Lake of Fire

I just wanted to plug Sebastian’s blog. He opened it not too long ago, so welcome him to the blogging world. πŸ˜›

Also, my host Kya has notified me that there will be a server change on Sunday, as we are upgrading to a better server. There is some downtime to be expected as well.

Fin (my laptop) nearly died yesterday. I was sitting with James in the lounge at university before we fell asleep. Before that, I had unplugged my laptop and shut the lid. Because I got annoyed at the fact that Fin slept every time I closed the lid, even if I was only moving a few metres away, I decided to change the settings so that it wouldn’t turn off.

I set it so it would turn off after half an hour or so – I can’t remember right now, actually. 😧

When James and I decided to go home (after we woke up), I started packing my bag. I took out my scarf from my bag and muttered, “Why is it warm?”

“Charger,” James concluded.
“The charger is here on the table,” I murmured, taking Fin out of my bag.

Nooooo! He had a fever! (Yes, please, laugh all you want.) My laptop was honestly very, very hot. I just immediately thought horrible thoughts of overheating and wondered what the hell happened. I realised that he was still on and running, and as I opened the lid, he shut off.

I wondered if I’d broken him already. He was burning hot, and very hot to touch. Had he been non-electronic, I would have immediately poured water all over him. But my common sense was still running true at the time, and I didn’t – though I panicked as James took a look.

See, James is smarter with these things. I realised that my laptop must have been on for an hour or so, and completely cramped in my bag. In that tiny space! 😭

I felt so bad and I was worrying that he’d died. When I pressed the power button he switched off – for sure I thought I had ruined something. 😰 We plugged him in though, as I noticed the power was pretty much empty according to the indicator light. After some time he turned on and was working fine. ☺️

That was a huge relief. πŸ™‚ And Fin’s okay now.

Today I woke up pretty sick. I think my stomach was angry with what I ate for breakfast, which was just a pastry, really. But I was in so much pain that I couldn’t move. I feel much better now, and had some honey lemon drink.

I won’t be surprised if I’m sick again tomorrow though, because I ate too many cheese biscuits. πŸ™

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