It’s Time To Rock And Roll

So, I didn’t have the greatest of days. RigRag had a problem with accounts for a few of my hostees lost their stuff. I have decided to buy a reseller from Liesl at Pixobox. And I will be offering subdomain hosting on a domain to be found out. :)

I can’t seem to hold my domain addiction. I got to house my Atreyu-related fanlistings. I find that domains really do keep me happy, as do giving them out to people.

People often call their websites their sanctuaries and their escapes from reality. I never really looked at my site in this way because I somehow found it closely linked with reality. But I guess, when I feel down, sometimes I come to my site and all the lovely comments you guys leave me even when I’m in a shit mood. And sometimes when I buy a few more domains to keep me occupied, it takes my mind off the really crappy things.

I also love to write and draw and scribble to take my mind off things. I know some people go and have an ice cream too.

For nearly two years, I didn’t eat ice cream. And a few days ago, I did. I just got one out of the freezer and ate it. The reason I didn’t eat ice cream was because it held that harsh note with something that happened to me in the past. It’s like a scarring.

For instance, you might have had something traumatic happen to you and might not be able to face that thing again. It was a bit like that.

My friend found a cockroach in her McDonald’s burger once! 🤮

Nothing against McDonald’s, but it goes to show you that restaurant food isn’t always the best, and “fast food” can have its problems. Apparently there was a woman who tried to sue McDonald’s for finding a chicken head in her chicken nuggets.

The other day I neglected to mention the “giant microbes” James and I got from the co-op bookshop. He bought the green one for me but I liked the yellow one too so I bought that myself. They’re supposed to represent flu (green) and cough (yellow). But they’re so cute! :P

giant microbes

I’m supposed to be having a break from uni, but things aren’t going very well at home which is why I haven’t attended to the site as much lately, and I understand… I have a shitload of reviews to do.

I’m sick of the screaming and shouting and crap that’s happening at home. I don’t want to go into detail. But because of something that happened, I bit my lip to keep from crying in public. Later I found that I had bit my lip too hard and cut it with my teeth. /wah

Sometimes it feels like there are only a few people who care about you. Sometimes, I have felt like running away from home. I can’t stress this enough to people, but get help. If you’re feeling sad, talk to someone. If you feel like shit, find someone to talk to. Even if it’s yourself.

Don’t resort to self harm; I’ve been there. And in the end it only makes you feel worse. It won’t take away your pain. Smile. Smile and know that someone, even if you don’t know yet, loves you. :) ♥️

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Awwwwww, I’m sorry you had such a bad day…:( That sucks. I hate bad days. Man all this hosting business sounds so stressful! I hope you’re not stressing yourself out too much.

Hopefully it’ll improve once you have your reseller thing =) Haha…How very unfortunate that your hostees lost some of there stuff though. :(

LOL, domains are like your drug! You’re addicted! But at least they’re good for you :) Creepesque is a cool name…^^ Sounds veryyy…romantic. If you can describe a word that way :P

Yeah, my aunt always says that it’s good to have a hobby to distract you from all that’s crappy in your life. :) I agree! I have heaps of ways to keep me occupied.

Although sometimes trying to distract yourself with hobbies doesn’t work because you’re just way too angry. /angry

I love drawing :) Especially when I finish the picture. PIANO! I love piano too…^^…

ICE-CREAM! YUM! Hahaha…Green tea ice-cream. Can’t wait for green tea ice-cream in the city :)

I know what you mean. Traumatic experiences stick for a while. God if I found a cockroach in my burger, I’d never eat fast food ever again…@_@ That’s so…gross! Poor person! And ew! A CHICKEN HEAD IN YOUR CHICKEN NUGGET *traumatised*

Haha sometimes your body just gets a conditioned reaction. Like since law camp, If a guy stands too close to me or something, I’m like *suffocated*. I try not to show it though. :P TRY! But I can’t help the way my body reacts. It’s like “omfg, I must run!” Luckily that doesn’t happen too often.

Eeeee! I can’t get over how cute those little microbes are! I want! I want! Hahaha…

Awwww :( Poor you, with all that crap that’s been happening *hugs* I’m always here for you! :) I hope your lip is okay soon. :)

I agree! If you’re upset! TALK to someone about it! Even if you just BLOG about it!

Bahh, it is! Because you have to make sure you have a reliable server and everything. :(

Yeah, I’m going to get most of them to move, because it really is causing a lot of hassle.

They’re my drug alright, hehe. /hehe

I wouldn’t say “creepesque” is romantic though… more like creepy? Well, I guess that’s where it was derived. :P

Uuugh, that happens when I have domain problems, alright. It makes me angry sometimes. But thankfully that doesn’t happen too often.

Ahhh I would be traumatised too. Luckily the only stupid thing I’ve had in my food is hair, but even that is gross.

Haha I should give you the cough one! Next time you go to your co-op bookshop, have a look! :)

*hugs* Thank you! ♥ ♥

Yeah, blogging helps me get my mind off things. /faw

you’re welcome !

LOL what was the advertisement promoting? XDD

haha yea, it would be easier. -.-

ahaha that sounds like the Tap Tap Revenge app! But you like play to songs, not make them XP

yea, schedules in my school get messed up A LOT. Some people’s schedules get so messed up that for 3 or their 9 classes, they have like nothing, a free period…horrible ! XD

I’m sorry things at home are so shitty right now. :( It sounds like you’ve got a healthy attitude about dealing with the problems though – that’s really good. I really think that no matter how bad a situation is, it’s your coping skills more than anything else that determines how quickly and how well you’ll get through it. *hugs*

You do like domains though, don’t you! Lol. I haven’t checked out Creepesque yet, but I will after this. :)

And ewww about those gross things people have found in their fast food! I’m always paranoid about germs in take-away places and so forth – this isn’t helping! XP I remember I found a dead fly in a pizza once and I was so disgusted that my mum ended up taking the pizza back and complaining, the result of which gave us two free pizzas for our next visit, hehe.

Yay for those microbes too – I saw them on your plog earlier, but I still think they’re adorable. If I could afford to I’d buy them all and start my own plushie lab. :P

EWWWW a cockroach on her burger! 🤮 Distgusting! I don’t really like McDonald’s in the first place. A few years ago they were having a problem with their beef where the cows had some disease and it was getting customers sick. :| UGH.

You’re welcome! Oh that’s good that you are on break! It will defiantly take a load off. :)

Yeah I will try to watch it when I get a chance. 👏

Well on the weekends I normally stay up pretty late…like 1am or so. Last night was bad and stayed up until 2am.

LOL. Well the moms love us..*cough* XD But really I don’t think they mind too much haha.

When she was on Twitter she said she was leaving for sure but you know, you never know. I mean she wasn’t on for all that long so I hardly got to talk to her and especially because so many people were tweeting her at the time. D:

Haha yeah I know! I didn’t know people were that stupid. I mean seriously. XD

Yeah I have never been drunk either but I am only 14 so that would be sort of against the law. XD I know kids that have had a drink or two. One guy got caught by his dad and got a forceful slapping about 12 times. D: EEK.

Yeah if he did..that would be baaad. >.<

ohhhh hahaah coool! xD

yea, it takes all summer for us! We also have so many people in the school! There just arent enough classes for everyone I guess! XD

ahah more domains for Georgina! I know how you feel! I have been in a domain craving kind of state -.- I want to get another domain, but I dont have the money to pay /wah

EW. A cockroach! O: I have a really bad fear of them! I once had a dream that they were like in this hotel room that I was in, and there were like THOUSANDS of them. XDD, It was so nasty 😰
When I went to Japan, we went to see the Tokyo Tower and there was a cockroach on like the top level! I was like :O and i was freaking out LOL

Hey Georgie :)

Yeah, I was pretty proud :) I wanted to get back into the whole writing stories thing again for so long, but always though I wouldn’t find the time or the ideas to write.. but seems like my brain is up to the writing thing again XD

Oh wow! 100 000 words is a freaking lot! I think I could never ever write soo much.. Hehe, yeah my first story was pretty cheesy too.. I still something make them this ‘living in a perfect world’ stories – but I try to build in some drama and I actually wrote down some ideas a while ago and I kinda already know how to build them in. Or lets say I know it more or less. I would really like to read one of your stories one day.

I do that too. After I write a few pages I just let her by herself and not me anymore xD She deserves to be her own person :)

Wow.. you wrote stories like that at the age of 14?! That’s awesome! I started at the age of 16/17 xD

I might translate it into English one day, because some other people said they wanted to read it too. But I’d have to change it a lot towards the ending because my main character kinda turns into a slut and I don’t want that..

Yep. Maybe this campaign will help. We already have quite a lot of people that joined it and maybe there will be even more with the upcoming days.

Hopefully she really disappeared – we really don’t need anymore stealers out there XD

It would maybe be awkward because I am a shy person and don’t like to speak in English that much and we’d have those awkward silent moments all the time xD

I usually never apologize to my mum when I yell at her and stuff.. it’s just over after an hour or so and then everything is good. I am pretty sure that I should apologize to her because all of that, but I kinda can’t or don’t want too.. I am weird like that..

I really should get into the studying mood soon.. February is pretty much around the corner and that’s when the first important tests are coming up and they will also cover stuff from the last 3 semester, to show us how the final exams will be..

Oh I hate that too! Mum likes to tell me “You did this wrong” and “You did that wrong” and then I am just like “If I do everything the wrong way – do it yourself!” It’s really annoying. She loves to do that when it comes to clean the house.. she is never happy with my work…

I used to read a lot too.. but now that we have to read books for school, it kinda ruined it. Though when I am on holidays I still read sometimes. Mostly books I already read xD But reading blogs is cool too :) Especially for me, because they are all in English and so I won’t forget any words and stuff.

Haha XD Imagine there would’ve been more people.. that would’ve been pretty hilarious. They would have had an amazing time xD


Yeah I heard about RigRag too.. and I found it amusing how they say they are the best host out there or are really reliable and stuff.. guess they proved wrong..

Glad you get the new reseller soon :) And yay for buying it from Liesl :) I wanted to get hosted by her too when I moved to but because Wendy bought it, I thought I would get hosted by her.. oh what a wrong decision xD

Hehe, yeah you definitely like getting domains ;) But as long as you keep up with all of them, I think it’s cool :) And if they make you happy and keep you away from real life sometimes – it’s even better.

Lovely comments can be the highlight of a very bad day for sure! I really love reading through some of them every now and then.

OMFG! That is soooo disgusting! Ewww… and one woman found a chicken head? Like, for real?! That’s so disgusting!

Hehe, they are soo damn cute <3 I'd love to have the yellow one too :D

Awww, Georgie! I'm really sorry that things still aren't back to normal at home. It sucks that you still have to deal with them. I just keep hoping that it will be soon *bear hug*!

Just remember, whenever you need someone to talk to and it's in the middle of the night – come online. I might be there and you can talk to me – if you want to.

We all care a lot about you and what you to be happy ♥

GEORGINA! Ngaw, I missed you. :( Thanks so much for both of your comments. I feel like such a failure, returning them so late. But yeah, I had a crazy week. D: You probably already know what happened. Maybe not? But there’s a mini explanation in my current blog. Your second comment was too sweet baha. I really appreciate that you were concerned. :) But I’m fine, just didn’t get the time to go online cause of school and other things.

Yeah, exactly. Those people shouldn’t have judged MJ as harshly as they did when there was no evidence whatsoever behind a single one of their theories pshhh.

OMG AHH. I would have freaked out if two people “getting it on” randomly popped up on my screen. Shit kaboobs. D: Ewww and it had close ups too?! That’s horrible, I feel sorry for your poor eyeballs.. they’ve seen some pretty horrible things. Lmao.

PORN=SCARY. I would have gone to church or something and prayed to get those images out of my mind. Bahaha.

Ooh yeah I think most of the Javascript that I use on my site is done by WordPress plugins.

For the last time, YUS YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN. :)

Lmfao a tomato icon? Interesting. The name sounds pretty odd as well, but hey if it was a good program than all that doesn’t matter. :P

HAHA yeah agreed. It’s always fun to just bitch at times, to let it all out. xD Not so fun for the person you’re bitching at though muahah. Ah well, they deserve it. >:)

Why don’t ya like the quote “everything happens for a reason” ? I don’t really like or dislike the quote.. whenever I hear it, I’m just like “meh okay”.. I’m neutral about it haha.

Sorry to hear about the RigRag problem. But it seems like you didn’t have too much trouble finding a solution. :) Yay for Pixobox!

LMAOO another domain? *shakes head* Hahaha, you really are addicted, and this further proves that you are superwoman lmfao (I’ll never let that go) cause you’re keeping up with like a million sites!

I’ve never seen my site as a place to “escape from reality” either. Cause it’s the place where I talk about reality. xD But yes, the comments really cheer me up, so I understand where you’re coming from.

HOLY FLIP. A cockroach?! ….. A CHICKEN HEAD? Shit man, if that ever happened to me I probably would never go anywhere near a McDonalds ever again. D: That’s crazy.

I love the giant microbes. They’re too cute. :3 I WANT ONE.

I’m so sorry to hear about all the yelling that’s going on at home. That’s never a nice situation to be around. I hope things settle down soon. :(

I’m sure that every family has those times where they just don’t get along though. No family’s perfect. My parents definitely yell a lot as well, but I just hope that they’ll get over themselves which is usually what ends up happening. :)

You gave some great advice. It’s important to have someone to talk to. To let it all out.

The last sentence in your blog definitely had me smiling. :) I LUH YOU. Lmao. -So random.

I look at my site that way too. It’s closer to reality than to an escape from reality. I like it better that way. I have such a great support group online, though. I’ve made so many great friends! Your microbes are so adorable! It makes me want the flu, haha!

Yes, it can be our secret.. nobody needs to know.. 🙄

Well it felt like one of those cousins with those beady things in them, it was the strangest thing.. :P

So you’re site is harder then your work? Dude, you’re so lucky ^_^

I’m just laughing at the thought of you running into a glass door :P ahahahaha, XD

Aw </3 sorry to hear about your bad few days, things can only get better :)

You've so many domains, you're so good to be able to keep up with them all <3

My website is definatley a sanctuary from my reality. I too have had a few crappy days recently, so I come on and escape it.

Mmmmm.. I love ice cream. I'd love some now but we have none since it's the dead of Winter and my tongue'd probably get stuck to it if I had some, xD

No, Mcdonalds is a piece of crap with their food to be honest. I feel like gauging my insides out after eating their food, it's made of probably shit, and like, a chicken head in chicken nuggest? No thx.
I don't think they even use proper spuds in their chips. WTH? LACKING QUALITY THERE. ~

I commented that picture of those little fluffy sicky things on your plog site, I LOVE THEM :) I'm taking them along with your scarf kthnxbye. /bounce /bounce

I love coming online when you feel down, because there is always someone online who cares :) also, you can talk to offline friends too, and so it's good that way too :)


I don't know, I really don't. :P

Hehe you’re lucky you have an ipod touch I have a nano xD.

Our school has like 2 plays a year and sooooo many people try out D:.

Yaa but my dad works soo much :S. Once I went to “take you child to work day” at his work and all i saw him doing was typing stuff into command prompt and i was like :O. It looked really confusing D:.

Yeah, I dunno if my site is an escape from reality, I just love it so much, it’s like my buddy :D.

Ugh i really dont like fast food :/.

AWw those little (or big) microbes are so cute :D.

:( I hope everything gets resolved at home soon :).

I’m super sorry about your bad day. *hugs* I hope you feel better. You made me feel better yesterday, and I feel like i failed in making you feel better. :P

Yay for domains! (: I’m broke.. so I stick to and reading other people’s blogs. That makes me happy (: And receiving blog comments. ^^

Those are such cute microbes. ^^

I’m really sorry about your homelife. I hope everything simmers down. And remember, if you need someone to talk to, you can always talk to me :D

I’m glad you bought a reseller from Pixobox, they seem to have a very stable server and Liesl is awesome too.

There’s nothing wrong with owning so many domains; especially when you can keep up with them. I really want a hosting site; like something like to offer free hosting and stuff but I’m not sure I’d be able to afford the expenses.

I call my site ‘escape from reality’ because no one in my offline life know about my website. But like you said I love coming to my website and reading all the lovely comments when I’m down.

McDonalds fail, they really do. Over here someone found a frog in their McDonalds (I think it was that) but loads of people get food poisoning from there etc.

I’ve never heard of ‘giant microbes’ before, but they look adorable. Yellow and green are my favourite colours, yay.

Sorry things aren’t going so well for you at home, I hope they get better soon. I’m here if you want to talk. *hugs* Even though I’m on the other side of the world and my advice sucks, I am a good listening. :)

I’m pretty mad at him too. WANKER. He’s been pretty quiet today, surprisingly. Probably because my step dad was at home and he’s scared of him. :P

*hugs* The RR thing was stupid. Someone said people make mistakes etc don’t be so hard on them but they seem to make mistakes, a lot.

LMAO. I do that sometimes! When I’m talking to my sister, I say things like that. I have to be careful what I say to Rob just in case lol. I knew what you meant though. :P

Haha I do eat a lot though. Ew, milk. I hate milk even if it is chocolate lol. Wow, a whole packet of chips? I would have felt fat too but I never feel guilty baha.

Woo for sleeping in. :D

Oh yeah, your mum probably wouldn’t be too keen, I know my mum wouldn’t if it was the other way around. Yes, maybe me, you, James and Rob can meet up one day. :D

Hehe that would be like amazing.

Yep, it really does suck. I guess James knows how I feel!

That’s what it’s like here with trains but I hate them, I don’t know why.

Ugh, I can imagine it being annoying being called George, seeing as it’s a boys name.

I’ve never seen Amy, spelt Ai-my before. My best mate spells her name Aimee. XD

Hehe thanks, I used to HATE my name, but I guess I’ve grown to love it. I hate saying my own name though, I don’t know why. I think Georgina suits you. ;D

Yeah it makes sense, flavoured water is nice, I can’t drink LOADS of it though.

That sucks. My step dad screws if we have our laptops on our laps onto of our duvet because it sucks it up. My sister uses a board, but I have a desk but when I sit in bed, I just have it on my lap without my duvet. :)

She doesn’t, oddly enough. A lot of tea is bad for your teeth.

Hehe I know, four years sounds so… long though. Makes us feel old haha.

Didn’t think you called them bungalows. XD

People are just so stupid these days.

I don’t blame them, it is boring. Most people love creative layouts with lots of brushes etc but some do love the plain old simple CSS layouts. Someone told me it was their favourite layout I’ve ever made, which made me smile. :) But, aww thank you. :D

Yeah, though there aren’t as many people using Cutenews as there used to be, but yes everyone should just use WordPress. I know it’s hard etc but even so, they could use FanUpdate. :)

Haha you definitely should! I like browsing through archives. I use a plugin for mine. ;)

You’re not a douche, reviews take a lot of time and patience. My review queue isn’t bad, 2 people and 1 is on revamp.

Haha that sounds rather cool though. It is expensive getting it done at a salon etc. I’d rather just do it myself even though it comes out fucked up haha.

Yeah I know what you mean. People ask some silly questions that they could find themselves if they bothered searching my site. One question I get asked a lot is “do you use wordpress on your whole site or just index?” I don’t know why people want to know so much LOL.

Oh I get it, sounds rather… drastic LOL. It could work to get him out mind. ;)

LOL I do that too! I wait 3 days sometimes, but my current blog only has 30 comments, the same as last weekend. But it doesn’t bother me, though I ‘replied’ to a comment on my own site so it would be 30 haha.

AWW PETR CECH!!! Sorry LOL. My favourite soccer team Chelsea won today and he’s the goalkeeper and he just came on TV baha.

Oh wow, really? My mums forever buying PJs. I rarely were the tops though, I usually wear an old t-shirt with the bottoms.

You shouldn’t force yourself to do reviews. We all know you’ll get them done, people just have to see your completed reviews to know that.

LOL fights. Family fights crack me up sometimes, don’t ask why mainly because it’s over stupid things. That’s good it’s nice going over there and stuff though. :)

I don’t know why that would be jealous of me though? :S

LMAO seriously? DM me on Twitter the site or email me? I want to see it. ^_^

You done the right thing changing the Photobucket links, they should go find their own fucking links, twats.

LOL EXACTLY. It’s like the lamest excuse ever, I can’t believe people say that though. “I FORGET TO ADD THE LINK” Yeah dude, it was already there.

Hehe exactly *hugs* BUT WOOO!! I can’t believe we both managed to comment twice on one blog hahaha. Though, I think I’ve been better returning your comments lately? I hope. I usually leaves the big ones till last but I do yours pretty much straight away.

This comment was over 1,000 words, but probably because you had a new blog up. :D

Those are THE cutest little plush toys I’ve ever seen!
-gives a virtual hug- I hope things get better at home for you. Drama just sucks, and sometimes it’s real hard to find someone to talk to about it all, since not a lot of people would understand what’s going on.
I know I’ve had a lot of family problems myself, and I dealt with them in the complete wrong way.

A COCKROACH!? I don’t like McDonald’s as is, so now I’m not sure I’ll ever EVER go get it again. 0_OI always had a hatred for spaghetti due to throwing it up from motion sickness once, but now it’s one of my most favourite foods. xD

I’d probably go off and blow whatever money I don’t have on domains and websites if I wasn’t only fifteen. xD I can’t have a credit card, or a paypal, or anything like that, so I think it’s a good thing I’m not buying a billion domains. :P
You’ve got a really nice setup for them all, though, and it amazes me how you manage them all!

Yuck, a cockroach in your burger! Eww. Gross! 🤮 Probably cleaner than their pickles, though /bash

Hahah, McDonalds isn’t a restaurant. Or is it? 😰 I don’t know. They’re trying to make themselves fancy and all..
there was also the woman who found a severed penis in her Wendies chili. I don’t know what chili is, but i’m assuming it’s some sort of meat sauce dish, maybe D: Man I bet she was surprised…to say the least 💥

*Huggggg* yeah, it’s like that when my dad was still here. They’d argue over everything, or it’d be real quiet haha. The tension was so crazily high sometimes I swear I could hear the air sizzling. It sucks how he had to leave in the end but I must say it’s calmer now. And even my mum’s asking me ‘Oh how is he’ and everything. So…the net result was that maybe it was for the better? I don’t know.

There isn’t really an easy way out for what’s happening to you right now, that won’t have some ridiculous long-term ramifications. We’l just wait and see /rose

Talking is good :3 When they used to argue, I’d talk to Keeks and she’d lie there and gaze at me. I pretended she’d understand what I was saying, but really I knew she was wondering what the hell was coming out of my mouth. But at least she was there hahaha and that did mean a bit to me. /love

Of course self harm gets you nowhere /um Sure, I’ve never tried it. But pain doesn’t take away pain; surely you don’t fight your flu by getting pneumonia, right. 😳

Is there a way to stop the comment scrolling back up to the top when I click on an emote? /argh



I guess you could call it a “fast food restaurant” because they usually have seating inside so you can eat there.

Wendies? I thought Wendy’s was an ice cream place… or maybe it’s something else. O_O

Awww. *huggggg* There were times when it got so tense that my dad threatened to leave – but you know, all those inner feelings come out and my mum realised there was no way either of us (us or he) could go on without the other.

Did you get “long term ramifications” from a POTF song? It sounds… /bounce ♥

Aww. :O Like I used to talk to my plushie dog. At night I used to talk to myself and try and tell myself it would be okay.

HUU. I had pneumonia once. So… hrrrng. But I don’t know how I got that… the x-ray showed my lung practically had a cloud in it. D:

Err… /um I don’t know… /bash You could remember the shortcuts for the emoticons. (I do!) /ehe

But even though it scrolls back to the top, you can keep on typing because the cursor is still at the end. ✌️

Yuck, a cockroach in your burger! Eww. Gross! 🤮 Probably cleaner than their pickles, though /bash

Hahah, McDonalds isn’t a restaurant. Or is it? 😰 I don’t know. They’re trying to make themselves fancy and all..
there was also the woman who found a severed penis in her Wendies chili. I don’t know what chili is, but i’m assuming it’s some sort of meat sauce dish, maybe D: Man I bet she was surprised…to say the least 💥

*Huggggg* yeah, it’s like that when my dad was still here. They’d argue over everything, or it’d be real quiet haha. The tension was so crazily high sometimes I swear I could hear the air sizzling. It sucks how he had to leave in the end but I must say it’s calmer now. And even my mum’s asking me ‘Oh how is he’ and everything. So…the net result was that maybe it was for the better? I don’t know.

There isn’t really an easy way out for what’s happening to you right now, that won’t have some ridiculous long-term ramifications. We’l just wait and see /rose

Talking is good :3 When they used to argue, I’d talk to Keeks and she’d lie there and gaze at me. I pretended she’d understand what I was saying, but really I knew she was wondering what the hell was coming out of my mouth. But at least she was there hahaha and that did mean a bit to me. /love

Of course self harm gets you nowhere /um Sure, I’ve never tried it. But pain doesn’t take away pain; surely you don’t fight your flu by getting pneumonia, right. 😳

Is there a way to stop the comment scrolling back up to the top when I click on an emote? /argh

And I hope you know, someone out there loves you..


OHh you and your domains <3 haha. Atleast you have a reason for it though.

Your little plushies are adorable. I want the kissing disease one XD I wanna give it to Final haha.

I'm really sorry about your home life. From the time I was born til the time I was 18/moved out in College, my home life was so bad. My mom was always getting drunk and yelling and throwing things and cursing me out.. on top of that we were really poor so while I was working and saving for college, I'd have to "lend" her money for bills. I had saved up like $400 in my account once and she needed $380 for a late light bill and I was so sad I got wiped clean. She eventually paid, but it was in 20s so I don't think it ever got that high again.

Just try to stay strong, like you said. There are people who love and care for you out there (and here)!

Thanks, I actually planned it to be all these odd brushes everywhere. Then I realized it looked like crap. So I didn’t :P

I know, it’s not exactly nice to do that either. Like an actual coversation doesn’t revolve around your problem.

That’s probably it. But I still find it so odd. I’d love to live that long. But it’d probably feel funny. To be that old. I mean most of your friends are not there. And you have your kids. But it’s not the same as an uncle, mom, or cousin.
And I’d feel so frail at the time.

Haha, I wouldn’t feel that great surrounded by it no matter how soft it was.

SAME here! My mom’s like, “OH, 2 dollars for a 25 rolls. THAT’S A DEAL!” Then she comes home and we have rough cardboard for the next two weeks.

I just love your title. It put a smile to my face 👏
I don’t know why, it’s just cool :P

I’m sorry about your day, things get better though. Lots better.

EWW! That is really gross. McDonalds was never really good though, so at least now I have a reason for not wanting to eat there. :P
A&W is SOOO better XD

Man, they do look cute! And so fuzzy. Fuzzy things are always cute. Except if their like a bathrobe, then their just really snuggly :D

Family does make you do that sometimes. You just got to remember, no matter what you do. They will always be there. Angry as they make you. They are there. You can’t make them go away. They can frustrate you. But I’m certin they can also make you laugh.

I would hate to have to cross the street to go to a different class. I hate crossing the street around there anyway, particularly when classes just got out because people drive like maniacs and don’t watch where they’re going as you try to cross an exit. -_-

Ugh, Gordon’s family got Arby’s once, and the inside of my patty was RAW AND RUBBERY, which didn’t make any sense because it’s not that hard to cook them. -_- My dad complained and we got like 3-5 free meals out of it… but still, I can’t believe people can mess that kind of stuff up. XP

My home felt like that my sophomore year of high school. Sometimes I would go to my friend Sami’s house for several hours (she lived about a five minute walk away) so I could cool down (these things were happening with Dad being really mean to me; this was before Holly and Yemaya were in the picture, or at least before they moved in).

Hey :). First of all thanks for trusting me in purchasing a reseller from my site. I really appreciate it. :)

I kind of feel the same way about domains/websites. I’ve always held my blog, for example, close to my real life and it’s never been a secret or like an escape from life, but it always does make me feel better when I work on them, answer emails, etc. And you’re right, whenever you’re sad or upset, you just have to talk to someone, even if it’s yourself. I do that sometimes, I just talk to myself about my feelings and everything. It always seems to help. :P

Woah, a cockroach in a McDonald’s burger? D: Ahh, now I’m scared of eating fast food. /sweat

bleh i heard the whole shenanigans of rigrag. sorry to hear that your hostees had to suffer through it D:
omg you have so many domains ! i wouldn’t know what to do with all of them :P
my blog has become my dairy almost, minus all the relationship problems because that would be too personal and now that one of my best friends knows about my blog, it would be way too embarassing !
gahh.. something scary mustve happened for you not to eat icecream for TWO years !!
wow, restaurant in general should really check their food and keep it clean… a restaurant around my area recently closed down for food poisoning and killing an old man. sighhh.
haha those micro stuff are so cute !!
im that kinda person who spills out all their sadness… even if i sound too dramatic sometimes. its better to have someone be like ‘there there its okay’ haha. smileee (:

Bleh. Rigrag were such jerks, I’m sure to blog about their awful service once I manage to get a blog back up -_-
Who knows, maybe a bunch of 12 year olds run that business.

heh, you are quite addicted to domains aren’t you XD I want to purchase a second domain but I’m still thinking about what the heck I’d do with it. D:

Watching tv/movies really help me keep my mind off things. Maybe it’s because I’m looking into someone’s ‘lives’ D:

D: I’m glad you’ve started eating ice-cream again! I don’t know what other comfort food I’d have without it XD

Bleh, my mum experienced someone similar to the cockroach thing. Except it was worse because she asked the waiter for a new one and they agreed, but they just cut off the bit where she took a bite from it!

And it’s ironic because the name of the place was called ‘Good Kitchen’ /snort

:O The giant microbes are SO cute! I want the yellow one too haha.

Bleh; I hope things at home get better soon as well as your lip :(

Yes, it’s very important to not bottle things up, and to talk to someone. Even if writing a letter and ripping it to pieces then burning it helps (I do that often lol).

I’m just gonna pop here and return your comment because you’re still getting your site up. :)

I think the founder of RigRag is actually only 14. That’s what I heard. But if you are going to run a big company like that with paying clients, you should make sure you have a reliable server.

When I open my hosting site there will be no BS. I will be the only one running the site, and I plan to have it as a small site. I won’t be ashamed to let people know where my reseller is from, and I’ll help people personally… professional hosting is just not my thing.

You could make a photoblog! Or a writing portfolio. :)

Haha I think I was more into chocolate. I actually really like dark chocolate and could eat a lot of it! I know people think it is bitter, though. :P

Ewww, freaks! That’s pretty disrespectful. It’s not much to give someone an extra burger. /angry

Oh, I remember actually shredding the letters someone gave me because I really disliked them. D:

I’ve heard of those stories about a cockroach in a hamburger and a chicken head in a chicken mcnugget box. Those must’ve been somewhere back east or something because we never had any problems like that where I live. Or so I’ve been told or heard of. I’m sorry you hated ice cream because of a traumatic event. But I’m gad you conquered your fear! Yeah my grandmother’s doing better, they started her on dialysis. So we’re not sure if it’s gonna be temporary, or long term. She’s doing really well; though. Anyway, got any suggestions for visitor content? Or how to get people to my site?

Yeah, Priya’s site lead to a RigRag page. By the ways. you give out domains? If you do, let me know! Who wouldn’t love a good domain, right? LOL. Well, I guess this is pretty short, but it was meant to be. Bye! :P

Yeah, it’s such a shame because of RigRag’s problem – people are having trouble getting their sites back.

I don’t “give out domains” just like that. /hmph I have competitions from time to time so that people can enter.

Yeah. Ugh. Oh. Haha. ‘Kay. I see. :D Anyways, Priya hasn’t been replying. Hope we both get our sites back soon. What about you? Are you a RigRag hostee?

Maybe you should be patient? She might be busy.

I have a reseller on RigRag but I wasn’t at loss; as I mentioned in this post, a few of my domain hostees lost their files.

Sure. :P Maybe she’s.. I don’t know, frustrated? Anyways, so if you’re on Reseller, you don’t get the server downtimes and stuff?

My reseller is on a different domain ( This one,, and most of my other ones, are not on the reseller so they haven’t been affected.

I see. :D

“Your comment was a bit too short…” haha.
Okay, is this long enough for you? :P

It’s possibly because WordPress is trying to prevent spam, so it puts a minimum on comment length.

Oh. Okay. Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla…. :P

Hmm, I’m not sure what I call my site. I think it’s a little place on the internet where I can just talk. Get something off my chest, or vent until I go blue in the face.
I’ve been down the S/I route too. It dosen’t lead anywhere good, especially if you get addicted like I did. :/
Thanks for the comment btw. ♥


I’m so sorry you’re having such a rough time. I understand the pain of family turmoil and just self reflectance all too well. Though I must say, you know how to handle it. :) I really like that despite the hurt your going through, you managed to end this entry with optimism.

I suggest you take a day off – enjoy some miso soup and just read and relax, maybe.

I heard about the RigRag shiz… hope things are better soon! :)

I changed the link to the Atreyu fanlisting. :)
Creepseque is such an awesome name! I could never come up with that, lmao. Plus you’re right, it suits the theme of Atreyu’s songs + album art. :D

I know what you mean… sometimes I feel like my site is similar or closely linked to reality, but at the same time it’s not because my writings are not always real. And well, it’s a little getaway from the real world really… in my opinion, anyway. :) Online people and all! /bounce

I like ice-cream but I don’t eat it when I’m in a shit mood lol, because there’s never any in the freezer. /wah

I write/ draw to take my mind off things. Mainly write. ^^

Was that the ice-cream you plogged? Looked like a Magnum to me lol.

Yeah, I know what you mean… for example a guy on my bus was saying today that he can’t sleep by windows anymore in bed. When he was five or six he was sleeping at a friend’s, and was woken up at midnight by a fat guy tapping on the window. He’d been watching him sleep. /ehh

I don’t think any “scarring” has really happened to me, but at the same time it has…

Eurgh. A cockcroach! D:
And a chicken head?! O_O


I saw those on your plog too lmao. They’re so freaking awesome! /eee
Cute. :)

I hope things get better at home. I understand and I’m with you in spirit. *hugs*

The ending to your blog was so cute. :’) It might not seem like it, but there are people out there who love you. :)

Well we didn’t really escape her view haha, we ran right past her. That’s why it was “subtle”… lmao.
Betcha she thought “how very unladylike!” XD

It was creepy. But I’m very glad I wasn’t stuck, heh. :)
Hehe maybe I will see the girl next year! Except she won’t be “allowed” to talk to me because I’ll be Year 9 by then and Year 7s have absolutely no right to talk to them. Haha. The “rules” at my school can be so stupid. O_O

Anyway, I’ll be sure to say hi if I see her. 8D

It was way past “disrespectful”, it was just plain rude. Sigh. I didn’t make much effort, I must admit, but I was polite and stuff.
Yeah. It was weird that she threw all these tantrums. She seemed pretty spoiled tbh…

Likewise. Your blogs are so great. (Y) ✌️

Yay! Glad you like it there at your job. :3
I used to be able to finger knit! I’ve forgotten how to now though. /um
I’ll have to look it up or something, haha.
I suck at sewing in general. I mean I can sew but not with thread. It’s too thin. XD I need wool or something, haha. I love doing blanket stitch!
And I can prove I’m crap at sewing, ‘cuz I had to staple – STAPLE – my Art homework. He didn’t notice though lol.

I just finished a book I started like, 2 months ago lol.
I used to read 30-ish books a month. No idea were that went! I just used to read loads. :)

You should do something on your 2-year anniversary! :D Even if all you do is meet up! :)

Aha same. And I don’t always have something to say… and sometimes it’s not even that interesting. /sweat

I suck at maths. Aha.

You should be. ;D Have you ever wished your hair was curly lol? ‘Cuz everyone at my school with straight hair wants theirs to be curly and vice versa. Haha. (Excluding me. 8D)

Take care! xx

I’ve been there before. I’ve been so down and out that I’ve actually cut myself.. A few times. No one even knows that I’ve done that. Not even my bestfriend. But that’s in the past and I’m over it now.

But I do hope you feel better.

When you give out domains, do you renew them or do the people you give them to renew them?

Never heard of that story, but I did hear of a women suing McDonalds cause she spilled hot coffee on herself. She won. It was long time ago, now they put warnings on the cups. Like people didn’t already know that coffee was hot.

I know, I was so annoyed. I’d actually love to hunt down the postman that took it and stab them repeatedly. Then take the phone back, obviously. /eee
It’s not too much here so it’s alright. Most people will do it on a market stall for about a tenner, sometimes less if you’re lucky. :) I think I’ve only ever had one phone that I haven’t had unlocked.

It sucks that you’re feeling like that. :( I hope things get better soon. I kind of know what you mean though, I had some bad things cracking off at home just before I moved out… I was suffering from depression because of it.
I seriously hope you’re feeling better soon though. :D

I heard about that woman suing because of the whole chicken nugget thing. THAT IS DISGUSTING! It’s not put me off Mcdonalds though, I had it for breakfast today. XD I don’t eat chicken nuggets from there though so I guess it’s all good. I’ve only recently started eating burgers from there, I was kind of put off by the thought of what was in them, and then my stubbornness made me believe I didn’t like the taste.

Hey Georgina. :) Good to know that you stalked me.. I feel loved hehe.

Aw thanks, it’d mean a lot if you could keep him in your prayers. Him and his family definitely need all the support they can get. :(

YAY FOR NOT LAUGHING! Baha. Pretty much everyone who watched the vlog said they laughed.. whether that was because they were laughing at my sheer stupidity or the fact that they were laughing at my career choice.. I don’t know. :P Let’s just hope it was my sheer stupidity. Thanks for the encouragement! :D I sure as hell hope I can get through those exams cause I’m definitely prepared to study for ass off for them to get where I want to be.

Gawsh, you must be the first person on planet Earth who actually thinks I’m smart LOL. Thanks though. :D Georgina, you totally are superwoman. DON’T DENY IT. Bahaha.

Oh shit. You guys didn’t have lockers?! WOW THAT SUCKS. Plus, that’s kinda fail for a high-school.. cause what’s a high-school without lockers? That’s like elementary school lmao.

Wow thats insane that you once carried a weight that’s heavier than you. >:O I don’t think I’ve done that yet, and hopefully I never will. :P Turds indeed.

Yeah, we do have lockers, and I am SO darn thankful.

Oh my. “Fancy him a lot” is quite the big understatement. xD A more accurate one would be “I fucking love him with my life.” Yeah. Hehehe, it makes me so happy when people say that we’d look good together.. but obviously I know that we probably never will be. xD BUT, I can still dream.

Yeah whoever invented porn should go die.. in a hole. They’re disgusting. D:

Lmao wow I really fail. The whole point of that convo about the program was to come to the conclusion that is isn’t good b/c it uses Javascript, and I reached the opposite conclusion……… ANYWAYS..

James has a point. All girls bitch.. I guess.. but guys bitch a lot too.. so we ain’t the only ones. Hmph.

Yah I can see your point with the poverty that exists and how it relates to the quote, but, those people who live on the streets must have done something in their life that caused them to end up there, don’t ya think? Like, if you throw your education out the window, don’t respect your family or friends or don’t know how to maintain relationships of any kind then what other option is there for you? On the other hand, if you can’t afford an education, or you’re pretty much helpless in trying to prevent poverty, like in countries like Africa, then it’s a different story.

I’m sure someday McDonalds will give you a problem lmao.. you’ve been extremely lucky so far that they haven’t.

OMG I’m like obsessed with that Microbes site now.. it’s kinda scary.. but I don’t care.. cause these things are so amusing to look at ..

You’re welcome! :3

Thank you. Yes, she is a strong one. My mom always tells stories and things about my grandmother now, since she past away. I can tell my mom’s pretty upset. :(

Same here, My dad has high blood pressure, and I worry about him.

Alright, since you still kept me on your links page, I’m going to keep you too. :)

Whoaa, you must have A LOT of domains now. So every time your sad… you buy a domain to cheer you up? Sweet, lol.

Two years… you haven’t ate a scoop of ice cream? Wow, I cannot survive with out ice cream, haha. I have a huge addiction to ice-cream. It’s quite weird. :P

Awehhh, the green and yellow little microbes are soo cute. My favorite colors, tehee.

:O That is the almost the same thing happening at my house. Except it’s not shouting, it’s crying. D:
Yes, my mom… her best friends left her because of a fight, her mom died, and my dad’s having a fight with her.

The worst feeling ever is making or even seeing your parent(s) cry. :[

I feel so bad for everyone who lost files due to the loss of accounts at RigRag. :(

Ew, a cockroach?! A chicken head?! See, this is why I’m a Subway-er! :’) I am partial to a McDonalds on a Saturday whilst out shopping though.

I quite like ice cream but I don’t eat it often because I have sensitive teeth. If I’m with friends, and we go past the ice cream stall in the shopping centre, I’d probably have one if they do.

Aw, they are so cute! They remind me of these things we got when we changed our gas supplier. I don’t know if you get them in Australia, but N Power do our gas, and they have these little fluff ball things, and they’re supposed to represent gas and electricity. They’re really cute. :’)

I hope everything gets better at home. It will get better! <3

Yeah, when I fixing the errors, I had to alter the background, but I couldn't find the exact texture I used so I had to use one that was a little bit like it.

I don't usually go to random concerts just to be like "Oh, I saw them before they were famous!" but usually upcoming bands support the bands I go to see, and thats how I hear about them before my friends. :')

I don't buy books often. In the past few years, I've bought Twilight, New Moon, Miles To Go (Miley Cyrus's autobiography) and 3 books in the Georgia Nicholson series, which is about a British teenage girl, and it's really funny. :)

Yeah, I can see that–it being considered “bailing out,” I mean.

I would like to keep the domain/me links in the sidebar if at all possible (I think my navigation bar would be too cluttered otherwise), so I tried to make them more prominent. Instead of just a word as a link, it’s now a whole sentence… do you think it’s more noticeable? If not, do you have any suggestions? :/

Ah, I see! I’ll have to try that out. I’m too lazy to do it now and I need to eat and stuff so I’m ready to go to class. I don’t wanna go… I’ve gotten used to being lazy and on the computer this weekend.

Hey Georgina, sorry for the late reply. :( My laptop has been acting up and I have no choice but to use my sister’s computer at the moment (which, I completely and utterly hate by the way). Dx I was going to wait but, I feel rude enough as it is. XP

Anyways, yeah, it was cute but, still a little immature. :P There was only five guys handing out candy plus, only 5 or so kids came anyway. XD Believe me, there was a lot of candy left over; it had to go somewhere. Yeah well, only one of my friends knows about my site so, I honestly don’t care when I put real names up. :) I don’t think Austen would mind any who. :D Nah, I think you’re better off. Seriously, my friend’s have stranger love interests. 😒

18 isn’t too old to go trick-or-treating but, around this age, most people are out getting “crunk” or something. XD I’ll personally be out trick-or-treating for awhile. :) No age limit is going to tell me otherwise! “Adult hood” sounds so… boring; I’d rather stay a kid for as long as I can. Ah, no it was nothing like Scary Movie; it was supposed to be scary, the scenes that were funny were just in there for the humor I suppose… don’t think it was purposely supposed to be funny.

At least your teachers are nice about the subject. XD I know my teachers would yell into the phone, “Not now! Can’t you see I’m busy?!“. Yeah, I usually get startled myself whenever a random ring tone goes off.

Okay so like, what the hell? IS AMERICA THE ONLY PLACE THAT SELLS HOT CHEETOS?! That’s like a crime or something. I remember when these foreign kids from Japan came for a 2 week visit; they’ve never even heard of Hot Cheetos before much less, try them out. They were so amazed with them, they took several large bags of them when they went home. XD I thought it was kind of cute; I myself was a little surprised. I always thought of Japan as the place that had pretty much everything!

Only some of your yearbook pages were in color?! Whoa, that’s weird. D: I’m used to seeing ours in full color. At least you have something to remember your school years by anyways. :) I have the most awful luck when it comes to random people popping by. Dx

LOL don’t blame WordPress for posting your comment early. XD Though, it can be a bitch. >:[

Hmm… I see. Well, maybe I’ll randomly try and make a header; we shall see how it goes! :D I think it’s awesome how you can turn something so simple into something marvelous. =^.^=

Why not? That’s pretty much what all the famous kids do these days. XD “Thanks for raising me pops but, it’s time I leave this dump.” Ohh yeah~ Aha, I wouldn’t be that mean to my parents. o: If there’s one thing my teacher’s have told me, it’s never too late to try; if it’s something that you’re really passionate about, you should be able to get back into it no matter your age.

Haha, my next break is this Wednesday! Yeah, my school is so dumb, they gave us a break in the middle of the week… for ONE day! Oh, well better than nothing I suppose. :P

I would have replied to more but, since I forgot what we were talking about, I doubt you would remember. XD Now, off to your blog~

I wanted to buy hosting from RigRag since their prices were fairly acceptable but wow… so many complaints! I’d rather stay away from them then go through the hassle of all the downtime and crap. ANOTHER DOMAIN?! Holy guacamole~ you just keep them coming. At this moment, I think of my site as a hobby; I enjoy doing it but, I can’t say I’m attached to it or anything.

I can’t imagine going 2 years without eating ice cream… I mean, I hardly eat it anyways since we never have it in the house but, I think that’s different. XD And eww, what the flip?! McDonald’s is starting to get low ratings in my book too… talk about disgusting. :S I could only imagine the sound of when they actually bit into the hamburger… 🤮 Okay, I’m done before I gag.

Aha, that’s a cute way to describe microbes. x) I sometimes have those moments too but, usually I have my friends to talk to. There’s other things I keep to myself but for the most part, I do tell someone. I think everyone want to run away from home at one time or another; though, I know I would never do it. Aww, lovely said. Smiling does overcome the darkness. 👏

I know. I corrected myself yesterday or whenever it was that she didn’t write the script. Sorry. :(

I see. Yeah, I was thinking about getting one but didn’t want to spend the money. I have a list of what domains I hope to have in my hands before I am 21. I may add a .nu domain name to the list sometime in the future, but I don’t know yet. I have 14 on the list, including buying my name back. I feel like such a geek. :( I’ve realized that even if I see something cute, I’ll think of a domain name I want and add it to the list. was going to be bought and used as a personal blog, but it’s taken. I’m currently thinking of: (or .net), and, but my heart is set on Has that ever happened to you before?

I know. I even asked the doctor today and she said that it was true. But I don’t chocolate–it’s too rich. I understand where you went with it, though. :]

I used to use premades all of the time for Mango Penguin until I made one myself. Since then I have made all of my layouts. A lot of people look down upon premades though. I wish they didn’t, because I always come across premades that I love. I guess that Party of Me is like my Barbie Doll–I can find clothes for it and dress it up. I like the current layout [your splat theme] but too many people keep reviewing it or messaging us their review saying that they don’t like the top links/colors/etc. and to ‘hire a professional’. We keep being told that our packages (Party Planner, Balloon, Party DJ, Confetti, Wedding Cake, etc.) sound off-topic for a hosting website. We named them those names because it’s Party of Me. I thought it made sense. o.o I might apply for Party of Me to be reviewed by you sometime next year. /type

If I do take the credit off, I will put it on the credits page so that my footer looks “right”. That sounds a little weird, but it has to be balanced. It’s complicated.

People used to use what I offered, which is why I don’t make free domain layouts anymore. Too many many people would take them and blow up my MySpace with hate mail, hence the reason I don’t use it as often anymore. I guess that’s another reason why I don’t make “extremely good” layouts as some people say that I should. I can do better than what I currently have, but I choose not to because everyone takes it. :|

Haha. Okay, I’ll watch it tomorrow. I’m dosing off/feeling a bit lightheaded again.

Sometimes I do use my sub domain as an escape from reality. I used to use for JUST that. There wasn’t any other way to get my anger out. Writing helped some, but I have had writer’s block. >:|

The last double quarter pounder (McDonals’d) I ever got was in the summer when I was in middle school. I had picked it up, and grease started leaking out of the burger and into the little box that it came in–it filled up half way. /ehh

I like your last few paragraphs. It was something I needed to know. Like, now I know that it isn’t just me who has had a lot of bad stuff going on in my life. Of course, you’re probably a ‘lucky’ person. All of the unlucky things happen to me–all the time. So I know how you feel.

Gahh. I lost my second peppermint. 🤬 /argh

haha! Domains make me happy too. It’s a weird feeling and I can’t explain it. It gives me some sort of ‘owning something’ feeling.

A cockroach in Mc’s burger!? Ewwwww… that’s gross. I just had Mc’Fllet–O-Fish Burger yesterday..ooh I feel sick now.. 🤮

Bad things happen and there’s nothing we can do about it. But some people face them more often than others. So do I. At some point in my life (in the past) I almost committed suicide. Luckily I didn’t actually do it, because then I would miss all the good things that the future (present) brings. :D

Take care Georgina, hope things will look brighter for you soon *hugs*

I heard about RigRag. Many people were complaining and they lost their files. I wonder why their server is somewhat shaky. This isn’t the first time it happened, is it?

I love the domain name; creepy, but cute. XD And the favicon looks cute too. Haha. Being happy is free, so you can think that having domains are free, but that’s a really silly deduction if you think about it. XD

I run to my site to rant about things that angered me, made me smile and etc. I’d feel lonely if I don’t have updates. So yeah, it feels like I have to take care of it. It’s my unisex baby. Haha.

You let two years pass by without eating ice cream? :O I find them very hard to resist. *drools* I just ate ice cream this lunch. 😝

Yuck. Cockroach? 🤮 I don’t like McDonalds that much. Their chicken here looks and tastes dry. @_@ Now that you said it, I don’t want to eat there. Hahaha.

Giant microbes look so cute. They’re representing gross things but they’re so cute. XD

Ouch. Biting your lip so hard it bled. I hadn’t tried that, nor would I want to. :P

The last line in your blog is so true. It’s not that you’re ignorant. You’re just oblivious to it. :P

I do really hope there’s nothing wrong with the drive. :( I’m hoping it’s just the power supply; I can just buy another, but not the contents of the drive.

Yeah, the site wasn’t working yesterday and I told my host about it. I almost freaked out but thank goodness it’s fine now.

WOAH! 200kbps? That’s a lot. I could download a whole lot of videos with that speed. XD

I guess I don’t fall under the ‘my site is my sanctuary’ thing either, or else I’d be spending more time on then I do. I have a hard time dragging my butt to the computer now a days, but I’ll talk about that on my new blog that I’m trying to force myself to write.

But I can understand what makes people say that, or why they’d feel that way. It used to be that way for me.

I heard the story about the chicken head in the nugget thing. I don’t think that would ever happen. I work at McDonald’s and we would be murdered a live if anything like that ever happened. We have major health and safety procedures to follow. We can’t even serve 2 nuggets that are stuck together.

But our store also isn’t owned by the McDonald’s franchise. We’re privately owned, so that could be why haha. He couldn’t afford for anything like that to happen, cause we’re such a small town, it would wreak him.

Anyway, enough about that haha.

Sorry I haven’t been around much. Again, I’ll explain on my next blog (which I hope to have up soon). I love this new layout by the way. It is really amazing. I wish I was that great ;o You’re amazing =) Haha