Keep Smiling, Keep Shining

Today was quite a boring day. I spent a fair bit off time off the laptop, and I didn’t find many things to do online. Yeah, there’s quite a bit of cleaning I have to do on my websites, but I’m really going to take my time. I have a two week break from university now, and I think I’m going to make some lifestyle changes during this break.

I want to sleep earlier, so I think I’ll be sleeping soon after I post this blog. It’s really horrible that I’ve been sleeping at 1:00am for the past week. When you wake up early for university, you get tired during the day when you don’t get enough sleep. :P So that’s one of my important points.

One of the reasons I want to sleep earlier is because I want to be able to get up earlier without groaning and complaining, and because I enjoy my mornings so much. I like taking my time. I hate waking up late and feeling like half my day is gone.

Another thing – I’m going to exercise more. I’ve already made a good move and stopped eating junk food. I’ve started snacking less – a lot less. I used to jump up from my desk and actually bring food to my room. Instead of sitting in the kitchen, eating until I’d eaten enough, and putting the food away – I’d take the whole box of biscuits to my room and eat nearly the whole lot. /hmph So I’m definitely stopping that, and reaching for fruit instead. I gained a lot of weight in such a short amount of time and I didn’t notice until the other day. O_O It must be all that ice cream I ate.

I love dancing. And a lot of music makes me dance – namely Evil Woman by ELO, one of my favourite bands. It’s a classic song that gets me dancing all the time. Since I’m really much too lazy to get out and ride my bike or walk/run around the block, I might as well dance in my room to some music. I suppose it’s a weird idea, but that’s going to be my method of exercising from now on. :P

Since I have some work due when I get back to university, that absolutely has to be done. And I don’t want to let myself fall behind again either. I managed to finish my assignments this week, and I’m just glad they’re over. :D

My mum says we might have visitors over some time, so I’ll have to clean the house. I am really not looking forward to it, but I figured that if I clean up little by little, all will be okay. I’ll start by cleaning my room tomorrow, because I know I can’t find anything on my desk and I’ve just left my jewellery everywhere.

I hate cleaning the house. And I hate holidays – they go hand in hand. I’ll tell you why? Parents seem to think that when you have a holiday, you have more time to help them out and do more chores. 🙄

We want a break too! Isn’t that what it’s called?

Well, mine’s called a study break. Take that! /pow

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My day was boring too. I spent the whole day staring at my laptop.

Everyone has something to do about their websites. Don’t worry, take your time – your readers are patient, and be optimistic about your thinkings, don’t let negative thoughts affect your life and your decisions! :)

I have to go back to school on Monday, and I’m really worried. We have to pass up a social studies project on Monday and we haven’t sorted it out yet! I’m sure our teacher will be disappointed when she sees our project, and I’m sure it will have a horrible damage on my grades. /poo

I usually wake up at about 10 a.m. in the mornings during weekends, but if I have tuition, I will probably wake up at seven a.m. or eight because my tuition is at nine. I feel my day goes really long, though. That’s probably because I spend my whole day staring at my laptop @_@

I always make it a point to exercise but I never do it. I don’t know why. Probably because I wake up and find my laptop next to me because at ten to twelve I’m on my bed typing on my laptop before I go to sleep. Like, how ridiculous is that? :P

I don’t exactly enjoy dancing but I do try pretending to be a ballerina by tipping my toes and spinning myself about. I also like jumping on my parents’ bed and sing to “Eenie Meenie” or “Replay” and dance all monkey-like :P

Whoops! Get all of your jewellery into your room lest someone steals it! I know it’s mean to say that if the visitors are your relatives, but usually the person who commits a crime that harmed you in shows are your relatives, right? /hehe

I need a life break.

Thank you! Owen’s winning me by eight votes, but I’ll let nature take its course :)

You are welcome! I needed a change of layouts and since you are offering WordPress layouts on your website, I went to the page and had a little sniff here and there, and suddenly, I downloaded Muddy Jeans without hesitation :P

Oh my, oh my, didn’t used a script and fifty over members? That’s gonna make my hands sore if I did it too. To be honest, my hands will be sore even before I transfer twenty members if I ever had that challenge :S

Well, it’s once in twenty years, hello! A lot of reporters and people were there, so hopefully I’ll go on the Tampines North newsletter. Hahaha, just kidding :P I also took a couple of photos and posted them already – you can see them here:

We had no choice but to hand in the not-well-done project today because we HAD to hand it in today, no option. :( Hopefully I can do better in our next project, so it’ll cover for the current project we handed in.

I see! I thought they were all over the place in your house :P


I had a pretty uneventful day too. But I had a mini-movie marathon which involved a LOT of crying. HAHAHAHAHA! :P I had to practice for my HPT on Monday…but I WOKE UP SO LATE! I slept at 12.30-ish yesterday and today I got up at 12. That’s literally TWELVE hours of sleep. Bad me D: .

I have to try sleeping early too. My sleeping patterns are so screwed up. For the past two weeks I’ve been sleeping at 2am, 3am, 4am and even 5am in the morning because I am constantly up studying or whatever. D: It’s so bad. So your 1am nights are comparatively not that bad. And you still wake up WAY earlier than me.

Good luck with restructuring your sleeping habits! :) :)

EXERCISE! I need to exercise more too. Although I think it’s hard to find time to actually get good exercise when uni is on :( . Don’t worry! I think dancing in your room is a GREAT way to exercise. You burn LOADS of energy dancing. Hahaha. Star jumps work too :) . Hehehe! ELO. I like “Anyway You Want It” as a dance song :P . It just makes you want to move! :D

Man, I need to cut down on my junk food like you. I am SO unhealthy, it isn’t even funny. Me and Belinda…at uni…we’re SO bad. We’re always like “It’s a DEATH WEEK. We need more junkfood to survive! *buys chips*”. MUST QUIT THAT HABIT. I need to lose 5 kilos by the time I go to Malaysia so I can put it back on again! :P Hahaha. I’M SUCH A RETARD!

Good Georgie! Eat more fruit because it’s GOOD for you. :)

OMG…ASSIGNMENTS. I have some too. Okay, we can motivate each other to do work. I want to get a little ahead with my Tort law readings too. Because they’re so epic. I’m glad you managed to get your assignments done this week too :) . They were EPIC D: .

Awww! Poor you. Having to clean the house :( . That sucks. That’s right, it’s STUDY BREAK. And besides we need REST in our breaks. Not to exert ourselves even more. ARRRGH! I hope cleaning your house isn’t too strenuous. But speaking of cleaning. I really need to clean my room D: .

OKAYY! I must be off to sleep :P . GOODNIGHT! ♥

Good for you for planning some lifestyle changes! 👏 Going to sleep earlier is definitely a good one, because no one wants to feel like their day is wasted by waking up way too late. Oh goodness, I do the same thing with snacks (and sometimes dinner if I’m home alone)- bring it back to my desk. Bad habit, I agree. I’ve been trying to break that habit and exercise more too, but it’s not going well. O_O Dancing is definitely a good idea, though. I occasionally play some loud music and just jump and twirl around my room.

Eh, I hate the whole house cleaning thing. Visitors rarely care how clean your house is, anyways. :P I doubt they notice is you recently vacuumed or dusted the furniture.

My school system calls study breaks “recesses”, like it’s the ten minutes we got to play during elementary school. :P Ours are usually a week and a half long.


I think it would be cool to become a famous philosopher… I’ve always wanted to be semi-famous for something.

Haha, I’d make a really nasty teacher, too. I have little patience and I snap at people a lot.

I wanted to be a physiologist for some time, also. Though since I’m not good with people, I don’t think that would work out so well.

Oops, sorry for having to comment twice- I meant psychologist, not physiologist.

You should sleep properly. Its not nice to be sleep deprived. I was sleep deprived, and I ould burst at any little thing 💥 .
The study break thing is funny. A lot of people used to use that as an excuse to bunk school. The school banned study breaks :D

Yeah, it’s a habit already, though, and I’m working on it. I don’t tend to burst at anything when I have less sleep; I just get really tired during the day.

Our university still has “study breaks”. It’s our fault if we don’t do our assignments, because we’ll just get in trouble if we don’t complete them.

You need to get to bed earlier than 1AM, Georgina. ;) There is no time for staying up so late when you have uni in the morning! LOL. -feels like a mom-

I have to get up at 6AM every morning and be ready by 7 to go to school, which starts at 8. /argh School is just no fun sometimes. I kind of miss my breaks, even though I have more chores to do. In the end, I’d rather have more chores than more schoolwork.

That’s good you’re going to start exercising. :) Exercise is very good, especially since we all eat far more than we should. I used to do that same thing – turn up my music, and just start dancing like a wild child. It was great exercise! But, now with school…it’s kind of embarrassing since my parents are home and would probably be sitting downstairs going, “What the hell is going on up there?” LOL. xD

To be honest…I don’t have many “dance songs” anymore. I stopped listening to all of the mainstream pop, and since then haven’t found much to dance to. I still listen to it on occasion, but I don’t think there’s much to dance to in the songs I listen to now. You can’t really dance to Flogging Molly, and definitely not Evanescence. xD Maybe I’ll check out ELO, just like I checked out Armor for Sleep!

Even if a prostitute enjoys being a prostitute, I still hate knowing there are girls out there who have to go through that. :/ It makes me realize just how lucky I am to not have to offer myself over to sleezy men for money.

-hugs- Aw, I hope you’re doing okay now! ♥ I won’t ask you questions about why you did it – it’s a sensitive subject for anyone. And, besides, it’s information only you can give out. But if you’d ever like to talk, I’m here. /eee I don’t get off the computer all that much. 😳

I hate when people bully other people like that, and call them “emo,” or “crazy.” It’s completely uncalled for, and I think it’s also completely wrong. No one knows what they’re going through, and especially if you have mild schizo. It’s probably enough to drive you up the wall, especially if you hear/see things. I couldn’t live with that. Which is why I don’t take pain meds. My aunt took some once and she hallucinated dolls climbing up the wall (I’m deathly afraid of dolls with big eyes and creepy smiles…). She said she also heard voices and saw other creepy hallucinations. She said, if she hadn’t been in the hospital, she probably would’ve hung herself – she thought she was seriously crazy.

-_- Sidebar. Oops.

My mom always talks to me when I seem down. She asks me what’s wrong, and listens. She gives me advice, but doesn’t tell me what I should do. She says it is my decision on how I want to deal with what causes my depression (which is those three girls whom I’ve mentioned in my blogs before). My dad, in comparison, yelled at me on Thursday and told me I had no respect for myself and that I let people push me around. :/ My mom talked to him and told him I just need someone to listen to me, and that I just need to talk it out with someone. He told her to shut up, and left the house for work. -_- He’s the main cause of a lot of my unhappy days.

Hahah. :) Well that’s good your internet was upgraded. I’m clueless about how much internet we have. We have 3 computers and 1 iPod sharing the same internet connection. Not quite sure if that slows it down? O_o

My parents don’t mind that I use the internet so much, honestly. But they don’t like when I hide in my room on my laptop (which comes from the yelling). I like being an isolated child. I’m with people for 8 continuous hours of my day. I’d like to be alone for an hour or two. I just don’t think parents truly understand the whole “we like our internet” concept. Everything’s on the internet now.

The media is a monster. :|

Yeah – if I had the money, I’d probably buy myself a domain, and a friend of mine a domain. That’s it. Like you, I wouldn’t want to just give them away to anyone. They’d have to be people I know would take care of them just like I would.

Oh, coincidence, I’m eating a banana right now! :3

I think going to sleep earlier is a great idea. Sleeping at 1am every night can’t be good for you, especially getting up so early. When I work, I have to get up at 5am so I’m usually asleep by 10am (the latest) just so I have enough sleep.

I enjoy my mornings too. Like I said, I get up at 5am but I could get up at 5:30am but I like to take my time getting ready, not having to rush around and stuff.

That’s what I mainly do. I actually have a food stash underneath my bed side table LOL. We don’t have a dining table though, we usually eat our food on the sofa with a tray so I think that’s why I take my food upstairs most of the time. It’s good you’ve cut back on the junk food though!

I think putting on a bit weight is good for you, because although you don’t look stick thin, I don’t think a bit of weight would hurt. (I hope that didn’t sound.. mean? I didn’t mean it like that. o_O)

Dancing is a great exercise! I can’t dance to save my life but I do it anyway. XD

Sucks you have to clean the house and stuff, but that’s kind of an exercise? Maybe try and see it like that haha!

I actually saw the icons on deviantart, bookmarked them and thought “hmm, I’ll come back to those if I can’t find Mac ones” and then Kelsey wrote a tutorial and linked to your RocketDock review, and I saw them there so I thought why not. ;3

I don’t like people looking at my laptop to be honest. But whenever I go downstairs, I always leave the desktop up so people can’t see what I’m on so that’s when I thought, I need to make it look sexy.

Do you reckon if it was you who upgraded the internet, she would have been more angry? It just seems like she gets more mad at you than she does Brandon. o_O

I’ve never tried sushi but it just doesn’t appeal to me, you know?

Dancing for exercise isn’t weird at all! That’s what I do.

I have a really messed up sleeping “schedule”. I will go weeks and go to bed by midnight and get up by 8am. And then I’ll have a bunch of nights where I can’t sleep and don’t go to bed until 10am the next morning. Lately, I haven’t been able to sleep much at all. I go to bed around 5am and am back up by 7:30 or 8am.

Ooh have fun during the break! When I have semestral breaks, I kinda do the opposite of what you do XD I sleep late and eat unhealthily, which is really bad -_- I have to stop it too, like right now. I’m having such a long break that it’s getting so dangerous for me now XD I gained sooooo much weight since I’m just at home, not allowed to go out and go somewhere because it’s not good to do that in Abu Dhabi. I think things will change now, though^^
I bring food to my room too! Haha but yeah my grandparents hate me for doing that. I even bring in noodles. It makes the room smell kinda noodle-y XD
Ooh you like mornings? :) I used to dislike mornings until I woke up yesterday at 4am and the beauty of mornings at around 5am :D mornings are great!

Haha, my mum expected me to spend half my exam leave(from the 28th of April until the 2nd of June this year-I had 8 exams during that time, that was all) helping around the house. Just because I was only in school for 8 days didn’t mean I wasn’t spending all my time studying. Even in the 17 days I had between my computing and physics exams. XD

I put on weight over the summer, despite the fact that I walked for miles during the fortnight I spent in Ireland. I walked 14 miles one day, and put on weight. Don’t understand that. ¬¬ I have an elliptical trainer, but I can’t really bring myself to use it much, there’s nothing to distract me while I’m on it so all I have to focus on is how out of breath I am. Which isn’t helpful. D: I think I might try dancing as well, haha. I dance to Cobra Starship and Cute Is What We Aim For songs a lot anyway. :)

I have work to do as well, ugh. I wrote an essay and a half last night when I got home from school-both for English, on poems-so I need to finish the second essay, do some chemistry sheets, and I should really look over the physics that’s due for Wednesday so I can ask the teacher on Monday if there’s anything that looks tricky. I can’t quite bring myself to do it this weekend. XD

I’m guilty of waking up ridiculously late on Sundays, the one day I get a lie-in. We’re talking 11:30am at the very, very earliest. It’s because I only get about 6 hours sleep a night Monday-Friday, and about 8 hours on a Friday night since I have french horn lessons on a Saturday morning. Sunday is the day when I catch up all my missed sleep. It doesn’t really work like that, but I do love the feeling of waking up on a Sunday morning and realising nobody is coming to drag me out of bed and I can go back to sleep. :3 For me, that’s worth losing a lot of the day, since I never really do anything on a Sunday anyway.

I have to agree with you about the parents and holidays thing! My mum seems to think a break from school means I should be doing housework even more at home.

It’s awesome that you’re so positive about getting things done in your life! :) I wish I had the patience and endurance for exercise. Lol I’m too lazy for it! As for sleep.. These days I only get to sleep at 1.30-2am but at least I haven’t started University yet! I start on Monday, seems like our Summer is longer than yours (unless you started earlier!) :)

That’s definitely the case here! I don’t mind doing housework, but when I’m forced, it really gets on my nerves.

I used to do a lot of exercise when I did swimming and many dance classes, but when school got in the way, I had to quit, and I barely got any exercise except from walking to school. I still haven’t quite kicked the habit of sleeping late, but I really should soon!

I’m in Australia so the term is probably very different. We usually have about eight weeks before a small break, then eight weeks again. And about two months around Christmas (that’s our summer). :)

My parents seem to think that even when I am in school I can still do everything they ask on the weekends, today I spent half the day washing my car….I hate it. I hate cleaning, but I hear you about the going to bed earlier…..I need to work on that. Love your site!

Haha parents! On the weekends I have to do all the washing and the dishes and clean the house. I really dislike it. I don’t really like cleaning at all; it seems so tedious and when I clean my room it just gets messy again. :P

I couldn’t find a way to comment on your site, but good luck with WordPress!

My day was…okay. A good bit of it was walking around stores and driving…the other part being computer time.
Sleep…I go to bed around 11 p.m., and sometimes as late as 2 a.m. And I always end up waking up early…BLEH.
I get tons of exercise because my uncle’s dog is here. Otherwise, I’m pretty much a couch potato.
Junk food…I miss it so much. My family’s going partially vegetarian. It makes me sad…. ;_; Also, some junk food will make me sick…anything with dairy for the most part.
I only have schoolwork…I think it has something to do with being homeschooled. And our school lasts about 4 to maybe 5 hours a day.
Our house is a complete pigsty. It’ll be a nightmare to clean it up.

Going to sleep at 1 A.M, o: . And then waking up early for school. I wouldn’t be able to do that, haha. I spent almost the entire summer going to bed at 2:00 – 5:00 A.M., and then waking up at 8:30 or 9:00 A.M. (’cause I have to; my mom doesn’t give me a choice) so I’m often super tired and SO lazy during the day. And now I go to bed around 10:00 – 10:30 P.M. and wake up around 6:30 A.M. I was able to wake up at 6:00 for like two weeks, but the past week, for some reason I’ve been super tired so I usually oversleep and wake up a 7. To me, that’s oversleeping, because I have to get ready super quick, and eat breakfast, and then I can go to school. My getting-ready-process takes awhile. Usually half an hour, which is bad, xD.

I need to exercise more. I’m a good weight and I’m kind of in shape for someone my age and height, but I can’t help but feel just a little fat because of how fat my thighs look when I wear tight shirts. My waist is tiny compared to my thighs, which is what makes them look big, even if they’re really not, haha. This is when belts come in handy! They make my thighs look smaller and my waist bigger for some reason, ;D.

I wish I could dance. To hip hop. That’d be so awesome, ^_^.

Whenever my mom tells me to practice the piano, I’d wave it off and tell her, “I’ll do it later!” And then I end up not practicing until like, a day before my piano lesson, -.-. It’s a horrible habit, haha. A habit I can’t seem to break, unfortunately. I wish I still have motivation to play the piano. It’d make things a whole lot easier.

I hate intense weeks of school … Haha, I usually go to sleep for a really long time if I just finished a lot of things from school. Needs to revive myself, ;D.

See, and that is why I dislike Twilight. ‘Cause I don’t believe in “lahve at first sight”, which is kind of what happened with Edward and Bella, haha. They didn’t even know each other, and they fell in love with each other, and then got to know one another. Which was, uh, stupid.

Ahaha, degrees aren’t something I understand too well, sooo, I think I’ll just save it for when I actually need to know what they are, :D.

That would be fun! Are you gonna get a little puppy or a bigger dog? If I got a dog I think I would get a small puppy that will stay small. Like a Chihuahua or Pomeranian. Maybe a Pug. I love dogs but my mom doesn’t want one :( oh well I have Annie haha. Speaking of puppies I saw cute ones today at a fair. They were so tiny and cute. Me and my friend picked one up and named it Twinkie. /eee

She was probably like oooohhh maybe if I become friends with her I will get more hits! But just commented and said random things. When I comment I read the comment then reply to that then read the blog and comment about that. I remember going to uniique’s site and seeing it was gone. Then, like a month later a new girl got it.

I always eat junk food but I eat a lot of healthy foods too. Like fruits veggies. What’s your favorite fruit? I love watermellon, strawberries, apples and grapes! With veggies, I just don’t know. I like salads with lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers. I kind of exercise like at sports and stuff.

I need more sleep. I want it too :) But I like being able to stay up and watch tv but I don’t like getting up! The bad thing about school is it takes my whole day away :( but I just have to get used to it.

Two week break, that’s really nice! I’ve never had that much from school apart from summer, that is. The most I got was 11 days and it seemed so long. I think during break its unlikely one would get more sleep because they tend to stay up late…kind of messes up the whole schedule, XD . Unless one diligently goes to bed that is. 😏

I actually think the worst part of break is when you have homework <– what kind of break is that? /angry I used to always put them off until the last second, hehe. Though now I am on "permanent break" until at least next year my mom is just the same. I got so many more chores now, but I can't really complain.

Well I do listen to music from everywhere, they are all on my external. Not enough room for them on my iPod. Well plenty of room but I always fear there won't be, so my favorites come first. For some reason when I listen to English music I get too distracted by the lyrics, so I actually prefer if I don't understand everything.

I wish I could own fanlistings for my favorite bands, but they are pretty popular so it's too bad. But I got my favorite singer so I feel lucky enough! :D

Hmm…I still can't really work out I put in a few URLs but it all looks really messy…and I can't stand messes online. Which is why I love your layout so much it's so neat! Hahaha ✌️

Yay for you Georgina making good changes! Trust me, i’ve tried making life style changes, didn’t work out well. I personally ♥ dancing in my room. It’s fun and burns off calories, although it can get tireing 😰 . Sleeping earlier is really good for your health I hear. I try sleeping early, but i get so caught up in different things, I forget sleep and just play around.
I eat snacks and junk food too much! My mom bans snacks from me because I only eat because i’m bored, not because i’m hungry :P .
Chores are never fun, but i just try to get them over with although i would rather not. I have never been to fond of over-obssesive cleaning when the family is in town, i’m pretty sure they wont mind a little mess here and there /ho
Quinn /type

I sometimes dance in my room too, I think it’s loads of fun. But I find it embarrassing when people walk in or watch me. I’m kind of shy with my dancing, unless I’m drunk then I couldn’t care less.

I’m trying to get myself and my boyfriend motivated to go walking for exercise, because I want to get fit and get my asthma under control and he wants to lose a bit of weight before summer. I’m not an exercise kind of person so it’s really hard.

I could never eat healthy as I’m allergic to so much, and a very fussy eater.

I hope you have a great break from Uni. Sounds like you’re going to use your time wisely.

Thanks, my boyfriend and I are really close already. We get each other and are so comfortable around each other. We can be stupid, and do everything. :) It’s awesome.

I hate waking up late too! It makes me feel that I’ve wasted half of my day, especially when I wake up at 11am /ehh

Dancing in your room is totally not a weird idea, because I always do that. I don’t have a radio, so I use my mp3 player, placed in my pocket, when I dance. Dancing with earphones is enjoying but it’s not a good idea because my family members always, yes, ALWAYS have problem calling me, especially when they’re downstairs. And they ended up being annoyed at me not responding /ho

It’s good to hear that you’re reaching for fruit instead of junk food. Hope you can reach your ideal weight as soon as possible ;)

I hate to do chores too, especially when it’s holiday. I agree, parents always think that holidays mean that we have more time to do chores for them. I enjoy cleaning up my own room though. But it’s kind of frustrating when it gets messy after a few days /argh

Hope you can get enough rest during this study break and good luck in your exam or studies ~ ♥

p/s: I’m sorry for double posting. I just had to make a few changes to my comment because of some grammar mistakes. 😳 Could you remove my first comment please? Thank you.

i cleaned my room yesterday, i must say it looks better now than ever. i couldn’t see my desk, and my floor was covered with books and clothes.
i also hate waking up late, it feels like the whole day is gone before it has started.
every day i tell myself i have to go to bed earlier, but i always end up at the computer…. today will be a change! (:

My days on the weekend are never boring now; it’s just my days at school, though that should stop once I start co-op on Tuesday. I hope your days get more exciting :P

I’ve been trying to sleep earlier as well, because then it’s so much easier to wake up in the morning & not just want to throw your alarm across the room. I try to go to bed by like 10:30, but sometimes I end up losing track of time, and sleeping after 12. And I always regret it in the morning /pow

I should probably cut back on junk food too. I swear, I’ve eaten at least 15 bags of chips in the last month. I’m not even joking, I’ve been obsessed with sour cream & onion chips. I should really cut back, but I have no self control :P

Ew. Cleaning :P Hopefully it’s not too bad.. have fun with that :P

I should be getting to see Inayat, and all of my friends that are home this weekend :D I’m going after driving school today, if I can get a ride. I can’t wait to see them <3

I'm glad she wasn't furious. I'd understand if the price was different, but since it's the same and you get MORE for it, it's actually more logical to upgrade :P

Aw, I love having photos of me and David xD We don't have TOO many.. I found that out when I went to make him a scrap book, and could barely find any good ones xD Though there are quite a few more now because of prom, but we look lame in most of them xD

I hope you have a nice time on your break from university. :D When I have time off school I think it’s a really good opportunity to sort out my website, but I’d rather spend what time I have free with my friends or on myself, just relaxing.

Little things like weekends and half term holidays wreck my sleeping pattern! Going to bed at 1am on one night ruins it for the whole week, haha.

I wish I had the motivation to stop snacking and exercise more! Dancing is actually really good exercise, along with just walking and apparently running up and down the stairs a few times, LOL. I also read that when you laugh, like really laugh, it burns about 36 calories!

My mom is exactly the same! When I’m off school, she’s still at work and I get a list of chores to do. ¬_¬ I hate cleaning but once I start, I can’t stop until it’s perfect!

Bubblewrap is such a nice song. :D It’s one of the slower ones with a lot of piano then the band come in at the end, it’s lovely!

I love your site name, too! It’s short and sweet, but it’s really unique!

Hey! :)

I will make sure to try & remember to kick your ass once uni starts again. Or I’ll just add a short paragraph at the end of each & every post of mine to remind you to study/work/etc! xD

I hope so! I’ll try to be more active around the NaNo forums too in the next couple of weeks hoping that it will in some way benefit me getting my motivation & excitement back.

I actually do this quite often too. I try to return the short ones first & then get to the longer once – mostly because it usually takes me a lot more time or because I want to take the time to really concentrate on the longer comments & stuff.

I read that blog post. :) I usually check your website a few times a day even if I am not returning comments. I just like to see if there is a new post up & stuff. :)

I have to agree! Sometimes when I tell you something in a comment I feel like I’ve already said it before & stuff. I also seem to ramble a lot quite often in comments. I think I should try to change that too! :)

I got a great sleep today because I cleaned the kitchen before going to bed last night and mum promised to let me sleep as long as I want – and she did. :)

Trying to go to bed earlier is for sure a great thing for you! I used to never really get more than 6 hours of sleep on school nights because I always stayed up until midnight. I am not really a morning person so I like to sleep as long as possible. I always shower the night before so I can use that time to sleep. I also never understood while girls would get up earlier to put on make-up and stuff.

I bring food to my bedroom all the time. But usually it’s like a plate full (for example when mum cooked dinner) and that’s it. Since I no longer have a desk to put all kinds of food on I eat less I think. We barely eat in the kitchen in general though.

I don’t like cleaning the house either, but when I am alone at home & I get into the mood (or mum makes me clean) I usually turn up the music really loud, dance around the house randomly, sing like a crazy person and than cleaning can actually be a lot of fun. xD

I have to agree! Parents really seem to think that just because we have a break we can do a lot more around the house! I am in a slightly different situation then you are but when it comes to stuff such as laundry & real house cleaning mum expects me to do all of it. Most of the time she thinks I can read her mind so she gets really angry if I didn’t wash the laundry or stuff like that. She should just tell me what she wants to be done – that makes things much easier on my end.

I’m going to reply to your comment properly this time; it was just such a nice comment and I’d feel bad if I didn’t. (You don’t need to reply to it in full, though)

Please don’t let go, lol. I haven’t had a hug in a while. :(

Yeah, it was hard and I’m surprised I didn’t start self-harming at a young age in all honesty. What I want through at 16 was nothing compared to what I went through at 11. I mean, in a way I’m glad I went through it because it’s made me the person I am today. I realise and appreciate so many things that some people would find stupid.

I’m glad you’ve realised that you’re not going to self-harm again as well. It’s also good that you know how to control these feelings if you like, by talking to someone or letting the anger/hurt out some other way. I do tend to hit things, I punch the wall or door quite often so I guess that’s kind of self-harming too? I don’t know, I should stop. I don’t do it as much as I used to.

I don’t think I ever wanted to die, though. Maybe I did at one point but could never bring myself to do it, even though I knew it was just so simple. It would be selfish to do that, though.

Oh my neighbour is a jerk. I saw him on Thursday. I was at this “back to work session” and Rob was on a course there, so I was talking to Rob and he walked in! I shit myself.. but he started talking to me, normally. IDK, maybe he’s just pissed with my parents haha. (Thought I’d update you on that situation, aha)

Go step on pineapples?! That’s a new one, and made me laugh! :P You do know how to cheer someone up, I’ll tell you that. Thank you for the kind words, Georgina. I really do appreciate the fact you took the time to write all that to me.

I bought Rob a punch bag for his birthday; maybe I should steal it back? :P

Yeah, I totally understand what you mean. My parents expect me to act more grown up, more responsible compared to my sister. I think your mum should have been a bit tougher on Brandon though. Just because he’s younger doesn’t mean he doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. IDK, I think it’s unfair the way parents treat the younger kids differently! :P

*BIG HUGGGGSSSSSSS* You know I’m always here if you want to talk about anything! (Thought that was relevant! :P)

I can never sleep late, the latest for me is 23 xD Any later than that I’ll be a bitch the rest of the day. Waking up at 5-6 in the morning is really… UGH.

It’s a good thing you’re done with your assignments, but reading about how busy you are seems like this is just the first wave, so good luck with your studying! It seems like a lot to do! D: Rest, dear!

Study break, lol. Me too~

Your studies sound interesting. That’s something I’d like to study one day if I ever get the proper motivation to do so! And your book sounds really good too, and I’m not just saying this lol. It sounds like something I would read. Have you thought about doing Nano? Swetlanta reminded me of it, and I think I am going to try it this year. It might motivate me, who knows lol.

I know what you mean about bad sleeping patterns&eating habits. I’m there with you Dx. I don’t have school and I’m still struggling to find a job, so I sit at the computer more than I should to pass my time. I also tend to snack around 11.00pm and want to eat junk food, yuck. I was doing so good with an exercise program my dad bought, I guess I’ll have to start doing that daily again.

Dancing is a great way to stay in shape! I wish I was more confident in myself to do so, I’d dance to some music. But I feel silly when I try…so I don’t. Which is bad. My cardio DVD is like salsa dancing though, and it’s really fun. Have you ever thought about buying something like that?

I have chores to do as well; but it’s really my way of paying my dad back for letting me live at home rent free. I feel bad about not being able to pay for myself. The only thing I dislike is I feel my stepmom takes advantage of it because she makes a big mess in the kitchen and leaves it for me to clean up. That kind of pisses me off, even though I suppose it’s nothing to get that upset about. Hopefully your parents don’t make you work too hard, and you can enjoy your break a bit!

I love dancing! I go dancing with my friends almost every weekend. It’s just a great thing to do to release stress and have fun. Not to mention, lose some fats haha. I know how you feel. I’ve been sleeping 2-3am for the last days and I feel like dying when I wake up. I always try to get away from helping to clean the house lol =X I’m so terrible ):

P.S : how’s the internet cap thing going for you? i hope everything’s alright (:

Sorry I missed that post on the internet upgrade ): I’ve been so busy and tired lately. But I’m glad everything works out great! =)

Agreed. We all need breaks. Parents do think that. Seriously, five days a week, eight hours a day (well that’s different for you I think) and a whole lot of homework time. It gets tiresome, and they seem to believe we’re super people and once school’s out, we have the power to do anything.

Uh no.

And congrats on reducing snackage. That’s probably difficult, I’ve done that too though. But I tend to snack more during the weekends.. I make up for all the hours I spend at school during which I don’t get snack breaks very often or have a selection from my lovely kitchen.

Dancing is fun. I think that’s a great idea. I’ve wanted to do that too. I was going to be a part of my school’s dance team but I’m really busy trying to organize my life, it’s kind of difficult to fit in. :P

Sleep is good. I need to get some more. I was supposed to make up for my lack of sleep this three-day weekend. But that’s kind of failed. :/

Thank you for your great comment. It helped me decide that I would say no to that guy. And he took it pretty well. He asked someone else afterward, and I’m really glad. I think he should have asked her first, really, save himself another rejection. I feel he already knew, but there was this sliver of hope that had him ask me. And I really don’t want to discourage anyone from having hope, but that was really false hope. And I have no idea what gave him that. Because I’ve been ensuring that I don’t lead him on. But some guys see things in a completely different light and sometimes you do things and don’t even realize how they might actually take it.

I eventually talked to Kuya about it. It really wasn’t that big a deal, sometimes I just feel extremely awkward talking to him about dances…about anything that has to do with guys and girls doing things together. For multiple reasons I can’t really list out because I’m unsure of what they are. But I do understand the level of friendship we have. There’s just a few things I still feel out of place for talking about though, despite our friendship.

Why would you be laughed at for going with your gay friend? That’s stupid. I wouldn’t mind (Gay people are cool :D) In fact, the party always seems funner when there’s a gay person around :D

Well in America, if you come from another country, then you need to pass a test to be a citizen. But your children don’t (:

As the days past the more I find that there are less things to do online. I just can’t seem to understand what I did all day online when I was younger. I swear I was on the computer 24/7. Went to sleep late from being on the computer and woke up in the early mornings going straight to it. Smh, that was beyond unhealthy and I’m glad the habit is broken.

I wish I had a break from school because right now it is literally kicking my butt. I dread waking up early in the morning and going there. I officially hate school now and I’m trying my best to make it through. I should start going to bed early so that I could wake up more “easier” in the morning but I just can’t.

I’m also trying to make some changes but of course it takes a while. I can’t just wake up tomorrow and be a changed woman. It’s a simple process, that takes time. I wish you the best of luck with yours (:

Eh, I had to do the same thing with the junk food. It doesn’t help its much quicker and more convenient to get it too. /hmph But I have a two week break per every 10 week term, in which I start my new term in two days. 😢 I’d rather not, but I am about 1/2 to graduating, and I still have managed all A’s.
I am actually going to attempt to wake up at reasonable times as well, but I am very much the opposite of a morning person…lol. I’d like to be able to get things done in the morning, but work takes a lot of energy and so does my schooling.

Haha fair enough. You didn’t have to reply though! :P *hugs*

Exactly. When everything was happening, I hated who I was, I wanted to be someone else but looking back now, I’m happy to be the person I am. Yes, it definitely makes me look at things in a different perspective. I don’t tend to take things for granted as much anymore. It makes me feel sad when I see people going through something similar to what I went through, I can always share my experiences and prove things do get better.

I remember you saying you ripped the crap out of some stress balls haha. I had one, but I think my dog chewed it up. o_O My knuckles are completely fucked from where I used to punch things when I was 16 so it doesn’t particularly hurt when I hit things anymore. Still, I should stop.

My step dad said maybe he had a hidden agenda; but he just asked me if I was on the course and I said no, I was doing a back to work session and he said yeah I’ve gotta do that now, what’s it like etc. I was pretty shocked. I hope he’s changed, for my parents’ sake.

I tried to use the punch bag before and it’s harder than I thought! 😳


Lol, I get amused at how our comments get shorter and shorter. ;3 I’m just typing out a blog actually; I don’t like posting them until at 7pm (UK time) because that’s when all the American’s come online haha. I only have 19 comments (well 20 now) on my current blog. I haven’t got over 30 in such a long time lmao.

That’s true actually. Although, I did hate myself at one point or another. I mean, I think we’ve all been through the stage of “I’m not good enough for anyone, I’m not pretty, I hate myself”. I don’t think it’s selfish to say you feel good about helping people. You should feel good about it to be honest. If you’re making someone feel better about themselves, it’s good for both of you.

I want a football one. XD I had one from the stop smoking clinic haha; they gave us a few! I could do with one though, just because it’s fun to squeeze them. ;3

Haha perhaps. I broke my little knuckle though… Actually I’ve broke near enough all of my fingers; not just through punching things but mainly from playing sports. My thumb is still fractured, it never healed and I can’t use it much. -_-

Yeah exactly. It’s the last thing my parents need at the moment. I wish he’d realise how much he hurt them especially since my mum done so much for him.

Ah, kicking it would be fun…. *goes to Rob’s to steal the punch bag*

DON’T STRETCH MY LAYOUT HAHA. You’re lucky I haven’t closed comments actually but surprisingly, I’ve returned all comments, wheyyy.

Lol, I rambled a lot. (H)

Yay, that’s good! :D I just wrote my blog out, it’s nearly 500 words long. o_O I’ve never felt the need to write that much in a long time. LOL sorry! :P

I don’t like timezones, especially when I’m working because I never get to speak to you haha. It might be because everyone is back to school/college, but I haven’t got a lot of comments in a long time. I think it’s because I close my site a lot. *whistles* I don’t mind to much though.

Nah, I don’t think it’s that bad to be honest. But I think everyone has to be “selfish” at one point or another. You have to look after yourself as well as others.

LOL that’s pretty cool! I wouldn’t buy one, either. You should send me one, with some cookies. I’m hungry. :(

I love how you said “my rude finger” LOL. Yeah that makes sense. All I do with my hands is type haha, I take care of my legs I guess cause of soccer. My ex-boyfriend Nick says he’s going to teach me how to play the guitar haha, I don’t know if my fingers will be able to cope though! Wow, really? :| You must have been really stressed/depressed to do that. Glad your teacher stopped you though!

Yeah, my mum always said “I won’t accept his apology” but I think she would, they don’t need the stress anymore. He still hasn’t moved back in though. o_O

LOL! One time, someone done it to me and I was so pissed! I actually edited the comment so it didn’t stretch the layout, har.