Little By Little

So, university has officially started and I’m sick. Not so cool. My sore throat got worse, and my mum’s been giving me this stupid green herb powder crap. It’s called ‘watermelon frost’, or something like that. It’s just like herbal powder, but it’s so terrible in taste that it makes my eyes water. It’s disgusting. 😷

I hope I start feeling better soon. Being sick is a terrible feeling. I’ve started to develop a cold as well. Tomorrow I should remember to wear a scarf or something!

I actually haven’t tried anything proper for my throat. I gave up on the ginger tea, I still haven’t tried salt water, and I haven’t even tried any mints. Right now I’m trying to avoid getting ready for bed because I do not want my mum putting more of that green powder in my throat.

I felt pretty tired all of yesterday. I woke up early, naturally. I had done my reading for that lesson so I felt a little accomplished in a way. Sadly, I was still in “holiday mode”, so I stopped paying attention about halfway through the lecture.

I felt pretty bad. Looking on my attention span in lectures, it differs so much from lectures I had way back last year. I remember my first lecture being really interesting, because my lecturer tried to make us feel really welcome. My second ever lecture was a little lonely, and I was sitting on my own. It was a core subject, so we were in a huge auditorium with lots of people.

I actually remembered paying attention and taking proper notes!

And yesterday, I got bored so I started watching Doctor Who. /um I’m pretty terrible, I know. Tomorrow I’m hoping to pay more attention. I think the subject will be interesting. Hopefully I won’t get that sidetracked. 😳

During our tutorial, Sebby noticed that there were no power points – hence we were going to die. Obviously laptop addicts can’t venture in any other direction. He hadn’t brought his laptop but envisaging what future tutorials would be like, our laptops would die in the middle of class.

I’m deeply amused. πŸ˜… Maybe not. Maybe the reality will hit me later. I love my laptop but it has such little power on battery. It lives for about an hour, tops. My iPhone even lasts longer!

I have a pretty bouncy tutor for that class. It’s called Regulating Communication. I find it pretty interesting to start off with. I just need to put my attention span back to 20 minutes. Yes, I’m serious. πŸ˜†

I think we all stay in holiday mode for quite some time even after classes begin. πŸ˜•

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