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I finished watching the first season of Doctor Who. The new season, I mean… the one that started in 2005. I’m hooked already. I’m not one to like television shows very much. I was surprised I actually like the show because I don’t watch television or movies much, not to mention it takes a lot for me to actually bother to watch something when someone recommends it to me.

I also finished reading Shadow’s Edge by Brent Weeks. It was very good. I can say that I’ve accomplished two things during this break. :P

Tomorrow I’ve got to go to work but I get to see James. He’s coming over for a bit before I go to work. I haven’t seen him in a really long time and I miss him. You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. /eee

My parents aren’t going to be home – my mum has some beauty training on the other side of the city and my dad’s driving her there, as well as browsing the shops and buying some Asian groceries. They’ll be home late.

I recently realised that I have not ever called in sick to work. I have never been sick on a day when I’ve had to work. I’ve always been one to have good attendance. I haven’t had anything clash with work, either, since two years ago. At the end of 2008 I took a little time off work because I had my formal/prom and wanted a break.

But nope. Since then – nearly two years – I haven’t been sick or taken a break. I guess I completely avoided anything being in the way. And it’s a good thing that I work in the afternoons, because I don’t have university classes or anything.

During high school I always attempted to get 100% attendance. It made me feel proud, as ridiculous as it was. I tried to be at school on every school day.

In university I tried to do the same, until it came to the subject Ideas in History. No doubt my university friends are laughing at how much they hated this subject too. I neglected Ryan in countless lectures because I didn’t want to attend. They were extremely dull and half the information I could pick up from the readings or my own research.

Sometimes I wish high school had been as flexible as university. Attending classes to fit your daily life, not having to attend classes all the time (you do have to attend a certain percentage of classes though), blah, blah, blah.

Oh well. In school you don’t really get to do what you want. In university you do. Maybe that’s why it’s so flexible. :O

Okay, random question time.

  • What was the last book you read?
  • What was the last movie you saw?
  • What was the last song you listened to?

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I have to say I’ve never watched Doctor Who, it doesn’t air here, but I probably can get it online.

Congrats on finishing the book!

It sucks that you have to work but at least you’ll meet James! Haha true!

LOL whenever my parents go out of town or such we have a party LOL! Not really a party, but it’s like we’re free. We dance around and stuff. Really fun stuff XD .

Wow, again congrats! :D . Im not one of those people who get sick, like you, even in school days. But I do, however, manage to act sick and not attend school unlike you wanting to attend everyday LOL. I just don’t know how! I never gets sick in school days either, it bothers me. When school was finished the very first day of summer I got sick, imagine.

I never try to have the perfect attendance, it’s great that you do but I’m not that kind of person really heh.

That’s true. I envy how my sister can take the anything she wants in college, but I don’t.

* What was the last book you read? Fear street sagas – sisters of silence
* What was the last movie you saw? 50 first dates
* What was the last song you listened to? The Maine – give it to me

Thanks! Too be honest I didn’t know what to do with the color scheme for this layout, it’s too tricky since I used lots of colors in the layout /ho . I’m still trying to fix it though. Thank you so much! I try to stick with my “own” style(s) kind of like how you do it. I love the originality in your layouts, I love how you use your own pictures too :) .

Even though your mom was talking about relationships she makes sense in other issues as well. Though I don’t think people just “change” real quick like my sister in law, it’s that she was already like that but wouldn’t show it. If she was nice in the first place it would take a bit more of time. So the people in my life that I have met and turned to bad people weren’t nice in the first place, but I just didn’t know them that well, and when I did I discovered they weren’t the people they claimed to be.

So like what your mom said, if that person already shows a bit of their real colors why even bother to see more? Even though I’m only 16, I have met a lot of people with different personalities that made realize people aren’t who they claim to be, yet I might miss trust a person but I keep in mind that everything happens for a reason.

She does! And why wouldn’t her brother buy his own car? That’s something I’ll never understand /ehh

Yes, isn’t it great? Me too! I remember telling you on twitter that he really cared for his fans since he replied for you and stuff. It was just really nice of him! I do like some of All time low’s music but wouldn’t consider myself a fan, like you said I don’t think they care that much about their fans so I just don’t bother. And again like what you said fans are the ones who got them to where they’re now, so even if a band sounds really good but don’t appreciate their fans just dislike them some how.

I never knew! That’s pretty interesting actually how school systems differs from one country to another. I was really shocked when i heard that in Britain their senior year is 10th grade, and if they went to complete it’s up to them, so I’ve heard 😏 .

Maybe you should complete dancing and take some classes and stuff! You sound like you’re really into it.

Right now I’m in all girls school, yet I do still know how jerks guys can be even in high school. I have to deal with them everywhere but school so yeah haha.

Wow, they do? Have you tried contacting them? I would just for fun XD .

Yay you got to see James tomorrow. Yep, that is true. Absence makes the heart go fonder, which in my case, makes me feel rather restless. I wish I could go see Leon tomorrow as it will be his birthday. But he will be spending all day in the army training grounds doing God-knows-what. :/

That’s cool you never called in sick to work. I can’t say I could do the same. I have low immune system (according to my dad, I used to fall sick every 3 weeks when I was young). In fact, at this moment I’m down because of flu and fever.

Ideas in History? Does it have anything to do with what History is all about?
Boring lectures often make one feel sleepy. Especially if they are 2 or more hours long. Blergh. And sometimes it is more fruitful to do your own researches rather than listening to the lectures. :)
Yeah, in high school you pretty much don’t have a lot of freedom, unlike in the university.

Owh, a padlock bracelet huh? That sounds very nice. I’ve secretly wanted that kind of bracelet but I don’t think they sell them here. :(

The Twitter contest idea is actually appealing to me. I’m gonna have a list of what kind of contest I will do and then I’ll pick one from there. :D Awh thanks for the offer! I’ll be opening slots for prize sponsors soon, hopefully.

Time to answer the questions. :p

What was the last book you read?
= I believe it was the .net magazine I bought yesterday.

What was the last movie you saw?
= I can’t remember what it was called. It was some Chinese kungfu movie..

What was the last song you listened to?
= Crash and Burn by Savage Garden.

1 GB is never enough xD.

I’ve always had really bad attendance. People used to make fun of me for it, since it used to be much worse. I usually have good attendance, since I started high school, but it is a drag to get up at 6:30am every morning to go to school, especially when the first class is a bore O_O . My mother makes me stay home sometimes so that I don’t lose my mind.

Going to university has always sounded so wonderful to me. I wish that my current school could be more flexible too :D . High school here has so many required courses, and so many that they don’t even offer, like interior design :( . I can’t wait to start university, even though I’ve heard that it is the toughest time in one’s life.

Ideas in History sort of sounds like an interesting topic to me, though it’s something I’d rather learn on my own than in a classroom.

1. “Emma” by Jane Austen
2. Aladdin
3. I have no idea lol.

Doctor Who is an awesome show, yeah :P? I watched 4 seasons I believe, before I finally stopped watching it. I can’t tell you why because that would ruin the experience for you! That’s when I started watching Bones, which I just finished Season 4 and Season 5 hasn’t been released. xD So…now…I’m going to watch something else xD.

I’ve never had a “perfect attendance” school year, or just a month in the school year. I’m always absent at least one day — for dentist appointments, sickness, family matters, vacations. I’m a straight-A student, so my parents don’t care if I miss a day or two of school every month or two months. I’ve gotten to skip just for PMSing. /hehe But congrats on having perfect attendance to your job :)! I’m sure they take that into consideration.

MS is boring, but I can’t wait for college. I want to be a lawyer, but have a degree in English as well in case I need something to fall back on later in life, or to be a writer (I really love writing). My dad says “this is acceptable,” and he’ll gladly pay for me to do this when it comes time for college. :D

The dress is for a special occasion, but I’ll probably only wear it once in my life. Or, maybe I’ll have it for later? IDK. But I really love that dress. :) <3

Thanks, Georgina, about the fanlistings :). I'm working on it. If your tutorials need an update — because I have been using them — do you know a place with recently updated tutorials? I’ve tried looking for them, and haven’t got a single thing from Google. Ehhh.

Thanks again ♥ I have never owned a .com/.info/.org/etc. domain in the past because my parents won’t pay for them. If I can get one for free (, then why should they pay for them? So I look for domain contests and adoptions a lot because I want something…permanent, y’know?

Haha, 15 domains and 100+ fanlistings is a bit much :).

Saying “I love you” is hard for me, because I have issues with getting too close to people. I’m afraid they’re going to a) leave me, or b) do something to hurt me. But I’ve said it before, of course, but really only to my parents and closest friends (who are like my sisters).

If I get stuck I’ll send you an e-mail because I know you’ve been using WordPress for a long time…and you’ll probably be able to help me out. :) I just hope I’m not pulling my hair out in the end. /ehh

Q: What was the last book you read?
A: The last book I read was Unbelievable by Sara Shepard, which is the 4th book in the Pretty Little Liars series.
Q: What was the last movie you saw?
A: The last movie I saw was The Sorcerer’s Apprenntice, which I actually saw Friday :P. It was a super good movie!
Q: What was the last song you listened to?
A: A song by Enrique Iglesas (I think that’s how you spell the last name /huh ) called “I Like It.” :) And before that I was listening to “Take it Home” by The White Tie Affair. ♥

Hopefully. I still need to call my friend about them so I can get an update.

I saw an ad on TV about James Patterson’s new book Private. I think I’ve read a book from his Alex Cross series before.
The only time that I ever want to read is during the school year.

Thank you for your vote. :D

I’ve been in the guys’ locker room a few times, but that was because all of the equipment was in it.


I’ve heard about Doctor Who several times, and sometimes I see a reference to it when I’m watching a different show.

Aw, I’m glad you’re going to see James again. :)

I’ve never been absent to school for over 3 years. I’m trying to get 100% attendance at my high school. I’ve been sick many times, but I still come to school…and then I get other people sick. :P

My dad told me that college and universities let students choose their own schedule, but he warned me to not take classes at night.

What was the last book you read? Thriller edited by James Patterson (I’ve only read over 200 pages and still unfinished)
What was the last movie you saw? National Treasure 2
What was the last song you listened to? Bitter Taste – Three Days Grace

Okay, because I know I am going to forget while I’m at the end, so here I go:
What was the last book you read? – The Endearment by LaVyrle Spencer

What was the last movie you saw? – 3 Idiots (It is Indian)

What was the last song you listened to? – You by Switchfoot.

You’re right. Thankfully, she isn’t the publisher or editor. But not only she is going to judge me, my book is a romcom – romance + comedy, and I feel uncomfortably sharing that with my mum. We’re not exactly close, have never discussed boys or dating. So, when I see her read my work…it is weird.

Well, I read this quote somewhere, which was something like “Every writer throws something of himself into every character he creates.”
Even though I try to be different from my characters, it is my words they are going to speak. :)

I don’t know. I heard this guy went on a date when all the other hostees were sweating. RewindHost sucks. I was web-surfing and saw many a users complaining about RewindHost on their blogs. Apparently, they host quite a few people.

Ha. My boyfriend hates dancing too. Makes him self-conscious. Makes me self-conscious too. :P Well, I am a hopelessly hopeless romantic. You have heard about my addiction to anything romance – music, books, movies. :)

Wow! I would’ve never been able to pull off a perfect attendance! I’m not proud of it, but I skipped a lot of school , and university sounds a whole lot better. If only high school was a little more flexible!
* What was the last book you read?
I read “Hollywood is like Highschool with money” by Zoey Dean, which actually turned out to be a really good book. I didn’t expect it to be so good! And, I’m currently reading “Endless Summer” by Jennifer Echols . :)
* What was the last movie you saw?
Eclipse ! It was so good :)
* What was the last song you listened to?
Hmm , I think it was Space Bound by Eminem :)

Well; I guess it’s safe to say, noone’s competing for first comment now.

But anywho, yeah it wouldn’t hurt to talk to him. I should add him back on face book, but he’s never on. So yeah.

And as far as Wednesday goes, it’s still on as far as my best friend Hillary says she knows of (If that made any sense?). So I guess I was getting the jitters, for no apparent reason. I always get like this, but she’s coming home today some time I dunno when but some time.

Ever since they cut “LOST” off the air, and had all their six seasons, I’ve not been to watch much t.v. either. Unless, I get really bored and than I’ll watch it. It’s usually either a movie I’ll watch again, or nothing. But lately, I’ve been reading Twilight books. They’re coming a long really good. I’m on chapter 15 and I think I have about 5 or 6 more chapters left and than I can start on new moon. Ya know?

Here’s the answer to your questions :

1. What was the last book you read?
A. I’m reading “Twilight” right now

2. What was the last movie you saw?
A. Twilight “Eclipse”

3. What was the last song you listened to?
A. She Wolf By Shakira

I looked up Shadow’s Edge on Amazon because the title seemed very familiar, and now I know why. Have you read the first book in the series?
University seems like such a distant thing, especially when you’re in high school. I can’t imagine having that much freedom, but the classes I’ve heard are available… it makes me giddy. /bounce
Thank you for the birthday wishes, by the way. /eee
* What was the last book you read? Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson
* What was the last movie you saw? Despicable Me ♥
* What was the last song you listened to? “Never Marry a Railroad Man” by Shocking Blue

I think awhile back you blogged about perfect attendance. (: Except that was probably a long time ago. I fail at that. I’ve always wanted perfect attendance. But sometimes I find myself needing a break or just getting too sick to go to school :P So I stay home. And every now and then I have some vacation conflict or some appointment for the doctor :P

And for that reason, I’m looking forward to university or college as we call it here. (Sorry for the bad transition, the reason shall be elaborated on in a sec). The reason I will be able to choose classes to fit MY schedule, and I can choose my classes. And it is for that reason I’m wondering whether I should just do three years or four. I wouldn’t mind skipping a year of high school for that kind of life. And I think by then I should have at least my intermediate license so I could drive myself unless I fail the test in the winter. :/

What was the last book you read?
Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve FINISHED a book :P Probably whatever I was reading during the school year. Oh, Night was the last book we read. BUT I read A Child Called it shortly after that. I’m currently reading Jubilee and I’m almost done with it. (:

What was the last movie you saw?
In a movie theater, Eclipse. xDDD Taylor Lautner ftw.

What was the last song you listened to?
I can’t recall since that was last night. But I currently have Only Exception- By Paramore stuck in my head :P


I’m going to go on MSN one day and we’ll have a nice long conversation about Sebby and what happened between you two and your entire life and what’s been happening. Because I haven’t caught up to you on REAL TIME for a long time. Yeah, sorry to sound like a creeper. But I shall do that. (:

Are you alright is definitely my question/statement of the year (: Well mainly when it comes from my best friends. I tend to respond differently when it’s some person I’m not super close to or my parents :P

I didn’t have to ask for friendship. Well I suppose at first I did because our friendship was on the rocks but I wanted to save it. Things are okay now that we both have agreed our friendship is worth everything. And as Robert had said, “I’m willing to …fight for our friendship” That cracked me up, because I pictured him either jousting for it.. or fist fighting. Both which would have probably ended badly :P

You’re a good friend too. (: I’m really glad I came across your site about a year ago. Insane that I’ve only known you for about one year. Maybe even a little less. Because you always know how to make me feel better and well, you’re just awesome.

So stay awesome and smile. (: I heard about your family troubles, and well just smile. (: That’s something Kuya tells me whenever I’m acting all bummy. Somehow it does cheer me up, even if I have nothing in particular to smile about.

I wish I was the first commenter.. but I’m probably not because you moderate your comments now :P

I don’t even know what Doctor Who is, xD. People talk about it, and I’d feel so left out, ;p.

Perfect attendance, hmm, SO not something I’d do a very good job at, xD. Something always comes up when I have plans, or even piano lessons. My schedule can be so confusing, o: .

Q: What was the last book you read?
A: It’s called Spells by Aprilynne Pike, and I’m still reading it, (: . Only about 30 pages to go! I’m so hooked, (x.

Q: What was the last movie you saw?
A: The Last Airbender, :D. It was a pretty good movie, but the actors looked . . . Weird.

Q: What was the last song you listened to?
A: I can’t even remember, 0.0.

Swimming does seem to tone your body, xD. And muscles . . . Hmm. Don’t they add to your weight? o: .

Wow, your mom treated you like a slave? That’s so not right, |: . Have you ever tried talking to her? That’s what I did, with my mom, and our relationship improved tremendously, in just about a week, :D.

Your mom seems unfair, =_=. I enjoy being indoors, and being outdoors is great, too. I just hate when the sun’s super bright; it hurts my eyes, Dx. My mom doesn’t want me going out too much because she thinks I’ll become more American and forget my Vietnamese ways and become a bad person, 0.o. Not that I can blame her; there’s A L O T of kids at my school who were the sweetest little thing one year, and then a complete bad influence six months later. It’s crazy.

Limited Too used to be such a cute store, LOL. And now when I pass by it at the mall, it looks, well, gross, 0.0. Reminds me of those wannabe girls who are entering my school next year as a 6th grader, =_=.

Aweh, the poor guy, |: . It must have been hard for him to accept the truth and shit. Things like that always bother me, ’cause like they say, “the truth hurts.”

Looking at a guy’s flaws and be willing to accept them — I completely agree, ^_^.

WOW, that sucks so much, about the things you were making on Photoshop, Dx. I would’ve been soooo frustrated if that happened to me, |: . I spend so much time on everything I make using PS.

University sounds awesome, (: . Flexible schedule and everything, xD. But I heard it can also be stressfull!

“Asian groceries”. That pretty much would have made my day if not for something else. (A musical instrument, to be precise. ;) )

I’ve always been one to like going to school, but I don’t strive for perfect attendance. I take fake sick days just to unwind and do other things, especially when I know there are things happening that day that I just don’t want to do.
Call it immature or childish, but I only do it sometimes. :P
Or, there are actual days where I WILL NOT be able to function because of what’s going through my head. Damn habits of bottling everything up until the pressure breaks me…

The last two years of high school around here are pretty flexible, in my opinion, but not as flexible as post-secondary would be. Although, I could only be saying that because there’s really more /freedom/. There are classes we HAVE to take, and in our first year, there are about 6 out of 8. Last year, however, only 1 is compulsory.
(And I’m smart and getting that one over with next year, my second-last year. ;))

1. Read completely? Goodness, I can’t remember. I’m working on The Fellowship of the Ring, however.
2. HAIRSPRAY! :D I watched it on my iPod.
3. Over My Head (Cable Car) cover by A Day To Remember. :3

(now for returning your comment. :D)

ALEX DAY!!! I have a subscription to him. :D And his friend Charlie, just because Charlie is so adorable. -squeal-

Mmm, yes, I suppose it’s an easy read. I can agree to that only because of the fact there isn’t much to it, in my opinion. x:
To me, the Twilight series serves as a guide of what NOT to do. :3 While writing my novel, there are certain things I write that I just re-read and wonder why it sounds like crap, then realise that it’s similar to Twilight. xD

There wasn’t much thought put into the books. I honestly think the editor could have done more revising. I’ve already revised my first chapter of Vincent and Mordechai 4 times. I thought I had it down after the second edit after gathering outside critique, but I’ve edited it yet again.

I wasn’t actually thinking of turning it into an article, but you’re very right. :O I will definitely do that!

IN FLAMES FTW. Reroute to Remain and Sense of Purpose are my favourite albums. :D

I have a box of over 100 stuffed animals in my basement. I want to save them for my children so I won’t have to buy new ones, and they can go, “This was my mom’s when she was a kid!” and boast about the quality of a 25+ year old toy. xD

It’s awesome that you get to see James again :D How long has it been since you last saw him? It must suck to not get to for so long :( You’ll get to see him more once school is back though, right?

I wish highschool was as flexible too. I think that’s one of the reasons I’ll like college more; because they’re courses I WANT to be taking. Highschool wasn’t TOO bad after grade 11 started, because there was more of a variety of classes and and you only HAD to take Math and English, you could drop science and take any other electives. And in grade 12 you only HAVE to take english, so it’s not too bad.. There aren’t too many classes that were for graphic design though.

The last book I read was the death & life of charlie st cloud, though I haven’t finished it.. I’ve barely started actually :P I hope to do so by friday so I can see the movie :)

The last movie I saw was The Hangover, last night at David’s xD And the last song.. I’m not sure, something on the radio probably :P

*oops, I accidentally just clicked one of my favourites tab and lost the page.. but thankfully when I clicked back the comment was still here xD*

… *totally just did it again too, wtf*

I’m so glad it’s back too <3 It's not the same company running it, and I doubt they'll have the same hosts once commericial free is over, but it's still awesome :D

I don't like commentaries either, which is why i slept during it xD haha. I SOMETIMES watch them on DVDs of TV shows, because I've already seen the episodes multiple times so it's just cool to hear the actors talk about what happened behind the scenes and such.

good guys are so much better than bad ones (obviously :P), and it sucks that some of them do change :( Even David has changed from since we first started dating, as he used to be one of the SUPER GOOD guys.. and now he's just a good guy :P

I hope you have a fun day with James, and that you don't get caught :P haha.

I don't use up too much space, but it's the cheapest one. I can host subdomains, and up to 10 addon domains so I'll be fine. I may host some people later with subdomains, but we'll have to see :P

Just found your blog. Love it! Not ever calling in sick for work? Impressive!

I have never watch Doctor Who or read that book. I may pick up the book though. Aw, that’s cute. I think I need to spend a little time away from my dude. I have always had terrible attendance, but I plan to change that when I start my new job next week. History can be super boring if you don’t have the right teacher.

1. Crime and Punishment – Fyodor Dostoevsky (again)
2. Inception – Leonardo DiCaprio
3. The Way That I Love You – Ashanti

Before I never used to watch stuff on the television. It used to bore me out for some weird reason. But now that my vacations have started, I’m sort of addicted to watch things either on the TV or on the net. Either ways, I’ve grown to be an addict? Argh. Not good.

I never caught up on attendance but in school we had this thing that they’ll give a random prize to whoever who got 100% attendance. That made us all run for the goal. We tried our best to achieve it. xD
I used to have a good record on that, but now it’s all gone thanks to my wonderful immunity system! (sarcasm)

I’ve never experienced the flexibility in Education Systems. I guess I can’t wait!

* What was the last book you read?
– The Hard Way by Lee Child.
Currently reading – The Leader Who Led Without A Title by Robin Sharma

* What was the last movie you saw?
– PS I Love you, yesterday xD

* What was the last song you listened to?
– Crushcrushcrush by Paramore

Have a nice time, Georgie!

I didn’t know it was possible for anyone to be so… on time. ALL the time!
You must really like your job. And school!

Last book I read was Harry Potter Seven (don’t know if you ever finished the first one, but you should!). I’ve already read it about five times, but it’s one of those that I just can’t get over how good it is.

I saw Inception yesterday (just came out in theaters last week, I think). Everyone had said it was really good, but I still wasn’t giving it much hope. BUT WOW. It was, to say the least, amazing! I know you don’t like movies too much, so you probably won’t see it, but you should. (:

Last song… no idea. xP

My Aunt, when she was younger, watched that show. Apparently some triangle thing came down and abducted people? So, she was afraid of triangles for a while. XD

I never get perfect attendance. We always go on vacation or I get sick.. D: It would be a miracle if I got perfect attendance.

* What was the last book you read?
Twilight. :P
* What was the last movie you saw?
Once 😳
* What was the last song you listened to?
Hmm, I don’t remember exactly.. /sweat

Yay for seeing James! I can barely go 10 hours without seeing Final and I live with him! Haha.

Also yay for no parents being there, that’s always good.

Thats amazing about your attendance. Mine in middle school was just horrible. In highschool is was better. I didnt miss more than 2 days my senior year (I know this because I had a B average and you can miss 2 days and still be exempt from the tests, woot).

As for work, hah. It depends on where Ive worked. Ive had allottt of jobs. I dont like calling in but Ive only done it at ones right before I quit because, well, who gives a shit?

What was the last book you read?
– My Sister’s Keeper, last year.

What was the last movie you saw?
– Part of Bounty Hunter. Full movie? Valentines Day.

What was the last song you listened to?
– Something on the radio. We Will Rock You by Queen I think.

and a random hug, because we can all use them at times.


so big, in fact, it required two Us.


Aaah Doctor Who ♥ ♥ ♥
Is that the first David Tennant series? The one with Billie Piper? or the one with that Martha chick? Or Donna? LOL I always forget which sidekicks he has :’)
I’m too busy staring at David ;)

Wahooo! You’re finally seeing James! That’s amazing news. Do your parents actually know he’s coming over or is he sneaking over because they are out? /hehe

Congratulations on never missing work! That’s a huge huge achievement and will be rewarded when your work give you a super amazing reference for your next job you apply at!

I remember in year six I won a little award for having 100% attendance. Only about ten people in the whole primary school got one so it was really embarrassing going up to collect it. I remember before that I told my teacher how embarrassing it was being the last one to go up for a prize in an assembly, so he deliberately saved me until last to be ‘funny’ (or so he thought). :/ Gah, that class NAME sounds dull! I don’t even want to know what the lesson teaches. D:

I’ve just finished The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and it is easily one of the best books I’ve ever read. I seriously recommend it. I’ve just ordered the next two books in the trilogy. :D

Exactly! Just because it’s junk to some people doesn’t mean it’s junk for everyone! Some things people get attatched to easily and cannot bear to chuck away. My nana collected old clothes templates (I’m not 100% sure what they are, but I think it’s what she used when she made her own clothes as a child / teenager) and she threw away some a few weeks back and now she’s really regretting it. :(

I don’t know how good the camera is, but I know the person using it is amazing! You actually take the most GORGEOUS flower photography! I always love looking through your photoblog, just to see the floral photos. ♥

I’m going to see Toy Story Three again tonight, but in the cinema this time and in 3D. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE FIRST TWO? :O THEY ARE AMAZING. Maybe watching them now won’t be the same as watching them as a kid though… that’s the reason most people cry at the last one, because of things that happen in it, but also because it really takes you back to your childhood and watching the first two :(

Eugh. That doesn’t sound the best way to help someone learn to drive – tell them they are shit at it. That’s just going to make them lose confidence and want to give up :/
Yeah, his provisional lasts 80 years. I’m pretty sure the actual liscence (after you pass) lasts that long as well, but if you get a certain amount of points on it, for going through traffic lights or speeding too many times or whatever, I think you have a driving ban and have to re take your test after a year or something..

Oh man today was good. I mean, kind of /um but it’s the sort of day at someone’s house you always think ‘Yeah, that was actually a real nice day’. :)

Yeah, your attendance was pretty scary /sweat
It’s a nice achievement, but it takes some pretty ridiculous efforts /bash

That’s the thing I love about uni; the flexibility. Also, you spend less time there (but more time travelling) and you only spend 26 weeks out of your 52 week year. /bounce
Other things include:
-no uniforms
-you only do stuff you like (suck it, geography)
-close to everything awesome in the city. Ngege

What was the last book you read?
A part of some crazy book called DON’T DIET. It’s got some pretty useful information, but it’s pretty long-winded.
What was the last movie you saw?
The Losers. Not bad at all, but really quite predictable
What was the last song you listened to?
Currently, Hysteria – Muse

That was a nice day! /love /eee We didn’t see each other in a while and it was also really relaxing too. :)

26 weeks? Holy crackers, I didn’t notice at all. I always knew the semesters were short, but I never noticed we were there for such a short time. It is generally 14 weeks a semester, right? :O


LOL I used to think it was great not having to wear uniform, but I keep having trouble choosing clothes. Must be a girl thing. /um

I hated geography. Managed an 80% average in year eight, then went downhill from there. :B

Hiiiiii! :)

Dr Who! David Tennant /love LOL. Dr Who seems kinda sci-fi. Therefore totally your thing! Okay, maybe not, but you do like Hitchhiker’s an awful lot :P

I don’t watch TV much either. Although I watch Monk when it’s on on Saturdays (Channel 10, 6.30 XD ) cos that’s funny :P And I watch SYTYCD of course. When it’s on. BUT THEY APPARENTLY CANCELLED IT IN AUSTRALIA! I AM SO CUT! /wah

Hehe, you watched more than me! I’m re-watching Meteor Gardens, which is sort of a tv show, and I’m only about a quarter of the way through. :( Oh well!

LOL, I’m sure you’ve accomplished more than 2 things during this break. You read The Way of Shadows as well as Shadow’s Edge. So that’s at least THREE. Hahahaha!

YAY! You saw James today. I bet you guys were all busy catching up and being cute. :P Absence does make the heart grow fonder :(

I’VE NEVER CALLED IN SICK TO WORK EITHER! :D Unfortunately that’s only cos I’ve never worked. :P But that’s still a good achievement ^^ It means you’re reliable :)

Hehehe! Highschool. I remember that. I managed perfect attendance half the time I was at highschool :) But sometimes I had to go to piano theory exams and it killed it. *sigh* SO NOT MY FAULT!

I agree! Uni is WAY more flexible than highschool. I LOVE IT. It’s part of what makes Uni so great. Cos in highschool you’re kind of trapped into a routine and forced to attend. At uni you have a HUGE degree of choice and no one yells at you if you want to skip a class just cos you don’t feel like going. :) It’s GREAT.

LOL, Even the NAME of that subject screams “I AM BORING”. Ideas in History? Dear God. I try not to skip lectures! Hahaha. Even if they are boring. Man it was so tempting to skip all my econ ones last semester D:

Random question time:

* What was the last book you read?
Dead and Gone – Charlaine Harris. Vampire book. It was…okay, I guess? Dracula is better! :P

* What was the last movie you saw?

* What was the last song you listened to?
Everything – Michael Buble.

OH LOL. Primary school partner dancing. God that was even worse than Highschool D: But primary school grades are smaller so you don’t have to hold as many guys’ hands. Hahaha!

Yeah, partner dancing seems a little more appealing now that we’re older and we can sort of see the…sweet side of it? The romantic side? =S Oh well, we’re not afraid to hold hands with the opposite sex at any rate. Woot! We’ve made progress! Although I have to admit I cringe at the thought of partner dancing seeing as though I am probably likely to fall over doing so D: Not good! I’m sure it’d be great if I were coordinated ^^

Some guys are great :P And they can do sweet things sometimes ^^ But sometimes I just want to slap some around the head and groan in exasperation. 🤬


That’s great that you’re going to be seeing James soon. :D

I’ve never been the person to get perfect attendance, haha. I get sick quite a lot.

I hate subjects like that. I hate when we learn useless things in school, things we already know or things we could easily learn by ourselves if we wanted to. It’s just such a waste of time.

I can’t wait to go to college, haha. It just seems so awesome – the idea of basically just having the classes you want.

I like some mainstream artists, but a lot of the ones that I hear in the radio all the time are just disappointing. They all sound the same. :|

You can definitely have a catchy song with better singers – such a waste of a good song.

I love the Beatles. <3

Lady Gaga's acoustics don't sound like the originals at all, haha.

My mom plays the piano; we usually bond through music. I sing and she plays, haha. It's fun. :)

I’ve heard of Doctor Who, but haven’t watched it. XD If I find the TV series interesting enough for me, I’ll watch it. Right now, I’m watching Gossip Girl. Hahaha. XD LOL!

Speaking of novels, I haven’t touched my books in years now. LOL. I don’t know why but I find reading kind of boring these days when I used to read heaps when I was still in High School.

Awww. I hope you enjoyed the day with James! ♥ And I think I believe that the saying ‘Absence makes the heart fonder’ is true. XD In a way, I can relate to it. Hehehe.

I rarely get sick too. Thank goodness. :) I have never been hospitalized, but I’ve been to the dentist more frequently. LOL. I think it’s my teeth that’s weak. Haha. I have more problems regarding it than my health. O_O

Hahaha. Having more than enough hours of sleep makes me lazy. :P But I’m not one to complain. Bwahaha.

Thank you. XD I didn’t really expect this to happen. O_o He was gone for a year and I didn’t know he still likes me. It’s actually a long story. XD

Wow. I wish I could be like you – a code at heart. I only code when I feel like it, which rarely happens or when I’m forced to do so. D:

Sigh.. I wish there’s a category for real-life relationships. Hahah. But you guys run a website together, right? Or did you close it already? Don’t you feel it’s weird? Someone is interested in creating a fanlisting for you two. XDD

How much did your iPhone cost? I think it’ll be really expensive here. D: T_T

Oops! Forgot to answer the questions. Haha

What was the last book you read? ~I don’t remember. I guess it’s a Jude Deveraux novel since I always/used to read her novels a lot. XD
What was the last movie you saw? ~The Parent Trap, which I’ve watched numerous times alreadty. XD
What was the last song you listened to? ~Falling In Love by Six Part Intervention Hahaha XDDDD

I used to love Doctor Who /love but then I found that it got a bit repetitive :(
Though it will always be a pretty good series – even now with the new Doctor

What was the last book you read?
Erm, probably me attempting to red Pride & Prejudice :P

What was the last movie you saw?
Yesterday I watched My Brother’s Girlfriend which boring but the day before I watched Silence of the Lambs XD

What was the last song you listened to?
Closer to the Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars :)

* What was the last book you read? I hate reading haha, but the last book was The Secret :)

* What was the last movie you saw? Notebook … At the cinema it was ‘The Hangover’

* What was the last song you listened to? Van Halen’s ‘Dreams’

I hated school and uni. I was one of those kids who ditched class. :-)

I love TV. My newest blog post is actually about tv programs. How coincidental!

What was the last book you read?
– “The Magician’s Nephew” by C.S. Lewis… it’s in my big Narnia book that I am working on.

What was the last movie you saw?
– “The Crazies” – it was intense!

What was the last song you listened to?
– “Airplanes” by B.o.B, I believe.

I’m glad you like the new layout :) I needed a new one and I wanted it to feature dolphins because I love them!

Ah I wondered why Tinypic was so slow then. It was back to its normal speed yesterday when I uploaded my header image.

I quite like lizards. They’re fun little creatures.

I love getting a good bargain. I could have bought so many more pairs of shoes but I didn’t want the cases to be over weight!

I’m glad you like Doctor Who it’s a good show. David Tennant is the best Doctor I have ever seen. Is the first series the one with Christopher Eccleston? I liked him but nobody else seemed to agree.

That’s very true. I was so excited to see Tyrone again when I got back of holiday. It’s difficult being away from the person you love.

I never got 100% percent attendance at school because I always have a check up at the hospital or a dentist appointment and I couldn’t change them to a time after school.

1. What was the last book you read?
– Alan Carr – Look who it is.

2. What was the last movie you saw?
– Spiderman

3. What was the last song you listened to?
– Don’t stand so close to me – the Police

Helloooo Georgie! We haven’t talked in a while since I went to camp and I have been preparing to go back to school and stuff, so I decided to drop a comment by. :D

How have you been? I would know if I had read your blogs; I apologize for not!

It’s great that you get to see James! It must be so exciting for the both of you.

Whoa, I wish I had that much push as you to have perfect attendance, but I have been very sick on school days – like Swine Flu. :/ In high school though, if you miss 2 days of less the entire school, you can exempt two of your final exams! How amazing is that? So I am striving for that this year. :3

* What was the last book you read?
Around the World in 80 Days (haven’t quite finished yet though).
* What was the last movie you saw?
Toy Story 3.
* What was the last song you listened to?
Pictures of You by The Last Goodnight.

My mom is big on being on time even for volunteer work which I have every Tuesday.
I think it is great that you haven’t missed a day. That probably looks impressive on your record.
If you can pick up most of what you need for that history class by your own reseach that is so awesome. My HS Science and History cirriculum is a pain in the neck. And so hard!
I plan to go to a University too but in Mechanical Engineering. I would like to think it won’t break my back.

I read a Hardy Boys book.
I just watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Which I like very much. Too bad for the critics who didn’t like it. The movie was the 4th biggest movie of 2009. :D
The last song I listened to was ‘Arrival to Earth’ score from Transformers(the first movie).

What was the last book you read?
I’m reading the 4th book of the Harry Potter series for the second time. :)
What was the last movie you saw?
Uhm, I’m not sure. The next movie I am going to see is Despicable Me though! :)
What was the last song you listened to?
Slave for you – Britney Spears

I had to fill out the questions first, that’s just how I roll. XD

Ehhh. Doctor Who just isn’t for me. :) I’m addicted to the Secret Life of the American Teenager. It’s only in America and it is amazing. I can’t stop watching it. :P

What is Shadow’s Edge about? Sounds like a book my friend would love. :) She likes dark books & she loves to read.

I’m going to be home alone tonight! My family is going to Ryan’s and I don’t feel like going. So, I’ll be able to stay home.

That is amazing! Great job on the attendance! :) I used to work in the afternoon but I still had to call in sick once and call in late once. :/ Maybe that is why I got fired? Lol. I don’t care why I got fired anymore. It’s useless to care.

I wish I could skip classes and still not have to take the finals. Lol. We have this thing where as long as you show up to class you can have an F and not have to take the final. Lol.
For A’s you can be absent 3 times, B’s = 2 times and C’s = 1 time and D’s & F’s are 0 times. So, I try to show up to class. That is the only thing that makes me. Oh, & Those times are for being exempt from the finals. Like as long as you show up to all but 3 or less of the classes and you have an A you don’t have to take the final. Which is a bunch of BS when you have a 98% in a class and you miss 5 days. You have to take the final which means that your percentage could go down. Luckily, that has never happened to me. :)

Yeah, I can’t wait until College. I’ll have all of my classes from noon-5 and then that is it. :) I hope I can get my classes then at least. :/
Dang. One of these days I’ll be first or second comment. Hahahahaha. *doubts it*

I know, same here! What is the point of arguing like a child? Seriously.

Yes, it was. :)

Yes, totally! :) I bet if I started a riot they would hire me back. XD I’m not though, cuz they could fire me the next day.

Yes, I want to be needed! :) Hahahahaha. I’m so lame! :)

Hahhahaha. Same here. I can’t either. :)

Yeah, I wore mine for like 2 hrs after a week of not wearing it, I’m supposed to wear it at night as well, but I haven’t because I was on vacation. I have an orthodontist appointment at 8:30am tomorrow, too. D: Hopefully, they don’t make me wear it all of the time again. :/

Totally. :)

Yeah, it is. :) Idk, I liked, the cool layouts you had on there were awesome. Not that Floriental’s layouts are any worse, they are just as good. :)

really? maybe i ahve real crappy nail polish but i find that the ones i have thats actually fast dryving works the best! haha, really good nail polish is wayyy expensive

yeah it sucks to look throughout the week knowing you’ll have to work so much… but when paycheck comes along.. its all worth it heh.

ohh i loovee watching television. its all i do haha, but i never watched doctor who before! :|

i usually never ever take days off even off school when i’m sick.. until my gr11 year (this year)… i really broke my perfect record :/ only because the last few times i was sick, it was like fever and stuff. gahhhh. i hope i dont have to call in sick for my current job cause its really hard to find someone to take my place .

* What was the last book you read?
i dont read. not willingly haha, but the last book i read was Sold by Patricia McCormick , about young girls in India sold into prostitution. it was a very easy read. again, this was only for school :P

* What was the last movie you saw?
ummmmm… i think it was grown ups! pretty funny

* What was the last song you listened to?
listening to taeyang – baby i’m sorry (korean) right now :P

– What was the last book you read?
An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.
‘Twas AMAZING and pretty funny. I recommend it. I was surprised it was on the summer reading list because it was so good.

– What was the last movie you saw?
Inception…it was quite good. I was surprised I liked it actually. Gives you a lot to think about. It can get confusing though.

– What was the last song you listened to?
“The Word Became Flesh” because it was the theme song for the retreat I recently went to. It’s amazing.
Here’s the link to listen:


*squeezes* Thank you so much for your comment. I know, I’m not the only one who over-reacts, but it happens so often for me. :P
I’m getting better though! Ha ha!
Anyway, thanks again.

don’t worry, i was also happy about my perfect attendance in high school until i lost it, haha. :D i almost went three years with perfection until getting really sick, blehh… but after that, i started taking off whenever i could, and don’t even get me started on university, lol. in most of my classes at university, we don’t even have to attend a certain percentage, hehe… in fact, i’m pretty sure i only went to 4 lectures of biology all semester! ok, maybe it was better when i was proud of perfect attendance.

What was the last book you read? ‘homebody’ by orson scott card
What was the last movie you saw? ’40 year old virgin’
What was the last song you listened to? “indefinitely” (travis)

I have also been watching a lot of things. I have never watched doctor who, I’m not sure I would like it. I love Eureka, I got completely hooked and in less than, like a week I had finished all 3 seasons haha XD I also love Community, Chuck, IT Crowd, Flight of the Concords, and mainly just stuff like that.

I am not really a fan of reading, but when my sister gets books (she LOVES reading, haha we’re identical twins but completely different :P ) I will read whatever she gets.

I have never been one to get perfect attendance. I have missed a lot of school having to go to the hospital and doing blood tests and check-ups and things like that because of my overactive thyroid. Grr I hate having that problem. O_O
Haha every year my sister would get a perfect attendance certificate, and I have never.

What was the last book you read?
/ehh I have no idea.
What was the last movie you saw?
Bounty hunter or something like that, and a little bit of avatar although I had already seen it.
What was the last song you listened to?
I think it was I am not a robot, but that was last night. I haven’t listened to anything because my brother and sister are asleep.

My parents throw away EVERYTHING they do not keep a thing, so I don’t get it from them. Haha.
Haha I have also held onto a plush animal all my life, more than 1 though. When I was a child, I used to put them at the end of my bed and barley had any space I had so many. Now I just decided to throw them away, but kept a few.
I always loved 1 especially, which I carried around everywhere with me. To the mall, at home, to a restaurant, pretty much everywhere. I had a picture from my old school where my sister’s team had one the whole athletics day (our school was divided into 3 teams and competed all the time), and she was holding the cup, and I was holding my bear with a cast around my broken arm. Hahaha
My sleeping patterns are terrible now, I can’t get to sleep so I am on the computer until like 5, and then wake up at like 1. I tried to get rid of them, but I can’t because I just can’t fall asleep.
yum a latte! You must definetely try a frappuccino when It gets warmer 😏

Well, I’m not one of those who likes TV shows either.

What was the last book you read?
“Regines bok -en ung jentes siste ord” (“Regine’s book -a young girl’s last words”) by Regine Stokke. (The book is in Norwegian)
What was the last movie you saw?
Something from the Swedish detective movie series “Wallander”, I guess. But I’m not sure which one. :P
What was the last song you listened to?
“We are electric” by Fischerspooner