Lake of Fire

I just wanted to plug Sebastian’s blog. He opened it not too long ago, so welcome him to the blogging world. :P

Also, my host Kya has notified me that there will be a server change on Sunday, as we are upgrading to a better server. There is some downtime to be expected as well.

Fin (my laptop) nearly died yesterday. I was sitting with James in the lounge at university before we fell asleep. Before that, I had unplugged my laptop and shut the lid. Because I got annoyed at the fact that Fin slept every time I closed the lid, even if I was only moving a few metres away, I decided to change the settings so that it wouldn’t turn off.

I set it so it would turn off after half an hour or so – I can’t remember right now, actually. :O

When James and I decided to go home (after we woke up), I started packing my bag. I took out my scarf from my bag and muttered, “Why is it warm?”

“Charger,” James concluded.
“The charger is here on the table,” I murmured, taking Fin out of my bag.

Nooooo! He had a fever! (Yes, please, laugh all you want.) My laptop was honestly very, very hot. I just immediately thought horrible thoughts of overheating and wondered what the hell happened. I realised that he was still on and running, and as I opened the lid, he shut off.

I wondered if I’d broken him already. He was burning hot, and very hot to touch. Had he been non-electronic, I would have immediately poured water all over him. But my common sense was still running true at the time, and I didn’t – though I panicked as James took a look.

See, James is smarter with these things. I realised that my laptop must have been on for an hour or so, and completely cramped in my bag. In that tiny space! /wah

I felt so bad and I was worrying that he’d died. When I pressed the power button he switched off – for sure I thought I had ruined something. 😰 We plugged him in though, as I noticed the power was pretty much empty according to the indicator light. After some time he turned on and was working fine. /eee

That was a huge relief. :) And Fin’s okay now.

Today I woke up pretty sick. I think my stomach was angry with what I ate for breakfast, which was just a pastry, really. But I was in so much pain that I couldn’t move. I feel much better now, and had some honey lemon drink.

I won’t be surprised if I’m sick again tomorrow though, because I ate too many cheese biscuits. /bash

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Lol you, promoting my new blog. /um

Argh, I hate when laptops die. My laptop died twice, and each time I had to take him for repairs – the first time happened on Christmas day. That was a crappy Christmas, had to use my old computer, and it was so slow! Didn’t get my laptop back until February. The next time happened on June. I was so pissed off that it died again so soon after – it didn’t helped that uni was stressing me out and that week turned out to be the worst. Fortunately for me, it cost me nothing on both times thanks to the warranty.

Anyway, I’m glad Fin it’s okay. Just remember to put him to sleep if you’re not going to use him. And also glad that you’re feeling better. Just drink lots of warm water or that honey lime drink thing (can’t remember what you called it) if it hurts tomorrow.


Then go watch it! Tell James to take you someday! As for Michael Cera, yeah, he’s awesome. I loved Juno, pretty good movie hehe. I also want to watch… what was it called, the one with Jack Black… Oh yeah! Year One! I saw the trailers and found it funny. xD

As for Superbad… don’t get me started on that one. I didn’t like it that much. Especially that other guy. I hated that guy. =x

And you guys must’ve had watched it in 2006, since the movie came out then. And now that you mention that movie… I like Sarah Jessica Parker. I don’t know what, but most of the time I like her characters lol.

Most of the time I hate film adaptations of good books. Like the Harry Potter movies and the Eragon movie (the book wasn’t that book, but the film was so bad it was … terrible. Just plain terrible.) But it’s nice to watch a good film of a good book, like the Lord of the Rings films. I really enjoyed watching those. Although I was never quite the fan of the books… >_>


I will definitely visit Sebby’s blog when my internet is UNCAPPED /angry Stupid brother…capped my net /angry But it’s very exciting that he has a new blog. Let’s see how HE goes with comments :P Although I can’t talk seeing as though I’m very fail at returning comments D:

Good luck with the server change :) That sounds exciting too! Although it’s probably not that exciting. Oh well :P

Hahaha, that’s so cute! You and James falling asleep at uni :P

Awwww! Poor Fin! Your “baby” got sick for a little while :( Thank god he’s okay now. Lol! You can call James ‘Dr Wugg’ XD Hahaha! Or not.

Man if my laptop was that hot, I’d get some ice and put it on my laptop :P Thankfully you did NOT pour water over Fin. I don’t think he’d have liked that very much D:

What a health scare for Fin :O

Ohh…poor you :( I hate bad stomach aches. I used to get them all the time for no reason a few years back. And I had a few this year. They’re painful AS D: 🤬

I hope your stomach DOESN’T hurt tomorrow, despite the cheese biscuits. Tell your stomach that it should be grateful to get any food at ALL. Starving people in Africa, Georgie’s stomach. Hmph!

WOOT for the younger lecturer. Hahaha. I don’t really like bitter people :( Especially if they take it out on others. Hmph. If you don’t like being a lecturer, DON’T DO IT THEN. DUH! Although I’m worried I might be turning INTO a bitter person D:

Well go Sebby for being brave enough to take out up on your dare :P I’d be the same as you. I’d be VERY reluctant to be THE person to open the box. What if something jumped out at you? D: Not good!

I agree! There is a fine line between daring and stupidity. For example: Bungee jumping – daring. Jumping off a cliff without a harness – stupidity. THERE IS ONLY ONE ROPE CAUSING THE DIFFERENCE :O

Sorry for late reply @_@
Naww it’s so cute that you love your laptop so much. Strangely, that’s how I feel about…mugs. I love the novelty ones with the funny shapes. A little while ago my seal mug from the zoo broke, and I swear, I could have cried.
At least Fin is safe and healthy /eee
And I’ll definitely check out your hostees site!

Awh, I go crazy too if something happens to my computer. I don’t have a laptop, and once my keyboard’s wire was not properly plugged so the computer wouldn’t start. I couldn’t do a thing because I was obsessing about it. 🙄
I am glad Fin’s fever has gone now. Wow, I do sound lame. Or like some typical Computer/Laptop addict. :O

I know. It is really annoying. I can bear a lot of things – Unkindness, dishonesty etc, but back stabbing takes the cake. It gets on my nerve like nothing else does.
The first time she did it, I laughed too, but these days, I am not as emotionally confident as I was, and it affects me.

Me? I hate confrontations, but what the hell. I hate being hypocritical even more. If I accused her of talking about me behind my back and then did the same…lol, it would have been lame.

I know. A lot of websites are being powered by freewebs, and suddenly it doesn’t work. God knows why.

It is a nice quote. I remember another one based on a cat. “A cat has nine lives, you have one. Mess with me, and you’ll have none.”
It is kind of…cocky. I like it. :P

Thank you. There was this another quote I “liked” on facebook recently. “it’s not the Goodbye that hurts, but the Flashbacks that follow.” Doesn’t it say a lot?

Ohhhhhhhhhh my laptop (berryl the feral) has been heating up lately to. Hmmmm, something in the water in OZ maybe??? Luckily you never tipped water on it. KABOOM, dead lappy and sad Georgina … not a good combo.

My laptop gets too hot all the time, especially when I would take it to school and put it in my bag. If it wasn’t just sitting on the table and getting too hot though, I think it should be perfectly fine :)

It sucks about your stomach :( hopefully you feel better soon! *hugs*

I could have gone into more detail with my post, but I just didn’t feel like it xD haha.

He hasn’t actually been a prick all week. He just was Tuesday, and then Wednesday night I deserved it for lying. He told me the next morning that he wasn’t gonna be mad at me, because I already beat myself up enough about it.

brandon really is a great guy <3 I'm really glad he's my friend, because I honestly don't know what I would do without him being there for me all the time!

Maybe we should start figuring out why, instead of just asking xD

OMG Georgina I’ve missed you mucho!

Chesse biscuits? Never heard of them. aha, your laptop has a cute name. I’m glad he is just fine, it is a boy right?

I have a new theory about laptops now that I’ve gotten my new one. I swear they love air conditioning. When I first got my laptop we weren’t running the A/C at my house and it wasn’t long before my laptop would not stop over heating and it just kept randomly cutting off. It was weird though because every time I was in front of a fan or the A/C was on everything was working perfectly fine. It doesn’t do that anymore but I haven’t been home in a while. Hopefully when I go back when school starts it won’t start doing it again either.

Oh man yeah, you’re always supposed to keep your laptop on a flat surface that way none of the vents are blocked or else you do risk it overheating. Although, I believe most laptops have settings to where if your computer reaches a certain temperature it will automatically shut down to protect it from messing up any hardware. I had trouble with mine overheating at one point even with it sitting on a flat surface, but I smartly bought a can of air duster and it fixed my problem right up. Now, my computer is never hot and if it does start acting funny I’ll just clean out the vents again with the air duster and it’s grand.

You’re too cute with your too many cheese biscuits LOL. That made me laugh.

Is Fin named after Finn from Glee or something else?

Ahah my dad actually got me a laptop cooling fan. I don’t really know if it’s necessary, though. That air duster you have sounds pretty useful!

That’s what James thought too; maybe the laptop shut off because it was super hot. I’m not sure though, but I’ll have to be extra careful from now on. :P

It was my fault for taking the cheese biscuits to my room. I couldn’t stop eating them. James tells me that he doesn’t take snacks to his room for that reason. My mum has never let me take food to my room (there’s even a sign on my door saying so), but I’m such a rebel when she’s at work. 🙄

I don’t watch Glee; Fin is named after an Anberlin song. I like that it also refers to fish fins and fin meaning “end”. :)

I just commented on Seb’s site. :) I’m glad you’re hosting him. He seems really nice and all that.

Yeah I’m trying not to steal anyone else’s codes or what not. I’m done with that. It’s time I start learning on my own. Ya know? Of course I’m going to keep what I’ve learned from tutorials and what not, but stealing from others is wrong. I’ve wised up. I mean sure they didn’t copy right the coding…but it’s still wrong to steal it even if they didn’t copyright the codes.

But anyway, your comment made me smile. Thanks so much for the nice comments on my drawings. I like them too. Most of which are on my portfolio, and I’m slowly adding them on. When I feel inspired that is. Heehee. Anyway, yeah I like to color things up a bit. I went to target one day and bought some coloring utensils, and sketchpad.

Hmmm, I’m sorry to hear that your laptop almost died. I would’ve felt like that the world crashed down on me if that happened to me. In fact it has. Dell is a piece of sh*t. I have warranty till the year 2012, and they will NOT issue me a new laptop. I tried being firm with them and they wouldn’t budge at all. I was like fine you’ll be hearing from my father. I gave them his number and what not. The cheap pieces of sh*ts that they are didn’t even bother calling him >D. Heehee. (Y) But yeah…we still need to replace it. We’ve re-placed 7 hard drives, 1 mother board and 1 monitor. And it’s still doing the same thing on it. When you turn it on it jumps up and down. So you literally need to beat the thing in order to get it to stop. I know you’re not supposed to beat electronics (and I’ve lost a really good stereo by doing that) but sometimes you just gotta ya know? Anyways, my butt’s hurting so I gotta go. Oh btw, is it only the english speaking people that say “Bullocks” or “Sodden” or do Australians say it too? I’m wondering because both countries say mum so I’m just wondering….let me know!

My laptop always gets really hot if I’m sitting with it on my legs instead of on a desk. I wouldn’t call it “burning,” but the big fat square part of the charging cord gets burning hot really quickly and I have no idea why. Gordon, a total computer nerd (but for desktops, not laptops), doesn’t know, either, which makes me worry about it, but there is no way I’m taking my laptop into one of those “we’ll fix it” places because they usually fuck it up for you instead. There’s even at least one article of the employee looking through all the files, through picture folders, etc.

I’m kind of surprised, because it seems like our (yours and my) sites have already been moved? Like they were down earlier today, as well as Bubble’s other sites, but now they’re back and I got a comment on Kukori about how fast it was. If she did move them already, I’m just surprised because I was expecting it to happen tomorrow. :P

lol sorry, forgot that I meant to reply to the comment you left on my blog. XD

Okay. :) Thank you VERY much for your comment on the scanned backgrounds… it makes me feel a lot better and I really trust your opinion on these sorts of things. You’re like the authority of the internet. XD ♥

I’m glad Fin survived the fever! :D<3. Once, my laptop got so heated up because I left it on for too long, so when I opened the lid, it shut off and began beeping SO loudly, and I was freaked out because I thought I had broken it. I rushed downstairs to my daddy hoping he could fix it. Omg, I swear, I was so panicked, because if I had broken it . . . It meant buhh-bye to all of my stories — both finished and incompleted — pictures, graphics, and hundreds of other files.
Thank God it was alright! :D.

I used to like cartoons — like, anime and stuff, and I thought the shows in which there are real, actual people acting were lame, :p. But then I couldn't find any more good anime, and I got really behind, and like you, I just didn't bother catching up, xD.

I also like when I've got an entire season in front me of so I can just watch episode after episode after episode. It's a lot easier, 'cause I don't like when an episode is finished and it's incomplete, and I'd have to wait a week or possibly more to know what happens next, Dx.

Love in the Time of Cholera sounds funny! I’d so watch it! Seems like my kind of movie, xD.

Hmm, actions are stronger than words, most of the time, huh? I totally agree, (: .

Snacking a lot isn’t bad if it’s healthy food you’re snacking on, :p. What’s weird is that I can’t stand to eat or even look at unhealthy food nowadays without cringing or putting it far away so I wouldn’t have to look at it. I used to always crave junk food, but now, it’s like the total opposite, xD. It annoys the crap out of my brother, ’cause he’s always trying to get me to eat other foods but they’re sugary and unhealthy.

I carried around a bag that only had a button to close it last year. This annoyed my mom because she’s afraid if I’m not careful, someone might stick their hands in my bag when I’m not looking and take something out without my knowing. So this year, I got this super cute Hello Kitty shoulder bag with a zipper, :D. She was quite pleased.

My family has soooo many game consoles too, both old and new. My daddy is too obsessed over new electronics and technology — new and expensive electronics and technology — which explains why my friends leave my house thinking I’m more spoiled than they originally though, =_=’.

Glad that Sebby has his new blog. ✌️ I will visit his site after this post. Heehee. :D

Anyway, I am so glad Fin is okay now. I think he became that warm/hot maybe because he can’t ‘breathe’ inside the bag. I had a somewhat different experience. I don’t have a laptop but I had overcharged my Kyohei (iPod touch) once. He was really warm and I was worried because he had never been that warm or was ever warm. /hmph I was a fan of overcharging, because I thought that when I overcharge… the battery life is better. Haha. Stupid me for overcharging. /bash

Haha. I hope you won’t get sick tomorrow or when you wake up on whichever day. ♥ /eee

Yeah, you did promise. xD;; Just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. And couldn’t I have payed with hugs for Fin instead? He likes my hugs. :(

And yeah, I guess I wanted more comments… I think. Not sure, I think I’m still getting used to the idea I got a blog, lol.

I’m quite surprised too that Fin is still alive and kicking, especially since you use your as much as I use mine, if not more. My mum has the same laptop as you, and had it longer, but it hasn’t died yet – probably because she doesn’t use it as much. Same for my aunt.

I used to feel the same when I was younger. I hated getting rid off objects that has been with me for a long time, like shoes. For that matter, I wasn’t planning in replacing my laptop, I just wanted another one, as some sort of back up, as well for it to be smaller and easier to take to uni (and give my current laptop a well deserved rest). I would have kept it at home and used it while I was at home too. ^^;

I should try this “honey lime water” someday… it sounds delicious~

Pfft, you’re gonna watch Scott Pilgrim sooner than that. I’ll lend you the DVD (once it comes out and I get it) if I have to. It’s awesome!

The best friend in Superbad. Didn’t like his back story. He seem too… I don’t know, desperate. Michael’s character was easier to indentify with. And I didn’t like the ending either…

Good, don’t watch the HP movies. They suck. Read the books instead. And really, the movies made you die? I mean, all of them, one after the other, might be too much, but I think I could watch the extended versions without too much trouble (I did watch the third movie’s extended version like, 5 times). Then again, those kind of films aren’t really your thing, right? ^_^;

Woot! Welcome Sebby to the blogging sphere! :D I will definitely give his blog a visit soon.

Oh dear, I’m glad Fin’s alright now. Must be quite a scare to find him overheated when he was all crammed in your bag. Luckily nothing’s broken (or melted away). The same thing happened to my old laptop. I never like to use the cooling fan because they make noises and that distract+annoy me very much. So that laptop got all overheated half of the time especially when I left it on for the whole day.

Yeah, I love having separate domains for things that are not related to my blog. I have this idea that these things ought to have their own homes. 😝

Yep we have lectures and tutorials here where tutorials are for discussions and presentations. It sucks to have those mini exams but that’s a good way of keeping us awake and keeping our attention in lectures. LOL!

Thank you. So many patriotic songs have been playing on TV since morning that I’m in a mood. /love

You’re right. I live in the country, but even my sources are limited. Generally, I don’t believe when they say this country is corrupted. In every country, there is always a balance. Even if it is just one honest person, but the whole country can never be corrupted.
Italy is the most corrupt country. Then Mexico. Even U.S. is above India. The data is a couple of years old, though, so I cannot be sure. The recent scandals must have surely uplifted our position. O_O O_O
That is exactly what the Games are for. I pray that everything runs smoothly. I don’t want the Games to be a reason for national embarrassment. :(

You’re right. If I start taking such people’s comments to hear, it would never help. I don’t mind people hating me, but lying about it…:/ Cowards.
Exactly. I’d rather say it to her/his face too instead of back-bitching.

I’m not at all worried about that girl nor my ex, how fake they are or anything.

The only thing I want right now is for Antoine to just talk to me /:

Aww, poor Fin! Good to hear that he’s working now!!
If you leave a laptop in a small space or your lap (or basically anything that is not a table) for a long time, then the little vents on the bottom can’t let out any air, so they overheat. I’m guessing that’s what happened to him!
I don’t think he’ll break if that only happens once, so he should be fine. (:

That’s too bad about you being sick… you don’t seem to be doing very good lately. ): I hope you feel better!!

YAY! I will be checking out Sebby’s blog. :) Hopefully, it is as good as yours! :P

My laptop over heats a lot. Like the vents are like all over the underside of my laptop so I sit on the floor on this new laptop stand I got. My butt is currently hurting from sitting on the floor. XD Anyway, I sit it off on the edge where one of the vents is and when it gets hot I turn on my portable electric fan I have and cool it down and then turn off the fan until it gets warm again. It’s a vicious cycle but I usually only have to turn on the fan once or twice while I use my laptop. :)

YAY for Fin’s recovery! I hope your recovery is short as well. I’m sorry you were/are sick. :(
Hahha. Yeah, but this time I am pacing myself. If you watched the vlog you would know that I am not planning to open either my tutorial or layout websites until a year or a year and a half later. So I am pacing myself. :)

Hahahah. Yeup. We all go through phases. I’m in my twhirl phase. Eventually, I will go back to tweetdeck. XD

You spelled it correctly. I think I spelled it wrong. XD :)

Cool. I’ve never used the groups thing. Even though I have groups. XD

Yeah, it is. It is a lot harder to miss @replies and Direct Messeges with apps.

Hahahaha. :) I think Twhirl…but that is only cuz I’m in my Twhirl phase. XD

Cool. Maybe I will check it out! :)

I love the belt. I scrolled through your old blogs and I saw it. XD LOVE!

Thanks. :) I don’t think they will want to because it will already cover most everything, unless they submit GIMP, PSP or Photoshop Tutorials. :)

Yeah, I have thin coats. I tend not to get the heavy one’s cuz there is no use for them.

Yeah, I love love LOVE bell bottoms or boot cut jeans but it’s hard to find jeans like that anymore.

That is great! He doesn’t live that far away. So I guess you could see him on those rare occasions when you have the car. :)

Yay for naming the things we own, my laptop is called Barney! Although I’ve never had the overheating problem before but I’ve only had my laptop for 8 months and I hardly use it anyway due to lack of internet.
Also depending on where you place it then it shouldn’t overheat as much. I guess you won’t be leaving it on in your bag for much longer lol.
Cheese biscuits sound so yummy, what kind are they?

I’ll be sure to welcome Sebastian! :)

Wow, this blog made my day. You seemed very concerened of your laptop … Fin. Haha, I love his/her name by the way! :D

I seriously laughed when I read, “Noooooo! He had a fever!” LOL, it’s a good thing he’s alright and that he didn’t over-heat or anything.

I’m really glad Fin is alright! *hugs Fin*

Aww! I hope your okay, take a rest and drink lots and lots of water~

Take care. <3

I only remember having downtime once. Lucky me. :) But my host is expensive – I think I’m paying $40 per year.

The other day my laptop (still remains nameless), crashed for the first time ever. It’s growing up so fast /type I’ve had it for a year or a little longer but it feels like it’s only a few months old. Luckily it fixed it self. (H)

I’ve been waking up sick too because of the food I’ve been eating. Might have to cut back on the crap food.

Um, sorry. I didn’t relizie I’m quite absent-minded. So, SORRY FIN.

Good thing he’s well!

How are you?


Australia sounds like a nice country. Always reminds me of Kangaroos. And the movie Kangaroo Jack. It was awesome.

Usually us, teenagers, we don’t really care about what is happening to our country. Look at me. Today is our Independence Day, the day thousands of warriors died to make possible, and what I did? Lazed the whole day away. Sat on the internet, replied to comments, talked on the phone. I did go to the flag hoisting ceremony in the morning for half an hour, but thats about it.
Then I looked at the newspaper and the headline of the front page,”Is 15 August just another holiday?” and I felt guilty. D:

Few years can make all the difference. U.S. has a different kind of corruption though. In India the common man is corrupted. If you are fined $10 for illegal parking, we would just bribe the traffic policeman with $7 and get away. In U.S., the man offering bribery would most likely be hauled to jail.

It happens with me too. *Hugs* After they’ve insulted me and gone, I think of things I could have said instead of standing there like an idiot. :(

Wow good thing nothing bad happened to Fin :O It also happened to me once, though. Hahaha laptop fever. That’s so cute XD

honey lemon drink? i’ve never tasted that before /faw

and about your comment, WOW yellow nails and black tips? that would look bizarre yet cool! 👏

Omg, I so hated it when you’re in the middle of typing something, and then the entire thing would be gone. It pisses me off so badly, >.<. But I guess that's not as bad as your baby brother going into your room, breaking your computer, so now all of your files are totally, completely gone and not retrievable, Dx.

Why does it make you a little jealous when youre friends talk about their favorite anime’s? :p.

Oh, extracurricular activies. Of course. I used to have so many activities going on, and it was totally stressing me out, so I had to eventually drop out of some of them. I had piano, and violin, and I took dance for a month, I started competitive cheer then my mom made me quit like a day later, volleyball, and swim team. Wow, I can’t believe I had all of that going on! It was crazy, Dx.

Seaweed?? You used to snack on seaweed? o: . Whoa . . . Hahaha, I didn’t know it was edible, :p. Well, until now, xD. What does it taste like?

Thieves piss me off, |: . They also scare me, because sometimes when they’re stealing something from you, they’re dangerous and carry sticks or something that they could use to scare you or hit you with.

I can’t stand backpacks anymore, :p. They’re so heavy, and when they’re not, it just feels really weird!

Heyyah This is jad,the one who used to own Html-Codec..I’ve now finally moved to a new website called :)
I Really missed you..It’s been 3 months i’ve been away..So how are you doing..?
Goodluck for the server upgrade! :) (Y)

By the way,I need some help i really need some donations in order to promote my website..& pay my bills .. if you can help i would really very much free.. 👏 I’m very happy I Started a new website..that I Will work so much harder!! /eee

I wish I’d read this blog earlier haha!
I downloaded my FTP programmes this morning and I thought I’d accidentally deleted everything off my site when I couldn’t get on my site after haha!

Aw, I’m glad your laptop is working now! Mine overheats quite often!

It would have been so bad if it had broken and you’d lost all your files, as I nearly did again this morning. :| My laptop contracted another virus, luckily before it infected my laptop, my anti-virus detected it and got rid of it!

I need to adjust the settings on mine so it doesn’t sleep as soon as I shut the lid, it’s so unhelpful if I’m only moving from one room to the next!

I’m glad you’re feeling better now!

Thank you. :D I got a plain white case for my Blackberry this morning, I’m just waiting for it to arrive in the post now. It was really cheap actually, about £1.20 I think!

Woah, $44 is a lot for a phone case! If it protects your phone well I suppose it’s worth it though, I’m sure you’d rather fork out the $44 rather than the full price for a repair/new phone if it was broken!

Yeah the buttons are pretty small, I’m used to them now though. :’)

I actually watched Toy Story last Saturday, but I don’t remember ever seeing Toy Story 2, but it’s pretty easy to pick up on with Toy Story 3 as it isn’t really a direct follow on.

Oh man! I have really bad luck with laptops. I’ve had 3 already (I didn’t buy them all, 2 were replacements) .
I don’t even do anything to them, I don’t go on TOO much, but something wrong always happens! Its like a curse :O
I’m glad that Fin is okay :D

I hope you get better soon!!

Ooh I hope Fin your laptop is okay now, was it a laptop bag or a regular bag? As my ancient laptop bag (for my ancient laptop, seriously I think it should be in a museum) gets really hot inside if I’ve left it on inside. /type
Sucks about you getting sick, and I hope you’re okay from all those cheese biscuits, I was at Bens earlier today ( /rose ) and after a while we were both hungry so Ben went downstairs and brought up these biscuits which I swear were 99.9% sugar, I felt awful afterwards, but they were so tasty at the time 🤤

Also – for the electric toothbrushes – I think it depends on how fast it is going, if it had something like “PLAUQE DESTROYING MACHINE!!!!” on the front i’m thinking it would vibrate quite fast compared to other ones. :P

Oh, right! I always forget that my time zone is farther back than almost everywhere else and that the other side of the world is way ahead, not behind. XD

That’s good… I mean, I’m glad it’s normal for that part of the charger to get hot. :P I should have gotten a second opinion in the first place instead of panicking over what Gordon said, hehe.

lol wow. “Don’t install anything” is terrible advice; it’s not like that could possibly solve the problem. I don’t really see how it would prevent more problems, either, unless the original problem was that there was too much space being taken up or something. But since they didn’t even know the problem… I really don’t see how that advice could help at all. o_O

At least your laptop was OK. I never forget to shut down my laptop, but when I’m going out I just shut the lid and leave it working. I like leaving my messenger opened and so I can open it very quick. Also, I keep it over night on stand by. I’m too lazy to wait for it to turn on. It takes a lot of time:(

I don’t really like use my premades for my website, because they are for visitors. But I’m going to do a new layout soon:d

I’m really bad with electronics, like really bad. I tend to break or damage anything that has a plug. I drop my phones in water, I overheat laptops, I crash computer systems, I crack iPod screens. I’m jut not good with electronics. I’m very glad your laptop is okay (: If I had done that, it probably would have died, just my luck. I hope you feel better, I hate when I eat something bad and my stomach doesn’t handle it well, it just starts my day off perfectly d:

YOU NEARLY KILLED FIN! GEORGINA, YOU TERRIBLE MOTHER OF A LAPTOP!! No, I’m only teasing. ♥ I’ve done that with my sister’s laptop, and I was so scared I was going to break it, especially because 1. it’s a Macbook, 2. I wasn’t supposed to be using it, and 3. she nor I would have the money to replace it. D:

Very happy that Fin is fine now, though. :) I don’t think it’s silly saying an electronic has a fever. D: My iPod gets fevers after I have him plugged into the computer for a long time.

-hugs- I hope you feel better soon, Georgina. Your tummy seems to just hate you lately. D:

The quotes I like usually have a special meaning to me. I mean, I’ll enjoy a quote, but I’ll forget about it because it won’t stick with me. I’d be able to write pages of quotes themselves, but not ones I can consider favourites.

If there is something like a fight in the street, I’d end up rolling my eyes at it unless there was somebody I knew in the brawl. x: I guess I just don’t care enough to be curious!

Make sure you backup the stuff from the drive. DX It really sucks when you’re on the edge of losing it all. : Thank you! I hope I can at least get back my photographs. The music can be replaced and re-organised (-grumbles to self angrily-) and the website things are all on my website, but the photographs are the only unique things on there.

Oddly enough, I relate. I treat my laptop/phone, etc as if they’re real people too XD!

This post made me laugh out loud a little!

I used to be into web design, I had a freewebs – yes, I was a sort of beginner – and I found your link on there somewhere. I’m :).

Lovely site, by the way!


Poor Fin! :( You almost killed him! That’s the reason I don’t mess with power settings. The last time I did, George didn’t turn on for about 4 days :|.

Eminem is different from Lil Wayne or T-Pain. You can actually sing along to his songs, as well as to the rap. And his new album – Recovery – talks about more serious stuff, and his experiences, than his previous ones. He doesn’t take about “sexy girls wearing nothing and drinking alcohol.” 

A lot of our old photos are from when I was in diapers xD. They’re very old, and are in protective slips in old photo albums. There are so many littered around the house in drawers, boxes, and picture frames, though. 

I don’t miss being young, but I miss how easy it was. I like being older – and more respected – but I wish that I didn’t have to deal with so much now. But I’ll be fine in the end :).

Faith helps me, but I don’t go to church regularly, or pray. But I’m not like some of the people I know who look down on those who don’t believe in God. But there are some who don’t believe in God and look down on those who do. 

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian/Catholic/Mormon, just like standing in a garage doesn’t make you a car.”

Making next time the box will have money in it so you can buy another domain ;D. 

I want to skydive before I die, but I’m doing it with a daredevil friend who will jump out before me!

Well, I have zero balance, and running on your skates required balance. Which, like I said, I fail at. Sometimes I trip on my tied shoelaces. Balance isn’t my thing… *blush*.

Vegas summers get to 118F, so if I stuck wet shoes out they’d dry super fast. But, then they lose color and fade :/.

An iPhone here is $300 to $400 depending on the version and everything. Which is very expensive to some who don’t have much money ;/.

Yes, only a few days left :D I wonder if I’ll be able to keep up with daily blogging after I finish though. I hope so, I think it’ll be nice to look back on :P

My happiness is kinda touch and go. It’s easy for me to get happy, and just as easy for it to go back down. It’s really annoying, ’cause I just wanna be happy!

My laptop isn’t fine if i leave it on a table >.< the only way it wont over heat is if i have it under a fan, though we've probably talked about that at some point before :P haha

I'm glad your feeling better :D my stomach was really hurting today, though I don't know why :(

The server change should be finished now, right? I hope it went off a lot better than when she tried to move to a VPS several months ago.

Aww, you two fell asleep together at uni? THAT’S SO CUTE.

I hate it when my laptop falls asleep every time I close it too. 😒 One of the first things I did when I got my laptop was change the power settings so it wouldn’t do that. Plus on my old laptop, it was a really good way to catch my brother using it. :P My brother’s laptop falls asleep when you close it, and I often left my computer closed and asleep while out, so sometimes he would use it, and then he would just close it because he thought it would go back to sleep automatically. HAH, YOU WISH. But I usually didn’t even need that because he would often do something stupid like leave a file he downloaded on the desktop. -_-

Yes, he is quite stupid, thanks for asking. xP

Agh, poor Fin!!! YOU ALMOST KILLED HIM. Bad girl! D:

Well as long as he’s okay, all is well. :3 As long as he doesn’t decide to try and get back at you, haha.

Ahhh I want a pastry. D: Stupid stomach for not liking it! Pastries are so yummyyyy. <3 What kind did you have, anyway?

*Hugs* I’m glad you’re feeling better now!! I hate stomach pain so much. T_T

I’m glad Fin’s alright. I’ve never trusted the laptop’s timer for shutting down = So whenever I don’t intend to use it for a while, I’ll just hibernate it so that it won’t take long to restart later. But shutting it down is the best if you don’t intend to use it anytime soon.

Hahah, I know it gets super annoying when the laptop goes to sleep whenever to close the lid. Grr, i hate it too.

It’s a great show. It really opens up your eyes. I’m right there with you with the depression. It’s hard though because I’m not like that all the time, most of the time I’m not. Just when it does happen, it’s really bad. I hope everything with you gets better<3 We are lucky people, some people don't get to experience love like we do (: I've always wanted to visit Australia, I'm sure it'd be a nice vacation. I hope all the snow goes away, I hate the snow, and I hate the cold. I don't see why schools give assignments during breaks. It's called a break for a reason and I'm sure the teachers don't want to grade all of them when we get back.

So you left Fin on and charged while you fell asleep? Hmms, that shouldn’t overheat or anything. That’s weird though…but that’s good that your laptop is not dead.

You trust the people in your University to sleep while you have your laptop right there? Lucky! If I slept with my computer on the table, someone would’ve snatched it! :(

Awws, get well soon! Drink lots of warm liquid, that should help. :)

My grandma is also a diabetic (although type 2), which is why she was trying to get my dad to take me to the hospital. She had thought that I was diabetic for months but I stubbornly wouldn’t believe her. :P She even tried to check my blood sugar once, and I didn’t want her to. She grabbed me and held me and pricked my finger, and when it wouldn’t bleed, she stabbed me again and again and again (that sounds horrible. The needle is only about 1/4 inch long and it goes into your fingertip. Not even all of it. You can adjust the deepness) and it hurt so badly. I STILL wasn’t bleeding and I started crying. I think she left so she could go on a walk and cool down because for some reason she was mad at me. It was a horrible, horrible day, even more so because Grandma had always been the most wonderful person in the world and had never caused me pain. :( I think what it was was that her lancing device wasn’t on a deep enough setting… for some reason I have to have mine pretty deep. Sometimes, even if I just got out of a hot shower and my blood should by all accounts be flowing like water (figuratively), I won’t bleed. :/

Ugh. That feeling is exactly how I felt before I was sleeping all the time! Like I couldn’t move or I’d puke. I got last summer because the infusion set for my pump wasn’t in all the way–the catheter was folded and I was hardly getting any insulin–and after three days I was laying in bed trying not to puke. I had to call my mom over to watch Yemaya because I couldn’t even get up, but… I had to sit up and give myself some insulin to make my blood sugar go down. It’s awful to sit up and stab yourself in the stomach when you feel like you’re going to puke. D: Anyway, salmonella sounds horrible. I’ve never been too worried about it, but Gordon gets on my case whenever I eat raw cookie dough. I ate it all the time as a kid and never got sick, but I guess that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen in the future.

Why does the government give out laptops? And to whom?

Oh, and I’ve decided to take a leaf out of your book and do away with the whole affiliation thing. I frequently get upset with my affiliates… they’ve agreed to comment on my blogs, you know? Yet with some of them, I’ll comment on 3+ blogs in a row over the course of a week or three and I won’t get a single comment back. So today I decided that, to keep myself from getting upset at people, I’ll just get rid of the whole thing and just list sites I like to visit instead.

Hmms, that was weird that Fin cannot “breathe” in that situation. I leave my laptop like that all the time too. :( That’s good that there is no permanent damage.

Something happened to me like that before. I left my computer on and charged and I left to go to a picnic with my PBros and “brothers.” When I came back, my computer froze and so I turned it off. Whoop! When I turned it on, it showed a damage image (I have a Mac) and I was freakin’ out like crazy! Good thing my dad came to visit me at the University or else I wouldn’t have a computer/laptop to use! :( He took me to Apple and got a new hard drive.
^ Good thing that didn’t happen to you!

I wished my University was that friendly. I think the only people you could trust is your friends, otherwise people would take your stuff. /angry

Yeah, the picture from from this past Christmas. :) And yes, we’re like a little family. But I know most of my PBros from the picture already because we are friends and met before we pledged into the Fraternity.

I prayed to God and I swear he answers my prayers.