Silence The Crowds

One of my group projects is done! πŸ˜„ We presented our Powerpoint slideshow on social networking and discussed the issues related to information we find on social networking websites. It was an interesting project to put together even though we did most of it at the last minute. Ahem. πŸ˜›

We were hoping to get it over and done with so that we could sleep during the rest of the presentations or at least relax. We were thinking they might go in order – and hoped so – because we were group number 2. πŸ™‚

The order was already chosen after we sat in the lecture room, and we had been randomly chosen to go first. I remember Flic saying something like, “Yeah guys, let’s set the standard!”

Our presentation was supposed to be 15 minutes long – we did pretty well and fit it all in the timeframe. I think everyone was bored after a few presentations.

I keep forgetting to tell this ridiculously hilarious story about Flic and Facebook. She was adding us (as in, David, Skye and I) on Facebook. She realised that I didn’t have one but she added David and Skye.

At least, who she thought was David…

She had sent him a message on Facebook about the assignment and asking how it was going. The next day when we met in person, David didn’t recall receiving a message of the sort.

When Flic logged into Facebook and opened up David’s profile, David said, “…that’s not me. That’s a… that’s a different David. Who just happens to have the same last name as me.”

“Oh my gosh, and I sent him a message asking about the assignment. He must be thinking, ‘Who the hell is this person?'”

We all burst out laughing.

Two more assessments to go this week. Then I delve into my new job. I don’t think this cycle ends… but at least some stress will be gone this weekend, yay.

I had to pick a sub-major for my university course. After much thought, I chose media studies instead of film. Someone mentioned watching films all the time in film studies. I thought that would have been really cool, but I thought about the disadvantages. What if I didn’t like the movie? What if I had to write about it and I hated it or fell asleep while watching it?

Movies aren’t really my thing and I can’t sit still for long periods of time. Today during the presentations I was shifting around and I couldn’t put my legs in a comfortable position at all. They didn’t feel comfortable straight, crossed, bent, to the side, bahhh.

Fun time! I gave my laptop a mini makeover in terms of the look of the windows and so on. It started out with this icon pack – it looks so pretty!

Now here is a screenshot of my desktop, and obviously I was trying to find one to match the pretty icons. I have Google desktop on the side normally, but it’s got a few private things in there so I didn’t show it. I got this wallpaper from James, who got it in a bunch from the internet – he doesn’t remember where exactly.

And I got obsessive, so here’s the Firefox persona I chose. πŸ˜› (by puchal)

I coloured my Tweetdeck too, with my favourite colour purple. The fuschia-aurora-prettiness wasn’t working out. You can see the screenshot here. I blacked out the names but not the display pictures, just in case.

As if that wasn’t enough I changed my MSN scene too… wow, obsessive.

Anyway, enough purple-pinky-prettiness for today. Tell me about your desktop and stuff! πŸ™‚

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