A Stitch in Time

Sometimes I wish I had more time to do stuff. What do I mean by “stuff”? I don’t exactly know.

Our class was proposed a challenge by our tutor to not use the internet and computer for 24 hours. I thought this was ridiculous. Firstly, I do need the internet to do some research and to get readings for class. I know a day isn’t much, but this is coming from someone who’s very much addicted.

Even so, I use my computer for everything. Even if I didn’t have the internet, I would want my computer to watch DVDs. Our DVD player is really dodgy and messed up, and that would be my only other option. Even if I didn’t have the internet, I would want my computer to type. I type faster than I write, and I would want to be able to type up chapters of stories I write, or type up poems.

There are things I could definitely do without the internet, even though living for a day without the internet would drive me insane. Even if I slept for 12 out of 24 hours, I’d be pretty bored – this, too, what my friend Vicky was saying. It’s not that we’re dependent on the internet. It’s that sometimes we need it – research, work, banking, and so on – or in reality we have nothing to do.

Well, the latter isn’t something to be defensive about, because I’m pretty sure the reason we’re trying not to use the internet is because we’re dependent on it even for entertainment purposes. 😐

That said, I can easily find something else to occupy my time, but I get defensive because the majority of my hobbies are right here in front of this screen. Which, in actuality, makes me look like an idiot, because I just can’t un-stick myself from this machine. Or am I admirable because I can admit that I’m addicted? Who knows.

I think another solid reason why I didn’t want to even try this challenge proposed by my tutor was because: I don’t want to do it unless I have to. I’ve survived without the internet when it’s been down, and when I’ve been away, or when I just haven’t had access (thanks Mum for taking all my technological appliances earlier this year). Why do I have to pretty much force myself away? 😞

I happily walk away from the computer to shower, to eat, to sleep, to do the dishes, to do the laundry, to play guitar, to go to uni, to hang out with friends. I know I can limit my time on the computer. But why do I have to force myself into the equivalent of a drunken stupor?

I went crazy when I didn’t see HTML code for days. Love that stuff. So what did I want time for again?

Oh, to be on the internet. Now there’s a worry in itself. πŸ˜› *pats my own head*

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