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Ugh, hung government. I don’t really care for politics, to be honest. Yesterday, though, a moment to be remembered: I voted for the first time. I know, I mentioned this earlier, knowing that my vote very well does count, but the bottom line is that I don’t think it makes much of a difference. I voted for the Greens, and before you snap at me and tell me I should have voted proper, I actually did stand there at the voting booth and think for a while about who to vote for. /hmph

In years gone by (by that, I mean high school) we had gone on camps and trips to the Parliament House and were educated on what it would be like to vote and what we would have to do. We acted it out, numbering boxes on the ballot paper and putting it in the box.

Needless to say, actually doing it was an interesting experience.

Before I get to that, though – I’m the only one in my family voting, because I’m the only one over 18 who is an Australian citizen. I used to confuse myself so much a few years ago, and I thought I wasn’t an Australian citizen. The rules change from time to time, but I was born in Australia, and when I was born, the rules were that children born in Australia would automatically acquire Australian citizenship.

I refused to remember that (well, how would I?), so throughout high school I constantly kept telling people that I wasn’t an Australian citizen, when I actually was. /bash

That resulted in my friends telling James to hurry up and marry me just so I could be an Australian citizen. Complicated stuff, I know. :P I was hopelessly mistaken, but thank goodness my mum and dad had corrected me not too long ago!

I only had to go down the road to the public school around the corner of my house to vote. I had to wait in line for some time, and the smell of sausages caught my attention and made me hungry because I hadn’t had lunch yet. But I resisted, because I didn’t want to pay for lunch when I was going home right after.

The old man behind me was being a bit annoying. He was kind of invading my personal space and kept on trying to push in front of me. Yes, the line was long, but he didn’t have to be so rude.

I got an “I voted” sticker after voting. :) I wasn’t too happy with my decision, but the thing is, I wasn’t really supporting anybody in the election, so I ordered my votes as best I could!

Today I uploaded some music to Meladori. I have been recording some guitar improvisations for some time, and I chose to post them online somewhere. I chose not to sing in any of them, though. Do let me know what you think of the music if you can check it out. /eee

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The old man was clearly desperate to Make His Vote Count.
or just to get close to your bum.

You should’ve Voted Proper. Hrng! I left the green one blank for Frogness

The sausages are made from the people who voted for Tony Abbott. Don’t tell anyone. Teehee


Haha he was really quite annoying. :O He looked pretty lost as well. I was considering leaving the papers blank, but I felt bad because I heard someone behind me asking if they could cross all the boxes.

I want sausage sandwiches. 🤤

I guess I would never know how it feels to vote for the government, having to live in a monarchical government. I always thought that voting for the party you choose is as simple as scribbling a name on a piece of paper and put it in a voting box.

LOL! So you didn’t know you’re an Australian citizen until recently huh? I guess it can be quite confusing if one does not know what the rules are. It reminds me of a story my dad told me. My dad was supposed to be sent off to the States to do his Masters but because my mom was pregnant with me he turned down the offer. Otherwise I would have been born in the US and acquired US citizenship. ;)

That old man was rude indeed. There was no point of him trying to push his way in front because he would be just pissing a lot of people off. And you’d think an old man would be sensible enough not to behave in that way, tsk.

Hahaha! A voting sticker. So they give out those things too? Reminds me of the time when I was a kid and whenever I went to see the dentist I always walked out with a sticker. Sort of a token to show I survived the appointment with the dentist. ;)

Congrats on voting. :) I really don’t like to get involved in politics so I don’t think I’ll vote when i turn 18. Do you have too? It’s just one vote.
Hahah if you were born in a certain country you are automatically a citizen. I’m a citizen. :D I wasn’t born here though, i had to go through the become a citizen crap. :P

My mom does that a lot. It really irrates me. Sometimes i just want to tell her that instead of saying she doesn’t like it without trying it, why doesn’t she just say she doesn’t want to buy it? It’s soo annyoing.
If someone says “don’t turn around, ” you get tempted to do it.

Karma will get the person and they will get it bad. Did you hear about the person going around hacking sites whose owners are Christians? I mean seriously??

I’ve been using less and less “LOL.” I’ve used it once on twitter today. I try not use too much smilies in my blog but if i do, it’s always the same smiley. I don’t always use a lot of smilies in my comments because i reply on notepad now.

My laptop is too old. I would get a new batery but it was manufactured in London so they don’t have any of the parts here. I’m saving up for a new one though and lockerz is helping do that. :D

I’m definitely an American citizen; I was born in New York. Right now it doesn’t matter though. I’m way too young to vote! /faw

I hate lines, I just hate them and never like waiting in them. And it makes it all worse when someone tries to cut you. /angry

Hum… I’m not really familiar with Australian government so I can’t really comment on who you voted for! /hehe I don’t even know why you’re voting!

hung government? is that like hung parliament? We’ve got one of those, or rather we did and we’ve got a coalition government now like you I don’t really care about politics apart from if they were hiking my taxes up or something which they probably will because we’re in a black hole of debt. Sometimes it’s more tactical voting rather than voting for the person you really want, like if it’s a minority it’s unlikely they’ll win so you have to vote for the more popular ones that you wouldn’t mind having in power so that they win
sucks really

How rude of that man I hate people who get too close and start pushing it’s like back off!!
that’s awesome, I never got a sticker when I voted in the election in may but mehh

ohh that sucks that your licence expired but I suppose its not too bad if you don’t need it. I’d mostly need the car for going food shopping walking for half an hour to get to the supermarket is not fun! especially as its up a hill to /snort

yeah I’m not bothered I’ll take whatever work I can it’s better than having no job and being broke.

thankyou i’m hoping to get it up tonight if it’ll behave itself and code hahaha
haha yeah writings like an outlet for me, I actually have a spare domain (from the whole expiring fiasco) so I think i’ll use it for that but it means I have to make a layout for that and the enormity of the task is daunting.
I’m only writing for fun I’d love to write books and such but when I think about writing seriously like that all the ideas and words in my brain scatter like a wolf amongst sheep so I’m taking things slow so that I don’t scare my brain off hahaha

omg my grammar’s shocking that should have been *too

I can’t really say much because I don’t know the policies of the parties in Australia, but it’s a good thing that you did stand to think about your decision! Some people just vote for whoever their friend or partner is voting for because they have to do it, but at least you actually thought about it!

Haha that’s cute that your friends always said that. :3

Maybe this is just me but when I’m waiting and I’m hungry the wait seems so much longer haha.

Gosh, that guy sounds so annoying. I hate when people push in lines!

Ahh, I enjoyed listening to your music! My favourite piece was Through Autumn and Spring! It was really calming. :)

I saw so many people have their photos taken in the past, and they were so angry and I thought it was a terrible thing to do. I had it done to me before but the person took them down as soon as I asked. Unfortunately I have no idea who this person is so I can’t confront them about it!

I’m glad you enjoyed McFly’s music! POV and Transylvania are some of my favourite songs. :D I hope you enjoy whatever else by McFly that you listen to! :)

(Aww, nice! One of the first to comment!)

I don’t know much about politics, really, but I am fairly interested in them. I don’t care much for different parties and such, but the more liberal, the better. I’d be a dictator if I were to be in parliament… Something like Hitler, only not so insane. I think.

Why aren’t the rest of your family members Australian citizens?
Here in Canada, if you’re born here, you’re a Canadian citizen.

I really don’t know how much more I can comment on this, since I don’t know much about governments. :)

My Letters to Nobodies are sort of like that. They aren’t if I died, but just expressing my thoughts about and feelings for them. Almost all of them have made me angry or sad while writing them, but that just adds to the authenticity (omg, that word is orgasmic to enunciate) of them.

I never really have a chance to put my money in my bank account. My parents hate driving to the bank and going through the process of storing the money. Lazy people…

I used to be really bad at staying off the computer, but now I just get so bored of it. D: I wish I had a laptop just so I can type out my novels, though, since the callus on my finger is getting bigger from the pencils. xD It wouldn’t even need Internet access!

The Orphan movie itself didn’t really scare me. It was fascinating and the psychology in it was amazing. It’s the fact that I’ve transformed the orphan herself into a mutated monster zombie thing that crawls across the floor and takes its time to approach you. -shudders-

it’s good that you voted. every vote counts! (Y)
LOL your story about how you wanted to get your friend to marry you was cute XD your friend probably went like: o_O?? i don’t know how it’s done in Australia cause i live in the US, lol. i guess the citizenship system is kinda similar to the US

i should vote too ~_~ i’m still not registered ;o; gotta do that soon!

it’s cool how you record your own music /faw for some reason, when i click on something, nothing happens. idk /ehh

Congrats on voting.. I guess :P I wouldn’t have really wanted to vote, and I’m glad that here we don’t HAVE to. I don’t pay enough attention to politics or anything to have an opinion.

It is annoying -_- And it was annoying because for the plans, I would have had to lie to my parents.. which I stupidly did & then had to just lie again to get out of it. I shouldn’t have done it, especially for David after he’s done so many stupid things. I’m still really pissed about it.

Okay, I’ll have to go see it sometime :D I mean if you, the non movie goer likes it.. it must be good :P

I should really start just getting money out of the bank and using it, but I never find time to go to the bank so I just use my debit.

Hey Georgina!

Well; my attempt at owning a collective/fanlisting collective failed so I moved my blog back to the main domain page. Meh, the script was hitting a security flaw and my hosts wouldn’t budge an inch in helping me so I just said screw it.

Anyway, I really love ‘Heart On Stage’. It’s my favorite music. It should have someone singing the lyrics to it sounds like to me.

My sister’s going to help me finish packing the rest of the house so yay no more sore backness!!! Heehee. Well; of course I’m still going to have it,regardless of me packing or not, but you get the gist of it.

Anyway, good for you for voting. I’ve never voted and I’m registered to vote. I just haven’t done it, because I registered to vote at home not in person. But they’re sending me stuff to vote in person. So they screwed up some where around the lines. Anywho, I won’t be able to vote after we move out to Beaumont. Ya know? Well; maybe I can, but I doubt it and I highly doubt that I’ll vote ever. The voting in America is rigged any way, so it doesn’t really count. Meh.

So if you’re the only one in your family born in Australia, where was your family from? I’m kinda shocked. Isn’t your brother an Australian citizen? Well; I promise to write a longer comment later. Right now, I gotta get going.

unfortunately, i’m really unfamiliar with this australian politics you speak of, but congrats on the voting! i think i was brainwashed by the US school system in my childhood when i believed that everyone should vote because each vote would make a difference. but i’ve matured with wisdom! in reality, every vote doesn’t even really count (in at least the presidential elections, the one election i would really care for the outcome), so i haven’t voted yet since turning of age. sometimes i think we just have voting so that the majority of the population can pretend like it’s doing something. :D

and lol, i think it’s really funny if you actually got engaged/married in the midst of that confusion! at least it’s cleared up now. and i’m thinking you enjoy being an australian citizen, especially since you got the thrill of voting? :)

Voting sounds interesting and quite exciting to me :)

Lol! People can’t judge you for who you voted for; you vote for the team which you think is the best and that’s it xD Not the team you think will win or will come second or anything; what you think is the best :)

Lots of people this year in the England voted for parties like the Green Party and The Lib Dems, but most people knew that it was unlikely for either party to win xD

Anyhow! Interesting story about being an Australian Citizen xD? If you didn’t think you were an Australian Citizen what did you think you were, lol? XD

Oh, I actually thought I was just a permanent resident. At the time I had an Indonesian passport, so that’s what got me confused. XD

SOTM round 1 has begun! Tell your friends and get the voting started! Good luck (the voting page can be found here

Voting for the first time is something you’ll remember forever. :) I remember the first time I voted, even though I was doing it through the mail it’s still something to hold dear to your heart because it really marks adulthood.

Our last election (my first time voting) I kind of “threw away” my vote, But I must say the person I voted for I do believe in and support, but I knew there was no way in hell he would win.

That old man is why I vote through the mail. lol. I get walked on during a normal day and I know in a line waiting to vote it was just not turn out well at all.

Oh I’ll have to find someone with better internet so I can listen to some of the music you uploaded. :)

I absolutely LOVE acoustic guitar. I’ve only listened to one song–Celestial, and I’m only a minute in–but I like it.

I want to know what happened to the stuff you had on Meladori before, though. I was occasionally doing the CD cover thing and I don’t have the random links to Wikipedia, etc. required. :/

I voted in the last election in the US because it was the year I turned 18 and because I genuinely did not understand how our last president could possibly have won a popular vote, although in America, while my vote may count, it doesn’t count as much as the guy who’s “voting for me” since we have the electoral college where each state gets a certain number of “votes” based on its number of members in house and senate rather than 1 person’s vote counting towards 1 candidate. Sadly for me, my state voted republican so my personal vote wasn’t taken into account. I also noticed when I voted that there were pages and pages of offices and people that I’d never heard of. I was required to pick someone, even if I didn’t know who they were… My government teacher always got on our case about how important voting is, but when I voted, I really didn’t feel very important… besides my sticker.

I was actually surprised to see a bunch of people I was unfamiliar with on the ballot papers. And a bit disappointed, I guess. Some of the parties don’t get very much attention at all. I don’t see the point in voting but it’s compulsory here, and I know it’s important for people of the nation to vote as a whole. :P

The move to cPanel was successful. :D I did prefer DirectAdmin, as it had the reseller tools built in. But I asked Mandi ( which one she’d prefer as I host her and she chose cPanel. I do like it, it’s WHM that I don’t really like using, I find it very unorganised for some reason. :/

You’ll see in my new blog that I didn’t get to move out. :/ I don’t think it will happen now, to be honest. Ah well.

Haha, I can’t cook either. The best thing I can make is beans on toast. XD Rob usually does all the dinners, and I do the cleaning. That way it’s fair. :)

As I said in the last blog you wrote about voting, I have never. It’s good that you did though, at least now you can say that you have. :)

I hate when people are rude in busy, public places. -_- It happens all of the time, especially on buses and in my old work and such. It’s not hard to use manners or have respect for other people, is it?

I seem to smell any food that is within a mile radius when I’m hungry. You should be proud of yourself for having the will power to wait until you got home, I would have given in. 🤤

:X :X :X :X :X :X :X :X :X

I haven’t tried voting! I always wanted to but I never had the chance to. When I have to register I’m always buys somewhere. That’s what I don’t like about traveling a lot. Haha. I can’t be in the same place all the time and my schedules mix up -_-

I don’t support someone from the government either except for the president. He’s the only one I see haha. I don’t understand politics sometimes. All I hear is stuff about corruption blah blah. It gets old, really. I wish I heard positive stuff about politics, too.

And wow you didn’t know you were an Australian citizen? haha citizenships can be confusing, too XD

OMG old men invading personal spaces is not cool O_O but I hope the guy didn’t look at places that shouldn’t look at. Most old guys in the Philippines do that and it pisses. me. to. death -_-

Hellooooo :)

I voted for the first time this election too! Not terribly exciting at ALL. LOL. I used to be so interested in it when I was little and went with my parents but now it’s kind of blah /hmph

I can’t believe we have a hung government. That is PERILOUSLY CLOSE to having Tony Abbott as PM, and that would really make me all D: /bash LOL.

I voted Greens for Senate. And then Labor for the House of Reps. If it wasn’t for Tony Abbott, I’d have just randomly numbered the people, but nooooo. *sigh* Next election, I’m totally crossing all the squares :P

Hahaha, yeah, I remember you telling us that you weren’t and Australian Citizen. LOL. Luckily your parents corrected you BEFORE the election otherwise you’d have to pay a fine. But I suppose if you weren’t an Australian citizen then you wouldn’t have to both voting. Hahaha. That would be the upside :P

I hate when people stand too close to me or try to push in. It’s just so rude. I’ve have accidentally on purpose stood on the man’s toes and said “sorry” very sarcastically and added “I didn’t realise you were SOOOO CLOSE. *rolls eyes*”. I had a bickering couple behind me (I think I told you on msn XD ). God these annoying people!

I wish I got a voting sticker :( *sigh* Oh well. Maybe next year :P

Tight pockets are DEFINITELY more trustworthy. Only when they’re too tight it’s hard to get stuff out. Or in for than matter :(

YES! I agree! All ticket barrier machines should be touch screen. My finger muscles are totally strained when I press those buttons! Hmph! I don’t want a finger RSI thanks.

Thanks Georgina! :) I’m glad you like the pictures. Don’t worry about feeling jealous because I saw fireworks. View fireworks is not something that happens every day. In my city we have them every year around this time. I feel that you haven’t seen it in a long time. Yes, there was a time for fun :D

The charlotte cake really has a pleasant taste.
Me too I like ice cream cake ♥ .

I love ice cream. How lucky you were eating ice cream while you were writing this. I’ll take ice cream after lunch. The ice cream you mention sounds delicious /eee .

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has not heard of these singers. I’ve never heard Shade of Grey. Thanks for the recommendation of the website and the band. I’m sure you will get to go to any concert. Don’t hesitate. I agree with you, see a band you know makes you feel more comfortable. But sometimes it’s good to look at the new music. Don’t hesitate, of course it’s a good experience :)

I think everyone would like to exchange the country at least once, right? I guess you didn’t adapt to life in Indonesia, despite being two months on vacation there and have your family. I know. I’m thinking very well, but if moving to a foreign country would be since a long time. I want to go to an English-speaking country to be safe. Oh Japan, I’d love to go and I’d also like to go to India. I have always drawn attention from Asian countries. I agree with you, the world has many places to go 👏 .

That to use code names is a good idea, and I think I’ve used it in some blog. I know. Sometimes you have to pay a price to be for people knowing about you blog.

I understand. It’s hard to live without the Internet, for someone who is accustomed to using it. But I’m sure you will get less time spend on the Internet.

As in your previous blog accounts is something hard for you to remain without Internet. But I think it’s a good idea to you spend less time online.

Voting is always an interesting experience. Especially for you because it is the first time voting.

People can’t judge you for who you voted for, you vote for the team which you think is the best or the one you found most interesting.
I usually vote for the party that most suits me at that time.

So you didn’t know you’re an Australian citizen until recently. I have found interesting your story about being an Australian citizen.

I like the music you’ve uploaded to Meladori :)

I don’t really care about politics either; nor do I understand it. I voted for the first time this year, even though I’ve been able to since I was 18.

Personally, I don’t really think that my vote counted, but then when I thought about it, everyone’s vote does count in one way or another. (I can’t really explain how I worked it out, mind)

I don’t even remember being taught about politics and stuff at school. ;/ We used to do Citizenship but the only thing I remember learning about is sex education hahaha, of course I would.

That’s quite funny that you thought you weren’t an Australian citizen! Though, I can understand how you could confused, I would have been too!

When I went to vote, my step dad told me to vote for Conservative, because we wanted Labour out. I did vote for them, but I had no idea who they were at the time. XD

I never got a sticker either! Booo, I want one! /wah

I went to see the school last week, and i definitely got lost though the tour LOL. sure the guy was with us, but we kept going this way and that way- it was way too confusing! I managed to understand the main floor anyway, woo! lol. I can’t believe its already only a week and a half away!!!
yeah, I’ve heard the people in college/uni are more nice, and of course, way more mature. I hope this is true, cause I don’t know anyone, so i hope it’ll be easy to make friends and build them up from there.

o0o0o voting! I’m not into it either, but its fun knowing that you can vote and that you do have a say :D I would go for something out of the norm. as well, mainly because the ones who are “well known” are asses and make up a bunch of lies to lure people in to vote for them lol. at least thats how it is here in canada!
yay for being an austrailian citizen! lol, you no longer have to rush to get married lol jk. I have duel citizenship since im native american, and they originate in the USA (new york to be exact, Oneida NY) and then some came to canada and made a settlement (Oneida, Ontario) which is where im from :D

Yeah, I Know..
Well,I’m not so into games so yeah,I’m just not too addicted to offline games,I love online games such on facebook.
Yeah..I know having a laptop is way too useful & you can take your files wherever you want.
Yes,they care about us,money saving is very important.
Yeah ASK I MEMNU Is the greatest turkish drama film i’ve ever watched so yeah =D

lol I just make her frozen waffles. They’re like $4 a box or something. I don’t cook. XD I wouldn’t mind cooking, but I don’t like doing so when anybody’s around because I get nervous, like they’re going to judge me (even if they’re not). I won’t even cook around Yemaya, which I think irks her a little because she wants me to make her sausages and eggs for breakfast. :P That, or I’m just irked at how she’s always like, “…because you can’t cook,” and I’m like, “Yemaya, for the thousandth time: I CAN; I just don’t LIKE to.” I guess I’m upset at the idea that I “can’t” do anything that I want to or like to. If someone said, “You can’t install a shower,” I wouldn’t be upset by it… I kind of lost my point here. Uh, I can cook, but I don’t like to. The end. XD

Thanks for the links. :)

I’m so excited! I convinced Gordon to get a blog. :) He probably won’t be very active on it, but I really think it would be a good experience for him to meet people that like how he thinks and think like he does, or people that have intelligent things to say, you know? I’m hoping some of my visitors will visit him since I plugged him, because I know he’s not going to do anything to attract readers on his own. :P

Congrats on voting! I’m also old enough to vote, it’s really awkward to finally be an adult, huh? I don’t care about politics, it’s too much… politics. Yeah, I know it’s important for the country, but I dislike all the debates that’s making me more paranoid about everyone and everything. I like being naive… :(

I’m quite interested in politics :D People find it weird when they find that out cos I’m not too smart (I guess you could say I’m a tad slow at times) and I’m kind of hyper 99% of the time and get distracted easily and don’t seem the politicy kinda person. XD

I wish I could vote but sadly I’m 15 so I’m not old enough D: But as soon as I can vote.. I’MA VOTIN! I watch all the debates and stuff and pick who I WOULD vote for if I could LOL XD Although I do think it’s kinda suckish that over there they MAKE you vote cos many people just don’t have an opinion on those things so might just vote for anyone and then the results would be inaccurate.. DARNIT.

Everyone here in America always make a BIG deal about voting but in my opinion it isn’t much of a deal to me. Yeah, every vote counts but the majority rules. Idk, how I see it may be confusing and wrong but it’s just my opinion. It’s good you voted though! It’s not anything that I’m just excited for.

Your right, returning comments on the iPhone is hard. I only do it when I have NOTHING to do when I’m out and about but in the end I always giving up after I’ve returned like one or two.

I hate to say it, but I’m actually deeply interested in politics. I guess what I hate is the drama and scandals and sleaze that politicians use to boost their career. But I love to know about current events; I like feeling tuned in to the world.

Man, I’m jealous. Personally, I can’t wait to vote. I am determined to snag every opportunity to speak my mind and make my opinions known. xD

Woah, that’s really cool. Kind of weird though, that you vote but not your parents! xD

Wow, what a meanie. I hate stingy people; the world would be such a nicer place if they all just dropped dead.


I’m not really familiar with Australian government and how it works so I have no idea who the Greens are :P

The rules are the same here I believe (for citizenship). I was automatically an American citizen when I was born here. Both my parents are naturalized citizens though and so they are too considered American citizens. And here, in the US, a lot of things have happened to the process, what with discrimination and segregation against any people of color back in the early 1900’s. And I’m glad. I can’t really imagine living at a time when racism was at it’s peak. Because during that time, I wouldn’t be allowed in a store without being starred at and criticized for not being white. What’s so special about blond hair and blue eyes anyways? No offense to anyone who is, it’s just that some people make it the “standard.” Well that was the past, although there are still people like that :P

But yay! You voted! I don’t really want to have to vote when I’m older. But I realize I’ll have to, it’s like part of being a citizen. It’s something we do in return for the rights and privileges we’re given. Silly to think those are given. I was reading an old paper I wrote in 8th grade about what it means to be a citizen. And I realized how a majority of it seemed ridiculous but so true.

I’m glad that you and Sebastian worked out (: Despite the fact distancing ourselves from each other didn’t work… Kuya and I are still strong. We have our ups and downs but our friendship is still there. A mutual understanding that we’re good friends and will always be. XD

I hate bringing up what’s happening between Kuya and I but sometimes it’s good to talk about it. It has really helped to just talk about it and identify what the real issue is at hand. And lately, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just me feeling underappreciated. And I’ve come to realize that might have been it all along. Yes, I love Kuya. But it’s really a friend love. I worry about him just like any friend and lately he’s just been really good about hurting me by not treating me like a friend. I’m not the only person he’s been hurting lately. He’s going through a rough part in his life.

Exactly what’s the P in INFP stand for? Yeah, they aren’t 100% accurate but mine is :P It scared me haha.

Yeah, I have a friend who is always telling me “You know, you can always tell me everything right?” Basically suggesting I don’t (and I don’t, and we both know that), and suggesting I should. But you can’t force anyone to say anything. It’s annoying and rude in my opinion to have to say that :/ YOu can’t make a friendship form out of nothing, friendships kind of just happen.

Yeah… I’d probably be watching TV and eating..sooo without a computer I’d probably gain a ton of weight :P

If I took the bus, I’d have to wake up at like 3 or something O.o That would be insane.

I agree with Tina, politics are a little bit to much for me. Plus here in the states, when you vote, you could get called in to do jury duty. And I really don’t want to do that.

We get put on the list for jury duty when we turn 16, so there’s not really a way out of it. :P I don’t care for politics either.

You guessed right. I was talking about him. Things with him are just getting worse and I just can’t help but picture life without him in it. Things are getting a bit better, I still don’t like him though.

I guess I have to vote then. I’ll do it once i turn 18 and then after that, I am not going too. Becoming a citizen to a new place is so complicated. They questioned my parents about US history and all the jazz but since i was underage, they didn’t question me at all. :D

It’s like telling someone not to look down. Of course they’re going to look down.
Three sites got hacked so far.,, and On the site, there is some islamic stuff on there.

I reply comments halfway and then take a break hahah.:D I have to type them in notepads because of that.

I might not be going for a Macbook since it cost a lot. I might just go for a simple dell or sony. I’m broke. I’m waiting for black friday. Do you guys have those?

Ohh i cannot wait to see the new layout. :D

I was too late to register. /wah I wanted to vote Labour! I bet you found it exciting. I would too. I have never registered before because the law used to be that I had to live in the same address for longer then six months. And I didn’t until now. But now the law is to live in the same house for one month. I tried to register four or five days before the election though. O_O

In primary school we got to visit the Parliament house of western Australia. All I remember was the free biscuits and soft drinks. /hehe And the old men with the white wigs.

Hmm that’s weired. I am an Australian citizen, always have been, as well as for the Netherlands even though it was my dad who was born there.

I personally find that it’s an amazing feeling when you vote. After, I voted in 2008 for Obama, I had this strong feeling of accomplishment. I felt so good that I voted for something I believed in. I believed and still do believe in Obama as much as other people have lost faith. I’ve been in several arguments as to why Obama is awful and blah blah. When, I was awaiting the results of the Presidential election with my boyfriend my heart literally fell to the floor when they announced that Obama was our new president. Seriously incredible feeling knowing that you stood for something even if your vote doesn’t really mean that much, you know that you did what you could in your power.

Thank you! :D Aww, you should have just waited until later to return my comment! I wouldn’t have minded. :3

You definitely should try a layout without a sidebar! I thought I’d miss mine too, but I don’t! I think you should. :)

Yeah, I renewed Dear Agony until December 2011, lol. :3 I hope to keep it that long, anyway.

It’s definitely a shame that I use MM far too much. I hope I can stay away from it and keep on top of things, for a change.

Haha thank you. :D

I’m not into movies much either to be honest. But I’ve obviously seen Toy Story 1 & 2. Number 1 is my favourite, I loved it when I first saw it. ;3

We don’t have Idol over here though. Well, we get to see American Idol but it’s not really the same. The X Factor used to be called Pop Idol. They did bring the age down to 14, but they put it back up to 16 because of the amount of kids that came on… I do prefer Britain’s Got Talent, though.

Wow, you’ve had Heartdrops for a long time. o_O

We don’t have to vote here; it’s our choice. My step dad made me vote this year though, boo. :(

Yeah, I guess that’s how I see it. We had a hung parliament as well, though. I had NO idea what it meant at first, but I kind of understand a few things now. Conservative and Liberal Democrats joined together so Labour wouldn’t continue. o_O

I seriously can’t remember learning about it in school. I hardly paid attention in that class though so could be why… My step dad taught me how to vote, though haha.

Oh you have an Indonesian passport?! That would have confused me even more haha. I remember when I was like 7, I told the school I was part Scottish because my auntie moved there. o_O

Yay! I get a sticker. ;D *hugs back*

Wheeeeeeeeeee to you too! ♥

Ah, our government is failing at the moment. I don’t really like Tony Abbott or Julia Gillard – neither of them really showed much leadership. Or initiative. Or any other striking quality that made me want to support them – even though I can’t vote.

There’s a place where you can vote just up my street, and I could smell the food from my house. I wanted to go up and get some, but clearly not being voting age doesn’t help.

In return to your comment (which was ages ago, sorry!) maybe if it was your decision to take 24 hours off, rather than your mum’s, then it would be easier? Everything is more difficult when you have no choice – it just makes you even more annoyed about it D:

And fans who aren’t 100% into something shouldn’t call themselves fans.

Sorry for the short comment, I have an assessment to finish!

Hey Georgina,how are you doing?
Well I’m already following you on Twitter,I’m the one with the twitter username that says “jad97” follow me back? /um
I Will give you my MSN by direct message on twitter =)
I’d like to have you a friend,like how I’m best friends With crissa@secretcrash :)
Have a nice day x

I’ve never understood how voting for the Green Party (we have one over here) is a waste of a vote. If people continue to believe that they can only vote for the biggest parties then there will be more change. If nobody votes for who they really want in their government then the whole idea of a democracy is pointless.

My brother had his first opportunity to vote this year and he chose not to, which I don’t understand at all. Especially considering it affected him directly because only one party in our area was keeping open the place he plans on working. :/

I love the sticker. I would go vote just for that sticker, I’m too young though.

It must be quite confusing not realising you actually were an Australian citizen. Weird @_@

I was actually surprised I didn’t panic when I lost my purse, I was more that calm right on the edge of a breakdown. :P I’ve had no contact from the train station yet which I’m annoyed about. /angry I’m trying to replace all my cards and stuff now.

Royalty? Wow, that would be really interesting. Surely that must mean if you ever do look into ancestry documents and such will be easier to find? I don’t really know.

Oops I meant “there will be no more change.”

When I first voted my mom came with me 😳 how embarrassing and insisted on telling everyone who talked to us on how this was my first time voting. They were out of “i voted” stickers. (very sad) But yeah it’s really not at all interesting.

I have never been particularly interested in politics. I’m not looking forward to voting because sometimes, I don’t approve of anyone. Our current president would not have been in my favor if I knew what he was going to do to the US.

You play guitar? :) how interesting. I’ll go check out your improvisations once I finish this long overdo comment.

Speaking of: vacation was fun and I had a pretty good time :). I had Internet to return comments, but I didn’t really have the time to sit on my laptop and return them.

Mountain Dew isn’t the only thing that makes me happy, it just brings out my “crazy side,” and brings a smile to my face sometimes. Carbonated drinks are bad for your complexion, so I try and stay away from them as much as possible :).

Addiction to the Internet is perfectly okay :). I think anyone who has a website is probably addicted to the Internet (unless it’s business purposes). I know I could be on the Internet for hours!

I like finding resource sites when I need inspiration or actual resources, but lately I haven’t really been needing any, so I’ve been on, basically, a blog hunt. :) I reply to comments, and then click links and find new blogs. Sometimes, I just love reading them!

My offline life is pretty public online, because I don’t mind sharing. :) I find it a great way to get out my rants and raves and things. But my thoughts, most of all. My offline life is pretty private offline, because sometimes people just don’t like hearing about certain things, so I choose not to share.

Some religions do push their religion onto you, and that would turn me away because it gives me the impression that they’re all pushy and annoying. I am Christian because my parents are, and it’s fine, but I don’t pray, or read the Bible, or go to church. I just…don’t have time :/.

I’m sure my schedule will be fine. I go back tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes. If I really don’t like it, I’ll just go to the counselor and see if I can change it. I wish we had that kind of freedom with out schedules. But I guess with that it’s first come first serve.

I hate those phases. You don’t do anything for so long and then you start feeling bad about it and feeling like you have to update.

I really don’t care at all for politics. I just took government this past year and it all seemed so screwed up. But that’s the United States government for you. I don’t plan on voting, not because I don’t think that my vote won’t make a difference, but that I really don’t care. Good and bad things are going to happen anyways, there is no perfect president who is going to make the world all peachy and happy. But that’s just my outlook.

I don’t really like the President of America. I don’t know if I’m expected to like him since I’m black and he’s the first black to become president but I really don’t like him. I prefer the last president. Bush. I really loved him.
When I am able to vote it will be presidential election I plan on voting Obama out of office unless he changes or Hilary Clinton will win if he doesn’t. The worst thing than having Obama as President is having Hilary Clinton as Madam President. :D

I listened to some of the songs. They were nice variations and I love doing the same on the piano.
The only thing I didn’t like is that it sounded on some of the picks like you were taking the guitar string stretching it as far as you could and then letting it go. Maybe if you didn’t pick as hard?
The rover job was tiring. I had to sit down when I was done for a good few minutes.

Thank you I will be sending you a direct message on Twitter Lately.
I’m really busy,too,but this is life,if we’re not busy we’re bored,if not we’re tired..Weird life =/
anyway,hope you will get in a better mood =D

ah i see now XD i disabled flash 😒
but i can hear it now, lol i like celestial~ sounds pretty :) keep up the good work!

I used to have the same opinion on him as you :P I just really didn’t care for him, but after actually listening to a few songs, he’s not too bad. I mean, he’s not one of my favourite artists, and I’d never want to go see him in concert.. but he’s alright.

HAHA, I’ve heard that one before :P It’s also varied by saying “how do you keep a blonde in suspense?” :P

I lie to my parents for stuff for David, like staying over at his house when I say I’m at my friends for a sleepover. I’ve never got caught though, thankfully.

The movie was just awful. I haven’t seen Scott Pilgram vs The World, I thought it would suck or something. I’m going to check out next time I got to the theatre. :D Sorcerer’s Apprentice was a bit lame but at the same time it kinda good. Movies like that are seriously fake to me. Anything that has to do with crazy magic and crap always looks fake, but they tried on this one.

People in horror movies are always soo funny. That’s one of the reason I enjoy horror movies because i get to laugh and yell at people. One of the characters in Piranhas was a porn director or whatever you call them and all he can think about is naked girls. Even after the piranhas ate his legs and thighs all he said was “they ate my dick” and “wet t-shirt contest” He is about to die and that’s all he can think about.

I’ve been at the comments all day. I’ve been doing good. :D I have 16 left. :D I hope to finish them today because I go to school tomorrow. I love our comment chains, it’s to start it over because there’s always something I have to reply.

Yup. It’s December. I cannot wait!! So much stuff. :D

Haha I know you do but I don’t want you getting stressed or anything. You know I don’t mind if you take your time! :)

I was going to say, I don’t think I remember a layout on Heartdrops without a sidebar! :P I think you should definitely try it, would be something different and I think people would be surprised!

I was going to delete MM but I might need it for layout changes so I’ll just deactivate it for now. :3 You may hit me if I use it for any other reason, though! :P

Oh yes, definitely. I mean, I think there is like 6 Saw movies now?! I think it’s a little stupid.

I get really confused with all the shows too! I think they’ve over done it.. :(

Yeah, when I transferred Carly’s domain to NameCheap, it added an extra year so she was all happy haha! It’s all good though. I still have no idea what to do with, boo.

No worries, I’m a noob when it comes to politics too! :D It’s funny how when you drop a subject you lose all intelligence about it. (That made no sense what’s so ever).

Ugh, I can imagine that being really annoying. My passport expired 2 years ago; I should renew it but it’s like £70. o_O

To begin with, congratulations on voting for the first time. Although I am sorry to hear that the experience wasn’t as fulfilling as everyone claims it to be, but I guess it really couldn’t be. I personally feel that voting is on the same level as getting your driver’s license or being legally able to drink – at least here in the US.

I will be sure to check out the music as soon as I get a chance. :)

I’m not old enough to vote yet, but I know I will as soon as I’m able to. Like you, I really wouldn’t know who to vote for. Politics here in America have been such a mess lately. It seems like no matter who gets in office, he or she ends up being a crook. I know what views I support, but who knows if the candidate that says they support the same really will. If I don’t vote though, I’ll feel like I don’t have any room to complain if things do start to go wrong because I didn’t try to make it any different.

Are people born in Australia not automatically citizens now? I’m ignorant about governments other than my own. Honestly, I don’t even know much about citizenship here. My family had been here since the early 1900s, so I never really had to worry about it.

I was automatically a citizen by birth, as was my brother (four years later), but now apparently both parents must be Australian citizens for a newborn to be considered an Australian citizen too. They must take a test and go through processes like people who migrate here.