Dearest Helpless

Sometimes when I’m walking around on my way to university, someone asks me for directions. Which is fine, so long as I’m not in a hurry. Which I’m usually not, because these people are considerate enough not to bother people who are running with a clunky briefcase and in the middle of a phone call.

Most of these people are tourists. Because my university is in the city, there are a few landmarks around and some tourist attractions (Sydney Harbour Bridge, for instance). And they are often very polite when they ask.

I take a liking to these people because they have manners and they appear to be very friendly people.

Unlike some people. Asdfgh.

While I am most willing to help these people out if I can, and if I know where they’re headed and can give them information, some people aren’t so polite.

In Australia, it’s almost normal for people to come up to you in the street and ask for directions if they’re lost, or ask a question. And these people are complete strangers.

I’ve often had people come up to me and ask for money though – that’s a little rude. I come across a lot of homeless people in the city and they just sit there with a little bucket and hope that some nice person will put some extra change in it. They might have a sign asking for help. Usually these poor people sit in the same place each day. :(

When people ask for money, you can tell if they’re just some loser out to scab some money for a free train ticket, or if they really just need a few cents. /ho

These strangers are just one side of it. The other side consists of friends and people you know. They ask you questions, don’t they? They ask you for help.

But what is absolutely rude is when they only talk to you when they need help. You might know this person very well in the beginning but after a while you start to notice their attitude.

I distinctly remember a boy in my grade in high school who had a habit of leaving things to the last minute. And the night before an assignment was due, he often asked me if he could see mine. At first I thought there was no harm in doing so, and maybe he genuinely was busy, but soon I realised he was just copying my work verbatim. And funnily enough, the only times he talked to me was when he wanted “help” with assignments. It was disgusting that someone could do such a thing after all the work I put into mine.

I don’t mind helping people. But if you’re going to be so rude about it, I’d rather you didn’t ask for it.

As Vicky said, I’m not a help line. I don’t mind people asking for help with their site, but don’t add me to MSN just to ask for help and then never talk to me again.

Sometimes I have people email me with their questions. They are polite and apologise for bothering me; they just have a small problem.

Some people, who are supposed to be my “friends”, only email me when they need help. (Usually with “OMG HELP PLZ” in the subject line.) And they go on and on about it. No “please”. No word of thanks.

Please have some manners and politeness, thank you.

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My spinach machine is running above peak efficiency. Should I reset the cotton tip defibrillator to release the extra binomial oscillating angusburger?

But damn, I hate people like that. Steven was like that. I bet you were referring to him. What a loser.

But yeah, a lot of tourists are nice and open-minded :) Once a friend and I were near market city, and this Russian woman wanted directions to Broadway shopping centre. We pretty much ended up walking her there, but she was pretty nice and all

Gah, once some guy in a suit asked me for two dollars while I was on the phone. Wanker. I remember dropping a silver coin on the ground and walking off. I don’t know if he picked it up, maybe he did. Heh.


Well he tended to ramble on. I wasn’t referring to him though – just a few people online. :P

Aw, that’s really nice. I remember someone was asking me the way to UTS library. It was just around the corner, sort of. /hehe

LOL, what a dick. /hmph You’d think he was a rich turd.

That’s nice that you’d help strangers :)

Around here, it’s really not normal for people to do that. Sure, if I’m hanging around outside on the driveway, someone might pull up and ask directions to a certain street. But if someone just randomly walks up in the middle of a busy street (I don’t even live ‘in the city’ anyway) it’s kinda freaky. Especially since there used to be a stalker in my city (but supposedly he moved away).

RAWR. I know what you mean. A lot of my friends only text me when they need help -.-

Most of them are very nice anyway. :)

Ahaaa, a stalker. That’s a bit creepy. I live in a quiet street so it’s pretty unlikely someone will stop by my house when I’m in the front yard, and ask for directions. I guess we’re the opposite of you in a way, because it is really very normal for people to ask you in the street. :P

Yeah, I think it’s rude. /angry

Ahahah, I hate it when people ask me to look at my homework. I had a girl in my biology tutorial ask if she could take a ‘look’ at my term paper because she has the same topic to write on. Fat chance of that happening. I found out the day that it was due that she only finished it at ~7am that morning. Tsk.

That being said, if homeless people ask me for money, I’m more likely to give them food (like a snack bar or something) than give them change. It’s a lot easier to tell if they want money for food or something to feed their addictions that way.

Ugh! I’ve had some “friends” in the past that would only want to copy what I’ve written, or get me to try and do their homework for them, instead of just having a normal conversation with me.
Thank God they’ve gone off and turned into completely different people, so I don’t have to deal with them anymore. :D
However, I’d rather get irritating “can u help plz?” people than the creepy pedos that seem to flock toward me on my MSN. /ehh

I think the stock images you have up are fantastic. /love
I’m just a little worry-wort and don’t trust many people with my precious photographs. XD
I saw Vicky mention something about Textpattern for a blogging system, and I may switch to that. :O
The only reason I wouldn’t do WordPress is the host problem, and I’ve been looking at registering a domain and finding a host.
Would you happen to have any suggestions for domain registrars and hosting?

I totally agree with you. I really hate it when people only talk to you when they need something. My sister does that sometimes and it’s really annoying. And to be rude on top of it, gimme a break. /hmph

Argh! I hate people like that! Yesterday someone was signaling us to roll down our windows so they could ask for directions. They were very nice, and they had an accent so I figured they weren’t form around here. I was thinking in my head “Well they were nice” which is pretty sad to think, because there aren’t many nice people around anymore… so when there is someone nice it’s kind of like a surprise.

I hate people who do that also. There used to be this one girl who would only talk to me on MSN if she needed help, no “how are you” first or anything. It was just really annoying.

I would never ever do that to someone, I know better and I have manners. I would feel to guilty, and feel as if I was using someone if I did that.

Have a great day!

ahah that’s good & you’re welcome !

LOL. Woww, It just ticks me off when people are like that! Sometimes, it’s not even with relationships! Just anything, that people go talking about, every..single…time XD

ahah yup! It is sooo much cheaper then the older one we use to go to. We would have to be a member, and to become a memeber, it would cost $32 since we werent in the county. The newer one is the Town rink, so its cheaper to more counties. :D

Ahh I really like your phone! It is soo much different then the phones that I see here. I have a sample phone that llooks like that, I won it in one of those like arcade games XDD. I think mine is old, but it works really well, so its all good :D

aw thanks ;D

Ahah, the only time people ask me for money is in the Cafeteria at lunch. We all ask for money because sometimes we forget our lunch or we forget money, I only get ticked off about it when like a random person asks, rather then a friend of yours

yeah haha, i think how the pearl broke, i think its my fault but my friends insisted to tell them that it already broke when we bought it :P but well, i wouldnt want something that will break in like 30 seconds D:

aw lucky you ! i have like fat chubby fingers ahahaha. i had to get the largest size :P

ahahahaha i loved hello kitty stickers ! my auntie from hongkong bought me like 50 packs of them… probably like 10 years ago. i still have like a bunch of them..

HAHA, omg my ‘friends’ back then used to take gel pens form my desk when i’m away for the day (once i was sick so i stayed home). i got so mad D: and the teachers noticed how gels pens were affecting our learning… so they pretty much abnned them from us haha.

its weird because a LOT of people always asks me for directions or just ask me questions in general. total strangers! when i was in hongkong.. someone asked me for directions and im like no sorry, im not from here D:but when i feel like i helped them out, its a great feeling (:

OMG. i feel ya. people who asks you for your work and copy right off it, are taking advantage of you, of your kindness. its hard to say no, because it would ‘make’ you a bitch. but usually people ask me on msn, so i just ignore them. people often copy my work and i get REAL mad at them.

ugh, it really gets me mad. i often rant about haha.

Ugh. I hate rude people. There are certain people at school that will only talk to me when they need help or something. It’s just plain rude.

Speaking of rude, I am so sorry about not returning your comment. I forgot about it. :( You see, you commented me and I must of skipped it when returning comments. So I wrote and new blog and never came across it again. O_O

Thanks! Yeah that’s what I am trying to do. My mom says as long as I try my best it’s okay.

Yeah haha. I sometimes like to let my inner-self show but my inner-self is a freak. xD Some people get scared…LOL.

LMAO. I am so loud around my family. I often get in trouble for being annoying or acting too crazy. I do it most when my best friend, Julia comes to my house. We act so crazy and my parent hate it. xD

Ew. Really? It may just be a fake rumor because once I heard a rumor about Applebee’s and apparently someone found a finger in their food. Now that’s a little extreme… O_o

LOL. I don’t think she will give it away to me. xD She might not even come on again. Her site might just be abandoned.

Oh it’s 18 the legal drinking age where you are? It’s 21 here lol. Oh well yeah. My mom has slapped me a few times. Maybe like 2 times. My mom only slaps me to get my attention but my dad doesn’t believe in slapping really and especially me since I am a girl. xD

I try not to get discouraged. I found a tutorial for a “glossy button” and I’ve tried doing it a few times when I get bored, but I can’t get it right, lol.

I actually started exercising for a little bit. I was doing sit ups, crunches, and lunges every morning and night for awhile. Then my medicine got to strong which made me sick and I got out of the habit. I was doing really well too!

I HATE TIMEZONES! Lol. I think it was like 2am or something.

Yeah the reason I get the urge to take things is because I can’t afford them. Not having money is really hard : But I can’t work right now with all of this going on.

Oh wow. I don’t like when people come up and ask for money. If you need help with something fine, but I find it sorta rude to come up and ask for money. I guess because most of the time it’s for something they shouldn’t be getting anyway. And if it’s a homeless person I’d rather they ask for food so if I do have money I can like meet them there or something so I know what’s going on.

As far as people, ugh. I don’t like when people do that. Sometimes, when I first started blogging, I was guilty of getting on msn and asking something just for help BUT I did always, always ask how they were doing at least!

Dear Georgina,

I haven’t returned comments from my recent blogs in like 1.5 weeks. I think you’ve kindly commented on every blog since then even though I haven’t returned a single one. I apologize =( Motivation for returning comments have been robbed of me. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I’ll be returning comments until my laptop battery dies (about 40 minutes. I better get going).

To “Dangerous”:
It seems like you walk around everywhere. Do you live in a busy city like Philadelphia or just a regular city/town like West Chester ? (Both in PA). Is it normal for university students to have cars ?

“Sarah is so nice. I don’t know why she would have deleted your files anyway. ”
Sarah didn’t delete my files ? Maybe you read the sentence in the blog mistakenly, lol. Which reminds me.. I need to download more of those files…

What’s your career plans after university ? Do Australian universities do co-op or internships ?

What’s your favorite candy ? Australia has Starbursts and Skittles and M&M’s and Snickers ..right ?

To “Yanks Are Gross”:
You follow American baseball ? I didn’t know you were a Phillies fan! Or are you like a lot of people.. just anybody but the doggone Yankees !!! BOOOO !!!! (:

To “I’m Starving”:
Ohhhh my goshhh Harry and I went grocery shopping last night around 1AM. We got chicken and ground beef and pasta and vegetables and yogurt and other good stuffs (: yaaaaayyyy.

17 domains now ?! Yes, the 20 domains must all be open and all owned and operated by you (: Do you realize you’re gonna spend like $200 renewing them in the next year ? LOL. I wish I had that kind of money ~

I can’t really say “I know how you feel” about this online asking for help stuff because no one ever asks me for help (: but I can understand that it must be very annoying. I bet you just wanna smack those people across the face with a fly swatter.

I guess people don’t really ask me for help in real life either. All my friends in high school knew that I thought copying homework was wrong so they never gave me a tough time about it. They understood I had strong moral beliefs about that.

However, I always think with those American Idol winners and even artists like Taylor Swift who are suddenly very famous and successful and WEALTHY now for “help” or just simply have their hands out. I think something similar happened to my cousin when he became a famous singer in Korea. Of course I fantasize about being rich and famous someday for musical talent but then my dreams get crushed because I can imagine my grandparents not resting until they get at least half my wealth because they’re just those kind of people, you know ? Or if I went out with family and friends.. would they expect me to pay the entire bill ? Honestly, if I could afford it, I’d offer to, but the fact that humans naturally EXPECT wealthy people to pay for everything is just so sad.

Hope all is well in Australia ♥

Wow I totally agree with your way of thinking! I really enjoy helping polite people who are really in need, but I really hate it when those impolite people come to me and ask for help. Oh well, I don’t want to be rude, but I will directly say ‘no’ and walk away when those impolite people ask for help. Yeah, I think the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are so important. They show how we’re educated and we have manners.

I remember the time when my teacher told me about this manner lesson. Even when she was talking most people didn’t pay attention to her and they slept or do anything else which really made her mad. She’s talking about manner but these students don’t even show the right manner in front of her 0.o ah well, luckily I’m not one of those people xD

I also dislike poor and homeless people who don’t have an effort to earn money by themselves. In Indonesia, there are so many homeless people who sing and dance on the roadside and they bring a bucket in front of them. Some of them only sit and bring a bucket like what you stated above. That’s an effort, I know, but isn’t it too easy to earn money? Even if they’re not educated, I think they can sell newspapers, clean the roads, or other things which take more efforts. I won’t give my many to lazy people. Ha. I sound kinda rude here, but that’s me and my way of thinking xD

People like that annoy me a lot. They sound so selfish and can only be bothered with their work, and etc. >_,<

Double posted. My other comment was cut short. :S

People like that annoy me a lot. They sound so selfish and can only be bothered with their work, and etc. Some don’t even look grateful, and that made me think if I did help them or not. Some only talk to you when they’ve got troubles. /bash

I saw people here who beg for money even if they aren’t disabled or something. They look perfectly fine and can just work at a construction site or something. There must be jobs out there that they can do and it seemed like they’re just lazy. Some kids here who are kidnapped by syndicates ask for money. I feel really sorry for them and giving them money doesn’t really help them. Only the syndicates can benefit from it. :(

My comments page look neater this time, I guess. I’m still trying to make the gravatar work and not have it float above the comment. :S

Ahahaha. That made me laugh. XD Yes, we’re expensive. Priceless, rather. :D “Mahal” has various meanings, it depends on how you use it. Mahal could mean love, and yes, it could also mean expensive(“Ang mahal ng bag na ‘yan!” = “That bag is so expensive!”). We have some words for love, like “mahal” or “pag-ibig”. You’d sound old-fashioned though if you say “Iniibig kita”. XD Iniibig is a verb, pag-ibig is a noun.

Teehee, I was a naughty kid. I didn’t like the taste and smell though, so you can say I don’t smoke.

Hahaha. They always said “Java is platform-independent” and blah blah blah. We just had a test and now I’m disliking both the subject and the teacher.

Oh! Yeah people at Macquarie ask for directions quite a bit too! It was so disconcerning when I was a total newbie because half the time I had no idea where they wanted to go. It must be heaps more common for you because people are asking you for places that AREN’T in your uni. Usually people just ask me where this lecture theatre or classroom is or which way to Macquarie Centre XD

What’s annoying is when they ask in chinese == Because then it’s like FML I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU! /wah

Omg, if I were carrying a huge suitcase and rushing and someone asked for directions rudely, I’d hit them over the head with the huge suitcase. /bash …

I think manners make a lot of difference. I mean if someone asks me for something and is really well mannered and smiles at me, then I’m a lot more likely not to begrudge having to stop and help them. Like, it makes you feel good about helping them…^^…

I hate the people that ask you for money. I mean you can so TELL whether or not they’re serious or just trying to scab stuff off you. If a nice little child was lost and asked me for money to get the bus or make a phonecall, I’d gladly help. But some people…You can just TELL they have money, but they think they can get some off you instead so they can save their crap money for cigarettes or whatever. It’s so rude! AAARGH! /angry

OMG! Those people. Are. So. Rude. I hate people who just talk to you when they want something. I mean, I don’t mind if someone I rarely talk to is like “Hey, I’m sorry to bother you, but could I just ask you something quickly?”. That’s okay, because then they’re probably reluctantly bothering you.

But some other people. They’re like “HELP PLEASE!” and it’s like /angry WHY THE HELL SHOULD I HELP YOU, YOU INCONSIDERATE ARSEFACE?!

I have this friend…I like her and everything but I swear it is SO annoying because she only ever emails me when she wants something and the subject is always “ASSG HELP!” with that exclamation mark thing. And if I don’t reply fast enough, she SMS me as well. Like, WTF!

That’s right! You are NOT a helpline. You have a life, and better things to do than humour rude, intolerable people! Hmph! People should not take advantage of you. /bash them!


People are so rude these days. They should totally learn to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Hmph!

It isn’t all that common, but even people at university just ask where a certain building is. I also remember being in Singapore once, and people asking me for directions when I myself didn’t know where I was going!

Oh, that would be annoying being asked in Chinese. Sometimes people assume I talk Chinese, like in a shop. :(

I usually feel good about helping someone when they’re nice. It’s like they were a little apologetic bothering me. But some people don’t have manners at all when they ask. And I don’t really feel good about it.

Yeah, whatever that may be. I think it is ridiculous when someone tries to trick you into giving them money. My mum and brother came across a girl who was dressed in sports gear with a bag. She asked for money and said, “It would be nice to have breakfast right now.”

My mum responded with, “Yeah, it would!” XD

It’s more annoying when it’s someone you encounter every day – like at work or school. Or you just know them. It’s rude as well.

It’s really annoying when people whine to get attention and help. Like your example. “Help please!” /hmph

Ughh, that’s terrible. :( Well lately this person has been bugging me online and her email subjects are something like “Hey! Help!!”

Far out… Any email with “help” in the subject results in me looking a little like this: /hmph

Bah, I agree. I guess it sucks having a site and all. I offer help, but it’s not like I advertise. “Yo, I’m your helpline!”

It just seems like some people constantly email me every time they have a problem. You know what site you should check out? (Let Me Google That For You.) :D

Really though… I don’t want to Google things for people. /argh

People really lack manners nowadays. 🤬

This is my test comment (ie. please ignore or laugh).

Ugh I just suck. That’ll teach me to go playing with WordPress plugins. /bash


I enjoy helping people to find their directions too, but of course, only when I have nothing else to do. If I am in the middle of doing errands or if I am in rush to submit my assignments, you bet I could just turn on a blind eye.

Helping people is good. Even if you don;t get a reward for it, you have at least rendered a service to someone who needs it and for me, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The reward is psychological and emotional. And I think that is enough for me.

Yeah, I hope Windows 7 wouldn’t crash on me. *hopes and prays*

Oh man I suck. I replied to the wrong comment. Sorry Kitty… boy I’m such a fail. /bash

Oh my goodness, please help!

Somehow by the words “Oh my goodness” the person saying them sounds fed-up. I love helping people but sometimes they simply just beg and beg and beg and that really irritates me. In fact, it makes me feel that I don’t want to help anyone now. Sometimes when I teach them something, and they learned it, they would open a tutorial teaching it. Some people don’t even credit! I hate these un-grateful bastards.

And that’s right.You are totally not a help-line.

You were talking about this on Twitter, I can say! I hope my cookies are all correct or I comment on the wrong blog again. I HOPE NOT!

OMG HELP PLZ. Uh, is it the end of the world to mention OMG? And the nerve of these people calling out for help when they can’t type a thank you note after their message. You shouldn’t tolerate that kind of people, girly. If they can’t say a simple thanks, then don’t be bother replying them. You may sound rude but they are worst. After all, you are NOT a help line.

Thank you so much for your vote. :)

Haha it is terrible. It’s the worst piece of work I’ve ever written lmfao. It’s that bad.

Okay, thanks. Can’t wait to see it. :D

LOL. I love being sick because everyone pays attention to me for a change haha.

Haha I actually made a new small set before I read your comment. I’ll have to check hers out though, thanks!

Hehe hooray for stick-on earrings. :D

LOL. They were really colorful ahhaha.

Bahh, I also hate rude people. I don’t mind helping, but I’d just like a thanks or something.

There are a lot of homeless people in Providence which is really close to where I live. It’s a big city here in the states. Actually, it’s small, because it’s located in the smallest state in the country. I mean the city is a big deal lol. Anyway, it’s really pretty because it’s a city but there are creepy back ways and what not. There are always people on the buses asking for money. It’s so sad. :/

That’s so nice of you to help lost people. I’m terrible with directions so when people do ask I’m like “um….” Loll.

Ugh, I know what you mean! I had what I thought was a ‘friend’ a few years ago, and then I slowly began to realise the only time she commented on my site/sent me an eMail was when she wanted me to make her a link banner or something else for her shitty site((s)). /snort

She had a different domain/free hosted site every week, it seemed, and she never ever made a single thing on any of them. She always used free layouts/layouts her ‘friends’ made for her, and all of her link banners were always made by me. /hmph

So annoying. 💀

Ah, that sounds cool. Hehe.

Omg I HATE people like that who just use you. It’s really really bad. The worst thing for me is this girl who is such a nice person, but if I’m sitting next to or near her in class she ALWAYS asks me whether what she’s writing is right. Or says ‘what did you get for this one?’ and then just copies me. It would be alright if she wasn’t nice, then I could just tell her to piss off. But I wouldn’t want to do that to her! Ahh, so annoying! Hehe.

I’m one of those people who ask for directions, but whats worse is, i never listen. So i remain lost. /bash

I have had many people ask me for money. Iv had excuses like, “i have to make a phone call to my mum in hospital”. or “my children are hungry”. No joke.

I have had an honest person ask me for money “i need money for spray paint”. I knew what it was for, so i wasn’t going to give them any change.

Some times i help out, becuase i know what a cigarette addiction is like, so i will give out a cigarette or two, if the person uses a lot of manners. Even $4 to someone desperate to get home from the city or something. And usually if they are around my age. The older you get, the more pathetic you look scabbing money from randoms.

I felt really bad for homeless people. Until one of my best friends ran away from home. A perfectly good home with a loving mother, father, brother and she was so spoiled. She was just an attention seeker. It was sickening how she took advantage of her homeless friends, when she had a perfectly good home to go back to, and her mother missed her.

Then after about four months she got sick of being hungry and cold, so she moved back home. She uses her family and that made me realize how impotent my mum is to me.

Now my friend has a baby girl and a son, and still lives at home smoking weed. Her mum will still put up with any thing.

I think now i have a different point of view of homeless people. Is it there fault they are homeless? Or just a life of bad luck? But i guess you can’t just ask them to get a job as you walk past their plead for $1. Its not that simple. Its like asking a fat person to lose weight. If it was that easy, then no one would be fat.

I really hate being used. Even when my friends call me and ask to hang out, it hurts when i know they just asked me, becuase every one else was busy. I’m being used for a night out. I know i am not a boring person, i think i may be a little to weird and wild for some people. Im still shy tho, but i love having fun and looking like an idiot. I think that embarrasses them.

But i still have my loyal friends. Unfortunately they all live in Perth.

I used to get those kinds of emails a lot when I had and I had more content and stuff, so people would assume I’d know how to fix every single problem they had. Like you, I didn’t mind helping those who were being polite and would actually talk to me again after that. I mean, it’s nice helping people and know that you were able to find a solution to their problem. It’s a good feeling, but it does get annoying sometimes. 😒

There was this one girl that added me on MSN and she was nice at first, but she would somehow always find a way to get the whole website subject in the conversation, just so she could tell me she needed help with her site. She even wanted to have my WP theme – the same one. It bothered me a little but I told her she’d have to edit it and she said she would. And as soon as she changed one little thing, it was all messed up. After helping her for an entire day with it, she said she needed a different theme because mine was too hard to edit. Pfft. Of course, she said thanks but she was not considerate at all. The least she could do is try to finish it, I mean, I was helping her with it. But sadly, some people simply don’t know the meaning of consideration and appreciation. I ended up blocking her on MSN, lol. /bounce Sometimes it just gets on one’s nerves when people think one knows everything and expects us to solve their problem ASAP. /hmph

I HATE when people always expect me to be their lifeline. It’s lame as hell. It’s like how do you survive in the real world? What can you possibly do for yourself? Then I just know if you NEVER can do for yourself how can you help me when I need help.

Well I actually haven’t been too busy lately, I’ve just lost my motivation to reply comments and I’m not sure why, I used to love replying comments :) I think I have some kind of web-disease :P

well about half our class was sick so they mostly played scrabble LOL, didn’t miss too much !

cool! :) a lot kids did dance when they were little but I never did, I think all my friends did too LOL just like it’s soccer now a days. hope you have fun though! :D

ooh really? That’s probably why my nails grew faster when I had eggs for like 3 days straight… :P same! sometimes if they’re not too long i’ll just file them but I usually do a horrible job of that… :)

I have a couple of shirts with small holes from my nails so I can’t really wear them out anymore :(

:o LOL really? wouldn’t that still be able to come off right after even if it’s permanent? lool

ahh, i hate when people do that!! “Help me pleaseeeeeeee” Well I probably don’t get it as much as you do :P but it’s still quite annoying when that happens :(

that’s why the “ask me” page is their…

the same thing happened to me with the project guy :o i stopped after the third time! I can’t believe some people have the guts to do that though!

some people also ask for favors on MSN and they don’t even continue the conversation they’re just like “kay, g2g now BYEE” :( pisses me off /angry

and it’s not that hard to say thanks! By the way thanks for judging the headers xD :)

aack, it feels like i’ve replied this comment before!! sorry if i have! there’s something screwed up with my comments and it only shows like the first 5 so i have to login into my dashboard :( ack i just rambled on again -.- stupid me :P sorry!!

ahaha we all do that XD. My sister says I am always talking about working on my site /ho

ahaha you’re welcome (:

thanks! We are doing a physical fitness test, and that involves like different tests that see if you fall in the fitness zone for your age. We do sit and reach, push ups, sit ups, trunklift, and this thing called a pacer [running]. I hate sit ups /argh it hurts my tailbone too much XD

haha, our Black Friday is good XD. I actually dont know why we have it *wikipedias it* OHH. I just read that they have like this big sales because it marks the beginning of the Christmas season XDD
oh how I love Christmas sales :P

Yea I was thinking about making a subdomain, but I guess, I didnt want to use the rest of my space. I wanna keep enough for my hostees. I entered a few little domain contests, and I might ask like for Christmas or something. I would seriously buy it myself, if I was able to. I mean, I have the money, but like don’t you need like a credit/debit card for like the billing and everything? I wanna just like, give my parents the money and have them just use their cards to pay for it. Hmm 💀

I’ve noticed the stealing going on a lot. It really sickens me, and I don’t see why people can’t just even /mention/ where they got something from.
I wouldn’t care at all if it was something like “Got this from CorylDork” or wherever. It doesn’t even have to be a link, in my opinion. /hmph

-trying out Habari-
I’m having so many problems right now. /pow
Errors on lines I can’t find and have no idea how to fix. /wah
I tried out Textpattern and it’s kind of awkward.
Got fed up and just deleted the DB. Heh. :P

-makes note of Namecheap and Kya-
Thank you very much Georgina. /love

Hey :)

I really loved our theme song too. We had a German languaged one :) I think it changed over the years over here too, but it was still awesome :)

Jakob was in pretty everything me and my sister did xD He is only a few month older than me so we always hang out together xD He was surrounded by a lot of girls in general when we were younger xD

Yeah, it’s cute but embarrassing on the same side xD I think I’ll ask my aunt if she can give it to me so I can dublicate it or something. And then put it somewhere in my room.. old memories xD

Yeah I think I’ll blog about some in the upcoming days when I can’t think of a topic to really blog about.. I still have 13 days left of the BED November challenge..

That’s what I did to a picture of a guy once.. I don’t even know why though xD We were out with my sister and some friends somewhere in the middle of no where – like we used to do a lot when we were younger – and I just burned that poor picture xD Glad he’ll never find out about it!

But writing it on paper and then burn it sounds even better! I gotta keep that in mind for the next time :D

Nah, world won’t end because of a guy! I just keep telling myself that and hopefully things will be better soon! Which I really think they will be.

It’s not “mine” – I have to share it with my siblings.. so it belongs to all 4 of us.. BUT good thing: They suck at English xD So they probably wouldn’t understand a single thing.

I think so too. Because you can like build things up on your own – without mommy and daddy helping you out with money and stuff. And you also say that is mine – because then it really is yours.

And you know what my parents came up with now? I kinda think I know what I am getting for my birthday: my driving license – or at least mum said I should safe up my birthday money for my driving license and they’d help me paying too.

First off all, I don’t think I’ll get that much money that it would be worth saving for the driving license.
Second: I’ll be really busy with studying for tests and my final exams..

I told mum earlier this year that I won’t start my driving license in my last year at school. I think that would be crazy. I said if I should start then in May – when all the exams are over and I have the time. I could try to get it done until August so that I have a driving license when I start to work (or hopefully start to work)..


Those people are usually friendly! And I also am thankful for the people that live in a certain city and that help you out if you’re lost and looking for the right way.

But other people URGH! Just like you said xD

Where I live you won’t really see people asking for money because it’s just a really small village – but if you go to the bigger cities like Bremen – or wait let’s say Berlin because you might know that one – you’ll see them for sure. But I’ve also seen those poor people like pretending to just have one leg and when you look away for a second they get up and walk away – with two legs. That’s not fair.

Because there really are people out there sitting and hoping for some extra money and those pretenders don’t do them any good.

Woah! That is a really mean guy! I really don’t like people like that. And I think it really sucks that they behave like that! I can’t stand people that only talk to you when they need help with anything.. We have a girl in our class too.. but I think she changed by now and actually does the things we have to do. But this other girl who is in my English class is like that too.

We had to do this characterization once and she didn’t know how to start and considering the fact that I am one of the 5 best in our class she asked me for some help – I’m cool with that, because I don’T mind helping if I know how to do certain things. But it bugged me that she doesn’t really talk to me if she doesn’t need the help.

So I really understand how you feel or felt. But I am happy that she doesn’t ask me for help all the time so it’s kinda “okay”..

I think you and Vicky are among those people on the internet that people really like to take advantage of sometimes. Like never talk to you and when they need something they think of you two and ask you.

Do they like try to chit chat with you first or do they just come up with the question?

I really can understand that you get angry because of people like that sometimes. Because if they expect you to do something for them and help them out they can at least the time to ask you in a polite way. I bet you’re really thankful for everyone that asks you in a polite way for help, aren’t you?

yeah LOL i play piano and i have chubby fingers D:

omg scented ones and rainbow ones and sparkly gel pens were AWESOMENESS. i didnt even write in them… i just buy them and look at them because they were so pretty !!

i love it when old grannies ask me for direction or help because after you help them, they smile at you and say ‘THANK YOU LITTLE GIRL THANK YOU :) ‘ haha too cute.

i dont think i can ever block someone on msn unless im REALLY REALLY mad at them. i just ignore it. or talk in a real mono tone voice.

OMG I hate it when people do that to you or me or a person in general. It’s rather rude. Anyway, when I had my review section up, this girl asked if I wouldn’t review her coding or layout. I was like to myself, uhm no if I did not want to review your coding or layout I wouldn’t have put it up in the section of content. People like that makes me sick. I hate it when people don’t say thank you or please. Like my grandmother I’m always on her for not saying thank you or please. I mean it’s rather rude if you just say do this for me, or do that for me. I know she’s old and can barely move, but still. What did she do when I wasn’t there? What did she do when I wasn’t living with her? I get what your getting at no please or thank you one ioda. Or however you spell it. But yeah. It’s rather rude. Those bums on the street could either be seeking money for a train ticket or booze. I gave some money to a bum once he thanked me and that was thoughtful. But I’ll never do it again. So yeah.

$5?! Can’t you buy a pensioner ticket? :P Save $2.50

Well…typing…is just typing.

Has it rubbed off yet? :P

Ohh! No wonder…in 2000 I was 3/ wonder I don’t know about sticky earrings :P

I hate it when people use me for favours. I knew a girl who treated me like I was her slave and always asked for money and stuff, and she would always guilt trip me like, “but I did this…and that and blah” and then she would pretend to ignore me and get people to gang up on me. She was so manipulative.

These people are so rude and inconsiderate…If they don’t treat you with a shred of respect, don’t bother with these people because they aren’t worth your time or energy so…f**k em. :)

i had a lot of those “friends” growing up…especially in high school. they’d only call or notice me when they needed something. even if it was just someone to talk to and i’d always listen. oddly enough, i never took it personal which never really bothered me much but as i got to junior year it got worst. maybe because it just became a routine for them to grab me when needed and then shove me off when they’re done. it got annoying more than emotionally-agitating. so after i graduated i started new and told myself NEVER again. and since then i’m free from those people. and even still, i’m very cautious who i open myself to. it is rude and those “type” of people don’t ever get it until it happens to them. selfish bastards! ha :X

People are always asking for directions over here. Most of them aren’t very polite at all. I usually will give directions if I know the place they want to go but if I don’t, I just say sorry and carry on walking.

If someone is completely rude to me in asking for directions, I usually send them in the completely wrong way. They usually end up coming past me about 6 times haha. It’s amusing.

Ugh, that boy’s a douche. People used to do that to me all the time. Like you, I just assumed they were busy and didn’t have time to complete the homework. After a while I realised they were just using me and it pissed me off.

Ooo, thanks for the plug, again. :D But yes, we’re not a help line, people need to learn how to do things on their own otherwise their never going to learn.

I know I ask you for help sometimes, but at least I talk to you all the time and I don’t ask you rudely. :| Some people need to get a grip, blah.

Lmao yes, our comments will more than likely become essays soon enough. *hugs*

Oh we used to get in trouble with the teachers if they saw it. But we wore uniform so we had long sleeved shirts so I just rolled my sleeves down. xD

Ah, that’s interesting. I never knew that. XD

Haha wow. Yeah, well they were kind of pointless if you already had real ones but it was still fun. I had my ears done twice, and the top of my ear done but it got infected. :( My 2nd holes have closed up now and my first holes haven’t. o_O I don’t wear earrings much though.

Oh I know, same here. I used to steal sweets on the way to school all the time, haha.

Awww, I only got the pokemon stickers. I loved pokemon, so much ahhaa. I don’t like it now, there’s so many new pokemon that I don’t know the names of. :( I still have pokemon gold on my gameboy. xD

Haha we have lots of multi-coloured pegs for hanging the washing out, baha.

Thanks, glad you like them. :D I like the black and white one you made, it’s very easy to customise. Though, you should be careful that people don’t steal it because of that.

It has been nice, apart from when it got hungry and decided to eat my MySQL Database baha. I do like Habari though. I might switch to it, but not for a while yet.

I know you were playing about with Chyrp yesterday. I’ve seen a few people using it, but I guess it’s just good for “little” sites that just blog. Textpattern confuses me and I don’t like that you have to preview a comment before posting it.

LOL, well I wouldn’t be able to use Maintenance Mode would I? :P I could make my own version haha.

Exactly. I don’t apply for a review unless I know I can handle the outcome. was the worst, it made me feel shit whenever I got a review. I was even accused of stealing from outspoken-kate because my photobucket images were outspokenx- and that was the name of my Piczo, blah.

Yeah, but even so if you’re pissed about it there’s no need to rant about it, just take it on the chin and work on the changes.

Oh wow, that was stupid. I hate it when people try to say ‘colour’ should be ‘color’ no, I live in England it’s suppose to be colour. ^_^

Yeah, I used to use lots and lots of <br /> ‘s when I used PHP pages. Now that I use WordPress pages, it paragraphs them for me etc. Though, sometimes even if the coding is valid, it can still easily be a mess as Jem proved.

Haha yeah, people kept asking me to write an about me though. XD It makes no sense and I hate writing about myself, pah.

The comment wasn’t eaten up, yay! *Dances*

I used to be angry before, but I don’t anymore. People only tease to annoy me and I don’t want to give them the satisfaction of being annoyed.

I watch Hannah Montana sometimes. I pretty much like it. :)

My mom used to buy me another type of earrings- ones with magnets. They were better than those sticker ones but they used to hurt a lot.

Hehe, one of the very few reasons why I really want to grow up and get a job. It’s much better when I don’t have to depend on others anymore, even if they are my parents.

I soo hate those kinds of people who just talk to you to ask for help. And then forget about you completely. Seriously, even if you DO be someone’s friend just for their help, then at least you should not forget about them completely.
Once someone had asked me for some help, and later I had forgotten to help them, and they sent me a hate letter. It completely sucks.

Well, I think it’s nice of you to have enough time to help all these “lost” people. :P

Oh, believe me. There are a lot of people here who beg for me. But you can really see that they really are poor. Aw, poor people. I sometimes give them some coins I’ve got. They’re very thankful. Which I think is very nice of them.

I’d hate it if that’d happen to me. But so far, it hasn’t! Which is good. That would be really annoying.

By the ways, how can you display all your smilies above? Mine still needs a “more>>” button. Please help me. Thanks a lot! ^_^

Hello Georgina /wave

Thanks for commenting. Well yes the name doesn’t sounds nice, but at least there’s a domain. Somehow I’m beginning to think that if people weren’t so picky about domains, who knows, they may get a free domain.

I think that the people who keep asking for help (without being grateful /angry) are very selfish because they are simply wasting time and space in your mailbox. These people are not worthy to be helped :(

By the way, I have a question. Somehow I don’t really think that “When leaving a comment, please relate it to the post. Thank you.” is correct? Because for example, you left a comment on my website, then I wanted to reply you, but I already left a comment before, what should I do?


This post gets a huuuuge thumbs up from me – literally just yesterday I was talking to a friend about ungrateful people, especially the ones that are meant to be your “friends” but only talk to you when they need help! What’s worse is, on the occasions that I’ve needed help in return, these people are nowhere to be found. Surprise, surprise.

Yeah sure I can, I will need some time to make my decision, I can never make them :’) you wanted to be a dentist? thats cool, it’s good money i think and it’s helping people (which sounds like sometimes you like to do that!) do you still want to be a dentist or has that changed? I left high school this july, I guess it’s different from england to australia though, like america is different there’s all those grades, it’s so confusing to me haha! I don’t like people who use you like that either, that guy from school sounds really inconsiderate! I would go mad if someone copied me like that, it’s horrible all the time you put into work :( Wow, your uni is right near sydney harbor bridge, thats so cool :D

Aww that’s okay. Whenever you can get it done is just fine. Take your time. Thank you for letting me know though. :)

Haha I think I know what song you’re talking about. YES. I actually do. Haha he plays it in his room all the time. I’ll let him know that you found it peaceful, he’ll probably be really happy.

Haha that’s okay, it’s not for everyone.

I agree. Lately I’ve been watching it a little bit less. I don’t like the new characters all that much either. I miss my old team. :( They kind of made the show what it was. You know? Haha ;)

You’d probably like it a lot. It’s really interesting. It’s kind of….like….teen drama-ish ahah but it’s really good either way. :)

Yeah, he’s still experimenting with recording and what not. I’ll let him know what you said though for advice. Thanks for listening.

I know, I feel so bad. Whenever I drive to school and I’m at a stop light there are always people asking for money but I never have anything to give. And it’s like, I can’t give them something every single day and they’re all always there. I feel bad but I have to just smile and shake my head and pray for the light to turn green. :/

Hahaa sure am lol. Oh well, at least I don’t sit next to her in too many lessons. Yeah, it’s definitely easier to help someone who’s actually nice!

So, how are you?

We don’t get too many tourists around here XD I know what you mean though. Usually people ask me for help when I’m in a store (I’ve been asked if I work there or something before, especially if it’s a book store-i always seem to know what I’m doing). But I love talking to people about books, so maybe that’s why? :P
I have some kids like that in my school. They’ll ask you for help or to see some assignment or homework. I don’t mind helping once in a while, as when I’m in a pinch and need their help, I’ll expect it to be given, but when people ALWAYS ask, it get annoying.
I had this thing last year where people would always ask me for pencils or pens. I’m usually always prepared for class, but there’s a lot of kids who don’t bring supplies. Anyway, I finally had enough when people didn’t return the stuff I lent them. So I went home, found some old, shortened pencils–made them even shorter–and brought them in for anyone to use. It was pretty funny, watching kids write with an inch-long pencil, but I said beggars can’t be choosers. My friends still kid me about that this year. lol.

I know I’ve been e-mailing you about WP issues. If I’ve been bugging you or something, please just let me know. I wouldn’t want to be seen as rude or anything! :X If I did, I really didn’t mean to and I apologize. /faw I do appreciate the great help you’ve given me though.

I haven’t commented here in a while. It’s pretty sporadic between school, work and other extracurricular activities!
Ah, well thanks again!

I don’t want to flood your tagboard replying to your comment so I’ll just use the reply function I have here. :)

We get a lot of tourists! No one ever asks me anything in a book store, but I love books too. :)

Yeah, some people don’t cut it out. They’re rude when they ask you for help. If they were polite about it in the first place I wouldn’t get a bad first impression. It happens online, I guess. I get a lot of emails with people just going, “hey, I need help!”

They don’t really explain properly either, haha.

I used to forget my pencil case at school sometimes. My friends didn’t mind lending me stuff. And when they forgot theirs, I lent them stuff too.

Haha nice, nice. I remember I was a little obsessed with using pencils until they completely died, so I was using small pencils just so I could run them out.

Nah, it’s alright. It’s just that sometimes I can’t answer your questions (I’m not a god/superman :P ) and I feel a little bad about that. And yes, I’m busy too, so I can’t always reply right away.

You’re welcome! It’s alright – you’ve been busy and your site is still on hiatus. ;)

I know how you feel. I had that happen to me so many times today.. Except it was for help with assignements which they didn’t know the night before and they had the guts to walk away with out saying thanks or just grabing it from me without asking. Today ahs been one of those days for me… How was yours?

Ugh I hate those people who only ask for help and never talk to you again. That’s what a girl at my old school used to do. I got so sick of it.

And yeah I love Audrey Hepburn too :). She was such a great actress and almost all her movies were hits (including Breakfast at Tiffany’s XD)

Lol yeah I probably only own 3 colors of nail polish, nail strengthener, and a nail file and that’s it lol. :)

Yeah Kristen’s just so stoical and Rob doesn’t look ANYTHING like the part for Fang! I don’t know what the woman’s thinking…

I love them too :)

Alright. I’ll definitely check out namecheap. I never like going with the first website I find because you can normally find a good deal with a legit company if you just look around a little bit. — I can’t wait for the contest either! I’m kind of at a blank now because I know everything I want to do with the contest besides like.. how I pick a winner. Any ideas? Lol.

Ha, yeah. The only timezone I like is Shur’s because she’s is exactly 12 hours different from where I live so that’s really easy for me to remember! Lol. Plus most of my blogger friends live on the other side of the world, but I think it’s really neat :)

I guess it would be more awkward to ask for food, but sometimes I just feel like they are normally asking for money for the wrong reasons. It’s hard not to assume that anyway because of a lot of the homeless who do do that.

Right now that is the way I’m feeling toward someone i thought was my best friend and suppose to be my maid of honor. Lately she only wants to talk to me when she’s trying to work out her problems with her wedding and such…and I feel like she’s just totally using me. Ugh. (And I’m not her maid of honor who is suppose to help her out!)

I learned when I was young to try to figure stuff out on my own and if I couldn’t to ask someone for help and to always use please and thank you.

I’ve heard the stories of many web designers/bloggers (not only you!) who get E-mail after E-Mail (or IM) from the same people just bascilly being rude and trying to get someone to do all their work for them. Ugh I don’t get it. if you want to blog or own a website, try to figure some stuff out on your own. I mean if it’s a small problem that you just can’t figure out at all that’s one thing. At one point we all were asking for help, but not like some people do now.

Oh yes, I posted a few pictures of my wedding dress. I had them ready to post I just never got around to doing it. :)

Aw, glad my post made you smile, hehe. I really did enjoy being in the snow. It was great to be able to experience that with my husband.

OneNote is really awesome. It’s basically like an online notebook, where you can write notes, make to-do lists, and all types of stuff. It has basic Word features like tables, and all that good stuff, but it also has these little check boxes which you can use to create the to-do lists. :P You can also password protect pages. The best part of all is that you don’t even have to worry about saving anything, it does it automatically for you. /bounce

Oh yeah, I hate it when people ask for help without trying to look it up or trying to do it themselves first. It’s like they’re too lazy to do something that benefits THEM. It’s so stupid. :/

I never knew anyone in this world would have the same issue as me…this girl in my school came in yr 8 and has been hell for me ever since. She lives two doors from my house and doesnt stop ringing me for help for assignments and such…id like to say no but im not that type of person…and then i finally had the courage to tell her no and she starts claiming bullshit to people and back talking about me.

Anywho nice talking to you haha…just wanted to tell you your an awesome affie.:)

Hahaha, it’s alright Georgina. We make mistakes sometimes. Don’t worry about it.

Yeah, giving work close to the exam is really crazy. After 3 years, I still don’t know how the administration works here. :(

I think my mom started banning chewing gums in our house after one day my sister coming home from school with gum stuck in her hair. It took my mom hours to remove it. LOL.

That is a nice wish. I’m sure the world we be much more a hospitable place without wars. But I don’t think that would happen anytime soon. War will always be there. It’s human nature to compete against each other. *sigh*

Thumbs up for this post! I agree 101% with what you have said. There are times when people emailed me asking for help. Seriously, if they have bothered to use Google, I’m pretty sure they are able to find a solution to their problems. I don’t get why some people want to have a website but does not wish to learn how to do it themselves. There are at least 1001 tutorials on the Internet. Is it that difficult to search and learn themselves? I don’t mind helping if there are certain things they do not understand. But asking me everything they don’t know? I’m not an answering machine and I do not like to “spoon feed” them with answers. That is one of the reasons why I removed the entire FAQ section on my website.

I totally understand how you feel. Sigh. There was once when someone emailed me saying they liked my website and a friend of theirs wanted to have my kind of site as well. She asked me where to find my theme and how to do it etc. Seriously, if you want your own website, work on it yourself. Getting your friend to ask for the same theme as mine doesn’t make the website yours. I don’t understand how some of them are thinking. They don’t even know why they want a website for. To show off with a good design? :( It’s saddening to know that.

Like you said, some only emailed us when they need our help and disappeared once they don’t need us or we aren’t willing to “spoon feed” them. It’s really depressing!

I didn’t midn people asking me for homework at school, nor college (even though at college I rarely had it done myself). I remember thinking about it and being all like “SHould I, or should I not?” and I decided I would because:
1. They would of learnt nothing about the work needed.
2. If the teacher saw our work was the same they would of known who copied who.
3. I know I did it.

Fair enough the people never talked to me but I didn’t want them to. Sometimes I would just sit there in silence and copy.

I remember one time the teacher asked me and several boys to stay behind once concerning homework. She said they all where identical apart from mine which had slight differences.

The boys didn’t answer her questions when she asked them about the homework but I did. So it became apparent who copied who.

Yay thanks Georgie! Glad you like it :) Actually I was going to make it in javascript hover text, but my coding failed :( Haha then I made it in graphics which turned out pretty well. I haven’t changed the CSS though. Ugh I have to beat my laziness, really.

Haha yup, strangers are mostly impolite :( Especially in Indonesia, most people don’t seem to have manners when they talk to strangers. Mostly when a person accidentally did something bad (like step on other person’s toe), the victim will directly get mad and scold that villain :( Even though the villain says sorry for hundred times, the victim will still scold him with hundred bad words O_O

Oh yeah I pity those armless people :( There are so many of them in Indonesian’s streets, asking for money using their other hand. I feel like I really want to help them, but still I’m afraid O_O Isn’t it better to donate some amount of money to a reliable society? xD that’s what my dad told me when I was going to give money to the poor.

You’re welcome. :P Yeah, there’s one on the news that he pretends he can’t walk so of course, people pity him and they give him money. Man, people are desperate nowadays!

Yup, I use WordPress and I ♥ it! I’m using the same plugin.

Wow! Your sites can live that long? Cool. Can’t remember if any of my sites even stayed for at least one year only. I just keep on changing sites.

*sigh* Yeah, I guess. I better edit the post. I was just pissed off when Priya told me about them and the accounts thing. Backups everyday? I’ll try to do once a week, since I don’t edit my site everyday.

Actually, all the pictures are back. I’m not that sure if ALL of them are back, though.

Really got to edit the post. Lots to change. Ugh. Seeya!