Love is…

Fuck yes; excuse my use of profanity in the first word of this post. 😧 The past layout was up for nearly three months which was a huge record for me. I used to change layouts very often but this new layout is only the fifth one I’ve had this year.

From my previous post I guess you can see what my little “project” was! This layout. It’s ridiculously love-themed. Since Heartdrops’ second birthday is coming up in October, I thought it would be worthy of celebrating early. I’m guessing I won’t be sick of this layout by then. This layout reminds me of one of my old typography ones too.

This layout is a result of the great feeling of love, new-found love for the font League Gothic, love for no sidebars… even love for IE, by understanding and putting up with its horrible discrepancies! That said, I know the navigation looks like scattered brain in IE, and there are other fiddly bits, mind you.

The reason I asked readers to finish the sentence love is… is – well, if you notice the quote in the header, it changes when you refresh. I really wanted different inputs on love, whether they were funny, sweet, about friends, family or anything else, and from different people, too, of course! Of course, I have to thank every single one of you for your submissions. I have put a lot of them up on the ‘Love is… project’ page, but I wasn’t able to put them in and it’s not formatted very nicely, but I’m working on it!

I didn’t take my laptop to university at all this whole week. I am really proud of myself. We went to the museum on Thursday for an educational excursion. Though it was a bit of a waste of time, I enjoyed myself. I get bored of museums easily; maybe because I go to the same ones all the time. This museum was the Powerhouse museum and generally contains a lot of interesting technological-type things.

Usually in university we don’t get to do any fun things like going on excursions or camps. I’m glad we got to this time. James had a camp last year, and I got a bit jealous because I wanted one too, and I haven’t gone camping in a while!

I’m sorry I’m too lame and lazy to post photos from the museum but I assure you I’ll be posting some at my photoblog. There’s a photo of a giant Rubik’s cube already!

But that day I didn’t feel the need to take my laptop. And I’m proud that I survived this whole week without really dying… (Though Sebastian and I had a huge fight over my addiction to the internet. 😞 But we’re okay now. πŸ™‚)

I think I can keep it up. I keep using my laptop at home, too, but at least I’m cutting down on using it, and I’m not getting distracted in class.

I’m feeling a bit stressed, so hopefully this weekend will be a nice little break, though I have to catch up on assignments. 😰

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