Hey You

Call me a misanthrope, but I don’t like the general public, and sometimes people just really tick me off. Let’s make a small list.

1) Lazy Man.

I was on the train this morning, and I had to stand up for quite some time because the seats were full. Once a few people got off at a station, I was able to sit down in a seat next to the window. The seat fit three people and an old man sat at the other end, away from the window. Once more people got on the train, a younger man wanted to sit between me and the old man.

This was fine with me, and I moved my bag off the seat, allowing him to sit.

When I got up to get off the train near my stop, that young man in the middle wouldn’t move. While the old man got up and out of the seat, this young man wouldn’t get up off the seat. I had to wedge between his knees and the seat in front. It annoyed me because he was clearly too lazy to get up, and the action of his hands holding up his bags that he picked up from the floor – lazy little shit.

I don’t know if I’m overreacting but I found that a little annoying and impolite.

2) Waffle Woman.

She took forever to make the waffles that James, Mike and I were planning to share. And the plate she gave us was a really shoddy paper plate. It was flimsy and we might as well have been eating from a serviette or napkin. Not that we could really complain though — they were good waffles. πŸ˜‹

Until James dropped a piece on the floor.

“Oh nooooooooo!” 😦

We thought that it was just one unfortunate piece. No big deal.

Until I dropped one.


3) Staring Woman.

This woman really ticked me off. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with standing on a train platform, especially when there are 50-odd people on it, that you have to stare at me. I felt really uncomfortable with this woman watching me, not to mention it was rude that she was staring me up and down. 😑

I have had people stare at me in the street a lot. I don’t draw attention to myself, so I really don’t know why people find it so necessary to stare or glare at me. They’re not just looking – they’re staring. 😐

4) Rude Little Girl.

Hahah, hell yeah, highlight of my day.

This stupid little girl at work really made me want to rip her head off. At work, while we’re marking the children’s papers, they are not allowed to stand at the desk and watch us. While waiting, they should read a book or do a puzzle at the puzzle table. You’d think these children at least understand that, and at least respect the fact that we are like “teachers” to them.

Not this girl.

She just stood right next to my fucking chair, watching me marking a booklet which was most likely hers. She was about six years old, maybe.

“Please do a number board or puzzle while you wait.”
“I already did one.”
“While I’m marking your work, please do another one.”

What the fuck?! I nearly gouged her eyes out with my bare hands. I couldn’t believe how rude she had just been; a flat out “no” when I politely told her to do a puzzle.

“Please read a book or something else while you wait. Go on.”

“Alright then, you’re not going to do a number board, I’m not going to mark your work,” I snapped. This was clearly my way of bottling up the anger that was about to come hurtling in her direction. 😑 I started putting her work away, as if I weren’t going to mark it.

She said timidly, “Okay, I’ll do one.”

Rude little monster. They should teach kids manners these days.

(Sigh, now I know why Sebby wants to set children on fire so much…)

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