Love is…

Fuck yes; excuse my use of profanity in the first word of this post. :O The past layout was up for nearly three months which was a huge record for me. I used to change layouts very often but this new layout is only the fifth one I’ve had this year.

From my previous post I guess you can see what my little “project” was! This layout. It’s ridiculously love-themed. Since Heartdrops’ second birthday is coming up in October, I thought it would be worthy of celebrating early. I’m guessing I won’t be sick of this layout by then. This layout reminds me of one of my old typography ones too.

This layout is a result of the great feeling of love, new-found love for the font League Gothic, love for no sidebars… even love for IE, by understanding and putting up with its horrible discrepancies! That said, I know the navigation looks like scattered brain in IE, and there are other fiddly bits, mind you.

The reason I asked readers to finish the sentence love is… is – well, if you notice the quote in the header, it changes when you refresh. I really wanted different inputs on love, whether they were funny, sweet, about friends, family or anything else, and from different people, too, of course! Of course, I have to thank every single one of you for your submissions. I have put a lot of them up on the ‘Love is… project’ page, but I wasn’t able to put them in and it’s not formatted very nicely, but I’m working on it!

I didn’t take my laptop to university at all this whole week. I am really proud of myself. We went to the museum on Thursday for an educational excursion. Though it was a bit of a waste of time, I enjoyed myself. I get bored of museums easily; maybe because I go to the same ones all the time. This museum was the Powerhouse museum and generally contains a lot of interesting technological-type things.

Usually in university we don’t get to do any fun things like going on excursions or camps. I’m glad we got to this time. James had a camp last year, and I got a bit jealous because I wanted one too, and I haven’t gone camping in a while!

I’m sorry I’m too lame and lazy to post photos from the museum but I assure you I’ll be posting some at my photoblog. There’s a photo of a giant Rubik’s cube already!

But that day I didn’t feel the need to take my laptop. And I’m proud that I survived this whole week without really dying… (Though Sebastian and I had a huge fight over my addiction to the internet. :( But we’re okay now. :))

I think I can keep it up. I keep using my laptop at home, too, but at least I’m cutting down on using it, and I’m not getting distracted in class.

I’m feeling a bit stressed, so hopefully this weekend will be a nice little break, though I have to catch up on assignments. 😰

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I can’t believe MINE WASN’T THERE 33333
But thanks /kiss

Today was quite nice :B

I like this layout’s minimalism in terms of structure and colour scheme. Good job /bounce

Sleeg Tyme /um


It’s there now! ♥ Today was very Love. :)

I’m glad I got rid of the sidebar. Such a big change! I’m actually not used to it. The background was going to be textured but I figured simple was best (considering the typography), not to mention the corners were easier to do that way.

(Also glad that you don’t use Internet Explorer. :B)

Would be so much better if the body text was in Helvetica. But I understand your gripes :(

Helvetica is a shitbag and renders like crap on my system, sorry. :( It doesn’t like me. Hence, I don’t like it. :P

Helvetica wasn’t designed for Windows’ font renderer, which is why Arial exists and why Helvetica looks shit on Windows. But the statement “Helvetica is a shitbag” is… kind of over the top, isn’t it?

WOOT! NEW LAYOUT! I am excited.

Wow, your site looks so spacious without the sidebar. Hahaha. I opened your link and I was like “Umm…did I do something wrong?” and then I realised that it was cos your sidebar was missing. Haha!

That old layout WAS up for a very long time D: I just realised. And LOL, I’m so used to it, I’ve forgotten what it looks like /um I shall wait for you to put it up on your past layouts page :P

Your project is so cool! It reminds me of postsecret, only instead of collecting secrets you’re collecting thoughts about love. It’s so epic :D ♥ I LOVE IT!

It just occurred me to that I should have tweeted you “LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED. BEATLES FTW!” Oops. Sorry. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it until now.

BUT LOVE IS PAIN! Hahahahaha! I love how the quote rotates! It’s so cooool :D I read everyone’s quotes too. Wow…everyone has such profound thoughts about what love is. James’ was hilarious, of course :P

Woooow. One week without your laptop. I’m proud of you :D Hahahaha /bounce Your back is probably thanking you now :P

Oh…Powerhouse museum. I haven’t been there in FOREVER. But if it’s full of techie things, I’d probably be bored.

Omg, I had a camp too. It was HORRIBLE, as I’ve previously ranted to you multiple times :P LOL. But it’s cool that you got an excursion in Uni :)

I hope you get a break this weekend too. I, on the other hand shall be working my arse off trying to get all my work DONE D: FML!

REPLY no. 1:
YAY! Saw your blog project. Hahaha. Love IS pain. But I’m sorry. Seeing everyone else’s posts, I should have tried to say something a little more meaningful and though out. I like James’ ‘love is muffins’ thing better XD

HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, we can have consecutive weddings. It’ll be hilarious. But you’d have to delay your honeymoon. ‘Man’ DOES sound grown up :( But I guess that just means we’re growing up? Haha, how scary.

Well you were really young when you thought you’d marry Danny. It was cute :P I always thought that I was going to marry Keanu Reeves. Goes to show what an idiot I was *jokes* :P Hey, everyone thought I was going to start going out with you-know-who. Look at me now! XD

Reply No. 2:
I will be ONE of the angry people if Tony Abbott is PM. Haha, although I am also amused by this hung parliament too :P

Oh god! That man! Well it was on the bus, but he was still rude! Some people lack common sense. DON’T TRY TO SQUEEZE INTO A GAP TOO SMALL FOR YOU, DUH!

Wow! All I can say is wow! I love the new look and feel for your layout! I just love how all the quotes refresh. Very cool.

I’m proud of you using less internet and everything at uni. That must be a huge relief not having to carry a 15 lbs. weight on your shoulder all the time?

Once again you did a heck of a job on this layout. Congrats! I love the links btw!

This layout is a nice change and the colours are good too, I had to look up at the URL to make sure this was still your site. I love how you used people’s quotes in your header. I remember reading your last blog on love is… but I don’t think I made a comment. I haven’t decided what love is yet. I wonder how you made the header change each click? No need to explain, I will keep wondering. /eee

It probably takes a lot of pressure of your back or shoulder not taking your laptop. But then you would have to write with a pen and paper in your lectures. I’ve never taken my laptop with me any where. I look at my laptop as a home PC, it’s to big to take any where.

Wow Uni took you somewhere. I had no idea UNI could be fun.

I’ve only been to a museum twice (from what I can remember). An art museum and a boat museum, both weren’t very exciting.

Hey! Sorry I haven’t commented in awhile, our comment thing kinda stopped :S

This layout is pretty! I love the peachy color :D omg that’s so original having the love quotes refresh. :D ugh now I wish I commented on the other blog xD

That’s good you’re cutting down on the computer. :) I was on my ipod touch and my dad was like, you shouldnt be on that all the time, it stops your brain from developing, I’m on it like 1 hour a day, chill. lol

I kinda can’t wait until my school starts again, but I know I’ll be swamped with homework, at least it will give me something to do. :P

bye <3

Georgina, your new layout looks extremely amazing, I love the colours you fit within the layout, and yeah, sidebars are crap, I think I should stop displaying the sidebars, when at least I get like 7,000 unique visits, I already have like 4,500.
The point is I still want to earn money from advertisements,so yeah =)
Glad you did a record, I can’t stick to the same layout for 3 months, It’s kinda boring, so I’d change it, when it’s displayed like 1 month only. By the way, I’m really busy, with my website, and this time not about contents, it’s about 3 sticky errors I got I can’t get rid of them, and it’s all because of the stupids centering divs that are valid,maybe not, you can check my website through the validator to understand what I mean, I’m currently going on a festival, in 2 hours, I’m excited, I might take some photos too!
I know, it’s been like 1 week I haven’t blogged, and I have like 90 comments, already, people will probably think I’m a comment collector, haha , joking.
Have a nice day, cyah <3



Georgina, I love the layout!! IT’S SO AWESOME. And omg, the navigation… when I hovered over it, I think I actually squeed out loud. Not even kidding. So cute!

I need to get my shit together and finally make a new layout too! I’ve been meaning to for ages, but I haven’t really gotten around to it. And speaking of, I need to fucking BLOG. -_- Anywayyy…

I love the lack of a sidebar, although I’m always unsure about information like that being in a footer. Regardless, it looks really nice. :) No sidebar for you to hate!

I also love what you did with the “heartdropper” section. It reminds me of how I used to do my little about blurbs, except yours is so much better and more organized. :P and

(Did you know your “fan of me” link doesn’t actually link to the fanlisting? Just Cozza’s collective.)

Good job not taking your laptop to university, although you know how I feel about that, I’m sure. ;) xD You’re somehow getting me really excited to start school though, with all this talk of uni assignments, excursions, etc. I mean, I’ve been excited, but now that my summer is ending, I feel just a teeny bit apprehensive. BUT NO. I’M EXCITED. I move in just FIVE days. Holy shit, right? xD

Don’t feel stressed! *huuugs*

hey hun i love this layout.. how did u do the header bit where it changes? im still trying to convert my files to php its taking like forever… relax a little today and a bit on saturday then start work.. good luck

I really adore this layout. ♥ It’s really simple, and although I’m usually not a fan of layouts without a sidebar, this one really works! I’m starting to miss the Gisha font already though, since it’s one of my favourites. Ahg, forget about IE. Anyone who still uses it can deal with the fact that the navigation isn’t too great. :P

I really love the whole love theme. (: It’s really sweet and unique. I should have submitted a “Love is…” but I didn’t. Dx

Ooh, I love when we take school trips to museums, even if they are kind of boring. And the giant Rubik’s cube is amazing. I want to see that museum! :P

Good for you, surviving the whole week without bringing your laptop! :) I can’t use computers during class without getting majorly distracted.

Love the layout! I love refreshing the page and reading all of the quotes. :)
“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives. -Louise L. Hay” I found that on the quotes page and Louise Hay is one of my favourite authors and inspirations. And loving ourselves DOES work miracles because I’ve had a lot of health problems and using her books as a means of healing through affirmations that she suggests has made most of them go away.
Don’t know how I manage to turn every comment into my life story, but um ya! This got me really excited. :)
Youz da bomb. ♥

I absolutely love the new layout. Love all around. One day I will have to learn to program so I can write a nice theme like this for my blog. Until that day, I am at the mercy of the free themes on the web, *le sigh* I didn’t get to participate in your love is thing because I was on holiday. Had a great time too and glad to be back in sunny Southern California. I don’t like Helvetica either. ♥ /mwah

Wow, I love the layout! I love it! Sometimes I say stuff twice so don’t mind it! :)

This new theme is great! I love how the quote changes whenever you refresh the page. It’s interesting to see how verious people describe love. This would be a cute idea to do with different words.

I am also glad that you are working on your Internet addiction, and I will be headed over to check out your PhotoBlog. :D

Yay, nice little theme! I like anything with hearts and love, lol. I hope you can rid of the stress and feel better! *hugs hugs*

I love this new layout, Georgina. ♥ How do you come up with such great ideas? I keep refreshing the page to read all of the cute quotes. /eee
The css is lovely and I really like the peachy colour. Wow, once again I sound like a suck-up but I really love everything. /hehe

I must say I LOVE THIS LAYOUT! ♥ haha It is so simple and yet to complex. And not the look but the meaning behind the header. :) The font is very interesting which you used. I agree with you. I link the bottm bar or the top bar, with little in it. I think my next layout will have a top bar.

I’m so excited to be apart of your little project. XD It is so neat to be apart of it, just because there are so many amazing quotes.

I love this layout for your site, it’s sweet and simple, and the font is very nice! /heart I really love how the quotes change on refresh. /heart
Congrats on not taking your laptop to school, I know it’s hard to stay away from the internet. You’re love project looks like it’s going well. /eee I look forward to seeing the photoblog. You really do have an amazing site here, it’s actually one of my favorites. I will visit again. Take care! :)

I really like the layout. the navigation is perfect!! /love I know how hard it is to drop an internet addiction :P I used to be on it all the time too.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEE this layout. It’s super cute. I’m totally into typography layouts lately, and I love how you used the quotes as well :) I also love the no sidebars, because it looks so clean :)

I’m trying to finish up my new layout now, but it looks no where near as awesome as this one.

Nice layout, and thank you for the lovely comment! I am loving how simple, yet cute this layout is =D

I LOVE your new layout! I love it…A LOT. XD

Well, school hasn’t started for me yet. O_O
All I know is that I have a plan to get all of my assignments done as fast and accurate as possible. I need to work harder this year!
I hope I have the will power to actually do it. 😝

By the way, sorry for not commenting in so long!

Aww too bad I’m late but I read your last post and even commented. The submissions were beautiful answers ♥ That project is really cute! And it makes me feel all lovey dovey inside :D

Your themes are always so purdy! I mean it. I love how they always look clean and that it makes the post really readable. :)

I haven’t gone camping in years, too! Camping is such a nice feeling, especially when you’re camping with friends you’re comfortable with :)

Loving this and I LOVE League Gothic also. I was looking to use that font myself in an upcoming project … I do this thing now where I look at signs and say, that’s blah blah blah font and people just stare at me …

I’m back blogging again. Not yet done a protected post, but it is coming. It’d be my luck someone would find it if I didn’t protect it.

Very adorable layout Georgie Porge!! The current layout I’m working on for a new project uses the same color scheme. Oh no! I swear I didn’t know you were gonna use corals and grayscale! Oh Georgie the trendsetter…I can definitely see a lot of people copying the script you used for randomly changing quotes upon refresh. pwahahahaha.

Ooh I love museums! I think Harry and my roommate are going to this one history museum tomorrow for the history class they’re taking. They have to write a 2-page essay about it. lol…they’re both not the studious type so this can get really funny to witness!! hehe ^__^

I don’t know why college professors don’t organize more field trips and such. They make the learning experience much more alive, fun, and rememberable. Eh well. I suppose they’re just lazy or maybe there’s some university policy against it…meh.

Where do you usually shop for clothes?

Hello, Georgina! I haven’t visited Heartdrops in a long time, land I was really “Wow!”ed when I saw your new layout. The first thing that caught my eyes were the rounded corners. If you must know, I love rounded corners very much. Plus the no sidebars thing. I like all the colors you’ve used. They’re simple, but fits perfectly with the layout! I’ve been working on a new layout for Love Strings, but school always gets in the way, sadly.

That’s awesome! I’ve been away from the computer longer than I think I couldn’t take, but I was able to make a week or three without going online. It’s really good for me. I get to focus on my schoolwork.

I prefer hands-on lessons that classroom discussions. They bore the hell out of me. I’m jealous. I hope we’d have a trip to the museum or something like that soon, too!

You’re not lame! Your blogs always make me laugh, and help me realize things, sometimes. Plus, you’re not the only lazy person I know. There’s this girl, Julia, who owns the site Love Strings and barely updates it anymore. Tsk tsk.

I hope you can rest well this weekend, and good luck with those work, too! <3

P.S, I just hovered over your navigations, and OH MY GOD, they are so fucking cute.

Wow your last layout was up for ages. o_O I had absolutely NO idea that the “love is…” project would turn out to be a layout. xD I don’t think anyone did..

It’s amazing though. I love the simplicity and the fact you have no sidebar! :P I dislike sidebars now, baha. The footer looks awesome too, great job. ;3

I love the rotation too, it amused me for a good 20 minutes yesterday, aha.

I’m proud of you for not taking your laptop to Uni for a whole week. ;D

I find museums really boring; they are interesting at first but they seem a bit repetitive and yeah, boring. I LOVE the photo of the giant Rubik’s cube! :D

Sorry you and Sebby had an argument but I’m glad you sorted things out.

I hope you stop being so stressed out soon. :( *hugs*

Haha exactly! They are your comments, you can return them in whatever order you feel like. XD I tend to return the shorter ones first.. baha. Though, I do return yours pretty much straight away.

Yeah, penguin would require A LOT of care. It would be an amazing experience to have one. Can you imagine walking down the road with a penguin? It would be epic.

I think it’s easy to get attached to pets. I was attached to Sasha within a day. o_O

“I guess your sister was just different” is an understatement. o_O She’s a complete weirdo. She used to run round acting like a dog when she was little. She tried to bite my friends hand once…

Yeah a lot of people seem to “social smoke”, I guess that isn’t too bad if you don’t get addicted.

Oh I know what you mean. Whenever I used to wash my hair, dry it and straighten it, it used to be SO frizzy but it’s not too bad now. I leave conditioner in it for about 30 minutes sometimes, it “repairs” your hair. XD

That sounds a bit… sucky. D: I get emails straight away but I have the internet on all the time on my BlackBerry cause I get unlimited internet. :3 I still connect to my internet at home because it’s faster. ;3

Your domain names are really good and unique though! :D You should make a list of recommend domain names; I’m sure people would use them!

I’m quitting smoking as of today! My last cigarette was at 12:30am last night. It’s only 10:45am and I feel like I’m going mad. I need something to keep me distracted but I wanna treat myself to a .com domain aha! I wanna start “collecting” domains but I should probably think about what I’m going to use them for first…

I used to listen to Avenged Sevenfold a lot in like 2005 but sort of went off them for a bit. I love their Nightmare album, it’s amazing. :3

Don’t worry, I’m stressed too XD.
I always change layouts and this one is lovely. I especially like the changing quotes part.
Yeah, The Declaration is definitely a book to read.
I don’t think being addicted to changing layouts is always a bad thing. It can be, like when instead of putting more content, you are building a layout that you don’t actually have a necessity for. But if we enjoy it, I don’t think it’s all bad.
Soph x

Dude, the layout in IE looks great! Not scattered at all.

Ooooh, so you went to the museum together as a class? Last year they gave us a list of museums to go to by ourselves and report back. I hope it was educational lol and made you understand Social Informatics better.

I haven’t seen you at ALL at uni Georgina! I’ve seen Ezio and Chloe lol, but I really miss you and Ryan!

Take care ♥

Just a quick visit to thank you for your lovely reply. I really appreciate the you took the time to read my … Interesting blog. /hehe

Yeah, he was ticked off. I’m not sure why though. It was only me an Alex who went to ask. I felt a bit rude myself but like you said, when you want your results, you try to get them, no matter what the circumstances. :) I did ok. Got Bs in most with a couple of As. I failed in German though. I’m not very good at it. I wanted to continue with French but they wouldn’t let me because I’d taken the lower level paper for it. /argh

I’ll be sure to add you on :D Thanks for adding me as a friend. It makes me less lonely. :P I have only just started scrobbling via my iTunes and WMP.

Thanks Georgina! Glad you like it. 👏 I agree with you, it has brighter colors than the last one.

I know you don’t like the history, why not it interesting to see The Tudors, I understand. It’s normal not know much about about events much in detail, since you don’t like history.

I understand what you say. I guess the producers of these shows need to cash, so make versions of their shows. Although I suppose it depends actors we like one version or another. I’m not sure. I love crime shows, I think are interesting and very entertaining.

Indeed, between Booth and Brennan is a very interesting relationship ♥ If you have a chance to see it, I recommend it.

I love chocolate ice cream. While it is true that chocolate is just too simple.

It is normal when you go to a concert you have to tell your parents that you’re going, because they care about you. I’m sure you will go to a concert, don’t worry.

I’m glad you spent less time on the Internet. It was a good idea that you didn’t bring your laptop at the university. So in your free time you have enjoyed time with your friends. I’m glad you had fun 👏

I understand. It is normal that you were confused, because you have an Indonesian passport. But if you were born in Australia are an Australian citizen. I was wondering if maybe you can have dual citizenship, since your parents are from Indonesia and you were born in Australia.

your welcome! :)

I love your new layout :D I love refreshing the page and reading all of the quotes. Although I’ve also read all the quotes that your readers have sent you. Beside, your site looks so spacious with the sidebar at the bottom.

Your little project is a great idea. It is interesting to see how people describe what love is for them, since we each have our point of view about love. Love is all around ♥

I’m glad you feel proud of yourself for not bringing your laptop to the university. I also feel proud of you. You’ve made progress /eee .

I love going to museums. It’s great that you were hiking. That museum sounds interesting.
I have never hiked with the University. I still remember the wonderful hikings I did when I was in the school.

I saw the photo of the Rubik you’ve uploaded to your photoblog, is great :)

Relax and enjoy leisure time /wave

I love your new layout! And yes, the font is pretty awesome. :D

The quotes thing was a great idea, btw. I would’ve never thought that you were gonna use it for a layout!

I enjoy designing sidebarless layouts too; I just wanted to do something different for my layout right now, so I ended up putting 2, haha.

Internet Explorer is a pain to code for. :( It usually ends up looking a bit different, but I try to make it at least look decent.

I would love to go to a museum! I’ve never gone to one. :( I hope we go on a fieldtrip to one sometime though!

I have to catch up on a few assignments as well, but at least the workload seems to have lessened. At least it’s a 3 day weekend for us (Monday’s a Filipino holiday), so I’ll probably find time to rest between all the work!

This layout is so cute, I love it. <33

It's strange how proud I feel when I manage to live without my laptop for however long it might be, heh. This last week I went camping, and although it was just for three nights I thought I dealt with my lack of the computer quite well. :3

Having said that, I cheated a bit, I had my phone. XD

But yeah it must be kind of a relief in some ways not to have to lug your laptop around? idk, haha, when I was on work experience I had to bring my laptop and it was super heavy, my shoulder was aching by the time I got home. :P

Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately; idk what happened, haha, my site's back up and running though. I always read your blogs though, if it makes you feel any better. ;)

This is a cute layout! Good idea with the “love is” header :) I think it looks fine in IE.

I love going to museums, and there are a lot here. I never bring my laptop anywhere because it’s so big XD But good luck with school. It’s can be draining O_O

Ah, fraggida. I’m on the mobile theme so I can’t see this layout everyone is talking about. Damn. But I will soon! :) lol.

I wish I had the money to buy…and do something with it? Lol. Like I said: fanlistings were wonderful, but I stopped because I just don’t have the time anymore.

My laptop is always left alone in the corner of my room, where I usually sit with him xD. Haha. I don’t have a desk, nor a chair.

I don’t like cold food much because my teeth are quite sensitive to warm-cold things. Like eating pizza and then chewing ice will make my teeth hurt. So I prefer cabinet food xD.

See, our voting here is something unknown to me. I hate politics so I try and have as little to do with it as possible.

Hey, AWESOME layout! I especially love the text rotation you have used. A stroke of brilliance. :) All of the quotations are very nice. It is amazing to see how the definition varies from person to person. ♥

I am glad Fin’s feeling better. /eee

Thank you. I hope my modem stays alive too. It is stupefying how badly hooked the whole world is to technology. Imagine electricity goes off for one day. The world would be disrupted. D:

Oh i ♥ the layout Georgina! It’s so cool how everyime you refresh, there is A new quote! Great Job!

/type Quinn

Thanks. :D Lockerz is making me rich.
It’s been a while since I’ve had a dark layout. It’s my favourite style. :D The font is not something i would use on a regular basis, but it just fits the layout in a certain way.
Fin is really cute name. :)
I believe guys should wear boxers and girls stick to panties. Speedos is kinda nasty on some dudes.
Good luck with the comments. :)

Your new layout is wow!!! So amazing!! I knew you were going to come up with something fabulous. :) The love is… project is really creative. I seriously did not expect it to be part of a project.

I’ve been to a museum once. It was an art museum. It was nice, but it also got me thinking how people make so much cash from art that looks like crap. Some of them are just a bunch of paint splatter, but apparently it’s art. /argh

Congrats on camping. You get to be one with nature. :) Do not get eaten by a bear, and come back in one piece okay? /bounce
Good luck with your assignments. I got got homework frenzy this weekend. 💥

omg this layout’s awesome!! It’s so clean and simple and cute it makes me feel like mine’s a big amateur mess of scribble haha
I really like this, and the no sidebar thing, in fact I was on here ready to comment while putting my layout up and then I thought mine looked so cramped in comparison to your spaciousness so then i went back to photoshop and made it wider haha

I had a look on your love is project page as well which is cool btw! did you have the love quote from Corinthians on there I didn’t see it but I only skimmed over the quotes so I might have overseen it

I love trips out it means I get to miss class haha. Yay for cutting back on taking your laptop in, I mean it must be heavy lugging it around as well

wooooooot for starting a new book. Fillers are the hardest part to write, it’s gotta carry the story along without being boring.
Yeah I’m so excited to finish I’ve been really isolated with being upstairs for 9 hours a day and then you get annoying people on the phone it’s like *snooze*
yeah I should be alright I get paid before my bill is due so I wont be in debt and I got some credit back for sending the clothes back I didn’t really like.

I wish we had wireless in our accommodation, we get a long cable that just about reaches my bed so i can still surf the web on my bed.

who knew a site of the month contest that III held, would be so popular lol. I’m sure you have a good chance of winning :) on person is out.. and im sure its obvious why lol
I never liked theme parks either. I was like.. 17 when i first went on a ride that went upside down! my town has a fair every year, and theres a ride called the zipper. my cousin wanted me to go on it so i finally worked up the courage.. it flips like crazy and i was freaking out.. after that it was ok lol. Theres lots of people who scream, so don’t feel bad if you do.. because I sure scream A LOT. I’m such a chicken but i like the adrenaline rush that i get from it :D lol
1 week to go pretty much! im excited and nervousss.

this layout is awesome! I love it. I like how theres random quotes that change when you refresh :D . happy birthday heartdrops!
yay for not taking your laptop! its goin to be hard for me when i go to schoolas well.. im used to ALWAYS being on it lol.
musumes can be interesting, but like you said you’ve been to them so many times that its now blah. we have a train one here where I live (since my city is known for trains.. and killing a circus elephant with one by accident.. lol)
good luck with your assignments! they may pile up, but you’re Super G, you can do it :D

Wow, I really like the layout, and I also love the way the quote changes! :3 You’ve inspired me to do a typography based layout for my next one. /type I love love! ♥

Your new layout is absolutely gorgeous! Perhaps it’s because I’m always partial to work that doesn’t involve photography and has bold, contrasting colors. And despite my completely apathetic to love approach to live, I do really like how hearts look.

I get bored in museums as well. Unless the exhibit I’m viewing is really intriguing (like the Harry Potter one I saw last summeer), I lose interest. It would probably be more interesting if I actually read the info, but I never seem to feel like it.

Hello Georgie! :3 I miss talking to you. :( I guess after I kind of lost interest, I took a longer break than from the internet than I though. :L But now I’m back and commenting you! :D

How have you been?

I love the layout! The simplicity is so great, and I adore the colors even though it’s grey..they look so nice together. :P

LOL. Congratulations on not bringing your laptop along with you to university! It’s nice that you have that self-control. ;)

—Reply to what I can remember from your last comment XD —

Thank you! (about complementing my ears). You should definitely get it done if you want to. It honestly hardly hurts and it looks great! Haha, I got my first ones done when I was 9 and then my second and cartilage when I was 14 (now but I’m almost 15 :P ).

Hahah, I you wear it right, I won’t look trashy. :) I don’t ever thing that any ear piercings look trashy. I just don’t like the eyebrow and lip. :L

You got salmonella?! :o From what? Did you eat raw eggs or something? I hear that can be deadly if not treated early. D: That’s kind of how the flu was for my brother. His legs stopped working and he couldn’t walk during his flu. Thank God it all got cured. :)

Well I can quote from a song…
Love is much more to life than just words…
Love has different meanings for everyone. Some don’t even know what love is and just think they’re in love… For me love means so many things. Love is when you can’t stop thinking about this person, when you want to spend every waking moment with this person, when you want to give every and everything great to this one person, when you want to and think you can spend the rest of your life with this person. Love is when all thier flaws becomes a beautiful piece to thier master piece…

Okay enough of that. Nice new layout. Simple and sweet. I should switch my theme as well, it’s been a while indeed!

Oh that’s nice doing the excursions. It is true that Universities don’t do many excursions =) So it’s nice.

Take care xx

LOVE the layout! I always wanted to try making a layout just with words, but I always don’t know what to write. So I end up using lyrics or just making a design. I love how its not too dark, and its not too light at the same time. It’s like in the middle ground. I always find it hard to find the middle of things @_@

HAHA I hate it when a song just plays itself over and over again, and then I find myself humming the song! That’s what happened to Katy Perry at first. And she just grew in me :)

Yeah, that’s true. I was taught how to use spoon and fork, always. So when I came to Canada, it was really hard for me to just eat with a fork. Even though I can do it, I still prefer spoon and fork. LOL. I honestly don’t understand what the point is for having so many spoons! I know there’s a spoon for soup, but I don’t know about the others. Spoon is still spoon.

HAHA. That’s what my friend said before highlighting my hair! She said that I can always dye it back to black or grow it out. But I love my hair right now /eee

You just gave me the idea! I’m pretty sure that I would be bored sometimes in class, so might as well bring the poem book with me and I can write some poems :) I want to fill the book, and then I can see it as an accomplishment! But right now, I’m just writing stories for my Fanfiction since I abandoned it years ago and I feel bad.

I am in love with this theme! Its so neat and so lovey dovey :D I really like the fonts you used in it!
I love refreshing the page over and over to read all the quotes! I really wish I was a part of the project but it is still really interesting to read what love means to everyone. Love doesn’t exactly have a definition, but everyone has a different way to describe it. :)
I know what you mean! I am so addicted to the internet, and lately, because I got my tonsils taken out, I have to stay home for 2 weeks, which doesn’t exactly help the internet addiction. :P

I love this layout! The “Love is…” idea was sooo creative!

I use to be ADDICTED to the internet. Come straight home and stay on the internet ALL day and night. Now, I can’t even do that. It gets boring. I’m glad I got over that addiction because it really isn’t healthy.

I HATE going to the museum. It’s just all looks the same to me. They bring the same exhibits back at the same time every year and I just don’t get it. The only reason I enjoyed going on the trips was because I got to get out of class. That’s all different now that I’m in high school.

Thanks for the good luck wish in school. I really need it. This has only been the first week and I am soo tired but just can’t a break. I guess this is the most important year of high school.

Love your new layout! Yeah, okay, you knew that already, but still! And I’m glad I was able to help you with it, if only a little. ^_^;;

Hmmm museums. My dad used to take me to as many museums as possible when I was little. It was quite fun to see random stuff, even if I never read the information. XD

Then again, it’s more fun going to a museum because you want to rather than going because you have to (due to a school excursion.) Still, Thursday’s one was cool since we were pretty much allowed to do whatever we wanted, and didn’t have to tag along with the teacher all the time.

Yeah, univewrsity doesn’t have that many excursions… but year 10 for me was worse. We only had ONE, and that was to Cronulla. Hell, we didn’t even get to do the work experience thing. Year 11 and 12 were better, because we got to go to more places, especially for Legal Studies .XD

I’m feeling better now, thanks hehe. No, don’t worry about it. It didn’t. I’m just glad things are okay now . ^_^

Race in returning comments? No man, you’d win. I take at least 5-10 minutes to return one. And that’s for a short one D:

And you are a speed demon! I’ve noticed how fast you type and how fast you move from one comment to another. >_<

I have to leave a comment Since I’ve been visiting your site daily for the past two weeks. I’m a ‘new’ reader, and I’m loving the new layout, and the quotes in the header too! They’re awesome, and make me think of what I think about Love. I seriously love your site. The blog, the tutorials, everything is perfect Georgina:)

I do love the layout & your little project!

Congrats on not taking your laptop to class all week! :) I’ve been told I have an internet addiction as well, but I must say I’m not on it as much as I used to be. The main reasons I’ve been on it as much as I have been lately is because of all the band things I’m doing. Ugh.

I will go look at pictures on your photoblog. :) I’m a bit of a picture whore…if you haven’t noticed by recent posts. lol.

This layout is a refreshing change. It’s very clean, neat and I like how the font is big and clear. Gonna admit, I’m a sucker for no-sidebars layout! :P

I think you can also consider having the navigation text appearing when it’s on hover. The heart effect is nice but without the text it may be slightly confusing to some. Just my 2 cents. :)

Thank you Dayna! This is my second layout without a sidebar since I opened Heartdrops. :D I started to think that the sidebar elements weren’t necessary and it’s fine for them to go at the bottom.

I actually didn’t want the hearts to have the text on them, but I might consider that now. I didn’t want them to appear, and got annoyed that Internet Explorer didn’t allow the text to be transparent, but maybe I’ll consider making them a light grey or something. :)

Well hey Georgina! It’s been a while ^^
You’re new layout’s pure epicness has inspired me to make a new one of my own, which I really needed. So, uh, thanks xD I also love how the quote changes. Nice job!

All I can say is that…. I totally love this layout. ♥ I seriously do. /ehe

Congrats on how awesome this layout has turned out to be. :D I saw my “Love is…” answer on the page… hurray! *u* I’ve also read some of the answers and they’re all awesome. Heehee. Congratulations on the successful project. /eee

Is it okay for me to use Font Squirrel as one of my resources? I’ve checked it out and I looooved their fonts. /love

Hey Georgina, I’m glad you did a new record, to be honest I’ve been bored of your last layout, and when I’ve been entering your site, I’ve wished you would have changed the layout, then this really happened, I’m so glad, and proud of you sister, Georgina, keep up the great and neat work. I love typography though. Can’t wait to celebrate with you, your website’s 2nd anniversary! =)
I love the font you used which is “League Gothic”, I love about how you got rid of those sidebars, I hate these, but can’t do much pretty now.
I love how when we refresh the page a new quote comes up this is so great =]
That’s kinda not called addiction, it’s kinda..umm, whatever! You can say, that I’m addicted to the internet too, I just can’t live a minute without it, wonder why..
I’m so glad you figured out things with your boyfriend, happy long living relationship <3 love you, sister..
I got a new blog and bunch of new resources worth the check, anyway I mentioned them all, so you can check 'em out here's my new blog: , thank you.. have a nice day, cyah <3

Heyy Georgie, It’s okay I’m just a fan of your website.
Thank you Georgina, I must thank you for every single cheering word you gave me. LOL, I’m just saying “can’t live a minute without it” as exaggeration, I mean I can’t pass one day without passing by the internet.
I’m so glad everything’s okay, sorry if I corrupted between Sebastian and your boyfriend. Sometimes I really mess up..=P Forgive me XD That’s way too much better that you didn’t even fought with your boyfriend, I’m so glad Georgina.
Since I never fought with my girlfriend too.
Hope you’re okay at university, I just got like 2 years at school, then 3 years technique college, then university, I will probably study graphic and web design, I’m very excited,I’m just sick of school, but I know I must deal with it. Yeah, since you’re in Australia it’s winter right now, so yeah it’s natural that it must be that cold. Here it’s summer and it’s kinda hot, but it’s getting cooler day by day. That’s so cool you like autumn I do too, and I like winter too. I probably hate hot weathers. Of course you did it, since you’re having a tutorial on validating a website, then it’s the least to have your website valid!
Mozilla Firefox, is the best browser I’ve ever worked on, it’s really reliable, my website is 100% Firefox friendly, as much as Chrome, Opera, and Safari.. I just hate Internet explorer, it’s being like a bitch sometimes, I have it as decoration on my computer, but since I have Windows7 I will probably be able to get rid of it, soon.
I usually sit on my computer alot, too. But I must get rid of this bad habit, since I have school starting then I will be only allowed to login the computer at weekends and holidays. I will sometimes login by my iPOD, to reply comments, only, or maybe to write a new blog, so on. But most of my updates are going to be like on weekends, same thing for the blogs. I’m really excited for school arrival, I want to hop into a new journey!
Well I’m glad you liked my blog picture, I didn’t take it myself, though. I took from Google. Thank you Georgina, I’m glad you liked the icons, yes I will do always improvement in everything.

I love this layout! Minimalistic is the way to go and you really nailed it with this one! It’s very welcoming and pleasing for the visitor, great job. The ever-changing quotes are very nifty!

Everyone get in arguments about their internet addiction. Me too. I’m still here, so guess who won? /hehe