Pandora’s box

Curiosity killed the cat.


Today, my classmates and I were gathered around our lecture room waiting for the opportunity to enter. We were having a chat in our little groups, and soon enough, we all began to file in slowly and take our seats.

At the front of the room, there was a chair. A little out of place, I might add. On the chair was a conspicuous white box with no pattern or design, but on it, someone had written in huge letters, “What’s in the box?”

Not to mention, the box’s surface was a litter of question marks. Obviously, our lecturer had set up the box at the front of the room for us to see. As people walked in, they looked at it. Some paused, then walked on and took their seats. Some looked as they walked by. Some hesitated and wondered if they should open it.

I was walking into the room with Sebby and Ezio. Ezio went to take his place but I guess I was still looking at the box.

“What’s in it?” I asked curiously.
“I guess you’ll have to open it,” smiled our lecturer. Hahaha. No part of me assumed it might have been a practical joke, but I didn’t want to be the person to open it either. I’m shy like that. /um

Sebby opened the box. 😄

“Oh, lollies.”

I was already walking to find a seat and our lecturer was still smiling (nah, she’s not creepy, I promise). She let Sebby have a piece. Ahhghhhh.

It amused me, big time (LOL, “big time” is a joke only James will understand). Later on, our lecturer said to us, “You guys all walked past the box. You all looked at it, but none of you opened it! Except one.”

Does anything make you curious like that? I mean, if something catches your eye and puzzles you a bit, you can’t make a conclusion without investigating further. You want to know what’s behind a closed door. You’ll have to open it first. You can’t remember if you put your lunch in your bag. Well, you’ll have to check. You don’t know if painkillers are going to get rid of your headache. Well, you’ll have to try.

You want to go skydiving, you’ve heard that it’s boring, but you are in doubt. As I read somewhere, “You’ll never know until you have tried. Experience is the best teacher.”

And sometimes, we cannot make judgment until we have more knowledge.

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