Thrown Before Your Eyes

New layout. How do you like it? :D

I’m pretty proud of it. I admit I was slightly inspired by something Vicky made and showed me a while ago – that was inspiration for the shadowed divs.

I had been looking at typography and was so deeply inspired to create a layout. I wanted to toss a quote in, but I wasn’t sure which one would be good. James suggested the line what we would give to feel alive from R&R by The Classic Crime. It’s a really good song as well, and the ending is just… revolutionary, I think. :O

I could go on about this layout. I have been ogling it myself lately… /um

I received my marks back for that terrible assignment I handed in a few weeks ago – the one I had left until the last minute rushing it up and over and around and about. I think my writing must have been very messy on my cover sheet because my teacher spelled my name wrong on the document name. :P

She actually lost my assignment before giving back my results. She seemed to have misplaced it. I think it was either telling me something good or bad.

But I got a Credit minus for the assignment – top stuff considering all that stress. 😰 Thank goodness that ordeal is over!

As I mentioned previously, I want to go back to ballet and finish my final grade. But, upon asking my mum she didn’t sound too pleased about it. She hasn’t been in the best mood. I brought it up at a bad time, I think. :( It is hard trying to make her understand how much it would mean to me.

She continues to see it all as pointless and that I won’t use my qualification whatsoever. I’ve told her it could help me if I get stuck with a job, and even so, I still love dancing. I’ve offered to pay and travel myself – she won’t even reason with that. She takes it out on me about my other activities I did. Like piano, and swimming. I wasn’t great at them but I still liked them.

It makes me upset because I have gone so incredibly far with ballet, and to be completely honest, it was the thing I liked doing and that I was good at too. I was getting high grades – highly commended and even honours. Honours is a wonderful thing to get. With the system I do, you can’t fail an exam, you can only pass. But of course, a level of achievement really shows you how good you are.

I’m still rather angry about it. Everything I bring up lets my mum say something about my terrible piano playing. I know I hated to practice, but I still loved it all the same. I preferred it for leisure rather than doing grades. :(

And often, the most important thing with anything is that you tried. You can like something, but you don’t have to show it to people. You might not even be good at it. But only you know that you tried.

I’m going to put it behind me for now. There’s a lot of university work to do in the meantime. If I can’t go back soon, I will. I will go back and finish it off. Even when I’m 21 years old or something. I hope my mum’s bad mood will pass, but that aside, I don’t think I’m going to let ballet go just like that. ♥️

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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo /bash

Ngaweeeee poor James wanted to get first comment! /rose

I REALLY love your new layout, Georgina! :)

I never would of thought to make one like this! :D

The layout’s great :O a yellow comment box! Easier on the eyes :) and I really like the simple shapes :)

Yeah, you better not let it go /angry
‘Sides, you’ll be able to do anything you damn please when you’re 21; just don’t do anything sillysilly /sweat
Honours is very impressive /bounce . Sure, you can’t fail, but then again it’s not like you barely scraped passes either, eh /eee

Huhu, you used to swim? Thazoocute /rose *splash*


I definitely won’t let it go. ♥

You helped me think of the quote; it’s all good. :D I like the change to the dark grey, don’t you? XD

I’m sure you’ll make sure I won’t do anything silly. I’ll be mature and responsible. And I’ll have finished my degree by then. I could take a gap year or a break to go back to ballet, before I start working. /eee

You can get a “pass plus”, which is quite amusing. It doesn’t sound that great. I have received a “Commended” before, though. As opposed to a “highly commended”.

Most of the time in my dance exams I got a “highly commended”. In my first ever set of exams I was so shocked to get that grade; really. I wasn’t expecting o do so well. :’)

I went to swimming lessons to improve, pretty much. It was usually private or with one other person. I liked using my flippers to swim faster but obviously I was terrible without them.

HEHEHEHEHEHE! Since I forgot to say so in my FIRST COMMENT [Yeah! That’s right xP (H) (H) XD ], I will say so now: GG! ^^

Anyways, now to seriously, SERIOUSLY comment properly before hauling my arse to sleep [hopefully] xD

YES! I am totally completely in LOVE with this layout! It’s so colourful @_@ I love contrasting colours like these =D I miss the tags down the sides, but these shadows are super AWESOME! LOOK at them! They’re so cool ^^ Hahaha. I really, really like the colour scheme too…^^…

Whoaaaa! A credit minus for a last minute assignment =O Congratulations ^^ Haha it shows that you’re naturally smart xD Hahahaha! Even a super rushed effort gets you a credit =D I’m happy for you =D =D

LOL. Even if your writing was messy, I’m sure the teacher would be able to look your name up if she wasn’t sure…==…Maybe she just didn’t look at your name properly. Or marked yours extremely last minute-ly. Which would be hilarious. But would also make sense considering she lost it for a while [Omg, I was just about to write ‘losted’ xD].

Most people have got their law assignments back, but my tutorial group haven’t…=( Because our tutor has more to mark than other tutors. We’re getting ours back next Tuesday. OMFG, I AM SO SCARED! D=!

Awwww =( I can’t believe your Mum won’t let you go back to ballet =( *sniff*. That’s so sad. I’m extremely, extremely epically, majorly, dynamically, overly, hugely, magnanimously sad on your behalf. Like heart-broken sad. =( *hugs*


Sometimes it’s not about what’s useful or what you’re good at. Sometimes it’s about what is FUN and what makes you happy. =(

You don’t have to be good at something to like it. I SUCK at piano, but I still LOVE IT! I bet my Dad thinks I suck too xD But he’s still letting me take it. He KNOWS I suck at guitar, but he still lets me take lessons.

And what about your health? Ballet is a sport! It’ll keep you healthy =O Hahahahahaha…

It’s okay, like you said you don’t have to get over your ♥ of ballet =) You just have to put it off for a while. I mean you can still do stretches and stuff and wear your pointe shoes once in a while to makes sure you’re still flexible and stuff =) Hehehe…

You’ll finish it eventually!! =)

Hahahaha your use of the (H) never ceases to make me laugh! And GG in your first *first comment* comment. Woah, what a mouthful. :P

Yay! /bounce I’m glad you like it! The previous layout was up for a month so it might have become boring after a while.

Hehe, you think so? I was stressing out so much! I didn’t really care about the grade at that point. But perhaps I am just good at it, huh? It’s funny though. I don’t seem to be as good in essays, even if I do spend a lot of time on them. I got a credit for my last essay. My teacher said I just made it but a credit is a credit right? And it’s distinctly better than a pass!

Perhaps it was a typo. Her writing is cursive and a bit hard to read but the document was called “Luher”. :P

No way! They should hand out assignments at the same time, I think. I wish you all the best! You will definitely pass. We’ll just have to see about how well you passed. XD

I have to look up ‘magnanimously’. I’m actually on the train right now typing this reply, to save time. Hehe. And there is no internet on the train so I can’t use an online dictionary. :P

I was terrible at piano. Well, I wasn’t as good as other people. I know you should not compare with others but I wasn’t amazing. It’s so nice that your parents still let you continue what you love. /eee

One of the reasons I liked ballet was because it could keep me fit at the same time. /hmph Well, it’s not like there aren’t other ways to keep fit! Like walking to uni from the station. So much effort, I swear. And a lot of the time I run, because I’m always underestimating the time it takes me to run to the station. Sheesh.

My pointe shoes and ballet shoes still fit! :’)

I’ll comment properly later, am going out in a few mins but this layout is gorgeous!

i love the layout (: typography is so awesome, i wish i could spend the time to experiment with it :P
i think my mom is the opposite >< i talk about how i might want to quit swimming and piano to focus more on school but she never seems to understand. haha, its never about what WE want !
good luck in school (university and all), school can be stressful, yeah D: your mom will probably finally notice one day that you actually really want to continue with ballet and agree to it (:

I love this layout, it’s so cute! :D

It sucks your mum won’t let you go back to ballet. It would probably take a lot to persuade my parents to let me go back to something, especially as I can’t earn money yet so they’d have to pay. I think you should be allowed to go, though, as you’d pay for it yourself and you really enjoy it and do well anyway!
It actually does work to have different clubs you went to written on your CV when looking for jobs anyway – it shows that you don’t just do well in one area like in school, but you can do lots of things (Y)

Arrrrh Georgie I have expressed my profound love for this layout on MSN.
I’m so fucking jelaous, haha.

Well, in a good way. ;D Like, a friendly jealous way…
It surprises me when you put up a new layout ‘cuz they’re all so different and creative and I always end up wishing I could borrow your skills for the day, hehe.


I luh it. And the footer, whoo. /hehe

The shadowed divs are really cool, they make things look more interesting without adding too much… impact.

Ooooh, I like that quote! :D
There’s something like that in a Three Days Grace song… can’t remember which one though, I don’t listen to TDG much nowadays.

Haha! How did she spell your name? This guy or my bus spells my name as “Jogra”. FFS…
His spelling is very very very shit.

My writing can be really messy too, and often hard to read.
Forgive my stupidity, but what exactly is a credit minus? XD


Honours sound great. We talked about this on MSN and I really hope your mum lets up and lets you go back! Ballet is healthy and good for you, keeping fit and all. :) Exercise is good. *nods*

Plus, you enjoy it so much and you are good at it too; I mean, honours? :O
I can imagine you as a ballerina. :D Imagine me as a ballerina. O_O Holy fuck that’s a nightmare… /ehh /sweat

I can’t play much piano but I used to play the cornet and I HATED doing grades. I loved playing the instrument though; I still play it sometimes.

I sucked at swimming. I just hated swimming lessons… I love to just randomly swim though. /eee

You won’t get anywhere in life without trying and taking chances. *nods*

I don’t think ballet should be let go off, because you have gone so far with it. :)

Good luck with the university work!

England has such a stupid driving age/licence/limit thing.
Arrh, I hate those films. XD But I did like “Never Been Kissed”, that was a good one. (The whole dorky-girl to cool-girl thing).

My mum is okay with fashion too and if I say so myself, I know what looks good and what doesn’t (all that reviewing helped, lmao. I guess I also have better taste in colours and stuff from having a site and designing layouts). :D

But yes… my sister really needs to realise how lucky she is and how many people would want to look like her. Sigh.
Even me, although that’s not gonna happen BECAUSE I am not exactly “desirable”.

Yeah… I notice a lot of unconfident (?) people around my school, and they’d fit in better if they had a little bit of faith in themselves. I have never been very confident but over the last two years I have learnt a lot and don’t take anyone’s shit to heart anymore.

/bash I used to believe that shit as well. 💥

I love to draw but I don’t exactly major at it, lmao.

The more you listen to BB’s songs, and listen to the lyrics, the more you’ll notice. ;D Mainly heaven. Stuff like “lead me to heaven when we die” and “climb to heaven” and “fall from heaven” and stuff.

Presumably there are Facebook apps too? /hmph Facebook is lame, heh.

Awww thank you. :) I love writing. ^^

Bollocks indeed. I kind of want to go back to school… I just wish I had more times in the evenings! If only I could walk home and it only took 5 or ten minutes, I’d be back before four….

Don’t worry, I’m gonna do three homework pieces after this comment. :)

I presume so too; Google going down would result in everyone’s lives… dying. Lmao.

Hugglers. Hehehe. /hehe

:D Yay! I like to think I comment a lot here. :D

I do like the song. ;D

Take care! xx *hugs*

hey sorry it’s been such a while i’ve just got no time at the moment anyway yeah throwing up isn’t nice but sometimes you have to just so you’ll feel better afterwards. Yeah study skills is shit hopefully i’ll not have to do it after the end of this semester so Christmastime :P Yeah I hate Tuesdays but I do like having Friday off it’s like an extended weekend hehehe
I love love love your layout btw :) it’s lovely :)

thats good that you got a credit minus, cant believe she lost it though :O
Awww that sucks about your mum not letting you continue with ballet, you should just do anyway I would I’d be like i’m 18 now I’m an adult I’m carrying on with it. especially as you said you’d pay as well for it
if you’re good at it and enjoy it then go for it people need hobbies everyone needs a release.

Hahaa lol. Well..have fun? =P

The new layout looks cool..I like it a lot! The shadowed divs are definately brilliant hehe. I love looking at typography, there’s some really amazing stuff out there.

Aww that sucks that your mum won’t let you go back to ballet. Surely you should be allowed if you’re willing to pay for it and get there by yourself?! Don’t let it go! If you really badly want to go back and finish the last grade, nothing should stop you doing that..especially if you were really good at it. Hopefully your mum will change her mind!

Would you be able to do it behind her back? I know it sounds bad, but sometimes when you want to achieve something or do something you really like/good at, you have to try every little possible way to get there. And in this situation, it might be doing it behind her back. I think she would be proud of you though. Maybe she thinks it’ll interfere with your schoolwork and work. She may want to get less stuff off your back so you won’t be stressed or feeling everything is very hectic? Whichever decision you do, I will have your back! :)

Take care!

Oh em heeby jeebes Georgina! This is my favourite layout out of all the ones you’ve done!
How did you do the shadowed divs? It looks so cool!

Good job with your mark for the assignment. :)

It shouldn’t really matter if ballet’s not a part of your career, as long as you enjoy it. And it’s good exercise too.
I never knew you got honours! That’s great :)
I wonder what’s making your mum in such a bad mood. It can’t just be because you want to do ballet again, can it?

My brother plays piano but he doesn’t want to do it as a career. It takes a lot of practise so I get what you mean.

I just noticed your footer :) Wow! You always put so much work into your layouts.


I did get a lot of rest but then I came down with a terrible stomach, as it sometimes happens, and I’ve had a week off school. Mum’s taking me to the doctor today but it won’t do much good because I’m allergic to most of the painkillers they give me.

Yeah, I’m not gonna hang out with her as much now because I know she’ll keep behaving like that.

I’d love to live on a farm too, but I could never take care of all the animals.

Yup, I’ve lost my voice once before. It was TERRIBLE!!!!

Haha good on ya, I wish I had an ipod or something fancy like that but I just no I’ll get too addicted!

The layout is truly incredible, Georgina! I love how you added the shadow. And the typography for the header really pops out and gets its point across.
You shouldn’t give up ballet. Try to talk it over with your mom again. If you are WILLING to pay for everything, I mean, how could anyone say no to that? And tell her that you truly want to commit yourself to ballet and that it means a lot to you and you can’t just give it up. Since it’s so fun and enjoyable for you, tell her you’ll practice every chance you get, and it won’t be wasteful.
Good luck :)

Thank you Anne! :) While I’m here I thought I’d mention the fact that I can’t view your site.

I know you applied for a review but I’ve been checking frequently since you applied and all I’m getting is a “not found” via Firefox. So I’m afraid I can’t review you unless that problem is fixed. :(

My mum keeps thinking it’s pointless. I just want to finish it off but she thinks it’s a waste. She looks at everything else I did – piano, swimming, jazz dance – and just because I don’t show I like it she doesn’t believe me.

I’m just going to hang in there. It might take a while but I’m not going to let it get to me right now.

Thank you so much. ♥

Yeah, sorry about my site…my host’s server has been having problems for a long while, and I can’t contact her. I’m trying to move to another host right now, so my site should be back up by next week or so.
You’re welcome :)

Beautiful new layout Georgina!

Thank you very much, Mickey! :)

I emailed you back about the layout. I hope it helps because I looked into the problem a bit more! :P

I have fallen in love. Yes, Georgina – you are the first to know. /ehe
Do you know why? I shall tell you, at the end of my comment. THEREFORE DO NOT READ THE COMMENT BACKWARDS OR READ THE LAST FEW SENTENCES FIRST. Thank you very much. :)

Aha yes, but then if you did close your site; 92487107267758693759103894658192305686757 people would miss you. :( When I closed my site? 10 people at the most missed me. /bash

I can’t wait to make some content, aha. I was going to make some today but I keep getting distracted. ><

Lol, I didn't use too but I visit Shellz's site nearly every day just to see her amazing layout :D

LOL. I use to sleep like that as well, aha but I just hate sleeping early so I just sleep late everyday XD

Lol. :O Really? I knew the blending modes (Darken, Screen, Overlay, etc) could do different things but I didn't really know what in general. I read a tutorial like a month ago. /eee

Ooh nice aha. I don't think it's ever going to be fixed, well for a long time. Vicky said it's something to do with the sound card or something.

LOL. Warning Georgina, stay away on Facebook. Don't think or look or listen or speak or taste or smell anything Facebook and you will do absolutely fine. /hehe

Aww, that sucks you didn't get your assignment back. Woohoo, well done! :D

Awwww. Ballet seems fun, if you really love it & want to do it; then nothing should stop you from doing it because it will affect you the most.

ANYWAYS. I need to tell you who I'm in love with.
Thanks. :D

The truth is, I am in love with..
I am in love with..
your awesome amazing wicked fabulous great good superb sensational incredible
(^ That word is backwords. :P)

I totally love the colours and design. Ooh, I love the shadowed divs. I keep forgetting to look at typography, but I first thought it's complicated so I wouldn't bother. You reminded me with this layout, not everything has to be so complicated. In fact, I think I'm going to blog about this. :D


Hey I’m really loving the new layout! I admit I was getting tired of the old one. I wasn’t very fond of that one. I am fond of this one however. I’m sorry your mom decided against your wishes to rejoin ballet. My dad’s like that too about school. I want to go back to school but he said think about it because you’ll get the books, sign up for the classes and waste your time, the teacher’s time and drop out. I hate it when parents are like that! *Shakes fist* Anyway, I’m glad you have a good chin on your shoulders about it. Just keep it up and who knows maybe god will let you do ballet one day, and let me go back to school. You just never know how he works things.

This layout is stunning, Georgina. I really love it. The soft grey and the combination of what I call “baby” colors are awesome together. You always manage to find the coolest quotes to put in your headers, too. How do you manage? XD

Sorry to hear that about your mom. She sounds like my dad. I ask my dad for the SMALLEST thing and he bites my head off, or “presumes” to know what it is I’m about to ask. I hope your mother’s bad mood passes and you can ask her again about ballet. If it’s something you enjoy, I think you should keep it up.

I hope university doesn’t swamp you down and you have time to find some fun things to do! ♥ ♥

I love it, I love it, I love it! Awesome job!

I always wanted to do ballet but I think I’m too old to start now & I don’t really have time what with bein a mama and all. But I love watching it and all kinds of dance for that matter. I hope you’re able to keep going with it someday!

Ohh, I see. Nope, our biscuits are just… biscuits. Sometimes I eat your “biscuits” with cheese and stuff. (: Or, I put peanut butter and jelly/honey in between two of them. 🤤 Crisps? I actually prefer that word over chips… I dunno why.

WTH? Your English is like… another foreign language! Aha, you have different words for pretty much everything. xD That’s kind of weird. McMuffins are good though, they put a little too much salt in them for my taste.

Mhm, it’s the common thing to do anyways. Well, all Goodwill does is sell the clothes anyways; I don’t think they even care if it’s clean or not. There you actually find a lot of neat things in thrift stores! Some people donate some interesting items but yeah, I always double wash them just in case. xD Dunno what the previous owners used it for…

Ohh yeah, I forget that our seasons are kind of the opposite. Maybe you buy me winter clothes, ship them here, and I shall buy you summer clothes, and ship them over there? D: That’s gotta be cheaper? xD

That’s kind of weird. I’d try and mess with the coding but, I can barely understand a WordPress theme much less a plugin. o.O Darn those plugins! Yeah well, I was only in the yearbook last year; she kind of rushed us though. She always said that a yearbook was a business and that whenever we were late for a deadline or something, it costs the school money. Dx She was nice but, she was always so.. demanding.

Ditto. Sometimes I don’t shave in the winter but, I tend to wear shorts around the house since it’s always so warm. I know I’m in MY house but, I don’t ever know who the heck is coming over?! xD I heard that when you shave, it doesn’t really grow back “thick”; it’s just the root color, it makes it look thick. It may grow long but, they never grow thick. Of course… I may be wrong. I don’t think so either but, you should be shaving as a female. Otherwise is just plain disgusting.

Aww, that blows. My mom has like… 4 Coach’s. I don’t know why but she does. xD She knows this lady that orders expensive purses overseas then sells them for dirt cheap; I have 3 Ed Hardy backpacks through her. (: You might get them cheaper if you buy them directly from China? Isn’t that where they’re usually manufactured? I mean… not trying to be stereotypical or anything. X.X

Oh, I see. Well that’s cool. I’m interested in a few things with WordPress but, I can never really find the right tutorial? Most of them out there are way too confusing and never tell me what I want.

Ohh, that’s the other one… the one I use is called Textfree. Dx I’ve never tried Textplus but, I would assume it’s the same thing anyway.

Haha I guess it would be a little confusing but, interesting nonetheless. I’d pause for a minute or two between every two paragraphs. xD

Yeah, BB has some cool songs but, there are other way better bands out there. Haha I know but, first it’s a game then it’s the site entirely! I have a Facebook but, I just never seen the point in it. They ask for too much information; what if you have someone on there that you “be-friended” but, you don’t want them to know anything? and blocking them isn’t an option, see? That would suck. :(

I was actually curious to know when you were going to come out with a new layout… I like this one! It’s definitely fresh and original. I have no idea how you did the header but it’s really neat looking. (:

Ah, there’s nothing like stressing over a grade when you get the work back; it’s worse than getting the thing done in the first place! X.X Oh, yeah she lost it alright. How very unprofessional.. xD Dunno what a Credit Minus means but… it sounds bad? o.O

Your mom is such…. I dunno, a mom. =.= Aren’t you 18? You’d think that she’d let you do whatever you want by now. My mom can be like that too but, at least she gives me my space and respects the fact that I want to try new things. It’s nice to know that you were so passionate about that; maybe if you showed that in front of your mom, she might reconsider? I’m pretty sure she wanted to do something she loved when she was younger but her parents said otherwise; it happens at least once anyway.

i hope you get to finish ballet. dancing is so much fun. i wish i would have started when i was younger. it is awesome 👏

Hey, Georgie, I’m having a bit of trouble with something HTML/CSS-wise so I sent you a quick email. Hope you don’t mind :3

I love this new layout! When the page loaded I literally had a Webgasm. Did that sound too dirty? 👏 it’s lovely, really.

I hate when teachers misplace or lose assignments. It’s like, WTF? Seriously makes me question their intelligence and ability to be a teacher.

My mom is like that too. When I first said I wanted to take riding lessons, she was so convinced I’d drop it like cello. But really, I dropped cello because after I finished middle school (where I’d learned to play in the first place and was supplied with a school instrument) I couldn’t exactly afford my own cello and all other necessary materials. Besides, riding was something I’d wanted to do since I was a kid; if I haven’t grown tired of it yet, I doubt I will any time soon.

I hope you’re mom sees sense soon, though :)

Layout looks great, darling! I’ve been wanting to try typography too.. you certainly excelled.

Im glad the assignment ordeal is over with.. maybe now you can breathe! relax!

I’m sorry about your mother reacting that way. Atleast you do know that you have the option to go back at some point in your life.. whether youre 20, 30, or hell..even 40! <3

I am seriously jealous of you right now. I really LOVE this layout. I tried to do something like this about a month ago and it didn’t work out. I think I’ll try again. /bounce

I think you should do Ballet anyway. No matter what your mom says. Sure she’ll pissed, but eventually she’ll get over it. Sometimes you just have to do things that people don’t agree with… /bounce

I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s pissy mood. My mom gets that at time but she gets over it. I’m glad she lets me do whatever I want as long as it’s right & makes me happy. I’m sorry that she doesn’t want you to do ballet. I took ballet clases when I was young. I really liked it but it didn’t like me :(

Good luck with uni stuff! :)

The layout’s awesome! I love the colors!

She’s no better than me at all. Gah. Some day.. /bash

Yeah, I’ve already got braces, and a skin regime, and in 6 months (when the braces are off and the skin regimes done) I’ll be PERFECT. Well compared to her. ;D

I LOVE THIS THEME =) the colours are so cute and pastel-ish or something :’) I really like this. You’ve outdone yourself again (H)

The quote.. If you think about it for a while, it seems so… True? Deep? RELATABLE. That’s the one 😏

Congratulations on your result :D I’m guessing that’s a good thing? =D

You should go back to Ballet. Your 18 years old, it’s time you get to decide for yourself, and if you’re paying for it, she can’t stop you.

You were good at it, and you enjoyed it, where does she see the problem? =/


Oh yes, very subtle indeed ;)

Wow, your site is amazing. I’ve been reading some of your articles, i simply love them all and the article about Using Picture’s off Google well I am guilty of doing that :X . but after reading the article I’m stopping I guess your site has inspired me too do something new with my site and stop using celebrity images over and over again. Because they do simply do get boring after awhile.
Anyways, I love the layout. /love

Hi Julina! Thank you for your lovely comment. :)

Don’t worry, we all started somewhere. I used to forget to credit websites at all. But yes, Google is a search engine and links to other sites so you have to make sure you credit those sites and not just Google!

Thank you very much. :)

Hehe yes, I was a tad envious. ;D

Aww thank you! :3 My drawings aren’t much though, your scribbles are way cuter. :P

I like experimenting…. and yeah, I live on grey. /um I tried a brown layout but hell it went pretttty wrong… 🤤
Thank you though. ;D I like seeing people’s style changing, it’s interesting to watch. :)

Oh well, least I tried right? /bounce
Typography (?) is so cool. I tried it once… and failed. Meh.

Glad you kept the footer, it is very very cool! /hehe
Like the shadowed divs. /bounce
It’s a good quote. (Y)

Apparently “Jogra” is the pheonetic spelling of my name. Bullshit if you ask me. XD
Yeah, he’s pretty hopeless at spelling and he isn’t dyslexic or anything similar.

HAHA yeah, I remember that MSN convo (the one we had earlier this morning/ evening was funny… the schools and all). Generally my poems are very messy, yar.

Ohhh I see. So is a credit like a C? So a credit minus is a C-?
That’s not too bad. :)

It will be sorted out, don’t worry! *huggles* Your mum probably does understand about your ballet, you just caught her at the wrong time.

Awww! That’s so cute! /eee Georgina the Ballerina. Awwwh. /bounce

The piano is a pretty cool instument. ^^ (Y) Better for fun I think!

The UK is stricter on some rules then others (fail, I wrote “stricketer”, lmfao).
Reviewing is a good experience for later too, you learn tactics for reviewing other people + their possessions. If you know what I mean. ;D

Yarrr. Judgemental people, let alone people who think they know shit all and do judge on looks, are douchebags.

Yeah… you’re so right. *nods* (Y)

Uni and work. Awwh. /type Plus all your domains! How do you manage? :O

Take care! :)

Haha, isn’t everything better than cutenews? I’m actually getting spam on WordPress and a lot of it lately. :/ It’s kind of frustrating. I put up a different spam-blocking plugin though, hopefully that helps. :/ Any recommendations?

Ahaha oh totally That paper was an epic fail haha. It was so shameful compared to my other papers. :/

Ughh, I totally feel your pain. I schedule my class late in the day because I know myself too well. My body loves to sleep and so I always stay up late and sleep late in the next day haha. My earliest class is at 12, which I unfortunately have today pretty soon. :(

Thank you so much <3

EXACTLY. There are so many things about people that piss e off. But seriously, that is probably one of the most annoying I can think of. I hate the world sometimes lol.

LOL. Right? As soon as everyone heard Use Somebody at my college they were all like OMFG KINGS OF LEON CONCERT LETS GO. Half of the campus freaking went lol.

Ahh I know. I used to really love Paramore and then Misery Business came out and everyone was like OMFG I LOVE PARAMORE. I was like WTH? Lol and now I just don't like them as much as I used to. Everyone killed them for me lol.

LOL. I hate that too! Again with the Paramore thing ahha. My friend was at my house a few years ago and I was listening to Paramore. She heard Misery Business and then, out of nowhere, was all "obsessed" with them. HATE THAT.

Hehe I do too. I actually really like her. I like her older, more country-styled music. Her new songs all have a pop beat added to them. I have all of the originals though ahha. That annoys me so much. They still play her originals on country radio stations though, thank God.

Me either! I have no respect for these people at ALL.

LOVE this new layout. Great job! :)

At least that whole assignment thing is over with now, that's good.

I'm sorry about your mom disapproving of ballet. I think you should follow your heart though and do it. You seem so passionate about it. Sometimes we need to just do our own thing regardless of what our parents say. You'll never truly fail until you stop trying. I'd say go for it, do it because you love it. :D

Lovely New layout :) I’m on my third layout this fortnight. I am a layout junkie.

I remember you talking about that assignment.
aw, what a nice teacher. Losing something someone worked hard on – or at least worked on.

Just go for it – you’re a big girl. If ballet is what you want to do then? I bet your mum will change her mood about it, when you remind her what a great dancer you are.

Maybe she thinks/knows, that your life is overloaded with things already. Maybeee :) And doesn’t want you more stressed.

Hi Georgie! Love the new layout! :D All bright & colorful! :D
Haha, I couldn’t expect anything less from you! XD The shadowed divs are splendid, as well!

Aw! She lost it? /angry
What’s a credit minus? Arh, sorry for my noob-ishness. ;)

Oh..I really hope your mum would be able to let you go to Ballet classes again…try to make her realize how much you like Ballet! :) Yeah, when she’s in a really good mood, go and talk to her about it! That’d be your best bet. ;) Good luck, LOL!

Yeah, you’re so right! :D Trying! At least, we tried! I’ll love you for that; you said it so beautifully, Georgie! XD


Hello Georgina :)

Aww, thank you! Hehe, oh yeah those were some days! You and Vicky had quite a hard time doing those reviews with all the spelling errors I had xD But I am really happy that you did the reviews and helped me to correct them. I honestly would’ve never thought that blogging would help me with school xD

I was soo damn happy about the 13! Especially because I really wanted to have one of the two 13’s we had in that test.

I have to improve on those two things too. Our economics teacher always tells us, that we just take things the way they are. We don’t think about it. And the worst thing: It’s the truth xD So we should both work on our weaks and make them our strenghts soon :)

I guess I should give a big “Thanks” to me and to you – my lovely visitors :)

Yeah maybe. I think that’s something were it’s more than just good and important to have a job. Because then you get away from each other for a few hours and you actually have something to look forward to when you come home 🙄

Haha, and that’s exactly the problem with my current cell phone camera xD

I don’t know what I prefer xD Both things are awesome. I think I’ll just let my parents decide. If they want to get me a laptop for my birthday and christmas, I am cool with it. If not, I am more than just happy with a new mobile phone :D

Yeah, we do those small ones too. It’s fun :) I’d love to go to Berlin for New Years Eve one day, because they have this huuge firework at the Brandenburger Tor – I’d love to see that live one day. So, I totally understand what you mean :D

Yeah me and my friends are learning together on some days after school just to make sure that we understand everything and stuff. So I hope, it’ll go well :)

And now, let’s come to your blog and new layout :D

I totally love it! It looks amazing and it is something completely new! I also love the shadowed div’s :) You’ve done an amazing job, Georgina!

I don’t really get this one, is Credit minus a good or bad thing?

Aww, I am really sorry that your mum won’t let you go back to practice. I think it’s kind off unfair, because you even offered to pay for it by yourself which I think is a really good thing.

Maybe you should just wait another week or a little bit longer for your mum’s bad mood to pass and then ask her again? Tell her, that you really love ballett and that you won’t to get back into it. It’s a hobby and you love it soo much.

I think it would also be a good thing to balance you out a little bit. Uni can be really stressful and I think something like ballet would help you to “relax” and stuff.. but I think I’ve already said that before. Just try it when your mum is in a better mood :)

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

I’m going to comment your blog first; just because I feel like it. :3

I LOVE the new layout! I love that it’s different to what you usually do! I’m glad I inspired you, heh. I’m glad to see my speech bubble codes worked too! (At least I think you used mine from the speech bubble page lmao).

My handwriting was terrible at school. It would be neat for a while then I’d start rushing and no one could read it. :3 I hated cover sheets, I always forgot to fill them out. :(

She LOST your assignment at first? Wow, how irresponsible. But congratulations on the credit minus, that’s awesome considering the stress like you said!

I’m not sure why your mum wasn’t keen on the idea especially since you said you would pay for everything yourself. Maybe she doesn’t want you to take on too much?

You’re 18, you’re older to make decisions for yourself and I think she should respect that. Nevertheless I guess she still sees you as her little girl.

I hope she decides to let you because I know how much you loved it!

Lmao, the comment wasn’t as long as yours. ;P It was still pretty long though. XD

Oh wow, I hope I never get on the wrong side of you, you’ll just attack me with huge words lmao.

I think she’s back. I think we’re talking about the same person anyway. I said something on Twitter yesterday and she thought I was aiming it at her, was funny.

Yeah I do that too. I mean, I’ve been pretty good today considering I feel like shit and have no energy, but I’ve still managed to return 13 (this is the 14th) comment and they were all pretty long, eek.

Yeah I guess. But even when my site was down I barely commented anyone, actually I didn’t. I don’t really like commenting people when my sites closed or whatever. But I did keep in contact with people on Twitter and still read everyones blogs.

THAT’S WHERE I SAW THEM!!! I couldn’t remember where I saw the poop smilies lmao. I remember you saying you started candy ones, you should finish them when you get time. :3 I still want a penguin pixel lmao.

10 pounds is about 16 dollars, I think. My parents used to do that as well, but they just randomly stopped, sucks.

LOL, it did make sense. :P I don’t really watch videos either, unless I’m with Rob. Rob loves watching videos on there lol.

Yeah, well I think their fake because their obsessions change way too much. And the fact they are unnatural. I don’t get it. The unnecessary tweets with mixtures of two different languages annoy. I say Danke sometimes but that’s just because I’m weird.

Lmao I know, but I didn’t want to give it away in case they comment here haha.

BB’s songs all do pretty much sound the same but I still love them nevertheless. (I love saying that word heh). At least he likes a couple of their songs. :P I like Polyamorous too. =D You should listen to Give Me A Sign from their new album, it’s kind of like Forget It, slow ish.

Yeah but that’s understandable taking a break when you have assignments to do. I know, I don’t know how people like Swimchick don’t return them, I feel so guilty. :| Even though I don’t do anything, when you have lots to return it is quite over whelming.

I know, that’s why I don’t like saying anything, apart from getting ignored I hate implying I’m rude or something. Maybe that’s why so many people take advantage.

LOL, well, they could be. :P Haha my mum says that to me too. Then she moans when I put things in the wash over wearing them for a day, she confuses me. :3

Oh I know, we’re not allowed to shower after 10pm!! I don’t know why cause our electric shower is quiet. We should be allowed to shower when we want. I love showering in the Winter for no apparent reason, I like being warm. :3

I just had a doughnut, it was so nice. Random. :3

I wanna see the brush of you and James. :P I have some lovely flower pictures, around the living room I want to scan them and make brushes out of them. I need to steal the scanner first.

Haha init! Gosh, that would be a lot of words lmao. We have left each other quite a lot of 1,000 worded comments. You should put the top commenters plugin on another theme (that you aren’t using) and set it to like 50 commenters and I might be there!! Lol. I think my commenter has left me like 20 comments but they are mostly one liners.

Hehe yup. I wanna write a letter to you, or something. I don’t know why LOL. Penpal. :3 I had a penpal in German, they never wrote back to me though lmao. We had to do it, but I don’t think my teacher ever sent them off. :@

Hehe yeah, a hug does fix it all. I love hugs. :)

I can’t remember what song you’re talking about, I mainly listen to the latest album haha.

Oh I really like The Kill too, and From Yesterday. :3

LOL oh yeah, I was going to that before and be like ‘yeah I made a Twitter account but it’s boring and I don’t get it’ lmao.

*Hugs* yeah, I hate taking it out on other people. I never ever take things out on Rob which is weird. I usually take it out on my mum or sister. :( I don’t care about my sister but my mum. :(

Yeah they are pretty bad sometimes. I have seen a few that are really affectionate. They always seem to cling onto me though lol. I’m just good with kids… they do annoy me sometimes like in general especially when you can’t understand what their saying lol.

Yeah, she is improving, she still has numbness on the left side though. She has a hole in her heart that needs fixing before she has another stroke though.

Well, we did phone the RSPCA and they’ve come out a few times but he leaves water in the eye line of the letterbox, and the dogs look healthy so they should they can’t do anything?! It’s stupid.

I want to come to Australia. :( My mum would love it haha!

Yeah, we can’t afford a holiday but otherwise that would have been a great idea. Only problem would be that we had to come back to this… My mum could go and stay with her sister in Scotland but I don’t think she would want to haha.

Yeah I could try that. I didn’t want to remove them because of the people that do credit me. We’ll see, I’ll give them warnings and if they ignore me I’ll contact their host.

The RSPCA, council etc are all scared of him because he’s violent, douches.

I want to sound proof our house, that would be so cool haha.

Take care too. ♥

Oh quick question, if I wanted to use something from a Windows wallpaper like a character, cut it out and put it in a layout, would it be illegal?

Yeah, even the simplest typography can look soo effective! I’ve been trying some out myself recently, seeing your new layout inspired me to research it and do some of my own. Hehe.

Ah damn, that would be annoying to have a wait another year. They should do exams twice a year, that would be easier for people I think. Lol.

So, what’s up?

Hi georgina, you have an amzazing site!
I love the new layout! and the colours :)
and you have a lot of comment. and I like it. /bounce

I LOVE THIS LAYOUT! :D I love the big writing, it looks great. (:

Oh my, as if she lost your assignment! I’ve had so many teachers lose my work, and then deny and say it’s my fault. x_x
Well done on the credit minus!

I think if you sit down and talk to mum again, maybe she’ll let off. I know you’ve done it before, but if she knows how passionate you are about it, maybe she’ll consider it.

Thanks. I always get tired from sleeping too much. D:

I try to ignore tumblarity. The highest it’s been is 1,078, and right now it’s at 600, but I’m not really bothered.

The shops I shop in are pretty cheap but it’s good for your money. XD

I think if your dad doesn’t mind you going back to it, you should do it. Your dad doesn’t mind, right? You’re going on break anyways and you woudn’t have anything/much to do anyways…why not just go? Parents are usually unreasonable and stuff, so I really avoid being home. I live so far from home now that I can do almost anything I want. :) Talk to your mom again or something? :

Good luck and take care!

yeahh my friend was showing me some typography and i was like wowowow, thats so awesome ! i think it takes a lot of creativity to make it look good (: & your colour combo is real nice ! haha, i love doodling typography when bored in class :P

oh wow, youre probably one of those kids whose parents make them try out everything haha ! i was about to give up piano a while back but i’m already so far… why quit now (even though theres still a long way to go). ugh, its confusing. sometimes stress does get to you and you feel like giving up. so idunno. keep on trying and trying to convince your mom (: one day she’ll get why you really wanna go back to ballet !

Oh thank you! I just went and looked, how cool :P

That’s cool though. I had only heard that hairspray gets ink out, so it’s nice to know that it works. I’m sure I’ll need to know that because I’m bad at holding pens and getting them EVERYWHERE. I need to find out how to get candle wax out of carpet :| Lol. I spilt some then use a blow dryer and dish soap, but the carpet it still stained, lol. Told you, I’m clumsy.

The computer is nice! He just ended up sending me the tower, but it’s much faster and I can actually like BROWSE the web without the computer freezing everytime I open to tabs or a pop up wants to come up. So much nicer, lol.

Thank you about feeling better. I went to the doctor today and he highered my medicine, but after telling him that I haven’t felt good and that I missed my period, he just ignored me. I wasn’t very happy, but whatever. That could just all be stress so I’m not too worried.. as long as I start feeling better soon.

I told you on Twitter.. I think, lol. but I LOVEE the header. It’s so cute :P Do I get bad points since I haven’t heard for the song R&R or The Classic Crime. Oh crap /bash Lol.

What is a credit minus? Gosh, I hate how there’s so many different things! Lol. Doesn’t sound like you did too bad though!

I hope you go back to ballet. I was in gymnastics when I was little and I still LOVE absolutely LOVE watching it to this day. Sometimes I wish I had the nerve to go back and start all over (even tried once, was like 16 in a 6-8 year old class) and I stopped again. I really hope you can talk your mom into it or do it yourself. Especially if you’re that far too! It sounds like though.. are you doing it for a grade/school or just as an activity.

Woah, this was a long comment :P Lol.

OMG, this new layout is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t believe you could create something cool like this (Y) Congrats!!

A Credit minus eh? I’d consider myself lucky if I can scrape a credit. But with the crappy essay I wrote, I think I might get a D… *sigh*

*runs after Georgina* Come back here, girl! I’m gonna tie you up and keep you away from Facebook. Mwahahaha!! *evil laugh*

I usually don’t feel the guilt over skipping classes until the next day. Hahaha!

Your mom sounds like my mom. My mom seems to disapprove things that I like to do and what I like best. It sucks when you can’t do the things you love. Hopefully your mom will come around and see things your way.

I love the new layout. The shadowed divs are awesome :D
I need a new layout ==”
I think you should go back and finish your final grade for ballet. You’ve come so far, so why give it up? Then all those lessons you had were practically pointless.
You do whatever you want to do. I would like to play the keyboard but its for fun. I don’t like the exams and stuff. I just want to do it for fun. I think your mum is just in a bad mood. I’m sure she will understand.
My parents, on the other hand, want me to do everything. Karate, piano, whatever blah. I had drawing and chinese lessons when I ws young but I gave it up. But sometimes I find myself hurt at the things they might say. Like sometimes they will go “Your not good at anything or something similar to that”. Argh. It’s a pain.
hey think I don’t set my mind to whatever I’m learning.
Anyway, Credit minus is a good mark. Do they grade your work in catergories like Distinction, High distinction…etc?

Woah thats so cool! i can’t even do a handstand or a flip :P

Yeaa :P Parras cool but I rarely visit there o.O

Pop is OK but everyones listening to it and I guess it gets a bit boring xD

Being put under stress and pressure from other people are the worst because they expect too much of you. O_O

OMGSH! Your layout is just ♥ I love the colours and how its set up! It’s very creative and original :D

Congratz on a credit minus! I’m not sure how that ranks but I think according to the UNSW competition things, its a bit below credit..thats really good (Y)

Hopefully you’ll be able to do ballet again! I’m not good at playing piano but I still like it so thats why I still do it xD My dad is a bit like your mum..he disapproves of heaps of things I do and doesn’t care if I enjoy it or not so I try not to tell him what I want to do because he’ll just criticise me. /pow

You’re on the 6th grade already? You should have just finished it, you’re almost there. After all it’s just 8 and you have to fill 2 more grades if that’s the term. Heh.

Wow. Ballet! How long you’ve been into that? You’re very talented girl. I envy you. But I feel your stress. Maybe your mum doesn’t understand you that much. I agree with what you said, I prefer leisure than being stressed to having good grades.

Are you using CSS3 here? I mean those shadowed divs are for CSS3 only, if I’m not mistaken.