I went to James’s house today. It was a really cold day. I thought I’d remembered everything when I walked out the door of my house. When I was waiting for him to pick me up at the station, though, I remembered… I remembered that I forgot something. :P

I didn’t bring my digital camera. I know I have a camera on my iPhone but I like being able to use a proper camera because naturally, the quality is so much better, and I really like how the photos turn out compared to photos from a phone.

It was a stray pair of green gloves that someone just left on the ground. Poor gloves. Some poor person was also suffering with cold hands.

poor lost gloves

Anyway. We bought some groceries because we planned to make savoury muffins. It’s been a while since I’ve made muffins, since I’m not much of a cook. /um The last time I made them was in school when I was about thirteen years old. They were so delicious and from that day, I preferred savoury muffins to sweet ones.

Since we hadn’t had a proper breakfast, we had eggs. James tried to fry them but they didn’t turn out right. We ended up having scrambled eggs. :)

We did laundry. James apologised for it, except I didn’t see it as much of a problem. I was already grateful that we were spending time together after not seeing each other in so long. James is probably the only person who makes chores fun. Most of the time at home, chores get really lame. Don’t tell anyone that. ;)

Our muffins turned out to be spectacular. We used mushrooms, ham, cheese, celery, and onion. Some of the ingredients we just chose on a whim. We didn’t even think of celery until the end, when we realised it was going to be super weird not having any green vegetables. :P And we randomly decided to put some raw salmon into some of the muffins, and we topped all the muffins with cheese.

me pouring flour

When they came out of the oven and we tried them, they were soooooo delicious. /drool The ones with salmon had a really interesting taste. All the muffins were delicious!

savoury muffins

It was very fun making the muffins. /bounce I’m going to post more photos on my photoblog soon, so watch out for that.

James got me my ballet exam certificate yesterday. The one I had been waiting seven months for. Since last December when I took the exam. I feel really proud because I got Honours, the highest grade possible. For my last ballet exam too, I am so glad. :) And I owe James for picking it up for me. ♥️

I’m feeling really exhausted, I haven’t really gotten around to comments yet. Sorry. /um

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ZOGM they were good
Oh man oh god oh man
Let’s make some more sometime /bounce with different ingredients. They’re so much more interesting than sweet ones 🤤

And they didn’t stick! /bounce They just popped right out. Awesome. Ohhhhhh man.

ngege! /love

Got to sleep, Honours Wuggs :)


OMG best muffins I’ve made. ♥ Considering the ones we made in high school were in forced groups. At least, mine was. That was so fun. I can’t wait to try it with more. There’s only so much you can do with sweet things, I love savoury muffins though! :D

Nom nom, I’m so glad they didn’t stick. So easy! /bounce Would have been just as bad as the scrambled eggs this morning if they did. /um

/love /mwah

Oh that happens to me all the time. I’ll be halfway to crewe to see my friends and I’ll of remembered that I forgot my umbrella or purse.
Those muffins sound so delicious! But what time of day would you eat them, before dinner or after dinner? as they have veggies in them. :P I think I’ll have to try and bake some one day.
Congrats on the ballet exam! *hugs* ♥ Was that your last ballet exam or are you taking more?

Awh that is so awesome you got to spend the day with James! I agree, doing chores with someone you like make you feel the chores aren’t chores at all!
I’m not the kind of person who enjoy doing housework either. The most I would do is the laundry and sweeping the floors. :(

Muffins! I don’t eat muffins, not that I don’t like them, but the muffins we have here don’t look tempting enough to me (except chocolate muffins).
But the muffins you made look really yummy! Nom nom nom! I don’t suppose you could, err, share the recipe with the rest of us? ;)

Congrats for getting the Honours for the ballet course! That is so awesome you got the highest grade for the course. The long wait is worth it. :D

I have never had savory muffins before. I only had the sweet ones, such as blueberry muffins and chocolate chip muffins. I have a super sweet tooth, so they are just right for me. :) From the photos of your muffins, they do look delicious! How do you make the base of the muffin?

I wished Beb and I would spend together like that and make muffins. But doing laundry with him is not fun, it is still a chore. : I haven’t baked anything with him for awhile now and he always calls “not it” to mixing the ingredients together (we always baked with those ready made boxes).

You’re making me crave some muffins! And I want to be able to make savory ones soon! 🤤

Man, those muffins really look good! 🤤 I wish I can bake some. But my baking experience is next to nothing! The only thing I have baked is a cake that comes out of the box. There are instructions, so it was easy to follow. But when it comes to doing things from scratch, I’m HOPELESS. 😳 HAHA.

Mushrooms and salmon in a muffin? WOW. And here I was thinking that muffins are only made up of chocolates, flour, egss and other ingredients! I only had chocolate chip muffins. Your muffins sound more interesting than the normal ones! /ehe

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but chores are more fun when I’m doing it with my brother. 😒 It’s fun in general when you’re not alone. At least, you have someone you can talk to besides the broom and the wall. Plus, we just end up cracking up even though there’s nothing funny. When you put us together, we’re really weird. /hehe

LOL. I used to hate gardening because its hard work, and I’m really lazy. But since we moved, I just really became interested in garden stuff. Mainly because I want to use something that grew in the garden and not buy in the supermarket. (Y)

I was thinking that they aren’t in the right soil too. But we planted the vegetables in the place where the old owners used to plant. So… I don’t really know. But at least, the plants are growing. /eee

Yum, these muffins do look tasty. Except I’m a vegan so salmon is not really my thing. :P
I prefer simple chocolate ones. :D

Yes, of course she is proud of me. She is so proud that she wants to read what I’ve read and this is where it gets, ahem, uncomfortable.

Oh, blogging is addictive. It is like writing a journal. Since I don’t have any friends who blog, all the people I share with are random strangers who have no way of contacting the people I bitch about. It is nirvana. /hehe

I don’t know. I hate Rewind. I can’t think of anything worse. I just hope they don’t pull anything like this again. :/

Ha. I love dancing with my pillow. So incredibly tacky. /eee I once asked my boyfriend to dance with me. At that time, he wasn’t my boyfriend, just my crush. He refused. I was crushed. 🙄
Am never going to try it again. Not even if he begs me. Or maybe only if he begs. XD

I cannot wait! and because I cannot wait you’d think I was all packed up and ready to go butttt… I havent started anything! I’m such a procrasinator. I also need to go through all my stuff and get rid of whatever i dont want and whatnot.. i just cant be bothered to do it :/
Well thats good :D I go through phases of not liking it to loving it lol. yeah.. lately I’ve just wanted to write and write… i managed to write 2 articles and thats about it.. i lost my train of thought hahaa

I agree, phone cameras can suck at time and might not be able to capture what exactly you see.. mines a blackberry, and pictures look like shittt.
mmm muffins! I just came from the gym and im so tempted to just munch out on anything and everythinggg. even though im not a fan of salmon.. well, ive never tried it.. but they sound so good mainly because its topped with cheese.. i just love anything with melted cheese… yum!
YAY! congrats on getting the higest marks and honors :D

Sucks you forgot you camera. I did get to get one. I bet someone is trying to remember where they set their green gloves down, lol. I made muffins like… never ago, lol. I suck at making fried eggs, so I’m always stuck scrambling… Wait, what? I never heard of muffins with all that in it. I’ve only had desserty or fruity ones, i.e. blueberry. They look pretty though. Congrats on acing the ballet exam!

Hi! It’s my first time here and through Caity’s blog. I love the look of those muffins. Hmm I should try making muffins by using other ingredients other than fruits.

Hello! ♥

My mum is pretty cool with it most of the times. She used to complain earlier because I didn’t apply for jobs when I should’ve been doing so and stuff.. but yeah. I guess we’ll have to find a way to deal with this.

We’ve actually discussed this earlier already. I always wanted to take a year off and get out of Germany and improve my English even more – no matter if it was working as an Au Pair or studying abroad. I also found this organization that gives you the chances to and has information about a lot of unis all over the world (pretty much) but they are pretty expensive. Which is our biggest problem. I haven’t really looked into the prices for the Australian ones though now that I think about it. I checked the UK’s and they were like 8 – 10 thousand € for 8 weeks or more. And that’s just not the kind of money we have.

That sounds really interesting and just thinking about the fact that I could study at YOUR uni makes this even better! But yeah.. the money thingy again.

I definitely will! I just really want to earn some money to be able to support my parents too because with the cutting of the Kindergeld there’ll be even less money for them to spend on the important things.

I remember you talking about how much you disliked your job! I am really, really happy that it got better by now though. :)

I know how that friend feels! One of my used-to-be friends was soo great at playing the piano that it gave me chills all over my body! I used to wish I could play that great!

Haha! YES, they totally should! I’ll make sure my cute lil girl (if I ever have one) stays the hell away from guys too!

Oh, so it’s finally the long awaited week before uni were you steal out of the house to do a lot of fun things? That’s awesome! :D Make sure to make the best out of this week! ♥

I don’t really like taking pictures with my phone either – but it’s an old one so the quality just purely sucks. It probably would be more fun with those newer phones that actually take pictures with great quality. :)

I am not really that good of a cook either! xD I barely cook and if I decide to cook then it’s just really simple things. xD I do like baking though! Which reminds me that it’s Christmas soon – well, still 5 months but whatever – so I can make cookies again! 🤤

Those are some pretty interesting ingredients you and James decided to use! Trying out something new turned into discovering something really yummy which is always awesome, isn’t it?

I want to bake muffins too but mum just doesn’t want to get those forms in which you have to bake them. Next time I see some I’ll just get them myself!

Congratulations Georgie! That’s freaking awesome that you got Honours! You sure worked really, really hard on it and you totally deserve such an awesome grade! Why did it take so long to get the certificate?

I am so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful time while visiting James. It seems as if spending time with him makes you feel more relaxed and optimistic about the future. You definitely need to find a way to spend more time with him in the future. :)

Aah savoury muffins, that osunds so fun. Seriously gotta try it sometime.
Congrats on your ballet. You must be pretty damn good to achieve Honours. You definitely deserved the delicious muffins :P

:love: I know this sounds cheesy, but making muffins with your boyfriend sounds oh-so-romantic. :) I’m sure it would be a blast, and tons of fun.

LOL, I don’t like eating my vegetables, much less in muffins xD. But I would have tried them, since they might have tasted good. I love cheese ♥. Lol! :)

I’m not much of a cook either (actually, I’m far from a “cook”). The only things I can “cook” are homemade pizza, and cheese quesadillas 😰 My dad says I need to learn how to cook, because when I’m older I should cook for my husband. I told him that my husband should be able to cook for himself, because I want to be a lawyer and I might not be around every minute of every day to make him a damn sandwhich. /eee LOL. That’s just how I am, I guess — I like to be very independant and stuff, and I want to marry someone who can take care of themself when I’m not around.

How the hell did I get on that topic xD?

Anyways, I lost all of my comments, so I don’t even know what your last comment was about -_-. I got my domain though, I’m so happy <333 . So can we start a new conversation? LOL. Dx

P.S. Congrats on your ballet exam :)!

Ah! Really really really well done on the honours for your ballet exam! I did ballet from reception to year six, so.. seven years, and honours is a great achievement :3
you two seem like you’re perfect together, very lucky :)
savoury muffins? I’ve never heard of them, let alone tried one, but I feel like trying one now, they do look lovely.

I know, it has. I didn’t back up my an idiot. 😳 and they all got deleted. I was about to give up on the website stuff..but then I realized how much I love it.

I love science things, but I have never seen that show.. @_@

I guess I have a good immune system. The last time I got sick was last’s so weird that it’s summer over here..and winter over there. O_O

The books are so much better. But, I do like the movies. /hehe

I have never made muffins. The only muffins I have ever tasted were blueberry..never with stuff like that in them..they actually sound kind of good though.. :D

For as much as I love cooking, I have never tried savory muffins. I’ve always done only the sweet ones. The kind you made looked and sounded so fantastic!

I also love pictures with a regular camera as preferred to a digital one. I am going to try to post some photos of what I cook, too, and make it a weekly recipe thing.

I think I feel bad for it because it isn’t the cutest thing, but I also am not very fond of it. I’m not fond of cats in general, but that cat gave me shivers!

My life is so…not busy, and I hate it. I used to be so busy and so…just…everywhere. But things have changed because a lot of drama has happened lately and I’m trying to work through it as best I can. My dad wants to go on a 7 day roadtrip with me, which might be fun :).

Thank you! <3 I think this time it's going to be strictly blogging because I feel like it's a have-to when I have to update resources/tutorials, instead of a want-to when I just have to blog about something.

I agree: if it had been a much larger girl wearing the shirt, I could understand the message's meaning. But the girl wearing it was skinny as hell, and might have been anorexic herself. In my personal opinion, the shirt is much too controversial, and there are too many opinions that could spring from it.

Twitter fights are entertaining though D;. Lol.

I think hanging out with your boyfriend making veggie muffins would be fun :P! Something memorable.

I'm just starting to eat salad (I never liked salad), because I think if I eat better I can eat more, instead of eating bad and eating less. So I can maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, without being anorexic :).

I think if you can cook
A) mac-n-cheese
B) spaghetti
C) toast (technically “make”)
then you can call yourself a handy cook :). You don’t have to make freakin’…some hugeass dish to be a cook! You just need to know the basics :P.

Welcome! :)<3 I used to do ballet/dance, too.

Hey Georgie,

Thanks for the comment….unfortunately, I didn’t go to Disneyland with her. They were going today (Tuesday) and she texted me yesterday asking me if I can meet them there. I told her what happened and that I simply can’t meet them there. And what was wrong with me riding with them on the way there. She than proceeded to tell me that I can go with them, but I’ll have to pay my own way and half the parking fair. I was like @_@;x2. XD So I told her to forget it. I’m going in September any way with two of my really good friends. One whom I’ve known most of my life and her husband. They’re getting passes, so I can use my pass that month and get in free. I’m so looking forward to that though.

Yeah LOST was and is the best television show out there. Up to date that is. I’ve never seen Doctor Who, or heard tell of it. I don’t watch much t.v. either. I usually watch Maury and some Tyra Banks re-runs and that’s about it. But after LOST was done I just don’t have the passion to watch t.v. any more. I really want to see the first season of “My Name Is Earl” because it looks really funny and it is funny (I’ve seen one episode of it). I was told by my dad, that they filmed one spot in Beaumont on one of their episodes where they got their liquor from. I was like “HOW COOL”. lol

Twilight is doing good. I’m almost done with it. I did not know that they had Carlisle’s past in the book. They left that out in the movie altogether. I wonder why. They didn’t leave the piano part out, but the whole house hold they kinda did. The movie also added words of their own into it I think. But yeah it’s coming along I think I have like 5 chapters left.

Those muffins look really tasty…I wish I could’ve been there to try them haha. Ah well.

Well; I hope you have fun at your friend’s house. Take care and don’t be a stranger.

Those muffins look so yummy! Now I’m hungry and want muffins just like those. :)

Congratulations on your dancing exam. I loved doing them myself.

I love baking, so jealous that you had someone to bake with. ♥

I always end up checking if I have everything six times before I leave the house. And even if I have everything I still feel like I’m forgetting something. You know me, I always take my camera with me (now I have two lol).

I make muffins with cheese and garlic in them. hmm since I read your blog I think I need to get the stuff and make some this weekend. lol. I’ve never had muffins with ham in them.

Your muffins look so good! I think I might be making me a midnight snack now lol.

I’mg lad to hear you finally got your certificate after such a long wait. And congrats on the great grade!

Well you sound so much happier in this blog. I’m really happy for you right now that you got a chance to get out of the house and spend some quality time with your BF. :) How are things at home by the way? I hope your mom has calmed down a little and you two can talk through stuff…..

Those muffins look soooooooooo good. They’re making my mouth water. 🤤 The ones with the salmon sound interesting. I love slamon.

I never really made muffins on my own. I can’t cook nor bake. But I know I should start soon. :))

I love cooking and baking! But I’ve never heard of savory muffins /um Must be an Australian thing? I’m used to sweet muffins! I love all kinds of sweet ones, especially blueberry and coffee cake. I would love to try making savory ones sometime though, that sounds so interesting! Although, I think I’d try beef or something instead of salmon, I’m not much of a fish person

Aw it sounds like you and James had a lot of fun ^_^

I get what you mean, doing chores with somebody else is so much more fun that when you’re doing it a lone :)

The muffins sound funnn to make =] I am so crappy at cooking muffins, cakes and anything else a long those lines.

Also, congrats on the Ballet exam! I never knew that you did Ballet :D! That’s so cool :)

The muffins look really yummy!

Annoys me when I forget something, especially a camera. I like to take photos all the time so really annoyed when I can’t. The camera on phones just aren’t as good as a proper camera. The

I’ve told Leon you said happy birthday and he was ecstatic to know my online friend wished him a happy birthday. LOL. And he asked me to tell you that he said thank you. XD

Yeah, “anak” means “child” in Indonesian too. It’s hardly surprising that Bruneian language is similar to the Indonesian language since they basically share the common root: Austronesian.

Yerkhh, I never like learning philosophy, especially not when they combine History with it. I took a basic course in History which was called Introduction to History. I thought it was something about History and the techniques used to study the History field but I found out it was actually History+Philosophy. What a bore.

Thank you. I’ve pretty much recovered from the fever but my nose is still kinda runny. :/ I wish I have stronger immune system like yours.


Yaaaaay! You got to see James yesterday (and the day before) ♥ Must have been HEAPS of fun and very satisfying :P /bounce

Hey, your iphone camera has pretty high quality. Even if it’s not as good as your digicam. It’s better than my camera phone at any case.

Is that the train station in that picture? The one with the gloves. It looks familiar. But then again it shows a dirty floor and there are dirty concrete floors everywhere :P

Scrambled eggs! @_@ :D I love scrambled eggs! I want some now :P Hey, at least he can cook! Even if the eggs didn’t turn out fried :P I have no idea how to turn on my STOVE even D:

Whooooaaa…That’s a lot of stuff to put in muffins. I’ll never think of muffins the same way again. Haha, only kidding. Wow. I haven’t had savoury muffins since we made them in food tech. Those look really yummy. Even with the cheese, which I don’t like. Man, I’m so tempted to bake muffins, but I bet I’ll burn them :P

CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING HONOURS FOR BALLET :D Ha! I always knew you were pro :P :P And how nice of James too get it for you. Woot! Don’t forget! You have to teach our children ballet! Hahahaha.


Haha, no way. There were plenty of people auditioning for SYTYCD, just not enough people watching. The ratings were too low. Which sucks. I bet the ratings were still higher than Big Brother and they tortured us with that show for FOREVER. And don’t even get me STARTED on Australian Idol. I HATE that show /angry

Yes! You have to watch Meteor Gardens and be all /love over Dao Ming Si! Haha. Someone has to fawn over him like me! :P Only kidding XD But it IS that good. SEBBY MUST FINISH IL!!

Hehe, I feel bad skipping lectures too! But I think I’ve only ever skipped parts of lectures. I skipped half of accounting to meet with you but I really didn’t care about that one anyways :P Hahaha! The only other times I’ve skipped lectures I’ve always gone to make up lectures. I’m such a nerd ==

Toy Story 1 and 2 weren’t sad. But trust me, Toy Story 3 IS sad! Well it’s a sad, but happy ending. You’re guaranteed to be in tears if you ever watch it.

I hate the camera on my phone too. You can’t even look at the picture on my phone. It’s all blurred and black and it’s all pixel-type. It’s pathetic and I don’t use it anymore. I use the camera now to take random pictures.

Poor gloves! Frankly speaking, I’ve not seen snow in my life and I love everything related to cold thus – snow, ice, gloves, sweaters. It makes me feel happy for some unknown reason. Those gloves remind me of a pathetic incident that happened to me – when I was in Hong Kong, I got robbed and I thus lost my gloves. Who’d through ‘gloves’ on the street? It’s really valuable you know!

You made me hungry, thanks Georgina. Now I’m going to buy some muffins because your muffins stole my heart. <3 Damnit, I can't have those! :( Especially with cheese and mushrooooooom! :D

Congrats on the ballet certificate, Honours is whoaa. I've not done anything like it so bleh, I have no idea. But nice achievement. :)

Btw, I love your outfit. Sorry for the randomness. xD

Hahahaa, I tend up to be early for parties! Anyways I'm always late to school and punctuality is something I've been striving to achieve for like, 2 years.

Thanks a lot Georgina, you just brought my confidence back! Yes, I shouldn't be a chicken at all. Definitely, our parents brought us up and they'll always lend us a hand! :)

I'd be like your best friend though – die the first week of moving out from my parents house! I just hope I can do it – oh no. Not hope. I CAN DO IT!

Oh damn. I forgot to return your comment. So read below as well. xD

Haha, I knew it! We all are falling for the bait you see. Attendance is.. a far away dream for me!

Oh, I’ve not read the book PS I Love You. But I absolutely loved the movie! :’) I’ll read it hopefully! :D

Ok I never even thought to make savoury muffins. Now you two have inspired me to try :-D Ah love doing something new …
I am glad you saw James. That’s great and congratulations on your Ballet Honours, way to go ♥

I got my exam results for last year and I passed higher then I thought. It’s a great feeling knowing you did your best and got the best you could academically and it’s on paper to prove it.

I never bake or cook, haha. I’ve been wanting to try, but I never really have the time anymore. :(

Those muffins look delicious! I’ve never eaten a savoury muffin though, haha.

It’s great that you got to spend time with James. :D I wouldn’t really care what we did if I was you neither, haha. It doesn’t really matter anyway. :)

Congratulations on getting honors on that ballet exam – and on finally getting the certificate, haha. :D

Poor person who was without gloves, aha. Perhaps some other lucky person without gloves came and took them?

o.o I have never heard of muffins with mushrooms and celery in them! I’ve really only heard of sweet muffins heh 😳 But I’m glad you guys had fun making them! And doing laundry, ahaha. I guess it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing, as long as you like who you’re doing it with!

Congrats on getting your ballet certificate and getting honors! That’s awesome!

Those muffins look absolutely delicious! I’ve never had savoury muffins before, but now I really want to try them. Haha, you made me hungry. :P

I’ve never really been the person that has to have my camera everywhere with me but I often regret when I don’t have it. One time I saw a “slow” sign that somebody had crossed out and wrote “fast as f**k” over it. I thought it was really funny and I wish I’d taken a photo of it.

It sounds like you had a fun day anyway. Did you have any leftover muffins?

Yeah, I love weird toys too. Some of my old favourites include a hippo and a pikachu. XD

Yeah, I have quite a few friends I’ve drifted apart from. I’ve always been one of those people that drifted between groups. I’ve only really made strong friendships with the group of friends I have now and we’ve known each other for only about four years.

/bounce Congrats on your ribbon. I would have been really proud too, I never win things like that.

I sometimes hates to realize that I forgot my digital camera especially if I found something interesting that worth a snapshot (mostly the sunset).

That is so sweet, doing chores and cooking together with boyfriends is fun. I agree with you, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re together and having some fun. lol.

Mostly, it’s my boyfriend who cooks and do lame chores for me. He likes to baby much and I totally like it. But there are times too that I prepare foods for him too.

Thanks. :D I was aiming for a peaceful mood.

I finished reading The Great Gatsby. It was actually really good. I’m not into reading classical romances much, but I like the drama–love affairs, a past love that comes back, death…


MUFFINS. They look so delicious. I haven’t baked muffins in a while. The last time I made them, they had chocolate chips. But I didn’t mix the mix enough so some parts still had chunky bits of flour.

Whenever I’m going out for something fun, I always try to bring my camera. I remember hanging out with some friends in the park, in the creek, and near the pond, and I completely forgot to bring my camera. I had to use my phone, and the quality was horrible.

wow, those muffins sound and look really good! when you first mentioned how you’re not much of a muffin-maker, i was thinking that’s not much of a loss because muffins aren’t that great (IMO of course!)… but i was thinking about blueberry muffins covered in sugar and butter, haha. i didn’t know you could put stuff like onions and celery in them. savory muffins are definitely on my list now. ♥

yeah my hairs really really thin at the end now, i practically have no hair at the bottom ahahaha

my auntie asked why theres no food (she works for the company, but didnt volunteer) and theyre just like oh yeah, we ran out yesterday :| gahhh i was actually dying from hunger.

my friends around me usually don’t read willingly either :P but my coworker, i always see her buying books! she’s always telling me what kinda books are good but nahhhh, i rather watch tv haha (lazy).

i think the iphone camera is real good by it self :)

mmmmmuffinsss. i always choose muffins over cake cause its easier to make haha. chocolate’s my favourite :)

congratss on your ballet certificate!

Wow! I’ve never heard of savoury muffins before haha! They sound pretty interesting, a few weeks ago I made chocolate chip muffins, that sounds boring now compared to salmon and cheese muffins.

They look quite tasty, when I first saw the picture I thought they resembled jacket potatoes! I don’t know if I’d like them though, as I have a sweet tooth and I’m not really a fan of savoury foods.

In my cooking class now though we have to make healthier foods, maybe I’ll try savoury muffins!

It sucks that you forgot your camera! I try to remember mine as I take it every where with me, but when I forget it, I get so annoyed because my phone camera is rubbish!

I’m glad you had a nice day with James. :) Oh and I just wanna point out that I really like your jacket!

I suppose the landlord could just do it, as it was his house. However the fact he’s actually meant to give us 2 months notice is a big advantage to us, we could get him in a lot of trouble for it!

It took me a few hours to take all my posters down, which was annoying. I was taking the blu-tac off carefully, but the corners kept ripping, and my huge Jedward one tore down the middle. :(

I felt bad because I didn’t reply to her comment but I was so angry! The name is pretty personal to me, which I pointed out in my blog. I’m gonna comment her back, but completely ignore that section of the comment!

Hehe well guess what?? YOU WON FIRST PLACE xD you must be lucky! You get a custom graphic, so lemme know what it’ll be. :)

Thank you :) They haven’t responded you, so maybe after I go on vacation I will be able to help.

Yea, my mom keeps saying, but you always say you’re bored? But I never said that, I like relaxing :P

Oh that can be good and bad to dance with everybody :P

Ehh, yea I guess it’s fun to have a crush on anybody, but you’ll get more heartbroken from going to boy to boy ya know?

Haha, I don’t think I have a gay friend :/ I really don’t know many gay guys though tbh. I wish I did, they’re always so nice.

Haha yea, it’s just soooo hard to not annoy the boy you like when they begin to ignore you.

OMG that’s soooo mean D: :(

No, they tease girls if they like them, they are purposely mean to them if they don’t like them.

I remember in first grade I had this guy best friend and I liked him, and we were like inseparable, but I never had a play date with him. On valentines day I have his a piece of candy and asked if he would be my valentine and he said yes <33 Now I have no idea where he is haha.

Last year I had cooking class, I loveeed that class sooo much. I still use the recipe to make snickerdoodles. :)

Hmm, I like sweet muffins, I've only ever had like breakfast muffins with blueberries or apple.

Ohh those muffins look real good though :D

Honors in ballet remind me of something. In high school we can take honor classes. You have to take a test to get in. I'm not in high school yet, but I'm hoping to take honors algebra 2, the highest math class :D I love math. And I want to take more honors, but I don't like science reading or history :P

Savoury muffins? I have never even heard of them let alone tried them. :1 But you make them sound yummy so I am going to look for some recipes online. Salmon in sponge? I want to say “Yum” but I’m more accommodated to having it with salad or something. LOL. I solemnly swear to never tell anyone that chores at home are lame, ok?
James sounds like a doll. (Can i say that?) /eee
The picture of your muffins is actually making my mouth water. So I am going to eat something.
P.s. Would you be my affiliate? :) You always write really long and sweet comments, and I see your comments virtually everywhere and they are ALWAYS long, Which means that you take the time to actually read and consider what people are saying – not just rush through,

Those muffins look good, (: . I enjoy making muffins as well; they always smell so good coming out of the oven, :D. I remember back in 5th grade, for every party my class held, I would make muffins and I’d bring them in for the party, and everyone loved them, ^_^.
My brother thought they were very delicious as well, until he found out I made them and not my mom. He then told me it tasted horrible and he was never going to eat anything I cook/bake ever again. KIDS, xD.

I heard the iPhone 4 was recalled, o: . And I talked to my dad about it, and he’s like, “Oh. They’re all fixed.” So now I’m all confused, xD.

Ah, sci-fi shows. I’m not really a big fan of anything that’s sci-fi, but there are exceptions, ^_^. Such as that Avatar movie. I refused to see it at first, but my former best friend dragged me to the movie theatres, and in the end, I quite enjoyed it, :D.

I can’t stand a tight schedule, because I tend to get lazy or I freak out because there are so many things to get done, xD. I’m so glad I dropped some of my classes (dance, volleyball, swim team), because with everything going on, I simply don’t have time for all of that, o: .

Hmm. I’m not too sure if I want muscles, 0.o. That’d be so weird for me, hehe.

She told you to “STFU”?? Wow, =_=. That’s not very nice of her to do that. Some of my friends’ moms are so cool, and they let their kids go out a lot — they trust their children. I wish my mom was more like that, >..<.

I’m slowly learning about picture quality. My family needs to get a digital camera.
I was just telling my mom how it is winter in Australia but summer over here. The things I learn on the internet when I’m not even trying! :D
It’s good that you got to see James. I know you said you were missing him. ♥
When you first described the muffins I was like, “hmm, never!” But looking at that picture of them out of the oven changed my mind. Send me the recipe? :)
The reason I’m not happy that Erik is living with a girl is because in the Bible there’s a verse that says, “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” In American the natural thought is “if you live together, you are engaged in something sexual.” Now if you were to ask us “Did the couple say that?” We would have to stop and think.

It sounds like you had an awesome day with james :D I’m glad you actually get the chance to see him a bit before school <3 He sounds like a really good guy, and I'm sure he could make chores fun :P Though I generally love doing laundry anyways.. haha, I'm just weird like that :P

those muffins look yummy.. i've never heard of some of those things in muffins! odd, but i bet they tasted yummy. <3

Thanks <333 It's like, I'm tired of some of the things he does, and it feels like its doomed to just not work out, but at the same time.. I still DON'T want to give up. I want to make sure we try anything so that we don't just end up back together. I'm going out for dinner with him & two of his friends (also close friends of mine) really soon, so I'll have to see how tonight goes and then I wont see him for a couple days as he's going away for the weekend, but I think it could be good for us to have the time apart. He doesn't, but I hope we can still try it and see when he gets back. I made him a CD since it's a road trip, and I put in a note too so hopefully he reads it..

I really love the picture too, thanks! :D

LOL I'm glad your mom didn't actually figure it out.. that would have been baaaad! Hopefully you get more time with him soon :D

I’m not big on muffins (or anything that you put in them ✌️ ), but I can’t deny that those look good. Yay on getting your ballet exam certificate, and congrats on getting honors. You don’t really hear of many people taking ballet (besides little girls), it feels like it’s something exotic!

Cooking is always a good skill to have though. I love cooking/baking because when I get married I want to be a house wife. Cooking/baking and cleaning all day! Lol. Call me crazy!

Yes, doing the exams was nerve wracking but when you get into it… Well when I did I just used to forget they were watching me.

I hate the ffeling when you know something is missing but you just don’t know what exactly.
I love the idea of it being a cold day (: that jsut sounds fantastic right now after almost dying of the heat. Lucky.
Savory muffins? I have never ever tasted them in my life but you make them sound good. I just love sweet muffins, I just love them, so I don’t know if I would like savory ones! I like pancakes sweet and savory though, so you never know! I think I will make my sister make them when she gets home (:
I am not a big baker or cook myself. My mum is the big cook and my sister the baker, so it is a good balence (: The only thing in that area that I’m good at is crumbing butter and flour to make bread crumb textures for pastries or watching hells kitchen on the tv hahaha XD
well done on your ballet! Wow. That is amazing. I once tried ballet when I was really young, but hated it so much that I would scream and cry (eugh what a brat I was /oh ) Anyway after 2 lessons they couldn’t handle it anymore, (or me) and that was the last of any dancing in my life. Hahah

I know, I am super excited for the starbucks!
I love the Cristmas spirit and how one holiday can change people so much for the better. I love the joy, happiness and good spirit of it, but you’re right, It has become completly commercialised. I actually wrote a paper on that last year, but just about Japan (:
Oh my goodness! Sushi pillows? haha you are a legend.

Haha. That happens a lot to me! Remembering that I forgot something right after I went out of the house or when I’m on a PUJ. :O At least you still brought along your iPhone with you though. :)

I haven’t tasted savory muffins yet. :O I actually haven’t heard of them. Seeing the picture made me hungry though. Haha. It must have been really delicious, eh? XD

That’s so cute, Georgie! You in the picture, baking. :P And James trying to fry eggs. It had always amused me when I see guys trying to cook and failing. :P I don’t know why but I find it cute. Haha. My friend gets annoyed by it. XD

Congratulations on getting the Honours! I’m so glad you were able to achieve it!

Aww, thank you for the comments on my layout. :) It means a lot. I was quite worried that the background would hurt people’s eyes.

Wow! A PHP mail script! That’s awesome. :)

Haha. Going to the dentist doesn’t really bother me. It’s the fee after the visit and how the results are. I know that my teeth are really sucky. X_x

Hmm, if it sounds okay for you knowing that someone would make a fanlisting for you two, then just give me the site and maybe we could list it under Webmasters category? :P

Your iPhone costs the same here, as it has been rumored, more or less. I guess importing really makes the product hella expensive!

Hi Georgina^^ Sorry btw i called you “jeorgina” when i tweeted to you -_-; and the last time i got here the layout was different. this new one’s cute, too!^^

haha eggs. when my eggs fail i just scramble them instead, too. XD heehee. muffins! i havent tried different kinds of em but wow your muffins sound really yummy!^^ and it has cheese. <3

:O That’s a good idea! *Copies Georgina and writes “:X:X:X” first*

I’d love to meet a lot of people from the ‘online world’ too, we should have a get together sometime and everybody can meet up. xD How cool would that be? People flying from all over the world just to meet each other in person. It would get pretty expensive though. :3

That’s a really nice name. I like that it’s unusual, I’ve never heard it before. I have some ideas for baby names too, but I think I’d wait until the baby is born until I decide what to call him/her. I wouldn’t like unusual names that no one can pronounce, though. Maybe just one that is quite rare that you don’t hear much.

I suppose you’re right. Day dreams are the ones we can actually choose what we want to dream about. I guess it makes it fair in a way.

Haha, I’ve never actually had a rude dream, only with kissing. To be honest, I don’t think I’d want to. :P My boyfriend frequently makes “sex noises” in his sleep though, which is quite worrying, LOL.

My mum is the same, unfortunately. She always seems to ask me to do chores when I least want to, like when I first wake up or get home at night. I don’t get it? :S

As for going out, I can literally go anywhere I want as long as I’m home in time to mind my younger brother every night so she can go to the pub. :/ I don’t mind most nights, but at weekend and such it would be nice to go out rather than sitting at home all evening. :( My sister, however, can stay out as late as she wants with no questions asked. :|

It’s good to have a nice ramble every now and then, don’t worry about it. :) Sorry this comment is going to be really long, I haven’t even read your blog yet. o__O

It’s so sweet you and James got to spend the day together. ♥ I’m not much of a cook either, but I prefer to bake rather than actually cook a meal.

I would never think to put celery in a muffin? It sounds so.. odd. They do look yummy though, I could just OMNOMNOM the screen right now. You should send me some in the post. :P

I hate when I forget to take my camera out, I can guarantee that there’ll always be a great picture opportunity when I don’t have it. I always say I’ll take it out with me everywhere, but I have a memory like a sieve. :P

Congratulations on the honours!! (Y) There is no one that deserves it more. ♥


P.S. Random question – Is this smiley picking it’s nose? /ho LOL

Wow, that song’s by Cobra Starship. I was so surprised when I read you comment about that, haha.

And those muffins sound really nice. I’m hungry now.

Glad to see you’re feeling happier now (I’ve still been reading you entries recently, I just had lots of coursework to finish so didn’t comment).