What is Love?

I didn’t take my laptop to university yesterday. I figured it would be a lot less strain on my back. I missed my laptop while I was out, but I felt good because I wasn’t mindlessly typing in class, and I was writing instead. I still got a wee bit bored in class but I wrote out some poems. :)

I also felt good because it gave my laptop a much needed break. Lately Fin’s battery has been dying out and only lasting about half an hour, which is a bit disappointing when I’m sitting in a lecture. I’m worried the battery will die halfway through, and in turn that makes me lose a bit of concentration. But, it’s all good, and I’m glad I spent some time off the computer.

I missed Fin, and I went online as soon as I got home. :P I love him too much.

As Never Shout Never puts forward, “I have a question – what is love?” While I don’t intend for this to be a soppy little post about love, it’s always interesting to see people’s viewpoints on said topic. On Twitter the other day, I asked people to complete this sentence for me, in less than 160 characters:

Love is…

I guess love is pretty hard to sum up in such a small sentence, and that’s why I wanted to start a little sort of project, but I actually want all you guys to be a part of it. I’m planning to reveal it on the weekend, or in my next blog post. But for now, I want you guys to tell me in a short (please, short!) sentence or two, adding to the phrase “Love is…”. I know people can have funny viewpoints on it, sometimes serious, sad, or contemplative.

I’ve had bad experiences with love, as one naturally will. But I’ve also had good ones. Though some of us go through a search for “soulmates” or “The One” (whether you choose to believe in it or not), we might struggle and might not care for love out of spite. But just because we can’t find a person to be our lover, doesn’t mean that we are not loved. There will often be love in the family and even between friends.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a person. We might love our pets. I used to have pets, that we sadly returned or gave to better owners, because we couldn’t afford to take care of them – both time and money. I still loved them for the short time we had them.

We might love things. We have hobbies that we love, the same way I love to blog and write. We might like to read. We might love music. We might have an undying love for photography that extends day to day.

We might fall out of love, but we still remember the good memories that came out of the experience. I’ve had nasty breakups in the past, but there are still the good times to reflect on. I’ve had fights with James, but it’s just crystal clear that every time, the love always wins over.

And we should always love ourselves. Loving ourselves means that we can extend that love to the people around us. When we are loved in whatever way, that love overflows from us and to other people.

Please, share your stories of love, because I’d love to read them. And please write a sentence or two, finishing “Love is…” ♥️

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Love is… being with your family.

Love is… 🤬

lol jk. hmmm that is actually really difficult to put in exact words :X

hmm…the closest thing to my idea of love isn’t in the romantic sense but more of a companionship sense.

Love is…knowing that you are never alone in this world.

This love i’m talking about is between my family and my 3 best friends. Even though I’m physically alone at times, I am never, ever alone in this world because they will always be there for and with me. i love them ♥

and loving yourself is the most important type of love, in my opinion. how can you love something/someone else if you can’t even love yourself? *nods*

(If I have to encompass everything…)

Love is something you’d allocate time for in your life.

Ironic o wrote a little bit in my blog about how deep down I want to font the one. Haha

Anywy I love this post. So I put my love thing below. I haven’t had the amazing ending, but I beleive in all my heart that it will happen.

Love is a rollercoaster, it has it’s ups and down, and although it may seem as it hurts a lot, it’s worth it to get the end result.

Love is eternal and indieing. (I tried to send this one to you on twitter, but it didn’t send.)

Gosh, so many typos. I hope you understand it. :) (Stupid iPod places the dumbest words when you don’t want them.)

I’ve always thought that the answer for the question of what love is, is just “Love is…………” because to be honest, whenever I think of this, I can come out with many sentences but I couldn’t pick one that explain what love is and fits all conditions.

But if I have to answer it I would say that love is happiness and disappointment. You can truly feel disappointed at someone when you truly love the person.

Love is…muffins.

Weeee!! Thank you <3 <3
Well I haven't received the invitation yet.
Anyway,We'll catch up on twitter…Maybe because I don't have you added to my list..Anyway MSN is getting so stupid these days..Yeah I understand you,people think Busy/Available status,is a decoration which is really not.I fought with my old friend because I've been set to busy,& he didn't respect me,& I was doing a PNG =P
Yup,there's nothing more than sorting out things with your best friend..LOL
This year I fought with my best loyal friend like 3 times xD
anyway,have a nice day,can't wait to catch you By MSN
luv ya sister,cyah x

Love is… most of the time a good way to get hurt.

I totally agree with you. /faw

Yay for not taking Fin to university with you. ;D I never take my laptop out of the house but I do feel good when I don’t use it for like, a whole day or something. It’s nice to have a break from everything.

I’ve always got my laptop plugged in so I don’t know how long the battery lasts. My old laptop’s battery only lasted 20 minutes… then it broke, completely died. :(

I saw you post that on Twitter but I couldn’t really think of anything to say. :/

Maybe it’s because I always associate love with a relationship between a man and a woman? (Or a man and man or woman and woman, you know, whatever floats your boat). But like you said, love can mean different things.

I love my family, friends, soccer, music and what not. Love doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be associated with a relationship.

I love Rob in different ways. I love him as a boyfriend, I love him as my best friend, I love him for him, you know? I was pretty naive when I was about 14/15 and thought about the word “love”. But now I understand what it is and Rob’s shown me that.

Love is… whatever you want it to be. (I’m so lame…)

Haha I do find it quite amusing when our comments get shorter and shorter too. ;3 Don’t think I could handle our 1,000 worded comments again. o_O

You could totally have a footer like mind, it’s great for just sticking in updates, Twitter feed or whatever you like. I weren’t going to have one but I thought it looked too plain. xD

I know! Saw is the most pointless film I’ve ever seen… all of them for that matter. I love Shrek! I haven’t seen the new one yet. :(

I can’t let jadedeyes.org go… it’s associated with Breaking Benjamin again, from the song What Lies Beneath:

So I’ll find what lies beneath, your sick twisted smile, as I lie underneath, your cold jaded eyes.

I might keep it as a to do list? You know what Rachel is doing with Broken Fall? I want to do something with it though, I really like the name. :3

It certainly does rot away. I can’t remember any of the German I did at school… And I got a B for it! :(

LOL, I’d love to just get up and go to Australia, it would be amazing. Me and Rob might go to Portugal with my sister and her boyfriend next year, if we can afford it. :3

Yeah, she claimed to be possessed lmfao. Though, in the paper yesterday, apparently she has a mental illness… :/ I think Simon found her.. interesting.

My footer is really stupid. height: auto; or height: 100%; won’t work. I just have to keep changing it from 5 songs to 4 and back again sometimes. XD

Love is rare, you can’t fall out of love, you can either love something/one or have never loved something/one at all. ♥

It sucks about FInns battery dying. :( I guess a break from taking notes on a laptop could be a good thing, writing notes by hand could help you remember them maybe. :)

Why is your battery life so short? :O

Fin is such a cute name! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who nicknames her possessions. My laptop’s name is Cheyenne. :D

I love that band!!!

I bet Fin is glad he had a little break, but he was over the moon when you switched him on. :D It’s good to take a break once in a while.

Um, this sounds interesting. I guess since I’m a romantic lovey dovey person, I’d say that “Love is .. Treasure.” By this I mean that it’s hard to find True Love (meaning partner, the one, soulmate etc) but there is LOVE from friends and family. XD

I have to say I’m one of those people who believe in Soulmate and The One … As lame as that sounds. *hides* And if I don’t sound too lamerrrrr I believe in love at first sight. Heh, fail.

I’m so glad you like them, yeah you’re right practise makes perfect! ^^

I’m used to using PSP, I’ve used PS a few times but not really “used it properly” like I am now by reading tutorials and things. I still have lots to learn. In PSP, I know lots since I’ve been using it since like … I started web-desiging. o_0 Haha.

Yeah, I took a two day break (that’s why this reply is late-ish…) and I feel much better. I totally stripped myself from using any iPod and computer. I locked my iPod in a cupboard so I wouldn’t be tempted to, lmfao. As for the computer … It really took a lot of will power consdering hearing my sister type on the keyboard lol.

Have a nice day!

I remember when I first layed eyes on my dog Buddy. I already loved him even though I wasn’t completely sure that he was mine but for some reason I knew.

I’ve mistakingly told a few guys that I loved them and it cost me a bunch of tears. So I learned a few lessons.

As to finish your sentence, Love is complex


I like boots too, especially because they come in a bunch of different varieties and styles

sorry it took me so long to return the comment

I agree. There are so many memes out there. I just love it =X I love it more when they mix 2 themes in one meme. Haha.

Haha, yea. I’m sad too but if the last few question are different, I would finish it. Because it would kind of repetitive for me.

Love is something you never knew you needed.

Before I met my boyfriend, I was well…different. I wouldn’t say I was against boyfriends or anything; I was just indifferent about it. I’m not the type to get crushes or talk about boys. I’ve never been. So it was understandable why a lot of people got surprised when I was suddenly in a relationship.

Now that I’m in one though, it’s like I can’t imagine ever not being in one.

I wanted to make a love blog post a few times, but I’m afraid that it would get a bit long. :)) Maybe some other time. :)

Chad says “hello Ben!”, hehe. My laptop is called Ben; after Ben Burnley, of course.

Yeah, I get a lot of people telling me to quit smoking. Rob isn’t bad actually, he HATES smoking but never tells me to quit. I always smoke outside, even at his house so he isn’t that bothered by it. It is really hard to quit, I mean it’s an addiction, it’s just as hard to give up something like caffeine.

I used to put my hair between my lips when it was long, aha. Omg same here! I could leave my hair a week and it would never get greasy, now I have to do it every other day. I try and leave it 3 or 4 days (if I’m not going out) because it washes my hair dye out aha.

I’m a bit complainer too, don’t worry about it. I think everyone complains, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. o_O

People tell you to put on weight? o_O I don’t think people quite know what having high cholesterol means to be honest. I don’t like vegetables though; I only like raw carrots. :( I eat a lot of bananas but I guess I should other types of fruit too.

Going on the computer too much seems to be a bad habit of most teenagers/young adults. I check my comments as soon as I wake up (when my site’s open of course), I rarely check my email, I forget. xD

Yeah maybe it is because you overcharged it too much. Though, battery life does seem to decrease the longer you have it, apparently.

Hehe yep for sure! I think a lot of people just assume love is between a man and a woman and that’s it. It’s an easy “mistake” to make, though.

I know what you mean. I look back on my old relationships too and think to myself “hm, I didn’t love them, not like I love Rob”. I guess love means something different to every person.

You and James are adorable, though. :)

Haha fair enough. I thought I was kinda lame, lmao. It’s hard to sum up what love is in one sentence, but like I said, it’s whatever the person wants it to be.

You should give the footer thing a go!! It’ll be awesome to see Heartdrops without a sidebar. :P I’m sorry mines being a cock too, ahaa.

I’ve only seen bits of each of the Saw films and find them really lame, baha.

I LOVE your domain neverfly.org, it’s just such a wicked name. I suck at coming up with names. Kerry actually came up with jadedeyes.org lmfao. The only names I’ve come up with are dearagony.org and ohpanic.co.uk/.info, baha.

I thought you would have known where jaded eyes came from! You’re not a BIG listener of Breaking Benjamin though, so I’ll let you off. :P I got them up to 18,000 plays on Last.fm aha, obsessed much? :)

LOL oh did she?! Oh, well if I decide to do something like then I’d be sure to credit you. :P

MERCY RELEASE ME LMFAO. Omg. I could watch that all day. :’) She’s been kicked out of the competition now because of her mental illness, which I find quite unfair tbh.


My entire childhood I’ve been closely protected; didn’t even get the freedom to walk to school or the library alone until this year. I feel like wherever I go there’s someone near me. I only get to stay home alone occasionally during the summer, and it’s not enough. I still have to stay at home. O_O

Where does this tie into love? Well at this point I’m not sure if I want to grow up, go to college, and move into my own house, finally being able to be alone, and just suddenly fall in love and have a husband with you. /argh

I also don’t take let downs that well, and if my relationship were to end badly, I’d probably without thinking get violent. :(

Love is a hobby, not a career.

Fin! ♥ At least you were nice enough to give him a day off so he doesn’t die /bash LOL.

Are you going to make some kind of poem out of everyone’s “Love is…” sentences? That’d be pretty cool, actually. Well, whatever you’re going to do with it:

Love is…something earned and not taken.

Because I guess, in a way, it is.

I know I love my dogs, my family, my friends, and lots of other things. But when it comes to some things, my love for it is earned and not simply taken. I guess that makes sense? Not quite sure if it does Dx.

Yeah, I miss the name as well – “Arrowsmash.” But my host was never only, and gave me no sub-domains or add-on domains or anything. 😒 And then someone offered to buy me a .info domain, so I took the chance. 👏 But I hope to stay here for a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time. xD

Well, I put it up there just in case people wanted to pry real deep into my private life. Like I said: I have to trust you with that information. 😰

LOL :). Thanks for the questions, Georgina. I’ll be sure to answer them. They’re actually not that random at all!

I think here, in the US, we’re aloud to have a choice on whether we want to vote or not…but I’m not 18, and haven’t ever voted, so I’m not really quite sure. My parents get all POed when they have to vote, and just fill in the boxes without caring. :X I don’t think you’re supposed to do that…

:S Wow, a Red Bull? You’re brave. Those things A) taste disgusting, and B) send me into a hyper frenzy. 🤬 Sorry, but definitely not my thing! My mom loves them though, and drinks them all the time. My dad drinks those 5-hour Energy drinks like water. :| I hear too much of a certain energy drink and it can put your heart rate up dangerously high.

Aw, I closed my fanlisting…I don’t know – maybe I’ll open it back up. But with school, I don’t think I will. I just don’t have the time to maintain them. I have HS classes this year, so the homework will be harder and in twice the quantity. /huh

I don’t like being forced to do anything, and going to church is one of them. I feel my religion and everything, but singing praise songs and hearing them tell stories of miracles and things doesn’t help my belief if I already believe.

Love is the beautiful painful part of life.
Lo, I said it. I think this is the best I can sum it up.

You’re right. I have never had pets, but I do seem to fall in love with pets of the characters I read and see. There was once this movie in which the main character was the dog who dies in the end and I cried buckets.
We love our parents, we love our families, we love our friends and boyfriend, and of course there are other things. Like the way I love books. Music. Ah.

Thank you. I was very unstable when I wrote it, but I am a lot better now. I even talked to her, and she is also a lot better now. Your comments helped. :) *Hugs*

Ha ha. India is said to be the land of tigers. My boyfriend’s homeplace had tigers foraying into the house, but I have yet to witness such a sight! It is okay. kangaroos are kinda cute. :P

Love is confusing sometimes, but at the end of the day.. it’s what get’s us through. Without love of friends, family or relationships.. I don’t think we’d be able to get by the way we do.

Love hasn’t been treating me too well lately though, so I’m sure on another day i’d have a much better opinion of it :P I don’t know if soul mates and the one are really true, because I find it hard to believe that with SO many people in this world, but idk… I guess we’ll all find out one day.

HAHA, that’s so true about online shopping not having sales people. It’s so annoying when they keep coming up asking you if you’re doing okay and such. It’s like, um if I REALLY needed you.. I’d ask. I know they’re just doing their job, but it’s still annoying sometimse when they come over like 50 times when you’re trying to try stuff on. That’s the downside of online shopping though, you won’t know how something fits/feels on you, if it’s clothing that you’re buying.

and LOL. what your mom wouldn’t do, eh? ;) she has two kids so does that mean she gave you permission to have sex, since she did it? hahaha, just kidding of course xD whenever I leave with David, my mom just said ‘behave yourselves’ xD

The first time I fell in love, I was only 13. Does that sound realistic? I don’t think it is, but I was in love with him. His name was Karl, and he and I meant everything to one another. He was my #1 Best Friend, and I was his #1 Best Friend. We went through everything together, helping each other through the ups and the downs. He helped me get closure from a guy (my first boyfriend) who totally and completely broke my heart the previous year. He hurt me a few times, and I had hurt him a few times, too. But that comes with every friendship — almost every friendship. But then he kept hurting me, thinking only for himself, thinking I’d forgive him anyways because I’m his #1 Best Friend. I said good bye to him, and he came back, only to hurt me all over again (and way, way, way worse that time) when he abandoned me because of a rumor a kid he absolutely HATED started. And that was my first and most painful experience love-related.

But during the time I was crying over how hurt I was that Karl had done that to me — left me (the girl who was always there for him through literally everything, and sacrificed so much for him) because of a dayum rumor — Ryan was there for me through it all. Literally, haha. He sat next to me for 2 hours each morning and cheered me up each time I got sad, and we formed this connection over the next few months. And now we’re going out (3 months, baby!), and I honestly think I’m beginning to fall in love again, (: . Real love, this time.

Love is indescribable.

I was super stubborn, too, because I didn’t want to cancel all of my plans made for last weekend to go to California. When I went there in February, it was so boring I actually sat there, on the computer, and cried, >.<. Last time I went to California, we went to Disneyland and California Adventure as well as Lego Land. It sucked big time. And if you’ve ever seen what Disneyland looks like, you would be like, “What?! Why?!” But yeah, it sucked. My little brother was complaining 99.9% of the time, and he wasn’t complaining about 1- It’s too hot! 2-His feet are exhausted. 3-He’s super hungry. 4-He wants to go home already; he was complaining about how he doesn’t want to go on any rides. I swear, the boy went on only four rides, which is stupid because my daddy paid about a hundred dollars for each of us to go into those amusement parks, =_=’. I had to ride on all the rides alone (the ones I actually enjoyed, anyways), which wasn’t very fun.

Maybe you’d be able to go to America for a little vacation after or during university? :D. Well, when you aren’t studying for upcoming exams anyways, :p. Certain parts of the country are horrifying (Las Vegas!!), while other parts of the country are just absolutely amazing, ^_^.

I feel like I wasted money and 2 hours of my life watching Vampires Suck. I have to admit, Twilight was actually better, even if it sucked — the movie, I mean. Why can’t vampire movies actually be good these days, =_=’.

If I quit playing the piano for a year, I would suck so badly after coming back to it, o: . Well, at least, I think so. The other year, when my mommy was going through her last month of pregnancy and the first 2 months of taking care of the newborn child, she didn’t have any time to take my brother and me to our piano lessons, and our piano teacher wasn’t able to come to our house, either. So I didn’t play for 3 whole months, except only occasionally when I get bored and some weird melody pops into my head and I go nuts trying to figure out the notes to it, ;D. But other than that, I didn’t touch the piano. I was able to pick it up fairly quickly, much to my surprise. But a whole year? Uh, I doubt it, :p.

Love is insane. To me, it’s just a messed up combinations of most of the emotions that exist.

On a different note, I thought I was the only one who named my laptop xD mine’s Kurogane :3 I wonder why the battery’s so dead O.o I had a large Dell one and it ended up like that, but that was after a couple years, it’s just that the battery was dying naturally. HMMM…

Have you checked into getting another battery for your laptop? It’s just a thought because I know now you can extras and then you can have both charged and that might work out a little better.

My well needed computer off time lately has been spent cleaning…I’d much rather be on the computer. lol.

I can’t wait to hear what your project is. :)

Love is being able to show someone your flaws, and they still stand beside you.

Yeah you’re right,it depends on the relationship with your best friend,if it’s strong then whatever happens on earth couldn’t divide you..So yeah..Yeah lot of people think those statuses are for decoration which is not..I Don’t use them to decorate my Display picture neither..So yeah.
Anyway I got the invitation from you,& you’re added to my list =]
Can’t wait to have a chat with you..cyah x

That must’ve been a major stress reliever for your back not taking fin to uni. I’m proud of you though. I honestly think this generation has to have either a notebook or a computer with them at all times. But I’m proud of you that you didn’t take him with you for one day.

I’m surprised you haven’t replaced anything on it yet. I’ve replaced 5-7 hard drives, 1 mother and 1 monitor. And it’s still a piece of junk! Of course it’s from Dell, but meh.

Anyway, I love your post love is being a family through think and thin no matter what. You gotta love that person for who they are, and not what they are. That’s what love is.

I love this post. :) I don’t ever take my computer to school. If I type things I don’t learn them as easily as I do if I write them. I don’t know why, but it is what it is.

And to complete your sentence, “Love is something that needs to be appreciated. If it’s not, it might turn into something less than love.”

I wish I could of gotten out of US History, I hated history class. Always have, always will. I’m not one of those people to care about what happened before, so the last thousand years of our existence, does not interest me one bit. I like looking to the future (: I’d probably vote for whoever is in office just to get it over with if I HAD to vote.

My cousin has been trying to persuade me to go on the trip as well. She said I will definitely make new friends and it will be a lot of fun. I should give it more thought.

The last trip I went on with the school for a few days was a disaster. We were suppose to be going to Germany but the was a really had storm meaning the English Channel ferries were cancelled. We got a later one but I didn’t give us enough time to make it to Germany for the day so we ended up in Belgium.

:) I love the beach, especially British beaches. There something about them.

I’ve got my results and I’ve posted them in my blog. 5 A’s, 5 B’s and 1 C. I’m so happy because I’ve got in to the college of my choice.

I re-applied at the place I applied for a job at last as there is another position. I might have more luck this time because I have my grades and not predicted ones! I hear the only other person going for the job is my ex boyfriend who isn’t as clever as me.

I saw the perfect laptop bag the other day. It looked like a normal handbag but it had a space with extra protection for a laptop. It was way too expensive so my mum said wait until Christmas!!

I have 2 money boxes. One for English change and one for Euros which I save for going on holiday.

Carrying a laptop on my back would probably knacker me up too! I bet you felt so lost without it!

What is love?… Good question. I guess love is a feeling and an emotion. It’s what I feel I spend time with the important people in my life.

Now I come to think of it. Love is ridiculously hard to explain. I suppose it’s what ever you want it to be. Love is magical.

Love is a hug. Hugs make everything better as I always say.

Do you know what? I love love!!!

YEHEY, you’re writing poems again :) I remembered you told me you haven’t written any poems this year. WOOT WOOT /eee

That’s actually one of my main concerns bringing a laptop to class. I don’t want it to die on me, and I need to scramble catching up with what I missed and I might not have saved what I typed. /huh So might as well bring pen and paper, just in case. Hope Fin’s doing fine though.

Whoah, that’s a tough question you got there. Even though I write poems, its still hard to think of an answer on what love really is. It’s one of those questions that you just can’t answer in one word and that’s it. Because there’s lots more to it than just one word. But since you want it short, I’m going to say…

Love is when you’re happy. /eee Love is when you share that happiness ♥

I’m really bad with tuning the guitar. I tried it out, and it just wasn’t working for me. I just don’t have “the ear” to it. :(

I really hate sitting in the front and looking up. Instead of enjoying the movie, you’re left with a cramped neck. GRRR. Try watching a 3D movie in the front seats! It actually feels 3D! LOL.

Love just happens to be these: ♥ /love /kiss /mwah

Woot! This has to be one of your best posts Georgie! :P

I guess it is good to give Fin some time off. That obviously gave you some moment to be away from him too. XD

Ho humm, defining love is never easy for me but I guess love is something that can turn someone into a selfish and unselfish person at the same time.

Love can have so many and broad definitions that one probably have to write a book of 567386782475845643 pages to define and describe it properly.

Mmm, you’ve read my love story before so I guess I won’t have to retell it again. ;)


It’s unfortunate that the switch was located where everybody has the access to it. I don’t know why the staff wouldn’t consider to at least have the control switch installed somewhere else. Ah well, that’s admin for you.

Oh wow! That’s very considerate of the policemen to let your dad off the hook after hearing his explanation without having to make sure your dad was telling the truth. They could’ve decided to follow him all the way to the hospital but they didn’t. Awesome!

I wish we have a railway system here just to experience what it is like to queue up at the platform and to feel what it’s like to rush to buy the tickets. ;) The only time I’ve ever been on a train was when I was visiting Singapore almost 20 years ago. :/

There really is no better way for me to describe love except for in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

I hope that’s short enough! But, really, love is all-around being… Loving! Bringing hatred and scorn into love taints it and doesn’t make it love anymore. Sometimes, stuff like that does happen, like fights with people you love, but, like you said, love will take over and win. If it doesn’t… Well, that’s not love. In my own words, “Love is the purest kind of optimism toward people and things. It’s the strongest bond and faith, and is made of graces instead of grudges.”

A story of mine on love? I’m afraid I don’t have one. I suppose I used to think I loved people, but it was desperate cravings for attention, faith, solidity, and false hope. I never really loved anyone; I wanted to be somebody’s slave, since that’s how I thought love worked. Boy was I wrong. In the past… oh, not even a year, I’ve learned so much about love. It’s fantastic. 8D

Oh I’d definitely go out in my PJs too!! :D Although.. my pajamas just a rather large shirt… So that might be odd. I’d kiss my best guy friend, but he would be extremely freaked out, especially since we dated. Another guy friend has a crush on my female best friend, and the other one has a girlfriend. I’d kiss both of them, though. xD

I don’t even like the attention from people who care about me. x: I just dislike any type of attention. A friend of mine is like that. He used to get put on the spot in Spanish (heh, my fault, though; I distracted him and he would go so red when he had to have the teacher repeat the question. Silly nut wouldn’t even listen to me tell him the answer, either.)

Yay Fin took a holiday. I’m sure he had fun chilling in front of the TV, watching some cartoons and drinking jumba juice (haha)
I think I’ve tweeted you back on this project before, I can’t wait to see the final project.
Love is what you make it, yet unpredictable.
There you go mon petit chou.

Aww, little Fin :) Hehe.

Love is… the best and the worst thing that you will ever go through in your life. It’s something that hits you several times during your lifetime and on the worst cases it tores you apart, in the best cases it fills your life with happiness.

That’s good you didn’t take your laptop to university. I feel really good when I give my computer or iPod a rest. :)

And yay, it also helped you being off the computer for some time! :D

Love is…anything you want it to be? :P It’s listening to music, spending time with your friends and family, spending time on the internet, books, food… ♥

I haven’t ever had a boyfriend so I’m not sure about that kind of love, but I have my friends and family. I love them all to pieces, though I fight with my family members a lot. :P I have never had a pet either. :(

Thanks! :) I was thinking that about the font. Is it a bit too much?

Our teachers are also like that. It was only that our monthly exams ended that our Chemistry teacher agreed. XD

LOL I’ve never thought of it that way before. :P

Me too. I haven’t heard Pieces of You. Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson is a nice song, but I don’t listen to it much now. Pieces by Sum 41 is pretty easy to play. When I first heard that song, I thought it would be tough for me.

I love Your Guardian Angel a lot! <3 It's the only song I have by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I also have Face Down, but I've never listened to that song properly. :P

Yup. I do that a lot. It's a really awesome thing. A lot of times I start reading a blog regularly without commenting on that website, and I feel like I've sort of become that person's friend though I have never even talked to them. :P

I don't usually say "bad" things either, but I do rant on my blog a lot.

Yeah, me too. Hanging out with people and really talking to them is much better.

I try that too, and fail. XD I've been sooo slow at returning comments. Yup. I've found a way to make myself feel better about returning comments, though. I copy all my comments on Notepad and save them. When I have nothing to do, I start replying to bits of them on Notepad. I'm still slow at returning them but at least I can tell myself that I AM working on the comments. XD

I will. I don't know, completing that book might take another six months for me. *sigh* :P

I'm glad they're not. I wouldn't like it if e-books started replacing real books.

I can’t believe nobody has left a comment that says “what is love? …baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.” LOL. Maybe not a lot of people know that song…but it’s pretty popular in America. My doggone high school played it every morning…I don’t know why! Eminem has a new song out from his new album that has snippets of that song in it. YouTube it (H)

Dude my first year of college, I would take my laptop to school with me everyday. I had like 4 hour breaks in between classes. I would have been so bored without it! Awwe poor Fin though…he’s probably not used to not being near his mommy @_@

The Greek language has multiple different words for love, depending on if the speaker means charity, friendship, attraction, or…lust. So to throw in a couple different answers, I’ll go with: (1) Love is agapê, philia, storgê, and eros. (2) Love is merciful, selfless, compassionate sacrifice.

I’m glad that you mentioned the importance of loving oneself. Every time I watch the episode on Friends when Phoebe tells Joey “I taught myself and I loovvveee me,” I dwell on it for a bit. Her character in the show is such a fulfilled and genuinely happy and satisfied individual who is comfortable with herself no matter how different she is. I want to be like that. I think it’s impossible to love other people completely without loving yourself first, you know?


No worries my lovely Georgie Porge!! You wished me a happy birthday on Twitter, I promise! Lol. I think you were like the second person to tweet me a birthday wish ^__^

Oh my goodness that’s right…we have like opposite weather. So what did you wear to school today? I’ve been running errands and lounging around the apartment in yoga pants and a tank top. Oops, no bra today ;P

Six days later… and she arrives. My bloody gawd I am getting worse and worse at this commenting lark.

Ah, good on you to take some time off Fin and give him a well earned break. :) It’s also nice to do things the ‘old fashioned way’. But, yes, you are an addict to the online world so of course there is no way you could leave him for 24 hours as your tutor suggested.

I missed that challenge as I’ve been pretty dead on Twitter recently but I’m glad you blogged with it ’cause I want to try. You are right, it is very hard to explain the term love. To some people it is something special, to others something amazing and for others, sadly, meaningless.

Pets are so good. I love having two dogs to lark about with.

Love is a harsh teacher and an unbreakable bond; it will blind you to a person’s imperfections and can lead you to happiness or sorrow.

(I told my friend Grace about your question and she says, ‘Love is God’).

A very hard and provoking question. Being my age I have had crushes when I was younger, etc. but so far I have not had a proper relationship. As of now I’m not really looking for one. I do worry that I won’t find love when I am older, but I hate worrying about the future as it wastes time.

And, it is hard to explain love in all situations in a few sentences @_@

We should indeed love ourselves. If we do not love ourselves then surely we can love no one else. We all should respect ourselves.

I wasn’t really busy, just very lazy. And, sadly, I still am, even though I have bucketloads of time.

IKR… so not summer. And yes, Big Ben is cool. :D I also heard it chime 3pm which really amused me.
Scaffolding, eh? I can imagine it’s a pain to see the time. I wear a watch all the time but it was still cool to look at Big Ben for the time.

I hope so too. :) I would have loved to have made a difference :D

Apparently the Germans bought some of our phone booths for Berlin, so you see them around occasionally. LOL.

Take care! xx

Love is knowing you can live without the person if they were to leave or to die.

I have had in my life 3 boyfriends. I don’t think I have ever truly ‘loved’ them. I am not even sure what love is anymore. Just lately my life in love has gone downhill fast. I don’t know anymore, so I have decided to just concentrate on me from now on. It’s too much to care.

I will be sending you a password when I write my protected post. I am still not blogging at the moment because my life is a total shitfest, Sean, family, my doctor, every little detail in my life is just … you get it so I won’t clog up my comment. Just keep your eyes peeled …

I hope you’re well xx

My current boyfriend is my third one. I feel that I truly love him. When I look back on past relationships I realise that at the time, I completely felt like I was in love, but relatively, and in comparison to now, I wasn’t. I think I even had inklings at the time that it wouldn’t work out. But that’s the complexity of love, I guess.

*hugs* I hope things start looking up for you soon. ♥ As for me, I’ve been going well, just a heap of work to do for university at the moment. /sweat


What is love?

Let me answer your question first, while I am still partially functioning cos it’s so late at night and I’m so tired @_@ But yes…

Love is…when you trust someone enough not to hurt you, but when they do, you always forgive them.

Haha I think I replied “Love is pain” on twitter XD

Sorry, I totally tried to be serious this time :)

Man, you must have felt like you were forgetting something when you left Fin at home :P When I don’t bring my watch or something, I always feel half empty D: It’s really bad. Hahaha. But it IS probably better for your back :)

Hmm…you sound like you need a replacement battery XD

Ohh…now I am curious about your project. *excited* /bounce

Love is great! But it sounds so painful sometimes. And even when you love someone, it really hurts when they do something that hurts you, and you can’t help but think that you wouldn’t care if you didn’t love them this much :(

But the saddest thing ever is living without love, so it’s worth the pain :)

I AM STILL SEARCHING FOR MY MR DARCY! When I find him, we’re eloping and getting married super quick. You can come as my witness ♥

You’re totally right. Just because we don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife to love doesn’t mean that we live without love. We all have people who love us and we all have people/pets to love. And that’s important and it’s great. It’s like an awesome support group!

Omg, I have an undying love for reading! Hahaha. If I went blind, my heart would break D:

Man, those messy breakups are what I’m NOT looking forward to, but I can’t bring myself to presume that the first person I go out with will be the person I spend the rest of my life with. That’s too good to be true. And I’m not sure I want that either D:

You and James are SO cute! ♥ /love Hahahaha!

This is sort of off topic, but the start of your blog reminded me how much I’m going to miss being on my laptop a lot when I’m back at school. :(

I think, love is…putting up with someone’s flaws, even though you don’t have you, you do it because you care about them.

Okay, that little sentence failed, but that is what love is coming from a 15 year old who’s never had an ‘experience’ with love. I love my family, I love my pets, I love my friends and I love my favourite band but I’ve never been in love.

The account got deleted in the end! I’m thankful it got deleted, after all it wasn’t just my pictures that were stolen! I hope this person learns their lesson, however this isn’t the only site that steals. There are more similar that steal photos and tag them, but as other sites haven’t stole my pictures, there’s not much I can do, as to report them you need the originals!

Thank you! I am feeling a lot better now that I’ve had a fair bit of rest. :3

Yeah I think I was being a bit silly with the self-diagnosis thing, I was just jumping to conclusions!

Love is what love isn’t.
That’s my completed sentence. Perhaps as clear as love itself.

Someone did say “Better to have loved and lost, than to have never been loved.’ and I agree with that statement.

Other than that, I don’t have a single clue about what love is.
Maybe because I’m young, maybe because I’m human.

Soph ♥

I can come up with quite a few.
“Love is what makes life worth living.”
“Love is painful. Only with true love can you feel true pain, but the love makes the pain so much easier to bear.”
“Love is something that defies all logic. It cannot be explained or understood. It is the closest thing to magic in this world.”
“Love is impossible to define.”

An interesting blog, it really made me think. I did the best that I could but no words, no pictures, no sounds, nothing can ever describe love I don’t think. It can be so many different things, like you said. Love for a lover, love for a friend, love for family, love for an art form.

I’d like to think karma will get them too. The laughter didn’t bother me though. I can never decide if I believe in karma but it is one of those beliefs that make most sense to me. If it is real though, I’m in for some trouble. :P

No I didn’t get any lasting burns, thankfully, but my eczema has flared up though. I’m too clumsy for my own good.

Voting is compulsory? I would have thought the right to vote is similar to the right to chose whether to vote or not. Not sure if that makes sense. I guess a lot of people who are unhappy with governments are those who sit and complain yet do nothing, not even vote. Maybe it would be better here if everyone had to vote.

I’m guessing your laptop is called Fin?????????? How did you come up with that name? /hehe
Love is hard to find, but easy to lose.

I’m going to watch it online since i don’t think i’ll be going to the movies anytime soon. I will defiantly tell you my thoughts on it. :D

Magical stuff always look so fake in movies. Harry Potter managed to pull it off though. Other than that, they just look like something that you don’t even want to see.

The guy who made the movie wasn’t a porn director, it was the guy in the movie that was a crazy sex freak. And he wore swimming trunks in the movie, it looked like panties. It’s really disturbing for a guy to wear that.

It’s okay. I love replying your comments. :) I did manage to reply them all and put up a new layout. :D

Love is like shit, you have to push hard to get it. /hehe /hehe XD XD ignore this.

I guess for me, love is being able to embrace who a person is and being able to embrace who a person is not. It’s a complicated emotion that can definitely be taken advantage of and it’s definitely a bond or relationship between whoever and whatever that’s formed.

I feel that my experience with love has been mediocre. I guess you could say I love my family, but as for a boyfriend, I’ve never dated one in which I could confidently say that I loved them. I don’t think love is a thing that just appears out of nowhere, it kind of starts as a seedling and then starts budding whether the person realizes it or not.

Love shown to us flows out from us. I wholeheartedly agree that you must love yourself first before you love someone else properly (that’s not exactly what you said but is that what you think maybe?). I think this lyric by Regina Spektor best sums up how I feel about one aspect of love:

No, this is how it works
You peer inside yourself
You take the things you like
And try to love the things you took
And then you take that love you made
And stick it into some
Someone else’s heart
Pumping someone else’s blood
And walking arm in arm
You hope it don’t get harmed
But even if it does
You’ll just do it all again

I need to get off this computer more. I’ve become obsessed with it again. But not so much with my own website, but with reading other’s blogs. That’s not bad. But there are some other things I should do.

I’ve had two people that should love me hurt me and not show that they love me through their actions. I have no contact with them at all. One could contact me the other can’t.
My mom is a single mom and she probably sacrifices more than I’ll ever know for me and my sister. I’m so glad she loves me.
I’ve also seen God just move in ways to really help and protect my family. I wonder what he has done behind the scenes that I don’t know about to protect my family.
I take my definition of love from 1 Corinthians 13. Nobody roll your eyes. :D It actually hits it nail on head.

Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t strut, Doesn’t have a swelled head, Doesn’t force itself on others, Isn’t always “me first,” Doesn’t fly off the handle, Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others, Doesn’t revel when others grovel, Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth, Puts up with anything, Trusts God always, Always looks for the best, Never looks back, But keeps going to the end.

That is probably too long. But I love the whole thing especially in the Message version.
I’m sorry. I guess I’m use to worship guitar picking and that is always played softly because they are in worship mode.

Heeeeeeeeey! I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting on your posts for a long while! I’ve had a lot going on. Aw, I’m sure Fin missed you too, hah!

A love story… well I look at my husband and I. He came into my life out of NOWHERE! He lived in a different town. He went to a different school! I’d never heard of him! We went on a blind date and the spark was there that night. Our love has grown so much these last 7 years. I do cherish every day we’ve been through together even through the good and the bad times.

Love is… a very powerful feeling that has it’s up and downs but is well worth it to form such a close bond that is that love! I love – love! The saying for our church’s womens meeting is “Charity (aka love) never faileth” and it’s so true! It’s important to love and to be loved — whether it’s your family, pets, hobbies, friends.. just love!

a heavy-duty backpack was my #1 accessory my last 2 years of uni. of course, that has everything to do with the fact that i needed my laptop for my major classes, but man do i not miss having to lug kaede around! along with my books! for whole days at a time (depending on my schedule)! XD

for me, love is everything that makes me comfortable and everything that i look forward to. you know, to be general (so i don’t ramble on and on about stuff i like and enjoy, hahaha).

seems like you really love your laptop.. haha I also love Mr.Toshibaaaaaa…

hmm.. yeah, people has different views about love. lol when i was in grade school all i knew was– love is blind.. lol but now, for me, love is like gambling. It’s either you win or lose. It’s like you end up winning the person you love by marrying him/her.. or losing everything like breakups and more.. :-( that’s love for me now.. and once you love a certain person, you have to prepare yourself on getting hurt too.. It’s not always happiness..

I just convinced my dad to take my phone with me. Maybe I can catch some wireless somewhere:d.

I actually did only Jad@Rraftic review that took me 3000 words because I tried to point out every mistake. I hope he listen to my review. Tomorrow I’m leaving so I don’t think I have time to finish another review, because I have to built an website for someone, today in few hours. I wish I had one day more until I leave. I just can believe that tomorrow I will be in the plane leaving to Egypt. It’s gonna be a long day.

My laptop scared me very bad few times. It just stopped working because the battery was too hot. I was really scared because it won’t turn on. I just got out the batter and it worked. My laptop’s battery last 2 hours and half on power saver. It is just 4 months old, so it hadn’t enough time to broke.

maybe you should buy another battery for your laptop. 30 minutes isn’t so much:(. I don’t wanna Fin die:-s

Hmm love. I really don’t know. I had bad experiences with love, but I’m confident that someday true love with appear like it did with you and James.

Love is the only one feeling that can make you smile and cry at the same time.

Oh good! I’m glad I’m not just some silly American who knows a random song about what love is…tehehehe ^___^

lol Georgie when I read your comment, I thought it was a spam comment or something because there were spelling mistakes! I was like, “Georgie Porge never makes spelling mistakes!!!!1” hahahaha ;P But then I saw your little snippet at the end where you said you were on your iPhone.

“be er” = never. I do that ALL the time. People usually wonder why I’m talking about beer when I don’t drink alcohol -___-

That sounds like such a cute outfit!! Awwe adorable grungy Georgina likes to wear skirts!!

Really quick: I just realized that I forgot your full name is Georgina. I call you Georgie like all the time that I forgot you have a real, full name!!! hahahahaa ;P

You and your laptop must have the same relationship me and my laptop have. Lol. For some reason, I find myself remembering more when I actually write notes out by hand rather than my laptop which has led me to leave my laptop at home a lot more this semester than ones in the past. I think my laptop is now mad at me because of it.

Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.

That is my all time favorite quote and sums up how I believe love is. Although, if I had to put it in my own words, I’d say that:

Love is giving someone your everything, mind, body, and soul and getting the same in return.

I never knew what it truly meant to be loved until I met my husband. I had boyfriends in the past before him but none of them made me feel the way he did and still does. When I am with him, I am myself. I don’t feel like I have to have false pretenses or even feel the need to be someone I’m not. I know he loves me for me and you have no idea how comforting that is because it allows to focus on the here and now that we have instead of worrying about being what I am not.

I’ve seen a picture of James’ dog and she’s really cute! Dog’s are the best pet’s. I really love penguins, though.

I think so, I’ve read about your previous pets on your owners page.

It’s a shame that you’re a busy family and stuff but it was the right thing to return them. I don’t think it’s fair on animals when the family is never home. Luckily, there is always someone home for Sasha.

Haha yeah, I love Sasha’s stupidity, it’s so funny. I have loads of videos of her, I should have uploaded one.

Yeah ferrets are really creepy, I never like them. They smell SO bad and just ew. My sister loved them, though.

Your guinea pigs name is amazing. Aww that’s a shame your rabbit ran away. :(

Yeah, I’m glad he doesn’t either. He does hate it and tells me that but he never tells me to quit. Yeah definitely. Before I started smoking, I used to tell my mum to quit and I thought it was easy but no, it’s really not.

Haha! I need to wash my hair today, I think. I know it’s greasy-ish when I touch it but it doesn’t look it. I’m not going out today so I’ll probably leave it until tomorrow.

If we liked everything, then the world would be a boring place.

That’s so true! A lot of people do assume bigger people suffer from high cholesterol. I hate stereotypes. Like most people think just because I’m skinny that I don’t eat…

I get emails from my personal email sent to my BlackBerry. It’s quite handy because I never check that email on my laptop, I always forget. Plus the agency I work through send emails to that email. xD

Yes, definitely. My perception of love has changed from my first “proper” relationship. I’ve definitely learned from my past relationships, even if I was hurt at the time.

Woo! :P I can’t wait to see it. xD

You always come up with awesome domain names; you even let me use Tranquilium and Frostlights. :P

Haha I love BB too much. I listen to them every day without fail. I’m quite into Avenged Sevenfold at the minute as well.

I know! I can’t believe that they are going to kick her out. But apparently, the think the “fame” will make her worse or something. Still, it’s unfair. :(

No! I really do.
Even though I have decided to put it aside because it won’t brace me with it’s presence, I always feel butterflies whenever I see anything vaguely romantic.
I love my cat. He gets me. When I want someone to listen to, It’s him. He’s so cool. He has 14 children to three different “girl” cats, just to let you know. :) ^_^

I think “love ” as an isolated emotion is quite different from being “in love “.

Georgina, you are THE MOST philosophical person on the net. By far.

Sorry to digress but I love you smiley’s; there is always one for how I’m feeling.



Wow. Congrats on breaking free from your laptop, haha. If it were me, I would have never been able to. Maybe you should try investing in a macbook? They are having a promotion, a free ipod touch with every macbook bought, just for students!

:DI got mine, though I sold away the ipod touch. Mac has a wonderful battery life that lasts for around 4-5hours for one hour of charging.

Love is……a euphemism for temporary insanity. (:

Let me see, it is definitely hard to put into words what love is. :X

Love is being able to love someone unconditionally and accept their faults, no matter what they may be. Love is when you trust another person with all your secrets, hopes, and dreams, expecting them to keep them only for the two of you.

I guess I can’t find better terms to explain it /faw

“For me, love is some sort of insanity that frees you.” It makes me do something I don’t usually do at the same time it makes me do something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s like love gives me the freedom to just be myself.

I have several stories related to romantic love but now that I have grown to be more mature than what I had been before, I realized that what I felt before is not really love but some kind of obsession for a person. Infatuation. I realized that now, the only love that has remained true to me was my love for my God and for myself and my family.

But I’ve always loved hobbies! I love blogging, writing, taking pictures, exchanging thoughts like this, reading everyone else’s writing/books, music, and languages and culture. These years I’ve been trying to love myself and my interests and hobbies even more, hoping I would finally understand who I am and what is it that I really love. It’s really insane that I even tried cutting myself for some time, not that I wanted to die but just to know if I’m the type of person who loves pain. I just wanted to know why masochists love the thought of themselves hurting and all. It may sound crazy, but sometimes you gotta do crazy stuff to understand the crazy stuff :))

The only type of love that I’m waiting to experience would be romantic love :D It’s nice that you have a mature (?) romantic relationship with your boyfriend. I don’t really know how mature, though. But I see it as a mature relationship! Immature ones USUALLY involve a lot of kinship and the like. Not that I judge people that way, but that’s just what I observed.