Little By Little

So, university has officially started and I’m sick. Not so cool. My sore throat got worse, and my mum’s been giving me this stupid green herb powder crap. It’s called ‘watermelon frost’, or something like that. It’s just like herbal powder, but it’s so terrible in taste that it makes my eyes water. It’s disgusting. 🤮

I hope I start feeling better soon. Being sick is a terrible feeling. I’ve started to develop a cold as well. Tomorrow I should remember to wear a scarf or something!

I actually haven’t tried anything proper for my throat. I gave up on the ginger tea, I still haven’t tried salt water, and I haven’t even tried any mints. Right now I’m trying to avoid getting ready for bed because I do not want my mum putting more of that green powder in my throat.

I felt pretty tired all of yesterday. I woke up early, naturally. I had done my reading for that lesson so I felt a little accomplished in a way. Sadly, I was still in “holiday mode”, so I stopped paying attention about halfway through the lecture.

I felt pretty bad. Looking on my attention span in lectures, it differs so much from lectures I had way back last year. I remember my first lecture being really interesting, because my lecturer tried to make us feel really welcome. My second ever lecture was a little lonely, and I was sitting on my own. It was a core subject, so we were in a huge auditorium with lots of people.

I actually remembered paying attention and taking proper notes!

And yesterday, I got bored so I started watching Doctor Who. /um I’m pretty terrible, I know. Tomorrow I’m hoping to pay more attention. I think the subject will be interesting. Hopefully I won’t get that sidetracked. /blush

During our tutorial, Sebby noticed that there were no power points – hence we were going to die. Obviously laptop addicts can’t venture in any other direction. He hadn’t brought his laptop but envisaging what future tutorials would be like, our laptops would die in the middle of class.

I’m deeply amused. /hehe Maybe not. Maybe the reality will hit me later. I love my laptop but it has such little power on battery. It lives for about an hour, tops. My iPhone even lasts longer!

I have a pretty bouncy tutor for that class. It’s called Regulating Communication. I find it pretty interesting to start off with. I just need to put my attention span back to 20 minutes. Yes, I’m serious. XD

I think we all stay in holiday mode for quite some time even after classes begin. @_@

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It sucks that you’re not well :( I hope you have a super speedy recovery. Man, what a crap time to get sick, RIGHT when uni starts up again 🤬 That’s so sucky.

I agree: You should definitely wear a scarf tomorrow. KEEP WARM! :O

Watermelon Frost is so bitter 🤮 I can’t understand how it’s supposed to help sore throats because it’s POWDER. It makes your throat DRIER. (How do you even SPELL that? Dryer or drier?). Salt water is pretty good :) HONEY LEMON! :P

Hahaha! Don’t worry. When I’m in lectures, no matter how interesting they are (not that I have that many interesting subjects, sadly) my attention will wonder every 10 minutes. It’s terrible! Oh, except in Contracts and Ethics lectures where I am too busy writing frantically D:

I’m still in holiday mode too :( I want to sleep all day!

HAHAHAHA! You started watching Doctor Who?! LOL! That’s hilarious :P If it makes you feel any better, me and Belinda were so bored in Crim law today that we started drawing stick figures on her book. And then in her Econ lecture she fell asleep for 45 minutes, which is practically the whole first half and then spent the second half text messaging me :P

Oh dear. Hopefully you guys track down power points to charge your laptops before the lectures :P Or use in moderation! Share his laptop for the first half and then use yours in the second half :P My laptop has about 4 hours battery life :D

HOLIDAY MODE! So hard…to get OUT of it 🤬

WARM SOUP IS GOOD! I like pumpkin soup ^^ Warm anything is good for sore throats :)

Ten hours is a sleep in for you? That’s how much I need to not be tired! Hahaha. I suppose it’s a good thing :P I think I sleep too much. Once I slept for 16 hours straight but that’s cos I chucked an all nighter before to do my law assignment. Oops.

Seven hours seems WAY TOO LITTLE. I am a terrible MONSTER if I only get 7 hours of sleep :(

Hehehe! Herbal remedies probably makes you a healthier person in the long run. One day I will suffer because I’ll have developed an immunity to all these drugs I keep taking. Strepsils are GREAT for sore throats. Unfortunately you can only take one every 2 hours :(

Don’t worry, just read the plot summary or something. The plots for both Karate Kids are pretty similar. JADEN SMITH IS CUTE! (I love Skandy too ♥ )

Omg, omg, omg…if a guy had more shoes that us. That would be CRAZY. He must live in a mansion. LOL, if we’re ever roommates. we’d be living in a perpetual mess cos of all our shoes alone. We’d need a whole separate shoe room to cope D:

Hey Georgina! Thanks for understand :). The blog entry you’ve read it almost two weeks ago. I agree with you, education is important and should come first. Fortunately, the computer has-been fixed and I returned to my duties in line /type

The course went well, and has been very interesting. I’ll write a blog about it.

My friend has been kindly that she allowed to use their Internet. That’s okay :)

Thanks, so all I felt I had to apologize. Yeah it’s so true, I’ve really been busy these days and I still be so.

Me too I agree with you. That’s what I think. I believe that read different blogs and talking with different people allows you to expand your horizons and learning from them.

Hope you don’t take much time your readings for the University. I’m sure you’ll be more organized this semester, and you could do all your readings.

I like looking around at all the books as well. I understand. There is a large bookstore in my city, and sometimes I look at their books. I think I would spend hours there, but every time I go I have just time.

I understand. Everyone should wear clothing that seems more comfortable, right?

I hope you feel better for your sore throat. It doesn’t sound very well what the ‘watermelon frost”. I usually drink water with honey and lemon for sore throat, and I also vapors of eucalyptus leaves.
I know, being sick is a horrible feeling.

I think you should take things in stride and continue in “holiday mode” until you feel better :)

Wow your laptop battery only lasts an hour, that’s a short time. The battery of mine lasts almost two hours. Well I guess it’s question of the laptop.

Your tutor sounds interesting.

Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear you are sick on the first day back to uni. That sucks and definitely not a good way to start university. I hope you’ll get better soon, girl. *hugs*

Ewwh, watermelon frost? Sounds icky. What is it really? I know you mentioned it is like herbal powder. But do you mean it is in powder form and then you mix it with water

Oh, I’m still in the holiday mood as well. Today was my third day back in uni and I’m still not used to waking up early and driving all the way to the uni. I only had 1 week of holidays (you know I had the teaching attachment thingy) as opposed to 2 months so I don’t feel I had enough rest. But as you said, I’m pretty sure everyone would still be in holiday mood during the first few days when the school reopens. XD

Oh wow, you had lectures on the first day back to uni? No wonder your attention span was only limited to the first half of the lecture. o_O Hopefully you’ll have a better day tomorrow. :D

No power points? Gosh, that’s just terrible. That must be hard for those people who prefer typing up the notes/points to writing them down. And you can’t just rely on the battery power because you never know it get drained up halfway through the lecture.

LOL! At least your laptop can still stay alive for an hour. My old one can barely make it over 5 minutes. Hahaha!

Regulating Communications? That sounds interesting! I don’t think we have something like that in my university. It would be a very good course to have since a lot of the undergrads here have poor communication skills.

I use to be like that in lectures. I’ll just get so bored. I try to concentrate and take notes but sometimes its just boring, especially if I’m tired and was out the night before.

I didn’t have a laptop at uni, I really wish I did so I could take it to lectures and mess about on it.

I hope you get well soon :(… Ugh, It’s August and I can’t even believe that schools about to begin soon. :( … I need to hurry up and get my permit, oh man. I’m delaying my own time with that.

I remember I slept before for 15 hours and when I woke up, I felt so shitty & even more tired! It’s bad to sleep for longer hours than you’re suppose to. :/

:S I hate being sick. It sucks. My mom tells me that she won’t force me to eat/drink anything, but I have to be “careful” what I eat. I had bronchitis (really not sure how to spell that :/) once, and I couldn’t stop coughing or throwing up, and it really sucked. I couldn’t eat for a couple of days, and I binged on saltine crackers once…ooohhh, bad 5 minutes hugging the damn toilet >:|. Sorry that your mum keeps shoving things down your throat.

I can’t pay attention during lectures, during group readings, or anything. It’s pretty much impossible for me to because I just get so bored. I know that’s bad, but it’s true xD. Lol. I just can’t stand sitting there, so still and attentive.

>_< My laptop smells like it's on fire so I can't finish my comment, lol. :)

Ugh, I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

I have a terrible attention span, I never listen much in class and when I try to catch up by studying I can’t last for more than ten minutes without being distracted and staring out of the window for a while. If I didn’t have a good memory I wouldn’t have a chance of passing an exam, ever; as it is, I just found out I got the equivalent of straight A’s in my first major exams. I think it was more down to luck than anything else. xD

I love that you started watching Doctor Who. :’D Sounds like the kind of thing I would do(since Doctor Who is one of my favourite programmes, haha).

Also, your laptop only lives for an hour? Is it a new laptop, and has the battery life always been that short? I go mental at my phone when it has a bad day and only lasts 6 hours, I dread to think what I’d be like with a laptop that lasted an hour. :L

I didn’t really dislike the whole trip, it was quite nice and I’d certainly rather have been there than at home, but it’s still probably my worst holiday. That’s not saying a vast amount though, since I’ve been to lots of amazing places-between the ages of 8 and 12 I travelled to 15 or so countries(depends if you count Monaco and the Vatican as countries, haha). I mean, it’s impossible to compare a country 13 miles from your own which looks almost exactly the same to, say, Russia or Italy. XD

I was excited about going away, but I’m in no way a morning person and pure excitement wasn’t enough to stop me from becoming a zombie that day. :L

I don’t feel like it was that many differences I spotted; I was in a whole other country, and only 5 things were different. :3 There were more differences when we got to southern Ireland; speed limits are in km/h there, and road signs have both Irish and English on them, things like that. But as for Northern Ireland, I was surprised how similar it all was. Not that I was expecting it to be hugely different; I mean, Scotland and England look pretty similar on the surface. It’s not like 13 miles of sea will mean the two countries are wildly different; you can see Scotland from where I was staying the second week. xD

Just stopped by to leave you a get well soon message; you mentioned it on twitter, I think. :(

Sore throats suck. My mum usually gets me this warm honey stuff; it tastes disgusting. /hehe
But I’ve heard pineapple juice helps :)

My laptop’s battery power is so low, it probably only lasts for 20 minutes. I always have to keep the charger plugged in 🤬

So, I hope you get better soon. ♥
And many thanks for all of your help and tutorials, they have helped me a lot with my coding issues 😝

Hiya Georgina!
I don’t know if you remember me, it’s Larissa. I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on the blogging scene. I’m glad to see you are still blogging though. :D

Aw, I’m sorry to hear that you are ill. I’ve been ill recently and I know how crappy it can be. >.<
I hope you feel better soon, just so you don't have to endure anymore of that icky sounding medicine!
I recommend just drinking lots of hot drinks to help sooth your throat. ^.^

Haha! I know what you mean with the whole "holiday mode". I dread going back to university and starting the essays. I just know I'm not going to be able to concentrate and I still have some more reading to do before I go back. Ah I feel your pain. xD

Doctor Who is awesome (from what I can remember!). I watched the seasons with David Tenant in but I haven't watched the most recent ones. People say they are pretty good though so maybe I will get round to watching it at some stage! haha xD

Uh oh! No power points. O.o Maybe you can sneakily use your iPhone? I always end up daydreaming or doodling when I am in a boring lecture. It is such a bad habit, sometimes I snap out of a daydream and then panic because I have no idea what the lecturer just said. haha xD

Anyways hope you are okay and just so you know I have moved from to a new blog. The URL is: – I will probably buy the domain at some point! Would you mind changing my link? I have already updated yours on my link page. I really want to get back into blogging as I have missed it. ^.^

Well I've rambled enough! haha :D

Chat soon


That sucks so much, that you’re ill! It couldn’t have happened at a worse time, with university starting again. I hope you’re feeling better soon!

Lemsips are pretty good for sore throats! I’m not sure if you can get them in Australia, but they’re like hot drinks, but you can get them in flavours like lemon or blackcurrant, and they’re to cure colds and stuff. We have so many boxes of them in our cupboards over the winter!

I can never pay attention in classes when I go back to school, after a holiday. In September I will have 0% focus haha.

Is Doctor Who good? I have never even seen a single episode. :|

My laptop battery is awful! It said it had 24 minutes remaining, when it was charged 100%. If that wasn’t bad enough it died after about 15 minutes. :|

Thank you. :) The move went okay, and I love our new house. :D

I never got my nose pierced in the end, something much, much better happened today haha…I met McFLY!

I love eating fruit and salad, unfortunately I don’t eat enough of it!

Haha, well I think your plaid jacket is cool. :D I never let my mum buy me clothes, as her taste is different to mine, too. She just gives me the money when I need new clothes now. :’)

Oh no I’m so sorry you got sick and on the first week back to school! How terrible! I hope you feel better soon!

Anyway, by the sound of the herbal tea that your mom makes you drink, does sound nasty. I try to like do and I know I’m gonna spell this wrong but Rubotussin usually works or night quill or dayquill. Ya know? I don’t know if Australia carries that or not but that’s what I used.

I remember getting sick on Christmas when I was younger. I was at my mom’s house and we had pizza hut, and well; you get the initial gist of it. So all day long after coming home from my mother’s house, I was throwing up left and right and wanted to open up presents so badly, I just could barely keep my eyes open. :(.

Hmmm, ya know when I do get my new domain you’ll be the first to know (not that you don’t know it already). I’m gonna do the gallery thing again, and a portfolio. I’ve already drew my layout. Yup you read correctly drew. I won’t give it away just yet. Heehee. Let’s just say he’s a character from Pokemon!

Well; I hope you get to feeling better! Take care of yourself. Yeah I get a little side tracked too. I haven’t been reading my twilight book at all lately. I knew it would happen once I eventually found my dvd. But anywho, I’m gonna try and start reading it again. I want to get it finished. Ya know? Well; I hope you feel better soon! Take care *hugs*.

Which means that during lectures/breaks before your tutorials you need to maintain a decent amount of charge in your battery by sitting near a power outlet or something like that.
Regulating communication… reminds me of several communications courses set up in the past years aimed to better the social skills of scientists/engineers/teachers … pretty much a lot of occupations. At any rate, they choose the most patronizing bitches (sorry to offend dog lovers but polite insults isn’t my forte)
who assume they can communicate better than you on the single basis that they’ve consumed much more of their lifespan than you.
I just hope that your bouncy tutor doesn’t become some authoritarian at later dates.

I do, but my laptop still runs out of power within that two-hour class.

Ah, that’s true. Our tutor seems pretty knowledgeable and like he knows his stuff… hope that doesn’t turn into arrogance or something later on too. :P

Aww sorry about your sore throat. :( Hope you feel better soon. Did you try taking a cough medicine? That really helps me. My sore throats usually leads to a bad cough.

My laptop batter last for like 5-10 minutes. It sucks that bad. It’s fully charged but it just can’t hold. I have to take the stupid charger everywhere so, I just don’t movie it. Besides, if I move it, I need to have a fan next to me so it won’t overheat.

Good luck with Regulating Communication. I’ve heard something like that with the FCC regulating commission by wire. I have no clue what it means. Is that to control it somehow?

That was the only smiley used in my comment. I’ve been trying to cut back on that and my use of lol. It’s starting to annoying me because I use it when things aren’t even funny.

When I go to uni, I’m going for Graphic or Webdesigning and Photography. Those are all I want to so with my life. I don’t want anything that involves hospital at all.

I had ramen yesterday. I’m getting a bit hungry, I think I’ll go cook some. 🤤

The kind os skirts I like, are the types that are cotton. I hate jean skirts. It just looks so ugly to me. Nancy Drew books are kind of kids section but it’s really good. I enjoy mysteries a lot. I also love being a sleuth. :)

I googled your belt to get a visual and it was so cute. :) I cannot believe your mom hated it. D:

Aww, I feel so touched. ♥ Our comments relate more about our life that our blogs actually do. /hehe I find it refreshing and amazing. :D

This summer I havn’t seen him much and the feelings are going away but, I wonder what it will be like when I see him in school.

I hope you get to feeling better soon! I think

I’ve never been to a “proper” lecture before, I’ve went to see people speak on times but it didn’t relate to school. I think for me to pay attention at all it’d have to be something very interested to me, so you’re doing better then I would do! lol.

My laptop is about five years old and the battery life on it (while I’m editing pictures & listening to music) is about 3 to 4 hours. It depends on if I’m doing other things as well. lol.

Getting mail is always a great thing! Well when you get something other then a bill or junk mail. I’ve been so addicted to making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and I can’t wait to get another one from someone. lol. I have recently made one pen-pal…I need to go buy some more paper though for the next time I write her. lol.

Awh. I hate having a sore throat. And the wonderful thing about it is I NEVER get sore throats unless I need my voice for something really important. I remember this incident when I was chosen to be the main host for a special morning assembly in our school and my voice went away. It never goes away, but that day – and twice more after it – it did.
God has a cruel sense of humor. :(

My attention span is short too. My teachers would often be staring at me, and it would take me a minute to come out of my reverie and realize that I am in the middle of a class, and I should stop thinking about whatever I was thinking of.

Boots are cool. But the only ones I have have these REALLY high heels which make me groan for the whole of the next day.

Giggling with friends is fun. Those moments are few and precious and should happen more often.

Eggs make me nauseous. Anything non-vegetarian does that to me. I guess because I am brought up that way. In India, cows are worshipped because they give us milk. To eat beef, would be seriously going against one’s culture for some.

My mom says I do not share anything with her, so she’d got to know about me by my diary. It sucked. Thats why I have stopped scribbling in it.

aww, i’m so sorry to hear that you’re sick! especially since you mentioned that you were excited for school! (which i’m still reeling over, but go on! hah) and i don’t know if this will mean much, but i rarely was able to pay attention in lectures. besides, i really understand what you mean with the core subject ones – i can stay pretty focused during the 100-student ones (given that i actually want to, of course ;)), but when there’s 400 kids in the same room and one professor, it’s just too hard. anyway, i got through all right, and i know you will, too! so in the meantime, i hope you feel better really soon!

Everyone is already starting to talk about school and now I’m really scared as hell. Especially since I’m going to be a fresh man in the school. I hope I live through the day though.

I sure hope that the classrooms are going to have a plug because my laptop battery doesn’t last that long either. It would totally suck if the laptop dies on me in a middle of a lesson! It would suck more if I didn’t get to save whatever I was typing! GRRR.

HOPE YOU GET WELL SOON. I hate it when I’m sick and I NEED to go to school. I just hate missing something because I know its going to be hard catching up. And I don’t want that to happen to me.

LOL. I don’t have anywhere else to place the photographs because I can’t hang them on the wall. My mom says I would ruin the wall. Yeah, she’s really worried about the wall. /oh So I just keep them there.

I wish they still have those cassette players! Seeing as how fashion is going back to the past, might as well bring those players with them! I really love them. Those players were equivalent to the music videos when I was younger.


Dang, I hate boring lectures! haahaa! I usually daydream in most of them XD haha!

Take care Georgie!! /eee

Just want to make sure if my full comment got in… it only seems like 3 lines of my comment went in O_o please tell me if the full post got in XD Thanks!!

I hope you start feeling better soon! It sucks to go back to school feeling crappy :(

I know how you feel about laptops. I can’t take mine to school because it’ll either die (it lasts about an hour) or overheat in about ten minutes, which leaves me unable to get ANY work done.

I love the song Breakaway <3 It's such a good song. I've never heard of the others though :P

& thank you <3 all the comments about what's going on makes me feel a bit better, but at the same time it just makes me feel like one of those STUPID girls who let their feelings for a guy take over their life & happiness. I'm tired of feeling like this is all my fault when i KNOW it's not. Ugh.

I absolutely hate having a sore throat, so I hope you start feeling better soon. It is one of the worst feelings, I think. I wouldn’t want any kind of yucky herb in my mouth either. Some medicines taste so gross. I’ve gagged taking a pill before not because I can’t swallow them because I have no problem doing that, but because of the coating, it was so nasty. Ugh!

Anyway, I love professors that engage in the class and actually are excited about being there themselves. My Oral Communications professor at UCA was probably my favorite professor because he came in every morning Tues and Thurs at 8am in a chipper mood ready to teach us. He never dragged in unenthusiastic. He was always pumped about making speech easier for us. I learned a lot from him and actually earned an A in the coarse. Only 3 people in my class pulled an A so I was fairly proud.

I can’t stand classes where the entire thing is lecture and boring. I can deal with lecture if the teacher makes it fun and they actually seem interested, but from my experience it’s mainly the teaching sounding like they’re reading straight from a book. It’s such a snooze fest.

that’s my worry for going back to university. I start in exactly two weeks, and I’m like panicking. I’m not ready for my summer to be over, nor am I ready to do assignments again. But I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s my last semester, so just suck it up and get it done. But I, too, have a terrible attention span. I’ve actually considered buying this vitamin called Focus Factor before going back to university, just to help me pay attention and retain information. I’m not the best student academically, much of which comes from laziness but also much from lack of attention. Well, good luck to us both!

Aww back at Uni already!
That was pretty quick.

Sorry its taken me so long to reply to your comment! Hopefully you’ve been seeing some of my tweets to you.
I hope your throat gets better, and your mums remedy will work! Put some faith in it :p even if it does taste disgusting. Ginger and lemon helps also, if you ever want to try that.

All this talk about lectures and tutorials makes me want to go to Uni :( can’t wait.
Hope your good, sorry this comment has been short, nothing compared to yours :(

:love: ♥ AH man, trust it to be when you go back to University. I always get sick on holidays. I am not sure what’s worse.

I have no concentration and by the afternoon I am ready to sleep. I used to sit there and draw characters on my pad as to not distract anyone. (Y)

Hey Georgie!! I hope that you can delete my previous comments XD My old comment that probably had 30 lines DISAPPEARED. Well actually it only took the first and last two lines. Sometimes it happens, argh! I really have no idea why. Now am really going to save my comments before hitting submit comment. Darn!

So better comment all over again :D hehee

Man I think every student undergoes holiday mode unless of course you’re the serious type of student or something like you have a hidden goal. Seeing my friends again makes up for everything though. we all live so far from each other and school is the only place we meet so going to school is worthwhile too! :D hehehe

And OMG GEORGIE YOU’RE SICK!! Grar I hate sore throats! My best friend has tonsilitis right now so we weren’t able to go out a while ago. And darn I know what you mean by yucky herbal meds! Oh if I can only ship you some Chinese *not yucky* meds! Hhehe I’d ship you pei pat kua ( a sweet chinese syrup) and african sea coconut (minty chinese syrup). They really do the work! Or my other friend swears by the scotch remedy. Just drink 1/4 of a small glass of scotch. She swears that her sore throat disappeared the next day. I really hope yours disappears soon! >:D:D<

I have pretty much been around strippers my entire life. It’s mostly because I live in Vegas, and they’re everywhere. I do feel bad for them, especially when people call them whores and sluts and so many other things just because of their occupation. I like to think that, sure, some do it because they like it, but the others are just trying to support themselves.

This is Las Vegas; no one respects strippers or prostitutes or anything of that nature. Girls walk around casinos half-naked all the time. It’s crazy. Vegas isn’t fun for anyone over 21, they say.

Her boss obviously understood her situation :). That’s good <3. People like that are respected in return for their hospitality. Those are the nice people in this world.

My dad only pays me when I do my chores, so it's kind of like a job and paycheck. I like knowing I have money to buy things in the near future. :P I also just like having money in my wallet.

My school has the most boring lectures. Sometimes the entire school has to meet for a lecture in the auditorium and everyone’s snoring and asking when this’ll be over. Our teachers really know how to drag things out!

Lozenges :P. Yeah. Those are nasty things here. Ick. The worst ones are Ricola. They make my cringe at the thought, lol :).

I hate waking up late. I feel like I’ve missed a good part of the day. :|

Ah I hope you get better soon :(

LOL! I know how you feel, sometimes in lessons I’ll just not be bothered and start day dreaming or doodling. I usually say to myself, ‘I’ll concentrate the next lesson!’, but mer some teachers/lessons are just SO boring >< Hopefully you are able to regain your focus XD

Usually when I go back to school at first I'm prepared for the hard work, but as the days ago on I just become more and more lazy Dx

hi thx for the good luck i should be live in a month or less depends how much time i have to do my files.. with regard to ur sore throat, salt water really works i knows its yukky but it works.. i hope u get better soon then ull be able to pay attention more, i never pay attention if i feel so sick..

I’m sorry about your sore throat. Sore throats are my least favorite common ailment. I can deal with coughing, stomach aches, and congestion, but sore throats are debilitating for me. I never really do much to cure them, so I can’t help you find a replacement for that green powder. I usually just wait them out.

I’m afraid that I’ll not feel like doing anything once school starts. It’s either going to go one way or the other. I’m hoping I’ll be able to embrace the new year and the new work with energy that’s been building up with all my relaxation this summer. I know that’s not going to happen. It never does. I’m going to be thinking about how relaxed I was during the summer for at least the first three weeks.

My laptop has absolutely no power either. I unplugged it once because my puppy kept chewing on the cord and it didn’t last me more than a half hour. /ehh

Aww, it really sucks that you’re still ill & not really feeling any better! So that weird powder stuff doesn’t really help you & your throad, does it?

I really hope you do start to feel better soon though! Being at school/uni while being sick sucks big times! I even once got sent home because my coughing was that bad. xD I guess it just annoyed my teacher to no end. xD

My mum always tries to convience me to drink tea & honey – I don’t even drink my tea with any sugar why does she think I’d drink it with honey? But just normal tea usually helps me at least a little bit.

Oh I totally know the feeling of still being in “holiday mode” – it’s really, really difficult to concentrate on the actual lessons than. Even more if your friends have soo much to tell about their holidays & you do too. We usually always spent the first two days of school with just talking. Teachers of course don’t like that too much, but that’s their problem. xD

I hope you’ll find back to “uni mode” soon though – it would suck if you’d miss too much stuff. And you definitely have to enlarge your attention span! xD But hey, I know that feeling. During math class (which was usually 90 minutes) I barely paid any attention to what my teacher was telling us. Maybe that’s the reason why I miserably failed in that class? xD

Are you guys supposed to use your laptops in that class? If so – why don’t they have any power points? I mean, you need them to be able to work properly!

I am actually pretty lucky that my laptop’s battery runs for like 2 hours – or at least it she does now. Who knows how long it’ll run once the laptop gets older.

Wait.. did you watch Doctor Who IN CLASS?? If you did – that’s kinda super cool! I wish I could’ve done that in my years at school! That would’ve made things soo much more awesome. xD

awww I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick I hate having sore throats and I get quite a few, the worst one I had was last november and i had to have antibiotics for that :/

Gargling with mouthwash helps especially if you use Listerine (do you have listerine in australia?) it burns your throat but i figured it’s killing off whatevers there so it cant be bad!

haha aww I always stop paying attention in my lectures I bet i’ll be terrible once I finally go back I havent had lectures since May D: I just kinda daydream because their voices are soothing I’ve actually nearly fallen asleep in some as well ahhaa

thanks the alpacas were cute although the brown one that I fed kept spitting at my auntie. They do tend to spit which is kinda gross.

sounds good though that you had a break and just relaxed and watched tv I never get time for tv much anymore so no-one can ever accuse me of getting square eyes haha

Group work sounds awesome if you get to sit with your friends that is we had a group design project last year which was fun.

Yeah I know exactly what you mean i’ll always choose my site over reading, I just feel like there’s always stuff to do on there that wouldnt get done if I was reading, the only time I ever get to read is before bed now and sometimes I don’t feel like it then

Your laptop only lasts about an hour? How much stuff do you run that it only lasts an hour? That doesn’t sound normal at all.

You’re talking to the person who uses five browsers; plus, the wireless sucks it up.

Yea, that will definitely eat the battery.

Aw man, you’re still sick! I agree it is a horrible feeling. There is something about normal. You miss it when it’s gone.

Oh my goodness I hope my lectures aren’t that boring when I start going. I’m a goal oriented person so if the lecturer gives me the goal of the class I hope to stay alert. Because for me I’ll fall asleep and I snore!! 😳

I had a communication class at an engineering camp last year. I was a good listener but not a good communicator. Too funny! :)

I hope you feel better soon! Wear that scarf!

Feel better soon! My mom used to force disgusting herbal remedies on me, but I think she gave up after watching me dry heave one too many times. If you get a chance, though, you really should try the whole gargling salt water thing — it really works wonders on a sore throat!

And I’m the opposite — I actually get in the okay-I’m-going-to-work-hardcore mode the first few days I’m back in school, but after that I just get burnt out. Maybe if I let myself stay in holiday mode at the beginning, I’ll be able to store some motivation for later?

I hope you feel better, Georgina!
No one likes being sick, |: . I used to get sick so often when I was 11; it was not a pleasant time, =_=’. The worse parts about being sick — to me — is that sore throat and the inability to scream freely. I’m loud — very loud — and I like to talk loudly, but when I’m sick, I know better than to do that, but it still sucks. And then of course, the swallowing. It hurts so bad to swallow, >.<.

The only person I ever receive lectures from right now, is my mother. Lectures on the stupidest things, like how she thinks I shouldn't hang out with guys so much (like I told you before) because people will start to think I'm gay, 0__o. I was like, "Seriously, Mom?!?" And then lectures on why girls and guys should not become best friends. Obviously, someone's still living in 1969, =_=. In Vietnam! o: .

I think you left me a comment a week ago that I wasn’t able to reply to. Not too sure if I did reply or not . . . But IF I didn’t, it’s because I switched hosts so everything was down for awhile, :p.

I’m so sorry I have to reply here on my website. I haven’t been able to see your website for some time, both on my computer and my iPhone, and at university, no matter how many times I clear my cache. I’m so sorry!

I did get your other comment but shortly after, your site didn’t load. I assumed it was downtime so came back later, but alas, it still isn’t loading for me. :(

Thank you! I still have a cold now, but my throat is much better. :) I hate the feeling of not being able to swallow, and having to lower my voice because it’s painful to talk.

I’ve had lectures from my own mother too – don’t get me started. But education lectures are a must. On that note though… my mum is the same. She doesn’t believe that guys and girls can be friends. I’m out to prove her wrong. Let’s both prove our mothers wrong. :D

Hey Georgie!!

How are you? Me? Well; so to speak I’m starving and can’t find anything to eat!! Yet. But it will all change as soon as my dad gets home from work. Than we’ll be going to get something to eat. I can’t wait. Heehee.

Well; Disneyland was a bust. My so called best friend didn’t even want me to go with her it sounded like from my end. She wanted me to pay half of the parking fee. I was like Uhm no. Thanks but no thanks. Ya know? So I didn’t end up going after all. I also texted her number and told her don’t bother calling me any more about useless shit (sorry for that) Oh I slept with this guy and I’m not leading a christian life and blah blah blah. Well; it’s her damned decision to sleep with these men. I know she’s trying to find love, and to settle down and what not but that’s the only time she’ll call is when to complain that she slept with this guy and he’s this and that and I wish I never slept with him and etc. I mean jeez, how much more can a girl take of hearing that?

Anyway, this is my new domain . Heehee although was free, I didn’t want to take the .net extension and wanted to try .com extension to see how I like it. I’m paid for two years so yeah. I did a stupid thing and bought it twice I didn’t realize it until I had sent the money after. Oh well; at least I don’t have to worry about it going away for now. Haha right?

Well; I hope you feel better soon kiddo. Take care of yourself and drink lots of fluids! *hugs*

:) Hey Georgina!

I’ve decided to stick to keep in contact with you; but I don’t think I will be making a website any time soon. Even though every time I check up on all your resources and tutorials they always inspire me. /love

Ooh, that so suckish to be ill D: I had like a week off school last time I was ill, well actually that’s quite a good thing. XD Sorry, I love your smilies (Y)

Eugh, green powder? I agree with Lilian, that sounds like it will make your mouth even drier than it already is. You should try salt water, my mum has it to keep her healthy. Apparently it’s disgusting but it’s worth it. ;)

Hopefully you get better soon. I always seem to get ill at the start of the holidays rather than the end, I suppose I’ve been lucky so far. /bounce

Holiday mode. Hmm.. 💥 LOL! I hate that feeling. Sometimes I try to have a nap during class. 🤫 Since I’m joining a new school in September it might be different and hopefully more interesting (if school can even be interesting *sigh*)

Well I hope you get better. /eee And just pretend that green powder is like mint chocolate (if that’s possible) LOL. /hehe

Hey Liberty! Aw, thank you for commenting though – thanks to this lovely WordPress plugin, I can respond here. :) I’m glad I give you that inspiration. Remember, no pressure to keep a site up either.

When I’m ill I actually don’t like taking days off, unless it’s so serious that I can’t get out of bed or something. :P Otherwise, I make my way to university or work.

I actually don’t mind salt water! My throat is much better now, though. ;)

Good luck at your new school when you start! I’m sure it’ll all go alright. Try not to fall asleep in class, haha. :D