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Yesterday was To Write Love On Her Arms Day. Here’s my pictures:


When I was little, sticker earrings were all the rage. I collected stickers in a sticker album, but I never actually used the stickers for something other than display. They just stayed there for a while. And after that long while, they started to lose their stickiness, until I stopped collecting stickers, because I just never seemed to use them. They were too cute to use, or too big, or ugly. But I liked collecting them.

Back then, I was about nine years old. Sticker earrings were all the rage then, especially for girls with ears that weren’t pierced.

I was one of the lucky ones who did get my ears pierced at a young age, and so I wore earrings throughout my primary school life. I had these lovely gold-plated star earrings that my mum had chosen for me. She didn’t trust me with ones that were gold, yet. 😛

Sticker earrings were simply like these little gems with a sticky back, that could be stuck onto your ear lobe. The gems and designs on the earrings weren’t even that impressive. They were like small “bumpy stickers”. So they weren’t your average flat sticker, but had a rounded surface.

Some were adorned with glitter, others just with the face of an interesting image like a butterfly or a heart.

More often than not, they came in sets of 30 or 31 – one pair of cute earrings for every day of the month. I had always wanted them, despite having pierced ears. I thought these stickers were so much nicer than the star earrings I had.

My mum refused to buy me any, and throughout my whole life, I’ve lived with no pocket money. In high school my parents gave me money when I needed it, but I couldn’t always ask for it, and they wanted to know what I was using the money for.

One day I wanted these earrings so much that I just had to have them. My mum had taken me to the shops (I was never allowed home alone until I was 17 years old) and was looking at clothes. I spotted a set of these sticker earrings hanging on the shelf.

I hastily looked around and saw no one within close proximity. I snatched the packet of earrings up, folded it up, and pushed it into the pocket of my jeans.

Eventually my mum found out, and was annoyed with me.

But she wasn’t as cross as the time she found out my brother had been stealing the colourful size pegs on the clothes hangers of a K-mart store. There was a total of about 50 pegs in his pocket. Boy was she angry. 😆

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