Looped Colloquy

Looped Colloquy. One of my group assignments at university was to create an online journal, containing our academic pieces of writing (big essays). I was the production editor and we hadn’t thought of a title so I named it Looped Colloquy. The group liked it. πŸ™‚

That assignment went well! I was up until 2:00am that day, though I had finished putting the journal together long before then. I didn’t feel tired at all – it must have been the coffee I had. I don’t drink it often so it must have had an effect on me.

I went to James’s house again and we finished watching The Notebook. I realise that it’s a lot better to watch it with someone than watching it alone.

It’s our 21-month-anniversary on the 5th. β™₯️ 😍 Which is really today, since it’s past 12:00am.

I met up with Ryan and Nicole and a few hours ago we had finished our awesome assignment on the social networking survey we worked on. It’s about 30 pages long. We’re going to bind it so it looks awesome – it has appendices, contents, and everything. 😁

Tomorrow is my last day of uni for the year. I can’t wait to catch up on sleep. I have been so sleep deprived these past few weeks. I start my new job on Friday and I hope it goes well. I’ll tell you guys all about it.

I was looking through my old blogs the other day, and I noticed that my blogs were very long. They were about twice the size of the ones I write now, and I blogged a lot more often – almost every day. O_O

When I went to James’s house I noticed that his family kept toilet paper in the garage. We do that too. It’s all still in the packets and wrapped and when there’s none in the house, we go and get some more.

Toilet paper is a necessity, and you can’t deny that. πŸ˜› Our family buys it in bulk, direct from the tissue factory. They sell facial tissues as well. Twice every year, they have a sale. All tissues and toilet paper are on sale and you can buy as much as you want. It’s all cheap. That’s when we buy a load of toilet paper and fill the car up with it.

Before my brother Brandon and I were old enough to be left home alone, we went with my parents and we would be squished up the back of the car with toilet paper packages surrounding us. πŸ˜†

It’s a good quality toilet paper too – smooth, 3-ply (if I recall correctly), smells alright, with pretty patterns.

In a lot of public toilets you get the shittiest toilet paper. It’s rough, brown, and rustles. It’s like actual paper. I know there’s biodegradable or environmentally friendly paper, but this kind of paper is rough, and thick. It’s not a nice thing to be wiping your butt with, I tell you. I’m sure you have come across this sort of sort of toilet paper before.

You’ve seen advertisements about nice silky tissues for your poor red nose, and nice soft tissues that “love your bum”. Public toilets would be a much nicer place if they didn’t have rough paper-like toilet paper and had nice soft toilet paper, don’t you think?

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