Waltz Of The Flowers

I have decided to open hosting, but hosting will be on Heartdrops.info. Nothing is on the site as you can see, but I’m working on it. I will be offering subdomain and domain hosting and will be a little less picky than I was with hostees here. πŸ™‚

I have good news.

My mum talked to me about ballet and finally let me go. She said it was up to me, so of course I wanted to go back! 😒

I was nervous while calling my dance principal about it, but she seemed very excited on the phone. Yesterday I tried my ballet uniform back on and it still fits. There’s a little rip at the top of my stockings but it’s not noticeable. I hope it doesn’t get bigger, otherwise I’ll have to get a new pair and that might be a hassle.

But, my shoes still fit! 😚 I was overjoyed, I practically cried tears of joy.

The bad thing is, there is just a month until the exams. I do know the work, and my teacher will leave me a DVD to help. The only new thing I have to learn is the dance I perform at the end.

I found my ballet exam certificates this morning and I had done so well. I can’t wait to finish off this last grade. I was a bit scared of even going further for my teacher’s certificate, but my principal told me that I just have to come in and volunteer next year. I was so shaky, but now I’m kind of excited. 😍

I want to thank you all for supporting me throughout this – and especially to Lilian and James. 😘

I’ve got to work (at my new job) tomorrow again. I’m going to have to totally occupy myself on the bus. I wish I could bring my laptop but it’s too much trouble. I have computer access there obviously, but I wouldn’t dare check my personal email and all that stuff. I’ll be out for the whole day as well.

Unless I go on the internet in JB Hi-fi (a technology/home entertainment store), then you won’t hear from me. And it’s a long way to walk to the store. I’m also running out of phone credit so I can’t tweet from my phone.

My fingernails are getting very long. My mum thinks it hinders my typing and the speed of doing the dishes. I’ve been a little too lazy to cut them.

I dislike cutting my nails because that means filing them, which takes a while. And if you don’t do it properly, they are rough and can rip your clothes. That annoys me. 😐

I want to paint my nails black, because I haven’t done that in so long, but it wouldn’t look too appropriate for work. 😞 I am getting bored of the natural colour.

I remember when I used to cut my nails all the time for playing piano! 😧 It was annoying because my nails clicked the keys. No doubt long nails hindered my piano playing though. When I played on James’s piano it was weird because my nails were very long.

I hate cutting toenails… don’t make me go there. πŸ˜†

I love nail polish/paint but I hate waiting for it to dry. I am an impatient person too. I think that when I get the chance, I’ll paint them a nice pink. 😁

And… and I’m looking forward to colouring my hair some time. As I told Vicky, I want to colour it red. ☺️

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