Thrown Before Your Eyes

New layout. How do you like it? πŸ˜„

I’m pretty proud of it. I admit I was slightly inspired by something Vicky made and showed me a while ago – that was inspiration for the shadowed divs.

I had been looking at typography and was so deeply inspired to create a layout. I wanted to toss a quote in, but I wasn’t sure which one would be good. James suggested the line what we would give to feel alive from R&R by The Classic Crime. It’s a really good song as well, and the ending is just… revolutionary, I think. 😧

I could go on about this layout. I have been ogling it myself lately… /um

I received my marks back for that terrible assignment I handed in a few weeks ago – the one I had left until the last minute rushing it up and over and around and about. I think my writing must have been very messy on my cover sheet because my teacher spelled my name wrong on the document name. πŸ˜›

She actually lost my assignment before giving back my results. She seemed to have misplaced it. I think it was either telling me something good or bad.

But I got a Credit minus for the assignment – top stuff considering all that stress. 😰 Thank goodness that ordeal is over!

As I mentioned previously, I want to go back to ballet and finish my final grade. But, upon asking my mum she didn’t sound too pleased about it. She hasn’t been in the best mood. I brought it up at a bad time, I think. 😞 It is hard trying to make her understand how much it would mean to me.

She continues to see it all as pointless and that I won’t use my qualification whatsoever. I’ve told her it could help me if I get stuck with a job, and even so, I still love dancing. I’ve offered to pay and travel myself – she won’t even reason with that. She takes it out on me about my other activities I did. Like piano, and swimming. I wasn’t great at them but I still liked them.

It makes me upset because I have gone so incredibly far with ballet, and to be completely honest, it was the thing I liked doing and that I was good at too. I was getting high grades – highly commended and even honours. Honours is a wonderful thing to get. With the system I do, you can’t fail an exam, you can only pass. But of course, a level of achievement really shows you how good you are.

I’m still rather angry about it. Everything I bring up lets my mum say something about my terrible piano playing. I know I hated to practice, but I still loved it all the same. I preferred it for leisure rather than doing grades. 😞

And often, the most important thing with anything is that you tried. You can like something, but you don’t have to show it to people. You might not even be good at it. But only you know that you tried.

I’m going to put it behind me for now. There’s a lot of university work to do in the meantime. If I can’t go back soon, I will. I will go back and finish it off. Even when I’m 21 years old or something. I hope my mum’s bad mood will pass, but that aside, I don’t think I’m going to let ballet go just like that. β™₯️

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