, and it took about three hours when I did all the rest. At least I don’t need a whole bunch of research for the intro/ending paragraphs.

And I have a rough draft due next Wednesday… sigh. I haven’t even started my paper, and don’t know if I have enough information for the rough draft yet. :/

Awww, poor Georgie :( I know how it feels to stay up past midnight trying to complete an assignment. I do it many a time, yay for being a procrastinating college student! We are the future, the future! XD

That boy sounds so adorable :) working at Disneyland, I meet all sorts of people and lots of kids. Some of probably autistic but you would never be able to tell. One that I remember clearly is a tall lanky kid, about 13 or so, who always asks me where my town is located. I always give him the same response, but I never get annoyed, I just smile. He’s so sweet, always waves good-bye as he continues on down the queue with his family.

What a sweet little boy, some children can be such litte terrors, but they’re are still definetely some complete sweethearts. I hope you feel better now Georgina, the stress of your busy life is catching up i guess, chin up! it’ll pass!

I really like Breaking Benjamin, though I haven’t listened to them in a really long time.

Corey sounds really wonderful. My little brother-in-law is autistic & he’s sick right now with H1N1, it’s pretty scary. He’s a really sweet kid, albeit very mischievous!

That’s a lot of email addresses. It must get confusing. I used to get the passwords all mixed up all the time but now thankfully, I don’t any more. :D

Thanks! :)
He seemed okay, but on his first sports class with us, he made up play handball and when the boys were playing, he kept on sending the boys of my class out of the game just because they had pushed someone accidentally or something. /hmph I think we need a few more classes to be sure of him.

It’s good that you finally got it done. It would have been irritating -and totally their fault- if you couldn’t have submitted it in time. Getting their numbers is a better way. At least you can call them and be angry! XD

I don’t listen to Breaking Benjamin but I’ going to try their songs. Most people in my country only listen to songs of my country and also Indian songs ( :( ), I don’t know about many bands or singers.

Hehe, I do that when I use my friends’ Facebook accounts as well. :D One of my friends had deactivated her account, and I forgot about it and logged in with her email and password. Later she asked me if anyone had used her account, and then she got mad at me. XD

You must be really stressed out to cry like that. Aww, that was so sweet of Corey. I hope you feel better now.

Just so long as you’re listening/ have listened to Breaking Benjamin, I’m happy, harhar.
Thanks for the plug! ♥

Arrrh Forget It is an awesome song. ✌️
I tend to think of bands when I hear a new one too… ‘cuz we’re awesome like that. ;D
Likin’ the blog title. ;)

LMAO, thank God you don’t have your own Facebook or you would be addicted. O_O
To Typing Maniac, haha.

Holy crap how many iPod apps can you get? :O
Loads, I presume, hehee. /hehe /eee

Glad you finished the assignment! :3 I hope they hadn’t it in too… or else you’re pretty screwed. 😰 /ehh

2am? :O *huggles*
Poor Georgie! Working late. /type

Your boss is a poo. (Y) /poo
It annoys me though when people obviously make the same mistake over and over again… even when you’ve pointed it out…

Rude and impatient kids! 💀 Pffffttt. /hmph
I have a gang of six eight-year-olds who are twats in my village. It’s not fun actually, they swear all the time, chew gum, and are basically miniture chavs.

FUCK. Need to upload those pictures I took of my lovely little village. /um /bash

I’m still surprised you asked, hehe. /um

I’ve had those black days too, when everything just seems to go wrong and rrarrrrgh everything’s fucked up. Bad days.
Awwwww! *huggles* I understand the whole workload shit… I once had 12 pieces (TWELVE!!! :O ) pieces of homework on a Sunday, and it was fucking awful. D:

Pushing yourself too far like an elastic band… I remember your past blog on that. (Y)
That little Corey dude was so sweet. On those black days you need a little Corey to cheer you up. :)

(And you also need an early night too. Heh). ;)

Aw, he might as well have given you a hug. ♥ That’s so fucking adorable. :) /eee

AHHHH I would never do that. XD
Exactly. I don’t care about the deal about taking the fonts and putting them on your site, although that’s still wrong, but then me crediting you? WTF.

“For finding them”. Everyone can reach Google, yanoe.
Oh hell yes. *nods* Much rather have a needle then deal with the pain. O_O

My family don’t really have any dietry things like low iron or whatever…
Advertising is better than nothing but yeah… if she said you got awards you so should have got them.
Which site was it?

I do know what you mean about the blogging everyday thing. Maybe I should do something like the most interesting blog of the month or something…

Sorry for the kinda shitty service… but it’s okay to whine at me, through me, to me or around me. :) I’ll try and help you! ♥ (Y)

Haha yeah, you’re like my best affiliate (sshhhh, don’t tell anyone *shifty eyes*). Just ‘cuz we talk so much. :D
Plus you’re my top commenter. :D

The larger image is better for then the small one, hehe. ;D

THAT’S SO INSANE. You can’t have a thin Santa in a deckchair! It’s not right. D:


Oh no I left the other comment on your other blog, Lip Gloss and Black. Did it go through?
Actually I think you just returned that one. XD

I’ll look up those songs and get back to you on them. 8D

Take care! xx

Georginaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. =)

I know, lol. I missed working and blogging on my site. :(

Yeah, I’m hoping to do that. I’m just having a blog for now really, but behind the site I’m working on new content like brushes.
– Speaking of brushes, I saw the sets you made & I absolutely love them. I better download them soon because I am going to love using them. ^_^

I saw Shellz’s new theme, looks amazing. I really like the colours & her CSS is incredible.

Hopefully, probably when I get back to school I’ll go to sleep properly. Sleep is totally useless though.

Hmm, I can make icons. Mine kind of suck though, lmao. I’ll read some icon tutorials and just learn new things I could do from that possibly.

I love Cher’s new layout, it’s so colourful. Reminds me when Jessica at Guavaburst did a theme like that some time before. Priya’s layout looks pretty awesome too, I really like the CSS on it.

Ooh, what are Breaking Benjamin like? I would listen to them but the volume doesn’t work JDIFUJWLKALKDLF.

LOL. I might have done that once as well. Facebook games are addicitve, ya’kno.

Oh wow, that story with Corey in really touched me. Proves not that all the world is selfish, heh.

Haha, I’m glad you like the theme. ^_^ I’m not sure about the colours for some reason. “/

They’re too bright. Ugh. But I love it, and it’s so simple =)

Thanks, Bop, you’re quite AWESOME XD

I’m uploading Vimeo now 👏

It’s so stupid. She says she’s over him but she’s still always pissed off. Oh well. I’m going blogging now, so I’m going to forget about it. =D

Lol, America is cools, I’m so going. ^_~

Diary of Jane is a really good song, I highly reccommend it. I don’t think I spelled that right ✌️

Yeah, they are. My friend has a child with autism and he’s one of the brightest kids I’ve ever met. He’s such a dote, =)

Glad you like the photos..yeah they definately give an image of the history of that part of France & Belgium. It’s pretty amazing how they rebuilt all the destroyed buildings after the war, to make them just how they were beforehand.

You’re welcome (:

So, what’s up?

I know! I got pretty pissed off and that person started spazzing because I wasn’t like please with them. O_O

Yes I know! I’m trying to get my science finished but I need my tape to stick otherwise my model will be screwed.

Yeah, Big Brother sucks xD

Yes it was! We had so many bloopers, we can’t stop reminding each other how retarded and silly we all were :P

Oh I see xD I don’t know Parramatta /that/ well I know city area and my area better because I travel there heaps haha.

Yes! I don’t like spending all my credit on unnecessary things ^^

Yeah, but if we tried to pitch in an idea, the “leader” doesn’t listen.


I need new music…I keep listening to mainstream and all this pop music ringing in my head is NOT good!

Congratz on finishing the assignment!

2AM? Isn’t that too late D:

:( I’ve cried under stress before but it wasn’t homework’s mainly like people who put you under stress, it’s more like peer stress.

Aw. That boy proves that there’s still some love and compassion out there.

I made the green a bit darker anyway (H) Hope it’s okay :)

LMAO, i havn’t went on MSN in a few days, I think :O wow. I’m not having withdrawl symptoms :D

It won’t upload anywhere! It’s only like 4 minutes so I don’t know why it won’t upload ><

HAHAHA, at one point she WAS like "ERIKAAAAAAA HE WONNNNTTTTT TTTTTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAALKKKKKK TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE." I was like "wow. Wonder why, not like you're clingy or anything."

Ahh, well, I reCoMMend Diary Of Jane :D

Yeah, I really like American Idiot too!

Ah right, I’m just playing guitar at the moment. Then I’m gonna have some lunch (:

Yeah, I mean if you don’t understand an accent doesn’t mean you should hate it. You just need to get rid of it. I actually didn’t understand any of that LOL. Don’t use big words, it hurts my head. :( I think your uni essays have burned your brain. ^_^

*replaces “British” with “Romanian”* LMFAO. But no, she wouldn’t like it if one of us said that to her.

I don’t understand why my visitors have dropped so dramatically, because even before I was crap at updating. Oh well, I guess I should start updating more regular. Yeah but you have uni, work and other stuff to do, I have nothing. :P I’m just lazy and get tired very easily.

I wanna do poop smiles lmfao. Thank you for answering the questions though. :D

Yeah, I’ll try to prepare, that’s if I’m allowed to go back haha.

I used to get £10 a week from my parents, but that didn’t really get me anywhere. XD

I’m going to try it a bit later. I’ll ask him but he’ll probably say no because he can’t be bothered to unplug it lmfao.

Yeah, I like Korn’s better because of that. I haven’t seen the video though, I hardly watch music videos. XD

Yup that person. I just don’t get why they’re so obsessive and fake. Annoys me. Gosh I know, that person tweets SOOO much, it’s fucking annoying. I know I tweet a lot but I don’t chat crap.. as much as that person anyway. :P

Pfft. James doesn’t like much, does he? :( I got mine from o_O

Dude, don’t stress! Just take your time with site stuff and just concentrate on the assignments and take your time. :) Yeah, that does annoy me too. That’s why I prefer to return them all, then blog. At least I don’t have to stress about still having comments to return and can write a review or something.

Lmao, yeah but you always get them all returned within a short space of time, so it’s all good. And we always know we’ll get a reply. :)

Nah, I don’t mean it like that. Like, I don’t know, you always say what’s on your mind and if someone doesn’t credit you, you’d tell them too. I’m too much of a coward for that. Even when I do tell someone to credit me I get ignored so what’s the point. I’ve seen about 5 or 6 people using your smilies, from websites that I visit regularly.

Maybe your mum and my step dad are the same person. :O Nah, but it is annoying right? :P His latest one is ‘have you got dressed today? No’ cause I’m usually in my PJs when he comes home. He moans if have a shower when he’s home because he’s like ‘you have all day to have one!!!’ so we do and obviously get in our PJs and then he says that, douche.

I love some peoples brush previews, like Catherine’s. But yours are amazing, and unique! :D I want to make brushes dude.

Yay. *feels loved* I know I don’t comment a lot but we always leave each other HUGE comments, so I guess that makes up for it? Kind of…

Glad you got it all done. :) Lol yeah, group work is fun for that reason. I found that, whenever I had a decent group to work with. xD

LOL, don’t worry I found that amusing too. :P You’re just so smart. *Steals brain*

Yeah, a lot of my offline friends find it weird that I haven’t met Carly yet, but we are great friends, we used to phone eachother a lot and I’ve been to her house and met her dad lmao. I gave him her Christmas present. She didn’t want to meet me that day though, she was ill!

You’re welcome. :) You guys are pretty much like me and Rob when we argue, just sit there all quiet. So I just ask if he wants a drink or something and then we just start talking and things go back to normal so I thought that might work for you guys. XD

Glad you guys sorted it out though. :D

LMFAO. You weren’t exactly bitching about him, but yes, girls do usually do that. :P

WOOO BREAKING BENJAMIN FTW. I’m glad you think they’re OK. Forget It was the first BB song I heard, it’s just so relaxing and nice compared to their other songs. It makes me fall asleep. :’)

I like 30 Seconds To Mars. :D I totally forgot about them till now. *Downloads 30 Seconds To Mars songs* I only like a few songs, so I wouldn’t say I LOVE them. :)

I always say tweet when I update my Facebook status. I nearly say it to Rob and he doesn’t know I have Twitter so I have to watch what I say LOL.

I don’t think it’s good you don’t want a Facebook. *Hi 5* I hardly use mine, just to play games mainly. xD

Sorry you didn’t have a nice time at work. :( I’m sure your boss would see it as a one off because I’m sure you’re never like that usually.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little cry, just to let everything out. Girls do it the most, obviously but I bet you felt a whole lot better afterwards. *Hugs*

Most autistic children I know, hate one to one contact and usually hit out at other people. There was an autistic child at the job centre yesterday and he kept kicking everyone and his mum was like ‘I’m so sorry, he has autism’ and people just kept starring, I felt so bad for her and her kid.

That’s reallllly sweet of Corey though! That actually bought a tear to my eye then, I think I would have cried harder if I were you too. I’m glad you’re feeling better now though! I hate it when you feel down. :(

I never heard of Breaking Benjamin. It makes me think of that Benjamin movie with Brad Pitt. ANYWHO. Lol.

I like Typing Maniac took. Facebook games are fun. Especially, UNO. Love that game! Brings back memories… /wah

What type of work do you do? Teaching, afterschool help? I used to love it when my 9th grade english teacher marked our papers. If we (the students) did bad on a assignment, she’d mark it with a red pen, if we did good, she’d mark it with a green pen. Everyone would get their papers hoping to see green ink. Lol.

Aww, you and Corey had a bonding moment. Embrace it. It might not happen again for a long time. I’ve found myself becoming more vulnerable lately instead of keeping up my guard. It’s good to have a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to when your world is crashing down.

I love listening to Rock, but Metal isn’t just my type. :P That’s probably why I’m not familiar with the bands you often mention. XD

I watched a series called Shining Inheritance and the leading lady has an autistic brother, who is one of the reasons why the series was so dramatic. *sniffs* The useless stepmother abondoned her brother right after their father died. I find her really hateful.

Aww, thank you. :) At that time, his wife gave birth so he couldn’t have sex with her. He just couldn’t resist his lust. Urgh. It’s sickening to even think about it.

Right now, she’s staying in a dormitory with the nuns. She’s safe that way. We met up last time and she told me she has a cyst in her breast, but she doesn’t want Grandma to know about it. Grandma is one of the few persons who care about her. I feel really sad when I think about my cousin.

I forgot who wrote the book I read, but it was a thin book – how do you call it? A pocket book novel? The story was like a girl bought a perfume from a certain store and when she uses it, she couldn’t remember what she did on the next day, like she’s being possessed or something. *goosebumps*

Breaking Benjamin do have loads of cool lyrics but they tend to repeat a lot of words (heaven, dark, skin, dead, alive, fight). Either way they’re still cool. :D
Forget It is a good song because it’s so different to their usual stuff. :)

There must be loads of apps. My friend has an iTouch and she has all sorts of apps – for email, Internet, whatever.

That’s good then. :D

Stressed out-ness…. that’s pretty sucky, eh?
Wow, I guess that is pretty bad if he’s older than me… I mean my grammar’s not amazing or anything but….
Yeah, I know. I think it’s their parents to be honest… but yeah, it is horrible. :(

:P I thought so. XD And aw thanks, I love reading your blogs too. :) They’re just the right length and are always interesting. ^^

Very true, but I still have a few projects I haven’t even STARTED and I go back to school on Monday! D: I want them all done before then, for obvious reasons. Dragging them along won’t be fun at all. D:

LMFAO, imagine if Google went down! XD Must have a very very very very good server. *nods* Like Kya’s. :D

Awww! *huggles*

(Lmfao I accidently wrote hugglers) XD
I think the site still is open… I’ll have to put a bit of thought into it and do it for like, December or something ‘cuz 5-ish days isn’t much notice at all. XD

My MSN is so weird sometimes…
No worries. My pleasure to be ranted/ whined at. :) ♥ /type

But you’ve commented like, 143 times on my site… how many times have I commented here? I’m really curious. 8)

Skinny Santas are weirdos. *nods*

I’m listening to Atreyu BTW. :D Lead Sails (And A Paper Anchor). :)

Take care! xx

It’s fun when friends recommend music :) lately I’ve been told to listen to Sublime, and they’re pretty cool. I haven’t listened to Breaking Benjamin before, but I’ve heard of them so I might give it a shot on later :)

I’m sorry you had a bad time at work :( :( but that kid sounds so sweet! There were a couple of autistic girls (sisters) at my old school, and one of them was so sweet, she was always smiling at everyone and being friendly. The other one was a lot quieter, but still really nice.

I need a new phone. Badly. I don’t mind if I don’t get all the apps like on iPod touches and stuff, but mine has a walking stick. The only internet I can get is the Orange homepage, it sucks xD

Hehe, thanks for trying though ;) Very lovely of you!

Yeap, totally agree. If you keep hanging out together it get’s “boring” and you maybe won’t appreciate it that much anymore.

“You should never compare. Comparing with anything is putting yourself down, and you should never do that.” Beautifully said, and soo true! :)

You definitely take some pretty good pictures :) So I guess just a normal mobile phone camera with a decent amount of MegaPixels should work too xD

Nah, I want and also need a new mobile phone – so I’ll ask them to get me that for my birthday. But if I get some money and keep it until Chrismas I could make a deal with them or something.. I’ll see :)

Hehe, I would be excited too! But don’t you do them like it at home? Just with family and friends? Or isn’t it allowed in Australia to have private fireworks? Of course not those huuge you’ll probably see on TV or anything..

But I am afraid that maybe the teachers didn’t prepare us well enough to do this test.. that’s the bad thing about this state exams..

Exposing her breats?! Like, seriously? That girl is just crazy and Billy Ray for sure needs some parenting skills!

Hehe, yeah she definitely tries to spred the word :)

Hehe, yeah :) Those kids are just awesome <3

Haha I know! I liked Fan Update, no spam or anything. Cutenews was AWFUL. Lol. I was so sick of clearing spam.

Thank you very much <3

Ahh lately I have been too. Today I have a sociology paper due for class at 4. I did it this morning at like 9 ahha and I have class soon. It's done but it's not my best work, unfortunately. :(

I like a couple of songs by Breaking Benjamin. Mainly Diary of Jane. I haven't listened to much else by them to be honest. I'm sure they're good I'm just lazy and or busy ahha.

Yay! I'm glad you guys got your project done!

I'm sorry about you being tired at work. :( That sucks so bad. I hate going out when I'm tired. Lately my sleeping habits have been terrible. :(

Aww, that is so touching. Kids can really be the most sensitive sometimes. Once when I was baby sitting my baby nephew I was really stressed out because he was crying over nothing. He was maybe a year old and was just barely walking but he cried for about 4 hours over absolutely nothing. I just started bawling my eyes out. He walked over and put his chubby little arms around me and leaned his head on me and I was so touched by it. I love kids.

I’ve never listened to Breaking Benjamin, though I have heard of them, and I have never heard of that Facebook game, though it sounds addicting! I’m not sure what the game is but if it’s a word scrabble game, two apps that I like that are free are ‘Scrabble’ and ‘Twisty Lite’ I don’t use facebook anymore anyways unless once in a while to play a game, don’t worry, you’re not missing out on anything :)

I’m also sorry about your terrible day at work, I do hope that you are feeling better now. A lot of the time people get frustrated and upset at their jobs and even I break down too sometimes. It’s also good to know that you are cared about :)

You know what Georgina, when you suggested in your comment on skipping a lecture, I found that to be highly amusing because that’s exactly what I did. In fact, I skipped TWO lectures. I didn’t do it solely because of me wanting to settle the bill, but it was because I had some other personal matter to deal with. hahaha!

Hehe, be careful with the Facebook Apps, don’t get too hooked with them otherwise you’ll soon be signing up for Facebook before you know it ;)

Well that kind of sounded like you didn’t appreciate my comment to be honest.

At least I made a comment, and tried to get back in contact with you.

I didn’t have time to read your blog, and actually I don’t think I will bother to now.

Hey thanks for your concerns about my grandmother and father. I hope your family is well? How’s your boyfriend doing? My grandmother may need to start on dyalisis but she won’t know until thursday afternoon. I’m pretty sure this halloween party that I’m going too, won’t be a major bust like it was last year. Last year all they did was just sit around eat food, and held a drawing for 3 movies and than some fake jewelry that was done by one of the staff members there. But hey if it is a total bust I can always come home early, lol. I have my own set of wheels now so why not? Did you get a chance to download that song yet? As far as the cooking thing goes, I’ve been cooking ever since the 8th grade when we were forced to take Home Ech. I know how to make chicken ala king I just need the ingredients for it. I wanna try to swedish meatballs and pasta one next. That sounds really yummy lol. I’m sorry my post made you feel hungry. lol. /bounce. Well; I’m glad you like my layout. It’s not that hard to find pictures of Elvis Presley, but if you’re looking to find him in for a layout it is. I’ve never ever seen that picture of him before and thought hey I can use that. And I downloaded paint shop pro 7 and did it in there. I tried doing it in photoshop 6 try out version but they disabled the save button. Which totally sucked. But I remembered what was on it and what I had done. Heehee. Oh btw, my laptop has been fixed I just received an email from them stating it has been fixed and they shipped it out already so I should be getting it at the end of this week or beginning of next week. Yay! I miss my laptop. lol.

Yeah, my fingers alright now. :) It was sore for a few hours but I’m a wimp when it comes to pain. XD

I’ve never stapled my fingers but there was a boy in my primary school who used to do it and found it funny…

I don’t like the sight of blood either. It makes me feel sick. ):

I slept in all day today, actually. XD But I’m not feeling well so that makes me more tired.

My mum thinks I have OCD sometimes. I have to make everything neat, and then other days I’m like an organised mess. :P

Haha, I’m so bad at maths. XD

ahhaha is it good? What do you do?

LMAO. SHH SHHH SHHH ! XDD Such annoying peoplee XP

your welcome :]

ahah thats cool! Variety :D I always wanted to do tap because I tried my friends tap shoes and they were so much fun to dance with XDD And I like dancing in generall :P

Damn it Georgina, you’ve got me addicted to Typing Maniac. :D

Sorry about the epicly long comment, but hey, I have to leave a decent reply to your comment LOL. I hate it when I leave a huge comment and then get a one liner back. Psh.

Yeah tbh, horizontal scrollbars use to piss me off like HELL. I remember when I was all the way back at piczo, and at that time, I remember when the whole “page pops up in new window” was the “in thing” LMAO. And I used to get so pissed when the horizontal scrollbar effed up the look of the pop up. Yeah I’ve seen a portfolio site that has the same type of design that you described. Very cool indeed. I would attempt it, but then I realized I had no fucking clue how to do it. :)

Yeah, exactly. Miley’s just trying to grow up too fast. That’s the main problem. Not only with celebrities but some normal folks too.

Haha I’ve done that as well, a lot of times, where I don’t notice the new blog till after I’ve submitted my comment.

ON HIS DONG? LMAO. That made me laugh so hard. Bu wow, that is pretty epic and insanely weird.

Yeah so true. That’s REALLY creepy is some random person who you don’t know is blog stalking you. :P

Oh I see. Wide screens seem cool though. I have a pretty big one, but still a normal screen resolution. Idk how that works, but whatever. :P

Lmao yeah for sure! We have to have our youth strong and bitchy enough to fight off those pedophiles. It’s very important. xD

Wow, I’ve actually never heard of any site firing a co-owner. :O But yeah I can imagine it causing a lot of drama and unnecessary stress.

Yeah well I got that math test back today. And I got a 52. Fuck, I actually got so freeken depressed because even though my personality doesn’t seem like it, I REALLY care about my grades. And it really upsets me when I do that badly on something cause I really do try. Ah well, I guess I have to work all the more hard to get it up to where I want it to be.

Thankfully I am doing pretty decently in my other subjects.

Oh SHIT. That sucks that you never knew there was a whole other page. D: Fortunately, I don’t think that’s ever happened to me, but omg I would freeken panic like hell if it did. xD

LMAOOOO. The knock-knock joke was epic. I had to read it three times over in order to finally get it (FAIL) but it’s actually so funny. xD I’ll be sure to share that one with my friends.

HAHAHA, dayum, someone’s feeling like being extra funny today (or technically, yesterday). The hoe, and garden rake joke was pretty good too. ;)

Since I still haven’t found the mac and cheese costume in any of the costume stores I’ve visited it seems like the noodles idea is one of the only options I have left. xD Only problem, is we’ve never had a pool so .. we don’t have any noodles LMAO. And, all my friends who have pools, don’t have noodles. The noodles they do have are like these broken up pieces of shit. Yeah. And I doubt my parents would buy noodles just for a halloween costume. D: AHH.

TWITTER FTW. I love it too!

And of course I love candy as well bahah. My dad got so pissed at me cause he bought a shit load of candy to give the trick or treaters on Halloween, and I’ve already eaten through like half of it all by myself. *proud of being a fat bitch*

Yep, I have a two week half term break hehe.
So, what you up to?

Ha, I just agree with everything from the last comment you left – short reply, I know :P Lol. I think you can use hairspray to get ink out, but I’m not positive on that one!

Yay for iPod apps, way better than Facebook anyways /bounce

Oh wow. I’m glad your group came together finally.. and the work thing. Sometimes it just takes one simple thing to really make you feel better. I think autistic kids are SO special. People seem to think that they are so mentally challenged, but at lot of them are a LOT smarter than “the normal”. That’s really nice to hear :)

Awwww. Is it hard, working and studying at the same time? Don’t get yourself too stressed out, it’ll only make things harder for you in the end. Try to, uhmm, give yourself a day off? You know, just chill with music, eat, go to a spa, take a walk or a jog :) Those usually helps me.

Awwwww. Corey is such a cute kid. He may be sick and all, but I think he’s a lot nicer or maybe caring than some other kids there.

We all have bad days. I’m just glad I have people like you to talk to and my friends offline… eh no I’m more glad to have people like you. The only friends offline I truly care about are those from my old school and Addy and Kuya. HAHAAHA, that’s like 4 people. O.o

Yeah, when people are trying to stalk me.. I close everything and wait until they leave me alone. Or block them or whatever. xDDD

Yeah, the header WAS big. It was so wide and.. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was just obsessed with Taylor Lautner.. and still am but it’s cooled down.. xDDD

Yeah, me and Kuya fought over a Facebook wall post… Now that I look back, it sounds UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. *sigh* I’m just too harsh on him sometimes.

Aww, you know where else I’d want to go? Australia!!! ^^ Is it nice down there? I just want to go there one day… that’d be epicly awesome. :D

gina! i saw your mum at parra! (=.

haha, i’m so late but ….VAGINA FARTS! that shit is embarrassing!!

cry it away girl. it truly mends almost everything. if not everything. sorry to hear work isn’t as smooth-going for you as it ought to be. you work with children? that’s so awesome. you have to have patience and dedication for that. i know from experience working with “troubled kids” that if i would’ve stayed longer than i agreed to, i would have wrinkles and gray hairs right now. it’d wouldn’t be cute.

my first day at work was yesterday and they placed me in the area i specifically requested to take me away from & just because an employee from that department up and quit the day before and i had previous training they decided i take over. UGH so not a good day for me as well but i had to suck it up. i don’t want to go back but that looks horrible on my future job references. employed for 1 day? haha!

hope you have better days this week. Far out! haha i know i’m most likely using that incorrectly but i had to stick in there somewhere

I pretty much agree with the previous post :( Play the music you love and cry it out! It works for me, at least most of the time. You’ll feel a bit better if nothing else~