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Call me a misanthrope, but I don’t like the general public, and sometimes people just really tick me off. Let’s make a small list.

1) Lazy Man.

I was on the train this morning, and I had to stand up for quite some time because the seats were full. Once a few people got off at a station, I was able to sit down in a seat next to the window. The seat fit three people and an old man sat at the other end, away from the window. Once more people got on the train, a younger man wanted to sit between me and the old man.

This was fine with me, and I moved my bag off the seat, allowing him to sit.

When I got up to get off the train near my stop, that young man in the middle wouldn’t move. While the old man got up and out of the seat, this young man wouldn’t get up off the seat. I had to wedge between his knees and the seat in front. It annoyed me because he was clearly too lazy to get up, and the action of his hands holding up his bags that he picked up from the floor – lazy little shit.

I don’t know if I’m overreacting but I found that a little annoying and impolite.

2) Waffle Woman.

She took forever to make the waffles that James, Mike and I were planning to share. And the plate she gave us was a really shoddy paper plate. It was flimsy and we might as well have been eating from a serviette or napkin. Not that we could really complain though — they were good waffles. /drool

Until James dropped a piece on the floor.

“Oh nooooooooo!” D:

We thought that it was just one unfortunate piece. No big deal.

Until I dropped one.


3) Staring Woman.

This woman really ticked me off. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with standing on a train platform, especially when there are 50-odd people on it, that you have to stare at me. I felt really uncomfortable with this woman watching me, not to mention it was rude that she was staring me up and down. /angry

I have had people stare at me in the street a lot. I don’t draw attention to myself, so I really don’t know why people find it so necessary to stare or glare at me. They’re not just looking – they’re staring. /hmph

4) Rude Little Girl.

Hahah, hell yeah, highlight of my day.

This stupid little girl at work really made me want to rip her head off. At work, while we’re marking the children’s papers, they are not allowed to stand at the desk and watch us. While waiting, they should read a book or do a puzzle at the puzzle table. You’d think these children at least understand that, and at least respect the fact that we are like “teachers” to them.

Not this girl.

She just stood right next to my fucking chair, watching me marking a booklet which was most likely hers. She was about six years old, maybe.

“Please do a number board or puzzle while you wait.”
“I already did one.”
“While I’m marking your work, please do another one.”

What the fuck?! I nearly gouged her eyes out with my bare hands. I couldn’t believe how rude she had just been; a flat out “no” when I politely told her to do a puzzle.

“Please read a book or something else while you wait. Go on.”

“Alright then, you’re not going to do a number board, I’m not going to mark your work,” I snapped. This was clearly my way of bottling up the anger that was about to come hurtling in her direction. /angry I started putting her work away, as if I weren’t going to mark it.

She said timidly, “Okay, I’ll do one.”

Rude little monster. They should teach kids manners these days.

(Sigh, now I know why Sebby wants to set children on fire so much…)

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Oh my god, I know what you mean about little kids. Once, I was working as a sales promoter selling sofas, a small little girl came and started jumping on the sofa like a trampoline! And when i asked her to get off politely she called me an AUNTIE. I’M ONLY SEVENTEEN DAMN IT.! @_@

I hate kids. /argh

Love the new layout, the coding’s wonderful!

Man people suck. 3:

Yeah, I hate people who don’t move on trains when you gotta get out. I always stand up for people. Seriously. Once this guy had his bag on the ground and I step on its strap because he was fat too D:

Wow, what a little cow at work. Proper little ass /angry
You showed her good /bounce

WUFFLE. /gonk
$1 was wasted! /hrb


I find it awkward if I don’t stand up for people. I feel like I’m giving them the message that they’re bothering me, or are in my way.

I hope I don’t have a child like that. D:

Poor waffles. :(


ACK. Yes. I’ve had several experiences like those. First the people on public vehicles. Gosh one time there was a couple in behind me, I think they were doing something that’s supposed to be private. One of them kept kicking my seat and they kept giggling. I think the girl put her feet on my seat, right on my butt. HOW RUDE. It’s impossible she didn’t know it was my butt or something. Right now I think it’s really funny but at that time I was really angry. What I did was I hit her feet with my fist and looked at her straight in her eyes. I was really pissed off. Why can’t they keep in mind that they’re in public, clearly they’re not at home. And yes, there are also some lazy asses on vehicles. Sometimes I hit them secretly before I get off. Uhm, I think I’m pretty violent. HAHAHA XD
About the staring, it’s worse when you’re in a foreign country. Once they see you’re a LOT different from them, they won’t stop staring. Just the other day it happened to me and my sister. Even when we already walked away they won’t take their eyes off us XD But I guess that’s understandable because we’re foreigners? So in your situation,..uhm. Maybe those people find you pretty. Heehee.
And those type of kids are the ones that make me hate kids. I love babies, though. 👏

Oh, you do sound really violent. :P I wouldn’t be that violent though. In public, if someone annoys me, I just glare at them to show that I’m annoyed. In Australia you can get fined if you feet are on the seat!

I know what you mean. :O When I go to Indonesia, I get stares all the time. I’m obviously different looking from everyone there, and my skin is a lot lighter. Once these guys made comments as I walked past and not only did it make me feel uncomfortable but I also felt insulted and really angry. :( Oh well, I’m glad I am not in that situation all the time. If someone likes the way I look, I just wish they didn’t look at me in such an uncomfortable way. XD

Some kids are really cute and polite and make my day, but others are just so rude. D:

I am also another one who wants to set children on fire that are rude lil turds. I am like Sebby. I don’t really like people either on a whole. I was telling a friend today at the gym exactly that …
Ah, once you become an Aunt, you’ll love it … So much fun. I love my neices and nephews to bits. Apparently my sister’s lil boy Marly has taken a shine to me, and the funny thing is it’s the sister who just moved back from Sydney.

Interesting times …

1)Lazy man: That is why I try seat on the two-person seats, cos it’s easier to get out, and if I must sit in one of the three-person seats, I try to sit near the hall, instead of the window (unless it’s clear it isn’t going to get full enough.) Still, he’s an idiot. You could have probably said “excuse me” loudly, so other people would have noticed. xD

2)Waffle woman: There were waffles? I never go around the stalls for this kind of event. I did last year, but lost interest. I was quite happy with the free BBQ – and the free candy my friends got for everyone. XD

3)Staring woman: Man, I wish it was legal to punch stupid/annoying people. >.<

4)Rude little girl: Need I say anything on the matter? ;D

I expected you to say more about the little girl, but you might end up writing a thousand-word rant, so I’m glad you didn’t start. :P

It was actually the old man who offered me the seat by the window. I didn’t want to sound stuck-up if I said, “I want to sit in the aisle seat” so I just took his offer.

Yes, there were waffles near the main entrance. :D I got so much free candy; I ate most of it though. I got it from the stall where they had that competition. I can’t even remember what it was called. XD

Too bad I didn’t get a sausage sandwich. :(

I don’t like “1.” either … it’s plain rudeness. I bet they’re the first to go and make a scene when someone treats them that way /snort

About 4 … children these days have got no respect anymore. My mom is a teacher in kindergarten and sometimes she comes home with wtf stories like “there’s a kid in my class who throws plates at his mom because she said no” … ok, they’re in kindergarten, I don’t even want to imagine what they’ll be like when they grow up O_O
Your reaction was good tho ^^

*gives you some waffles http://i56.tinypic.com/o7rtza.jpg * ♥

Yeah, there are some really rude people out there. I can’t believe that guy, he could’ve at least moved along the seat or made some attempt at getting out of the way. Geez. :@

Waffle woman. xD She reminds me of this woman who I encountered at a sandwich shop, who didn’t acknowledge me or my mum at all whilst we were stood right by the till. We were waiting for 15 minutes just to order!

I get the sense that people are always staring at me – I’m paranoid. But I hate it when they’re like full on staring. My self-esteem is low enough already without you looking at me like crap. Thank you.

When I did my work experience, I went to a primary school. Most of the kids were sweet but there was this one girl who I just wanted to punch. I remember going to sit with this other sweet girl during playtime and drew her a butterfly to colour in. This rude girl shows up from nowhere and draws her own. “Did you draw that?!”
“Aimee drew it for me but -”
“I drew my own.”
And then she took MY drawing and said “I’m taking this home, not you.” WTF?!
I didn’t know what to say. I just turned to the sweet girl and said “There was once peace.” She smiled so … She was ok. :)

That’s the thing I hate about public transport and commuting nearly every day. People can be really rude or just inconsiderate. :|

Ooh, that must have been annoying. I don’t like it when you are just ignored by shopkeepers; it’s pretty rude.

Little kids can be really annoying! Sometimes I come across such nice kids at work though, and they really brighten my day. It is such a difference from all the rude ones. :)

That guy was clearly a lazy and selfish bum. I don’t see why he couldn’t get up and let you pass through. It certainly didn’t hurt to do a little community service. /angry

Sorry you dropped the waffles! Ouch, poor waffles… *sniffs* I hate those paper plates. You couldn’t hold them near the edge because they’re just too flimsy. :/

Staring someone for too long can be considered rude. Unless I am a super gorgeous beauty, I would very much mind people who stare at me. What I would normally do is stare at them back or at least make sure they know that you are uncomfortable being stared like that. I’m sure she herself wouldn’t like people staring at her. Weird woman.

Most kids are little monsters and that is a fact I learnt when I was doing my teaching attachment. They can be uber annoying and bothersome. That little girl needs to learn positive social conduct. I understand that she’s only six, but it’s important for her to learn some manners.

And oh, I almost forgot to comment on your new layout. The minimalist design is very nice and clean. (Y) I like it very much! Somehow, I feel it suits the name Heartdrops perfectly. ;)

I missed this place! Lovely layout, Georgie! ♥ I think it’s Heartdrops’ birthday is near. Yay!

I agree with all those things you put above. People like them are my pet peeves, especially those lazy and rude people.

When I see someone staring at me, I stare right back at them. LOL. I hate it when they do that so I’d love to do that back to them to see their reaction. It really pisses me off actually.

And those lazy people! I just can’t help but think of those unfortunate ones who are disabled. It’d be better if they donate their hands or feet to those who need them more. /angry

Some kids are really annoying. But if they get really rude, I’d tease them until they cry. I’d rather bully them than to see myself seething in anger. Hahaha. I admit, I have a bit of a sadistic side. Hehe.

I remember your giveaway last October. It was a blast. You gave away lots of domains. I don’t have a lot of money so I just offered to give 3 .info domains. XD

I wish medical appointments and such are free here too. LOL.

Oh boy!
Wow! That lazy man would’ve pissed me off! If an old man can get up to let you out, this lazy ass man can’t? Like, come on. It’s not that hard…
God I hate when people stare at you. You know, they usually stop once you catch them looking, but that’s just annoying. She just kept staring at you? That is so creepy! :s
Oh boy! I would’ve punched that stupid little girl. Rude annoying kids really piss me off! I would keep going on about her, but you understand where I’m going with this :P

I also get stared at. Mostly because I don’t look Norwegian…

lol, I hate children too. I have to sit on the school bus sometimes, and it’s stuffed with annoying children. Most of them likes to press the stop-button to tick the driver (and me) off, they stand on their seats, shouting and won’t give away the available seat next to them if people ask. I wanted to strangle the little rascal that gave me a flat “no” when all the other seats but the one next to him was taken. Gaaah, I hate the school bus.

“lazy little shit.” I would of found that damn annoying too. I would have said “excuse me.” Loud enough for other to hear, that way they all can see that his still not shifting out the way and being rude. Maybe he would have move if you had said excuse me, I don’t know. /angry

Did the paper plate give in under the pressure of the waffles? I don’t like to use paper plates, I’m scared that it would happen to me.

I don’t have patients for children at all. But I do think they can be cute. /eee

When I was in kindergarten or day care I was hit by a teacher for poking her on the leg, trying to get her attention. I only poked her once but she must of already been in a pissed off mood and thats why she hit me. She bent down so she was eye level with me and shouted something like “YOU DO NOT POKE PEOPLE!” I started crying which I think made her more mad. I didn’t tell my mum until a few years later after I had started primary school. I didn’t say anything straight away because I didn’t want my mum to yell at the teacher/carer.

I hate children. God do I hate children. I work at a library and they go around talking at the top of their lungs and just generally being annoying little idiots. Then you’ve got their dumbass parents who let their kids run around, throw things and scream and holler. Kids have absolutely NO respect for anyone anymore. If *I* acted like that, I would have gotten “the belt”! How times have changed!

/angry I feel your pain, sister. I hate it when lazy idiotss won’t get up. But lucky I wasn’t there, I would have screamed, “Get off your ass you lazy bum!” @_@

I HATE paper plates. HATE ‘EM, HATE ‘EM, HATE ‘EM!!! I would have murdered that woman! /pow

People stare at me all of the time. I have no idea why, but total strangers just stare at me. And even people I know stare at me; my friend has three brothers who are all really young and in love with me! 😰

I could imagine why that girl would be annoying… O_O But I probably couldn’t really be complaining, considering I called my teacher neurotic when I was that age! /hehe

(Setting kids on fire seems fun! 💥 xD)

I’ll never understand how some people can be so optimistic and happy all the time. People really piss me off all the time, too. I always wonder where they learn to be so rude. I can’t even imagine doing the things I see rude people do.

I know my last blog was about staring, but I stop if the person I’m staring at notices. It becomes awkward for me then too, you know? It’s difficult, but I try to make myself not look creepy or strange whenever possible.

We all have those day, I guess. Some days I can go the whole time without getting really angry at some stranger, but other days, every little thing gets on my nerves.

Hey, I feel your pain. I once stood up for someone on a bus, and moved for him, he walked past me and went all the way down to the end. of the bus and when he passed me, he sighed in disgust. Very rude, if I can say.

I hope that girl learned a life lesson. When someone in charge or in power tells you to do something, DO IT! I have done that once, no computer for a week! EEK! I hate that. Oh and thanks for the review. :)

I love this new look. It’s really nice. :)

Rude people SUCK. I hate when I am riding the bus and an older person gets on and some douche listening to his ipod wont slide over so the poor person can have a seat. Sooo rude.

Thank little girl tops the charts, too! Little twat.

I always seem to get stared at when I stand on a train station platform as well… what’s that all about. It’s always some snobby woman that’s all tarted up and they just stand there, looking me up and down. I’d love to know what they’re thinking when they do that to people.

I get really annoyed with rude children too. I mean, some of them don’t understand that some of the things they say are rude, but that girl that was saying no to you clearly knew. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that it’s rude to disobey someone who has authority over you. When I was a child I was always taught to respect people like teachers, and even just adults/elders in general.
I took my younger brother to a park before and there was a child just sat at the top of the slide blocking it off so I asked him if he’d move and let my brother down. He said no. I told him that it wasn’t very nice and he told me to piss off. :O This kid was about 6/7 years old and he told me that. I swear to god I wanted to drag him off of that slide, slap him as hard as I could manage and then drop him. Would’ve been interesting for the other people in the park to watch. :/
I don’t understand how some children can be so rude.

OMG. Misanthrope, one of my new vocabulary words. It makes me smile everytime I learn a new word and I see it elsewhere. It gives me such pride when I can say I know what it means :)

I swear you remind me of myself sometimes. That man, a dip shit. I probably would have politely cursed him out and went on about my business. That woman and little girl too. I hate when people stare at me too. It’s not really the fact that they’re staring its sort of that certain look that they have on their face. It annoys the shit out of me. Most times though it’s because they’re trying to figure you out because there’s just something about you.

I promise I do not like little kids. Point blank -_-

I’m grateful for my parents too I just think they aren’t the best but your right. If they have never met I would cease to exist.

Whenever I go online I get distracted to. I just never can follow that imaginary “to-do” list. Sometimes I even get off the computer not even doing what I have to do in the first place.

I love the new layout!

As for people, they irritate me as well. I try to be nice and friendly, but sometimes it’s just not worth it because people are too rude to appreciate it anyway. The bus boy was clearly being an asshole and I’m not even sure if it’s laziness or just simply being inconsiderate, they don’t care about the people around them, they just think of themselves. I deal with that so much here in Vancouver, it drives me crazy! Grrr.. I could seriously go on and on with stories of people who have irritated me.

I’ve had issues with people staring as well and I find it to be incredibly rude as well. My boyfriend and I were eating in McDonalds one day and we tend to sit on the stools in front of the windows and a bus stopped at the stop which is right in front of McDonalds, and this one guy on the bus kept staring at us and we even made eye contact, but that didn’t stop him. It was really rude and I’ve had a girl do it as well. It’s like oh okay take a picture, thx. Grrr…

It’s sad that I loathe more and more people each day. :(

Ughh, people like that piss me off so much. How can he be so lazy that he can’t even get up from his seat for a few seconds?

I went to this place once, where we had to eat from paper plates. I don’t remember what I was eating, but it was probably oily or something and the plate felt like a really thin wet paper. :/

Aww, poor waffles. I want waffles. 🤤

Ahh, people staring again. It’s so annoying when people stare like that. /angry

Such a rude little girl! D: LOL, like Sebby, I also sometimes feel like setting kids on fire. There are these kids who live in an apartment in the same floor as us. They used to come to our house every single day, and FORCE me to play games with them. If I said no, they would get upset and complain to my mom or their mom. 🤬 AND they broke several of my things. /hmph

Haha that’s okay. Oh really? Haha, I couldn’t think of anything to day about love. As you said, it can be interpreted in so many ways. :)

Yup, I like it when the weather changes, especially when you’ve had too much of the same weather for too long. :P It has stopped raining here again, and once again it’s really hot. :(

Winter here is not very cold. It sometimes gets really foggy though, especially in the villages. Ahh yeah, that’s what I love about winter. :D

That is strange. I find stereotypes like that pretty silly, because where you live doesn’t have anything to do with how you are. Yup. It’s sometimes really annoying when I go to the village. And people tend to touch my hair as well. :/

Hehe yeah most people said their favourite season is autumn. :)

Partytime! My domain is showing again :D Thanks for your help yesterday, I haven’t got a clue what the problem was but I came online this morning and it’s just there like normal @_@ Maybe resetting my modem 7 times finally worked…. /hehe
Yeah I love having photoblogs and things like that because I can then do pure css layouts :D They can look so neat and clean but when I use them for my main site I always revert back to graphic headers XD
I can’t imagine having more than 2 domains haha! I don’t know how you do it S: And people like Kya who has so many, I’d never stay in control of all those!
My mum and I have prepaid phones because my mum too, thinks It will result in problems xD I prefer it really as it feels more like I own it, whereas contract phones can be swapped at the end of the contract for another one so it’s not so much yours S: My sister just likes contract because I don’t think she can afford to buy the phone in a block sum as she has two small children and they struggle with money a bit O_O

I’m the same as you; general people tend to get on my nerves a lot. :/ I wish it didn’t annoy me as much as it does!

Lazy people on trains and buses are so irritating. Quite often I’ll be on a train with another friend and there’ll be a row of three seats, with someone sitting on the middle seat, but usually they don’t bother to move when we clearly want to sit together, lol. Which is annoying, but I suppose I could deal with it; the worst was the other day with my grandma on the bus – she’s had problems with her knees for years and she quite obviously isn’t up to standing for 20 minutes on a shaking bus, but the other day we got onto a bus which was completely full, with a lot of people standing. I’m sure there would be some people willing to give up their seat but near the front, where we were, no one bothered to offer, and I had to ask this girl who was about 20 to move for her. I felt bad but srsly… I don’t understand some people, lol.

RIP waffles. D: Waffles are the best. XD I can’t really get them where I live, but when I went to Belgium a couple of years ago, there was one street with three shops that just sold waffles. We doubled back to buy extras, heh, they’re so good. :)

Insolent children are just… aaarrggh. You can’t reason with them the same way as someone older, so I never know what to do, haha. In my school the youngest kids are 11, so at least they’re more mature than 6 year olds (most of them, anyway xD) but the way some of them talk to older kids and teachers… I never dared look up from my shoes when I was in year 7, but some of them are so patronising. :L And that’s only 4 years difference from me – what happened? XD

We can be sometimes misanthropic and it usually depends upon the situation at hand.
I hate rude people as well because I tend to go extra lengths to try and be polite to everyone. I think it doesn’t take a lot of effort to smile or be polite.

As much as I love children, I really cringed at children who are like the ones you encountered.

I agree. I find it really hard to stick at a really long piece of writing, so if I try to write a book it justs ends up being the first page. One day I WILL stick at it and finish writing a book. But then with more writing comes more editing, haha.

Those people sound really annoying. I can’t stand people who won’t get up for you on the bus. It’s awkward to walk past them as well, for risk of falling and sitting on their lap. Some personal space issues there, lol.

People stare at me sometimes, then I usually realise that I’m dressed in fancy dress or something. I often forget throughout the day when I do something stupid like that. Last year I went round town on my birthday and we all wore party hats, and I wondered why people kept staring at us.

Little kids can be very annoying. I was talking to this really cute kid when I was at a festival last week and he didn’t want me and my friend to leave. I’m just like, ‘I WANT TO LOOK ROUND THE FESTIVAL AARGH’ but I daren;t say anything to him. Bless.

I find it weird when people are staring at me too. I get that a lot most of the time. I don’t know what they are looking at. If I remembered correctly, I dressed like a human and walk like one and there is nothing special about me but I just can’t be invisible to these rude people who love to stare!

OH MY GOD. I hate when people don’t want to get up so you can get OUT. It’s like, DUDE: THAT’S MY FREAKING STOP YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME MISS AND I’M GOING TO SUE YOU UNDER WHATEVER TORT IS RELEVANT. Hopefully multiple torts. It’s so inconsiderate!

That totally reminds me of this lady on the bus this morning. I was sitting on the side seats and then, across from me there were already 3 people sitting on the sideway seats…and this lady, she was pretty plump (that’s being polite). Yet, she decides to SQUISH herself into the gap between 2 of those people (I really felt for them) and not only that! When she sits, she has to wriggle backward, thereby displacing said people and ignore the disgruntled looks they gave her. Bitch. And then when one of them got up to get off she went and put her BAG on the seat, while there were people standing up! And then this elderly man got onto the bus and she STILL wouldn’t MOVE HER GODDAMN BAG. I felt like getting up and KICKING her bag down the bus. Fortunately I controlled my temper and calmly offered the man my seat, though he was carrying flowers which triggered my hayfever like you wouldn’t believe! U_U

Hahaha for some reason I totally laughed out loud when I read “Waffle woman”. That term is just somehow funny :P But it sucks that you both dropped waffles :( But maybe you subconsciously decided to drop it so James wouldn’t feel bad. NGAAAAAAAW /bounce Only kidding XD

OMFG STARING PEOPLE. I hate that. It’s like ‘GO LOOK AT SOMEONE WHO IS NOT A HUMAN BEING!’. I hate when people stare so much. It’s so rude! Like I don’t mind people LOOKING at me to see if I’m familiar to them or something harmless like that, but STARING just irks me.

That little girl sounds so rude. Children these days! Grow some manners! Pffft! Some children are so cute, yet some are so irritating!

Omg, I forgot about the Well and the Lighthouse. I love that one :) ♥ But I don’t really like My Body is a Cage :( Oh well!

I bet you humans will be able to fly some day. Seriously, it’s only a matter of time. Tell James to hurry up and get his degree so he can start inventing! Hahaha :P

Cloning of HUMANS is something I’m against. Cloning of animals for stupid reasons too. It goes to the animal cruelty issue. But cloning stem cells or certain body parts or cloning skin tissue, I can accept :)

YES! LET’S TRAVEL! I want to go to Sweden too cos that’s where Alexander Skarsgard is from /love HAHAHAHA! Only kidding.

But I do want to go to sweden :)

I feel you, pal. Rude people tick me off, too. My neighborhood is not that good, and sometimes when its too hot and I’d wear a skirt – knee length, not even short, the boys give you such looks that you want to kill them. It is ugly. :/
Misanthropy. Such a cute word. I love words with greek origins.

Oh yeah, you are returning comments pretty quickly. All the best with your homework. It is an interesting projects. Projects are a headache in general but sometimes they can be fun too. :)

People do suck. Well, sometimes. Sometimes I just wonder about people and how we can pride ourselves as being the “master race” with all our evolved mannerisms and sympathy but can still be lazy-assed like “Lazy Man”. Thousands upon thousands of years worth of evolution from homo erectus and before has been lost on these people, it seems. What a waste. 😝

Children, I can understand. I just generally do avoid dealing with them because I know I hate them. But they can’t help it. You just want to look at them and their dirty hands and say “I wasn’t a no-good, bratty, dirty-faced child when I was 10”.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be pissed off at “Waffle Woman” unless she ran the waffle store. If she was just employee, she can’t magic porcelain plates from the paper ones.

The woman was the only one running the stall. She made the waffles and served them and took our payment. I suppose it was because we had a festival going on inside the university and paper plates were the only option.

I can’t really avoid dealing with children because I work with them. I’ve been working at the same place for over two years and I don’t really have to interact with the children much, but when I do, some of them can be really rude.

That makes sense then. I’ve been looking for volunteer work recently and I only have one criteria, no children. No youth projects. Nothing like that. /bash <- My future child.

Haha don’t get me wrong though. I’d love to have children of my own in the future, but I’m probably going to be more patient with my own children. :P

As for me, when it comes to volunteer work, work experience or any other job, I don’t like working with fast food, so restaurants or fast food outlets are definitely a no-go. :)

I full agree with your opinion of people. I mean, I don’t hate EVERYONE.. but people in general are just.. annoying.

I especially hate people staring though. It makes me worried that there’s something wrong that I just haven’t noticed, when really it’s just because some people are freaks and like to stare, haha.

Thanks :D and it is, but I share a room with my sister so space is limited :( I wish she would just move out already! haha, even though that won’t happen for a few years.

You should just get James to print screen it for you xD I generally do check my layouts in IE as well. I’ll have it open in both IE & FF as I’m coding it (those are the only two browsers I have) so I can see where things go wrong, if they do. But I totally forgot this time :P

Haha, funny blog. I totally get what you mean, sometimes the tiniest things people do can really piss me off. Quite often it’s just the tone of voice people speak to me in, I’m very sensitive to tone.

Children don’t particularly bother me, it’s the younger kids at school, about twelve/thirteen that really bother me. They’re the most rude, irritating people I’ve ever met. I’ll just be walking along the corridors and the things they yell out to pretty much anyone is disgusting. I’m glad I have to wear a school blazer now and that can give me more authority over them.

I really hope you don’t set any kids on fire. :O

You do seem to talk about tough times at home fairly often in your blogs. It’s completely understandable you don’t go into any more detail. It’s horrible you have to deal with that, but it’s great that your friends are there to help you or distract you.

The title threw me off for a moment, since those are the first words in your comment.

I’ve never liked people, end of story. I’m a hard person to befriend, unless there is some sort of quirkiness/weirdness shared, and an instant connection is made.

I don’t know how the train seats are arranged and such, but I’ve been in the middle and I really can’t move at all. It’s hard to get up and move if you’re in the middle, since you’ll have to go all the way out into the aisle to make room for the farthest person to get out. I would have swung my legs up onto the empty seat where you had left, if I were the lazy man. xD

Maybe you and James are just clumsy? /hehe

People stare at you because you’re BEAUTIFUL, Georgina!!
Although, the rare chance I’m out in public, I get stared at quite a lot. I blame the size of my chest compared to my height.

Children just piss me off in general, so I wouldn’t have been able to work where you work without turning into a military official. I would have gotten so angry at her the first time she said no, and I definitely would have shown my anger. Heh.

I had actually logged on to the computer and checked my email when it came. xD Thank you!

I managed to get a backup. I had to go through a proxy server or whatever it’s called, and I was able to get onto the website. It’s bloody ridiculous how it doesn’t work with my computer.
I never really complained on my blog about the host, but there were many incidents. The server I was on was DOS attacked, or something along those lines, twice, and there were three cases I remember of the server I was on being down.
Oh well! I’ve left that host behind.

I’ve never really been able to trust people. There are two people I really trust, and the one I trust the most… I haven’t even told him everything. I keep things to myself, and that has led ME into trouble. :/

Bleh, I hate it when people stare at me, especially while I’m on the computer. I have a tendency to go into a flying rage.
As for the other, my brother will constantly hover over me- and when I tell him to go away, he says he’s interested in what I’m doing. Gah.

I don’t like people staring at my screen when I’m on the computer! My friend used to do that, before we were close friends. I only told him how annoyed I got when we were closer. :P I was really quite furious with him looking at my screen all the time, but after that, we just laughed about it and he stopped doing it.

My parents used to look in and see what I was doing on my computer, but now they don’t bother anymore. :)

Man I can’t believe can be so rude. Oh wait I can! I know what it’s like to want to smack people upside the head. I remember when I was working at Kentucky Fried Chicken I was packing two orders at once, and this one couple came in and started ordering so I told them as politely as I could “I’ll be right with you in one sec”. They grumbled about how slow it was. I mean jeez, they just got there! So before I got done packing orders, they started ordering their order. I told them again I’ll be with you in one second. So when I was finally free of doing orders, I started taking their orders and they said something rude “I can’t believe how slow it is” and I repeated their order because that’s what you’re supposed to do, and they’re all like “I guess” I wanted to smack that biatch upside the head. But I held my anger. I was like jesus christ, be patient. Or did they not teach you that? I got yelled at by my shift manager one day, and I cried that night. My dad got pissed off at them for making me cry.

I can’t believe that the little girl, was so rude. I mean you clearly told her in a polite way and she just flat out and said No? How rude! And than say I’ll go and do one. She obviously wanted to see, her marks and grade. But sheesh how rude can you be?

Thank you :) I’m excited yet nervous starting college. I think it’s going to be great not having to wear a uniform. I can wear what ever I want!

Hehe I’ll let him know :D I can’t use Photoshop that well. I’ve only just got Photoshop though!

This trip sounds like it will be organised much better as they have ran it before.

My friend loved the beaches when she went to Australia. The best beaches I’ve ever been on are the ones in Portugal. They are so clean and the sand is so nice. The sea is extremely cold though.

I hope you get the job :) Good luck!

Hehe no problem :P I was very happy to see my quote in the layout!

Ugh I can’t stand lazy people. It’s just like that when you go the the cinema and you want to get up to go to the loo. I always politely stand up and let them past.

I love waffles! It’s a shame you dropped them on the floor though :( I would cry haha!!

If someone stares at me I stare back or I smile. They soon stop!

When I went on work experience at a primary school the 6 and 7 year olds weren’t a problem but the 11 year olds were a pain. I had to make these certificates for them and when I was cutting them out these two girls came and looked to find out who was getting them. I told them to leave but they stayed. I almost told them to f*** off!

Sometimes I hate the general public as well. It depends on my mood sometimes.

The young man was lazy! sadly though that’s how most of the kids in the younger generations act. (God I sound old lol)

I hate when people just stand and look you up and down like you did something to them. I get that so much and can’t tell you why.

Oh gosh, I don’t know what I would have done to that little girl! I don’t think I could have contained myself as well as you did. You’re an adult and that girl should show respect no matter what. Ugh. Most of the time though we have the lovely parents to blame for that.

LMAO, Georgina you didn’t have to eat her xD. The little girl is probably afraid of you now. But, gosh, was she rude! -_- She probably didn’t add much happiness to your day I’m sure.

I hate when people on the subways between the airport and the actual airplanes don’t move. I mean, now that our suitcases are gone and we have just regular carry-on bags, isn’t it fair to put them on your lap and make sure they’re not in the way of people getting on, or off? There have been a few times I’ve tripped on someone’s bag because they have it in the middle of the aisle. >_< These were my what the fuck?! moments because I obviously have somewhere to be – just like you – and you have to put your Goddamn bag in the middle of a moving subway train? /angry

With the staring thing, I can agree. :| It’s okay for people to look at you – I look at people I pass on sidewalks. But to stare at them? It’s really quite creepy and abnormal. Maybe they think you’re absolutely gorgeous? xD I don’t know. People don’t generally stare for no reason. And if they do…it’s quite strange.

Sometimes, I sit in the back of the classroom and don’t talk to anyone (especially on my bad days when I’m in a really pissy mood – i.e. I didn’t eat anything that morning :@), and just watch everyone. That’s when I start thinking about where someone would be on a human food chain. It’s purely a boredom-curer, and not because I want to be mean. Just something I do to pass the 58 minutes of boring class time.

Our elementary school is years one through five (I’m not sure what they call that there). And our middle school – or junior high – is years six through eight (which is combined with your high school). And then our high school is years nine through twelve. And I go to a regular public school where you have all kinds of ranges in intelligence. But I’m sure if I went to a magnet school, or school for arts, etc. (basically your gifted school), there wouldn’t be such a problem with social classes. Honestly, if I went to a school like you did, I wouldn’t be worried about being classified somewhere, or being bored.

See, the reason I get bored is this: there classes aren’t advanced enough for me. The things we’re learning I get the second they’re taught, so on the days we review them 6 or 7 times, I sit there bored out of my mind. Which is why I’m taking a 10th grade math class in my 8th grade year. :D

And it’s fine – I can’t really relate to your schools in Australia that much, either. I guess every country has a different school system to the other.

You were born before I was, so things were a bit different for you. Since kindergarten computers have been a part of my life. In kindergarten we played lots of educational games and things, and that’s how we were introduced to them.

Eh, the sun ruins my mood. And I’m sure that sounds a bit depressing, but it’s true. I like it gloomy, with that added rainy smell. :) It gives me an extra pick-me-up.

That’s partially the reason why. The Doctor in the 1st season was my favorite, but David Tennant was awesome too :). So after I found out there was a new Doctor in season five I just stopped watching it. Plus, I started watching Bones and I love that show. xD

If you know anything about me you’ll know that I’m so easily annoyed, especially by some of the ignorant people I see in every day life.

I wouldn’t say you’re overreacting; I hate lazy people like that. It always used to happen to me when I was on my way to work. It really doesn’t require much effort to move so someone can get off, seriously.

Lmfao; “they were good waffles”. I don’t know why that made me laugh. That’s stupid though, why couldn’t she have given you guys a proper plate? :|

I can’t stand people who stare to be honest. I get people staring at me all the time. I have no idea why though. It’s usually when I’m at the bus stop on my way to work; it’s 6:30am and people are driving past, just staring at me? :| I don’t understand why…

I hate rude kids. There are so many rude kids around my area it’s unreal. It makes you think what their parents actually teach them to be honest. I remember when a kid came up to me and Rob in the park and starting calling us bixsexual… not that he knew what it meant or anything.

I was thinking about blogging about this then I remembered, I already have. Boo. :(

Lmao that’s true, they are a lot easier to return once they get shorter. I’ve been so lazy with my comments lately though. I just can’t be bothered. :(

I like the rain sometimes, especially at night or when I first wake up, it’s a nice sound to be honest. It does make my hair go curly though so it’s sucky for that.

LOL yeah, 17C is actually quite warm for us. It’s actually 14C right now and I still find it quite warm outside. I can’t wait for winter! As long as we don’t have temperatures of -8C again, though. -_-

Haha definitely! I think a lot of people think that you did make them and everything. They are epic though. I wish I could make smilies like that..

All of my jeans are like that. I can’t find any nice ones for a decent price though. I really don’t want to spend £25 on one pair of jeans.. I’m so cheap. xD Ew skirts… I don’t think I’ve ever worn a skirt without my mum forcing me to. XD

I do have a KFC near by, but it’s about a 20 minute walk and by the time I get home, my foods cold so it’s pointless. :(

I’m going to reply to this here since you haven’t blogged and I just felt like replying. :)

I know you’re easily annoyed! Especially by people in public. Remember those days I worked in the summer and had to catch a bus so damn early? That was annoying and I encountered a lot of annoying people.

I think they were just too poor for a better plate – it was actually a stall in the university on some special festival thing we had going. Still, a plastic plate would have been a better idea.

I think we must just be odd sights to people. That’s probably why they stare at us.

I remember you telling me about those rude kids calling you bisexual! They grow up so fast and learn new things so quickly – but what they don’t learn is manners. You wonder what their parents do…

I’ve been pretty lazy with my comments but I haven’t been getting that many which is good, I suppose. Not as much stress. Still, I get lazy. :(

Minus eight degrees sounds so extreme. It doesn’t get that cold here. Even in the mountains I think the coldest you’d get is zero. I’m not too sure. But it gets really hot for us here, in the 40s, so 17 is cold for us.

I’m cheap too – jeans here cost up to a hundred dollars; sometimes more. It’s ridiculous!

Aww that’s a shame. :( The KFCs here are a 20 minute walk too, but we have the car.

I hope you don’t mind me starting over our comments because it’s been five days, baha. :3

You’re not alone! I understand how you feel and I can relate to it totally. People tick me off too most of the time, I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s really them :/

SERIOUSLY. I hate people like the lazy man you’re talking about. What’s so difficult about standing up for less than a minute? I don’t think that you’re overreacting; I find it impolite and I feel extremely uncomfortable when that happens. I always stand up for people because if I don’t I think they will get the impression that I have something against them. Besides I don’t like people wedging between my knees, and vice versa.

Those paper plates are annoying. They’re difficult to hold on >.> and sorry about the waffle! :(

I hate it when people stare at me! Seriously, what’s their problem? It makes me feel uncomfortable too. I also hate it when people staring at my computer screen. :@

Oh, little kids. I don’t like them, to be honest. I like the quiet ones, the ones who love to draw and read without bothering me or anyone else, but the ones who keep running around constantly and being rude just annoy the hell out of me.

I feel for you. -_- The general public is oftentimes… annoying. /hmph And whenever I encounter annoying people anywhere, I just want to rip their head off or just stab them to death. I always encounter lazy people on trains whenever I go home from work. I want to strangle them whenever they won’t give way to alighting passengers. /hmph

On food stalls, well.. I am annoyed with people who don’t give tissues when you obviously need one, when they don’t put re-heated waffles inside a plastic when it’s obviously hot to hold, and other stuff. -_- Anyway, I am sorry about the delicious waffles that got wasted. D;

On staring people…. HAH! They are really rude. I guess they’re just plain insecure or really annoying as always. The act of looking is alright but staring… it’s another story. -_-

Kids these days. -_- I hope I can still find an angel, but I wonder why that girl is rude. Maybe she’s a spoiled brat or something. But I hope you won’t lose faith with kids. XD