Scar Tissue

The other day I noticed a bloody scratch on my chest, just under my neck. It wasn’t hard to notice, since my guitar pick necklace was right next to it.

I don’t remember or recall how the scratch got there. It stung when I touched it.

A lot of the time, I discover bruises or scratches on my legs or arms that I never noticed before. I also have no idea how I got them. It happens to me quite frequently. I used to have a wooden bed frame and hit my shin on the corners many times as I walked around it. Any time I saw a bruise on my shin, I immediately assumed that it came from hitting my shin on the bed frame.

I kind of wonder where all these come from! I used to be prone to papercuts… now not so much anymore. But I was so prone, I’d go home and find a bloody cut on my finger and wonder how I got it. It’s funny how these little accidents happen, but we might not notice.

Once I cut myself when shaving my legs. /hmph Has that ever happened to you? Argghhh. After I cut myself I winced as it started bleeding, then just finished up in the shower. The cut didn’t hurt at all.

As soon as I got out of the shower it hurt like a bitch. :O There was all this blood seeping down my leg and it stung like fuck. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

It left a pretty nasty scar.

So I’m sitting here still wondering how I got the scratch on my upper chest. I remember scratching that area the other day, but ouch. Today I accidentally scratched the scab and it bled again. Oops.

At home we have this “family camera”, which we’ve had for about four years. I never really used it because it was huge and I was after something more portable, especially since I was going to the snow and I really needed a smaller camera. That’s why my parents bought me a small digital camera.

It was only today that I realised that the huge black camera our family has is a DSLR. :O I was so surprised and I suddenly fell in love with the camera again. I was very excited and immediately went outside to take photos and fiddle with its settings. I posted photos on my photoblog. It’s a new-found love. ♥️

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Hahahha, yeah. It’s wierd, isn’t it? Sometimes I wake up with funny cuts on my arms and I have no idea how they got there. D:

Wow, surprise DSLR! Four years is pretty old; it must’ve been pretty state-of-the-art when you got it. :B

Comment /um


One time Lilian thought she was cutting herself in her sleep because she saw random cuts on her hands. D:

At the time, I remember my mum saying, “Don’t touch this camera. It cost $900.” With all the special stuff. It was really expensive for a camera back then. :P

I love finding stuff like that :)
I was going through my things and I realised just how much stuff I bought when I was in America. Unreal. But hey there are long-lasting memories.

I scratch myself in my sleep. I wake up with scratches on my stomach … I wake up with new ones everyday. I am not fussed anymore by them.

YAY for newfound loves though. ♥ ♥ ♥

Eeep, that sounds pretty scary about scratching yourself in your sleep. I’m glad it’s nothing you’re worried about, at least. :)

Sometimes I find weird things in my room that do bring back memories. Nothing that I can’t remember though. :P

Stuff like that happens to me so much, that I have become accustomed to seeing blood randomly on my legs /bash . Its really weird, and I get weird looks when I shrug it off. /ehh

OMG YOU DIDN’T REALIZE IT WAS A DSLR?/ OMG!! will go to your photoblog now! haha XD

But yeah, I feel the same way about scars! I suddenly wake up and then find a huge scar or a bruise that wasn’t there before. It’s really quite curious! Maybe it can be likened to the missing sock mystery! (well that mystery I think is mostly American because.. they don’t fix their socks? I’ve never had trouble because they’re always in the same place XD) hahaa

The pictures are great! Those strawberries are making my mouth water…
I love taking pictures but unfortunately both me and my camera suck at it. :P

Thank you. :) I like the blue too. It is one of my favorite colors, aside from white, of course.

My dad hates it when I buy books. I spend most – okay, all – of my pocket money on books, so much so, that for lunch, I have to beg my sister. My father thinks when I can get those same books from the library or read it online, it is a waste of money.
What he doesn’t understand is that there is a separate joy when you go in your room and see the shelf full of books, or the way a spine feels when you open a brand new book just delivered by Amazon.
My mom understands, though, because she used to love books once upon a time, too. But she still prefers I spend them in clothes, or at something decent to eat.

I get scratches all the time too. I hate it when that happens. :(

Argh. Thanks. I need all the luck in the world. Or maybe I’d just fake a heart attack.

I have a scar on my finger that looks like I was bitten by a shark. It is the strangest thing because I’ve only ever seen sharks through thick glass at Sea World or the Shark Reef in the Mandalay Bay. 

D: I have cut myself numerous times, and I have scars all over my legs to prove it. I also have three bruises at the moment: one on my ankle, one on my calf, and one on my hip. Sucks. 

Maybe you got it from scratching too much? I ripped the skin off once scratching too hard >_<.

I need a good camera…mine is meteocre. 

Well, I like to read about other countries because I have never left my own. So to read about London, Australia, even damn Iceland would make me happy :). I like how people in like Australia and London call their moms "mum." <3

Agh :/. Beaches here are okay. We don't have any in Nevada, but the ones in New York or Long Island are gorgeous :). They always make Australian because look good on tv commercials. 

Thanks <3!! I know how to make the rounded corners work in all browsers (besides IE), but I was too lazy because the CSS already had so many things going on. That's why it looks better in Firefox. Lol xD. 

I am too :). Making the switch to Firefox was a good decision. I don't like Safari that much, and I don't like Google Chrome that much either. They just don't have what I want when it comes to settings and stuff. 

I think I'll try vlogging, but I'm kind of awkward in front of a camera…

Starbucks is good though <3. So it snatches your money and crap. :/ They make amazing lemon cakes, haha. 

I've been webdesigning for a while. It's one of the hobbies I've stuck to over the years. 

Well. Now I only have $6.00 because I spent a lot of money yesterday xD.  

Haha! I find cuts and bruises randomly on myself all the time, but it isn’t unusual since I’m known as the clutz in the family :P
I’ve cut myself while shaving in the shower multiple times! I remember the first time though and it didn’t hurt until I got out. But, now I’m just used to it because it happens, but mine never leaves a scar :s
I love finding things that I forgot about and then falling in love with them again :D
I checked out your pics on your photoblog and they are really good!! :)

Georginaaa ♥

I’ve read all the blogs you’ve posted since I was gone so I’m now up-to-date, whey. Though if you don’t mind I’d like to start comments again because I have about forty waiting and I know you won’t mind. :X And, as usual, a busy week for me…

The cut on your neck sounds so sore. :( I hope it heals up soon. And I love your guitar pick necklace! I recently got one which is of a small green fish and I wear that constantly nowadays.

I don’t get many papercuts but I certainly get small cuts or bruises that I wonder how the hell I got. Sometimes they’re also in such bizarre places like on your shoulder blade or elbow and you simply can’t picture you injuring that area in any way.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. D: I’ve never cut myself whilst shaving but razors are bloody sharp.

It’s funny how a cut can look really sore but not hurt at all. Or look innocent and tiny but hurt like fuck.

Yay for the fancy camera, eh? My mum’s camera has all these funny modes on and such and we’re going on a one-day photography course in the fall to learn more about photography. :)

Take care! xx

Wow, that happens to me all the time! Except with bug bites. I find them all over my body. Like today, I found one on my elbow. It’s hurts so much. Congrats on the new camera!

Hi Georgina! ;D

I totally know how you feel, I always get bruises and scratches and I don’t know how they are caused. It’s frustrating trying to figure how it got there in the first place. The scratch on your chest is a mystery! How did you get it? Since you must of at least felt a bit of pain … When it happened. Weird.

I read this horror book once about this girl who wakes up from nightmares and finds a scar on her body… Scary. It ends up being this ghost in her nightmare trying to kill her/warn her about something. Writing this is gonna give me nightmares again lmao.

Buh bye! XD

I always find ramdons cuts and scratches on me! I also burn myself quite a lot but I’m a really clumsy person.
Paper cuts freak me out, I don’t know why. They make me shiver lol!
Ohhh I know NOTHING about cameras but I’m guessing this one is quite special lol. A vintage camera.

Thanks for the luck! I’m going to need it.

Oh, ouch. I’ve never really hurt myself in my sleep- sure, I wake up maybe slightly sore from sleeping on the floor, but not much else. But anyways, hope it gets better!
Oooh, a camera. My dad has a camera, but his dad wanted it to take pictures. ._. I don’t know for what.

My brother is prone to scratches too. I really hope things heal quickly for you. <3

As for the camera, I have a similar camera which is kind of big and I honestly do not carrying it around. When I get the photos uploaded on the computer…it is totally worth it. They come out really good. What type of camera is our family one?


Thank you so much. I got a review yesterday, so I am going to work off of that. I really appreciate your kind offer.

All prayers are excepted and needed. He has an appointment tomorrow and we hope the doctors can figure out what is wrong with him.

I could see you doing something with computers. You have a lot of knowledge on the subject. Just remember that you should do what you love and nothing else. :)

I agree. People should still be considerate and at least tell their visitors what is going on.

Apparently girls spend 2% of their life trying to figure out where their bruises and such came from :P I’m not sure about the percentage for guys though, I don’t think they’d care as much :P

I always get random bruises. I had three greenish blue ones on my leg last week and I have NO IDEA how I got those. I probably have another one now, because when I left for work this morning my dad was working on the car and I walked into the jack for it. I literally just DID NOT see it, and it hurttttttt.

It’s awesome that it’s a DSLR. I want one soooo badly, but I feel like I should wait awhile as I just bought a new camera a few months back :P I could always sell that one for cheaper, but still..

Yeah….sometimes that happens with me. Especially with bug bites.

That’s great about the whole camera thing.

I hate those wooden bed frame that has edges stick out in a way that you will always knock your shin /pow I would rather have my bed on the floor then getting knocked XD

I still have random bruises/cuts that I didn’t noticed until I touch it or see it. Although, it’s not as often as when I was a kid. I like to peel/scratch my scab, I find it enjoyable somehow, but I don’t do it now because I want it to heal and be gone!

When I was small I tend to fall a lot, one of the reason was because I have a school bag that’s as big as me(1st grade). I fall quite a number of times when getting off or up the van or bus. I was small in size /um but those scar or dark spot eventually disappear as I grow even though I scratch the scabs countless times so it takes those bruises a long time to heal. My legs was not pretty at all when I was young! XD

There was one time (6) I scratch and scratch, itch from mosquito bite, until I can see my flash, or at least I think it was flash, and bloody. It was on my big toe, so no one knows but me. I secretly got a band-aid and cover it. After that I try not to scratch after a certain degree lol

I don’t really know what a DSLR is. Wiki it just now but I’m too tired to read the whole thing. My family only has a camera. It’s just one of those normal digital camera, not too bulky or thin, average quality.

Thank you for your compliments on the layout and congratulations on the conversion. :) I’m glad I pick nice colors. ♥

That happens to me all the time. I really want to know where they come from. XD

You’ve only cut your legs while shaving ONCE? You’re either very precise or very lucky. I don’t cut myself all the time, but in the… six or seven years I’ve been shaving my legs… I’ve cut myself quite a bit. :P I used to be terrified of doing the back of my ankles because if you cut that area it apparently bleeds like crazy, so I’m just really careful. I don’t do the backs of my knees for the same reason. :P It’s always the front of my knees that I cut… and I hate it, because the warm shower only makes me bleed more, and in the time it takes me to get out of the shower, dry, and open a band-aid, I’ve usually bled halfway down to my foot and then I have to clean it all up. -__-

I have no idea what DSLR is, so I’m unimpressed and don’t appreciate the magnitude of your discovery. /huh I just Googled it and it still didn’t make sense because I’m not a camera wonky so I had my aunt explain it. XD I still don’t fully understand it, but it sounds pretty nice….

Hello! :D

Ow! That sounds like a pretty painful scratch D: And what a weird place too? Maybe your necklace scratched you in your sleep or something O_O How strange :O

That happens to me ALL THE TIME. Just then when I was showering, I noticed a bruise on the back of my shoulder and was like ‘WTF?’ cos it’s pretty dark. And I swear that’s NOT where my bag strap rests D: And every second week there is always some sort of bruise on my shin and I do not have a wooden bed frame. Weird O_O And omg, don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve found bruises on my hip bone or near that area. Wtf am I walking IN to? /ehh

Haha! I remember your high propensity of getting papercuts. For such tiny little cuts, papercuts are REALLY painful 🤬 Like, REALLY painful. Stupid things.

AHHHHH! Cutting yourself shaving sounds HEAPS painful D: Oh. Good thing I don’t shave! I’d cut myself everytime I tried /ehh Poor Georgie!

Digicams are COOL :D except mine don’t have a fast enough shutter speed so you can’t take motion shots :( And I generally suck at using my digicam. And my camera phone :P I think our old retro camera was better XD

I have no idea what a DSLR thing is, but it sounds pretty fancy and professional :P Hehehe!

LOL! It is funny how the Asian stereotype is that we’re cheap! Some Asians are total spendthrifts :P I might be cheap, but I can EASILY splurge on lots of crap XD

I know! I saw jeans at $100 + a pair and it was like O_O so not happening. Although I did buy 2 pairs of jeans for $100 once, but that was in Malaysian currency so it was practically like…less than $20 when you convert back to Aussie dollars ^^ OMG, DFO! LET’S GOOOO :D Exciting!

Haha, yeah you DO rarely buy books. Except the cheap ones :P I buy too many books. I think I buy enough books for the two of us though. But I want a book room when I get my own house! I must start accumulating books :P

Yeah, sushi is way HEALTHIER than Maccas anyways. And it tastes better! And only the bento boxes are more expensive. The rolls are fine :)

I always get bruises and cuts in random places. I never do know where they come from! Sometimes, I wake up, and they’re just suddenly there. It gets me so confused.

I wanna have a DSLR so badly. I want to at least try to get into photography. It seems like it would be fun!

Hehe that happens to me a lot as well. I often somehow hurt myself with pens. I have no idea how that happens but I see that my skin suddenly has a scar as well as ink. :P Sometimes they hurt a lot and even start bleeding. I just cannot believe that I’m so careless. /ehh

I hit my my finger on the corner of my desk today. It didn’t hurt much, thankfully. When I was younger, I often used to hit my shin on the corner of my parents’ bed. Now they have a different bed and that doesn’t happen anymore.

That must have hurt a lot while shaving your legs. D: I don’t faint or anything but I hate blood.

I have a habit of scratching my scabs. They hurt a lot later but it’s sort of satisfying. :P

Ahhh I’m so jealous. :P I really want a DSLR! They’re awesome. :D

LOL yes. xD

Yeah, I know. Sometimes I really hate all my teachers, but I do know that some of them are really nice and I really do like them. Only when I’m doing homework or something, at that times I feel like I hate them. XD I guess school teachers tell us off as we’re younger.

Me too. Teachers do have to be strict but when you’re so strict that students cannot even ask help from you, then that’s just not good. Our chemistry teacher is moody but I feel like I can always ask him anything if I have a problem with chemistry or something. And also, he is the first teacher who made chemistry sort of “fun” and interesting for me. :)

Aww, that was really sweet! It’s really nice when you have teachers like that. Haha yeah, our English teacher is also really nice!

Our previous sports teacher was really great. Our current teacher barely takes any notice of us. It really sucks when teachers are so strict. My mom scares me when she is too angry, but mostly when she is shouting I know that she is not really seriously angry. This is why I like my Bangla teacher as well. Our religious studies teacher is so strict like your sports teacher. :/

Yup, me too. And sometimes I feel scared that they might spread rumours around.

Oh, that’s good. Having family friends like that can get sooo annoying.

I know! D: I’m only fourteen anyways. I felt so annoyed at her!

Exactly. Sometimes I get curious as to what the reason is of talking to me so suddenly. But if I ask that might seem rude.

Hehe. My mom also always has difficulty with taking photos with the camera.

LOL my parents are very strict as you know. :P My sister once danced with a guy friend in a cultural programme in our school a few years back. They danced to a love song. The lyrics are that the guy proposes to the girl and she rejects but finally accepts in the end. LOL the song is pretty weird and their dance was also pretty funny. My parents got angry but thankfully they didn’t tell my sister off or anything.

Yeahh. We created a sort of group account on Facebook so the five of us can use it. LOL. Sometimes I log into that account to chat with some friends and it’s annoying. Yeah I guess. :P

Yeahhh! I don’t know if my mom would approve. There is really no reason to get angry just because I talk with people online as long as I don’t put too much information about myself online. But still…Sometimes when she sees my chatting with a guy I think she gets suspicious.

At least you tried. :) I guess if our mothers see that we are trying to be nice to them, they’ll try to give us a break too.

I find random cuts and bruises on myself all the time. I always wonder how I got it. Usually it’s from me hitting myself somewhere during a night out (too drunk to really remember properly) or when I’m asleep.

Nice surprise DSLR! DSLR makes such a big difference, the colours are more bright and the pictures are much sharper. I love my DSLR tough I haven’t really used it much apart from to take photos of my jewellery.

That’s what happens to me, too! I find so many cuts and bruise on my leg (just my right, 0.o.) and I would have NO idea how it got there, and sometimes, it’d frustrate me, because of how many and how often I get bruises on my legs. I hate going out wearing shorts when there are 2-3 bruises running up and down my leg, >.<.

I want a new camera. I got one for Christmas last year, and actually, it works fine, but the picture quality could be a little better. I'm in love with good picture quality, xD. Maybe I'll save up some money to get a new one, all on my own.

Well it's good that you save money, even if the money you save/use is earned by yourself! I should really learn to save money more, xD.

I got sick for about a day, which really sucked since I was constantly coughing, and always complained about how tired I was. I even fell asleep at the kitchen table, o: . My mom thought that was pretty weird and that I was just exaggerating it, but honestly, I could hardly even keep my eyes open. Shut them for a minute, and I'd fall asleep, 0.o.

Oh, I guess the school system in Australia's different than in Vegas, xD. I have a lot of friends in high school, and they say there aren't too many lectures (thank God), but there are still some, |: . Some “lectures” intrigue me, while others . . . Ehhhhh.

I was out to prove my mom wrong yesterday — mission FAILED.
Our moms are so weird when it comes to their daughters’ guy friends, xD. Yesterday, I spent half of the day talking to my mom about guys, and guy friends, and boyfriends, and then relationships. I had a lot of things in mind that I was planning on using to defend myself and my point of view when it came to having guy best friends, and having boyfriends at age 13, but in the end, I couldn’t help but agree with her, :(. She told me that she doesn’t want me dating at an early age, because if it’s a short “relationship” that ended because someone lost interest, or someone cheated, then one of us is going to get hurt and she doesn’t want that to be me or him. And I asked her, “What about long, serious relationships?” And she told me that that’s even worse, because chances are, we aren’t going to last forever, because we might go to different high schools, and colleges, and our career paths might be really different and it’s going to be hard to stay in touch or keep that spark going. She said that when two people still love each other, but have to break up due to one of those reasons, it’s going to hurt badly for both of them, and that might affect our education because we’re brokenhearted and we’re always missing the other person.

SO true, sad to say, “/. I didn’t want to agree with her, but I couldn’t help but do so, and that was when the realization hit me. And well, it hurt, :(. Boys are so confusing.

I hope you do prove your mom wrong, :D. Go Georgina!

I still can’t see my site either, :(. It’s supposed to be working by now. Hmm. Guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer.

Argh, that’s a worry though, since I still can’t see your site either. There must be a problem somewhere.

I don’t get frustrated over my random cuts and bruises anymore. I don’t think they’re too much to worry about, but it does happen a lot!

I hope you get a new camera. At least if you’re saving up for something you’ve got a goal and no one else is making you save. Though, if you need the motivation, you could just lock up the money as soon as you get it, to save yourself from spending! :)

I’ve fallen asleep in the car or train on several occasions, but never at my desk or anything. When I can barely keep my eyes open, I start heading off to bed.

We have some good lectures at university but it depends on what the subject is about. Some get really interactive and fun; others are theoretical and boring.

I guess it’s just because you’re young! I thought things would last forever – I had my first boyfriend when I was 13, and we actually dated for one and a half years. It was all boring though. The relationship didn’t progress. But I guess our mums are right in a way. Relationships take a while to develop and someone always gets hurt when they end. I thought my exes would be the ones I’d be with for a long time, but the good thing is that you can learn from past loves. :) My mum never liked me having a boyfriend at a young age because she wanted me to focus on my studies!

Boys are very confusing beings, but I guess we have to find the ones that we’re willing to try and understand. :)

isnt it weird when things like that happen? I get mystery briuses and cuts all the time as well; they dont bother me, but once I see them suddenly they hurt so bad and become very sensitive lol.
I’ve cut myself in while shaving a few times as well, not fun! once it took a pretty big chunk of skin off, i was like omgggg. it was terrible lol.
Paper cuts are horrible! I hate them more than any other cut
That’s usually what happens :P once you find out that something is ‘this’ name brand or style and then you just love it where as before it was like ehh.. LOL, Off to look at the pictures :D
(sorry it took long for me to reply, I’ve been lazy again -_-)

Thanks <3 Everyone has been saying things like I'm proud of you, you deserve better, you'll be happier.. etc but it's just so hard to believe right now, when the one person I want thinks that all those things aren't right for him. I still don't know what it actually was to make him change his mind, because he won't tell me.

I want to embrace what we had, and just be happy.. but right now, it's too hard. I just feel like being sad all the time, and I've barely even been able to eat :/ I know it'll get better if I just push through it all, but it still sucks now. I wish I had a tredmill so I could just run it all out, since I hate running outside.

LOLOL me neither but in comparison to the rest of the film they are the best bits!!
Thanks, I think I am getting over writers block for now hopefully, my brains been very imaginative this last few days, it actually was a song that spurred me into action, I just listened to the words and then scenes in my head started playing and I was like yeah we’re getting somewhere

Yeah i know that feeling you’re like yeah gonna do some work on the site….. *aw crap i have no time now*

aww I suppose the downside of winter are constant colds but i’m glad your throat is better! :)
aww don’t feel like you’re slacking uni work is important and I do like group work when i’m with my friends but i hate when people dont do some of the work its like do something or bugger off!!

hahaha aww your comment about the goat eating your hair made me laugh so much and i’ve hurt my back so my back hurt LOL

yeah I can watch everything on dvds or online, coz america gets all the best stuff like 6 months before we do :(
aha I love Doctor who but i wont watch the new one on the principle that David Tennant left and I love him! he was the best

OMG i’m always getting bruises and stuff and i’m like when did I do that? lol I havent cut my leg shaving in a while. I did once and it wouldnt stop bleeding it left a massive gash but thankfully it didnt scar though i have no idea how. I did burn my leg on the iron yesterday though so I hope I dont get a scar there

aww wow i’d love an SLR but sadly I dont have the money for it /wah

I had a similar experience today. While in the shower, I noticed a giant bruise on my thigh. I am completely clueless as to how it got there.

OHH, I decided to get myself a DSLR when I graduate grad school. I’m so excited.

Your pictures on your photo-blog are so good! I love them!

Eek scars and wounds >.> I get those, too. I don’t really know where I got them. Sometimes I scratch myself while sleeping and then when I wake up my chest is red. Like strawberries. Haha.

Oooh! You discovered you have a DSLR?^^ Happened to me too! I didn’t know we had an SLR :D saw your pictures (Y) cool shots! I haven’t went out to take pictures like that these days. You know, pictures of flowers, etc. Maybe I should go out more :D

Hmmm, that is odd. Maybe your necklace scratched you with out you realizing it or it could be a sign from something else. You never know with scratches these days.

Hitting the edge of your bed must’ve hurt like hell. I know it did me when I had a queen bed, in my previous houses and whenever I hit it I’d say “Mother f*cker!” out loud lol. It hurts. So I know what you’re going through.

Yeah the pool did need some serious cleaning. The pool guys comes every Monday, so when they were last Monday, they cleaned it and everything so I got to swim yesterday. I only swam for a short time because my stomach was starting to hurt again.

But anyway, I never heard tell of a washing machine or a dryer talk and say have a nice day! That’s awesome! Haha. But yeah we love our new washer and dryer. It totally kicks butt. Also it lets you know when it’s done on the dryer part by beeping. Of course we won’t be able to hear it when we’re inside the house but still it’s nice to know it beeps when it’s done. And get this, no matter how small or big your load is it knows how much time to put on it to dry it. And they come out dry the first time around not the second time around! How cool is that?

Yeah I’m on New Moon chapter two right now. It’s really good. I got the first book a long time ago when Twilight came out, and I wanted to see what all the hype was about and I couldn’t get into the book and sold it to my friend John for $5.00 which is what I paid for it. Haha. So I got my $5.00 bucks back. But yeah, I’m really enjoying the books now even though I know what the hype is. And on top of all that have both movies! I didn’t really like the second movie of Twilight until I watched it again when it got here, and than I loved it. Haha I guess I was just disappointed in the movie after not being able to rent it for so long, that I just wasn’t into it like I thought I’d be. But now I’m hooked lol.

On the domain front, I did tell him when he was extremely tired cause I know when he yells at me for buying useless things, he gets a little testy. He doesn’t understand why I need to share my feelings for complete strangers to read about my life. But to me you guys aren’t strangers. Even though I know you may not be exactly who you say you are…but you never know. I know that you’re you so that’s all that matters. Haha. I’m gonna start a photo log again. I did make a site for my stories, but I have writers block so I can’t write so what good does it do me to have a writing site if I can’t write? Ya know? So photo blog here I come!!

I can’t believe cutting yourself while shaving is so surprising to you. XD I should probably start using a new razor, because the lotion strip is pretty much gone, but new razors hurt SO MUCH more when you cut yourself with them. >_>

That happens to me all the time! i’ll usually notice scratches or bruises on my body when i’m showering. hahaha! I have NOOO idea how it gets there.. a lot of the times it’s on my side… so maybe i scratch in my dreams or something but i don’t even have long nails so it shouldn’t leave a mark. Anyway, i’ve given up trying to figure it out! haha!

those things always happen to me. I get cuts, bruises and scratches and I have no idea when I got them, how or why I didn’t felt anything. Sometimes is very annoying because you stay so much to remember where did you get that from and you can’t find out when.

I saw the photos on your photoblog. It looks awesome! I wish I had a camera like that.

I really really hate cutting myself when I shave. It hurts so dang bad.

DSLR? YEAHOO! ummmm… what is that?

Sorry, love. My server moved, I got your comment, but when I came on here to reply to it, it was gone. For which I am deeply sorry for.

I am not sure if my comment went through on your blog post, but here it is:

I love that video I saw in Isi’s blog too! I think it’s really smart and really gets your attention and makes you realise how common cancer is.

Congratulations on the fanlisting approval! I’d love to see it when you’re done, I want to know what subject it’s for too. :)

That’s alright about the comments; the same happened to me when I moved servers in April. I disabled comments on the old server just so I knew when I could see everything moved over, and I could tell which server it was on.

Right now I have a bunch of eczema like scars everywhere. And when I’m on one of my itching fits I can’t help but to scratch some scabs off. Ahhh!
I use Aloe Vera to take away scars. I think it is especially good when you start using it on a scab.
I hope you don’t get any more scratches there.

My family needs a digital camera. Like seriously. All the pictures on my website are taken with my Mom’s blackberry.
And since we are so out-of-date with our camera I need you to explain what is a DSLR? :)

The b-day image is wonderful! Thanks!
I recently got this book How to get better grades and have more fun by Steve Douglass. It is turning out to be a great book. It even has tips on lectures.

I’ve had scratches on me too! And I didn’t know how I got it. /huh My mom says that I might have gotten some when I was sleeping, so that’s why I don’t really like having long nails. The longer the nails, the more and visible the scratches are. I guess it works because I barely find scratches.

Sometimes though, I just find bruises out of nowhere. I mean, I didn’t feel any pain and stuff. It’s just there. Somehow, I always notice it when its starting to turn blue/black and it hurts when I touch it.

Well I can be such a klutz too, so I guess that’s another reason why I get these bruises.

OMG! A DSLR? I’m jealous /faw Ever since I learned about DSLRs in art class, I’ve always wanted one. Especially on a nice and warm day, I have always wanted to take pictures of nature. I’ve been looking around for DSLRs with affordable prices, but all of them are like over $300 😢 And I just got a new laptop, so its already out of the question.

LOL. Summer is always the time when we eat more 🤤 Well for me, that is. HAHA. Its because I’m always inside the house and do nothing. So I’m left with my last option: to eat my heart out.

I was trying out Dreamweaver, and it is so confusing! /huh I like using notepad too because I want to organize stuff the way that I want :P

I guess I will get used to class discussions the more we do them in class. The only thing I’m scared about though, is I shake so much, especially my hands! You’ll fully know that I’m nervous.

You rebel! LOL. Well I’m sort of rebelling too since I still have posters on my room, but at least they’re not on the wall :P But my mom is still peeved about it.

Happens to me somewhat, mainly on the lower legs. Never realize they’re there until something or someone touches it. :(

I also end up with random bruises and marks that I have no idea how they got there. I always wonder where they came from, but never never figure it out. I usually just have to let it go or else I could be dwelling on it for hours. I have a busted blister on my foot now that hurts soo bad, I know how it got there though. My flats that I love tend to rub the top of my foot when I walk and that’s how I got the lovely blister that now hurts.

I’ve cut myself once really bad shaving. I’ll get random nicks and stuff now from shaving, but they’re never horrid. The one I recall that was the worst was when I was around 13 and I was shaving, doing fine, but I accidentally pressed too hard I guess and I ended up shaving skin off. It an awful awful experience and hurt so bad. I’ve never had it happen again *knocks on wood*. I’m usually very careful now when shaving around the ankle area. haha.

I love DSLRs ♥ I bought mine back in 2008 and it’s been the best purchase of my life thus far, haha. I have a Canon Rebel XTi. It hasn’t let me down thus far.

Sorry to hear about the cut. I, too, find myself always getting random cuts and bruises; however, I don’t think I get as much as you, and I definitely don’t get cuts on my legs, haha.

I find it strange how people can go for days at a time without realizing that they have been cut, and only to realize it after a shower, washing their hands, or using Germx. Weird.

Lucky you for finding a DSLR camera. That’s pretty awesome that your family had a random, abandoned camera and it turns out to be a great one. By the way, I took a look at your photos. They are awesome!

That’s so sad. I suppose it could have been just bad luck, because he got lucky therefore the universe (or whatever) had to balance it out? IDK, it’s still sad.

:O I never even thought of giving money to charity. How awful am I?! That would be the first thing I would do, because even if I wasted the rest, at least I know some of it will have been put to good use.

Even if we did blow all of the money, we would be no worse off than we were before. It would suck to go from having all of that to nothing, but it’s not the end of the world. So we should be able to just spend, spend, spend! :D

I always seem to have scratches and bruises coming from nowhere. :S It’s so annoying. The other day I banged my arm and said to my sister: “By time the bruise comes up, I’ll have forgotten where it’s from.” And I did.

I’ve cut myself plenty of times whilst shaving my legs, even my armpits. -_- One time, I took a big chunk out out my ankle, and now have a scar. When I touch it, I can feel a little ‘dint’. It sounds gross, sorry. LOL. Anyway, I think it’s natures way of telling me to be hairy. :P

Considering how tiny the cuts always are, they still hurt like a bitch and bleed non-stop. :/

We don’t have a family camera, my parents don’t really care for photos. :/ I bought mine myself, it makes me proud to know I saved up for it. :)


Ouch! :( Weird thing is I just noticed a scratch on my neck, too. O_O But I think it came from my cat.

I’ve gotten a papercut once or twice in my life. My real issue is stapling my finger by mistake. I’ve done that like twenty times! XD

OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH. I do not like blood. Or razor cuts.

I love my camera. ^-^

Good luck with your readings and assignments! (Y) Thanks Georgina! After spending a week doing my essay, is finished and delivered. I can only hope the result 👏

Haha we are very similar in that regard. I agree with you. I know. Sometimes I find it hard to decide which book/s I borrow from the library, because I always like more books. If you are, but are the rules.

Mints are good for the throat. I’m glad you feel better in the throat and cold :)

Thank you so much because you’ve helped expand my vocabulary of English my vocabulary in English. 👏 You know? I must admit that in all this time I have been reading blogs I’ve learned more words than in my whole school year, especially words of colloquial usage. I understand. I think the same. We must buy things of good quality.

It is normal for you surprised you charge an charge extra, if you say there are not many places that charge.

I understand how you feel, for sometimes I have bruises and scrapes, and I don’t know how they’re caused.
It’s frustrating trying to figure how it got in the first place there.

I’ve never cut my leg shaving, but I guess it must hurt a lot.
Don’t scratch the scabs of the wounds you have, because it will drive you out injured again (it’s a vicious circle).

I’ve seen your DSLR in your photoblog. Wow is an awesome camera. /love