And Another Thing…

I had work today at my new job and it went really well.

I had to wake up early, which I didn’t like. I’ve been out every day this week, almost all day, every day, so it’s been a very tiring week. I don’t know why or how my mum expects me to wake up early on a Saturday to do the blasted washing, to iron stupid clothes that she can do herself, and to clean the floor. It can wait. /angry

Basically, in my job, I have to work on the computer with this software. There’s this educational product the company is creating. I had to sign a policy so I’m not allowed to give out certain pieces of information. It was easy to get used to, and it was a bit like making a layout with guidelines. :)

I saw Lilian today! ♥️ After not seeing her since the beginning of this year! :O I took a lunch break and we sat and took photos. Hurrah! And we exchanged our ages-old birthday gifts. I got her The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on DVD and she knitted me this awesome blue scarf! /bounce (Yeah, I know I look funny in the photo.)

I just missed one bus in the afternoon after work. I was a bit annoyed because if the lift door hadn’t opened after it closed, to let the other girl in, then I might not have missed it. I saw the bus at the traffic light but it’s not like I could get on; it was too late. I had to wait around in the cold wind for twenty minutes for the next bus.

Yesterday it was James’s and my 21-month-anniversary. We just hung out. It was quite fun. :) /eee I always enjoy his company.

We were going to get my newspaper and a bus ticket in the afternoon, but on the way a student stopped us and handed us a flyer about some gig going on. I got excited but was disappointed to see that I knew none of the listed bands, nor had I heard of them.

On the way outside the uni building, we stopped at a bin to put the flyer in. I was fixing my jacket or something after that, and I was holding James’s hand so I just ran straight ahead so we could exit the building.

SLAM. /bash

I ran into a glass door. That was not very smart. /blush

It didn’t hurt, but I was shocked. LOL. I had literally ran straight into a glass door. It was the automatic sliding kind, and I thought the doors had opened, but I had run into the side of the door that didn’t open at all. Fail.

James started laughing and so did I. We were laughing hysterically for quite a few minutes. XD

I bought Eoin Colfer’s book And Another Thing…. It is actually the “sixth Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book in the trilogy”. It used to be called the “inaccurately named trilogy of five”. Douglas Adams, the original author, died in 2001, but he had intentions of a sixth book. Eoin Colfer wrote that sixth book. :)

I bought the book yesterday and read it on the bus today. I dislike the bus rides to work already. They’re long – over an hour long, and I had a crap bus driver this afternoon. Humph.

Oh well, I haven’t read a book in a while so it’s time to become a geek again. /clap

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Hahah, that glass door sure showed you a lesson /bash
but that was so cute /bounce

Heehee, you job seems pretty nice /ho cushy, well paying. Slightly huhu /ehe

Ngawwee, you and Lilian are so cute *scrobbles* :P and that scarf is nice. :)


I plogged the germs/microbes. /bounce

You called it a marked door… but honestly, I didn’t see. It must have been very clean. /um

It’s a great job. It’s pretty much like making something in Photoshop and coding it, only slightly easier. I really like it so far. :)

♥ ♥

YAAAAAAAY! I’m glad your work went well :) At least this job is better than your other job. LOL, you have two jobs. I find that quite entertaining :P

Awwww! You poor thing! Having to wake up early all the time :( All week! It HAS been quite a hectic week for you. :( And it’s not fair that you have to get up and do chores just because your mother doesn’t want to. Jesus Christ. And yeah, why DO you have to wake up early to do them? The chores aren’t exactly going anywhere. You can do them in the afternoon! Hmph!


YES! AFTER LIKE…FOREVER, WE FINALLY MET UP =D =D :) :) ♥ ✌️ /eee I’m so glad ^^

Even if it was only for a short while, at least we met up :) And it was nice seeing you again =) *hugs*

YES! BENJAMIN BUTTON! =O Hehehe! I can’t wait to watch it! I’d watch it while exercising, but it’s not the right type of movie to watch while exercising because I’d probably be like @_@ and then I’d stop to watch it because it’s that awesome a movie. LOL! I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY EXAMS TO BE OVER SO I CAN WATCH IT! But yes! THANKS HEAPS! It’s an AWESOME present =)

Hehehe, I love that photo. I changed my Facebook Display picture [after about 2 years] to that photo =) 3 people have “liked” our photo so far. :P But yaaaay!

I still think you look cute in that photo. With the blue scarf ^^

Awww damn, I HATE when that happens. Just missing the bus. Awww…but Parramatta 545s if you’re lucky they come like so often you only have to wait about 10 minutes. It sucks that you had to wait 20…/angry That’s gay. Evil person who was late catching the elevator! Hmph! Evil bus driver.

And man, you’re right. The 545 route is SOOOOO long and tiring…It’s like UUUPPP…Dooooown…UPPPPP…Doooown…*insert 50 million turns*

Hehe! YAY FOR 21 MONTHS :) *dances* I’m very happy for you guys.

And awwwwww! You walked into the door! Poor you. xD I’d have been all 😳 But then I’d have laughed my head off too…^^…

Hahaha! I hope the 6th book is good =) Otherwise you might have to write a 4u English thesis on it like I did for the woman who finished Jane Austen’s last book. Because OMG, it was terrible. She didn’t do enough research. AT ALL!. I’m generally apprehensive about sequels completed by alternative authors, because of that one book. xD

YES! BE A BOOK GEEK! I have HEAPS of books to recommend you to read xD

Haha you left me an epic comment. :) And funnily enough Vicky commented after this too. /hehe

I don’t even know how I’m keeping up with two jobs at the moment but I guess I like it so far. :D

My mum ended up not waking me up. She did the washing when she got home instead.

I am glad too! /bounce :D :) ♥ /rose /faw /eee

Okies enough smiley spam! *hugs*

Haha you would be shedding tears as you move and it would be so strange. It’s a great movie though, maybe use it to help you sleep one day. ;)

Your present was very awesome because you made it though! /love

HAHA, thank you… Ben Jorgensen is cuter. :P

Well, I don’t think they come so often in the afternoon. The good thing is that I get a seat, because I get on (and off) before (and after) the busiest stops. It sucks being on there for a while.

The bus driver couldn’t drive, I swear. O_O

It goes in and out of major roads… it’s so urgh.

I don’t think anyone saw but James and I were pissing ourselves laughing. XD

OH. Well, I am forewarned. But it’s good so far! /bounce

Man, this is the gayest way of comment returning EVER. Stupid arsehole, retard of a prick parasite-leeching-off-my-poor-parents, life-draining freak who happens to live with us. /angry

Anyways, yes…haha. I did leave you an epic comment xD [Sorry!].

You’re a busy, busy person :P With your two jobs and all. But it’s alright. It’s like good experience. You can build up your resume [eeep! Haven’t even started writing mine =O] and then your future employers will be like: WHOOOOA *steps back* ^^

Good thing you like it so far. Can you imagine being stuck in TWO really tedious, boring jobs?

Hahahaha. Yay! You didn’t get woken up! Unless there is a particularly good reason for waking me up, I despise being woken. If you wake me to do housework, I will curse like anything and be a grumpy, old…freak all day long! Hmph! But yaaaay! You got to sleep in ^^

OMG! LOOOOL! Can you imagine that? I’d be all T_T as the movie was playing while I was trying to run a little faster on the elliptical. My dad would definitely think something was wrong with me. =P Nope. Action-packed movies or cartoons are good for exercises but epics like Benjamin Button require FULL ATTENTION =O. Man, I can’t wait to watch it =D

LOL, it won’t help me sleep! It’ll make me cry myself to sleep or something if it’s anything like the Notebook. :P

Yaaaay! J I’m glad you like my scarf. Hahahaha!

Ben Jorg is not cuter than you, silly xP! You’re cuter. Don’t make me start a poll! [Because I have no idea how xD]

Oh man, that totally sucks. =( Stupid 545s. They’re evil. I swear! Haha! Yay for getting a seat though =) That’s like me. I always get on…first-ish…either at the first or second stop. So I almost ALWAYS get a seat. ^^

Omg…some bus drivers. I swear…ever since I learnt how to drive properly, I’ve been extra-terrified when bus drivers don’t brake early enough. It’s like: *PANIC ATTACK*. And some of them. The way they turn. It’s as if they don’t even brake =O And we go by the M2. Epic speed much?! D=

Hehehehehehe! Waaaah! I wish I were there. Except if I were there, I’d have probably walked into the glass too. =P And probably before you thereby alerting you to the fact that there was glass there :P

Yay! If it’s a good sequel, thank god Eoin Colfer did his research. Unlike that person who finished the Jane Austen book! /angry

LOL, I reckon. I am angry at him too. /angry

You left me an epic comment here too, haha. Oh, I can help you with your resume! /bounce

Eeek, I don’t even want to think about future employers haha!

I don’t think I would cope very well with two tedious and boring jobs. It’s a good thing mine are a little on the good/okay side. :)

Yep, and today I got to sleep in too. But I should probably start regulating my sleeping patterns now. Doesn’t look like it’s going to work. :P

Yeah, ,they do require full attention. :P I think your dad really would have thought something was wrong. XD

It’s a good movie though! I think I only cried in one part. It’s not as sad as the Notebook. It does need a lot of attention though, hehe.

Oh you could go to and start a poll. :P

I’m happy too because I think I’ll be getting a seat a lot from now on. It’s still a hell long ride!

Bus drivers brake pretty late and that creeps me out. They’re just metres short of the bus stop but they haven’t slowed down. I also don’t like the way they turn… it sucks!

Yeah, I probably would have known about it. But this bin was close to the door and I swear I was not paying attention!

Eoin Colfer would have done his research. I couldn’t pick anyone better to write the last book in the series. :)

Yep, it is official. Worst. Retard. Ever. He is an IT because he doesn’t even deserve an identity! *nods* /angry He deserves to be /bash

LOL, sorry, epic comments seem to be a habit of mine. Hahaha! My bad. Okay, I’ll try keep this one short. Hope it doesn’t fail.

YAAAAAY J *hugs* My dad said he’d find his resume because like…people who are employed to write resumes for you wrote it for him because his insurance company advised him to do it or something [yeah long story]. Man, I’m so clueless with EVERYTHING. I don’t even know how to apply for a job. @_@

You’d be bored to death with 2 different boring and tedious jobs. Like literally comatose. I hope I can get a summer job that ISN’T boring xD But then again if it is I guess it wouldn’t bother me too much if it payed well.

Yes! You should start regulating your sleeping patterns! Hahaha. Especially since you are now officially on holidays! Well I give you permission to sleep in, but you must sleep at a reasonable hour. Hmph! :P :P

Ooooooh…not as sad as the Notebook? Good. I’ll only need half a box of tissues then :P Only kidding. Don’t worry, I will give Benjamin Button my full attention. Oh you totally have to download the digital version so you can watch it too…^^…

Ah, so THAT’S how you create polls xD Now I know…^^…

Oh good! I can NOT imagine having to stand for one hour on a bus ride. That would be so tiring. Sometimes when it’s peak hour, my bus is full by the time it reaches Macquarie Uni [even though Macquarie Uni is the second stop], and I have to stand for the whole trip. It’s so tiring… L But luckily that happens pretty rarely J

Yeah, some bus drivers, they brake SO late. It’s like: Omg, if I braked that late, I’d be over the stop line by now. @_@ Maybe driving buses is different from driving cars because the bus is so big. But some bus drivers are just terrible with brakes. You go FLYING every time they brake.

Hahaha, well it’s alright. Everyone’s entitled to their moment of complete and utter clumsiness…^^…At least you didn’t get a bruise. =P

Yeah…Eoin Colfer’s a good writer…^^…Unlike that stupid Marie Dobbs! /angry !

Yes, he’s a selfish IT! Though we already established that after you called him a parasite and an ass and so on.

Don’t worry, I’m sure if we keep going, our comments will be shorter because we’ll run out of things to say.

I think your comments are coming up weird after they’re copied and pasted haha… some symbol or exclamation mark or something is appearing as the letter “J” instead. Anyway, I can still read your comment. :P

LOL, don’t worry! It’s nerve-wracking when you first get a job and stuff and have an interview. But most jobs I’ve applied for have been very nice about it. It’s like they torture you in the interview but they’re so nice and carefree and relaxed when you get the job. :P

Yeah, after all it is just for the summer and they’re looking for Christmas casuals – nothing permanent. Getting the money does motivate people. ;)

Oh yeah, I’ll do that sometime when I’m nearly capped so I don’t actually cap myself.

Yeah, a lot of sites offer free polls anyway. :3

Ughhh that sucks. /poo I notice that a lot of people get on around Eastwood and get off at Macquarie though. The 545 goes through Macquarie!

I guess so – but it’s still a heavy vehicle. That might be why they don’t need to brake as early, though… although I agree, you always seem to go flying. O_O

Haha yep. Lucky for me. :)

LOL, okay maybe the excess of insults is a little overboard. Not.

Awwww damn…:( That sucks. And here I was thinking that hey, this pasted data thing is fool-proof! Oh well, like you said, at least it’s still readable. :) Stupid arsehole brother. I’m blaming everything on him from now on!

Oh god! My first interview. I’m going to die! I have to go buy interview clothes…*dies*. Oh wait, now I don’t I can just wear the stuff I wear to law moots. Hahaha. Yes! Carefree jobs. I WISH there was a job that paid me to do nothing but sit and read books all day. *sigh*

Christmas casuals! I could totally do that :) I don’t mind having a not permanent job, because I’m a little worried about next year. Apparently I am doing 2 law unit’s a semester instead of one. And one was already epic enough for me this semester. Oh well, I’ll worry about it when it comes. MUST CONCENTRATE ON EXAMS FIRST!

Hahaha! Yep! Definitely. It’s so cool! You get a free digital version. That’s actually LEGAL =O Yaaaaaay!

Haha…All those Asians who attend Macquarie. Eastwood = LOTS OF ASIANS! Yeah I noticed that too, except I’ve only been on the 545 ONCE. Haha. I bet I’ll notice it again when I have to take the 545 to get to uni on Saturday for my Econ141 exam @_@

LOL, yeah maybe. I think a lot of bus drivers have premature death wishes though. The other day one kept stopping like waaaaaaaaaaay over the stop line. OMG.

Nah, the insults are an understatement. ;)

Haha well we finally figured out what the L and J letters were doing randomly in your comment… and the ones in my mum’s email! :P

It depends where you’re working. If you’re going to work in… (this is only an example!) Supre or something, then you’d probably just wear nice but casual sort of clothes. If you’re working in an office like me then you do need interview clothes. :P

I just wore my school uniform for the Kumon interview though. XD

Yeah you could! Better start looking soon! I always tell people to look around with people they know for a job.

Aww! Well, you probably need a big break this year instead of working. *hugs*

Well it was theoretically in your DVD because I gave it to you. ;)

I noticed a lot of Asians too! D:

Haha wow… what a loser!

Hahahaha! YEP! =D INSULT MORE! *insert insults here* They’re not even insults anyways. They’re pure truths =) [I’m using =) so as to not get a J xD Even if it is amusing when they turn up :P]

Lol, yes! We have solved a major mystery! We are totally awesome detectives :P :P

EW! SUPRE! No, if I wanted to work in Supre, I’d have to prove that I could look semi-sluttish [no offence to people working/buying stuff at Supre]. Knowing me I’ll probably look for an office job, because they’re supposedly boring. Just like me! Nah, it’s cos I’m better at office stuff. Especially because I type super fast :P

Yeah, I better. I promise! First thing after exams. No second thing after exams, cos I have to watch Benjamin Button! XD

You’re right! I need a break. I’m soooooo tired…@_@ And stressed! @_@ It’s okay! I am ALMOST DONE! =)

Yeah, but I’m giving you the free digital copy. Besides we can totally share. Like I said you can totally usb me a copy anyways. =P

Glad the new job went well, I mean, when I was working my step dad still expected me to get up early on my days off just to take the dog for a walk. I refused so he turned the internet off cause he’s a cunt like that.

Your job sounds really interesting though! Better than sitting with a bunch of annoying kids. :P Good luck with it. :D

Awww I’m so glad you guys got to meet up. :D You don’t look funny in the photo. She knitted that scarf?! Woah, she’s awesome. :D I’ve seen bits of that film but my mum cried at the end lol.

I had missing the bus, you have to wait around ages for one. Usually over here, you wait about 30 minutes for a bus and two come along at once, it’s so annoying.

LMFAO you walked into a glass door?! HAHAHAHA. I’ve done that before, it’s one of those things you just have to laugh at. My dog done it too, my mum closed the patio door which is all glass and my dog thought it was open and ran straight into it haha, was funny.

I hate bus journeys, especially long ones so I know how you feel there.

Oh oops lmao, I’m just used to typing Georgina or Georgie so I guess that’s why I done it, I fixed it though and I think most people got what I meant, heh.

Yeah the most common spelling is with a V there was a boy in my year at school with the same last name as me spelt with a V. But it just annoys me, I don’t know why. :3 When I started primary school, my teacher was making me learn how to spell my last name with a V haha.

I’ve never seen Erin spelt as Airynn before, I prefer it as Airynn actually. :3

Yeah, most people called Victoria hate the name lol. A girl at my old school was called Victoria but people called her Tori. xD OOO freaky, maybe it’s me really? ;)

Well, I have a B12 deficiency already, so I don’t absorb that from food, but I don’t know if this has any relevance but because of my bowel problem, I go more often so maybe the food isn’t in my body long enough to absorb nutrients, I don’t know though. I don’t even drink water hahha, I don’t really like it. XD

Well this article is my website tips article and it’s not quite finished yet haha.

I think I could pronounce your last name. I love saying it haha.

That’s OK, I’ll probably be writing this in a rush because I’m sitting in bed and my laptops getting hot lol.

Haha, coffee is cool though, I love the energy boast it gives you, yum. I have like 5 sugars in mine though. o_O

Lmao yes it does. :) I tend to forget mine and Rob’s sometimes, usually Carly reminds me or Rob does haha.

Good, you should put sleeping before your site, after all sleeping is important. :P

Wow, you have a one-storey house? That’s so cool! My house is tiny actually, it’s only a 2 bedroom but we have a toilet downstairs and a bathroom upstairs which is great because when someones in the shower, we can go downstairs, baha. We have a carpark outside our house, so my parents park their cars there. :3

Oh ew, I hated it when people didn’t flush the toilets at school. I remember going in there once and it blood STUNK and this girl just came wondering out and said, sorry, it won’t flush. I was like ew.

Yay! It wouldn’t bother me if people were lying actually. Most people didn’t say anything about it so I guess they didn’t like it lmao.

Hehe you should. It’s pretty suckish over here though. :P

I didn’t remember until you just mentioned it hahaha. I remember the layout though. :D It’s funny though, with any blogging system I’ve used, I’ve never managed over 20 posts, because either I switched blogging systems or my MySQL database broke.

Hehe yeah I noticed it went past midnight. XD

Woah, you do have a huge queue!! My isn’t so bad but one person decided to go on revamp… annoying much.

Hmm I could, but I barely use Facebook anyway.

Wow, you must have looked totally rad haha. I want to die my hair really dark brown, I don’t know why, I’m bored of being blonde.

That sucks, Swetlana’s always go into spam. She left me a 1,200+ worded comment. o_O

Haha, yeah around here Asian parents are really strict with their kids. Most of the kids who get A*’s and get into university are mainly Asian. I get jealous because they’re so smart LOL.

Yeah it is rude. Someone commented me asking me to make my current layout a premade but said they didn’t have time to comment my blog which is fair enough but they could have emailed me or something.

Yeah I get what you mean. My school used to do it as well. With permission slips it didn’t say son or daughter, it just said son haha.

I think we’re weird too. I just referred back to my comment so I could remember a few things and noticed you and Lilian writing loads of comments to each other LOL.

Yeah I guess people are just busy. Meh, doesn’t bother me THAT much, I guess I’d stress loads more if I had more comments to return. I got 56 on my last blog and that’s the most I’ve had since my first blog which was only 68.

Hehe me too. Gotta love PJs. I mean I got dressed about 30 minutes ago but I’ll probably get back in my PJs soon lol.

Hm, I do like some fish, I like it from the fish and chip shop and I like fish fingers but I’m not crazy for it.

I had CS2 before my old laptop broke, I like it but my step dad already had CS4 cause he got it for my cousin so I thought I’ll just use that.

I tend to only go to tutorials if I’ve been closed etc or I have no ideas. Inspiration is hard to find these days.

Lmao I know. I don’t really like having a huge family, everyone forgets my birthday and I never ever get a card from my nan. :(

I know, he’s still claiming it’s his coding. Another person claimed it was their own coding too, but I compared the CSS to one of my premades and it’s like the same, so I took loads of screenshots to prove my point LOL. I wouldn’t go to all that trouble if it wasn’t my coding…

Yeah I know. I mean, I’ve never seen anyone do it to you or Catherine etc. But whatever, I give up, I don’t know what to do anymore.

Hehe me too, I love the ocean. :)

Your welcome!! :D

ahah yeah, it want to know how countries got their name sometimes but then its all this history and i get bored :P

lmfaoo!! when i doodle on it it all looks bad, do you have the running app or something. its where you just keep moving your fingers as fast a you can like a race :o

cool :D mines only a scanner and printer :P isn’t that amazing?

i still haven’t xD its all the way in the middle of it so i can’t reach it out even when i open it :( so i need to get some one else to do it for me !

lmao, everyone would be like following you and instead of going around to houses just take from your costumee :P what an interesting dream that must of been!

ahah lol, i wouldn’t of had the guts he had :p

yeah it’s a total turn off. i don’t get why they find it so entertaining though. this one guy spat on my friends dog and she started spazing at him LOL /hehe

but it was one of my friends :O and a lot of people would of hated me for telling, if it wasn’t my friend they’d be dead and i’d definitely tell! oh well, she swore she’d never do it again

lol yes /angry omgg this emote is funnny 🤮 LOL

yeah, we had to read this one short story in our books and we had to use the dictionary for like every other word :S

that’s good that your work went well!! It sounds like a fun job :)

awh thats a cute picture of you guys ♥ and i love the scarf, wow Lillian knitted that? i’m horrible at knitting xD


lmfaooo you ran into a glass door? that’s happened to me beforee! i had this huge red bump… that’s good it didn’t hurt you! that would of definitely sucked

i haven’t heard of that book :O, and eck, an hour long bus ride? that must be a pain!!

andd sorry for the super late reply again :(

ahaha sounds like an awesome job! Good luck with it !

LOL, NICEE. My friend ALWAYS does that. She leaves this glass door open at my other friends house, and I dont want to get bugs in the house so I close it, then she like turns out fast and she walks into the glass -.-
hehe its my fault but she wasnt paying attention! XDD

aww thanks! I literally had no idea what to do XD.

LOLL. That game is awesome! It would be more fun if I even knew any of the songs on it though..XD I have like a old version so I dont know the songs :/

you’re welcome (:

awww! That happened to my sister. She took italian, but then when she wanted to take 2 languages, they couldnt fit both of them into her schedule so she just took Chinese. Then she started forgetting italian ):

you’re welcome again ! XD

Hehe, yeah I know. Meera and I wanted to have them up around the same time so more people read it and stuff.

Yeah. There is really nothing bad about using a premade. Some of us – like me – maybe aren’t the best at coding and so we are happy to have website owners that actually offer free layouts and stuff. We should be happy and respect their works and therefore keep the credit link up. It’s not a huge deal.

Stealy was just one big and stupid being around the internet.. I am kinda curious if she is still having a website and if she actually changed or if she still steals..

A few months? I thought it would be quicker xD

Hehe xD Yeah that’s one of my favorite shoots I have seen of him so far. That one picture where he smiles – it’s my favorite one. I could stare at it for hours probably xD

Yeah I read about that on one of your blogs. If the person is a lot younger it probably is really awkward – but if you’re around the same age it must be a hell lot of fun xD Sucks that my affiliates live all over the world and not somewhere close.

Sorry is definitely one of the hardest things to say. But I think it also depends on the person you are saying it too. Because I recognized that, when it’s a family member it’s easier to say “I am sorry”. I find it hard to say “Sorry” to a friend sometimes.

I hope so too. Because honestly it was about time someone told her.

Water is fine – but the one with bubbles (or what ever it’s called xD)

Oh yeah, that’s actually true.

Wow! So when you go back to uni – I will get out off school xD Then it’s time for some more hardcore studying and stuff..

Hehe, I think for kids almost everything can be an adventure and a big fabric for sure xD


Oh how I hate getting up early.. especially on the weekend. Actually the weekend should be the days where you are allowed to sleep long and recover from a long and stressful week.

I really don’t like it, if parents expect you to do things they could do themselves. For example ironing. i hate ironing with passion. It’s just plain boring..

Glad you enjoy your new work :) Though it sucks that the bus drive takes more than an hour.. but you can spend that time reading books. You know, you wanna be a geek again? Take the time you have while on the way to work to be one ;)

Yay for seeing Lilian again :) Wow, you haven’t seen each other since the beginning of this year? That’s such a long time. But you two look like you had a lot of fun together! And yay for late birthday gifts :)

Haha, that made me laugh too. You really ran into the door? That’s like one of my smaller fears: Run into a door at a public place xD But at least you could laugh about it! XD

Glad to hear your new job is going well! Bummer about the hour-long bus ride to get there though – unlike! :P

And ouch about running into the door…it sounds embarrassing but I know if I’d seen it I probably would have been trying so hard to not laugh. XP Sorry! But at least you weren’t actually hurt. I’ve heard of people actually breaking their noses by running into doors and walls…yikes!

And congratulations on yours and James’ 21-month anniversary. Yay! And you’ll have to tell me if the 6th Hitchhiker’s book is any good…I saw it in the uni bookshop the other day and was actually thinking about buying it until I remembered I haven’t even read the 5th one yet. *smacks forehead*

My mom makes me do things like that too. It’s like, “Mom, it doesn’t have to be done this early. I can sleep in and still have it done by noon.” But she likes to get things done early and relax during the daytime.

Your job sounds like fun. I do not think that there are any job places like yours around where I live that are willing to hire an eighteen year old though. :(

I haven’t read a book for a while either. The last one I read was Frankenstein. I had to write an essay on it, and I passed with a 97. The student teacher was the one who was grading, and I would have made a 100 if it were not for her hatred toward newspaper writing. After explaining why I do not put commas before conjunctions and other words that do not necessarily need them, she said that her professor had lectured her and her peers on that rule their first day. She then gave me a 100. :)

As for Twitter, I have realized that. :D It is so much better than posting an entirely new blog that no one has seen yet! I got tired of just posting updates in my blog, and I get even more annoyed when I visit someone’s MySpace resource website and see that all of their blog entries consist of updates. I have also discovered that people are lazy–they will not read the person’s blog before they comment and ask how they are doing. I have received one of those comments so far. It’s like, I just blogged about how I am doing! I don’t feel like explaining it out to you all over again when it is already written up. :( Ewe. I am complaining! I’ll stop. :) I don’t like to complain. Explaining is fine, but complaining is redundant. LOL

The Box is a movie that recently hit the theaters. It is about this guy and a family of three–a mom, a dad and their son. It has Cameron Diaz and some other guy in it that I cannot remember the name of. Mr. Stuard (the mystery guy) brings the wife a box and 6:30 in the morning. The wife and husband go to get it and open it to see that it is just a box with a big red button in it. It is an odd movie–I do not think that I can explain it well enough, so here is a better explanation: click. It was a weird movie. And it just … ends. No conclusion or anything. Just an ending. Kind of like a cliffhanger but more of a middle-of-the-plot-the-end.

And yes, I did mean past instead of passed. I was trying to finish up the post so that I could go change out the laundry like my mom wanted. Haha. :p

Yes, I got FanUpdate up. :) Thanks for the tutorial. Unfortunately when I tried to change the smilies they would not work. :( I followed the tutorial six times before giving up.

I see. I may try paid blogging. It seems like it could be easy-ish? Maybe. I don’t know yet? I’ve always wondered what it was but no one who did it would tell me. They didn’t even have much on their websites, either. Part of me wondered if they truly knew what they were talking about to begin with. :p

Anyway, sorry my reply is long again. Haha. And I think I replied to everything in your reply. :) That is something about the time management stuff that I work on: If I am online when I receive the comment and have the time to reply, I will do so. It helps me to stay caught up. I have also learned that it’s easier to make a new blog if I plan to that day before replying to my comments. That way, those that I commented will make comments on the new blog rather than the old blog and it will be a bit easier on me–if that even makes any sense at all? Haha.

Sorry about your chores D; I’m lucky enough to not get much, which is why I’m only good at washing dishes. XD

Glad you find the the job at the moment quite easy. Most people with part time jobs hate it. >_>

:O Glad you had a good reunion thingymabob with Lillian! The scarf is very pretty (:

T_T I hate it when you JUST miss your bus. I remember I had to chase after my school bus, but thank goodness the bus driver noticed, so he stopped for me /wave

haha aww D: If it makes you feel better I often run into trees and poles, which is worse because they’re not transparent. XD

Yey for books! Book power! ✌️

OMG lol you ran into a door? That almost happened to me when I was in highschool in my senior year. I was walking up the ramp and then bam the door open. Luckily I was a few inches away from the door or else I would’ve plopped down on the ground with OW!! lol. I’m sorry to hear you had a crap bus driver. I hate it when bus drivers are crappy and don’t talk to you. I’ve had that happened to me one time. I pushed the doorbell thing to get off at an intersection and the guy bitched (pardon my french) at me for pushing it way to early but didn’t bitch at any one else who pushed it early. I was like humph! ><. Anyway, congratulations on your guys' anniversary! I wish I had a boyfriend at times and then there are times I don't ya know? Anywho, take care and have a wonderful weekend and yes I do have my weblog at the main domain once again but with a new layout :).

By the way, I have read a few of your reviews. I signed up for and have submitted my website for review. I realized that, like you explained in your article, a lot of people find ONE bad thing on your website and tend focus on finding every other bad thing, and then just find even more horrible things and say “oh this is bad”, “this is stupid”, etc. and don’t even explain why or express how you could make it better. It turns out that your reviews are much better than the other’s. Their layouts are not even made by them, and their websites are not even organized at all. I now understand why you should validate your website and NOT use IE because relying on just IE and Firefox is not always best. I know this is random, and you do not have to reply to this comment, but you’re doing a great job. :) I think I will just stick to people who actually KNOW what they are doing to review my website rather than have people who do not know how to code whatsoever review my website.

For example, the reviewer said that reward pages are ‘useless and stupid and should be deleted.’

With that said, I have learned to just keep to your tutorials and articles for advice rather than to have a account. That is why I am deleting it. :) I have turned out to be the most hated person on there just because I advised someone to use better quality graphics and to make more than just Anime icons–which are copyrighted as well, by the way. It is so ridiculous. Upon saying those two things, I have been pounded with hate reviews if you would like to call them that. :( Thanks for having an awesome site. ♥

ahhh you must keep yourself pretty healthy (: my immune system just fails on my all the time.

i really hate analysing a book cause they all have a story behind it -.- i just google the meaning though haha.

your new job sounds pretty good ! i want my future job to be indoors instead of outdoors :P sounds like a really good job.
the blue scarf looks so comfy ! handmade things are always nice (:
gah running into a glass door mustve hurt :P i often run into things , so i would know haha
i havent read a book since english class last year… i dont often read by myself , must be forced to :P

My mom does that too; I usually close on the weekends so I don’t get home till 1AM, meaning I don’t go to bed till maybe 2AM, and on the drive home from work she’ll tell me, “Be up early tomorrow [although she means today, because it’s past midnight], we have to go shopping.” WTF. Because we can’t go later -_-

I haven’t been on a bus in ages, maybe I’ll talk my mom into catching one after class one of these days :3 only problem is, it’s such a far walk from the middle of campus to the sidewalk where the bus stop is, it’s not a short one like at community college. Ha, only back in community college I called that a long walk XD

You could have let go of his hand to fiddle with your jacket, you know! Gawrsh! But I get it, I don’t like letting go of Ryan’s hand either :3 and he keeps holding on even if he’s got to scratch his nose, sometimes he’ll use my fingers to scratch it, adorable ♥

I can’t read on the bus, or any moving vehicle. I get sick :( so on the bus, I just listen to my iPod. I only take it out with me nowadays if I’m driving, in the mood to listen to music everywhere, or if I know I’m taking a bus home.

Good to know that your job is going well. I always feel that I do not have time when I’m working. We are practically spending our entire day at work and when we reached home, it’s night time. There isn’t enough time to do everything and that usually means sacrificing our sleep time. I hope you are getting enough rest and sleep. :)

You look great in the blue scarf! Your friend is really sweet to make one for you.

Happy anniversary to both you and James. ♥

On a random note, banging into a glass door is not smart but I guess it’s pretty common? It happens to Chewy as well. LOL! And it happens in a mall full of people. Everyone was trying not to laugh in front of him. ✌️

“I don’t know why or how my mum expects me to wake up early on a Saturday to do the blasted washing, to iron stupid clothes…” – your mom does that too, huh? Same with me, my mom expects me to get up early and do all the house chores when all I want is to get up a little later than usual because weekends are the only days where I can get some rest. And waking up early is definitely how I picture to be a relaxing day. 😢

The blue scarf looks wonderful. I wish I could knit like that. I took some lessons in knitting back then but it wasn’t long before I lost the interest in it. Hehehe.

eeep! Running into the glass door, LOL. Luckily you weren’t hurt. *shakes head*

Trilogy of five? ROFL. What is that supposed to mean? Talk about major contradiction.

I really am unsure if that was a real kidnapping. I mean, I hope it isn’t. That would leave some uncomfortable feeling because I didn’t do anything such as reporting it to the police.

You don’t have to thank me about the link back. It’s my honour to have you frequenting my site :)

I’m so stupid for commenting on an old blog, ain’t I? It’s just that, a different new post was shown. Or maybe it’s the browser’s cookies? Oh well. So sorry.

Hmm. Your work sounds easy. And your mum, what’s happening to her? She seemed very mean to you. Lilian is such a sweetheart. Best friends?

Happy anniversary to both of you guys! Keep loving each other more.

Sounds like the new job is good! At least you’re not getting bored of it.. yet. Hehe.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was such a good movie! I have it on DVD. :)
Wow, a hand-knit scarf. She must be a really good friend!

Sssssh, nobody needs to know about that wretched site. 🤫

You would think that people would be trying to stay safe? NO. Some people online are so odd. How long does weed stay in my system made me LOL. Honestly, why would you look that up.. Avoid it altogether you faggets. /ho

Thanks. /wah I’m so happy for that 100%! Especially because we have our parent/teacher meetings in 2 weeks :)

My foot is really numb it feels like a coushion LOL. /poo

Ooh, you’re job must be easy enough, since you can code some pretty dandy layouts ;)

Oh my god?!! :O Since the start of the year?! I’d go crazy without seeing my friend since the start of the year. :P

That scarf is really nice ^_^ it looks so cozy, I’ll take it kthx.

L.M.F.A.O ran into a glass door! /bounce LOL. Sorry, that just sounds so funny xP

I thought you got hit by a car or something, I was worrying /faw
Until I read the next sentence of course.

Then I was worrying for a whole different reason… ;) :P

I joke, I kid.

I love books. ^_^ Especially the Harry Potter series ;) I finished the 6th one yesterday. *accomplishment* :)

Enjoy you’re book, Ive a feeling that there will be a lot of big words in it.

Not my thaaaaaang. xD

Crepes ftw!! :D

So you sure you want me telling you about it? :P i’ll tell you on msn :)

Yaa i love ipods :D

Yeah, It was like evening so it was pretty busy :P.

Haha xD i’ve never been in a school play :P

Aww i run into glass doors all the time!
Yeah, I use her premades alot for the positioning, like the double footer and stuff :)

Haha toilet paper xD

Ohh that’s awesome you have a job with computers :) just like my dad :D. he sells software though, and fixes computers. Have you ever heard of thoroughbred?

That door must have been indeed very clean. /hehe I find it hard not to laugh when such incidents happen, even if it’s myself who runs into a glass door or if it’s an unlucky stranger. It’d definitely easily become the highlight of any day!

Congratulations with your 21-month-anniversary! Almost two years now, huh?

I think the blue scarf was a very nice present. It suits you! And she even knitted it herself! *awww-moment*

Yes, the WP dashboard was so slow at times. It just felt so incredibly bloated when I was using it. I’m just not the WP type of person, I guess. :(

Well, thank you for hoping – I too hope Habari will fit my needs. (Y)

Glad you like your new job so far! It’s terrible when the commute is so long. I quit a job because the commute was an hour and a half long by bus and train :( And happy 21 months! I also find it lots of fun with Dewey ♥ I haven’t read a book in a while and I miss reading, I’ve never read the Hitchhiker books, though I have seen the movie. Hope you enjoy the 6th book, I always found it weird reading a series that ends with other people writing it, but I’m sure it’s still really good. And cute scarf! It’s fall here leading to winter so if you happened to come to the states you’d be warm :) And lastly, I’m glad you didn’t get hurt with your door collision!

Ooh, what’s your new job? You quit your old one? O_O Your new job doesn’t sound boring though, not that I’m saying your old job WAS boring.

Haha. I hate waking up early at Saturdays too, especially if I’ve been woken up just to do some errands. >_<

Aww, it's sweet that you give each other gifts. I like that blue scarf. :D

LOL, Georgina. You sounded clumsy when you ran into the glass door. I hadn't seen anyone doing it so that had me laughing just by imagining it. XD

Just because you read a book doesn't mean you're a geek. I haven't read in a long time and the list just keeps getting longer. :S

Aww, Georgina has a sharp memory. You remember the theme and that guy. 😝

BELATED HAPPY 21-MONTHSARY(sorry for the term :D )!

Yay, I’m glad your job is doing well! :)

Ugh, I’d hate to wake up early all the time just to do the chores… you’re right, it can wait for later. Chores can’t walk.

Or can they? :O

Your job sounds better then the other one; marking children’s work. But together they must provide you with a decent amount of money lol. (Y)

And yay you saw Lilian!!! /bounce So glad you met up after all that time! /eee The photos are nice and that scarf is so nice. I can’t even knit, lmao. Let alone an awesome scarf like that! The colour suits your skin. :)

Awh fuck, I hate missing the bus. Especially when you JUST miss it, that annoys the hell outta me…

YAY! :D HAPPY (LATE) ANNIVERSARY! /eee /bounce (Y)

Shame about the gig. :(

OMG. Hahaaa that’s pretty epic lol, walking into a glass door. XD
Not as stupid as walking into a lamppost, at least the lamppost is easier to see. XD
I walked into a lamppost once, it was bloody painful. D:

Hehee, yay. Bus! :)
You could listen to your iPod on the bus too?

Thank yous Georgieeeeeee, you are so freaking amazzzzzziiiiinnnnggg.

And I’ll stop hurting your eyes by extending words… lol. /um
I will stay.
But I will be slow, dude.
I am certainly not a superwoman lol…

Thank yous. :) You’re so like, inspiring. /bounce /faw

Aha I always hit keys on the keyboard by accident and end up going back a page and when I press “Forward” my comment is gone. :( /pow /poo /wah

True excuses… odd phrase huh? (I just wrote “frace”, WTF).

Wheeeee, your two-year anniversary is 3 months and I can’t wait either lol.
LOL, I do that too, I think about blogging everyday and then I realise I can’t be bothered lmao.

Another good point. /bounce By learning you find out what you like and don’t like ^^

Reaaaaaaargh, Physics and maths. BOOOOO.

And Chemistry is also pure evil. *nods*

Music, wheeeee. *HUGGLES BACK*
Aha yeah. Also fidgetting is just, you know. Easier lol.
My fringe never behaves hah. Because my hair is wavy it dries straighter than the rest of my hair (so it dries pretty straight) but then it doesn’t do anything I want it to do. Bleh.

My maths teacher is not at all strong lmao.
I feel sorry for them too. :( I wouldn’t like to be born naturally plump…

I know, he’s a fucking cunt. He’s at it now, the police went to visit him earlier and as soon as they left, he started blasting his music and banging on our walls, twat.

Yeah you were asleep. XD I put my site on MM because I was just so pissed off.

Yup, if they want a premade that bad, they can email me and at least then I’ll know who I gave the password to etc. I’ll change the password every day anyway.

Hehe you write “It’s a good thing the police are on your site” tehe, site on the mind. ^_^ That would actually be amazing, please do. Except my house is attached to his so it might knock our house down too heh.

Yeah, we have a bunch of evidence and so do the police, he’s just an immature twat.

I shall do so, Lilian is just cool that’s why. ;D

Hehe, you’re welcome. I just sat there and ate 20 sausage rolls and a packet of cookies, I feel fat LOL.

That’s good your mum didn’t wake you up! At least you had a good sleep. XD

Oh that’s alright though, at least you’ll be able to gather a bit more money over the Christmas period. Maybe you should save some money and come to England. :D

Wow! Maybe she should make me a scarf and send it over haha.

Yeah that happens here too. The most popular buses here are 247 and 607 which goes to the two most popular shopping centers so they come every 2 minutes. The buses I had to catch for work 90 and 285 only came every 15 minutes and I always JUST missed them, sucked.

I hate trains, I’ve only ever been on one like twice.

LOL, that advert sounds funny! Haha yeah my dog was cute, she was all confused and started growling (she does that and it sounds like she’s talking) at the door, as if she was telling it off lmao.

I like calling you Georgie, don’t ask me why LOL.

Oh yeah, Airynn will be hard to spell, not to mention a load of teachers etc pronouncing it wrong!

Hehe yeah. I’ve always been called Vicky, ever since I was born. My dad chose it, ew.

I used to like water, sometimes I do, I just crave it sometimes. I prefer flavoured water. :3

Yeah I could do. Yeah Erin’s articles are awesome and easy to read because she does that.

Yay I pronounce your last name right. :D

My old laptop used to burn me a lot. But this one is bigger so the fan hangs over my leg and gets some air, it’s all good.

I have 3 sugars in my tea. (Y) I don’t drink it THAT often, my sister has like 20 cups a day. :|

I shall. It’s the 17th. :3 4 years in January. o_O Gone so quick!

It is cool!!! I don’t know if you call them bungalows there but we do. Oh wow, your house sounds so cool!!

They parked outside YOUR house? That’s a bit stupid.

Yeah totally. It did stink so bad… I had to go out and use the other buildings toilet.

Lmao yeah but usually certain people say something if I put a new layout up, but they didn’t this time. :P

100 posts?! Woah. You know, you should add an archives page, you have like 397538453 posts. :3 Cutenews sucks, just sucks.

Luckily, I didn’t. I just write his name and site and stuff, but didn’t actually start reviewing. I try to do a review like that to. Ages ago, when I was shit at writing them, it would take me like a week to write one, my bad.

I have dyed it brown before, but it didn’t work out too good and went sort of ginger. Rob’s mum cracked me up though, when I first done it, it was brown and she was like ‘Oh Vicky, you’re hair looks gorgeous!’ then I stopped dying it and the other day she said to me ‘you’re hair looks so much better blonde, I didn’t like it brown’ I was like HUH?! I think red would suit you. :D

Your comment wasn’t far off, 1,145 words or something. XD

You’re still smart though; a lot smarter than most people!

Yeah, it annoys me though. I have an ask script and a contact form…

LOL, well that’s understandable. :P

Oh I didn’t read them haha *goes to read* Awww.

Awww man, that totally sucks =( Poor Vicky! Do you reckon we could convince ACA to do an overseas story?

I have no idea who ACA are though? :D

LMAO, you hate it when your comments don’t match up. :P I was quite pleased though. The least I’ve got on a blog is 30, but that’s OK.

Awww PJs. Whenever my mum goes shopping she ALWAYS buys me PJs and bed socks?


Yeah it is pretty similar, I just think it looks prettier. :3

Yeah, I guess I’m like that too. If my websites closed, then I tend to make a layout a lot quicker because I know I have to open. Eh.

Hahaha aww that sucks. I bet it’s cool having family over there though. The only family I got in another country is Scotland, boring.

Yeah, but I really wanted to prove I was right. Though, they changed their layout, used someone else’s base and CREDITED them, why couldn’t they credit me ffs?

Yeah, although I don’t know why people say ‘oh I forgot to add the link to the footer’ when the link in the footer to begin with? Pah.

Sweetdreams. ♥

Woah, this comment didn’t even make 1,000 words? :| WHYYYYY.

Hahaa you’re welcome.

Ah that’s good that it turned out well. The worst thing with group assignments is that if not everyone puts in enough effort then one person ends up doing it all or it just ends up bad. So yeah, at least it went well!

Glad your first day at your new job went well. Pity about the early mornings though!

WOW, your friend knitted that?! That’s so cool! ..Uber cool! Hehe.

Aw that sucks that you ran into a glass door..though at least it was more shock than pain. Oh well, it’s good that you just laughed it off. I always find it annoying when people make a fool of themselves and then act like they meant to do it. Hehe.


Just dropping by right quick to let you know that those 9 domains do NOT count !! (:

I WILL get married before your 20 domains.


A much deserved proper comment will be given later today. For now, I must go to work. xoxoxoox

Your job sounds really cool. But posts about jobs always remind me I NEED one :| hahaha!

Aw, I love it when I’ve not seen my best friend in ages and we meet up, it’s lovely. :’)

Your scarf is so cool! :D

If the gig was free, maybe you could have gone anyway! I like going to free gigs, because even if the bands are rubbish, you can say, “Well I saw them live!” when they start to get famous. I do that with a band called Vagabond, because everyone practically worships them, and I saw them in June at McFly. :’)

I’ve ran into a glass door before! Hope you’re okay! It can be quite painful I’ve noticed! x_x At least you saw the funny side of it!

I’ve never read that series of books. I want to get into reading more, but every time I buy a book, I read, 200 or so pages, then never pick it up again. I did it with Twilight, The Georgia Nicholson series and now I’ve done it with Miles To Go. :(

Thank you! I had a a lot of errors with the theme but I’ve fixed them now. :)

Yes, he is a very hypocritical person. I really hate hypocrites, one of those things I actually really hate. I don’t really hate that many things, but them, I hate so much!

Haha, the only person. xD That’s sad. And I love how he commented back (you prob never saw it) saying how he doesn’t just host you. :P I’m so sure… 🙄

Yeah, I don’t get it! I know she is amazing, but still. Ha! Yes, it is good. :) Best idea of life. :P

Awee, I’ve actually never really had someone steal from me, like coding etc. Well, never found out at least. I’m not very popular so. Haha, I wouldn’t want to steal from me if I wasn’t me. :P

Ugh, I hate waking up early. Ooh james and you anniversary. So you guys are dating? Lmao. Congrats if you are, or friends, then yay idk. xD

Haha. “it’s time to become a geek again” I’ve seriously never read a book in forever. xD

HAHAHAHAHA, SLAM. Sorry, that was funny. I personally have never ran into a door. I have hit my head on things though. One time, I was banging my head against my friend’s shoulder… yeah that sounds strange but I was really tired and was trying to use that to wake me up. Turns out I ended up hitting her bone… her shoulder bone against some bone in my head.. my skull most likely. And it was like BANG and yeah… hahahaha.


Ooo, I was wondering what you meant by your comment being weird… wha’s weird about it is.. that some of the sentences were cut off O.o

Kurt Cobain… musician?

Yeah, some people call me AM. Haha, one of my friends saw that my teacher called me AM on my paper and was like..what’s AM? And I’m like… AnneMarie.. HAHAHA. And she was like WHOA, why would he do that? Shouldn’t he go by AL like your last name? xP

Yeah, lately… I haven’t been talking to Kuya very much. It’s saddening to me at least. I don’t think he cares very much :P

>_< I can't understand your comment.. or at least parts of it. Because it's been cut off O.o Oh wells. I'm a tad late when it comes to returning them anywhos.

No me gusta means. I don't like. And I might have been referring to drama so I suppose that's what I meant. xD

It’s good to know your job went well! Sometimes starting out on a new job takes some getting used to, but it seems as though you’re already on the right track, so yay! :D

Seeing your friend after such a long time must have been exciting! The scarf she got you looks nice. A friend of mine is supposed to be making one similar to that, but for a guy of course.

Lol at you running into a glass door. Major fail I must admit /bash lol but we all make silly mistakes from time to time. I would have laughed hysterically too. I’m actually smiling just thinking about it. XD

Hopefully the bus ides will get better though, and happy reading!

I was bouncing around in twitter then it finally led me here. I can’t help but notice that you have cute emoticons. Care to share where I can download such cute sets?

Anyway, it was a good thing your enjoyed your day with a friend. As for the bump, hugs for you. ♥

*hugs back* Thanks. :) I hope I do too. I feel like a pouting puppy because I will randomly cough like puppies tend to randomly bark. It’s soo weird.

Exactly–if pain killers were not okay for us to have occasionally, then why do doctors prescribe them? My headache got better after taking another Ibuprofen three hours ago.

That was (most likely, unless it was the 8 year old girl) who had it. That is mine and Kacie’s website. We even have your link at the footer and on . o.o Like I said though, a lot of people don’t pay attention. :/ I got reviewed and apparently, even though my coding is validated, it is ‘wrong’? I don’t know… I was told that it is a bad habit to use /> at the end of br tags.

Yeah, somebody stated that you did not have ‘high-quality images’ on your website when I had commented their blog on their website that had their reply to my review. I don’t remember the website, but their pictures were all scratchy. That’s why I commented saying that I would rather go for tutorials and high-quality images. I guess that I could have said it differently, but I was angry because they kept saying I was a boy judging by my ‘site name’ and ‘site url’. So he and his friends just sat and commented and ridiculed my website. Welcome to the web designing world, though, I guess? It’s horrible. :(

About the smilies–I tried that. :/ I’ll keep trying, though. I might just ask the creator herself via I don’t know yet, though, because I don’t want to bug her. :( I have a fear of bugging people or that I do bug people. For example, you don’t have to reply to my comments. I don’t want you to feel like you have to. And no matter what is said, I still feel like I am bugging someone. It sucks. :(

I didn’t read Frankenstein, nor listen it even though I put it on my iPod. Strangely I still understood it. /hehe

The ending of The Box made me feel like I had missed something. It was said, too. My mom wants to go see it now. Seeing kind of made me see things differently in a good way now. It’s weird. D:

I like Dirty Dancing too but I didn’t get to finish it. :/

Yeah, I don’t know what it is about moms that make them think they are right all the time. She even said that she researched it. Then again, when I asked her where she looked, she said that her source was Wiki. I don’t really think of Wiki as a reliable research source since anyone can put anything onto it. /hmph

I have been having fun with your smilies, by the way. My favorite is /hehe . :p

Sounds like you had a fun day!

Ouch about the glass door! That sounds like it hurt..glad you’re ok. Aww, that pic of you and Lillian is so cute :) I also love the scarf she made you, that color blue is so pretty.

I hate getting up early. Like you, I’m always tired all week/day if I have to. I hope you are able to catch up on some rest!

Btw, if you don’t see me on twitter, I contacted Trojans on my PC. I’m on my laptop that I hate (keys are missing) and I’m trying to figure out how to get my wireless adapter for Vista Windows to work :( I can’t figure it out. Hopefully it will be fixe by Monday.

See you soon!

Well, first of all, I’m really liking this layout. ^_^

Second, you seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a while reminds me of how I saw someone I hadn’t seen since July yesterday. She said we should hang out because all her friends left, which emphasized (probably accidentally) that we haven’t really been friends for a while, even though it’s true and I know it. I told her to call me… it’s funny that I’d just deleted her from my cell phone two days previously because I figured we would never talk again (I didn’t even know she was going to the same college as me). -_-

Geez, I haven’t read in a while, either. Not for leisure, anyway. I miss it, but I’ve read all but about five of my books more than three times. :P

You blog so often. I can’t keep up with you O_____O :P
Congrats on a successful day at your new job.
Do you still work at the education centre or did you drop it for the new job?
Wow, slamming into a glass door. Ouch. Don’t worry, I’ve done that before. ==”
It’s nice that you and Lillian are friends :D I bet you guys will have a long lasting friendship :D
I rarely catch a bus, if I take public transport, I usually go for the train.
I”M A GEEK :D well, if you think everyone who reads loads of books / magazines . Or you can call them a Bookworm. Seriously, who came up with that?

Oooh, I like the color of the scarf! That’s great that you two got to hang out after so long. It makes me think of how I hung out with my friend who moved away but came back to visit. Why weren’t you two able to see each other in so long?

/hehe I’m sorry, but that is just too funny. The door must have been really clean huh, because sometimes glass can get pretty smudgy.

Eoin Colfer is a good author. But it must be weird to write a book for another author’s series. Does that book feel as if it is in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series as the others? Does it flow well with them?

About the creator of FanUpdate still being active… Ignore what I said. I don’t know why, but I’m kind of loopy. I’ve been taking this medicine that is making me think oddly, and I now know why I was specifically told to NOT tell anyone things from memory because I am loopy. I feel like I am drunk even though I have never drank before. o.o I had gotten something mixed up. I am sorry. :(