Ten Coins

There’s a good thing about having loose change in coins: it’s loose. You have money that you can do a lot of things with, despite how small the value of the money may be. Coins are great; you can toss a couple to the buskers in the street, realise you have just enough for a snack wrap at McDonald’s, or a small bag of candy at the convenience store, or even cheap $1 coffees at 7-Eleven. Or, you can put it in your pocket and save it for a rainy day, because no matter how little you have, it all adds up.

I personally don’t like having loose change on my person, because it get awfully heavy, makes noises if I run with it in my pockets, and it’s all so easy to lose (then again, all money is – notes/bills or coins).

This morning I had just the right amount of money to buy a train ticket – in coins. I like to use loose change for buying my train ticket. I use the ticket machines (instead of buying from the ticket master at the booth), so all I have to do is put my coins in the slot after selecting the ticket I want. I thought these machines were great, even though they could have worked a bit faster.

I’d selected my ticket and started putting my coins in the slot as the machine recognised how much I was putting in. Just when I had two more coins to put in, the slot shut itself and the machine spat out all my coins. The sound was like a bunch of elephants crashing in the bottom of a ticket machine. Except, these weren’t elephants. They were coins.

I was pretty annoyed, and I repeated the process, until the machine decided to be nasty and tell me, Maximum Coins Inserted – well, something along those lines. I was in too much of a rush to be paying proper attention. I was so angry that I tried another machine, which gave me the same bad luck.

Okay, maybe I should have noticed that the machines only accepted a maximum of 10 coins, but this was still ridiculous and maybe the second time it’s happened to me. (The other time, I was in less of a rush and I was just taking coins from a bunch – so I didn’t calculate my exact money.)

I was pretty annoyed and ended up sprinting for my train after buying a ticket from the ticket booth instead. :( Lose money all you like, damn government. You ought to at least let your stupid machines eat up more coins.

I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World at the cinemas with James today. It was hilarious. :D

If Scott Pilgrim only had his winnings from his defeats, you’d have to make sure those ticket machines accept all those coins. @_@

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Loose change is awesome, I agree. I prefer to use coins than notes. It’s also nice to find some money in your pocket, be it 20p or £1 (damn fucking British currency which no one understands) at school because you can get a snack, a drink, or something like that. Or when you walk down you can pop into the newsagents and get some gum or sweets.

Wow. Retarded ticket machine. Ten coins only? What sort of lame rule is that? Do your machines also deny certain types of coins, like 1p, 2p, etc? Cause ours do that here and sometimes it can be so frustrating.

I get train tickets from the booth, normally. I haven’t tried a ticket machine before. It sounds alright but I’ll remember to only have 10 coins and not bring any 1p or 2p coins…

The world is a funny place. /roll

I’ve just blogged again after about two weeks so I’m sure you’ll have no idea what we were talking about. Start again? /um

Take care! xx

Oh and I forgot to mention; I haven’t heard of that film before. UK cinemas are so behind D:


Coins are SO HEAVY. But I agree that they can be quite useful, especially when it comes to decision making. Hahaha. Flip a coin. Only, sometimes I have difficulty trying to get the coin to actually flip :(

I love when I have just enough coins to buy something :) Like an Easyway drink. It just gives you a sense of fulfillment :D Hahaha.

I hate putting coins or notes in my pockets. I’m so scared they’ll fall out. Well I’m more worried about putting notes in my pocket because they’re so light I won’t be able to tell if they fall out, unless I have really tight pockets D: At least coins have some weight!

Omg, those train ticket machines. The buttons are so hard to press. You actually have to exert strength.

I didn’t know there was a maximum coin allowance! God, what is the point in THAT. It’s such a stupid thing. They should make the sign bigger. I totally didn’t notice it :P This is news to me. Poor you. It must have been REALLY frustrating.

At least you didn’t MISS your train :)

STUPID GOVERNMENT TRAIN MACHINES. I shall rage on your behalf: RAWR! /angry

Haha, I must watch that movie sometime. Only I have no one to watch it with :( Oh well. I’ll get it on DVD or something :P

Yeah, I totally understand. Living with no net is next to impossible when you have uni work. Ughhhh! You should totally qualify for an exemption with all your site stuff on top of uni work :P

YES! I will watch all that stuff next break :) I can’t believe I still haven’t watched the movies you gave me LAST TIME yet D: I fail.

Hehe, our blogging habits HAVE changed. I blog so rarely now, it’s not even funny D: I like your new blogging format now too :)

Hahaha! You’re totally right. Reading each other’s blogs totally DOES remind me of when we used to read each other’s diaries :P Ahhh good times :P

I don’t like having coins either. One time, I had a hundred rupees, and I had to give 4 rupees for xerox. They gave me all the money in coins /argh , and then I had a ninety-six rupees. In coins /bash ! And we inly have 1, 2, and 5 rupee coins. It was horrible.

oh god,
That seems awkward! If that happened to me I would have kicked the machine! XD Yep, I really do get like that. But loose change is always gold to have around; like you said. Sorry for choppiness of this comment: I’m using an iPhone…

Loose change annoys me; the coins just make my pocket really, really heavy. It is true that it all adds up though. I have a lot of coins at home. I just don’t like them in my pocket! :))

Oh, that sucks – maximum of 10 coins, wow. I would be so pissed if that happened to me, haha.

Well good for you (: Nothing is better than reflecting positively from something (: I hate those days, it’s so hot, you just can’t get any energy to do anything. Those days are the worst. As long as your not creepily obsessed with being online, I think your good (:

I use loose change all the time. Especially when I randomly run into a gas station to get a soda or candy or something. I use it to buy lunch at school and everything. But that’s mostly because I never have any other money, hah.

A lot of people hate change, especially guys. I think it’s really handy to have change on me. And $1 for a coffee? They’re $2 at our seven elevens.

I don’t know how to use the ticket machines in Melbourne, they look so complicated. So I always buy them from a ticket booth. In Perth there were no ticket booths (only in the city) so you would have to figure out them your self. But they were easy.

I haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World yet, but I will when it comes out on DVD. :D

talk about coins. I have tons of them and i want to dispose some already but they are in like centavos. In our country, you cannot buy anything with a centavo. grrrr.

The utmost thing I can do with it is just save them in my piggy bank until it runs out of circulation. lol

Ooh I never usually take trains so I don’t know about the ticket those machines. ✌️
I like coins sometimes, except they can be heavy and like you said, noisy. When I walk on the streets and the street children hear my coins, they follow me around O_O so I make sure I don’t keep too much coins or I place them on inside my bag…
But I experimented asking for 1 coin from each friend I meet and at the end of the day I was able to buy a magazine. Haha. Coins are helpful XD

Scott Pilgrim! It’s not yet showing here in the Middle East /wah I’ve heard about it from someone so I read it on Wiki XD I even went to the main site. It looks really awesome! I’m really going to see it if it’s already here ♥

and I’ve linked you, thankies! ♥

That’s annoying about the machines >.< I barely ever use cash, so I never have loose change :P It's annoying sometimes though, because there are places that don't take debit, or where debit randomly won't work. Generally though, when I get loose change I try to keep it in a jar to save up a bunch of it. Then I can also just take a bit from it if I ever need a dollar or something.

OOh Georgie actually went to the cinema! haha, I want to see that movie so I'll have to go sometime :)

I've wanted to see Away We Go for awhile too, 'cause of John Krasinski <3 I should just mail it over to you once I watch it ;)

& thanks <3 It's hard to just cut him off COMPLETELY, and trying to do that kinda failed.. so I think I'll just gradually do it. Hang out with him A LOT less, if at all.. less talking, barely any texting.. etc. It's hard, but I guess it's all I can do..

I rarely have money on me since we basically use cards from transportation to shopping. Plus living in the center of the city gives me the advantage to just walk around.

I could buy a weekly ticket or even a yearly one, but the thing is, I spend more money with that than I would if I bought tickets every time I travel. :P There are other options but for me, the best is to pay each time. I live an hour away from university so it’s a (nearly, depending on my timetable) daily thing. :)

I hate having loose change. It annoys the crap out of me :P
But, it does come in good use when you need it. I always forget to change my change into bills once I have enough, but it comes in handy sometimes when I need it. Like you said, it could come in handy for food, or train tickets and a whole lot of other stuff!

I have really bad luck with machines, so I don’t like to take my chances with them :P It sucks how it ate your money and you had to sprint to your train :O

Only accepts 10 coins? Well that’s stupid if you ask me! What kind of machine only accepts 10 coins :s

I really want to see Scott Pilgram vs The World! I’m always up for a good laugh :D

It’s a great movie and it’s really funny! I’d recommend it if you’re in for a laugh. :D

I don’t really have bad luck with machines. I know some machines have eaten people’s money but that hasn’t happened with me. I was actually saying that this machine didn’t want to accept my money and just spat it all out. It really pissed me off because I didn’t realise there was a limit and I’d put in too many coins. :(

Heyyah,Reading your blog…Well I’m so sorry you lost your coins because of those damn nasty machine,Well the same thing happened to me when I Was at the mall..I Lost like 20$ inserting coins,& then it gave up with an error & never served me,we didn’t let it pass,we asked the black man that fixes every damn thing that goes off in the Mall..Then we got our money,& now I never use these stupid machines again. 😰
Anyway,hope you have a nice week-end Georgina,I won’t be here for saturday&sunday , We’ll catch up by twitter,follow me if you have one,cyah x
I Will be on twitter by tomorrow afternoon <3

I love having loose coins sometimes. SOMETIMES. /hmph Those coins come in handy when the total amount of anything I purchase has cents on it. Especially when I’m buying cookies from the school cafeteria 🤤 I always use the coins instead of bills. I hate breaking up my bills!

But yeah, they get pretty heavy as you collect more and more coins. Especially those 1 cent ones! That’s why I barely carry any coins now, coz they don’t fit in my wallet 😒 So, we bought this coin collector thing and that’s where all those coins go. It’s pretty heavy now, and I think we have like $2-3 in there. ONLY. HAHA.

We don’t have ticket machines here in Canada. So we always buy our tickets at the ticket booths or convenience stores that sell them.

I didn’t see that movie yet. But I really want to. Maybe this Tuesday, coz its cheap (Y)

I totally would have tore the goverment’s head off, for not letting you put in 12 coins! What if you were heading to a far away town to see your dying grandma? What do you say about that gover,ent?

Yeah, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World sounds OK. Not a big new-movie goer. /cool 🤬

I personally hate change. I bought my lunch every day during my freshman year of high school. It always amounted to about $2.85, so I had a million nickels and dimes. I had to use them because after awhile it would add up to a lot of money wasted if I didn’t, but it was a pain to count them out. Every time I tried to pay for my nachos with 25 dimes and a couple nickels, the Clementine (best name for a lunch lady ever) would give me a dirty look. Plus, it makes my hands smell like icky metal. I usually just wait until I collect a bunch and then take it to the bank to be converted to bills. Nowadays I rarely even use cash, though.

That’s a little silly that the machine would only take a maximum of ten coins. At least you didn’t miss the train. That would have been a shame. D:

I suppose I do hate the fact that money is dirty! I usually wash my hands after dealing with it, but there’s not always a bathroom nearby so I take this antibacterial stuff around with me. :P

I use cash a lot, because I don’t like using cards. My card is connected to my bank account, and I deposit my money there every month, at least. Once it goes in there, I don’t take it out unless absolutely necessary. It’s the way I save money. :)

I am always obliged to carry coins in my purse. It is to prevent the hassle of waiting for my change when I ride a bus or a jeepney. I just hate the fact that you need to remind them about your change and when I say remind– it means shouting or nearly shouting– and I hate doing that. -_- It happened to me once that I didn’t get my change because the stupid driver forgot it (even if I reminded him a gazillion times) and I was already running late for my class then, so I decided not to get it anymore. -_-

But sometimes, what I hate about carrying coins is that….. I tend to keep lots of them. Haha. So my bag becomes a little heavier because of my purse, rofl. XD

Anyway, I didn’t know that ticket machines have a maximum coin limit. Haha. :3 I only knew restrictions, like the type of coins that you can insert. Hee. I hope they get to eliminate that coin limit. O_O /hehe

Who cares how many coins you use so long as it is the right amount. Would they rather people not pay and get onto trains for free and cause trouble like what happens sometimes? Stupid dills …. Obviously the government reps have drivers and don’t need to catch trains … Morons …

Hmm, I’ve never really thought of it that way, but what a good point! Coins are nice to have, I suppose. :D

That’s annoying. Stupid machines. xD

Never heard of Scott Pilgrim. Is it good? :)

Hello Georgina, sorry for the late-ish reply. :)

Loose change is great – for me, i guess i appriete any money whether its coins or notes. Haha, as long as i have some money i’m pretty happy. :D

THAT IS WHY MY MOM HATES MACHINES. In most supermarkets in UK, there are machines where you pay instead of a person in a cash reigester… me and my mom tried to use the machine and it didnt scan the products we bought properly… it took us agesssss to leave the supermarket because of those damed machines. Seriously. =_=

Aww, thanks so much. thats really made me feel better.

Pretty much all the money I have-had, actually- has been in loose change. I have no money to my name now, unless it’s hiding somewhere in my bedroom…
Loose change annoys me. It’s not as exact as bills are, and I often never have enough for anything. I’ll be just short and have to mooch off friends to get a nickel or whatnot.

I’m trying to think of a logical reason for why the machine would have a maximum amount of coins.
Nothing is coming to mind.

Thank you, Georgina. :3 The mood only shifted because there were no memories to reflect on, since we finally got to the present.

I feel like I need it a lot, too, but I only find excuses to sit at the computer. “I need to look up the Latin for this word,” has been my most used excuse in my mind. X: With friends, I don’t even think about the computer unless I’m EXTREMELY bored, or want a distraction. The last time I was with a friend, I was sitting on the couch watching The Orphan with him, and I had my sister’s Macbook with me because I didn’t want to watch the movie. That was… August 3, and I’m still having nightmares. -shivers-

I’ve had two accounts frozen, both from curse words. :P The ironic thing is that I would just get better when I moved to the next account.

Wow, I would’ve gotten pretty frustrated if that happened to me, too. Things like that always happen to me when I’m trying to buy a snack from the vending machines, o: . I’d insert coins, or dollar bills, and it wouldn’t go in. Well, it would then the machine would spat it right back out again, 0.o. It frustrates me, >.<.

I was planning on seeing that movie today, but then my parents last-minute decided to go to California since this will be the last time we get to go there to see our family for the year. So I think maybe I'll go tomorrow with my little brother and cousins, :D. The trailer looks so weird though …

Why thank you, (: . I'm the complete opposite of you. I can only draw people (anime people, anyways) really well, and everything else is just like, blegh. Average. Nothing too great, "/.

It's great that you are still able to dance after quitting ballet for so long, :D. If I quit something and came back to it two years later, oh God. I'd probably suck so much, unless it's drawing, 'cause I guess I'm already super used to the way anime is drawn, :D. Well, the way I draw anime, :p.

My mom’s never banned me from using the computer/Internet, ’cause she knows I use it for things that aren’t totally pointless like video games. She only does that to my brother, xD. Lol, the only thing she ever bans me from using is my phone, ’cause I use it a lot.

I read a lot of Nicholas Spark’s books, :D. Usually, I only like books that are fantasy/fiction, b’cause reality gets boring. But then my friend introduced me to the books, and I was like, “Whoa!” My favorite’s got to be Dear John, xD.

I hope one day those judgmental people will grow the hell up and realize that they can’t judge a person by the things they like. It’s like that saying, “Never judge a book by its cover!”

I don’t know how I feel about coins. Most times I don’t even like to use bills so I use my card. I only use cash when absolutely necessary like at a fair or a street vendor. Plastic is so more convenient and fast. I do ride the city bus a lot and the cost for me is $85 and so i normally use all my change for that so I guess it comes in handy. Other than that, I try and avoid anything but plastic lol.

And I have absolutely no idea what this Scott Pilgram stuff is. It was trending on twitter and I’ve seen blogs on it and I still don’t know what it is lmbo. Oh well, can’t catch everything /huh

As for your comment, I definitely prefer hanging out with people and seeing them in person. Best communication happens there :) I can only text people so much before I get annoyed and call them haha unless they’re in class and we’re both bored so I guess depending on the situation, I adjust accordingly :)

I meant $.85! Haha. Inflation isn’t that high yet lol!

You ought to watch Scott Pilgrim vs. The World! It’s a comedy featuring Michael Cera and is based on the comic books. I don’t know if you’re into that stuff though. Seems to be pretty popular all around. It’s humourous so if you’re up for a laugh, I’d definitely recommend it. It’s not cheap laughs; it’s genuinely pretty good. :D

I don’t really like using my card, because that’s where I put money I save. And I’ve only started being good with my money lately. :P

Ahaha. Man, what horrible luck. I’m pretty annoyed with the filthy rich kids in my neighborhood. They drop some coins on the ground, luck at it, shrug and leave. I’m screaming in mind telling them that without those coins you wouldn’t be as rich as you are.
As they say here, without that penny there wouldn’t be a dollar. Some kids ought to be dropped in some third world country to learn their lessons.

There’s a maximum amount of coins? Only ten?! That’s annoying. Well, at least you caught your train. That would be horrible if you didn’t. Oh, yeah. It’s pretty hard to run with a bunch of coins in your pocket. It turns people’s heads sometimes. xD

I want to see that movie know. I love comedy. ♥

Loose change is always good. I always use my change when something I am buying comes up to like $7.63 or something. One of my teacher in school used to pick up pennies all the time in the hallway and he said usually by the end of the day he’d make like a dollar in his findings. How interesting isn’t it??

I didn’t want to go see that movie it looks kind of silly to me but I am glad you enjoyed it =).

Sometimes machines can be a pain in the keester but what can do you!

Take care xx

Haha, admittedly I sometimes pick up money if I see it on the ground, but that’s pretty embarrassing. 😳

You should see the movie! It’s really funny and it’s got a whole story underneath it, not to mention it’s based on the comic books, which were pretty popular as well. :)

I always keep my spare change in a jar, i have like 76 coins and it adds up to like £1.50. ¬_¬ It weighs a lot more than a kilo, let me tell you…
I hate spare change, I absolutely hate it, I end up putting it into the bank, and then I feel like I have no money, which in a wierd way, satisfies me.
I love how in London we have cash machines for everything so a bit of plastic amounts for money. :)
I was thinking of watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the world. I have a small thing for Michael Cera, /um /love
I’ve seen almost every movie with him in it.
Hehe @ the elephants in the machine.

I didn’t know either! I just clicked a link on a site that I was looking at, and it was just there. So now, my desktop is either black, or just dark background. Well, you always learn something new everyday 👏

I know! You don’t rally realize that the year has gone by so fast unless you remember something that you forget to do. It made me realize that I was really lazy this year! I usually write poems while I’m in school -times when I don’t like listening to the teacher- but I haven’t written a single poem on my school agenda this year! FAIL. /wah

Yeah, you can really feel the message of the song when you can hear the voice of the singer. That song actually made me love acoustic versions of songs! ♥

I keep asking my dad to tune the guitar for me because I don’t know how to, but then it goes out of tune again. So its kinda useless. I really want to play!

Thanks for the link! :) I’m going to try installing it!

I know! I like having just enough money so that it lessens the coins in my purse. So, its less weight :D

Ticket machines are so much better than ticket booths then. Except for the coin limit thing. Because you don’t have to line up and wait for other people and actually catch your train.

WOW. That is cheap! Me and my brother usually go during Tuesdays because its half price but then there’s always lot of people so we always go early. One time we sat almost close to the screen because the theater was full!

Having lose change is nice. It’s there when you need it.

Wow that must have been annoying with the ticket machine thing. It makes me wonder what the maximum coin capacity is for Metro machines in Washington, DC and Richmond.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World looks interesting. I might have to go see it.

i’ve never been big on carrying cash with me (coins included), because they have a habit of disappearing on me without a trace. yes, i know i spent it on something, but i never seem to remember what on. i like using my debit card better because my online statement always lets me know how much i spent where. XD

but i like coins, especially when you’ve been setting them aside so long for a rainy day. a couple of weeks ago, i decided to do this thing where i collected the hordes of coins we had lying around the house. i segregated and counted them (ugh pennies -__-;;) and wrapped them in those stupid paper coin wrap things they hand you at the bank (because we refused to let a machine at publix/walmart do all the counting and collect 8%). i’m pretty sure i counted more than $100 :D (so yes, coins are awesome!)


that must’ve been ridiculously annoying about the ten-coins limit. why would they even impose a limit?? it sounds kind of stupid–money is money, it doesn’t matter how many coins you end up using as long as you’re depositing the correct amount..

I always keep my coins and put the somewhere safe. I end up buying something with them. I remember I kept the coins for few weeks and I got a new blouse with them. If you keep save them up you end up with a great amount of money. You need patience, the thing that I can’t have:(. I’m very impatient and sometimes I just try to be patient and I can’t.

I just love that movie hehehe. It’s absolutely amazing:)

I had a great time while I was away thanks :) It was nice to get away from home for a few days.

I think my mum should stop going on at me to get a job. I want to wait until I’ve settled in a college because I don’t want two new starts so close together.

My laptop isn’t to heavy and if I get a good bag for it then carrying it around shouldn’t be too bad.

I would always give my seat up for a pregnant woman too. I hate it when old people are rude. Just because they are older than me doesn’t mean they can be rude.

Yay for loose change! If I have a load in my purse that is taking up too much space, I put it in my money box and save it for when I need it. Like you say, it all adds up, so when I need a few pound its all there for me.

You can only insert a certain amount of coins? That’s strange and annoying. I don’t get on well with ticket machines. Every time I but the money in it seems to drop straight through and then I have to put it in again and again.

I hate it when ticket machines or vending machines eat your money and refuse to give it you back /angry

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World looks a good film. I will have to put it on the list of films to see.

I don’t really like loose coins because I tend to drop them everywhere. The only times when I’m glad I have them are when those drink vending machines refuse to accept dollar notes and when I’m making purchases at bakeries.

Weird machine. What kind of machine that would only accept a max of 10 coins?? It’s annoying for people who don’t know about the maximum coin allowance like tourists. Good thing you pointed that out, Georgina. o_O Now I’m starting to wonder if the vending machines here have the same coin limit.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World? Never heard of the movie. I don’t think they’re showing it here. :/ Is it any good? I might have to look for the DVD later.

Yeah,We shouldn’t really trust any machine,yeah I know but we got our money back .. Yeah the games machines sucks..I’d buy more popular & advanced games rather than playing those 2002 games..Those machines are risky as you said..so no need to risk ourselves.
Thank you,yeah I had a wonderful vacation & I’m back,it’s okay this happens.Yeah we are all teenagers & we are always day dreaming,but this shouldn’t distract our attention,at least we must have kinda .. 1 minute attention /hehe 😴
Hehhe,yeah Laptops are so comfortable for the use,it’s worth the buy,if you would do some graphics & some web design using notepad,or CSS,It’s something reliable where you can find every least information onto your laptop..& so on.
Yeah,my parents are like that too! Life isn’t always buying & working .. we must save a bit cause one day might arrives & we will need those in case of emergency – GOD FORBIDS.
or In case for something else..Yeah every parents love their childs,& they want them to be happy,If they don’t buy every single thing we need it doesn’t mean they don’t love us.They loved us since we firstly breath on earth.
They won’t deny your request for something massive you really need.
Yeah Ask i Memnu is a turkish drama,have you ever watched it? It’s a wonderful sad romance drama story.The end of Ask I memnu is very sad,too!
Well I never watched japanese or chinese movies,cause I barely understand things they talk 😰
Anyway,have a nice sunday cyahh xx

WTF @ maximum amount of coins. I’ve only heard of machines that dont accept coins smaller than a certain amount in value, but not in actual number of coins. WTF. How do you get rid of loose change if you cant buy a ticket?!!

I’m hoping this school year turns out a lot better than it’s looking right now. I might get my schedule when I go to the orientation tomorrow night. It’s going to be a mad house though, cause everyone around here is getting them changed because everyone hates theirs.

That’s usually how I am, adding content every other month, but I’ve been better with it, surprisingly (: Let’s see how long it lasts, hah.

The sad thing is, there are kids who are like that. They’re deprived of everything but their computer. I sure hope anyone like that gets help and realizes the computer isn’t their entire life.

I try to get rid of my coins at once. I usually use them at lunch when I’m too lazy to wait for and get my change, I just give them the exact money in coins. I’m sure they want the extra change though, cause there are times when they run out.