Are We Rolling?

My brother was bouncy this afternoon, telling me he’d saved me some bubble tea. /bounce Then he decided he wanted some too, and took the rest of the cup. :(

I just came back from ballet, and it was great. Of course, I have no idea about the dance, but the good thing is that they haven’t picked out an extract yet. :P

And I was so surprised that I remembered pretty much all the exam work. From all those years ago. :O It all just came back to me as soon as the music played. /wah

I wish I didn’t look so young, and small… people think I’m still in high school. XD Yeah, high school… those were the days. And the reasons, why I stopped in the first place. But, I had the intentions of going back to ballet. :)

James and I have been together nearly two years. But, to me, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with someone when you’re talking a couple of years. I was with someone for one and a half years, and we didn’t know each other as well as I knew my other friends I’d known for the same amount of time. We weren’t all that close. Even hugs were awkward.

If you’re talking an elderly couple, together for over fifty years, barely fighting – that’s something.

It matters, as “quality over quantity” goes, the moments you had with that person. You could be “together” for a few months, but spent a lot of that time talking to each other and getting to know each other. You could be “together” for years, but because of time constraints with each other’s schedules, you might not have had all the time in the world.

This is why it truly, honestly irks me to hear people always talking about how long they’ve been with their significant other – usually when it’s more than a few years. I know it’s nice, it’s lovely, but some people talk about their significant other all the time. /argh

There are very few cases in which you should tell people the length of time you have been together:

  • When someone asks.
  • When it’s an anniversary for you.
  • If you’re writing a little personal biography about yourself or your love life.

You don’t just pop it into the conversation as a “JSYK” thing – in my opinion, it makes you look somewhat snobby. And if someone asks someone else about their relationship, you don’t just pop in and say, “I’ve been with my boyfriend for five years!”

I would feel so inclined to whack you across the head with a towel and perhaps suffocate you in a tube. Please. Don’t. It’s just out of general politeness and for your own sake. It makes you look like you’re bragging, and not many people like it when other people brag.

It’s alright to get obsessive and remember even the exact hour, minute or second of your anniversary (hmm, maybe not…). I just think it’s really over-the-top if you keep informing people about it. Jess and I had a little discussion about this on Twitter. It’s annoying when someone goes on about their boyfriend/girlfriend all the time.

And, the thing is, James and I haven’t been together as long as other couples, but we were really good friends beforehand. I like saying that. But, it’s not like I have to prove to people that we’re in love. Love doesn’t need… proof. 🐽

I’ve got work for the whole day tomorrow – I’ll be out for 12 hours – so I’ll take a little longer to reply to any questions, comments, emails, and so on. /um (I got more phone credit though… maybe you’ll find a tweet from me.)

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OMG, THE COMMENT THING LOADED SO FAST! =O It loaded like…immediately and I’m still capped. I know I’m still capped cos I still can’t get into Blackboard. LOL.

Awwww! That’s like…so anti-climatic! It’s like ‘YES! I GET BUBBLE TEA! Awwww gay…You stole the rest back’. BUT at least he saved you some bubble tea…^^ /eee

YAY! You’re back at ballet! =D That’s so coool…^^…/bounce (H)

Woooooowwww…people still think you’re in highschool? Awww…maybe it’s cos your ballet uniform =S One of my friends thinks I look older than another of my friends and she’s 21 years old. Dear god I look older than a 21 year old…@_@ That’s like 3 years of my life GONE. *sniiff*.

Well it’s okay! If people still think you’re younger than you are when you’re 30 I bet you won’t be complaining then. Haha!

I agree! I mean even a couple that have been together for only a MONTH have the advantage over a couple who have been stuck in a marriage of convenience for like a century because their parents arranged their marriage or something. Or they married for money. Cos that would be gay.

Hehehe. I reckon you and James are as close as any couple…^^…

Omg, yes! It is very annoying when people just take EVERY opportunity to announce to the world that they are in a relationship. It’s like: ‘OKAY, OKAY! WE GET IT! YOU LOVE THIS GUY! GET OVER IT!’. Because most of the time, when they do that, it’s kinda as if they’re not in the relationship because they like the person, but because they want a relationship for the sake of having a relationship. So very lame. [And annoying].

Gaaaah! I will help you with the suffocation/strangulation D:

Most of the time if people don’t believe you love the person, it doesn’t matter. It just matters that YOU know that you love the person and the person you love knows it. It’s nobody else’s business. And besides, who are they to judge you anyways *nods*

Oh! Have fun at work tomorrow! =D Hahaha…I will be dying or becoming comatose in my Accounting lecture, even though I should probably pay really close attention because Accounting lectures aren’t ilectured and one of my friends said that this lecture is REALLY useful for the finals because she had her account lecture on Wednesday =O

Haha amazing. Must have been your lucky day!

Haha apparently his friend shouted him the drink. He hadn’t drunk any when he told me about it, but I guess he changed his mind. :P

Yay! :D

Haha maybe your friend just looks young. Or it might just be because you are tall. I might look young because of the uniform though.

Aww don’t worry! Sometimes it can be an advantage to look older. :P Although I think most women want to look younger. XD

Ahaa true, especially with arranged marriages! And people who marry for reasons other than love just would not have that connection.

Aww yay! :)

Hmm I never looked at it that way. Most people who talk like that are usually with the person but it does give off such an impression. Like they are trying to get attention.

Haha thank you!

That’s right. People shouldn’t judge nor should they try to prove their own love to other people.

LOL thank you again! :P

Ahaaa you should feel lucky you even get ilectures. I only get lecture notes online and even then, they aren’t very useful and some only have images. Once we got podcasts from a lecturer – but only once.

I hope the lecture isn’t too boring and that it’s good revision!

Congrats on getting back into ballet again, its brilliant that you could just pick it right up after all that time. I love ballet, it is just so graceful and controlled. ^.^

I agree that people who talk more about their significant other than themselves are annoying. You feel like changing the subject but you don’t know how to without sounding rude. haha :D

“Love doesn’t need… proof”

I agree. Little things Can show love. Like for example I love playing Zelda games with Chris. So while he was out with a friend he bought me some mints that were in a case that looked like Links shield from the game. I thought it was really cute. /love


Yes. We are rolling.

OMG you can still dance /bounce Seeeeeeeeeeee? Hrrng

We were good friends. :) We still are too *hugg*
But yeah, it’s annoying. like “We’ve been married for 50 years…but he lives in France.” So..wha?

This comment is bum. /bash



Yay! It’s from a Nirvana song – a live version. /um /bounce

I can too! :D  /love

Hahahaha I heard about some woman in Australia who was engaged to a guy over in Canada or something.

/kiss I hope you’re going okay in that exam/test. :)

Haha. Really, you go to Ballet classes? That’s so cool. Yeah. If you suddenly say something like that, people will be all: Erm, okay, like we care? Though, I’m quite sure people aren’t THAT rude. Anyways, yipee! Priya says server for Heartbliss hostess ought to be back tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Haha. Really, you go to Ballet classes? That’s so cool. Yeah. If you suddenly say something like that, people will be all: Erm, okay, like we care? Though, I’m quite sure people aren’t THAT rude. Anyways, yipee! Priya says server for Heartbliss hostess ought to be back tomorrow. Can’t wait! 💥 :D XD (H)

Haha. I just really love these smilies. They’re so cute and animated-ish

I did ballet for seven years, and then I stopped because I was in my last year of high school and things were really piling up. Now I’ve started again because I have more time to commit.

Well I do know people who talk about their boyfriends all the time. It gets boring because sometimes you just want to talk about something else and sometimes it’s just too much information.

I noticed the other day that Priya was working on it – hope your site is back soon!

Haha a lot of people have told me that they like these smilies!

Oh, I see… :P yeah. I am soo fucked off because of RigRag. Did they really have to that? Ugh. Now, I have to re-do literally EVERYTHING. Which just sucks. Haha, yeah, I agree. That’s what I usually say to my friends when they talk too much about a certain thing.. “TOO much information” Haha.. Thanks. :)

Honestly, who wouldn’t love these stuff? :P

Well, they tried their best. What happened was not their fault – it was an accident. But I guess they should have taken better measures to make sure everything was secure.

Yeah, “TMI”, as they say. A lot of my friends say, “I didn’t need to know that!” :P

I guess. Haha. Yeah. As if we actually need that information.. :P

Oh cool, it sounds like you did the same sorts I do :) It’s really, really strange actually but I think I posted you a comment yesterday or the day before..well last night I got a message off a friend who I used to go dancing with and she asked if I wanted to go back with her to dancing! how strange is that? :) Good luck for going back tonight!
Wow, you remember yeah I did offer reviews XD I’m suprised you remember it, but suprised in a good way.
Yeah, I think a career in design would be great as I really enjoy it now so doing it as a career would make a fun job, I’m hoping anyway! I wanted to go into magazine design, maybe writing articles too but I don’t know what job description that would come under haha :’)

✌️ haha. Brothers are like that, no surprise. My sister does the same XD That’s really cool that you go to ballet classes! Must be fun! Every dance is fun :P
You’re not in high school eh? People WANT being called young. Our teacher “appreciates” it. (H) haha…


Hello :)

I didn’t really know much about them either. Because when I was a young kid I didn’t really care who the members of the bands were xD I think I didn’t even know Nick’s name back then xD

OMG, yes! Freddie Prince Jr. is soo awesome :) He’s a pretty cool guy! I really liked him in that movie, where he turns a unpopular and “ugly” girl into this beautiful young woman.. I just don’t know the original title right now..

OH, yeah. I heard about the death too. But I never really listened to their music. I don’t know one of their songs tbh.

Yeah its pretty cool :) And I found a simple but really lovely layout and it’s already up, now I am adding content and stuff like that. Can’t wait to open it again :)

We had it throughout year 5-10, I think we also had it in year 11.. but I am not too sure about that xD And then we only had 2 semesters of history class and we had to take them in year 12 so now we have religion instead of history.. I’d actually prefer history – if it’s about the pure knowledge. I can’t stand this whole “Analyze this.. analyze that” anymore..

Haha, yeah I know. I bet I’ll be suuuuuper nervous and then I’ll try to get some more stuff into my head and bla.. oh boy XD

Hehe, aww your poor female character. But at least she found someone else she could be close with :)

I wish my school would’ve had something like that too.. we had like this really small library and they never really had any good books.

They didn’t repeat – in the first book of the series they told what happened right now and also let the reader get to know the male main character, because it was important to understand the whole story. In the second book they told everything about the female character and her past was actually kinda boring.. xD

I am actually really happy about the TV, because I can watch TV as long as I want to. I don’t like to have to ask someone if I can watch TV in their room.. when me and Natali (my 13 months younger sister) had our own rooms she had the tv and I had the computer. And she never really let me watch TV – I had to watch what she liked..

That sounds good :) I’m really sure you’l make it :)

I don’t like nail polish xD and that stuff that you put on your nails so they taste disgusting – won’t help xD


Oh yay :) Wow, sounds amazing! Glad you still know how to do all that :) I guess it’s just like riding the bike – once you learned it you won’t forget it that easily!

I really agree with what you said about that it’s not the time but the memories. Even though I haven’t been in a relationship before or anything. But I’ve recognized that at my sister. She and her current boyfriend haven’t been together that long but we still know more about him, than about her ex-boyfriend and they’ve been together much longer..

Wait, I should’ve said that.. that’s just what you said up there about not talking about “your” relationship whenever somebody talks about theirs.. But technically I didn’t talk about mine. I just thought it was an example to prove that you’re right.

Isn’t it like, that relationships that grew out of a really strong friendship last longer? I mean, you got to know your significant other before and know how he’s like and all that. And during the relationship you can get to know a different site of him (maybe).. that must’ve been really exciting :)

Haha I may be one of the people to whom you are referring that talks about their significant other all the time. In blogs, anyway. I don’t think I do? Unless something is going on that I bring up. Hrm.. if that’s me, sorry haha.

I agree with you about quality over quantity. I was with Matthew for about 5 years. I have only been with Final for 8 months. In comparison, it might seem like I knew more about Matthew, etc. But in reality, I have grown closer with and know more about Final than I ever did about Matthew. I think our relationship is more mature, despite Matthew and I having been married.

Ugh I understand the 12 hour shifts. I have been off for 3 days and I have to work tonight. Are your shifts always 12 hours? Hope you are having an ok day at work.

yeah tumblr is such an easy blogging thing :) love it !

when i play piano with long nails… it seems to get caught in between each note.. and always scared that it’ll break off haha.

i kinda suck at painting nails… never got them done before though. thats why i always as my friends to help me haha :P

yay for remembering ballet (:

it kinda sucks that all my previous relationships doesnt last for more than a month or so. i’d say the longests was about 2 months but we were pretty good friends for longer. but im only 16… i’d like to think i’d find a better guy to have a longer relationship with haha. its embarassing to tell people about my friggin short relationships.

but yeah, its all about the love (:

LOL. Sorry for the late comment return, I’ve really not been in the mood for returning comments recently =/ But I’ve decided to put my new layout up tonight so I’ll be back to returning comments quickly again after that ..fingers crossed! Hehe.

Ooh you went back to ballet! That’s great that you remembered so much from so long ago.

I agree with what you’re saying about not bragging about being together with someone. I don’t get why people need to shout it out to the world one cares! And ‘Quality over Quantity’..definately! What’s the point of being with someone for years and hardly ever spending time with them?! Lol, so yeah you’ve definately made a good point here (:

I think that if it is your anniversary that it is okay to be at least a little excited about how long you have been together will someone. :) Or, if you are explaining something to them.

You’re welcome. :] -on the piano. :p

Don’t worry about reviewing my site, by the way, it’s kind of pointless now. I never said that you were the “best” and didn’t mean to get so angry at the reviews. I’ve just been really… frustrated and unhappy. I don’t really decide what is the best and what is not because there is always going to be something greater.

heyyyy yeah I feel sorry for George he’s gonna get so hurt he’s far more smitten with her than him, she just likes the attention. I can’t really say though because she hasn’t put a foot out of line yet but as soon as she does. I don’t know what i’ll say, how do you tell your friend his girlfriend is cheating on him. *sigh* he does deserve better, from his past girlfriends it seems like he always picks the wrong ones. His girlfriend before uni became too clingy and needy and psycho (apparently) and then his recent ex lets call her Laura is a psycho too she would cling to him like a hermit, all over him while walking or washing up it was like LEAVE HIM THE FUCK ALONE FOR 5 MINUTES, then when they broke up she was convinced they’d get back together and was a psycho coming round the flat hanging out and it was like errr fuck off lol

awww lol omg the whole bottle?!?!?! i only had a sip lol
I’m so glad you’re doing ballet again wooooooooot

yeah that bugs me too especially when they have it all over their msn as well like 3 weeks 4 days it’s like but do i care though?
I’m happy for people in relationships but shoving it in my face about how you’ve been together for 3 hours 15 seconds and you’re soooo totally in love omgzzz is taking the piss a bit
it’s sweet that you and James have nearly been dating 2 years though and being friends first is a good thing, you already know a lot about the person and stuff its good

Hm, I eat eggs, but only once in awhile. My nails just grow on their own, ha. But since I’ve been painting them, they aren’t breaking as much.

Thanks about the theme, I changed it though :P

I wish the ions in the air cured me. Sadly though, I get lots of fresh air (always leave my window open) and going outside is hard for me with my anxiety (to go to far) but it hasn’t helped yet, lol. And I do think the Doxepin is EVIL as well, but I wasn’t doing good without medication. I wish I could.

YAY. I’m so happy you’re back in ballet and that things are going well! I hated when I started gymnastics because I was so much older.. and I wish I wouldn’t have quit!

Oh do I agree on the whole relationship part. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over 3 years and we STILL are learning things. I also hate when people say “we’ve been together a year and a half”. NO YOU HAVENT. Not when you’ve broken up and gotten back together 30 times. That just irks me a LOT. Lol

LMAO @ the towel/tube thing lol. Sounds like fun!

Have fun at work! Hopefully you get some sleep after all that working though!

Well if you can, look up Father Ted on youtube. He’s about 40, and grey hair. It’s possibly one of the funniest things ever! Some of the jokes are really ‘Irish’ like, it’s kind of traditional, so you’ll probably understand them, you’ve got cool sense of humour ^_^

I barely have time for the laptop anymore though, see, it’s taking 3+ days to return comments >.< it's awful. I've never fallen this far behind with returning them..

If I'd have made a run for it, it would have made it real obvious, as if I did have something to hide, and I didn't want to set it off, that I was terrified that my phone'd be taken.

If my phone was taken, I would die, because I ordered it offline and it took a month to get here, and after all the drama about thinking I wasn't getting it, then it getting stolen? No thanks!

He wasn't the geeky type. He was the 'I'D SO LIKE TO SMOOCH YEH, BRO ;) ' lmao. Smooch. Who says smooch anymore? I'm so odd ✌️

Oh, i'm just that cool, to italicise my title. That cool.

And to answer your question, WE IS ROLLAN.

Mmmm bubble tea :) I’ve actually never had it but and never heard of it until your blogs xD. Sounds good from what you have been saying xD. I have a brother too! How old is yours?

Yeah, time doesn’t really matter because my best friend i’ve only known for like 2 years is sooooooooo close to me but some people i’ve known forever don’t even know my as well xD.

You’re lucky you have a boyfriend :( I don’t have one and never had :P. Well I’m only 12 :P lol xD.

Yeah I should take a break from my site, but i guess it kind of cools me down talking to you guys, I really feel bad when i have a “hiatus” from my site :P.

Hehe thanks :) I wrote it in like 2 minutes xD I just decided to add something besides me ranting in my blog :P.

Ya I hope I do have fun! Usually i swim the whole time at the beach and i never read, so maybe i’ll read this trip xD. And the house looked really pretty from the pictures, it’s like right on the bay :) and only a few blocks from the beach. But I’m kinda disappointed because the house doesn’t allow animals, so my aunt can;t bring her new puppy :(.

Oh, uh I hate when a site i want is taken. I go to see what site it is when it’s taken and it’s usually just a blank page :O. Some person bought a site that was my dad’s company name, and it was blank :O.

Take care :).

LOL that’s okay. Don’t worry about it. :) Oh shizz, GO PUT SOME SHOES ON.. lmao. Then you’ll have something to take out your anger on.

Yeah my friend calmed down, so she’s all good now. :P I still couldn’t understand why she freaked out that much over a 78% because she’s gotten lower marks before and hasn’t even cared. :P I guess something about the test review we got really pissed her off, cause her expectations for her mark were probs much higher than 78. I think what got her to stage 3 was the fact that the teacher was talking so rude back to her, since he was getting annoyed of her arguments.

LOL caveman expression ftw! UGHUGUGU.

Glad you liked the emoticons. :D

Yeah Zach said that he just can’t imagine me being a CA cause he thought I’d become a comedian? LOL, I could never imagine myself as a comedian.

Aw thanks for the encouragement, I really hope I can keep getting my grades higher, cause I’m going to need some pretty frikin high grades later on. D:

Yeah I agree, high-school is definitely more memorable than elementary school.

Any bugs completely gross me out.. or any “creepy crawlies” as I like to call them.. mainly spiders. *shivers*

You’re welcome!

Omg I really want to see this vid of you dancing like a nut. :D Hope you gather up enough confidence to post it on your site soon, LOL. Otherwise, I’ll just have to keep harassing you about it, muaaha.

Yeah the long nails somewhat slow down the typing speed, but they most dramatically slow down my texting speed. xD It’s weird, when I have long nails, I struggle like MAD to text.. it takes me like 1 minute to type a word when it usually takes me like 5 seconds. xD

Yeah filing isn’t my thing cause I’m extremely lazy and unorganized.. which is why I need to MAKE filing my thing. Lmao.

I wish I had the guts to dye my hair. Psh I’m such a pussy.

Great to hear that ballet went well. :) Wow, that’s impressive that it all came back to you when the music played. :O I probably would have been standing there thinking “uh wtf”.. cause my memory is horrible.

I totally agree with your opinion on the length of a relationship. 50 years is a huge accomplishment, definitely something to be proud of.

The 2 years that you’ve had with James is super sweet though. Cause usually, these days, relationships don’t even last more than 2 months, max. -.- So 2 years is definitely something. That’s odd that you dated someone for over a year but you were hardly close with them. :O

Quality over quantity ftw haha. It applies to so many different areas of life, I swear.

It really annoys me when people can’t stop talking about their boyfriend/girlfriend as well. It just gets annoying after a while.

Hahahah, I should try the “suffocate them in a tube” technique. Sounds like a good one. I know this girl who just can’t shut up about her bf and I usually just ignore her and when she finally realizes that I don’t give a fuck, she just stops and proceeds to drive someone else crazy. :)

Sucks that you have work all day tomorrow. :O Hope to hear from ya soon! :)

Well at least your brother tried to be nice. :) How old is he? Also what’s bubble tea? I’ve never heard of it before.

That’s so awesome you’re back at ballet! I’m sure you’ll pick the dance up quickly enough and good luck with the exam. Are the same people in your class from all those years ago?

That’s a little weird that people still think your in high school!
Don’t worry I’m small too. People often think I’m younger than my brother who’s 13 which is wierd.

I think it’s really sweet you and James have been together for so long. :)
I get what you mean about people always slipping things into conversations like that. It gets a little annoying.

Have a great time at work :)


Thanks so much Georgina! It mean a lot to me that you like it :)

I wish they’d stop fighting too. It makes it hard because I don’t want to take sides but it’s completely obvious to everyone it’s the same friend that keeps causing the problem.

Haha good idea! I’ll see if I can. The only problem is I’ve lost the memory card for my camera :O

That’s a lot of responses!

Sorry for taking donkey’s years to reply to your comment.

I think you do get excited about you and James to be honest. I know you celebrate each 5th of the month with a little something normally. And you do talk about him often in your blogs (which I understand is a separate shielded part of yourself which has be segregated onto digital format). But I know that’s because you see one another often so hey. Life is life.

It doesn’t bother me when people talk about their partners, I just kinda brsh it of and say “Is it what you want?” and normally they say yes and i say “good for you.” because I’m not one for relationships personally. I am selfish in that matter to be honest. I don’t want to share my life with someone else right now, I’d rather be on my own (my own person i like to think of it) so I can understand myself better before I meet someone. I need to know who I am first before telling people what I am. :D LOL. (Not sexual orientation or anything but my character).

I think it’s wonderful you and Larissa have significant others though, that you found love so early on in life and you both seem incredibly happy about it.

Ballet sounds fun also, I miss basketball. I am happy Ballet seemed to fall back into place immediately after such a long time.

Yay for going back to ballet! I remember you saying how much you wanted to and that you were having trouble convincing your mum. It’s good that everything came back so quickly too, that’s great. :)

I know what you mean about other people bragging about how long they’ve been in a relationship for – it’s kinda annoying (and as you said, pretty much just bragging). I mean, it’s great that they’re happy and their relationship is working out, but I really don’t care to hear about every little mind-numbing detail, lol. Those sort of people, I’ve found, also tend to be the ones who carry on the most when said relationship ends, so they’re really just annoying whatever their status. :P

I totally agree about the quality over quantity thing too – I think that’s really true for a lot of things, not just relationships. Unless of course you’re running a sweatshop…then I guess it’s quantity more than quality that matters. :P

And you’re right, love doesn’t need “proof”. As long as the person you’re with knows you love them, who gives a damn what the rest of the world thinks?

Yeah, it is irritating when people go on telling the world how long they’ve been together as if that is the only basis on good and lasting relationship. Of course and no doubt there is a correlation between length of time and relationship. The longer a couple stays together, the more they learn about each other. Not always true though. Other factors count in as well such as compatbility, trust, respect, yadda yadda.

I’m trying to see if I can get Windows 7 at cheaper price. But considering it is only in the market for a short while I don’t think that’s possible though. :(

Hahaha, I never knew eating eggs and protein makes fingernails grow faster. XD

it’s always a good idea to be friends before a relationship blossoms. it’s great seeing couples TRULY happy and all smiles. I agree with you 100%. doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together – what matters is the memories, lessons, and growth you have with each other. communication is key- that’s how you gain some kind of trust.

Well we actually got our science results back today. I failed so bad, I just scraped past 70% xD

Yeah, it’s just school. No one will come up to you and take pictures and it’s not like those pictures will end up in Vogue or something. ==

Vandalising things are pretty stupid I guess because if you owned the thing people vandalised, you wouldn’t like it would you? xD

I love love love bubble tea!! It’s one of my favourite drinks. I get it from Easyway when I have enough money :P

Have fun at ballet :D It’s lucky you remembered everything from such a long time ago! When I stopped piano for a year and went back, it didn’t come back as well as I wished it did xD

I’ve never been in a relationship before so I wouldn’t know about this significant other thing but I’ve observed it. My friend was with her “boyfriend” (I wouldn’t call them together – they were so distant and rarely spoke with each other besides MSN) for like 5 months. Then my other friend was with her boyfriend for 1 month or so but they were much more together than the first pair :P

And I get so annoyed when all people talk about is how they have a boyfriend because people who don’t have one are like, yeah OK, thanks for making me feel inadequate ==

Aw thanks for the offer, Georgina! I was offered free hosting so I’m using it for but I will be probably be switching over my AI server to Zoe’s server but I’d have to buy hosting from her first.

I have to disagree with your mother! Red nail polish always looks good. It’s so classy! I lovez it.

Even though you kind of wish you looked more like your age, you’ll know that when you’re 40 you’ll probably look 30! So that’s a good thing!! Weeee.

I love that you wrote about this. You’re right on target, girl. :) You could be with someone for 2 and a half years & still not be close to them. It all depends on how well you guys click & with some couples it’s really obvious & with others it’s not. It really does seem like you & James love each other so there’s definitely nothing to prove. & if people defy that love, pft they’re just jealoussss.

But I don’t think I’ve ever encountered someone who had to brag about how long they’ve been with their significant other. I normally ask them though because I can normally approximate how long they’ve been together by the way they go about talking about their bf/gf. Sometimes it’s kind of obvious. There are always those rare couples that seem like they’ve been going out for a few weeks but have really been together forever or the opposite: going out for a few weeks but seem like they’ve been together.

It’s really cute to see those elderly couples interact though. You know, the ones that are still madly in love with each other after 40+ years? It’s adorable.

LULZ okay I don’t think I’ve ever been that obsessive over what time & hour/minutes/seconds i’ve been with a guy. That’s ridiculous. Do you actually know someone who has gotten that obsessive? TOO CRAZY. Like straight out of a chick flick … or a stalker book.

Whoaaa bubble tea ! I love it so much xD I love how the chewy bubbles fill my mouth :P it’s so chewy and I’m an epic fan of tea :)

Congrats on getting back in ballet :) honestly I want to take ballet lesson, but I’m not confident in dance 0.o I’ve ever tried to take modern dance class, but it turned out to be a mess. Haha I fail at dance xD

Aw I really like to see you and James together :) I love couples who used to be best/good friends before and that true friendship turns into love. I’ve never been through that so I don’t really know how it works xD that’s a kind of love I’m looking for though :P ah well I’m still too young to talk about love and stuffs xD

Yummm pearl milk tea! :3

I’m glad you picked up ballet again so quickly! 👏
Yes, I must agree with you. Even if you’ve known someone for a long time it doesn’t mean that you know them well.

Bleh…I hate it when people brag. It’s much worse when it comes to how much someone’s so and so top or jeans or WHATEVER cost. I mean, I don’t care so don’t tell me /hmph

Hmm I suppose people forget about their lives OUTSIDE of having a boyfriend…just goes to show how much time they spend with their boyfriend rather then having their personal space, etc. It is quite irritating when people don’t have anything else to talk about.

12 hours :O I hope you get overtime pay XD

LOL at your brother. It’s kinda funny and annoying at the same time. XD

Aww, you obviously know ballet by heart. Your feet moved before you recognized it did. ♥

I look so young and stand so short too. I can’t even imagine myself applying for a job or working at a company. Hahaha.

I agree at what you wrote there. It really is “Quality over quantity”, even when we talk about working. I don’t know why some people like to show off and say that they’ve been together for this long and that. >_<

Love doesn't reasons either. "I love him because he's there". That sounds even annoying and snobby. BLAH.

My grandparents in Bohol both love each other dearly and sleep with each other in their old age, but they aren't showy of their feelings. You don't need words. It's in their actions that you can feel it. XD

Thank you for the suggestion. I keep wondering why I can't twet even after I sign in on my phone. @_@ I rarely use Twitter, though. :P

Even until now, I still don't know if Programming is for me. :S I don't want Web Designing to be my major job though. It can be my sideline job. :)

I’m very excited about my plog once I get it officially up and going.

You are so right about the “quality over quantity” thing about the memories you share with someone. My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. It is such a long time for a high school relationship, but I wouldn’t take anything for it.

I absolutely hate it when people butt in with their anniversaries! I would love to whack them across the head and tell them that their comment is not significant to the conversation.

Congratulations on being able to go back to ballet! You must be thrilled!


Oh yeah, I just read it :) It’s great that you picked it back up so quickly! Yeah, I thought it was really wierd haha, Iv’e been thinking about it all the time and I’m never any good at making decisions lol. She’s going back on monday so it doesn’t leave me much time to decide! I’m the same, I hadn’t any time when I used to dance, plus personal issues. I have more time now, it’s just quite a big decision really cos’ it’s a commitment. I’m never good at keeping up with things lol. Oh really? haha, sorry about that..there you go theres an example of how I can’t keep up with things 🙄 haha, if you apply at influence at any time in the future I’ll make sure to look out for you :) Yeah magazine editor is what I’ve been looking at on the career database, it’s hard to find out how you’d actually get into it though, i guess i will have to cross that bridge when I finish studying. Haha yeah, thats why I want to watch New moon cos he’s in it, which kinda makes me sound a little sad haha, I know, I couldn’t believe he is 17..he looks older to me? like I’m 16, 17 in a few months so we are kind of the same age group yet I look about 10 compared to him haha! crazy..

I don’t have any regrets. I do wonder what would have happened if I would have done some things differently though.

I don’t really care anymore. And I can’t say anything through this because people are just going to comment on it too. It’s to the point that even my best friend on here won’t talk to me anymore because she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to her. So do what you want. It really doesn’t matter anymore.

LOL. I have to say I’m one of those people that like to talk about my significant other all the time but not in a way where I just pop in and say random things about our relationship. If someone asks me, I’ll answer their questions and I just tend to talk about it just because my relationship with him means a lot to me and we both admit publically that we are pretty much attached at the him. We’re a packaged deal and we are not ashamed of it.

I agree completely with the whole “quality over quantity”. I say it doesn’t matter either how long you have been with a person, it’s the relationship itself that defines it not how long you have been together. I know a few couples who have been together less than my bf and I and I couldn’t believe how mature their relationship was and it made me have such a crazy respect for them. It’s the memories, the fights, the loving moments, the UNSPOKEN MOMENTS that really matter. I could say all I want that we have been together for 3 years but it could still mean nothing if I have nothing to back that up. But also like you said, love doesn’t need proof. I don’t know why some people need to be so nosy about other people’s relationships but if need be then back yourself up. It’s the people who just like to say that they have a boyfriend just because that pisses me off because obviously they don’t care about the relationship, they just want to show off.

One of these days I’m going to try your bubble tea…it sounds really good lmao.

Yeah, that’s something I can’t stand. Like you said if you’re in love, fine. You don’t need proof, you know? Just…dont’ flaunt it, esp if you got lots of single friends XD XD

Glad that getting back into dance is easy for you! :) I’ve been thinking about asking for modern dance classes myself…maybe something aerobic though, I’m totally out of shape ugh lol.

Oh my God — TWELVE hours of work?! Holy crap — What’s your job? I certainly hope you like your place of employment, otherwise it’d be pure Hell … I’d be depressed for days if I had to work that long. XD

Oh, and I agree with you about the whole bragging-about-your-boyfriend-twentyfourseven bullshit. 💀 After awhile it’s like, ‘Okay, that’s great, you’ve got a boyfriend. Now STFU because no one gives a shit.’

D: :D

No, no grudges. The pony is very spooky at things. Her former owners weren’t very kind.
But yes. It turned into this big purple bruise. And it’s really sore. I put ice on it but sheesh, it hurts.

YES! It is so much!

Wow, that sounds really cool. One time I did that with my aunt, but she pulled over into a gas station to do it. Then, when the two minutes was up, the gas guy came out and yelled at us and said to move it, because we were blocking other customers. :O

Awww, :P That happened to me a lot. I always was wearing my navy coat and people always said. “What a lovely boy, he’s so cute!”

I know! Remember Lizzie? I used to love Lizzie. She was so relatable and we all thought she was the funniest person around. Along with Raven too. But still, she was so good, then she became that slut everyone else is.

Sometimes in class, I use my blue sharpie and give myself some blue nail polish :P They became the best neon blue if you ever saw it.

Examiners suck /hehe

Wow, that sounds so awesome. Like, just to remember all of those long forgotten memories.

Yeah, my grandparents have been married for like 60 some years. And it’s really sweet. But they bicker a lot and my Nanny got separate beds because apparently my Nappy snored and kicked. Two single beds in their bedroom, it’s kind of funny, but sad. But I think Nappy does kick, cause when he fell asleep on the couch he almost kicked me in the shin when I walked by.
Even though Nanny can insult him, I think they love each other a lot.

That’s true, real love is just all the proof you need. It just shows. Like my Nanny and Nappy. No matter how much they bicker. 👏

Hehe, I think it’s awesome how you already know that you’re going to like the new faketragedy :D I hope everyone else will like it too!

You can actually see it.. it’s a premade by Erin from – I just won’t say which one I am using xD Hehe, but you know that you don’t have to make it :)

I hope so too.. if not I’ll just blog the most random things just so I have a blog up every single day..

Exactly! Aww, that movie is so awesome <3 Those are lovestories I like the most :) And ewww about that dude and the pizza..

Yeah, we just want to learn new things every now and then ;) Though most of the time I don't really check out the bands I like.. I am to lazy for that xD

We have to do it.. there is like no way out of it xD But it’s not that bad most of the time anyways.. next semester we’ll plan the ceremonie for our graduation – that should be fun. But it sucks that 3 of our friends changed to a different class so we can’t do it with them. We already planned everything in year 12 – like with who we want to work and stuff xD

YEP! And even more if they want you to take a look at stylistic devices.. who ever invitet that should be punished.. I hate it.. especially because we have to do it English class, German class and even in freaking HISTORY class..

Maybe if you find the time you really should get back into writing again :) That just reminds me that I am still stuck at those almost 4000 words.. wow xD

You are such a lucky girl Georgina! I had to share a room with my sister when we come here from Russia and then my parents decided to build their own house and only made 3 bedrooms (one for each child).. well, they haven’t thought about the fact what happens if mum gets pregnant again..

Yeah I recognized that about myself too. I can’t wait to have my first ever relationship xD I really would love to know how that is and what it feels like..

Me too! I am actually really happy that the people in my environment tend not to talk about their relationships too much. They mostly just tell things if you ask them straight away.

That quote is just soo true!


Aww thats great that you were able to pick up ballet after these years! I soo would not be able to XD. I’m glad you enjoyed it ! It must feel great (:

LOL I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT. I hate when they are like “GUESS WHAT, I’VE BEEN WITH [insert name] FOR 4 DAYS 2 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES !” I’m like “whoop 😒 ” You’re like my sister (: When she went out with this guy [WHO IS AWESOME LOL, I’m best friends with his little sister], they didnt like announce it to everyone, they kept to themselves. They dont even announce to us their anniversary! I had to figure it out -.-

xD. yes, I agree…

I’ll fix up the tut later on. I don’t know what problem I hadposting a tutorial. In fact, it’s a blog.. xD. but if I will have tutorials, I’ll use your advice;)

Yeah, I find it annoying when people are always talking about their boyfriends/girlfriends. My sister sometimes brings up her BF and it’s annoying cause I could care less about it or him. It’s even more annoying when someone spends too much time with their other half.

Again, my sister does that. It’s not she’s 16 anymore with all the free time in the world. She has two kids for pete sake. Spend some time with them.. Her excuses are also annoying. and just plain stupid.

Haha, I know this person whose been going out with their boyfriend for years and then………….. they broke up ==”
I hate it when people boast about their boyfriends/girlfriends. I mean, is that the ONLY thing that can talk about? How long they’
ve been with them?
My parents find absolutely no point in dating for agesss, they think that you should just maybe date a few months or a year or whatever and then get married ==”
You only blog every two days. Wait, you said ONLY . :P I always tell myself to blog but then the time comes and then I can’t be bothered ==”
Have fun at work!

I didn’t mean it as a regret. I just wasn’t specific. I’m sorry.

Haha I know! Audrey Hepburn was going to be a ballerina, too, but she was rejected because of her height too. Lol.

Yeah I’m using this nail polish that you apply twice a day and it will strengthen your nails. It’s slow to work, but it IS working :)


Thanks for all the advice on everything. It really helps. I really appreciate everything.

Aww thanks. And yeah, it’s a good thing I’m going to a college no one is going to go to. It’ll give me a clean slate to start from. It’ll be like they never existed.

God damn your brother for drinking the rest of the bubble tea, I myself don’t really like it; but it’s incredibly agitating when someone else drinks what you waaaaant DX

I’m so happy for you getting back into ballet! You must be extremely talented eh :3 It’s great that you’re easily getting the hang of things again. I wish I could dance but I’m as unco as a three legged elephant D:

Aw wow, you and James are steadily approaching your two year anniversary eh! That’s commitment :3 But yeah I completely agree with you, quality over quantity. I mean quantity can matter somewhat, but as you said; that’s really more for fifty year old marriages and what not.

What irks me even more is when you see teenagers whom are 13-15 claiming to be in love after they’ve just started dating someone. Not only that but once their relationship falls apart a week later they act totally over dramatic, as if their life is ruined. I mean come on, how can a one week relationship really compare to something as deep as love?

Ah yes, people who just constantly brag about the relationship they share with their boyfriend all the time are incredibly annoying, it’s like they have nothing else to talk about. They’re so boring, but as you say people are allowed to get obsessive just not conceited about it though. On the other hand if more people acted like you do with your relationship with Jamesyyy poo then the world would be a better place XD

Haha yeah, the word count of NaNoWriMo really is a huge motivator, but it is a lot for the time span of a month. I’ve kinda given up/kinda not. I’m going to complete it in my own time, why? Well I yet again got a new computer and I somehow lost my story file, so I had to rewrite it from the beginning -.-‘

True, I guess we’re all guilty of procrastinating at one point of our lives, we’re humans, it’s natural eh. Although some of us (like me) tend to do it more often than not.

:O You lucky bitchhh! You get nice padded chairs for uni, well I suppose you guys deserve that eh. Sitting in the same spot in a lecture theatre for a few hours at a time must really be exhausting and not to mention boring D:

*Hugs* aw thanks Georgie n___n ~ !

LOL HAHAHAHA, that’s hilarious but naww :( Why do dicks scare you? Do you get afraid they might turn into lightsabers and kill you? Just kidding, but I’m sure you’ll overcome this fear :D

Aw well I had always heard of Brad Pitt but never really seen him in any movies, so when I watched Fight Club i was like OMG DROOOOOL! It’s a great movie (despite it’s name it’s rather psychological).

Sorry that I cut this comment shorter (LLLL)

I think he is embarrassed. We DO talk but not as much as before. I’m not even sure if he actually said that he likes me, because everyone makes up so many different stories that it’s hard to decide which one to actually believe. O_O

We had fun at the party. I ended up seeing Kawshik there as well. Thankfully, he did talk to me but we mostly fought with each other. XD

I’m glad you’re back at ballet. I think it’s good that you look younger than you are, because my sisters and my mother is always wishing that people wouldn’t think that they are too old. LOL.

I’ve got a friend (new girl in class) who is always bragging on about how she loves her boyfriend so much, how he is so sweet, and how they have been together for such a long time.
The first time that we met her, she explained her whole love story to us. And we were like /huh and /ehh and /oh. LOL. It’s really annoying and lame. People should not talk about their love life all the time. It’s supposed to be something private, right? XD