And Another Thing…

I had work today at my new job and it went really well.

I had to wake up early, which I didn’t like. I’ve been out every day this week, almost all day, every day, so it’s been a very tiring week. I don’t know why or how my mum expects me to wake up early on a Saturday to do the blasted washing, to iron stupid clothes that she can do herself, and to clean the floor. It can wait. 😑

Basically, in my job, I have to work on the computer with this software. There’s this educational product the company is creating. I had to sign a policy so I’m not allowed to give out certain pieces of information. It was easy to get used to, and it was a bit like making a layout with guidelines. πŸ™‚

I saw Lilian today! β™₯️ After not seeing her since the beginning of this year! 😧 I took a lunch break and we sat and took photos. Hurrah! And we exchanged our ages-old birthday gifts. I got her The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on DVD and she knitted me this awesome blue scarf! 😁 (Yeah, I know I look funny in the photo.)

I just missed one bus in the afternoon after work. I was a bit annoyed because if the lift door hadn’t opened after it closed, to let the other girl in, then I might not have missed it. I saw the bus at the traffic light but it’s not like I could get on; it was too late. I had to wait around in the cold wind for twenty minutes for the next bus.

Yesterday it was James’s and my 21-month-anniversary. We just hung out. It was quite fun. πŸ™‚ ☺️ I always enjoy his company.

We were going to get my newspaper and a bus ticket in the afternoon, but on the way a student stopped us and handed us a flyer about some gig going on. I got excited but was disappointed to see that I knew none of the listed bands, nor had I heard of them.

On the way outside the uni building, we stopped at a bin to put the flyer in. I was fixing my jacket or something after that, and I was holding James’s hand so I just ran straight ahead so we could exit the building.

SLAM. πŸ™

I ran into a glass door. That was not very smart. 😳

It didn’t hurt, but I was shocked. LOL. I had literally ran straight into a glass door. It was the automatic sliding kind, and I thought the doors had opened, but I had run into the side of the door that didn’t open at all. Fail.

James started laughing and so did I. We were laughing hysterically for quite a few minutes. πŸ˜†

I bought Eoin Colfer’s book And Another Thing…. It is actually the “sixth Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book in the trilogy”. It used to be called the “inaccurately named trilogy of five”. Douglas Adams, the original author, died in 2001, but he had intentions of a sixth book. Eoin Colfer wrote that sixth book. πŸ™‚

I bought the book yesterday and read it on the bus today. I dislike the bus rides to work already. They’re long – over an hour long, and I had a crap bus driver this afternoon. Humph.

Oh well, I haven’t read a book in a while so it’s time to become a geek again. πŸ‘

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