Endless, Nameless

I’ll be honest… when I got into blogging I had no idea that I would get a lot of comments every day. I didn’t have any idea of how huge this “blogging world” really was, or how many different people I would actually meet and get the chance to talk to. I’ve become really close to some, and when we share the same interests in blogging, it makes me smile.

Yes, it’s been a really tough time trying to return comments, and sometimes I don’t always have much to say back. Sometimes I might not continue a conversation, but what broadens my horizons is reading the blogs of others – maybe someone in the same city, the same country, or maybe on the other side of the world. (Though, yes, it’s become quite a habit to respond to comments. It’s pretty tiring.)

I’ve heard stories from bloggers who don’t want to tell “offline friends” or family about their websites or blogs. Whether it be from embarrassment or just wanting privacy, or for whatever other reason. I’ve never really been in that position, but I am also not one to flaunt the fact that I have a website where I blog regularly. It’s not that I’m completely used to the attention, but blogging is a huge part of what I enjoy doing, and of who I am. I’m not afraid to tell people when it comes up in conversation.

Admittedly, I had friends in the past who, despite being my friends, didn’t really care about me having a blog. They never really asked about it. It didn’t bother me, but what sort of “hurt” was when some of them didn’t see the point of blogging, and one person even made fun of it.

Blogging opens up a little world for me. Because of commonalities between bloggers, I feel not only close to them, but a bit like it’s a small world.

Sometimes, though, I dislike “small world” things. I remember bumping into a lot of old friends, or even new ones, who would immediately hack out their phone and ask for my name or email address…

“How come you’re not on Facebook?”

To me – a girl without Facebook – I don’t think it would make a lot of difference if I got one. It kind of scares me that the world seems smaller when someone has a Facebook account; keeping in touch with old friends and their family. But personally, I don’t want that. I want to keep those friends close to me, close… and sometimes I think – really – there’s a reason why they’re called “old friends”. Who are they? They don’t mean anything to me anymore. I might think about them when someone mentions “primary school”, but I don’t want to know them. They’re just like old names in an address book where the numbers don’t work.

Just because there’s Facebook, doesn’t mean I want to suddenly keep in touch with people. If I wanted to, or if they wanted to – they would have phoned me up, a long time ago, before there was Facebook.

I anticipate that I’d probably be friends on Facebook with many people if I did have an account. Yet I don’t see why I need one. I’ve got friends who I talk to on MSN; I have their phone numbers; I know where they live; we meet up from time to time.

Maybe I like being different… The same way I’m different from my classmates, because I have a website and most of them don’t.

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I don’t see the mpoint in having a facebook either. If you want to hang out with some or keep in touch, pick up the phone and call them. Or do the “old fashioned” thing and write them a letter. I’ll admit, I have a myspace, but I only got it because my bestfriend had one and she wanted to show me some pics. But I don’t go on it anymore cause it’s just boring…

I don’t have many friends. Infact, I only have one and I like it that way. I used to talk to this girl when we were in middle school and high school, but after a while, we lost touch. I saw a few years ago at Wal Mart, but that was it. Old friends are old friends for a reason…

I still write letters to some of my close friends! Only, we’re cheap, and we just give them to each other when we see each other. I guess because we see each other from time to time still. When we go overseas we still send letters and postcards too.

I really love my home phone. It’s much cheaper than using a mobile phone, which is why I still talk to James on it sometimes. :)

Admittedly, I don’t have many friends either. I could count the close ones on the fingers of my hands. I’m happy with it. I came to the realisation a few years ago, and though it was sad knowing that, I’m not sad about it. :D

I had a Bebo account, and other social networking profiles, but now they’re deleted or disabled because I know I’m never going to touch them again.

I can imagine it would be so awkward bumping into someone I used to know. I wouldn’t want to keep being friends… it would be too strange.

Firstly, I feel compelled to apologize for not having been here in so long. :( You’re one of my most faithful commentors, so I do feel rather guilty for not returning any for so long. :(


Personally, I’ve never seen the point in people trying to keep their blogs secret/private from offline acquaintances. It’s shockingly easy for someone to find you online if they really want to, so it’s rather daft to assume they won’t and then go ahead posting things they wouldn’t want everyone to see. Even password-protected blogs aren’t really safe…but then again, maybe I’m just paranoid. =/ I think it’s commendable though that you don’t fall into that trap of trying to keep online and offline life separate – like you said, blogging is a big part of your life in general, so it only makes sense to be open about it. :)

I’m sorry to hear though that so many people don’t really understand why you blog and that you were even laughed at for it – that’s quite sad, really. I don’t think anyone has a right to ridicule another’s interests, especially something that’s harmless and that they obviously love very much. The question I’ve mostly gotten though from people who don’t understand the blogging world is a confused “what do you write about?”. Even my own mother asked me that once and when I replied awkwardly, “um…just myself…my life…”, she told me that seemed very narcissistic. Gee, thanks Mum. :P

To be honest, I actually admire your refusal to join Facebook just because most everyone else has an account. I can’t say I did the same, but I rarely use mine anymore…to put it lightly, the honeymoon is definitely over! I actually regret joining now, because of all the people from high school friending me…I was more than happy to have filed them all away in the basement archives of my mind!

RE the very last part of your entry: I think being different can definitely be a good thing as long as you’re still being yourself. :) People who are unique rather than different just for the sake of being so (and I do believe you’re the former! <3) I find to be very charming. :)

Oh the person who was being reviewed was out spoken kate. The person doing the review was some loser that doesn’t not deserve to be recognized.

You didn’t tell me what you think of my new layout? I know it’s not the best but I love the positioning.

I think everyone I know, knows I have a website but they don’t know the address. They don’t really seem interested.

I was like that about facebook too. But all my friends live in Perth so it’s nice to read about their lives sometimes.

I used to think ‘well, I made a website, it cost money and a lot of hard work, why do I need a facebook?’ I can’t remember why I joined up for facebook, but it wasn’t that long ago.

I love this. I wish I had thought of this sooner.. blogging about…blogging. Hahahaha. (:

I have to agree, I refuse to tell my parents about my blog mainly because they wouldn’t let me have one if they knew.. (the idea of talking to online strangers scares them.) However, I’m not embarrassed about it. I’m not one to flaunt about my site either. Usually when I tell people about it, they’re like oh that’s so cool. Most of my friends check it out once in awhile, but none of my friends read my blog regularly. Or at least not that I know of. There are some people I refuse to share my site with, at least for the timebeing, such as my parents and a few of my classmates. I fear that if I post something that talks about someone, they might take it negatively, even if I don’t mean the blog to be in the sort of light.

But for the most part, I love blogging. I’m really glad I got into it. I never thought I would, I used to think… ew bloggers. But now, when people say that, I laugh. Because I am a blogger. (:

And, I get why you don’t want a facebook. I’m not one of those people who push others to have one. Although when someone does get one, I’m usually one to say, YAY you have a Facebook now! But I talk to like five people on there regularly. The rest are just for updates on their life. Because not many people I know use Twitter.

Of course, it really is unnecessary. But I suppose I’ve gotten to a point of where social networking is a part of my life. It also makes communication easier because some people don’t have text, and I don’t have everyone’s number. And sometimes I’ll have a project with someone I don’t really know, but Facebook will allow us to chat online. I’m just one of those people who has everything.. hahahaha, so that if someone has only AIM, I can talk to them there. If someone has MSN, I’ll chat there. Or Yahoo, or whatever else there. is.

This comment is becoming unnecessarily long. I shall end it now, with my returning comment :

I do sound really positive in that blog, don’t I? I’m still scared to step forward on my own. But I’m making it a goal, to live life to the fullest. It’s hard. It really is but I like trying new things and just putting myself out there. Or trying to at least. I think I really am growing up whether I like it or not.

A nicer break than what you had? Hm, how so?

You snuck out? Hahaha, now that’s something I would never try. Just because it would fail. My house has an alarm and if I tried to turn it off to get out..well my parents would know. Plus, everyone lives far from me. No point in trying to sneak out to go 20 miles to see people hahaha.

I’ve been staying up until three lately O.o It’s bad but I’m working on it… -sigh- I keep saying that and failing.

I didn’t want to be too eager when I was starting to learn to drive. Because I know getting cocky is what gets teens killed :P

I’m the same as you, having to wear my retainer all the time now… but later they said I’ll get to wear it only at night (:

In my country hi5 is used more than facebook. I really liked it before, but I deleted my account and made Facebook, but was created just for Farmville. Now I have some of my friends in friends list but I prefer not to comment their photos, just replying in the wall sometimes. It’s better like this. I stay a lot of time out and when I wanna meet my old friends I just give them a call. Also all my friends have yahoo ID and we talk really frequently.

I don’t mind people know about my website and so on. It’s quite funny that my classmates read my blogs, but it’s quite embarrassing the thing that I make a lot of errors in speaking English. I would love to write it perfectly, but this is I will work hard to improve it, because i already started taking private classes of English, once a week.

I made a lot of online friends too, even since I opened the website. Jad, you, Isi, Do and Pauline are the persons I met just when I opened my first domain:d. I made a lot of new friends and I feel very close with them, like they are here with me. It’s really sweet to know that when you’re angry you go on your website, start reading the beautiful comments and you feel much better(that happened last night).

Thank you,sweetie ;) Yeah,Without her I’d Continue clicking these slow PTC Sites.. /hehe
Well,I Worked 3 days,non-stop I’m really tired,but I Got so many visitors since I’ve very opened it,& I’m glad..I’m looking for link exchnage – etc.
Yeah graphic&web design,would be the best job for me 👏
& I’d never change my mind,yeah when someone has his goals..He can reach the hard work to success /love
I’m glad the server upgrade went Okay. :D

Now,reading your blog..I Really love blogging too,it makes me feel like I’m Always took care of,& listened,& I feel so much friendly to any strange visitor.. /heart
Well,Facebook isn’t the thing that always make us in touch,but sometimes I Feel,that Facebook&MSN are Important,so that Twitter Does. /ehe

Yeah,being different is a great feeling,I’m different that I Know everything About Owning a website,& graphic&web designing,Skills. :)

Well,have a nice day,good-Morning!! :)

I have facebook. I used to be on it a lot but not anymore. Too much drama and bullshit and I seriously have enough in life to worry about. I don’t need to read it online as well. Online for me is for me to design, blog, email and do things of substance. Not read some moron whose bickering about something non-trivial.

I only got facebook because my sister and cousin kept saying I’d love it, so one day I did get one, and ironically my cousin is no longer on it and my sister hardly goes on it. And they were the ones who annoyed me to join.

My website, people know I have it. I don’t care who reads it and who doesn’t. I am a big commenter, I love commenting and reading about other people and other countries and places and life experiences I may not have experienced before.

I get hurt when someone says that blogging is only a waste of time. It’s not only wrong to assume it is so, but it is also insulting. Blogging, for non-techies, is no more than like writing a diary. Writing about your doings and daily routines basically make up the contents of a blog, or so they think.
But to you and me, blogging is so much more than that. We grow with our blog; the more we write, the more we learn and the wiser we get. As you said, reading other people’s blogs broaden our horizons to such an unimaginable extent. We learn about other people’s cultures and way of life.

My blog means so much to me. Not just it stores records of fragments of my past, but it also, in a way, becomes a portal where I can step into a world beyond my comprehension. Blogging introduces me to web designing and take me to meet a lot of amazingly wonderful and talented people (like you!), so how can blogging be something that is a waste of time?

I have a Facebook account and initially, I sincerely believed that I would be able to keep in touch with my friends and relatives. It turns out that I don’t talk to them as much as I intended to. In fact, the only reason why I had a FB account was because Leon created it for me.

Nothing wrong with being different, because it makes you stand out from the rest. It makes you a special person, Georgina. ;) *hugs*

I don’t think I’d tell my family about my blog. I don’t even have them on Facebook (i’ll get to that later). I’m not sure why though. It just hard to open up to them, I guess. Maybe I’m afraid they’ll tell me something about a problem, something that I need to hear and yet don’t want to. I think I’d rather find things on my own than have my family tell me the answers. Even if it causes me problems. As for offline friends… I’ve told a few about my blog, and linked my twitter to my blog, so the people who follow me on twitter can see it (I don’t know if they have read it, but they have not commented on it yet).

As you very well know, I have a Facebook. =p
I made one, I think back in year 11, but it didn’t lasted and eventually I left it. By the time I left highschool, a friend told me to get Facebook, and so I made a new account. Ironically, that friend doesn’t use Facebook much.

I used to get on Faebook a lot, especially with those games such as Mouse…hunt, I think, and some Mafia game, but quickly became bored of them (not to mention they used up Internet fairly quickly). At one point I was worried over how many people I had on my friends list, but not anymore. But I do not have my family on it. I don’t want them on it since then, I’d have to be careful with what I say and stuff, and I’d hate that. Not to mention my mum would nag me over every girl I befriend. I’d rather not have my family annoy me on such matters. =_=

But it’s good because it allows you to keep in contact with people who you don’t have on msn or twitter. It also helps keep track of events and reunions. I don’t mind having it, even if I don’t use it as often now. Even if I don’t talk to people that I have in Facebook, it’s still nice to know you can contact them at any time.

Sure, he likes you more. He still likes me though. ;)

I’ll try not to get addicted, but I don’t think it would be a bad habit. It’s good I’m trying to write down my thoughts, no matter how random they are. It’s bad enough I don’t find time to write stories anymore. At least this should help my writing. ^_^;

Same here. I thought I would keep using my old computer even after I got my laptop, but it never happened. Too much difference between performances.

You did say that already~ But still, I wanna try it~

You’ll get there lah. New episodes won’t come out until next year (with one special coming out on Christmas). You should have enough time to catch up. :3

I’ve been dealing with it and just now admitting I have a problem. So I’ve been trying to work up the courage to go to the doctor and get the medications I need. I’m glad you got over it, now I know I’m not totally helpless. Everyone will find their true love one day, just may take time and in the process they’ll probably get hurt more than a few times. The least I can do is help my friends who have the issue by helping them through it. I want spring so bad. I love the nice weather without it being cold or too hot. Yeah, I’m pretty sure when I got my first one, I asked are you kidding me. I didn’t take her seriously at all.

I personally don’t tell any of my friends that I have a website. It’s more of a privacy thing for me though. I can say whatever I want, no one judges, and no one I know actually knows. It’s like my little comfort zone. My parents knew a few years ago when I had one. But then I stopped so I don’t think they know anymore. I do have a Facebook, but I don’t talk to any of my old friends. You’re right, they’re old friends for a reason.

You know that’s the same with me. My ex boyfriend never understood and I still don’t think he understands why I blog. He thinks it’s almost pointless and well he knew about it and one day I happened to blog about one of our fights and he thought that I was bitching to the world about him when it really wasn’t even that…
And now the NEW boyfriend, he knows about it and like monitors it and looks to see what I am up to as well which bothers me slightly because I do like that it’s private and away from my offline life… I just like to share things and get opinions and what not for myself, not anyone else.
You sound just like my boyfriend, he finds no use for old friends and networking and such but he is getting more into it cause of me. I was never much of a fan of it either but it just grew on me as well. But you’re right, old friends are old friends, they don’t have time for you anymore and probably won’t even make time for you! But that’s okay cause you are always meeting new people =)

Take care xx

I understand, if you go to a foreign country to live and study you have to do, it’s learn the language. I guess your friends who came from abroad it costed at first but gradually were adapted.

Haha I know that you don’t watch many movies, and I assumed that these films hadn’t seen. I’m not sure if any available in English. It’s true, sometimes study films aren’t known.

I understand. That’s what I try to do, I try to take advantage of sunny days because here there are more cloudy days than sunny. /cool And within 1 month will be autumn :)

I hope you have the opportunity to go to that course in photography. I will have to wait for the next year to go.

Your friend is very wise to tell you that prhase. Haha I agree with you. I understand. I’ll also feel too shame. /um

I enjoyed reading this blog, since I have a similar view to yours.
It is true that sometimes it is difficult to try to return comments, but it’s nice to read blogs of other people, and especially meeting people from other countries and different cultures.

I’m one of those people who has a private blog, because I don’t want my friends offline to read it. But my family knows I have a blog. Not that I’m ashamed to have it, but I feel more liberated when my friends and my classmates at the University aren’t aware that I have a blog.

I have a facebook account, but not much use. I usually use the Tuenti, phone and sometimes msn to keep in touch with my friends.
It is true that there is a difference between having or not having Facebook. You just want to talk to a close friend can do it through MSN or via telephone.

Being different is cool. 👏

When I first got into blogging I never took it seriously, I just wrote about how many new blends I’d added and what I did at school. I still don’t write in depth blogs, just about my day, but it’s not 8 paragraphs on visitor content any more LOL.

I think I’m lucky in some ways as I don’t get many comments on a blog so it only takes about 20/30 minutes to return them, I’d be so tired after returning like, 50. :|

It’s a good thing that you’re able to tell people from the offline world that you have a blog. I don’t even tell my offline friends I have a Tumblr or Twitter!

Blogging is a hobby though, I don’t see how people could say it’s a “waste of time”, especially with the amount of new friends you’ve made over the years!

Sometimes I feel like deleting my Facebook. It’s nice to be able to share photos, but I don’t even use it that much. I only update my status occasionally, and then it’s just lyrics haha. I know what you mean about “old friends” though, why keep in touch with them online if you don’t keep in touch with them offline? I only have about 5 friends from primary school on Facebook.

Haha thank you. :) I like your layouts as the colours you use are so unique! I love the sort of pinky-red colour on this one especially.

Oh I see haha, my site was down for about 15 minutes yesterday, maybe it was just my internet though!

I don’t tend to drop my phone much at all, so really the case would just be for decoration haha.

I have facebook, but I’m never really on it much. I have resolved differences with old friends over facebook; there was a girl who was my best friend between the ages of 3 and 11, but she sided with my bullies when we were 11 and then went to a different high school. I never saw her, even though we live in the same village. Then on facebook a few months ago she apologised to me and we’ve started talking online a little, and while we’ll never be good friends I’m glad that I can talk to her. I still haven’t seen her, but we’re going to some of the same gigs in the next few months so we’ve decided to say hi to each other if we see each other there.

Anyway, I have no idea why I’m boring you with this random story. :L

My blog does mean a lot to me. I gave up blogging for a few months a while ago, giving away my website and everything(Grey Lemons, it was called), but I couldn’t live without having somewhere to rant and just to be myself, since in the real world I’m only ever totally myself when I’m with one or two of my closest friends. For that reason, I always feel like the friends I’ve made online through my blog know me better than a lot of people who I’ve known for years in real life. XD Some of my friends do know about and visit my site, but not a huge amount. I won’t lie if someone else asks me about it, but I won’t bring it up in conversation myself either.

Facebook is something I really do need to have. Not in that obsessive, die-without-it way but because of my “lifestyle”. I move very often which means it makes my friends “old-friends” very quickly. Who I would call an “old-friend” doesn’t really mean the same thing. It means that suddenly my life changed up and relocated and somehow managed to cut us off. It’s something quick if I didn’t manage to catch their number or I wouldn’t have been able to call them anyhow (worldwide calls are sheesh-expensive!). So Facebook is kind of a remedy for that. Much the blogging world is to me.

Funnily enough I kind of refer to the blogs I read daily and my online friend as my portable “best-mates”. When I go somewhere, I say good-bye to my friends through text, FB and in person. But just take my Ron and thus, you guys (who by the way, live in Ron) and head out. It’s like I’m carrying my best friends around everywhere. It’s a nice reassuring feeling.

My family know I have a blog. Constantly reminded of the dangers of pedophilia and the general “weirdness” of humanity. Thanks Father, I know. My friends don’t but that’s because I just never told them. Not for embarrassment or anything. I kind of wonder how they could not have figured it out. I completely aced the HTML course we all had to take without blinking and aced the course for everyone on computers 14 and 15 around me as well. If it ever comes up I’ll excitedly show them. And if it doesn’t that’s good. I don’t usually blog about them because of their privacy, not mine.

And returning comments. I do do it. /argh Promise! It’s just that sometimes the blog the person has up is just kind of boring? I shouldn’t say that. I don’t even have that many to return. But I will return them…in the end. Oh and don’t worry about always returning mine like the amazing angel you are. I understand.

Now on a completely unrelated note, just to let you know, I listed Floriental on this list of web-hosts: http://www.windymill.skyness.org/ronblog/general/the-list-of-non-commercial-web-hosting.php. Just wanted to tell you if you had any problems with it at all. Thank you!

Thank you for including me in that article, Jenny! :) I feel very honoured.

I chose to reply here since you probably didn’t want comments on your short post. Hopefully you’ll be back with a blog soon.

I find that every time I have my laptop (and internet) I have my friends with me. It feels good too, I have to agree.

I don’t move a lot, and I’ve lived in the same town for 15 years or more. Because I went to a gifted/talented school and travel far to university, most of my friends live far away anyway. We still exchange numbers and emails even though I don’t have Facebook.

My mum is really concerned about me talking to people online. I don’t think she understands the blogging community very well, and the fact that you can have this kind of trust in other bloggers, as opposed to people you just meet. My mum doesn’t visit my websites though she knows I enjoy designing and blogging a lot. :P

I aced the HTML course we had earlier this year; I wasn’t allowed to skip it at university though, as it was a core subject. I don’t think my mum was surprised though, after I told her the content of the course.

Even if someone has a boring blog, if I’ve a comment to return, I make an effort… it’s just a habit. XD

The blogging world is huge! If you click on one link, it leads to the next and the next and the next. Haha.

Anyways, I just wanted to reply to your comment earlier on my entry.

The Youth Olympic Games – today they had the swimming semi-finals and the Australians won a couple of medals ((: Was a close fight with the Russians.

Oh that’s good to hear! :D

That’s so true. I think it’s like that with anything on the internet though. I’ll click on one link and it leads to another whether I’m just browsing, reading the news, or watching YouTube videos. :P

Georgina! ♥

I have to say — I’m really glad that I met you and most of my other online friends. ;) I’ve grown great bonds with some and it makes me really happy that you feel happy making friends through blogging too.

When I started doing this “blogging” and “web-designing”, I was so embarassed to tell my friends because I was afraid they’d laugh at me or call me a “nerd” “dork” and things so I kept it to myself.

Only recently, I started to tell some friends about my hobby of web-designing. I told one of my close friends and she was like, “Wow, thats awesome.” and she started getting into web-designing too. One of my other friends found out that I had a site and they were like, “Amazing.” but then I fell out with that friend and she began giving out my site address to everyone at school. Then, suddenley everyone started calling me stupid and dorky and they started making fun of my hobby. I hated it. (This was recently btw)

I made up with that friend but everyone still knows my site. Sometimes I’d get random comments from people, comments like “Bitch. What ya doing??” But it’s only sometimes, rarely. Still it hurt, yano? /sigh

My dad knows about my hobby about web-designing but he doesn’t know the site address so it’s okay. I guess. Ha. (H)

Facebook, I don’t get it. I intended to keep in touch with old friends but when I have it; all I do is talk to my friends not my “old friends” so it’s kind of pointless. O_O

Thanks for that! It’s really intresting yet scary how ironic some things are. *shivers* I find it weird sometimes but funny most of the time. HAHA.

YAY. I’m glad you listen to some Korean music. Big bang are awesome, there the group that really got me into the KPOP world.

Yeah, I wouldnt be able to close my site… I’m just to attacthed to it and I have some pretty cool friends like you. /heart

Take care!

I don’t usually tell offline friends about my blog, just because it’s the one place that I can talk about whatever. If a friend is bothering me, I can rant about it and get whatever it is off my chest so I can move on from the little things. I know it’s not good to rant about friends, and I generally don’t do it too often.. but I still like having the option to get whatever it is off of my chest without them seeing it. I guess, a lot of it is things I’m afraid to say, too. So maybe if they saw it, it would be better.. but Idk, I just keep it personal. I have started to tell more people about quotetastic though, and even put the link on my facebook in a inconspicuous way.

I understand why you don’t have a facebook. I think friendships and communication and everything would be so much more.. real, without facebook. Before facebook, I used to spend hours talking on the phone with my friend who went to a different school. Now, I just text her or message her on facebook when I want to talk to her. But I miss the phone calls, because it’s nice to get to hear the persons voice.

I don’t know what I’d be like now if I didn’t have my blog, honestly. I’ve gotten to know some amazing people, including you.. and that wouldn’t have happened without my blog, and commenting back and forth. That’s one of the reasons I like commenting back and forth, because you can get to know so many people from all areas of the world and it’s great. Maybe I’ll never meet the people in real life, but I’ll still consider them my friend & that’s important to me. Blogging is important to me, because of that.

I have nearly finished the challenge.. only two days left! So really, I’ll be finishing it tomorrow.. that’s a little weird :P It seems like I just started it the other day, when it was really a month ago.

And I’m glad I’ve grown, too. Even if it’s not in all the ways I could have grown, it’s still something. I’m now looking more into the future than I am the past, and I like that. I mean yeah, I agree that looking back on the past can be nice when you remember the good times, but knowing the the future will hold just as many is really great too.

No one I know in person knows about Bones (excluding Dani, but that’s only cause we got into this whole thing together). I think my brother knows that I have a website, but I’ve never told him what it is. I don’t want people to know either, it’s the only place I have to write about how I feel. If I put pen to paper, I know my parents would end up finding it. It also embarrasses me a bit too, like my parents don’t understand why people bother. I think they think everyone who blogs is like Perez Hilton or something. :|

I seriously wouldn’t bother getting Facebook. I want to delete mine but my friends would insist I make a new one /hmph I hate it so I hardly ever bother going on any more. It doesn’t even work half the time. It’s supposed to bring people closer together, but from my experiences it just causes loads of drama (an annoying girl who just left my school tried adding my friend, and my friend rejected so she would request again so my friend kept rejecting until one day she messaged her to leave her alone and the girl went and told our head teacher. Seriously…) and pushes people apart.

Ahhh, yes, there are times where I just don’t feel like returning a comment, or keep the conversation going. Quite often, actually. A lot of the time I have to force what I type, otherwise it’ll go into a ramble only vaguely related to any of the topics mentioned.

“…what sort of “hurt” was when some of them didn’t see the point of blogging, and one person even made fun of it.”
That has happened to me. I mentioned that I have a personal website, and I enjoy coding, and a “friend” (thankfully, she’s gone from my life) mocked it endlessly. Honestly, she was rude to begin with, and I should have expected it coming, but it hurt nevertheless.
I guess from that experience, I’m too shy to mention I blog and such. I wouldn’t mind people reading my blogs, but just bringing it up would be hard. I’m also scared of what they’ll think about the “resource” part of my site. I think that they’ll go to my website and go, “What the hell is this?” when they come across things normally for other bloggers, designers, and other such places.

Whenever I’m on Facebook, I look at all the people who are my “friends” and I think, “I’ve known you throughout public school and high school, but we don’t talk.” I get the urge to remove them from my friends list, but if I did that with everyone I don’t keep in touch with, I’d be down to about 20 friends.
In all honesty, I don’t like Facebook, but people don’t do MSN as much around here, and texting is the other huge one. Texting and Facebook. I dislike Facebook, and I have no cell phone for texting. I suppose that means I’m unreachable, even if you just looked my name up in the phonebook, there’d be a 50% chance you’d be able to call… -eyeroll-

I honestly love politics, but I get very opinionated and strong when discussing them. I have weird views on how I would run a country (or the world… MWAHAHAHA.) and people just kind of go, “Whoa,” and back up.

He doesn’t like any music at all? There are so many different types. I highly doubt that. Unless he’s heard every single type of music, then there is no way he can’t like music…

I’ve named my iPod Levi. :D He’s the only electronic I’ve named, aside from my computer. Her name is Della (lawlz, it’s a Dell PC), but I don’t refer to her as that because of the Twilight franchise. /pow

For the pictures I take now, I’m putting them up onto a website. xD I have 67 uploaded, since that’s how many were on my camera (though I can hold around THREEE THOUSANDDDDD) and I don’t think I’d be able to put all of my photos on just one website. D: I’m treating it as my backup. :P

I have kept my blog secret from people because it’s my personal place, like my little world. The people I’ve met online are usually so much nicer than those in my offline life, which is nice ♥

But I’ve also kept it private because I rant about a lot of real-life situations/people online, and I wouldn’t want them reading my blogs because I’d probably be friendless :/. Yet, carrying around these thoughts/annoyances/ranting behaviors isn’t good for someone, and to have a place to vent about those things is good. Which is the reason I got into blogging in the first place.

Facebook, for me, has been a great way to connect with people I know from other schools. I used to know a girl in 1st-5th grade, and we were really great friends. But we went to different middle schools, and fell out of touch because we didn’t have ways to communicate. I found her on Facebook and we’re planning to get together before school starts. 👏

I see where you’re coming from though. You have your close friends, and your “old friends,” whom you don’t speak to anymore, are just your “old friends.” I can understand this, because you have new friends, and closer friends, now. But, for me, I like talking to the people I used to be close to, because a lot of my friends live in different states or countries now. For me, it has been useful, but for some, it’s probably annoying :/.

The rap here is just so mainstream, and has no meaning whatsoever. I hate that. But I find myself listening to Eminem’s new album a lot more because it has a meaning to it. If something has a meaning behind it, or just carries some kind of message, it’s worth listening to. Of course, I like some kinds of pop :).

I’m an only child, despite the mentions of “2 sisters” and “3 brothers.” I’ve just known them my whole life, and we consider ourselves brothers and sisters. They’re in so many of our family photos, especially when I was younger. But a lot of our albums are just so unorganized. xD

We have a lot of Mormons at my school, and the annoying thing is is that they judge other religions. It came up once in a conversation and they told me that my religion – Christian – was wrong and I should convert myself to a Mormon, because their religion is the only true religion. /hmph

I wanted to figure out how much €1,000 was – because that’s your currency, right? – in American dollars. Apparently, your €1,000 iPhone is a $1282.38 iPhone here. That’s the equivalent of a small Dell laptop computer, or even a small TV. And, for some, a credit card bill. So, yes, your iPhone is more expensive than ours, which is about €311.92 for you.

yeah I enjoy blogging too and reading peoples blogs. I admittedly have only told 1 friend I blog because I feel like this is my diary in some perverse sort of way and I’d feel weird about them reading it I don’t know why, maybe I feel like they wouldn’t understand or see another side to me that I perhaps don’t show but I just cant bring to tell people in the outside world it’s weird, it’s my private thing.
It’s not that I’m ashamed of it or anything I’m just not comfortable with it, I don’t know I guess I’m weird.

I’m sorry that your friend didn’t see the point in blogging and made fun of it, but unless someone does it themselves they don’t understand but it’s their loss! a blog is like a way to express yourself and learn about other people and learn things so if they dont like it screw them :p

I like facebook. I like it mostly because I like having a nosey at people I used to know and I like farmville as well because I’m sad. That being said, I admire you for sticking to your principles.

Yeah even I’ve got annoyed at call centre workers especially when you’re on hold for ages and then you get someone who you cant understand and they act stupid you’re like FFS!

yeah I was so angry at him for the way he treated me. I did get a call logged for him I picked his number up off the phone interface we use because it displays the phone number xD and I got his name it was Samuel Jackson ironically

Yeah I mean I dont mind people asking my name I ask for theirs because I have to log a call so I have to get their details and i think sometimes they feel obliged to get my name but he was so rude about it I was like /angry

David Tennant is the actual best although I watched a film with him in called St Trinians 2 and it totally spoiled the image of him forever, they made him like old and evil.
Yeah i’ve heard the new series is a bit crap as well since the writer left as well.

The most recent time I got my A1c done (blood test for diabetics… well, I guess maybe other people get it done, but probably not), they were in my arm forever because they couldn’t get the blood out. D: They said it was because that arm was “tired” (I’ve used the same arm for every blood test for three years… and I get it done every four months or so), and that could be the case, but I’m getting worried that I just have poor circulation. /ehh

I understand dying from mold… I think black mold is the most common one because, idk… it’s full of something-or-other that infects your lungs when you breathe, or something (so I assume). Gordon’s family’s bathroom is covered in it and it makes me nervous, especially since you reminded me that it can cause such illnesses. D: There’s some in my shower stall, too… that’s why we got a new shower stall in the first place (the one that took over a year to install). I think we just need to give it a good scrub. :P

Ohhh my god. I was installing WordPress to use on my computer to try and make themes (it looks hard to do that, but I’m going to try), and the method suggested was a “five-minutes installation.” Five minutes, my ass! It took over an hour, and then wanted to restart, and then five minutes later, wanted to restart (I said NO and it just picked back up when I turned my laptop on this morning), and now it’s taken another half an hour before it’s finally almost done. I hope it actually works. -__-

NOO, it said there was an error… but then kept going anyway? Sigh. I’m confused.

Yes, that’s why I’ve kept some links up. I don’t want to forget the sites that I like to visit the most. :D


I think you’re lucky that it doesn’t bother you about people you know IRL knowing about your blog. When I first started, I was proud and wanted everybody to know, and now my aunt and a couple of my friends read it. I wish they didn’t sometimes, because now I can never blog about my aunt nor any of my friends in any way that could be interpreted as ‘bad’ or ‘mean’ because they’ll probably read it and get upset with me. :/

WOW, okay, so it finished installing and according to the guide I was following, there should be a “Launch WordPress” link somewhere… but there isn’t. -__-

Anyway… mostly the only people I have on my Facebook are my current friends and some of my favorite teachers. I really don’t understand the people that have hundreds of friends, including people they know but barely talk to, people they once knew, people they had a class with but never talked to… etc. When I get a request from someone I barely knew, I usually delete it, although occasionally I’ll give in if I’m curious about their life. :P

One disappointing part of Facebook: how it can reveal the truth about people. It’s so sad when you realize that your freshman and sophomore year Spanish teacher, whom you used to idolize, is actually a hard-assed d**k. I would love to delete him, but he comments on my statuses all the time (with something that probably wasn’t exactly intended to be mean, but is) and would notice if I was suddenly gone from his news feed and… he probably wouldn’t do anything about it, but I’d feel awkward that he knew. :P

Hi, I’m new. My name is Mysti and I popped in because I had a link to this site at the bottom of a layout on my fanlistings main site. I read the first post and though “My goodness someone who thinks like me” But i made the mistake of making a Facebook. I worked at A local department store and before 3 months had past I had half the store as friends. Then I thought about it, all the people I really talked to didn’t have a Facebook. I began to ask people why they wanted me to add them. The answer I got the most was “Cause everyone is doing it”. Well while everyone is adding everyone, how about we jump off this cliff too?

So I abandoned it and you know, all my real friends that I talk to every day, They have AIM and MSN. I talk to them all the time, we hang out. My really good friends, they do this ancient thing called calling on the phone, who knew! So thanks for letting me know, that there is someone else out there like me. and thanks for a great layout.

I love how Facebook is in the spell check dictionary, but MSN isn’t and its been around a LOT longer.

I like having a Facebook, b’cause it gives me a chance to get in touch with friends I’ve become estranged from, or get to know people I don’t really talk to that much anymore, or never have talked to that much in the first place. True, if I, or they really had wanted to “keep in touch”, they would’ve e-mailed or called or texted me awhile ago, before everyone kept in touch through Myspace comments or Facebook wall-to-wall comments. Never really thought of it that way, o: .

That’s why I write my comments on Notepad before copying and pasting it into the actual comment form, xD. That way, if something does go wrong (like I press some button or click on some link on accident), I wouldn’t have to type the comment all over again, ^_^. Useful if it’s a really long comment!

I used to know so much about anime, but after that break from it, I’m like, kind of lost when people talk about anime, xD. But not really, (: . Most of my friends don’t know a thing about computers and web-design. They all think it’s a total waste of time and is for “nerds”. Stereotypes, =_=’. I hate when people judge others and slap a label on them just for the things they do, or the way they look. “Emo”. “Nerd”. Preppy, just because they’re a cheerleader, =_=.

Once school starts, I’m planning on getting more involved again, but not too much since I’d need time to do my homework and get A’s on my assignments. I can’t get bad grades in 8th grade, because that would look horrible on my high school applications, Dx. But I also want to get involved because it’d look good on high school applications, and so I wouldn’t be sitting around watching TV or using the computer all the time when I’m not practicing the piano or violin or doing homework and schook assignments. My parents hate when I do that!

Spinach? o: . I can’t imagine myself trying to eat spinach, :p. Everyone says it’s gross, and a few says I wouldn’t know until I try for myself. But I’m horrible at trying new things like I’ve told you before, xD.

wouldn’t carrying your backpack around be — I don’t know — really heavy? With all the other things you’d need, in your backpack and Fin? o: .

wow they actually made fun of blogging? o.O i think being able to blog religiously is a talent in itself! my friends think it’s cool how i own a websites and stuff (though i’m an inactive smallfry on the blog world XD) but they respect me and my hobbies. ahhh…facebook XD everyone has a facebook and i admit to giving into the pressure too. but i (and many other people) use facebook as a tool to keep in touch with acquaintances, not actual friends. me and my best friends communicate through text, phone, and we actually meet up so…yea. but of course, you ask what’s the point in keeping up with these people? in all truth, there is no point…it’s just something to do i guess ;(

Returning comments can certainly be an involved task, but like you said you can discover so many great new blogs. It’s great to get a comment from a new person or discover someone new through a frequent visitor.

Facebook is almost a necessary evil in my life. I had deleted my account for a rather long time, but after much scolding from my friends, I reinstated it much to my chagrin. It certainly has its conveniences, but a lot of awkward/creeper things happen on there… like elementary school friends trying to “catch up” with you even though you haven’t talked in 10 years.

A lot of my friends/acquaintances have randomly started blogs, it’s a strange phenomenon. Denise is actually my middle name, and I can’t really say why I chose to represent myself that way. I’m sure, however, that anyone who knows me would be able to figure it out by reading my blog. Even doing a little research on my previous domains from 2004-2007 would bring it out. If my blog ever came up in conversation, I definitely would not conceal it.. but I don’t market it openly. It’s just something I like to do for myself. Maybe one day I will revert back to my first name.

The blogging world’s is amazing!… I’m the only one of my friends that has a blog, knows about photoshop html, php, wordpress, etc… and in the internet I can find other girls like me. And is very fun.
My family and friends, doesn’t know that I’ve a blog because they only speak spanish and doesn’t know english…
I love facebook, but for the games.. I play everyday Petville, Treasure Island, Happy Island.. are very addicted…. (H)
I have my parents on facebook, my old friends, people from the university, my friends, family.. I have like 300 friends XD

As you probably know, I’m about to enter the blogging world. I’m usually the lurker who reads a blog and leaves. It keeps me thinking. It provides insight on how and what other individuals think who don’t live near me.

My mother is absolutely fond of Facebook. I’m not in to it, since kids my age just spam the walls, write rude things, etc. I can understand my mom’s information, because the majority of her friends live in the Philippines, Australia and Europe. Ever since they graduated from their small Filipino town and eventually college, they’ve had a hard time keeping up with phone changes and stuff. The other day my mom managed to find her best friend from high school. She was thrilled. Now they talk on the phone all time, catching up and stuff.

Yeah, I’ve heard you say that comments were tiring. I hope it doesn’t burn you out.
I don’t tell people about my website because I don’t want to appear that I’m showing off. Especially among my peer group. I’m actually scared of them.
I’ve also been amazed about this world we work in. I call it The webdesign community. I love that we just have this one connection the internet. And that links us all together. I also like talking to people on other sides of the world. I haven’t traveled much and I so would not be getting to know such interesting people. Especially with my shy nature.
My mom has a Facebook and she is not afraid not to approve a friend request. Her rule of thumb is I only add friends who I’ve actually met.

i’ve never really mentioned my blog to “RL” friends because it’s almost never came up in conversation. i guess the people i hang out with don’t really use them… or maybe that’s not true, because i think my roommate mentioned once how she was going to blog, and even now i have no idea if she blogs or not, haha. that’s kind of strange because something tells me she has one, but here’s one of my really good friends who i live with, and i don’t know what she does online. maybe the internet is just more of a private place? it’s private to off line people, not to those online. ;) it’s so incredibly vast that there’s a million things to do! and i don’t have a facebook either, and it drives about everyone who does have a facebook insane. i don’t know why we can’t keep in touch the ways we used to before fb? i like those better. and i agree that fb is way too small – if i ever had one, i’d feel instantly plugged, like the very definition; like anyone can contact me whenever and know what i’m doing. why do that??

Everyone in my family knows I have a website, none of them visit it though. They all know that I love it though.

The world does seem too small at times. I do have a facebook and as of late I haven’t really been messing on it. I’ve lost interest. Everyone I want to keep in contact with I chat with on AIM, Yahoo, MSN or whatever.

And a lot of old friends made fun of me for being a geek and what not because I had a website and everything. I never once said anything against what they enjoy doing. Eh. Those are the people that want to be close on facebook…maybe that’s why I’ve lost interest. lol.

And I so enjoy being able to visit the world through blogs. :) I mean the biggest thing that happens in our town is we get a new stop light. lol.

ps- thank you for the comment on the new layout. :)

I have really been mia and I didn’t reply to you /um
I feel like you. I think because in real life I am a terribly socially awkward person, the blogging world, or just a different world in the least secures me a lot. I feel more comfortable in it, sitting on the computer all day chatting to friends online rather than off. Not really because I’m addicted or anything like that, but in real life I really struggle to make firends, where as online I feel at ease.

I don’t think in real life I have ever met someone who has a blog or even knows what it is. I’ve told quite a few people about my site, I am not going to mention anything but if it comes up I will always tell them about it. The people here really are computer illeterate, so I like telling them about something they wouldn’t know about.

I really don’t think that people really care, though. I don’t mind! Just someplace to waffle on and I’m good. 😏

I think I feel a lot better online as oppose to off is that I can’t always depend on people. I thought I had the most amazing, true friends in the world, but until I got older I really relalized that all my friendships were completely superficial, and that there was not 1 friend I had in the whole world. Not one.

After I moved countries, I registered a Facebook to keep in touch with these ‘friends’. Life just moves on. They never did care about me, and they never even dropped me 1 line. I hate facebook, or any social network sites, and so I deleted my facebook, relealizing that I don’t need to pretend to be friends with anybody. I really don’t care what people think and right now I am just focusing on 1 or 2 good friendships. I really can’t deal with that superficial crap any longer.

I don’t mean to sound sociopathic or completely crazy, (I can assure you I’m not before you get creeped out hehe /bounce )

I love how people think that having a facebook and pending all their time on it is called being ‘social’! What ever happened to actually meeting up with somebody /huh

Sorry for not having a blogging tool yet, I’m on the verge of moving and going back to school so I haven’t pushed myself to install and learn how to use wordpress (which I will sometime in the future hopefully).

As for the blogs, I have never told my friends or family the link to any of my sites, ever. I have shown them layouts and designs and the look of all my sites but never actually let them go through. It’s because I feel like I’m another person online, someone that is more mature…in reality, I just goof around with my friends and family. They never see the serious side of me and I don’t want them to. At least not yet. So it’s not that I’m ashamed of having a blog but it’s just I’m not comfortable.

I really admire that you don’t try to hide your online personality. It just shows how comfortable you are with yourself (just my opinion). :)

Oh, well I’ll respond here so I can leave something long. Looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer, but no worries. :) Hopefully school isn’t too stressful for you!

I don’t mind people knowing about my websites but I will only tell people once I get close to them. I have a bunch of websites, and I’m finishing up my professional portfolio, which will probably be the website I’ll be comfortable with showing anyone. :P

Happy belated birthday! ♥ And I hope your mum gets better soon too. :)

I agree with you, when I too first started my website I never thought that this “world” would be this huge. It’s really nice to see that there are so many people who blog like I do and I can be friends with.

Returning comments can be tiring but then again I love talking with people and reading their blogs. Reading about other people’s lives is pretty interesting. :)

I don’t want to tell people about my website because this is the only place where I can fully talk about my feelings and such. Those are things that I don’t feel comfortable talking about with my family, and sometimes even my closest friends. I think it’s great that you’re comfortable with telling people about your website. It’s what you love to do and hence part of who you are, so it’s great that you don’t hide it.

That was rude making fun of blogging. Not everyone likes the same things. You enjoy doing it, and maybe they enjoy doing something else.

Ahh, Facebook. Nowadays it’s like as soon as you become a teenager, you HAVE to have an account on Facebook. To some people, it’s like you’re “uncool” when you don’t have one. I don’t get the point of using Facebook just to keep in touch with people. Like you said, if I wanted to contact someone I would call them or talk to them on MSN or something.

I agree; I like web designing and they don’t, and they like Facebook and I don’t.

Haha don’t worry, I don’t hate you. ;) Longer comments take longer to return, and I’m really behind with comments anyways so I guess it’s better for both of us.

Thanks! Comments sort of keep me going. Still I suck at updating regularly. Eid break has started so after I return all the comments I have today, I’m hoping I’ll be able to add some stock images or something. I hope you get to complete the reviews and add the tutorials too.

I will. This vacation, I HAVE TO FINISH READING THE BOOK THIEF. :P Haha yes. I’ve loved the book and only a hundred or so pages are left. I really like Dan Brown’s books. Though I was hoping The Da Vinci Code would have a better ending. I don’t have a lot of things on my reading list currently. I’m taking suggestions from my friends.

I guess you got used to it. I don’t really need the computer that much for my school works so I find it hard to read e-books. LOL yeah, I’m definitely not going to print an e-book.

Oh, that’s a long time. I’ve gone to Malaysia three times since my sister studies there. She would have come here for Eid but I’m glad we are going instead. I love going abroad. :D I think we’re going in September.

Thanks! :) I hope I did. Our maths teacher told us we had all failed, but I don’t believe him because I’m sure I did good in Paper 2. :P

It’s so amazing that you are so popular. Must be great to have so many people reading your post everyday. I do understand that it can be tiring sometimes to return all comments. I’ve been getting many many comments lately which I didn’t expect because I haven’t been that active. Extremely grateful for them but it can be tiring returning them. I only need to return like 5-10 but you return so many everyday. Don’t know how you do it.

With the use of Facebook, people are less likely to ring or text others these days. I find that my friends just contact me on FB instead of phoning me. But then it’s good if I’m busy & can’t answer the phone or if something has happened to my phone.

/rose Yeah..But I’m too proud of my work.. 👏 Lol,it’s been 5days I Opened my new website,& I Got bored,so fast of my grand opening layout :P
Well..it doesn’t matter.Yeah Sometimes reading the beautiful appreciating blog help us get in a better mood.. /eee

I Don’t know,I think when I Get my damn computer fixed,I Will have to do a new layout,maybe today =P
You know,I’m really bored of centered layouts.. /ehh

“I might think about them when someone mentions “primary school”, but I don’t want to know them. They’re just like old names in an address book where the numbers don’t work.”

I agree with you. Though I’m on Facebook also to connect with old friends, I’m on Facebook because I’m away to my present friends (because I keep moving). Ugh, seriously these old friends get mad at me just because I don’t keep in touch. I just don’t know how to tell them that things change, people move on and they’re just not the friends that I don’t want to keep anymore.

I don’t hide the fact that I blog and I keep a blog. My parents know about my blog and they’re cool enough to leave me alone when I blog hahaha. And they don’t really creep around my blog, so it’s nice I guess XD

I don’t understand why some people hide the fact that they blog, though. It’s not like it’s something we should be embarrassed of. Oh well, we’re all different.


I am on your blog and YAY. Hahaha.

I’ve been reading your blog for FOREVER. Back when you used to blog on msn spaces. Haha, it totally HAS grown. It’s huge…I remember the days you weren’t OCD about comments and DIDN’T stress about comment-replying :P :P ♥

Man, reading other peoples’ blogs is so cool sometimes. It’s interesting, you’re right. It’s kind of nice to read about what other peoples’ lives are like while they maintain some degree of anonymity. It’s awesome :) And your blogging community is so close, from what I hear from you. INTERNET FRIENDS :D

I want a blog that people who know me in real life don’t know about. Well I have that now, thanks to you :P But I wanted it cos sometimes if I know people who see me everyday or whatever might read my blog and then I can’t write stuff that is a little more personal…cos I’m scared of being judged…and having to face the person….But yeah…if online people read it, it’s okay :D Or maybe I’m just weird…

Your blog is so PRO and awesome :D Hmph at that person who made fun of you. /angry Even though you may not like blogging, you should respect it if it’s a huge part of someone’s life. Blogs are important sometimes! Grrr!

Speaking of small worlds…I think sometimes they’re cool but sometimes it’s FREAKY when you find out that one of your friends knows someone you know from somewhere else. Haha. Like when you mention you go to Girraween and then someone’s like “Do you know this person? I go to church with her!” And it’s like ‘REALLY?! Whoa…what a coincidence”. Okay, that’s a lame example…but sometimes it’s so unexpected when you find out you have a mutual friend :P

Facebook has it’s ups and downs…it’s good for when you want to meet up with someone and you want to save credit cos they’re not on msn…but I can see your side too…most of the people on my facebook friendlist…I feel like deleting them cos I NEVER talk to them…it’s weird…/sigh…But at least I can keep in contact with my cousins and nieces on Facebook cos they’re overseas and yeah :(

You can always use my facebook anyways! Hahaha

And you’re right…people drift apart…some of the people I was so close to in primary school…they’re acquaintances now…not people I’d call friends.

Sure facebook helps sometimes, but if you’re really close to someone you’ll keep in contact anyways, even without facebook. I mean what did people do before facebook? :P


OMG, SEBBY’S BLOG! MUST READ TOMORROW! D: Gah! SO much work :( /wah

Hahaha, I’m TERRIBLE at returning comments. I only return them like once a month if you’re lucky D: Well I return your comments cos I read your blog so often but other peoples? Oops. Not to worry, I will leave Sebby a comment soon! :)

James IS a joker! LOL, but that gave you guys a cute ‘how we met’ story, so yeah :P Man, I have a case to tell him about, regarding a practical joke that went wrong…then he’ll think twice about joking! Hahaha…basically some person played a practical joke on a woman by telling her that her husband was in an accident and she had SUCH a bad nervous shock, mental-illness reaction to the news, he got sued and he LOST…therefore had to pay LOTS of money :P

Glad Fin is okay :)

The only people that know about my website are my parents, my brothers, one of my cousins and the people I did work experience with xD It’s sometimes I just like to keep private.

There’s nothing wrong with not having a Facebook I don’t think; one thing about Facebook is that it’s a way to get to know new people & it’s weird that that’s how society has become, that you become close to people on Facebook sometimes before ‘real life’ Dx

I agree with what you said though, if those ‘old friends’, or just people in general, REALLY wanted to get in touch with you – there’s e-mail, there’s a phone etc… Facebook isn’t the only way.

Haha, you are pretty much an internet superstar. xD

The reason I don’t want people I know knowing I have a blog is because I go to a school with a lot of really mean girls. I’ve seen classmates bully other girls, and I’m afraid that if I let people know Angelic Calamity was mine, those same girls would try to terrorize me… on my own website.

Yes! I have a Facebook, but I wish I could delete it sometimes. So many people– acquaintances I barely know, friends of a person I used to go to school with– request me each day that the same thing with my website happens. I don’t want random people I barely know seeing what I write about.


I do have a Facebook and I get quite a few people thinking I’m weird for never going online. I went on recently to see what was what and I had about fifty friend requests. I don’t have that many friends. Some of them I don’t even like, some I never talked to, some I haven’t seen for years etc. I hate when people add others just to show off they have lots of friends.

I saw a comedy sketch once about facebook. It was how facebook would be face to face. It was funny. You don’t knock on somebody’s door and “request” to be friends.

I’m the same. When I started the whole website thing, I didn’t care about blogs. It was all about badly edited celebrity images (haven’t quite got away from that yet). But I started a blog because everyone else had one on their homepage. I’m really glad now. Whenever I start talking to new people it’s a great feeling. I’m actually surprised I’ve kept it up this long.

I used to hide my blog. I would tell people if they asked but only my close friends know. They actually think it’s pretty cool. They call me a computer genius now because I understand “all that stuff” when they see the coding behind it.

I hope you’re not struggling too much with comments. You get loads, it would be pretty understandable if you didn’t.

You have a mobile theme! It’s so cool and makes it soo much easier since today I’m returning comments on my iPod.

I love blogging and when I first got into all this idly was actually doing web design and gosh I sucked major booty! There was one site that u adored which happens to be my host and it inspired me to blog. I like it sooo much better. I had no idea how big the blog world was either but for me it’s home away from home.

I can turn to it whenever thing aren’t going right in the real world. Although it polite, I don’t really worry about returning comments much anymore. It all depends on your site, and whether it has caught my attention in anyway. None of my friends know about my blog and I would prefer to keep it this way. Only thing they know is that I do write my thoughts down on paper. Sometimes it’s easier for me to blog if I write it down on paper first.

I prayed two prayers the day I got Antoine back and he answered then both. It wasn’t when I wanted him to but it was right on time.

I love ‘internetting’ because it really does broaden horizons. Staying offline can have its experiences, but it’s also a bit provincial. I don’t really tell people about my online life much because I know that to an extent, they don’t care and they tend to think that everybody on the other side of the internet is a 40-year-old pedophile, for some reason.

I have lots of reasons for not getting a FaceBook, but I’ve never thought of the one you gave. One of the things that I don’t like about ‘catching up’ with people again is that I’ve changed a lot. Of course I’m still the same person, but I can still look at my old best friend and think that even though we can still be friends, she’s not really ‘my type’ anymore. It can get awkward.

I was pretty naive when I first got into web-design. I started out on Piczo and assumed only people from England done it (yeah I know, stupid). I always believed everyone used Internet Explorer, lol.

I agree, I never realised how many comments I would actually get. It’s actually quite overwhelming at times as well. But I’ve met some really wonderful people and I never regret getting into it.

I’ve never told anyone offline about my website. I already had a Piczo when I first met Rob which I told him about but it was nothing serious then. He eventually started saying I was a bit too old for it and I told him I deleted it, when I never actually did.

Since then I’ve told nobody. I remember asking my step dad to buy me a domain when I had my sub-domain. He said no because I wouldn’t tell him what I wanted it for, aha. My mum and step dad used to know, sort of, but they don’t know.

My sister knows that I have a website but she doesn’t know the URL or anything. I’ve never even told any of my offline friends about my Twitter, either.

I’m not that worried that they would think it’s sad or anything, I guess I just like the privacy and have somewhere to go when things get tough at home etc.

I personally wouldn’t bother with Facebook. I hardly even use mine any more; I just use it to play Bejewelled Blitz haha. It’s not as good as people make out.

Like you said, if you want to keep in touch with people, take their number, meet up with them and what not. You don’t have to keep in touch through a computer screen.

You’ll probably be a bit shocked to see a comment from me pending, aha. HI GEORGIE. ♥

HI VICKY. ♥ It’s nice to see you dropped by! :D

I actually thought that most people I’d meet online would be from America, because it seemed to be the case with websites I already visited. I was wrong – I’ve met people from all around the world now.

It definitely is overwhelming with comments; the worst is when I wake up in the morning, greeted with a new bunch. But over time it’s become a real habit to return them all. :P

My parents know about my sites but I don’t think they know how “into it” I am. They know I’ve met some people online too but they think I mostly go online to chat. Haha.

My offline friends know about my Twitter and hence they know about my blog – but I only tell my close friends about my Twitter account anyway.

My blog is sort of my place to vent, but so are other online places… I sometimes rant on Twitter, or I chat to someone on MSN. It’s a good escape from home. :3

Good haha, I wasn’t planning on getting a Facebook anyway. :D

I used to be the person who made fun of blogging 😳 . I would always wonder “why would people care?”, but once i started, I actually found it quit, fun /eee ! I don’t have a very intresting life i must admit, but i do like ranting and telling people of my opinions, frankly, i think it’s a great way to get to know whats up with other people all the way across the world /oh .
I live in South carolina, so when hearing about people all the way across the world is just so cool! Exspecially hearing about vacations and such. I love going on websites and browsing through content and so on, very intresting 🙄 .
I also don’t get the point of facebook either. I mean, if you want to know whats up, or talk to me, then just text, call, or stop by the house. People always are constantly talking about what happend on facebook, but i find it much more enjoyable to talk about what happend at eachothers houses, don’t you?
I have noticed you have ALOT of comments each day :O it’s actually pretty cool!
/type -Quinn

You ought to get a commenting system for your blog when you have the time! I just don’t deal with cboxes – I write too much and it would be pretty spammy. ;)

I wanted to wish your dad a happy birthday as well. About the tree-hugging, I try to be eco-friendly myself and save paper and that kind of thing, but it’s pretty nasty when things are just staring you in the face – like trees at the side of the road.

I didn’t care about my grades too much in high school. I sort of regret it. Now that I’m in university I definitely care more and I’m trying a lot harder. :)

I actually find it a lot more enjoyable to talk to people in person too. I also don’t mind talking on the phone. But it’s nice to meet up with your friends especially if you haven’t seen them in a while. It’s a bit judgmental but Facebook seems to be the lazy option!

I started blogging because I wanted a place to put my thoughts. I used to write in a diary but I guess I wanted people to be interested in the things I wrote. :)

The blogging world is an interesting thing and a huge part of my life since I was just a teenager. I’ve met some amazing people and some of those people have moved on and are no longer in my online lives and I always find that sad, especially the ones that I used to talk to daily and now it’s like we never existed to each other. That’s how life is though, much like offline life. Returning comments can be a hassle, especially because it’s hard to read a lot of text on a computer screen, or it is for me anyway. I do it though because lots of people actually have really interesting blogs; not to say that you don’t run into the ones that are boring, but we all have those days.

As for the facebook thing, I like keeping in contact with old friends, but I understand where you’re coming from because we could have made a bigger effort to keep in contact without facebook, but I hate talking on the phone so that causes a problem for me. It’s much easier for me to just send a facebook message rather than call someone up. I’m just not good on the phone and none of my offline friends are into AIM or MSN or things like that. I’m actually the only one of my offline friends that’s ever been into web design and blogging and what not.

My boyfriend knows about my blog and he usually finds time to ask me what I’ve blogged about that day and I tell him and talk about it some. I think my sister knows about my blog as well and my adopted sister does, I know because she posts at smb.

I was the last in my circle of friends to actually get a facebook. And then for the longest I didn’t update it because I didn’t care. But then I started to find how useful it was to communicate things like new posts that I found important. One of my fav things is posting someone and an old friend telling me their opinion on it :) It’s also very easy to message people. I’m not a phone person so if I can’t just meet the person somewhere because I’m away at college or vice versa, then i can fb chat/mssg. So I like how fb has made the world a little more smaller. I feel by making the world smaller, it’s given people more opportunity to “not be alone” maybe. There’s a girl I met my freshwoman year of college and without fb, we would not still be friends since every now we can mssg each other and say,”Let’s grab lunch or something!”

And I’ve had ppl make fun of me having a website. Now thinking about it, I can just shrug it off because we’re just too cool for them to understand. And people fear what they don’t understand >;D

awww.. I soo agree with you sis.. blogging really is a BIG BIG world.. hahaha.. and Im glad cause I get to meet a lot of people around with different/same stories of their lives.. :D anyways, good for you, you get lots of comments.. hahaha.. any tips sis?? :D

It seems several other people agree with you and I though. It’s really a great book and seriously, I think people just need to learn to not judge a book by it’s cover. xDDDD Books have lots of surprises in them. :D

Yeah, I LOVED Romeo and Juliet. (: Sigh, I wish I wasn’t such a hopeless romantic.

Well, ethnicity plays a huge rule in this book since it’s also a time of discrimination. I really hate reading about the times Seattle wasn’t as liberal as it is now. Seattle sure has changed a LOT over the years. Yups, Nirvana. I don’t listen to them much, but I like a few of their songs. And I recall someone mentioning before you that they’re from Seattle. (:

Yeah, I try codenames… but sometimes I like being able to look back and recall who I was talking about. (Because I have gone back.. and forgotten who I was talking about) Hahahaa.

Awww, Kuya’s dad won’t let him out of the house. As a result, I’m bummed that we hung out.. like.. for one hour.. after school hahahaha this entire summer O.o Fail.

HAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHA, that’s epic. At least you’re allowed to go to Uni by yourself. See, my parents bring me to school. And it’s not like I can be like, I’m going here… when I’m really not. I don’t have that sort of freedom yet.

Being different is good, I have Facebook and Myspace and Twitter though and I use those to promote myself, my business, and my site, so they are good in that sense, but I also have old friends on there and your right, I barely talk to them on there and if they wanted to make the effort they would.

Wow so many comments! Mine feels so insignificant at the bottom -tear-
Lol, kidding.
I haven’t gone out of my way to tell my friends about my blog but there is a link on twitter so if they are capable of finding it somehow. So I wouldn’t say I’ve kept it secret but I do like to keep it separate because there are times when I want to rant about people and they may get offended but then again I’d probably tell them to their faces anyway.
I understand the facebook thing, I hardly use my facebook actually, I use to talk to people who I am friends with but they never have credit to text me back hahaha! So the things on my wall are like ‘When are we meeting up?’
Returning comments in a huge issue for me, I get so lazy about it. Yay for being born on the 29th :) we are cool kids haha.