It’s Time To Rock And Roll

So, I didn’t have the greatest of days. RigRag had a problem with accounts for a few of my hostees lost their stuff. I have decided to buy a reseller from Liesl at Pixobox. And I will be offering subdomain hosting on a domain to be found out. πŸ™‚

I can’t seem to hold my domain addiction. I got to house my Atreyu-related fanlistings. I find that domains really do keep me happy, as do giving them out to people.

People often call their websites their sanctuaries and their escapes from reality. I never really looked at my site in this way because I somehow found it closely linked with reality. But I guess, when I feel down, sometimes I come to my site and all the lovely comments you guys leave me even when I’m in a shit mood. And sometimes when I buy a few more domains to keep me occupied, it takes my mind off the really crappy things.

I also love to write and draw and scribble to take my mind off things. I know some people go and have an ice cream too.

For nearly two years, I didn’t eat ice cream. And a few days ago, I did. I just got one out of the freezer and ate it. The reason I didn’t eat ice cream was because it held that harsh note with something that happened to me in the past. It’s like a scarring.

For instance, you might have had something traumatic happen to you and might not be able to face that thing again. It was a bit like that.

My friend found a cockroach in her McDonald’s burger once! 😷

Nothing against McDonald’s, but it goes to show you that restaurant food isn’t always the best, and “fast food” can have its problems. Apparently there was a woman who tried to sue McDonald’s for finding a chicken head in her chicken nuggets.

The other day I neglected to mention the “giant microbes” James and I got from the co-op bookshop. He bought the green one for me but I liked the yellow one too so I bought that myself. They’re supposed to represent flu (green) and cough (yellow). But they’re so cute! πŸ˜›

giant microbes

I’m supposed to be having a break from uni, but things aren’t going very well at home which is why I haven’t attended to the site as much lately, and I understand… I have a shitload of reviews to do.

I’m sick of the screaming and shouting and crap that’s happening at home. I don’t want to go into detail. But because of something that happened, I bit my lip to keep from crying in public. Later I found that I had bit my lip too hard and cut it with my teeth. 😭

Sometimes it feels like there are only a few people who care about you. Sometimes, I have felt like running away from home. I can’t stress this enough to people, but get help. If you’re feeling sad, talk to someone. If you feel like shit, find someone to talk to. Even if it’s yourself.

Don’t resort to self harm; I’ve been there. And in the end it only makes you feel worse. It won’t take away your pain. Smile. Smile and know that someone, even if you don’t know yet, loves you. πŸ™‚ β™₯️

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