Waltz Of The Flowers

I have decided to open hosting, but hosting will be on Heartdrops.info. Nothing is on the site as you can see, but I’m working on it. I will be offering subdomain and domain hosting and will be a little less picky than I was with hostees here. :)

I have good news.

My mum talked to me about ballet and finally let me go. She said it was up to me, so of course I wanted to go back! 😢

I was nervous while calling my dance principal about it, but she seemed very excited on the phone. Yesterday I tried my ballet uniform back on and it still fits. There’s a little rip at the top of my stockings but it’s not noticeable. I hope it doesn’t get bigger, otherwise I’ll have to get a new pair and that might be a hassle.

But, my shoes still fit! /faw I was overjoyed, I practically cried tears of joy.

The bad thing is, there is just a month until the exams. I do know the work, and my teacher will leave me a DVD to help. The only new thing I have to learn is the dance I perform at the end.

I found my ballet exam certificates this morning and I had done so well. I can’t wait to finish off this last grade. I was a bit scared of even going further for my teacher’s certificate, but my principal told me that I just have to come in and volunteer next year. I was so shaky, but now I’m kind of excited. /love

I want to thank you all for supporting me throughout this – and especially to Lilian and James. /mwah

I’ve got to work (at my new job) tomorrow again. I’m going to have to totally occupy myself on the bus. I wish I could bring my laptop but it’s too much trouble. I have computer access there obviously, but I wouldn’t dare check my personal email and all that stuff. I’ll be out for the whole day as well.

Unless I go on the internet in JB Hi-fi (a technology/home entertainment store), then you won’t hear from me. And it’s a long way to walk to the store. I’m also running out of phone credit so I can’t tweet from my phone.

My fingernails are getting very long. My mum thinks it hinders my typing and the speed of doing the dishes. I’ve been a little too lazy to cut them.

I dislike cutting my nails because that means filing them, which takes a while. And if you don’t do it properly, they are rough and can rip your clothes. That annoys me. /hmph

I want to paint my nails black, because I haven’t done that in so long, but it wouldn’t look too appropriate for work. :( I am getting bored of the natural colour.

I remember when I used to cut my nails all the time for playing piano! :O It was annoying because my nails clicked the keys. No doubt long nails hindered my piano playing though. When I played on James’s piano it was weird because my nails were very long.

I hate cutting toenails… don’t make me go there. XD

I love nail polish/paint but I hate waiting for it to dry. I am an impatient person too. I think that when I get the chance, I’ll paint them a nice pink. /bounce

And… and I’m looking forward to colouring my hair some time. As I told Vicky, I want to colour it red. /eee

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Hahah, told you nothing’d go wrong /bounce
Good thing everything shapes out so you can jump right back in /love You teaching ballet; the idea makes me happy :)

Shit yeah, we rock /eee

Haha if you don’t file your nails, they’ll smooth themselves out over the course of the day. It’s the way they roll :P

Red hair! /bounce A very dark red would be nice /rose


But I was nervous, still! 😳

It makes you happy? Awww. /faw /mwah

I’ve only got four weeks pretty much… I had better not bail out now. Like you said, I’ll feel really good when I’m done. :)

I don’t know if they file out nicely by the end of the day, but yes, they eventually do, and they aren’t as rough. Before filing I usually run my nails over a slightly delicate cloth and if it catches on even a little bit, I’ll know it’s shit and I need to file them properly. /cool

I actually have a bright red this time. :O In the past it’s been a brown-red or mahogany. This one is like fire-red though. /eee

Waaaaah! /wah Your website loaded so fast but this comment box took forever to show up :( *sniff* My internet hates me! /angry

Anyways, YAY! A hosting site :) I hope your hosting site doesn’t cause you too much stress, but it shouldn’t if it’s on a better server :P

YES! /bounce I’m so, majorly happy for you ♥ ♥ YOU GET TO GO BACK TO BALLET :) /heart That is epically cooooool :) I’m excited for you too!

Haha, although it sounds like the next month is going to be HECTIC for you, considering you have to get ready for your final exam D: BUT IT’S OKAY! YOU CAN DO IT! Complete faith! ♥

Hahaha, lucky you. Still being able to fit into your ballet gear and all. If I were you, I’d need new EVERYTHING. Cos I gained so much weight over HSC and long break and uni this year. :P

Ooooh your second day of work at your new job :P Cool. Yes, the bus ride will be extremely long, as per usual. Hopefully you get a nice driver :P It’s okay! You can bring a book to read or something ^^ Listen to your ipod touch! Or umm…stare out the window…mindlessly @_@ Hehe. Tha’ts what I do. I listen to music on my phone and then I stare out the window mindlessly. It’s quite relaxing at times :P

Haha, you need more phone credit. I need to use UP my phone credit.

Omgggg…long nails. I suppose you get used to them after a while, but man are they annoying to play piano with. It’s like *tap* *tap* *tap*….*taptaptaptaptap* @_@ /bash

It’s even harder to play guitar with long fingernails cos then you can”t make any noise at ALL xD

Hahaha…my dad would NEVER let me paint my finger nails black. He’s very strict about me only painting them either pink, red or …ummm…pink =S LOL.

I just cut my fingernails today. It was like…Urgh! I cut this one shorter than the rest, so now I have to go re-cut the rest. /angry So frustrating. I HATE when your nails get caught on whatever. ==


LOL, I don’t like waiting for nail polish to dry either. I always touch it just to see if it’s dried yet, and it never has. So I stuff it up. It’s part of the reason why I rarely pain my nails :P That and the fact that I hate it when they start chipping and growing out and all.

Ooooh…red hair! Cooool :) Hahaha…

I’ve never coloured my hair, but I’m quite happy with having boring black hair, so yeah :P

Awww! I wonder why actually. It might have been the smilies and Javascript… shit, my bad. D:

Javascript can take a while to load if you’re capped. You can turn it off in Firefox, as well as images, just to be safe, and save your anger for other people/things. ;)

Haha it hopefully won’t – and hopefully I won’t get dodgy applications!

Thank you! ♥ ♥

Yeah, it’s only one month… but I shall have confidence. /bounce

I think my weight is probably the same or just a bit heavier. It’s been all over the place this year; it’s been as low as 43. /hmph O_O

Ugh, the damn bus got stuck somewhere in Eastwood and it took an extra 50 minutes to get there. /angry

And I took an early bus too – the 7:20 or so, instead of the 7:50. Blasted bollocks. I ran and I got to the office right on time.

I have about 50 pages of my book left, but I’ll finish it another time, because I missed the internet and emails and my site for 22 hours or however long it was. :P

Once I just went to sleep. XD

My dad bought me more credit today. It’s a bit of a good thing I’m not on a plan because I’m scared I’ll go over the limit.

More like *click* *click* *click* *clickclickclick* XD

Oooh, it annoys me when one of my nails breaks and I cut it shorter than the rest. Then I have to cut them all. :(

Haha I should give you tips for polishing nails; the ones that my mum learned from her course and job. Apparently it’s best to paint your nails at night when you have nothing to do and just rest your hands on your stomach and lie on your back when you sleep.

I mean, I wouldn’t paint my nails when I have stuff to do. :P

Can not wait until your hosting site is opened.

I just got an email from you (an old email). You asked me how i knew the name Georgina? Since i spelled it right? Well my cousin has the same name.

Thats great news, you starting ballet again. (H)

So your allowed to leave the office at your new job? Thats sounds interesting.

I can’t stand long bus rides. I usually fall asleep.

I love having my finger nails long. I feel more feminine. I love to give them french manicures. I recently had my nails black. Well it was yesterday. I took it off and painted them a really pretty electric blue.

I hate waiting for my nails to dry too. Every time i finish painting them, something will come up, like the phone ringing or i need to pee. :P And they end up smudged. Very frustrating.

Red hair sounds extreme. I can’t wait for you to post a picture after its done. Iv had black hair with fire engine – red streaks. It cost me $100 for five red streaks and it looks great. Mind you, i was going through a goth stage. I’ve also had blue hair, orange hair. 💀

That was an automatic email. It wasn’t from me. I am sure it shows you a link to the comment. Someone else had left it in reply to you, on an old blog of mine. It was about the name Nateese.

I can’t comment on your site because I get an error when I click the comments. :(

Thank you! Yeah, I can leave the office to have lunch and stuff.

I really hate long bus rides as well. Sometimes it is a good chance to catch up on sleep.

I love blue, and I love painting my nails blue. I hate when it smudges though. My mum did a cosmetics course and says you should always paint your nails at night when you have nothing to do and the day is done. :P

Haha I’ve had red hair before but it looked more natural. The colour I have at home is like fire-engine red. XD

It cost me $100 to get half my hair coloured blonde. It’s all growing out now. :P

As for your blog, that must have been scary about the stingray! I’m a bit scared of what’s on the ocean floor too.

Sometimes I predict the weather wrong too, and I feel overdressed. D:

Nope, it wasn’t your premades with the problem :)

That’s cool that you are going to have a hosting site :D

Aw, I’m SO happy for you that you get to do something that you enjoy again. I’m sure that everything will work out with it :) That’s great that you fit into your ballet outfit :D Hopefully the rip won’t get any bigger though!

Aw, that stinks that you won’t be able to tweet or check your personal emails… I wouldn’t be able to not do that stuff on a long bus ride ’cause I hate long bus rides!

Ah! I hate cutting/filing my nails too! And don’t even get me started don waiting for them to dry… I’m VERY impatient xD

Have a GREAT day! :) ♥

Heartdrops.info sounds like a sibling or child of Heartdrops.org. I’ve always thought hearts falling, instead of rain. XDD

Oh yay! *hugs* I feel happy for you. Though, I’ve never tried ballet, watching Center Stage always makes me smile. It feels exhilaritang, right? YAY! ♥

I heard that if you’re new to ballet, the shoes would really hurt. /oh

Haha. I remember when I only had a 20-peso, which is less than a dollar, load on my phone, I was able to get on my Facebook for about 30 minutes or so. XD I dunno why I can’t log in to Twitter using my phone. :(

Ooh, black. I’ve never tried painting my nails with that color, but I did paint in on my friends’ nails. Haha. It looks awesome, but my mom doesn’t want me to wear it. O_o

I haven’t painted my nails in a long while. I guess I’m either lazy or don’t have the time. :P I always forget to cut my nails short but I’m forced to because most of the guys at school have clean, short nails and that makes me concious about it. I’m a girl and their nails look neater than mine. Haha. *fail*

I got my emoticons from My Milky Diary. They look really cute, IMO. XD

Haha. I think it’s great you have IT class in your high school. The reason why I took the course is because of Photoshop and Web. I’m not really sure if I want to be a programmer. :S

Aww, thank you! I still get confused sometimes though. There are lots of great websites and I can’t even draw well. Hahaha.

Thank you for the link. I’m gonna visit it now. :P

Yup it’s a premade from Skylish. Like yours, I love her site too. /heart <– I always get amused by your emoticons. Haha.


I bet all the students that actually still have history as a subject at school talked about it yesterday. But because we don’t have it anymore (we had it the last two semesters), we just talked about it really quick because my teacher wanted to know about the most recent events in politics and economy.

I actually wrote a little bit at school today. I don’t know if I already told you, that I have to wait 50 minutes every morning for the lessons to start and the first 40 minutes I am usually the only one in my class room, so I took the time and wrote a little bit on my journal kinda thingy. I wrote two pages or something.

Hehe, mine first had a relationship with the best friend of the guy she had a crush on, then broke up with him and ended up with her crush.. to perfect.. so I let her hook up with another dude.. which kinda turned her into a slut in the eyes of the readers..

I would like to read it :) So if you think you’re ready to show it to someone – I am right here ;) I’ll have a look at the short ones on dreamingless when I find the time for sure!

Hehe, that’s cute! I never really wrote any princess kinda stories..

I’ve liked thought about writing mum a letter and apologize but I kinda feel stupid doing that.. I might just write it on WP and let it be there.. even if she probably never gets to read it..

I mean, I wouldn’t mind reading book for school – if they were interesting.. unfortunately most of the school books just aren’t interesting at all xD

Hehe, yeah me too! I once read this book that is setted during WW2 in Russia. It tells the story of a young couple that meets the day the war started in Russia and then it follows their lives until today. You kinda could see them grow up and build up there lives and things like that. It were 3 books and I guess around 3000+ pages. When I read it for the second time I left out some parts, because the book does those flashbacks to the past of both of the main characters and they were just really boring to read the second time xD

I haven’t ever been hosted by them – but wasn’t Vicky on there server sometime during the last couple of months? Because I remember that she had some problems with server stuff too..

Yeah I read that tweet too… I kinda wonder what happened..

Hehe, yep. Definitely true. The way I think about home depends a lot on my 13 year old sister because she can be sooo damn annoying… she makes the biggest deal out of nothing.. like, if I don’t allow her to watch TV in my room because I want to listen to music while I am on the computer she’ll go all crazy..


OH yay :) Those are awesome news! Glad your mum let the decision up to you whether you go back or not.

I bet I would’ve been at least as excited as you were if I’D go back to the one thing I used to love soo much! I am really, really happy for you Georgina!

I wish you the best of luck for your upcoming exam. But I bet if you still can do what you learned back then – it’ll be as easy as 1,2,3 :)

I wish I could complain about how I have to cut my nails.. but it won’t even come that far.. I usually bite them.. one of my bad habbits. And I am soo annoyed by it! Sometimes I manage to let them grow and then within 10 minutes they’re really short again.. sucks! I wanna have nice and long finger nails :(

I can’t wait to see your hosting website! I’m in the process of making a hosting website as well and purchasing hosting from RigRag. Unfortunately it’s taking forever to transfer money to my pay-pal account!

It’s great that your getting back into dancing. I hope you have lots of fun!

I know cutting toe nails is so annoying. I like to get my nails done professionally because they never polished nicely when I do it, but I can’t do it constantly because the cost will add.

Haha thanks! It won’t be flash and professional but I want to help people out there mostly for free. I hope RigRag serves you well. I have had bad experiences with them and recently they lost about 200 accounts.

Thank you!! :)

Haha I know it isn’t a good job when I paint my own nails but I prefer it to paying for a manicure or pedicure. :P

I can’t seem to open your site because it seems to be suspended. :(

ahah no problem! i got a bit lazy, i would of opened 2 days before but yeah i got lazy xD thank you!

and thanks again! lol, i’m feeling much better today, i’ve missed like 3 days of school though :S

ahah yeah but only 3 replied…oh well i’ll just have them make a full layout coded and everything then get that judged by you guys :)

thanks! i hope so too! your preview theme tutorial really helped me out!

sometimes history can be though but only in like small parts :P

ooh lol the monkey shaker! that ones quite fun too! i once played it and dropped my friends ipod… i was getting a bit intense LOL maybe too intense! /eee

yeah :/ i couldn’t believe he did that! i just wanted to spit on him

ahah thats good.

lmao you could be laughing because your in pain xD

yay your getting hosting! :) i’m sure it will be a great success! where are you going to get hosted?

that’s great that you’re going back to dance! i have absolutely no skills in dancing LOL. good thing everything still fits!!

lol i hate filing my nails! and i when my nails rip my clothes as well… but i have to cut my nails because mine are thin and break really easily.. :(

you know how some people don’t have white nail polish and use white out instead, i find it quite funny! black looks nice on nails, i like how it looks better than white!

red hair? oh boy, can’t wait to see that (Y) !

Woot! Congrats on getting to go back to ballet! I’m sure you’ll have a great time and will get your teaching certificate in it! :) I am rooting for you! ;)

I love painting my nails. I have this light pink shade and a lighter pink shade with glitter. I still have some leftover my fingers which are peeling away, but it’s not noticeable. I need to remove it soon and put a new coat or something on it. I kind of miss the smell of nail polish. :D

Have fun, good luck, and take care!!

Can’t wait to see how Heartdrops.info is gonna turn out. :P

Congrats on getting into ballet again! I used to take lessons when I was little but I was too shy so I quit… I’m not really proud of it though. :/ I wonder if I would have gotten any good if I stayed, lol. Anyways, congrats and I bet you’ll be able to learn that dance you have to perform at the end with no problem. ;)

Haha, I don’t like cutting my nails either but I always try to keep them short. Like right now I think they’re just decent, lol. I hate it when they get rough after you cut them. 😒 Although I’m not really into nail polish and that kind of stuff, sometimes it gives nails a really nice touch. Pink is a nice color. /eee

One of my best friends dyed her hair red. She was a little unsure about it at first but it turned out really good. I bet it’d look nice on you too. /bounce

Oh you dance ballet? That’s amazing! I want to dace too. I’m not good dancer :P
and Good Lucky with your hosting! /cool

Yay for having a little hosting site. :D I really want to start one but I don’t have the money at the moment. I think I’d purchase a master or just a normal reseller from Pixobox though.

Yay!! I’m so glad your mum is letting you go back to ballet! I can just tell you’re just soooo happy right now!

As long as the rip isn’t noticeable then it’s OK. That’s cool your shoes still fit.

I’m sure you’ll do fine in the exam. I mean, you’re not at uni at the moment so you have a bit more time (around work) to practise and what not.

When I was working, there was a computer in the staff area but I only went on it in the mornings because I was always first there (loser), but I wouldn’t dare check Twitter etc if there was someone in the room. xD I used to just listen to music and try not to fall asleep on the bus. :)

I never ever file my nails, I HATE the sound. I run out of the room when my mum does it lmao. I always keep mine short though, I hate long nails because they get dirty easily. :3

I used to have long nails and it was a pain when playing the piano. xD

I do dislike cutting toe nails though. I hate feet so much, even my own so it makes me feel sick LOL.

Yay, you better dye it red and you better post a picture when and if you do so. XD

I know, he’s the most immature person, ever seriously. He’s worse than my 4 year old nephew when he throws a tantrum.

It annoys me when you host someone and all they do is moan moan and moan when the server goes down but they never fucking check their emails, ugh.

Woah really? That’s a bit… extreme isn’t it? Twats. At least it’s taught you to make backups and stuff.

Exactly. I lost everything with RigRag in January so when I was with them again, I made backups but I try to move as soon as because they change servers so much. =/

Haha I saw Pixobox was down but Liesl was quick to sort it all out and stuff. :)

Yep, a frog. Frogs are disgusting. OMG really?! That’s so… wrong. I can’t believe the girl was disabled though, that’s so bad.

LOL that site is sooooo bloody cool. I want one, like now. I need money man.

Eh, you probably have fast metabolism so you don’t really need to move to burn it off. xD I don’t worry about that sort of thing, I want to put on weight haha.

Hehe it certainly would. :D

Yeah, there are loads of spellings for the name Amy… or however you want to spell it. :P

I remember that nursery rhyme. :P But I guess as you’re older and stuff people don’t tend to do it anyway. People used to call me Icky Vicky. =/

Yeah, I hate it when I’m wearing shorts and it’s on my lap, it annoys me. I hate having it on my duvet though, I don’t like my Benjamin (yes, that’s my laptops name after Breaking Benjamin’s lead singer :P) over heating.

Haha yeah it is. My sisters teeth are stained from tea. :P

Yeah, I try to make ‘amazing’ designs but I think simple suits me. I’m really into the CSS based layouts like my current one so I might stick to that for a while.

Haha yeah, it does seem really easy. I mean, I installed FanUpdate basically on my own and WordPress, cause when I started using it, there were like no tutorials on it. o_O

I love the archives plugin, it’s so easy haha. If you haven’t checked it yet, then I use this one: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/clean-archives-reloaded/ :P

Yeah, your queue is quite… large. I have 3 to do but meh, I don’t feel like it. Don’t stress too much about it though!

Haha yeah, I usually make my mum or my friend do mine for me. XD

Yeah, I’ve seen the question about using WP on the whole site on a few peoples ask pages. o_O

LOL! Chelsea are the best. :) I want to go watch them as I only live about 20 minutes from their stadium but tickets are hard to get and so expensive.

Yeah, I try to write a review in an hour but I usually go just over depending on how many pages they have and stuff. You’ll get them done, I know you will. :)

I think it’s funny that people think I have a popular site, yeah it’s quite popular but no where near as popular as yours, swimchicks etc. It’s amusing. xD

That site made me cry… with laughter.

*hugs* I was quite late returning this comment because I’m so tired today LOL. I do hate closing comments but if I didn’t, I’d never blog.

Haha yes, long enough. :) I tried searching for a ‘biggest comment’ plugin, no luck though. You should create one like you said you might, heh.

Ooooh hosting site! :D I betcha that will be very popular. :) Will you be hosting domains too??


I can imagine you in your shoes and stuff, heheeeee. /eee
I’m so glad you can go back though and do your final grade because you were so upset on MSN when you told me about it. :(


Good luck on the bus and at work again. :) Read a few books. ;D

I hate cutting my nails lol. So I can sympathise. ;D

And ahaaa I like painting my nails too, but I always move around too much and it all smudges. /um
And oooooh hair dye? :D And red! That’s very dramatic eh. Good luck with that. :)

Haha yeah. I understand completely lol. ;D

AND OMFG… if he flirted with the bus driver, aha. I would piss myself laughing XD

But it was funnier if you saw it for yourself, haha.

LOL, I want the day to come when he gets kicked off. He certainly does deserve it…
Lmao I’ll have to tell you the 15+ stories on MSN sometime, I feel uncomfortable talking about them here lol. You never know who’s reading XD

Vivien is pretty damned good at thinking up site names then, heh. :D

Most of the time, yearrr. :D Because there is a large percentage of civilsed people on the Interet, wahey.

LOL, it looked like a Magnum in your plog lmao.

I didn’t understand how that guy saw him sleeping either lol. But I would have shat myself or something… D:

Subtleness is me. ;D

XD Very different here… aha. But because of all the populars these “laws” have been set up. :P

Yeah, actual knitting confuzzles me… XD
I suck with thread, it’s way too fiddly for me.
I ran out of time loooooooooooooooooooooooong ago XD

Haha yeah I know this about your maths ;D

And lol. Why not? XD

Father Ted is possibly the funniest thing ever xD

Watch this clip, it’s only around 40 seconds long, but you’ll LOL at it XD


fuhnnaay stuff. :)

Lucie was amazing, the boys can’t compare to them when it comes to talent, but I guess nowadays it’s all about ratings and all that jazz, so people won’t really vote people who’ve got talent, when there is people making the show fun and entertaining, being talentless and getting really far. People obviously like it =/

It’s Summer? Wow. Lucky! It’s the dead of Winter here, all the freakin’ winds and rain and all that >.< sometimes I like the rain, because it gives me an excuse to stay on the laptop long, as there isn't much we can do when it's raining. Oh well :P

I just clicked that site, so I'mma see the cute little things :D

I'M SO HAPPY YOU'RE LEFT GO :D it's obvious that you're really passionate about Ballet, so it's good to see you're Mom's seeing the light ;)

Lmao, I don't think black nail polish would look professional while doing ballet. I've got black nail polish on now though. *YAY*

What do you want to colour red? Like you're whole head of hair? Or just some bit? And natural reddish, or bold red? :P

I’m glad your mom finally calmed down enough to talk to you! :D it’s a good thing everything still fits, otherwise it would suck having to go and buy new clothes and such.

I used to paint my nails black frequently, but since I work where I do now, it’s not allowed. Boo! I haven’t clipped my nails since I started chewing them when I was around 8 >.<

Ahhh I hope you get that teaching certificate! How awesome of you to be able to teach ballet!! :D You should teach me! Just kidding, I did ballet for a month & then quit. It was kind of boring to me because I did a beginner’s class. I really wanted to do point!!

HMM so..cutting your nails, eh? Well I agree with everything you said in the blog ahaha although I really want to paint my nails red again, I just never have the time & I hate waiting for the darn polish to effin’ dry. It’s so annoying. GUH.

How’s your job going for you though? Is it fun? You makin’ bank? ahhaha

Wow seems like you have heaps of things to do. I wish I was like that. Hmm the ice cream was delicious. I had a little bit more last night. You’re right the avatars/icons are a good starting point for content. I’m also trying to do a fanlisting collective. So yeah. Hmm ballet? Well; congratulations on going back. I’m shocked your mom said go for it. Congrats again! I’m happy for you. I’m also glad that your suit and shoes still fit. Can’t you sew the hole up? Anyway, thanks for the compliment on the layout making. Hmm maybe I should do a layout archive. I dunno. I’m not very good at the stylesheet though.

That’s cool that you’re taking up ballet again. I tried that (and tap) when I was like four, but I hated it.
Yea, I just took my nail polish off yesterday. It was still black from Halloween. XD
I have to cut my nails ALL the time. I hate it too. But like piano, I play the violin, and you NEED to cut your nails. Like no kidding. I’ve snapped my strings before (noted, they are steel) by playing with too long of nails! O_o And you can’t make the notes in tune or anything if your nail is in the way. But I love having long nails (not crazy long). I probably need to cut my nails again soon, they’re getting on the long side and it’s getting annoying to play violin.
Anyway, glad things are looking good for you!

Aw, I’m glad you’re getting to go back to ballet! I took it for quite a few years whenever I was younger, but then I quit, and I really regret doing that now :( Ahaha that’s good that you can still fit into your old things for it XD

I’m always too lazy to cut and file my nails as well! But I usually just end up biting them /um

Dieing your hair red would be cooool :D Hopefully you’re able to!

Hey, Im new to your site but wanted to say how great it’s been! I used some of your tutorials to refresh my memory and I love your site! so thank you for the ace tutorials :) lol. I read your going back dancing? thats great! I was concidering the same thing (still concidering) Iv’e never done ballet, i did tap, jazz, sort of street dance but it wasnt really what you’d class as ‘fast’. I doubt i’d be flexible enough to do ballet, it looks hard work! Hope all goes well when you go back, thats if you haven’t already :) x

Whoa, I had a mini-freak-out. LOL. Cause the link that you left on your comment on my site went to heartdrops.info.. so I though heartdrops.org didn’t exist anymore and I was like WTF IS THIS. But then I tried this URL and here I am lmao.

Anyways, yeah, actually, I think most of them were laughing in a mean way. COUGH ZACH COUGH. Lmao. Well, he just couldn’t imagine be being an accountant, so he was laughing. xD

Thanks, I sure hope that the force is with me haha.

Yeah I totally slacked in grades 9 and 10. Now being in Grade 11 the universities look at these grades so I really want to get them as high as possible. :(

Aweh sucks that your school was so poor. My elementary school was hella poor, but not so much for my high school.

HAHA yeah those peeps with the colossal camping backpacks definitely should be admired. :P

Yeah it’s always a guilty pleasure to have a dream guy.. even if you have a boyfriend. xD WE WILL DREAM ON FOREVER. Haha yeah, I was reading Swetlana’s blog about the vampire dude.. obviously her dream guy.

LMAO thanks for trying to make me feel better about my sheer stupidity. xD But yeah… if people want sites with really bad usability then the program is awesome.. :P

I love guys who bitch. They’re insanely amusing. :D

Omg a world without McDonalds would be uh.. weird. But more healthy fo’sho.


YAY, that’s great news that your mom is finally allowing you to go back. :D

Sucks that you still have the exams to worry about .. but hey, you’re superwoman.. I’m sure you’ll do absolutely fine haha. :)

You should record a video of yourself dancing, I would love to see that dude.

Omg, whenever my fingernails get long, I always type slower… it’s so weird. But when they’re cut, I type at like light speed lmao.. I don’t know why. Maybe my fingers are more balanced on the keys? xD

So OOH maybe your mom was right. Dun. Dun. Dun.

Yeah I really don’t like cutting nails either, so I can understand where you’re coming from.

Filing and shizz takes so long.

WHOA RED HAIR? COOOOOOOOOOOOL. I’ve always been to chicken to dye my hair any other color, in fear that it will end up looking bad. D:

YAAAY for getting to take dance lessons! I know how much you wanted to do that, so I’m happy for you!

Ooh nail polish. I know what you mean about nails, they can be a pain. I try to keep mine short short, and just put polish on them. I am thinking about clipping mine and buying some pretty fake nails to wear, but I don’t know about that.

Ooh I think you’d look good with a red hair color. It’d be all edgy. I have been wanting to dye mine for the longest time, but I don’t know what color. I used to dye it blond or black a lot.

Congrats on the new domain! I wish I could afford one lol. But then I’d be kind of addicted to thinking up names(which I already do..) and thinking up things to use them for.

Hehe Heartdrops.info, Heartdrops.org :P, you should buy all the extensions of Heartdrops :D.

OMG Yay!! I’m so glad you’re going back to ballet :D. I remember i used to do ballet when I was like 6 or something, I was bullied in it, so i was scared for life :(.

Hmm, I just don’t like long nails all together :P they really annoy me when they’re on myself but they look pretty on other people xD.

That’s really neat you’re going back to ballet. It’s such a graceful and beautiful form of dance.

I love long nails… but only when they are shaped right which I can’t seem to do. I absolutely love the sound of nails clacking on a keyboard for some reason.

Oh gosh, sorry. I feel like I’ve been slacking since we’ve been talking so much :P You’ve probably seen on Twitter why though, lol. I mean, I don’t tweet every 5 seconds or anytthing :P

I have been trying things out with Photoshop, but I just can’t seem to get out of my box of putting this picture here and using a font. It’s so repetative, I just don’t let myself explore on there enough.

I’m SO EXCITED that your mom is going to let you do that :P I could tell you really wanted to do it again so bad, that’s so nice of her :) Don’t stress either, you’ll do fine :)

Nails! My nails grow really fast, but I normally just cut them off. Lately, I’ve been filing and painting them though and letting them grow. They don’t break as easy, but I do know what you mean about tearing things. I don’t know how many times I’ve scratched MYSELF lol.

Oh dear. I have a free day tomorrow because of Veteran’s Day… I’m very pleased, because since I have only one class a day (albeit for 2-4 hours) lately (because we aren’t meeting in English again for a while), I haven’t even felt like going to school. I just want to snuggle in Gordon’s warm room and work on my site or do things with him. :D

…I completely missed something here. Your mom let you go do WHAT, exactly? o_O

I tried to grow my nails out once… I made about 1/4 an inch of progress before one ripped, not all the way across, but like in the middle, horizontally. I cut it then. I have a habit of picking at my nails (which is why I decided that trying to grow them out would be good for me, because then I would stop), but they feel very uncomfortable when they get too long. :/

…Why are you having a heartdrops.org and a heartdrops.info?

true dancers have rips everywhere in their dance gear. lol you should see my stuff…especially my dance shoes. i’m glad she finally decided to let you go. that must’ve been exciting ;) good luck in all that you’re aiming for towards ballet. i’m sure you’ll do great if you’ve made it this far and getting your teaching certificate!

Hey girl! :) I’m now following you on Twitter (@jeorgina) and I “liked” your post. Reminds me a bit of Tumblr! But I think I will keep that plugin in mind. :D

Your comment made me smile about the rips in my gear. :’)

Thank you so much. ♥

I’m freaked out about robbers and rapists (I nearly wrote “robots” there… /oh ) getting me at night and shit… but my room’s up the back of the house so it’s alright. I can totally understand your paranoia though. D:

Yeah, I was really happy too. Yup, my 16 year old cat is a girl :P
Even though I almost thought she was a boy too, since they put a blue collar on her and I was only little.

Nice cat, I do believe it might do that to spite you :P

I know, I’d be very lonely. Very depressing. I’d miss everyone so much.

I like their fries, but their burgers are kind of greasy. Like, I always flatten my burger with my hand and when I did that, my hand had all this grease on it. O_O

WAHOO!! *claps* Yay, Georgina! I’m so happy for you. You get to back to something you love! 👏

Usually I just cut them and file the best I can and be done with it. I hate taking longer than I have to on something so insignificant as nails. I mean, I don’t think the horse cares as long as I brush them thoroughly.
I painted my nails black once, because Hilary Duff did it in a video. (Big obsession with her once) and it was super hard to get off. Like the black looks so great, but once you get tired of it. It’s hard to get off. It like sticks to you. Or that may of been the dollar store nail polish :P

Yeah, my piano teacher kind of forces me, by saying. “Exam judges, don’t like clickety clack on the keys. I highly recommend you keep them short” even though I don’t do exams for another year.
Toes are just *shudder* hard work to cut. It kind of hurts to bend over so long.

That’d be interesting, if you do die it red. You should choose a nice auburn, that’d be cool :P

I do trust him, it’s just the fact that he’s been acting so differently lately. It’s not the first time he has chosen to hang out with one of his friends instead of hanging out with me. I guess I’m just scared? :/ I don’t know… He wouldn’t even listen to me when I was discussing the TB thing. And if I have it, he has to go get tested because it is highly contagious. :|

They would send me hate mail because other sites would take them and say that it was theirs. :|

I like .net and .org. .info domains remind me of something for Wiki, but I still enjoy them as well. /hehe I think I would have more than just two right now if I were confident enough to keep up with all of them. I gave one of them to Party of Me for the adopt a domain section. I was attached to it for only 6 months when I got it in 2008. I guess I wasted $18 to have it for 2 years, but it came in handy. :]

That’s exciting that you get to do ballet. :D I don’t think I would teach it, though, because I wouldn’t reaaly have the patience to. But, fun. :) Congrats.

I can only play one and a half songs, and I used to bite my nails, but I can see how long nails would affect piano playing.

I used to keep my finger nails long, but I just don’t anymore. I’m not sure why either. lol. Most of my finger nail polish has dried up because I don’t use it a lot of the time…so right now I have this like deep purple on…and I don’t like it. I told everybody I need nail polsih for Christmas.

Woahh… another domain? LOL. Congratulations. I can’t wait to see it. ^.^

Awesome, ballet! Glad your doing it, hehe. I’ve always wanted to go to ballet, but I guess I’m not flexible enough. I know they teach you or something but bleeh, tehee.

Same with me, I love nail stuff but well it gets really annoying when you have to wait till they dry because you just sit there when you could do something else. XD

YUMMY, LOLLIES. Gimme one, ahaha.

Thankss, that means a lot to me. <33

Congrats on getting back into ballet! I used to do it as well.

Maybe get an iPod touch or netbook to take? Less hassle than a full size laptop.

I never do my own nails, I suck at painting them. So, I go to the shop. Wow, red, huh? That will be interesting, lol.

Good luck with the hosting. :) I’m also really picky with who I host. :D

Yay, I’m so happy for you about the ballet thing. I hope you totally enjoy it and give it your all. Good luck. :)

Congrats on the new job. I know what you mean, I hate bringing my lap top around, it’s always a big hassle. I have a huge laptop too, so it sucks lol.

Haha you’re so lucky. My nails are so short and stubby. And just…gross looking lol. I’ve never painted mine black but that would be cute. :)

Good luck with changing your hair color. XD

Purple laptop? Oh wow, you do have a unique taste for laptops. Lol. I guess men don’t want to be seen carrying coloured laptops because that would make them look less macho. Though I think it wouldn’t be much of a problem if the colour is red. :)

I really don’t know how to use Vista. It’s complicated for a simple-minded soul like me. >_<

Yeah, everyone should love and appreciate the present, though mine doesn't look so bright right now. Haha.

Oh, good luck with the hosting! I'm confident you would make a great host ;)

Aww, you're doing ballet again! See, I told you things will get better. I'm so glad you're able to do the thing you love. Yay!

Ugh, cutting nails. Toenails especially, I don't really like doing it too. Thank goodness their growth rate is slower than the fingernails. Hahaha!

haha i love your posts on tumblr !! always something good to reblog (: my friends follow you too and theyre like ‘this georgina girl has some pretty interesting posts!’

im so glad your mom finally agreed to let you take ballet again !

gah, i hate long nails. even though im a lazy person.. i still have to cut them for piano and i dont like dirty stuff getting into it. so i can never paint my nails.. well i can, just wont look as nice haha.

CONGRATULATIONS on returning to ballet! That sounds quite wonderful, really, and I’m sure you’ll do fabulously. You should take a photo of you in your uniform and ballet shoes. I would love that.

I have an ever so *slight* ballet fetish. /eee /eee I used to practice it when I was younger, and then again freshman year in high school, but because my health problems I never could commit fully. So, I always just fantasize about it.

I’m definitely going to enjoy reading about your future ballet experiences. :) I definitely hope you share.

I’m with you on your hatred towards cutting your toe and fingernails. Ick. So annoying and time consuming! But dying you hair would be fun. I’m addicted to hair coloring. :P

Thats awesome that your Mom let you go back to ballet. I couldn’t do ballet even if I wanted, my boobs are too big :(
Haha. I hope you enjoy it though.

I hate cutting my nails as well. I don’t bother filing them though. I always cut them too short and I hate how they feel when you cut them. And I am impatient when it comes to drying nail polish too! I can’t wear it at work because I guess it’s bad if nail polish flakes off into people’s food? Haha I’m not sure how it’ll happen but ok. I put it on my toes though.

I finally got her talking to me. She saw the message and wrote on her blog that sorry isn’t enough. Basically said that she was done with me. Oh well I guess. Shame that I wasted 3 years being best friends with her though, I could have found someone who was willing to fight to be friends with me. Meh, it happens, right?

I’ve had a total of like 3 bottles of smirnoff since I was 18. I’m cool like that. I’ve never been drunk either. I like having control over my body. I don’t want to see what I would do when I was intoxicated.

Its like people always say, anything on the internet will be there for years. Those drunk pictures will always be there. If you apply for a job, they can find those pictures so easy. It’s crazy.

I hate when girls dress like that. It’s so slutty. I just want to tell them to put on some clothes. We were at the fair this year, and there was this girl who had her top tied up a little bit. Throughout the day I’d see her and her shirt got shorter and shorter, until it was wrapped around her boobs like a bra! It was insane. I was so disgusted!

Heyyy! Sorry I’ve been so out of touch!

Oh cool ballet?? I wanted to be a ballerina but they rejected me because I was TOO FREAKING TALL lol. I can’t blame them. At 5’10”, I am quite a giant lol :)

And good luck on the exams!

Haha I am currently having the same problems with my nails. I had them semi-long and painted blue but all of a sudden I stopped doing that and let them grow out without painting them and now they’re all breaking and it looks very unattractive lol :)

Ohhh cool. Dying your hair red would look nice! I want to get a layer in my hair and dye the lower one purple :)

Okay since you’re a Maximum Ride fan I think I should break the heartbreaking news to you- CATHERINE HARDWICKE (director of Twilight- fucking bitch who ruins books and makes them into bad movies) IS DIRECTING THE MAXIMUM RIDE MOVIE AND SHE WANTS KRISTEN STEWART AND ROBERT PATTINSON TO BE MAX AND FANG!!! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!!!!!! /wah

Thank you for telling me my comment link wasn’t working. Its fixed now, something to do with a wrong permalink. Took me for ever to figure it out lol. I was threatened to even re install wordpress.

I think i might just take a break but i don’t know, i’m going to blog tomorrow when i get back from school and in that blog will be my decision :) It won’t be bad…i think lol
I have met a lot more people online that I’ve met offline lol. Without this website I would have never met you and your wonderful blog that is just fun to read a lot lol
He wasn’t injured, he was a baby about it lol
Thanks soo much for the hug :) I feel a lot better now :D
haha it really is a big word lol at least now i know it :D
I was never a fan of big romance movies and i never get emotional on movies a lot lol
The only movie i remember crying on was titanic lol

ohh sweet hosting :D Good luck :D
You do ballet?? Nice lol (Y)
How many years did you do ballet before you quit?

I love cuttin my nails :D Toenails are annoying and mine gets soo long i have to soak for a very long time lol

Ooo, congrats with the ballet. (: I wish I took it up, but apparently when I was younger, my dad didn’t want me to. NOW he wants me to dance, and I know it’s best to start young. But my best friend, Addy is AMAZING at ballet. (: I envy her gracefulness. :P

And cutting nails.. I don’t like it either. Often, I don’t cut my fingernails very often but I’m working on cutting my toenails. :D Becaus apparently my large toe’s nail.. kind of broke because of volleyball soooo, I have to keep cutting it until the broken part comes off. It’s rather disturbing.

I hated having to have short nails for piano classes. >_< I know the tapping is bad but I mean, you can't ALWAYS notice. Haha, I use to get in trouble for not cutting my nails before class. :/

Red hair sounds cool. I've wanted to get a streak of blue or purple in my front. But my mom's like no. So I just get these clip ons… which are pretty cool. ^^


If only that was possible… to send a hug in a box. Someone is bound to profit from that. :D Of course, it would be creepy… if by hug in a box, you'd get hugged by some large doll or something. That would scare the crap out of me. HAHAHA, Virtual is all I ever get :/

Thank you for your amazing advise comment. (: It made me happy when I read it. I never thought keeping this from him would be a good thing, but your argument has proof so I'm going to keep this to myself and a select few. One day I'll get over him completely. It's hard, because talking to him is like talking to the one I'd like to be with but doesn't want to be with me. That was confusing. :/ Anyways, I'm still breathing and still living it through. It's fine… at least I keep telling myself that. :D

Oooo, lead singer. ^^ That makes sense.

I do still have RR. I'm going to change the purpose of it soon but I haven't had time :/

Hope you have a wonderful day (:

:O Have fun and good luck with ballet! To be honest, I’ve always wanted to do ballet, but I feel a little pathetic beginning at the age of 16 🙄

That’s very kind if your dancing teacher to provide you with a DVD to help you with your performance :) I’m sure you’ll manage to learn it quickly 👏

I know what you mean about how hideously boring it is on bus rides. I often listen to my ipod and stare out the window (quite dull I admit XD) Otherwise maybe you could play games on your itouch, read a book (I heard you can put some free books on your itouch), or you could just read a book. The only thing is you may get a headache like I do when I try to read on buses -_-”

Bleh I hate cutting nails. That is the reason why I just let them grow. XD I only paint my nails in the holidays because my school doesn’t allow it, and I hate using the school’s cheap nail polish remover.

Oh you would suit the colour red :)