A Stitch in Time

Sometimes I wish I had more time to do stuff. What do I mean by “stuff”? I don’t exactly know.

Our class was proposed a challenge by our tutor to not use the internet and computer for 24 hours. I thought this was ridiculous. Firstly, I do need the internet to do some research and to get readings for class. I know a day isn’t much, but this is coming from someone who’s very much addicted.

Even so, I use my computer for everything. Even if I didn’t have the internet, I would want my computer to watch DVDs. Our DVD player is really dodgy and messed up, and that would be my only other option. Even if I didn’t have the internet, I would want my computer to type. I type faster than I write, and I would want to be able to type up chapters of stories I write, or type up poems.

There are things I could definitely do without the internet, even though living for a day without the internet would drive me insane. Even if I slept for 12 out of 24 hours, I’d be pretty bored – this, too, what my friend Vicky was saying. It’s not that we’re dependent on the internet. It’s that sometimes we need it – research, work, banking, and so on – or in reality we have nothing to do.

Well, the latter isn’t something to be defensive about, because I’m pretty sure the reason we’re trying not to use the internet is because we’re dependent on it even for entertainment purposes. /hmph

That said, I can easily find something else to occupy my time, but I get defensive because the majority of my hobbies are right here in front of this screen. Which, in actuality, makes me look like an idiot, because I just can’t un-stick myself from this machine. Or am I admirable because I can admit that I’m addicted? Who knows.

I think another solid reason why I didn’t want to even try this challenge proposed by my tutor was because: I don’t want to do it unless I have to. I’ve survived without the internet when it’s been down, and when I’ve been away, or when I just haven’t had access (thanks Mum for taking all my technological appliances earlier this year). Why do I have to pretty much force myself away? :(

I happily walk away from the computer to shower, to eat, to sleep, to do the dishes, to do the laundry, to play guitar, to go to uni, to hang out with friends. I know I can limit my time on the computer. But why do I have to force myself into the equivalent of a drunken stupor?

I went crazy when I didn’t see HTML code for days. Love that stuff. So what did I want time for again?

Oh, to be on the internet. Now there’s a worry in itself. :P *pats my own head*

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Hello Georgie :D I’m back from my rather long school trip… so sorry for not commenting on your blog for two weeks. I blame the enforced lack of internet.

And because of the amazing experience I had on this school trip, I have some advice to give you. You don’t have to take it, by any means – it’s my opinion. I truly think you should attempt the challenge of your tutor. Sometimes it seems like you need the internet for so many things – you gave the examples of research, work and banking. But it reality, some of these things can wait, and you only realize that when you don’t have internet for a while.

As for finding things to do, if you know you can’t touch your computer, you find other things you haven’t tried for a while :D It actually really works.

I count myself as fairly addicted to the internet, but after two weeks in Far North Queensland with no computer/internet access AT ALL, I realized that while I dearly love the internet, and while the computer holds most of my hobbies, I can also find other things to do that don’t require online time.

Seriously, I think you should try the challenge. It’s just my opinion, but I really think it’s a good thing. In the 24 hours you can’t touch your laptop, just do all the things that don’t require internet, that you still have to do anyway. Then go see your friends, relax, and have an early night to catch up on sleep. Trust me, it will be fun! Really! Still, it’s up to you (no pressure).

Anyways, that’s all my opinion. It might be different for you, but I got a lot out of being internet-free for a few weeks :D And in worst case scenario, it’s only 24 hours.

Ah… It’s good to be back in the world of long comments and multiple blogs to read every day. I’m aware that sentence kind of contradicted everything else I just said.

I am pretty sure most people who left or will leave comments here would agree with you: that internet is a drug.

For me, I don’t remember when the
addiction started. All of a sudden the internet has became a part of my life. It’s hard to stay away from it. I check my email every half an hour, even in the middle of a discussion!

I get restless if I can’t go on the net in 24 hours. It feels like I’m feeling isolated from the rest of the world. Funny I should be feeling that even when I’m surrounded by people in real life.

Even if I don’t go on the net, there are still countless things to do on the computer. Watching videos is one thing, there’s also playing games, writing codes, programming, developing apps, sketching, drawing or as simple as typing up the essays. I can’t live without the computer, period.

Lastly, internet ftw!


I don’t believe 100% in horoscopes, but they make interesting if not necessarily good, reads sometimes. They are not accurate all the time of course, and people have the tendency to believe and like what they hear so their minds will automatically block out the others.

Life without internet is seriously difficult. I go MAD /bash when I don’t have the internet to entertain me. According to my parents, though, I am more pleasant to be around when I don’t have access to the internet.

I go mad as well, I guess. It’s pretty hard to live without. Last time I actually felt upset and cried a bit. /um

Helloooooo :)

“Stuff” can be ANYTHING. I want more time to do stuff too! Well I just want more time…And for me “stuff’ probably just means “sleep”, seeing as that’s what I lack most of the time :P

Oh my god. No internet for 24 hours. I’m not even that addicted to the internet and I think I’d probably fail that challenge. I can’t survive with SLOW net. How am I going to survive with NO net? (Hahahaha! It rhymes! :P ).

How did people manage without the internet before it was invented? Haha, lucky us. I can’t watch dvds on my laptop T_T It has no disc drive. But I can watch MPEGs :)

I can’t imagine you without internet. You have so many internet-related hobbies, you’d suffer like a BILLION more times that me D:

LOL, seems like we’re part of an age that is totally internet-orientated. Maybe we should attempt to use snail mail once in a while? Hahahaha.

You’re not an idiot for having an internet addiction! You’re admirable for actually doing something PRODUCTIVE with your internet addiction. At least you can potentially make a career out of it :) Yay!

Yeahh…I remember earlier this year. No internet makes Georgie very 🤬 /bash 😰 But it’s understandable. If someone stole all my books away from me, I’d end up mentally insane by the end of the day D:

*pats Georgie’s head too* :P

Hahaha! Yeah, my earlier blogs on my space…so embarrassing D: I know your blogs were long! And you used to have these ‘quotes of the day’ or ‘week’ or something :P But they were still super organised. Your space totally owned mine! XD

Yeah, I guess I could change names, but sometimes I want to blog about something about myself that I don’t want people who aren’t close to me to know…like on my space when I went on a rant about how I may have picked the wrong career when I did law…*someone* (I’m sure you know who this someone is) read it and was all ‘I read your blog’ at uni and I was like /angry cos I didn’t want him to know that stuff about me cos we weren’t that close. Well he just presumes we’re close, but yeah…it’s just…frustrating.

Well okay, I guess I was stupid for blogging about it in the first place, but I need an outlet!

Hehe, your blogs are cool! Your blogs are a part of my life too :P Cos I’m always reading them. Hahahaha!

I know what you mean. I dread a primary school reunion because I’m the one that went to an entirely different school to everyone else and no one went with me. It’d be SO awkward D:

Hahahahaha! Yeah, I can’t imagine James playing a practical joke to be malicious. He’s totally not like that :P But still! Must caution him, lest he gets sued by someone. HAHAHAHAHA!

Even when I’m not doing anything all day, I still wish I had more time for stuff.

Hmm, you could always lie about not going on the internet? /bounce But maybe it would be good for you. You could spend a day with James or Lillian, or just have a Georgina day of something.

If something happened to my internet I would still write stories, play around on paint shop pro, or clean and sort out my laptop. If I were to go without my whole laptop, then I suppose I would go for a walk, read one of my many unread books or something constructive. :) But I would miss the internet. I’ve cut down my computer time a lot lately, I used to be on this thing about four-six hours a night. Now maybe one-three hours, depending on how fun I find what I am doing at the time.

I cannot live without the internet. I remember when I didn’t have the net for two days and I was dying of boredom. I couldn’t function properly. Everything – from finding out what my friends are doing to the latest news I find it all from the net. Which is quite scary in a sense. And to spend 24 hours without using my computer is impossible even when I am not browsing the net my life is my computer. How on earth did you manage it? O_O

Life without internet … umm, I can’t imagine it. Just a day… is actually pretty… unbelivieable. I’m pretty much an internet addict, if I’m not on the computer, I’m on my iPod… tweeting, watching videos on YouTube, surfing Safari. Totally impossible.

My parents always shout at me for going on the internet too much, but I can’t help it… I CANT. ITS LIKE FOOD TO ME. *crazy eyes* Well, maybe not food… but you get what I mean.

So I feel your pain, I would’ve been reluctant to take the challenge. XD

Yeah, same with me. I started the web world in 2006 in Piczo and all I bascially did was make graphics and post them there and people would be like “WOW, I love your graphics” and things. Round about 2009… I got into “intense blogging” as you described. And I guess blogging is what was missing back then haha.

Yeah, I know. I hate them, seriously. They don’t understand me or accept me for what I like to do. /argh

You listen to J-POP too? Thats awesome, which bands/singers do you like?

Yeah I Do too,yellow bring kinda life to the layouts,we use =D
Yeah..I Really love my new layout,it seems to be more professional than the last one =D
thank you I Wish I Could pass by doing all the new updates..since I’ve just got my computer fixed & it’s again working /bounce 🙄 I think I can start doing some updates =P
Lol..I Forgot how to use my computer :P i definetly forgot everything about it..I need time to get used for the keyboard again /type & those old screens..non LCD Screens..I’ll miss my LCD Screen,but I think the current one is way bigger & better than the LCD Screen <3

That's so cool,Well I usually spend my summer holiday with my friends,& my brother & sister,at home,I watch TV episodes,& movies..I also enjoy listening to songs & dance on them <3

Yeah..I always get bored of my layouts so fast :P
so yeah.. I Will try not looking at them so long XD

That's so cool,you did something new well I Can't wait to start updating my website on my new computer <3
btw I Really love your new fanlisting layout <3
cyahh xoxo.

Life without internet, or even technology, really sucks. It’s so hard thinking about how people from years ago lived without it. But I sure can’t live without it. The computer is like part of my life already. Check mail, go to the site, read some Fanfiction…. It’s basically part of my routine 😰 My mom finds it really bad because she says I spend WAY TOO MUCH time in front of the screen. /hmph

That’s a pretty big and hard challenge though, no matter how easy that sounds. When I usually don’t have internet connection, I end up looking at my old yearbooks or just reading old letters. That’s what I always end up doing. :)

XD i need the internet always. I can’t have a computer without it, the internet keeps my mind off of things i want to push out of my head, it also keeps me occupied. Yes, my family and friends seem to agree that i am an addict 💀 (I don’t know why i just used that smiley, but i just thought it was so cool so i just had to). I personally think that aslong as you get everything you need to do done at a good time, along with still staying social and open for other things, then internet addictions aren’t that bad.
/type Quinn

My mum also agrees that I’m an addict. I don’t think my addiction is so bad though. If I’m tired, I’ll get off unless I’ve got an assignment due. I don’t force myself to sit here, I actually like it. :P

Also, I read that your camera broke; hopefully you get a replacement soon. :) I’ve got a few cameras but some are shared in the family. I have to have one with me most of the time as I never know when a good photo opportunity will come up. I also used to like riding my bike but I haven’t done so in a while, which reminds me to exercise a little more too.

XD My parents also think I spend too much time on the computer. Other families tell them that this generation of kids grew up with this, so we’re used to it. I always get these nagging stories that usually sound like…

Claire, when I was your age I was feeding pigs right after school.

My dad and I have to remind my mom that I can’t do those kinds of stuff like picking mangos, tilling farmland, feeding chickens, etc. But what do I do? I help out with my dad’s newly built clinic. (neurologist) I help out as front desk, I typed out ALL the patient forms, I help with billing. Well, as you might guess, that’s all internet based. (My dad is trying to go paperless)

I end up reading an entire book when our internet is down. 😳 I love to read, but I tend to read up my share on the internet.

Plus, our school is slowly becoming internet based. We get our grades there, assignments, etc. My mom thinks internet=Claire playing on neopets. :X

Yeah, we are internet addicts & we know. 🙄

Yeah, I used to go to therapy and it helped me get thins out, but I pretty much didn’t stop anything. I stopped going and everything got worse. Guess I should go back d: Good things your happy now (: If I can’t be it makes me happier than anything to know someone else is. I’m the opposite. I prefer hot to cold. But I hate the mugginess and the humidity, it drives me insane. But I do like perfect weather where its warm and nice out. I had been online a while, and I remember your site over a little over a year or two ago. It was on this domain, and I must say you’ve come a very long way. (:

I don’t think I could go a day without the internet or my computer. I mean I could, I just really, really, really prefer not to. I mean for people who have been on everyday for years of their life, that’s hard. Computers are there for a reason, so why not use them. But there is a different side. For those who are always on the computer and don’t spend time with family or friends or do sports or something. Those people have a true problem.

Hi :)

I love this post. I would say I’m sorta addicted to the internet. I do need it to do a lot of my daily things. I went on vacation for a week, a whole week without internet, and the first thing I did when I got back was check my email :D

I love HTML too, I can’t be away from it. I do other things without the internet but I always come back to it lol. I actually cried a bit too when I didn’t have it :P

I need more time too haha

Hey! I make all my pages on wordpress and I was wondering if you new how to make a preview page that your visitors go to when your making your site or changing the theme. atm i use maintanance mode but when I preview my pages, it only shows maintanance mode, not the page. I thought it might be on your wordpress tutorials but I didnt know what it would be under.
If you dont understand what I mean, I’ll try to explain it a bit better.
Please reply at becks-9@hotmail.co.uk


You should turn off the maintenance mode plugin and use the Theme Preview plugin under a separate installation of WordPress.

This is also my personal blog post, not a place to ask for help. If you have questions, there are several ways to contact me.

I think maybe when people want us younger generations not to be so dependent on the internet that is like telling someone who likes to write everyday to stop writing for one day. Just because it is new and may make us a little bit reclusive doesn’t mean it isn’t the same thing as always having your nose stuck in a book or something not technological.
The only reason I would support such a challenge is to shock the brain. To make it change course. I think that sometimes taking ourselves on another course doing something different for awhile (or a second) may be good. The same like learning something new everyday.

I totally agree with you. I mean, if I HAVE to be.. I can be away from the computer and not be dying. I’ll choose to go out with my friends and get away from the computer, as well as when I’m at work I’m away from it for hours. I CAN be away, I just like actually having something to do when I’m at home. Sometimes I watch DVDs and such on a portable DVD player but still.. Its not the same.

Well, he texted me to say he was coming over so I’d be able to talk to him. We didn’t have much time though, and I couldn’t actually manage to talk without crying. We were just laying there, and I was crying but he didn’t even seem to notice. He apparently did but.. well, you’ll see the full story in a bit when I blog about it.

Yeah, it can be hard to reply to them all, especially when there’s random ones from people you don’t really know, and you don’t want to find something to reply to.. but you also know that it can lead to a good friendship if you do reply. It’s def. worth it to return comments though :D

My blog isn’t really just a ranting place, it’s just where I talk about whatever I want, whenever I want. So I like not having to worry about my offline friends getting upset if i say something about them :P

I completely agree. One of my friends decided to go into a “technology hiatus” and so I hadn’t talked to him online for days. It kind of killed our friendship because that’s the biggest way we communicate outside of school :P

And I’ve tried… I’ve actually tried unhooking myself from this screen known as a computer. O.o I’ve tried. And failed. I told myself even that I would go on a technological hiatus as well but it failed. Because a majority of the things I do are online anyways. If I wasn’t online.. I’d be eating. And that would mean getting fat. Or I would be lying there watching TV or doing chores all day. And chores… get boring after awhile. I wish my parents would learn to just take a break and enjoy themselves now and then.

But yeah, that would be a very difficult challenge. Sheesh, /ehh

Yeah, that’s why authors need to learn to make their books look appealing as well as be content-appealing.

Somewhat relevent to this conversation, the autobiography book of Justin Beiber. I recently read about it in a magazine and 89% voted they wouldn’t read it. (Me being one of them haha).

There’s judgement going on there, but for good reasons. The kid’s my age. MY age. 16. Or even younger, (I don’t know, I swear he’s 12). And he already has an autobiography? I wonder if HE even wrote it. And if so, what would there be to write about?

“I was born. I learned to walk and talk. Then Usher found me and I’m a star. Except I look like a 12 year old kid or a chipmunk and sing like a girl.” (Sorry, if you’re a JB fan… but I just can’t take his silly career seriously). Yeah, that would be the book. O.o Or maybe his first kiss at the age of 5. HAHAAHAHHAHA. O.o

I want to read more on Australia. All I know really about it’s history is that it used to be inhabited by aboriginis (: And then white people came and well, similar to that of South Africa’s story or even the US. :P

I live an hour away from my school. Thing is, there isn’t a bus that takes me straight to my school. I’d have to transfer so many times and wait awhile and that would mean waking up even earlier. Until I get my license, my parents will have to be my drivers. :P

I know exactly what you mean! I spend so much time online, that I almost forget that there is a world where people don’t have computers.

I mean, I do break away to eat, sleep etc, and to work out and go to school and hang with friends, but I still always want to get back to my little Lappy! :P

I always try to be on my best behavior, so at least my mom won’t take away my cpus. But you never know; anything is possible. /wah

It’s weird but lately I seem to have been losing interest in being on computers/online lately. I think that it has to do with the fact that I am not able to work on the pages of my website when I am home since my computer moniter has decided to quit working. /angry But I guess there is a bright side…I am catching up on my sleep. :)

I know what you mean, I wish there were more hours in a day!

The longest I’ve gone without internet was about a week when I was on holiday, however I did use my phone and the wi-fi in McDonalds for an hour when I went there!

I agree with you though, every piece of homework or coursework I get, usually depends on research. I suppose I could use books from the library, but with such little time to do it, the internet is just more of an efficient resource.

When I don’t have anything better to do I think I am pretty dependant on the internet LOL.

It’s better that you didn’t want to try the challenge than having done the challenge and quit half way through. At least you could admit you didn’t want to do it!

I just remembered you saying about a week ago on Twitter that you were looking into McFly’s music, I was just wondering, did you enjoy it? :’)

I never went to see Step Up 3D in the end, I do really want to see it though as I liked the first two movies!

Thank you. :) It’s annoying when I see a really nice object to take a picture of and people are looking at me weirdly. :|

I’m the same haha! This one didn’t take long, I just cropped the picture, added a script, added some text and a texture on top, and I liked it!

I got 10 comments on this blog, and usually I get no more than about 5 so this is taking it’s toll on me. :P

A few of my offline friends have Twitter, not many of them do though, they don’t use it as much as I do though. XD

I don’t think that I would actually go crazy, I surprise myself, I’m really not that addicted.

When I went on vacation, I didn’t go on the computer for like 5 days in a row.

Like, today, I was cooking all day so I didn’t even have time to come on. :(

But I will go on the computer instead of doing homework. :P

I sometimes find pictures of that guy I blogged about awhile ago. I sometimes makes me cry because how fake he was.

I never had the idea that it would be an assignment! I knew that if no one opened the box she would open it up and show us anyway. Oh well.

It’s not that they think we will make a mess, they don’t want us distracted.

I never ever lie, if they ask, “were you looking through my stuff” I would say yes, lol but they never asked.

Haha, what kind of icon? xD

Hey Georgie!!

Firstly, I’d like to apologize, that I haven’t been around lately. As you can tell, I’ve been re-doing my website. This is my current blog from now on. I know I’ve done it many times on my other domains, but this one I want to keep it that way. I will also be going underneath as Panda. I know cheap sounding but I love Panda bears so why not?

Anyway, so your tutor to basically said for you guys to give up the computer for 24 hours? How ridiculous. I mean I can see if it’s a fasting thing for Jesus Christ and God, but seriously to stay away from the internet is ridiculous. I mean food maybe, coke yes, but the internet is something that we need on a day to day basis. We need the internet.

I’m kinda baffled by this situation. Anyway, the other reason for my absence on your domain, is because I’ve been packing like crazy. I’m packing everything I can and I just now got the living room, and kitchen done, and half of my dad’s room done. I felt like I was going to pass out so I had to stop. I don’t know what was caused it.

Anyway, I probably won’t be around for the next two days or so. So if I don’t comment on your blog…you’ll know why.

That’s perfectly fine, Jamie. I understand you’re busy with moving and packing, so I don’t expect you to drop by so often. Thank you for doing so, though! I’m getting an error on your blog though, so I’m replying here. :)

Pandas are lovely!

It’s just too true; we do need the internet. It’s just become part of daily life now. I would be able to live without junk food but when it comes to internet, I think it’s a must for many people. Especially working in an office, you need to email people and contact people instantly.

Good luck with the move!

Haha xD. You are quite addicted to the Internet. But I think most people who own websites are. I gave myself a similar challenge a few days ago to stay off of my website until Wednesday because I wanted a break from the comments and blogging and things. I’m still breathing, but I honestly did miss the Internet, and the people I always talk to here.

The only thing I use the Internet for is entertainment…except when school is in, and I need it for something. But other than that…no, it’s for entertainment purposes. Which, is that bad? I mean, I don’t have a bank account or school projects or any of those things. And, I’m someone who likes to do read things with pages. But I am the same – I type faster than I write, and therefore use the computer for those things.

That’s probably why I like blogging more than making resource sites – I can get much more in touch with people through comments about what I said about life in my blog than about updates throughout the site. I just find it much more personal. I mean, I don’t know any offline friends who talk to a girl in Australia xD.

Life, for me, is very public. School makes it so. Just because people find out things from other people, and then suddenly everyone is aware. I like having my own world, here, online, away from such a public place. Plus, here, these things are public, but it’s just me and other people I meet…people I don’t know personally.

…if that makes sense? Not sure if it did..?

I can agree – some old friends are old friends for reasons, and sometimes it’s just best to keep them away instead of having to deal with them through a social networking site. It’s understandable.

See, some religions are like that though. My mom has read up on a lot of religions, especially when she went through her I-don’t-know-what-I-am stage. But she had come across a few religions that said “all other religions are wrong,” and “wrong religions should not be enforced.” the hell

>_< I tend to press buttons on accident and this is supposed to be apart of my previous comment. Sorry about that!

But I was just angry – no one should have the right to tell me my religion is wrong and "shouldn't be enforced." I don't force God on atheists. :|

Hm. My geography teacher told us anywhere in Europe, including Australia (though it's it's own continent), has the same dollar. Guess she was wrong xD.

Man, I feel your pain. Sometimes I can not get on for at least a week, or more, so being off is soo hard for me. I love the Internet, and I don’t know what I would do with out it. @_@

It’s strange trying to imagine things without the internet or a computer. I mean, technically we’d need to take away more than just the typical computer if we’re eliminating “computers” I mean, there are computer chips in cars and you can use the internet on a lot of other appliances these day. A day without technology other than TV would be difficult. I can remember being a little girl though when I didn’t use this stuff, when computers weren’t even around really only a few people owned them.

I’d go outside to entertain myself, I’d make up little adventures or do flips on my bar. It’s amazing thing back at all the hours I spent doing other things opposed to what I do now which is spent in front of a computer. Most of the things I love are on the computer. I love web designing, blogging, talking to friends online, facebook, twitter, etc. I also, like you mentioned, use my computer for other things such as DVD player and I play games on it and listen to music.

So, it’s not only my means of internet, it’s my DVD player, CD player, writing tablet, and video game console.

I could handle that for 24 hours. I think there were actually three days straight this past month that I went without using the computer at all. :O I have phases in the things I’m addicted to. If I’m really into video games, reading, crocheting, or if I’m really busy, I can ignore the computer fairly easily, especially if the laptop isn’t already set up because I’m quite lazy when it comes to setting it up and plugging it in.

I think, as you’ve already admitted, that you’re addicted. XD I don’t think that’s good… but it’s not necessarily bad, either. I think it’s good to make sure you have hobbies that don’t involve sitting in front of a screen all the time so you can go out and enjoy the real world (fyi I’m not talking specifically about you now, just for people in general). I personally find it preferable to have offsite hobbies–not that I necessarily follow through with that–in addition the internet. Everything in moderation, y’know? Still, sometimes you’re not in the mood for your other hobbies and you just HAVE to use the computer. XD

Lol! That’s addiction, Georgina :p

I’m assuming this is for Social Informatics? When I did it, they asked us to give up our mobile phones. I don’t think we realise we’re so dependent on something until they ask us to give it up.

But I think that’s just the initial feeling, and then we realise we can live without a mobile phone or the Internet.

Just a short comment /eee


Wow. If I were you I’d cheat abit already, haha. I cant live without my internet, especially after I got my macbook and everything’s super fast and easy!! x.x Would totally go bonkers if I couldnt use my internet for a day haha. But there are things we can do without the internet, like reading, and cycling and playing squash!

LOL. So am I! I’m actually pretty worried what I’m going to do once school starts because of my habit of going online everyday. I’m really hoping its not going to distract me too much. But I know for sure that somehow I will get distracted because I will always need the computer for research and stuff.

HAHA, Yeah, I guess if you looked at it too many times, it will get boring. You probably know where to find each person!

All I’ve been doing was returning comments. And I promised myself that I will update a lot of times since its summer. But laziness got over me /oh Plus, sometimes if I do have updates, I’m too lazy to upload them to the site. Right now, I’m trying to update as much as I can since school is starting soon /ehh

It’s nice to listen to old songs especially when you’re just lying down and relaxing. That’s what I do sometimes when I don’t want to be in front of the screen (Y) Bring back childhood memories, and think about stuff that I want to do in the future. It’s like a spa session. HAHA.

I’m addicted … I have an L on my forehead and I don’t care /wave
Most of what I do is also online. I hardly ever talk to people. I use comments when I blog for that. (Y)

Thank you,yeah I know I’m realy glad you all liked it <3
Yeah,it happens for me often doing layouts need patience & a present minded person,sometimes I leave out my mind in another place /um ..
I Hate CRT's Screens..They hurt eyes faster than LCDs & LEDs..
& CRTs Are crap the way they display the screen looks like a torned page 😰
Well I Don't have a laptop I wished I had one,but my computer is 3 years old,& works fine,but the case cover is broken so I scotched it & it works like if it's 1st bought..I'm really in love with my computer it's so fast & it has big disk storage..The LCD screen is currently at the factory,& I will hopefully get it fixed on tomorrow (Y)
Maybe I Will be getting a new laptop on the year after 2011.
So On 2012..Anway I Don't care I think it's ok..I wanted a laptop on christmas,but I postponed the gift,I Though I Choose cheaper gifts,cause my parents never disappointed me,& I want to choose cheaper gift,Like a new NOKIA PHONE,my Computer is working fine as a new one..so I'm not dying to get a new one,so I though logically on getting a new phone,cause I currently have a 2002 samsung phone,& I Currently don't like it..changes matter!
Well I Don't watch television that often,but There are some specific programs/episodes I'd like to watch.There's a beautiful turkey drama film called "Aski Memnu" ( Forbidden love )
I Read about the ending of it,& it's kinda sad.. /faw

Have a nice day Georgia x

Surprisingly enough, when I had to go a day without using my computer, I didn’t go too insane, :D. I did always sneak several glances at my laptop/computer, wishing it was functioning properly.

But now . . . Haha, xD. I don’t think I can keep my sanity going a whole 24 hours without using the Internet or the computer. I do so much on the computer. Typing stories, watching DVDs (my DVD player is not working at all, and my daddy’s never home to fix it, :(. ), blogging, replying to blog comments, looking at clothes from places like Pacsun.com xD, Photoshopping, etc. So many of my favorite things to do are related to the computer. I’m so addicted to it, Dx. My mom says it’s a horrible thing, |: . ‘Cause when I’m not on the computer, I’m either watching television, texting, or reading a book, >.<. That's it . . . I hope that's not too bad, o.o.

I never borrow any books from the libary, :p. School library or public. The books there usually have ripped pages, torn edges, writing scribbled all over the inside of the front/back covers, and often, there would be a random page with a bunch of cuss words written all over it, >.<. I like my books in excellent condition, xD.

I always read fantasy books — well, almost always. The only books that I have read that aren't fantasy-related would have to be the ones written by Nicholas Sparks. He’s such an amazing writer, xD. I adore his books, ♥.

Bryce Courtenay, hmm. I think I’m going to google him, b’cause I do like good books about “the journeys of people through life and their experiences”, xD. BRB.

M’kaye, I’m back, ;p. LOL. His books do sound great, not that I would read them, :p. I don’t think they’re my kind of books

Myspace did get old pretty fast, huh? Everyone used to say that Myspace is the bomb and that Facebook is for mom — OMG, that rhymed! :D. And now Facebook has totally overtaken Myspace, xD. Haha. I only have them to keep in touch with certain friends who don’t have cell phones, or aren’t given phone privileges, :p.

You got called weird because you liked jazz music and rock music? 0.o. Wow, yeah, that totally makes sense! =_=’. Lmao, I honestly don’t get how that would make you “weird”, at all. Some people here at my school are afraid to admit they look songs from certain artists, just because everyone else thinks that artist is 1. Totally ugly. 2. A slut/whore (excuse my language) 3. For kids. Even if the artist’s songs have really, really improved and people know that they like him/her, they’re still stubborn and tell everyone they hate him/her. Pretty stupid, in my opinion, =_=’.

Oooh, if I lived in Australia, I would already been in my second year of high school, xD. Haha, the education system here is kind of crappy . . . I didn’t learn anything too new this year. It was all a review of last year with more steps, more explanation, and more things to keep in mind. I think I’ll actually learn new things next year, in Albebra I Honors, :D. Looking forward to that . . . Sorta.

I personally love having my shoulders exposed during the summer. XD That makes me sound like a whore or something, haha. But really, I love the sun and the feel of the wind and my hair blowing across them, and I feel so free. ♥ Even though the pump on my bra feels like it might constrict my breathing a little bit. :P I think I will buy that strap–soon, anyway. I just got $50 from Holly for watching Yemaya, with more to come, apparently, and I really need a new pair of sneakers. I’ve been looking for a year but can’t find a pair that’s cute, waterproof, and has an arch. The waterproof one is important because it rains here quite a lot during fall, winter, and spring and it would be really stupid to buy mesh shoes that will get soaked through after my first step outside. :P

I’ve actually gotten fast internet now. :D I had been latching onto Rich’s internet for a few months, which required me going into the dining room type area (which we don’t actually eat in, so it has a futon) and braving Yemaya to use. Maybe a month ago, though, we got rid of our old phone because we apparently didn’t use it enough to make paying for it worthwhile, and got new internet instead that even my dad can use! I dislike the lack of a home phone, though; cell service seriously SUCKS in here. Holly’s phone works anywhere, and Dad’s always in the dining room area on his computer and it works there, but it does NOT work in my room, nor in the hallway, so if there’s an emergency I have to run out to a spot with service first, like all the way across the house (and our hallway is long). Also, if Yemaya and I were home and no one else was around and something happened to me, she wouldn’t be able to call 911 because she wouldn’t know where my phone is. Of course, I doubt she’d call 911 anyway; she’d probably cry and run into her room and not look back… which is a serious oversight in Dad’s and Holly’s parenting and maybe I should talk to them about it because if I get too low I could die in her presence. :P

Haha, along with my Spanish teacher, I’m also friends with my 9/12th grade(s) English teacher on Facebook. That’s not too weird, though, because of the way she interacted with us as students. I mean, she acts exactly the same on Facebook, whereas Mr. Poer was an unpleasant surprise. @_@

I actually went 24 hours without a computer yesterday, because Dad was fixing my computer. Though since I spent the day at school, half the evening asleep and the other half of the evening reading, I didn’t really miss it. For once. XD I wasn’t entirely internet-free for that whole time, I was on mobile twitter in the morning for about ten minutes, but overall I think I’m much less dependent than I thought I was. Which is always good. :L

Haha, I didn’t know what to do, so I’ll just reply back here.

YOU LOVE THAT BACK TOO?! Haha, I cried in the ending of The Book Thief. My mom was worried, so through my tears I had to explain what had happened. She told me she didn’t want to read that book. xD

Also, thank you for answering my question on how to position the smilies. O_O It was confusing me.

Personally, I prefer having my poems written out. It feels so much more personal if I do it by hand. Everything else, though, is better off typed.

There are times where I just don’t feel like being at the computer. I’ll go and play one of my brother’s video games, or lie in my bed listening to music, or even just clean and organise crap. I know I don’t need the Internet, but I don’t think I’m addicted or dependent on it.
I know for sure I was last year and the years before that. I’ve changed drastically and the Internet just doesn’t mean as much to me. It’s a solid source of communicating, though, since my friends contact me over Facebook and MSN, even though I could just call them.
There are times where I will just sit at the computer and do nothing. Sometimes I’ll sit and have my music playing, but I’ll be drawing and not really using the computer at all.

Wee, that turned into a ramble.

-hugs back-
My sister is there for me emotionally, and I trust my oldest brother to kick anyone’s ass if they hurt me. I’m blessed to have loving siblings.
My little brother, though, treats me like his mom. I’ll admit, it creeps me out immensely at times, but it’s adorable on occasion.

If I removed my Facebook permanently, my friends would freak out. I guess they don’t respect that I don’t want it. xD They’d probably be a little freaked out if they knew I play on Neopets…

I know how it’s like to be without Internet for a loooong time. I feel empty without it. I have a life offline, but I feel complete when I can be online too, lol.

It’s scary how much Internet has taken over, it’s really the era of the geeks!

Hi Georgina! It’s been awhile. Crazy sched here. Well, I managed to go like a max. of 2 days without internet and going crazy. It allowed me to do some other stuff that I rarely do. Now, I take one day in a week without internet. Call it detox or something :)

LOLL ahahha wow your tutor is kinda funny actually :$ i don’t blame ya for feeling this way but that’s how most people are nowadays: glued to the computer XD i just recently got verizon fios but before that, i lived off dial up and rarely used the internet since it was too slow. we are technically addicted, aiyo! there *is* so much we *can* do off the comp, like read books, chat with friends, watch tv, play games, and draw…but now all of those things can be done on the computer XD i am just as guilty as you ;X

and responding to your comment, J-rock has been going down the drain, which is why i stopped listening to it for a while when all my favorite bands decided to go all screamo :T
but i discovered Girugamesh and how they went from screamo–normal-ish, and it’s music to my ears! 😝 and the whole affiliate thing…yeah it’s sucha shame that most people are like that on the internet. they suck!–> /poo hehehe

This reminds me when a teacher in my school say something along this line “I don’t think you guys will survive one day without the use of a cellular device” because many people are so addicted to sending text messages. To be honest, I can go without sending a text messages for months. I hardly use my cell phone to the point that I can forget to charge it and my phone remains dead for a few days. XD or I misplaced my charger somewhere when I desperately needs it.

When I’m bored, I usually go to a computer and see what I can do. Everyday, I will be on the computer at least once, unless I’m on vacation or something and don’t have access to a computer. I can last a day not using the internet, but like you said, it would drive me insane and because there are a lot of things I like to do on the computer. It’s not like I’m glued to the screen 24/7. I enjoy doing other things that does not require the use of computers, like playing the piano, draw, making crafts, and sports.

After a long time being in front of the screen, my eyes get tired, I would happily take a break, do something else because I’m satisfied and I do not want to damage my eyes (don’t want to carry a heavy glasses on my nose, poor nose, have to take the consequence for what I did) XD I would also do the chores with a positive attitude~ ✌️

I got so rusty after a year not doing any coding! :O

Oh my, lol. I don’t know if I’m saying this because I myself am in denile or if it’s because I’m used to it, but I don’t think being away from the internet is that bad. A lot of the time, when I go to China, I don’t have internet. I mostly entertain myself with drawings and bootleg TV series VCDs. Not having internet is inconvenient, but it doesn’t mean I end up hopelessly bored. I also wish I had more time to do stuff, but that’s mostly because once I sit down in front of my computer, my time is sucked away before I even realize what’s happening. Internet is one hellova drug?

I used to be horrible at chess. And slow at moving my pieces too. It just takes practice.
Everything was 50 cents! I love that!

Sometimes I think I spend more time on the laptop then with my friends = Does that make me a loser ): But nowadays, I’ve been cutting down my internet time.

I used to watch my DVDs on the laptop too! But I’ve been disciplining myself and watch them on a proper DVD player haha.

hahahahaha… I def. can’t live without the internet!! hahahaha.. i know.. I’m sooo dependent on it! LOL! :DDD anyways, Nice post Georgina.. you made me think.. really think.. bwahahahaha.. :D

I can barely last a day without an Internet connection. Even when the computers are being used, I see to it that I check for comments or tweet from my phone.

I also type much faster than I write (though I don’t type properly) and it’s naturally just so much easier to do things that way. My thoughts go way to fast for me to be able to write it all down – I’m sure this applies to almost everyone.

I suppose. It is normal that you admire your friends who have come from abroad. I’d really like to live in a foreign country for a year, but I’m not sure if I will do it. I have to think about it very well :)

I understand. It’s true that in spring the flowers are beautiful :D

I’m too glad that we both are in agreement. I know. You can also learn things about different cultures and about people with whom you speak. That is true, it’s good to hear what others think, even if you disagree with them.
It is normal that you take some time to return comments, since you have many comments /type .

I understand you don’t mind that your college friends are aware that you have a blog. But I like to have some privacy in order to express my opinion on some issues that don’t want them to read /um

Personally, I don’t like Facebook, even though I have an account. I don’t use a lot so I maybe end up to delete my account. Most people use MSN to talk to your friends.

Living without internet is not that difficult, believe me. I could live more than two weeks without Internet, in fact I do when I go on holiday with my family, I haven’t laptop.

Certainly you’re right, sometimes we need the Internet for research, works and banking. Even if you need to find information for work at the University may also recur to books and manuals.

I think you have an Internet addiction, it’s good that you recognize. I think you should try the challenge. It’s just my opinion, but i really think it’s a good thing for you. In those 24 hours you can not touch your laptop, you should try to do fun things you like as hanging out with friends, go for a walk, take pictures,…