Rude and not ginger

Personal questions. I hate them.

I dislike when someone asks me something too personal. Our family used to be really close to this other family we met at church. Yep – the ol’ family friends. I tend to have a severe hate for most of them, because of their intrusive questions.

The thing about family friends is that they’re halfway between family and friends – or something like that. Your family is close to you, and any of your relatives you would feel fine with discussing most private topics. Friends are the same, and when you become closer friends, you might talk about things more openly.

So, my mum began to dislike this family friend because she used us, and was really rude.

Once, when my mum was taking care of my brother as a baby, she knocked on our door and right there and then, asked my mum if she could pick up her daughter from school. She usually walks. But what was her excuse?

“I don’t want her to get sick in this heat, and it’s really hot.”

My mum answered, “I’m really busy, can’t you see that?” Apparently she was changing nappies on my younger brother.

“Oh that’s okay, I’ll ask your husband,” she said, and made her way into the driveway where my dad was fixing the car. This is just going from what my mum told me, but that was just rude.

Another time, she asked my mum, straight out, what our mortgage was. (Money left on the house, that kind of deal.) My mum didn’t want to answer and felt that it was too much of a personal question, but after hesitating she told her.

When my mum asked her the same question, she just giggled immaturely and said, “Oh, I’m not telling you that.”

When she was going to garage/boot sale down the road, and my mum just tagged along, they chatted with the mother of the family in the house. This family friend of ours was so rude. After finding out that the family was selling their old furniture since they were moving out, she asked, “So how much are you selling the house for?”

“I’m not telling you that,” was the answer she got.
“So can I have a look inside your house?” she asked.
“You’re a really, really nosey woman, you know that!” snapped the mother.

Damned bitch. I really dislike when people can be so nosey and ask such personal questions, especially to people they barely know.

I seem to get people online asking me really personal questions. I don’t mind sharing, but I suppose it’s because I am known to be an open person. I kind of do appreciate when people say, “… if you don’t mind me asking?”

In this day and age, I think that if people want to ask someone a personal question, they should at least be comfortable with revealing information about themselves to the same degree.

So, what unusually personal questions have you received? /huh

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SO. RUDE. /hmph I cannot stand people like that! I honestly don’t mind when people ask me a question and it is not in any way asked in a malicious or interrogated way and they are simply concerned or curious, but those who ask flat out just to be rude or nosey I just basically tell them to mind their own business. :)

Okay, that woman is so not going to be in my good books. Nosey, inconsiderate and rude. I never would want to tolerate with anyone like that. In fact, I know someone who is just like that. This guy I know from the university is the most loathsome person I know. He’s rude to others, calling names especially if he’s losing in a game and make unusual requests (like cleaning up an entire village). I had to put up with his nonsense because we happened to be in the same student body (I was the Vice President and he was the Treasurer).

That woman needs to learn some manners, really. It is really unfair that she asked questions that she herself wouldn’t answer if the same questions are posed to her. I’m sorry your mom had to put up with the crap that woman threw at her. The woman should mind her own business and not poke her nose into other people’s affairs.

I can’t remember any unusual personal questions posed to me. I’m sure there are some, but right now I just can’t recall any.

Wow, what a bitch! Gosh. Those questions are far too personal for her to be asking. I don’t understand why she had to ask about your mom’s house payment, and then not tell her’s in return. That’s just being nosey. TOO nosey.

The most personal question I’ve been asked? Um…I really don’t think I’ve had someone ask me that personal of a question. I once had some girl ask me if I was on my period in front of my entire classroom. That was an embarressing question to be asked, and it was personal.

I feel bad for animals when I see them harmed because they don’t really know any better. They don’t know what’s going on, and they can’t understand why they’re being beaten. It just isn’t fair to them :|.

Lol! I loooove David Tennant! ;D he’s probably my favorite British actor <3. Him and his Sonic Screwdriver. Love it.

Jeez, strict parents Georgina :/. I can do stuff with my friends, but my parents ask all sorts of questions about it, and then I just don't go. :|

I like just blogging because it's much more fun to me :). Playing around in my graphics program to make something is fun, but I really don't like having to make stuff for other people. Time consuming.

I make myself a cheese quesadilla everyday for lunch xD. I am one step closer to becoming…the ultimate chef!



What a rude person! :/ I hate being asked personal questions – or really any questions by family or friends. I don’t like it when family wants an entire update on my life. XD Still – some questions about yourself don’t need an answer to others. Some are just…personal.

Yeah, our airport (Atlanta), is the only airport in Atlanta, which if you don’t know, is extremely huge! So when you only have one airport in a huge city, the airport is always packed and it takes forever to get through! D: I hate the service at airports though – I always have.

I know! My mom stresses out! She was up all night worrying about it; she got one hour of sleep. :S That’s probably why she did cry.

Oh yeah, everyone understood and they were all concerned. My dad made a great speech, so he waited for us to get there. :3 It was so sad, but I guess it happens to everyone.

LOL. That’s right! It’s so odd…I guess it should be getting warmer there in about a month or so…it’s going to get cold here in like September. :3

Ohh, sometimes I get so sick, I can hardly stand up, so I don’t think I would go to school. I’ve gone to school with a fever though, and I thought I was going to throw up! Worst experience. I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to school that morning because I felt REALLY sick, but I went anyways.

I’ve also had where I go to school, get a fever in the middle of the day, and not go home early because of attendance and work make up reasons.

It’s amazing! I have to be careful though because getting out early, can count as a absence, so I have to make it mostly through the class first for ortho appointments haha. XD

(I know this isn’t really a proper comment, but I felt compelled to address the question at the end.)

“Why are you moving?”

I don’t know, why does anyone move? -_- And then when I answer with “I’d rather not say,” people know that it’s something other than wanting a change of pace or moving closer to work. Then I’ve already told them more than I wanted to, just because they fucking asked a nosy question.

I didn’t mind when Tiffany asked yesterday, but she’s not some random person off the street.

If I found out someone was moving, I might ask “are you moving far?” or “how do you feel about the move?” Not “why are you moving?” To me, that’s just a stupid question, as well as nosy. /fu

Ooh I totally agree! I’m not a fan of family friends myself, since it’s like you can’t get rid of them once they come, and my mom gathers practically all the family friends she can. O_O That woman sounds annoying. I agree with the last two paragraphs.

I can’t really think of anything anyone close has ever asked us, but so many people ask me if I mind looking like my mom, then say “oh she’s been offended” right in front of my poor mother. Even if I don’t say anything. It’s a bit of a personal question, I think, especially when people always force the answer on me as “no.” D:

Hi Georgina!

Wow… I completely agree that people are just RUDE when they ask such personal questions or when they don’t understand when someone is busy. When I read about how this family friend just asked your mom while she was really busy, to pick up her daughter from school (why couldn’t she?) I thought, “Well, that was rude.” And then I read about how she said, “Oh I’ll just ask your husband,” I thought that was really rude… Almost a little bit funny because it’s like she was the rude neighbor in a TV episode.

I haven’t gotten questions that are too personal lately, and I don’t really have any family friends that live in town or even in the country. Are you still in touch with this family ‘friend?’ :)

I swear I wanted to write a post about this some day. Never happened really. Now, you’ve addressed some of the points I wanted to along with your ‘anecdote’!

That female bitch needs to learn something called ‘manners’. Who taught her to walk right into your house and say such things? I’m pretty sure you or your mom or anyone would be a helping hand to her, but she could have asked better. Being polite would have done her job. But she doesn’t have the wits for that. Useless piece of shit!

I dislike people of such kind and I’ve run into enough people for that matter. Once, I had a stranger (a lady) in a supermarket pester my dad about guiding her across the supermarket, when my dad had other appointments. I wished I could blast her head off but my dad was all sympathetic and stuff. That lady should ask the staff there and not us! Not that we couldn’t help her, but we told her we’re in a hurry and that bitch wasn’t enough. Argh.

I’m relatively new here.

I’ve actually seen a person come on a chat I used to come on and ask us what age we were. As for my friend…she had a guy ask her for tons of information, but he wouldn’t give any to her. ._. Ah, the joys of chatrooms.

I absolutely hate people like that…what makes people think that they have the right to ask questions they would not answer personally? I mean, seriously, certain things are just plain rude, as you said. I suppose that asking about a person’s house payment would be alright, if they were discussing not being able to afford it and the other person was helping them figure out a way to pay it…then it might be a little more okay.

I have not received any personal questions lately…but then again, I seem to have found a way to end it. I just tell people that if they are so concerned about my personal life that they are welcome to read my blog or if they prefer to ask the questions, they must pay $5 for an answer. :D Needless to say, I have not had any takers…guess that they really do not care.

Ah, yeah. People like that really infuriate me. /pow
I don’t really remember being asked any, if at all, personal questions ~ but if I do feel a question is too personal I will let said person know.

Yeah, family friends can test my anger control sometimes. Sometimes, a family friend takes advantage of the relationship they have with you for their own benefits. One time, this family friend borrowed a CD from us and we never saw it ever since! Every time we ask where it is, they just say that “it’s somewhere around the house”. Wow that’s very nice. Yeah right! That’s what I really hate it.

But that family friend of yours is really rude! Especially the way she asked such a personal question. And asking your mom to pick up their daughter just because she doesn’t want to? That really lazy! I hope that their kids don’t turn out to be like that.

Yeah, I would love to have like cooking lessons with my friends. They’re WAY better of a cook than me. That would really be nice especially since its summer. :)

We don’t really have family friends. We’re all loners in my house, haha.

That “friend” of your family seems like quite the pushy Penny. As far as personal questions are concerned, I don’t usually mind being asked them. I know I can get a little personal myself with my questions, but I like to think I know when to back off. I definately wouldn’t ask to see the inside of a stranger’s house, and I would never ask anyone a question I wasn’t willing to answer myself. It’s almost common sense, but people these days….I’ll never understand them.

I can’t think of any questions I’ve received that were too personal, but I have gotten some generally rude ones. Someone in the school bathroom once asked me if I went to a black school before I moved. I didn’t even know her and it was just…weird.

I don’t really mind when people ask me personal questions because it doesn’t happen very often.
What I most have trouble swallowing though, is people using other people. That, unfortunately, happens very often by all people of all ages. In time like those, I become very disappointed in the human race, and prefer to talk to my hamsters. :X

And about The Way of Shadows, I like how it’s a trilogy and not, say, a whole series, because there’s just enough cliffhangers until you get to the next book, if that made sense. 😏

I can’t imagine coding my whole site in WordPress, honestly. I barely managed the front page, haha. But I applaud you for coding everything from scratch. 👏

Your smilies are very fun, by the way. /bounce

Eww god, the nerve of that woman to ask your mother to get her daughter, and than saying “I’m gonna go talk to your husband”. I mean couldn’t she see the hint there? Stupid lady.

God, we used to have a family friend that was really close until he told me one time “I’d like to see you in a towel” “Don’t tell your dad I said that”. I was so scared of what might happened if I did tell him. So I waited a week and told my best friend Becky, and she told me to tell my dad about this incident.

Well; quite a few months ago (before I stopped going over to his house) he said he wanted to touch me and I was like ok with it, so he did and than he backed away and said “If we were to have sex I’d die of a heart attack” I was like “Yeah IF“. But you already know this story.

I mean I can’t believe people now a days. There’s only two or three people at church I can count on right and that’s the Pastor, my good friends Sara, and Linda F. My other friends I just go through facebook not being an open book about it. Unless I watched a video on youtube and it made me cry than I’ll be an open book, but other than that, it’s sealed shut. I’ve known these people longer on facebook because well; let’s face it, I’ve known half of them through out junior high and high school. Elementary school, some were jerks, and still are so I do not wish to be associated with them. Ya know?

But the nerve of that woman to ask personal questions and than tell your mom she’s nosey is just grrrrrr. I can’t believe she wouldn’t even tell your mom the answers to the same questions she had asked your mom back. What a and pardon my french dickhead!

That’s really rude.. D: i would be mad haha. But, I would probably tell them because I didn’t want to seem rude..

Hmm, everyone at my church always asks me if I have a boyfriend. First, I’m 13, so no. And second, why do you even care? /huh Hmm, but I still answer and act like it doesn’t bother me.

I seriously hate people who are like that. I don’t mind if they ask me a question, but if they want to poke around in my business; then that person(s) aren’t welcome at all. I think one of the personal questions that I ever gotten was “how much money do you make?”. Seriously, it’s none of your business /angry .

Take care and have a nice night :) .

That’s incredibly nosy (those questions of hers). Personally, I don’t think I’d find those intrusive so much as think to myself, “…Why does it matter? Why does she care? Why is that important to her?” and then answer it with an uptalk. Seems to be a habit of mine to answer weird questions like that with an upward inflection.

I agree–if you ask someone something, you need to be willing to answer the same question. I can’t fathom that anyone doesn’t understand that concept.

The weirdest thing I’ve been asked was by this guy that started talking to me on Neopets. He decided that we were friends and his third ever message to me was, “Do you pee in the shower?” I was like, “Um… no…” and he replied with something about how the shower water makes him pee, which was really disgusting and freaked me out. I ignored him and he hasn’t talked to me since.

Ahh, personal questions. I hate them. If it’s a close friend or relative asking a personal question, I don’t really mind them but when someone else asks, I feel so annoyed. And family friends- I’m sort of confused about them as they are neither friends nor family so I’m not sure about exactly how much I should tell them. Usually I’m not close to them so I prefer not answering any questions that are personal.

Wow, that’s one rude woman. Didn’t she see that your mum was busy? Why the heck would she tell YOUR mum to pick up HER daughter from school?? /angry I guess she just wanted help, but your mum was busy! And then she went and asked your dad. Wow.

Your mom was nice enough to answer that question, so she had the right to ask that question and get a good answer! That woman is sooo nosy! D: At first your mum, and then that other woman too.

When I ask someone something personal, I usually add “if you don’t mind me asking” or something like that. It sounds more polite and I want to give them the choice of whether they want to answer or not.

I currently really cannot remember what personal questions I’ve received. People have asked me if I have a boyfriend, and then there’s Anika, who asked me soo many things even when we barely knew her. She told us about her “sexual life” and asked me if I had one as well. /argh

Yup, I’ll try finding Ayesha from Tasneem’s Facebook, or maybe tell her to try and find her. She was really nice! Some of my friends didn’t like her for some reason but I really liked her. She gave me some other cards as well, but I lost them.

My mom wanted to throw away the old drawings and such but I didn’t let her. I guess when you don’t contact someone for a long time, you don’t feel close to them but I still don’t want to throw away my cards. I don’t think I’ll be able to contact Ayesha but I’ll try.

Yup. It annoys me too when someone suddenly says hello after a really long time. It’s like they talk only because they are bored. :/ But Saifa told me that they had moved their houses, and lost my number at that time. I don’t know how she found my number later but I’m glad she did. :)

I agree. I like to keep the camera with me at all times. When someone else has it, I feel annoyed because they don’t take enough pictures. Like on my birthday, I would’ve taken a lot of pictures but it was with my sister and she barely took any. :/ It’s always nice to have lots of pictures. :)

My parents would probably kill me if they saw me partner dancing with a guy lmao. Yeah, boys were always so mean! When we used to dance in our cultural programmes in our school, the boys would come during the rehearsals and make fun of us or start throwing tissue papers at us and stuff. :/ They were so immature.

Haha yeah. My male friends are still growing up, I guess. But they are not as annoying as before and it’s relieving.

Me too! They can take the time to sign into Facebook but not MSN. IDK why. I hate the chatting system on Facebook because it’s so small! Every time I use Tasneem’s Facebook, I often close the window by mistake before remembering that I’m chatting with someone. :P People CAN be addicted to things like that, but that doesn’t mean they’ll spend all their time on the same website.

My mom most probably doesn’t know I have a Twitter account. So I’m glad about that. She knew I had a website about 2 years back, but now I have no idea whether she knows what I do on the internet. A few days back, though, she kept on asking me what I did on the internet and who I talked to on MSN or Yahoo. That sort of creeped me out. I really had nothing much to hide, but still..D:

Aww. :( I’m so sorry about that. I hope things are better now.

Okay. I promise that. :) I’ll also tell one of my friends to keep on reminding me to be nice to my mom. Otherwise our relationship will only get worse. Yup. And we have each other’s backs. :) I’m sure things will get better in one way or other.

Yay! You finally got to see him after such a long time! :D


Oh my god. What kind of horrible, stuck-up woman is she? She reminds me of one of my “friends” who always asks me to help her with online quizzes the night before they are due. I asked her to ask someone else this one week cos I had to study for a piano exam. Instead she called a mutual friend and got her to ask me. THE NERVE! /angry I wanted to SLAP her when I found out /argh Bloody BITCH!

That family friend of yours. That sounds like something SHE’D do. Walking in like she owns the place and asking your Mum when your Mum is obviously busy is bad enough. And then presuming she could ask your DAD when your Mum already said she couldn’t? Like WTF?! Presumptive much? God, I want to slap her just reading about her.

How rude of her to ask about mortgages. RUDE! Hmph! I hope you’re no longer friends with HER. Good for that other mother…telling her off. She deserves it. Hypocritical…despotic…housewife wannabe! GRRR!

Yeah. When people ask me personal stuff, it’s mostly okay with me. But I can’t stand it when I don’t want to answer and they press the point. And even if they know you don’t mind, it’s still polite to add “if you don’t mind me asking” or something like that. It’s basic manners.

Some people are just stupid though. Even if they KNOW that you don’t want to answer the question or they KNOW what kind of answer they’re going to get, they insist on asking you anyways, which results in you getting very pissed off. The stupidity of some people…man, I don’t even…UGH!

And yeah. I agree. People shouldn’t ask questions they wouldn’t be willing to answer themselves. That just makes you a hypocrite. Hmph! /snort

Personal questions that people have asked me…”How much was your Dad’s settlement in his court case?”

My parents get asked that too.

“How much do you weigh?”. NOT ANSWERING. Ummm…Can’t think of any at the moment XD I’m generally a pretty open person too :P

Sometimes I don’t mind answering personal questions, but not the ones you mentioned above. However, I do mind if they’re. And what bugs me is that we can’t say anything because they’re “family friends”. Not that I would say anything to them, I’m not that kind of person but the “family friends” part. Just because they’re doesn’t mean they’re allowed to be that rude, hell, even my own FAMILY won’t ask questions or favors for that matter, like these.

My family had their own share of annoying family friends, like you said, they’re between family and friends. We had many family friend when I was a child, still we do, but they moved away yet we still contact each other. But we’re really close with 2 families, one is extremely annoying yet so kind hearted. They ask favors like how she asked your mother to to take her kid from school. We really can’t say anything but sit there and do what they demand.

“You’re a really, really nosey woman, you know that!<< LOL love that part, exactly what she deserved. They just need firm people like that to reply to them, I'm not one, I'm just afraid to hurt people's feelings.

I guess that famous "Are you virgin" question /snort .


Thank you, I'm glad things turned out the way they are now :)

Yup, we should put it behind us, and become stronger. I have been taking lost of risks lately, and the outcome of it is really great. like i mentioned before I gained more friends, became somewhat social. I'm sorry for that. But I'm glad you're having a great time now, in uni.

Haha, LOL. When our parents leave the house we just get too excited. The house will be in an instant mess, but before 2minutes from their arrival everything gets cleaned etc. Haha, good times.

I've had many friends like that. I don't get why people like to "pretend", if you know what I mean. But that's the past now, I had a horrible one LOL. We shouldn't worry too much about the future or past, just live in the present.

Aw, I hope sometime you will!

Thank you so much for the nice compliments on my pictures! Heehee yeah the make up is a bit light on my skin tone. It’s called Ten make up. It’s a sorta shimmery kind of make up. I used my eyeliner pencil, and mascara and some foundation and powder. I think that’s why my picture was so bright in the one shot. :/

Yeah it’s never to late to start watching a television series. My dad said I could borrow it any time I want too, but I’ll probably be watching “My Name Is Earl” when we’re all moved and stuff. Right now I’m watching “LOST”. Hehe I just love that show. I was going over the ending with my dad last night like why did it end the way it did and such. I was still lost on it. lol.

Yeah I will definitely get “Belle” it’ll take me a while to save $3,000.00 worth but in the end it’ll be worth the wait ya know? My dad’s gf told me to get a 10 month year old puppy, so that way they’ll be half way potty trained and get a female (which I was planning on doing any way), because their wee wee’s won’t be like corn on your skin lmao..I was thinking eww when she first said that but laughed at it later. But yeah I’m definitely going to take a lot of pictures of “Belle” and show them. Heehee.

Oh I know that people can be cruel. For instance, my other so called best friend, and I just got back together after being absent from a long time (she moving to the east coast, getting married and having kids and what not) and than finding each other on myspace. I asked if she’d like to go Disneyland. She said she would, but she didn’t have the money with her…than months pass, and her cousin asked if she’d like to go to Disneyland with her and she said yes and they went to Disneyland and I was fuming when I saw the pictures of her and her boys at Disneyland. I was like thanks a lot for inviting me. She’s like my cousin paid for it all and everything which I highly doubt.

Anyway, I called the doctor’s yesterday and they got me booked to see them this Tuesday at 2:30 or 2:40 p.m.. I was hoping they wouldn’t be mad at me for accidentally forgetting my appointment, which is the truth I did forget my appointment and totally thought wednesday was Thursday lmfao. Oh well.

Ah, I hate those kinds of people. She seems so rude.

You shouldn’t ask other people about their money. That’s a private thing.

If she asks a question, she should at least have the decency to answer it as well.

I was asked about a lot of private things when people found out about my boyfriend; I guess it was just standard operating procedure for them.

“Do your parents know?”
“Do they approve of him?”
“Does your brother approve of him?”
“Did you guys kiss yet?”
“Did you guys make out yet? You’re not answering, so you did!”
“Have you ever fought?”
“How did he ask you to be your girlfriend? Where?”

It’s just so annoying because the people asking me those things are the ones that barely know me. My friends respect my privacy.

About 2 years ago, a 2nd-instance cousin, a 2-3-months-older nosey, superficial and meddling b***h with something amiss in her brain (she just doesn’t get things), asked me why I wasn’t looking for a fiancé – she used exactly the french term – since I was 28 and many of my other cousins were already married by that age…..WTH?!?!??!? /ehh
I just shut up and glared at her, and I think she got the message; who’s her to sprout sentences on how I live my life?
Then, I could ask her why she married a man-child who needed more a mother than a wife, so that she can have her own little servant and run the house like a tyrant (whom she is)! /pow

Another time, last year, she come to visit gran’ma (I wasn’t there that day, but mom and my aunt told me everything) and, when she saw our tiny pool, she said “Maybe some day, after work, I’ll come over and bathe” like that was her own house………….WTFlyingF?!?!?!?!?!?!? 💥
My mom and aunt didn’t answered and we hope she got the message.

This girl is really annoying; she wants to befriend my first cousin (my aunt’s daughter) and so she’s always asking to me and her to have dinner with her.
….Hello?!? We, especially my cousing Maddy, do not like her; we have our own friends and don’t feel like counting her as one, because our personnalities are very different, not matching at all; it’s been that way for the last 20 years, so she better get a grip on the situation and stop bothering us, before we are forced to treat her badly…and, sadly, she is always a relative. :(

ye i dislike it as well but im an open person as well but dont ask personal questions on the first meet. i got asked how do i go to the bathroom and whether i use anything /ehe

Yeah, I wasn’t forced into joining, but he would be upset if I quit. Especially because I’m in regular band too. I’m just going to have to make the best of it though. There isn’t anything I can do.

Well, I understand everything though. Like, the tilt of the Earth and things, but it’s weird to think about. Like, when it’s Christmas over there, it’s summer. :O

And, I’ve had boyfriends but nothing serious or anything.

That lady is so rude! Sad thing is, I think we pretty much know all of the people in this area like this. Ugh. And you’re totally right, if you’re going to ask a personal question to someone be ready to answer it as well.

No one has really asked me any personal questions in a LONG time. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. lol.

Wow those people sounds really rude and annoying.

Much like you I never know how to react to really personal questions being ask, I usually just say something like ‘why does it matter?’ or ‘I don’t know’. :/

Mer I can’t think of any personal questions right now, but there have been a few ><

No wonder I’m told to be conscious of the questions I ask… and not to ask so many of them.

It’s because I don’t know what kinds of questions are personal, and what aren’t.

I suppose I’m guilty of something like this, so for that I’m… OK I don’t even know if it’s something to say sorry for either. Oh God this is so confusing.

I completely understand where you are coming from!
It doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does, I simply tell the person as nicely as I can that I’m just uncomfortable with them asking me that. Most of them respect that and let it be.
I know I can ask personal things quite often…because of my… curiosity (or nosy-ness ;) ). However, I’ll do the best I can not to pressure you and of course, I won’t make you answer. You can just tell me you’re uncomfortable…you know? Heh. Of course you do. You wrote this post. >.>
Sorry. :P

I don’t hate family-friends though. I love most of them. None of mine are like that…we’re pretty close with them though. ^_^
Of course they aren’t rude JUST BECAUSE they’re family-friends. It’s simply that person’s personality, but I think you know that…whatever, sorry for my babbling. >.>