Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn

I’m a dancer, and I’ve done dancing for many years, even though I stopped and quit. I do still like doing it for fun. Ballet, tap, jazz – the lot.

In Australia, primary school goes up to grade six, at which point you’d be about 12 years old, before going to high school – years 7 to 12. When it came to partner dancing in primary school, we were all ten years old. Come on. Everyone thought that everyone had “cooties”. It was ridiculous.

Obviously they were assessing us on gross motor skills, making sure we could do simple things like follow instructions and move in a certain way. In this case, dancing involved teaching us combinations of steps to help our coordination as well, at least while we were young.

Let me go with every girl’s first life lesson: boys are idiots. Okay, don’t get me wrong, when you’re all grown up they really are much less of idiots, but I’m talking about when you’re young. When you’re in kindergarten you’re all cute and hang out together, and you tend to talk more and hang out more with the opposite gender when you’re a young teenager, but there’s a gap in between where girls and boys don’t really seem to like each other.

That’s the worst time to learn partner dancing at all.

When we did partner dancing, the way I saw it was that all the girls were patient and just obeyed the teachers, holding the boys’ hands when instructed. The boys would be really rude, holding their noses away from the girls, pretending that they stunk. When the teacher walked by and made everyone hold hands, each guy would look at the girl he was dancing with before quickly glancing away. One boy would loosen his grip on a girl’s hands as the teacher turned his back, holding them by the tips of his fingers as if she were diseased. Another would simply let go of the girl’s hands, rubbing them violently on the sides of his pants as if to say, “your hands are just gross, ewww”, leaving the poor girl with her hands limp in front of her.

After one dance was finished, a boy would raise his hand and ask for the teacher’s permission to go to the toilet, to which several other boys followed suit before the teacher would yell at them to come back. Then a bunch of them would exit the toilet, blatantly shaking their hands free of water. /hmph

The girls would always be quiet. Maybe discreetly wipe their hand on the side of their dress after a dance because their partner had sweaty palms. Maybe think about washing their hands afterward. Maybe smile inside when they got to hold the hands of the boy they liked.

Maybe feel heartbroken inside when their love interest scoffed at them.

When I was eleven years old, the boy I liked had told me, “You smell like a cat, Georgina”. It hurt. It didn’t help that we were on our way to church (I went to Catholic school for some time) and I ended up being wedged between him and a boy I used to like, both of them telling me that I smelled like a cat.

Needless to say, I lost interest in that boy quickly…

Despite that, chivalry is not dead. Talk to my guy friends. That is, after they open the door for you, greet you, shake your hand and say hello. Perhaps every girl has nightmares about stupid guys… but it makes the respectful ones a lot more admirable. :)

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Lovely, saying you smelt like a cat.
School photos was another one where the boys would sit as far away as they could from you :)
I have two left feet. I can’t dance. I admire anyone that can :)


P. E in Highschool D: Brings back horrible memories of line dancing. “Heel, toe, heel, toe, slide, slide, slide, slide”. That is FOREVER going to be haunting my memories. FOREVER, I TELL YOU! It was traumatic.

But the GUYS! Hahaha. I should say “boys”. You’re right. All us girls were like “Okay, fine. Guys are gross and their hands are probably really germ-infested, but it’s okay. We’re mature /eee “. The guys on the other hand. Some of them REFUSED to hold hands. Some REFUSED to touch FINGERS even. Like come ON! At least girls are HYGENIC at that age!

Whoa, did they REALLY all rush off to rinse their hands? I can’t even remember that! Hahaha. Maybe it was too amusing watching them trying to avoid touching our HANDS. Or maybe I was concentrating too hard on not tripping over. D:

But that’s like the awkward age between girls and boys. Why, oh WHY did they not wait until we were older to teach us? Until we were more mature? Noooo, they have to pick our awkward years == *sigh*. Oh well. We can laugh about it now :P

:O YOU DON’T SMELL LIKE A CAT! If you did, I’d be constantly sneezing around you. What an idiot. Or a immature brat. Hmph! He’s obviously suffering from some olfactory-retardedness disorder and needs SERIOUS help. Hmph! /snort

Guys DO get better when they get older though :) But we should never forget that boys stink. Hahahaha *jokes*…sort of..

No really, chivalry isn’t dead yet. We both have LOTS of decent guy friends ^^


I remember when they taught us how to dance. It was in kindergarden, and my partner happened to be my girlfriend (or so it was until the stupid teacher put me with some other girl >_>)

Eventually she and I got to dance and… wait, I’m getting side-tracked. The next ‘dance’ was in year 1. It was okay, can’t remember the girl’s opinion but us boys wanted to dance with out teacher. Yeah… we would even tease each other about it.

Point is … BOYS ARE FREAKING STUPID! No, I’m not joking. Yes, I’m being serious. No I’m not being sarcastic (though I like being :3) And we continue in being stupid until we become old. Only then we got more knowledge, but our brains are slower, so we still do stupid things. Oh well.

I guess that’s why I want a daughter. They’re more docile, they listen, are easier to raise, and don’t go off to do something they’ve been told not to (or at least not as often), while boys try to be more independent, which, for a parent, it just makes life’s harder. They keep jumping around, and do whatever they want to (like eat dirt… no I have not eaten dirt, but I know who have lol). Not to mention that I grew up with two brothers, lots of male cousins, and only one close female cousin, and lived with my dad from he age of 8 to 13, and by the time I moved with my mum at 13, I didn’t want to do anything with parents.

So yeah, a daughter it is.

….whom I will spoil and be unable to say no to her wishes, knowing myself.

Oh dear. *sigh*

Hello love, I owe you this one. /um

We had to change partners all the time in primary school. It sucked. Sometimes there were more girls than boys, so some girls were “lucky” enough to dance as the opposite gender and only have to hold hands with girls. :P

I remember those awkward days though. My crushes turned out to be complete jerks, so I didn’t really enjoy holding anyone’s hands.

(I remember this book in which a fat girl, who was trying hard to lose weight, was picked on. In one chapter, a group of girls was laughing at her demonstrating part of a dance with a teacher, because the teacher was thin and tall, and when she skipped towards him she looked like “a ball rolling towards a pole”.)

I think you’d make a terrific father. /eee Whoop-de-doo. Your thoughts are rubbing off on me. Now I want an eldest daughter as well. /um


I kind of dance a bit, mostly just in the intramurals with a lot of my other classmates, but I never really did any serious dancing.

We had chacha for Physical Education in the 7th grade. It was pretty awkward for a lot of people, though we were mature enough by then, most of us being either 12 or 13 years old.

That’s not a very good age for them to make you guys do partner dancing. It’s natural that guys would act that way about it, at that age. They did act childish because, of course, they were still children.

That’s such a mean thing for a boy to say. :(

I’ve come across a few stupid, childish guys over the last few years – the foot-in-mouth type of guys. It’s like we’re just having a normal conversation, then, just out of nowhere, they’re say something like, “Your teeth are yellow.” or “Your ears are big,” then I’d start getting all insecure.

I kept changing my mind like a month ago, but this course I found just looks amazing, so I don’t think I’d be changing my mind anytime soon. :D

That’s great that you’re studying something you want to. :) My mom switched her course in the middle of the year cause she realized that she didn’t wanna take the course she took. At least she was able to find a good course in the end. :)

Things can change, but I know that, for now, that’s what I want. :D

Yeah, it felt great when they said that they liked it. :D I felt so proud. :)

Primary schools here used to go till 6 th grade but they’d be 11 years old. But now 6th-9th (middle school), 10-12th (highshcool). When I was 11 it was still primary for me because I was in private school but it wasn’t anymore for public school. Oh, and also because I went to private school (which was very good except when it came to extra activities like dancing) I never did ballet, tap or anything like that. My elder sisters did too, since they went to public ones. I’m so envious haha, one of my sister actually continued doing it but I guess after a while she ditched it.

Very true, boys are idiots haha. Primary school for me was hell because of boys, in our school we had teenagers and the boys didn’t act any “more” mature than 3rd grade boys, to be honest, they were worse. Thinking they were “cool” and stuff, they’re real cool to be making fun of 7-11 year old me LOL. It’s true though when becoming teenagers you’re more close to boys but when you’re younger no way. I still remember how it was. Boys would hang out with boys, and so would girls. And if any girl went to the boys or w/e they’d start making fun of her, good times.

Wow, they really did these stuff? Haha XD . I think just maybe some of the boys liked some girls but wouldn’t show it you know? XD Ahhh, a girl -no matter how she is- always dreams about having a “prince charming” so yeah when I guy does that to her it breaks her heart.

I remember in primary school my friend had a crush on a boy. She’d always push me to give him something or go walk near them in lunch. And I to be honest did find the boy cute, heh. But I never told her, and I ‘d always complain when she asked me to do things as such haha.

LOL yeah, boys always have rude comments and actions like that when they’re in that age, and I myself have been targeted with some of them 😳 .

Do you ever wonder where he is right now? How he’s doing LOl? I always do about my old classmates.

Aw, you have great guys friends I guess! :) Aw, it does!

I like your last little paragraph. :)

I used to think boys has cooties, or maybe I was just too shy? I don’t remember; I was too young. :(

I have a master reseller account, so I have WHMR, but it’s pretty much the same thing, you know?

It’s backed up – the database, the files. But every time Harrison (host) uploads it, it says the files are corrupt, and there goes the entire reseller account again. I’d rather just do it manually then spend another four days on customer support. :)

Here, a lot of people call others “emo” if you’re really sensitive, or even if you’re just sensitive/touchy about something. /angry /argh

Thanks … I worked on it the past four days. But I didn’t have a place to put it, so … 💥

I tried to fix the underline and the strikeout, but nothing. So I just called it quits. I’m surprised it’s actually “valid”, though … Of all the things I can’t validated, this was something I could … I’m pretty proud. :D

Oh, the schooling system here in Brunei is pretty much the same as the one in Australia (at least, I think so) where at 12 the kids are at Year 6 (some would be in year 7) and they spend 7 years in high school.

We don’t have dance lessons in schools here. As for me, I only started dancing after watching some really nice dance vids years ago. And I started to pick up waltz after meeting Leon. Pretty sad, huh?

Partner dancing… hmm, I’m very bad when it comes to that. It’s either I can’t move according to the music or I just simply step on my partner’s feet. :/

Back then, the boys were pretty much relaxed when they were told that they had to hold hands with the girls during the dancing but most girls gave the look that seemed to say, “NO WAY we’re going to hold hands with them.” It just shows that us girls were aware how filthy the boys’ hands were then. And it was true because the boys spent most of their free time outside.

That wasn’t nice of the boys to say you smelled like a cat. I’m sure you don’t smell like one. And don’t boys have worse smell?

Oh yes, chivalry isn’t dead. And you appreciate the good ones more after seeing all the rotten ones. As the saying goes, “girls like bad boys, but they take the good ones to see mom”. Good guys are like gems. :D I think that is what that made me attracted to Leon in the first place. He is one of the very few guys who knows how to treat a girl properly. ;)

Wow! XD My school system is very different – we don’t do any dancing until 8th grade (you’re 13 at that time) which is the first year in high school in Canada. So at least [some of] the boys have matured to a point where they can at least dance a little, without making too much of a fool of themselves /hehe

And by that time, all the guys really do is goof off and not really follow the steps. Weird how that is o_O

But I feel badly for all the young girls in the world forced to put up with bratty little boys D: (they really would go and wash your hands? Haha! How odd!)

I think the stupid and idiotic guys are around just to make it easier to find the ones who really matter.

Hm. Two little boys said you smelled like a cat. D: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could meet up with them, and just show them how lovely you are now? Throw it in their faces!

Well, in grade one, a little boy said I looked like a giraffe. Which I didn’t understand why. (I was average height, average neck-length, and as far as I know, no spots)

I get what you mean. I didn’t really have any crushes in Primary school because all of the boys acted in the way that you’ve just described. I’ve never liked anyone for their looks, I always go by personality so it was never much of a big thing for me, when these guys start acting in this revolting way! XD

I used to do street tap, irish and freestyle dancing, but it cost something like £30-£50 a week, and then £100ish for the concerts and outfits. So after about 3 years I decided to stop. That’s why I’ve put nearly half a stone on! :P
My bestfriend’s a boy and he’s lovely! I think it’s better to have a boy best friend because girls usually gossip and bitch about everyone and everything (I know I do! 😳 ) And I find that boys usually don’t, so you can trust them more. :D But that’s just me.
It takes me about half hour just to read someone’s comment, go read their new blog and comment back, but I have no time management skills. ;) I don’t know if i’d be able to cope with getting more than 10 comments at a time, so your really good!

I love how you can write a blog as long and intresting as this everyday! It’s amazing.
✌️ /kiss

I have the song in your blog title. It’s really catchy. :D

I have a friend who does ballet. She invited me to go see a recital before, but I was already sick. I hope I get another chance soon.

Young boys are idiots. In fourth grade, I was at a Christian school, and before the end of each school day we would hold hands and make a circle, and pray. The girls were on one side and the boys were on the other side. Since the teacher held the hands of both girls and boys, there always had to be one girl and one boy who had to hold hands. Right after praying, the boy would immediately let go.

In middle school (ages 11-13/14), during P.E., guys would try to peek into the girls’ locker room. I saw one guy standing right in front of the door, staring at this girl who was in her bra and panties.
Hormones. @_@ But it was expected, since both locker rooms were right next to each other.

The respectful ones are hard to come by. I know, and there used to be a lot of cooties in elementary school and people trying to be the “popular” girls and what not. So I agree with you there.

You literally have to go through hundreds of guys before you find the respectful ones. I know I’ve been there and done that before (like I’ve stated before). I went through online dating sites and all they want is sex and what not. It’s kinda obvious what they’re after. But surely; there must be one good respectful guy out in Beaumont for me? But I do have respectful friends but very few.

Your high school goes from 7-12? Dang. My high school goes through 9-12. I guess our systems work differently.

Haha, you smell like a cat? That’s kind of a weird thing to say. Good thing you realized that he was not worth your time!

Neither one of my schools have ever had a dance, because we’re just cool like that. So the first time I ever took any sort of in-school class was this year, and mostly everyone seemed fine with it!
There were of course the people who still managed to make some people feel left out, but there weren’t too many of those.

I wrote a whole new post, just for you!! Except the layout is slightly (okay, really) messed up in Google Chrome and Safari. I don’t know what browser you use, but if it’s one of those, it’s probably going to look pretty bad. :P But I am working on fixing it!!

And I haven’t yet named my Mac!! Any ideas?
Yours is called Finn, right? I think that’s a pretty good name, cause it reminds me of a fish! (:

I hated dancing in school P.E, but I have to admit, I loved my years in ballet and jazz dancing. I have recently picked up ballroom dancing and salsa dancing, and love it.

As for the kids at your primary school: What asses @_@ I think I’d have slapped them. But then again, I was not a nice kid, lol. I beat up the boys who made fun of me even though they were bigger XD

Lol, your blog was awesome :) I do agree. It just seems that all the great guys are taken. Boys are idiots but to be fair to all the stupid boys, girls can be stupid too, just in different ways :) lol. And I’m glad you lost interest in that one stupid boy – good choice lol.

And I’m with you that men don’t suck either. My guy friends are uh pretty awesome and know how to talk to people. Women and men should be treated with respect by everyone :) And while I’m a bit of a feminist (not the crazy end of the spectrum – middle ground), I can’t admit that I don’t like chivalry unless it’s excessive.

Yeah I agree with you Capitol One is a credit card company that isn’t all that’s cracked up to be. I got a credit card from them a long time ago, and I went over the limit, and than I got sick. I told them to take off all the benefits and they said “Okay everything is taken care of” now they’re saying they won’t pay for it, when they should.

But yeah they can suck donkey’s balls too. lol. :P.

Yeah we have a middle school out here it goes from 7-8 grade. Than it’s highschool 9-12th grade. I’m really surprised that your school system is high school 7-12th grade. :O.

Yeah I’ve never been one of the popular girls either. I “knew” a lot of people due to being in choir and drama and stuff, but I wasn’t one of the popular girls. I wonder too if they act that way just to be popular or what. I was friends with two popular girls (cheerleaders), in high school, but that was because we had a class together. I also knew a popular male who I used to go to elementary school with, and he was popular with the ladies. I mean come on…he’s handsome and what not. He finally gave me his number in senior year of high school and said to call him any time…I never did…I just didn’t feel like calling him because it wasn’t my place to do so even though I did have his permission. I still have it. But he’s married now. :( Darn it all the luck. Oh well.

Yeah you got to go through a lot of idiotic males to fine the right one. I agree with you there. I just hope I can find one in Beaumont ya know? Well; girlie I got lots to do so I’m gonna head on out. See ya.

Wow D: you go to high school fast, primary school ends when we are like 14. But in sixth grade we had to do square dancing. Ugh EVERYONE dreaded it. And you were aloud to ask boys/girls to dance with you. And the teachers said you couldnt say no…

So you do square dancing for two days of the year, the first day we were paired up cause nobody asked any one to dance. I got to dance with this cute guy, I thought there was some chemistry going on ahaha. but after those days we never spoke again. so i guess no. later it developed into a crush. didn’t last long, I knew nothing about him.

So the second day a boy asked me to dance, you’d think I’d be excited but i didnt like him. :P he asked to dance with me as a “friend”. Yea sure. I would believe if he liked me. We have a love-hate friend ship. like we’re mean to eachother and stuff. But that was this year not 6th grade.

So anyways, I couldn’t say no, but luckily the teachers made us dance with who we danced with last time.

Haha yes, boys are turds. my mom actually told me that, near senior year in high school they will emerge from their turdness, her words not mine. XD

Oh in 5th grade i liked this boy A LOT. seriously. :P

He then went out with my friend.

and when me and the guy were good friends in the beginning, we were like best friends always texting eachother and everything. then one day it all went wrong.

I liked him too much, i fell too hard. I started to annoy him, by accident. Texting him too much like saying, are you still there? when he doesnt respond after 5 minutes. well i also asked him out like 5 times and he said no each time, but then one day he snapped.

He called me a f***ing gay bast***. yea, it hurt A LOT. i was depressed for days. oh it also didnt help he parents were friends because his dad was the student minister??!! who were teach their kid to say that, being the student minister.

Aww *hugs* yes, boys have no idea how much it hurts girls. ugh stupid boy for saying you smell like cat. even if you did, dont say it D:

Yea, old memories might get twisted but if they are so detailed and so important, or maybe even hurt you, you will remember them, forever.

Gosh heart broken memories live on forever. :'(

Sorry for uncapitolizing/spelling/grammer errors, i’m tired >.<

Bwahaha, what a funny entry! XD I like it a lot, though — Well, minus the bit near the end where you recalled one boy having basically called you a smelly cat. @_@

… Really, though, wouldn’t that be a compliment? I mean, when I think of how a cat smells, I think of holding an adorable fluffy little creature that smells like nothing more than fur and maybe a bit of grass or fresh dirt. /eee I’m guessing the kid never thought about this, though, haha. What a wee moron! /snort

I know what you mean, though — I used to like this one boy when I was super young, as well, and he would only hold my hand if he was certain no one else was around, LOL. Thinking back, he was a bit of a wuss, so I’m not sure why I fancied him … /ehh LOL.

Ugh, boys. I remember all too well the days of boys being immature and not treating girls right. Well, actually.. I still see that now in highschool, though not as much. Boys, really will always be boys and there’s no changing that. It really DOES make us appreciate the good guys a lot more, and I really wish there were more of them in the world.

I think it’s the worst when there’s a guy who SEEMS like the perfect gentleman though, and then he turns into a jerk. You just don’t see it coming, so it would hurt even more.

It sucks about the guys you liked.. they were JERKS! I didn’t really like any boys until Grade 8, haha.

It’s good that you’re past that now :) You can’t change the past, but you can learn & grow from it which I can tell you’ve done, and I admire you for that <33

It's unfair that she's worse on you than your brother, when you try so hard to be a good daughter. yeah, things would be a lot worse when she found you :/ I guess you just have to wait until you move out and marry James <3

HAHA, sneaking boys over ftw ;) I hope it all works out and you get to spend the day with him <3 I always go over to David's when his parents are gone, and just tonight he came over because I was home alone, so we had a nice movie night :)

Yeah, the dedicated servers can be expensive :/ I just have shared hosting though, so it's not bad.. I only pay 3.50 a month because there was a discount promotion on when I bought it. I guess that's the one good thing that came out of my rewind experience..

Sorry for my late replies to you, Georgina! I’m so busy because I have 3 fanlistings to open up in the next week, and 1 layout to complete for an application. Ahh D:<

Boys. Are. Idiots. I mean, there’s a reason why they always show cavemen on commercials ;). Hahaaa.

I remember when boys were mean to us girls. I also remember when they passed those notes that said: Want to be (check one): Friends? Boyfriend/girlfriend?

But boys have somewhat matured now, but not that much :/. I’m still in middle school (*screams* lol), and they still are cavemen. :| I won’t date until I’m 16 because I don’t want to deal with middle school boy immaturities. Y’know?

I can afford my own domain, but my parents won’t pay for it or help me buy one because they think it’s a “waste of money.” :'( Wow! 15?! Jeez, I have 1 domain and 1 subdomain. I feel so…micro xD!

Aww :(, I missed it. But after a year I’d have to pay on my own and I couldn’t, so…oh, well :/.

Marilyn Monroe is kind of my…favorite actress. I really wish I could go back in time and meet her, crazy as that sounds! Haha :).

Your quotes have turned my brain to mush. @_@

I GOT IT :D!! But I’m having so much trouble with some things :|. I’ve been using your tutorials, but I’m still so confused. Dx and I have 1 week before I lose it!

Nope, I’m a PC-er! :D Woop woop —

I hate my grandmother. :| Unfortunately it’s because she has called me a selfish bitch, my mom a worthless bitch, and my aunt just a bitch. No one talks like that to the closest women to me.

But they’re strong words — just like “I love you” — but when I mean them, I mean them. Sometimes I wish I didn’t. …

<3 Yay, haha :). Fanlistings are…amazing. I love ’em! Haha. I am worried about transferring everything, though, if I do get accepted for this domain. Especially because I want to keep all my WP posta. Grrrr.

*HUGGGGGGGS back* you’re welcome, Georgina! :) I know you’re going through hard times. Haha — you’ve become one of my closest online friends! So I hope you get better and come to enjoy every aspect of life — even your relationship with your parents. They’re the people who brought you into this world, remember? ;/

You’re welcome, Georgina :). I agree — sometimes we just need someone to talk to. ♥.

First things first: is up again, Finally. Sheesh. I had never realized how addicted I was until today.
Ah. I am still doing my chores. Mom is asking me to get off the pc and do some dusting and cleaning up. I hate cleaning my room. >.<
But I have a friend coming over in the evening, and I would have to.

I agree. Sometimes the distant friends are your closest friends. That is also very special.

Ah. I have never danced with a guy. This type of a thing isn't done in Indian high schools. I have danced with my brother though. Both of us are awful dancers, so it doesn't really count. :P

I like dancing too. Too bad we always do men sports at PE when I was in high school. That is because our teacher was a guy. lol. The only dancing we ever had was cultural one.

Boys are idiot, I agree. Especially when they’re young. I guess because they think they’re cool when they do those things. lol.

Do you still dance? If so I am so jealous, and which type of dancing do you do?

I started dancing when I was 2 and got very sick at the age of 10 which stopped me from being able to dance. I’m 18 now and would love to get back into dancing. It was my life and passion back then. :)

I like your post. It made me miss my childhood/elementary days. Haha. I was never a dancer back then but I experienced partner dancing because of PE classes. XD Young boys, I think, are really mischievous and they tend to always tease or make fun of us girls. /sob Boys will always be boys. XD I think that young boy has a crush on you back then, or he’s really mean. How would a girl smell like a cat in the first place?! We’re meant to be species with nice odor/scent. Heehee. :D But yeah, I guess we have to meet not-so-nice guys to appreciate fully those admirable guys. :3

LOL I remember those days! Boys and girls were always against each other. We always tried to defeat each other. XD It was really funny. We had a sort of border in our classrooms; on one side of the room sat the girls and the boys sat on the other side. XD

I’ve never done partner dancing so I’ve never gone through that stage. :P It must have been hard, though, to dance with someone who you thought was “dirty” and disliked.

Haha those times were funny.The girls listened to the teachers. The boys did, too, but later when the teacher left they would do the opposite thing. I’ve had many boys tell me and my girlfriends that we stink, my guy friends still do that now. /hmph I guess we were just a bit more mature than the guys. :P I’ve also been told I smell like poo. /bash

Aww, the poor girls. And poor you. At least you lost interest in that boy. ;)

I agree, my guy friends are still sort of idiots but they’re much more mature and better now than they were before.

I feel really bad. I really hope we can always keep in touch. One thing I don’t like is that some of my friends spend all of their time on Facebook, but don’t bother getting on MSN or Yahoo. But still, I hope we can talk online and on the phone often, and maybe get together on the weekends.

I hope my mom doesn’t think of doing that. My Twitter account is protected, but my website is there. It helps when I can rant out on Twitter so I’m glad I use it. But yeah, I also try not to rant too much about her. It would be really bad if our mothers read our tweets about them, they would be hurt and we’ll probably be in trouble.

That sucks. My sister is always like that, but I hope I get better. It sucks that I have to hurt my mom, but my sister does it ALL the time. I get hit a lot. My sister is older now so she doesn’t get hit much, but still sometimes I hate it that I’m always the one who gets more shouted at and hit. :( Same here. My mom gets annoyed at almost everything I do. I still try not to make her angry, but then in the end I do. Me too.

Yup, I’m sure things will get better for us. :) I really hope it does. It’s really hard when things are so bad like this at home.

LOL yeah! Tea is bad, though, because of the caffeine. Still, I guess Farzad has to be like his aunts and grandmother! XD

I’m really glad that you think so now. It must have been really bad for you if you had to cut yourself. I am really happy that you recovered.

Hehe yay! I’m sure things will be great for you. You deserve to be with your friends now and be happy.

Yup, it will only make things worse. I just hope your mom calms down and understands that you deserve a break.

That’s nice. But still, I think it’s wrong to use “gay”. People should be more careful about what words they use, they can be offensive to others.

I hope you do! I know you’ll be able to be strong. :)

Thanks so much. That really means a lot. <3 I would. :)

Teasing does sometimes motivate people. It motivates me sometimes, but at other times it hurts me. I know my mom wants me to lose weight, and that's why she shouts at me for sitting so much. Yup, if they hadn't been honest with me, then they wouldn't have been true friends. :)

THREE DAYS! :D It's coming closer. ;)

It really sucks. Thanks. It's hard enough to cope up with all these fights and then there's that guy, it's making things worse. :(

I remember a lot of my friends taking ballet classes, though a lot of little girls learn ballet. :))

I learned how to play the piano when I was little, though, right now, it’s as if I never did, haha. I only got to play in one concert (I was sick the other one or two times).

We had modern dance one term in the 6th grade and chacha one term in the 7th. It wasn’t really a big deal, but the chacha was awkward for a lot of people.

I get insecure when people stare at me too; I get paranoid that they’re thinking badly of me.

My aunt took history, but ended up working in business, haha.

I hope you don’t mind me starting over comments. It’s been a while. ✌️

I don’t dance. I can’t dance, I suck at it. My motor skills aren’t good. My grandma was a dancer, and she learned tap, jazz, just like you, and also tango… but I don’t have her talents. /oh I used to join this dance class and got kicked out because I always ruined the line. :P

Ah, our education system is pretty similar, though when I was in primary school, I didn’t have dances. There were just some parties, but we didn’t dance. We just traded gifts and that’s all. It would be awkward if we did, though. Having dance partners in such a young age. :D

I agree with you! Most boys–when we’re young–were idiots. It’s kinda funny remembering about it now. XD

I noticed the gap, though. I used to play with both boys and girls, but now when I talk to a guy, even though the guy that I have no feeling to, people think about something different. I was close to some boys, but now not anymore.

But back then… well, in my school, it was usually the girls who were like “Holding hands with the boys!? NO WAY!” and the boys would only be like, “Is there any other option? No? Uh… alright.” The girls would keep screaming and they’d pretend like they wanted to vomit. The boys remained calm.

Aw :( how could he say that you smelled like a cat? I’d hurt if I were you, though. Glad that you lost interest in that boy quickly, because you, of course, deserve better than someone who once said that you smelled like a cat!

Its better that they’re usually reflective of their actions; reckless and impulsive (of course referring to when they were young). They can be easily manipulated, I wouldn’t call them idiots though, quite frankly some girls ALSO participated in the “guy cooties” phase. Later in life, I don’t believe the transformation from an “idiot” is such a good thing, idiot => obsessive pervert doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade.
However when I was in primary school, I was a manipulative creep who was courteous on the outside towards peers/teachers but filled with more pain inducing thoughts. Strangely enough I was still naive enough to believe that being a “nice kid” gets you well liked. The good thing however was that I learnt tact very early (I blame the Catholic educational system for trying to bring out my “nicer sensitive” side). If I thought “these girls hands are really sweaty” I simply wiped my own obviously and said “My hands are sticky”. That tends to work like a charm.
One question, what does a cat smell like? Wouldn’t they be clean considering how much they lick themselves and how generally … inactive they are.
Chivalry isn’t dead but I would have to agree on its “Endangered” conservational status.

I was never a good dancer either – From 1st to about, 3rd grade I signed up for dance. I wasn’t that great.. at all. And I also embarrassed myself from time-to-time. Whenever I messed up, the dance instructor would scream at me. If I didn’t do it right the second time, she would come over and grab my hands and align them where they’d need to be.
Of course, around 3rd or 4th grade, I decided to quit. And thank goodness I did, because I don’t see myself going back for a long time.

Hello again m’dear! /eee

Just figured I’d reply to the comment you left on my site, as I wanted to explain why I didn’t want to type up an entry on my birthday … Basically, because it takes me a full day to type up a blog entry. O_O Yes, I’m being serious! :(

I’m extremely obsessive over all my entries being ‘perfect’, so it’s got nothing to do with how fast I type, and everything to do with me going over a single paragraph again and again, backspacing, retyping, rewording, and backspacing yet again. @_@ Sometimes I’ll even be conflicted for many minutes merely over deciding if I should use a ‘x_x’ or a ‘e_e’ emoticon at the end of a distressing sentence. 🤬

Plus, add in the fact that I dislike typing anything that anyone would consider ‘average’ — Y’know, like just a blog about a normal day where all I did was get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, go to the library or do errands, come come and eat lunch or supper and then watch TV, eat supper and go to bed — Yeah, I refuse to let myself write ‘typical’ entries like that. I don’t know why, as I love reading OTHER people’s entries like that, and I USED to write entries like that, too … But IDK. I just can’t do it anymore, so it makes it tough on deciding what to write about! /oh

Let’s see, why else do I only update once a week … Oh, there’s my overbearing Mum, of course. I always have to plan my blog writing around her work schedule, to make sure when I spend a day in front of the computer, it’s when she’s gone … :(

And yeah. Basically, though, it comes down to me being insanely obsessive over each and every word I type on my site. /bash It’s tough to put myself through that any more than once a week, LOL. /snort

Hey! :) ♥

Thank you! I really, really hope so too. But it doesn’t really seem much like it right now.. there are like 4 or 5 entries only… but thanks for offering something else for the prizes – is it okay if I come back to that offer another time, for another competion or something like that?

It definitely feels awesome! Mum is always like: At least now you know how hard you have to work for the money you like to spend all the time.

I think it’s awesome that you actually know how to dance and also had pair dance lessons. I never did that. Though I regret it sometimes – especially since most of the guys I know (from school) did take those lessons and so they dance like they’ve learned it. And if you have no clue how to dance you can’t really join in on the fun.

Isn’t it kinda funny how we go from liking guys during our kindergarten days and then at some point a few years later guys suck and are stupid idiots and then once you realize how great & awesome they can be you’re all over them again?

My cousin’s daughter always tells us how the boys in kindergarten want to kiss her or marry her – it’s soo cute! She’s always like “Swetlana, XY kissed me in kindergarten kissed me today!” and then she has this kinda disgusted look on her face sometimes. Her daddy will have quite a hard time keeping the boys away from his lil girl once she gets older. xD

It must feel soo bad if boys act like that while dancing! See, they really are stupid at some point of their lives. xD It’s also really, really mean & rude. Poor lil girls!

And if the boy who you have a crush on says & does things like that it’s a thousand times worse. You should think that guys would learn something in the end and start to treat girls better – but some of them just never really learn it.

I’m really happy that you have such awesome guy friends in your life! And from what we’ve learned about them from your blogs they must be really, really awesome! :)

Doing something for fun is great! No stress, no pressure.

When you said couple dance it made me laughed XD because it reminds me when I was around 7, I attend this dance school where all the girls were shorter (and younger) than me, so I had to do the guy’s part /hehe I feel offended a little when the teacher asked me to do the guy’s part just because I was taller, but I enjoyed it since I was able to pretend to be a boy, holding a girl’s hand, and dancing next to them.

I used to view boys as immature, fun, and the “I’m better than them” attitude. It was fun for the girls to beat the guys in games/sports during primary because of their reaction like “I will get you back” or something to cover up for their losses.

In my primary school, we do have dance classes after school, it’s an extra curriculum so you pick what club/classes you want to take. Usually, only the girls participate but in 6th grade, the guys finally showed up XD because they wanted to perform during student’s day.

For me, the boys are always cautious toward girls. They don’t hit back when a girl hit them (although one or two of then does hit back, mainly because they have a sister to fight with at home). They always have this idea of guys must be kind to girls, for a guy to hit a girl, it would consider ‘bullying’ and unkind.

ohh~ that’s a good idea! Do you have any ideas for what the winner should get?

I mentioned the housing situation to my mom and how I *might* move in with her… I wasn’t sure whether I should tell her or not. I knew she’d be very excited, which she was, but I also didn’t want to disappoint her if it didn’t happen. She’s saying it’s okay if I don’t and she knows I might not, but I know she’ll be upset if I don’t. :/ I don’t think I’d mind moving in with her too much… I don’t have as much personal space there, but there’s always a lot of food and someone willing to drive me if I need to go somewhere, plus the bus by their house runs really late (unlike by my house, which stops running at 6:15). I was thinking about how I’d fit my furniture in, though, and that’s the sticky part, because my room at her house is one-third the size of the one at home, if not even smaller. :/

I had to do partner dancing for a week or two in elementary school once… but nobody wanted to be my partner, so I got stuck dancing with this really tall new girl and I felt awkward, sad, and left out because I didn’t get to dance with a boy. :P

Ah, Gordon doesn’t believe in chivalry, which is disappointing but I suppose fair. My friend Phil, however, holds doors open all the time. It’s very sweet. :D

I love partner dancing now. Well, ballroom dances… my favorite of the ones I’ve done so far is the tango. I took a ballroom dance class at Clark a couple years ago (I probably told you this some time ago) and I’m taking it again this fall (I needed one more credit), although it’s exactly the same class (you take it twice for beginner/intermediate and advanced is a different class). I’m really looking forward to it except that I get so motion sick so easily… I’m not going to be able to do any spins or turning of my head. If it’s the same teacher I had before, she’s very understanding, but… blah. I signed up for smooth ballroom dance as opposed to Latin, so I don’t *think* we’re doing the salsa. That would be horrible. Even before my motion sickness got this bad I couldn’t stand that dance. I skipped class every day that I knew we would be doing it. It was very hard to do.

Sorry it’s taken me a long time to return the comment too. My internet in Portugal wasn’t working as well in the second week.

Yeah they are really nice. All the people down the road have been really kind. The neighbours gave us some vegetables they have grown and a woman who lives at the end of the road gave us free lemons off her tree.

I packed way too much this time!! I bought back so many clothes I didn’t wear.

Oh I hate how immature boys can be at primary school and even the early years of secondary school. When you look back you think why were they like that and I hope I wasn’t that bad!

Boys can say the most horrible things. I like to use jokes and try to have fun when I’m talking to a person, particularly who I don’t know well. But when I did this when I was younger (and even now) the boys would just give me a funny look and say something to dampen the mood. Damn them!

I’ve never really been that good of a dancer. I remember when I went to this private school in another area of my state and they made me do a dance recital. Of course I was young and don’t remember what I felt about having to do so.

I guess I gave up on boys after 7th grade. I mean, at that age they are idiots. But I guess now I don’t mind them that much. I mean I spend about 60% of my time with my brother and my dad so I’m kind of use to them.

Do you regret giving up dancing? And do you think being this age, it would be easy to get back into it?

And thanks for bookmarking it. I thought it was a good idea, but it’s so hard for me to try to keep on one subject at a time as my brain scatters.

I know exactly how you feel. :/ I wish our parents could see things from our point of view, or experience a day being us, so they could know how they make us feel. I wonder if it would change them? Or at least change the way they treat us.

As much as I don’t think it’s going to happen, I still hope you’re right. I hope my sister gets her comeuppance or changes for the better. I don’t know if I can go on like this.

What did your mum do when she realised how much she spoilt your brother? Did she stop or treat you any better?

Haha, I agree with you about the news. You never know if what they’re telling you is the truth, or if they have just completely made it up. A lot of the time it’s incredibly boring, too. xD

I used to hate P.E. when they made us pair up with boys, even in high school. Especially when it was for dancing. I was never the best of dancers. :P

:O That was so mean of that boy. Have you ever heard people say that if a boy is mean to you it means he likes you? Maybe that was the case. xD

Your blog reminded me so much of primary school. :’) Just with the whole “cooties” thing and everything. Ah, memories.

Crap! I copied you and forgot, haha.


Aha! Boys are definitely idiots! Oh, I remember those days when guys had cooties and us girls tried our best to stay away from them. It actually reminds me of a time in grade 1, when my best friend was a boy and we thought nothing more of each other than just friends. Everyone else had a different opinion though. They all considered us boyfriend and girlfriend and it pissed us both off. But, we found a good side to this. We both had crushes on different people and we figured that it would be just like the movies. If we dated , the people we liked would be jealous and they would start liking us. To be honest, I have no idea how our small little brains came up with this idea, since we were only in grade 1. Well obviously it didn’t work ! Haha!
Anyways, I can’t believe that boy said that to you! What an ass! It’s good that you got over him though :)

Thank you and thank you!
Ha ha when you guys put it like that, I get nervous. It is nerve-wrecking letting another person read what you’ve written and then wait for the verdict. Till now, the only people who have read it are my sisters, but then their opinion usually doesn’t matter! :P
My mom wants to read it, but I have password-protected the file so that she doesn’t!

I am overwhelmed. Of course I’d let you know. :)

That is the good thing. The bad thing was that even Liz couldn’t do anything, since it was HER host who was giving all the problems. Even now, sometimes randomly, the server goes down for an hour. It is REALLY irritating. I don’t want to look for a new host, but with these things, I don’t know what to do. :(

Well, dancing is compulsory here too, until junior high, I think. I have danced in school functions, but never done that couple dance. I tend to get romantic about it. 😳 Like my first dance would be with someone special, not an arrogant jerk who says I smell. :P

Clifford Stoll said, “Why is it drug addicts and computer aficionados are both called users?”

No. I can never find the perfect book. Nothing interests me. I finished two; I kind of skipped some pages though. /argh
Haha thanks. *hugs* I hope so too. I’ve always been shy around him. I can never just walk up to him and say hello. I’m so pathetic right?

Well I know who to go too whenever I’m in need of certain apps. :D

I remember the Backstreet Boys. My sister loved them a lot! I used to listen to them whenever she did. :D They were pretty good before they went downhill lol.
It’s working now. I reset the internet thingy. I think it’s called a modem or something like that. It works now but it has its moments.

You can totes pull off a vintage layout. You’re great with typography. With the perfect colouring and textures, it can totally work. :D

My mom knows I’m an early riser. Whenever she wakes she already knows I’m awake so she comes knocking on my door.
My vocab is completely terrible. I want to improve it so bad but it’s been really difficult because I hate reading. I can’t focus on it. I even downloaded a vocabulary checker to help me.
Actresses get paid just for showing up on TV lol.

I cannot dance at all. I have no balance what so ever. Xd
Boys will be boys. I use to hate being paired with them because they are so immature sometimes.
Haha I remember the cooties days. It was fun. ;)

LOL. It is true. The younger you are, the more you think that boys are idiots and they are a waste of breath. But as you grow older, you learn to appreciate their existence, because they can be very helpful too. But they still somehow show their “idiotness” sometimes, which still pisses me off. My brother is a prime example of it. HAHA.

UGH. I hate it when we need to partner with boys during school dances. Especially when we need to perform in front of parents and the whole school. But thank goodness none of the boys were like how you describe. Because let’s just say that the girls ALWAYS outnumber the boys in the class. Its because once highschool hits, the school I attended only accepts girls. So, the boys have no choice but to go with the flow. LOL.

It’s always fun to remember those memories where gender doesn’t matter on which game you play or what songs you like because everyone likes the same thing and everyone is so innocent…i think.

I used to love dancing when I was about 6 years old and now I don’t mind dancing, but it’s not my passion or something. I can dance if I’m in that mood, and if the song’s good.

I swear boys are idiots! When we were small, we had to do a dance on some romantic song. I had this guy partner who was all shy and he was blushing so hard when our teacher told us to keep his hand on my waist. Those days, even catching hands were like a problem and the waist was out of question. He never kept eye-contact and he was acting like as if I was a troll. Argh. He was cute though, not that I had a crush on him but he was cute. (:

Now it’s like I talk to guys more, baha xD

Definitely, humans are selfish beings including me. Of course, when we were small we always pluck flowers, leaves and whatnot. But we didn’t know what we were doing right? So there’s no harm! Taking pictures of trees isn’t immature, baha. I still take pictures of flowers, and insects and anything living – hopefully not immature. :D

Aww thanks a lot! :)

Reading this blog made me giggle inside. I suppose it’s because of its trueness :)

I did partner dancing in years 5,6 and 7 and let me tell you this – there was a difference between dancing in primary school and dancing in year 7.

You pretty much said it all for primary school but in year 7, people wouldn’t wash their hands afterwards. In fact, they would eye the girls up and down probably thinking ‘I’d tap that’ as if they’re not virgins and ‘ screw cooties!’. Yeah – half of them are ‘macho’ and have egos that hit the roof.

Sometimes, we’d attempt to make conversastion.
Boy: Hey
Girl: Hi
*awkward silence*
Boy: You’re a really good dancer
Girl: Thanks
*awkward silence #2*

And if the guy is really awesome, they’d make funny faces and speak in an accent that you can’t help but laugh at.

Sorry, I get a bit carried away XD

You’re going to hate me for this but I laughed at the randomness of the boy’s comment. Nobody ever told me what I smelled like… don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

I do agree that chivalry is not dead.
I still see guys being a ‘gentleman’.
Some of my guy friends might not do that sort of stuff now but they’ll grow into it ;)

Yes, yes. The textures that I used just happen to make my eyebrow look like that :P But the bigger version of the image actually shows the left side and my face looks lest evil there.

Some mainstream can be good (they’re mainstream for that reason). So yeah, s’all good. Actually, Muse came here some time in January this year for BDO D: So you missed them twice! Which is a pity.

Yeah, I found myself liking their older stuff too. Undisclosed Desires sounds R&B-ish which is quite surprising considering the fact that it’s… Muse. Nevertheless, their tracks are still musically impressive. I think my favourite song of their newest album is MK Ultra. Bwaha.

I failed to finish the new layout today.
Yeah, I suck at time management. Too much Tumblr! I sure hope that whenever you check your dashboard, it’s not spammed with posts from me, LOL!


At my old school we had to dance too. It was called “footsteps”. I didn’t like it at all, since I thought I would embarrass myself.

When we had to do partner dancing, it was very awkward. I only liked the partner dancing when we got to dance with a friend. But that was only once.

I feel so bad for replying to you late! :(

Most of the cinemas I’ve been to are dirty. I agree! Even when it’s not funny, a few people still laugh.

Phew! I always feel like the only one who hasn’t seen Avatar.

Same. The least I’ve ever had is 0 hours. I will never do that again!

Thank you! XD

I have mentioned names on mine before, I shouldn’t but I know that the people at my school won’t find out my website. I won’t post names anymore though … unless it’s good about the person.

Thanks! Don’t no when I start Tech yet though. The timetables keep on changing!

That’s good! :)

I used to love Twilight, but it’s not as good to me anymore. Yeah, I agree! :)

Wow. Saying you smell like a cat was soo nice /ehh
But I really liked this entry.
Yeah, nice guys are pretty hard to come by. 😒
but, i really liked your ending to your entry.