Pandora’s box

Curiosity killed the cat.


Today, my classmates and I were gathered around our lecture room waiting for the opportunity to enter. We were having a chat in our little groups, and soon enough, we all began to file in slowly and take our seats.

At the front of the room, there was a chair. A little out of place, I might add. On the chair was a conspicuous white box with no pattern or design, but on it, someone had written in huge letters, “What’s in the box?”

Not to mention, the box’s surface was a litter of question marks. Obviously, our lecturer had set up the box at the front of the room for us to see. As people walked in, they looked at it. Some paused, then walked on and took their seats. Some looked as they walked by. Some hesitated and wondered if they should open it.

I was walking into the room with Sebby and Ezio. Ezio went to take his place but I guess I was still looking at the box.

“What’s in it?” I asked curiously.
“I guess you’ll have to open it,” smiled our lecturer. Hahaha. No part of me assumed it might have been a practical joke, but I didn’t want to be the person to open it either. I’m shy like that. /um

Sebby opened the box. :D

“Oh, lollies.”

I was already walking to find a seat and our lecturer was still smiling (nah, she’s not creepy, I promise). She let Sebby have a piece. Ahhghhhh.

It amused me, big time (LOL, “big time” is a joke only James will understand). Later on, our lecturer said to us, “You guys all walked past the box. You all looked at it, but none of you opened it! Except one.”

Does anything make you curious like that? I mean, if something catches your eye and puzzles you a bit, you can’t make a conclusion without investigating further. You want to know what’s behind a closed door. You’ll have to open it first. You can’t remember if you put your lunch in your bag. Well, you’ll have to check. You don’t know if painkillers are going to get rid of your headache. Well, you’ll have to try.

You want to go skydiving, you’ve heard that it’s boring, but you are in doubt. As I read somewhere, “You’ll never know until you have tried. Experience is the best teacher.”

And sometimes, we cannot make judgment until we have more knowledge.

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Curiosity got the cat candy /bounce
Other cat-and-box stories involve poison gas and radioactive elements. D:

You should’ve opened the box.
Tyme. /frog

I really wonder what the point of the whole box thing was. I guess it was slightly more mentally stimulating than just handing all of you chumps free candy. Ngege!


It was actually in relation to the lecture, which was about knowledge theories and technological change in society. Slightly related. She made reference to the fact that sometimes our knowledge depends on our surroundings and who we spend time with. She gave an example of learning another language because of a friend or because of travel, and gaining that knowledge for that purpose. :P

She passed around the lollies later. /um I took two. :X

wow that’s very interesting and a nice lesson for you guys. The teach is right, if you are not sure of a thing, you have to check out and become sure. It’s a very smart teacher, I guess:D. She tested you guys:) ♥

I wish my teachers make those type of things in our classes, but they are not doing anything. They come, give us 2 pages of stuff and leave. They’re just stupid :X

Hullo =)

I’m glad too. I wanna try to make it a habit too – good writing practice. Not to mention it’ll be good to put my thoughts into words for once.

I love writing. I love the art of it. But not in the way to make perfect writing, but something fun to read. Hence why I hate readings and academic articles so much.

South America doesn’t have states, it has countries. Though I doubt I could name them all now days. xD;;

PhD? Nah, don’t want one. Too much work and way too academic. Although I wish I could be called ‘Doctor’. And I AM going to do my readings… just not all of them and certainly not all the time. D:

And the ‘about’ page? I’ll do it when I well damn feel like it! Joking. I’ll do it on the weekend, probably.

Anyway, funny that you mentioned “experience is the best teacher”. Since that was one of the themes in the lecture (yes Georgie, I payed attention at lecture even though I was talking about how I wanted to skip it since I was tired).

I was going to go an open the box before you dared me to. I think I realized that she was planning on someone to open the box lol – it felt like a secret test, but not so secret. I think the reason everyone people didn’t opened the box was because they were waiting what she was gonna do with it. I decided not to just to see who would open it I guess – until you dared me to.

Being curious it’s part of human nature, and it’s one of the things that has allowed us to evolve thus far. Practically all of our discoveries has been found due to humans being curious about something that they did not understand. Without curiosity, we would still be leaving in caves or trees lol.

I get curious a lot, I’ve noticed. But I’ve learnt that always learning things that you’re curious about isn’t always good. Hence the saying “curiosity killed the cat” and “ignorance is bliss”. Being curious may lead you to researching about something, which in turn will lead you to understanding that something, thus gaining Knowledge. And as we have been told since last year, Knowledge is Power. Now the question is, can we deal and control that power and use it to better ourselves?

I always hate the feeling of anxiety and curiosity. Well, hate it but love it at the same time. It makes me feel vulnerable but excited. Yeah, we still need to experience it before judging it because everyone has a different opinion on each thing. But sometimes, it pisses me off when some people just give in to what they heard from other people. Like my friend who didn’t want to go to prom because she heard it was boring. I mean, you won’t really know if it was boring or not because you’re not going to be there.

I guess someone was bound to open the box for the sake of everyone knowing. LOL. But I don’t think I would’ve opened it though. I’m too shy for that. Unless, like, I really know the people in my class or something. I might feel a little bit comfortable and confident. :P

But hey, everyone’s really curious about something. And each one is bound to open their own pandora’s box.

I know! I felt the same way when I just got my laptop. I was telling myself to not use it because it’s expensive and it’s new! But then, I know I’m going to HAVE to use it. HAHA. I keep on saying that I’m going to save up for a DSLR and a guitar but I still keep on spending money. Mostly on food. I haven’t started on the “saving up” part yet. I guess it will start when school starts too since I won’t really have lots of time going out and stuff. Probably bury myself with the books. @_@

Just hearing/reading/saying the words “speech and presentation” make me nervous already! But I really have to get use to it since I’m going to become a nurse. And interacting with patients is the main thing that a nurse has got to do. /sweat

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^ just something from your last entry. I don’t believe I said anything I shouldn’t have? :)

I think that’s rather funny, that your lecturer did that. I agree with what James said – perhaps it was for the point that that’s at least a little bit more mentally stimulating than handing out free candies. XD

None of my teachers have ever done anything like that with a box or anything of the sort. It’d be interesting though – if I know my grade at all, half of the guys would run up and tear the poor thing to shreds. :P

I’m pretty shy too, but I’ve been getting over it lately. For example (and it’ll sound pathetic :P ) I’ve always refrained from commenting on larger, more popular blogs because I’m just afraid and kind of withdrawn. Recently, I’m getting over this though – talking to adults more freely, not hiding from my peers. :)

So many things make me curious like that, Georgina. Sometimes I just get a little nervous to do something if I’m wondering about it. There was this one time I wanted to hug one of my best guy friends, because he was going through a tough time, but I was nervous about it (being the pathetic seventh grader I was). I never did hug him. XD He probably would have though I was the strangest thing he’d ever seen. :P

Well, take care Georgina. ^^;

In this case, the cat gets the prize. :)

Experience is the best teacher, yes. Life is full of risk, no doubt. And a lot of people refuse to step out from their comfort zones for fear the world outside those zones will not be to their liking and they afraid of getting hurt. But if we don’t dare to take risks and experience the world outside, we will never know what treasures are waiting for us out there. :)

Heh, that’s true and it sounds like that was a fun, interesting experiment. XD


I just decided to follow @theheartbox and @theheartsayings on Twitter. :)
I love reading the quotes that I find (who doesn’t?)…
I guess, in a way, they can help someone feel that they aren’t alone.

I had begun replying to your previous post and had almost hit “Submit Comment” when I refreshed the screen instead. The whole message was lost. Since I was getting late for school, I am going to right here. I don’t remember what I wrote in the morning, lol.
Hm. Curiosity got the cat killed. I think being curious is not always a bad thing. In fact, I once read somewhere, “Never stop saying WHY?” and I follow the line very faithfully – unfortunately for my teachers.
That is why I have never been good at science. When I am told this is how you add or subtract, I am always like “Why?”
I’d give you an advantage. Do try it out whenever you’re free. It is super-interesting.
When we multiply two numbers, for example 345 X 56, we would begin from the right side. The “5” of the 345 and “6” of 56. Understood?
Now, when we divide, for example, 345 divided by 5, the answer would be 69. Because we first divided 34 and then 5. We started from the left. WHY?
It is an example from the basic. :P
I don’t know, though, whether I would have opened the box or not. Probably yes.

Thank you so much. It is good, but when I sit alone in the class, and I remember the old days, I feel even worse. If that makes sense.
I love books, and usually instead of buying pizza, I’d buy a book.
*Hugs* Thanks. You’re really nice. :) I have met a lot of really nice people over the internet.

I would want to open the box. SO BADLY. I’m terrible for being incredibly curious, and not only am I always questioning everything (especially the ‘whys’ in life), but I just would want to know so badly.

I did have a change of heart. And there are still times when I go back and want things back, and then times again when I don’t. I guess that’s a part of the moving on tho, y’know? It’s not gonna be easy, and I’ll probably keep going back and forth. I was good for three days though, and I didn’t cry until I made the mistake of lying to him. Things have seemed A LOT better between us, even if it is just as friends… at least until last night, but even now.. they seem okay.

He did apologize for the night. He said he didn’t mean to be such a dick, and he knew that he messed up. I appreciate that he did apologize, because it’s something he usually doesn’t do.. he’ll just expect me to forgive him. I don’t know what will happen with us, and it’ll probably keep changing but we’ll just have to see.

Aha lollies! I love those things. I’m surprised though it wasn’t a prank like you thought it was going to be.

Yeah I agree with you on that Hillary wasn’t a good friend to do that in the first place. She was just one of those sunday people ya know.

I’m hoping to make new friends out in Beaumont. I really do. I made two already but I doubt I’ll see them again.

The thing about Beaumont is, and I’m not trying to be a racist or sound like one here, but there’s a TON of white people there. It’s really weird. Compared to where I’m at now, white people are a minority. And the great thing about Beaumont is you can see stars and the milky way! No joke! Where I’m at now you’re lucky enough to even see one star. It’s because of all the haze, and smog from the cars. I guess Beaumont is near the desert and it doesn’t get the smog so much. It’s just really peaceful and you see a car go by like every other hour or less. And the only sounds you hear are the sounds of a train going by and that’s it. How cool is that?

So your microwave talks too? Are we the only country that doesn’t have that? That is so friggin cool!!

I love how curiosity killed the cat as they say. It’s true really. I’m surprised only one person opened the box. And the rest of the class went on by. I would’ve been shy enough to open it but I probably would’ve opened it any way and see what was inside.

Haha wow. I don’t know whether I would have opened the box or continued making assumptions regarding what could be inside it. Your teacher sounds pretty awesome :P

Anyways, thanks! I’ll need the luck. I still don’t know what to write my college essay about… :X

Interesting. Yeah, that does kind of remind me of Pandora’s box…only you get lollies, not bad stuff. /eee

The whole box thing was really very unexpected from a teacher in general, but I feel your teacher’s really great at making the students think. Interesting teacher you have.

Ooh, candy. So sinful, haha. At least your friend’s generous to hand the candy around. I would have hoarded the candy to myself /hmph haha. 👏

Strangely enough, it made me think about the Riddler in Batman when you mentioned the box. The question-marks and the question in itself.

what an interesting class haha!
i probably wouldn’t have opened the box …
or, i would probably ask like a billion questions like ‘can i open it?’ and then i’d be really suspicious… ‘whats in it…’ cause i’m always paranoid that something will scare me.

but definitely, cant just something when you havent experience it (:

I would have been like Sebby, and opened the box xD. I’m the kind of person to not wait for someone else to find out what’s causing my curiosity, and instead just open it for myself. But, that’s also a bad thing, because the next “box” I open could hold some poisonous gas or something 😰 Ahh.

Uhm, with skydiving I think it’s best I ask someone who has skydived what it’s like. I mean, the one time I try it for myself could be the last time I try it…as in…splat. /ehh

:O I don’t run on the blades either. I just moved my right foot, which I hear is the “wrong thing to do,” and I’m so paying for it today >_<. My thigh is killing me, and so is my knee and calf. Ugh. And it’s just my right leg, not my left. I hate how the skating rink only lets you skate one way, and doesn’t alternate every couple minutes, because now I can hardly walk.

Haha :). Same thing here, Georgina. I had to wash my sneakers the other day because I noticed they were a bit ripe. I once stuck them in the drier, because I was in a hurry…oh, what a mistake. The rubber stuck all over the drier and completely ruined the drier and my shoes. :X

I don’t listen to the radio much, nor much mainstream music, but there are some times when I’m tired of listening to my usual genre, and I like to mix it up with a little of this, or a little of that :).

My dad made my mom and I buy him a very expensive phone – around $400.00 USD – because he just “wanted it.” So we bought it for him, and he hardly uses it because of what he does for work. He’s afraid it will get scratched or ruined, and because of this it just sits on the counter unused all the time. /hmph

LOL. I’ve met a lot of great people online, and I wish they didn’t live in other countries/states, because I’d love to actually meet them. But I only know one person online in real life, and we keep our online/offline lives separate.

I’ve been told that a million times. “You never know until you try it!” Usually, I’m really afraid of try something new because of the possible outcome (even when it comes to food), but other times, I just say: “Whatever” and give it a go, xD. Sometimes, the results are unexpectedly good, while others . . . Eh, not so much, (: .

haha, cute story! while i was reading your post, i was thinking how i would definitely open that sucker up! i’m sure i’d be hesitantly curious at first, but especially if someone told me to open it, i’d definitely go for it. i think i would’ve assumed the professor was testing me, and i’m ok with passing or failing. but in your case, whoever opened it sounded like he passed. lollipops! ♥

and what!? i have never heard that skydiving is boring! my roommate and i have a skydiving fund, haha. we’re trying to save up to go, but … it takes a lot of loose change… 😝

Thank you for the comment on my layout, xD. Hehe, I think this is my favorite, ^_^. Pink & teal, foh’shoh, xDD.

I can’t really sit still for very long either . . . I’ve developed this strange habit of getting up out of my site every 10 or 15 minutes to go for a run around the 2nd floor of my house, because I get really uncomfortable and restless after staying in one place for too long, xD.

Love in the Time of Cholera? I’ve never heard of that, but the title seems kind of catchy, xD. What is it about?

I think I’ve heard of 1 Litre of Tears . . . Isn’t it a book based on the life story of the author who had some disease where she couldn’t have control over her body? o: .
OMG, speaking of Asian movies, this reminds me of something! I noticed how whenever people watch trailers or short clips of sad, touching movies in a different language, and they can’t understand what the actors/actresses are saying but can understand what’s going on, they tend to cry, 0.o. Maybe it’s just the people I know, xD.

You’re not afraid to try new foods? Oh wow, xD. Most people are like, so hesitant when it comes to trying new foods. My mom has been trying to convince me to try eating clam for years — still hasn’t worked, ^_~. I’m a stubborn little girl.

My mom just wants me to eat bigger meals, >.<. I'd tell her a zillion times that I just can't swallow down that much food, and that it'd be easier if I break down my meals by maybe 3/5 of the usual size, and then I get eat more often during the day. That way, I'd almost never be hungry, and whenever I eat, I don't have to walk away from the dining table feeling as if I've eaten the last meal I'll ever eat in 2 weeks, =_='.

Oh, stuff getting wet. Yeah, that's the only thing that I dislike about rain, xD. I don't like it when I'm going to school without my tote bag, because then all of my books and folders would get wet if it rained, or get blown away by accident if it was windy, D: .

There is like, only two people I know in real life who knows about how I used to self-harm myself, and how I had that depressive disorder thing. They get all suspicious if I have a new bruise or cut or scratch, and they'd stare me down until I can convince them I didn't do it on purpose, |: .

OMG, my brother is always playing video games. He’s completely obsessed over computer and video games. It drives my mom up the wall, because she’d take the time each day to tutor him in math, and the whole time, he’d be rushing through his work and not even paying the least bit attention to her teaching so he can run off to play games. And when she quizzes him the next day, he’d stare at her like this: O___o???

It’s good that you know what your most important priorities are, now, :D. I made the biggest mistake I’ve ever made, making this particular guy my top priority, back from January to May. Biggest mistake ever, >.<.

Helloooooo :D

Hey you missed the second part of the quote – “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”. Haha. Rachel used to say that ALL the time, do you remember?

What a cool lecturer! I wish my lecturers would do something like that, but they don’t. My criminal law lecturer likes to put pictures of Dexter (from the tv show about that serial killer) in our slides though…it’s a creepy picture D:

But that is a hilarious way of opening a class. With the box and the lollies. Go Sebby for being brave enough to open the box. I’d have stared it for ages and been too intimidated to open the box. Actually I’d worry that it belongs to someone and I wasn’t ALLOWED to touch it D: But if no one opened it to see what was in there, I’d probably not be able to sleep. You know how much I hate it when I can’t figure something out :P

God, EVERYTHING makes me curious like that :P But like I said, I still wouldn’t open the box unless no one was around to see me open the box XD

If I think I’ve forgotten something, I’m super tense and restless until I can check. Haha, it’s like OCD or something O_O

Experience IS the best teacher in a way, because if people just tell you to drive carefully or else you’ll crash, you’re like…yeah, whatever…but if actually crash, I’m pretty sure you’ll DEFINITELY be more careful THEN :P

XD That’s never happened to me. I’ll be prepared if it ever does.

That reminds me of that paper that teachers hand out to elementary schools. The one that has a list of seemingly impossible problems, but on the bottom you are greeted by the instructions: do not do any of these. Those papers are incredibly annoying.

/heart I would be like you. I wouldn’t open the box either. I don’t have any guts to be embarrassed if something bad happened . /hmph

That’s true. I guess we should all try and enter every door of opportunity given to us.

im not sure what it is with me, but when I’m replying to comments, i don’t return them ALL even if theres 3, i always leave one behind until i get more.. and then i get mad at myself when they pile up LOL. I can’t imagine what its going to be like once i start school..
oh :| thats what ‘m afraid of when I leave for school; most of my getting around will be public transit. for one, i dont understand bus routes so im going to get lost.. no doubt about that. (its a good thing i’ll be living a few minutes off campus). and two, rude people. ahh.. not looking forward to it..

hahaha i had a teacher that did things like this all the time. I’m always curious about things, but I’m the type who doesnt want to be the first one to find out what it is. I’m glad it wasnt anything scary.. thats what im mostly afraid of; being scared by whatever it is lol.

I don’t think I’m really curious about things and want to know what’s behind a door or anything. I’ll get inquisitive when something interesting happens with something, but if it’s just there, I don’t normally care.
Sure, I’d be curious about a box being at the front of a classroom, but I would immediately think, “The teacher put it there for a reason; whatever.”
I mean, it wouldn’t matter that much to me what’s inside it or not unless it had smoke coming out of it, or it was upside down, or something more bizarre than just being there randomly.
I’ll admit, a little white box that clearly invites somebody to question what’s in it would keep my interest for a few seconds, but, again, I’d just stop caring unless it did something interesting.

I do that too, sometimes. Just certain parts when I really don’t feel like thinking of words to reply… Heh. :3

Thank you! My dad only took the drive in today, instead of two days ago when he said he would, but I’ll have to be patient and hope for the best. The music can be taken off of my iPod, and files for my website can be transferred, but I’m worried about losing all the photographs from my camera, since the computer was the only place they were stored. DX

Oddly enough, I work better if I’m multi-tasking. It’s like the fuel for me; all the activity keeps me going and interested. If I’m not multi-tasking, I honestly just sit there wondering what I’m supposed to be doing. The same thing happens if I’m not listening to music.

I would have looked at the box and took my seat.

Sometimes it depends on what I’m curious about if I’ll take further examination.

Though I must say earlier this week I read about how to make a sketchbook, you handsew the pages together. I was very curious as to how the pages would look once it was all together. So here I am, end of the week and half a book put together. lol.


I’m always one who would ask questions, and sometimes people would tell me “curiosity killed the cat”. I just like to know things, sometimes I would overhear people and ask what they were talking about. Ok, I admit it, I’m nosy, I’m not gonna deny that :P

Tehee, if a teacher set up a box, I would assume there would be some sort of assignment in it. xD

LOLLIES??!! I want a lollie :( In out school sweets aren’t allowed. :P

Tons of things make me curious, TONS OF THINGS. trust me, I investigate, I tend to um snoop a lot. So I found out my brothers pass code on his ipad, I looked at my cousin’s conversations on his laptop. :P I like snooping 🤤

Haha do you know what custom graphic you want now?

Yea, I might earn a bit of money doing my hobby, but it won’t be a profession.

I’ve only been doing professional webdesign for like 2 years, I did like piczo when I was like 8/9.

I would absolutely be in love with writing, but I never have nice writing teachers, so they kinda ruined it for me. :(

Maybe I should be an architect? It has math and art, I’m thinking of being an artist now XD

We had to take like 3 tests to get in to G&T it was not easy, and I took them all in 3rd grade!

Lecturers like the one you described in this post are the type we need in the World. We need more of them, the ones who provoke thought into the minds of their students, the ones who inspire their students to achieve great things in their lifes and reach their ambitions. Ah, teachers / lecturers – I could write a whole post on them myself! xD

I guess when an opportunity like this occurs you have to make a mental note in your mind of what the potential positives and negatives are to opening / not opening the box. If you did open the box, what would be the worst that would happen? The lecturer give a lolly to everyone but the one who opened the box? Or the other way around perhaps? Very thought provoking stuff.

She’s actually the best lecturer/tutor I’ve had – or one of. She goes out of her way to make the classes interesting and she’s pretty young, not to mention very smart, so she’s quite easy to relate to.

I had no idea what would happen if I opened the box – guess I wasn’t up for taking that risk, probably because she would probably explain it later anyway!

I can’t use my premade layout as my homepage layout. I just love the way it turned out but I want let others use it:D.

You’re a very good reviewer and I really envy you. I wish I wrote reviews like you and have your coding experience. I’m very bad at coding and explaining things:D.

Maybe you will try the onigri tutorial and see what turned out. Do you have Adobe Illustrator. If yes, you should try:d.

I rarely drink coffee and very rarely in the afternoon but I will never drink it so late, just in the morning.

I would have looked at it for ages before I eventually opened it. I would have shook it, studied it, felt it and smelt it and then if I thought it was safe enough THEN open it ♥

What can I say, I am a curious like a cat according to a person who dated me briefly. He said I had cat like tendencies. I know I have green eyes like a cat :-P

I try to tell people all the time. “You will never know until you try it.” They don’t listen to me. Sometimes when you try something, it might not work or it might have a bad outcome. Pandora opened the box and look at the world now. In her case, she was told not to open it so, it’s all her fault. 🤬

Whoever said skydiving was boring, needs to go skydiving again.
I thought when the box in your class was opened, some scary thing will come out. XD

When I read that, all I could think was “wow.” Then, I found out that the person lived in Egypt. I was so excited to have an Egyptian hater. :D I’m weird. 🙄

If they actually have the guts to leave me a comment, it would have made my day because I would know who the person was and it would be an excellent arguement. :D Usually something like that would get to me but this one didn’t because I’m not a whore. I’ve never even slept with a guy before.

I liked the video because it wasn’t sad or depressing, it was just a video. They did a good job on it. (Y)

I even make smiley out of “lol”. I really need to cut down on it. I’ve used like once or twice today. Sometimes, I just use “lol” because I have nothing else to say.

I poured water on my extension cord yesterday so I unplugged everything so it could dry. Like 3 mins later, my computer had low battery. Stupid junk!

I hope you feel better now. :) I hate medicines of all kinds but sometimes, I don’t have a choice.

Lucky!! Spending cash on my current laptop would be a waste. I want a new one already.

We have instant ramen. You can either microwave or cook it. I cook because I add my own ingredients. (H)

We are awesome friends. <3

Thanks Georgina! 👏

If the course was really extensive, but I found it interesting. I understand you don’t like the theme of the Enlightenment.

The films were in the course program as a teaching resource. Perhaps you haven’t heard of those movies because they are nationally known.

In my city we must take advantage of on sunny days because they aren’t very abundant despite being summer (H)

Thanks for your concern! Thanks a lot of :)
I wanted to go to a photography course organized by my University, but the available places were filled very soon. I understand. The interesting thing about doing a summer course, is to do something different than what we are studying.

Haha I’ve done the same thing you sometimes, but in my case I often use the library card from my mother.

I also think it is a good thing, meeting people online, especially to improve my English level. Haha it is true that it is a kind of bonus, for people who don’t have English as native language. With blogs you can learn English in a fun way.

That’s okay :)

Haha you forgot to complete the phrase: “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”. I always loved that quote :).

It seems a very interesting start of class.
I really don’t know if I would dare to be able to open the box, but i would be very curious to know that the box contained.
Your friend was very daring to open the box.

I think your teacher is very good, I like the way she teach.

That’s true. I guess we should all try and enter every door of opportunity given to us.

I agree with you, we can’t comment on something until you have no knowledge about it.