What is Love?

I didn’t take my laptop to university yesterday. I figured it would be a lot less strain on my back. I missed my laptop while I was out, but I felt good because I wasn’t mindlessly typing in class, and I was writing instead. I still got a wee bit bored in class but I wrote out some poems. πŸ™‚

I also felt good because it gave my laptop a much needed break. Lately Fin’s battery has been dying out and only lasting about half an hour, which is a bit disappointing when I’m sitting in a lecture. I’m worried the battery will die halfway through, and in turn that makes me lose a bit of concentration. But, it’s all good, and I’m glad I spent some time off the computer.

I missed Fin, and I went online as soon as I got home. πŸ˜› I love him too much.

As Never Shout Never puts forward, “I have a question – what is love?” While I don’t intend for this to be a soppy little post about love, it’s always interesting to see people’s viewpoints on said topic. On Twitter the other day, I asked people to complete this sentence for me, in less than 160 characters:

Love is…

I guess love is pretty hard to sum up in such a small sentence, and that’s why I wanted to start a little sort of project, but I actually want all you guys to be a part of it. I’m planning to reveal it on the weekend, or in my next blog post. But for now, I want you guys to tell me in a short (please, short!) sentence or two, adding to the phrase “Love is…”. I know people can have funny viewpoints on it, sometimes serious, sad, or contemplative.

I’ve had bad experiences with love, as one naturally will. But I’ve also had good ones. Though some of us go through a search for “soulmates” or “The One” (whether you choose to believe in it or not), we might struggle and might not care for love out of spite. But just because we can’t find a person to be our lover, doesn’t mean that we are not loved. There will often be love in the family and even between friends.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a person. We might love our pets. I used to have pets, that we sadly returned or gave to better owners, because we couldn’t afford to take care of them – both time and money. I still loved them for the short time we had them.

We might love things. We have hobbies that we love, the same way I love to blog and write. We might like to read. We might love music. We might have an undying love for photography that extends day to day.

We might fall out of love, but we still remember the good memories that came out of the experience. I’ve had nasty breakups in the past, but there are still the good times to reflect on. I’ve had fights with James, but it’s just crystal clear that every time, the love always wins over.

And we should always love ourselves. Loving ourselves means that we can extend that love to the people around us. When we are loved in whatever way, that love overflows from us and to other people.

Please, share your stories of love, because I’d love to read them. And please write a sentence or two, finishing “Love is…” β™₯️

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