Silence The Crowds

One of my group projects is done! :D We presented our Powerpoint slideshow on social networking and discussed the issues related to information we find on social networking websites. It was an interesting project to put together even though we did most of it at the last minute. Ahem. :P

We were hoping to get it over and done with so that we could sleep during the rest of the presentations or at least relax. We were thinking they might go in order – and hoped so – because we were group number 2. :)

The order was already chosen after we sat in the lecture room, and we had been randomly chosen to go first. I remember Flic saying something like, “Yeah guys, let’s set the standard!”

Our presentation was supposed to be 15 minutes long – we did pretty well and fit it all in the timeframe. I think everyone was bored after a few presentations.

I keep forgetting to tell this ridiculously hilarious story about Flic and Facebook. She was adding us (as in, David, Skye and I) on Facebook. She realised that I didn’t have one but she added David and Skye.

At least, who she thought was David…

She had sent him a message on Facebook about the assignment and asking how it was going. The next day when we met in person, David didn’t recall receiving a message of the sort.

When Flic logged into Facebook and opened up David’s profile, David said, “…that’s not me. That’s a… that’s a different David. Who just happens to have the same last name as me.”

“Oh my gosh, and I sent him a message asking about the assignment. He must be thinking, ‘Who the hell is this person?'”

We all burst out laughing.

Two more assessments to go this week. Then I delve into my new job. I don’t think this cycle ends… but at least some stress will be gone this weekend, yay.

I had to pick a sub-major for my university course. After much thought, I chose media studies instead of film. Someone mentioned watching films all the time in film studies. I thought that would have been really cool, but I thought about the disadvantages. What if I didn’t like the movie? What if I had to write about it and I hated it or fell asleep while watching it?

Movies aren’t really my thing and I can’t sit still for long periods of time. Today during the presentations I was shifting around and I couldn’t put my legs in a comfortable position at all. They didn’t feel comfortable straight, crossed, bent, to the side, bahhh.

Fun time! I gave my laptop a mini makeover in terms of the look of the windows and so on. It started out with this icon pack – it looks so pretty!

Now here is a screenshot of my desktop, and obviously I was trying to find one to match the pretty icons. I have Google desktop on the side normally, but it’s got a few private things in there so I didn’t show it. I got this wallpaper from James, who got it in a bunch from the internet – he doesn’t remember where exactly.

And I got obsessive, so here’s the Firefox persona I chose. :P (by puchal)

I coloured my Tweetdeck too, with my favourite colour purple. The fuschia-aurora-prettiness wasn’t working out. You can see the screenshot here. I blacked out the names but not the display pictures, just in case.

As if that wasn’t enough I changed my MSN scene too… wow, obsessive.

Anyway, enough purple-pinky-prettiness for today. Tell me about your desktop and stuff! :)

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YAAAAAAAAY! =D You finished a group project =) That is essentially one course DOWN for you =O Omg, you must be majorly relieved! Hahaha, I like going first in presentations too because if people go before me I start panicking and losing faith in my presentation and then I can’t deliver it really confidently, which is like…*sniff*.

But yay! Wow. 15 minutes is quite a long presentation =O. Hehe…social networking…sounds like an interesting topic to research =P I would totally do that without complaining too much =P. Oh damn, I guess I picked the wrong degree. Wanna switch? Only kidding. =P

Man, I just had a laughing fit over that story AGAIN. What are the odds of adding the wrong person xD I told my friends that story at uni, and they were all like “THIS IS WHY PEOPLE SHOULD PUT ACTUAL PICTURES OF THEMSELVES IN THEIR PROFILES DAMNIT!” And then another of my friends in my law tute was ranting about how hard it is to find people who didn’t have proper display pictures and she was like: ‘It’s called FACEbook damnit, not ‘insert-some-random-picture-of-whatever-here-book’!” which was pretty funny xD.

Well I think that it serves that other David right for accepting the friendship request of someone he didn’t know. HMPH! xD

Man, that is seriously such a hilarious story. =P

EEEEP! Good luck for the new job this Friday *hugs* =)

Oooh…media studies. Everyone at Macquarie keeps telling me how awesome media studies is as a subject =S. LOL, I hope you like it xD Haha, maybe you can re-use some of your Frontline crap =P

Waaaah! Those icons are so pretty =O I WANT! Well actually I don’t cos I’d have no clue how to change them or whatever…cos I’m *that* much of a noob when it comes to computers. But they look so cool @_@ They’re like…PINK =O Haha. I’m jealous!

Wow…your computer has such a nice colour scheme now ^^ I like it LOTS =) I wish mine looked more like yours, but oh wellz xD

Haha, it’s so colourful @_@. Hehehe, I swear I just stared at your wallpaper for literally 30 seconds. It’s a nice one…^^…Aww damn, I killed your msn screenshot. You sould have told me you were taking your screen shot! I’d have come online as “Away” so we could be traffic lights again xD Hahaha.

My desktop has boring Windows XP Home Edition icons. Well everyone keeps saying my icons are too big for my screen cos my laptop is all small and all. But I made this collage thing of heaps of photos and random pictures for my wallpaper =) Except it was too bright and I couldn’t see my icons, so I had to make it a little darker. =)

I have no idea how to change firefox themes and all so, my firefox is boring too xD And so is my Messenger because I still haven’t upgraded it to the latest version. Man am I lazy. xD I don’t have tweetdeck either xD LOL.

No wonder I can’t be as colour coordinated as you xD

Ryan might kill me when he gets back from the library and finds that I have barely done any work, but who cares. :D The library is pretty far off though.

Anyway! Yes, only one project to go. It’s due tomorrow and we’re going to be working on it all day today.

But I am very relieved about the other subjects. Aww, yeah. Once I felt really bad because Jason was stressing like hell in some English speech in year 10, and I went just before him to make him feel shit. /um :( Because I knew mine was good. Ahhh what am evil bitch I was. 💥

I now have another subject on social networking, but it’s going alright and yes, it’s an interesting topic.

No, sorry, I like my degree. /bounce :P

Well, there was an actual photo of him on his Facebook, and of the other David, but Flic didn’t bother checking… hahaha. And yeah, it’s partially that other David’s fault. His loss/gain; whatever. :D

Kiah has a random picture on his Facebook. :S

OOH, really? I hope. It sounds interesting and like my kind of thing, anyway. Ahh Frontline… better than Bladerunner. I’m a little glad that I didn’t choose the film studies one.

You right click (left click if you’re me) the icon and you go to properties, Customise, then “Change icon”. :D

I guess I got kind of bored, haha. :P

OH, don’t worry about that haha. I think I still have the traffic light screenshot. My main purpose was to put you and James in there, hahaha. XD

I used to worry about my icons covering parts of my wallpaper. I want to see what’s on my wallpaper and not have it covered with icons. On my desktop computer it was a terrible mess though, because I saved literally everything on my desktop. Everything got disorganised.

Get Personas for Firefox! :P

It’s just an add-on. They load pretty quickly and you can preview stuff. :D

Hahaha! No way, he won’t kill you. Because then he’ll have me and James to contend with.

Ryan: *hypothetically kills Georgie”
Lilian: *magically appears* YOU TOTALLY SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT!
James: *magically appears* Yep…you’ve totally done it now.
James: *attacks*
Lilian: *attacks*
Ryan: *regrets killing Georgie, before promptly dying*

^^ see?

Anyways he can’t kill you anyways cos you’re the indestructible Wuggs =)

I am insanely jealous as your lack of exams. I am so stressed out right now. I’m debating whether to go on a communications ban for the duration of my exam period. eg. sign out of msn, avoid facebook and turn off my phone. Oh, I’d still come on briefly to say hi to you though =) ♥

Awww don’t worry =) We all do stupid things sometimes =) We were seriously, seriously immature. I mean it’s not like I was a complete angel to Jason either xD Hahaha…the point is we know better now =)

Oh wow…another social networking subject =O Very cool *nods* xD

LOL, damn! Nah, I worked my arse off to get into law. I’m totally staying! Even if it’s like…torturous @_@

YEP! Hahahaha…it’s the other David’s fault! Grrr! Evil Kiah! LOL, well I can’t talk. Cos my display picture is like…more of you than me xD Haha…we must take another one on Friday =O WE CAN TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS ON MY 3.2 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA PHONE =D

Hehehe, Frontline was awesome. I never watched Bladerunner. Man, I’m suddenly very interested in media studies xD But I think I get to study Criminal law next year, so oh wellz xD Yay!

Oh! So THAT’S how you do it. Okayyy…if I can ever be bothered I shall change my icons…but I’m generally a really lazy person when it comes to my laptop. Hence my messy desktop so I guess I shall be content with my generic Icons =)

LOL, it’s so cool when we’re traffic lights xD I don’t know, I just find that amusing =) Haha.

Omg, I get annoyed when my icons cover up pictures on my wallpaper [cos mine’s full of all these random photos]. But I can’t help it =( It looks messy if I move them anyways. *sigh*. Oh wellz… I should just get a new wallpaper xD

Haha, yeah that’s why my desktop is so messy atm. It’s full of songs I downloaded. They all just get saved to my desktop =P

Okayy! I’ll get personas…the next time I’m free and feeling not lazy xD MUST STUDY!

He didn’t kill me – I got enough done to make it look like I had done something, haha.

Haha, get out of Facebook completely. I close everything (blog comments and WordPress, I’m stuck to, practically, same goes for Tumblr) except MSN. :D

But if it helps, do so! Take appropriate measures to ensure you do well. :)

Yeah, I feel bad about it still! James and I bumped into him a while ago.

Haha, I know. Now you’re just going to have to work your ass off harder. But you can do it! I believe in you. /bounce

Yes, we must! I hope I get a lunch break. It would be absolute balls if I didn’t.

I’ll bring my camera! Somehow shove it into my bag, yay. :D

Criminal law would be interesting. Brandon is interested in crime shows and stuff. He wants to work in psychology… or something like that. Human behaviour. @_@

Generic icons suck! But I suppose if you have a nice wallpaper, you don’t have to bother so much with the icons. ;)

I found it amusing too! :D

I minimised the amount of icons on my desktop so it wouldn’t look messy. Not many there now. I could delete the shortcuts because I don’t use them, but I am afraid I might need them one day. I can find them in the start menu but I feel lost without those! :P

Haha good luck! And my downloads folder is absolutely massive. Everything saves there now.

LOL, clever! :P :P Well he wouldn’t DARE kill you anyways. Hmph! Cos then he’d have to do the work ALL BY HIMSELF! Muahahahahahaha! Besides returning comments = more important than work.

Or maybe not xD

Yes! I will close everything except twitter. And maybe msn xD Depending on how likely it is people will irritate me online. I mean seriously…even AUTO-MESSAGING doesn’t work anymore. HMPH!

Hahaha…I strangely miss Jason and his weird ways. I mean he put up with a lot of crap from everyone, and he’s still a pretty nice person [just a little weird]. That gives me a new found respect for him xD Haha. Not a lot of people can do that. But IT’S OKAY! It’s all in the past now :) :)

Awwww *hugs* Don’t worry, I’ll totally work my butt off xD *stresses*. Damn philosophical law reading CRAP! ==

Omgggg…if they don’t give you a lunchbreak, tell them you’re going to call your lawyer, and then call me :P I’ll pretend to be your lawyer, and DEMAND a lunchbreak for you! Hehehehe ^^ /bounce

Oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Well it’s alright, we totally have like…3 whole months to meet up sometime in the holidays =) [hopefully I didn’t just jinx it]. Oh damn, I should totally start looking for a job. I HAVE NO TIME! @_@

Criminal law IS interesting :) Haha. Ohhh cool. I know friends who are doing B Psych/ B Law at my uni =D Hahaha…One of them [his name is Andrew] told me this story about none of his family knowing what his degree was about and asking “Do you like…hypnotise people?” which was LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! But that psych stuff is pretty interesting. I’d totally like to learn about it one day. BUT I MUST STUDY LAW FIRST!

Hehe, I’m attached to my wallpaper, even though it’s totally cluttered. :P Oops =P

I love my short cuts! I hate scrolling through my Start menu. If I deleted my shortcuts, I’d have no idea how to use my laptop anymore. =S Fail, much? :P

Hahaha yeah, but Nicole’s in the group too. Ah, I had a good group for this project. :)

I don’t think so! Work is more important! But I felt bad because I hadn’t returned a lot of them (hence why we are chatting through here to up my comment count – so sad haha). And I usually try to return them within 24 hours but obviously that doesn’t always happen.

At least I have a life outside of this box. :P

Twitter! /bounce

No one will annoy you there but I can see what you’re doing (work!).

Yeah, he was a really open person and I liked that about him. You could seriously talk to him about anything. James asked him something about sex once because he thought he would be more reliable than the internet… LOL!

Oh nice! You’ll always be my lawyer and in years to come too. Hopefully I won’t have to be stuck in such a situation though. :P

They should give me a lunch break, because it’s like… eight hours. My mum gets lunch breaks when she works for that long.

Yep! Look for a job. :D You can always get a random job in a shop or somewhere; anywhere. It’ll only be temporary anyway.

Haha I think you told me that! They probably don’t practise hypnotism on people but learn all about it. @_@ (The emoticon is hypnotised.)

Well, Vista has a search to search the entire computer. That’s why it is good! ;)

Yay for good groups =) My accounting group was AWESOME. We got 88.5% for our group assignment and still can’t figure out why our ratios are wrong O_O GAY! Oh well, it’s still a HD :P

Hahahaha I’m glad to see that you have your priorities straight. But I’m so not-inclined-to-work, I’d insist comment returning [in the event that I HAD comments to return on my non-existent website] was more important just to procrastinate! LOL.

Awww, it’s alright, 24 hours isn’t a lot of time to return the huge amount of comments that YOU get =P I’m sure your commentors understand :) [I have no idea if I spelt ‘commentor’ correctly xD]

LOL! YES! You do have a life outside this box xD That was funny!

Yep! If I decide to opt out of msn, I shall communicate with you through TWITTER where NO-ONE shall disturb me, because only one of my uni friends is on Twitter :P WIN! Take that, all you inconsiderate meanies out there! ✌️

WOW! Hahaha, now that IS open. Jason being more reliable than the internet. Hahahahaha, that’s funny too…^^…

YES! I shall always be your lawyer [hopefully I actually decide to PRACTICE law cos at the moment I’m so indecisive about my career path…=/]. Please don’t get into too many legal scrapes, because I’ve heard that the paperwork is a PAIN in the butt, and my butt will already be in enough pain from all the studying I had to do to get my degree. xD

Yeah, actually I think it’s illegal to make you work for 8 hours without giving you a lunch break =S It SHOULD be =O

Urgh! I need to write my resume, and I have NO IDEA HOW. Okay, I’ll worry about it after my exams and what not. @_@

LOL! The hypnotised emoticon xD @_@ Hahahahaha…I’m not even sure they learn about hypnotism =P

Hahaha, I still have XP. People keep telling me Vista is too slow =S

Yay! That’s such a good mark. HD! :D

Oh well, it’s over now and you did well. :)

Well, we should swap. Let me read your law readings and you can return comments for me. I have priorities but you know I procrastinate too, even to sleep.

We both are terrible and not afraid to admit so. :P We are regulating our sleep patterns in the holidays!

Mine have already started (well, nearly) so I will get a head start, haha. No coffee allowed!

Apparently “commentors” isn’t a word at all and it’s meant to be “commentator”. XD

Haha by “inconsiderate meanies” I am assuming anyone who attempts to talk to you on MSN or Facebook while you are studying and that I am not one of them. XD

Well, Jason knows his stuff about… stuff. :P

Haha I won’t! Not like I’ll get stuck there – unless someone steals my work off the web, but you know all about that anyway, and from my ramblings… @_@

Well, the good thing is that you’re getting paid, even if they don’t give you a lunch break, but that is torture and not going by whatever work standards things there are (you know about that haha).

James and I will help you! :)

Well, get 4GB RAM like I did. It’s too awesome. /bounce

Vista updates a lot but it’s pretty good. Apparently Windows 7 is faster. :)

Hehehehe =) Thank you ♥ It was teamwork cos of my awesome team members =) But yeah, thank god it’s over cos that assignment was EVIL!

Yes we should! Except I’d have to learn a bit of website management or whatever to return your comments and if you want to read my law readings, I’ll have to scan them all and that’s like…60-ish pages a week…@_@ LOL. But it would be an interesting experiment =P

Hahaha, at least you HAVE priorities most of the time. The only time I prioritise is when I’m majorly stressed and have no choice but to do so. :P

YES! We shall regulate our sleeping patterns for the sake of our health! *nods*. We MUST. Aww damn, I’m jealous of your early holidays too xP! Hahaha. Fine you can have your headstart :P

LOL, duh! Of course you’re not an inconsiderate meanie :P You can talk to me on whatever anytime, you know that xD Seriously just ignore my statuses and all, they don’t apply to you ^^



Hahaha, don’t worry, if someone steals your work, I SHALL PROTECT YOU! They’ll get fined SO HARD, they won’t even know what hit them [because I’ll find an invisible suit and tackle them while issuing them their notice that they’re being sued xD]. But yeah…intellectual property FTW!

YEP! They are in fact legally obliged to give you a break, otherwise they’ll get in trouble with some authority or whatever. I mean what if you collapse from exhaustion cos they won’t let you eat? OHS ISSUE right there!

YAAAAAAAY! =D *hugs*

LOL, I should get more ram. Cos my laptop isn’t very powerful so sometimes it’s slow. If it had Vista, it’d probably take me a year just to turn it on =P

You’re welcome! :D

I’m sure we’ve had evil assignments in our lifetime; don’t worry! :)

Oh, that would be really interesting. You wouldn’t know what I was talking about with my affiliates and stuff – it would just be all in all, weird. And scanning would be hell – like I did for Meladori, haha.

Yay! *sleeps in*

This weekend… can’t wait! Because I am going to have been out all week. I’m actually liking the busyness that comes with group assignments and going to uni every day. :) It’s like routine!

Yay, I’m special! And so are you, hehe. ♥

I would be so annoyed too. They didn’t go to the lecture so they should not expect me to tell them everything – go look at the slides, loser! If it’s only got pictures… well, your loss. :P

That happened to me once and I didn’t attend a lecture because James and I had an argument… the lecture slides were full of pictures so I didn’t pick up anything really. :( They touched on it in class though.

Oh yeah, OHS! :P I remember doing that in work experience, LOL.


Well, you have a small laptop… I don’t know if that makes a difference but anyway… :P


Argh! Evil assignments! I bet there are plenty more to come too…:( That’s so sad. Oh well uni is still so much better than highschool :)

Hahahahaha! Omg, I’d probably say stupid things to all your affiliates cos I’d have no idea what to write, and you’d probably get like heaps of emails asking you if you were okay because you sounded weird in your comments because it was actually me commenting! Haha. Yeah. Scanning is so slow… /bash I wish scanners were faster =/

Awww poor you, this week must have been hectic for you :(

Lol, if I were you I’d be like: Grrrr! I have to go to uni on my day off. GRRRRRR! EFF THIS ASSIGNMENT! Hahahaha. I love uni, but I love my days off more =)

YEP! We are both special /bounce

I KNOW, right? And what’s even stupider is they could easily find the answer in the TEXTBOOK. I mean I don’t mind if people ask me quick questions, but some ask like ridiculously long-winded ones. If they at least ACKNOWLEDGED my status before hand and said something like “I’m sorry to bother you but can you help me?’ that would STILL be okay, because at least they’re being polite about it. But some people are just like ‘Lilian. *insert question here* Or even worse. “Lilian. How are you?”


Awwwwww =( *hugs* That’s sucky =( But lucky you and James are so cute, you always make up in the end =P Haha.

I hope the stuff you missed wasn’t too important! =O

LOL, yeah that’s probably why they didn’t include a more powerful…RAM thing…cos small laptop = how much could this user probably need to DO on this. The most they could do is word-process

Which is technically true xD

Oh look, the comment box is getting misaligned. :P

Yeah, uni is better than high school. I agree. :)

Well, it would be quite humourous too. It’s alright, I can live with the comments, haha. I know I will eventually return them even if I don’t have the time now.

Scanners should be like cameras and be fast! Because taking photos of a book isn’t as good as scanning the pages.

It was a hectic week but a good one. Everything got done. :D

I like my days off but sometimes they get boring and it’s nice to get out for a bit, even if it is for an assignment. :)

Pshh. You know when they say “Lilian. How are you?” they’re going to ask something. /hmph

Haha well they ignore your status; you ignore them.

LOL well it can’t have been important. All that was left was one assignment – the group one. There wasn’t really anything new to learn. D:

Word process. Hahaha. Well, I suppose you’re right. :P



(H) ✌️ /bounce

I have a Discworld wallpaper with the gods playing their game, with the Windows sidebar on the right hand side and Rocketdock across the top. It’s very refined, and I like how it’s simple and neat.

Hahah, I bet it happens a lot on Facebook /um I mean, what’re the odds! /bounce
Man, presentations are boring. Especially when they’re all on the same thing, over and over. Droneee /bash

Gonx, at least you get to watch movies. D: The only ones I see are things being machined, or ..actually, that’s about it /argh


Ohhh so that’s the sidebar you have. Windows. :D My Google desktop just came with my laptop so I took advantage of it.

I remember you told me to get Rocketdock, and I thought it was cool but now I don’t think I need it that much. I barely look at my desktop anymore (number 30 on here: ), and most of my funny little icons are in the Start Menu, Quick Launch or system tray. /eee

Not for my name though – I haven’t heard of someone with exactly the same name as me. But unfortunately for you, there are a number of James Poons. :(

Hmm well now since I picked media studies, I don’t get to watch as many films.

We finished The Notebook today. :) ♥

Georgina (nearly wrote Vicky then LOL) your comment was 1,239 words. o_O

Yay, glad one of your group products is complete. :D I bet that’s a load of your chest for now. Haha I used to do that, when I finished a presentation, I just slept for the rest of the lesson. :3

LMAO that’s happened to me before, I always end up adding the wrong person. A few of my friends have done it with me as well because there are so many people with my exact name haha. It amuses me when it happens though!

Woo for starting your new job! I’m guessing it’s probably not the best time with those assignments but I know you can handle it. :)

I wanted to do Media Studies at school, so many people choose it so there wasn’t any room left but they all thought it was awesome!

Aww your desktop and those icons are adorable! I need to sort my desktop out actually…

Your Firefox and Tweetdeck looks so pretty too! Makes me want to customise everything lol.

Ah, I love the taskbar. Yeah the sections are a bigger but you can customise that etc. It’s cool and amusing.

OMG that used to happen to me all the time. Whenever I was on my way to work, there were tons of seats but this big dude ALWAYS sat next to me. It was so hard to get out and I usually missed my stop. :@

I would have started swearing and stuff at her but she was only about 15 and it was like half 9 in the morning. I don’t function well in the mornings. :3

LOL chicken, ah. Even so, we shouldn’t have to dress according to the music we listen to, it’s pathetic.

I couldn’t care a shit if people hear my music, they should learn to keep their mouths shut. I think she was looking for a fight tbh, she must of thought I was younger than her, because well, I do look really young.

She looked more of a chav than I did anyway, baha.

The comment didn’t go into spam actually. My WP is used to people swearing I think.

Haha that’s OK. I just like it when I’ve helped someone in some way or another haha. Yeah, I noticed you made your own bubble. :3 The code would have had to be edited, of course. :)

Lol yeah, at least you got a good mark. :) I wouldn’t be able to cope with the work load man. I was terrible at school with coursework and such.

Wow, your mum seems really protective. I mean, why would she get upset about you wanting to do ballet? :S And then saying that?! Weird. If my mum says no, I usually go to my step dad haha.

You were probably younger then, and when you’re young you don’t really think about the responsibility and all that jazz.

Yes, parents. :| My parents get annoyed with the fact that we don’t have a job or anything but they’re just happy we aren’t on drugs and got 3 kids.

LOL yeah, I felt… scared haha. I might try that, not that I know a lot of big words. I do it to my sister, because she’s thick and don’t know half the words I say lol.

Yeah, she has a new site. She used one of my premades on her old site and took the credit out so I told her on Twitter to put it back then her site went on Maintenance Mode, so I don’t know if she has. :@

Yeah, I get quite a mixture too. I just ignore the pathetic ones now, I can’t be bothered to return them, why should I read their blog if they didn’t bother reading mine properly? I’m getting better with comments, it still takes me a while, especially on weekends because I can’t come on as much but I get there, in the end.

Yeah, it’s nice to have a break sometimes.

Haha I love penguins, I tried make a pixel of a penguin but failed.

You went to James’ for the first time?! Wow, I thought you went there all the time. XD

I say some German words but not obsessively like that person. Yeah it is easy to ignore the tweets but they still annoy me.

Sometimes I read back a few pages of tweets when I get up just to see what’s going on and such. I used to search through all of them to see who tweeted me because I didn’t know the ‘@replies’ link existed LOL.

I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT THAT WORD IS FOR THOSE WORDS. I learnt about it in English… I love those words though. :£

Yeah, I know what you mean. I don’t get half as many comments as I used to though.

Same here. I hardly go out so I don’t throw things in the wash often, but I wear 2 pairs of socks, don’t ask me why so my mums forever washing my socks lol.

But doughnuts are epic!! EW, I can smell my mum cooking fish pie, it’s gross. /poo

I think Catherine has a tutorial on making photos brushes. *Checks* It’s for PSP though.

OMG THAT WOULD BE SO COOL! Biggest comment plugin hahaha. You have to make that one day. I want to make a plugin but I fail at PHP.

Oh that’s lame. I want to go to Japan though…

Who doesn’t love hugs? :3

Aw, download From Yesterday, I love it. :D

Haha I think that’s just natural to take things out on your parents… I do it all the time. xD

Thank you!

Scotland isn’t really THAT far from us. But my mum finds her sister annoying lmao. They used to fight when they were little. :3 I hope karma gets him too, the wanker.

Yeah I guess so. I’m gunna turn nasty and start proper harassing them until they credit me LOL.

LOL soundproofing is a good idea, my step dads considered it. xD

Um, I don’t think there is a credit on it or anything. Eh, I’ll just try and make my own somehow LOL. I am putting up a new layout in a bit but it’s very plain and boring but I couldn’t give a shit tbh. :3

My comment wasn’t as long, just over 1,000 words I think. XD

Dude, I wrote products instead of projects LOL. I’m such a douche. /bash

Australia is not boring for not celebrating Halloween D= It’s SENSIBLE. Halloween is a shitty waste of time if you ask me :L

Well done on your presentations :) and thanks for reminding me that I need to create one :P

LMAO, my friends all added + talked to someone called Georgia Tanti on Facebook.. Then they were talking about it, and they were saying to me that I’d said something about it on Facebook.. They were so shocked when I told them I didn’t have a Facebook, it was soo hilarious.

Wowweee.. Cute icons + stuff, fancy doing it for me? :P
The wallpaper goes with the icons really well, you are such a genius with computers.. xD
Haha, I don’t think I would have enough patience to change everything on my computer xD My firefox is all black, my Tweetdeck is black and white, my desktop is a black and white picture of Linkin Park (L).. I like black :L LMAO. I sound like a super goth or something :P

Ahh you should go to bed! Hehe.

Lol, I’ve done that a few times, adding someone who I thought was someone else. It can be a little embarassing sometimes! Hehe.

Ooh wow, I love what you’ve done with your laptop! Those icons are really cool (:

I hope your presentation went okay!

I love changing my desktop! Its always really fun to find new backgrounds. Right now, I have a pinkish-purplish blend of Taylor Swift. :) and all my colours match it!

And i love the Icons you chose! They are so pretty!

I don’t usually go hunting for new backgrounds but if I come across one when I’m surfing the internet, and I like it, I save it for later. :D

Thank you! :)

Ah, I missed your last blog :( Our virus is gone now though, so I can now get on your site to comment again :P

Yay, sounds like the presentation went well! During our presentations in school you couldn’t sleep. If you weren’t paying attention then you got points off of your project.

Our high school had a film studies class, a lot of kids took it because they didn’t really do much. I think that’s a waste of time, if you’re were doing a sub-major because then you aren’t really learning much.

Bunches of pretty-ness! Are you using a PC or a MAC? I didn’t know you could customize folders and stuff like that. So pretty!

Yay, you finished your group assignment! :)

Hopefully now you have one less thing to worry about so things should be okay soon. And like you said, weekend soon! :D

And hahaaaa. That’s pretty funny about your friend adding your friends on Facebook, lmao.
I would’ve been so embarrassed…. XD

Good luck with your new job! /bounce You’ll do great. (Y)

I don’t really like movies much either… well I’ll rephrase that, I don’t enjoy movies as much…
Oh hell.

Yeah. I’d’ve chosen media too I guess. :) And arrhh I hate it when you can’t get your legs in a comfortable position! And people look at you funny when you move about too much, haha.

OOOOOH you certainly had fun customising your desktop. :)
Those little pink folders are so cute. ^^ And your desktop is also so pretty. :3

Aha my Tweetdeck is green, brown and pinkish but I haven’t opened it in ages, I use Echofon (weird new name for Twitterfox…).

OOOOOH I love the Firefox theme ^^ LOL you just inspired me to change mine, heh. :)
My MSN is boring, haha. :P

Ers, well my desktop is boring ‘cuz it just is. Because it’s my dad’s old laptop… and I never thought about changing it from a boring picture of snow. /bash
I’ll get around to it, hehe. ^^

Hehe thank you! :) I’m glad you like my glasses too, I always think they’re too noticable. /um

Awwww, poor Charles. :( But I’m sure he’ll forgive your outburst of annoyance at my maths teacher. Bleh… I did actually kind of think “oh and what do you listen to, huh?”

And haha, yeah. I went to school today, yar. :)

Tantrums are fun to throw but don’t really solve anything. @_@ I wish they solved everything lol…
If I had thrown a tantrum she would have just gone at me for being immature and that kinda shit.

I am still so fucking pissed off with her though. I think in a way I kind of got my hair cut that way just to spite the bitch, eh. Side fringe. Is that emu enough for her liking? /hmph

Side fringes are cool though, I’ve come to love it, hehe. /eee (Y)
And IKR? When she asked me to turn it up I was just like, “WTF, I don’t want you to have an excuse to make me feel crapper. FFS”.

Yeah, you shouldn’t label people and she certainly shouldn’t do that to me in front of other students, teachers aren’t meant to judge their pupils – they’re meant to teach them and encourage individuality and different races, colours and cultures. You know? I was fucking outraged afterwards but during the whole deal I was fucking uncomfortable.

“Emo” is a really vague term. Does anyone even know what it means or defines? I remember reading Monica’s blog about emotional music and “emo” music being the same thing…
I guess this about sums up “emo” music… from the dictionary… I prefer the second part of the first definition. About the emotional/ personal lyrics:

Especially to judge on my shirt and one song she heard from my iPod. ONE SONG.
For all she knows – I have 398 dance tracks on there? She shouldn’t judge before she knows that stuff.
(BTW, I have 7 tracks of dance music lol. Like from those mix CDs? Definitely not 398 lol).

Please do the honour of punching her for me, I tried but she’s too fat.
Like, short and FAT. Like OUT. Like PARTIALLY OBESE.
I mean obesity, I don’t judge right? But she’s not just fat but she’s pretty hideous looking too. /bash

Heheeee you and James trick or treating! /eee ♥
That would be cute ^^ /bounce

My mum almost got a Beetle once, haha.
I hope you get to take the proper licence test thing soon. :3
The pressure of tests sucks indeed.

AND YEARR DUDE. Just remember to have a good time at your new job. /type :)

Heh. Teal is a cool colour. ;D
But you’re right dude, I should change my background colour to something that isn’t grey…

I don’t really know what look I’m going for. Just something different, away from grey and something that is. Well. Different. XD

LOL Zheorzhina. Imagine if you had a name like… Rachinellana. LOL. Rahchihnellahnahah. Haha.

Well that’s probably partway how you learn, having an “expert” look at your work and grade it; the other part is taking in what they’ve said. :)

Take care! xx

Well done on the presentation!
I like going first in things, so I can relax through the rest of it. Of course, if we fell asleep, we’d get in so much trouble! x_x My friend fell asleep in assembly before and he got suspended. :|

Film studies sounds cool, but really, I’d get fidgety and bored if I didn’t like the film.

Oh wow, all your programs look so pretty! I love the desktop wallpaper, looks really cute! :)

Well I’m slightly weird, because my two favourite male celebrities (both in McFly x_x), one is slim and the other is really muscly haha!

I used to want to marry my celebrity crushes when I was about, 9 or 10 haha! But not now, I’m not that silly. :P

OMG! i always do that!.
i literally ALWAYS do it.
i can help it,i have abour 27 xp- themes on my laptop,
and when i change that, i change the icons and the windows live thing and the rest of it.
right now its bright retro colours and a light blue and black theme thing. im bored of it already.
your icons are really pretty.
i was staring at them for about a good 10 minutes.
i couldn’t help it, im not crazy, although i am, they’re just really eye catching and pretty.
uni sounds like hard work. what was the presentation on?
a dog that likes noodles, thats not so bizarre i suppose, my cat eats spaghetti’s disgusting.
you finished uni, and school begins for me. groan. i hate school…
i use photoshop too,but it never looks as good as what you do. damn it. *bangs head against the table*. HAHA, im weird today, you’re theme is real real purdy tho’.
you’re completely right, about the “boy not worth it”.

i love your little paragraphs, they’re so nice and considerate. even though i have never physically met you or anything, you still take the time out of your day to leave me some very thoughtful comment’s. no matter how interesting a blog,i always seem to go off point when comment, but you’re always so consistent, so thank you georgina, :) ? it means a lot to me.

i am smiling, in fact someoe said tome today; “farhana, why are you always smiling even though nothings funny”. and i just said “why not?” and they just shut up.
i think they realisedyou dont have to have a reason to smile. just smiling is ebeough to make you happy:)
(it is for me anyways).
blah blah blah, …..
have a nice time at uni etc.
my fingers are hurting for some reason.
and sweet dreams.
take care,
(look how long its taking me to say goodbye…)

Holy crap, I love how you coordinated the look and feel of your entire computer — I usually just pick one look and stick with it forever, ‘cept for the deskto background … Which I change ‘whenever’. It varies from once a month to once every four million months. XD

And those icons look so … So … Yummy! There’s no other way to describe them, haha. They look like they’re made of candy! 🤤

That’s good that you got your project done and over with! Wow, 15 minutes long!? That’s a long time! At least to me it is, then again, your in university? I’m only in 8th grade so I guess that’s why :P
I hate going first because you SHOULD set a high standard, so I always feel really pressured and anxious even though I’m a good student, haha.

Who are these people, Flic, David, and Skye? That’s funny though, it sounds like something that I would do! /hehe

That probably was a good idea after thinking about the disadvantages. I probably would of picked media over film too because of the reasons you said, plus I’m not a huge movie watcher.

Aw, that is so cool! I want to do that! I think I will, I never knew that you could download colored icon packs! I think I will try that sometime :D My computer is boring, just the default settings/colors, I’m to lazy to change it haha.

Have a great day!

Group presentations can be fun – just did one last week :) what do you think you guys got, 85%? More?

Aaaah the wonders of FB, The knowledge that you are not the only John Smith Michael – never added the wrong people, but know of stories. Though, hate it when people randomly add me – it is worse as people think I am the PA for a celeb here as she is with me in my profile pic :/

Awesome wallpaper! Gonna go get those icons and spruce up my desktop :D

I’m glad your presentation went well. I’m just glad it was you. Man, I hated group presentations or any group work in college. It was SUCH A PAIN.

And film studies? That sounds interesting. I was going to take a film class of some sort in Uni, but decided against it when I saw the list of films we had to watch . . . it was all weird stuff, so I was like never mind!

Yay for prettifying stuff! Customising desktops and whatnot can be pretty fun or pretty frustrating if you’re anal about all the minute details! XD

oh thanks for explaining the bearman story :P now things make more sense haha.
LOLOL at the facebook thing :P ahhh, people think someone is someone on facebook too fast… my friend thinks this girl was our friend just ’cause her profile picture looks a lot like her. i had to explain that it is very likely for asians to have the same first and last name :P
unless youre really interested in examining movies, i dont think the whole film studies is for you :P itd be sooo boring to sit through a boring movie ><
omg haha, i love making over my desktop ! but now that i have windows 7… i find it hard to make it all nice and all.. maybe ill try it out later on this week (: pink + purple = <3
i have turquoise windows + taeyang (korean guy) wallpaper. its boring haha

Haha. I’ve never read any of your blogs before but I just found this one really funny. :) Also, glad your presentation went well! 15 minutes? And how many groups are you? That must be really boring. :D

Ahh, cute desktop! My desktop is boring–except for Gabriel Prestige. You can see it here. My icons are a mess, though, because I just save stuff that I need to organize there instead of putting it into my “Org” folder to organize later. Haha.

Anyway, I don’t really like presentations… I’m kind of shy. :( Blahh. I don’t have to worry about college for a while, though, because I wish to start next fall and do Distance Learning so that I do not have to move about 5 hours or so from home. I just need an apartment first so that my I can do so. Otherwise, I won’t be able to do anything my way.

I’ve never came across anyone that hasn’t ever celebrated Halloween. I guess I celebrate it because it is my dad’s birthday? Haha, it is kind of funny how he was born on a ‘Devil Day’ as many people call it and his parents/my grandparents are what I call full-blown Christians.

And thanks–I’ve figured out that I am in your queue and’s, but she hasn’t been online in a while. I think she was the one who e-mailed me back saying that it would take a month or so because she had so many things to do? I don’t remember.

Your Firefox looks cool. :] My Google Chrome theme is Minimal (like this). It’s really white and pallid, but I like it. :3 Haha.

Oh–I get to see Christopher on Wednesday! :D

You have a nice desktop. I just have a wallpaper of Gwen Stefani from the tour No Doubt did this summer. I was sick and tired of not finding a nice looking wallpaper from the tour that fit my screen.

Congrats on finishing your assignment. I would have probably finished it at the last minute too.

YAY for finishing group projects!! I wish mine had gone as well as yours O.o I fail at public speaking… I wish my nerves wouldn’t get the best of me but eventually they do. After a small silence I put to fill in the time.. I realize how awkward the presentation is then I end up talking REALLY REALLY REALLY fast. /bash I’m still bummed I didn’t do so well on my history project O.o

HAHAHAHAHA, did the other David have a picture? Usually, I don’t add people unless I know them know them and am POSITIVE it is them (if they dont have a picture) but if they do, then I make sure it’s them.. and if I have no idea who they are or recognize the picture.. well nope, I don’t add them. xP

But that’s funny. My cousin had a guy.. who has the exact same name as him but apparently he’s gay and not Filipino. O.o Strangeeeeee.

Wow, lots of desktop changes. ^^ How did you change your folders and stuff? I didn’t even know that was possible. And my stuff… my stuff looks boring. I only customized my MSN. ^^ But not even a bunch. For some reason I get the lame ass birthday thing which I haven’t gotten rid of yet. And my desktop… my desktop is TAYLOR LAUTNER (: HAHAHAHA, everytime I bring my laptop to school, I get a bunch of “You would” comments or “Woww….” HAHAHA, yeah, I would and yes wow. ^^ TL <3


AM. ^^ Lots of people call me that.. or some. xDD

It did help…. I hate just revealing my thoughts to Kuya himself, I mean before that was okay but since the whole complicated mess stuff… I feel that I need to tell someone other than Kuya the feelings that have been meshed together. O.o

Yeah, there are limits. And I hate that.. Earlier while talking to Kuya, I was like.. I wish I was emotionless… then I probably would have been grades because I wouldn't care so much about people looking at me as a nerd or not having time to talk to people, worrying people getting mad at me.. feelings getting in the way of my life. Yes, perhaps emotionless would be better.

Haha, I used to think I could hug myself.. but I think it's a tad weird… I feel.. strange O.o

Yeah, I cherish Kuya's friendship with me. Best thing ever (: He makes me smile everyday, somehow. So arguments… well they're just a phase. I don't want to fight with him anymore, it's really my bipolar side that doesn't give a shit about others. O.o It's been appearing a lot lately.

Aku cinta padamu… I just realized, I don't know if you're fluent in Indonesian. I just know you are Indonesian. haha. Are you fluent? If so, that's sooooooo cool. ^^

Comments.. make me smile. Every single one of them. It just bugs me a teensy tiny bit when people post advertisings for their own sites.. seriously, someone copied and pasted.. and I was like "it's a tad rude.. I hope you don't do that later, xp" yes, I like to point it out to them.

I return comments using my dashboard. But sometimes, I just like to go on my site.. and view things. HAHAHA. make sure things are running smoothly and stuff. ^^

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I thought it was funny. So now, Kuya keeps telling me expensive income. I loveee you too Kuya. xP

I wish I was in a cloud heaven land… versus this crummy busy, messy place I'm in O.o I don't like drama. No me gusta, no me gustaaaaaaa.

Boys cross dressing with fake breasts! That would have been hilarious. Sucks I go to an all girls school..not that amusing if a girl dresses up as a guy. School umbrellas! Wow XD My teachers have to wear a ‘school jacket’ at times. It looks absolutely HIDEOUS. /hehe

Congrats on your presentation! I love the feeling of relief after presenting something

haha! that’s so funny! Mistaken identity XD

I love analysing films! I’m a film-fanatic (H) But nothing is worse than analysing a boring film -_-

My gosh, your computer make over is so pretty!! I should really bother with mine but eh, I may be getting a computer soon, who knows.

Well I like to keep my FF theme/persona simple. At the moment it’s a white grey colouring with music notes on the right hand side. I like to keep my wallpaper’s ‘happy’ and at the moment it’s got 2 birds with flowers.

Other than that my computer is just the ordinary Vista graphics. How boring I am :P

It feels like it’s been a year since the last time I commented. I’m terribly sorry about that!

Yay! I’m sure you’re relieved that you finished the group project. Last-minuted things mostly turn out quite nice, anyway.
It’s always nice to get it over and done with. That’s why I usually volunteer to go first when I have something to present.

15 Minutes O_O. That is so long. I might’ve fallen asleep. But you probably made something really good. I would have listened and watched yours.

LOL at Flic’s story. That’s why I don’t add people by their names. Instead, I find their profiles through email.

But Facebook is really weird. Some people add strangers on purpose so that they can have more friends. It’s so annoying. I’ve had at least 6 kids from different primary schools who’ve added me.

Eeh. University. I have no idea what I want to take up yet. Film studies sounds cool but I get what you mean. We’re studying films this term – watching the movies are sort of fun but sometimes they’re not cool. Once, my homework was to watch some part of Star Wars. I have nothing against Star Wars it’s just that I’m only familiar with a few characters – Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C3P0 and some other ones. I don’t really understand what’s going on so I couldn’t write much about the clip I was asked to watch.

And I always get pins and needles from being forced to sit down with my legs crossed for 2 hours straight. I mostly have problems with having my neck in a comfortable position. I have to crack it like 13124 times and it annoys the people sitting behind me XD

OMG. It all matches. That’s a pretty icon set, by the way :). Dude, why is your desktop so clean? I can see that your recycling bin is full though XD. WOAH. You even made Firefox match! Okay, I get it. You might as well make your whole computer match! :P By the way, I think that having the Tweetbox on Twitter at the bottom is better for some reason :) Have you tried it?

My desktop? Well, I only decorated my laptop because this computer is too slow to be all fancied up. My laptop isn’t really that decorated. I changed some icons but not a lot.

Why do schools care so much about perfect uniform? I don’t understand how you could not be satisfied with good grades and students. Your school was freaking selective – I’ve heard so many good things about it already and I don’t even give a crap about what it looks like.

Yeah, man. They made the year six debaters wear blazers. Ew.

I think I understand how first impressions work in a relationship. But soon enough it doesn’t even matter anymore. And I hate how people get so obsessed with looks that they don’t care about anything else. It sucks.

Hello to your iPod Anberlin or Timothy. Timothy is an awesome name, for some strange reason. I like all the names that Stephen mentioned in *Fin :D

My friend has the lightsaber app on her iPod Touch XD I was playing with it today instead of studying for my PDHPE exam. Fail.

Yeah. Mine’s orange :) All the iPods look so awesome! My brother has a purple one and it’s so shiny. If I chose the colour of mine, I would have chosen yellow but I think you can only buy yellow online. Either way, orange is pretty.

YAYER. I returned your comment. Finally! Thank god. Well take care! Sorry for the delay :P

My mom will just shout but my dad’s going to kill me if I get a boyfriend at this age. :P None of them have any problem with me being friends but they don’t want me to get too involved with boys.

LOL. That must have been pretty embarrassing for Flic. /hehe DId that other David on Facebook reply to her message?

I’m not really into movies, either. I shift my leg’s position every other minute whenever I’m sitting. It’s hard for me to stay still.

Your desktop and the icons looks really cute. The wallpaper is awesome. When I change my desktop or something, I change all of my other themes on the computer as well. Now my desktop, Firefox, MSN and all of that all have a black and white theme.

ahahah your welcomee (:

haha your welcome! Do you know of a game called DDR? Dance, Dance, Revolution? You just reminded me of that game and how you have to be coordinated to play it XD. It really helps you improve! ( ✌️

awww! Nahh we still keep in contact so I’ll keep you :D I’m mainly just looking for the people who dont keep in touch very well. You’re still a loved one (:

haha yea, i don’t really eat the candy. I eat the few good ones then I seriously never look at the candy again XD.

ahaha yea, we were more panicking in a fun way. It was so funny ! XD We were like talking on the phone and they were like “Oh were on this streeet” and we were like “Uhh we dont know where any of the streets your talking about” LOL

I hope I am as lucky as I was on Monday, I literally got no homework! I was like “WOW of all the days, since I have today [Tuesday] off!”

OH MY! That’s so cool! My school doesnt have Japanese, but in the high school they have Chinese! Do you still remember them?

Awww you customized your computer so much! And what a pretty wallpaper! Heheh pretty colors :D

I’m glad you got your presentation done, the social network topic sounds interesting. That Facebook mix up is really funny! :D I would be really confused if someone contacted me with a question that was intended for someone with the same name as me, I’ve actually seen a couple of people on Facebook who have the same name as be, we look allot different though.

Good luck on the new job! I hope everything goes well.

I agree with you a film class might be a little difficult. Mainly because I’m picky with the kind of movies
I like. I don’t like adventure movies or movies on wars or movies which have lot of blood shed, I tend to watch romances, comedies and some scary movies.

That new theme for your computer looks great, I tried making a theme once but I found it to difficult and gave up, I would love to use the theme you have because it has some of my favorite colors, I need to look around for some themes which I can download.

THIS LAYOUT IS TEH SEX. Seriously! It’s amazing, fancy adjectives can’t even begin to describe it! I’M SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW.

Lmao tehe, last minute projects ftw! Actually doing projects/home at the last minute shouldn’t really be commended or praised, but still who doesn’t leave things to the last minute? (Well actually you, Georgie, wouldn’t if it was a single project. You’re too awesome XD and I had read earlier blogs of yours saying how your group was neglecting your emails, LAZEH SHIIITS LOL, just kidding :D)

That’s awesome that your group got to kick things off, I always like going first too seeing as that’s when the audience is most attentive too. They care for the first presentation and then get bored shitless, well at least I do :P

OMG LOL, shaaaame! Poor Flic emailing some random David about your work. That would’ve been hilarious and not to mention embarrassing. /hehe

Ahh, I completely agree with you! Listening through presentations is soooo boring and like you I can never seem to get comfy either! The hard plastic chairs start to hurt your ass after you’ve been sitting on them for so long.

You’re lucky though! You can secretly fiddle around on your laptop during the presentations. Uni (despite all the hard work and effort that’s required) must be awesome XD

Your new icon pack looks amazing! Along with all your purple renovations made throughout your whole laptop. The wallpaper is amazing too!

And as for your tweetdeck screenshot, omg I wonder who those scribbled out users are? :P sarcasm plzzz

Actually I thought I should tell you.. it is against the rules to return my comments :o

Tehe nah, it’s good chatting with you, even though I tend to return comments like erm.. once a fortnight if lucky? D: I’m horrible!

Ah yeah true! I mean I enjoy blogging about my life, rants and so on. But right now things are quite hectic at home, so I don’t want to unintentionally let something slip.

Hehe :D Yeah boy x boy pairings are hawwwwt. I mean I don’t see why straight girls become so homophobic when they see such things, like it’s two boys! YUM. Like this may sound really, really, really disturbing but anyway, if I were watching a porno (which I haven’t and wont anytime soon) I would rather see male on male because if I were to watch male x female, well then I would see WOMANLY parts and that’s just a right put off. If I’m trying to pleasure myself I don’t want to see some hairy fanny *shivers* Sorry for my vulgarity there! /end of rant :P

Hehe perhaps you should name your iPod Fat? Like Fin & Fat. Then again, I don’t think your iPod would appreciate said name very much lmao!

Aw true, well next time you have to do a survey based on one state.. W.A! :D

Really? Wendy emailed Gillian! Wow :o I feel sorry for Leanne ( she backed up all her data but because her domain was registered under Wendy’s care or something she had no access to change the nameservers :(

LOL so true! I guess it is a common myth for all kids as to where babies come from. Though I never once believed they came from the stalk or the cabbage patch :P

Hehe nocturnal? Nevaaar. It’s only 2.20am here XD I just watched Fight Club (starring Brad Pitt) WHO’S OMGSOHOT in it *fangirl* woo !

Oh by any chance did you bet in the Melbourne Cup? THE WINNING JOCKEY HAD MY NAME YO! xD

I think you could probably see people through my curtains as well, or at least their shadows. I’ll have to make ninja curtains lol. Then no one would see me through them.

I’ll have to get some pictures up, possibly in the next entry I write. Not sure if I’ll have time to write one this week though. Back to school and all that lot.

Glad you got the presentation done!

I haven’t ever added the wrong person on FB before, but I don’t really add many people though. There’s loads of people with the same name though. That must’ve been funny when she found out it wasn’t him.

Good luck with the job!

Wow, media studies. I nearly chose that for one of my A levels, but then changed my mind. Good choice though. I guess you’re right, it would be boring if you didn’t like the film in film studies. But at least you could criticise it.

Nice desktop and stuff! My desktop just has one of the preset XP backgrounds, I have the old version of MSN so I can’t change that either, but my Firefix persona had flowers and fish on it.

Fifteen minutes for a presentation is long. Especially when you talk fast like me. Heheh. It’s weird that on FB there is another SHOLA GORDON and she’s black too. But she’s old, not youthful like me.

And yeah, that David most liekyl feels like your friend is a weirdo, I would. :) haha.

I might just makeover my laptop them now I seen how snazzy yours looks!

HI! :). Powerpoints are awesome lol xD. Only one of your group projects? how many are there?

Haha xD. It’s funny when you find the wrong person and they respond like “who is this” and your like well isnt this who i think it is… But it’s not funny when it happens to you. So random person keeps calling my cell phone asking for some other person :S.

Ugh talk about boring stuff at school… :| well we have these things called nj ask (new jersey assessment skills and knowledge) and alot of people did bad on it, so now we have a shortened lunch for what? reading, we have an extra reading block instead of longer lunch, I cant eat fast D:!!! UGH. I hate that.

that icon pack is soooo pretty :D. My computer is so old :|. I might get a new one for christmas so im not adding anything :P lol.

you have alot of pretty things for your computer :P

Congrats on finishing that group assignment! One less thing to worry about now, yay. :)

Lol about the Facebook thing, I don’t usually like to add anyone if I can’t see their photo because I’ll worry that I’ve got the wrong person too!

Your desktop and all your other personalized bits and pieces look very cool – you seem to like pink and purple a lot! Hehehe.They look great though, I need to get around to prettifying all my stuff one day soon too.

LOL. Good good. ;p YAYAYAYAYAYA THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME PERMISSION. :’) I think I will propose to it, once it grows up. LMAO. XD

Lol, see even you know. ^^

Lol, I keep meaning to do stuff and keep forgetting. -sigh-
I’ll try get some up this weekend, well maybe not because I’m busy then. I’ll get some up soon enough. ;3

LOL yeah, brightens them up and adds awesome effects. Mmm, plain icons are a thing of the past.

Nope, I don’t have an iPod or MP3 or anything. :'(
I have to cope with the TV. Fail.

Hmm yeah, my mum’s always annoying OIIKSJSIKUEIWUR. Just wait ’til she’s calm down or in a better mood and then speak to her again about it. Maybe she’ll take it more seriously, well hopefully anyway.

LOLOL. & I can arrest them for being noisy. ;D

Mmmm, I can see it being simple with your techniques. ^^

LOL. Viva is a new music channel, omg if they actually did that in bathrooms i’d R-O-F-L. That’d be class.

LOL I don’t know what lollygagging means, go ask Erika because she wrote it.

LOL. I got some really random ones this time, like pineapples lol.

I’ve just realised nearly every sentence in this comment starts with LOL, lol.

OOH AWESOME. Hopefully I will be pro someday as well, fingers crossed. ;3

Well done completing one of your group projects, that’s one out the way. Good luck with the rest.

Mmm, I love the icons. Shame I don’t have Vista, heh. :(
I like your desktop. And your Firefox theme. And your Tweetdeck theme. And your MSN theme.


Haha, that’s very true. People get bored pretty soon of presentations. Last year, I was last to go, some people actually yawned at me. I don’t know if they were lacking sleep or they thought I was boring. I hope it was the first one :P

Man, those are pretty icons. I just have the stupid default one, because I’m on a shared computer. And my mom gets easily confused when something changes. She gets worked up if I change the desktop. O_O

Haha that was a hilarious Facebook story! I wonder what that person was thinking when he got the message lol…..funny stuff :D.

Wow those icons are awesome! How did you do that?? My computer is so freaking dull!

Here’s a snapshot of my background currently…click here. Lol boooorrrrring I know. But that’s the snapshot on my PC because my Mac is charging right now but I’ll snap that someday :)

The presentation sounds interesting. But yeah, I think after a few more presentations I’ll be dozing off already :)) Happens to me in class everytime ;)

I remember something like that in Facebook happened to my friend too. He even tagged him in a picture and all =)) Funny. That’s the use of display pictures!!! :))

WOW MAKEOVER EH? =)) Yeha you got a little obsessive ;) I can’t show you my desktop right now ’cause it’s really messy. But I’ll show you this one time my desktop looked real funny :)) Click this: SInce it’s in Tagalog, the text on the desktop says “HEY! YOU SHOULD STUDY!” =))

Aww congrats on the assignment. Thats funny about your friend. Ive had that happen to me before haha. I always THINK I wanna go last in stuff like that and then I sit there to whole time, wondering If Im next and getting nervous so being first is definitely the way to go.

Your icons and everything are so cute. Ive been meaning to re-theme everything and make it all look nice but I havent got around to it :/ tsk tsk. I dont show my desktop icons though so I guess that part wont matter too much, hrm.

Oh. I see. Thanks for the happy birthday! It’s my mum’s birthday today, Nov. 4 and my brother’s is on the 30th.

I’ll try to see if that IS the case why they aren’t aligned.
Guess I don’t have much time to fix it, though.
We just received our test results and I failed my Math test. :(

I’m trying to study more and computer less. Wish me luck!

Also, I love these smilies! Did you make them?

I’ve been meaning to tweak my desktop for quite sometime now but the problem is, I haven’t had the chance to allocate some time for it, sadly. Heh.

It’s nice that you were able to report on Social Networking sites. I love reporting about stuff I could relate to. Those are pretty simple especially when you have first-hand experience on those kinds of things, no? Haha. Good to know you’re over and done with on the report :)