Fitter Happier

I had a bad day to begin with. I woke up with a stomach ache and made my way to the bathroom where I was for some time. I skipped breakfast. There was no way I could get ready for university in fifteen minutes with breakfast.

It’s nasty, I know. Almost as bad as my (slowly dying) habit of drinking coffee every morning. But I couldn’t afford to wolf down even a cup of soup. The worry in it is that I will be too full and the food won’t have settled – then when it comes to brushing my teeth, I’m in big trouble. No one wants to brush their teeth when they’ve just eaten; it could make you sick.

I made hot coffee in a thermos. I took the risk, then packed my bag in a hurry. I felt alright being on an empty stomach, and I planned to buy McDonald’s when I got to university.

It was raining outside. My dad dropped me and Brandon off at the station and I struggled with my bags. Ugh. I usually carry a backpack with my laptop, but I carried an extra small bag so I wouldn’t have to fumble through my backpack for money or my earphones. (And so later James could give me the external hard drive he bought for me. πŸ™‚)

On the train, I had to stand up because there were no free seats. I couldn’t sit on the steps either; they were freshly watered from wet shoes.

I stood in the middle of the train and started to read Beyond the Shadows again. I’ve got just over a hundred pages left now, and I’m dying to finish it. Reading some on the train was difficult, but I’d played classical music on my iPhone, so it got me in the mood.

Halfway through the ride, my legs started hurting a lot. I saw this elderly couple with luggage rise from their seats. It was obvious they were going to get off, but the station was still minutes away. I just knew I’d grab one of the vacant seats as soon as they were gone.

Closer to the station, the man said to me, “excuse me”, as it was obvious he was making his way to the door. I shifted over as much as I could, but there was someone else in my way and it took him a bit of time to shuffle over too. Not even being patient, this man started rudely pushing his wheelie luggage against my legs, thereby hindering me from really moving at all. 😑

It was a struggle getting my umbrella to walk the distance to university. The wireless rejected my laptop many times, and I had to restart it in order to connect. That really angered me and was such a waste of time.

Later, I found that I had also done the wrong readings for class. I was pretty angry at myself after I had made notes on them too. I’ll have to catch up on them tomorrow. 😞

What made my day infinitely brighter – my friends, and getting to see James again and just spending time together. β™₯️

And this evening I got a lovely email in my inbox – Wendy is adopting the fanlisting for Ballet out to me. The fanlisting has been a “wishlister” of mine, and ballet means a lot to me (a story for another day, or a story you already know). πŸ™‚

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