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Ugh, hung government. I don’t really care for politics, to be honest. Yesterday, though, a moment to be remembered: I voted for the first time. I know, I mentioned this earlier, knowing that my vote very well does count, but the bottom line is that I don’t think it makes much of a difference. I voted for the Greens, and before you snap at me and tell me I should have voted proper, I actually did stand there at the voting booth and think for a while about who to vote for. 😐

In years gone by (by that, I mean high school) we had gone on camps and trips to the Parliament House and were educated on what it would be like to vote and what we would have to do. We acted it out, numbering boxes on the ballot paper and putting it in the box.

Needless to say, actually doing it was an interesting experience.

Before I get to that, though – I’m the only one in my family voting, because I’m the only one over 18 who is an Australian citizen. I used to confuse myself so much a few years ago, and I thought I wasn’t an Australian citizen. The rules change from time to time, but I was born in Australia, and when I was born, the rules were that children born in Australia would automatically acquire Australian citizenship.

I refused to remember that (well, how would I?), so throughout high school I constantly kept telling people that I wasn’t an Australian citizen, when I actually was. 🙁

That resulted in my friends telling James to hurry up and marry me just so I could be an Australian citizen. Complicated stuff, I know. 😛 I was hopelessly mistaken, but thank goodness my mum and dad had corrected me not too long ago!

I only had to go down the road to the public school around the corner of my house to vote. I had to wait in line for some time, and the smell of sausages caught my attention and made me hungry because I hadn’t had lunch yet. But I resisted, because I didn’t want to pay for lunch when I was going home right after.

The old man behind me was being a bit annoying. He was kind of invading my personal space and kept on trying to push in front of me. Yes, the line was long, but he didn’t have to be so rude.

I got an “I voted” sticker after voting. 🙂 I wasn’t too happy with my decision, but the thing is, I wasn’t really supporting anybody in the election, so I ordered my votes as best I could!

Today I uploaded some music to Meladori. I have been recording some guitar improvisations for some time, and I chose to post them online somewhere. I chose not to sing in any of them, though. Do let me know what you think of the music if you can check it out. ☺️

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