Are We Rolling?

My brother was bouncy this afternoon, telling me he’d saved me some bubble tea. 😁 Then he decided he wanted some too, and took the rest of the cup. 😞

I just came back from ballet, and it was great. Of course, I have no idea about the dance, but the good thing is that they haven’t picked out an extract yet. πŸ˜›

And I was so surprised that I remembered pretty much all the exam work. From all those years ago. 😧 It all just came back to me as soon as the music played. 😭

I wish I didn’t look so young, and small… people think I’m still in high school. πŸ˜† Yeah, high school… those were the days. And the reasons, why I stopped in the first place. But, I had the intentions of going back to ballet. πŸ™‚

James and I have been together nearly two years. But, to me, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with someone when you’re talking a couple of years. I was with someone for one and a half years, and we didn’t know each other as well as I knew my other friends I’d known for the same amount of time. We weren’t all that close. Even hugs were awkward.

If you’re talking an elderly couple, together for over fifty years, barely fighting – that’s something.

It matters, as “quality over quantity” goes, the moments you had with that person. You could be “together” for a few months, but spent a lot of that time talking to each other and getting to know each other. You could be “together” for years, but because of time constraints with each other’s schedules, you might not have had all the time in the world.

This is why it truly, honestly irks me to hear people always talking about how long they’ve been with their significant other – usually when it’s more than a few years. I know it’s nice, it’s lovely, but some people talk about their significant other all the time. 😠

There are very few cases in which you should tell people the length of time you have been together:

  • When someone asks.
  • When it’s an anniversary for you.
  • If you’re writing a little personal biography about yourself or your love life.

You don’t just pop it into the conversation as a “JSYK” thing – in my opinion, it makes you look somewhat snobby. And if someone asks someone else about their relationship, you don’t just pop in and say, “I’ve been with my boyfriend for five years!”

I would feel so inclined to whack you across the head with a towel and perhaps suffocate you in a tube. Please. Don’t. It’s just out of general politeness and for your own sake. It makes you look like you’re bragging, and not many people like it when other people brag.

It’s alright to get obsessive and remember even the exact hour, minute or second of your anniversary (hmm, maybe not…). I just think it’s really over-the-top if you keep informing people about it. Jess and I had a little discussion about this on Twitter. It’s annoying when someone goes on about their boyfriend/girlfriend all the time.

And, the thing is, James and I haven’t been together as long as other couples, but we were really good friends beforehand. I like saying that. But, it’s not like I have to prove to people that we’re in love. Love doesn’t need… proof. 😀

I’ve got work for the whole day tomorrow – I’ll be out for 12 hours – so I’ll take a little longer to reply to any questions, comments, emails, and so on. /um (I got more phone credit though… maybe you’ll find a tweet from me.)

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