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Yesterday was To Write Love On Her Arms Day. Here’s my pictures:


When I was little, sticker earrings were all the rage. I collected stickers in a sticker album, but I never actually used the stickers for something other than display. They just stayed there for a while. And after that long while, they started to lose their stickiness, until I stopped collecting stickers, because I just never seemed to use them. They were too cute to use, or too big, or ugly. But I liked collecting them.

Back then, I was about nine years old. Sticker earrings were all the rage then, especially for girls with ears that weren’t pierced.

I was one of the lucky ones who did get my ears pierced at a young age, and so I wore earrings throughout my primary school life. I had these lovely gold-plated star earrings that my mum had chosen for me. She didn’t trust me with ones that were gold, yet. :P

Sticker earrings were simply like these little gems with a sticky back, that could be stuck onto your ear lobe. The gems and designs on the earrings weren’t even that impressive. They were like small “bumpy stickers”. So they weren’t your average flat sticker, but had a rounded surface.

Some were adorned with glitter, others just with the face of an interesting image like a butterfly or a heart.

More often than not, they came in sets of 30 or 31 – one pair of cute earrings for every day of the month. I had always wanted them, despite having pierced ears. I thought these stickers were so much nicer than the star earrings I had.

My mum refused to buy me any, and throughout my whole life, I’ve lived with no pocket money. In high school my parents gave me money when I needed it, but I couldn’t always ask for it, and they wanted to know what I was using the money for.

One day I wanted these earrings so much that I just had to have them. My mum had taken me to the shops (I was never allowed home alone until I was 17 years old) and was looking at clothes. I spotted a set of these sticker earrings hanging on the shelf.

I hastily looked around and saw no one within close proximity. I snatched the packet of earrings up, folded it up, and pushed it into the pocket of my jeans.

Eventually my mum found out, and was annoyed with me.

But she wasn’t as cross as the time she found out my brother had been stealing the colourful size pegs on the clothes hangers of a K-mart store. There was a total of about 50 pegs in his pocket. Boy was she angry. XD

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XD I remember those earrings! I had my ears pierced when I was young as well, but I used to wear the sticker earrings to make it look like I had my ears pierced twice. I think that was when I was about 8 or 9. I used to have stars and moons. :)
I remember people used to go absolutely mad for them… aaw bless, I’m sure you didn’t quite realise that what you were doing was wrong at that age.

Once when I was younger I really wanted a Barbie rubber, but my Mum said it was a waste of money. I looked around and saw that no one was watching so I picked it up and threw it down my top before following my Mum out of the shop. I don’t think she ever found out about it. I’m sure she would’ve gone absolutely mad if she had.

I wrote love on my arm too! /eee I posted a picture on Twitpic. :D

Hahah, it’s on top of your ragdoll dress /bounce
Ngawweee you weren’t allowed to be home alone until you were 17! Thazoocute /love *scrobble*! /rose

Heh. Pocket money’s for wankers. 😰 /bash 🤬
Hahah, I love those coloured size tab things. Once I was waiting for my mum and I swapped around a good 20-30 of them 😏


Yes it is… I think I wear that dress way too much. :O

It wasn’t cute, haha. I was quite annoyed. Every time my parents wanted to go somewhere, even if it was to the shops around the corner or just a few minutes away, they would worry that we (Brandon and I) would injure ourselves or something while they were gone.

But I wanted pocket money…! That’s a bit harsh. D:

I don’t even think those tab things are accurate anyway. I was looking for a certain size, all the sizes on the tabs showed 10, so I had to look at the tag instead. /hmph

Hey :) I know those sticker earrings you’re talking about, my mum has some for Halloween. Lol xD
I use to collect stickers too when I was younger and well like you they just stayed there and I was showing my friends cause I was so proud. Hehe
it’s ok u stole stickers… It’s only stickers xD
your site looks so awesome on mobile :) I really love that mobile theme and I think it’s great because it’s never too big like if u use the Normal version. :)

Ooh! I remember those sticker earrings! My parents never let me pierce my ears so I would really use any stickers that were small enough as “earrings”. :D

Good times, good times! :)

And before I forget! The new layout is ah-mazing as usual! :D And of course, I am very late in saying so. Bleh. Ecology camp, history camp and homework all bundled in one is to say the least, stressful.

I wanted to join in To Write Love On Her Arms Day, but we were at history camp and no-one really had the time to write anything on anyone’s arms… :( Which is a little sad, since I have to wait another year now. Oh well!

Waaaah, this comment box took forever to load just then…I had to refresh it like FIVE times. :( Stupid capped internet! /angry

Anyways! Yaaaaay XD To-Write-Love-On-Her-Arms Day ♥ You write “love” on your arms :) (Y) Hehehe, I did too. Waaaah…yours looks so much better than mine :P Your “V” is a heart! ♥ That’s so cool :)

I didn’t take a picture of mine with my face in it :( But I took one of my arm :) Hahahaha, I think mine was on too long because it took me forever to get it off this morning. Or maybe it was cos of the pen :P

Ohhhh! Those sticker earrings! I completely forgot about their existence until I read your blog. Then it AAAAAALL came flooding back. :P Those were so cool back then…^^…

I wasn’t allowed to get my ears pierced until I was ten, and my parents didn’t let me get the stick-on earrings :( *sigh*. I was so jealous of anyone who had them :P [So silly, now that I look back :P ] But I also just wanted them cos I thought they’d make cool stickers in general :) So colourful ^^

Hahahahaha! You stole some! LOL…That’s kinda cute, and very hilariously funny xD

OMG, YOUR BROTHER STOLE THOSE PEG THINGS! Hahahahaha! That’s even funnier :P

I used to go around all the clothing sections and rip of the barcodes :P Hahahaha. OOPS!

I guess we all did weird, silly things as children.

I have SO many stickers now because I keep collecting them. Some are so cute, except I forgot where I put them. I MUST FIND THEM! =O

Aww! I hope you uncap soon! :(

I’ve become used to writing the “V” in “love” as a heart, ever since I started writing it in bubble writing about a year ago. :P

I drew mine again with a DVD marker. It was the only thing I had around! But it still hasn’t come off. If I scrub really hard it will come off, but it’s sort of fading anyway. It looks nice – it’s a bit like a tattoo hehe. :)

They were cool! I swear, after I took them, I didn’t use them much. I didn’t like them losing their stickiness.

Aww, your parents didn’t let you either! My ears were first pierced when I was a baby. Haha.

I thought they were pretty cool too – they were colourful and everything. I guess we were all just kids.

Oh, I don’t know if this is what you’re referring to, but the tags on clothes had a perforated section with the price on it sometimes, and I would rip them off for fun. LOL.

I found some in the pantry the other day. I thought, WTF? But I have stickers still. I found those blue puffy elephant ones I had in high school – I still have half the sheet. XD

Wow, thirty comments is a lot to return!

Thanks! I’m glad you like it (: Hahaa took ages to finally get it the way I wanted it.

‘To Write Love On Her Arms Day’ – I’ve never heard of that. Your pictures are really cool though. You’ve got really nice handwriting.

Ooh I love stickers. I used to have a pack of Winnie The Pooh sticker earrings. I’d wear some of them now and then, but most I saved and I’ve still got them now cuz I don’t want to through them away! Aw, tut tut for taking some sticker earrings! I think your mum was quite right to be mad at you, though it wasn’t really fair that she didn’t let you buy any!

HAH XD number d. *giggles*

I don’t know why they complained! That’s why I’m annoyed about it! I didn’t do that much out of line >.< I think they just hate me, because some girls who do worse things than me never get in trouble 🤬

Aha, woo ~ people have told me not to apologize, but it felt like the right thing to say :P

Aw, you're humour isn't! I always end up laughing at something you write about *reminises back to when you ran into a glass door*.. heheheh.

I'm doing well now, your comment is my latest comment, so I'm returning it pretty quick, but even when you're like 5 comments behind returning, it seems like such a daunting task returning them all -.-

I havn't seen the sexy beast again, but, I found out he's my friends brother ^_^ and I sit next to her in science, which I have 4 out of 5 days in school with her, so I'll subtley imply that I think her brother is like, MIIGHTAY FINE. :)

Good, we is rollllllllllin. (h)

Well, now we're sliding. *aaaahhh* :P

To Write Love On Her Arms Day, is that only where you live, or is it worldwide, because I havn’t heard of it until now.. :|


Aw you look so purdy :) wait, is that eyeliner? >.< I need some eyeliner, and you are (possibly) using it on your arms? I take it away now. :D

LOL at that story ^_^ I remember sticker earring things :P I used to just stick them on my school books though.. I had these small cherry ones, they were so cute :)

I got my ears pierced young too :P so I wasn't really that into the stickers, well, I liked them on my books ^_^

Aha! I remember when I stole a Bonbon sweet from my local supermarket.. it was in one of those pick'n'mix things, and I was about 6, so I didn't really know better.. that's my excuse :P

LOL, aha at least you got off the hook ;D

I loved collecting stickers too when I was little, and I still do. I have my scrapbooking stickers and I hate to use them up because they looks so cute and nice and I feel it would be a waste if I use them. As my boyfriend said, “it’s the thought of buying it that matters”. LOL.

But I never tried sticker earrings. I’ve seen my friends wearing them back then and I thought those were cool. But my mom never let me triy them out. She said it is a waste and pointless. My mom was (and still is) really a conservative person. *sighs*

Yeah I don’t have Vista at all. I don’t know about whether upgrades are possible (I haven’t actually asked the vendor). I am actually opting to jump straight to Windows 7 ;)

You mean,you sort of stole?

That’s bad. But actually your brother is worse,haha. I dont even know what are sticker earrings because nowadays I don’t see them. Have a good weekend, Georgina!

I used to buy those stick on earrings all the time, so it looked like i had my ear lobed pierced more then once per ear.

Hehe, i used to steal little nick nacks all the time. I wouldn’t do it now tho. I think the older you get, the more risk’s you wont take. And the older you get, the more punishment from the law. It was fun being a kid.

How come your mum didn’t let you stay home alone until aged 17? You seem like such a nice and good girl. :) And very responsible. Or am i wrong? lol, not my business any way.

My sisters steal every thing, from make up to even CD’s. /angry Their still young, but teenagers. 13 and 14.

I don’t know if you had this to, but in year 6/7 primary school, we used to collect these pretty little stickers you stick on your forehead. We called them bindi’s, (i think) and they were a huge rage at school. Like being an Indian girl with the dots on there heads. They were really cool.

Server’s back! Though, I still have loads to work on. What with RigRag ruining my site and all…

Ooh, Iike the way you (erm, you WERE the one who wrote that, right?) love. It’s so cute. ^_^ I guess I wasn’t born yet during the sticker earring age. I collect the little thin sticker books, but they also lose their stickiness. Really? I think I got my ears pierced when I was a baby. Hmm… Yeah, my mom doesn’t want me to wear the gold ones like the ones she has before. But now, she buys me loads of gold earrings :D Haha. W O W. Really? You stole something from a store? Can’t do that here. They always have these sort of erm, things that detect if you have anything in your whole body that you stole from the store when you pass. I wouldn’t really want to steal, anyways. Though, I have stolen a compact mirror with the powder in it when I was little from my Aunt’s house (is that considered stealing? She’s a relative isn’t she, and plus, I was YOUNG back then!) My mom got soo angry at me. Buggest fight we ever had. I promised I will so never steal again..

But I guess sometimes, promises can’t be fulfilled…

Server’s back! Though, I still have loads to work on. What with RigRag ruining my site and all…

Ooh, Iike the way you (erm, you WERE the one who wrote that, right?) love. It’s so cute. ^_^ I guess I wasn’t born yet during the sticker earring age. I collect the little thin sticker books, but they also lose their stickiness. Really? I think I got my ears pierced when I was a baby. Hmm… Yeah, my mom doesn’t want me to wear the gold ones like the ones she has before. But now, she buys me loads of gold earrings :D Haha. W O W. Really? You stole something from a store? Can’t do that here. They always have these sort of erm, things that detect if you have anything in your whole body that you stole from the store when you pass. I wouldn’t really want to steal, anyways. Though, I have stolen a compact mirror with the powder in it when I was little from my Aunt’s house (is that considered stealing? She’s a relative isn’t she, and plus, I was YOUNG back then!) My mom got soo angry at me. Buggest fight we ever had. I promised I will so never steal again..

But I guess sometimes, promises can’t be fulfilled…

(creepy ending, eh? :P)

Whoops, meant biggest. Sorry!

Haha yeah, it’s a shame really. I don’t think many people are pleased with RigRag. And yes, I saw Priya’s notice.

Yeah, I wrote that. :D Thank you!

I used to collect stickers but avoided using them because they were too cute to use, or I didn’t want to “waste” them. :P

I was very young, probably even a baby, when I got my ears pierced. I got more ear piercings when I was 12. I convinced my mum because she had a lot herself and I wanted to as well.

Haha, we have those security things here too but sometimes they’re not that effective. I was just a kid back then! :P

I don’t think your mum was pleased with you taking something from a relative though. XD

Oh and don’t worry about the comment. I could tell it was you from your email, hahaha. :P

It’s so tiring. Now, I barely even have time to work on the site because of school. *sigh*

I see. Haha. :P 12? Really? Um, wow. :P

I think most of us stole when we were kids. Haha.
Yes, she so wasn’t pleased. But, got to face the consequences!

I though so. ^_^ My avatar, too! How can I change it?

I guess I should feel lucky because I’m on a break… but I still have two jobs to keep up with.

Yeah, we probably all did naughty things as children. :P

Oh, don’t you remember? You go to and login with your email, put in a new avatar and you’re done. It’s pretty simple.

Aw, lucky you, indeed!

Haha. Yes, I quite agree. LOL

Oh yeah. Thanks!

Aw, man! Sorry, Georgina. I accidentally typed my nickname and entered my old URL. It’s Julia here, from Rainbowpop!
And sorry for entering my comment twice!

(Um, wow, am I really THAT stupid?)

Ngaw, I fail at blogging ever second day. I just can’t keep up. -.- I don’t even have any exams going on right now, and I’m still so caught up with school.. so I don’t even want to think about what it’s going to be like when exam time comes. D: Fml. Anyways, I posted a new blog today hehe.

Yeah I always get extremely frustrated when I feel like I did well on a test, and then the mark is just WAY lower than I expected. It sucks. Makes me feel like such a fail.. like, more than usual lmao.

HAHA I’m sure that James could be a comedian.. if he really wanted to. xD I’ll take that as a compliment that you can’t imagine me as a comedian. :P I’d much rather be a CA anyways.

Gah spiders and cockroaches are the worst. The absolute worst. D: They not only scare me, they make me want to throw up and die. Worms don’t have too bad of an effect on me though, thankfully.

LOL who cares about the clothes, it’s obviously the crazy nut dancing that matters. xD

Haha yeah the itouch keyboard makes me angry sometimes cause the keys are really close together and especially when I have long nails, it selects two letters at once, which makes my words look like this : “hrery geroigyina” that was supposed to be “hey Georgina”. Yah.

Good suggestion with the wigs. :D

I bet ballet is in your blood! I wish it was in mine, but I remember when I took ballet and I was in utter pain from all the stretching and tippy-toe stuff we were doing. xD

I know! It gets so annoying cause some way or the other they find a way to bring their bf/gf into the picture.. which isn’t required or wanted. -.- Sigh.

HAHAH, yeah I’ll be sure to suffocate then cut off her finger. xD Dayum evil much?

Good to hear that work was good!

LOVE-ON-HER-ARMS-DAY. MY LIFE MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW. You have no idea. Like, you really have no idea what I went through on Friday. This one girl in my accounting class had “LOVE” written on her arm and I thought “oh, someone probs just doodled that on her..” but then, this guy walked in with LOVE written on his arm too.. so then I was like “hm.. that’s weird.. maybe it’s an inside joke..” and THEN about 2 other people had it on their arm as well, and I was like “WTF IS GOING ON” but now IT MAKES SENSE. THANKYOU. IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. Confusion over. Phew.

Whoa, I think I wore sticker earrings as a part of my Halloween costume in grade 4. I TOTALLY REMEMBER THOSE THINGS! :)

I never knew they came in huge sets of 30 though. :O

LMAO well who would have known, Georgina being the little rebel who stole the earrings. xD But at least you had a brother who had done much worse, so the anger of your mom was redirected from you to him muahahaah.

Glad you were finally able to get your hands on those earrings. :) And omg, were you seriously not allowed home alone till you were 17?! My parents expected me to stay home alone when I as like 13. D: I was so scared of it back then, but now I like being home alone lmao.

I also remember those earrings/stickers. I know that I used to get so irritated because I couldn’t get them to stay where they were suppose to. But oh well!

LOL. I used to collect stickers too. when I was around 7. I always got them from after gymnastic sessions, because the coach was nice. I always stuck them on the car window on the way home, haha.

I remember sticker earrings too; I not only put them on my earlobes, but every where. I put them on my nose, arms, fingernails, you name it. I got really sad when they ran out. :P

Haha wow, if I stuck anything on the car window my mum would be mad. She got annoyed when we blew on the window and drew shapes, because it made the window dirty. XD

I worried the stickers wouldn’t be sticky anymore, which is why I avoided using them. :P

I remember those sticker earrings! (H) I wasn’t all that into them though; most girls were. I didn’t like them that much because they would lose their stickiness and fall off without you noticing, lol. I did, however, collect stickers. I got a sticker album, which I still have, and started putting all of the stickers my parents would get for me in it. Like you, I didn’t really use them for something other than display. :D

Lol, I think I stole some stickers once. But I didn’t steal them from a store, I stole them from this girl that kept being mean to me and showing off with her sticker album which had TONS more stickers than me. I still remember the day I did that, and she cried when she saw that one of her album pages missing. My mom found out and made me apologize to her and give it back. I hated it! 😒 I only did it cause she kept talking about how she had the most stickers and stuff. I was only a kid though, so I just HAD to do it. XD

Aw, that is adorable. When I was student teaching a few years ago a student was wearing a “To Write Love On Her Arms” t-shirt. I didn’t know about it and I think it was quite new – it might have been the first year. He told me all about it and I remember being so moved by it that I told everyone I knew about it.

i’ll be back, remind me to comment again.
i have the flu and my mums calling me
and i turn my laptop on like once a wekk now so :/
but i still love you.
i’ll be back.


/kiss i love those sticky earings, at least they don’t give me allergies haha /argh

Haha I don’t really see them much anymore. I should feel lucky because I don’t get allergies from earrings. :)

LOL. You look pretty :P
I don’t like having my ears pierced. I don’t like the idea of a “gun” shooting something through my ear lobe. ):

Thanks! I’m glad you like it! :)

Eeek! Thank Goodness my cough went away, I would cry if I had pneumonia. :(

Aha totally. I totally agree. I like blogging on my own terms much, much more.

Haha I know, it’s bothering the crap out of me, too. I made those myself and didn’t think of the line height issue when I was doing it. XD I’m just going to go find some premade ones instead because I don’t have time to make new ones. XD

Aww! I remember those earrings. They were so cute! I don’t remember if I had any or not because I got my ears pierced when I was pretty young as well.

BWAHHAHA. That’s such a random and funny thing to steal. I literally laughed out loud when I read that haha. My little brother did little things like that when he was younger too aha.

Nah, I failed science for sure. My overall mark that was going to be in my report was 22/30. T_T

I love those Asian stereotype videos! Especially Mychonny and Kevjumba :P

Yes I hate it when people treat animals that way :( Life isn’t fair!

Why would he call you a Chinese bitch? That’s going way too far!

OMG, I’m totally with you! If I told my parents I got 100% for something other than maths, they would be like, yeah whatever. But if I ever got less than 100% they would start giving me a lecture xD

Yes Easyway is really expensive, it’s like $5 for a milk tea with pearls sometimes :(

Piano is pretty hard to pick up compared to other hobbies because your hand techniques disappear if you don’t practise much :P

Yeah xD we have this thing where it’s like sisters before misters but it failed because everyone kind of winds up fighting about boys :S


I drew a love heart on my arm with Sharpies :) Even though it looked really wonky :S It’s still on my arm because it’ll take ages to get off ==

Sticker earrings? I never knew they existed :S I knew there were clip on earrings but not sticker xD

LOL your story is hilarious xD I never knew you were such a rebel :o

Wow. You could write neatly on your arms. Your “LOVE” looks cute, your V is heart-shaped. :P You look kind of like a Chinese. Your little mole is attractive. *feels like a tomboy* XD

I remember those sticker earrings when I was in Elementary. Even boys use them. I never got to experience them though because my ears were pierced at a very young age. So I’m wearing real earrings instead of those stickers.

I used to collect stickers too. I forgot where I put my sticker albums. /wah They were full of Disney stickers then. And we also had stationary collection. My classmates and I would bring them and barter stationeries.

Hahaha. I’ve never actually stolen before. It’s good you didn’t get caught though. My cousin stole at a store before and ended up in jail, instead of going to the church. :D Haha.

Your brother reminds me of my own. He’d been stealing my mom’s money and she’d got angry everytime she finds out, but my brother would run away like crazy.

We were close friends, but still that doesn’t give her the right to change I did without asking for it. It would have been alright with me. And this is what she has done:

I don’t know what to make of that. The navigation consumes half of the content. /argh Now I have more things to settle. I appreciate her effort though, compared to the other groupmate who has done nothing, but lay back and relax. 🤬

Being a web developer sounds alright. They do lots of programming. I can do that, as long as it’s not Java. I really have no interest in Java since last semester.

LOL. Your friend sounds like she’s obsessed with her boyfriend. I bet your conversation was booooring.

First of all I apologise that WordPress decided to eat your comment and not throw it back up. It was a long comment and I feel SOOO bad that I can’t return. I’m sorry. *hugs*

I actually didn’t know a “To Write Love On Her Arms Day” existed lmao, how sad. I used to have an obsession with writing on my arms in school. My friend and I used to write some bizarre and rude things on each others arms. On our last day of school, we wrote all over each others faces. XD

Sticker earrings; ah the rage of the ’90s’ in our case. They were a huge rage here but I never used them because I got my ears pierced when I was like 5 haha. But still my mum bought them for me.

LOL you stole them?! HAHA go you!! My sister and I used to do that, we used to just walk around casually, but looking back it was pretty obvious we were stealing, and just shove them in our pockets.

I used to collect Pokemon stickers.. we had a sticker album type thing. And soccer stickers… ah good times, good times.

He stole pegs?! LOL. Random, but pretty cool. :P

I’m still searching for your comment, if I find it I’ll definitely return it! Man I feel so bad. :(

My friend wrote ‘love’ on my arm that day C:
I collected stickers too! I’ve lost them all though :( And I used to have it in this jungle book with monkeys on them XD

haha It’s funny how we steal things like that! I remember I stole pipe cleaners at k-mart once LMAO. I wanted them so bad D: I though they were really cool because they were like ‘furry’ and bendy LOL.
When my dad found out I said I ‘found it at school’ but he didn’t believe it.

That was the first and only time I ever shop lifted because when I was younger I thought they dusted for DNA finger prints or something if you opened up one of their products.

Boy was I naive. XD

I wondered why everyone was writing love on their arms yesterday… xD I missed it, poop :|.

Haha xD I remember stickers xP. I used to totally adore them :P. But now they’re ok, some teachers still give them out on tests if you get an “A”, bah aha xD.

Me and my friend worked on our science project today for 3 hours straight xD. It was fun, and it looks amazing :D, I’m probably going to take a picture of it sometime :P.

Haha but everyone is going out with someone, at least the popular people are. My best friend even went out with someone, and she didn’t even want to before that, and i do want to, and i haven;t how ironic :P.

Yeah, i’ve never really been on hiatus either :P. I love to get comments!! but i hate when people visit and don’t bother to leave comments :P.

Uhh why don’t they actually do things on those sites? So they just buy them and don’t put anything on them just so other people don’t get the names or something?

I’m not superstitions either, but i’m afraid to say i’m totally not, because just then something horrible will happen to me :P, like i’m afraid to say I’m not afraid of ghosts because then i’ll see one or i’ll be haunted D:. So I believe in “spirits” :). But things have happened to my friends… My friend lived in this house for a year where everyday something new will appear and her parents didn’t do it, and she found a picture drawn of her and her brother in the attic…
Also when my aunt was in college, it was said to be haunted, and one day she was on the elevator going to her room and it wne tup to a floor where no one is aloud and is like not able to get to :S.

Isn’t there a some song called superstitions or superstitious or something? Or is that just me hearing a tune then changing the words… I tend to do that with songs alot in my head xD.

Hehe bubble tea, is that like iced tea or normal tea? I don’t really like tea xD. But i loveee sweet things :D so maybe I’d like that?

My brother will be 15 soonish lol, he’s older than me though :P

Yeah I had this friend i’ve known since preschool but we lost contact because we did ballet together “she wasn’t the one who bullied me” but she clung to me so then I said I was going to do ice skating, and she wanted to do that too :| but then my ice skater teacher was taking too long so I decided to not do it. So then I guess she did it or something but we lost contact then and we couldnt ever see each other because she went to a different elementary school as me :(. I miss her and i dont even know what she looks like, so if we see each other in high school, we’ll be lost forver. I almost cried just typing that….

I want to make this comment super long so i need something else to comment about, but it needs to be blog related so erm ehh…
You weren’t allowed to be home until 17 :O I was allowed to be home since I was 11 :P lol. You almost stole earrings :O well atleast they were sticker earrings, hopefully not too expensive xD.

Haha did you brother have an eye for colorful things?

I never really wore earrings as a really youngish kid but I remember wearing like 1 set of clip on. But now I wear normal ones :P. I remember wanting my ears pierced for awhile because I got some diamond earrings as a present but my ears weren’t pierced so yeah LOL xD.

Hmm when I was little I remember someone was wearing sticker earings and we were all like ohhh ahh xD. Hmm now that I think of it maybe I did have a pair of sticker earings… :S Ugh I have a bad memory… But somethings that I do remember are pointless but sad because I miss my very yound childhood D: :'( I feel so emotional now :(.

Wow I started getting emotional at the end of this comment D:. Haha but at least I sorta stayed on topic :P.

And by the way there are alot of spelling errors here, sorry, I’ve never written such a long comment before xD. And I don’t have time to go through he whole thing and spell check, wow I sound lazy, sorry :( I’m tired. I don’t even know how long this thing is :P.

Have a good day, :D, or morning… whatever time it is for you, wait I think you’re fifteen hours ahead so if its 8 for me it’s 11 am? I think I;m wrong but whatever :P. ok so Im really going now um bye… bye :D *waves*

I love Vicky’s smilies too! They made me want to try to make my own, but eh. I know how to do them, but I’m really bad at getting like a good base going, lol. Wow, I’m lame. I need to learn how to do more things in Photoshop. I just get discouraged and quit.

My eyes are still a little messed up, but thank you :)

Haha, you can submit a book review to my site :] I used to have something up for that, but I took it off because no one was using it. I’d credit you and all. That way you can get it out of your system :P

Yes, haha. I’ve got the box and stuff together. I’m so excited, but I’m nervous for the labor. Like.. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.

I wish I could go back to gymnastics. I think it would be good for me to do and it’d keep me healthy, but ugh. I don’t know.

Yay, I wrote love on my arm yesterday too. I twitpic’d a picture of it. No one probably seen it though because I tweet myself 5 million times a day. And you’re pretty! Yay :) Haha. Oh gosh, can you tell I’m tired?

Oh sticker earrings! I remember wearing those, haha. How fun :P I don’t really see them around as much anymore, but I’m sure we have them somewhere around here. And a sticker book, my friend has one. Well, we has like 3 books, but she does that as well. I won a CUTE set of Hello Kitty stickers on a giveaway and I still haven’t used them. What makes them better is they are puffy, just like the sticker earrings :)

I stole a purse once. We were at our carnival and of course there were no cameras or anything, so I took it. I was so scared I almost had a panic attack. I knew the guy who owned a tattoo shop downtown and I hid it until we left, lol. I also took an eyeliner. Nothing big. Sometimes I have the urge to take things, but I definitely don’t. I couldn’t deal with getting caught, but sometimes it hard when you want something and don’t have the money >< Never again though!

Hey :)

It’s actually not. I try to avoid seeing him too much and stuff.. Today I was listening to some songs of Sailor Moon (that anime, I don’t know if you know it) and then this song came up and out of a sudden those stupid, little tears got their ways up.. I guess it’s more those little things that you wouldn’t expect to remind you of him and still they do.

It’s not only months.. I think it’s already been a year of not much.. and I do blame my aunt on that.. if she wouldn’t have always kept bringing me in those stupid situations I wouldn’t have had thought about all the things she said and I wouldn’t have had talked to him and URGH! It’s just not fair.. I just hope that he doesn’t know anything about what is going on inside me..

I really hope that it will stop soon. I just don’t get why those damn feelings seem to be gone one day and are back the other.. It would be soo much easier if they would decide what they want..

Yeah I know that another guy alone wouldn’t do the magic.. but at least I had something I could concentrate on and make new memories to cover the old ones.. It really seems to be like that.. and when they seem to have almost catched up – the heart decides that there is hope somewhere..

Maybe I should put a lil post it note somewhere where I see it all the time to remind me that things will get better..

I can imagine that it must be pretty hard after you broke up with somebody. I mean, if it takes so much time to get over a crush – it must takes 234235 as much time to get over somebody you loved and have been in a relationship with.

I won’t let them get out of hand. Even if it’s “just” because I can’t handle them right now. There are things that I have to concentrate on right now and get them done and get them done really good. Maybe when this school year is over and I start something completely new this whole drama will be over..

Awww, that’s really sweet Georgie ♥

Hehe, yeah I’ll do it my way and hopefully I’ll find a good way :)

I really ask myself why on earth we have to learn some of the things our math teacher is trying to teach us.. I have 345325234234 of ??? on my face when he’s explaining something xD He just sucks as a teacher.

Hehe, I wish my parents would’ve thought that far.. or at least they could’ve made a room as a “guestroom” or something..

It’s really good to know that there are people out on this big planet that care about you too and try to help when ever they can. Thanks a lot for being there Georgie ♥


I was wondering what this thing is about. I’ve never heard of a day like that.. But I’ve seen it all over Twitter xD

I loved collecting stickers too! And just like you I never really used them for anything. They were too pretty to be used <3

Hehe, I never had sticker earrings – even though I got my ears pierced pretty late. I never was the type of girl that liked to wear any kind of jewelery and I still don't wear any. It just kinda annoys me.

I only wear earrings if I go to a party to make the look "perfect" xD And I might wear a necklace too.. but that doesn't happen too often.

I never really got pocket money either and I still don't get any. We used to get 20€ a month but that's not enough so I asked mum to just go back to how it used to be. So I ask for money if I need some and that's it. Even if I feel really stupid that I have to ask her for money at my age.. but hey, I don't have a job and she gets money for everyone of us 4 kids..

Hehe, what a bad girl you are! I never really did something like that.. I was always afraid as hell xD

I had a thing I called “the sticker folder”! I got all my stickers, and covered my folder with them, then got computer sheets of paper and covered them, and when they were covered I would put them in my folder, haha I think I got up to about 12 pages+the folder. Stickers are amazing! :D

I haven’t stolen anything except candy from my piano teacher when I was 7 haha, me and a group of other people went at the same time and then we ran and took some without her knowing and we did that a LOT haha, we also stole ice…I’m not exactly sure why though. We thought we were cool /cool

Yeah lol, Steven is amazing ♥ ♥ I love that quote, I think it will go down as one of my favorite’s by him lol.

OMG. STICKER EARRINGS. I remember those. They were like bubble stars and hearts, like you said. I think I had some before I got my ears pierced, but I remember they were kind of a pain to pick off your ear. Or at least they were for me.

LOL. Did you get grounded for swiping the earrings? I stole a pack of gum or something once from the store. I think maybe they were lifesavers. I don’t know why I did it. Kids XD XD

LOL at your brother stealing the pegs. What was he going to do with them?

You stole some sticker earrings? Gee, I stole some candy once with an elementary school friend. LOL. I remember those sticker earrings were popular in the U.S. as well. I remember collecting stickers, and doing the magazine that teaches you stuff and what not. I also remember doing an apple pie with my stepmother after brownies one day. Yeah I was into daisies and brownies (girl scouts mind you). But yeah I see your point when you have no money it’s like a big temptation to steal. 50 pegs? WOW. That’s a lot. Glad she got mad at him. lol.

Awwww. I had no idea this write love on your arm thing was an event! :) I’m glad you showcased your participation! And may I say that I think you look pretty :)

And sticker earrings? LOL. I haven’t heard about those in years!

I’m trying to remember when I stole stuff, and it was never in a store. I stole something from a classmate in second grade . . . some pretty pen. My mum found out and she was pissed. ~__~;; I learned not to steal since then.

I think i sort of remember them…I think they were popular ages ago.
I haven’t received pocket money my whole life either, not that I can remember of. My parents give me money when I ask for it. They trust me because I don’t waste money but they usually ask what it’s for. Oh yeah, everyone was walking around my school with love written on their arms. Half of them didn’t know what the occasion was. :P
LOL. Why did your brother want those pegs?
Yeah, I made my mum to-do lists before but she never used it. She never writes what she needs to buy but when we get home we always remember one thing we were supposed to but. My mum can;t get into the routine of writing what she needs down. Heh.

Haha. I remember those. I think I had those monthly ones too. Right now I think I have some Sleeping Beauty earrings on my nametag. I think we should bring those back in style!

omg i didnt write love on my arms because i didnt have a pen near me… all my friends were using these ink pens and permanent markers because they were the only things they had… horrible for your skin haha. i wish i participated though.

i think when i was in like gr2, stickers were the THING. i had like books and books of stickers. in gr1, i wrote a letter to santa saying i wanted pokemon stickers :P

sticker earrings just falls aftrer like 5 seconds for me D: but i got my piercing at a very young ate so i didnt really needed them after that. i wanted these stickers real badly and tried to put it in my pockets but never had the courage to do it. im a big chicken. i think its almost a good thing haha. but i didnt take a gel pen (those were also the rage back then) from a store… cause my mom was saying how i spent too much money on them (which… i was. one of those gel pens were $2CAN). what was weird, was that after i hid it in my pocket… my mom bought me another set of gel pens. never again will i do it again. D: it haunts me everytime.

hahaha. the word LOVE is so cool. ;)

I was supposed to take part in the write love on your arms day… Yeah, i failed. >_< >__<

Well, I protected my Twitter because of my parents not to hide anything from Kuya. HAHAHA. Yeah, I'm .. trying to get away from talking about people going out, dating, love songs, stuff like that with him. That's just a tadddd strange nowadays. Not like before when I hadn't gone all out. :P

Yeah, I just want to prove to my parents that I CAN be successful.

:D Running through sprinklers is fun. We did that last year at school when they were testing the sprinklers during my PE period. We were doing nothing, so we just ran through the sprinklers. Freedom is amazing :D

The way you wrote the word Love on your arm is really cute. Anyway, I’m just curious, is the To Write Love On Her Arms Day an actual event in Australia? I have never heard of such a day so was wondering if it’s an event across the country or a school event or …?

Speaking of those stickers, I collect them too! The last time I collect stickers, it seems like ages ago. I think I stopped collecting them since I was 12. I have to admit, I was one of those kids who stick those popup stickers on my ears as earrings!

I didn’t get my ears pierced till I was 16 if my memory didn’t fail me. I was so envious of the kids from school who has pierced ears and get to wear the ruby/diamond look-a-alike studs. Those where popular a decade ago. If you look at the kids on the streets these days, nearly everyone has pierced ears! I wonder why… Isn’t it painful to pierce it when they are so young? I doubt I’ll know how to take care at such a young age.

Please pardon my typo errors in the previous comment. It should be “Those were popular”.

Hahahahaha. Did you ever get into trouble for taking those?

I can’t believe you never got to stay home alone until you were 17. :o I’m 16 and have been home alone for several years now. Did you ever want to stay home alone?

I never collected sticker earrings. I was and still am a tomboy. I never really was into that girly stuff. I mean, I’m such a tomboy now that I refuse to wear makeup, skirts, or dresses unless the occasion is important in some way. The only htems of girly clothing I really wear are braceletes (rarely), rings (rarely), necklaces (most of the time), & earrings (rarely). I got my ears pierced when I was either 12 or 13. I actually got them pierced twice because I took my earrings out for soccer and never put them back in, in time. It hurt worse the second time.

I didn’t do the “To Write Loved on her arms” day cuz I don’t really understand these Facebook days.

I don’t think of it much and I ignore when people are teasing me and such. It’s much better that way and I don’t want to stop being friends with someone just because rumours say that they like me or something.

I hate it when word spreads like that. The party was really fun. It was unexpected to see Kawshik but I’m happy that he seems to be getting over that stupid rumour-spreading thing.

I don’t like Miley’s music OR her acting. I used to like her before but now it just looks like she’s trying too hard.

I prefer the stairs as well but sometimes I’m just too lazy. XD

We don’t celebrate To Write Love On Her Arms Day or anything like that. Everything’s just boring here. Your hand looks really cool.

I loved sticker earrings as well. I used tot hink of them as really cool things and my mom bought be a few, but I used to lose them on the same day that I had bought them. :P I got my ears pierced when I was very young, so I stopped using them after that.

I don’t get pocket money as well, because I’m not allowed to go anywhere alone so when I want to buy something my parents would buy that for me.

LOL at what you and also your brother did. /hehe My mom would have been really angry. Well at least it was your mother who found out. If anyone else had, that would have been embarrassing. XD

Aw thanks! Yeah, I LOVE looking at typography.

Hahaa I used to stick mine around my mirror, which had a metal frame, so that i could peel them off nice and easy!

Yikes! Seriously? But at least that only happened once right? And you just had to have them :P Haha! Anyways, I remember collecting stickers when I was little, and then one of the girls in my class was like “why do you like them, they’re just paper?”. That made me realize that I was probably just collecting colorful pieces of sticky paper. Haha. Crap.

I had my ears pierced even before I could walk.

Haha. XD I deactivated a plugin(I think it was Paginated Comments, I forgot) because I don’t know how to put styles in the comment form while using it, and the emoticons appeared. :P

They’re quite similar. I can understand only some of Indonesian words, even if I’m fluent in Tagalog. @_@ They have similar words like aku(I or me), cinta(love), but people use ‘mahal’ more. So if you want to say “I love you”, it’s “Mahal kita”. :P

Hahaha. I brought nail colors at school so I could paint my girl classmates’ nails and it was the boys who rushed to me because they want their nails colored too. And we are in College at that time. LMAO! So it’s not surprising they wore sticker earrings.

We all do silly things when we were kids. When I was one, I lock myself in my grandma’s room and try on of her cigars. :D

Yeah, eager. I think that’s the word. She copied my layout and put some of her creativity though, so we just used her layout, and I’m fine with it now.

Java is really useful, it’s what they use right now. It’s like the trend. I don’t like it though, or maybe I just haven’t appreciated the language yet.

Yeah I do my best :)

Thanks for being there :) And I think if I don’t really wanna talk about I will just write it down on WP and let it be there for the time being..

But if he doesn’t talk to me it would make things weird and maybe also complicated because everyone knows how we act around each other and it would be like rude if I’d visit my cousin and not talk to him at all.. I don’t even think about possillity – I just tell myself that he doesn’t feel the same way.

I think I will really write that on a post it note and put it next to my computer screen for the time being. And maybe some other “quotes” I wrote myself. It might seem weird to other people though XD

Oh wow.. yeah I can imagine that being annoying. My youngest sister has to give her room to guests sometimes too. Then she has to sleep in our room and she hates it XD

Oh wow, sounds like a really good cause. Sucks that I missed it..

Yep it definitely is :)

I actually can’t wait to earn my own money because I don’t want my parents to pay everything for me, but I don’t wanna work while I go to school and especially not during my last year..

Yeah, 2012 is way better then The Day After Tomorrow – I didn’t really like that movie. All a bit too far fetched for me, I like stuff that looks realistic. xD

I don’t reckon that the world will end in 2012, so I just told my Mom & Dad that I love them, just incase. ^_^ Hehe.


That typing is so odd, I remember I used to type like that a lot. Ugh. I’m so embarrassed with myself! Haha!

Christmas, EEP! I love it so much, it’s just such a happy time!

Yeah, it is a recession, we need to be tight with our money ;) aha!

Is the graphics tablet good? Is it worth getting? :)

Yeah, it is quite /poo -ish ;) teachers just think they are all that and a bag of chips WHEN THEY AREN’T. NO. THEY FREAKING AREN’T. Grrrrrr.

I don’t constantly apologize XD I think people that do are so funny, like if they walk into a chair or something and they apologize really sincerely, I find that so funny! :D

I know ^^ my friend will be dropping a good word or two about me when he’s around. MMMMMMMMMM HMMMM.

I think if you get embarrassed about something, it’ll only be held over you longer, so if you just laugh and move on, people will do the same! There isn’t time to be embarrassed if the world is going to end ROFL.

Ooh, I’ll read about the LOVE thing, it’s a very sweet idea though. :)

Hah, eyeliner is smexay, I don’t know where I’d be without it.. Well I’d look constantly tired. Ah sure. :P

I only had like a few pairs of the stickers, I remember my cherry ones the most though. :)

Yeah, them sweets are too irresistable, why do they put them there for innocent hands to possibly have a criminal record in trying to steal them and getting caught?

People just don’t think about these things!

I bet you did! Yeah, your right..I still haven’t made my mind up though! and it’s tomorrow when they are going back! lol, I guess I can start at a later date though if I decide to go back :’) Yeah I think so too, I used to want to be a lawyer at one point but now it’s changed through experiencing like webdesign, so you can never know what career you’ll end up in. Wow your in uni? thats great I’m always like OMG at people who go uni because it’s something Iv’e always wanted to do. I also have a lot of respect for people in uni for actually getting off their backsides to better themselves *high 5’s* to you! I’m the opposite I always like the actors rather than singers, the only singers I can think of that I like are justin timberlake and pete wentz I have random taste!

Well, I wasn’t really apologizing for the blog (that too) but, mostly for not returning comments. XD I was fast at the beginning but once more came in, I became very slow… TT Thank you! I hope everyone likes it. :)

Actually, gmail isn’t blocked or Yahoo! mail; like, you can sign into it and everything but you can’t check your email. LOL It’s like, they’re tormenting you on purpose or something. Yeesh, blocking Google Images should be a crime. At least un-block Photobucket than or something. Are students allowed to have their own internet connection on campus? If so, I’d rather just get my own; school’s connections obviously, aren’t very reliable. Surprisingly some nudity sites weren’t blocked… of course porn and all of that would be but, there’s a few art gallery sites that manages to squeeze through the filter. That does suck though… poor art students.

Haha we didn’t have lollies! D: We only had chocolates and gummies. :( I kind of wanted a lollipop too. Actually that sounds really good right about now too.

Ah well the thing is for me, when I talk about someone and give them “code names”, it’s kind of obvious who they are. XD Well, for the few friends that actually know about my site, I’d rather them not go around and mentioning who I was talking about. .-.

!@#$? THREE YEARS YOUNGER? XD Georgina! D: That’s like me dating a 14-year-old! I can let one age difference slip by but three? I don’t know what you were thinking. /hehe

Yeah, I don’t think I want to try drinking either… it LOOKS like fun on TV but, bad things happen when you drink too much. Dx We should start a kid club! :D Only the truest of kids at heart can join. 8D

Haha a lot of things would probably amaze me too if I went to Japan. I’m starting to think that Hot Cheetos are only available in North America… I mean, even Canada has them. XD That sucks… should I send you a bag? You must try the awesome flaming Hot Cheetos! :D

D: No lockers? And I was getting mad at my school for only having one bathroom operating on each floor…

Oh that’s awesome! I had to go back like, three blogs though to find out. XD Haha your entire outfit and everything still fit? Awe. :3 You should do some sort of recording when you perform; I’ve never really seen anyone do “proper” ballet before. :)

Oh, wow really? I dunno though, that seems like such a hassle. :( I have a domain (I’ve had it for 2 weeks) so I’ve just recently moved with my host, it’d be rude to leave suddenly I think. Dx Than you for the offer though Georigna. ^.^

Haha when I read that, I thought of this one show on the Discovery Channel that eats bugs. D: He travels all around the world to eat different dishes with bugs in them. He is one craaaazy dude.

That’s an actual day? Awe darn it, I missed it. :( Nobody ever told me that was on Friday… I thought it was just Friday the 13th.

Haha for some reason, I would always collect stickers too. x) They were just so fascinating to look at for me; some glew in the dark, others had neon colors and some were just plain awesome! Can’t say I would ever put them on my ears though. XD I had my ears pierced from when I was born (literally); I think mom took me to get them pierced the day after I was born. o.O

LOL I see you did what you had to do to get a pack. :D Don’t think stealing is always an option though. :P How much did they cost anyways? Oooh, what are pegs? D:

LOL. Thanks, glad you’re liking the emoticons. xD

Yeah exactly. It’s an extremely intimidating and scary advertisement.

That part which you included in the blockquote was the scariest part of the entire thing. I completely agree. It’s the moment where all the shapes pop out of his shirt, and it’s just the freakiest scene ever. D:

If I was a little kid, after watching that commercial I would probably think that if I lost that game a scary dude with weird hair would scream “WAAAO POP GOES PERFECTION” in my ear and then shapes would pop out of him. Fuck, I think I would kill myself.

Lmao, I would cry as well. You ain’t the only one.

LMFAO. I’ve got an erection? HAHAHAHAHA, y’know.. maybe you were right.. maybe James should be a comedian. xD

Yeah, Taylor Lautner is going to make my birthday the SHIZZ. Well, let’s hope haha. I would be disappointed if there weren’t too many scenes in the movie of him shirtless. But I know there’s at least one. :D

I know. I don’t understand the point of getting completely wasted either. And even more than that, I have never understood why people think it’s cool to get drunk. I would be so embarrassed about it.

Kudos to you for not having a party since you were 7. :O It’s weird cause I’ve had a party every year, and then when it gets to my big “sweet sixteen” I don’t feel like having one anymore.. lmao fail.

Ngaw thanks for the comment within your comment on my article. :P I’m glad that you could relate to and enjoyed my final little speech that I gave my mom. I was not expecting that to come out of my mouth.. and I still don’t know where I came up with that.. haha. It frustrates me a lot when things in my religion don’t make sense, but I just force myself to believe blindly cause that’s what faith is. It’s hard especially when you hear other theories, but I guess that’s why I admire my mom so much, because even though she knows that there are millions of other stories out there that are a million times easier to believe, she still sticks to her faith.

LOL I hope you can get the annoying tune from the commercial out of your head. It was stick in my head for a while, and it pissed me off quite a bit cause the creepy image of the dude in the blue blazer kept popping up.

I haven’t hear too much of James’ humor, but the little that I have, I’ve liked. xD

Worms are pretty nasty, but they don’t bother me as much as other bugs. It’s very frustrating when it’s a rainy humid day and there’s like a million worms fucking eachother on the sidewalk, as you’re trying to stop yourself when crushing them with your feet. D:

Well, my vlogs are pretty embarrassing, so it would be nice to have someone else to have an embarrassing video for people to enjoy. :D

Yeah you can rotate the itouch to make the keys a bit bigger, but it doesn’t work for all applications.. like for the notes, there’s no horizontal keyboard. :( You’re so luck you’ve learned to master it!

Omg, the stickon earrings were definitely not that popular here. You’d only get like a max of 3 pairs in one pack. Nothing compared to 30. :O

Ngaw, yeah I know how it is with Asian parents. I’ve heard various stories from friends, and my parents are technically Asian as well, so my life isn’t always all fine and dandy. :P That must have sucked being dragged everywhere with them. :( But at least it’s a thing of the past now. :)

I did the To Write Love On Her Arms day, I took a picture for daily booth. It wasn’t decorative or anything, since I only had 5 minutes to do it, so I just wrote ‘LOVE’ on my left arm in liquid eyeliner.

I remember those earrings! I got my ears pierced when I was about 6 or 7, but when they were in fashion, I used to stick them in the corners of my eyes. ^__^ haha, or on my nose as a nose piercing!

I used to collect stickers as a child, I only picked the most interesting ones though. I remember when I was about 10, I’d buy so many magazines a week, and they’d give away free stickers of pop stars. McFly were at the height of their career at that time, so I had pictures of them stuck in a big book. :’)

Weighing more than another person cannot affect a personality so that whats annoys me the most. They can be the most loving, generous person but people push them aside because they cannot see further than the surface.

I haven’t had any downtime issues as of yet, but if I do I probably will move. I’ve done a back up now just in case as well, because it’s been a while since I have!

Wow, stealing though, lol?

I have never heard of To Write Love On Her Arms Day, and I just liked those glass stickers (if you can call them that) you put on windows. My grandma got my ears pierced when I like 5 without my mom’s permission /hehe

The thing is whenever I take a break I can’t seem to stay away from here lol. I would want to just back off but something just drags me back lol
Thank you <3 <3
Haha I don't cry that much during movies, when it comes like sad depressed movies i hate watching stuff like that. Like when they show those movies about people
suffering back in the day i forever hate watching those, it's soo sad i just get depressed watching those.
Soaking your nails is good for the hand lol

This might come off weird but i like your hand lol
I hate mine, it looks soo…idk how to put it, i guess it's just how i see it. i never see my self clearly, i always find some way to just myself down /argh

OMG i seriously cracked up at the end of you blog lol. I can't believe you stole it lol and your brother is crazy lol, he seriously stole pegs lol
How was he?
At least you got less than what he got lol

Man, I feel kind of stupid. I play the instrument yet don’t even know what to call myself. :O

Yeah that’s good. I wanted to play the sax too, but my cousin wanted me to play the flute like her. But we didn’t even go to the same school so it was an odd request. But ehh, I’m not disappointed. At least it’s light :P

The bruise is pretty much gone, it just hurts to touch.

Yeah I didn’t even until my friend bought me some. My mom didn’t see the point in buying (awesome) coloured sharpies for $9. But I totally saw the point. XD

Ohh, I did that. I wrote it really big on my arm too, I got some stares, since our school doesn’t mention anything important, but still. It was really cool.

Haha, that sounds funny. When I was little, the rages in stickers was to put it on our nametags that go on our desks. Like the person with the most stickers was like a king. It’s kind of funny to think about that looking back.

You stole sticker earrings? Haha, lol, XD Very interesting.

Haha, your brother stole pegs? Lol, what would he use them for?