Keep Smiling, Keep Shining

Today was quite a boring day. I spent a fair bit off time off the laptop, and I didn’t find many things to do online. Yeah, there’s quite a bit of cleaning I have to do on my websites, but I’m really going to take my time. I have a two week break from university now, and I think I’m going to make some lifestyle changes during this break.

I want to sleep earlier, so I think I’ll be sleeping soon after I post this blog. It’s really horrible that I’ve been sleeping at 1:00am for the past week. When you wake up early for university, you get tired during the day when you don’t get enough sleep. πŸ˜› So that’s one of my important points.

One of the reasons I want to sleep earlier is because I want to be able to get up earlier without groaning and complaining, and because I enjoy my mornings so much. I like taking my time. I hate waking up late and feeling like half my day is gone.

Another thing – I’m going to exercise more. I’ve already made a good move and stopped eating junk food. I’ve started snacking less – a lot less. I used to jump up from my desk and actually bring food to my room. Instead of sitting in the kitchen, eating until I’d eaten enough, and putting the food away – I’d take the whole box of biscuits to my room and eat nearly the whole lot. 😐 So I’m definitely stopping that, and reaching for fruit instead. I gained a lot of weight in such a short amount of time and I didn’t notice until the other day. O_O It must be all that ice cream I ate.

I love dancing. And a lot of music makes me dance – namely Evil Woman by ELO, one of my favourite bands. It’s a classic song that gets me dancing all the time. Since I’m really much too lazy to get out and ride my bike or walk/run around the block, I might as well dance in my room to some music. I suppose it’s a weird idea, but that’s going to be my method of exercising from now on. πŸ˜›

Since I have some work due when I get back to university, that absolutely has to be done. And I don’t want to let myself fall behind again either. I managed to finish my assignments this week, and I’m just glad they’re over. πŸ˜„

My mum says we might have visitors over some time, so I’ll have to clean the house. I am really not looking forward to it, but I figured that if I clean up little by little, all will be okay. I’ll start by cleaning my room tomorrow, because I know I can’t find anything on my desk and I’ve just left my jewellery everywhere.

I hate cleaning the house. And I hate holidays – they go hand in hand. I’ll tell you why? Parents seem to think that when you have a holiday, you have more time to help them out and do more chores. πŸ™„

We want a break too! Isn’t that what it’s called?

Well, mine’s called a study break. Take that! πŸ‘Š

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