The Imploding Voice

I woke up this morning and thought, “oh no”. There was a dragon in my throat. (Yes Sebby, I said dragon.)

My inconsistent breathing led me to realise that I had woken up with a nasty sore throat. That happens to me from time to time, and it isn’t pleasant at all. I picked up my laptop and stayed in bed for an hour or two, until my mum woke up and I had no choice but to get off and get some proper breakfast.

University is starting tomorrow and I want to let some old habits die. I want to get more sleep. I clearly don’t get enough.

I was keeping an eye on the news today, and recent research has shown that the ideal amount of hours to sleep per night is seven. More than nine hours can apparently increase the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. :(

On the contrary, research shows that sleeping in every once in a while is good. 😰 It’s funny what the news tells you; you never know what to believe sometimes. But my sleeping patterns were nasty during my break from university, and I think every day from now on, I’ll try to sleep before midnight. :)

I had some ginger drink this morning, and this evening. I thought it would help with my sore throat. It eased a bit. I made a stupid choice to eat lollies today, which probably made it worse.

These issues are annoying. I also wear a retainer at night (which I got after my braces were removed), which gives me hell sometimes because of its position. Sometimes I end up biting the inside of my cheek and waking up with nasty ulcers. 😢

My mum told me to brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush. I hated it so much. I hate electric toothbrushes. I think I’m allergic to them or something, because when I use them, they make my nose really, really itchy. I don’t think I’m the only one though – my brother Brandon complains as well. At one point, it made me sneeze. /oh

It seems that there are little things that can make a sore throat worse. I’m still not up for trying James’s magic garlic solution. :P Apparently it can work. I’m not willing to try it properly yet. My voice is getting hoarser and I’ve had to reduce speech to a whisper. I think it’s getting to the point where I’m losing my voice.

Let me hope that I’ll sleep and things will be okay in the morning. In high school, I got laryngitis and pharyngitis in the same year, and I couldn’t even talk. XD

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Haha, yeah, sleeping in is pretty good for you once in a while; like having a glass of wine occasionally. :3 I think. /sweat

Refined sugar dehydrates your throat. So does ginger; best thing you could do is the garlic thing. Ngege, sucked in. :B

Here’s something my dad and I fiddled around with when we were both sick back in May:
-1 cup tomato juice
-1 tbsp lemon juice
-1 finely chopped chili
-1 clove garlic
Bring to boil, slowly sip. It’s also pretty good on cold mornings when there’s nothing wrong with you, but you can hold the lemon juice here.

Silent Wuggs! *gguh* :)


LOL *HUGG* You are so degrading, going to bed before I do (I’m just joking). I miss the days we used to sleep at the same time. :( I’ll try and sync everything again, I will. :)

I’ll snoop some garlic and milk tomorrow if I can. Ngege. ;)

I might do without the chili… I’ll have lemon tea tomorrow, maybe. ♥


Oh noes! A dragon in your throat D: That sounds very painful. And uncomfortable D: I hope you’re not getting sick :( That would REAAAAAAAAAALLY suck. I hope the dragon has gone. Or is at least sleeping :)

Uni started today for me! I was dreading it yesterday but this morning I was super hyper /eee Hahaha. It wasn’t so bad. Lecture was SO BORING though :(

I hope you have fun tomorrow when Uni starts for you :) SLEEP EARLY TONIGHT!

Don’t worry! Your sleeping patterns may be bad but I can sleep for 12 hours straight on a daily basis, so I’d say mine are WORSE! Hahaha :P

SEVEN hours of sleep? That’s not enough! I read somewhere that teenagers are supposed to get TEN!

Over 9 hours increases risk of cardiovascular disease? WHAT? Oh noes! I slept more that 9 hours a day for the last month and a half D: Oops. I better marry a heart doctor :P

Awwww! :( Yeah, eating lollies isn’t really good for sore throats. Unless they’re strepsils :) Then they’re GREAT! I hope the lollies were yummy! Cos then it’s worth it :P Hahaha!

Oh god. I hate retainers. I hate, hate, HATE them. Mine makes my mouth feel so funny in the morning, and if I forget to wear it one night. The next night, I am guaranteed to bite my cheek at least ONCE /angry

I hate cheek ulcers! Bloody painful! 🤬

I use a normal toothbrush, but the electric ones look really intimidating to me. Even if they supposedly work better @_@ If I ever use one, I’ll tell you if they make ME sneeze too :P

Ahhh! I seriously hope your sore throat gets better! :O


I know, I know. Me and Belinda were really retarded that day :( Oh well. We have definitely learnt our lesson. Hahahaha! Arms…So…STIFF! LOL! Sore arms from hugging. That’s funny!

LOL, Jaden Smith is cuter than the old Karate Kid. But he’s kid-cute. Not omfg-Skandar-Keynes-cute XD

I know! I re-read my blog and there are like FORTYBAZILLION TYPOS in there T_T I suck. I’ll have to fix them some time :P

GOOD LUCK WITH UNI TOMORROW :D Hahaha, don’t worry! The workload doesn’t kick in until 2nd week :) Congratulations on already doing your readings :) ♥ I did mine too!

Ms Chadd was a really crappy teacher though. REALLY bad. You could so tell when you had a different teacher and compared them to her. She was FAIL. HMPH!

Omg, Sebby’s going to end up with as many shoes as you or me! LOL, that would be HILARIOUS :P

I live in Jeans! Hahaha. I don’t know, I guess I’m not good with wearing skirts. I always forget to smooth the back down before I sit so I’m sitting on my skirt instead of my skirt just flowing out behind me. And I only like short skirts so I have to remember to cross my legs and stuff. Zomg, I think I should wear more skirts and get used to them XD I can’t wear skirts in Winter though. TOO COLD FOR ME! D:

I’ve never really woken up with a sore throat. I’m a bit paranoid about my throat, so I usually take good care of it. :) Sore throats are definitely annoying when I do get them though.

For some reason, I thought that the ideal amount of hours for sleeping was 8. :))

I didn’t know that too much sleep was bad. :( Now I’m getting worried.

I wear retainers on the top all the time and braces at the bottom. It hurts sometimes, depending on my sleeping position. There are days when I wake up and my lips just really, really hurt. :(

Electric toothbrushes make me sneeze too, haha.

I hope your sore throat gets better.

I always yawn. It’s annoying.

I can’t do Photoshop at all when I don’t get much sleep. :( I just get so, so lazy.

I hope you feel better soon Georgie!! *hugs*.

I hate having sore throats in the morning or even better on a hot humid day in summer. They’re the worst!! I’ve had larengytist (sp)? before. That was right before I got sick and ran away (long story). I hope you feel better soon!

I bought a new domain, and I am very extremely happy about it. Yes I am. I will give you a hint though it’s from Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” movie. You’ll have to guess the name of it. Heehee good luck!

I went back to my old domain again just until I get my new one settled in. Which in this case won’t be until after August 5th so only a few days of waiting. Cool no?

Well; I don’t know what to say so I guess I’m gonna shut up now but again I hope you feel better soon! *Hugs*!

:O I’m sorry you have a sore throat! Apparently drinking lots of warm water with peppermint is supposed to help? I’ve no idea xD but I do hope you get better!

Only seven hours?! I get seven hours, but I’m still pretty tired the next day.. hmm…. I really need to work on my sleeping patterns as well. Hopefully you can get yours back on track soon :) Sleeping before midnight is probably a good idea, ahahaha. But I know how hard it is to change what time you go to sleep after you’ve gone to sleep at a certain time for so long @_@

Ahh, retainers. I haven’t worn mine in forever…. heh heh heh. But I remember those nasty ulcers! If it’s a really big pain and happens frequently, you might be able to ask your orthodontist for some kind of rubber to put on your retainer? I’m not sure if they have that, but I know they do for braces themselves, so maybe!

I surely hope you aren’t losing your voice D:

Same goes for me: I tell mom not to buy too many things for me, but she doesn’t listen and does what she wants: so I have a wardrobe full of things I rarely wear. @_@

……………………………………………………………………I think it’s because I don’t love chothes-shopping (were it for me, I’d only shop for manga, novels, DVDs and CDs), and I rarely go out with the purpose of buying new clothes; if I see something I like during my errands and I have money, well…of course, I think about it, but otherwise… 😝

I hate sore throats. I’m not a person who’d get them all the time. But when I get them, it’s total hell for me. I can’t talk, can’t eat food because of all the stuff stuck in my throat and I can’t swallow and.. argh. I could go on and on. Common cold could be worse!

The ginger drink is very helpful. Gargle your mouth once in a while, which would be pretty helpful. XD Also, if you could have some Strepsils or something, it would do good. I used to drink loads of tea which looked all black and it tasted like ginger and mint put together, with a bit of sugar. It cleared my throat in a while and I was all happy. (:

Sigh, when you said retainers, I thought of my condition. I’m getting braces. :O How bad is it going to be? Argh. I have vampire teeth to be honest.

Sorry to hear about your sore throat. At my house we usually use lemon juice to ease those.
I still need 8 hours of sleep and I get a little sleepy when I don’t have it all. It has been annoying, lately, if I wake up in the middle of the night I can’t get back to sleep for 1 to 2 hours thus losing some of obviously needed sleep. But last night I might have only lost 15 minutes. Yay! :D
Me and my sister got electric toothbrushes once. It was so much fun. Maybe the reason your nose itches has to do with the electricity going through your body or something.
Thanks for the muffin recipe’s website. I’ll try them after I make fortune cookies. :)

The ideal amount of sleep is 7 hours? Really? I always feel tired after sleeping 7. I think 9 is the best..if I sleep 10 I feel over-rested and tired because of it :D 9 is perfect for me. But I usually get around..hmm 6-7hours of sleep during the week. Not good.

Oooh, that does sound like a nasty sore throat! What my mom tells me to do is gargle with warm salt water. Just get warm water from the tap, dash salt in it, and gargle. I was really scared to do it at first, because I was afraid of how bad it would taste XD But it actually really helped! I guess mom knows best, haha.

Good luck getting to bed before 12 every night! I can’t ever seem to do it myself.

Woah, it seems that your sore throat is pretty horrible. >.> Mine aren’t ever that bad. :/

My brother used to say that eating honey works…but I never liked honey alone. Hahah. xD

Well, I hope you get better soon!


Thanks for your comment. :)
It was very sweet and yeah, I had a wonderful time…I didn’t expect my retreat to be that fun. xD

So, what is Beyond the Shadows about? Or rather, what is the whole trilogy about?

I LOVE Boys Over Flowers and yesh, haha. I know you’re watching Doctor Who. XD
I’ve been receiving your tweets. :P

My dad always says to gargle salt water when I have a sore throat. It doesn’t work, don’t even bother. It’s not worth it.

Every time I’m sick, I get sore throats. I feel your pain :( The doctor always has to test for strep throat. Have you ever experienced that? They stick a giant cotton swab down your throat. It gags you. Such a terrible feeling.

Allergic to an electric toothbrush? I haven’t heard of that before. Actually, I don’t even remember using an electric toothbrush. They don’t sound very fun. I have seasonal allergies so I have to endure an itchy nose all the time. It really is annoying when you feel like little bugs are crawling all over your face because you are so itchy.

Ouch! Ulcers are terrible.

I’ve always heard that it is good to have eight hours of sleep every night. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that more than nine hours can increase those risks. It kind of seems silly. Did they elaborate on that topic any more?

I think I’m starting to give up on getting a DSLR. I was hoping my whole family could pitch in and help me get one for my birthday but my aunt and uncle are about to lose their house and my grandparents have no money at all. The money I have now is trying to jump out of my wallet XD

Spring is my favorite season! Enjoy it :)

Awww, I hope you feel better soon! You could try gargling with salt water… that’s supposed to help cure sore throats…
Or just eat a lot of Popsicles. (:

Yay for university starting! Hopefully you won’t have to work with people who have no idea what they’re doing this time!

That garlic thing doesn’t sound too good… if I were you, I’d just hope it goes away soon instead of having that!

And you work with little kids? You must have a lot of patience… they’re a little too hyper for me…

WHAT?? NO! You must finish it! Although I know what you mean, they are a bit young.

Well if he does download it, you should watch it! Although I have no clue when if comes out in Australia (or if it already has), so that’s why you might not have heard of it yet!

argh, school is already starting for you? heh, i hope you’re excited for it! (in some ways i am, but mostly… not) i really wouldn’t believe news – for anything, really – but in terms of stuff like sleep, if you want real information try scholarly journals, not fad articles that come into view every now and then to try to catch attention. i think your health is generally safe. :D and my sleep turns absolutely horrible during university; it’s like three hour nights or none, and if it’s none, then definitely some naps when i can. haha, break has been my reprieve! good luck with steadying your habits though! it’s so hard. :(

Oh, yuck :|. I hate sore throats and just being sick in general. It sucks. Big time.

Throat lessenges (not sure how to spell that) worked for me when I had a sore throat, but they also taste disgusting. :/ Honestly, there’s no yummy way to get rid if sore throats.

I have a retainer, too, and the only problem it causes for me is making the roof of my mouth raw because at night my tongue has apparently figured out how to take it off of ny teeth and put it back on. Seven or eight hours of this HURTS.

Electric tooth brushes tickle my freakin’ teeth. I’m the most ticklish person ever! D: Just patting my knee makes me jump and stuff. People think it’s hilarious.

I have also heard that too much sleep makes you more tired than if you get two hours of sleep. I can agree because I once got two hours of sleep and was very happy and cheery and not tired the next day, and I once got about eleven hours of sleep and was twice as tired the next day.

But sleep is good :). Seven hours should be just enough for you to go through your day and still be tired enough to sleep at night.

It wasn’t really a theme park, but more like much cooler pools than your generic ones. They had probably three regular pools, but two fun, family-friendly ones as well :). I’m sure you’d have fun! Lol.

I don’t like bathing because I feel like I’m sitting in my own filth, but it’s also relaxing and refreshing :). Something to calm you on your worst days.

Vegas is SO high-priced. It’s crazy. Sometimes I don’t like it, but it comes with where you live I guess. We’re so expensive because of the tourism I’m sure. The gambling, night clubs, drinking, strippers, all this Vegas stuff that costs a fortune. Not to mention mac-n-cheese on the strip is considered an appetizer, and also a $12 meal.

I’m not much of a mainstream person, either, but there are some songs I like because I can sing along and dance along with them :). Those are good for those days when I want to say “Eff you effing planet Earth!” Just turn up my bass and dance around my room like an idiot. I punched a hole in the wall once because I got so into my dancing and “punching the air.” Dx

Boys grades 6-12 do that here. Not sure how mature they are there, but that’s what they do here. I’ve been to my future HS on a field trip and WOW. Let’s say idiots. Sometimes I think the world would be better without the idiot race of man.

I don’t like when my mom asks why I’m friends with him or her, or why I was talking to him or her. Maybe I just am, and maybe I just was. I don’t like having my privacy any more invaded than the next person :/.

Trust me, I understand. Especially when people don’t really use what you make. I’d much rather design for my own pure pleasure alone <3.

I hope your start feeling better soon. A sore throat is no fun whatsoever. At least we do not need to rely on your voice to communicate. ♥

I also hope that your first day of university goes well. :D

I only get maybe 9 hours of sleep. 11-8. I am planning on getting into my schedule which I am going to be doing for this upcoming school year.

I do not have a problem with my retainer nor electric toothbrushes. D:


Thank you so much. This Monday we have to go on a three hour drive to who knows where to a doctors appointment. Hopefully the doctor will be able to help him.

I am the same exact way! I visit my e-mail and website the most when I am on the computer. The more I am on my website, the more errors I see. D:

Honestly, I was thinking about applying. I know you have a busy life and all, so I did not want to bother you with having to review my website.

Well hey at least you are doing something with your website. So many are dead. It annoys me to no end to see someone’s last update 3 months ago. Nobody is that busy that they can not update at least once a month whether it is a blog post or something…

Thank you so much. :D

Thought you should know that on your website’s history page many of your links are dead and one of them inparticular links to a very inappropriate page…. /sweat

Sorry to hear about your sick throat. I’m not sure if you have these over there but “Strepsils Cool” are amazing for sore throats. I got a sore throat on Friday and by Sunday it was gone thanks to those. They are truly amazing.

I didn’t really get to write all my thoughts on love down, because to be honest I don’t really know how to. I mean it sounds good in my head but then when I go to write it down it doesn’t sound as good.

I agree with that quote. I have heard so many people say it, and it is really true.

I would love love love to be a housewife and do some web design/photography/maybe even writing in my spare time. Or just to bring some extra money into the house. But my dream is to be a housewife and mum. (: I just need to find a man that would be alright with that. I want to be the sort of wife that has dinner on the table, the house clean and an open beer ready for when my hubby gets home. (: My mum thinks I’m crazy when I say that.

I say that I have a giggle in my throat when it hurts. Not sure why, not like giggles are painful …

My mother told me this information about sleep today when I was having lunch with her. My doc also told me your body sleeps when it needs it. She believes too many people get prescribed sleeping tablets when it’s not necessary.

I sleep on average about 6-7 hours. Occasionally I will sleep 10, normally when I have a cold or the flu I will sleep in excess of 14-16 hours.

I actually don’t really sleep unless I feel tired. There are times when my body has showed signs of sleep – my eyes start drooping and I just don’t want to move my body. At that point, I head off to bed. Otherwise, I usually don’t bother… though I am trying to sleep early so I can wake up early, because I love my mornings.

The longest I’ve slept is 12 hours; I honestly can’t push it further than that. On days when I sleep in, it’s usually 9 or 10 hours at a maximum. I get about 6 to 7 hours when I’ve got classes or other commitments. :P

7 hours only?? Geeez. I’ve been trying to get 8 to 9 hours since that is what my grade school book says. haha. Talk about major changes in studies now.
The electric toothbrush made me lol. :) I never tried it though. I am fine with the conventional one.

Ah i know how that feels. It mainly happens to me when there is a fan on. If it blows on me while I am sleeping I wake up with a blocked nose and a sore throat. My brother really struggles with that, if any air or air condition blows on him his eyes go all itchy and red, and his throat started getting really sore.

If there is one thing I hate, it would have to be sore throats /ho

I don’t know if it would help but my brother scratches his throat with his tongue. It’s really gross, but apparently helps. It really hard to do, you can either do it or you can’t. I can’t.
Although I hate sore throats I love not being able to speak. haha /eee

I also used to have braces, but I couldn’t handle the retainers. They were driving me insane and I would get so distracted by them I wouldn’t sleep. I stopped wearing them, but I do actually have strips of wire glued to the back of my teeth, so those keep them straight.

I also need to work on my sleeping habits in time for school. I think sleep is probably the most important thing, to keep concentrating for me.

I brought a picture for them because hairdressers never do what you ask them! I gave them one time perfect instructions and I got the opposite XD haha.
I gave her a picture, and she was really good, and she told me what would suit my face shape.
I know how it feels! Being completely content about how your hair currently is, then going to the hairdresser to make it worse! But I’m quite happy about my cut.
I don’t think I would suit a side fringe, I have a straight, full one, which I am not 100% sure if it suits me or not. I like it though.

Hehe I know I woke up 3 sunrises in a row because of the roll messing up! I got new ones, but I’m not so sure how they turn out. I will be sure to post them, I’m going tonight to get it developed.
I recommend going (: it’s beautiful.
I din’t go back to sleep, so now because of how my days usually fly, I am sitting here at 2:40, thinking it’s 7. Waking up so early has maximized my hours, and I have gotten so much more done.

Me too! Up until about 12 or 13 too I never had pants, but when I moved I started wearing them, and now I wear nothing else. I am not uncomfortable in shorts, ironic eh?
I only own skinnys, though. I am such a picky dresser it’s scary. /um

Hehe to be honest, I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers. So altogether i am the youngest in a family of 8, and it probably the most annoying, Because I have so many older than me, I am always hearing my parents say ‘Oh, your sister was so much more mature than you at your age.’ and ‘You are the little baby of the family’, and ‘What happened to you? You brothers and sisters are brilliant at sport and academics and you’re not’. It’s terrible. Mostly at school all the teachers would compare me. /bash
People say I am lucky to have such a big family without having more than 2 parents. But nevertheless, it’s still really hard. I am having such a great time without them here (they went to London for the summer), I may sound ugly (I’m sorry O_O ) but I really did need a break from them. :O

One thing I have never learnt to do is spend. I will not even spend money on the smallest things. Most of my life I was saving up for the computer I have now, and to be honest I have never spent a coin. /hehe

That’s good you’re learning to spend! But not too much! Being stingy like me though is never a good thing! /bounce

Good luck with your habits and uni ;)

I hope you’re feeling better now :3 I rarely get ill or have a sore throat or anything, but I think that makes it worse when I do. D:

7 hours, really? I don’t know what’s good for me, I know perfectly well I either sleep far too little(5-6 hours a night when I have school) or far too much(about 10-11 hours some weekends) and I’m permanently exhausted. 8 sounds like a good average, I think. xD But then, I heard a report on the news recently about a school in England which starts at 10am so that pupils can get more sleep, because teenagers apparently need nine and a quarter hours a night. I don’t know a single teenager who gets that much sleep on a school night; I mean, we need to be up at half 7 at the latest to get the bus just after 8. :L

I hope your throat gets better! I sometimes randomly wake up with a sore throat and it sucks. I thought I had strep throat earlier this year because it was SO painful, but it eventually just went away.

hopefully you can sort out your sleeping habits for university :D I had mine messed up a ltitle while ago, but because of my new job I’ve had to get up early so I in turn went to bed earlier too :P So it worked out a bit, though sometimes I still end up staying up late. For a few days, the latest I COULD sleep in was like 8:15am ’cause I was so used to waking up early :P But now I can usually sleep past that :P

I don’t really keep up with fanfictions anymore. There used to be SO MANY that I read, but now I’ve kind of lost intrest as I’m not as obsessed with the twilight series :P

I’m not sure if he’s going to put in an effort or not, but if he’s not putting in at least 90% effort to make it work it’s not even worth it. He says he doesn’t think it will work but I think if he REALLY truely believed that, he would just give up and say he was done. IDK, maybe I just shouldn’t over analyze everything.

I’ve always loved converse and wanted some, but it’s like $70 for a pair here >.< They were only $15 in the states! I sooo should have bought them :(

Oh, ouch. I hate sore throats…
Why not try having some popsicles? Those helped when I got a sore throat at one point. :3
More than nine hours of sleep increases the chance of cardiovascular disease and stroke? You gotta be kidding me. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can die and if you get too much sleep, then you can die. ._.

I do prefer walking better. I’m just getting my license so I don’t feel like a loser and can legally use a car, haha 🙄

I hate waking up with a soar throat 😰 My sleeping habbits are usually irregular but they’ve been constant over the past few months. It’s interesting to know that a lot of sleep can hurt you though :/. The news does get terribly confusing, especially those commercials that contradict each other with their ‘statistics’

I hope that you feel better though, and that university will go well. The feeling of being busy and sick is a bit dreadful O_O

i hope u get better soon, two weeks ago i was so sick with my throat being sore and coughing.. i use an electric toothbrush but putting on eye shadow makes me sneeze lol.. i chose a layout for my site so i just need to convert all my files to php then ill be back in the website world :).. watch this space!!!

I actually read a study once that suggested 6 hours of sleep was optimal. That people who slept 6 hours a night lived longer. And I’ve read another one that college students actually need more because of the amount of stress their under (Similiar amounts to high school students).

Ech. A sore throat before school starts? That sucks! What a horrible way to start the year!

I am so sorry to hear that you have a sore throat. I have been lucky thus far this year and haven’t been seriously sick. I hope that you begin to feel better real soon. :) I personally think that the best thing about having a sore throat is that you can eat all of the ice cream that you want…well, at least my Mom lets me. :)

Thank you! I think this is the first time I’ve been sick this year. I don’t get sick often but when I do, it feels nasty.

Ohhh, I’m craving ice cream now! Though the weather is too cold to have some. :P

I usually sleep around 6 to 7 hours, but my husband can sleep around 10 hours or more. Oh I should tell him about this recent research!

Ginger tea is really good for that sort of a problem. I hope you’re feeling better now. TC!

RE: I think at least all computer brands have their fair share of glitches, hehe. That’s why there is technical support! Well, that and I did a bunch of research on this computer. I wasn’t going into it without reading all the reviews and testing it in the store. The one I was thinking about before this I stopped looking into when I found a ton of videos on youtube with people showing the screen glitching a lot.

And 4 GB ram is great! This is so fast to use! I don’t think heavy is the worst problem, but my old one also took so long to start up that it was a bother for me to go on it at all. That’s great that your laptop is doing so well! I think my brother has a Toshiba :)

Hehe, yeah, after I tried the saltwater, I wasn’t sure what I was afraid of XD. Let me know if it helps at all! Or well, I guess I’ll just read your blog to see when your throat gets better XD

Honey mixed in boiling water does the trick for me. As for ulcers, reduce that chance by not eating/chewing directly after you wake or sleep on your side.

I don’t really like common names either. :/ Every generation seems to have a different name that is overused. Like, my niece has FOUR Nathans in he class at school. I would never want that to happen to my child. I always kind of hated my mum for giving me such an uncommon name though, I hated being the only Pam in the whole school. I’ve never even met another Pam, except for my auntie who I was named after.

I don’t think I’ve ever told you this but my sister is also named Georgina. She hates it though so makes everyone call her Gina. Just thought it was worth mentioning. ^.^

I agree that you shouldn’t be a hypocrite, but it’s not fair for your mum to say it’s okay for your brother but not for you. :| Parents should have the same rules for each of their children. :/

I know what you mean – if someone gives me a one-sentence comment I still seem to type a really long one for them. I just feel bad because I know I don’t like it when people do the same to me. It’s a good shortcut though for when you don’t have the energy to return comments! :)

Aww *hug* I hate when I wake up feeling like absolute crap and then have the dreaded feeling that I may be ill. I’ve been feeling like that everyday lately, but it comes and goes so I don’t think I’m ill. I could be allergic to something, but have no idea how to find out what, LOL.

My sleeping pattern always messes up in holidays too. :| At the moment, because I have no job, it is out of control. It’s past 5:00am and I’m returning comments, messed up. o.O

I don’t like electric toothbrushes either. Just because I don’t like the way they make my whole head feel like it’s vibrating though. :P It’s odd you could be allergic to them, what would you be allergic too? The bristles? And why would it affect your nose? LOL :S


sore throat SUCKS. wait, so you just wake up with them randomly, but youre not sick? thats so weird! i can almost feel sore throats coming, so when i feel it, i immediately take medicine! i do everything i can to stay away from sore throats ahhh

university already? :(

i find that sleeping in too long makes me more tired than usual. and taking naps gives me more energy than an overnight sleep haha.

when i have a sore throat, i usually ‘numb’ the soreness by boiling coca cola and ginger. drink it while its HOT. not sure if it really helps, but it tastes good :P

A dragon, eh? Must be quite a tiny one though ;)

Anyways, you go through a full sleep cycle in 4 hours, so the ideal amount of time to sleep is in multiples of 4, that way you can get to REM sleep, which is when your body is actually really resting.

But, to be perfectly honest, from a biology point of view, if you constantly get less sleep, your body can go into REM in shorter amounts of time to compensate. I usually do about 6 hours and feel as well rested as I did when I had 8, so it stands to reason that I’ve made my body compensate for the fact that I sleep less, so going into and out of REM levels in 3 hours instead of 4. It’s not idea, but there have been studies that show that people who consistently get less sleep can even get to REM sleep in an hour.

Thanks love. I just need to find the perfect man for my future. I’m really hoping the relationship I’m in is the one. We get on so well and I can never stay mad at him for long because he always makes me laugh no matter what. It’s awesome. How long have you and your boyfriend been together?

I find it hard to write things down once I’ve got them in my head because they never seem to come out right, or sound right. It’s so annoying. Love was such a hard subject for me because of the shit that boys in my life have been though.

Aww, I hope your throat gets better. And good luck with the sleeping patterns and uni! My sleeping patterns are HORRIBLE. I have 4 weeks or so to make that better. And well, I’m failing. It’s 11:49 PM. I was hoping to sleep before 10.

Only seven hours? I’ve always heard 8. And that for teens 8-10 and for adults 6-8. :P

Allergic to electric toothbrushes…hahahaha your nose probably gets itchy because of the tingling sensation the brush gives when it moves. XD

Magic garlic solution? Yuck. But perhaps it’ll help?

Well, we technically don’t have to take Driver’s Ed. You can get your license without going through it although most parents here like the idea of driver’s ed.. because c’mon, getting in a car with a teenager… kind of scary. I was terrified of myself when I first started. :P

I eventually have to drive 50 hours as well. You’ll improve after awhile, it takes experience to become a better driver. And really driving, is just mechanics and decision making. :P

Lucky you to have your braces on for such a short time. I have to wear my retainer on all the time except when eating for three months, then hopefully, they will give me the okay to wear them just at night.

Sore throats suck major monkey butt. Especially if it has anything to do with an infection. I had a throat infection twice and it felt like knives where in my throat when I swollowed.

But I do hope you get better soon. :)

Seven hours is healthy!? I’m not awake after seven hours! @_@ I hope your throat gets better soon, I hate sore throats.
I had a retainer after I got my braces removed too, but now I don’t need to use it. Hollywood straight teeth ftw!
And don’t worry about being “allergic” to the electric toothbrush, it takes getting used to. Its from the vibrations from the toothbrush tickling the inside of your nose, after a while you get used to it. :)