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I’d like to bring your attention to, which James linked me to earlier today. The band Arcade Fire recently released a new album and for one of their songs, We Used To Wait, and the website features an interactive video for the song. It was designed in conjunction with Google Chrome, which makes use of Google Maps and Google Street View – not to mention, HTML5 technology.

It is really amazing. For those who aren’t up to looking at the website, I’ll give you a brief recount of how the website works. You put in a street address (it specifically asks for where you grew up, but you can be as vague as you like, or even put a school in) and a video plays, using multiple windows for effect. In the background, We Used To Wait plays, and the video zooms into the area of your house (or the address you put in), as if you are the person featured in the video. It is really quite an amazing experience (if you’re a tab-whore like me, shut the rest of your tabs :P).

Anyway, that said, I must get my hands on Arcade Fire’s new album The Suburbs. :)

It makes me wonder, with all these emerging technologies, where things will be in the future. In one of my classes, Social Informatics, we are continually discovering emerging technologies. Things like cars being controlled by the movements of your eyes, your body being a remote control, interactive screens you can project onto your hand… really wild, painfully ridiculous (maybe not) things that are much more than the “OMG awesome touch screen computer!” we think of today.

It also makes me wonder how and why we have become so dependent on technology. Sure, it’s instilled awful habits in us, and made us rather terrible couch potatoes. Do we really need technology as much as we care to use it? Perhaps not. It’s absolutely possible to live without certain pieces of technology — Internet, I’m talking to you. 🙄 But I don’t think we like making that choice, and I think we only want to stay away from the internet if we absolutely have to.

I used to think the iPhone was just an amazing piece of work. Until I got one. I got over it pretty quickly. Maybe it’s because technology moves all too fast, and technology is becoming so integrated with simple things we do in life – it gets boring quick. The general movements of fingers seemed amazing and revolutionary on an iPhone screen when it did something, but no longer does moving my fingers on a screen amuse me. Perhaps it is the things we do in daily life being so routine. Perhaps the fact that such natural things can be integrated with technology to make things easier for us is, indeed, an amazing thing – but because of the rapid advancements of technology, it grows old fast.

Technology is a funny thing.

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Hello! :) Two comments on your blog in one day. Hahaha, I’m on a roll :P

The video sounds EPIC :O Like, wow. It’s pretty amazing, but like I said to you online, if watch it now, I bet you my computer will either freeze or shut down in protest. Hahaha. I must watch later :P on the other computer.

Yay! We practically get to be in our own individual music video. Acting career, HERE WE COME. Only kidding.

I’m not really a fan of Arcade Fire. I only like ‘No Cars Go’ but if they have good songs, do let me know :)

LOL, yeah…there’s apparently some game being designed where you actually use your body as the controllers. Like if you want to hit something, you strike out with your arm. Like, WOOOOOOW. Seems so amazing @_@ Technology is moving so fast. I want my hover-car! XD No, I want my self-driving car :P :P

I think part of why we’re so dependent on technology is being we develop a habit after taking it for granted. It’s designed to make things easier, and it does, so we keep using it and then what do you know, we can’t live without it anymore D: I mean, we didn’t have a fridge until the 1950s? Not sure when, but if all the world’s fridges were destroyed in a huge bomb blast, we’d probably all metaphorically DIE, yet people were FINE without fridges for ages. It’s funny! Hahahaha.

I used to be obsessed with touch screen things, but after trying to program my number and details into various touch phones, I do not like them anymore! I like touch SCREENS, but not touch phones. Takes too long to type! 🤬

Woot! I have good timing. Hahahaha :P

I know, it sucks that we inevitably have to fight. I mean bickering is fine, and arguing is fine too, provided it’s like…not malicious but full fighting just sucks :(

Yeah! LOL, even when we used to be REALLY similar, we were never clones of each other. That would have been UGHHHH @_@ I can’t imagine having a clone. I annoy myself heaps. I’d murder my clone out of sheer irritation D:

Haha I like Sebby’s quote! Yeah, being able to pick your family would give you too much discretion. That would be bad D:

Yeah, I can NOT imagine moving schools all the time. I want to travel, but since I grew up here, I think I’ll always think of Australia as ‘home’. Although I do want to live in London for a while :P I have no idea why D: I think I’ll never move permanently though because I’ve got too many attachments here XD

YES! ME TOO! Thank god we BOTH got into Girra D: *sigh of relief*

Hahaha, yeah…I would be okay for marriage in about five years. And when I DO get married. IF I do get married, I wouldn’t be able to start a family right away. I need time to adjust! :P

Thanks for posting that link – the video is AMAZING! I put in the address of the house that I was born in, and it was so amazing seeing it on the screen and the street that I grew up on, because we had to move in a hurry from there when I was 7 and I had to leave it all behind so quickly, and we now live so far away! It’s amazing how they can make a video like that, it would be great if in the future music videos could have personal input like that for each individual.
I think some technology is totally unnecessary though and people do depend on it far too much. Personally, I don’t watch much Tv or use any gadgets, only my laptop and a simple mobile phone. I’ve never been a fan of things like Iphones or Ipads.

Heya! Yeah the Meat loaf concert is going to be amazing! The last time I went to his concert was when Bat Out Of Hell 3 came out on Halloween and we were video taped on it. He did a mini concert but it was so worth it! I mean if I would’ve known that we could put up flyers and what not, I would’ve made one, but I didn’t but that’s okay. I’m kinda wondering what his show is going to be like now. But I am damned excited about it!

You’ve colored your hair blond before? And different colors? That’s cool. I’ve colored my hair blond, strawberry red and black before I went to back to my natural hair color. Than I streaked it blond and than went back to my natural hair color. I am being daring on trying purple high lights or whatever my friend’s going to do. My friend Christina is going to dye my hair for me this Friday. I can’t wait, it’ll be on time for the Meat loaf concert. Heehee. I’ve never ventured off and had my hair dyed a different color other than the ones I’ve mentioned. It’s gonna look cool. It costed me $21.73 total for the original hair dye and for the lavendar hair dye. But we’ll see how it’s gonna turn out. Heehee.

I’ve actually heard about that thing from my dad. You type in your address and it automatically zooms into your home. It’s pretty cool. I like it.k

I’ve never heard of that band. Maybe it’s because I don’t listen to hard core rock? But whatever makes you happy I say go get it! Heehee

I planned on buying a clock for my bedroom, but than I realized if I wanted my hair dyed, I want that instead so I took the clock that I purchased and fibbed a bit and said it didn’t work when it did. But they didn’t need to know that. But anywho, I better get going. I don’t know what else to say except that my layout has been up for a week and 3 days. RECORD BROKEN!!

Haha, that is pretty cool on the site

And I do wonder what our technology will be like in the future – Virgin are already building a plane or spaceship type thing (I wouldn’t know what to call it :P ) that in the future, you can go into space
Sometimes I still find it hard to believe we discovered a way of being in the air – because a hulking great white machine does not look exactly like it should be safe in the sky D:

But as humans its in our nature to want more then we already have – like with the iPod; people would have been happy with one when it came out until the iPod touch came along and touch screen was available

Nowadays I think that technology is such a big part of ours lives that in some ways I don’t think we really can live without it :P

I’ve missed you & everyone else [in the webby world xD] sooo muchh!

Ahh that site is AWESOME (: It’s sooo cool! I SAW MY HOUSE XDDD lmao.

Technology is sweet and sour. The good is that it makes things so easy, but the sour part is that we forget how to live without it. People years ago never had some of the things that we’ve grown up with. Imagine living without a faucet, which we use everyday. Technology really is moving fast. Only like maybe 2 years ago did touch screen phones become very popular. Now, almost all the phones are touch screen! The iPhone has evolved so much recently. There’s only so much they can put in such a phone that once we learn about it and go “Ahh that’s so cool” we tend to get so used to it, it doesn’t seem as fascinating as it was before.

Thanks for replying to my application so quickly! I had been waiting for another hosting company to reply for over 2 weeks and after loads of people told me to apply at Floriental, I just decided I’d had enough waiting! I can’t wait to get my domain going haha :D
Your themes are always lovely though! I especially like this one, it’s very clean and I really like the colour scheme /hehe I love making icons! I get a little addicted to colouring them, they’re very satisfying to make /eee
Permalinks are awesome! I’d never changed them before but I love the postname ones, they look sooo much better than the default!
I have a habit of just talking through movies haha, my mum gets really annoyed when I do it, but I just have to analyse everything I see :) Haha!
I have a semi decent phone, nothing like an Iphone, but mum brought it for me as I need a reliable phone to contact her with in case she can’t pick me up from school and emergency situations. I only use it to listen to music and to take photos /hehe I have to admit I pretty much only watch TV for the kids channel. I think when I live by myself in the future I won’t even own a TV, you can watch most of the programs that have been on throughout the day on the internet, as our tv channels have a website that shows them for people that have missed their favourite programs @_@ Haha :)

Hiya. :)

I don’t know if you’ve heard of a show called Greek, but that’s one I’ve watched this summer. And even though the main female character was dating another guy I kept rooting for her and her ex-boyfriend and when they finally got together I was soo happy! Thanks to the writers it seems like they’re almost over again.. I hope they get a happy end though – especially because the upcoming season is the final one.

I hate having to wait an entire week for a new episode but if I wouldn’t watch them each week I’d get spoiled on Tumblr or Twitter. I usually always (or used to this past spring) wake up in the morning and before I do anything else I watch the latest episodes of my shows and then go online on Tumblr. It got into a routine and I actually enjoy it. And now that I don’t have to go to school in the morning I sometimes even stay up all night and watch the newest episode as soon as it’s online. My sleeping patterns aren’t too happy about it, but the fan-girl in me is 1000 times happier so it’s all good. xD

Mum has those days sometimes too. She can enter the house after work and be pissed. It’s annoying. And I do try to make everything so that there is nothing to complain about, but sometimes you just can’t do it.

Yeah, I think I wrote a blog box when I first found out about it from my mum. :)

That is such an awesome and cool website! I didn’t really want to try it out first because I am lazy like that, but then my curiosity got me and I did. I tried to let that lil man run around where I live but that wasn’t possible so he walked around Sydney a lil bit. xD Soo cool what you can do with technology these days!

On the one hand it’s awesome how fast techology develops because it gives the human beings so many opportunities and chances to improve our environment or it helps a lot in the medical sector. I find it quite impressive what we humans can create if we have the needed resources.

On the other hand technology sure does make us couch potatoes. You can do pretty much everything online now.

I remember how a few years ago a mobile phone screen with colors was soo awesome & new and now it’s standard. Same thing goes for mobile phones with cameras. I get easily impressed by all the awesome & new technology for mobile phones and therefore so sick of my poor little Sony Ericsson that doesn’t really have many cool extras – but back when I bought it I thought it was THE COOLEST thing ever. xD

I just put in the name of my street. It is being processed. Would they be able to show a small town in India, too?
Ah. No. Your address doesn’t contain enough Street-View and/or Google Maps data to 100% enjoy this experience.

Not fair. :(

You are right though. Technology is a funny thing. A couple of weeks ago, for example, when I couldn;t go online for five days – just five days – I went crazy. It shows how dependent we are. There was this quote I read once:
“Because even though I like my new telephone, my computer works just fine and my calculator is perfect, but oh Lord, I miss my mind!”
That is exactly how I feel sometimes.

Lol! I know that it doesn’t go in the header.php. But then what do we put in the content div of the header.php. When I did not put the Fan Update code, it came up like this:

I am so confused. >.< I thought I understood containers, but now they work weird. Bail me out, please?

hey georgina! (: your new theme and layout is amazing! i love your work, and i’ve looked through all of your many web sites, they’re all awesome! since it’s the first time i write to you, i’ll let you know i’m one of your many followers, i’m visitng your site almost everyday, and you should know your tutorials helped me a lot when i opened my own domain site.
i visited the site you wrote about in the blog,, but i don’t have Google Chrome. yeah technology is a funny thing, but once you’ve figured it out, it’s not that funny anymore.

Okay, so as soon as I read your post, I immediately went on that website on Google Chrome, just so that I could come back and comment on what I thought about it and I have got to say that it was so amazing! I mean, I just stared at it with my mouth dropped open, until my sister came in and was really creeped out by my facial expression :P So, I showed it to her and she thought it was so amazing too!
Technology is really advancing every second of the day, and that’s why things get old quickly.
I think we do need technology, like for medical reasons, and to help other people. But, do we need it for all the other things that we use it for? Definitely not. We take it for granted.
I am curious as to how far technology will have gone in the future, and I think that is the reason we all love it so much. It’s because you can always find something new to do online. As humans, we get tired of things really easily, so we need that “something new” so that we can be interested in something again, and technology is it.
I am getting really tired of touch screens. My dad however, loves them. So, he basically buys me everything touchscreen from my mp3 player to my camera. Now, I’m getting a new phone soon and the only reason I’m not getting the Iphone 4g is because it’s a touch screen and I am so sick of those! :P

Wow. That was really amazing. Since I’m using Firefox, I doubt it worked as well as it would have in Chrome, but still… incredibly cool.

I constantly think about what kind of technologies we’ll have in the future, though I find it very unpredictable. Go back fifty years, and I don’t think anyone would have guessed about all of the innovations we have or are working on today. :P

I think we depend on technology so much because we’ve just become so used to having it around, that we think, ‘Hey, why not use this for something useful!’, which then leads to use using technology for almost everything we do in daily life.

I think that whether you’re talking about technology or not, everything loses its excitement after a while, though I would agree that it’s more common with technology, since it changes and improves every day.


I definitely wonder about what people online think of me, and my website- since that’s pretty much their “first impression” of who I am.

I guess strangers really don’t care that much about other strangers, which makes sense.

D: I’d die without my laptop!

I do agree though, we seem to depend too much on technology! I do the randomest things with my computer; behold:

1. I make my computer theme correspond with my mood and/or current obsession! :P

2. My laptop’s name is Fredrick Gerrard Lappingston. /hehe

3. When my laptop dies and won’t start up again unless I use a special procedure, I call it a coma.

You see what technology has done to me!? /hmph

I thought the same thing in regards with the iPhone. Now, that I have one, it felt like “normal” to me now but I still love it dearly because I use it to read books and it’s easier to sync with my mac.

I liked that video :) My computer went a bit blehh towards the end, but I think I’ll try it again later. The bit I saw properly was amazing, anyway. xD Though when I put in my address it said something about it not being good enough, so I ended up just using the whole village instead. :L
I’ve been thinking about how much we ‘need’ technology in our lives recently-I’m reading a poem in English called The Horses by Edwin Muir, and it sort of addresses that issue. It’s about man choosing to reject technology and live naturally in the aftermath of a nuclear war which destroyed almost the whole world. They leave their tractors to rot in the fields, and say that if one day the radios were to speak again that they would not listen to “That old bad world that swallowed its children quick / At one great gulp.” It made me think, quite a lot. It was written in the 1970s, and you wonder if people today would be so ready to drop it all-okay, it took the survivors in the poem a year or so, but still. When technology has advanced so much since then and we’re so much more reliant…I guess we’ll never know that until a world-destroying nuclear war happens. Which it hopefully won’t. :3

Oh yeah, not all addresses and locations work or have been captured, but I still think it was amazingly smart. It totally captured my house when I tried it. :D

A lot of “old” writers have honestly amazing minds. Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in the 1920s and it was just mouth-dropping that he had such brilliant ideas in his mind. The same with Edwin Muir here. It is amazing how the world has changed. But we all get curious – we always wonder what would happen if the internet went down for a day! I think I’d live… but with technologies other than the internet, it really depends.

Sometimes I cannot help but wonder if all of the technology that we have today is going to end up doing more harm in our lives than good. It seems like every other day you see conflicting information when it comes to the benefits of technology. It’s frusterating.

As for the video, I cannot view it since I am using IE…will have to get on another computer and download Chrome. :(

Arcade fire? Never heard of them but imma check it out ;D site looks really cool already ;o;

i totally agree with you on the technology thing. video games are perhaps the best example…i heard in Japan they are already making prototypes for those REAL interactive games…crazy stuff!

aside from that. thinking about mp3 players/ipods too! a little over 10 years ago, we had CD players/walkmans…back then, you’d laugh thinking that a little device can hold thousands of songs!

cars controlled by eyes? those are risky business :S
hahaa we’re definitely depending on technology. Refrigerators, lights, computers…yep. we can survive without them but it’ll be mighty hard adjusting back without them because technology became part of our *lives*. ;o; quite scary if ya think abouts it @_@

I saw one of your tweets which linked to it, it’s amazing! It was so cool! :P

How did you find out about it?

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome! My friend James linked me to it. It happens to be in some recent news articles, on, for example. :)

I’m not able to view the video because I’m using dial up but from what loaded, the website looks AMAZING! I really must check out Arcade Fire sometime, two of my online friends are die hard fans and they have nothing but awesome (and fangirly!) words for them :D Plus, I’m always up for listening to something new!

To be honest, I never have the “in” thing or whatever technology that is popular. I just think it’s a waste of money and why spend that money on something that we know will come out with a newer (and better) version months later? I still have my 1st generation iPod nano that I bought back in 2005/2006 and it’s perfectly fine! Just because it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as, say, an iPod Touch (or whatever ‘s new now) doesn’t mean it’s not as good!

I don’t like cellphones or, really, any sort of telephone so if it weren’t for my parents I wouldn’t have one (but I have to in case “something happens” XP) The only technology I desperately need is TV and the internet annnnd I’m good! :D

Doesn’t work on IE6 and Windows 2000. I don’t have Chrome, so I’m SOL. O_O

Oh well, it does work in Firefox and Safari if you have those. It’s new technology so it probably isn’t completely compatible with every OS and browser.

Yikes! I was hoping to be one of the first to comment this time… I guess not. :P

I’ve heard of Arcade Fire before!! They were on iTunes as a “Great New Releases” or something like that! I haven’t actually listened to them yet, but their album cover was pretty. (:

Blah. I have mixed feelings about technology. I think that’s it’s good in small amounts, but some people can be a little bit obsessed. It’s not a good thing when people would rather stay at home on their laptop than go out with friends.

It is quite pretty! I like how the “Love Is” quote changes every time. So far, I like James’s the best, as muffins are very good.

Haha, it’ll probably be a while until my site is ready. I decided to completely redo the layout, so now it’s still a total mess. At least it is kind of readable right now!!

Oh! And “If It Kills Me” is definitely Jason Mraz’s best song. (: Pretty much everything he sings is amazing, but that is one of my favourites.

Technology has always been apart of my life, though it has evolved (for me) from the Barbie play phone to a BlackBerry. But now there’s the iPhone 4, or the HTC HD2, or any other phone that is like a computer in the palm of your hand. It’s crazy, but at the same time – utterly amazing. 

I would find it dangerous if a car responded to your eye movements… Those who drive look around the road a lot to make sure no one’s coming in their own lane, or turning somewhere. If your eyes constantly loved…wouldn’t the car become erratic?

*returns hug* Thank you, Georgina :). You’re such a nice person. LOL. 

No, I don’t think you’re overreacting because you’re right. You’re the one who knows 100% sure you’re with, and that’s James, not one of your other boy-friends (not a joined word because of an alternate meaning). So why didn’t they just ask you, instead of going behind your back to answer? It could have become quite the disaster if someone had said, “Oh, yeah! Georgina is with —-!” :/

To be honest, I don’t find you to be a very shy person. You strike me – from across the world – as the kind of person who is outgoing. But I guess that’s because we’ve never talked face-to-face?

I love the rain <3. But I'm sure it gets tiring after it becomes a none-stop kind of thing. :/

Watch Robin Hood! :) it was a great show. Definitely. 

Well, since 1st grade I have had to say a pledge to my flag 180 days out of the 365 in a year. I have gotten quite tired of looking at the same 13 stripes and 50 stars ._.

Hm, I just don't think everyone needs to know I have World Geography 5th period? LOL xD.

Hahahaha!! You’re probably right about me trying to make a Meat loaf layout. But I highly doubt it. I’m gonna try to keep this up till the end of September. I have an idea for a new layout already, and that’s gonna be for the months of October and November. And than I have another idea for Christmas. So it’s not going anywhere. lol.

I really can’t wait for the concert. It’s gonna be rock solid!

I know what you mean that these stud muffins have different talents and everything. So you really can’t choose who you like the best. They both are great talents and you’re definitely right Meat loaf is a legend. He has the operatic rock voice, that noone else has, and Harrison Ford can make any movie steamy! Heehee. But yeah I agree with you there.

I love, love, love asian food om nom nom nom. I might get some tomorrow after I get out of my doctor’s appointment. I just don’t know if it should be chinese or japanese. What do you think? I’m craving both. But I dunno. Chinese food is a lot cheaper than Japanese, so I might go with the latter. I dunno.

I think the reason why technology gets old fast… is because we like new. We just do. The old bores us. Whether it be technology or food or schedules or whatever else. We are a people that always wants MORE, always wants to get more advanced, find the better, raise standards, etc. :P

I’ll check out the website another time. It’s rather late here and I’m trying to be on internet hiatus until the weekend (except for when homework). I had a little free time though so I figured I’d return a few comments. :D

Sebby and you are good though right? You talk about him often, and I sometimes forget how things are currently with you two. But yes, mistakes happen. And I’m over it now, I can actually say that. This summer and this upcoming year is changing me… fast. For the better. I feel so grown up it scares me :P

High school is SIX years for you? When did that happen? Hahaha. Wow, long time.

Wait, so if your parents are not citizens YOU have to take a test to be one? Even if you were born there? :P

The US is pretty multicultural too (in some parts) hahahaha. Some parts more than others :P

OH by the way I LOVE the new layout. I saw a typo earlier, but I think you’re online at this very moment since it just changed… hahahhaha. :D

Oh gosh. The site is amazing! I love the birdies flying around the page haha. I need to learn flash! But I don’t think they contain a lot of Singapore data so it couldn’t load mine. It’s alright. It’s still fun!

Yea, we are all very dependent on technology. But I don’t trust it as much so I print a lot of my stuff and do manual filing. I mean even thumbdrive can fail you sometimes.

Boo, I don’t have Google Chrome. I’m far too lazy to download it but I think I get the whole idea of the site. It seems pretty cool! I’ll have to bookmark it for when I can be bothered to download Chrome, aha.

Oh I agree with you so much. The internet is definitely the main thing a lot of people get addicted to. I admit I’m addicted to the internet. I mean, I’ve only been awake for 40 minutes and I’m on it already. I instantly when on my iPod when I woke up.

I definitely don’t need it as much as I think I do. I get bored and I think “hm, I’ll go on my laptop” but I could be doing so many other things, like cleaning my room, or going out and enjoying the sunshine.

I used to find the iPhone fascinating, but when my mate got one, it was just like “meh”. Same when I got my BlackBerry, I was obsessed with it for about a month and now it’s just there. It doesn’t amuse me any more.

It makes me wonder what I used to do to keep me occupied before I even got the internet. I really can’t remember. D:

Technology certainly is a funny thing.

Really, it only takes 21 days to cut a habit? I’ll have to keep that in mind haha. It’s only been 5 days but I think I’m doing quite well, better than I ever have. That’s good you stopped doing it though! I have a bald patch but it runs in the family haha.

I have a cup of tea and a glucose tablet instead haha. Obviously when you wake up, your blood sugar is low and when you smoke, you’d go for a ciggie, but the glucose tablets give you a sugar rush. 🤤

Seriously?! I wish our system was like that. :( It is like that for certain benefits, like income support and disability but with job seekers allowance, they have to check you are actually looking for work. /bash

I am wasting my time there to be honest. I wouldn’t put up with it if I didn’t get paid every 2 weeks. We do need a better system to be honest.

Ohhh, that’s interesting! :D I’m to lazy to do it though haha. I’m going to work on a new layout soon anyway, but thanks. ;D

That’s the thing that keeps me going. The knowledge that I will hopefully get a good job after University and then paying off my loan shouldn’t be too bad. I suppose we’re lucky here that our tuition fees are entirely paid for us. I don’t know what I would do if I had to try and find money to pay my fees too D:

Yeah it’s good to have friends who are going through the same thing. And of course I feel lucky to be at University like you said. It’s certainly an experience!

Of course it can be difficult to imagine living without your parents and what not. At the end of the day they do so much for us and we don’t realise sometimes. Some of my friends at University live away from home because the travelling for them would be too far and they said that they really didn’t realise how much was done for them. It’s small things like they would go to make some tea and realise the milk had run out. They’d never had to worry about that before because their parents had always made sure there was milk. It must be a strange experience at first living away and having to remember everything like that, as well as keeping on top of your studies!

I tried that website out and it seemed pretty cool :D. What a good find by James. My boyfriend is forever finding fun sites like that and linking them to me :). It’s good if I’m not feeling too great because then it cheers me up /bounce

I agree with what you’re saying about technology. It’s amazing to think what the future may be like. It seems that there are no limits for what we can do now (I’m a science student I would say that :P). I also agree that we could live without the internet but it would make life a lot harder in some ways. Like just now if I want to quickly check something I’ll Google it. If we didn’t have Google we would need to find a relevant book, perhaps first even find a library and this would take up a great deal of time. The internet is a very convenient thing. Facts at your finger tips and what not :P. sounds pretty cool. /eee
I don’t have Google Chrome though. Just Mozilla Firefox (Y)

As for being dependent on technology – I agree. I am a huge couch potato and the internet causes me to procrastinate even more. /um I find that I am obsessed with my laptop, iPod and anything else that can access internet. It’s hard keeping my priorities straight. /argh

But yes, I’m afraid to admit that I’m a techno-geek. Just recently I saw a remote control wand on TV and instantly wanted it. How lazy would that make me? Sitting down, flicking it to turn my lamp on and off. At the rate everything’s going, there will be a product which flushes the toilet for you. /sweat

If you’re still curious, it works in Firefox and Safari too. :)

The internet makes me procrastinate even though there are things I need to do on the internet, like research and do assignments and do group collaborations. There are multiple distractions! I try to keep priorities straight but sometimes I just get distracted by the littlest things.

Technology is doing a lot for us. There’s this new technology where you can see how clothes look on your figure without having to try them on, and by using a screen to put an image of a dress, shirt or what have you – on a digital figure of yourself. :O

I was about to watch that video, before I realized that my poor processor probably wouldn’t be able to handle it & had to close out. xD I can’t wait until I get a new computer, hahah.

That class, Social Informatics, sounds really interesting. I love hearing about all the amazing things people have envisioned for the future, as well as the things that people are already working on developing. I remember that recently my boyfriend was telling me about an engine someone had created that was able to work 150 miles out of a gallon of gas – I couldn’t believe it. Apparently, a gas company bought the patent and never did anything with it. It makes me so mad. D:<

The Internet is just one of those things that I know I could go without, but I'd really rather not. While we may not need it for basic survival, I believe we need it for other things – I'm often required to have Internet access for school, which, to me, is sort of like a basic survival requirement, hahah. Without the Internet, I know that I would know a lot less of those quirky little facts I'm always Googling, which just isn't any fun. x3

Oh, technology – quit making me waste all of my money on you!

Thank you :) I love the colours also :) Man, you don’t want to know how long I spent trying to get a background that was suitable :| I originally had a grunge background but I couldn’t get it too tile properly, and even though this one doesn’t tile properly I liked it too much to change it haha ♥
You actually replied the morning after I replied haha :D Which is super speedy!
Haha, I’ve always loved English. I suppose I like it just because I find it quite easy and usually get high grades. Same with History but that’s similar to English as to get good grades in History you need very good language skills.
I love Pucca! ♥ Haha :D The only only characters I like though is Totoro and that’s pretty much it xD I am very kiddish though, not so much in personality, but I love to wear bright weird kids items. I’m a bit eccentric with my clothing style /hehe
I used to have so many bags it was crazy but I’m now trying to sell them on ebay to get more money to buy kiddish things lol! When I was like 12 I was gothy/emo (oh dear!) so I have loads of gothy things I’m going to sell /hehe
I love Forests :D My dad says it’s because I’m part Irish and a little bit welsh, so in another life I was some celtic person.. living in a forest somewhere In Ireland. He’s weird /eee I should actually be getting ready right now to leave haha!
My mum hates it too lol! She gets really annoyed when I talk when she’s watching movies but I can’t help it D:
Haha! My mum still has a really old black and white phone, and she can’t even work that without help! XD
I think a lot of people use TV as a background noise, or as my sister does, just putting the kids in front of to keep them quiet. Which I think is pretty bad as it just teaches little kids to be lazy :(

iPhone, mmm I could easily not have one now that I have had one. I am so unimpressed with it … I was playing with the iPhone 4 last night and I don’t even want one. I am thinking of trying another smartphone brand with an android system instead of Windows 7 or Safari.

Technology will be the future of the workplace, everything will be run by robots. The problem is there is nothing quite like human thinking. At least we can change our thoughts fast, with a robot it breaks down, you’re literally screwed without a paddle. 💥

I loved that site. I’m still amazed at how they made it work with just HTML 5. Okay, so I have no idea what HTML 5 is in comparison to normal HTML, so I’m not sure if I should be really amazed. xD

Still, it kinda annoys that they don’t give you the option of sending the postcard to someone else, instead of sending it to the website. >.<

Social Informatics is fun~ When we're not doing readings, that is. I should get started on that assignment…

I don't think we need technology, but because it makes life so much easier and faster, we start to depend on it. Anf after a while, it becomes a bit hard to part from it on our own will, but we only do when we have to or are forced to.

Haha, remember how excited I was about the iPhone? How I couldn’t put it down? XD Eventually I got over it too. I hardly play games on it now, not since I finished the Unblock Me game. That was fun. <3

I think I actually like the Night Angel much more. I believe it's because, in the Night Angel, I was able to identify with some characters, such as Kylar, Durzo and Vi. While with the Black Prism… while a fun and engaging story, I didn't really connect to any of the characters. But it was still fun and I can't wait for more books to come~.

I'm glad that's done too. Now I should tackle Film Studies and the scrapbook…

So did I. I was so amazing and excited. More so about the new music than the video and the beauty of that website, I guess. Maybe because I ignored the warnings and just opened it in Firefox while I had all my other tabs open, so my system sort of exploded. D:

I had fun writing and drawing the postcard but I didn’t really think of sending it. It would be nice to send it to myself, I suppose, but I wasn’t too cut about that.

I remember! :D I thought mine was amazing too. Around the time I got it, it was the summer holidays. I had a job that was far from home and I would be so entertained by my iPhone on the way home. Long bus rides, often one and a half hours… were no longer boring. ;)

I really liked the Night Angel trilogy. It was intense. I really liked the character development. It wasn’t too fast or slow (like a lot of other books tend to do). I felt like I could really empathise with some of the characters, particularly Vi. She had a really interesting personality.

Ugh, scrapbook. I’m still wondering if I should do a blog or make a physical scrapbook, now that Catherine brought up the idea.

Hahahah! Yay ! Haha yeah I’m happy to be back!

Aww thanks! Sometimes I don’t like adding like my own pictures to my layouts because I feel like mine look so tacky and stuff and that it doesnt really go with the layout, but glad that you like it! I might start doing more if I can take more pictures that would work with a layout :D

Yeah, some people get them bad. Like some people get like blotches, some people get small dots, but I get like bumps that look like bug bites. But mine went away within a few hours :D

Yeahh! I remember Jen! She just…disappeared :( When i disappear I try to just look at my site here and there but I never update. She just left & never heard from her ): It’s kind of depressing XD

Yeah, everyones like ehh touch screens. They can get annoying at times. Especially when there is like a button and its super small! I wonder what the next big advance in technology will be ? Yeahh touch screen computers are like MAD impractical. Like the iPad is like awesome and all but like I’d never use it because who would type on it? I sure would take forever to type a comment like this on it >.< Like a tablet computer would be different, because you can switch, but not a full touch computer. Haha yeah! In the future, everyone will have horrible eyesight & glasses xD

Ha ha, I put in the address 10, Downing Street. This is where David Cameron, the British President resides, I believes. They still couldn’t come up with decent pictures!

Yes I know what you mean. You can’t miss what you’ve never had. Right? But it is a raging debate of today. Technology: A boon or a bane?
Some people believe that it has more advantages than disadvantages. But I think it is pretty much inevitable. Technology is everywhere today. From a simple book we read, which is considered very far from technology, but it is possible because of printing technology.
We couldn’t have lived in the stone age forever.

Oh, I get it now! Thanks. It works now. :)

I shall have to check that video out but only if It will work on firefox as I have recently given up the use of google chrome.
We don’t actually need technology so much as we want it. While i was never in the slightest impressed with the iphone, (i have an extreme dislike for all things apple in general but that is a story for another day) I do like that The Ipad seems to have stepped out of an episode of Star trek the next generation. Im still waiting for my holodeck and personal shuttle craft. LOL. I love the internet and have been using it back when it was only text and grey backgrounds and blue links on a webbrowser called Mosaic and only available in universities (gah im ancient). wow, I totally lost my train of thought. Its probabaly in the future somewhere, disguised as a monorail.

Yes! They really are annoying. I sometimes just want to do more simple css layouts without all the fuss of finding suitable grungey backgrounds, but I get bored of css layouts quicker than others. I’m glad it’s not too noticeable! It’s not so obvious until you scroll down and you can see the line where it doesn’t tile haha :D I liked the pattern too much to change it /hehe
I love being on top of emails and comments :D I know what you mean though I’m online constantly and sometimes just leave comments and emails for ages XD
Haha! It just proves that we need more hot teachers, it will help our grades! /hehe
Yeah! Asian stationary is so cute. When I was younger I had a best friend from Thailand and when she went over there to visit her family she brought me back loads of hello kitty stickers and stationary, it was so cute!
I’m like that with bedrooms. I usually have really eccentric bedrooms but I recently I wanted a really elegant bedroom so I opted for dusky pinks and cream colours :D I went through a phase of very goth, then very emo/scene then very punk haha!
Aw, I love forests. We walked for a few hours and it was really nice :) We saw loads of pretty birds.
Haha! My sister has a really good phone but she changes it really often as it’s on contract. She has one of the Nokia smartphone type ones /hehe

That sounds like a cool site. I’ll have to check it out a bit later because I only have a bit of time online before I go out, and I want to return comments + blog again before I do :P But I’ll try to remember to check it out!

I totally agree about technology. There are so many things we have now, but so many MORE we can do. I love all the movies with the high tech spy gear, like the screens that come up with hand movements and such. It would be cool, but at the same time.. what would we use them for? Even touch screens get annoying ebcause they get all fingerprinted and dirty, and it’s distracting/annoying sometimes. Sometimes, simpler is just better :P

Yes, fluid layouts ftw! I just find it so much better because then it works with all screens, and I don’t have to worry about it looking weird :P Though I did just eralize I forgot to check it in IE.. i’ll have to do that sometime :P

Yeah, I’m the same way with telling friends stuff. I never flat out told my parents I was dating David, they just assume ’cause I didn’t tell them. Where as my friends, I told them right after it happened.. i still remember them all freaking out, because they had saw it coming xD haha

And it’s also true about not being able to push family away. Maybe when you’re older and out of the house it’s easier, but for now.. we’re stuck wth them :P haha

I have pretty much had technology in my life for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, even in 1st grade, we had assignments on computers. Using Microsoft Word to write little poems, or short stories, and those were especially used in later elementary years. Now, my Middle School has its own laptops, with at least 40 in every classroom that may require them. And they’re pretty good Dell laptops, too, though not necessarily as good as the thousand dollar ones.

When I’m old enough to drive, which is coming up in just a few years, I hope to get a petty good car. I definitely don’t want one that follows my eye movements though. I probably won’t make it past age 16 Dx.

I would have been insulted as well. And I don’t like how having a close guy friend makes people speculate whether you might be “together.” There’s nothing wrong with having a boy-friend. Guys have much less drama, anyways xD.

I’m more of a gloomy weather person. It doesn’t have to be raining, but when it is I’m quite happy :). The sun has always bothered me because it hurts my eyes, and I don’t particularly like things bright. That might make me sound Goth, but it’s only because I grew up in Maryland, and there it was always gloomy and green. I liked it :D.

Aw, I never finished watching Doctor Who :(. I got to Season Four before I stopped watching it. Unless you’re there, I won’t tell you why I stopped watching it xD.

We sing the anthem only at basketball games or very important assemblies. Otherwise, we just say the pledge in the morning. It has become quite tiring :|.

I sure as hell will write a ranting blog about my teachers though Dx. My 1st period teacher is extremely hyper at 8:00AM, and I’m still half-asleep. She wants us to do hand signals and dances and things. Yeah right. Jeez. LOL.

I love this new layout btw – I’ve not seen it before!

Ah, technology. It is crazy. I think it’s part of the human desire to want, then be unhappy if you get it :P

Hey! :D

First off, I think this is the very first time in months that I am commenting on the same blog post twice. Wow. xD

Lately writing on my own pace means no writing at all for me so yeah. xD It actually is a pretty big pressure that you’re putting on yourself by particapting but I hope I’ll actually get something done. I might not finish but I’d be proud of myself if I’d make it halfway through. Because, I mean, I haven’t really written anything in quite a long time & stuff.

If you’d participate & finish a 50,000 word novel within 30 days while you’re still doing all your uni stuff & websites etc – I’d probably be super freaking jealous and totally label you Superwoman. Because I can’t really imagine how anybody would do that. I’ve read on their website that even people with kids did this challenge and succeded. How on earth?! I think I’ll have to read your article on time management a few times before I actually start this madness.

I’ve had this idea a few months (if not even years ago) to write a story about a girl that got into a heavy accident and is now in some kind of coma. And while she’s not awake and alive – to some extend – she meets this little girl that asks her to help her brother and make sure that he doesn’t do anything stupid and joins her in heaven too soon. IDK about that idea though. Mostly because I’d have re-search those kind of things and you know how lazy I am. But I also don’t want to write about normal everyday life because I fear that I might end up without any ideas too soon and stuff. URGH. Writing can be pretty difficult sometimes.. but I bet you already knew about that.

Oh yah! xD I was just so kinda shocked & stuff after finishing last week’s True Blood and just tweeted something real short that didn’t give away any information because they’ll show what happens next this Sunday. Sometimes people go crazy on Tumblr if others post spoilers of certain shows/movies. And others are just like: My blog – I do what ever I want & post what ever I want.

I am not too sure what I think about Google not having my home captured yet. I really don’t know if I want someone out there to be able to exactly be able to tell what my house looks like & stuff. Or maybe see my lil bro or cousins or who ever on those video thingies.

Right now I can’t even really imagine what living without electricity would look like. It’s so far away for me. Ever since I was born there was light & warm water (well, most of the time I think) and all that stuff. It’s a luxery item that we take for granted for sure.

My parents always thought phones weren’t something a child my age needed back than. But when we started to go outside more & spent time in the village my high school is they thought it was easier to check in if we were okay & all that stuff so one day they got me & my sister each a mobile phone.

I loved my little walkmen (is that even the actual English word, IDK) when I was younger! I wasn’t as addicted to it as I am to my mp3-player though. It was difficult enough to find a cassette with good music on (well, good music IMO) among all the tons of cassettes dad used to own. xD

Technology still amuses me, up to this very day, but sometimes, I just want a break from all the technology and stuff. Life seems a lot more simple without the use of technology all the friggin’ time, but other times, I just kind of need to use it, xD. Such as the Internet. It always gives me something to do when I am bored out of my mind. Texting – eh, it can become boring sometimes. All depends on who I am texting and the conversation we are having, :D.

I agree; friends will argue at least once about something. There are very few friendships/relationships that are so perfect that the two (or more? 0.o.) friends do not fight at all. Ever. I know only 2 people who have a friendship like that, and those 2 people are my own older sisters, :b. Well, one of them is my sister, and the other is like a sister to both of us, xD. They’re so tight; it’s crazy.

I have never, and can never be closer to my family than to my friends. Friends are more understandable, and they don’t ground you or take away your phone/laptop/whatever if you do something that is against their morals. They might dislike it, and a conflict may start, but true friends do not judge you or get you in deep-shiet-trouble if you do something wrong. While parents — eh, they’re not always that cool. I was once crying on the phone to my boyfriend because my brother upsetted me, and he wanted to know why I was sad. My mom heard me and she lectured me on to not tell anyone outside of the household about things going on inside of the house. She says my friends shouldn’t know if I am sad or happy or angry. I was pissed, because that’s just like, wtfck, =__=’.

My parents say that where I live right now — this state, this city, this house — will be our home for quite some time, which I am so grateful to hear, because I wouldn’t be able to stand leaving everyone here. I’ve known the majority of them for three to five years, and starting over now would just be out of the question, o: .

My boyfriend and I barely hung out over summer, and that kind of made our relationship stronger because we were able to get through everything despite having seen each other once every month for three months, but because we missed each other so much, we began expecting more from one another. And sometimes, expecting just a liiiitttle too much, which caused conflicts to arouse. WASN’T good!

I used to know so many people from other grades, when I was in 6th grade. I had like, a million friends who were in 8th grade, so I knew quite a lot of people. Nowadays, I just stick to people who are my age, xD.

Aweh, you and James were meant to be, ♥ ♥. Ryan says he knows that he and I are meant to be, o: . He says it’s because the day after everyone in our English and Reading class had chosen our books and were placed into groups (and he was absent, so the teacher gave him the option to choose which group he wanted to be apart of, and which book he wanted to do the project on), a little voice inside his head told him to choose the group that I was in, even if he had no interest in the book or the rest of the group. We hardly knew each other at all at the time, but he said the little voice also told him that by choosing that group, he’d get to talk to me and get to know me for me, not the girl who’s late to class every single day (LOL). And then by getting to know me, something amazing is going to happen, and he listened to his heart and chose that group.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing. I think it was, xD. Haha.

A popular theme park, knocked down? Bummer, o: . I would hate it if my favorite theme park closed down.

Erm. Yeah, I meant the PM. It just slipped out of my mind. My bad.

My shortest comment to you yet, but I can’t think of anything to say. Lol. Yeah, it is mind blowing. At the rate which it is growing…who knows where we will be 20 years from now.

Oh, nobody is gladder than me that it is working.

Oh, I didn’t see the “try anyway” button when I went on it hahaha. I’ll have a play in a minute. :3

LOL, I’m like that! Especially when I’m going to work, as soon as my alarm goes off, I usually grab my phone and go on Twitter or something. xD

Yeah same here. Although the last few days, I’ve been out with my neighbour and her kids. :3 Her 2 year old is diabetic and they’ve had a hard time of it lately and he absolutely loves me so I just play on the scooter with him in the street, give his mum a bit of a break. xD I’m such a nice person, aha. But then as soon as I go in, I go straight on my laptop.. *whistles*

Haha, the iPhone gang! All of my friends (the ones I hang around with most) have the BlackBerry. XD

That’s true, we do bring it upon ourselves. I’m bored of having just one domain but I never know what to do with them. :/ I really wanted but it’s a fucking porn site and doesn’t expire until 2019. o_O

Your emoticons are the best, though aha. I hope I can kick it, it’ll save me so much money. I usually get £100 every two weeks, I give £30 to my parents then I spend the rest on cigarettes.. /um

I know! You’d think they would have it all set up on the internet so you can sort of “check in” on there. But no, they want to see you. Blah. I hate that place.

Yup, free money, that’s what I keep telling myself.

I hope you went to eat! :P I woke up to a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea this morning, I love my mum. xD

I thought I’d comment on here, cause I think it was a hint so our comments would get shorter haha! You don’t need to reply until whenever though. :P

Yeah, I’ll admit I’m an addict. (H)

Yeah that’s understandable taking in today. If you have a few free hours then you need something to do. XD It’s nice getting out the house though, we’ve had nice weather this week too. Only 22°C or so but it’s been really nice. :)

Oh I love the name evilangel haha, properly just because it’s a BB song. xD WOO, GO SEBBY. ;D

Haha, well you get what I mean.. :P I know they aren’t yours but you’ve been using them for over a year so yeah. Hehe yup, I’m going to treat myself to a pair of jeans when I get paid tomorrow. xD

Haha good. KFC is yummy though. I wish they done deliveries here, KFC is quite far from me.

I’m just munching croissants, they’re so addictive. @_@

I tried using the site, but unfortunately I don’t think they have the video/ data for my hometown because they won’t play it. /wah I really want to try it since I’m always amused with interactive sites^^
Yeah technology. The internet! My lifestyle changed a lot ever since I got introduced to the internet. I became more sedentary. /um I kinda regret being too addicted but I improve my skills with the use of the internet (digital photography, blogging, etc)… so I just can’t break away from my habits now…
True! Technology is like the toy and we’re the babies. We love new things technology offers for a while but we get used to the toy and get bored fast so we need newer toys yada yada. XD