Along the Watchtower

I rarely have a rant about work, but now is the time. In a nutshell: I have to mark children’s worksheets. While they wait for their work to be marked, they should read a book or do a puzzle.

What really irks me is when they stand around my desk waiting for me to finish. It makes me feel uncomfortable, and just makes me want to mark their work slower or just stop until they go away. I realise I am impatient myself, but I feel like it would feel uncomfortable for a person if I were watching them do something – whether I am waiting for something from them or not. I feel weird watching people, and I also don’t like being watched.

I suppose it produces the same reaction as when someone stares at me.

I often have to completely stop what I’m doing because I feel the gaze of some child upon me. It’s like the time I blogged about the nerve of some girl who talked back at me – she was watching me, and when I instructed her to do something productive while waiting, she completely and rudely refused. I don’t like being watched. It makes me feel uncomfortable and it gives me the feeling that the child is being impatient.

Last year I actually had bunches of children stand in front of my desk and actually tell me to hurry up. Rude.

When some kid stands in front of my desk, I feel like they’re in my way. I don’t even want to say, “Wait a second”, because some children don’t even have the manners to say “Excuse me”.

Yeah, that’s right. Sometimes they just stand at the side of my desk. Maybe expecting me to raise my head or something. I’ve experienced this so many times. When a kid stands at the side of my desk, they obviously want to ask me something. Here’s a list of the different things they might do:

  1. stand there in silence and just wait
  2. say, “excuse me” to get my attention
  3. say, “Hello Georgina, can you help me?”

You won’t believe it; about 95% of students do number 1. It’s like they expect me to look up and come to their attention. Sometimes I don’t say a thing and I purposely ignore them until they say, “excuse me”. And the same 95% of students with no manners are the ones who just stand there even after I’ve looked up and asked them what’s wrong.

They stand there and just hand me their worksheet. Um, what? What do you want me to do with it? Eat it? Are you feeding me like an animal? What kind of child just goes up to you, as their supervisor or mentor, and just wavers their worksheet in your face? What do they expect?

It doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you can’t ask questions, you can’t get answers.

I know I find children hard to deal with, but it’s this that makes it so. If they ask me politely or even just ask or tell me what’s wrong, then I’ll know. Because, you know, I’m not a mind reader.

If they can’t even ask for what they want or need, I don’t know whether they’re going to be going anywhere in life. They shouldn’t be scared to ask.

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Hahaha, you haven’t ranted about work in a while :P . Don’t worry, it’d annoy ME too if someone stood around STARING at me trying to mark. I mean, when me and my friends are doing a group assignment, I don’t mind if they watch me type out what we’re saying because it saves time if they correct my grammatical errors and like, it’s THEIR work too. But what I can’t stand is if someone completely unrelated and independent decides to just stand there and stare at me working /angry .

Sometimes in lectures I’ll be writing, and the person 2 seats away from me will be STARING at my work. I get SO annoyed because it’s just ANNOYING!

Omg! That girl. I remember HER D: . She was HORRIBLE. Seriously, she needs to learn some manners.

Hahaha, what a waste of time to just stand there without saying excuse me or anything == . It’s so silly. How hard is it to say TWO simple words? The only time I stand quietly near someone’s desk is if they’re on the phone or talking to someone. Because then I feel rude interrupting. You won’t GET anywhere if you just stand there. Silly children. I guess it’s understandable if they’re really shy, because I guess it’s intimidating talking to more mature people. But still! DON’T JUST STAND THERE AND IRRITATE THE PERSON!

Holding a worksheet out to you, expecting you to take it is just rude. HMPH! They should at least ask if you could mark it. Man, dealing with lots of children must be SUPER difficult. Uggh! Poor you :( .

I feel for you. I also feel uncomfortable and hard to work when someone is looking at me. ESPECIALLY if said ‘someone’ are my parents. It’s so impossible to do anything. Although I’m getting used to it, but it’s still annoying.

Though as you, I would also ignore them unless they were respectful and whatnot (but that won’t solve anything). I guess what you could do is ask them (if they stay quiet) what’s wrong. If they keep quiet or tell you to mark faster, tell them to be respectful or you’ll mark their papers last – not to mention you’ll do it slowly. That’s just an idea, something I’d do in such a situation (though to be honest, I don’t have much patience – especially with kids).

Then again, there’s also the flamethrower.

My mum used to watch me do my homework. I felt really uncomfortable. Now my parents don’t bother me so much. Last year in Info Disc/Analysis, I didn’t like Maureen checking what we were doing. I usually did things at my own pace. She wanted to make sure we were doing things right, I know, but I didn’t like her watching. :P

Most of the kids really just want help, but they don’t even ask. They usually just stand there and waver their sheet in my face. The sheet, which I can tell is one with red marks all over it and they want help.

I totally snapped at this girl last week. She put her worksheets in front of everyone else’s, so I didn’t mark it until the end. She was walking around my desk and trying to look on my desk, until I pulled out her folder and said angrily, “Next time I won’t mark your work if you put it in front of everyone else’s!” /angry

Agreed! It must be very uncomfortable for someone to watch you marking their work. I used to wait for my teachers to mark my work and they’d often or not tell me to go away. /oh

I think it’s easier for children to be rude though; they don’t quite understand that it is rude, same for children who stare at people. They don’t understand that it’s rude and nerving.

A lot of children these days have no manners what’s so ever. It irks me because when I was bought up, I was always taught to say please, thank you, excuse me and to be polite and to respect my elders. Kids today aren’t even taught that; they’re so rude.

I’ve always been a really shy person and sometimes if I need to ask someone something, I just stand there and wait for them to say “yes?” or something.

If you can’t ask questions, you can’t get answers.

That’s so true and I’ve learnt that along the way. (Is learnt a word? LOL).

Lol, I was cooking pasta! I might post it a bit later. I have two in mind; I’ve written one about this guy I know in a wheelchair and people stare at him and stuff, but then I have one about people who just assume you should help them etc.

Yeah, it kinda sucks when I work cause I have no time for anything. :(

I find it so weird that you’ve never closed your site haha. Yes, you really must be superwoman! I just can’t bring myself to blog without returning comments first, I really don’t know why. :(

Yep exactly. I think if someone ever says “I’m not selfish” then they’re lying because we all are in one way or another.


LOL, I can imagine. When I borrowed Nick’s guitar in 2005, it was so big! I couldn’t get my fingers around it and such. My hands/fingers are really small so I don’t know if I could even play it. My fingers are very flexible either.

Ugh, I remember Bearman. I know what you mean; even when a person isn’t talking to you or anything, they still manage to piss you off regardless.

Yeah it definitely does. Though, some people overuse the word sorry. I hate it when someone says it but you know they don’t mean it.

(You don’t need to reply to this comment, just wait until I blog har.)

hey! (: thank you for the comment! I went to bed a hour earlier, but the clock has passed midnight. I will try again today! or tomorrow…
I would also be annoyed if someone just stood there, staring at me, and when i finally turned around, they didn’t say anything but just gave me a bunch of papers.

You’re lucky; I VERY nearly closed comments just before you posted that, haha. I’ve closed them now though. :P

It’s kinda good actually, cause I had 19 comments before and wanted to get them to 20 at least haha. Now it’s 23, good stuff.

I’ll say it now then, YOU DON’T NEED TO REPLY TO THIS BY THE WAYYYYY. Sorry, I suck LOL.

That’s true, I hate it when people stare at my laptop, my phone or anything. It is an invasion of privacy to be honest.

Yeah, I think a lot of kids disobey these days. It’s so different as to when I was young and it’s probably SO much different as to how our parents were bought up. It’s just wrong to be honest. Imagine how different it’s going to be in say 20 years.

Argh, pre-teens do my head in. They are just SO rude; they think they’re so hard for being rude to people, it just does my head in.

Yeah, I’ve tried to change that as well. Since I’ve been working, I’ve become more confident. I used to hate going anywhere by myself, I wouldn’t talk to new people and such but I do now. Working has definitely bought me “out of my shell” so to speak. It’s good that you’re mum helped you with that, my mum tried bless her but yeah, I still don’t like talking on the phone and such.

You’d love my pasta, har. It’s amazing if I do say so myself. :P

Yeah, I thought learnt was wrong because Firefox used to underline it, lol. I remember being reviewed a long time ago and they said learnt isn’t a word. o_O

LOL yeah I noticed because you were like “Maintenance Mode, stress” or something like that hahaha. Nobody knew you were putting a new layout up either. I think Jessica pretended to close her website for April fools and loads of people got really pissed off. o_O

LOL that’s because I’m amazing, like. :P Nah, I don’t know, I tend to return yours first mostly. Sometimes, I just return the shorter comments first or I try and return some people’s quick, before they write a new blog LOL. I don’t really like reading much. I always enjoy your blogs though. (H)

Yeah, perhaps I’ll be able to do with practise? I don’t know; he really wants to teach me though.


How rude. Simply put. I really believe parent’s just don’t teach their children patience anymore, or manners for that fact. I rarely come across polite children/teenagers and it really pisses me off. I mean, how can you demand respect, but refuse to give it? Those children, at the very least, should wait at their desk, even if they are impatient. (O__o)

I would probably tell them to go sit down, or I will grade their paper last. Are you a teacher, or perhaps a teaching aid?

Yeah you don’t wanna rush into it.

Oh my gosh at our fair there was like a million dogs! They were the cutest! I just wanted to pick one up and take it home.

I know it’s like wouldn’t you try to avoid them so then you wouldn’t get in trouble by them? Some people just confuse me! I remember on Piczo people would always comment Nice Site or you would never had met them and they would sign up to be affiliates. It was just kind of a link exchange XD

For breakfast I have a fruit everyday except on the weekends. And for dinner I have salad sometimes. I haven’t really tried anything other then what my mom makes.

I have to go to bed by 9:30 to 10 and every night after I go to bed I get my i-pod and just play with it for awhile and in my head I’m thinking stop stop stop you need to go to bed! :D

When someone watches me, I become self-conscious. Suppose I’m doing an exam and the invigilator is bored, so she’d stand over my head and see what I am writing. Or suppose when I am talking to my boyfriend and my mom doesn’t even pretend not to be eavesdropping. I freeze in moments like these. Talk about uncomfortable.
Ah, these children do sound annoying. But they are children. They’d learn as they grow up.

I do think that things happen for a reason. But sometimes when I am frustrated with life, it is hard to hold on to that thought.
Yes, I did read about your cousin. It is a terrible thing to happen to anyone.
I remember the time when my great-grandfather died a couple of years ago. Even thought I’d met him for about three times in my life, it was still heart wrenching to sit in his funeral.

I can understand the feeling of disliking being stared at. I’ve noticed kids these days are rude…just staring at you, or saying something without thinking. It’s like…where are their parents? When I was growing up, I was taught to say “Please” and “Thank you” all the time. IDK about kids these days lol.

Some kids who stand at your desk silently might be just shy. That would be something I’d do when I was younger, because I was afraid to say anything. But then, if the assistant wouldn’t do anything in a few seconds, I’d figure she/he was busy and go do something else.

I wouldn’t like your job lol. I remember the post about the rude little girl. Kids irk me enough as it is. You’re a brave warrior!

Did you get your title from the Jimmi Hendrix song? I love that song :)

Honey, as you said they are just children. I found reading your words a little harsh. Children will be children and you can’t exactly judge them in that stage and say you don’t know if they’ll “be going anywhere in life.” That’s how they are for now, and hopefully they can grow up to be better. I agree though, children can be extremely rude, and it’s probably a combination of bad upbringing, being influenced by media/friends, and just plain old being a kid. I myself prefer the shy ones. They are a little less blunt and mean compared to the bold ones ;)

Wow, I totally understand why this annoys you.
Even when I was at school I hated when the teacher stood over me and was reading what I was writing. It used to make me feel nervous and self-conscious.

I hate knowing kids these days are so rude and disrespectful. I am so shocked sometimes when I am speaking to people younger than me. Which age group do mark for?

Thank you for your comment about my boyfriend and myself. I feel like we connect on so many levels and we get on so well. We are always having fun when we are together and even if we argue we get over it pretty quick. I can’t even stay mad it him for long (maybe only a few seconds).

I would love an iPhone, but I can’t afford the contract for them (unless I buy over the Internet and I don’t really trust that with something so expensive). You are so lucky. My boyfriend parents each have one.

I dislike being watched at only when I’m doing certain activities, like blogging. I don’t really feel uncomfortable when people watch me doing work though. Perhaps it’s because I’m the youngest in the family – enjoy getting all the attention(?)

There are people who like to watch over people while they’re working though. I do that sometimes too but only when I want to learn something from him/her. :) Vice versa, there are some people who watch at you doing work, not trying to learn something, but trying to GET something like your ideas. That’s the kind of people which I dislike the most.

But I know it’s different for every people. Like my sister, she dislikes me waiting for her while she is using the computer. From her point of view, maybe I am rude; from my point of view, I just want to get to the computer as soon as she finished using it! And I don’t mean to spy on what she’s doing online nor am I interested with it.

I worked part time as a teacher before. Initially, I could smile and answer all their questions related to their homework. Children are polite the first day I enter their classroom. However, as the time past by, I think they assumed that I’m the goody-goodie-type teacher. Thus, some of them started to ask nonsense questions and try to be “funny”. But in fact, I’m more of the scary teacher type. That was when I learned that ignoring their somewhat annoying questions is the best way to live. :P

Therefore, I have to admit that children nowadays are quite rude. Like my little cousin who calls me by my name, even if he was told not to by his parents! Here, we don’t call people who are elder than us by their name. I feel insulted /angry because he’s about 5 or 6 years old, 10 years younger than me. I always ignore him until he calls me sis.

However, some children may not be taught to be polite. You see, not all parents are being responsible to take good care over their children. And that’s when the teachers do their work by teaching them ;)

And sometimes, teachers ought to be stern and somewhat scary otherwise those brats wouldn’t know their limit! 💥

just mark their work all wrong :)

It might seem easy, but I wouldn’t want to risk doing my job incorrectly and getting in trouble by my boss.

Thanks Georgina! I hope you enjoy your break from University and I hope you take it easy :)

Oh okay, well prepared for a trip this long term. I understand. Traveling is expensive. And should dovetail the schedules of the whole family. Traveling with my parents is a tradition, but I’m sure that when you finish the University will be terminated. I hope this won’t happen, because I like traveling with my parents 👏

I understand, sometimes it happens just like you. I’m up late to finish my assignments. It is true that we must make a small sacrifice to have a good job. I agree with you, before you start the assigment must organize ourselves and see how we are going to do it.

Reading a book or watching a movie is what you should do to get away for a few hours of the online world. I think it is good for you.

Glad to hear that you’re not going to close your site for now 👏 . I understand. Blogging is fun. Since you can not upgrade very often all the extra Things, but it’s okay to just focus on the blogs, so you feel closer to your online friends.

I think a lot of kids these days disobey. It’s so different from when I was younger and is likely to be so different from when our parents were young. Society changes, but the forms are in decline :(.

Nowadays parents do not teach their children to be more patient, and how they should behave. The children did not show any respect, but demand to be respected.

I can understand the feeling of disliking being stared at. When I was growing up, I was taught to say “Please” and “Thank you” all the time. However, children today do not say “Please” and “Thank you”.

Although I recognize that children are children and are influenced by the media and friends, so they have a rude behavior.

Have a lovely break! *hugs* :D

My sister just resigned from her job because she cannot stand people watching her … She likes to have freedom. I am the same, you stare at me, I will stop and stare back. Keep staring and I will give you the stare of death, STILL keep staring and then I will say something … It’s just rude … /bash

Haha I honestly don’t have the guts to say something. I might stare back until they stop, but even then, I feel really awkward. It’s the most I can do to stop being stared at.

I hope your sister finds another job. I hope there’s something out there for her that she can do freely – maybe like working for herself – depending on her interests, though. :)

Just thought to myself “just going to comment on Georgina’s blog” but I have already done so, so I’ll have to return your comment, hehe.

YAY FOR NOT SUCKING. I often read my comments on my iPod first, hehe.

Yeah that’s true actually. I love helping people and I honestly don’t mind helping people as long as I get a thanks for my troubles. Some people don’t even do that and it does my head in.

You’re such a helpful person! :) I probably wouldn’t have done any of the stuff you done for people on account that I’m so lazy hahaha! No, but I have done many things to help people out even though I didn’t get anything in return. It’s nice to help people out. But I hate people who only help others out for something in return.

Yeah, it makes me feel disappointed too. :( I stopped giving my MSN out after a while. Some people request to follow me on Twitter (whom I’ve already removed) just because they want me to help them with something. It’s just so rude.

LOL I know, I don’t know why MSN won’t work to be honest. But I should try and fix it (for the 384758345th time) cause I could speak to you and speak to Carly properly. ;3 I remember I had like 20 people blocked though haha.

Yup, that’s true. If someone is polite to me and says please and thank you, I don’t mind helping them out at all.

OMG! I love your layout!! … You may not remember me, but that’s okay. o.o

Are you a teacher? Just curious.

I think a lot of teachers have that problem. o.o, especially with younger children.

Thank you! :)

I do remember you. I don’t forget that easily, especially people who have commented me many times before.

I’m not really a teacher; I’m more like an aide or a mentor. I am the one the children approach for help. I actually used to want to be a teacher because I liked helping people and wanted an occupation that would involve something like that, but I didn’t think I could put up with kids so much of the time.

Oh, lol. There’s always the older kids. o.o But I know not everyone would want to work with the older kids. =P

This is the right e-mail, sorry.

I hate being watched while I work too, it feels uncomfortable and you kinda just want to punch them…
Maybe you just need to lay some rules down and give instructions as to what they should do when they’ve finished their work. Also to put their hands up or say “Excuse me Georgina” when they need help or something. Kids will learn in the long run :)

Oh man, I’m currently working towards my Education degree (Elementary teacher) and now that you mention kids watching you while you grade, it makes me feel like it will happen a lot to myself in the future. I’m sorry, school just started and I’m still getting into the hang of things so I haven’t kept up with your posts :/ why are you grading papers and such??

I also have a question about WordPress, I sincerely did not want to bother you about it but I have been trying to understand how to use WP but I just cannot get the hang of making themes. I did Google tutorials on how to integrate WP into websites but all the tutorials I found were very confusing so I was wondering how you did it. Can you please help me? I’m so sorry to bother you with this because you have a lot on your plate but I just can’t seem to get it.

You actually have to make a theme; there’s no other way of doing it. I’m sorry I can’t totally come to the rescue with that. I know it’s a lot to look at, but the Codex has everything you could possibly need. On the other hand, you could download a theme and edit it – taking the important bits and putting them into your layout. There’s no way you can use WordPress with your own layout unless you create a theme. Good luck though – just don’t stress over it. Many people struggle with it. I just highly recommend visiting the Codex, and starting from scratch. Yes, it’s daunting, but I’m encouraging to keep on trying. There’s also a step-by-step tutorial on on how to make a WordPress theme. You can probably skim through most of it since it does cover some really basic stuff.

I work in an education centre, which follows individualised programs for children, so it’s a bit different. It goes by pace, so I have to hurry up when I mark the children’s work, and at the same time I have to help them if they need it. It’s not anything like being a “teacher” (I’m more of an aide) but I just have to put up with them; it’s more lax than actually teaching.

I’m kinda new here and I feel a bit lost lost after reading this haha, since I’m not sure what your job is. I’m gonna assume teacher’s assistant? But I know what it’s like, I’ve tutored younger kids before and they like to wait for me to come to them too. It’s like I don’t read minds, what do you want? Exactly what you said.

I really feel weird when children stare at me, I think worse than older people do. With adults I can just give them a glare but children it’s like…they’re not doing anything wrong, but yet they are making me feel uncomfortable. /faw

I guess I’ve felt same as you for so long. I heard from someone that there’s a reason the city is so “popular” like crowded with people and everything. It’s because there aren’t any hurricanes, earthquakes, and stuff like that. But this year these tornados really changed my view. If it can hit the city, it certainly can hit where I live.

I wish we had two-week breaks, one week is definitely not enough. With two weeks it’s enough time to get your work done and have free time to actually spend on “break” at least it was in high school. Not sure about university though. 😢

I will keep in mind to check out Explosions in the Sky. Do you know Yiruma? Probably the only instrumental – pianist – I really like, and it’s not because he’s Korean haha.

Haha yeah. I haven’t got many comments on this blog for some reason. Got 8 approved and 7 pending. Slow few days, I guess.

As soon as I woke up, I got my iPod and started looking at my comments haha. Such a bad habit to be honest. I love returning yours too. /heart

Yeah, I feel hurt when people don’t say thank you to me. Sometimes, if they just say “okay” and don’t say it, I’m like “you’re welcome…” or “thanks wouldn’t go a miss”, half the time they ignore me haha.

Lol yeah, it’s like with Twitter, I get certain people requesting to follow me and I know it’s for only one reason. Sometimes, I get the same people requesting to follow me like 10 times… even if I’ve declined them loads already. :|

Web messenger does suck; my step dad blocked all MSN based websites when we were still in school, he hasn’t unblocked them yet but hey, at least he’s not using the schedule anymore. ✌️

I did have a try with MSN yesterday but it won’t work. I’ve tried everything, newer versions, older versions… it just won’t work. /pow

Hola Georgie :3

Ah D: Little kids like that are annoying… I can’t stand people watching me do anything – even something I usually do as second nature, like writing or coding, just becomes clumsy and awkward if someone is standing there, or worse, looking over my shoulder. I feel your pain!

I tutor a kid on Wednesdays (although, funnily enough, he neglected to turn up without even letting me know I’d be missing out on an hour of *fun* and my precious 15 bucks today), and he does this same thing. He’s in Year 5, and so still does Spelling Columns for homework. If I test him, then mark a column, he will lean over my shoulder as I mark it… I don’t say anything, but in my head, I’m like /angry GO AWAY LITTLE KID!!!!

Thanks for your lovely comment :) Imagine that – if internet cookies were called sushi or something. Some funky new browser should rename all the options to do with cookies as ‘sushi’ or ‘waffles’, just to be awesome.

And as for people being mistaken, I find it funny that someone could genuinely think, even for a minute, that by commenting on the blog of someone likely to be in another country, that they would get actual cookies. It would be pretty cool if you did, though.. :D They could have a cookie coupon for Coles or something… That would be incentive enough for me to comment :3

I can’t believe kids would tell you to hurry up. When I was a kid I would of been happy talking to friends and doing nothing.

I was a really shy kid who could hardly speak to any one including my teacher. You have to expect kids like those.

I hate being watched too. I’m not in your position but I know kids like to stare. I will be at the shopping center in line at the check out and a kid will stare at me. I feel like punching them in the face or screaming “WHAT?” Of course I would never do either.

I find it funny though, when I a child stares at me with her/his finger up her/his nose.

I have 12 approved, 7 pending now… probably gunna go up a bit because I’m going out soon so I don’t have time to blog until later haha. It’s weird though because my unique visits have shot up. :S

*HUGS* thank you. It hurts. :( I think my sister might have given me her cold. -_-

I’m lazy with commenting I admit that, I rarely comment new blogs or comment anyone unless they commented me first lulz.

Awwww bless your brother! I think he’s getting to the age where she realises he should be nice to people and such. They usually go through the stage of “I’M NOT HELPING ANYONE, LEAVE ME ALONE” and all that haha. (Not a great way to describe it but you get my point).

I remember seeing some of the screenshots of your tweets. I don’t like having my account public, I feel like people will stalk me or something. I’ve always protected my account; I do it with everything, that’s why I don’t have a Tumblr account loll.

I don’t like typing on my iPod tbh. I have MSN on my BlackBerry but I’ve never used it. ;S

I don’t look at them often; I mainly just look at the “recent came from” thing, but I’ve been keeping an eye on them cause when I re-opened without my visitor content, they dropped by about 150 lmfao.

THANK YOUUUU. It’s slowly going now. Colds/headaches suck.

I commented a few “new” blogs the other day, only because their blog was interesting. I’m lazy, I admit that. Returning comments seems like a chore to me sometimes and I don’t want it to. :(

Awwwww bless! I think a lot of kids get like that, maybe he had other things going on that he didn’t tell anyone. IDK, at least he’s getting better now. It’s so nice that you’re proud of him though. I’m not proud of my sister.. I’m proud of my brother for fighting for his country though. ^_^

Lol yeah, I remember. Oh well, we all get involved with drama every now and again.

I still have my Tumblr LOL I last posted a year ago, hahaha. Good stuff. I would use it if you could protect it or whatever.

Yeah, I prefer typing on my BlackBerry because of the qwerty keyboard but IDK, the keys are tiny and it hurts my fingers after a while. :(

LOL no, I’m not going job centre.. I have to go there next Tuesday though, UGH. I’m meeting my friend Nick; we haven’t seen each other for 3/4 years. ;3 Should return some more comments but can’t be bothered; I just keep returning yours. :P

Oops, I have no idea how that happened, sorry about that. I can’t figure it out either. One explanation would be that I got too used to typing it while joining fanlistings, but when I come on your site to comment my info is already filled out. Unless I switched around browsers that is, which is what I’m doing a lot nowadays. Sorry, I will leave the right link this time! I still need to finish Son Dambi, that was just a filler-ish type of thing, I need to make the pages prettier. XD

Oh that’s cool, sounds like an interesting job, at least you deal with children not weird people XD It seems sort of like tutoring, maybe a bit more than that. I’d much rather have a job like that than at like, say, a restaurant. Plenty of weird people to stare at me if I were to work there, and yes they certainly have hidden agendas. /bash

Yeah like California, scientists are able to predict all the earthquakes there so they got all these buildings that can withstand strong earthquakes. Sorry if I’m using example from USA… just like Japan too! (H) There are so many people in the city, now that I’m here, I haven’t seen crowds for so long it’s like whoaa. Though I can’t really imagine too many people in Australia. I guess many non-Australians think that way. /wave Sorry haha.

I’m looking forward to Christmas! I haven’t celebrated in a long time 😒 It must be nice to have Christmas in the summer, or a white Christmas, neither of which I get to experience.

Oh I love that one too, actually I love them all, especially Kiss the Rain despite the kinda-weird title.

Oh I use Statpress, but I hardly look at it to be honest. Might just delete it because it’s quite big. I’m not surprised, we had no warning that you were putting it up! :P I think a lot of people stopped visiting my site cause I close a lot, oh well.

I have mine!! I’m not supposed to though… stupid injection doesn’t work. Maybe that’s why I have a headache? IDK.

I love blogs that are easy to comment on too; that’s why I love your blogs! There’s a few people who comment me and their blogs are hard to comment on so I often reply to their comment on my site. :P

AWWW how cute! I don’t blame him for not telling tbh, haha. You and James have been together so long now, they’ve probably forgot haha! My parents did for a while. I still haven’t told them about about you know what… o_O

Haha same. IDK, I’m glad we wrote that review… someone was proper sucking up after that. (Don’t wanna say to much LOL)

I’m sick of having my timeline full of useless Tumblr shit in all honesty. I don’t wanna say anything on there in case people get offended but whatever, it’s pissing me off.

My elbow often plays up from typing so much; I fractured it when I was younger and it didn’t heal properly so everything irritates it haha.

Not today! I think we’re just gunna grab something to eat… and he’s gunna meet Sasha! :P He is going to teach me though. ;D

Hehe ditto.. although Nick just left so need to run outside to meet him haha. I should be out there now but wanted to return your comment first haha.

(Sorry if this makes no sense, I keep getting my words mixed up lately. o_O)