Show me the money

I’ve never heard anyone use the words “greedy” or “stingy” to describe themselves but one commonly used: cheapskate. I’ll admit that I’m a cheapskate myself. Sometimes I won’t mind paying a lot of money for something that is worth it, but at the same time, I want to save money and not waste it on something that isn’t “necessary”. I think I developed this little habit from my mother.

Today I went with a bunch of friends to the Lindt cafe – a chocolate cafe. Sebby doesn’t like chocolate, so he didn’t plan on buying anything, until Ryan felt bad that he’d taken us all there and we weren’t buying anything. Really though, the chocolate and drinks were so expensive.

I don’t understand why $5 for a little cup of coffee is even appropriate. It costs me the same amount of money to travel to and from university. My mum hates the idea of buying coffee, so she drinks at home before she goes to work. She doesn’t like the way coffee is made in most cafes. She also mentioned that buying coffee every day for a week really adds up.

I used to eat out at restaurants a lot last year with James. My mum didn’t like the idea. She said I was “living in luxury” eating at restaurants every day. XD She’s right, though. Every time James and I bought a dish for $10 and shared it, I’d say to him, “A domain costs $10.”

We’d stand there near the counter, pondering. Hahahaha. I mean, a domain, for a year. And here we were spending the same amount of money on a dish that we’d wolf down in twenty minutes.

Maybe I’m just a geek. LOL.

I used to think about it every time I bought something – how many domains I’d be able to buy. It was like a serious addiction. Around that time I also bought a lot of guitar picks, which were only a dollar each. Sometimes when buying food, I’d think, “You can buy ten guitar picks with that.”

Sometimes it made me change my mind. It depends on what you’re buying, though, and if you really need it. Most of the time, I save money because I think about what I will need the money for later on. I avoided buying breakfast once at university because I wanted to buy something a little more expensive for lunch. :P

Anyway, back to the Lindt cafe. One time when James and I went there, we bought a hot chocolate or something – it was expensive. Today, Sebby and I split the bill to buy this stupid piece of cake. Turns out they charged an extra $1.50 to eat inside. WTF? @_@

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Hiiiiii ♥ :)

LOL, WHAT? I hear people call themselves greedy all the time! But how many of them actually mean it…Hmmm.

Don’t worry! You’re not a cheapskate, you’re Asian. It’s in your heritage to be very money conscious :P You were brought up that way :P I’m cheap when it comes to LOTS of things too. Like I refuse to buy Cotton on jeans full price, even though they’re only $40 because if I wait a little while longer, I can get them for $20 :)

I waste money on crap all the time. It sucks :( Although lately, I’ve cut down :) I spend most of my money on books now :P I think you’re definitely more money conscious than me in that respect :P

Ohhh! Lindt cafe! I’ve been there ONCE. Except it was just after lunch so I couldn’t eat anything cos I was so retardedly full 😰 But it looks so yummy! 🤤 Oh god. Chocolate cravings D:

$5 for a cup of coffee is really expensive though :( You could get a whole HUGE smoothie for that amount. Or buy a book from Basement Books :P My parents spoil me too much I think, because once my mum bought me a $5 hot chocolate from Max Brenner cos one of her colleagues told her to try it. But I know for a fact that she’d NEVER spend that much on herself for a DRINK D:

Haha, $10 for a dish isn’t all that bad :P When I go out, I’m like hmm…$15 isn’t too bad :) Which is terrible, I know. :( But I guess I only spend that much on meals if it’s the holidays and I’m out with friends, or occasionally if Belinda and I want to celebrate something about uni :P Otherwise I eat cheaper fast food XD

I know! You could buy so much crap for the amount we spend on food. Imagine if we didn’t have to eat. I could buy so many more books! :O

Lol, if you’re a geek, I must be a serial bookworm D:

WTF?! THEY CHARGED YOU $1.50 EXTRA TO SIT INSIDE?! That…is ridiculous! Just cos it’s sort of exclusive. Hmph! I am OUTRAGED! /angry

Lucky Sebby brought a scarf for you to wear! ;) Dress warmly!! I don’t want you getting REALLY sick D: That would be terrible :(

Ahhhh! I thought so. “Dryer” looked really weird XD Cough Syrup works ^^ Except sometimes cough syrup is SO sickly sweet, it burns your throat as you swallow it. UGH! 🤬

Hahaha! You’re better than me! I can RARELY pay attention in lectures, unless I have to write heaps. Even THEN I don’t pay attention cos I’m just too busy writing. I have the attention span of a GOLDFISH, I swear. /bash

I love sleeping! :D As you probably know. I feel like I’ve wasted the day sometimes, but most of the time I’m just happy I got to sleep :P

YES! A ROOM FULL OF SHOES?! Oh my god. How would you even WEAR that many shoes? D: That is epic. I love shoes, but not THAT much D: I’d rather have a room full of books ^^ ♥ /love Hahaha

Charged to eat inside a cafe? :) Wow, that’s a way to lose customers :P
Its the same with being charged to go to the toilet at castles and famous landmarks – I mean wtf? If you gotta go then you gotta go and what do you do if you don’t have the £1 to take a pee? /huh

I’m not the best at keeping an eye on money – I find bills in my pockets and bags where I’ve left them and forgotten about them :P
Though if I get something small, like a hair band or hair clips for example, I do tend to ask the friend I’m with if it’s over-priced

I’ve inherited the look at the back of food to check what’s in it gene. Though organic food is too expensive when its not your parents paying for it so sometimes you can’t be picky XD

Before I type up the rest of this comment, oh my gosh.
There is a Lindt cafe? And nobody ever told me :@ It must be like… a classier version of Max Brenner.

You know, I think that wanting to save a little money is different to being a cheapskate 🙄 or maybe I am one too (probably not. I spent $3.00 on a pen today – I’m not proud of myself).

My mother can be one sometimes but she occasionally likes to splurge :3

I can just imagine the menu. My mum goes crazy every time there’s a sale on Lindt chocolate because they are usually quite expensive. I can’t believe it was $5 for coffee. It must be really nice or something.

Wow, it must’ve been fun to eat out everyday :D
I like eating out and trying new things but I can’t buy much since I don’t have much money :P I find it quite funny that you’d think about domains when purchasing a meal. But I guess I might do the same thing – just not with domains. When buying something, I’d think about something else that I could buy with the same amount of money.

But I’d much rather buy food than something else. Food may seem quite pricey but it’s food. Food is good :D

You were charged to eat inside? Now that’s just ridiculous. Once, with my dad, we went to an ice cream shop in Capitol Square (I think) and they told us to get out because we ordered cones and not an actual meal. Weird.

Yeah disappointing people makes me disappointed in myself. This is irrelevant but I wish I was like my older brother. He did really well in his SC and he didn’t study. He didn’t have a calculator either (apparently someone needed it more than him). I just find that awesome.

And “A Certain Romance” is so beautiful :D The guitar in it makes me relax. I want to get my friend to learn it on ukulele, haha. Well, my guess is that you might go to sleep soon so goodnight for then!

I really try not to waste money on stuff like clothes and stuff like that but when it comes to books and CD’s I don’t mind the price, and also on shoes ;) I don’t want a cheap one to hurt my foot all the time actually. That’s why I don’t care but I sometimes buy too much of a same kind that makes my mom angry /hmph

I think I like Starbucks coffee but I don’t drink it every day to university. I just drink one to wake up at home and in the day time, between the lectures I go there with my friends and talk about stuff and literally it’s our get together and have fun place /heart with nice air conditioning, and with a nice decoration ;)
Though I spend a lot of money for breakfast at my university. That’s the other thing. Our cafeteria has great food, but not really in university prices. So that’s sometimes “living in luxury” for me, and eventually pisses my mom off because I’m using her credit card to pay 🙄

Anyways Georgina, I’m back. I was dealing with tons of family issues which kept me away from my site all the time. I wanted to write an e-mail to you about that, but couldn’t find the time for that either..Sorry for the lack of contact dear /faw

Hello Georgina!

Long time since have commented. Wow. I have a lot of blogs of yours to read. haha. XD

I think everyone develops that trait from their mother. When I go shopping with friends, and I see something I like, but I don’t pick it up, becuase I think the price can be lower they look at me funny. In a away it is their lost becuase they are the ones paying too much usually.

On the plus side becuase of this trait we will most likley never go broke, and spend our money in a smart way. /bounce 👏

I LOVE the comment about the domains. haha, thats really cute actually. :D

I’ve heard about that having to pay more if you eat inside. In Canada I have yet to see it but my aunite and godparent learnt the hard way, they were in Rome and had to pay extra to eat gelati inside. And it isn’t like a dollar more there it is like 5 dollars or more. @_@ Its just crazy! /hmph

ooh, a lindt cafe!? i don’t think we have any of those around here! that sounds delicious, lol. i’m aware of how much lindt products cost though, and i definitely feel you on not paying for something like their drinks. the chocolates are pretty good, but i don’t know if they’re *that* good that i would spend five bucks on some drink that probably tastes like it should’ve been a dollar.

i’ve been pretty stingy this summer but that’s because i still spend money like i’m employed (uh. which i’m not right now, lol). i think it’s fine to spend money that’s yours, but i have lots of friends who spend their parents’ money, and they’re not just going to movies or buying a shirt or something like that. they are spending way too much on really unnecessary stuff! sigh. our moms sound like they’re on the same page, lol – i’m glad though because i feel a lot more financially sensible than some people i know. :D (umm although sometimes i don’t listen to my senses, haha)

A cofee for $5?! That’s just not realistic, =_=’. My parents insist that I use their money to buy the things I need or want since I’m not allowed to have money of my own, but sometimes I really just wish I have my own money so I can pay for the things I want, because sometimes, the things I buy with my parents’ money aren’t even all that important. The two things that I spend the most money on are clothes and books — Yeah, I .<. Hopefully I don't get really sick, because I have so many plans for the next 2-3 weeks of August, and when I’m sick, it usually takes away a week that I’ll never get back, Dx.

I wonder how many educational lectures I’ll get when I enter high school, o: . There aren’t much lectures in middle school, and even if there is . . . The students would still run wild, =_=’. My school is ghetto.

Yesh, let’s both prove our moms wrong, xD. Lately, I’ve been trying to tell her that guys and girls being best friends is a totally normal thing, and I’ve been giving her examples. Trying to convince her not to totally glare at my guy friends whenever she sees me with them, because they care about me — a lot — so she should just accept it. It’s starting to work, veryveryveryvery slowly, but it’s a step, ^_^. I wonder how long it’d take me to fully prove to her that girls and guys can be friends.

Yeah, it’s pretty expensive. I earn my own money but even so, my mum keeps telling me not to waste it. She gives me money for transport and travel, but that’s all. When I first got a job I kept spending money on food and lollies.

I hope your plans aren’t too ruined! I hope you don’t get really sick either. Being sick takes out so much time and rest.

I’m not sure; we don’t have “middle school” here, and high school doesn’t usually have set lectures. In university in Australia you have set lectures and tutorial classes. :P

I’ve tried to give my mum examples but sadly I don’t keep in touch with guy friends I had in the past. With the ones I currently have, my mum just thinks they all have a hidden agenda. Hahaha. :(

Here’s hoping I’m going to be friends with my guy friends for a long time to come, then she’ll be completely proven wrong.

Sorry I still can’t see your site. :( I’m still checking back!

Wow, they charged you to eat inside? Lmao. I’ve found that I’d much rather eat something at home than at a restaurant because restaurants charge so much. I mean, a mac-n-cheese dish as an appetizer at the House of Blues costs $15.00. I think that’s a bit too much.

Lol :). That is kind of geeky to compare prices to how many domains you could buy with that amount of money. But, hey, we all compare things. I compare prices to how many songs/videos I could but off of iTunes! xD

:/ I feel bad for the girls plastered on posters all over Vegas where they’re hardly wearing anything. I think it’s just wrong that people photograph them and then put them up on posters. I feel bad for them.

People should treat people the way they want to be treated :P.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a bank account :/. My parents hold my money for me whenever I get to $200.00. After that I have to ask them to “withdraw” money from my wallet. They’re afraid that if I walk around with a wallet filled with a surplus of money in the mall, someone will take it. :/

Our teachers give lectures on our actions and educational views and attitudes. Don’t ask why, they just think telling us our attitudes suck will fix them. …

The lemon lozenges are my least favorite D:.

I’ll definitely be looking up those muffins soon then, I’m in need of some indulgence food that isn’t a huge slab of chocolate. XD

I’m quite obsessed about saving money, I’m actually writing an article about it, it’s been on my mind so much. :P I try so hard to save money on bus journeys and such yet I went into Glasgow shopping with a friend today and I ended up buying a ridiculously expensive frappuccino from Starbucks. Starbucks just eats a hole in my wallet, I’m shooting myself for that.

I used to do this thing a few years back where I would only spend half of my lunch money then stuff my face when I got home from school. I actually saved a lot of money but the hunger wasn’t worth it.

I love Lindt chocolate but $1.50 for sitting in! That’s, just woah rip-off.

XD XD XD LOL @ the girl who wont shut up about Orianthi, I’m following someone who won’t stop going on about Big Brother. I actually HATE Big Brother with a passion so when someone constantly mentions it, its like a brain haemorrhage.

OOOOHHH! I MADE SOME SAVOURY MUFFINS TOO! They were YUMMY! My ones kind of tasted like pizza… is that weird? I made like three and gave one to my little sister.Then I went on to make ordinary muffins and made this weird almondy things which turned out to be kind of yummy.

Your tweets are always so sweet. :)

OMG OMG OMG! I was reading your post and thinking this reminds me of the time when I went to my last school and me and a bunch of friends would go to the cafe’s at lunch time and buy sandwiches for £3.95 (eq. US$ 8.50)! And if we bought anything to drink it was like £2, and they charged us like 30p to toast a bagel and 20p extra to eat inside! It was quite literally daylight robbery. AND THIS WAS ON A DAILY BASIS!
I had pocket money back then as well. It was either eat healthy and lose all your money, or eat fried crap for $1.

I am (hand-on-heart) the stingiest cheapskate on the planet. I make everyone else pay for my cinema tickets and look for the cheapest stationary possible. But I own a hell of a lot of expensive things like Ray-Bans and a fixie bike which I hardly ride any more. I couldn’t even be bothered to pay for my domain. LOL. Talk about cheapskate.

LOL. I used to do the whole “how many things I can buy for the same price” thing except, I did it the other way around ‘How many meals do I have to miss to buy that dress???” sort of thing.

I have probably got a small fortune rotting away somewhere. No that’s a lie. I spent my fortune on my Ray-Bans. Bloody expensive craps that I can only wear for 3 weeks,(that’s approximately how long summer lasts in England)


I think we have the same Lindt chocolate here. It’s pretty good ♥ I don’t like spending money, though. I wouldn’t call myself greedy, but I am a cheapskate. I never buy anything, and if I do, I hunt for the lowest price available XD

I usually like to compare prices like that too, even to domains. I used to do it more because the prices of things didn’t change so much. My family and I have eaten out every night since I can remember. O_O We probably spend more money on food than on anything else, and it is, of course, practically one of the only things that doesn’t last.

I’ve heard of companies charging extra for eating inside. I think that policy got rejected here lol.

LOLZ Georgie! Maybe it’s the Asian in us all that makes us… a cheapskate? Lolz I think generally (but not all! XD) Asians are careful with their money and we’re the type who really counts everything before we buy. I also do that too! Hahaa! Now I am going to be in such big trouble in France because hell, I’ll be counting everyday and going OHH HOLY CRAP THIS IS JUST ***PESOS IN MY COUNTRY!!! XD XD

Panda Strikes Back:
Haha I just finished packing for Shanghai! In 8 hours, I’ll be in the airport already! Whoop-de-doo! XD Dang I’ll be alone! LOLZ I am not that OC, XD I just arranged them by category. I don’t want to arrange them alphabetically by authors coz what if the same author had a new book? I’d probably have to shift everything. At least if by genre, it’d be much easier :D

Yeah leaving relatives are normal here too. Very normal :( Haha you won’t find my subject boring once you sit in! I guarantee that some Philosophy teachers here teach very well! They also grade VERY WELL (NOOOT XD)


I’m the same way. I don’t see the point in spending a lot of money on some things. I only really buy food out if I’m REALLY hungry, or if it’s a place like subway where it’s cheap. I used to get McDonalds all the time cuz it was cheap, but now McDonalds has gotten really expensive /ehh

Wtf @ charging you to eat inside. That’s just effed up. LOL @ you comparing it to a domain though. It is true when you think of it, this piece of food for ten minutes, or a domain for a year? hmmm :P

If he was to come running back to me BEFORE things ended, it would be different. If he said “Im an idiot, and I’ve been a jerk for the last month but I want to make it up to you and make it work”, I would try to fix it. I’m just tired of being the only one in the relationship trying to make it work.

“Probably” going to walk away is the key word in that. Because one second, I know that I should just end it & move on, but then I find a box of things from the relationship, like ntoes from CDs he’s made and a map of the place we got lost to.. and it just makes me MISS how things were. So badly :( I found it all today, and I just started to cry. ‘Cause it really does suck.

I’m a bit of a cheapskate too, but, recently, I’ve been spending more than I usually do, ah. I’m trying to stop myself before it becomes a habit.

I don’t drink coffee too much but, yeah, it can get expensive!

I would probably think the same. I’m afraid of getting older cause I’m gonna have more control of my own money, and I’m scared that I might spend too much on things – especially domains, haha. I can stop myself now, but who knows about then.

Oh I think I’ve totally used the word “stingy” to describe myself before. I’m fucking cheap, and I know it. xD My mom is just as bad, if not worse. We’re both really cheap because we’re used to being tight on money. One day, we went to the bookstore together to see if we could find something to spend our gift cards on. We both found something we were kind of interested in, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to spend the money. The book I was looking at was $15, and I had $20 or $25 on my gift card, but even though I wouldn’t be spending any of my own money, and I would even still have money left on the card, I couldn’t bring myself to spend so much on a paperback book. My mom walked out without buying the book she was looking at either. In the car, we discussed how really pathetic we both are. >.<

For the record, I still have that gift card, and I still haven’t spent a cent of it. -_- I’ve had it since DECEMBER.

$5 is absolutely inappropriate for a cup of coffee!! I hate how expensive coffee (and everything else!) is at all these “high-end” cafes. Like Starbucks… omg. When my dad buys coffee, he gets it for 75 cents at the gas station on the corner, but even that adds up. Better just to brew it at home, I’d say, unless you absolutely can’t find the flavour you like.

Jimmy and I used to go out to eat about once a week, and we’d often go to pretty expensive places, but he always paid the bill. He had a much better job than me, so he didn’t mind. Besides, I was his girlfriend! Now when we go out, I pay for my own meal. When we got sushi a couple weeks ago, I think he would have been fine about paying for mine too. He just paid without asking me, but then he didn’t stop me when I asked him how much half was (we split everything exactly that day). It used to be that he never ever let me pay for anything. :P We’re going out for Thai tomorrow… anticipating a $10+ bill for me. D: It’s expensive and adds up, but I think it’s okay to splurge every once and a while on a nice meal!

Sometimes thinking in terms of how much of something else I could buy for what I’m spending really puts things in perspective for me. Before I ordered this laptop, I was genuinely considering saving up for a Macbook Pro, but then I read something online telling me all the smaller Apple products I could get for the price of the one I wanted, and I realized how ridiculous it really was. That sure put me off from spending the money.

You know what I think is absolutely ridiculous? I hate how a lot of restaurants charge more for the items on their dinner menu, when they’re the SAME as the things on their lunch menu. Stupid!! But not as stupid as charging extra to eat inside. O.o

Oh I just saw in Lilian’s comment how you’re cheap because you’re Asian. And I’m cheap because I’m a Jew! That’s also how I was raised.

At least you actually admit to being cheap! My dad is the cheapest person know to man! And he doesn’t even admit to being cheap. It’s pretty sad really. Haha. I’m pretty cheap myself when it comes to certain things. Mostly food. I’ll spend hundreds on books though. :/ when i look at my debit card statement all i see is books. Some 20 dollars, which to some people is incredibly expensive for a book. I don’t put price tags on words I guess. lol.

I’m a bit pickier with my book genres. I went to the library the other day (I normally buy my books because I read them so many times, but I only buy new books with gift cards, and I spent my most recent gift card on a Crocheting for Dummies book) and had a hard time finding anything. I went to the Young Adults section, but many of the stories concern 12-year-olds and have very simple vocabulary. However, the adult fiction section is 1) huge and 2) concerned with issues like sex, adultery, and getting ahead in the office, none of which I care about. I grabbed one from the adult fiction while I was helping Gordon find some Stephen King books, but my other five were from young adult. :P I prefer finding my books at Barnes and Noble because of the way their books are divided, but I guess I can’t expect the public library to be as nicely organized.

They charged you extra to eat in? That’s… unheard of. Maybe it’s to help pay for the people who clean up afterward?

I would say I’m a cheapskate as well. My only real money is from allowance, and although it’s an okay amount, I hate to spend it on things I don’t really WANT, like when I go out with friends (which doesn’t happen very often) and we’re having a party and we go to a store to buy chips. I’m expected to pitch in even though I don’t eat the chips because I can’t snack on things all the time like everyone else can. @_@

(I’m procrastinating from doing Uni readings, lol.)

I’m like that too. I like saving money. I like bringing food from home, buying cheap meals (e.g. Harris Farm Markets’ 70c bottle of water!), using coupons, etc. But sometimes you’ve got to spoil yourself, haha. If it is looking forward to my $4 coffee from Gloria Jeans’, or owning a new domain :p

Food is SUCH a massive waste of money, lol. You can always make it at home, find stuff in the pantry, buy “core” ingredients and whip up a tasty meal.

When it comes to clothes though, especially SHOES, I like to invest. I’ve bought two pairs of $15 RUBI shoes… fahhhh- they don’t last long. And they’re made of cardboard.

I guess, when it comes to money, I use that equation. Spend more money on something that you want to last longer… if that makes sense. But then… there’s always time constraints (e.g. making your own meal, having a coffee in the morning – but you take a nap on the train ride to Uni – so you might as well have a coffee after the train ride), pleasure and lifestyle (buying things for your loved ones, friends, boyfriends), and outright greediness LOL

Ah money. Got to love it.

Miss you Georgina!! I hope your info and media subjects are treating you well this sem. ♥


Well, $5 for a hot chocolate was pretty expensive. /bash
But you must admit it was pretty delicious, and it’s not like a coffee from a cafe anywhere else would cost significantly less.. /um

Let’s making eating out a more special thing. /um
It is pretty expensive out there, even though things are very nice on a Cold Day D:

Well, it’s not like 10 guitar picks will fill you up /eee

The thing is, they spray chocolate dust into the air. When/if you recover from the dust pneumonia you’ll realize how awesome the $1.50 surcharge really was..


I don’t remember it being that delicious. /um I think buying from McDonald’s is slightly cheaper, but it’s still “too expensive” for me, in comparison to other foods. 🤤

Yay! /love

LOL, even the setting is pretty crap. When I went there, one of the guys serving was like a pompous rich guy (you could tell by the way he looked). I imagined that if you were there you would have made some snide remark. 😏

Although not politically correct, my friends and I use a more inappropriate term to refer to someone who is tight with their money (my best friend’s boyfriend is one of those people, but he’s in on the joke). I think it’s a good thing though. If you’re conscious of how much you’re spending, you’re less likely to overdo it and then have to worry about money later on. I admittedly do a very poor job of tracking my spending and I often have no idea how much money is even in my bank account. It’s a very bad habit, I know. I’m such a terrible impulse shopper too, so I’ve always been amazed at people who can really control their spending without really denying themselves anything.

I’m surprised there’s such a thing as a Lindt cafe. I’ve never heard of it before. We get the chocolate here, but the idea of them owning a cafe is brand new to me. The prices sound outrageous, lol. I’m the kind of person who’d still go in to try it, though.

“A domain costs $10.” — lmao. I’ve found myself calculating things by domains as well. I’m not strange enough to do guitar picks, though. You’re on your own with that one! :P

I’m definitely a cheapskate… but I don’t call it that. I use the word “intelligent.”

Yikes… they hit you with another $1.50. That’s tough. I hope you pretended it was worth it and tried to trick yourself. That’s what I would have had to do. :-/

I would say I’m stingy with some people. It really depends on who you are. I’ll share anything with Trevor and not mind, but if I have a piece of cake and it’s the last piece and say my little sister wants some, I’m going to be stingy and be like no way! I can be greedy at times as well, although that doesn’t happen as often. I think everyone has a bit of these qualities in them, some more than others.

Anyway, I understand people saving their money and what not. That’s great, I really should start doing that. I love buying coffee at Starbucks. Sometimes I will talk myself out of it because of something else or say I don’t need it, but eh. Sometimes I’m all about saving and sometimes I convince myself that it’s a waste of time because I could die before I get to spend what I saved and then it would have been pointless to save all that time. So, I flip flop with the idea.

I plan to save though once I get a job again. I have too much debt to pay off.

Paying to eat inside is just crazy! That is just another way of them making more money. That kind of stuff pisses me off. My boyfriends dream is to be able to eat out at a restaurant for every meal. LOL.

Haha “A domain costs $10.” OMG TRUEEEE hahaha XD I should think that way whenever I spend money on something not cooler than a domain! XD
Unlike you, I spend too much money on useless things. O_O *sigh*

$1.50 for eating inside the cafe? That’s… weird… /sweat

I would love an instant camera. I think I am really stupid though, I am such a camera junkie. Whenever I want one I see another! If I got an instax or something, my collection would be complete and I would not really need anything else, I guess. /bounce

I can help you find stores! I helped an American once getting (: I do not live in America and I’ve never been, but I know all the stores you can get it at. I am just so lame. /oh
You can probably try at a Walmart, but I think they stopped. Target also has, and you can find on ebay or amazon.
I am not sure if Australians have a target, though. I am not entirely sure what Walmart is in Australia, but for every country they change the name, but it’s always a Walmart. They change the name because people who aren’t American don’t like the idea of having American culture in their countries, so they change the name, and voila! people are so easily tricked ;)

Thanks (: I just quickly whipped it together because I thought my last one needed to go. It was a bit on the scrappy side.

Haha just before I wrote the blog I currently have up, I posted a blog game where I couldn’t really think of anything to say, so I left it up to the readers to make a silly blog in the comments, by leaving one random sentence, and at the end, I would take all the sentences and make one silly blog (:
it failed, though!

I know! My dad can also do it, it’s just freaky. Welcome to the club! I cannot even do it either! I fail miserably at attempting, even though they helped me step my step.
I think sticking to the good ol’ throat lozenges will do haha

Yeah! It’s great you found a good hairdresser. I know that before my mum found the one I currently go to, I got my hair cut once by someone who really did it terribly and it took FOREVER to grow out. She was very unprofessional about it. I wanted to try cut a fringe again, so the woman did it really professionally and changed it to suit my face shape so I am quite happy with it!

I know! I need to be more strict too. I love relaxing in the mornings, and the weather is so fresh, and you can do whatever, it just feels so liberating. I need to start waking up earlier before I go back to school, so I can enjoy my mornings, before school steals them from me!

Being the oldest seems great. I like the idea. I am youngest, so it really sucks.

I am just plain stingy. I have never spent a cent in my life because my whole life, like I said before, I have been saving up for my dream computer. I don’t really like spending because I always think that I might need to save that money up for something, but I don’t even know what!

I would rather not buy anything than spend a cent because I alway want to save, but you know what? It worked out because I finally got my computer and I am in love with it.

I still don’t spend my money, though, unless it’s to buy film or develop. I am always scared that I need to save up for something!!

A chocolate caffe! Yummy 🤤 I have personally never been to one. I didn’t even know they existed.

For a little cup I thing that’s a bit useless. I live in Italy so I am always having coffee (yes, that steriotype exists, the coffee here is pure gold) but I think it’s a bit too much to pay that much for a small cup.

Here it’s not that expensive, and I own a coffee machine so I can have everyday. It has been acting up though, so for the past 2 days I have been brewing it manually. I also like haveing one at a caffè, because the aren’t small at all here. I get cappuccinoes, though.

Hehe I am sure you can classify yourself as a nerd when you count with domains! :D

I hate it when they charge you to eat inside :( It may seem like a little bit, but in the end it always adds up!

First things first. I’ve moved.

Awh. I hate it when they overprice things. Usually I go out with my brother or sister, and they are stingier than me. Lol. My parents would never allow me to buy a domain. They don’t think it is of any use. They’d let me splurge on food or books, but never a website. The craze is still to catch up in India.


Ha ha. The thing is I have time to blog. But what use is blogging when you haven’t replied to ALL of your previous comments and so nobody is going to check out the present one as well?
For you, blogging is a hobby. I like blogging, but I like responding to comments better.

Argh. I still haven’t studied. Wish me luck. I wish I had that confidence which you apparently have in me. *Bites nails*

I also always make schedules. It is very rare though, when I stick to them.

I don’t say many things to my mum either. We’re close, but not what some people call “friends.”

There are people that do “like” the pages about oil spills and global warming, but it looks like they’re just too lazy to join groups. I checked the groups for the stuff my classmates had to make groups for, and the first groups mentioned were the ones from my school, which were made only a few days ago. It’s sad, really.

It’s already reached about 250, and I’m already so happy about that! I don’t really see who else can join though. :(

I think, if I had a job, I’d get overly excited about all the money I’m suddenly getting.

Haha, I must say that this is the first time I’ve heard of domains being the point in price comparison! For all those years that i had a parttime job, I used to amount whatever it was I was contemplating buy, to the time that I would need to spend in order to make that much money. Then again, sometimes I had $70/hour gigs on the side so that really offset the balance when I wanted to tell myself off, haha. I wouldn’t call being smart and frugal about money being a “cheapskate” though!

Haha, I’m a complete cheapskate. I blame my nationality. ;D Honestly, Scottish people being tight with their money is the one Scottish stereotype that is at least partly true. When I’m with my friends, for example, whoever has money on them will buy a 750ml glass bottle of Irn-Bru for 85p, which is very cheap anyway. But once we’ve finished it, we’ll take it back to the shop and get 30p for the empty bottle. xD

I hardly ever go to anywhere like Starbucks, I see no point in spending that much on coffee. Especially since I have 2 mochas a day at school(70p each, bargain), so I don’t generally feel like drinking coffee at the weekends too. My one weakness when it comes to money is energy drinks like Monster and Relentless…I know that Red Bull is there and it’s much cheaper, but it just isn’t as nice. And Red Bull comes in a smaller can. :L

Charging you more to eat inside is just insane. It reminds me of how shops in train stations are always more expensive than anywhere else; it costs about £1 more to eat in the Burger King in Glasgow Central than it does in the one directly across the road from Glasgow Central. Completely pointless, since everyone just goes to the one across the road. xD

I’ll need to look Atreyu up, I think. :) Fever is a great album, but I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite Bullet album. Or a favourite song by them. I don’t know why, because I have a favourite song for almost all the other bands I listen to, but I just can’t choose with Bullet; though I really like the songs on their EP, actually.
My friend Jack thinks that all their stuff newer than The Poison is terrible. :o

That graphics teacher apparently told half of that graphics class they’d fail; including Jayne and my friend Apryl, who got a C. I had him in first and second year, and I vividly remember him telling Apryl and I not to take graphics for 3rd and 4th year because we wouldn’t be any good at it. I wasn’t planning to anyway, I hated it, but Apryl just ignored him and hated it for the next two years because he never helped her or anything. D: My computing teacher was the same, telling Jayne in second year that if she took standard grade computing she would fail it, and he taught us literally nothing for the next two years; I had to resort to teaching myself the theory course. o_0 Jayne got a 3 in the end. Shows how much he knew. XD

I am the same way you are. When I go shopping with my money, I like to buy nice, good quality things, yet I like to keep it at a good price so I have money leftover to spend other places.

I went to a Las Vegas hotel recently as a family vacation. We went down to the cafe, and my mom got a SMALL coffee for about $5 i believe.
Good thing I hate coffee. :P

Prices these days are really high — There’s not much you can get for $20 anymore.

I think Starbucks is an expensive café. To buy a coffee it could be at least $4.00 (I’m talking American bucks here). Lol, I’m always curious about the differences of European money to American. But, anyways, I like making my own food :). Like, tonight for example: I’m making homemade pepperoni pizza for about $8.00 in total cost, where to buy it somewhere it’d be twice the price! :P

I want to stick with webdesign for a long time because I like blogging and creating my own layouts, and meeting new people who live in other countries. I just can’t wait until I can buy my own domains!

Vegas doesn’t give a shit about anyone xD. I mean, nothing in Vegas is clean. It isn’t even worth visiting. :/

My mom wants me to get a bank account where I have like a debit card so when I go shopping I can withdraw some money from it :). But I think you have to be 16 for that :(.

Did your brother lose all of his money :O? That would really suck…

Whoa. Comparing the price of the food with a domain name really sounds geeky. But it is a good way to remind ourselves not to overspend on food. I have been spending too much on food nowadays. I keep going to restaurants for lunches and dinners. /um

Oh yes! A fellow cheapskate! lol. I’m pretty sure everyone knows I am. Can’t help it, I didn’t grow up with having a lot of money so we’d always have to find the cheapest, and ti’s how I still live.

The only time I get a plate of food that costs $10 is when Ry and I celebrate our anniversary. lol.

Wait, WHAT? They charge extra for eating inside? That’s some f**ed up restaurant right there! It’s a mystery to me how people still eat INSIDE that restaurant. I mean, if the food’s expensive and they charge extra for eating, I’d rather go to McDonalds! 😒

I hate restaurants that have some expensive dish, and it doesn’t even make me full! Like I ordered pasta once, and they have this big plate and the pasta is like filling only half the plate! HELLOOO, I didn’t pay for the plate and the utensils! I paid for the FOOD. /pow

Ugh, I don’t like class discussions. It makes me really nervous knowing that somehow, I really need to talk! I mean, what if I say the wrong thing, or I can’t back up my answer? I don’t like it. That’s why I don’t participate on debates. 😳

Yeah, I was thinking of bringing paper or a notebook to each class. Sometimes, I prefer it when I write the stuff down, because it helps me remember some stuff. And I get to colour my notebook /bounce

I wanted to put posters on my wall but then my mom figured out my plans, so I ended up putting the posters on my closet doors. /oh

i like how lilian says you can get a HUGE smoothie for $5, id love to know where you guys live. im in western aus and its normal to have $5 coffees, i mean $4 is prolly the cheapest coffee iv seen around here and a $5 HUGE smoothie, that would be awesome, i spend bout $6-$7 for a Large smoothie…
im like you tho its very expensive for things like drinks an food that the stuff they make it out of really cost them like $5 for the hole bag of coffee :)
i always feel bad when my fiance asks if i want a drink or milkshake coz i know how expensive they are…

Haha we live over in New South Wales. :) It’s funny how a dollar makes all the difference. We get a lot of smoothies around here for $5 or close to that amount. Any more and I wouldn’t be so keen, especially when some restaurants have $6-$7 meals.

Yeah, I agree – I mean, sometimes I’d rather buy a jar of coffee beans for the same amount and make it at home than buy a cup of coffee. I only do that when I’m in a rush or I’m desperate for some. :P

Whew, finally getting around to commenting! xD

I definitely have the same habit as you, but it could be more extreme. Whenever I look around my house, there is so much extra stuff that it makes me angry. I consider myself a minimalist person. Not so much a cheapskate, since I would be willing to pay a large amount of money for something worth it. It doesn’t have to be a necessity, but if I have money to pay it with, and it’s something that will benefit in the long run, I will buy it.

$5 for a cup of coffee?! That really isn’t appropriate!

I think eating (and drinking) out is one of the more expensive “luxuries”, as I like to call them, of life. I’d be the person to go to a nice restaurant on a rare occasion. People say that eating out on birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays is “the norm”, but I would much prefer a home-cooked meal to a fancy restaurant. It shows more care to me.
(Although, if it’s an anniversary, and my husband/boyfriend can’t cook edible food, then by all means, take me to a fancy restaurant!)

I do what you do, only with the price of books and t-shirts. “This would cost me the same as -insert novel here-.” and “I could buy 3 t-shirts for the price of yours!” (My t-shirts are usually ten dollars.)
I have actually thought, “I could register a domain for a year with this…” though. :)

Why on earth would they charge extra to eat inside? That’s just nonsense. You shouldn’t be charged to eat inside of outside. They should just be happy you’re there buying their overpriced goods!

My mom specialises in the piano and she taught herself some of the accordion basics. The accordion was her father’s (who’s half-Japanese and makes wood carvings. What a diverse man) and she picked it up to play it one day. That’s what she told me anyway. She can play it, but only because she reads the piano sheet music and plays. I can’t read sheet music, so I have her write out the letters for me. /um

Vincent and Mordechai is the most I’ve ever written for any story. I feel like it’s personal enough, but not personal enough, and it works. Other books I’ve done (I’ve completed one, but it’s an emotional wreck) were just too personal to me. At least V&M has some awesome sci-fi action paired with hot romance. AWW YEEE.

It’s odd how my mom lets me stay home on fake sick days, but when I’m actually sick, she makes me go. There was one day I was sick and had a math test in the morning. I couldn’t even get through the first page, and I ended up sitting at the desk, head in hands, crying with snot dribbling down my face. I called home after and left school.

I am also a cheapskate person, & I learned this from my mom. Hehehe

I’m a bad person with money. I get it, it’s gone. I don’t mind spending money because when I am dead, I won’t be able to and I want to enjoy my money when I have it … ♥

I think I am going to start getting addicted to domains hahaha :P (H)

$1.75 just to eat at the cafe? Are they friggin nuts? My gosh what is this world coming too?

Hey sorry I haven’t been by lately. I’ve been trying to get my domain the way I like it. And so far so good I’m on the ball of everything. The only thing that isn’t finished is my writing portfolio. But that will come all in due time.

I love chocolate! But I won’t pay $5.00 for one and than an extra dollar and some odd cents just to eat there. What a rip!! Seriously though. You actually thought of buying domains when you were eating out? I don’t think I’ve ever thought about that before. Or anything like that! I just simply go out and eat! lol. But my dad wasn’t to thrilled over the new domain and thought I was wasting money and than when I told him that I got my eyebrows waxed, he was pissed at first until I told him it’s still the money from yesterday. He calmed down than. I guess he’s just exhausted or something trying to work 8-5 and than paying two of everything on two houses. (We rent this house we’re in now). So I can see he’d be a little on the edge. But yeah.

Anyway, I’m surprised that Sebby doesn’t like chocolate, but than again he’s not a female who does love chocolate. I don’t think I’ve met a woman who doesn’t like chocolate yet. But that is pretty expensive. I don’t drink coffee all that much and when I do it’s a frappucino. Or however you spell it.

Well it’s good to be thrifty, rather than waste your money on random things. It means that you are really thinking about the value of your money. I’m a thrift myself… or a cheapskate as you would say. But I think you think about it more. I like the way you think. So smart! haha

It’s a guilty pleasure of me buying coffee in cafes. I dunno it just tastes better there and the ambience too. meheheh

Oh wow, me and friend were actually discussing this topic yesterday. He is more like you, but I’m the total opposite I love to spend money on anything. If I want it I buy, without thinking of the consequences of my actions. That sounds pretty bad lol.
If your mum is like that, then you’ve probably learnt it from her. I could never walk into a shop and second guess myself, I get so annoyed.
Paying to eat in is really common here, in all the franchise cafes etc so I usually tend to take away. I’m with you on that one lol.

Aww I hope your cold goes soon! I hate the feeling of being ill.

M x

Coffee is so overpriced…but if you want it, then it makes more sense to buy one than a ton of guitar picks lol.

It’s really common to get charged for eating inside here – I think it’s something to do with tax.

i know how u feel, im always saving.. my parents dont understand me sometimes lol they like u have lotsa money y dont u get that top or cd and i say because i might want something thats more expensive later… i always think before i buy and most of my friends dont and they are broke before the middle of the month.

I normally eat McDonalds when I go out because you know what your getting with the food. I don’t like going to new restaurants because I always worry the food will be terrible.

Aww thanks, it’s got the A Team on it. I saw the movie yesterday. It’s so funny!

Turtles are adorable!

I don’t like the new series with Matt Smith because they have new writers and I just don’t think the story lines are as good as they were before all the changes.

I remember when me and my friends all have the same reports for PE because they had just copied and pasted them haha. They said that we had tried really well and participate well in all sports which for me is a lie!

I have some high-top converse. I have some with a strange patterns on but they look really cool. Best of all they are limited edition.

I’m the same. If there is something I want I will pay a lot for it. Books are something that I don’t pay a lot for. I get them from cheap bookshops or charity shops. I have learned that charity shops are the best places to get books from. After all you only read them once, whats the point in paying a lot for them. Just the other day I bought a book that was originally £16.99 and from the charity shop it was just £1! I don’t care if it’s a rubbish book, for £1 it doesn’t matter. And the money goes to a good cause.

I think some places really over price things because of it’s location or something strange like that. I remember my mum telling me about a couple they had met in Venice and they paid a lot of money for a coffee in a restaurant in the main square. It cost so much just because of the location. And they charge an extra 20 euros because the band were playing. That’s ridiculous.

I also don’t like it when you buy a bottle of water from a shop and they charge to extra if it has been in the fridge.

I’ve never been a cheapskate but as I’ve grown up and I have less money from my parents then I have become more sensible with my money. Before I would spend £20 on a top and not think anything of it. Now I think about if more and ask my self “do I really need it?” or “could I get that cheaper else where?”

I guess. Thank you Georgina! Me too. If that is true. Although I am a little busy trying to finish my essay for the summer course. Thanks! Good luck in the University! (Y)

I’m sorry you have to read 30 pages for one of your subjects of the University. Good luck with it! I’m sure that will read it quickly so that you can work with another subject.

I also think so. Certainly, in a library there is much to look at. I could spend hours looking at through all the books and would be happy. Haha if the same thing. Both in a bookstore like a library must always have things you want to buy or just borrow. I agree with you, Georgina. It’s a good experience 👏 .

If that is true. We should wear clothes that make us feel comfortable using it.

I’m glad you feel better in the throat, and you need to take care of that cold. Thanks! Maybe you should use the “vapodrops” of your mother.

I understand.

It is the first time I hear the words “greedy” and “stingy.” Thank you for expanding my vocabulary of English /bounce . I guess sometimes it is better to be cheap and save some money. I always considered myself a thrifty person, so my parents raised me. Although I must admit I spend some money on things I like, and I believe an investment. I understand what you mean.

Wow I can not believe that a cafe should cost $ 5, it seems rather expensive.
Your mother has a good point of view.

These days prices are really high.

I found it funny when you compared the price of the food with the price of domain name :)

I understand your point of view. I don’t usually buy things compare with others.

Don’t understand how in the Lindt cafe you have to pay extra if you eat inside. It is simply incredible. In some cafes from here, usually charge extra when you sit at the table or on the terrace.