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I had a bad day to begin with. I woke up with a stomach ache and made my way to the bathroom where I was for some time. I skipped breakfast. There was no way I could get ready for university in fifteen minutes with breakfast.

It’s nasty, I know. Almost as bad as my (slowly dying) habit of drinking coffee every morning. But I couldn’t afford to wolf down even a cup of soup. The worry in it is that I will be too full and the food won’t have settled – then when it comes to brushing my teeth, I’m in big trouble. No one wants to brush their teeth when they’ve just eaten; it could make you sick.

I made hot coffee in a thermos. I took the risk, then packed my bag in a hurry. I felt alright being on an empty stomach, and I planned to buy McDonald’s when I got to university.

It was raining outside. My dad dropped me and Brandon off at the station and I struggled with my bags. Ugh. I usually carry a backpack with my laptop, but I carried an extra small bag so I wouldn’t have to fumble through my backpack for money or my earphones. (And so later James could give me the external hard drive he bought for me. :))

On the train, I had to stand up because there were no free seats. I couldn’t sit on the steps either; they were freshly watered from wet shoes.

I stood in the middle of the train and started to read Beyond the Shadows again. I’ve got just over a hundred pages left now, and I’m dying to finish it. Reading some on the train was difficult, but I’d played classical music on my iPhone, so it got me in the mood.

Halfway through the ride, my legs started hurting a lot. I saw this elderly couple with luggage rise from their seats. It was obvious they were going to get off, but the station was still minutes away. I just knew I’d grab one of the vacant seats as soon as they were gone.

Closer to the station, the man said to me, “excuse me”, as it was obvious he was making his way to the door. I shifted over as much as I could, but there was someone else in my way and it took him a bit of time to shuffle over too. Not even being patient, this man started rudely pushing his wheelie luggage against my legs, thereby hindering me from really moving at all. /angry

It was a struggle getting my umbrella to walk the distance to university. The wireless rejected my laptop many times, and I had to restart it in order to connect. That really angered me and was such a waste of time.

Later, I found that I had also done the wrong readings for class. I was pretty angry at myself after I had made notes on them too. I’ll have to catch up on them tomorrow. :(

What made my day infinitely brighter – my friends, and getting to see James again and just spending time together. ♥️

And this evening I got a lovely email in my inbox – Wendy is adopting the fanlisting for Ballet out to me. The fanlisting has been a “wishlister” of mine, and ballet means a lot to me (a story for another day, or a story you already know). :)

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Awwwww, sorry you had a bad day :( But at least it picked up in the end :D I hate when I wake up with a stomach ache. It’s already hard enough getting OUT of bed. With a stomach ache, the difficulty factor shoots up about fifty times. 🤬

Yeah, minty toothpaste just doesn’t mix with a lot of food. Haha. When I brush my teeth and my mouth is all minty, I am extremely reluctant to eat for a while :P

LOL! External harddrive. Brings back memories “I think there’s 80 gbs on my external”…*looks at external*…”Oh wait, it says that there’s 500 gb.” Fail!

I hope James got you a nice one :)

Ohhh! Beyond the Shadows. I’m still yet to read the first one. Go you for balancing uni and reading. I haven’t quite worked out how to do that yet, sadly :(

What an extremely rude man, to just barge past you like that! Hmph! I am disgusted at his impatience. I hate when people can’t just WAIT a few more seconds. It’s not going to kill you. Although I hate it even more when people won’t move out of the way so YOU can move out of the way. It’s like “DUDE! MOVE!”

Uni wireless is always crap. At my uni I usually have to attempt a sign in about 3 times, and sometimes it doesn’t even connect to the site where you type the password in. /angry

YAY! You get the Ballet fansliting! I am so happy for you :D /bounce ✌️ Hehehe! I LOVE ballet :P

Yeah, that is strange. But maybe you did it in your sleep O_O Oh well, as long as it doesn’t keep happening :P

Yeah! I remember that. When Jason cut himself. It looked REALLY painful. That’s why I’m too scared to shave. D: Haha, I think it’s true. If you shave with a blunt blade, it’s heaps more dangerous. Like in food tech when they told us not to cut with a blunt knife. D: Hehe! Get more fresh blades :P Then you can just keep replacing them frequently :D

It’s probably a good thing that we’re not as rich as some people. Can you imagine how much junk we’d have THEN? But then again, money does make things heaps easier and then you could afford to eat out everyday :P

It’s so much cheaper to buy clothes overseas. And they have better fashion too. Well in Malaysia they do anyways. One day you shall have to come with me to Malaysia and we can go shopping! YAY :D ✌️

Wow. What a day! O_O
But hey, love always seems to be the hero if it’s from your friends and/or your boyfriend. /hehe ♥

By the way, I’m sorry for not commenting in awhile…I guess I took a little break from the blogging world, but I’m back…I think. XD

Oh and my blog isn’t so personal anymore. I think it’s kind of boring right now, but hey, I’m working on it. :P

I hate stomach aches. I had one this morning because I ate my breakfast too fast, and it made me move slower than I wanted to. :/

Sometimes, I have to rush just to get ready for school, and I have a very planned out morning schedule. :| There was one morning I forgot to change my shirt and I had to run back upstairs and get a new one.

People on trains are so mean, even to the nicest people. :/ I don’t understand the meaning — or reasoning — behind their rudeness. Everyone on that train is trying to get somewhere, so just slow down and wait for everyone to move before you run people over with your damn luggage.

I love the rain, so I would have enjoyed that morning (besides some obvious things). :) but, you at least got to see your friends and James – and don’t forget the fanlisting <3.

Ouch, waking up with a stomach ache? D: That’s pretty suckish.
You sound like you had a pretty crap day, but friends really do make everything better. :)

How sweet of James to buy you an external hard drive! How big is it? (I’ve got a 1TB since my computer’s drive is too small for all the files and video games.)
Wait.. why did you have a smaller bag if you’re going to get an external hard drive put in there? o.o

You can stand on a train and read at the same time? My goodness, you’re skilled. (Then again, I’ve never been on a train aside from the Metro in Montreal, Quebec, and I was jerked around a lot.)
I’ve Wiki’d Beyond the Shadows, and it sounds like a book I’d read. Gotta love fantasy. -adds it to my growing list-

I’m going to be honest here: the elderly really irritate me. I know they’re old, with physical handicaps and such, but just because they’re older doesn’t mean they can be so rude. A lot of the elderly I know think they’re always right, or they come first, or that we have to do things for them. It’s not like I wouldn’t aid them in some way. I would, as long as there’s a “please”, “thank you”, and no hint of arrogance.
Ah, also, wheelie luggage is something I just want to smash against a wall. DX

Heh, I try to be different. :D I’ll add some padding to it; you’re right with it being a bit squished.

Another domain!? Good grief! I only have two. (Well, access to one; the other is being a pain…)

I have two playlists for metal. One’s called “hardcorrreee?” and has most of the metal on it, and the other is called “the awesome metal ones that are amazing for some reason I haven’t figured out yet”, which is pretty much self-explanatory.. xD

I would definitely buy too much online. :P I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have PayPal or anything that allows me to purchase online.

I would’ve hated going through all that in the morning. I don’t even like eating breakfast, because my mom makes me eat a big breakfast so I don’t grow tired or something during class, but it only makes me feel worse because I can’t eat a lot without wanting to explode. And then of course, I’d look down at my belly after eating and feel extremely NOT skinny.

Whoa, it was raining over there too! :D. It rained here in Vegas 2 days ago, which I thought was amazing, since Vegas is SO dry, and well . . . It’s summer, o.o. Rain+summer+vegas = Wtfck, 0.o. But I loved it! ♥. My mom told me the several plants and trees in our backyard look as if they’re smiling and laughing after it rained, xD.

It’s been 72 hours since the server change. I hope something isn’t wrong, Dx. Katarina says she doubts it, since sometimes servers just go down.

My boyfriend gets really frustrated when he sees a cut or bruise on me, ’cause he thinks I’m self-harming myself, so I try my best not to get them so he wouldn’t be so worried.

That’s a good idea — locking it up to keep myself from spending, xD. Though it does get tempting, LOL. I know how hard my dad works every day and every month, to earn the money used for supporting our family, so I don’t wanna waste it on something like . . . Video games. They’re so pointless to me, and I haven’t touched one for years.

I can never fall asleep in the car. Ever, o: . Or on the plane, unless I haven’t had any sleep for 24+ hours. It’s so uncomfortable.

Oh, what are some of the fun and interactive subjects some of your good lectures are on?

My first boyfriend last 2 weeks, LOL. One and a half years is actually a pretty long time — for people my age, anyways, :p. My boyfriend right now, really took time to think about what my mom had said the other day, and last night he told me that with enough effort, commitment, faith, and time, he and I can actually last, and we both know it’s going to be hard since we’re only 13, but the only way to not last forever is to end it, ^_^.

My mom wants to be boyfriend-free so I can focus on my studies, too! She says she wants a bright future for me, and that future might be dimmed if I start getting involved at a young age. ’cause having a boyfriend or being in a serious relationship means you have to take a lot of time out of your months and weeks to spend time with them, to keep the relationship going. She says if I do that, it means less time for me to focus on what’s really important, and at the moment, that really important thing is school.

HAHA It seems that you a bad day, but I’m sure that seeing your friends again and seeing James made everything look good. The man from the train was really rude, I’m glad I don’t need to go with the train (but I will use the subway at University).

I already made a vector layout with 2 cupcakes:D I really like it. do you think? I don’t know why it seems a lot better than my homepage layout. I always make better premade layouts than my homepage ones. It gets me mad, and now I wanna change my homepage layout :(

I will add icons soon and maybe more smillies(I’m not very good doing them)

Oh what fun the struggles of life =P
You brush your teeth after you eat? My boyfriend does the same, I brush the first thing i wake up and then eat.. I just can’t stand the night time germies and eat.. grosses me out xD…
Ouu an external I’ve always wanted one but they can be a little costly for a good sized one anyways..

Take care and congrats on getting the Ballet Fanlisting, I didn’t think those still existed!


Oh, fanlistings are definitely still around! Ten years and definitely still going strong.

External hard drives are pretty expensive here too, but sometimes you have to put aside the money issue when you really need it. :)

I don’t feel gross when I wake up in the morning; usually it’s just my face that I know needs a good wash. I don’t see the point in eating after brushing my teeth. I want to get out of the house with fresh breath. I used to brush as soon as I woke up, but that’s my reasoning pretty much – I don’t see the point. :P

I hate those types of days: When one things goes wrong, and then it feels as if the whole universe is against you :/ Been there, done that, but hey, at least it’s all over, right?

The train incident sounds really annoying; I would hate to take the train. I’ve never been on one, but I assume it’s crowed frequently, and it just seems to attract all the rude people.

As much as I love the Internet, wireless routers will be the death of me. Aside from the one at my house, almost every router I try to connect to, something goes haywire and refuses to connect; bugs the living crap out of me -.-

And, yes, Gary was undeniably creepy; I hope to God I never have another encounter with him or anyone remotely similar to him.

Eeeep I hate crowded trains :( I swear some people see it as a competition for how much luggage they can get in such a tiny space.

Hope you’re feeling better!

I hate waking up with stomach aches, or any ache at all. Feels horrible. :(

I skip breakfast when I’m late for the bus or something similar but as a general rule I don’t skip. I try to have something, no matter what.

I brush my teeth straight after breakfast. :X

You have steps on your trains? We just have the platform and then the floor of the train. No steps. As a general rule the trains here are designed to be sat on, excluding the London Underground, which has poles for people standing to hold onto.

On the tube it’s hard to find a seat. And when you do and you take it and see an elderly lady or a child get on, you feel bad. Why I never really get seats on the tube. After all, it takes about a minute to get to each stop…

Stupid man. :@ How rude!

It’s a shame about your laptop and the readings :( I hope you have a better day tomorrow (well, today for you). I’m sure the fanlisting adoption cheered you up though :D

I don’t like the default smilies for FanUpdate much :P Maybe I’m just too picky. And same… I don’t know why I put ‘smileys’…

My denim jacket is very old. I got it when I was ten or something, a cast-off from my sister. Embarrassingly I used to double-denim with jeans and such…. eurgh. /um

Oh yeah, your orange hair dye! :D When do you suppose you’ll try it? I’m sure it would look awesome.

Haha wow! That’s cool. It is a nice phone. Though now I keep on seeing ads for it (TV,, Kerrang! magazine) and it’s so weird. My dad chose it. :P

Frank says hello back. (Y)

Yeah, I don’t name everything but electronic items are things I use a lot so, I tend to name those (George, Gerry, Frank… though I’d never refer to Gerard Way as ‘Gerry’). Max is a cool name for a guitar. :3 Your guitar is really nice, what with the signitures and notes on it. That was a nice idea.

S’alright about the ramble!

Aha yeah, woe is me, I have 5 more to return on top of the 40. I’m so fucking lazy, damnit. Oh well, I’m not forcing myself to do anything… but I’m returning your comment ’cause they’re nice to return :3

Well it is a necklace you’re very fond of and you should take your time to find a suitable, liked replacement for your old, grotty chain. ;)

I tend to get papercuts on the tips of my fingers. And wow, that’s a lot of fuss to do some photgraphy at uni but I guess fuss means organisation. :P

And, naturally, Georgia Kate is so fucking excited that MCR have announced they’ve finished their album! /bounce I mean, fuck yes. ♥

Though Gerard has lost his black hair /wah

Yeah, I’ll quit fangirling… though damn, it’s got me hyper. /faw

Take care! xx

I get what you’re saying about using others’ resources in premades… thanks for sharing your opinion; it really helped and I feel at rest with that part now. XD What about distributing scans of patterned paper that I’ve modified to tile seamlessly? Should I say somewhere the name of the company that made the papers, or not do it at all?

I don’t get sick if I brush my teeth when I’ve just eaten, although I refrain from doing so unless absolutely necessary because I’m so thirsty after brushing and I down so much water that I would feel sick… because of the water, not because of breakfast itself.

I’m glad your day got turned around. :D I hate rude people on public transportation systems… and O-M-G I hate carrying my laptop with my backpack because it’s much too heavy for me to handle both. It might not be so bad this coming quarter, but the textbooks I had before were so big and heavy and I have to do a lot of walking and standing throughout the day… 🤬 This smiley looks like he’s having a bloody nose. o_O

ahh, i’m sorry you had that day! i think you can blame it on the rain. everything that happened just sounds like something the weather would be responsible for. are you still sick? i hope you feel a lot better tomorrow! i’m sure it’ll go much better. :D

Aww honey it sounds like you had an awful day. :( Hopefully, you started feeling better later in the day. Having an upset stomach is seriously the worst.

People on trains and buses can be SO rude. It irritates me so much because I try to be really considerate with people in public places, but most people are completely inconsiderate it seems. It’s like no one knows what the words, “excuse me” mean anymore, you know? They just push their way through and don’t say anything if they bump you or whatever. I always say I’m sorry or excuse me if I accidentally hit someone. It’s the way I was raised to have manners. Maybe it’s because I’m a small town girl trying to live in a big city and experiencing the big city attitude. I never imagined it to be this different, but it is and I’m trying to adjust it’s just hard when people are so rude. So, I completely understand where you’re coming from with that.

I hate having to stand on the train, I don’t know how you could read and stand on the train though, that just seems like a brutal punishment to put yourself through.

Erg, sounds like a cruddy morning. I hate days like that. Stomachaches are the worst – I tend to get them quite often and they drive me nuts. My stomach is so sensitive compared to everything else; I generally have a high pain tolerance but sometimes a cramp can bring me to my knees. 😒

I love coffee. Considering I’m thirteen, it probably isn’t the best thing, but I can’t help it. XD

At least your day got a bit better near the end. That’s always nice; sometimes just the happiness of others can get into your head, too. I rely on my friends so much on crap days. :)

External hard drives freaking SAVE MY LIFE. Enough said. :3

Some of the people on public transportation disgust me. I’m lucky; during my school year my parents or friends are able to drive me. And next year my sister can take me everywhere – she’ll be finally getting her license and turning sixteen. It’s rude of that man to just shove his luggage by you. /hmph

I’m glad you get to adopt the ballet fanlisting! :D I personally have never been that into owner fanlistings; I’m content to join a couple, and leave it at that.

Take care, Georgina.

Awee! Sounds like you had a tough day! I hate when people push you in a tight space purposely as if they are trying to prove a point that we should give them space :
Reading on the train sounds really challenging! I don’t know how you did that! :)

It sucks that your day didn’t start out as great as you hoped, but at least it improved :) I love days like that, because it just gives you hope that things will work out, no matter what.

God, I’ve been so optimistic lately. It’s weird, how ‘okay’ I am now. Like, I’m not 100% over what happened, at all and maybe I never will be.. but I’ve been in such a BETTER mood since last night. It’s wonderful.

I’m hoping I can go shopping this weekend :) i’m trying to organize a trip of it with my friends since I don’t work. Ah, I hope it works. I need shopping! I usually don’t feel this way, but it’s like… necessary :P

It is hard to make plans, but my friends and I are trying to just plan something for every day and if some people can’t come, we just don’t worry about it. four of us hung out today, and then we’re doing ‘shifts’ (:P) tomorrow because people work at different times and such.

Aww that sounds like a crazy morning – I hate those kind of days. Some people can be just SO rude. Glad it got better toward the end babe <3

Congrats on getting the Ballet fanlisting. I was rejected for the Creating and Maintaining Fanlisting and the Headphones fl. :( But it’s cool though. :)

Rude people are so fucking annoying. I mean what else wereyou supposed to do? You couldn’t move anymore then what you did..

Thank you! Aww, I’m sure you’ll get a nice approval soon. When I get painful rejections, I just hope for the best for anything I’ve got pending, or look at my current favourite fanlistings.

I was rejected for Poetry and Creating/Maintaining fanlistings but of course, the approval for Ballet softened the blow. :)

I hope you’re feeling better now. And at least your day did get better toward the end.

Ah, what I’d do for an external harddrive. lol. Or even a laptop that isn’t held together by tape. :)

I have a Facebook mostly to just connect with people I haven’t seen in a long time. And then we can catch up, or exchange e-mails/phone numbers. It is a great way to keep in touch with people, but it can also be very distracting :/.

My grandmother – who is 75 – still uses an old Nokia phone. xD It is for calling and that’s it. And she hardly knows how to use it properly. The elderly just don’t want to spend hours reading and understanding the complex phones – like your iPhone, and my Blackberry – that are out today!

I tweet all the time :P. I guess I have fallen in love with Twitter? And I have also met more people on Twitter xD. Oh, look! Another way to meet people! Lol :). None of my other friends (offline) know a very nice, 19-year-old, Australian named Georgina. xD haha. 

I use Firefox all the time :). It’s really quite a nice browser. But I don’t want to stop using IE because I use it for some things. 

Stomach aches hurt, and I don’t like pain :(. I usually stretch out on the floor and wait for it to pass. Blahh. 

I wake up at about 8am on summer mornings, but when school comes around I wake up at 6am every morning. It usually takes me about 30 o 40 minutes to get ready. I do regular routines, but I also don’t wear makeup anymore (besides mascara), so it doesn’t take much for me to get ready. I’m not looking forward to school though :(.

Airport people are twice as rude. They don’t offer seats when you’ve been standing around, waiting for a flight. They just don’t care! :|

Sounds like you had a crazy day. I’ll kick that guy on the train’s ass him. How dare he think he owns the world and can just push people out the way just because they’re not making room fast enough. Some people these days are just so rude.

Good thing that your friends and James made your day better :D

When I was at uni, I would make instant noodle like everyday for lunch! It was just easy and plus I didn’t have that much time to good anything crazy. I guess I could have tried to learn to make something yummy, quick & healthy….but I was too lazy lol.

Life without mum is a big hectic at the moment. I have a massive pile of laundry to do. However by the time I’m home from work, it’s already 6pm. Our washing machine is extremely loud so I’m worried that I’ll distract the neighbors….I might just have to do it tonight else that pile is just going to grow even bigger!

Yeah, I hate brushing my teeth after I’ve just just eaten. Makes me want to vomit. D:

Wow, old people are jerks. 3:
Once this old guy had his little bag on the seat next to him, and wouldn’t move it over onto his lap (he was sitting against the window on a two seater). I don’t think I told you but I sat on his bag. 3:

At least you got the drive safe and sound. :)

That is good! /eee


Makes me want to vomit too! If I want to brush my teeth after eating, it has to be some time and once food has settled in my stomach.

I think you told me that you sat on his bag. How gonk. :( But sometimes when the train isn’t that full, I put my bag next to me on a two-seater so no one will sit next to me. /um


Yeah I hope they take some pictures of him performing. It will be great to see him look like a professional singer.

I just like DeviantArt because I can show off my photography and I get some really good feedback.

I think Inception is a fascinating movie! Christopher Nolan has got an incredible imagination.

I wanted to go in a Japaneses restaurant when I was in Portugal. I like sushi but I don’t think my dad would like it so we didn’t go in.

I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling to well. It’s a horrible thing feeling ill in the morning just before going out.

I hate having to stand up on the train or on the bus. As rude as this may sound I will not give up my seat for old people. The reason for this is my legs aren’t that good and I’ve got serious problems will my hips so standing still for large amounts of time is painful. Another reason, that my mum always uses, is that the old people don’t have to pay. They get free bus passes while we have to pay a lot of money, therefore we deserve a seat.

I hate having a bad day. It’s a shame that nothing seemed to go right for you. But at least you got to see James and you got the fanlisting that you had always wanted :)

I’m sorry you had a crappy day! :(
I also have a habit of having coffee every morning, I know it’s really bad so I am trying to stop.
ahaha, I am actually the opposite – I always always brush my teeth after I’ve eaten, I normally have cereal so it gets stuck in your teeth and the fact of eating cereal after you’ve brushed your teeth sounds really gross D:

I hate trains. They are always crowded.. when i was young I was in a train with my family, there was no space and no one could move it was so full, so my parents told me to sit on their luggage, but there was this guy who kept coming up and down annoying people trying to sell things, and when he came through he bashed me and my twin sister sitting on the luggage, one guy even put a suitcase to trip lol XD

Im glad your day got better! But if Im completely honest Im not really sure what the fanlisting is about? :P

When I was in uni, back in the philippines, i seldom eat breakfast because my classes were really early. So after class, I go to McDonald’s. Hahaha. XD

Ah loved ones always make our days brighter!^^ ♥

Oh btw I won’t talk about Nach*s again because it makes us both crave for it so much! XD

I could actually barely even see the cut on my foot. It was more like 3 very, very small points and that’s it. Which made me wonder where all the blood came from even more. xD

The very first time (when he smashed that car window) the police was involved & everything. It’s really wasn’t good. I am actually not really sure if he’ll ever learn his lesson. His two older brothers are the exact same way.

I used silly excuses when I went to school all the time. And the closer I got to my exams and the end of the school year the more I just skipped. I think if I would’ve been in your position I would’ve gone home, but mostly for the reason that I dislike school a lot. xD

I really dislike weaking up feeling sick aswell. Seems like you’ve woken up like that quite often lately.

I pretty much dislike brushing my teeth after eating too. I have a problem with that stupid gaging reflex anyways. Sometimes I feel like I have to puke for no reason. I often have to stop when I am putting a shirt/sweater on because of that. It’s weird.

One of my bad habbits used to be drinking energy drinks and a lot of it. My friends could always tell when I stayed up too long because I would have a small bottle of energy drink with me. xD

Ew, I hate weather like that. And having to stand in a bus/train is just another thing I really dislike. Our buses used to always be pretty packed and it was impossible to get OUT of it sometimes because some kids were sitting on the steps with their schoolbags and everything. But we were pretty lucky with our bus though. When you got older and found a seat no other kid would sit there because it was yours.

Back in year 10 when I wasn’t even driving to school with the bus every day anymore I still had my seat that one day I had to get to school. The younger kids saw me at the busstop and didn’t even think about taking my seat. But I guess things like that don’t really work on a public bus.

Ouch! People seriously should be more careful with their bags when they leave the bus or train. I don’t know how many times some kid’s schoolbag has hit me on my shoulder during all my years of taking a freaking bus to school.

How did you manage to read on a train? And you weren’t even sitting. I can barely really read when I am in the car/bus because my eyes start to going crazy after like not even 10 minutes.

It really sucks that you read the wrong stuff for class! But hopefully you’ll have to read it for another day and then you’ll be happy because you’ve already read it & made notes on the pages. :) It does suck that you have to catch up now though. I hope it wasn’t too much.

You had a pretty interesting day. I can never drink coffee in the morning, but in the afternoon I’m kind of craving for it. Though I try to limit myself not to drink coffee every single day.

Argh, it’s very annoying when you’ve “done your homework well” and then realize you’ve done the wrong thing.

Sorry that it’s taken too long to comment back, I’ve sort of forgotten what we’ve been talking about haha. I’ve been really busy lately and had a million and one problems with my laptop, so is it okay if we start a fresh?

I hope your stomach is better now! I absolutely hate waking up with a bad stomach ache, it’s so uncomfortable. :(

That man on the train sound so rude! It’s pretty much impossible to shift over a couple of inches on a packed train, it wouldn’t have hurt much to be a bit more patient!

It sucks that you did the wrong readings for class, I hope it doesn’t take too long to catch up on them!

It’s great that you’re adopting the fanlisting for Ballet! I’ve read so many of your blogs talking about how much you love ballet. :)

I still don’t understand fanlistings! I think my mind is making it more complicated than it really is. Why do you need approval? (Sorry silly questions)
Ehh bad start to the day, I’m glad it turned out better!
I woke up with a belly ache this morning and my mum made me drinking hot lemon juice (erkkk!)
I hate it when people are too eager to get off transport, and end up either barging or hurting you in the process.

Hi! I hope you don’t mind me starting comments because you left me a comment long time ago and I didn’t have the chance to return it. :)

Sorry to hear about your bad day :( Stomach ache is always a pain when it comes in the morning and you need to hurry! Most of the time stomach ache gets me into a lazy mood to go to school. I understand about skipping breakfast, though, eating when having a stomach ache doesn’t feel that good.

Ugh, I hate impatience people! They really get on my nerves. They should really see the condition they’re in, instead of being rude and annoying other people.

I also think trying to connect my laptop with wireless that rejects me over and over again is a waste of time. D:

Aww D: I hope you’ll be able to catch up on your reading soon. Sucks, you know, to do the wrong reading/wrong homework. Happens to me often.

At least you had fun with your friends and spent your time with James! That’s a good thing!

And yay for the ballet fanlisting! Glad to know about that. :)

I hope you’re feeling better now! Talk to you soon. :)

Argh sounds like a bit of a stressful morning >< that always happens when school starts, because as well as loads of kids being stressed out for school, there are loads of adults stressed out about work Dx

Wow I hate impatient and rude people like that :/ I tend to come across people like that a lottt. I could imagine myself getting very pissed off.

I hope things start to become… less stressed out! Dx I'm sure they will as time goes on!

Man, it sounds like you had a hectic day. Ballet! I wanna see it when you are done! Hurry Please. :) is the fanlisting I made. I am making a layout for it, but It was harder than I thought.

I am sorry about you not being able to comment me. :(

I probably should have disabled comments, but I couldn’t figure it out and I forgot to.

I got your comment now. :) from my really old blog post and I love the pacman belt!!! I will try to post longer, the most recent, which I think you read was long. :) sorta.

oh lucky you :P I’ve cut myself a few times, only minor little things when the razor was new.. the one that did the worse cut was new too but i was in a hurry and yea… OUCH :/
well thats a good reason to be not in the mood to return comments. Me I’m just lazy.. I see them piling up and then i get even more lazy lol oopsy

bring rushed sucks, and so does brushing your teeth right after you’ve ate something. You always seem to meet the wrong people on the train lol, but how inconsiderate of that person, did he even say sorry?!
aw thats nice of your friend :D and I hope you have a great time with james, which im sure you will :D

Hey I don’t know if you got my email yet or not, but I had to reinstall wordpress. I guess it was because I kept changing the ttftitles around and it got screwy. So it’s back up again.

Anyway, I’m sorry the idiot was rude to hit you with his luggage. How rude! I would’ve yelled or done something back at him.

I really don’t know what else to say except I’m going to go watch Freddie Vs. Jason >D. Heehee my dad bought it. Shocked :O.

Waking up with an upset stomach is the worst. I wake up with just the right amount of time to get ready before I leave so any sort of “disturbance” is unwelcome. Then I go through same same exact chain of bad habits as you. Nature isn’t always kind.

I could never read on the train, let alone do it standing up. I always take train rides as my people-watching time. You get all kinds on a train. Pushy people are the worst, obviously. I especially hate the ones that think they know better than I do and could push me around because I’m still a kid.

I’m sorry you had a bad day (until you saw your friends). Hopefully tomorrow will be better. :D

Oh I do hope you feel better now. I really dislike nasty stomach aches and such, especially when having to walk.

What is Beyond the Shadows about? Well, I guess I can google it but just asking to make some conversation since I’m bad at it haha.

And I just want to say thank you very much for hosting me! I’ve been wanting to just restart and move to a new site to make it feel more like I actually did something.

The way your day will go always depends on how you start your day. The days that I start with a stomachache like yours, my day usually suck too.

But I’m glad that at the end of the day, it was better and usually that’s all that matters.

It must be the time for crappy days. I am having a crappy, I hate you rain week …
Congrats on the fanlisting, that’s something … :)

Wow, that sounds pretty stressfull. I’m sorry about that. :( I hate bad mornings, whenever I have bad mornings I just know the rest of the day is going to turn out bad. And – it does.

I hate carrying loads of bags, only one will do for me. Haha. :D

Wow, reading whilst standing up ON A TRAIN? That’s too hard for me, I would have just stood like an idiot. Hehe. /hehe

Well, that was rude. I HATE RUDE PEOPLE. /angry

At least everything cooled down in the end. ^_^

Take care! ♥

I tend to (at least partially) skip breakfast when I’m in a hurry as well. It’s never good to skip any meal though. :(

It’s rained here too; I’m used to that though. It’s been way too sunny for way too long anyway – global warming made the rainy season like 1-2 months late. :|

Ah, it’s too bad you did all that hard work with the readings for nothing.