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Last night I barely got sleep. I slept really late, doing an assignment and doing something twice as terrible: procrastinating. I totally should not have started that assignment so late. This morning, I got to university early to finish it off. Sebby kindly helped me cut out some crap for my scrapbook and printed off some things for me. I was still half an hour late to class, but at least I didn’t get slaughtered for it. I don’t think I was in a very good mood for most of the day. James was already going home when I finished class, which was a bit upsetting (even though I finished early). :(

Assignments will be the death of me! 😢 Right now I’ve nearly finished an assignment on reflective media. There isn’t much to write, but I don’t like being analytical, especially at this time of night. I still have to write my bibliography/reference list, which I also don’t enjoy writing. It is time consuming when you have to follow the Harvard style of referencing.

I actually have a break starting next week. I have to work on my research assignment and some group debate that’s set for presentation on the first day back. I’m not looking forward to it but that’s the least of my worries now. I just need more time to relax.

A few years ago I actually wondered what would become of my website and if I would still enjoy web design when I was older. Now that I am older, I feel like it isn’t the way I’d imagined.

I had imagined that I would lose interest in web design and only be a blogger. I had imagined that I would only keep in contact with people via my blogs, and my website would be nothing but a blog. And perhaps at some point, I would only have one domain.

I thought that point would come a lot further down the line, but I think it’s edging a little closer. I’ll be honest: I haven’t updated a lot of my visitor content in months. I know people look at the tutorials and what I’ve got, but it seems that most visitors are attracted to my blog posts instead. I always have to close reviews because I’m so busy. I have to cut down on my domains and the time I spent updating them and adding new things, because I’m busy.

Recently I have noticed that I just take my time with it, too. Maybe I’m seeing it as less of a chore than it was before? Sometimes it’s time for change. I think every blogger/web designer is different, and we’ve all progressed in different ways. We have our own journeys and our own stories to tell – I’m sure you would want to share. :)

In my break, I’m going to clean out a lot of my websites and cut down the amount of work, and time, I spend on them. I miss days when I used to read myself to sleep with a good book, days I watched movies or got crafty or in general, just didn’t spend so much time looking at a screen.

The internet is a beautiful thing, but personally, I have to step back, just a little. I’m not going anywhere, so don’t think I’m going to close my website without saying anything, geez. ;)

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Hehe, I’m glad you were able to finish it, and that you’re feeling better~ ✌️

Change is inevitable. It will happen, no matter how much we resist. The only thing we can do is accept it and go along with it haha.

I hope you enjoy ‘dusting’ up your websites, and that you’re happy with the result. Wouldn’t want you get sad over them. Sad Georgie is scary >:

I thought Angry Georgie was worse. :O

*hugs* Thank you for helping me out. :)

“She cleans up – dust. She dusts.” That’s me alright. Just you wait and see. /pow

Last night I did not sleep well either. But not because of assignments – because my parents weren’t home yet (i sleep in my parents’ room), and it was already like twelve midnight.

Why do we have half-alike projects? I have a project that my teacher handed to me and three other classmates that we had to make an itinerary, a PowerPoint presentation and a scrapbook about it. But we messed up everything and we probably have to do it all over again. But my PowerPoint 2010 expired 🤬

My break had ended last week because of the separation between Term 3 and Term 4 and also because our examinations are coming. But I have another free day tomorrow due to the PSLE.

I have always thought that I would ALWAYS have the time to stick to my blogging schedule, but with things here and there, I realized I couldn’t do it because my life was all higgedly-piggedly :(

Well, don’t worry. Take your time with it – you are not obliged to give out visitor content at once, and I’m sure your visitors will be patient, Georgina ;)

I think during your break, you should start trying to sell domains that you don’t need or you can convert them to sub-domains as well. Maybe you can host a domain giveaway contest also? :D

Gah. /faw

I highly doubt your project was similar to mine. I had to collate and create an annotated piece of journal articles, photographs, book references and other sources to construct a view on social informatics. It required a lot of research and I personally chose to do it as a physical scrapbook, whereas other people opted for essays or articles.

I blog every two days on average; sometimes other things get in the way but I enjoy blogging and it never seems like a chore like other website duties. It’s why I continue.

I’m not going to have another domain giveaway this year. I gave out ten at the beginning of the year and I don’t think I want to spend so much money on a giveaway.

I see. No, I don’t really mean that. I mean, some of your current domains that are not in use could be given away and given to people who like the domain name and extension – and they could renew the domains themselves.

Okay, so, eh-hem, I didn’t notice the comment on my site D:

Thanks for clicking on the button, that’s a really great help!

Well, I don’t really like It seems nice, yes, but you don’t really get much opportunities. I go to and new bloggers usually get a first opportunity almost immediately. I’m waiting for my payout which will be up next month on the 13th.

Yeah, god knows what kind of bed might come in a few moment. Technology is eternal, we die. And the selfish technology continue on ruling our world. “I really liked your post title” some sooner, web designers, will have their website’s security footprints. But I’m sure the hackers will get so much advanced. Oh have you learned about the new IE9 that looks so much like Chrome, the new Beta Firefox4? The New Chrome, and the new Twitter? Oh my god, this is an example. Technology is running faster, minute by minute, day by day. And at the end technology would mean fire rocket. Or space ship.
You’re right, it’s hard to do so, of course it took lot of time, for them to create the 1st technology, LOL when I’ve been 3 years I remembered how huge looked computers, and there wasn’t any Laptop, neither notebook, iPads, iPhones. Woah! Look what we’ve got in 10 years!
Yeah voice commands is cool I tried it, but they still have to do some improvements with it, I remember one time, I’ve been with my friends testing the voice commander on my Windows7 computer, I said like “Speech Recognition”
Like more than 40 times, until the computer understood the computer must understand all kind of accents from British to American. I speak American most of the time, and a bit of British accent mixed. I mean I write British but I speak the American accent which I hate. I prefer British accent more.
Eyes controller Idea is great, this type of controller reminds me of horror movies, LOL. When grudges or ghosts, or dolls controls people with their eyes. I HATE horror movies.

Oh darn, that sucks. XP Maybe you’ll catch up soon?The Internet is really addictive…I used to spend hours and hours on it every day. These days, I’ve started cutting down on it, so I spend a few hours or less on it every day, judging by how long my schoolwork takes me and if I’m up to going outside or painting.
But, it is kinda fun to make websites…

It’s definitely fun! I always tell myself I’ll catch up with my websites on the weekend and whatnot, but I think now it’s getting to the point where it feels like too much of a chore. I enjoy it but I can’t have so much work on my hands with over 15 websites, so I think it’s in my best interests, really. :)

I know how you feel about assignments. For me , they just keep coming and I can never catch a break. 😴

You’re lucky you have a break though because i don’t get a day off until November and on that day, I might be going with my dad to watch him make a testimony (long story) .

But I too have lost some interest in web designing. Partly because I don’t have the time and also because I don’t have the motivation or inspiration to do so.

I’ve also lost some interest in blogging because my blog posts are more spread out. Though I am committed to keeping my site open, I’ve thought about closing it.

I have 4 sites (including field of daydreams) and I’ve neglected all of them. I’m only using 2 of my domains and so I’ll probably consider selling them if I don’t gain interest.

But yeah, sometimes you have to cut back in internet activity.

Firstly, I would like to thank you heaps for your tutorial on centering layouts. Meredith linked it to me on Skeletons when I was having difficulties, and it was a huge help. :)

I know how you feel when it comes to web-designing! I designed my first website in about January 2001. Once I’d made it that was it, I said I’d update it every few MONTHS. Yep, months! :P I think I liked web-design more than I thought I did. I just wish I’d had a more physical hobby, like basketball or something, instead of sittingdowndesigningforhours (much like I’m doing now, actually). However, that’ll change when I move up to university!

Ouch, I’ve heard of Harvard Referencing! We have that here in Ireland aswell. All my college friends were complaining about it – it’s the one thing I’m not particularly looking forward to. I don’t even know anything about it, just that it’s evil and needs to go die? :P

Enjoy your week off :)

Oh, we actually have The Book Thief! Everyone keeps telling me to read it, so I really have to give it a try. :D There are so many books I want to read, I just can’t find the time. Hopefully when I’m in university I’ll actually have more motivation to get things done, because when I’m at home I have no routine. And I need a routine to get me through. :P
The locks were changed on the apartment, thankfully. No more creepy guys breaking in at 6am!

[Reply to your comment]
Well maybe as I go along in this web thing I’ll consider getting a Twitter…I checked out your fanlistings and there are a couple I would join, but I haven’t set up my collective yet. You have 15 domains and I saw like a lot more! Wow I can never imagine having so many!

[The actual comment]
I totally agree that the internet is a beautiful thing, hehe. However I’m technically free of schoolwork and stuff but yet I still find less time to go online. I mean I used to blog like everyday. You’re right as we get older we tend to go less online. But I don’t think anyone should just quit their website after they’ve worked so hard on it. At least keep an archived site?

I still remember being in college and having to write assignments about things similar to what you’ve written. It’s one thing to enjoy writing, it’s another when it becomes a task. It’s funny how in school we work harder and yet we procrastinate, then when it comes to websites, it’s more fun.
Creativity comes in many forms, perhaps for some being analytical is enjoyable. I guess it just depends on how you look at it. Once you get a break, enjoy it, get some “me time” for yourself. Don’t give up the things you enjoy right off, just take time with them, and eventually things fall into place. :)

Yeah. Lately I’ve been feeling like blogging is just another chore to do, which is sad. I never used to feel this way. Especially with coding… it just feels like such a hassle. Which is why my site was left to rot for a few months before I remembered and went, “Jeez… I have a website.” And changed the layout and whatnot.


I used to have a lot of websites too, but I cut them all down until I was left with… two. Not counting the few fanlistings I run as individual sites, of course.

I don’t count my individual fanlistings. I have over 100 anyway. Even though I am trying to cut down… :P

I don’t mind coding. I actually start going crazy if I don’t see code for a few days haha.

I need to take a break after reading this blog, lol. You just sound so damn busy, reading about it makes me tired. :D

I think if you feel that you need a break from the internet and your sites, you should take it. School is more important that updating a website for a few hours. :)

I too, have to stop procrastinating. Well, maybe I could just cut it down. The problem with a lot of us is leaving our assignments to the last minute. No matter how many times one remind oneself not to do it again next time, it never always work.
Good luck in finishing the assignment Georgie!

I’ll be having my one-week semester break next week so I hope to use it to finish at least two essays and collecting references for my presentation.
I think you might notice this as well, our holidays are actually not for us to relax, we always have assignments to do. /sigh

That’s right. Every blogger/web designer has his or her own view of seeing the internet. Some people are happy with having just one website to keep and maintain. Others like to have a lot of web projects. It depends on the interest, time and dedication a person has for their website(s).

The internet is an amazing thing indeed, but too much of it can be a disease. One must know where to draw the limit and stay behind it.

I just waffled again, didn’t I? :/

I’m telling you, reference lists were thought up by someone that wanted to see college students struggle. ;) Those things are terrible. They are ALMOST worse than writing the paper. Almost.

I know what you mean about taking a step back. Lately, i only blog about once a month. I completely lost track of Livejournal, and I’m only now starting to miss Twitter a little (though I know I’ll get sick of it again, soon). The internet just feels like such a job sometimes. You’re supposed to be so plugged in to everything and everybody that sometimes you forget that it’s supposed to be fun.

Procrastinating is horrible. I do it so much and then later on I have to suffer. D:

It seriously sucks about all the assignments. You have to work during your break as well. 😰 I’m glad that you don’t think of your website much as a chore much anymore. :) Still you manage to return all of your comments and stuff. I think you should take a break from your website if you want to.

The internet is amazing, but when you get addicted to it it’s like your whole world and it starts feeling like a chore, which is definitely not good.

This year passed by so fast. :O Haha yeah. Thank you. ^_^ Haha you’re really lucky you don’t have them, since you spend so much time on your laptop. :P

I don’t really care either. I’m happy with my glasses. But my mom and sisters keep on telling me that I’m too boring and stuff like that. :P

I used to do that when I was younger, before I got my glasses. After I got them, I’m no longer interested in them.

Yup. Turns out the one we got for ourselves actually did fit my eldest sister. She liked that one better and we got the other one. This one is also nice, but not as much.

Hehe yeah.

Yesterday in the airport, this guy kept on staring at me. I glared back at him, but still he kept on staring. /angry

I know! They don’t come to our house much nowadays, thankfully. I just hope they don’t start coming again. Seeing them sometimes and talking to them is nice, but when they force you to play…D:

How many assignments do you get at once? Do you only take one class?

I also miss the days when I didn’t work on my website so much. If I don’t cut the time down soon I’m going to need glasses. My eye sight has faded so much in the last year. Not good! Another bad thing is, after all this time on learning web skills and making things, I don’t think I’m nearly as good as I think I am.

I think you’re pretty good at updating your content actually. ♥ There is always something new almost every time I come here (almost every day). /rose

I remember my first computer. It was huge! I just bought a new phone, it’s a touch screen and I swear it’s actually a computer. It shuts down and loads like a computer does, and it freezes. I can’t keep up with technology, and I also think I don’t really need it. I mean, an iTouch, have you heard of them? I think they’re a little silly, I already have a camera a phone a laptop.

Sorry my comment is jumbled up. I read your blog from bottom to top. :p

I’ve only got three classes, but all of the assignments for the classes are due at the same time. :( I made it through today though, finally!

I should feel lucky because I have perfect vision despite how much I use the computer. I think you’ve definitely improved your website though – keep it up! ♥

Most of the time it’s just a blog! I don’t think reviews can really be counted as content because not everyone’s interested in them, and they’re just opinion pieces. We all think differently though.

I have heard of the iPad (as you clarified in your other comment), and we’ve been looking at such technologies in class and their uses and concerns. I don’t think it’s that useful; others think it’s a revolutionary product especially for children because it’s so easy to use. :P

Totally funny that earlier today, I only saw 4 approved comments & now it’s at 14. hahaha.

Raw food has never bothered me either! :D Johnny’s dad loves his steak rare & so do I actually..ahahaa. I believe Johnny likes medium-rare, but he likes raw food. I just think people need to stop being so afraid of “raw” food & just try it. Expandzzz yer horizonz. It’s not going to kill you if you know it’s been properly preparedd…sheeesh people!

I still don’t understand how you’ve managed to actually maintain as many sites as you do yet only spend maybe 3-4 hours at most on the interwebz. I spend all day & I only maintain what..3 websites? I take my time with updating & what not too! It’s kind of a chore to me sometimes, but I find simple pleasures from it.

I haven’t seen an update from you in months & I thought that was the direction you’re heading toward..just a blog, but the content is there, just not updated. Oh well dear, it happens to most of us. I think you will continue to enjoy blogging & being a part of the webdesign/blog community. :)

You are so incredibly busy, I just don’t know how you do it. I’m moving in on Monday & I need to transfer so many things from my computer to my laptop so that I can still continue to do webbie things from my new apartment. ARGH.

Change can go both ways & I hope you’ve found some sort of peace with the new changes you’re feeling. If that even…makes any .. sense..


I HOPE YOU DO WELL WITH THAT project you were assigned. Sounds like a butt load of work…eek. So many damn big are your classes?

Sorry, I meant to say an Ipad instead of an iTouch!

I hope you slow down and have some Georgina time. I found that taking a break from my website makes me work better on it.

OKAY OKAY yeah that is true, on your off days, I pretty much talk to you from…what 2 pm my time until ….wow sometimes 3 or 4 AM my time..hahaha.


the game pretty much sucks, but it’s also hilarious that this guy made an entire game dedicated to The Room. I played the whole way through. Not too exciting, let me tell you..hahaha.

Aw James, good for him trying new things. My mom is silly though, she is deathly afraid of anything raw!! But she has tried spicy tuna..that’s about it, the rest it’s like, “nOOOOOOOOOOOO,” … she’s just really paranoid. She’s been having migraines lately & she thought that it was because she had mini tumors or brain cancer so she went to get a CT scan & OBVIOUSLY there was nothing there. Sheesh, the woman is almost a hypochondriac!

Well, not really, she’s just a.. paranoid woman who is afraid of bad things happening to her. Who isn’t? She’s just more paranoid than most people. hahaha.

I love that you still blog even though all the comments totally pile upppp…& it becomes a hassle..but it doesn’t stop you from blogging. It stops me though..ahahaha sometimes. Actually, I just get lazy. I mean it’s been 5 days since my last blog. Oh wellz.

I properly set up my laptop the first week I got it, but I just want to update it with the new pictures/files I’ve accumulated since the first week that I transferred most things. hahaha..for example…I loaded my computer full of random ass games: Diner Dash, Cooking Dash, Top Chef, etc.

So yeah. That will keep me occupied in class if I’m incredibly bored.

EEK @ your friend though. I’ve been there….hahaha unprepared…for something that you thought would be a breeze. That happens a lot. Hopefully she’ll end up doing well in the class though!

Ah, I see.

Sometimes, to most people, their domains are like their children. Selling them away or giving them away seems mean, but sometimes we can’t help it. And when the “adopting person” abuses the domain, we feel sad. Right?

Wow. That’s a lot, Georgina. I know about that. But I am not sure what do they mean by well-indexed pages. If I am not wrong, gives a-sure-to-get opportunity for each new blog.

I’ve accepted it. Thank you for telling me, I’m glad it works. XD

I’m holding a donation campaign, or whatever that term will be, and people who donate any amount from $5 and on will be able to enter a domain contest. All the donations will be donated to WWF, a charity which I don’t know why, but I like a lot.

Well, I had a hard time thinking of that. I went to POP forums and found a thread called “Domain Name Ideas”. There was a domain called, and someone recommended putting ‘esque’ behind words, so I combined Swish and esque and got Swishesque! (H)

I like your Twitter username too. The name jeorgina is very unique, I really like it. I tried changing the front letter of my name as well, but none of them sounds really nice. Imagine, borine? D:

Right. I believe PayPerPost are also looking for long-term websites and high page rank ones and I’m sure Heartdrops matches up to their “requirements”. :D

First things first, what the :O is ironic? I searched, but I still don’t understand :P

Right, I put all the opposite things written on the article because I think it’s hard for people to understand things without examples. Of course, it won’t be hard for everyone – just a couple of people :)

I actually blog when I have nothing to blog about because I think that no one actually bothers to read my posts. To be honest, even though I wrote that post, I still feel it’s boring, so I simply post for the sake of posting, even when I simply have just ONE update to talk about. /poo

That’s right. I used to dislike people for the wrong reason, such as “stealing” my best friends. I shouldn’t say “used to”, though, because I still hate the same old person who “stole” my best friend! :(

Well, most people do it for monetary gains(almost typed monstary games :P) while others do it as contest awards, or some even do it because they have nothing to blog about! I think that will be what I’m going to resort to sooner or later /argh

I remember “”. It was a lovely name, but the word “creep” doesn’t sound nice. It sounds like an ancient forest that’s quiet and eerie at night :P When I read that name, that was exactly what popped up in my mind /hehe

My mom and dad named me “Dorine” because they thought my name would be unique. I do love my name, but whenever I search for Name Meanings, there is never my name in it, or my brothers’ name, in that case. My eldest brother is named “Darrel” while my second brother is “Delvin”. Sounds familiar?

Well, it was just an example of what I hate in a post :P

I agree. Georgina is nice, and to be honest, you are the only Georgina I know.

My mother is Brenda, and she has four siblings – two brothers and two sisters, and she is in the middle. I find it hilarious on their English names. Here is how they are ranked:


If you notice, there are two Ws and two Js, while my mother is the only one with a name that starts with a B. She tells me she is from the “rubbish bin”, that’s why her name is different. But I have a feeling that they planned this. After all, these names aren’t included in their identification card, they named themselves.

I remember imagining myself becoming more of a graphic designer than a web designer. Now, I think it’s the other way around, haha. Back then, I attempted to have one of those Myspace Resource websites, cause that’s what everyone else seemed to have (which was strange since I’ve never really had a Myspace account).

Now, I can see myself having design as a part of my future career, but who knows. I really can’t see it any other way though.

Will all the websites you have, it has to be hard to manage. You can’t expect yourself to be actively involved in each of them unless you have no life outside of your websites (and I’m sure you do).

I just hate assignments /hmph Especially when I get homework in Algebra everyday! It annoying! And the teachers give us tons og homework on friedays but On monday, we had none! Can’t wait for the design college XD Hope your day goes better :)



OH NOES! Not enough sleep for Georgie :( That’s not fun at ALL. You better get some sleep tonight now that it’s MIDSEM BREAK! /bounce

Yay for Sebby helping you :) :) Sucks that you didn’t get to see James :( Oh well after/during midsem break! :)

Ewww…Referencing is ALWAYS tedious… /angry 😴 And annoying. Like, ARGH! Well I guess once you get used to it, then it becomes sort of like an automated response kind of thing :P Hahaha! Or not.

Your break sounds like my break. Only HALF a break because of all the stuff we have to do that’s uni-related IN our breaks :( . *SIGH*.

Haha, it’s okayyy! Even if you cut down all your sites and stuff, I think you’ll always love web-design and everything. It’ll just take up a smaller portion of your time :) . I can’t imagine you NEVER, EVER blogging though. You blog so frequently :P . I thought I’d always blog, but now I blog so infrequently, it’s not even funny. Damn uni! /angry

I think you’re doing AWESOME managing all your sites right now, even if you’ve had to cut down :) . I can’t even BLOG when I have uni on :( .

Oh my god. Tax is so annoying sometimes. And from what my mum tells me, calling the tax department is SO annoying. You get passed from one department to another *insert fifty automated messages here* and UGH!

I know! Having a range as a word limit is a little better because then you know what you’re supposed to be aiming for. Having just a limit…it’s like “Oh god. If I’m way too under, it’ll look bad, but if I go way over I’ll die!” SO ANNOYING!

*Hugs* It sucks that you got so many assignments. I hate assignments. Most of the teachers don’t read them anyway. Whats the point? 😝
I feel people do go through some phase like this during some point in their life. It is not a good feeling going through life like you’re ten minutes late for an appointment. Sometimes sitting back and taking the time to relax does help put things in perspective.
I have two weeks of exams and I haven’t had the chance to go online as much as I would like it. But one thing I noticed, when I get some time, I don’t feel like coming online. It does seem like a chore. Blogging is nice, yes, but replying to comments seems repetitive after a while. It has helped me put things in perspective.
Maybe you need a break too. Figure out whats important in life and what is not. Cut back on what is not.

Thanks. Maybe I just do not like the cover because I have been staring at it for the past three months. It does not attract me anymore, but of course, I am not the one who would be buying the books.

I have finished with three exams. Two to go. Yay.

First – the layout is actually AMAZING. :D

Good luck with everything like assigments! Dont stress yourself too much~

I want to take a break from web-designing too sometimes, just step back for a bit but it’s hard espeically when you’ve been doing it for a very long time. I’ve been thinking of not blogging and just updating content actually since thats what i like to do.

Thank you Pauline! :) Well, I’ve gone through all my assignments this week, thankfully. Now I can have a break.

I’ve been doing web designing for at least eight years now. It’s become such a part of my daily life. I really enjoy it but sometimes it feels like a chore. The thing I like about having a number of websites is that if I get bored with one, I work on another. It gives me a lot of things to do. I feel like this website really needs a clean at the moment though!

I wish our applications were done through the school! Then again you live in Australia, it must be very different. I’m nearly done though, whew.

I have no idea why I call my laptop my computer, haha. I’ve used my family’s old desktop for such a long time I guess I got used to it. This is the first virus I got on my laptop. I can never imagine 500! What a nightmare! /bash

Oh I’ve never heard of, I checked it out and it looks kinda confusing /huh, but I think it’s still better for one to keep their site up…unless they’re not willing to pay for the domain and hosting, that is. Or like me who can’t pay. =(

Oh I’m sorry :( do you live on your own or at home? If you live at home maybe when you get older and have some time you can get a little kitty or puppy!

I know…she commented on my blog once and I would read her tutorials and think wow these are really good…but they just seemed so familiar! But I was like well maybe I heard it from somebody else oh well but then when I found out she stole it I was like wow!

I know I should but you should see me do some stuff…alot of stuff I do I go to the right or left never in the middle! /hehe My instructer always tells me to work on keeping in straight so far…not working! :P

Sometimes I really hate school for all the assiments! it’s so stressful!!!!!!

It sucks when you can’t finish something that’s hard to do. It sounds like
you have a ton of things to do >< College life isn't easy, I'm taking it?
At least you have a break soon, you can rest a little and read in between there
if you'd like.

If you cut your site off and make it just a blog, I'm sure people will understand.
I tried the whole visitor section and whatnot, but I'm not good at making extras
and people don't use other people's graphics anymore because they can make their own
now or so it seems.

You've known me before on other blogs ;) I can't remember them all but one of my blog
names was StarsFadeAway. And every time I get a subdomain I seem to loose interest in
blogging completely. So, instead of hogging up someone's space I decided to come to
blogger. My goal is if I stay here a year I buy my own domain.

Oops. I did that waffling thing! Haha. I tend to ramble.

What is your book about btw? I love writing in third person. I feel comfortable. I can
write in the other forms, but it's my style of writing. I blame it on all those VC Andrews
books I read as a kid, and still read.

Glad to hear you were able to get your assignment finished. As far as assignments go, I do the same thing. Even now when people ask me to make things for them, I kind of put it off until I can’t anymore. (Which reminds me, I have an ATC I have to get finished up.) Right now I’m going through just loving the internet and websites. :) But you have to figure I’ve been sick with this darn cold for about a week now so I’ve been cuddled in bed either watching a movie or surfing around the net. Everyone having a different interest in either blogging or the web design/graphics side of things makes everyone’s websites so much different and just great to visit. I know my graphics aren’t great or anything, but I blog just to write and share pictures. :)

The thing I admire about you Georgie is that while like…ALL…of us lose interest and go through blog withdrawals or just close our sites altogether, you always seem to consistently blog. Sometimes I can’t believe how many domains you own and fanlistings you run. I think taking a step back and cutting down on the amount of time and work you put into your sites is a good thing :)

Your comment isn’t boring! I actually prefer short comments. Quality over quantity! I feel like overwhelmed ;P LOL.

Georgie I was wondering: what makeup products do you use? I read somewhere that cosmetics are SO expensive in Australia. How much is a drugstore mascara?

I rarely shop at Victoria’s Secret because it’s a direct competitor of my employer, aerie by American Eagle. I only shop there for their lingerie stuff, which actually Harry buys, not me. I’m sort of debating whether or not I want to try their makeup…

Ooh I love Michael Buble! His music reminds me of Spring 2009 because that’s when I began listening to his music a lot. Jazz/easy listening music can be so soothing and nice, but I don’t find myself listening to it often!

I miss you );

What the flying doozwhackles are you speaking of?! $20 for a mascara is so steep for me. That’s what mid-to high-quality mascaras cost. Drugstore is anywhere between $3 – $10 <– and $10 is the most! Is that like a normal "whatever I don't care it's affordable so whatevvvv" kind of price for drugstore mascara though? Man o.O What does your mom do? Ooh beauty consultant ^__^ I want to buy her stuff! Idk what it is, but it has to do with makeup!! LOL.

Oh yeah, I think so too.
Really? Oh yeah.
Hahaha. Yeah.”

THAT IS EXACTLYYYY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! I leave so much out when I return comments because I’m like………..I don’t know how to respond to that…….. I hope people don’t think I’m mean or I don’t read/care about their comments, but most of it I just have nothing left to say.

I think jazz music takes some of the most talent musically. It’s a lot of instruments and knowing how to play them “right” to make the song jive together fluidly. Vocals also take a lot of “maneuvering” to flow also. Well this is all just anecdotal evidence though ;P

Hey you.
You concerntrate on school, I’ll still be here checking up on you when you get back. /love /love
Oh god, the harvard reference system. I HATE that. We also used it, I think all universities do worldwide.

Thank you Georgina! I returned from my vacation a few days ago and I really enjoyed my break. I know, two weeks isn’t long time. Thanks :) That’s what I did.

It’s okay that your parents have decided to get your own passport in case you need to travel in the future. I understand that your parents worry if you travel alone, my parents have worried about the times I’ve gone on a trip with my friends. I guess you haven’t traveled a lot, because it was the right time. My parents and I usually go on vacation every year in September, is like a tradition.

I’m glad you feel grateful to be able to choose your friends. I agree with you, you fight with your parents, because they care about you, they and you have different views about some things. Your friend is right.

I guess that your parents made the decision to move to Australia for your brother and you will have a better future, is something you should thank them. I’m glad you feel lucky to live in Australia.

Thanks Georgina :)

Sorry you couldn’t sleep much, because you had to complete a assigment. It’s great that Sebby help you :).

Good luck with the assignments, I’m sure that’ll end on time.

I hope you take advantage of the break to relax a little 👏 .

Sometimes things don’t happen as we had imagined.

Don’t worry about not updating much your visitors content . What matters now is your studies, what else is in the background. In addition, most people who visit your website makes interesting reading your blog.

During the school time, it is normal that you’re always busy. I understand perfectly.
I agree with you every blogger / web designer is different, and each has taken a different path in life.

I think maybe you should try reading a book or watch a movie :).

I hope you don’t close your site, I’ll miss you. But it’s your decision. hugs*