Rude and not ginger

Personal questions. I hate them.

I dislike when someone asks me something too personal. Our family used to be really close to this other family we met at church. Yep – the ol’ family friends. I tend to have a severe hate for most of them, because of their intrusive questions.

The thing about family friends is that they’re halfway between family and friends – or something like that. Your family is close to you, and any of your relatives you would feel fine with discussing most private topics. Friends are the same, and when you become closer friends, you might talk about things more openly.

So, my mum began to dislike this family friend because she used us, and was really rude.

Once, when my mum was taking care of my brother as a baby, she knocked on our door and right there and then, asked my mum if she could pick up her daughter from school. She usually walks. But what was her excuse?

“I don’t want her to get sick in this heat, and it’s really hot.”

My mum answered, “I’m really busy, can’t you see that?” Apparently she was changing nappies on my younger brother.

“Oh that’s okay, I’ll ask your husband,” she said, and made her way into the driveway where my dad was fixing the car. This is just going from what my mum told me, but that was just rude.

Another time, she asked my mum, straight out, what our mortgage was. (Money left on the house, that kind of deal.) My mum didn’t want to answer and felt that it was too much of a personal question, but after hesitating she told her.

When my mum asked her the same question, she just giggled immaturely and said, “Oh, I’m not telling you that.”

When she was going to garage/boot sale down the road, and my mum just tagged along, they chatted with the mother of the family in the house. This family friend of ours was so rude. After finding out that the family was selling their old furniture since they were moving out, she asked, “So how much are you selling the house for?”

“I’m not telling you that,” was the answer she got.
“So can I have a look inside your house?” she asked.
“You’re a really, really nosey woman, you know that!” snapped the mother.

Damned bitch. I really dislike when people can be so nosey and ask such personal questions, especially to people they barely know.

I seem to get people online asking me really personal questions. I don’t mind sharing, but I suppose it’s because I am known to be an open person. I kind of do appreciate when people say, “… if you don’t mind me asking?”

In this day and age, I think that if people want to ask someone a personal question, they should at least be comfortable with revealing information about themselves to the same degree.

So, what unusually personal questions have you received? 🙁

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