Dispatch The Last Alarms

I’m going to go out soon. My dad wants to show me the bus stops around my new workplace so I won’t get lost next week. I start on Friday. I’m kind of excited, actually.

Later I’ll have to shove in a heap of work though. I haven’t been up to date on my university stuff. I finish the year on Thursday. I have to work hard on these group assignments; ughh. /oh

Happy Halloween, everyone. I am not going to any parties and I’m not dressing up. In Australia I don’t think it is very common to celebrate Halloween.

I would have dressed up as a ragdoll. That’s what I dressed up as last year on our school “muck-up” day. I had a dream this morning that I dressed up as a pile of lollies and candy. Quite amusing. :)

I went to university yesterday. I had a group meeting for us to finalise our presentation. We weren’t there for too long. After the meeting I walked to the train station; I was headed for James’s house. I wasn’t really looking forward to a 40-minute train trip but I figured I could occupy myself with my laptop and a view outside the windows.

I took my time walking, because the trains don’t come so often in the afternoon. It was about 12:30pm. I was walking along the platform, going further down the platform so I could grab a seat towards the front of the train.

As I was walking by I saw Bearman just ahead of me. Yeah, him. The person I knew in high school whom I had a myriad of arguments and overall a shit friendship with. /ehh

I wouldn’t say I was completely shocked (some of you might think otherwise) but I just walked past normally with no intention of talking, and found somewhere appropriate to stand.

After the train came, I sat down next to a window and took out my laptop.

Bearman approached me on the train and said hello. I said hello back, asked how he was. I mean, how is he after all these years? He had a lot of exams on. Then he apologised for what happened in year 11 (two years ago).

I mean, it was a shit time alright. The apology might have been “too little, too late” but I’ve matured enough to know that he would not have come up to me in this situation if he didn’t intend on saying anything, and the mature thing to do was not to go “meh” and ignore him like what so happened in the past.

I put the past behind me and it’s just something that I’ve forgotten. You know, life must go on. :)

James picked me up at the station and we went to his house in his nice little red car with the squishy seats and the nice ceiling. My family car’s ceiling is stupid; the lining has drooped down and no longer sticks to the ceiling. 🙄

I got to see James’s dog Keeks! She is SO CUTE.

me and Keeks

James’s mum had made some awesome eggs and I had one. I love eggs!

I played the piano. 😢 I could still play. I just realised… my fingers can still move the way they could. They still remember the notes and how they sound. I just need to read my music. /love

We watched some of the Notebook. /clap And ended up making out LOL.

And then we fed Keeks noodles. /bounce


I had a nice time there. :D I think Keeks likes me. /hehe

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Hahaha, dressed as a pile of candy! Delicious Wuggs /bounce /bounce

Must’ve been awkward, eh /bash

Don’t get lost on your way to work; that’d be horrible D: especially if you wonder around going ‘Humof!’ /poo

Heehee, Wuggs + Keeks = /love . My two best friends /eee
Haha, she sure likes her noodles. It fills out her meals a bit more, so she isn’t as hungry all the time because they digest slower :)

The Notebook wasn’t as boring as I thought it’d be; kind of like Benjamin Button if he wasn’t born chronologically backwards /ho but there were smoogs. /hehe


Haha it was a funny dream. I remembered it quite vaguely. A pile of candy. :D

It wasn’t that awkward but it was weird. O_O

I found the bus stop. It’s just around the corner from the building so it should be all good. It isn’t a long walk either. :) If I took the train it would take ages to walk. D:

Ngaweee oodles of noodles! /bounce

It’ll make you cry. /heart We’ll watch the rest sometime. /rose

Sorry I haven’t talked to you in forever! It was my birthday so I took a break :)
So how are you? What’s up??
OMG that is the cutest dog EVER! It’s so fluffy and adorable!

YAY third comment, haha. Awww, this is a happy sounding blog lol.

I love eggs too! And that doggie is so cute. I love the name. Aww at still being able to play piano. Is it really hard? I’ve never tried a musical instrument before.

Thanks, lol. I am taking the next two days off from coding ANYTHING and just relaxing. I’ll start re-coding again on Monday. My head is about to go 💥

Awww, doggie is so cute :D I think dressing up like a pile of candy would be awesome, but you’d totally get mobbed by itty bitty children, haha.

I love the layout. Really cute. :)
Good thing you’re seeing the bus stops beforehand. Otherwise it would have been awkward to get lost on your first day. /bounce

Happy Halloween! Halloween is not celebrated here as well. Dressing up as candioes and lollies would have been cute. /hehe

I think I read some of your blogs about Bearman. Long long ago. It must have been awkward. Nice of you to forget the past, though.

Aww Keeks is sooo cute. I wish I had one dog. /wah

Wow, I can’t believe you ran into that guy. I guess.. better to apoligse later rather than never?

You guys sure do end the school year early. College students don’t get out until.. maybe the first week of December? Not sure, I don’t remember haha.

Aww Keeks is such a cute name for a dog and he is absolutely adorable. I remember watching the Notebook with my boyfriend.. definitely a good couples movie.

Happy Halloween!

Hi, Georgina! Long time no chat!! :( i hope you’re doing well! <3 AND OMFG I FREAKING ♥ ZIS LAYYY. O___O You're getting really better at coding!! :D

Good luck on that job! It seems your life is starting to take a turn for the better again! :) You really deserve it; I've seen you've been under a lot of pressure lately.

I'm really starting to wonder how my university life is going to be like, lol. If I do get in of course…. :P I have sixth form, too. There's quite a lot left until I start with uni looooool. What are you studying for exactly?

PIANNOOO. Yeah you should really continue to play it! It's such a nice instrument; it's a BIG shame to let it go! :O

Ah. The Notebook. OOOOOH. The love… XOOOOOOO

HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND!!! I'm on my mid-term break! <333

Thank you, Georgie! :D
Yeah, it does. Nah, it doesn’t matter! You’re still my friend, and I’m still your friend, right? :D

Haha, yeah, I was surprised how many gifts I got online. Online friends are really the best! :) Oh, LOL, I’m sure you’d get millions of gifts showering down on your birthday! :)

Yeah, I can’t believe he has changed! But, nonetheless, I’m glad he did! :D I can’t wait for my laptop. :D

Yeah, I’ll look at Toshiba laptops…and Macbooks are popular, too. So I don’t know which one to buy, though my dad recommends Dell. :D Let’s see, anyways! :)

Oh, I see….it’s quite like our grades here, too – instead we have something like this for higher classes:

A1 – Above 95 marks (Out of 100)
A2 – Above 90 marks
B1 – 80 – 90 marks
B2 – 75 – 80 marks
C1 – 60 – 75 marks
C2 – 50 – 60 marks

And so on…the lowest one is E. That’d be below 30 marks. And that would be fail, yeah. XD


Oh, LOL! I hope you don’t get lost or something. That would be terrible. LOL, I’ve experienced it.

Ragdoll! I think I saw your pictures with you dressed up as a ragdoll on Lilian’s profile…you looked cute! :D Really cute. :)

Ugh, Bearman! What, he thinks you’ll still like him? When all he says is a mere ‘Sorry!’ after TWO years?

Keeks! LOL, already saw that picture on your photo blog! She’s, nevertheless, very cute! She looks like she’s glowing. :D


Hahaha! YES! YOU ARE STARTING WORK =) MUST VISIT YOU OR SOMETHING! xD…Or you must visit me xD Or we shall meet up xD Hahahahahaha! 👏 /bounce

Yes I hope you don’t get lost =S Don’t worry if you get lost, go to Macquarie Centre and ask for directions or something xD Hahaha

Waaaaaaaaaaaah! =O You’re finishing on Thursday! =O =O That’s so scary! *nods* That’s like a whole WEEK earlier than me and that’s not including my exams xD Haha Damn, I wish we got stuvac at Macquarie =(

Wooooow! You MADE IT =D Hahaha I hope you finish the year with ALL distinctions ^^

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Haha! I’m not going Trick-or-treating either, because I don’t have the time, and I also wouldn’t be allowed, and like you I’m in AUSTRALIA, so no trick-or-treating for me =P

Hmmm…I would dress up as a ghost, cos I’m really lazy, and I’d just need a white sheet to be a ghost xD Hahah Or a vampire, cos I LOVE vampires…^^…[like the ones with fangs and stuff…that wear black cloaks and go “I VANT TO SAAAAK YOUR BLOOOD AHAHA!” Yeah my attempt at phoneticising a Transylvanian accent fails. ==

Man, I am so original. *sarcasm*

HAHAHAHA! You make a CUTE ragdoll =P =P I have the pictures to prove it xP.

Omg, that’s funny! A pile of lollies! Hahahaha! If you went trick-or-treating, no one would give you any lollies cos they’d think you have enough and worry about giving you more cos your teeth might die xD

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOA! I cannot believe you bumped into him O_o. Of ALL people =O *shock*. Well I guess at least he apologised. xD That was big of him xD

YAAAAY for handling it so maturely =) I would have been like: “HMPH! BITE ME! *sulk*”. LOL!

Yes! You are correct, life must indeed go on. LOL. Moving on is good…^^..

Hahaha! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! James picked you up from the station xD That’s cool xD LOL…I picked my mum up from the station today ^^.

Awwwwww! James’ dog is soooooo majorly cute! *squeal*. I’m glad she likes you xD James must be glad too xD She looks so fluffy and huggable! =D


And yaaaay! For still being about to play piano ^^ Haha. Yep! That’s right. You just need a little more practice is all =) Haha…

Yes! I’ll come visit you in my lunch break or something, hehe! I have to walk up a hill though, even if it’s not far… so feel sorry for me! XD

I don’t think I’ll get lost; the bus stop’s just around the corner. There will be a map in the shopping centre anyway. :D

That’s not that good. I thought you guys would have a similar timetable or academic year. :(

I have never had anyone come to my door trick-or-treating and I won’t do that either. It would be nice if they celebrated Halloween here so we could dress up, though. :)

Yeah, that would be easy – just grab a blanket! Hahaha. I remember when Danny dressed up as a vampire on Medieval Day. O_O

I have pictures of myself too, thanks! :P

I think kids would run around pulling the lollies off my costume, had I dressed up as a pile of lollies.

Yeah, of all people. I don’t know why but I get awkward seeing people I haven’t talked to in a while. I wouldn’t know what to say. D:

Ooh yay! I’m the only one who can’t drive. /pow

She is fluffy and huggable! /eee

Hahaha… /um

I need to do a runthrough of the bus stops around my work experience place sometime in the next 4 months, haha, it wouldn’t be fun to get lost!

I haven’t done any work over this last week at all – we had a week off from school and I told myself I’d get my work done the first weekend off, then I could do nothing the next week.

That plan pretty much failed >_<

Haha yeah I saw that tweet and just as I was reading this I was like :o really? :D

It was fun like 2 months ago when I hadn't played my keyboard in like half a year and I could still play some stuff :D

Keeks is so cute! She looks a bit like my gran's dog :)

you fed a dog noodles? HAHA.
sorry for replying to your comments so late.
school. *groan*.
school finishes on thursday? for the rest of the year? O_O maybe i read that wrong.
james is your boyfriend i take it? aww. how sweet, his dog likes you ^_^
what do you use to make your themes? is so bloody sexy. hmmm. –right click > view page source– kidding. it is really pretty though. i envy you. i think you should just know that.
take care .
love you.

No it didn’t happen to me lol. Just a 10 minute thing i put together last night. It was meant to be one of my short story’s. I exedently added it as a blog post.

Thank you for your kind words. I must be getting better at writing. Meaning my imagination, as it was just something i did from boredom, and could not be bothered finishing.

I’m excited for you :) Are you going to get your license soon? No rush. I just got mine at age (almost) 22. But i hate catching buses. Some times they can be relaxing tho. Depends how many people are on the bus, and how they act.

That was nice of bearman to apologies. I agree tho, maybe a little to late. But still a nice thing to do. I actually don’t know the story between you guys, but im guessing it wasn’t a fun situation, all those years ago.

Can i have your dog? /bounce

***I meant can i have james’s dog? haha, so cute.

Well, I tried to make what I did into a layout, but it didn’t look right. So I’ll probably just put it in my Portfolio. Hehe.

Ah that’s annoying having to wait around for people to send you stuff!

Woah I can’t believe he just came up and apologised after all that time! Well, at least you handled it maturely..knowing me I’d have probably still been really pissed off and ignored him. Lol.

Aww Keeks is a gorgeous dog. Glad you had fun at James’.

I must have missed your last entry but cute cute layout!!! It’s really great. I really want to do a new one soon myself. Happy Halloween to you as well :) Anyways, I can’t believe bearman apologized to you, but maybe he’s matured a bit. Also sounds like you had a great time at James’ :) His pom pom is super cute! (hope that didn’t sound dirty! lol)

Good luck for when you start on Friday! :D
YAY! You’ll soon be on holiday. :)

Happy Halloween to you too. ;D And I don’t trick or treat anyway… meh. XD
Oooh a ragdoll! ^^

OMFG. D: I can’t believe you met Bearman at the station. :O
Better late than never for the apology… but yeah. Weird shit. /ehh

Besides, you have James now, right? /bounce

OMG. James’s car sounds really cute! ^^

And Keeks is such a cute name! It really suits her. /eee

Yay! (Y) You could still play piano :) With a bit more practice you’ll be better and get used to it again. :)

Haha I haven’t seen The Notebook but sounded like you had a good time. ;)

Hehe noodles! /hehe /faw 😏

Ah am savouring the break. :P

I’m glad you understand. :) Uni + work for you must be hard as well, especially seeing as you will soon have two jobs! /bounce

They are funny… maybe if they were 45 minutes or something? That extra ten minutes would so make a difference.

Aw thank you! :3

LMAO I’m not changing it just yet. XD
Yeah… I’m on the computer a lot too. I guess that kind of is “me-time” but at the same time it’s not, lmao.

Heh. If you insist. ;D Thank yous. ^^

Oh no the Pyromania one used white. XD It was one I started but a layout I never put up because it just wasn’t working. :P

LOL. The pheonetic pronounciation (?) of Jogra is JOG-GRAH, not JORH-JAH.

High distinction, whoas. Must be very hard to get that, like you say; is that like, A*? 💥

Stricketer was my mistake. XD
Reviewing was definitely worth it whilst I did it. :)

Lmao. I say take care and you always say take care too. ;D


Yeah we do celebrate Halloween. Happy Halloween by the way!! Ninjas would be awesome on Halloween, but I don’t think I started the ninja thing until I’d already got my costume, haha. I’m going to be a ladybird tonight (even though I’m dressed like a cat at the moment, I’ve just been to aikido haha).

I love it when people do that. ‘I want more hits’. I think it’s just the fact that they do it so openly that makes me giggle. They could at least pretend they’d actually like to comment the person and read their blog.

That’s good. Hopefully they agree to do something earlier next time though, ’cause I don’t think group assignments work too well when you’re by yourself.

Yeah probably. I’ll have to add the right album art to everything as soon as I have the time.

Ooh, good luck at your new work place!! I remember when I was in year 7 and my mum took me on the bus to show me where to get off and such. I’ve only been on the bus a couple of times though. If my mum can’t pick me up I usually walk.

Good luck with the work!! Hopefully it’s not too much.

Lollies and candy would make a great costume, unless everyone got confused and tried to eat you. Haha.

OMG, you saw Bearman!! That’s bound to have been an awkward conversation. At least he apologised. Even if it’s a few years too late.

Aww, Keeks is adorable!! I don’t thibk I’ve ever seen a dog eating noodles before, haha.


It’s good to put all those bad past behind you and move on. You did what you should. Way to go, girl!

I love eggs too! You know what, I think I’m gonna make me some fried eggs once I finish typing up this comment :D

Haha! I never played any games on MS-DOS. My experience was limited to simple stuff like making graphics using commands. Weird stuff, it was.

Your reviews are indeed of quality. And that’s a real blessing. it makes up for all the sh***y reviews that are crawling around the WWW. And you are right, one has to start off somewhere but I don’t feel I am ready for that yet.

And oh, happy halloween ;)
Dressing up as a ragdoll! Hahaha, that’s priceless :D

Hahah so true. It’s alright.

Haha I hate mornings. Well, I like waking up an relaxing in the morning but I hate having to go out in the morning lol. I love to just sit in bed and read. :D

Eeek. Next semester I have a class scheduled for 6-8:50 at night. It’s a drawing class though so I expect it to be simple and go by quick anyway. I might have to switch it though to put another math class in haha. I don’t even have one yet. XD

Haha awww. I never really got into them but they were alright.

Haha totally. I love country haha.

Aww I’m sure she’ll warm up to it when she’s in a better mood.

Aww I’m glad you had a great time at Jame’s house. That dog is so adorable! :)

That was very mature of you to just let it go. :)

Happy Halloween :)

Yeah I honestly don’t know the meaning of “BC” either. As far as I know it’s just the second year advanced placement Calculus course that they offer at some American schools. I’m not sure. =/

Hm, I’ve never had to take geography, but I think it seems like it would be pretty dull. History’s alright for me because it can be pretty interesting at times, but I hate studying for the tests, because I’m no good at memorization. D:

Oooo, is the layout you were working on this one? Which I LOVE, by the way. I told you all about how much I love it on MSN last night. :P

You get a pretty long holiday! Three months is niiiiiiice. :) I’ve only gotten two months for summer each of the past four years.

Aww, it’s been dragging but at least it’s almost over! Do you not have exams this year?

Ah okay. Our exams are external too, but since our school requires that we take them in order to graduate, we have graduation after the exams. You don’t need to PASS the exams to graduate though. xD

I agree, crying in public is definitely awkward. =/ I hate it when I cry in public and I don’t want to talk with anyone about it, but then people come up and ask what’s wrong and I have to be like “nothing”, when there is clearly something wrong. :P Though I actually hate it when at least a few people DON’T come up and ask me what’s wrong, because then I feel like no one cares. xD

Haha actually, I think you may have tweeted something about being tired as I was typing that comment. :P Then I looked at the time and realized how late it was for you there! Like 1am. :P

:O You had better get up to date on your uni work! You finish in like, four days! D: (Luckyyyyy)

Oh, Halloween does exist there though? I never knew if it was just an American holiday or what. :P Maybe trick-or-treating is mostly just in America.

Lmao yes, I definitely thought you were completely shocked when you saw him. xD The tweet was like GHOIWJOIEFJOISAFSAHGFOJD /hmph 😢 . I’m glad to hear that the encounter wasn’t all that bad though! Like I think I tweeted before, it was pretty mature of him to go up to you and apologize after two years. :)

AWWW, Keeks is such a cutie! I love her name too; it’s sooooo unique. :D

LMAO, that tennis ball is like five times bigger than her mouth! (Oh and I like your shirt in that picture. ^.^)

Yay for still being able to play the piano! It’s great that your fingers still remember how to play. :) It’s probably like riding a bike, which they say you never forget.

LOL sounds like you guys had funnnnnnnn. ;)

Hahaha, little Keeksie eats noodles? :O What a spoiled dog. xD

Glad to hear you had a good time. ^.^

FIRST OFF: I AM INLOVE WITH YOUR LAYOUT!! especially the shadow thing and the header is juts gorgeous :D ♥

okay now that that’s done with : P yeah i know :O and if you make some animated one too it’s like a killer :S

eck, history. it’s the past get over it! well i guess ALL countries have weird name because they’re just weird 😳 makes no sense LOL

yeah, i was just watching “hannah montana” LMFAO and it was where everyone did exactly what she did :O i didn’t write that article yet, whuups.

yeeup! but i finally finished 1 review at the same time!!!!! 👏

lmao yeah. I like the noise it makes when you pop the bubbles! do you have that doodle app where you draw pictures?

your welcome, my scanner is also a printer :O and i just caused a paper jam and i can’t fix it LMFAO, so it won’t scan either ack. lol

that’s good! lmao getting drunk

you better not get lost! :P that would suck!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you to! a pile of candy? hm, you should be able to eat yourself in your dream then :D

yees just put the past behind you, what happened happened, it’s done and over with! atleast he DID apologize :P

awwh the dog is so cute! my friend has one that looks exactly the same!!

lmaoo wow. nice ending in the blog there :)

my pirate costume – http://unspokenwords.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/me.jpg haha !
omg i used to have a wallpaper of domokun too (the one thats taking over the city or something haha). too cute.
gahh you never carved a pumpkin? some people think its gross to take out all the goop but i kinda like it :P
HMM, i think im missing out on something about Bearman :P
omg doggy so cute (:
yay for piano ! i think its something you learn, and it will stick to you . it just takes some time to remember all the notes and everything.
good luck at your new workplace !

GEORGINA! Yo. Loving the new layout. :) AS UGE. (as usual) .. lmao. :) Sorry for taking 3 days to return your comment.. fail. I’ve just been out a lot after school hours.

Anyways, yeah bio class is AWESOME. I get what you mean about sex sounding pretty scary. And I have to admit that I feel the same way LOL. In health class in grade 9 we were forced to watch humans do it. And even since then, I think I’m scarred for life. D: It just looked like.. hurts. LMAO.

I’m sure you would have been able to watch it. It was actually HILARIOUS, cause watching animals try and find mates is so cute, and then the sex part isn’t as cute.. but the video didn’t spend an awful amount of time cause they figured the monkeys needed some privacy to do their stuff bahahaha.

MALE PEACOCKS ARE COCKY. >:O Nice joke btw, xD.

Yeah exactly, it sucks when you get a one liner back when you left several paragraphs. You feel so unappreciated. D:

Ooh there was a Javascript to remove it? :O I wish I had known about this. I would have never struggled with the emotional pain of seeing the horizontal scrollbar. /snort

I can totally imagine you being the queen of javascript, you probs still are. >:O *bows down* lmao.

OMG that’s so scary how he found out what your blog was. D: Source code creeeperrrrrrrr. I would freak out if that ever happened to me. D: Scary shit.

Yeah a 52 is a pass. But for me, anything below a 80 makes me feel like an epic fail. Cause I know I can do so much better. Pisses me off. :( Thanks for the kind words though, I’m sure you’re right. :)

WOW, that’s so rude for the teacher to tell you to shut up. :O Dayum, I would have had a spazz attack just like you did.

Yeah well, guess what? Today’s Halloween.. and I DIDN’T FIND THE COSTUME FAIL. So, I’m going to go as a .. pumpkin. 🤮 Using my costume from like grade.. 4. LOLS BALLS.

Woo, hope you have fun seeing all those bus stops with your dad. :) How cute hehe. Very kind on your dads part as well.

OMG I totally freaked out when I saw your tweet about Bearman on twitter. D: I was like “OH NO, CREEPER, STALKER, RAPIST, RUN GEORGINA RUNNNNN.” Yah. I would have been scared shitless.

But phew, that conversation went much better than I was expecting it to go LOL. That’s nice that he FINALLY apologized. Geez, sure took him a while. -.- Better than nothing I guess.

Great to hear that it’s in the past now. :) That’s what life is all about, forgiving, forgetting and moving on.

AW Keeks is such a cutie patootie. :3

Awww, you guys sound cute! Watching the notebook then end up making out. How funny!! And the dream you had sounds tempting lol. I’ve never seen the notebook before. I heard it’s good. I just haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet. I wanted to see The Stepfather the first day it opened but I had no money :(. Ah well; I guess I’ll see it when it comes out on dvd. So do you like horror movies? I love them. My doctors wanted me to keep away from them. Bah at the doctors. I said no a month later and started watching them again lol. Anyway, I’m realy surprised that Australia doesn’t celebrate Halloween. :O. I thought every country did since every country or so I think celebrates Thanksgiving. Anyway, Happy Halloween!

Hehe, yeah but he is my “dream guy” for a reason: He will never by mine..

I actually just saw Lady Gaga’s video for “Paparazzi” from the beginning on tv and he was talking Swedish! I told my sister not to touch the remote control or I would kill her xD He sounds soo damn sexy in Swedish – it’s unbelievable! But I am happy with him talking in English too xD

That’s actually a really good idea! I haven’t even thought about that.. I do have some pretty amazing pictures (the ones on my blog + some more) saved on my computer.. but currently I am pretty happy with my wallpaper (this one: http://i33.tinypic.com/2qm1dno.jpg) :)

My screen is 1280×1024 :) That would be nice, but you of course don’t have too!

I could put up a longer video and then watch it to fall asleep or something xD Nice dreams here I come :D

I can handle his hotness xD I just gets tooooo much sometimes..

Oh wow! I bet you was super duper happy about that! I think I would’ve died because of a heartache or something xD

Thanks :) Glad you like my blogs! I actually always have a kinda hard time to really believe that people enjoy my blogs or like them xD But I guess because that’s kinda my only “content” that I update regularly people do like it..

Yeah I might really just turn some of my previous blogs into articles. I like keeping them somewhere else too. Because I think once they are getting older they don’t get that much attention anymore and when they are on my writings section chances are higher for them to get recognized.

Bahaha, okay! But I guess if I do it too much people will get annoyed by it xD

Hehe, yeah I saw that review.. you stayed up soo long to get it done. Did she at least appreciate all the hard work? I am not 100% sure that I haven’t asked you this before..so I just ask again xD But I am also learning it longer than her, so that could be a reason why I didn’t have as much as she had.

Remember how I told you that she added me again on Twitter? And that she didn’t talk to me at all and stuff? Well, yesterday or so she tweeted me asking if I would accept her apology. I was like: “Yeah, why not. I actually don’t care.”

Hehe yep! And I can tell my annoying siblings that “I am doing something for school” when I blog or comment or talk to you guys on Twitter xD

Hehe, yeah I would be happy about any of them two and even happier if I’d get both xD

You should be proud :) You did an amazing job on it (Y)

Oh wow.. I mean, I don’t understand why she would say something like that. It’s like, you didn’t want that she has more costs because of your ballett and she says something like that.. wow..

Hehe, I think your dad is really lovely to take you to your future workplace to make sure you know where the busstops are! Lucky you :) I don’t think my dad would even come up with an idea like that..

I think Halloween isn’t that popular over here too. The only time I ever dressed up was when I was 8-10 xD We even have pictures of that.. so embarrassing xD But I do look cute :)

Are ragdolls those Japanese/Chinese girls? Like, erm something like the girls that Gwen Stefanie had in her music video for “Hola back girl”?

I don’t know much about this whole Bearman story, but from what you said up there I bet you are glad that you don’t have to see him too often?

I think it’s great that you are mature enough to just “talk” to him and listen to what he wanted to say :) But yeah, it’s in the past. So it’s time to move on.

Hehe, James’ dog is really cute! I’d totally love to have a dog like Keeks :) Is she a good girl?

I love eggs too <3 I could eat them all the time. Especially if mum cooks them and then puts this sauce-kinda-thingy on it, yummy 🤤

I guess you just don't forget things you learned to soon. I think if I'd have a piano on which I could play every now and then; I'd get back into it too. Though I never took lessons – we only played on pianos at school.

Hehe xD How far did you get with watching "The Notebook"? You just reminded me, that I wanted to buy the book to that movie.. The movie was soo awesome ♥

Good luck with your new job! I’m sure you’ll do fine ;)

Bleh, my school banned the muck up days at our school because for the past 2 years they were a little outrageous. Running in underwear at another school is an example. I hate my new school principal -_- she implements a lot of unnecessary things as well like a school flag..c’mon.

I’m glad Bearman ended up apologising in the end…I suppose it shows a LITTLE bit of maturity in him, and you both can continue on with your lives, so if next time you run into each other you can be on better terms I suppose.

LOL, I remember my brother’s old car’s ceiling drooped down…we used staples it keep it up LOL.

Awwww, it is such an adorable dog!! I’m glad you can still play piano. I’ve tried a few musical instruments but always end up failing miserably. I’ve decided that playing music is not for me.

Glad you had a good time at James’ place. Making out eh? ;)

You’re welcome! :) And haha, yeah :P

Good luck with everything.
It sucks that Australia doesn’t celebrate Halloween, it’s a fun holiday, and you get A LOT of free CANDY! ✌️ Hahahaa. Hmm… who knows, maybe one day they will celebrate it.

I love eggs too! XD Yum. I’m making them tomorrow morning with pork roll and toast!

And sounds like you had fun at James’ ;) Notebook and making out… hmmm… sounds like a good date 👏 Lmao.

KEEKS. IS. SO. ADORABLE! Ohmygosh /eee

Oops, the “Good luck with everything.” is supposed to have a ! next to it, not a . Hahahaa /hehe

Before I start with the blog entry, I have to say I like your new layout. :) The symbols and colours look great together!

Happy Halloween by the way! I don’t celebrate Halloween as well. Never once did I dress up for Halloween before. I wonder how a Halloween party feels like.

Anyway, what happened in the past is over. We should just look forward to the future. Forgive and forget. I’m pretty sure he meant what he said when he apologise. :)

Aww, yay for a good day ^^ Or it seems like a good day. xD

And congrats for making up with Bearman. ^^

And yay for a good day with James (: Haha, the Notebook would be a good movie to make out to. HAHA, just putting that out there. Hahaha. I’ve only seen parts of it though. I just know it’s a good movie.. even though I haven’t seen it completely xP

Such a cute dog. (:


I feel very special to be one of you very good online friends. ^^ I have to admit, I used to feel so inferior to you and your site. I recall the first time I went to your site, I figured you wouldn’t respond to my comment because my site was very.. eh. And most people were completely ignoring my BLOG RELATED comments. I refused to post non related ones. Haha. I’m surprised that I’ve actually maintained returning your comments for so long. Longest back and forth commenting ever. xDDD

The thing about the Taylor Lautner layout.. I just liked being able to look at him whenever I opened my site. Haha.

Oo, I want to go to Sydney especially. And see the Opera house. ^^ And well, I just want to go to Australia. (: And yet, I haven’t >_<

Yeah, Kuya admits its his fault and keeps apologizing and blah. xD He's too sweet to be my friend. I tell him that and I'm like. STOP BEING SO PERFECTLY NICE. O.o

HAHAHAHAH, So if I accidentally thought someone was Filipino but they were actually indonesian and I said mahal kita.. yeahh, that would be funny xDDD. Wow, so I just went on this.. venture with Kuya and looked up Mahal and Kita in tagalog. Apparently…Mahal can mean expensive.. like you said. And Kita can mean Income.. so now the secret way for us to say i love you is EXPENSIVE INCOME (: HAHAHA, brillant..

Yeah, we had another fight .. last night but mended it today… after about an hour of me ignoring him.. I just can't stand being mad at him forever. I really think this whole feelings this is just annoying. I wish I could get rid of them O.o

YES, I completely agree. Long tests on multiple subjects is STUPID.

Hey Hey Gerogina!
Its been awhile and it seems everytime I become inactive..well I can say no to that from now on. Exams are gone and a clear path from here.
How funny dreaming of being dressed up with candy and lollies..a bit weird but awesome..my dreams usually involve my given away kittens..I miss them so much.

So how has life been for you?

Yeah :P Thats what happens when you visit places constantly xD

LOL I’ve only gotten one HD and that was in maths…everything else is a C or D O_O

The pressure sucks because I keep getting pressured to get like A+ /snort

I think I take so slow is because I write notes on every paragraph o.O but it helps me study so heh :P

That is good advice :P

:( Thats what I hate most about primary school…you drift away from everyone but you do get new friends (Y)

Sleep! I need more sleep!! :(


Good luck on the group assignments! I hope it works out (Y)

I was going to celebrate Halloween but I can’t be bothered getting dressed up. :P

I’m glad that person apologised :P Sometimes you have to move on and let things go in order to move forward.

I haven’t seen the Notebook o.O I’m probably one of the few people who haven’t seen it xD

Aw that dog is SO cute!!! ♥ I love dogs but I can’t own any :(

She is SO friggin cute!

That’s interesting that Australians don’t celebrate Halloween as much – in the U.S. it seems like we celebrate for the whole month of October! I didn’t do anything this year either except I did dress my son in a sailor suit even though we didn’t go anywhere. :P

Your welcome. :)

My mom keeps on saying she will buy me a dog but then she changes her mind and says that dogs are too much to handle. /hmph

My mom trusts me in some ways, but probably she thinks I’ll that spoilt with my friends and all that.
I hope that she will ease up after a few years. But both of my sisters are adults but still my parents control them a lot.
I’m always telling her that a computer is necessary, but she’s still always telling me not to talk to friends over the internet and stuff. Especially boys. She does not think I should do much with boys. She has no problem with me being friends with them but that’s just inside the school.

I would try and tell her but I don’t want to hurt her. That would make me guilty and I would end up being more controlled. O_O

Woah, you’ve got an amazing new layout up D=
It’s really prettyy.. :D

Yeah, I’m fine after my fall :) It was pretty funny though.

Loads of people make a HUGE thing of Halloween here. I think most of them see it as an opportunity to get free sweets, or get really drunk. It would be easier if we didn’t celebrate it, it’s pointless. No one even knows the true meaning of it.

A rag doll? That would be awesome, although I’m afraid of them xD I’ve seen that in America, they just dress up as anything.. I think it’s weird though, here, the aim is to be really scary!

Hmm.. Well I suppose it was nice of him to apologise? Maybe he’s realised that he actually is really sorry or something.

LMAO. A nice ceiling? :L That’s funny xD My car has a normal ceiling, although there is a mark there from when my dog jumped and hit her head there x(

d’aaaaawwwh.. That is a really cute dog! In the picture of her holding a tennis ball, it’s like the same size as her face, that’s so adorable 8D

Hehehehehe. Are you sure noodles are a staple diet for a dog? xD

Hope you have a good time on your break either way. :D

If you’re old enough to be trick or treating alone, you’re too old to be doing it. ;D

Just so long as you’re happy. :)
Hehe, I’d love to have a car. It must be fun to drive, hehee. /hehe

Grades are also so nerve-wracking, it’s like you have to pass them to be a certain standard but that’s really true. Your standard is defined by your skill and grades don’t always cover everything skill-wise. :)

Always be positive! ;D And yeah, you will be in and out all day, but it’ll be a good experience to work at web design in a business like way. /bounce

45 minutes is enough time, lmao.

Haha yeah the Pyromania layout did use shades of brown… but yeah.
Sometime soon I want to replace grey with teal. Or green. If I could pull that off I’d be so happy ‘cuz I’d finally not be using grey, hehe. (Y)

Haha no worries. If you spelt Georgina phenoetically it would be… umm…. Jeeorhgeenah. :P Pretty horrible, huh. XD

Multiple teachers… I hate teachers marking my work because I never like anything I do, lmao.

You might not have anything to do if you stop reviewing, eh? XD Hm. I’ll think on that one. ;)

BTW, thank you for your tutorial earlier. I never would have thought about all that shit just to display an entry. XD

Take care! xx

Thanks! Hahaa lol. Yeah, well I try to change my layout every month and it comes around so fast leaving me having to think up a new layout really fast. But I guess now I’m more relaxed about it and make it when I feel like it =P

Yeah, what I hate is people who leave a nice comment on your blog and ask to be affies, but have a really bad site. I feel bad because I end up having to ignore their comment cuz I don’t want to have to say no, I don’t want to affiliate with you. Lol.

So, what’s up?

Whenever you find the time to watch the movie, please do! You won’t regret it. :) It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, or maybe I just thought it was really good cause I was a fan of MJ, but still, it has so much more meaning behind it, any person should enjoy it. :)

Yeah, you said it. MJ was the definition of humble, sweet and innocent. Shame on all those people who still think he’s a pedophile. There was never any kind of evidence to prove that, and there never will be. Psh. Maybe cause he’s NOT a freeken pedophile.

You’re welcome. New lingo ftw hahaha.

That video with the HUMANS doing it was just crazy. I almost died while watching it. I really hope I never have to watch anything like that ever again. D: Painfully exciting is right. But it looked more painful than exciting. Ahhhhhhh. O.O

Well if you leave someone several paragraphs then they should have something to say that’s more than one line. SHEESH. Even if they have nothing to say, they could always use the “restate what the commenter said as if you’re agreeing with them” technique. LOL.

Yah, there’s TONS of Javascripts still out there. Probably more of them being developed everyday. I hated that scrollbar too.

LOL, alright, since you don’t want the title of “Javascript queen” then we’ll just go back to superwoman. Bahahaha. You’re right though, PHP is awesome. :D

Whoa, that’s so creepy. D: I don’t think I’ve ever looked at people’s source codes LOL, but messages like those would scare the hell out of me. I used to be so gullible when I was younger so I wouldn’t have realizes it was all bull. xD

Ooooh that sounds like an interesting program. What’s it called?

That’s true, not many people are stealers (thankfully) so it would be smartest not to convert the code into some gibberish that isn’t as accessible.

Thanks, I was such a lame pumpkin. And then Ryan gave me some chains and huge sunglasses and a baggy jacket and everyone started calling me a “PIMP-KIN” cause, I looked half gangster and half pumpkin. So people were like “hey you’re a pimping gangster… ” so pimping + pumpkin = pimpkin lmfao. Fail.

LOLS BALLS, yeah great way to avoid him.. just walk right past him. xD But yeah, I can’t blame ya cause there was no other option unfortunately. :P Plus, if guys hadn’t had your little “encounter” than you wouldn’t have got the chance to forgive him. Everything happens for a reason. >:O

Yeah kudos to him for wanting to set things straight.

I want a dog like that, too cute! :D

LOL. It must have been awkward seeing Bearman after everything he did/said. XD

Aww! Keeks is so adorable! ♥ My stepbrother recently got a new puppy and it’s so cute, too. You fed it noodles?! That’s actually not as strange as it sounds. 😝 My dog loves noodles, too.

I’m probably really late in saying this, but I like your layout. :D It’s definitely different from your previous layouts, though the colors are pretty much the ones you usually use.

Happy Halloween to you too! :)

Lol. Ah right. Aww, well hopefully you’ll get more sleep tonight! =P

You are a bigger person by putting the past behind you. There are so many people out there still holding a grudge in any situation for years and years.

James has a cute dog. Is it a pomeranian? I always wanted a dog, but I am scared of them. : They’re so cute though! Maybe I am so scared is because when I was younger I was almost bitten by a dog. :( Yeah…that must be it. :(

Take care!

Sorry I forgot to credit you but I did. It’s on the sidebar now. :). Thanks for reminding me. I hope you’re not mad? Anyway, the costume makes me look fatter than I really am. Downfall to that. But other than that it was a great party. I didn’t stay for the entire thing. But I stayed for about half of it. I didn’t stay because I didn’t want to make my dad wait any longer to pick me up. But yeah second place isn’t bad. One of the judges wanted me to win first place but he was overruled. :(. Ah well. I’ll have to watch notebook soon. What’s it about anyway?

ahhh i havent replied to any comments in agesss XDD. I love your layout! Its like AMAZING. Like SERIOUSLY. XDD

ahaha awww! Its funny how like when I play the violin, I get very coordinated but then when I’m not, I have like bad coordination XDD. Same with dance! You must have good coordination!

I read on twitter about your little in counter with Bearman XD I was like in my mind “Oh no he didnt! XDD” LOL jk XD

awww James’s dog is adorable ! She looks like my friends dog! My friends dog Chili ! XD I have no idea why she named her dog chili when her dog is the same color as James’s dog ! :P

That’s really nice :) Though you should’ve concentrated on the group work thingy more :) I hope it went well!

OH wow.. that is actually really mean. I think she didn’t say anything like that this time. But wow, congrats on blogging every day for a whole month!

Yeah, hot christmas sounds kinda weird xD I remember in year 5 or 6 we had a picture in our English books of people wearing those christmas kinda hats and shorts on the beach xD I was like: Wow, I wanna have that one day too xD

That contest idea is really good! I could combine the fun with my obsession for Alexander and ask them to make a wallpaper of him or something.. but it’s not legal, right?

If you want to, I could give you a link to some pictures I really like? Maybe that would help you a little bit :)

“Haha some guys are just great to think about and dream about. ” – Totally agree!

Yeah me too. And it feels really, really good if they tell you that they like your blogs. I could hug every single visitor sometimes :D

Yep. I kinda “gave up” trying to add like “real” content, because I just fail and can’t think of anything awesome to add xD So I try to make my blogs the best I can..

Hehe, glad she appreciated it :) Oh, that kinda sucks.. I bet if someone would go through my pages and review them, they’d find some mistakes again too.

Yeah, tell them you talk to your group members about that project you have to get done and things like that xD

Oh wow.. kay. And I do agree that it was nice of him to apologise to you. Maybe he finally realized that what he did was wrong or something.

I love it, when mum boils the eggs and when the yellow part is getting like a little bit blue-ish on the outside because they are that hard, yummy 🤤

I was just trying to remember what I wrote earlier that had to do with a book xD And my comment isn’t that long ago.. I don’t remember much of the movie now though.. I really have to watch it again!

Awh, a ragdoll. o.o Haha. As for the eggs, I am allergic. I’m allergic to dairy mostly, and blueberries. Gosh, I loveee blueberries. :( Blahh.

I like your layout–it’s really cute. :] I’m working on making my December layout. I can’t seem to make it do what I want it to, but I’m trying to.

I didn’t dress up for Halloween; I went trick-or-treating with my mom’s church group and helped keep up with all 9 kids. o.o Most of them were liddo kiddos, ahahh. I ended up carrying the 2 year old.


P.S. I LOVEEE Pomeranians–that is what Keeks is, right? :] I have two, but they are at my dad’s. I loveeeeeeeeee them soooooo much!

Wow!!! What a beautiful layout, Georgina! Haha it’s been forever since I talked to you. I was so lazy to return comments. XD

Aww I really want to see The Notebook but I never did. :( Sounds like you had a great time at James’s house! :D Aww Keeks is too cute! ^_^

Oh well I get super duper tired so I normally don’t sleep too late. :)

Yeah we had tons of fun trick or treating except for the fact it was rainy and cold. :| Still fun though haha.

Haha well I talk fast anyways. On school mornings my friends and I carpool so each of our moms drive once or twice a week and so I am always like: “Mymomisdrivingbye!!” Then I hang up. XD

Oh well at least you can use it somewhere. :D

Oh yeah once it was like pouring snow and the snow we were skiing on was all fluffy and it’s hard to ski on that. It was all in our faces too. LOL! Too excited. XD

Ahah, well she was on Twitter 2 days ago and tweeted more than ever. I talked to her and she said she was quitting but I think she is staying on Twitter. Still now who knows the next time she will be on Twitter. :|

Yes, I know I should only keep a site for the enjoyment and not worry about slacking off sometimes, ( I tell people that all the time 🙄 ) However I feel like a terrible affiliate and friend for not contacting my online friends.

It’s fantastic that you got to spend the day with James. Keeks looks adorable. By the way, I think your outfit is /really cute. I wish it was warm enough to wear skirts here /wah .

I love The Notebook, even though I’ve watched it a hundred times. ♥

i’m a little late but i really like the new look here!

by now, i thought i’d have myself a little pomie, instead i got a weenie. she’s the tiniest, most cutest thing in the world so i have long forgotten ever wanting a Pomeranian ’til this post. my friend had one and she was a little biatch. she growled at everything.

my boyfriend fell asleep throughout the notebook. i still have it under my recordings and DVD so we have yet to watch it together. as for myself, i can probably recite the whole movie from beginning to end. haha

good luck accomplishing all the workload you’ve got ahead of you! take it easy sweetie

Haha aww, you don’t celebrate it there? Cool ahha then we really can be blank together. :D

Thank you very, very much. I wasn’t sure if I really liked it at first but, I received quite a few compliments on it so I guess it’s alright. I’m just not a big fan of it. There’s something about it that’s bothering me lol.

That’s crazy. I’m working towards a Bachelors as well here. I’m a bit confused about what you mean haha.

Haha I always need music to start my day. I like a nice, positive, upbeat song to wake me up. :D

Eeeh, I hope it goes by fast! Haha I’ll just cry. I have a friend who took it with me so hopefully we can entertain one another. I’m not the best artist on paper so this should be interesting. :D

Ahh, I love Shania Twain! I was listening to some of her songs the other day. It was very reminiscent because I grew up with her music. :D

I know!! What kind of dog is it? If you know haha.

Thank you! Aww, you shouldn’t pressure yourself to fix up your smilies; just do them whenever you feel like it. :)

Thanks, I did have fun. :)

I ended up going out to Walmart and finding a cat costume set with ears, a tail, and a bow tie (didn’t wear that bit :P), so the tail was all set. :D It was furry! >.<

Yeah I was wondering what kind of punishment they could possible give too… A stern talking to, perhaps? xP

Oh, thanks! I don’t know exactly what the competition/event is going to entail yet, but if it turns out I need help I will definitely remember to ask you. :)

Wow, you had to take geography for more than one year? That sucks. D: Like I said, I’ve never been required to take it. The closest I’ve ever come to geography is when I have to memorize maps for history tests.

Oo, you’re making a new EyeThief one yet again? Can’t wait to see. :) Haha you put my upkeep (if you can even call it that) of my FL collective to shame. :P

Oh wow, you’re soooo lucky not to have exams! Do your classes have like, final projects instead or something?

Ah, gotcha. Our external exams are to get our IB diploma, which is separate from the high school diploma that we get when we graduate. The IB diploma is more of an internationally recognized thing.

Ugh I HATE having the publishing job in a group. You’d think it’d be the easiest because you just have to put together what has already been done, but then when you realize that half your group didn’t do what they were supposed to, you have to take the time to fix it up. >.> At least that happens a lot with me. :P

You’re welcome! Haha I love getting expensive clothes for cheap. :) I buy a lot of my clothes off clearance during the off season (winter for summer clothes and summer for winter). It’s nice. :)

Oh I’m sure you haven’t forgotten how to ride your bike. ^.^

Hehe, that’s cuuuuute. Keeks is such a cutie. :P

:love: Aww, Keeks looks so adorable. He reminds me of my two dogs – just make the hair pure white (though often dirty =P) and a bit more curly.

Noodles. Actually, people food at all = dog’s dream.

Hrm. Dressed as candy. Since in America, where I reside, Halloween is a bigger deal, everyone associates it with candy. And yet it’s rare to see someone DRESSED as candy. Very interesting. Haha.

My family has a car that’s old and falling apart, but my mom refuses to sell it because it was her first car ever and there’s some special bond or whatever. I don’t drive yet, so I suppose I wouldn’t quite understand. =P

And considering I’m in the 7th grade, I can’t really relate to University Work Overload, but I wish I could. :( I hope you get everything done that needs to be done, and still have some time to yourself.

Or, at the very least, have a few moments to breathe.

Aha, as I told you on Twitter, my friend is obsessed with Big Bang. xD Their music isn’t that bad and I’m not going to lie, they are pretty attractive. :D Hell, Asian guys are always hot. XD

THEAsaurus? LOL that’s just… yeah. xD Why would you name your kid that? Ah, I’ve seen a Diplodocus in a few movies; they are pretty cool. Though, I like the dinosaurs with the vicious teeth. /bounce Soo, I’ma say the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Though, I’ve always been a fan of Velociraptors. ✌️ That’s just how I’ve always seen dinosaurs anyways; as mean son of a guns. |:

Yeah, I’m thinking a lot of kids thought the same things when there were little. Well doesn’t it make sense? Well, not sense but, it seems like something a little kid would think about anyways.

Haha, it’s obvious here. The “rich areas” are more up by the mountains; the middle class families live more downtown. Of course, you also have your ghettos somewhere deep down in the city. Usually you don’t have a lot of shops in rich areas; well, you do but, you would never see a Wal-Mart! D: It seems more convenient for them so they won’t waste their “precious” gas. >> Bah. Aha, I know as a kid, mom would always take us up there to go Trick-or-Treating; even the rich people are cutting back on candy. Greedy mofos (well, I didn’t even go trick-or-treating xD).

Haha yeah, I think I tweeted it to Ivy? Haha, when you said rag doll, I instantly thought of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Just because you don’t celebrate it, doesn’t mean you couldn’t do something special anyways. :) Hopefully whatever you did do was fun.

LOL I know, right? Teachers are always yelling at students when their phones goes off but, they too can be miss-careless and have their phone ringing off in class. I would like to have a phone for at least emergencies but, I know if I get one, I’ll be using it for the wrong reasons. Dx Well, the majority of the time, when a phone goes off, it’s going to interrupt a class anyways so the teachers should just take them away. I know some kids have CRAZY ring tones; the one with the kid that was telling everyone to shut up, his ring tone was some guy singing about money and getting booty. Imagine hearing that during a discussion about Zeus. /hehe

Ah yeah, that’s the beauty of Hollywood! I thought of that at times too until I looked at the ‘behind-the-scenes’ dealio; that’s when I realized that they were acting. Of course, you also seen the same actor in several movies. I thought for a time that they came back to life but, that would be a little crazy, especially for me. x)

Hot chips? Heh, that is weird. Do you guess have Hot Cheetos down there? Haha no, it’s not your fault; I just find British English to be amusing really.

Ohh, really? Well, I guess thinking about that, that would safe a lot of money. Our school just gives the yearbook to everyone but, mostly seniors are on the committee as well. After all, lower classes will be going back to school so, there’s always another year for them to get in the yearbook; it’s our last year so, they try to make it more focused on us. $5?! HELL, ours are $35! $45 if you buy them on the last day of school! D: How many pages are in yours? Ours will have around 250.

We’re always having random people coming over. I know when I’m wearing shorts and when my step-dad has his friends over, my mom will urge me to change into sweats. I mean, really? /ehh I’m jealous of the people that don’t have problems. I know my friend barely grows hair anywhere; I thought she got waxes or something but, nope. Seriously, I’d rather have smooth skin than tacky/rough skin. o.O

Yeah exactly! That’s why I don’t get Facebook. :S I guess you could just send a private message or something but still, you’re going to have to repeat what you said like you suggested. I guess people are just hooked on the games. xD

Ah, well you make everything look so complicated! 😢 I mean, your header looks easy but, once I try to do it in Photoshop, I bet I’ll fail. xD I won’t know where to start.

Ohh, I guess all grading systems have 5-levels. So “pass” is still passing than? Well considering you’re PAYING to go to school, you should be mad that she lost your assignment. D: Well, I would have been. ):

Maybe your mom is afraid that you’re going to become famous or something than leave her. I know parents get kind of moody when they think of their child leaving; I mean, spend 18 years with them, of course you’re going to get attached. Dx You even offered to pay for it!? Sheesh, your mom really doesn’t want you to take those classes…

Oh yeah, everyone says that. Parents have this thing where they want to provide their kids with more stuff than what they had as a kid. I don’t see how it works either because they don’t even stick to that quota. :( I’m sure you’ll be able to convince her somehow; she can’t say no to you forever. Did you talk to your dad about it? Usually my dad is a little easier to convince than my mom.

Oh wow, you finish your first year so soon? Hopefully you manage to finish your project in time. (: So, are you going to be on break or, do you immediately go on to your second year? I still think that it’s pish posh that you don’t celebrate Halloween. ): You should have went door to door saying “Trick-or-treat!” just for the hell of it. xD Since it was a holiday, people would still have to give you something. D: Betcha could have gotten money. :D

It’s interesting seeing people you used to know in random places. Small world I guess. I don’t really know the situation but, the point is that he did apologize. It might’ve came late but hey, he’s a guy and they for one are a clueless species.

DOGGY! My mom wants to find a pretty dog like that for ours; is that a Pomeranian? It kind of looks like a mixed one.

Haha there’s nothing like making other people cook breakfast for you. :D Eggs are pretty awesome. 8D

Ah yes… watching a sad movie that ends in lip lock. x) I’ve never seen The Notebook myself but, something tells me that I shouldn’t…

LOL that’s a first; I’ve never heard of someone feeding a dog noodles. :D

Aww, how sweet of your father to do that. When I first entered College, my mom accompanied me and my friend in the enrollment and showed us around the campus so we don’t get late on our first day. I felt nostalgic when I read that.

It’s a relief your term will end this Thursday. Are your final exams through already? Projects plus exams make me crazy.

LMAO at Bearman. O_o Hasn’t he matured a bit?

I haven’t watched The Notebook; I keep forgetting on watching it. When we were in Highschool, my friends wanted me to watch it because of the kissing scene/s. LOL. We were like kids back then; I miss them.

Though I’m not that fond of dogs, I admit Keeks looks so cute. I wanna hug her! ♥ I only get scared of dogs when they bark. They look like they’re going to run after me and eat me out. O_o

Happy Halloween! Candy Georgie sounds delicious. Hahaha. You’d be so sweet, not only you’d give me cavities, ants will come rushing to you. Haha. XD

I didn’t dress up for Halloween as well. I don’t know but just a few people here in Philippines are taking Halloween seriously. But not me.

What a cute dog! I still can’t believe that despite of the adorableness of dogs and cats, I don’t like them. I don’t know. Something’s wrong with me I guess.

I so envy you for knowing how to play piano! Did you take piano lessons?

“I put the past behind me and it’s just something that I’ve forgotten. You know, life must go on.”

That’s the spirit. I mean you really have to move on, and enjoy life.. Forget those sad memories and live your life now.

Your dog is so cute.. What type of dog is he?. We have piano here in our house,but I don’t know how to play. So I stuck on my guitar.. Happy halloween..

Hello! Thank you for your comment, Jeniffer. I tried to post a comment on your website but I got an error every time I tried to post. Here is the comment I was going to post.

Thank you.

The dog is a SHE – I’m sure I mentioned that. She is not my dog. I said she is my boyfriend’s dog.

I have a guitar as well. I taught myself how to play so I’m not that advanced. Happy Halloween. It’s already a bit late though hehe.

I like how you’ve edited this layout – you chose a good theme to start off with! Vintage rock is a great way of describing it. I love the header image. :)

Did you find me on Pop.Bubble? Because I’m there too. :)

Oh yah. That’s right. I don’t know how to fix that. Even I changed it to default theme, it’s still the same.. Do you know how to?

I’m feeling better, thanks! *snifflecough* :P
School’s been better now, since test week’s over!

Oh.my.gosh. KEEKS IS ADORABLE! I’ve always loved dogs and I’d love to have one like Keeks :D But sadly I’m allergic to their fur (if I spend a long time with them) :((((

I’m glad to hear you spent a great day with James and his family :D

Sorry, I forgot to leave another comment about your new layout. Well, it’s fab. Lol, that’s the only word I can find for it, how pathetic. :P But seriously, it’s really good. :D I’m loving the colours.


I love the pastel colours you've used on this layout! So pretty (Y) I love it, I love it a lot 👏

Jumping Jimmy you linked me! You really do love me /wah LOL I kid /eee Someone ended up at my site from your /links section :) *runs off to link you back*

Oh yayy for learning routes! I used to do that back in the West but I didn't have anyone to drive me around so I took the bus and did trial and error D: Took me about 2 hours /ehh I hope the route to your workplace isn't that much complicated ;)

I hope your new workplace is really good too. I'm really getting unhappy with my current one (which I was excited to start back then) becos our Art Director left and now the boss is always in the office and I found out that he watches pr0n in the office. Plus, I am the only girl in the company becos the other one was sacked becos of some disagreement D: I'm trying to find a new job but currently, I'm just waiting for replies and I hope my prayers will be answered so that I can quit. Sigh.

Oh yayy for finishing the year soon! :D Halloween's not that common to be celebrated over here as well though I would like to experience the real Trick-or-Treating before I die. Haha

I think that is a really wise thing to be doing with someone you had a lot of arguments with in the past. I think I would have done the same thing as well :)

HOMGAH James' dog is so adorable! Somehow the name actually fits as well! Too cute.

I like your miniskirt and your top! ♥

I must remember to watch the Notebook next time with the boy, sounds like a good movie to start making out during the show LOLLL /kiss /kiss