Today I was really lazy, but I got ahead and read one of my readings for university next week. Nothing much has been updated online so I can’t see the readings for my other subjects. I feel sorry for Lilian who has pages and pages of law readings to do already. :(

Lilian and I exchanged extremely late birthday gifts yesterday. We went out shopping in the city and Sebby decided to tag along.

Lilian and I were silly enough to wear our heeled boots. By the end of the day, our feet were killing us because we had walked so much. We were already walking with our knees bent because we were so sore already. :P

It was pretty funny though, because despite being sore, we tolerated walking around. XD

In the morning Lilian was disappointed because there was an orientation day happening at university, and all the colourful cube chairs were taken by new students. It seems that the colourful cube chairs are unique. James tried looking for them online and wasn’t able to find any. Maybe they were custom made? O_O

Lilian bought The Way of Shadows. (It’s a really good book, mind you.) We were looking at random books in the bookstore. It reminded me of how much I missed books! I haven’t read properly in a long time. I used to read every day but now I don’t read that much anymore.

We had ramen for lunch. /drool

Sebby bought a (much needed) coat and liked it so much he wore it straight away. /hehe After that we decided to keep him away from coats, because he kept pointing out coats after that…

I bought a pair of black skinny jeans. /bounce All the jeans I have at home were bought overseas, and I hate them. I’ve developed a weird hatred for jeans. I haven’t worn any in a while, and I just wear skirts or dresses. The jeans I own aren’t really that comfortable.

Not to mention I have this ridiculous pair of jeans where the zipper of the fly is totally fucked up and won’t zip up properly. /um /angry

I bought a Pacman belt as well. It was cheap, and I couldn’t resist the geekiness. /eee

My mum scolded me for the belt, haha. She thought it was kiddish. She thinks a lot of things I buy are kiddish nowadays. :( She used to buy me a lot of clothes but stopped because I liked to buy my own. She doesn’t always like the stuff I buy. Not surprising though. I buy a lot of stuff because she doesn’t like the things I want to buy – I buy them myself. :P

Ugh, I’m really behind in comments, forgive me. /um

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Yes, feel sorry for me. I have 36 pages to read and I’m up to page 5 /wah Oh well, such is life! I will get the readings done tomorrow! RAWR! /pow

I know! We finally exchanged birthday presents. But fortunately we didn’t leave it as late as last year. Last year, I’m pretty sure we didn’t exchange gifts until November or something. LOL, that’s hilarious :P I’M IN LOVE WITH MY T-SHIRT :D Hahahaha. ♥

I can’t believe we wore our high-heeled boots. Sometimes we are SUCH idiots. Really, what were we THINKING?! Well, we probably weren’t but we’re definitely paying the price today. Hahaha. My LEGS! D:

Well, we are dedicated shoppers ^^ Hahaha. We walked through the pain! :D

I KNOW! I am still disappointed about the cube chairs /wah I’m BITTERLY disappointed. I DIDN’T GET TO SIT! *sigh* NEXT TIME I MUST! Hmph!

We had a good time in Kino reminiscing over all the books we’d read. Especially Bryce Courtenay XD And how we used to stack all our books in front of us in English to make a point to Ms Chadd :P Ahhh, those were the days :P

I want more Ramen! That Ramen was so yummy ^^

LOL @ Sebby. He REALLY liked that coat :P It looked pretty good too XD So did your jeans! Man, I wish I were as skinny as you so I could wear jeans like that. If jeans are too skinny, I look retarded. /hmph Oh wellz!

I, unlike you, wear jeans ALL THE TIME. I NEVER wear skirts in Winter. I just rarely wear skirts. So unfeminine. XD

Awwww! I LOVE your pacman belt. It’s so cute! Haha. Well maybe your mum just doesn’t understand that we have to have our childish moments at times :P We have plenty of time to act our age later. *nods*

Good luck with comments ♥

Speaking of which, comment reply:
I KNOW! People who only talk to you when they want something. GRRR! It’s like…they’re treating you like a doormat. It’s wrong. HMPH! Screw them ALL /angry

I’m raging with you. Asking about Mortgages. Like, wtf? Why would you even ask about that if you didn’t know someone that well? Are you trying to make yourself feel better by finding someone who has more to pay off than you? That’s LAME. *rolls eyes*

I mostly wear jeans, and pants in general; I’ll have like 3 skirts totally inside my wardrobe (last time I wore one was for my 25 birthday) and my mum hates that. :P

But all mums will always dislike when kids, especially girls, buy their own clothes; I think the reason is because, until they buy clothes for their children, they can fake the babies aren’t growing up and that the moment they will leave to start their own lives is not that close yet. /faw
I’d like to see that Pacman belt, it has to be wickedly funny. XD

I haven’t been able to read properly these days, too 😢 and I miss them too. I googled that book. It’s a fantasy book? Sounds interesting^^

Wow ramen ♥ yumyum haha.

I miss university. :( Because we’re moving, I have to stop for a while because I didn’t make it to the deadline :(

Eh, my Mum’s like that too, she hates almost everything I buy for myself 😳
I’ve been pretty lazy too today, I should really be getting on with my coursework soon. Bleh. You like ramen too? 🤤

Hmph, I thought I replied to you, but I don’t know. Sorry if I didn’t. I fail! Sorry, but been superbusy!

PACMAN!!!!!!!!! Belt. Gotta see the picture. Well don’t worry about it being kiddish, It maybe your last chance.

I miss reading books, I like you read them everyday, but recently I’ve lost the interest.

Walking around in high shoes, is a sight needed to be seen.

You gotta help me! Gillian and you got me into posts that are 4 or 5 paragraphs long, but I think I lost how to do it, I have this mind-idea where my posts are long, but as I type they only come out as 1 paragraph! PLEASE!

Ramen, yum, yum.

Are you happy that you can be with your friends again?

I am the same way. I have been a little behind in my reading because I have been writing so much. Not to mention everything else that needs accomplished also along with it.

It sounds like you had a somewhat good time going shopping. I do not buy a lot of my things new, but rather get them used as I am more of a saver type. :]

My Mom is the same way. She dislikes getting me things because I am a big basketball shorts and teeshort wearer and I do not own a lot of “girl” clothes. I have my nice church things, but otherwise I am in my own style of clothing. I personally like comfortable verus style. :]

I’m behind on returning comments as well. I feel like I’ve lost my motivation to update my website. It’s not that I want to quit web design altogether, it’s just that I’ve been so lazy! I was away from the computer for an entire week and just fell behind.

A Pacman belt? That’s amazing! My mom doesn’t like a lot of stuff I buy either. I have a more eccentric style and she seems to be more girly or practical.

I had a pair of jeans that I absolutely loved. One day, the zipper broke. It was tragic.

Skinny jeans are the best! If I had a choice, I would wear them all the time. Unfortunately it isn’t always 40 or 50 degrees outside. /hmph I think summer is getting old.

I’ve heard you mention The Way of Shadows several times. I think I’m going to have to add that to my reading list.

Colorful cube chairs? Sounds neat! It sounds like you had a great day with Lilian and Sebby :D

ah thanks (: The other night I had to take a sleeping pill because I couldn’t handle it anymore. Last night was the first solid sleep I’ve had all week, and it felt amazing. I’m not sure about tonight, but I’m just hoping if I do manage to get to sleep, I’m hoping it won’t take long. Usually when I’m in a stage where I can’t sleep, it takes me hours and hours to finally fall asleep!!
Good luck with your sleep, too!

Ah! I know the feeling. I hate it. The other night I was feeling sleepy, I got into bed and just as I was about to fall asleep I reminded myself to check something online before i forgot, and I was completely wide awake afterwards.

Really? I think it might just be that time of year for people to get haircuts. hehe. I got a fringe cut. I brought a couple of pictures, and even explained exactly what I wanted. But the hairdresser said because of my face shape and stuff, I couldn’t get my cut like that so I ended up still getting a fringe but with rounded edges instead of dead straight.Initially I wanted something ‘edgy’ and symmetrical and sharp, but I have a heart shaped face, so…
I’m sure I’ll warm up to it, and start liking it better.

Haha guess what? I was really upset myself, but there was nothing I can do! so I finished the roll and I remember getting the most amazing sunrise pictures, but the film wasn’t caught properley in the take up spool, and I didn’t get any of the pictures. I was sooo upset. I am planning on waking up early at sunrise on monday though, to get some more pictures like that (:

Haha what reminded me of that is you said you tried but it was all cloudy. It was a bit too that day, but it’s clearing up so I’m sure the pictures will come out better on monday anyway because I’m sure it won’t be so cloudy.

Haha I can’t image anything worse! I always go in sneakers, and I always get so sore after anyway!

Have you started uni already? I go back in september, but I guess it all works out because I finished really late. I remember still having to do a couple more weeks of school and reading peoples blogs that said ‘finally finished!’ haha bad times.

Colourful cube chairs? sounds interesting. I don’t really know what they are though.

Haha I know the feeling. Buying something and than wanting the same item just in a different style. then regretting that you bought the one you did!
I only have skinny jeans in my closet. :p I don’t wear dresses or skirts but only skinny jeans. Before skinny jeans I only ever wore denim shorts.

haha my mum hates everything I wear. She wishes I would be more like my sister, and be more girly-ish, and she only ever want me to be a different person, which puts me off a little.
ah I know the feeling! my mum always tags along when I want to buy clothes, but she doesn’t know what I like and shows me things I hate and I say ‘um not really.’ as politely as i can, but at the end of the day she is always a wreck because i quote ‘don’t like anything’.
I can’t buy anything for myself because I am not 16 yet so I don’t have a job.

good luck with uni! ;)

I haven’t read a fiction book in a long time which is crazy. I plan on changing that soon because that’s just unacceptable lol. Now ramen for lunch is not unacceptable :D Definitely going to stock up on that stuff when college starts back up later next month :)

You should have posted pictures of your belt :) Just thinking about the shape of the pacman thing, there was the potential for a cool belt buckle.

As for your comment: I’m no stranger to venting. I love venting, it’s just the stuff I want to vent about – most people don’t really take the time to think about it. And while most people might go,’That’s an excellent point you make…’ until I can figure it all out – it’s just a little more personal than I’d like to make entirely public.

Yeah, I’m not doing it next year. Even though my mom wants me in extra cirrictular activites for college and things, It’s just not for me. Well, at least right now I hate it. I might like it later on.. :D

Most of the people I talk to online are from America, even though they are in different time zones. Yeah, when people “go out” at my school they don’t go anywhere together. Well, until now. Now they are going over to each others houses and everything, which is weird..we’re only 13/14 D:

I love going shopping, even if I don’t buy anything. I just like walking around looking at everything. Except for when we walk too much in the wrong shows, which happened to you. :(

Some of the stuff I get my mom doesn’t like but I don’t really care. I like it, so I wear it. I don’t really care what anyone else thinks about it :O I would buy a Pacman belt XD

I have never been teased or called fat by anyone (at least to my face or within hearing distance) but hearing people who are clearly skinny as a twig saying their fat does in fact make me feel like im disgusting. I have some meat to me, but i know im not huge or anything. My main problem is my mid section; if my bones on the side didn’t stick out, I’d be perfectly fine with how i look.. its not like i can try to get rid of them, their bones! but yeah.. i know i have to get over it, but i hate feeling like im big/wider than i am any where else on my body…

I love high heedled boots! i can’t wear them or anything because i cannot walk in heels if my life depended on them, but they look amazing! I can imagine how bad your feet felt, because even in normal shoes your feet can get super sore after walkin for a long time.
I’m not a book person, but I’ve been forcing myself to read and to learn to love it (lol) since school is coming up and I can only imagine how much reading i will have to do.. hopefully you can find time to read more :) (i need to as well.. i tend to avoid it a lot!)
im the same way when i find something i like! I’m really bad when it comes to shoes and jackets.. i have so many! I can’t help it, its like once i see something awesome everything else that is awesome sticks out screaming buy me buy me! and i do.. -.-

i too am very picky when it comes to jeans.. i get a pair of skinny jeans that fit just right, but after a while they get kind of stretched out looking from all the bending and sitting and standing.. i hate it! I love summer, because then i dont have to worry about wearing jeans that make me look 5x bigger than i am haha

I hate wearing heels on street because I know I wont be walking for 15 minutes. No wonder I hate heels. I just one one pair of ’em, and now I don’t wear them anymore. I prefer flat ones or something that has no heels.

I love black jeans, especially the skinny ones. It looks sexy you know. :) Goes with anything you wear. I hate blue jeans, especially sky blue. It looks sick on me. I usually wear dresses or skirts too! :O

Pacman belt. Oh wow. If I were you, my eyes wouldn’t have fallen on them. Seriously! I’m always a kid, I have many kiddish stuff at home and my mom thinks I’m saving them for my future kid. -.-

That’s a lot of multitasking, whoaa! I usually don’t do homework on the computer (except for projects) because it distracts me. I’ll always have this urge to switch on a tab and check out my site. It’s always.. irritating because I don’t get my work done because of that. I don’t go on MSN now, I go on Facebook. =D Even worse!

Oh thanks a lot Georgina! I like the layout too, it’s different from what I usually make. (:

I suddenly missed my guy friends. I miss hanging out with them. /eee Glad you got to see Lilian and had an awesome day with each other! ♥

Anyway, when I go out… even if I just wear flats, my feet still hurts from walking so much. Haha. So I commend you both for wearing heels and surviving the whole afternoon. /eee /kiss

I miss reading books. :| The last book I read was Blood and Gold by Anne Rice. I still have two pending books to read written by her too but I don’t have much free time. :/ I’m stuck with reading modules for our training. :(

I bet that the black skinny jeans you’ve bought is really comfy because you decided to buy them in the first place despite your hatred for jeans. /mwah And I bet you look good in them! /cool 👏

Meh…. I think the Pacman belt is awesome. Anything geek is cool! ;)

Hey Hey!

Sorry I haven’t been by lately, I’ve been focusing on my book and getting rid of my domain for good. I’m actually going to get rid of it and not pay the $25.00 for it in September. I really want my Yorkie. And that’s a goal. So no more domains for me.

Anyway, topic related, yeah I don’t let other people shop for me as well. I just don’t like their taste in clothing. My mother took me shopping a few times (that was and is a rarity, and she’s only done it like twice) and told me if I didn’t like the things she picked out it wouldn’t hurt her feelings. I told her okay. But yeah, I like shopping for myself so I understand where you’re coming from.

Pacman belt? Heehee. Yeah I probably would’ve gotten scolded for that too. I really want the new desk chair that I showed you on but I can’t get it until we move and god knows when that will be hopefully next weekend. He brought the truck home today (saturday), and he’s gonna load it tomorrow (sunday) with the hutch, dining table and chairs and than move the couches outside to see if anyone will take them. He plans on renting a moving truck next weekend if all goes well, and moves than. But we’re not really sure yet. :/.

Anyways, how’s you doing? How are your classes? I’m sorry to hear about Lillian’s pile of homework. That must be tough. What are you studying to be? I want to go back to school to become a medical assistant or a receptionist. I know I probably won’t get to go to work again, because of my mental issue, but if I do get to go back I’ll have the crudentials to back me up with ya know?

Well; Georgie it’s getting late here so I better go. You don’t need to comment on this if you don’t want too. If you do that’s entirely up to you. Take care, and have a safe week!

Hey Jamie! Aw man, that’s okay. I’m sorry I haven’t been very up to returning comments, so I’m a little out of touch. It’s a shame you’re getting rid of your domain but if you do need a subdomain, you know who to call. ;) And in the end I’m sure you’ll get that Yorkie!

My mum and I have varying tastes and sometimes when we’re shopping together she’ll say “no” to something I want to buy. It helps me change my mind, but when I shop alone I buy whatever I like. She’s not usually pleased. :P

I hope you end up getting that chair soon. Some things are a need, and some things are a want, you just gotta figure. Hopefully it won’t be too long before you get it.

They usually have a clean-up day here, where you can dump old furniture and things outside your house, and they’ll get taken away. We dumped some old sofa there last week.

It’s actually still been really tough at home. I’m getting out more and going to have more classes this week. Sometimes I just gotta get away from the home life. It’s really frustrating and hurts when my mum’s mad at me. I try really hard not to make her angry but it’s like she looks for things to get angry at me about. So yeah – it’s tough, but I’m seeing university as a bit of an escape.

Take care girl, I hope you have a good coming week too. ♥

luckily my mom and I have similar tastes in fashion. Granted, we’re both casual dressers (especially my mom), but at least we both know what looks good :P And I think that Pacman belt sounds cute! And besides, it’s a belt, so your shirt is probably going to cover it anyway!

Sounds like you had a really great shopping day with your friends :) I miss those days with my best friend, ever since she moved across country. We used to go shopping every weekend together, even if we didn’t buy anything. But now my only close friend is a guy, and he’s not big on shopping, so I usually just go shopping with my mom.

Haha, I’m totally opposite of you with clothes! I *loathe* dresses and skirts. I mean, I love them on other people, but I hate them on myself. They don’t look right, besides the fact that I feel so exposed wearing skirts and dresses, haha! I am a jeans addict! I have like 15 pairs of denim pants, and like 5 pairs of denim shorts. I’m just a jeans & t-shirt gal!

I’ll check The Ways of Shadows since I am looking for more books to read. Btw, I also recommend that you check Enchanted Inc. by Shanna Swendson. It’s like a combination of Sex and the City and Harry Potter if you’re into that sort of genre.

I read most things but admittedly I’m not into Harry Potter or Sex and the City… I’ll give it a chance if I come across it, though!

Aw, I hate when my feet are killing me whilst walking. I have weird feet so none of my shoes ever fit me properly. I’ve never been out in heels though, I’m too tall for them. I’ll bet it was sore though.

I hope Sebby didn’t find a coat he liked more. It’s awful when that happens, especially when it’s cheaper. The pacman belt sounds awesome. There’s this pacman hoodie I’ve seen a few times while shopping in Edinburgh and I’m always debating whether to buy it. I love pacman. :D

It never really bothers me how many hits I get, I just found someone had their pagerank on their site and I was curious. I can’t imagine yours going down to zero, I’m sure you get more visitors than I do.

I guess you have an excuse when your comments build up, you get so many. I actually think it’s really great how you manage to reply to so many comments. And they’re really detailed as well. It’s not often you find such a nice web owner. :)

Did you have a recipe or anything for the muffins? Sorry, but I’m really curious as to what they taste like. :P

First of all before responding to your comment, I apologize for taking me time to return your comment. My computer crashed and I had to take it to service center for fix it.

Thanks Georgina! :) It means a lot to me. It’s so true.

Something I heard about it. I think the same that you, it should be able to choose the country to which they wish to represent.

I understand. I guess some people have similar viewpoints, however if a person has a different viewpoint to yours you can always learn about what it says. That’s true, share stories is interesting. I guess comments like you meet both can be somewhat tiring, but not boring. For each comment may be different to a greater or lesser extent.

That’s okay, all information that you may have about the candidates can help you make a better choice (Y)

Your welcome! :) I agree, it is strange but nice. Although some day get rid of them, the memories will be in your head.

I also I have many toys when I was a child. I’m sure your dog is a cute plushie. I have a stuffed panda that gave me my aunt at birth. It’s so adorable. I agree with you, Georgina.

That’s okay. 👏

I hope you don’t occupy much time to read your reading for the University.

It seems you had a good shopping at the city, even though my feet were aching because of heeled boots.

I read that book long ago, is very interesting. I love looking at random books in bookstore, because sometimes you find interesting books.

I usually wear jeans because I find most comfortable. XD But I understand you’ve developed a strange hatred towards the jeans, I guess you haven’t found a jeans like you enough.

It reminds me. I also have a test tomorrow. @_@ Accounts. Boggles the mind. O_O

Ramen. ♥ ♥
I usually don’t like heeled boots. I went to a party once, and couldn’t dance. Gave me blisters.

I love jeans most of the time. Except when it is hot outside and they make me sweat. Denim is a great invention. Most of the time. :P

I giggle too. When I am with my boyfriend or friends, I giggle like crazy. 🙄 /um
But there is a time and place for everything. Not in the middle of an Economics class, and especially not when the teacher is scolding you for your bad performance in the previous test.

I have never eaten meat, so it is not like I’m resisting some sort of temptation. It is in my family. Not to eat meat. My grandmom would disown me if she found out I eat eggs sometimes. India is queer that way. :P

I used to keep a diary too. But my mom would read if she found it lying around, so I stopped it. :( :(

I asked him once. It wasn’t even a formal asking. Everyone was asking, and I gathered my courage and walked up to him. I asked him whether he would dance with me. He replied his girlfriend would kill him if he danced with some other girl. That was the end of it. I’m never going to ask anybody to dance again/ 😳 😳

It’s good you got ahead on the reading.. but it sucks you go back to university so soon! At least you had this week to get away from your parents a bit more :D

It sounds like you had a fun day with lillian & sebby. Sucks about your feet though, I know how you feel :P I never wear high heels just for that reason.

If David and I don’t work through this, it’s going to be the end. I’m tired of us breaking up and getting back together, and I’m tired of it hurting me so much and him just acting like he’s fine. I was texting him a bit today and I texted him the quote “the worst truth you have to acknowledge is not only that he can live without you, but he’d rather” and he didn’t try to fight it, he was just like oh.. where is that quote from? So.. I’m pretty sure things will end when he gets home :/ But whatever, if it does.. I’ll eventually move on. It’ll suck but why should I keep trying when he’s not going to?

Yeah, it was pretty sweet :D I didn’t have any american money though, which is why my parents bought them. I would have had to debit for like, $5 which would be useless because then I’d get extra charges as I didn’t have time to go to the bank due to work.

I loveeee converse! I’ve never had a pair, but you’re never too old for them! The pair I saw was pink and awesome ♥

I love pacman. Do you have a picture of the belt? I want to see it! :)

Do you know what The way of Shadows is about?

I feel sorry for Lilian as well! Dang. Already she has tons of work? When I start school I wont have that much work until at least the end August. School isn’t fully STARTED with all of the classes done with the orientations and “about the class” and “meet the classmates” and “let’s hand out books” stuff until at least the end of the first week or the middle of the second week. Before then, it is just boring. The classes could be cut in half and we would still get done with all of that orientation stupid stuff at the same time. Instead of 90 min classes of orientation some teachers only have like 45 min which makes you sit there and talk for another 45 min…It is boring. That is when I’m going to be writing some reads and tutorials for people to read. I think I may open a tutorial website that has JUST tutorials and people can submit tutorials they have written and such…I just thought about it now…What do you think?

Hahahhaa. Sebby. Does he/she need all of those coats? Really? Hahahhaa. I have like TONS of sweatshirts and coats and I don’t even wear half of them anymore. XD

Why don’t you like jeans? I love them. My outfit almost everyday is my hair either down or in a ponytail, a soccer shirt, jeans, and converses or tennis shoes. Literally, if I went to dailybooth and took a picture everyday of the school year, you’d see little difference in my outfits from day to day. Somedays I don’t feel like wearing a soccer jersey so I wear a shirt that actually shows off my curves, but that is only some days…hahahaha.

I’m just not returning yours. I have 4 and I am only going to return like 1 or 2 for now. hahahaha. I just don’t feel like returning all of them. XD
Yes, I think my heart did grow fonder. :)

Why don’t you see James more often? Does he not live close by?

Hahahaha. Yeah, he understands. He gets aggravated as well. So, we tend to fight about nothing. XD

Dante did have a safe trip home. Thanks!

It is? Lol. I love the series. I am aiming to finish the series twice before the first of the last two movies comes out. :)

I loved it! :) It was amazing! :D I can’t stop quoting it! Lol.

Hahahahah. Same here.

Cool. My sister likes Doctor Who and I watch it whenever I am “just that bored”. Lol. I’m not really one who watches TV anymore. I hang with Dante or I am on the computer. I do watch TV every Monday at 7 though. That is when the Secret Life of the American Teenager is on, so, I never miss it. :)

Yeah, sounds like a good book for my grandmother to read. She likes those kinda books. She has got too many already. Hahahaha.

I know! Like walk around naked! XD Just kidding. /ehe 😳

Congratulations! Man! You deserve a promotion of some kind! :)

Yes, I have accepted it, the moving on part is hard though. I’m back to where I started. Except I don’t have any push to get another job. If I had a push then I would…but ehhh.
You made me start applying for jobs! :) Thanks!

I wish that was an international thing. That is fantastic. :) I mean, I would’ve loved that growing up in elementary school and middle school.

Oh, yeah, I’m a morning person, too. I just don’t concentrate better during any point of the day. Hahahaha.

I love the layout, too! :)

Thank you :)

I would love a pet lizard. I think reptiles are so fun!

That is a good way of summing up Christopher Eccleston! I’m not to sure about the new Doctor, Matt Smith. There seems to be many mixed opinions about him.

Sport doesn’t matter. I remember for a year my friend wasn’t even on the register. They’d forgot to add her to it. It said she hadn’t done sport in a year but she had been at every lesson!

I’m glad you had a fun day shopping with Lilian. Heeled boots would probably kill my feet too! I always wear flat shoes for comfort.

Skinny jeans are amazing. I’m wearing mine right now! They look really nice with pumps or converse style shoes. I don’t like the colour of my skinny jeans. I want to get some dark ones. Luckily I know a shop that sells them cheap and they are always the right size for me :D

And I saw a picture of your Pac Man belt on your photo blog. I want one! How cool!

My mum doesn’t buy me clothes anymore because she knows how fussy I am. She prefers to just give me the money and let me pick whatever I want. Admittedly she can still pick out clothes that I really like.

I saw your Pacman belt on your photoblog. I love it! :D
I love hanging out with friends. Going out to walk around, or go to the beach with my friends is so much fun.

My mom can be like that also. I guess it’s all in the way of growing up, I don’t get along with her as well as I used to, but I at least try to.

Ah I love reading! I usually read for about 2 hours at night before I go to bed. I can’t help it, usually everyone goes through a phase where they hate reading, but I never have. /heart

I’ve been reading about 3 books recently, yet still haven’t read a lot of them: Pride & Prejudice, Burned (from the House of Night series) & re-reading Breaking Dawn

I’m like you except I wear jeans instead of skirts or dresses though I was very good today and bought myself two dresses seeing as its summer and I may end up having a heat stroke if I carry on walking around in black skinny jeans :P

That’s the one thing I dread about school. I hate to study. I don’t even think I know how to study because everything just goes in one ear
and out the other. How i pass 10th grade is a mystery to me.

Ohhhh i love ramen!!!!! :D Your blog just made me hungry. xd

Shouldn’t you guys be moving into summer or spring or something? Since ours is almost over.

I love skirts. :D I never skirts or dresses. I hate my legs lol. Skinny jeans are my favorites. :D I love how they just hug you.
I never like the stuff my parents buy for me and they hate what i buy for myself.

I’m starting to love reading. :) I found out that I really enjoy mysteries. I’m reading a couple of Nancy Drew books. They are really good.

I have no idea how you do it. You get a lot of comments and how you manage to reply them all is a mystery to me. :D I LOVE our comment chains. :D Your comments are always fun to read. :D Even when the blogs are short, our comment chains are long. :D They cheer me up at times. :D

I always thought that the day Jesus comes back would be judgment day and lots of people would go to hell.

Sometimes I have a lot to blog about but I don’t because I don’t want to put my life out there much. Someone told me to blog about government issues but I can’t because politics irritate me. It’s just so boring. Maybe once school stars again, I will have a lot to blog about. :D

I want to make a move but I can’t. He has a girlfriend and he is so whipped. I don’t want to be the home wrecker. There was a guy who like me last year and my friends told me to go out with him but I couldn’t. He wasn’t my type. He got kinda clingy too.

Good luck with it. :D I cannot wait to see the outcome. :D
My parents got used to my computer habits because there is nothing they can do about it. I just cannot stay away from the computer.

Wow i use :D a lot.

I’ve actually finished the WordPress conversion! It took several hours, especially since I had to fix the formatting of all the documents because there was too much whitespace, but it’s done. :D I just have to figure out the comments thing that I want to do, clean up some CSS, and make a header and Loverawr will be open again.

I can’t believe you converted 300 reviews. D: That must have taken AGES.

I am still taking requests. XD I’m being slow at getting around to them, but I’m still doing them. I’ll try to come up with something for you. ♥


I think it’s odd that your mom would scold you about the belt. It’s your money, right? Shouldn’t you be able to do what you want with it? :s

I HATED jeans when I was a kid. I didn’t start wearing them until halfway through sixth grade (I was always wearing leggings before then) because people started making fun of me. :/ They just weren’t comfortable, which is why I didn’t want to wear them… but the first pair I got were very special, all cutesy and kind of comfy. I LOVE wearing skirts and dresses now, though (especially dresses), but I have to hook my insulin pump on something (it’s about 3″x2″x.75″ and has a clip on the back) and it is NOT comfortable to do so on my bra (although I used to do it). I’ve found in an online shop a thing you can wear on your thigh and hook the pump onto, but I haven’t bought it yet… I think it’s $30, which is kind of a lot of money for me. I need to buy it before summer is over, though, because I only wear my dresses in the summer.

I don’t read “properly” too much anymore, either. :/ I recently reread the first two books in the Inheritance series, but my problem is that I’ve read all of my books so many times that sometimes I just don’t feel like reading them anymore. I don’t like buying new ones with cash, but I spent my bookstore gift card on a Crocheting for Dummies book and won’t have any new gift cards until Christmas. :/ I could go to the library, but the bus ride is obnoxious and nobody would want to drive me there, probably. :P

Well, I’m a true tomboy – and I did want to be born male – and that explains why my wardrobe is 99% pants and 1% skirts. :P

Mom tries to guess my tastes but she filters whatever she picks for me through her own taste, so I end up not liking the thing fully in the end. XD

Btw, I looked at the Pacman belt…and I like it a lot. /love It’s reeelly geeky and kiddish, but that’s what makes it cool, too. ^.^

I’m getting better I suppose… it’s only 3 weeks this time haha

you have to do readings? is that like set texts? I don’t really get any of those at university but I suppose being on a practical course there’s not really a lot of point.

aww your poor feet I don’t know why us girls think it’s a good idea every time then we end up like owwwwww D: oh well haha we never learn xD

sounds like you had a fun day though :)

yeah i love reading too and I don’t get a lot of time any more either :( other things get in the way :( I have 7 books to read at the moment but I will plough through before September hopefully

ugh I hate when the zipper doesn’t do up it’s like *tug* dammit!! I love jeans though I live in them I need some new ones though mine have holes in D:
I bet the jeans you got though look nice on you :) and the pacman belt sounds awesome

my mum used to tell me she hated the clothes I bought I was like I’m wearing them and it’s my money so.

I HATE dresses, OMG. Hate, hate, HATE them. I own one dress. When I was a teen I only owned a school uniform which was a dress. That was all.

I own about 20 pairs of jeans and two walk in robes full of clothes. I do a clean out twice a year only to fill it up again. Sometimes I give away clothes never worn, but I figure that someone will get benefit, someone not so fortunate as myself /eee

I forgot Uni was back. Oh you’re in NSW, Vic has already been back for a week or two.

Aahha I have never had such an extreme hate for dresses before. I used to just think they were impractical. As a young girl I liked to wear shorts and culottes (haha, strange, I know).

I own many pairs of jeans but over time I got over them. I bought most of them overseas so I can’t really say I like the quality all that much either. :P If I grow out of clothes or don’t like them, I might pass them onto family or donate to charity.

University starts this week, I just wanted to get ahead haha. :)

that’s cool! You were skirts or dresses on ordinary days? cool! :D In my case, I always wear jeans instead of skirts and dresses since I get so conscious every time people stare at me. o_O