Looped Colloquy

Looped Colloquy. One of my group assignments at university was to create an online journal, containing our academic pieces of writing (big essays). I was the production editor and we hadn’t thought of a title so I named it Looped Colloquy. The group liked it. :)

That assignment went well! I was up until 2:00am that day, though I had finished putting the journal together long before then. I didn’t feel tired at all – it must have been the coffee I had. I don’t drink it often so it must have had an effect on me.

I went to James’s house again and we finished watching The Notebook. I realise that it’s a lot better to watch it with someone than watching it alone.

It’s our 21-month-anniversary on the 5th. ♥️ /love Which is really today, since it’s past 12:00am.

I met up with Ryan and Nicole and a few hours ago we had finished our awesome assignment on the social networking survey we worked on. It’s about 30 pages long. We’re going to bind it so it looks awesome – it has appendices, contents, and everything. /bounce

Tomorrow is my last day of uni for the year. I can’t wait to catch up on sleep. I have been so sleep deprived these past few weeks. I start my new job on Friday and I hope it goes well. I’ll tell you guys all about it.

I was looking through my old blogs the other day, and I noticed that my blogs were very long. They were about twice the size of the ones I write now, and I blogged a lot more often – almost every day. O_O

When I went to James’s house I noticed that his family kept toilet paper in the garage. We do that too. It’s all still in the packets and wrapped and when there’s none in the house, we go and get some more.

Toilet paper is a necessity, and you can’t deny that. :P Our family buys it in bulk, direct from the tissue factory. They sell facial tissues as well. Twice every year, they have a sale. All tissues and toilet paper are on sale and you can buy as much as you want. It’s all cheap. That’s when we buy a load of toilet paper and fill the car up with it.

Before my brother Brandon and I were old enough to be left home alone, we went with my parents and we would be squished up the back of the car with toilet paper packages surrounding us. XD

It’s a good quality toilet paper too – smooth, 3-ply (if I recall correctly), smells alright, with pretty patterns.

In a lot of public toilets you get the shittiest toilet paper. It’s rough, brown, and rustles. It’s like actual paper. I know there’s biodegradable or environmentally friendly paper, but this kind of paper is rough, and thick. It’s not a nice thing to be wiping your butt with, I tell you. I’m sure you have come across this sort of sort of toilet paper before.

You’ve seen advertisements about nice silky tissues for your poor red nose, and nice soft tissues that “love your bum”. Public toilets would be a much nicer place if they didn’t have rough paper-like toilet paper and had nice soft toilet paper, don’t you think?

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First comment?!

I’ll be returning your comment in a bit. :3

That’s a nice name! I like it!

And wow, 21 month anniversary? 3 more and it will be two years! :) I’m happy for you two!

Yay for finish Uni for the rest of this year. Exactly how does your semester/term work over there? I’m used to term ending in December or something like that LOL.

And public toilet would be great if there WERE TOILET PAPERS. XD Korean public toilets do not like to provide you toilet papers, so a packet of tissues become your best friend. X_X;;

But I do agree that those cheap toilet papers in some public toilets sucks. I like the soft kinds, too! :) One time my dad bought this really craptastic one that made me go WTF at its quality. It was not cool!

Anyway, good luck with that job on Friday! <3

Ooooh…nice name :) I like it too!

Waaaaaaaahhh…that was an epic assignment. 2am for a group assignment. That’s like…@_@ /bash *dies* I’d be so upset if that were me, and it was my groups’ fault I was still awake that late.

Actually possibly not, because 2am is like my regular sleeping pattern nowadays. LOL. I suck!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! =D /bounce Hehehehehehe! Yeah I guess it’d be a lot more fun to watch The Notebook with someone else than by yourself. Haha. I shall try it one day. But yeah in general its more fun watching movies with others than by yourself ^^

Waaaaaaah! Zomg! A 30 page assignment is…EPIC. My major work for 4u english wasn’t even that long =O. Wow. Lots of effort must have gone into that. Hehehehehe! But very cool. I’m very proud ^^

Haha, we DON’T keep out toilet paper in the garage. We keep in in a cupboard somewhere. Which I am glad for because my stupid brother is an arsehole and never replaces the toilet paper when he finishes it. Sometimes one of us only discovers that he’s used up all the toilet paper [cos he’s a selfish butthead] late at night. Having to go to the garage at that time of night. Omg, I’d totally bash my brother up until he was unrecognisable for that. Such a selfish retard.

LOL, awww you and your brother squashed amongst a heap of toilet paper. That would be a pretty cute thing =P

YES! I do agree! Such toilet paper…I HATE that kind. It’s all rough and gross…@_@

I can understand if it’s biodegradable, but sometimes it’s not. Which really makes me angry because like, OWWWW!

Haha well it wasn’t that bad – I wasn’t that tired so I guess it was okay. :)

Thank you! And yes, as we said before, we must regulate our sleeping patterns.

I think our text was big in the report. Well, it’s easier to read at least. I guess that having 100 responses (a lot more than we expected) allowed us to write a lot more?

We keep a few packets of toilet rolls in the house but we seriously have massive stacks in the garage which reach to the ceiling.

We have some toilet rolls in the toilet on a rack, but they seem to run out quickly… But not changing the toilet paper is a very inconsiderate thing to do. 😢

It was kind of funny being squished in the back with toilet paper, haha. ;)

Sometimes it’s just so rough it’s just like paper and there’s nothing you can do about it. So terribly uncomfortable and not very nice…!

LOL, yeah…that’s like me. If I’m not THAT tired, I’m okay, and I won’t be grumpy…but if I’m exhausted and have to stay up for an assignment, I’ll be the grumpiest person EVER in the morning xD As in /angry grumpy. =O

Yep…we must definitely sleep properly in the holidays and wake up at reasonable times, which is so not happening for me, But I’ll still sleep at proper times. Hahaha. That just means I get more sleep. Alright New Year’s Resolution: SLEEP PROPERLY!

Oh yeah! Big font is better xD Except when my law readings have big font, I feel like crying because it looks like there’s so much in there because it’s all single-spaced.

Big font + double spacing = :)

Whoaaa…100+ responses @_@. I’d be all…Zomg…how the hell am I going to analyse this? But hehehe! That means that your survey was awesome ^^

LOL! Your garage must look like a toilet paper warehouse. xD But at least you save a lot of money when you stock up on toilet paper, because you’re right, it seriously DOES run out fast. [My brother’s fault in my house ==]…


Hehehehehehe! Just think…if your car was a little bigger and they stacked toilet paper around the edges of your car, you could have LOADS of fun bouncing around inside as the car moved. Oh wait, no you wouldn’t cos you’d still have to wear safety belts xD

Damn uncomfortably toilet paper! /angry There should be a law against rough toilet paper!

Hmm, I just put in a new setting to reply straight from my WordPress dashboard thing, so I hope nothing goes weird! :O

I would be /angry grumpy too if I have to stay up. And NOT for reasons beyond my control, but because someone was out partying!

It will help if we sleep early, hahaha. It’ll happen soon. We have months to fix it. :P

I think it helps to have bigger font, but it should be accompanied with bigger line height or line spacing. The font on my site is more than single-spaced which is good. /bounce

We had to collate them all manually, which sucked. At least we could talk about improvements and for further research possibly using a database to collate data to make it easier.

Our garage is full of stuff regardless!

OH awesome! It would be like putting sponge or foam lining in. A bit like airbags but permanent ones. ;) But yes, you would have to be pretty safe in there. Maybe for a theme park ride or something. :P

There should be, actually. Because rough toilet paper is just not suitable for its purpose.

Nope :) Nothing looks like it’s stuffing up ^^ Which is good :)

:P I think everyone would be /angry grumpy if they were kept up for reasons beyond their control…unless they were EXTREMELY nice and good natured people xD Omg, my backyard neighbours do that a LOT. They hold these parties and they play their music SO LOUD, that from my room, which is at the back of the house, I can hear the music as clearly as if it were coming from my own laptop /angry And they keep doing it until like…3am in the morning. I swear, there is a law against that. PEOPLE WANT TO SLEEP!

Yes we do! LOOOOONG holidays =) [Thank god].

Hehehe! I noticed that. The spacing on your blog =) It’s awesome. It makes it easier to read. :P

Awwww man, that would have been the most tedious thing to do. EVER. If I were you, I’d be continuously wiping tears of boredom from my eyes. Oh well, the assignment is done now /bounce

YES! THEY SHOULD INVENT THE TOILET PAPER BUMPY THEME PARK RIDE! And pay all royalties to you and me for coming up with the idea. [No rough toilet paper allowed *nods*]

Exactly! If toilet paper is rough. People will get grumpy!

Haha well I did the right one that time – the “nested comment” that is supposed to appear as a direct reply to that person. It’s better than the other one I clicked because it looks silly, and if you were conversing through comments it would look disjointed.

My neighbours do that too, but not very often. When they do, it is really loud and I can’t hear my own music over it. /wah It makes me upset to hear some rap dude over the music I want to listen to. And if your neighbours are going on until 2am, complain!

My affiliate in the UK has this inconsiderate bastard of a neighbour whose dogs bark non stop, all day and night. :( I feel very sorry for her, because her mother is ill too. It’s getting so bad she thinks she might have another stroke and that this horrible bad tempered neighbour along with his barking dogs will practically kill her mother. /angry

And they’ve done everything and contacted the council, RSPCA and everyone, and they won’t do anything. :(

Anyway, I went on a little ramble.

Haha I like the big font! Some sites have huge font and I smile because it is so much easier to read. James loves big font. :)

Well, we did it together and collated the results together so it wasn’t that bad. /bounce

HAHA, absolutely not allowed. I think that would be a nice ride but there might be a risk of injury in that. No wonder all rides that go round and round have belts and stuff. :(

Hahaha…yeah, I’m still totally not sure what that nested comment thing is, so I’ll just keep clicking ‘comment’ and “reply”. Man, I am so noobie, it’s not even funny :P

But I do agree that conversing through comments looks a little silly xD. Well it’s okay if it’s just the two of you commenting, but then if someone says something random in between, it’s like…HUH? 😒

Omg, yes! It’s even WORSE when they play the world’s CRAPPEST MUSIC OVER OUR AWESOME MUSIC! :( It’s like… /wah Poor you. Why are neighbours so inconsiderate? Why can’t we have nice neighbours like James? Hahaha. My aunt’s neighbours are horrible too. She lives in a unit and upstairs is forever playing this really loud Indian music and stomping the floor. The thing is they wait until terrible hours like 11pm or 12am to do this.. DUDE. WTF?

OMG! Your poor affiliate! =( That sucks! And her poor mother. God, I hope someone else gets angry at his dogs and like throws a rock at him or something. Maybe they should try writing to some sort of A Current Affairs show in the UK. I mean current affairs shows are terrible, but you gotta admit if they expose something like that, something will happen. *shrug* I hope her mother is okay!

Yep! Big font makes me smile too [except in my law readings xD]. But then again, if font is too big, it’s like. FML, SO HARD TO READ! And excess scrolling required! So I guess you need a balance xD

Hehehe! Teamwork! =D HAHAHA. Teamwork makes everything easier =) Even super tedious tasks @_@

Oh yeah…good point. DAMN OHS! xD Only kidding. Hahaha

Basically when it’s nested, it’s “within”, I guess, in layman’s terms. So it gets the indent thing you’ve been seeing. I think it’s easier to understand it here on the actual site though… you just click “reply”. (That’s user-centred design for you.)

Oh, that happened before! I was on a website where a lot of drama was going on, and people kept replying to people all over the place, and different people where involved. It was so confusing.

James has nice neighbours, indeed. Across the road is Andyroo (Andrew, the glasses guy in year… whatever it is now haha), but James doesn’t like him. /hehe

Ewwww. Terrible. Why can’t you do it in the morning when people want to wake up, maybe? Or during the day when people are at work. Or just don’t do it at all.

Unless it’s some sort of cultural ritual, which I highly doubt.

Yeah, it might, if “A Current Affair (The UK!)” starts bagging out the RSPCA and other companies and entities so that they feel shit about not taking action. I don’t know what it’s like there in the UK though – it could be impossible. I told her to come stay here!

She’s the one after our comment chain, by the way. (Vicky.) :)

Oh, not like you want 72pt font for something that dense! That would be silly. :P But at least if you have PDF files you can resize how you like. :D

Many hands make light work! I mean, people might have thought our survey was a waste and that 5 minutes would be nothing, but look at the 100 responses we got!

Ohhhh…right! Yep! I’m a layman! Give me simple terms! LOL [Yep, you can SOOO tell I’m going to own my law degree considering I am demanding simple words. *sarcasm* Hahaha yay for user-friendly things :)

Ahhhhhh…Poor you. I’d be like @_@ and /bash if I were involved in something like that. I’d not be able to keep up with what was happening and then I’d get a tension headache trying =P Yay for nested replies then :P

Awwww…James doesn’t like Andrew? But he’s pretty nice from what I remember. Just a little annoying at times. I think he’s in year 10 cos he’s in Lisa’s [the other Lisa. From my Chinese School xD] grade and she’s in year 10 so yeah. OMG. So hard to keep up with who’s in what grade. UNI FTW! Haha!

I know right! I mean if you KNOW you’re in a unit, then you should be able to work out that the walls are not that thick and noises carry. Sometimes through the plumbing. So PLEASE DO NOT HOLD YOUR STUPID CELEBRATIONS IN SUCH STUPID HOURS AND ATTEMPT TO STOMP HOLES THROUGH THE FLOOR.

Yeah, I doubt it was a cultural thing, because my aunt has more than one group of Indians as neighbours and the ones who live right next door to her and generally very polite and considerate according to her. And I think she said they’ve complained about the upstairs noises too. IT’S JUST THE ONES UPSTAIRS THAT SUCK!

And even if it’s a cultural thing, it still doesn’t explain why you would do a cultural thing at such retard hours!.

Awww man, that totally sucks =( Poor Vicky! Do you reckon we could convince ACA to do an overseas story? I mean they could totally glorify Australia if they want to put a sensationalised angle on it xD Hahaha.

EEEEP! 72 FONT! HALF THE WORDS WOULDN’T EVEN FIT IN A SINGLE ROW! =O Haha. Yeah PDFs are good ^^ Except when you’re capped. Then they literally take forever to download. =(

Hahaha. It’s cos it was an AWESOME, very professional-looking survey, so people felt compelled to do it :P

LOL well we must talk in layman’s terms for the sake of socialising!

Haha hurrah for nested replies. :)

He is nice but James found him annoying because of the time he and Nick dragged us around. D:

It is hard to keep up – I’ve forgotten most of the grades the people are in, but I remember a lot of people.

It would suck to live in a unit with terrible neighbours. It would be a bad combination. I guess it sucks if you live there and want to have a noisy party – your loss! Or, you can be nice and invite the neighbours over. XD

We have Indians who live in our street and they’re so nice and quiet. We did have Indians this one time who didn’t tell off their kids when they threw tomatoes at us. /angry

Yeah, I don’t understand that either. Oh well, let’s be grateful we don’t live in an apartment at least. :P

Haha totally! Now that we know the media tantalising, eh. They DID do a report about British people moving here. Who knows? XD

Ours was probably the best, and I’m not boasting. :P

Hehe! Yep! We must also talk in layman’s terms for the sake of my head-ache-free-ness :P Just as long as we use confusing, big words when we’re writing important essays xD

Oh! LOL! Well he’s a little immature. [Andrew, not James]. Maybe he’s grown up :P

Yeah me too! I miss so many people from uni…Grades are so hard to remember anyways. I couldn’t even remember who was in what grade when we were in highschool. The only reason I remember Lisa’s grade is cos I talked to her recently and she said something about sitting the SC, so yeah.

It DOES suck to live in a unit with crappy neighbours because you’re basically sharing living quarters with them. The noise is so much worse than if you lived in a house in a neighbourhood. If you want to have noisy parties, then I think you shouldn’t host them in a unit. If you can afford noisy parties, you can afford to rent a house to be noisy in. Therefore do so!

/angry =O How dare they throw tomatoes at you! That’s like a waste of food too! HMPH! My across-the-road-neighbours are total retards too. The oldest son was my primary school bully. But it’s alright now because if he tries to bother me, I’ll either run him over with my parent’s car and use my legal skills to get my conviction overturned, or make his brain explode from attempting to process my big words xD

Yes! I am grateful! Let’s never live in an apartment! Haha!

LOL, let’s go recruit ACA THEN! xD

Don’t worry, you’d be perfectly entitled to boast =)

And for my sake, because I am getting tired! XD

I think he might have grown up by now. :)

Oh well, now I can remember a lot of the people in her grade. They still have the SC around? I didn’t think so! They already changed UAI to an ATAR. O_O

Oh, renting is an option too! And it’s more considerate. Otherwise, just go to the pub or whatnot…

It was quite a while ago and they moved now though. Yeah, you told me about that bully and I remember. :O

Haha funny how we were so against ACA and stuff. :P

Sorry for the shitty comment, but I really wanted first comment lmao. Doesn’t happen often.. or ever for that matter.

Looped Colloquy; such a cool name, I love it. :D Wow, 2am? When I drink coffee I tend to be so hyper, but afterwards I’m like practically dead, baha.

Awwww, happy 21 month-anniversary!!! I always remember your anniversary is on the 5th. :3 You guys are too cute.

Wooo!! Glad it’s your last day of uni for the year, you definitely need and deserve a break.

My family buys toilet paper in bulks too, but we don’t have a garage, so we keep it in the downstairs bathroom.

Lmao that must have been amusing being squashed up in the back of the car with lots of toilet paper… I bet it was comfortable. :3

We used to have the shittest toilet paper (excuse the pun lmao- if that was even a pun…) at my school. It was so rough and horrible. I used to take my own packets of tissues with me. xD They should have soft toilet paper in public toilets.

Georgie baby. :D

I’m glad you like it. :D I’m surprised at the amount of people who like it more than hate it… I didn’t think people would like it. =/

Yeah, I guess it’s different for you as you don’t celebrate it. You should come over here one Halloween. XD I guess if I lived in Australia, I’d think I’m missing out too.

Fuck, 1,000 worded blogs EVERY day?! Woah, that’s a lot to take in. I can’t remember commenting you last year… did I? IDK. I used to visit your site since it was basically opened but I don’t think I started commenting for ages.

I’m still struggling with getting into a routine of blogging every other day.. it works during the week but I fail at weekends baha.

LMAO, that layout sucks with the umbrellas, the others weren’t THAT bad.

You should blog about it. :3 But I swear since I’ve known you on this site, you’re layouts have always been amazing.

OMG, I’m always twirling or playing with my hair, it’s bad. I’m right a fidget ass as well.

LOL! Bless Ryan. I guess from the outside people would assume it takes 5 minutes, because they don’t know what’s involved like. It takes me like 20-30 minutes to return your comments most of the time. o_O

Thank you. :D

Yay for getting another one done. :D Lmao, maybe, maybe not. :P

LMAO STALKER!!!!! Eh, loads of people from the web keep trying to add me to FB, I have a few people like Meera, Sarah, Ben, Vincent, Becca… maybe a few others but I don’t like accepting LOADS because Rob has FB and he might be like ‘who are they?’

That’s cool, I mean, Media Studies looks interesting. I just hope it’s not A LOT more work for you!

I actually like the Tweetdeck colours. XD

Vista’s good though. I just like Windows 7 cause it’s quicker and I love the taskbar.

OMG, init though they just move their legs, as if I can get out, I may be skinny but I’m not THAT skinny jeez. I was lucky because for work I could get off at 2 stops and on the way home I had a choice of 3 stops to get off at.

I hate it when I get disturbed or people moan at me in the mornings.

I might just dress ’emo’ one day… dye my hair black and everything. Should be interesting.

My WP puts your comments, Swetlana’s and Meera’s into spam sometimes, it’s annoying.

Haha yeah, I love the custom shapes in PS.

My mum’s like that sometimes, or with soccer my step dad has to approve first, n00b.

Hehe yeah I guess. I’m quite lucky they aren’t REALLY strict and expecting me to get like A*’s in all my exams and crap… I would have died.

I hate that, if you haven’t got time to leave a proper comment, or you can’t be bothered to read a blog then don’t comment at all, simple as.

I saw the picture of James’ dog actually, SHE’s soooo cute though!! People always call my dog a he, even my step dad lmao.

I bet they would, you’re awesome at pixels. :P

WOOO at least I’m not the only one who done that hahaha. But then I didn’t have loads of followers so it weren’t so bad. It would be hard now, I have like 123 followers/following baha. I have a weird obsession with making the numbers the same… If someone unfollows me, I unfollow them so it’s the same haha. I’m weird, I’m sure I have OCD.

HAHAH I DO THAT!! I hate it not being over 30, so on my last blog when I finished returning comments, I had 29… so I found a comment that I just approved (cause it was shitty) and put ‘Thanks’ so it would be 30 hahaha. But yeah, I don’t really know why they’ve dropped, not just for me but you and a few others as well. o_O

I love socks. I’m wearing the same jeans as yesterday and jumper but I hardly stay dressed for long, I’m dressed for about 3-4 hours a day lol. I love my PJs. :)

Ew, fish is gross.

Yes, I prefer PSP, but I just got PS CS4 and it’s amusing.

Haha yeah, I’m sure with all the right tutorials and time you’d be able to make it. It’s all about trial and error though.

Yeah it’s is expensive over there but it’s seem pretty cool… I remember it from The Simpsons. xD I’ve only ever been to Spain. :(

Yeah, angry parents isn’t a nice sight. Especially my step dad, jeez he’s mean.

Haha I guess even when you get older you still have fights with your siblings. :3 My mum has a huge family though, she gets on with her 10 brothers, but with her 5 sisters, they all used to fight all the time and pull each others hair out lmao.

LMAO. FISH PIE EW. I emailed this guy last night cause it’s so bloody obvious it’s my coding and he replied saying it’s his and he’s never heard of my site? :| I leave clues in the coding for a reason…

Thank you. :D I like the blue too… it’s calming. :)

Your necklace sounds cool! Very unique. That reminds me of a necklace I made once with a little toy cowboy & indian, I just looped a piece of hemp through their arms. It was so cute! But it broke.:(

No one in our house likes to refill the TP in our bathroom which is rather annoying because I always end up having to waddle over to the closet with my pants around my knees to grab some lmfao. I don’t get it, in only takes a second to just grab a roll & put it on the thing but no one does!

Oh, happy anniversary too! :)

Haha aww that’s so sad!

Haha yeah, I think you’re right. It’s mentally please to me when I see brighter colors. I wish I knew why haha.

Haha yeah, we have universities too. The difference here between the two is basically that colleges are smaller and pretty much less significant and universities are like mini-cities. :)

Haha me either, I would always wake up a song I didn’t like that much and then I’d have a bad day for some reason. >.<

Haha me too. I'm infamous for doing it during class when the lecture gets insanely boring. XD

I LOVE all of the same artists/bands. I actually didn't grow up with most of those. My mom was into country so all I heard all day long was country music stations.

How cute!

Eek , I hope she gives them out this year. I'll be pisssssedd. Aaha I want something to show for this because it is a serious pain in the ass to do lol.

Oh gosh me too. I was so mad at my little brother for even telling me about the movie because now I can't stop thinking about it!

Aww :( Lately I've been going to bed earlier, surprisingly. Whenever I go to bed at like 2 AM I wake up with a super-massive head ache. :(

I don't really drink coffee either. XD

Good job on your assignment :)

Congrats on your days at uni almost being over. That's exciting. Good luck catching up on sleep. :D

My blogs used to be more interesting. :/ So, I kind of understand what you mean.

Haha that crappy toilet paper that you're referring to is what my mom usually buys. She gets the cheapest she can kind and it's horribly rough. I'm actually using some right now because I have a runny nose and there's no tissue. :( It hurts my nose. :(

When will you know how well you did on that assignment?

Yeah, that’s definitely better.

Haha xD We can definitely switch weather. I’d like to have a really hot summer and then get back into the “German weather” xD

I don’t really think that it will be a huge competition. So I guess it’s “okay” to some extent.

Okay, so here are some links: http://www.alexanderskarsgardfans.com/blog/gallery/?album=2&gallery=31 (this is whole shoot, you can chose the ones you like the best :))

You can actually just use pictures from that link up there, because they are the hottest I’ve found so far :D

Oh wow.. That must be really cool to actually meet some of them. I think I have some people from around my area too.. though that kinda scares the hell out of me xD I like being just one of a million of people out on the internet blogging.

Hehe, yeah I guess I am just addicted to writing. And if I would be more creative I could actually start writing stories again..

That really sucks! I would probably go crazy if I were you. You take the time to correct their mistakes and stuff and they just ignore it? /bash I would feel really bad if I’d re-apply then. I mean, you know you already reviewed them so you know what you already commented on I guess..

At least he realized it in the end I guess. Seems like he maybe thought about it again one day and realized that what he did wasn’t right and that it hurt you. We all make mistakes and even if we don’t recognize them right away – it’s better later than never.

Yeah definitely. And today I was really surprised because of something my oh so hated economics teacher said to her. We were sitting in class and he told us stuff we had to write down and at some point he asked us a question. At that point Anika was talking to her neighbor and he went like: If you don’t have to say anything intelligent at least let the rest of the class do so. I was like /huh because he’d usually never say something like that.. though I guess it was more than just about time.

Yeah I guess she really is out for the attention. But sorry, no you won’t get it. It was your fault and so you have to deal with it – even if that may sound mean or something, that’s just how it is.

Yep, totally agree. I mean we have 3 of them but we are 5 adults (nah, let’s say 4) and we all want to watch our favorite TV program here and there.

It was definitely her decision even if she did have some hard times deciding I guess. But she wanted to be a mum and now she should behave like that.

OH wow, you stayed up until 2am? I bet it was the coffee – it has the same effect on me too, because I usually wouldn’t drink it. I dislike coffee xD

Aww, it’s definitely better to watch it with the person you love :) And 21 months?! Oh wow! That’s like a lot XD

Congratulations on getting that assignment done! And 30 pages really are a lot :) I hope you get a really really good grade on it :)

So soon must be the beginning of your last day at university, considering the fact that you are like 10 hours ahead of me? I hope you have a lot of fun :) And make sure to catch up all the sleep you missed in those last couple of weeks :) Are you gonna have a break now and if yes, how long is it?

Haha XD I actually think this is the first blog I ever read about toilet paper XD

I actually can’t imagine going to the factory to get some toilet paper, but it must be an awesome experience for two little kids XD But being squieshed into a car with a lot of toilet paper definitely isn’t fun.

But why do you keep that toilet paper in the garage? I was just about to ask you if it’s not cold and stuff.. until I remembered that it’s always hot in Australia XD

Public toilets are the worst thing ever. I really, really dislike them. And the toilet paper sucks too. Can’t they spend a little bit more money on nice toilet paper?!

That is such a cool name. I can see why the group would like it. :)

If I drink coffee during the day it keeps me awake; if I drink it after around eight PM it starts making me tired. It’s quite odd. I wouldn’t have been able to stay up ’til 2am anyway, coffee or no coffee, because I’m always so exhausted… even though I do pretty much nothing all day. /bounce

I LOVE The Notebook! It’s one of my favourite films. I always watch it with my best female friends – all the boys I know just laugh at it and act stupid. XD You’re lucky you’ve got a boyfriend who’ll sit through it. Happy anniversary, by the way, even though it’s still the fourth over here.

Last day of Uni for the YEAR? Lucky you! I know I’m still at school but we don’t get to take time off until… -checks calendar- the nineteenth of December! At least you’ll have your new job to take up some of the free time that you’ll have.

You shouldn’t worry about having shorter blogs these days, or the fact that you’re not blogging as often – everyone knows that you’re a lot busier now, and you still blog a lot more than some site owners do!

We don’t keep toilet paper in the garage. Mainly because of the fact that we don’t have a garage. XD Ours is kept in a little cupboard somewhere and my mum always replaces the roll when it’s running low. She uses what’s left over for… something or other. I’m not too sure what, though.

The thought of you and your brother being surrounded by toilet roll is hilarious! I hope you didn’t get squashed too much. :P

The crappy toilet paper sounds like the kind we have at school. Except ours isn’t brown. Do they actually make BROWN toilet paper? That would just be… really off putting. O_O

I don’t know whether having nice toilet paper would necessarily improve a public toilet – they’re pretty horrible places, regardless. But I guess if it were an emergency and you HAD to go in there you’d want to be greeted by something soft instead of something that’s gonna tear your butt to shreds. XD

Yay for last day of uni! I hope you’re able to catch up on sleep, you’ll feel a lot better.

Happy anniversary to you and James. ♥ ♥ Hope you have a great day.

Yes, lmao I’ve used that “nasty” toilet paper before. I don’t get it. I understand “cheap” but do they have to be so extremly cheap?

My blogs vary. Sometimes they are short, sometimes they’re not. I’d like to write longer ones and get a feel for blogging. Maybe eventually that’ll happen.

But the kid is sending it to him numerously and posting their IMs online for all to see. He’s already got enough problems–he doesn’t need this with it. HostGator ended up suspending the account, but the guy who owned it didn’t have to pay the money to get it back or anything like that. They told him to type “think” in each of his statements rather than just “you are” or “he is” and such. That lasted for a month. And he’s still posting threatening videos on it and everything, and all they have said is “It is not threatening. He is expressing his feelings toward another someone. If the kid is skinny, it is not bullying when you call him anorexic.” His mom is getting a lawyer together so she can sue them for hosting the website, because he’s now cutting because of the things that are on there. He used to be so happy. :/

Looped Colloquy. That sounds different and weird, yet cool and fun? Haha. I don’t think anyone else will ever think of that. :p

I’ll be sure to check out your FanUpdate tutorial. (: Hopefully it will be more thorough than the other one I followed. :]

I used to live with my dad because things here at my mom’s were too… violent. o: I’m the only person in this family who is not Tony’s child. D; Blahh. I can’t do anything I want to do, though, because (1) my grandmother wants me to be “successful” and not end up like my mom and (2) they don’t think I’m “social” because I talk to people online or on the phone and they are usually much older than I. I personally dislike those of my own age most of the time because they are so immature. And then Tony, my stepfather, hates that I befriend guys over girls. Girls are so difficult to get along with. The ones I come across seem to care about their nails and hair rather than the time of day.

Bulking up on toilet paper sounds like something my grandmother would do. If a toilet paper factory was near her, I am sure that she would and gift toilet paper for Christmas presents instead of shampoo, conditioner and deodorant. Personally, I would like feminine products over the toilet paper since those tend to get expensive. :( I agree with your statement and little paragraph on public restrooms, though. :] The bathrooms at my old church were always nice, and they still are. They are very fancy. ✌️

Looped Colloquy is a nice name! ^^

2am is late but just so long as you didn’t feel tired like you said. :) And I hate coffee… lmao.

Hehe watching films with someone is nice. :) And yay you finished The Notebook! (Y)

OMG HAPPY 21-MONTH-ANNIVERSARY! :D Just three more months and then you’ll’ve been together for two years. :)
That’s so sweet and I’m happy for you guys. :D

Wheee you finished that assignment! /bounce Sounds like a great piece of work. /eee

Arrrh you’re so lucky you’re finishing tomorrow. :( Haha. Anyways you deserve a lonnnnnnnnng break. And yes I’d love to hear about your new job! /type

Whooaaaa, twice the size of the ones you write now?! O_O
Aha I’m glad they’re shorter. ;D

But you still blog often Georgie! *nods*
Haha we keep toilet paper in the bathroom, haha.

Whoa that’s random about the toilet paper sales. Hah. Hehee a tissue factory! :)

And uggggggggh toilet paper in public toilets is disgusting, like you say… it’s all hard + gross. And thin and papery and NOT soft and nice.
Like the Andrex tagline: “Be kind to your behind”. ;D

Awww of course you can’t live without James! *hugs* /eee

You’re right, your social skills and bonds start with your family and grow outwards. :) Admittedly I don’t get on that great with my family but I need them there. /eee

Even without an education you would still perceive things in different ways, but with an education you learn about Science and scientific processes and stuff like gravity.
And learning is a natural human thing and we need to learn a lot to be well off.

I don’t like the phrase much… “maths is everywhere”. I feel that science is much more dominant… forces and stuff.

Whoa weird. XD But you’re right again, I wouldn’t have met Georgie if I, or Georgie, didn’t know how to write a blog or comment each other. :)

Quiet is nice, but silence is not. Music is relaxing, like the tick-tock of the clock.

Whoo. And yeah, the tapping of the keyboard is an oddly satisfying sound. :)
And LOL I just noticed, Vicky always comments and then you always have the next comment after Vicky. :P

Mussssiiiiiicccccccccccc. (inserts music emoticon here). XD
Arrrrh music is awesome…

Whee. 😏

Lol, I fidget a lot. XD And haha that’s a really random fact. :P But I guess it’s reassuring. :P

You have like everything on that iPod of yours. ;D
Snow is cool, but that desktop is not. XD

Hehe thanks. :3

I definitely think tantrums are fun to throw, lmao.

Long side fringe, wheeeeeeeeeeeee. :)

She did sound like a kid indeed.
And yeah, ugly on the inside AND the outside… sad combination.
Well, she’s so fat that all of her maths rooms have to be on the ground floor. And she can make it to the maths office (first floor) with a bit of huffing and puffing.

Eurgh. Society can suck with the accepting of stereotypical terms, pfffffffffft.

And actually my maths teacher has been on a diet. Dude. SO.
Imagine what she was like before D:

Heheheee Georgie driving a Beetle! /eee ♥ (Y)

Oooh it would be awesome if Lilian and you could meet up! :D /bounce

Aha no pheonetic names, haha.

Take care! xx

By the way, what is ‘paid blogging’? I have tried to do paid advertising in the past, but it never worked. :(

i hate analyzing films >< well, i hate analyzing anything from books, films, art, blahbalhablah.
windows 7 is pretty good but if youve been using vista, i dont think you should change. its kinda hard to navigate and all. it just looks nice (:
yeah taeyang from big bang !! love love love haha .

oh yay to you and jamess ! (: 21 months is loonggg !!
omg last day of uni for the year ! lucky you (:
i kinda hate buying bulks of toilet paper and paper in general… its like the same thing as grocery shopping. you buy lots of it, load it, unload it. BORING CYCLE. i hate public toilets in general ahahah. we're lucky enough to use toilet paper in public ! im sure theres places where they dont even provide paper which is pretty disgusting.

Good on ya for finishing your assignments! Sounds very impressive, even though I really have no idea what the assignments actually involved. :) And yay for finishing uni for the semester. Our last teaching week here was actually last week; we’re on a “study week” now.

I must admit that’s quite amusing about the toilet paper. My family would never be sensible enough to buy in bulk like that, lol. I agree wholeheartedly though about the shitty quality of TP in public toilets. It’s like sandpaper on your butt! Though I’m not sure just getting nicer paper would be enough to redeem public toilets in my eyes…they’re scary places. :(

That’s a nice name. I am not quite sure what ‘Colloquy’ means though. : Yeah, I do not have a large vocabulary and I should. :(

I HATE public restrooms and their toilet paper. Either they are the way you’ve described them or they are 1-ply and dirty. Public restrooms are just filthy. If I can avoid using them, I would. Their toilet paper is not my thing. Do you use a specific brand of toilet paper? Like, do you have to use a specific one and if it’s not the brand you want or like you wouldn’t use it? My roommates are like that. Hahahs, they’re picky with their toilet papers. I’m not, I just need a good enough quality to wipe my bottom and it would be good for me. :)

Take care!

Ooh, I like the sound of Looped Colloquy. What does it mean? To me, it sounds like it has a deeper or inner meaning to it as well as the normal meaning. :3


Ooh yay, I get your glad it's your last day of uni. Make the most of it. Good luck starting your new job. (:

LOL. We keep toilet paper under a little cupboard thing under the second flight of stairs.

I rarely use public toilets so I'm not complaining. XD

^^ Yeah I am, with 39589392093 pieces of work. :(

Yeah, I kind of like simple icons and complicated icons.

TV was so good tonight ;DD


Lol. Thanks ^^

Wow, online journal. That sounds cool. I have to do a journal too for one of my courses. It isn’t an online journal of course but it was painfully hard.

Congrats on the month-anniversary :) yay! Did you and James plan anything special for the day? *winks*

Yes, soft toilet paper would be amazing to have, though if the toilets here could even have a normal, rough one, that would have been sufficient enough. Public toilets here are a shame to the country.

Ohh I think I used too much smiles lol.
I don’t know there might be someone out there who enjoys bad dreams, or some who enjoys people having bad dreams.
I just want to take the test and get it over with the first time lol
Subs are seriously pushovers sometimes lol
haha she suck for not knowing you guys have already saw the answers lol
Aww i didn’t take a pic of the costume, i did even put it on :( I was in such a bad mood that day for no damn reason.

What does Colloquy mean?

I don’t like that movie. Call me crazy but I just don’t see why everyone loves it soo much. It’s a great love story but I don’t know i just don’t feel it lol
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s the new job about? haha you write long blogs but they are always interesting and not completely pointless so that’s an upside lol

haha we do the same :D Except we ours from Wal-Mart or Sam’s club. Those are the only place where we do grocery shopping :) My favorite is charming. I just love the bears lol

Public toilets are one of the few places that i always avoid. I just hate it some much!!!

HAPPY 21 MONTHS! /mwah /love /bounce /bounce /love

Hoohoo, toilet paper! Yeah, there’s so much in our garage D: once my mum bought so much she couldn’t see out the back window 😰
Ours is two ply /bash but it’s enough. I mean, it sure beats the one-ply sandpaper you find in your average public restroom. UTS does do better though :)

Yay! Yeahw the Notebook wasn’t as lame as I thought it would be.. /ho


Awwwww. /love /mwah ♥ :) /rose /heart

I think we have more than you have, but I just spotted your toilet paper because it was so obvious. :P

I don’t think we could see very well out of the windows when we were in that car with all the toilet rolls!

UTS doesn’t have as nice toilet paper actually. They’re clean and nice but they’re not that soft. I like the ones in the ABD. 👏


Hey pretty cool name for your project! I like it a lot. I know what you mean about public restroom tissue. It’s disgusting and I can’t stand it. Especially in portapotties. Or however you spell it. lol. I like your long blogs. They really get me thinking. Oh and speaking of blogs. I moved my blog to http://broken-lullaby.net/blog. I’m also going to be emailing you with the new password for the password protection thingymabobber. Yeah. So how’s life? I’m glad you’re done for the school year. It sounds nice to be able to sleep in late for a while doesn’t it? I do it all the time I get up, take my meds and then go back to bed. Well; I really don’t know what else to say I’m an outie.

Looped Colloquy. I thought you had a new domain already. XDD That’s the first time I ever heard of that word. Haha.

Coffee really helps too, but sometimes I’d end up sleepy just minutes after I drank it. @_@ The reason why I don’t like to sleep really late because I’d get big eyebags the next day.

Happy 21-month-anniversary, Georgina and James. :D three more months and it will be your 2nd anniversary. If you guys celebrate for it every month we call it ‘monthsary’, which doesn’t exist in the dictionary. XD

That survey made me remember a study we were making but weren’t able to finish due to time constraints. So our teacher just told us to pass the drafts that we had and he’ll grade us. @_@ It was his fault since he kept on skipping classes. Bahaha.

YAY for your last day! You can finally have all the time you want. I’d be lazy when it’s our vacation because I want to get the rest that I lost when there still was school. Haha. We just started the second sem here, so it will be another 5 months before our vacation.

I’m thankful that our public toilets here don’t have the shitty toilet papers that you mentioned. I only use public toilets for peeing. :P

Me an public bathrooms don’t mix. I’ve never liked them. They smell, somtimes and I’m alwasy worried that I might catch something when I use the toilet. EW.

My mom used to have a free membership pass to this warehouse store called Sam’s Club. She loads of toilet paper and maxi pads. I still remember her coming home with this huge box of maxi pads and toilet paper. It lasted for a long time.

Wow, no more school for the rest of the year? That’s amazing. I gonna bet that the kids here that are in college wish they were done with school now.

Happy 21-month with James!! Celebrateeee! XD

I actually prefer watching sad movies by myself so I can just cry and let it all out without being embarrassed XD

T_T I hate using the public toilet paper! I’m sure buying ‘silky’ toilet paper would be a nice investment. XD

That name is so cool! You’re great with names Georgie, especially site ones :)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (it’s in capitals ‘cos it’s such a special thing). Good on you for having 21 months. James must be a very special guy.

Sounds like your survey’s going great. Have you had many entries for it? I saw you can submit the info online.

Good on you for finishing uni. :) At least you get a break now and can catch up on those zzzzz

Lovely to read about toilet paper in a blog for once. I’m not being saracstic or anything by the way. My family buys it in bulk to, about twenty rolls whenever we need it. But there’s only three of us so we don’t go through as much.

I hate public toilets and not just because of the paper. They’re so unhygenic.


Yup I’m actually really pleased it’s gone now! My site seems a little bit more tidier without it.

You’re lucky that you live in Aussie. All the good shows come there :)

That’s what my mum said too. Now we just have to find some of those remedies. And I’m feeling much better thanks. It was awesome getting a week off school though haha!

Oh, well happy birthday to your brother, then!
Darn. I love these smilies. Why’d they have to close? Ugh.

Cool project! Wish we’d have one like that…

I found this funny and weird at the same time. I mean, never have I read a post about tissue paper. LOL. Though, I agree. It is a necessity and shittiest tissue papers come from public toilets.

Oh, well happy birthday to your brother, then!
Darn. I love these smilies. Why’d they have to close? Ugh.

Cool project! Wish we’d have one like that…

I found this funny and weird at the same time. I mean, never have I read a post about tissue paper. LOL. Though, I agree. It is a necessity and shittiest tissue papers come from public toilets.
They literally put any tissue paper. Even if they know it isn’t that nice.

Um, wow. That’s really awkward, I mean commenting about tissue paper. LOL.

LOL. When I said “Pretty”, I actually meant “pretty site name”.
Sorry! :P

Thankfully my mom doesn’t ask that. She probably has suspicions but she thinks I’m too young to be asked that sort of stuff. :P

I keep on shifting my leg’s position. Once at school we had a movie day and I kept on shifting my leg and the students behind me used to get annoyed because I moved so much. XD

Congrats on your 21-month anniversary. :) And also good luck with your new job!

I agree with you. Most of the public toilets are full of those paper-like tissue papers. And some of the toilets here do not even have tissues. O_O

Hi Georgie. :D
Looped Colloquy….sounds pleasing! :D Though I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean. :X

Wow, 2 AM? I’d have never been able to stay up that long for completing an assignment – unless it’s something VERY VERY VERY important. :P I’d probably wake up early and complete it. :) I can see that you’re sincere, Georgie. XP

Yeah, I think the coffee must have kept you fresh. :D I’d have preferred tea, because I could make myself a cup of tea even if my mom’s not there in the house. XD

Wow! Happy Anniversary! I remember saying that to you (and James) when it was (I think) your 15th anniversary! :D Haha, it’d be very cute if you both get married! (Ofcourse, when you both want to get married!)

Does that mean you’re finishing off Uni? XD Good luck with your new job! I can’t wait to hear all about it. XD

You really wrote blogs that were twice the size you write now? And EVERY day? Xd Gosh, I’d never have been able to achieve something like that. O_O

Toilet paper! Buying bulks of toilet paper reminds me of how my dad used to buy bulks and bulks of A4 sheet papers! And we never used it up. :|

Yeah I’m really happy I got it open :). But now i have to get my plog site open which shouldn’t be as hard, since there are barely any pages for that xD.

Lol, I surprisingly haven’t been as busy as normal school wise, not sure why. I think they just didn’t want us to have a big homework load during our 4 day weekend :).

Haha I never picked up when someone called for “shawnda” and it kept going to my voice mail and i was like urgh stop calling me! I also got like “your prescription is ready” from some pharmacy and I was like WTF? xP.

Haha how short are your shortest lunch break? Mine are all 20 minutes D: . The only reasons I want longer ones are because that’s the only class I have with my best friend :(.

Yeah I like that picture too! I really like the layout for your plog aswell :).

Have you ever heard of the wizard of oz? This is like the before story of the evil witch and good person :D.

Yeah :D I love days off from school. For some reasons we have so many days of and short days xD.

Haha they always are xD They just grunge in pain xD.

I know! I don’t use the exact pre-made I use it as a base, even though you can’t even tell it was at one time her pre-made, I keep the credit on!

Happy 21 month anniversary to you and James :D.

Wow Uni is almost over :O. It’s almost summer for you guys then? It’s winter for me xD.

Wow 3-ply toilet paper? :O ours is like… 1-ply xD.
Our toilet paper is like nice, it;s not like hard or too soft to come apart :).

I know! I thought the virus was just going to destroy the whole computer, but luckily we found an old cd from Donnie’s old computer and just reformatted everything.

Happy 21 month anniversary today! XD And yay for finishing uni for now! That’s probably such a big relief. I’m still feeling the relief of graduting high school in May, lol. So so nice!

Oh my, we need some of that tp sale! We go through it like crazy here with so many people living in the house. Send some this-a way :P

Haha, yeah when I change it I normally know my mom’s on by her yelling “Kaela! What happened?!!” :P

Yeah, we talked about the weather for awhile. Then my friend, the bus driver and I realized we were all to cool for stuff like that. And moved on to the big stuff. Socks :P

That’s probably true, since my mom said one of my teachers kind of shrugged and said. “That’s about it, Kaela is a fine student”

HAHA! Lol, that must of been quite a sight to see. To be holed up in the back with your brother and TOIELT PAPER! :P
I would’ve liked to take a picture, very picturesque.

I know those crappy brands they buy. Our school has those too. I swear with all the money we donate. You’d think they’d be able to invest into some better quality stuff. Maybe Charmin’ or Cottonelle? They clog your toilet but they do feel a lot better on your behind. :P

I had to look up the word ‘colloquy’ — And I love it! I gotta find a way to work this into conversation/a new blog, bwahaha. Unusual words are so much fun! XD

Agreed on the toilet paper front, by the way — Here, it’s white, thin, and scratchy! And you have to basically weave this giant baseball mitt out of it before you can even think about wiping your ass. Otherwise, you might as well just use your bare hand. /poo /hmph

Another thing I hate is when the cracks in between the stalls are like a mile wide … Oh, and when the doors don’t lock properly/at all! /argh

And don’t even get me started on how much I rage when there’s no soap dispensers anywhere … /wah

That’s a really cool name :D Creative :) That’s good that you didn’t feel tired after staying up late though :D

Aw, Happy Anniversary!

Wow!? 30 pages!? I’ve never really read a blog of someone in Uni… now I’m scared to go when I’m ready to go because of all the work! Lol. But congrats on finishing it I hope that it gets a good grade :)

I’m glad that you will get to catch up on your sleep :D

Your blogs are very long, but at least they are pretty interesting! :D I could never do blogs this long, and almost everyday!

Yes… I agree I hate toilet paper that is brown and hard and… ew. Soft toilet paper is like heaven :D

Have a great day!

I hate the thin toilet paper, it’s like one-ply and sucks balls! I hate those!

I remember back in elementary school, the toilet paper the schools had were the kind that were single squares. So you had to pull out a zillion just for number one, and even more for number two. I hated that kind!

The brown kind of toilet paper sucks too >.<

It's barely the 5th here, so happy 21-months :) it's mine and Ryan's 5-months on the 13th, yay!

BTW… I moved >.>

Okay, this is strange. I need to test the comment because it has two options in this thing. One is “nested reply” and the other is “post comment”. I used to comment by opening your comment on the site and hitting “reply” until I realised this function existed.

I clicked “nested reply” and saw what it did. Now to press “post comment” instead. ;)

Hehehehehe! OOPS.

Looks like your reply turned into a comment xD

But it’s okay, I’m replying so it doesn’t look like you randomly commented on your own blog.


Hahaha. But at least you know how those functions work now =)

Haha oops indeed. Fail!

YES PEOPLE, it was a reply to Lilian! /bounce

I’m just going to click “nested reply” because now I know that’s the correct one. Stupid Asians who made the script, LOL. (It’s true… the documentation is in English and Chinese, and the site is almost wholly in Chinese…)

HAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s alright…trial and error =) You get what you want in the end…eventually xD

LOL! And we are totally allowed to say ‘stupid Asians’ cos we ARE Asians xD

I’m glad only the word ‘reply’ appears here. Otherwise I’d be so confused @_@

Trial and error is very efficient! :P

Yeah, my mum is always in shock when my brother and I say things like that. :O

We told her that because we are Asian it’s not racist because you’re just making fun of your own race. (Y)

Yeah, hahahaha. And did you notice that under the box it says “Click to cancel reply”? It took me a while to notice that. 😏

HAHAHA…Actually depends what you’re trial-and-error-ing xD If it’s something with lots of options then it’s so inefficient, you’re better off guessing to save time.

LOL! My parents are experts at dissing their own race. When there’s this terrible driver on the road, my Dad’s like ‘Must be a stupid Asian driver’, and he’s totally allowed to say that, because his own DAUGHTER [me! xD] is a terrible Asian driver.. xD

YES! I did notice that, because it’s always bright red =P

Well, I liked that method in maths when I failed! 💥

My mum tends to say that about bad drivers too. “Must be a stupid Asian!”

I don’t think she realises it… hahaha… anyway… XD

Yeah, I could change the colour but red is good. :P

Ah, well hopefully you can catch up on some sleep after all your assignments have been done! Glad your presentation went well (:

Happy 21 Month Anniversary to you and James!

30 Page assignment?!! Wow, that’s a lot. Sounds like you really worked hard on it.

Rustley toilet paper sucks, but I guess the reason they have it is because it’s cheap and most public toilets are free. I think I’d rather have rubbish toilet paper for free than have to pay to use the toilet and get paper that ‘loves my bum’. But yeah, it still sucks =P

LOL I just get worse in every subject cause I lack sleep. :X

Oh, do you miss your dogs? :(


Oooh, Looped Colloquy sounds very exciting!

I often get high on 3 sips of coffee…not good /ehe

Happy 21 Month anniversary! Are you going to do anything interesting?

Woah, that sounds so professional binding it xD

My family has a garage full of toilet paper because my mum always buys it in bulks. I can’t find anything there because of all the toilet paper ==

I’ve never been in public toilets because they’re always trashed or something. It’s kind of sad people need to vandalise a public toilet.

My family does the same and buys in bulk! Not nessecarily toliet paper but everything that can be stored for a while like soap, paper towels, toothbrushes, etc! I also like the name you picked out, it even sounds like a good website name.