Show me the money

I’ve never heard anyone use the words “greedy” or “stingy” to describe themselves but one commonly used: cheapskate. I’ll admit that I’m a cheapskate myself. Sometimes I won’t mind paying a lot of money for something that is worth it, but at the same time, I want to save money and not waste it on something that isn’t “necessary”. I think I developed this little habit from my mother.

Today I went with a bunch of friends to the Lindt cafe – a chocolate cafe. Sebby doesn’t like chocolate, so he didn’t plan on buying anything, until Ryan felt bad that he’d taken us all there and we weren’t buying anything. Really though, the chocolate and drinks were so expensive.

I don’t understand why $5 for a little cup of coffee is even appropriate. It costs me the same amount of money to travel to and from university. My mum hates the idea of buying coffee, so she drinks at home before she goes to work. She doesn’t like the way coffee is made in most cafes. She also mentioned that buying coffee every day for a week really adds up.

I used to eat out at restaurants a lot last year with James. My mum didn’t like the idea. She said I was “living in luxury” eating at restaurants every day. 😆 She’s right, though. Every time James and I bought a dish for $10 and shared it, I’d say to him, “A domain costs $10.”

We’d stand there near the counter, pondering. Hahahaha. I mean, a domain, for a year. And here we were spending the same amount of money on a dish that we’d wolf down in twenty minutes.

Maybe I’m just a geek. LOL.

I used to think about it every time I bought something – how many domains I’d be able to buy. It was like a serious addiction. Around that time I also bought a lot of guitar picks, which were only a dollar each. Sometimes when buying food, I’d think, “You can buy ten guitar picks with that.”

Sometimes it made me change my mind. It depends on what you’re buying, though, and if you really need it. Most of the time, I save money because I think about what I will need the money for later on. I avoided buying breakfast once at university because I wanted to buy something a little more expensive for lunch. 😛

Anyway, back to the Lindt cafe. One time when James and I went there, we bought a hot chocolate or something – it was expensive. Today, Sebby and I split the bill to buy this stupid piece of cake. Turns out they charged an extra $1.50 to eat inside. WTF? 😕

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