Time After Time

I didn’t have such a great day after having a fight with my mum. It makes me upset to fight with people. Sometimes there’s no point in fighting — but the reality is that people fight. People, especially in relationships, will fight. You will disagree and argue and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it.

When I was younger, my dad got a little angry at me and that resulted in my mum arguing with him. Outside when my mum and I were doing the washing, she said to me, “You can choose your husband but you can’t choose your father.”

Similarly, you can’t choose your family… but you can choose your friends.

It’s a sad thing to contemplate but I believe that I am closer to a lot of my friends than I am with my family. For starters, pretty much all of my aunts and uncles live overseas in Indonesia. I barely get the chance to talk to them, and since I was born in Australia, I’ve lived my whole life here. I wasn’t ever close to my cousins or aunts and uncles. They know I exist and they do love me, but because of the distance, there is never that real opportunity to get close.

I feel really lucky that my parents moved here a couple of years before I was born. Really lucky. When we visit Indonesia about every four years, we stay for about two months. It might not sound like a long time but going there, it really is. I nearly cry every time I go there because I’m homesick, feel out of place, and simply cannot imagine living there. I can’t adjust to it.

Because of that, I have found solace in friends I have made here. I am not really close to my family, but I feel grateful for the fact that I can choose who my friends are, without anyone choosing them for me. Without anyone putting an idiot into my life. I’ve had people hurt me in the past, but it was me who ultimately made the decision to push them away.

It also leads me to wonder about the smallest things in life. One little thing can make a huge difference. Had my parents not moved, I would not have lived my whole life here, learned what I have learned, made it to a university here, met the friends I have met right here, and… be here now. James once told me that his parents chose Australia over Canada. Even thinking about every possibility makes me realise how fleeting life is. I might have never met James. And thinking of my other friends, I might not have met many of them.

Sometimes we might not be able to make every decision that pulls us into the path of life. Sometimes things happen before we are even brought into existence, or we may fear the road ahead when we come to a big decision. But, in the eleventh hour — when all is said and done — where we are is where we are, and those decisions are ours to make.

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You are so very right. It is like we are God’s pawns. Small things, but they can change us right down to our very existence. What if your parents had never met? Missed that train where they first met? What if you weren’t in this school and didn’t have these friends?

I am closer to my friends, too. My parents and I are okay. We don’t have a lot of issues but that doesn’t mean we are exceptionally close. We are okay, as I said. I don’t discuss boys and sex and these teenager things with them, but otherwise, we’re cool.

When I go to my grandparents’ place, I hate it too. For a couple of days, its good. They give you nice stuff to eat and there are little cousins to play with, but when we stay for about fifteen days, I cannot wait to get out of there. It is a really small town with very slow internet and those little cousins don’t let you finish your summer projects and don’t let you watch your favorite show on the television. Lol, I sound mean. They’re cute, but only for a couple of days. :)

Thank you. Yes, I believe it is good, though. I usually prefer the blending, messy kind of layouts but I am not too good at them so I am going to go with these neat ones. I have couple of more images like these and maybe I would use them in future layouts.
I have used containers for the first time, though, and the links are not working properly. Scratch that – at all. I think the problem is with content div.

Annoying comments are expected. I hate one-worders. You type such a long comment, and all they reply is, “Oh thats cool.” Makes me itch.

I am okay, thank you. It is 7 o clock in the evening and I have just crawled out of bed because the whole day, I didn’t feel like giving up. I had some food filled with proteins, though, so I am replying to comments. The worst part is that I have exams in a week. :(

Fights will always happen, especially with those whom you love. As the saying goes, we hurt those we love most. It’s part of being in a relationship and no matter how careful, or compromising or loving you are, a fight will alwayss erupt. Then again, fights help in getting to know each other better, and they can help in bringing both of them closer. Sometimes.

I guess it can be sad sometimes, than you’re closer to your friends than your family. I guess for some people it can be, especially if they come from a culture where family is held in high regards. As for me, I’m not really sad about it. It was always hard to tell stuff about my personal life to my parents. I always kept things to myself, and only told really personal things to my friends.
I don’t think I’d mind telling my dad about girls nowdays, but my mum… no… she’d ask too many questions. >_<

I wonder too, sometimes. Once I wondered what would have happened if I hadn't go to the library and borrowed Bleach Vol. 1. My life would have taken on a different direction, I'm sure. And not a happy one, I suspect. It scared me.

Decisions can be hard and scary. Especially the ones where you're the one who has to make them. The trick lies in making the best out of them without regrets. If you're able to do that, even if life is hard and stuff, you should be able to be happy. ^__^

But I want to reply to them. Or at least try to. =p
If I got nothing to say, then I'll just comment on your blog, as some sort of reply. ^_^;

There's a dinosaur museum in Camberra?! Why didn't they take us there when I went to Camberra in 2004? D:
Man, I so would have enjoyed going to that kind of museum. Like snow, I've never seen an actual dinosaur bone with my own eyes.

My last highschool also had camps. Though I never end up going to them. Not sure why. Partly I didn't want to miss classes (for once I wanted to try and do well) and also they were a bit costly, and I had no money to spend.

You know what? 20 comments in 2 hours seems pretty good for me. Especially since I'm taking at least 15 minutes to reply to your comment on my blog, and to comment on this post. =p

P.S love the DW reference :3

I think the closer you are to the person, the worst the fight is. It’s funny because I just had a fight with my partner this morning but it’s all okay now. I hope you and your mum are okay.

The smallest things are the most important in life. Which is why it frustrates me because those people (big bosses) take credit of the achievement when the people who do not have a high rank at work, are the one who have been doing the work to make the company successful.

And, I love the layout! I like that you changed your layout style and I’m loving the simplicity, colour scheme and one-column style. Hehe. I love how a lot of sites I visited have new layouts. It’s like a new layout week or something.

I guess at times you just have to trust that somehow you will make the right choices and things will work out. Like, I believe if you’re meant to have somebody in your life they will be. Well I’d like to believe that, I have too much of a logic mind for any strong beliefs.

I’m sorry you had a fight with your Mum. I feel awful whenever that happens. Last time was pretty bad and I just left the house for several hours. When I did come home she was upset and I felt selfish and immature. I hope your fight wasn’t so bad.

I think that’s one of the beautiful things about family, no matter what happens they’ll love you unconditionally. Then again I am blessed with a wonderful family, I know others who aren’t so lucky and find home a torture. Friends are even more amazing. I love mine so much that I can’t imagine life without any of them.

Haha, thanks, it was just a quick sketch. I’m going to render it in Photoshop. I only really use sketches to get an idea of what I want it to look like. I’m going to add lots of colour. :D

Reminds me of the time mum said to me, you can choose your dog but not your mother. I know it’s not the same, but that’s the only time someone has given me that line. It had something to do with mum and I running away from my step dad and me not wanting to leave my dog behind.

My mum lived in Indonesia for years. She loved it, but I couldn’t imagine living any where out side of Australia for too long.

Canada and Australia, I would imagine be very different. What weired choices.

Sometimes I imagine that If I were three minutes late to work, I would never have met my boyfriend who was sitting out side the club with a smoke, or if he had decided not to have a smoke, or if my friend was with me and he had chosen her instead.

I’ve always wondered if we have a set path when things are meant to happen, and it’s up to us what we do with the situation the path puts us on.

I find many arguments pointless as well. I hate when I get into those kinds of things, cause I end up in a bad mood, and for what? A useless fight that led to nothing good anyway.

I’m close to my friends, but I’m definitely much closer to my family. Having a twin brother, I’m naturally close to him. Since my other brother’s just 5, I spend a lot of time with him as well. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my mom these past few months. Though I’m not particularly close to my dad, he’s always been there for me. We do talk a lot too, and we annoy each other in a normal father-child way. I consider myself very lucky when it comes to my family. :)

Tiny things can change everything. Little things can even change the very fact that I exist.My boyfriend could’ve moved to America, but his family decided not to. I wouldn’t have met him either, and it’s really hard to imagine living without him right now. I could have died being born or even right before being born, but I didn’t, so, now, I’m alive and well, typing this comment to your blog post. It just makes me thankful for everything, even the bad things, cause I know they led to something good. :)

Aw Georgina, i’m so sorry that you got in a fight with your mom :( I know that for me, me and my mom get in fights at least once a day. But usually over un-necessary things like cleaning and such.
You’re right, you can’t pick family. Sometimes i wish i could though :X . My two families (my dad’s side, and my mom’s side) are two completly different people. On my moms side: They aren’t too nice, i hate to say it, but they are pretty snobby 🙄 (but i love them of course!)
On my dad’s side: They are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet ♥ I love them very much. But sadly i can never see them because my parents split 😢 but it’s okay! (Y)
I am much more open to my friends rather than family. Probally because with friends you trust, if they do something un-trustworthy, you always know that you can push them out of your life. But with family, if they do something un-trustworthy, it’s harder to push them out of your life, because well, they pretty much live with you (unless your parents live far away).
But over all, I love them both for completly different resons ✌️
It is just so hard not to use the smilies XD They are just so cute!
/type Quinn!!

My mum and I fight a great deal as well, mostly over chores and cleaning the house. I don’t always want to do it, believe me!

I wish I could pick family but I guess life wouldn’t be interesting and I wouldn’t see my families as precious as they are if they were perfect the way I wanted. There are bad and good things about my mum’s and dad’s side of the family as well. It’s a shame your parents split but sometimes these things happen. :(

I’m definitely more open with my friends – and you’re right, it’s easier to push friends away when they hurt you, but your family is always going to be there. As a friend said to me once, “Friends are God’s way of apologising to us for our families”. ♥

I agree, living without hope seems like such a depressing thought. I guess I was still a little annoyed when I wrote that blog. :3

Thanks, me too! He says at the moment he’s around 70% sure they will take him on permanently, they seem to like him and by the looks of things there’s a lot of work to do, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

Haha yeah, we do the cleaning even though we don’t like it. We should just make them beans on toast everyday. :P

I love the new look. :D I think the whole “Love is…” concept makes it very original, especially since you have quote off your friends and such.. :) And look.. :O No sidebar! I never thought I’d see the day! Haha. xD

I hate arguing with people too. :( Most of the time I try to stay civilized but every now and then something happens that will just push me over the edge. I consider myself to be a lover, not a fighter. :)

People do fight though, unfortunately. Sometimes personalities just clash, and people differ in opinions and such. Sucks.

I think it’s sad that you don’t see the majority of your family. I’m the same with mine and they don’t even live that far away. I just don’t think they’re very nice people and to be honest, I don’t really want them to be a part of my life. Most of the family members my older siblings talk about; I’ve never even heard of.

I am also very glad we can choose our friends. :D Families can be awful sometimes but thankfully we always have our friends to make us feel better. <3

I'm terrible under pressure so if I had to make a life changing decision, I would just crumble.


I hate having fights with my parents especially with my mom… She’s been pretty sick lately so I don’t want to fight with her but it’s hard not to sometimes.

I’m opposite I’m closer with my family than my friends, my dad once said to me, “Don’t get too close with friends because they come and go.” I get what he means, you have some friends for a bit then they leave you but family they’re always there, yaknow?

Indonesia is a really pretty county, I would like to go there one day especially Bali. XD But I understand you, when I went to Philippines for three weeks; I tried TRIED to adjust as quickly as possible but it was hard especially when taking a bath… You never know when the water would just run out. Hmm.

But I would love to live in Philipppines, I really would but it’s gonna be hard.

If my mom didn’t go to England, I might be still in Philippines and not know English at all and probably wouldn’t be at school… I’m really thankful to be honest.

I really really love the last paragraph of your blog, it really does touch me! ♥

I watch some KPOP MV just for dancing too, Koreans are really amazing at dancing. I try to dance but I’m just so stiff. HA.

I hate fighting with my friends, and my family. I don’t fight with my friends often. Actually, barely at all! But with my family, we get into fights often, and during almost every one, I’d end up crying or close to tears, because the fights are hurtful.

I’m not close to my family at all. Maybe just a little with my oldest cousin, Ngan, but other than that, nope. I’m way closer to my friends than I am with family. My mom thinks depending on friends is wrong and horrible, because you have to depend on your family for everything, >.<. BS.

My family has moved plenty of times in the past few years, and although usually, I cry and try to convince them not to move, I'm glad they ignored my protests and continued with their plans anyways, because if they hadn't, I wouldn't be living in this house now, going to this school, and having these friends, ^_^.

Ah, absence does seem to make the heart grow fonder, (: . But sometimes, it also causes conflicts between two people, |: .

I've been going to sleep at past midnight for the past two months, that if I try to go to sleep early, it just wouldn't work, o: . So I had this idea, to stay up superduper late, but wake up early, so I'd be tired. And then that night, I'd go to bed early and wake up early, :D.

Whoa, you get only one yearbook for your entire time at high school, o: . That’s pretty friggin’ cool, :b. I think I would’ve liked that kind of yearbook better than the yearbooks I get here, where it shows all of the students from the school that year.

I feel annoyed whenever I’m with my (Asian) family, because they’d all talk in Vietnamese and it all sounds so natural the way they speak that language. And whenever I talk in Vietnamese, it sounds forced and I usually end up saying, “Uh.” or “Uhm.” At the end or beginning of each sentence, =_=’. It’s really annoying!

Yeah, I’m still not sure what the meaning of “love” truly is. Sometimes, I’d look back and wonder if I really was “in love” with Karl. I still don’t really know for sure, because I try not to think of him anymore. I wouldn’t say he’s completely out of my life, ’cause I still have to see him every day at school, but I deleted him off my Myspace, and Facebook, and my phone. No reminders of him, thank goodness.

Mmm, I realized a little too late, that he wasn’t worth all the drama, and the fights he caused between my friends and me. I wish I had realized that sooner, before I threw away so much for him . . .

Your close friend start those rumors?! Oh wow . . . That’s pathetic, no offense, =_=’. I’m glad James saved you, :p. He’s the real hero, xD. Ahaha, (: .

Theme parks are kind of expensive here. It all depends on how long (in days) you are planning on staying in the park, and uhm, I think the “kind of ticket” or something. That’s what my daddy says. It also depends on the occasion. Sometimes, tickets can be so cheap, and like, a month later, it’d be super expensive again, =_=.

Studying overseas sounds awesome, xD. Most of my oldest cousins, who are now in college or university, came to America from Vietnam to study overseas. Haha, it was kind of funny the way they adapted to the new home and environment at first, but now they’re doing great in school, (: .

Hey Georgie! ♥

First off all, your new layout is really awesome! It’s a pretty big change from your previous one and something I haven’t seen on here for a while. When I realized that the quotes in the header change with every refresh I kept pressin F5 for quite a while. It’s a cute idea! :)

People really fight a lot and quite often. But I think that as long as you can agree to disagree in the end things can be fine again. Sometimes it takes a little longer to go back to being normal again though; it always depends on the heaviness of the fight & the reason(s) for fighting. I hope you’re feeling better by now though. ♥

To me it’s actually the other way around; I feel like I am closer to my family than my friends. But that might just be due to the fact that I find it very difficult to trust people or because it’s difficult for me to open up to people I haven’t known my entire life. I would even chose to hang out with my cousins instead of my friends most of the time.

I think it kinda sucks that your family lives that far away from you & that you don’t get to see them that often. Have they ever thought about leaving Indonesia?

I often ask myself what would’ve happened if my parents moved to another country instead of Germany when they decided to leave Russia, maybe the US or UK. I wonder how different things would’ve been both for me & my parents. Here they have all their siblings close (well, mostly dad’s siblings because mom’s family lives 500km away) and they can count on them no matter what & they’ll always have someone close they can go to and stuff. But on the other hand I am happy that we did move to Germany because this way I get to spend tons of time with my cousins & aunts and uncles.

I can’t even really imagine going back to Russia – even if it would be just to visit relatives (if they were some left there). IDK, life there is just so completly different and stuff. I think I would feel pretty much the same way you do when you & your family go to Indonesia.

When my sister & her boyfriend got together she told my parents about how his parents knew us and stuff. And mom did kinda remember his mom because they used to work together before me & my sister’s boyfriend were born. But it wasn’t until the day that they came over here one night real quick that my mum actually knew who they were. My mum & his mum gave birth to me & my sister’s boyfriend in the same hospital back than. And now our families live like 20km away from each other.

I agree with Sebby, fights will always happen no matter who it is. Whether it be your mum, grandmother, aunt, uncle friends, god knows how many “arguments” we’ve gotten into, but look we’re still friends. You can’t choose who your family is but you can definitely choose who your friends are and that is a very wise statement if I do say so myself. Choosing your friends is tough and can be tough, because you really don’t know if they’re flakey people or the real deal. God knows I’ve been through a lot of flakes in my life, and some even think I got sick on purpose. Those people are close minded. One of my frineds from elementary school on up until after graduation told me a few years back that she doesn’t want to be my friend because of my ‘mood swings’. So you see how close minded and sheltered she is? She doesn’t know about my ‘mood swings’. She’s only afraid that I’ll blow up or have an anxiety attack in front of her again and she can’t deal with that. She isn’t worth being friends with. Ya know? But you got some pretty amazing friends here both offline and online. I’m glad your parents made the move out to Australia. My little family (me and my dad now) feels like Chino isn’t home any more, it’s depressing. Beaumont feels more at home and at ease than anywhere else. I mean sure take it for granted that my dad’s girlfriend broke up with him over something so stupid, and is being childish about it, but still Beaumont just feels more at home. Before when I was younger, and we would visit my stepmother’s house I would constantly ask my daddy “Can we go home now?” in private. I don’t do that any more, I’ve grown up, and now it’s made me more mature than ever. But you can’t choose your family. I’m glad you have a mum and a father who loves you very much. I lost my rock, even though we did get into it a lot, but what do you expect when you put two females in one house? Fights. God knows if you weren’t born in Australia you might’ve never met James and met some douche, instead. But nonetheless; I’m glad your parents made a wise decision and that you did get to meet James and not some douche. God has a plan for all of us, and a path. I’m still waiting on my path to come to a closure. I may or may not be one of the lucky ones to find love. Who knows. Only God and Jesus Christ does. So not trying to judge you or how to tell you to run your life but maybe place your lap into God’s hands and see where it leads. Friends come and go. No matter what. Family is forever.

We all fight, but it’s really up to the people in the argument and how they react. I don’t think there’s ever a point to fighting, except to dwell on the pain you’re giving somebody else. That just makes the person satanic, and those people… Well, I wish them the best of luck in life if they can’t be civil.

Aren’t there cultures where you can’t choose your husband? You get engaged to them when you’re really young, and you don’t have much choice… Are those cultures still around, and is that custom still in play?

I’m definitely much closer to my friends than my family. I don’t really know why, since both my friends and family have been mean to me. I suppose it’s because I CAN choose my friends, therefore I have more freedom and can make mistakes with them. You can’t really do that with family. A traumatising event that happens in the family is a scar, no matter how long it’s been since it happened, that I suppose you can see whenever it’s mentioned, or the person is around. That’s how I feel it is. I don’t really have a grudge against my mom for what she’s done, but I can never think of her the way I used to when I was a child because of what’s she’s done. It’s sad.

I feel like I’m out of place where I am right now! My parents weren’t planning on moving; they were only supposed to watch over the house while my grandparents were in Australia. (What a coincidence. Australia is pretty much why my family moved, though we have no direct link to it. xD)
We ended up staying, and that was 15 years ago. I love the friends I made here, but I can’t help wonder what my life would have been like had we stayed in the Greater Toronto Area…

We don’t even have a guest room. xD

It wasn’t really shooting me down. I know it’s not necessary to use big words, but why should I dumb things down? If there’s an opportunity to use uncommon words, then why not? To counter it being “unnecessary”, there are so many unnecessary things. Having a blog, for example. People still do it, though. To be honest, I’m tired of using the same words over and over and I just feel uncreative when typing them out. It’s not like big words will make things better. It’s really all about presentation and usage. Simple words can make or break writing, and the same applies to longer words.

Apparently she played for 42 years, and taught for 30. She only told me 30.

Sorry for the huge comment. xD Starting over is alright, too. I can’t remember what we were at, anyway.

Although I am close to my family members, I only know some of my relatives back in the Philippines. Even though I lived near my other cousins, I grew up differently from them. Most of my cousins were brought up in an unpleasing way, which made my parents separate us from them. It’s also something I now think about. If it weren’t for my parents separating me from my “bad” relatives, I wouldn’t grow up properly. Some of them are into too much sex, some are working illegally, some are rapists and drug addicts. If I weren’t separated from them when I was still a kid, I would have been one of them. I would have been doing the stuff they do. So I really feel thankful.
Isn’t it cool how life turned out for all of us? Some people have more regrets in life but I think there are still much much more blessings in everyone’s life. It’s just a matter of seeing things^^

This reminds me of last summer. I spent a week in Austin with my mom’s half sister and her daughter, which is my aunt and cousin. Boy did I HATE it there and when I came back home I was sooo glad. Experiences like that make me greatful for my mom and grandma. Of course they get on my nerves but it just made me think. What if I was born into the immediate family of my aunt, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.

Sometimes I wonder about other things to. What if my mom would have married my dad like he wanted her to? What if we would have never moved when I was in the 1st grade? What if my mom would have never moved from the north to the south? What if she would have named me Yolanda and not Simone like she planned?

I’ll never know but sometimes I just wonder :)

Your welcome!

There are tons of things to do online for my too. Heck offline too. For some reason whenever I get online I always forget what about all the things that need to be done, get bored, get offline and go find something else to do which leads me to getting right back on the computer and completing the whole process again. It’s weird.

I use to have tons of friends to talk to on AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger but one day things just changed. I started being online less and less so now if I were to sign on to any of those instant messengers I wouldn’t remember a single one of those people.

I can agree with you. If your parents had, or hadn’t, done this, so many things would’ve been different for you. You might not even have Heartdrops! When I was younger, we moved from Henderson, Nevada, to Maryland, and if we hadn’t I wouldn’t know who I do now. I probably wouldn’t even be the same person.

But, on some level, I think that’s okay. I wish we hadn’t moved and still lived in Henderson, because the people I know now don’t mean that much to me.

Your mom is right – choose your husband wisely. :) Mine always tells me the same thing.

The fight has blown over, thank God. I’m glad everything is okay with them now. But I don’t know how long it’ll last.

They were fat babies! :) LOL. Phoebe was 9 lbs., and Chloe was 7 lbs. So they were pretty big. But they’re adorable <3.

My mom introduced me to my love for the UK when we started watching Robin Hood (with Jonas Armstrong in it). And then it was all downhill from there :D. Ahh, I love the Union Jack. I'm not a fan of the American flag. I find it kind of boring.

Well, my schedule is mostly just my own personal information that is useless to anyone else but myself xD. LOL.

I can’t stand fighting, I can’t imagine someone liking it much. But it’s just something we have to live with. It happens, the trick is learning how to move on.

I think I’ve always been closer to my friends than my family as well. My mother is the total opposite to me, very chatty and always wanting to drag me into conversation and wanting to go out with me and things, when I’d much rather just be quiet. Dad’s like me, but when two people can easily stay in a house together all day without exchanging a single word they can’t exactly be close. I mean, I’d rather it was like that, but I sometimes feel I know almost nothing about him. When anything happens, it’s my friends I talk to; my friends know a lot more about how I felt when my uncle died than my parents do, for example. So do all the people in my English class, actually, since I did a talk on it for an ‘event that changed your life’ project. XD

It’s amazing how much a small thing can affect so much. For example, the cut-off point for the birthdays of children starting school here is the last day of February-children born in March start school the August after the ones born the February before(is that makes sense). I was born on the 26th of February-3 days later and I’d have been in the year that is filled with neds and horrible people. Half that year seem to be pregnant. o_0 I wouldn’t have known any of my friends, I’d have had completely different people to talk to every day…maybe if that had happened I’d be the one who’s pregnant now at the age of 15. Scary thought.
Or if I hadn’t happened to see a review of a Funeral For A Friend album in a magazine and thought the album cover was pretty. Then I’d never have listened to them, and then I’d never have listened to all the other rock/metal bands I listen to now, and it’s them that’s changed my life in the past 4 years.

It’s weird thinking about this. There’s so many little things…if mum and dad hadn’t moved up here before I was born, I’d be a Londoner. As it is, I’ve never even been to London properly.

This is freaking me out. XD

Firstly, may I just say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your layout, I don’t think I can express that enough and secondly, how are you getting the text to change in the header every time?

“you can’t choose your family… but you can choose your friends” – This is a recurring thought in my head. You can’t choose your family and adjusting to them is really hard sometimes. Your mum is right, you can choose your husband but you can’t choose your father. I think the small choice, massive difference thing you’re talking about is the butterfly effect; a butterfly can flap it’s wings in a forest somewhere, and somewhere else it’s causing a tornado.
I think you should be grateful, in life you really do win some and lose some. I think there are blessing’s in everything, and I don’t mean like “yeah, my family life sucks but at least I don’t live in absolute poverty”, I mean “yeah, my family life sucks, but all of this is preparing me for the crap I’ll have to put up with in the future”. I know I’m throwing in a lot of crappy quotes about like but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I think that is THE MOST important lesson to be learnt in life.
People think because I am sixteen, I won’t know swat about life but really you don’t have to have years and years of experience to understand that everything truly has a reason.
My parents argue a LOT, it helps me to understand that I DO NOT want that in my future, I understand from their mistakes that some arguments can’t be avoided and other’s should never be bought to surface.
Perseverance – I think I have already mentioned – is the key. And remember Georgina, your future is a bright one.

Fights with parents suck dude. Been there, done that. There isn’t a single teenager in the world that has never had some dislike of their parents at one point or another; sometimes people who really love each other just can’t live in the same house. And, like you said, you cant’ choose your father or mother, they kind of choose you, and that sucks sometimes, but they are your parents, so… you’re stuck with ’em!

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I were born to someone else, or somewhere else, or born like someone else, if that makes sense. But you’re right, I would miss my friends… or maybe not. You can’t miss what you never had, so if I never met them, then I can’t miss them. It’d be different, but not to you, you know?

And yes, I’m also a lot more open to my friends than my parents. I’m pretty sure that they know more about me than they do, as much as I hate to say it. They look at me and they see ‘Their daughter, who looks like them, acts like her father, and is more close to her mother’. My friends look at me and say, ‘It’s Kayla, the girl who hits us but loves us anyways, and even though she’s kind of a bitch, she’s totally awesome!” (Or, I hope :D )

The small things in life that have already happened are things you cannot change, no matter how much you would like to. But still, they’re yours, and they’re special, so you should keep them as close to your heart as your family and friends. ♥ Gah, look at me. I’m acting out of character xD


Thoughts like that scare me. Even small ones, like.. what if I had gone out one night, instead of choosing to stay home? Everything makes a difference, and it’s scary.

I’m sure if you had lived there all your life you would be used to it, as you wouldn’t know anything different; that WOULD be home to you, where as now Australia is home. But I’m glad you have your friends & james. I feel the same way, that I’m closer to my friends than I am my family. I do consider alot of them like my family, because I know that it would hurt me if anything happened to them just as much as it would my family.

I’m also glad that we get to pick our friends. I mean, some people can get stuck with REALLY shitty families, so just imagine what would happen if we didn’t get to pick our friends either.. we could get stuck with terrible ones.

Yeah, I also use blogsvertise :) I just started though, and on my first day I got a post worth $20! So I’m waiting for those 30 days to go by, haha. I don’t get too many with payperpost or bloggerwave though, at least not anymore.

& thanks :D I love the purple in the layout, though I wasn’t sure if there was TOO much purple.. haha.

Lying friends really aren’t worth your time. I mean, we’re FRIENDS.. you’re supposed to be honest & not WANT to lie to me. I hate liars :/

Oh wow! A new layout! I like the grayy! It’s okay dear, don’t apologize. I haven’t really been that “active” myself. I’ve been so lazy that it takes me days just to return someone’s comment because I’m lazy & I don’t know why. I used to absolutely enjoy it, but sometimes i feel like I just want to sit back & do other things. :/ It’s not like I’m losing interest, I just find that this is kind of taxing sometimes & I don’t know how I’m going to keep up with it once school starts in the fall. :/

Ah Georgina, this blog was beautiful. I don’t even know what to say because it took all of the words out of my brain. I can’t even begin to describe all the decisions I’ve made to be where I am & to be who I’m with. :/ It’s been a long long road, for all of us, even though we are young, so much before us determined how we got here, but we are here…& we must make the best of it.

But onto your family being in another country. :/ 2 months is a long time! I don’t think I could ever be somewhere for that long, but you are incredibly lucky to grow up in Australia because you have so many opportunities to succeed. I think that you will make your own family & so will your brother, so that your children will be able to have the family that you never really got to be close to. I know you don’t get to choose your parents & I’m sorry that you have trouble with your mom, but when life throws hard balls at us, we must choose what we will do with them.

The facebook “rules” are straightforward and common sense but yet people still do it. I wonder what’s going on in their head (especially the indecent photos & personal info bit).

I fight with my mum a lot too but I just hope it doesn’t go too bad one day.

aye aye i agree with you. it’s kinda scary thinking of that if our parents, grandparents and ancestors before us took just one difference in their path, we wouldn’t be who we are today. like if my grandma went with her high school sweetheart instead of arranged marriage, will there be a me? scary isn’t it? @_@

sorry to hear about the fight with your mom ;( i hope you guys make up or something. i think most of us are actually closer to our friends than our relatives, especially our extended families. I’m not close to them at all…in fact, i don’t really like them…blehhh

oh and i forgot to mention, i love your new layouttt!<333 it's really cute and kinda sad ;Xx great color scheme and fonts!

My word Georgina! This layout is fucking awesome! ♥ For a second I thought that I went to the wrong site, I actually had to check the address bar just to make sure. (H) It’s really awesome and I ♥ it!

I don’t know most of my aunts, uncles or cousins and if you knew my family, I think you would agree that it should stay that way. I don’t like fighting with people either, but sometimes it’s just got to happen.

I hope you and your mom work things out in the long run.

I’ve seen the curious case of Benjamen. /bounce But I didn’t pick up the massage you just explained to me. But I think about that in all movies anyway, if it was just two minutes later would that have happened?

I admire my mum for living out side of Australia too. But she had no choice, her family moved her up to PUPPA NEW GUINEA and then some where in Indonesia. But she said she loved it, and the environment grew on her. She used to hunt snakes and run away from wild bulls. And back then no one spoke English apart from her teachers and some doctors. I think the broken English would be the hardest part about living in a new country. When I went to Holland, papa put me into school for a day so I could have the Dutch school experience. I didn’t understand a word, and the girls would laugh when I spoke. I remember them thinking the word ‘elbow’ was hilarious. /argh

I’m glad you like my layout. :D Now that I’ve had a sleep and a break from the computer I like it. I guess I was just so frustrated that I had a great layout and lost it, and this was just a sloppy second creation.

This layout is wonderful! I love it <3 And I love the quotes up there.

This blog is very well-written. And I agree, the reality is that people do fight. Like it or not, it's a difficult thing to avoid. Sorry to hear about your trouble with your mom, I hope everything will get better. *hugs*

I'm the same, even though almost my family live in the same city. It's weird that the ones I'm close to live in different cities. I only have two of my relatives overseas, in Netherlands and I just met them twice in my whole life D: I'm more close to my friends, just like you, so I know how you feel. :)

I think two months is a long time ! And I understand about adjusting to live in Indonesia. I'm sure people will need a very long time to get used to it, and two months isn't enough.

When we contemplate, it's just unbelievable how every single decision that we've made, no matter how small or simple it is plays a very big role in our life. A small difference makes a big change. And how many decisions we've made to be here and who we are now… we can't imagine it.

I wish all people still remember freedom of speech. I agree with you. Not all people who do have opinions, even though different from majority of people, are meant for bad things. And when people disagree it doesn't mean that they have the right to, like you said, slaughter our opinions. There's no right or wrong in opinions, they depend on the people. And people need to accept that everyone is different.

It's rare for me to hate people, like really really reaaally hate them. It will take a lot of hard work to make me hate someone as a whole person.

Hey Georgina, I’ve just finished reading your wonderful blog. Well you’re so right people in relationships always fight. I used to argue with my mom too, but everything gets fine later. Well this is life, yes we can choose our friends, we want to spend time with, choose the people we are comfortable with the most, but we can’t choose our family, I don’t think I’d ever regret I’m born with parents, mom and dad, lot of people were born and they don’t have mom or dad, because they were dead, or lost, or whatever. We must thank god for every gift he gave us, a wonderful family we live in, we warm up with, I’m sure your parents love us, they love us all. I never seen parents that don’t mind about their kids, never.
Since they brought us to this world, then they made a decision together bringing us, and I think you know what I mean. And god blessed their and our lives. So yeah! =D
I have my cousins living in the same country, but a very far town you can get there in like 3 hours, but they barely take me to them, I really love them and enjoy playing with them, and blaah. But they probably are too busy or too tired to take me, I can’t wait to get a car then drive wherever I want =D This is life <3
Have a nice day, though x cyahh

I love this layout! I love that you used all the quotes from your ‘Love is…’ blog, it’s so nice. :)

I’m sorry you had a fight with your mum. :(

Most of my comment didn’t send then for some reason… :S

Anyway, I’m sorry you had a fight with your mum. :( I hope you’re feeling better and you patch things up soon.

I often feel closer to my friends then my family. My family also live far away so I don’t see them as much, not as far from me as your family are from you, though.

Two months sounds like a very long time to be away from home! When I stay at my dad’s for just a weekend it feels like forever when I’m homesick.

Sometimes very small things can change the biggest aspects of your life. Whenever I have moments where I just think ‘What if…’ I do realise how lucky I am.

I think the reason I can stay up late is because I don’t usually get up until about 2 in the afternoon haha. However today I did get up at about 11:45, so I’m getting back into a sort of “suitable” routine!

I’m not going to bother changing the tag on my pictures now, but if I meet McFly again in October, I’m going to put a huge watermark on it.

I deleted everything on my old Tumblr, as they have a feature called ‘Mass-editor’ now, where you can delete 100 posts at a time. I deleted it all, then a week later I decided I wanted to start completely new, and deleted my Tumblr and made a completely new one!

if my mother didn’t move here for Sweden and my father from Scotland, hmmm yeah, interesting. A lot of my family are overseas too. I am very close to my younger sister and yet I rarely talk to her about anything serious. I talk to my friends about it or now I blog so I don’t burden my friends either.

Life is a funny thing. It’s not here for long.

Haha your layout is awesome indeed ♥
Oh do not worry, just like me collaborate with your project with a quote on the point of view that I have of love. That’s okay.

If I guess you’re right, some remakes are not as good as the original. Hah it’s true. I’m glad we agree on that point. The money is important above all the things in a television project.

It’s a good idea 👏 . Doctor Who is a good show.

I guess it would be great if you go to a concert in the not too distant future.

Okay you to take a break from the computer. And you have moments of relaxation and fun :)

I understand. It is normal that you had in mind the dual citizenship, it is unfortunate that in Indonesia do not allow dual citizenship 😳 Since your parents are from there. At least you have the Australian passport.

I say it because it’s true, is more spacious and organized :)

“You can not choose your family… but you can choose your friends” – This is a recurring thought in the minds of almost everyone at least once :)

Sorry about that you had a fight with your mother. Your mother is right, you can choose the husband but not the father.

Certainly, you can choose your friends.
Fortunately, I’m very close to my parents. Some friends come and go, but parents are always there for you need.

I hate arguing with people too. But sometimes reaches such a point that you could lose your patience /argh Many of the fights are generated because personalities clash and we differ in opinions.

I understand that you feel closer to your friends, since most of your family live in Indonesia.

I suppose your parents made the decision to move to Australia, for their future children to have a better future. Thus, I think it has more prospects in Australia than in Indonesian /bounce

When you go to Indonesia you feel out of place because you miss your life in Australia, and also is a drastic change.

The last two paragraphs have been great, full of feeling.
Certainly, if your parents had not taken the decision to moving, you had never known or James or your friends. Although sometimes the destination ensures that we know some people that may be important in our lives.
The decisions are important because they show the path of life you intend to follow.

Take care you too!

You’re right, you are where you are now. So, live with the moment! Smile. :)


I hope my assignments won’t be too troubling! >.<
I also hope that I get inspired to do something because I just feel…out. I don't even know if it's being lazy…
Hmph, whatever! I'll just go with the flow for now and when school hits, I'll be pushing myself! I should be excited! XD

i know eactly what u talking about hun.. i think that everyday and i come up with the solution that everything happens for a reason, good and bad.. im also closest to friends than family.. my three friends know more about me than my family does..

I think the person I argue most with is my mom, but I always feel really bad afterwards; I don’t even know why we fight so much, haha, it’s probably because we have similar personalities in some ways.

A lot of people are closer with their friends than their family; I know I am for sure! It’s like you said; you can choose your friends, so people you warm to more easily would naturally become the people you open up to. Meanwhile sometimes at home – whether it’s because you’re confined to the house with the same people all the time or for some other reason, I don’t know – you don’t really feel as comfortable telling someone everything. :/

I don’t like where I live much, but yeah, I do feel quite lucky to live here – otherwise I wouldn’t have met the people I have, or had the opportunities I’ve been given. Which would suck, to be honest, haha.

Thanks! Most of the stuff didn’t sell but I’m going to try and relist some of it. :)

Haha, yeah, I used to be really into Doctor Who; I haven’t been watching the newest series very much but I remember a few years ago me and a friend used to rotate going to eachother’s houses on a Saturday night to watch it, hahaha. *geek mode*

Yay, glad you like my layout, thanks :3

*sigh* I totally hate fighting, it just makes me feel terrible to be in a heated arguement with someone you love. I always get mad at my parents.

It really do lean on my friends for a lot; I can tell them anything. I don’t really keep secrets most of the time. I don’t care if people hear what I’m going through. :)

At times, I feel the same way as you. I think I’m closer to some parts of my family. Like, I’m closer to my mom than my dad, and I’m closer to my mom’s side of the family than my dad’s. It’s really weird I think. But, I feel like I’m closer to my friends than a lot of people in my family, but it’s okay. As long as you have people that love you, it doesn’t matter if they are related to you or not, they still care about you, and love you. :)
I am a strong believer when it comes to saying that people shouldn’t regret what they do. Everything happens for a reason. Mistakes are made so that you can learn from them, people hurt you so that you can either learn to forgive them, or forget them, and we make our own decisions. Every decision we make has an outcome to it and if we keep wishing that we could redo some of the things we have done, our lives would be completely different than they are right now. And the decisions that are parents made lead us to who we are now.
I’m sorry about the fight with your mom. It’s true that whether we like it or not, people fight. I hope things get better for you :)

It’s OK, don’t worry! I’ve been such a pain about it LOL. I finally got purplelights figured out though so thats good :D
yeah, she was cheating. I found out you could clear your cookies or w.e and vote again, and that was what she was doing, as it seems! I mentioned it on Twitter, and as soon as I did, the many many votes stopped, so it was clear as day. I emaile her and asked her to be honest about it, but she didnt own up to it, she just said it would be find to take her out and had no problem with it.. lol.
yeah, the reason I’m on the computer a lot is because I have nothing else to do. I don’t know anyone here anymore, and all my “friends” weren’t friends as it seems because I never see them or hear from them. Theres also nothing to do.. so im really looking forward to college!

as sad as it may be, it is true. I was never close with my family, but once all my friends sort of disappeared, my family and I became very close
its crazy when you think about it, isn’t it? It’s always ‘what if’. What if they didnt chose to move there, what would your life be like? Would you have met amazing people like James and Lillian if you guys stayed?
It makes me think of the movie Butterfly Effect; you change one small thing and your whole life changes before your eyes.
Whether its family or friends, its good that you have people that close to you. I too couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else in the world.. it would be weird and scary, and lonely. Even more so since i wouldnt know anyone, completely, where as here i do, even if we’re not close.

Of course we can.
Yeah we are too silly, that we can fight for stupid things, which doesn’t make sense.
Oh I see, It’s been a long time I’ve been using Firefox too, since 2 years, now. And I’m so proud I did Internet explorer sucks. Same here, I just hate replying comments using my iPOD touch, because the screen is tiny, and makes me nervous and I type fast too, So it’s hard for me to type on my iTouch, which drives pain in my hand xD
I wish you that, too our parents must be the nearest persons for us, tomorrow in the future we will need them in many thing, because they have more experience than us. In my beliefs I believe there’s god, everyone got their own beliefs. I don’t like speaking about religion, though.
But I think that God exists <3 I'm christian and religious, so yeah. Yeah I know I see them every year like 3 times or 4 per year.

Whhoa! Hey, I’m Sara! i had to read your blog and it made me actually think! I wouldn’t have been born if my grandparents moved to Canada! /faw . And, my papa (from other side of family) By the way, I love your site. XD

Thank you. :) It really is something to think about. I dropped by your website; good luck with it. :)

Damnn I’m always so late to comment. Sorry my site had been experience down time (explained in the blog), I also messaged you on twitter but don’t worry about that now because I’m back!
I absolutely adore this layout :) I love your creativity, and I need to refresh to see if I can find mine in the mix somewhere.

Fights are second nature to us. Sometimes we fight to become closer I think. You become aware of differences etc but never let fights get to you.

Its true, I have never really thought about life in that matter. What if my grandparents never moved to London and I wasn’t here or whatever. Why does Indonesia make you feel that way? When I go back to Nigeria, I absolutely love it. It feels like a second home, just the people and environment. But again, everyone is different.

Have less fights with your Ma, love her. I used to have fights with my mum all the time but then some huge life changes happen and we get on so well now. I know its not the same but I’m hoping things will change :)
Mucho loves!

I feel bad lying to them, too. Or to anybody, for that matter. But sometimes, you just have to. My parents do not approve of some of my friends, and so we have to meet by sneaking out.

I think that maybe your relatives do not NOT like you but don’t know what to make of you. Sometimes when you don’t know a person well enough, we may judge them wrong. :)

Thank you. Yeah, I am working on the problems. Containers are easy but I messed up in the content div.

Well, I fell sick a week before the exams, so I won’t get exemption for that. Maybe if I’d fallen ill a week later…

WOW, your layout is simply gorgeous!! I know you probably changed it a long time ago, but I’ve been on vacation. So I couldn’t really comment/blog or anything.

Your posts are always so philosophical! They are very interesting to read. (:

Sometimes people start fighting about one thing, and by the end, that’s not even what they’re fighting about anymore. It’s like they’re suddenly just throwing as many insults and swear words as they can, and it becomes completely pointless. It just makes me depressed.

Well, with friends, if you were born a couple years earlier or later, you might not have met them either…? I sometimes think about that, because since I’m born in September, I could have been cut off from my grade and put in the one below. I can’t help thinking how entirely my life would change and who would be my friends. Makes me feel better when I feel so much younger than everyone. I’m in my last year of high school and still 16. But I appreciate my friends, so I don’t let it get me down.

On another note, because I didn’t see your new layout immediately when it was put up, I want to say that I absolutely love it! The random quote at the top is genius :D And great job with the header font – looks amazing!


Look who remembered to go onto your blog at uni and comment! 👏 /hehe /type ✌️

God this uni screen is so big @_@ So not used to it!

Anyways, poor Georgie. You always have fights with your Mum :( *hugs* But it’s true: You can’t help but fight sometimes. Even if you KNOW it’s pointless to fight, sometimes you’re just so angry you don’t care when you’re fighting, you just want to fight.

Such is life. It’s a part of being human. But then again, if you fight at least you know you care about things…and each other too! For example, could you imagine having a boyfriend who just agreed with EVERYTHING you said?! That’s not a boyfriend. That’s a yes-man. SO LAME!

I have a different quote for you: “Friends are the family you can choose”. Oh hey, I think you told me that quote :P

But it’s true! You can pick your friends, but you can’t ever pick your family. Which is good, cos seriously, the world can’t impose THAT many horrible relationships on us, right? That would be D:

I think I’m closer to you than all my cousins. So we can be each others’ adoptive family. Hahahaha! I think it’s natural. I mean both of us have cousins who are either overseas or WAY too much older than us to be *that* close yet you and me are like…the same age and go through everything sort of together, so yeah :)

Although most of my cousins are close to each other (like the ones in Australia are close to each other and the ones in Malaysia are close to each other) and that makes me jealous and sad sometimes because my age and the country-gap means I’ll probably never have that :( But it’s okay, I have you! ♥

I’m lucky my parents moved here too. :) We’re both very lucky. I miss Malaysia a LOT, and I really miss my family there, but there’s so much more for me here :) Go us! Hahaha.

OMG, you’re so right. The small things do matter. Even the sad things sometimes. My mother miscarried what would have been her firstborn son before she carried me to term. Considering they could tell the baby was a boy, she probably carried him for a while. Only the thing is if she had him, she wouldn’t have had me, because of the recovery period thing between pregnancies. And I’m sad about her loss, but it’s weird cos at the same time, I’m grateful that I’m alive :)

Aaaaah! If our parents never moved to Australia, we’d never have met! :O And if we never got into Girraween, things would have been SO different :O

I guess this is why we should never regret where our decisions have taken us, even if we think that they’re wrong *nods*

The last part of your blog reminded me of this Finnikin of the Rock quote: “The gods do make playthings of us, but it’s us who give them the tools”. (Gah! I think I quoted wrongly 🤬 But I AM at uni! NO ACCESS TO BOOK!). It’s like, hey, so lots of things are predetermined for us. We still have the capacity and the room to make most of the important decisions that affect us :)

COMMENT REPLY! (because I realised I can look at your comment through my email XD )

Oh yeah! THAT layout! Well this time it’s more obvious you don’t have a sidebar :P I like it. It’s more…roomy?

Waaah! STUPID EPIC BLOG. And now, stupid epic test! And stupid epic case briefs to do. LOL, conclusion: stupid epic uni. Well I found out in the end :D And it was so cool! CANNOT BELIEVE WE FORGOT THE BEATLES /bash We suck!

Yes! That alcoholic camp and that sleazy guy! UGHHHHH! *represses memories*. I bet that if you had a camp, it’d be a better camp though :)

Wow! Having a child at 21? WOOOOOOW. I wouldn’t be ready to have a child until I was 25 or something. OMG, I JUST REALISED HOW SOON THAT IS. Okay, looks like that’s not going to happen. Hahaha so are you telling me I have approximately 5 years to prepare to help you plan your wedding? :P :P

First love is funny ^^ ♥

Hi Georgina. I used to comment on your site a while back but then took a long break from blogging and the likes. I just recently reopened my site and had to come onto yours and tell you that I love your layout! The link hovers amuse me a lot and it all just looks so clean and organised :D.

*hugss* I’m sorry about the fight with your Mum. But I agree people will always fight. It’s difficult to fight with people we love but it is inevitable that we will. I find it difficult just now living with my parents. I love them, of course but living in such a close environment with them is sometimes difficult. Our opinions differ greatly and this causes a lot of conflict. The fact that I’m almost 19 and want to share my views rather than just accept others often causes problems with my Dad. As you say though we can’t chose our family. And while I’m sure we all love them I’m glad that we can chose our friends :D.

I understand why you would be closer to your friends. It’s a shame to hear that your family live far away and that you haven’t had the chance to get close to them. It does sound like you have some amazing friends though, and it’s great that you can be so close to them. I have a few friends who are so close I would say they feel like family to me :).

The little things really do matter! If just one thing had not happened the outcome would have been so different. For example, I planned to take Psychology as my 3rd subject at University. I told my best friend who went with my interview with me I was going to take it and I even wrote it down on the piece of paper. But at the last minute, for no real reason, I asked my tutor if I could change it to Exploring the Cosmos. Had I not done this I probably wouldn’t have met Ewan. Lucky that James’ parents did not chose Canada too ♥

First of all, this layout. ♥
:D I seriously love it haha. It’s so cute how the quotes change. *Presses F5 10000 times* ;)

My mum and I don’t fight that much, nor do me and my dad. Me and my brother have actually got along better than we used to. But my mum and my brother fight sometimes, and my mum and my dad fight a lot. I don’t like fighting either. It’s just a waste of time and to be honest, quite stupid. /bounce

I think I’m closer to my family to my friends, although as you know I haven’t really got any real ones yet, haha. Hopefully I will meet some more though. I go back to school September 7th.

I want to visit Australia so badly. They said it was going to be Englands hottest summer, it’s raining every day so, apparently not!

I came onto your website because I think I would like to have another go at web-design. I was wondering if you would mind hosting me? ✌️

How old are you now? (:

Thank you!

You’re lucky you don’t fight with anyone in your family. It happens pretty often at home with me. It’s hard to change, and sometimes you can’t help the little things you fight over. I’m closer to my friends than my family, though I suppose I don’t have that many friends to begin with. I’m still very close to them.

My hosting site is at Floriental.org; you will have to go through the same process as other potential hostees.

I’m 19 years old. :)

I can somehow relate but I’m never close to my family to begin with. I was born out of wedlock and I have half-sisters and half-brother all around. In fact, my half-sister who grew up in the US is coming to visit me in Sept.
It’s our first time to meet each other in the flesh.

I’m close to the family I made for myself. My adoptive father here in Norway is more of a real father to me than my biological father. That’s why I don’t believe that blood is thicker than water crap.

Btw, I love the new look of your blog! Awesome!