Scar Tissue

The other day I noticed a bloody scratch on my chest, just under my neck. It wasn’t hard to notice, since my guitar pick necklace was right next to it.

I don’t remember or recall how the scratch got there. It stung when I touched it.

A lot of the time, I discover bruises or scratches on my legs or arms that I never noticed before. I also have no idea how I got them. It happens to me quite frequently. I used to have a wooden bed frame and hit my shin on the corners many times as I walked around it. Any time I saw a bruise on my shin, I immediately assumed that it came from hitting my shin on the bed frame.

I kind of wonder where all these come from! I used to be prone to papercuts… now not so much anymore. But I was so prone, I’d go home and find a bloody cut on my finger and wonder how I got it. It’s funny how these little accidents happen, but we might not notice.

Once I cut myself when shaving my legs. 😐 Has that ever happened to you? Argghhh. After I cut myself I winced as it started bleeding, then just finished up in the shower. The cut didn’t hurt at all.

As soon as I got out of the shower it hurt like a bitch. 😧 There was all this blood seeping down my leg and it stung like fuck. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

It left a pretty nasty scar.

So I’m sitting here still wondering how I got the scratch on my upper chest. I remember scratching that area the other day, but ouch. Today I accidentally scratched the scab and it bled again. Oops.

At home we have this “family camera”, which we’ve had for about four years. I never really used it because it was huge and I was after something more portable, especially since I was going to the snow and I really needed a smaller camera. That’s why my parents bought me a small digital camera.

It was only today that I realised that the huge black camera our family has is a DSLR. 😧 I was so surprised and I suddenly fell in love with the camera again. I was very excited and immediately went outside to take photos and fiddle with its settings. I posted photos on my photoblog. It’s a new-found love. ♥️

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